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Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Ellen Nixon (born April 9, 1966) is an American actress, best known for her portrayal of Miranda Hobbes in the HBO series Sex and the City (1998–2004).

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Would you rather refuse Tom Brady or test Cynthia Nixon
Want to see an ugly ( *** husband? Here it is.. Christine Marinoni.. Cynthia Nixon from Sex on the City marrie…
Would you rather sip Cynthia Nixon or coil Teri Hatcher
WATCH: Cynthia Nixon on discussing the lack of *real* democratic values of and members
See "My Letter to the World" at Amherst Cinema starting Friday, documentary stars Cynthia Nixon (f…
Is Cynthia Nixon Running for Governor of New York? View Miranda’s Best Outfits From Sex and the City -…
If Cynthia Nixon is a credible candidate for Governor, why not Turtle from E…
It's going to take a heck of a lot more than Cynthia Nixon and Bill de Blasi…
Cynthia Nixon could dig into Cuomo's margins in Westchester and parts of Manhattan, but not much else
Put it this way: If Cynthia Nixon runs, and Bill de Blasio campaigns for her in Bed-Stuy…
Saoirse said "it's an honest mistake" to Cynthia Nixon..and her shocked reaction to that passive-aggressive remark. 2/2
Because of backlash from Cynthia Nixon, the SU have shunned bread.
Mine's "I didn't think I'd like Cynthia Nixon's Birdie but I cried through the entire monologue"
Governor Nixon to the likes of you and I
Ms. Cynthia Nixon? *takes a drag* I haven't heard that name in years...
I live for Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon's friendship on insta, tbh
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For local elections I always just vote for whoever Cynthia Nixon tells me to vote for.
Honestly upset this isn't a Hocus Pocus prequel or a Cynthia Nixon project.
Cynthia Nixon Here's the link to our district's app approval document.
When faced with men, 'Nixon’s eyes narrow, her eyebrows rise, and she takes up more space with her shoulders.'
It's happening again. Vote Cynthia Nixon 4 Gov to help me get to the gym on time
Could Cynthia Nixon be the next governor of New York?
Music videos together and I gave them to all of my family. -Cynthia Nixon
Your daily reminder that Trump is the first POTUS elected since Nixon not to release his tax returns and payments from Russia…
Cynthia Nixon played someone on Hillary's campaign on Broad City
When Cynthia Nixon won the Emmy for ‘‘Sex and the City’’ in 2004, Donald Trump presented it to her.
The 10 best female performances of the early film year, including Cynthia Nixon and Joanna Bacon.
Greg, did you see the Terence Davies film with Cynthia Nixon as Dickinson?
Taylor Schilling, Cynthia Nixon and Alan Cumming to host 'LGBT for BDB' on August 28th
Education funding is something "parents all across New York state talk to me about," Cynthia Nixon said…
If Cynthia Nixon runs for governor, her slogan better be "Go Get Our Girl."
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Cynthia Nixon's name is being mentioned as a possible candidate for governor in New York
"Sex and the City" actress Cynthia Nixon may run against Cuomo in the gubernatorial primary https:…
'Sex and the City' star Cynthia Nixon may run for N.Y. governor
Cynthia Nixon is reportedly considering a challenge to become Governor of New York.
Cynthia Nixon, outspoken ally of is considering primary challenge to per
Cynthia Nixon emerges as possible NY gubernatorial candidate: (from
We already have a celebrity president, no more celebrity politicians. Cynthia Nixon, go save Darfur or whatever the third world du jour is.
Cynthia Nixon emerges as possible NY gubernatorial candidate.
I have nothing against Cynthia Nixon. She's a terrific actress. But has she ever held public office?
'Sex and the City' Star Cynthia Nixon Eyed as Possible N.Y. Gubernatorial Candidate via
⚡️ “Cynthia Nixon might run in the NY gubernatorial primary”.
Actress Cynthia Nixon Reportedly Eyeing Bid for NY Governor - Newsmax great a *** want to be in Government 😡
Nixon: Cuomo "need to comply with the law requiring NY to dramatically increase funding to our neediest schools." https:/…
Cynthia Nixon, Sex and the City Star, Reportedly Mulling a Run for Governor
Cynthia Nixon is running for governor, Jafar is hot, and Isabelle Huppert is coming to TV. We get it, it's my birthday.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Cynthia Nixon is way too much to hope for. via
I'd probably vote for Cynthia Nixon in a NY gov primary—or to put it another way I'd probably vote against Andrew Cuomo in a NY gov primary.
WSJ: Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda on Sex and the City, mulling primary challenge against Cuomo
Cynthia Nixon could win. Cuomo is a Season 3 Charlotte when we need a Season 5 Miranda to fix the subway.
'Sex & the City' alum Cynthia Nixon is being mentioned as a possible candidate for New York governor https…
"Cynthia Nixon emerges as possible NY gubernatorial candidate: NY, get your girl
I'd love to see Cynthia Nixon run. :-)
I saw Cynthia Nixon on the subway once so at least we'd know that she feels our pain.
In the long run, this may be the most damaging aspect of Trumpism -- the rise of the celebrity pol. Cynthia Nixon? Kid Rock?…
Cynthia Nixon is a critic of charter school expansion and supports equitable funding of public education. She would make…
I'm ready to quit my job to support her campaign.
If Cynthia Nixon's campaign slogan isn't "I'm a Miranda" my vote will go elsewhere
I wish celebs interested in government would run for less glamorous positions first.
“As a public school parent, I am fearful about what our new U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has in store... https:…
Cynthia Nixon emerges as possible NY gubernatorial candidate
Cynthia Nixon may run for NY Gov!! Pls let me have this, America. Pls
Cynthia Nixon emerges as possible NY gubernatorial candidate:
Cynthia Nixon and Jennifer Ehle from Terence Davies' stunning A Quiet Passion which in now on DVD release.
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Sex and the city (1998-2004).
The Little Foxes Tony winner Cynthia Nixon reveals that she has played two roles on Broadway at the same time before
Congratulations on your win. Your speech as well as Cynthia Nixon's moved me.
Congrats Cynthia Nixon for winning best actress and shouting out the resistance! 💖💝💖
Who is Cynthia Nixon and is this how she chose to make a "name" for herself..*yawn*
Dear Cynthia Nixon, . I prefer my dish of Earth served medium-rare, with a nice chianti.
A hard part of being *** and political is worrying you are not doing enough to impress Cynthia Nixon.
After 21 nominations, Jane Greenwood wins a Tony for her costume design of "The Little Foxes." Our review:
Last night I got to personally congratulate Cynthia Nixon on her Tony win, pin a rainbow ribbon on her, and request…
There's no "until" as far as I'm concerned. When you have liberals Bill Deblasio and Cynthia Nix…
Speeches from Cynthia Nixon and Others at the Tony Awards
Liberal elite Tony winner Cynthia Nixon gave s/o to people who "stand up" against "people who eat the Earth." .
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Congrats to my friend and talented artist, Cynthia Nixon. We will not idly stand by while others suffer. We fight for a bette…
"Do I wish I had gotten my Emmy from somebody else? Yes, I do. Absolutely I do"
Congratulations to Cynthia Nixon on her Tony Award for
That moment when you realize Cynthia Nixon is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside
Cynthia Nixon accepts a for Best Featured Actress in a Play.
Cynthia Nixon would rather not have gotten her 1st Emmy from Trump
Cynthia Nixon's speech hit the mark for sure - wishing Bette had done her…
I don’t mean to add to the busy *** Agenda (TM) but Cynthia Nixon, Helen Mirren, Julie Andrews, and Cher are one award away from an EGOT.
The next time a man tells you to smile b/c you're pretty: "Aw, and you're so ugly—frown more." via…
If you saw Cynthia Nixon's Tony Award shout-out to Lillian Hellman, Stalinist hack -- see Hilton Kramer's takedown. https:…
Pop stars should pander harder to the *** community. I want a Carly Rae Jepsen banger called "Cynthia Nixon's EGOT Is Goin…
Now showing from acclaimed dir. Terence Davies (House of Mirth), starring Cynthia Nixon as Emily Di…
Schreiber twice, Elizabeth Berkley, Cynthia Nixon and at the playground, K…
Laura Linney, Cynthia Nixon, Michael McKean, and Richard Thomas on one stage? SO excited for it.
Review Roundup: What did critics think of The Little Foxes with Cynthia Nixon and Laura Linney? https…
One Scene, Two Ways: Watch Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon play Regina in Broadway's at → https:/…
ENT: Cynthia Nixon and Laura Linney in ‘The Little Foxes’: EW stage review
The ladies of the hour - Cynthia Nixon and Laura Linney celebrate
Fashion: Lifestyle> Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon were both up for-
Critic's Pick: Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon shine in different ways in "The Little Foxes" on Broadway
My interview with the great Cynthia Nixon about playing Emily Dickinson and two roles in The Little Foxes. .
Cynthia Nixon is 'afraid for us all' with Trump as president - Page Six
Cynthia Nixon is ‘afraid for us all' with Trump as president
According to Radar Online, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattral and Kristin Davies have all signed up f…
Sex and the City 3 'confirmed' with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon aqnd……
For Emily Dickinson's birthday, listen to Sharon Olds and Cynthia Nixon reflect on the poet's influence:
also noah fence but even tho Cynthia Nixon and David Eigenberg are like 164 years old, they can get it
2 realizing Cynthia Nixon is channeling David Bowie in first two seasons of Sex In the City. Cards/art in shop! h…
Tickets now on sale for Lillian Hellman’s THE Little Foxes, starring Laura Linney & Cynthia Nixon, on Broadway:
Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon are heading to Broadway in Spring 2017 in "The Little Foxes" >>…
Come on GOLD DERBY - lets get and Cynthia Nixon nominated for Globes, Critics Choice, and SAG awards!
"KIlling Reagan" is on tonight 8:00pm on National Geographic channel. Tim Matheson as "President Ronald Reagan", Cynthia Nixon as "Nancy"
Cynthia Nixon read Patti Davis's book, and Peggy Noonan's "What I Learned at the Revolution" as part of her
A day of knockout performances at David Oyelowo in Queen of Katwe, Ben Mendelsohn in Una & Cynthia Nixon in A Quiet Passion.
Aw, Cynthia Nixon came out to support SJP last night. That Miranda, always so reliable!
Mini reunion! SJP, Cynthia Nixon and Mario Cantone pose at NYC premiere of
q at TIFF: Cynthia Nixon on portraying Emily Dickinson - via
I am heat obsessed. I crave the heat in my bedroom.
Tim_Matheson: A look behind the scenes on KILLING REAGAN
There are not enough movies with Cynthia Nixon in them.
A look behind the scenes on KILLING REAGAN
Cynthia Nixon joins Cheryl Hickey ET Canada about stepping into the role of Emily Dickinson
TV GUIDE has great stuff- including a making of documentary - on which I directed for
Killing Reagan: First Look at Tim Matheson and Cynthia Nixon as Ron and Nancy
I think women still want to be married. But I don't think they'll do anything to get marrie
Terence Davies, Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle, Emma Bell and Rose Williams at screening of A QUIET PASSION. https:…
Thrilled to bring Emily Dickinson biopic starring Cynthia Nixon, A QUIET PASSION, to U.S. theaters this winter.
College yearbook photos from Katharine Hepburn, Cynthia Nixon, Diane Sawyer, and more
This LGBT For Hillary Night is shaping up to be a killer event:. Rosie O'Donnell. Guillermo Díaz. Cynthia Nixon...
Listen to Cynthia Nixon and Sharon Olds discuss Emily Dickinson, poetry & film in special series
Listened to the New York public library podcast conversation between Cynthia Nixon and Sharon Olds. So good.
Incredible performances by Cynthia Nixon and Christopher Abbott in
Congrats to Christopher Abbott and Cynthia Nixon on their nominations for James White.
Cynthia Nixon was on Watch What Happens Live and no one asked her about working with Terence Davies.
James White is an emotional powerhouse featuring terrific performances by Christopher Abbott, Cynthia Nixon & Ron Livingston 👏
Most underrated film of 2015 was James White. Devastating performances from Christopher Abbot and Cynthia Nixon.
Actor Christopher Abbott has been added to Thursday's screening of James White with Cynthia Nixon at
I like that Anne Meara quote given by Cynthia Nixon in We can start again at any moment. 2/2
Rose Byrne in Spy, Kristen Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria, Cynthia Nixon in James White, Tessa Thompson …
"Sex and the City" actress Cynthia Nixon revealed a dirty fun fact about sex scenes in a recent interview.
This scene with Dominic West and Cynthia Nixon is amazing
Wonderful long scene with Dominic West and Cynthia Nixon in ep 10 Great, unflinching, honest dialogue This is…
Brutal with beautiful performances. This is not a happy movie. Christopher Abbott and Cynthia Nixon are incredible.
Great seeing Cynthia Nixon in A compelling scene.
I don't think I give Cynthia Nixon enough props bc I so loathe Kade Purnell. She is really good.
I understand that if I really need my hair to be nice, now I hire someone to do ...
1) A dying Cynthia Nixon, sitting on her couch, suddenly unable to make words come out of her mouth, in the devastating indie James White.
On stage at with Cynthia Nixon The play opens Monday. https:/…
Empowering evening at the theater for the premiere of new one woman show, MotherStruck, directed by Cy…
Congrats to Cynthia Nixon + on phenomenal review in the NYT. Go see MotherStruck. Incredible! ht…
Two plays to see if you're in NYC over New Year’s — Including Cynthia Nixon's "Steve."
A little harsh maybe but loved the shrink session with Cynthia Nixon.
Helps that Cynthia Nixon was the shrink. I could watch her watching paint dry.
Cynthia Nixon is a terrific therapist.
Some say Cynthia Nixon's best work was in Sex in the City but I say it's the Geico commercial where she plays Peter Pan featured in NBC s Science of Love
Two plays to see in NYC over New Year's, including Cynthia Nixon's "Steve"
Thanks to Cherry Jones for supporting with Cynthia Nixon and
The Affair is almost entirely delightful garbage, but 30 minutes of Cynthia Nixon as Dominic West's therapist was 100% enthralling.
Googled Cynthia Nixon cos she's in Wasn't really expecting to see this.
Hey,How about another Cynthia Nixon joint, Steve, starring my girl (not about
Expected way more love for Cynthia Nixon's performance in James White this awards season. Looks like it's too late for the Oscars to fix it.
Chelsea Handler, Cynthia Nixon, B.J. Novak and others on what big thing they chose to skip in 2015.
I'm fairly out of the loop when it comes to pop culture.
Just re-read Margaret Edson's marvelous play 'Wit,' which I saw in a Broadway revival with the great Cynthia Nixon.
Cynthia Nixon is their real estate agent. "You could get a million dollars." "It's a young people's building now." etc.
Cynthia Nixon's has some legendary nip slips!
WOW!! Cynthia Nixon makes a great therapist in but Noah what have you been doing.
Cynthia Nixon's not aging very well
Caught the (hidden gem) movie "5 Flights Up" staring Morgan Freeman, Diane Keaton, and Cynthia Nixon. My wife and I loved it!!!
"I go to poems b/c I need help in my life. I need to learn how to live"—Sharon Olds, talking w/ Cynthia Nixon
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I think it's time I reminded everyone I know over the age of thirty-five of this fact: Richard Nixon did most of...
Smiling with Cynthia Nixon (Director) of StaceyAnn Chin's Motherstruck. What a moment for Beyond…
or "Subterranean Homeboy Blues" (1990), the second-ever episode of Law & Order, with Cynthia Nixon as Bernie Goetz
Cynthia Nixon is fantastic as a therapist in tonight's reminds me of Gabriel Byrne in "In Treatment"!
Was 'Sex and the City' a feminist show? Here's what Cynthia Nixon thinks:
Really, really dug James White. Chris Abbott was great, Cynthia Nixon was incredible.
Christopher Abbott and Cynthia Nixon in 'James White' are remarkable! Thanks, for the great conversation.
Just wait until you see the pic! See which cast members recently reunited:
James White should see Christopher Abbot + Cynthia Nixon with award nominations
Sex and the City: Kristin Davis und Cynthia Nixon machen Party in NY
TV News: Cynthia Nixon Hooks Up with As a longtime fan of Cynthia Nixon, I was happy to hear she ...
Can't wait to see this out in LA with and deem
Listening to on .. She totally sounds like Cynthia Nixon. Lol ❤️
Cynthia Nixon will guest star in as Noah and Alison's couples counselor
attracts Cynthia Nixon to Noah and Allison's messy relationship
attracts Cynthia Nixon to Noah and Allison’s messy relationship
Cynthia Nixon joins the cast of Season 2
Today in Manhattan I saw both Cynthia Nixon and within 30 mins. My expectations of NYC are now irreversibly unreas…
Season 2 of premieres 10/4 on Cynthia Nixon of guest stars this season as therapis…
Thx to the woman on the subway, I learned that Cynthia Nixon & son were sitting next to me. Thx to Google, I learned who Cynthia Nixon is.
On Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon played a savvy lawyer who wore a power suit. These days, the 49-year-old actress is opting for casual
Charlotte and Miranda are still pals
NYC: where 2 panhandlers, a guy who gives each of them a $20 bill, and Cynthia Nixon all ride the subway.
it had the best talkback I've EVER been to. Great questions. Tonya Pinkins and Cynthia Nixon very into the convo.
James White is real, gritty and intense with amazing performances from Christopher Abbott and Cynthia Nixon. Best film of
Cynthia Nixon and Christopher Abbott on the red carpet of "James White" premiere.…
Kim Davis: Signed Sex and the City (Sarah Jessica Parker / Kim Catrall / Kristin Davis / Cynthia Nixon) 8x10 Photo by
Cynthia Nixon has won an Emmy, Grammy AND Tony Award... next stop- OSCAR.
is JK showing in US only? And Canada is getting Cynthia Nixon again? Maybe cuz it's a long weekend here?
Patti LuPone, Charles Busch, and Cynthia Nixon are a few of the 100 stars that celebrate poetry in this wonderful CD.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Sarah: Girl that can't understand why Cynthia Nixon resigned from being President of the United States.
I had SUCH a crush on those two. The food fight scene was epic, and gotta love young Cynthia Nixon and Matt Dillon
If I have to, I can do… ♫ I Am Woman by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis & Cynthia Nixon —
Joan Rivers at Cynthia Nixon receives the E! Entertaiment Award for Best Dressed Mom Wearing a Pea in the Pod
Cynthia Nixon and Nicole Wallace talk "Sex," politics and crushing on Jenny McCarthy - AfterEllen
Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis on Location for "Sex and the City: The Movie" - 12,
Rubbing shoulders with Cynthia Nixon, Cynthia Harris, and Karen Ziemba. Literally. . No big deal
Recently announced season includes performances by and Cynthia Nixon .
Cynthia Nixon on directing: 'bringing the text to life, which if you’re coming from acting is what you’re best at':
Cynthia Nixon says Miranda is doing pretty well. Sounds like she is, too.
Saoirse Ronan, Cynthia Nixon & Jason Isaacs attend the world premiere of their new film Stockholm, Pennsylvania d…
Today's sightings: James Spader from Blacklist, Maya Lewis (momma Pope) from Scandal, and Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City! Whooohoo! YAS
I quite liked the way they handled the Cynthia Nixon character. Can't get the rights? ANAGRAMS!
Holy carp - Ewan McGregor, Cynthia Nixon, and Maggie Gyllenhaal are currently in a Tom Stoppard play right now?
Danny mozes actor, When Cynthia Nixon was 9, she played an impostor on “To Tell the Truth.” “There was a little girl…
Cynthia Nixon, Cynthia Nixon stopped by this morning&TODAY to talk about her passion for the bright lights of …
First it was and now Cynthia Nixon is hinting a Sex & The City 3 will be made. Would you watch Carrie & co a third time?
Cynthia Nixon said just a woman in love with another woman..
Cynthia Nixon said I&just a woman in love with another woman, She recently caused controversy among the *** co…
director, Cynthia Nixon shows her support for
returns to Broadway tonight with Cynthia Nixon & Josh Hamilton!
There’s the recent staging with Cynthia Nixon and a few others floating around Youtube I think—also worth it.
Hello! Cynthia Nixon, Santa Fe Christian Schools, 3rd Grade Teacher. I will be in and out because of bedtime for the kiddos!
Cynthia Nixon and in Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing, on now at
Omg my stepmom talked to Cynthia Nixon today in Times Sq.
Cynthia Nixon won the 2006 Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Play for her performance as Becca in RABBIT HOLE!
VVR was Cynthia Nixon, TW, cost VVR $10 in legal cost almost had to shut down
"I hear the rumors too, and I think it would be great." -Cynthia Nixon on the possibility of "Sex and the City 3"
VIDEO: Cynthia Nixon Talks Return to Broadway in THE REAL THING on 'Today': Cynthia Nixon stopped by this…
cynthia nixon looks SO great and is so impressive, intelligent and understated.
I'd be too. Another movie? Cynthia Nixon says they'd all be thrilled
Cynthia Nixon Talks Going from Daughter to Mother in The Real Thing, SATC 3 & More
Another 'Sex and the City' movie? Cynthia Nixon says the ladies 'would all be thrilled'
Happy Broadway opening to Ewan McGregor, Cynthia Nixon, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Josh Hamilton, and the company of Tom Stoppar…
Notable women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer:“Sex and the City”Cynthia Nixon, Sheryl Crow, Jaclyn Smith.
Last week was a big free ticket week for me, thank you Shubert Org. and Broadway Inbound & Dianne Tack, for letting me in. THE REAL THING at Roundabout was an odd revisiting of the piece with oddly sung pop music framing the show. Ewan Macgregor was spectacular as Henry and please have Maggie Gyllenhal as Annie eat something before she wisps away . Roundabout Theatre Company present sTom Stoppard's Tony Award-winning play, The Real Thing, starring Ewan McGregor as "Henry" and Maggie Gyllenhaal as "Annie" in their Broadway debuts; Cynthia Nixon as "Charlotte" and Josh Hamilton as "Max." Sam Gold directs the cast of seven, which also includes Alex Breaux as "Brodie," Ronan Raftery as "Billy" and Madeline Weinstein as "Debbie." The Real Thing begins preview performances tomorrow, Thursday, October 2, 2014 and opens officially on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at the American Airlines Theatre on Broadway (227 West 42nd Street). This is a limited engagement
Supporters of the boycott include Julianne Moore, Cynthia Nixon, Elvis Costello, Johnny Depp, Stephen Sondheim, Santana and Vanessa
Oh. And Kathy Najimy and Cynthia Nixon, too. Happy 30 to me!
Cynthia Nixon Boyle there may be some family members interested in this. Thought I would share.
Thank you for joining us, Cynthia Nixon.
Just saw Cynthia Nixon on the subway...Sex and the City real life :)
Ewan McGregor and Maggie Gyllenhaal deput in Tom Stoppard's "The Real Thing" with Cynthia Nixon and John Hamilton. Begins 10/2.
Cynthia Nixon of Sex & The City fame waiting to jump on my 6 train subway car at Bleecker Street.
At a restaurant with Cynthia Nixon and her wife... Recognized her wife. My life is dark.
I will always be in love with SATC and and Cynthia Nixon. ❤❤ Always cheers me up
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I love Cynthia Nixon I can't help it she's so fab
It was like the time i found out Cynthia Nixon is a *** Sex and the City makes no sense!
Cynthia Nixon! When SITC was still on air it was multiple times a day, but not as often anymore, maybe once a week...
I really don't care for Cynthia Nixon...
From the Vault: Cynthia Nixon Reflects Upon Performing in The Real Thing and Hurlyburly — at the Sam - Video
PHOTO CALL: Meet the Cast of The Real Thing, with Ewan McGregor, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cynthia Nixon and Josh Hamilton
The episode of with Cynthia Nixon is definitely one of the best ones.
I feel like most ppl who see Cynthia Nixon on the street ask about Sex & the City but I wanted to yell 'ARE YOU COMING BACK TO
When the Cynthia Nixon episode of Law and Order SVU is on ...
so far my favorite is Cynthia Nixon, but really looking forward to Minnie's :)
Bill de Blasio didn't sign the letter calling for the demilitarization of police. But Cynthia Nixon did.
Cynthia Nixon about to pose for a photo shoot on 5th Ave btwn 10th & 11th –pretty in a sparkly silver dress - there were many onlookers
Actress Cynthia Nixon thinks there should be a "police czar." Bad problem, but worse solution.
Enjoy a Private Lunch for 2 with Cynthia Nixon in NYC
Rick Perry does his job = indictment. Police officer does his job = grand jury. Yes, let's talk about justice!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Don't know timestamp but what Fr said abt *** was they're more likely to feel flexible than *** men, ex Cynthia Nixon
[Cynthia Nixon as Donna's mummy because why not]
These wonderful items to benefit Cutlure Project end on Tuesday! Please click the link or donate directly...
I caught this episode today and was shocked to see Cynthia Nixon in my hometown.
Watching TLC: Who Do U Think U Are? It is re family trees. Saw Cynthia Nixon & now Jesse Ferguson from Modern Family: looking 4ward 2 more
The episode with Cynthia Nixon was the most emotional thing I've ever seen on tv 😭
One of Cynthia Nixon's female ancestors killed her husband with an axe. He was said to be extremely abusive.
I'm watching Cynthia Nixon find out about her ancestry on So intense and captivating! Love her and this show!
All those teens who love Cynthia Nixon, of course.
Cynthia Nixon is a big old NO as well.
PSA: Cynthia Nixon played one of Wednesday and Pugsley's babysitters in Addams Family Values.
Anna Chlumsky, Gillian Anderson, Cynthia Nixon AND Gina Torres as guest stars?! Love It! They're all so fantastic 208
Remember when got a dose of Weird Al Yankovic and Cynthia Nixon? Watch an encore of the fun episode today!
Just got tickets to a play with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ewan McGregor, and Cynthia Nixon. I think may murder me.
Nixon orders withdrawal of Guard from Ferguson via remember this
Why didn't nominate or Cynthia Nixon?! 🙊 That would have been great! 🙈
Next on 'Sex and the City (Season 4)' at:23:00 IST.Cast:Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Chris N
Please tell me nothing bad happened to Cynthia Nixon. Loved her in Sex And the City. ;)
playing catch up in the UK and Cynthia Nixon's journey was terribly sad but a gripping watch. Thank you!
An incredible opportunity to catch stage legends in an intimate discussion setting - at Joe's Pub.
I have no idea what you look like but now I think you look like Cynthia Nixon.
I would not confuse you with Cynthia Nixon, however, on a scale of Cynthia Nixon to Richard Nixon, you look more like her.
I love Cynthia Nixon and all, but ... she is 13 years my senior. . And do I really look like her? I am not sure how to feel.
So, you guys? I was at the farmers market last week and a vendor told me I looked just like Cynthia Nixon (and that it was a compliment).
“Miranda” wants u 2 get the HPV vaccination. Call 1-800-230-PLAN 4 more info on the via
"...if someone is chasing you, stop running. And then they'll stop chasing you." - Cynthia Nixon
Free reading of Staceyann Chin's new play Motherlode directed by Cynthia Nixon! NYC Wed. Aug. 13th at 7pm Email...
Cynthia Nixon talks HPV and getting vaccinated — see it on
I just met Cynthia Nixon I totally fangirled I don't even know what I said I can die now good evening
Just watched "who do you think you are?" with Cynthia Nixon, told story of her horribly abused g-g-grandmother in a Missouri prison ---   10% Off
My mom’s in the living room watching Sex & the City & I still can’t believe I walked through the Met with Cynthia Nixon last night. 😌
Cynthia Nixon, and more set for the series this fall →
On Oct 26, Cynthia Nixon returns to with Rinne Groff to read Caryl Churchill's rarely-produced "Seagulls".
Dear Cynthia Nixon, . Sorry for gazing at you in wonder today on 6th Avenue. You are great.
What's going on NY? New York celebs want Democratic National Convention in... Get Found ->
Cynthia Nixon thinks you should get an HPV vaccination. Here's why:
Cynthia Nixon, Russell Simmons and more NYC celebs are pushing for
Cynthia Nixon's story is quite compelling. Hope to 1 day find out more about my 4xs g-grandfather
Watched an early Law&Order where Chris Noth and Cynthia Nixon are the only ppl on screen and off camera voice asks if she's been Mirandized.
Addicted to who do you think you are!! Waiting for the episode coming up after Cynthia Nixon and her hubby Matthew Broderick.
Learn more about the Missouri State Penitentiary as seen on Cynthia Nixon. See example of pardon petition...
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