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Cy Young

Denton True Cy Young (March 29, 1867 – November 4, 1955) was an American Major League Baseball pitcher.

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Tom Seaver won the Cy Young today in 1975
Will be happy with Lester or Hendricks winning the NL Cy Young
Congratulations to Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester on being named finalist for Cy Young
Along with Hendricks and Lester as finalists for Cy Young.
Quick hook. Hendricks was dealing. Not sure why you put in a starting pitcher who pitched 2 days ago. Take out Cy Young, for a tired arm
I've been a Cubs fan since Brian Sandberg won the Cy Young
Joe Buck, Cubs do not need the pen tomorrow with Hendricks, you are dead wrong! He is gonna win the Cy Young! Straight baller!
Both of Reds HRs came off former Cy Young Award winners this postseason!
It would be just like the to lose to an ex-pitcher of theirs past his prime with their defending Cy Young Award winner on the mound. 😒
Dude you have Cy Young Award winner and 2 dudes that will finish top 5 this year! Cmon!
Who won the Cy Young Award last year?
How Jake how? You went from potential Cy Young Award winner, to an average joe smh
We're getting shut out by a guy who literally has 1 pitch while our former Cy Young Award winner has been lit up for 4 runs
LAD don't care that the 2015 Cy Young Award winner is on the hill. This is there park and they will not be defeated in their park.
Forgotten reigning Cy Young Award winner.really?
Rich Hill is set to square off against reigning Cy Young Award winner, Jake Arrieta, in Los Angeles for game 3 of the NLCS. Who ya got?
Jays had chance to extend lead. Kluber showed why he is a Cy Young Award pitcher. Gets out of a jam. 2-0 Jays.
I don't know... Maybe a Cy Young Award winner :)
Remember, the last time this Cy Young Award winner pitched in the Ravine, it was a No Hitter.
Cy Young always wondered why he never won the Andrew Miller Award.
Can we just make a new award for relievers similar to the Cy Young and call it the "Andrew Miller?"
Joc Peterson, .220 hitter jacks a HR off Cy Young pitcher, tying the game. Dan Murphy, NL MVP pops up to 2nd w/the game on the line.
Cy Young contender Kyle Hendricks ready for whatever's next in October: "Good to go."
2nd Cy Young due, tally votes yep. Rapid Robert agrees, Miller time. Cheers Klubo - the man.
Jon Lester and Johnny Cueto, two more pitchers in the running for the Cy Young this year, were masterful. Lester slightly more. 1-0 Cubs.
Nats Max Scherzer and BoSox Rick Porcello the presumptive Cy Young winners in postseason are 0-2 in the 2016 playoffs.
I was told Rick Porcello should be the AL Cy Young winner.
Two pitchers in the ALDS have shown Cy Young stuff this far, and neither are named Rick Porcello.
Tale of the Tape: Cy Young winners to battle: The first game of the American League Division Series between t...
The potential first relief pitcher to win an AL Cy Young since 1992 sitting in your bullpen not used in an 11 inning d…
Umm...except for your Cy Young candidate closer Zach Britton
so disappointing. keep the potential AL Cy Young winner on the bench.
why wasn't the Cy Young winner used?
when do we see the AL Cy Young winner?
Couldve also mentioned Tris Speaker, an all-time Great among Sox & MLB--but u didnt know Cy Young was on Sox so I had to start slow
Would you believe me if I told you the string bean on the far right is the one who went on to be a Cy Young Award-w…
Cy Young Award winner has ranked in the NL posted a better strikeout-to-walk ratio during the regular season,
Rivera had an award named after him. That's better than winning the Cy Young.
yeah, Cy Young and ROY. do they give an award for most inept manager in the history of baseball? 🤔
what if the NL Cy Young winner dedicates the award to Jose Fernandez ? How awesome would that be ?
if you win the Cy Young you should dedicate the award to Jose Fernandez , in honor of him . Bless you brother 🙏🏼
At I handed out hardware for MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year. Note: I hate your favorite player. https:/…
The Rookie of the Year and Cy Young Award winner run this page we are far ahead of the pack
Disagree with on AL ROY, but absolutely agree that Jose Fernandez should win NL Cy Young:
How many other Phillies fans don't think Kyle Hendricks deserves the Cy Young because of how close his name is to Kyle Kendrick?
Another award should win is the 2016 NL Cy Young
Column: Chris Sale deserves to win the AL Cy Young Award
There's no clear-cut AL Cy Young winner this season. Unless you ask who says it's Chris Sale:
Pedro Martinez just said Jon Lester should be the Cy Young favorite. Plesac agrees. I think I might, too.
I wish I could watch the best betters from today face guys like Cy Young, Sandy Koufax, Walter Johnson and Warren Spahn.
Two former pitchers could sweep the Cy Young Awards this year. (Not to depress you or anything.)
"I think he's going to win the award."-on the late José Fernández's Cy Young consideration .
The hit 100 wins on the season in awesome fashion in Pittsburgh as K. Hendricks continues to make his case for the NL Cy Young Award.
NH native Chris Carpenter won a Cy Young and 2 World Series. Meet him at the Granite State Baseball Dinner! Tickets…
If voters choose to award Jose Fernanez the Cy Young Award over someone more deserving like Hendricks or Lester, I'm gonna flip my boat.
Wow! I'm in absolute shock about Jose Fernandez! Major League Baseball just lost a Cy Young pitcher!
I'm sure Cy Young will depart next inning now O's can bring back Bruce Suter and Sparky Lyle 2 close. Not sure they could hit me
Remember when Dickey was a Cy Young winner?
Scherzer pitching tonight vs Marlins, need to have him get lit up to help the chances of Lester or Hendricks getting the Cy Young Award
If Kyle Hendricks (Dartmouth) wins Cy Young, he will be first Ivy Leaguer to claim major award in 80 years. The last on…
Lester endorses Hendricks for Cy Young: "I’ll trade all that stuff in - in a heartbeat - for a World Series trophy."
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Jon Lester vs. Kyle Hendricks. Who would you award the Cy Young to?
Jon Lester said Kyle Hendricks is his guy and choice for Cy Young Award!
Jon Lester on teammate Kyle Hendricks and the Cy Young Award, "If I had a vote, he'd be my guy."
34 is telling Kyle Hendricks not so fast with that Cy Young Award. Lol
Eduardo Rodriguez pitching is a good time to remind everyone that even if he wins the Cy Young, the Andrew Miller trade was still a good one
The odds are the Tigers will have traded the 2016 Cy Young winner for Yoenis Cespedes, then traded Cespedes for the 2016 Rookie of the Year.
Brian Kenny brings up every reason why Hendricks should win Cy Young. . Harold Reynolds: "I think Lester should win"
Jon Lester throwing his hat into NL Cy Young talk, the latest hurler to catch fire for a long stretch in 2016
Cy Young duo: The duo of Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks gave up just 4 hits and 1 run in 16 innings against the
pitching coach Chris Bosio believes the near NO NO help Cy Young chances, his name was everywhere.
Most fans don't know that Hall of Famer & 2 time Cy Young Award winner Tom Glavine was drafted in the NHL -Great pic
1973: Bert Blyleven had a WAR of 9.9 with 325 IP/25 CG/9 SO and came in 7th in the Cy Young voting. Yes, I'm bored.
Hall of Fame pitcher Fergie Jenkins led the National League in home runs allowed seven times, including the year he won the Cy Young Award.
I know nothing compares to Cy Young's win and complete game totals but that was over 100 years ago. Totally different era.
Hammels starting to kill off his cy young changes I see
he won a cy young before he was with kershaw. He's just washed up now that's all
Back to the if he's not part of the Cy Young discussion, he should. Kyle Hendricks was $ again in CHC/MIL 2day.
True. The Sox get the short end of the stick on everything. Oh well, it's all good once Chris wins the Cy Young this year. 👍🏻
Telling Alex he owes him two watches back that JV gifted him (for Cy Young, etc.)
Greinke *** this year...Dodgers rip Greinke . Greinke *** this year.Giants make him look like Cy Young.
hey Kevin do u think porcello can get cy Young this year ?
Cole Hamels' last two starts likely cost him the Cy Young. Winning the Cy now would significantly increase his HOF chances. That's tough.
I hope Rick Porcello gets a cy Young this year... Do you think he has a shot at it?
that means he'll win Cy Young in '17
you think Victor was better than a Cy Young winner? Interesting. I like the Sizemore comparison because of O and D.
Aaron Sanchez who's been mentioned as a CY Young candidate...
When's the last time a Cy Young winner gave up four HR's in an inning? Ever?
hey brad how about that verlander start today bro ?? He will be in the cy young conversation what do you gotta say bout that hater
Can't believe the sox made Jackson look like cy young today smh
Special K: Kluber thrusting self into Cy Young mix
are getting hot at a very good time!! All of this without their Cy Young Ace Kershaw!
Is the Cy Young staying in Chicago? Bryzzo for MVP? We'll ask guys who have a vote in the races & next on WGN.
NL Cy Young in my opinion is between:. Scherzer. Hendricks. Mad Baum. Arrieta. Lester. Strasburg
Nats' Max Scherzer in middle of Cy Young race via
ERA+ is a flawed stat, but this is fun. Bartolo Colon, ERA+, 2005 (Cy Young): 122. Bartolo Colon, ERA+, 2016: 120.
Late night reminders to why Kyle Hendricks is legit Cy Young worthy
Kyle Hendricks continues his knack for winning after extra-inning games, by
Roark will finish in top 5 Cy Young voting. What a time to be alive.
Joe Kelly will win the Cy Young Award in 2015, says Joe Kelly.
Joe Kelly, who predicted he'd win the Cy Young Award, was demoted to Triple-A by the Red Sox -->
once again making a pitcher with a 4+ era look like a Cy Young Award winner! In Coors field!
Mom: "Garrett why is it called the Cy Young Award when he never even won the award?" Oh mom.
because that's what Cy Young Award winners do
So since no one is running away with the NL Cy Young Award right now, I'm going with
How Rick Porcello stacks up in AL Cy Young race: Verlander vs. Sale today, Hamels goes too
Ubaldo Jimenez is unlikely to win the Cy Young Award this season.
Reminder: Bartolo Colon gets an extra $50,000 if he wins the Silver Slugger, $50,000 for Cy Young Award.
Excited to see 03 Cy Young winner Éric Gagné pitch for the Ottawa today, the last reliever to win the award.
Rick Porcello is officially a serious Cy Young candidate
at 1:00 eastern and I. Who's NL Cy Young Award winner right now? We'll discuss!!
Ya boy has a screwdriver reviewing sabermetric stats for his NL and AL Cy Young Award arguments.
Seems like Kershaw will face Fernandez and Bumgarner in 3 of his last 5 starts. Will be fun with the Cy Young Award in flux.
I think kershaw was on his way for the Cy Young if it wasn't for the unfortunate injury this season
If the season ends right now, he's easily the CY Young
Cubs' Kyle Hendricks on his ERA, scoring a run, and Cy Young talk
This is crazy but can very well win the NL Cy Young. He has about 5-6 more starts before seasons end.
are they gonna give the Cy young to the pitcher who has the best second half again?
Adrian Beltre for MVP. Cole Hamels for Cy Young. Nomar Mazara for ROY. Ian Desmond for CPOY. Make it happen
Hey Buster, I know that his numbers isn't Kershawlisque or his teammates Jake Arrieta! But could Kyle Hendricks win Cy Young?
We should be witness to a Cy Young winner AND MVP on the same team but of course that won't happen. Why you ask? that's why
Is there anyway Max Scherzer doesnt get the NL Cy young this year?
Kyle Hendricks for the Cy Young? From a persistent whisper to near-unanimous thunder. Poetically said Mr. Theriault!
Costas and Smoltz are calling the game and talking Cy Young. Both agree Max is the favorite.
At first I thought it was just a breeze outside, then I realized it was the persistent whisper " for CY Young"
bullpen was lockdown. This one was on cueto. BAD 5th. First half cy young. Second half MIA
Does Kyle Hendricks have a legitimate chance at winning the Cy Young Award?
Hendricks: Cy Young talk ‘humbling’ but not focus of final weeks: Kyle Hendricks officially… htt…
So, 2 or 3 more starts similar to Kyle Hendrick's last almost guarantees him a Cy Young Award, right?
*** Kershaw got injured. He would no doubt win Cy Young again.
Maddon on Hendricks: "It has to be Cy Young contention. Put the radar gun in your back pocket and look at what he's doing."
Cole Hamels, AL leader in ERA, has a strong case for Cy Young Award but it's not his main priority
if he threw 98 he'd be the unanimous NL Cy Young if the season ended today, hope he keeps it going and wins it
csnchicago​.com >> Maddon on Hendricks: 'It has to be Cy Young contention'
Could this year's Cy Young winners be Rick Porcello and Kyle Hendricks?!
Don't be deceived by the latest Cubs candidate for Cy Young, Kyle Hendricks, whose new formula is fooling hitters.
COVERAGE from Chicago by Soft-tossing Cy Young candidate Hendricks confounds
After tonight have 31 games left: Awards: Exec. of Year: Theo/Hoyer. Mgr. Maddon or Roberts. MVP: Bryant . Cy Young:…
If Hendricks hits 16 wins and finishes w a sub 2.00 era he should win the Cy Young
How Kyle Hendricks transformed into a Cy Young-level performer for (
Somebody throw this man a Cy Young vote on principle.
No, Kyle Hendricks (13-7, 2.09 ERA) didn't see himself being a part of this year's Cy Young race: "I had my sights set a lit…
You know you're having a historic season when you miss a month & the analysts still say you're front runner for Cy Young
Hendricks takes MLB's ERA lead into final month of Cy Young race
Crazy to think that a fifth starter that rarely gets above 90 mph is the favorite to win the NL Cy Young
If Kyle Hendricks doesn't win the Cy Young Award this year just because he isn't a "big marketable name" it'll be a sh…
Flem bring up cheating Mike Scott winning the Cy Young the year Krukow won 20 games. Fernando was 2nd in the voting
Who would've thought that Rick Porcello would be 17-3 w/ 3.22 ERA in mid August? He's got to have some Cy Young consideration right?
Is Tanner Roark not in talks for Cy Young this year? via /r/Nationals
Three all time greats...Satchel Paige, Cy Young, and Bob Feller.
it's not unprecedented, Kluber won the Cy Young like 3 years ago and Hendricks was a bigger prospect than Kluber
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. Not if that stiff Patrick Corbin was pitching. He makes Abad look like a Cy Young candidate.
Any record previously owned by anyone named brett cecil, isnt that impressive. JA Happ is going to win the AL Cy Young
They're not both MVPs, that makes no sense. Maybe give Hillary the Cy Young of ISIS
Nats broadcast just mentioned Jeurys Familia as a possible Cy Young candidate. That was nice of them.
Cy Young threw 30+ CG in 18/22 career seasons. The last pitcher to throw 30+ CG in a season? . -Catfish Hunter, 1975
My favorite parts of this photo are Babe Ruth rolls his socks down, & both Pete Alexander & Cy Young are distracted.
Did Gary Thorne just say that Rick Porcello should be getting Cy Young consideration?
Dodgers making Gio Gonzalez look like Cy Young, and now Ben Revere like Babe Ruth 😮
on this year, 2016; Ji Man will win the: MVP, Silver Slugger, ROTY, Cy Young, and a Gold Glove.
I recall a SNL Zell Miller saying "Cy Young pitched both games of a doubleheader & all he had was good ol' fashioned opium"
Cy Young was 37, David Cone was 36, Randy Johnson was 40, Roy Halladay was 34...Bumgarner will get his, mark my words.
Who are the top Cy Young contenders in the American League?
"With two no-hitters, a Cy Young Award and, now, a Body Issue cover under his belt, Cubs ace Jake Arrieta has had quite a year."
Had the opportunity to briefly congratulate Jake Arrieta on Fri. On him winning the Cy Young & LatinoMVP for his...
. Cy Young was the Goat. 511 wins. Walter Johnson KoufaxNolan Ryan.s won-loss barey over .500.
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A comparison to Jake Arietta...a Cy Young worthy pitcher...too far
Jake Arrieta joins three legends as only pitchers to go 11-1 to open the season as reigning Cy Young winners.
to be fair, that’s when MVP voters only looked at BA/RBI/HR and Cy Young voters only looked at wins
I'll try to act surprised when knuckle-baller Edwin Jackson win the Cy Young in 2019.
Doesn't matter who wins this vote we all know was the Cy Young. 🤘🏼
Reggie Harris's 25 H in 41 IP translated into an unstoppable force in pursue the pennant 1990. Won my Cy Young! I…
Cy Young winner Big-Time Timmy Jim gets his first Salt Lake start on the road in Tacoma
you realize the reigning defending undisputed Cy Young Award champion of the world is on the Astros right?
are teeing off on AL Cy Young favorite Chris Sale. RBI single from Eric Hosmer and an RBI double from Lorenzo Cain to make it 2-0.
False. Every pitcher gives credit to Ray Searage. Arrieta went from trash Arrieta to Cy Young over nite
Only person standing in the way of Salazar potentially winning the Cy Young is Sale right?
yeah but he's not worth all his talk lol he thinks he's Cy Young
Strasburg is the 1st Nats/Expos starter to win his first 6 decisions in a season since Pedro Martinez opened his 1997 Cy Young season 8-0.
On May 19, 1910, Cy Young won his 500th game as the Cleveland Indians defeated Washington 5-4 in 11 innings.
Former New York Yankees and Cy Young Award winning pitcher Sparky Lyle appeared at a charity event in Bridgeport. .
Rainbows & Unicorns and receiving Babe Ruth and Cy Young! Are we turning into mets fans? A bag of balls for Harper?
David Price step ups Tonight And will WIN: He's being paid an Enormous amount of money to be an Ace: He was p…
wins latest Cy Young at for user Ajhawk in league All-Time Greats
Today's trivia question: Who is the Red Sox pitcher tied with Cy Young for the most shutouts? Find the answer at:.
local big league player Whit Merrifeild makes debut with hit off cy young
Awards:. Silver Slugger: . Cy Young: MVP: and Daniel Seres . Congratulations & good luck to all!
I don't know if kluber is ace of this staff. Good picture but Salazar may be ace. Kluber decline after cy young
I know we were all hoping for Arrieta/MadBum matchup, but reigning Cy Young will face the fearsome Jake Peavy who's sporting a 7.43 ERA
Cleveland Indians Cy Young Wins 500th Game - Call to the Pen
Chris Sale will easily win the cy young this year
wins latest Cy Young at for user Bnl1077 in league 1970-Present
On this day in 1910, Cy Young became the only member of the 500 win club.
What has make first MLB hit even more special is that it came off former Cy Young winner and SEC star
wins latest Cy Young at for user Broles in league Best of 1980s
he pitched against the padres. *** he looked like Cy young out
The 9 starts between no-hitters is the 4th reigning Cy Young winner to throw a no-hitter.
On This Date in History May 19, 1910:. Cy Young wins the 500th game of his career as the Cleveland Naps...
and if Mel Stottlemyre didn’t funk up Doc’s motion — a multiple Cy Young winner. Man that team was loaded
This is like Cy Young's 511 wins, DiMaggio's 56 games, or Ryan's 5,714 K's - it can't be broken, no one will ever even get close again
that's fair and he definitely got snubbed. But the amount of wins and games pitched is just ridiculous for Cy Young
While I was working, I saw a preteen-ish girl get super excited about spotting Sandy Koufax on the Cy Young winners post…
Heck of a ballgame ehh Mrs.Cy Young?! Enjoy your evening ⚾️
i hope he wins the CY Young, i also hope hes not pitching in an elimination game, good night guys
remember when angel fans at one point were saying weaver was better than Kershaw? 3 CY Young's and 1 MVP later
Sad words but Kershaw Bum and Cueto are the favorites to win the Cy Young because they play vs Padres
him being a Cy Young candidate every season of his career.
Cueto is an early cy young candidate
If only had kept a guy that was a Cy Young Award winning pitcher and could pitch after Kershaw.
If I had to pick an NL pitcher on the path to NL Cy Young right now, it'd be Jake Arietta followed closely by Johnny Cueto.
Johnny Cueto has had a Cy Young level start to the year
Let's Go What do you think Mr. Price, Cy Young this season?
Scouts watching the Doyers right now:. Bring up unknown rookie, watch said rookie transform into Cy Young against this offense.
Only the Dodgers offense could make someone like Tropeano look like a Cy Young winner
i agree he had 2 good starts, 1 against a team who leads MLB in Ks, and another vs a B squad KC team. i hope he wins Cy Young
I don't care if u have cy young coming out of the pen.u don't take out a guy who is pitching a near perfect gm with 84 pitches
Johnny Cueto my favorite Giants pitcher to watch since Cy Young Tim Lincecum
big unit won 17 or 18 games in 06' or 07' w/ a 5+ era and may have even Won the CY young that year.
lets got get this dude on the mound he isn't Cy Young for crying out loud😩
A pitcher's got to be good and he's got to be lucky to get a no hit ga...
David Price is back to Cy Young form. JBJ's gonna break the hits record. LET'S GO
Back in 2007, I thought Rich Hill would win a Cy Young and he was Barry Zito with more fastball. Still shows it in flashes.
Oh god Greg Amsinger just said Jake Arrieta is the Cy Young over Kershaw.
Jake Arrieta & Clayton Kershaw (+200) are co-favorites to win the NL Cy Young. Chris Sale (-140) is the AL favorite.
511 career wins by Cy Young and 110 shutouts by Walter Johnson. Neither will happen in today's game.
Chris Sale through 8 starts:. 8-0 . 1.67 ERA. AL Cy Young will be wrapped up by all-star break at this pace
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Vince Velasquez is winning the Cy Young next year
A work of art on par with "Too soon to talk Cy Young for Shane Greene?":
Cancel the rest of baseball season and hand Colon the World Series, the batting crown, a Cy Young and the Congressional Medal of Honor.
referring to Dickey as a Cy Young winner is like referring to Anthony Bennett as a first overall pick.
Jake Arrieta is the first defending Cy Young winner to start the season 6-0 since Randy Johnson in 2002.
Dustin Thompson has a commanding lead on the Cy Young race. Matt Bailey or Josh Chumbley better step it up...
Charlie Robertson perfect game (1922) — other perfect games pitched to that point by Lee Richmond, Monte Ward, Cy Young, Addie Joss.
If he stays healthy Masahiro Tanaka is a definite Cy Young candidate. Only reliable starter/stopper the Yanks have
1985 St. Louis Cardinals (101-61): NL MVP (McGee) ROY (Coleman) and two pitchers with 21 wins (Andujar and Tudor who was 2nd in Cy Young)
boys, give that Cy Young to my boy Tommy K, and give that W to Giancarlo and AJ Ramos.
Remember when Wade Davis finished 6th in Cy Young voting last year? I do. That was nice.
Give Coleman the Cy Young Award for that at bat
Less than a month in, who are the Cy Young front-runners for the National League?
I really thought tonight was going to be the night Joe Kelley locked up the Cy Young Award too
that was during the steroid era though. Cliff Lee finished fourth in Cy Young voting in '05 with an ERA of 3.79.
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Vincent Velasquez better win the Cy Young after Matz today
CC & Cliff Lee never won another Cy Young.
so Ian Kennedy is gonna win Cy Young?
Happy Birthday Jim Lonborg! ~ Cy Young winning ace of the '67 Boston "Impossible Dream" season is 74 today!
.is 4th player with SB in age 40+ season, joining Rickey Henderson, Ted Williams & Cy Young. https…
Chris Archer, a top preseason Cy Young candidate, is off to a disappointing start, losing all three starts while...
So the Astros traded Vincent Velasquez aka Cy Young for Ken Giles aka Brad Lidge- and not good Lidge, but "gets crushed by HR Lidge."
Off of a Cy Young season Dallas Keuchel's walks are way up. Has he been wilder, or are hitters reading him better...
Dallas Keuchel and Carlos Correa being honored for their Cy Young and Rookie of the Year Awards.
Brett Boone went from 12 hr guy to 40, Jake went from bad to Cy Young. Dramatic imo.
Remember when the O's traded now-reigning Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop to the Cubs for Steve Clevenger and Scott Feldman?
Not gonna face Scherzer, 3-time All-Star and '13 Cy Young winner, and former All-Star Strasburg (242 K in '14) every night
Ideal pitchers duel on Opening Day between two former Cy Young's. I love it. Baseball is back.
There's been one opportunity with RISP & its 34 degrees outside against a former Cy Young winner. RELAX.
Right, that thing where Corey Kluber is a former Cy Young and pitching robot.
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My is David Price vs. Corey Kluber. Two former Cy Young winners duel in the bitter Cleveland cold
Red Sox will beat the Cubs in 5 games in the World Series this year. Hanley Ramirez wins WS MVP. David Price will win Cy Young
Former Panther throws a gem, starts Cy Young defense off with a bang!
We also got our Cy Young winner on the mound that the yankees couldnt touch
Trout hasn't faced Arrieta since the Cy Young winner raised his game but has single, two SFs in 3 plate appearances vs. Arrieta.
Pretty good late sink there from Harvey, who I went out on a bit of a limb and picked as my NL Cy Young winner for '16/
2015 Cy Young winner teaming up with Rookie of the Year and one of the best hitters in the game? I think they've got a shot 🤔🤔
I know Stroman hasn't done it over 200 innings but *** he's good. Just out shined a possible Cy Young winner.
Good grief, We are making Ed Stroman, Sausage King of Chicago, look like a Cy Young winner. Oh ... wait.
If the season ended today Marcus Stroman would be my AL Cy Young winner.
2016 AL Cy Young winner.calling it right now ⚾️6️⃣
and they'll somehow end up with a wild card game facing a Cy Young winner...
tf you gonna have a Cy Young and an MVP winner on the same team and not make the playoffs. And Cubs wc you a fool.
Forever salty that Arrieta happened to develop into a Cy Young winner right after leaving the Orioles 🙄
If the season ended right now, Francisco Liriano would be both your Cy Young and MVP winner.
If I had to bet that the NL Cy Young winner is coming from the staff or the rest of the NL I'd pick the Mets staff.
Red Sox ace David Price, on fellow Cy Young winner Corey Kluber: "He's the Klubot. He's like a machine out there."
MLB Network analyst Dan Plesac predicts that Pirates' RHP Gerrit Cole will win the NL Cy Young
That's what's so awesome about the little league World Series. Some of those kids could win a Cy Young one day. You never know
Tampa will win the AL East and Chris Archer will be the AL Cy Young
Baumann: Garrett Richards has all the skill to win Cy Young
Garrett Richards for AL Cy Young? says it's not *that* crazy, and he has the skills to do it:
' to Jimmy Wilson, the Cy Young of medicine'
1904 story on Cy Young's no-hitter mentions a Rube Waddell NH in 1901. Which there's no evidence of. Fact-checking ain't what it used to be.
1907 Boston Red Sox at spring training in Little Rock Arkansas - the great Cy Young is second from right
From a scout "Stroman could contend for the Cy Young" . Who will be AL's breakout players in 2016?
The AL Cy Young race between Rodon and Chris Sale will be amazing.
Kluber sparkles in Tribe win: Cy Young winners Jake Arrieta and Corey Kluber did not disappoint in their Cactu...
The 2015 AL Cy Young winner, from the is ready to repeat: .
Prepping for the year after Cy Young, is ready to pick up where he left off. .
Here's why the is a dark horse Cy Young contender.
Dark horse Cy Young candidate? infographic shows why it could be Carlos Carrasco -
Could these 2 win the Cy Young in 2016? Get the rookie cards now
he just turned 27. Kluber is 29 and won Cy Young at 28. It took Cliff Lee time to turn around too
Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel will be on adjusted schedule this spring after 246-inning workload. Very good bet to top 200 innings again.
The distinctive pitching form of 3-time AL Cy Young winner Jim Palmer. Let's move on before he shows us his Jockeys. ht…
Oddsmakers have Kluber, Carrasco among top AL Cy Young candidates
if you told me a year ago Cy Young winner Arrieta would be throwing BP to Matt Murton I would have laughed hard
My recolored version of Cy Young from 1892 Cleveland Spiders.
nasty Nate taking that Cy Young kid
The reigning NL Cy Young winner has a wall to his own outside TCU locker room. Matt Carpenter, Brandon Finnegan too. https:…
my bold predictions, Chris Archer throws no hitter, wins Cy Young, Rays and Cubs in World Series, world ends 7th inn of game 5
Whitney will forever be the "Cy Young win record" in terms of National Anthem singers. She'll never be touched.
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