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Cy Young Award

The Cy Young Award is an honor given annually in baseball to the best pitchers in Major League Baseball (MLB), one each for the American League (AL) and National League (NL).

Rick Porcello Joe Kelly Justin Verlander Max Scherzer Jon Lester Kyle Hendricks Jake Arrieta Red Sox Zack Greinke Kate Upton Clayton Kershaw David Price Tim Lincecum Corey Kluber Nolan Ryan Chris Sale Brandon Pirri Dwight Gooden

Kluber is the front runner to win the Cy Young Award right?
For my baseball followers ... should Mark the Bird Fidrych have won the Cy Young Award in 1976? He finished second to Jim Palmer.
Nolan Ryan never won the Cy Young Award. That’s crazy.
Shockingly Tim Tebow's first at bat against the reigning Cy Young Award winner was a four-pitch strikeout
Max Scherzer is pretty good. Don't give Clayton Kershaw the Cy Young Award just yet.
Report: Eric Gagne, Dodgers discussing minor-league deal - 14 years after winning the Cy Young Award with them,...
Quote of the day. "It was the first time ... a Red Sox ... Cy Young Award winner struck out a former Patriots quarterback".
Reigning AL Cy Young Award winner got the better of former Award winner in a…
It's actually kind of ironic that Tim Tebow's first start in spring training is against a former Cy Young Award winner. That's a tough task!
OTD in 1972, traded Rick Wise to for future Hall of Famer and 4x Cy Young Award winner Steve Carlton.…
Big thank you to former World Series champion and Cy Young Award winner ⚾️, and now recording artist 🎶, for the time today!
On this day in 1978: trade pitcher Dave Tomlin and $125,000 to for Cy Young Award winner *** P…
Two things I still believe:. The Jacksonville Jaguars will make the playoffs this season. Brandon Morrow will win the 2013 Cy Young Award.
This is like saying "Cy Young Awards: Roger Clemens 7, Cy Young 0, obv Cy Young Award should be renamed Roger Cleme…
We celebrated Porcello's win of the AL Cy Young Award (for pitchers) with official Red Sox historian, Gordon Edes.
Rick Porcello wins the AL Cy Young award after leading the league in wins with 22
first, why is this even relevant to anything? Second, does she even know anything about the cy young award? Asking for a friend.
Kate Upton taking out her frustration on Justin Verlander not getting the Cy Young Award is just great.
Justin Verlander finishes 2nd in the 2016 American League Cy Young Award
This year's Cy Young Award winners, Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox and Max Scherzer of the Washington National…
Justin Verlander may of lost the Cy Young award but he goes home to Kate Upton so that's kind of a win win and better than a Cy Young.
need healthy O-line for Dallas. . 3-0 start is best in 9 yrs. How factor in Cy Young Award vote. sports 11pm
So excited the didn't win manager or the year, rookie of the year, or the Cy Young award 😊
so wait, Verlander had 14 first place votes to Porcello's 8, and Porcello gets the Cy Young award? hmmm, seems to make sense…
Rick Porcello - Rick Porcello will win the AL Cy Young award, but Justin Verlander was more dominant
Moral of Story: Cy Young award doesnt count for a full season's work, just the 1st 154 gms bc writers turn in ballots early
Verlander is the first pitcher in AL history to receive the most first-place Cy Young Award votes and not win the award.
Spin zone: Should we be worried about Dave Dombrowski because he traded away a future Cy Young award winner🤔
Cy Young Awards: Max Scherzer in N.L. and Rick Porcello in a Twist National Leag
Justin Verlander had most first-place votes, but Cy Young went to Rick Porcello, so Kate Upton is...
Max Scherzer wins the Cy Young Award. Second of his career, first Washington pitcher ever to win a Cy Young.
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You could make an entire rotation of pitchers who won the Cy Young Award and also pitched for the Tigers.
Max Scherzer would trade Cy Young Award for World Series rings will give Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks:
Rick Porcello is the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award without the most 1st-place votes since Tim Lincecum in 2009…
The best of Cy Young Award winners Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello in 2016.
Pitcher Max Scherzer claimed his second career Cy Young Award & first on a NL side
.is officially the first Cy Young Award winner in history ('05-pres). . Congrats,
Congrats to "Slick" Rick Porcello of the on winning his 1st AL Cy Young Award!
He's done it now in both leagues. Congrats to Max Scherzer of the on winning the NL Cy Young Award! http…
Congratulations to Rick Porcello '07 on winning the AL Cy Young Award!
Friend in 10 Years: "Remember the rigged 2016 election." . Me: "The AL Cy Young Award, how could you forget? .
BREAKING: Rick Porcello wins the AL Cy Young Award. It's the 7th time the have won it. . That's the most in the American…
Another one for the Red Sox!. Rick Porcello wins Boston's 7th Cy Young Award after leading MLB in wins.
Nationals starter Max Scherzer beats out Cubs pitchers Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester for NL Cy Young Award
Kate Upton was not happy her fiancé, Justin Verlander, didn't win the Cy Young Award:
Justin Verlander's fiance, Kate Upton, wasn't happy to hear Rick Porcello edged him out for the AL Cy Young Award.
Max Scherzer wins his second career Cy Young Award - and first in the NL.
Jon Lester finished second, Kyle Hendricks third in the voting for the NL Cy Young Award
Ultimate redemption for Rick Porcello who is first Cy Young Award winner since 2000. Incredible season he had,…
.pitcher Justin Verlander is in the running for the AL Cy Young Award. Sports Briefs:…
How come it seems like Joe Buck/Fox never mentions Corey Kluber is a former Cy Young Award winner?
Both of Reds HRs came off former Cy Young award winners this postseason!
It would be just like the to lose to an ex-pitcher of theirs past his prime with their defending Cy Young award winner on the mound. 😒
Dude you have Cy Young award winner and 2 dudes that will finish top 5 this year! Cmon!
what's that based on? What do you call a soon to be 2 time cy young award winner with a 0.98 ERA in the playoffs?
Who won the Cy Young award last year?
How Jake how? You went from potential Cy Young award winner, to an average joe smh
We're getting shut out by a guy who literally has 1 pitch while our former Cy Young award winner has been lit up for 4 runs
After this performance Arrieta has to give Kershaw the Cy Young Award he stole from him last year, right?
They just hand out the Cy Young Award these days huh 😴😴😴
so what is this now the 6th lefty the Cubs have made to look like the CY Young award winner.
.got Dennis Quaid from The Rookie out here looking like a Cy Young Award Winner, smh!!.
LAD don't care that the 2015 Cy Young award winner is on the hill. This is there park and they will not be defeated in their park.
This y'all ace getting smacked around right here ain't it Cubbies? The Cy Young award winner? That's him right? 😇😇😇😈
It was the first time the 2014 AL Cy Young Award winner permitted a playoff opponent to score. He had thrown 13 1/3
Forgotten reigning Cy Young award winner.really?
Vin Scully stars on Snapchat: Last year's National League Cy Young Award winner, Arrieta, did not quite repea...
Rich Hill is set to square off against reigning Cy Young award winner, Jake Arrieta, in Los Angeles for game 3 of the NLCS. Who ya got?
One Cy Young award winner lost, the other ones getting ready. Come watch the second game with us.
Rick Porcello, right-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, has had the best season of his career, and he may...
Jays had chance to extend lead. Kluber showed why he is a Cy Young award pitcher. Gets out of a jam. 2-0 Jays.
Al cy young award goes to klub I think and nl prob Clayton or jose maybe max
I don't know... Maybe a Cy Young award winner :)
Here is my argument for Kluber to win the AL Cy Young Award:
Game first pitch is 20 minutes away. Win or go home for the Jays. Sanchez (AL ERA champ) vs. Kluber (former Cy Young Award winner).
How do you spell the name of last year's Cy Young Award winner?
Can we just give Andrew Miller the Cy Young Award? I know postseason doesn't count, but please?
Remember, the last time this Cy Young award winner pitched in the Ravine, it was a No Hitter.
Cy Young always wondered why he never won the Andrew Miller Award.
John Denny was 1983 Cy Young Award Winner. Had a big fight with Reggie Jackson in 1983.
Can we just make a new award for relievers similar to the Cy Young and call it the "Andrew Miller?"
Would you believe me if I told you the string bean on the far right is the one who went on to be a Cy Young award-w…
Maddon is confident either Jon Lester or Kyle Hendricks will win the NL Cy Young Award
Justin Verlander would join elite company with second American League Cy Young Award:
I never even thought about Verlander for the Cy Young Award. I just assumed it was Porcello's. Does Verlander have chance?
Justin Verlander clearly deserves the AL CY Young award but got a feeling he gunna get robbed by Rick Porcello
Cy Young award winner has ranked in the NL posted a better strikeout-to-walk ratio during the regular season,
Texas Rangers unveil absurd this ball boy’s catch was treated for Cy Young Award
Two Red Sox players are taking home hardware in our MLB Awards predictions.
Hope you win the CY Young and the Comeback Player of The Year Award. You've definitely earned both.
Rivera had an award named after him. That's better than winning the Cy Young.
yeah, Cy Young and ROY. do they give an award for most inept manager in the history of baseball? 🤔
what if the NL Cy Young winner dedicates the award to Jose Fernandez ? How awesome would that be ?
if you win the Cy Young you should dedicate the award to Jose Fernandez , in honor of him . Bless you brother 🙏🏼
At I handed out hardware for MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year. Note: I hate your favorite player. https:/…
The Rookie of the Year and Cy Young award winner run this page we are far ahead of the pack
Outstanding year for Deserves serious consideration for the Cy Young Award.
Disagree with on AL ROY, but absolutely agree that Jose Fernandez should win NL Cy Young:
Picking Cy Young, MVP and Rookie of the Year award winners for 2016
Only nine relievers have won the Cy Young Award. says the Orioles' Zach Britton should be the 10th.…
Rick Porcello was AL Pitcher of the for September. That has to close the deal on the AL CY YOUNG AWARD
Another award should win is the 2016 NL Cy Young
Column: Chris Sale deserves to win the AL Cy Young award
Why Jose Fernandez deserves to posthumously win the National League Cy Young Award.
There's no clear-cut AL Cy Young winner this season. Unless you ask who says it's Chris Sale:
If Marcus Stroman could vote for the Cy Young Award, he would pick Aaron Sanchez.
I really wanted to see Kyle Hendricks get the NL Cy Young Award but Jon Lester has proven he should be the favorite ⚾️
How are we going to decide between Lester and Hendricks for the Cy Young Award? They have both been sooo perfect.
csnchicago​.com >> STL: Lester or Hendricks for NL Cy Young Award?
Cubs' Jon Lester was blunt in endorsing teammate Kyle Hendricks as his choice for the Cy Young Award.…
Might the (Porcello) + (Hendricks) each have Cy Young Award winners, neither of which start their team's 1st postseason game??
Zack Greinke becomes the fourth Cy Young Award winner in MLB history to allow four home runs in t... - via App
Red Sox's Joe Kelly says he's going to win the Cy Young Award this year. Hmmm...
Joe Kelly will win the Cy Young award in 2015, says Joe Kelly.
Joe Kelly, who predicted he'd win the Cy Young award, was demoted to Triple-A by the Red Sox -->
It's been a tough year for the reigning AL Cy Young Award winner...
once again making a pitcher with a 4+ era look like a Cy Young award winner! In Coors field!
This Red Sox team isn't a playoff team. Making this *** look like a CY young award winner.
Mom: "Garrett why is it called the Cy Young award when he never even won the award?" Oh mom.
because that's what Cy Young award winners do
And the Cy young award goes to Edwin Jackson
Just your typical randomness. Cy Young Award winners dueling on the Southside. .
I thought we were gonna have our first cy young award winner..
Reigning Cy Young Award winner Dallas Keuchel '06 out with an injury.
So since no one is running away with the NL Cy Young award right now, I'm going with
Coke Hamels decided a week ago he didn't want to win a Cy Young Award.
will name recognition hurt Hendricks chances for CY Young Award?
How Rick Porcello stacks up in AL Cy Young race: Verlander vs. Sale today, Hamels goes too
Ubaldo Jimenez is unlikely to win the Cy Young award this season.
Reminder: Bartolo Colon gets an extra $50,000 if he wins the Silver Slugger, $50,000 for Cy Young award.
so are fans not supposed to be frustrated that former CY Young award pitcher is a glorified starter on team? (Cont'd)
Former Cy Young Award winner Eric Gagné to take the mound for the Champions
Excited to see 03 Cy Young winner Éric Gagné pitch for the Ottawa today, the last reliever to win the award.
well then they gave up way too much for a 3. After Cy Young award most fans and Jays Management expected a 1.
How did Dickey win the CY Young award?
Even if Espinoza becomes a cy young award winner, I still think the biggest loss to the Padres will be orsillo
Update your maps at Navteq
Rick Porcello is officially a serious Cy Young candidate
Who should win the American League Cy Young Award if the season ended today?
MLB Roundup: Does Clayton Kershaw have a legit shot at winning the NL Cy Young Award? Notes/links on 30 teams.
at 1:00 eastern and I. Who's NL Cy Young award winner right now? We'll discuss!!
Ya boy has a screwdriver reviewing sabermetric stats for his NL and AL Cy Young award arguments.
Here is my hot take on the NL CY Young award winner this season: Karl
Sizing Up the Race for the NL Cy Young Award -
Seems like Kershaw will face Fernandez and Bumgarner in 3 of his last 5 starts. Will be fun with the Cy Young award in flux.
Does Kyle Hendricks have a legitimate chance at winning the Cy Young Award?
In 1981, pitcher Fernando Valenzuela won both the National League ROY Award and the Cy Young Award. Only to do so
Congrats 2 Jarred Neal on earning the Cy Young Award! Led the league in wins & innings pitched!
Congrats to Jarred Neal (of the the 2016 Cy Young Award winner
Yes, every player your team acquired is going to win an MVP, Cy Young Award, six gold gloves, or at least four silver sluggers.
Hart Memorial Trophy (Hockey MVP) was named in 1924. Cy Young Award was named in 1956.
The league is Eager to announce Mike Aceto has been Awarded the Cy Young Award , given to the most dominant pitcher in the league
I'm calling it now, Max Scherzer is winning a Cy Young Award this year.
should be an interesting match up... a guy making his major league debut and a multi Cy Young Award winner
I think so. He's won the Cy Young Award 3X. Plus I believe he's won a gold glove.
Holy cow.. I never realized Curt Schilling and Nolan Ryan never won a Cy Young Award.
Former New York Yankees and Cy Young Award winning pitcher Sparky Lyle appeared at a charity event in Bridgeport. .
Two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum has agreed to terms with the Angels on a 1-year major league contract. https:…
Corey Kluber: 40 starts of bad luck and bad fielding, or Javier Vazquez with a Cy Young Award?
First big league hit is a 3-run HR off former Cy Young Award winner Zach Greinke. P good.
— Every text message Cam Bedrosian receives from his father, Steve, the former Cy Young Award-winning ...
Cy Young Award winner Jake Arrieta and the Cubs start a season their fans hope to savor forever, opening at the Los
Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 AL Cy Young Award winner
David Cone former Cy Young Award winner, 4 rings with the Yanks
Last season's NL and AL Cy Young Award winners are not favorites to repeat: Both the National League and Ameri...
Finally, two won the Cy Young Award. Seaver three times (1969, 1973, and 1975) and Dwight Gooden in 1985.
Corey Kluber, the 2014 Cy Young Award winner, lost 16 last season.
Expecting big things from Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar- both could be Cy Young Award candidates
Now that home base is Phoenix, I am super pumped about Zack Greinke being the Ace. Cy Young Award coming to Phoenix soon.
Cliff Lee is retiring; the former Cleveland Indians ace won the 2008 Cy Young Award...
Klube 1st 2x Indian win?. "Oddsmakers like the Indians' chances of winning yet another AL Cy Young Award
Happy Birthday to the true 2003 Cy Young Award winner: Jason Schmidt
He's 31, a 2-time Cy Young Award winner, and he's not the pitcher he used to be, but wouldn't Tim Lincecum be a good fit for
and he'll still hit .220 against that future Cy Young Award winner Invisopitcher.
I expect nothing less from a man who once won a Cy Young Award for no other reason than he had a lot of wins
Crazy how 1993 Cy Young Award winner Jack McDowell hates modern analytics, can't imagine why he'd feel that way
If Rookie Davis wins a Cy Young or MVP can we call it the Rookie of the Year award?
The Yankees will have a former CY Young award winner as their fifth starter. Not many teams can say that. With this bullpen? Who knows...
It was only a one game series against the cy young award winner. And injuries do happen you know
They should have a QB only award like the Cy Young in baseball. It opens up the MVP to more players
Arrieta beats out Zack Greinke for National League Cy Young Award -
A 24-yr-old in '64, Dean Chance threw 11 shutouts—only Bob Gibson has more since the Dead Ball era—the youngest winner of the Cy Young Award
Today In 1975 ⚾ Tom Seaver joins Sandy Koufax as the only 3X Cy Young Award winners (at that point)
Blue Jays and A's made another trade?. Welp, congratulations to Jesse Chavez on his 2016 Cy Young Award, I suppose.
Thank you for letting us borrow the Cy Young Award winner tonight
Arkansas became just the fourth school ever to produce two different Cy Young Award winners
Kershaw has case for 4th Cy Young Award [
LAD mlb .com: Kershaw has case for 4th Cy Young Award
Wire: Kershaw has case for 4th Cy Young Award
Kershaw has case for 4th Cy Young Award
Arrieta has built strong case for NL Cy Young Award
Clayton Kershaw has case for 4th Cy Young Award
16 years ago today was named the 1999 AL Cy Young Award winner!
Gray built strong Cy Young Award case in '15
Time does fly doesn't it? I remember Tom Terrific getting the Cy Young Award in '73. 2012 seems like this morning.
Verlander finished second to David Price of the Tampa Rays in a close AL Cy Young Award race.
Astros ace Dallas Keuchel admits to thinking about Cy Young Award.. Related Articles:
Zoilo Versalles, likely to be named the American League's Most Valuable Player, leads off against Koufax, the likely Cy Young Award winner.
Tomorrow night: The 3 time Cy Young Award winner vs the kid with 6 big league starts. I'm ok with that matchup.
Cy Young Award winner and Angels' Hall of Famer Dean Chance dies at 74. Subscribers:
Jake Arrieta deserves the NL Cy Young Award more than anyone else in the league, no doubt
No hit the Dodgers and almost a perfect game; he deserves the Cy Young Award.
Too Close to Call: Breaking Down the 3-Man Race for the NL’s Cy Young Award
If does not win the Cy Young Award then I will go insane. His numbers are just stupid. Jake Arrieta > Zack Grienke
If I had a vote, Arrieta is my Cy Young Award winner this year. Sadly, I do not have said vote.
... NL MVP voters took a deserved Cy Young Award from Dwight Gooden in 1984.
- face 2012 NL Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey for 5th time this season. Boston won 3 of the last 4 mtgs
Former AL Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito throws flawless, and perhaps final, inning for Nashville in Omaha.
Anyone else surprised that former Cy Young Award winner, Barry Zito, has been pitching in AAA (for the Nashville Sounds) since April?
SUNDAY HINT: His first major league hit was off that year’s Cy Young Award winner.
Strikeout 2,118 for Felix Hernandez. He passes 16-year veteran and two-time Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay on the career list
GM went on to say the 2-time Cy Young Award winner, Lincecum, will likely undergo hip surgery.
Tim Lincecum may have thrown his last pitch as member of the Giants. The two-time Cy Young Award winner will not...
Kershaw Completes Sweep of San Francisco With 15 Strikeouts: The three-time Cy Young Award winner disassembled the…
Alex Cora discusses Jake Arrieta and his chances for the Cy Young Award.
David Price has a chance to be the second player ever (after Rick Sutcliffe) to be traded and win the Cy Young Award in the same season.
The Blue Jays now have All-Stars at five positions and two Cy Young Award winners. They should be okay from here on out.
HOF inductee Randy Johnson was a 5-time Cy Young Award winner. His 4,875 career strikeouts rank 2nd all-time
Smoltz's display includes his 1996 NL Cy Young Award and the jersey he wore while recording his 3,000th strikeout
Cy Young did not make a Nolan Ryan made it for 3 different franchises, but never won a Cy Young Award. …
When Kershaw won the 2014 Cy Young Award, the internet made fun of all of his friends:
In July 2012, Palmer put up for auction his three Cy Young Award trophies and two of his four Gold Glove Awards.
Michael Pineda gets the mid-season Cy Young Award for the Yankees. Mike has really been phenomenal…
Former LHP Ron Guidry ("Gator"), who won the 1978 AL Cy Young Award had a DVS Score of 17.
This Sunday we welcome World Champion Hall-of-Famer and Cy Young Award winner ROLLIE FINGERS! ht…
I was not aware that Carlos Carrasco was up for the 2015 AL Cy Young Award.
I feel bad for Chris Sale, if he was on a Championship caliber team he would win the CY Young award every year. His stuff is nasty.
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Chris archer better get the CY young award.
Only the Indians can make a debut pitcher look like he is deserving of a Cy Young award...wowsers!!!
i never said that I was comparing the last two Cy Young award voting's and how White Sox always have to include Chris Sale
Tbh Chris Archer should win the cy young award but all the MLB does is suck stars on big-market teams so TB and Archer get no respect
the dude is top 3 in xFip, SIERA, and K%-BB%. Id say Cy Young award is more appropriate, not an MVP.
Great night celebrating the Walton Baseball season! Region Pitcher of the Year & Cy Young Award winner! …
Joe Kelly has pitched himself out of the rotation. No Cy Young award this year.
Royals beat a Cy Young award winner yesterday and make a rookie look like a Cy Young today. Seems to be trend.
Greinke chasing Cy Young award since Kershaw is having an average year so far. I'll take it.
Chris Archer shows once again why he is a runner for the Cy Young award, WHAT A PERFORMANCE…
I bet Joe Kelly is regretting that whole, "I'll win the Cy Young Award this year" comment.
Former Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey on Archer: "Chris is going to be good for a very long time."
If Greinke doesn't win the Cy Young award, it will be due to the lack of run support the Dodger Offense have provided
If Chris Archer doesn't win a Cy Young Award with in the next 3 years, I lose all faith in baseball.
Just tuned in and see that Joe Kelly of the is making good progress in his Cy Young award prediction. 2-5 and 5.67 = a favorite
Maybe he's hoping for a fan vote for the award and for KC fans to vote for him to be Cy Young
Rumor has it that ESPN is campaigning to give the golden spikes award to Sborz!! He is clearly the best pitcher since Cy Young!!
And three time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw is in on the auction action.
Joe Kelly predicting his Cy Young award will never not be funny.
I completely forgot that Joe Kelly predicted he'd win the CY Young. Oops!.
Joe Kelly predicting he was going to win the Cy Young Award is worse than anything I've ever predicted about sports.
Remember when Joe Kelly was gonna win the Cy Young Award?
In light of tonight's performance by Joe Kelly, let's take a look back at what he said this winter.
Joe Kelly is to Cy Young award as John Lester is to silver slugger.
I mean, he did say he's winning the Cy Young Award, so.
Spoiler alert: Joe Kelly's not going to win the Cy Young award.
I'm starting to think pitcher Joe Kelly's promise that he'll win the AL Cy Young Award this year won't come to fruition.
remember when he said he would win the Cy Young award?
Another cy young award winning performance by Joe Kelly wooo go sox!
Something tells me Joe Kelly won't be raising the Cy Young award this year.
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Zack Greinke has won the silver slugger,gold glove and a Cy Young award..
No surprise since he'll be winning the Cy Young award this year!
But Joe Kelly is supposed to win the Cy Young award this year! HA!
Frome time to time this baseball season I like to point out what Joe Kelly said in the offseason
keeps backing up that Cy Young award talk on a daily basis.
You know who is NEVER going to win a Cy Young award?
Is there a minor league Cy Young award? Maybe Joe Kelly's guarantee was for that.
Joe Kelly said he’s going to win the 2015 AL Cy Young Award
I feel like Joe Kelly isn't going to win the Cy Young Award.
Most Valuable Pitcher? Cole making a case: Like the Cy Young Award winner, there's a PWMM every year, in both ...
Cole goes for 10th win in middle game vs. Phillies: League leader in ERA and early Cy Young Award candidate Ge...
Remember that pledge that Felix Hernandez made after not winning the Cy Young Award? Check the numbers.
Fernando Valenzuela, Pitcher His record Rookie of the year in the major leagues and Cy Young Award to the best pitcher in 1981
I know after that final defensive possession I will turn it back to watch MLB hand Kevin Gregg the Cy Young Award.
Don Newcombe was a complete player: Rookie of the Year in 1949. Four times an All-Star. Cy Young and MVP Award...
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No doubt. Again, it IS spring training. He's working out the kinks on the way to a Cy Young Award season.
MLB Fact or Fiction: Clayton Kershaw will NOT win NL Cy Young Award this year. 57% of fans say FACT
4 time Cy Young award winner Randy Johnson at his Hall of Fame orientation in Cooperstown earlier today
why do you have two AL Cy Young Award winners?
He won a cy young award throwing to Rod Barajas so I wouldn't worry too much about it
A look at the odds to win the 2015 AL Cy Young Award:
Brandon Pirri (RPI) has a 20-2-22 line in 41 NHL GP this season. Give him the Cy Young Award. Now.
Third and lastly, Mike Trout will once again win the AL MVP, and Kershaw the NL Cy Young award.
He was a shoo in for a Cy Young Award, too, before that tragic eyelid injury.
He definitely isn't winning the Cactus League Cy Young award this year. He had 3:1 odds, too.
Bumgarner would win the minor league Cy Young award every year. Who cares about 11 Ks vs minor leaguers?
lol so I can't ask about how Hutch looked today? I'm not calling a Cy Young award based on todays performance.
here's how it's going down. HanRam is gonna be MVP, Rusney = ROY. Porcello gets the Cy Young and Ortiz the Clemente award
3/27/73: release 2 time Cy Young Award, 31-game winner Denny McLain, ending his career at the age of 28.
I think the Cy Young Award is in a different sport.
Florida Panthers' forward Brandon Pirri is red-hot and leading the NHL's Cy Young Award race.
Can't wait to see you pitch! I'm hoping for a surprise Cy Young award this year!
cont.McLain won the American League Cy Young Award in 1968 and 1969.
David Price, 2012 Cy Young Award will repeat it in again in 2015
Pirri has cy young award type numbers
"does he have a CY Young tho???"has a position player ever got nominated for the award in the era
"Then Felix didn't win the cy young award cuz apparently they don't know how to read a west coast box score" LOL so true tho!
I get he didn't have longevity, but 2 time cy young award winner is pretty big. Can't sell that short. But yeah Frank is a "legend"
That's pretty good..i know the award is named after him but I don't count anyone before the 1950s so I wouldn't pick cy young
What if I told you I have both 2014 Cy Young Award winners on my fantasy baseball team ?
If there was a spring training cy young award it would have to go to Taijuan Walker. Dominating. 2 more weeks till opening day!
22 a day... ...and all the president's economists continue to dodge the CDS issue.
Coming in at is 2014 strikeout champion Steven Strasburg, and at I have 2-time Cy Young award winner Roy Halladay.
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