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Curtis Main

Curtis Lee Main (born 20 June 1992) is an English footballer who plays for Middlesbrough as a Striker.

Andy Williams Theo Robinson Nathan Tyson Dean Furman

team news. 1 change to the starting XI. Chaplin in for the injured Hawkins. Curtis Main comes onto the benc…
CURTIS MAIN IS BACK. Today is the day he scores a goal. I believe.
Curtis Main. 100% That bloke has ADHD and has red bull for breakfast
Where are all the female basketball players? Grade 9's we need you! Tryout tomorrow, main gym. After school.
My main man is flying around the house screaming Who Dat and Maroon and White, Mississippi State fight, fight, fight!.
Do you all want to meet at main square for homecoming pictures?
I've given it much reflection since & my main takeaway from is that the election result was caused by a range…
I bet most of them survive. . William's mom, Artemis, will be main causalities. Maybe Curtis??? Hopefully…
Stick him in a Head guard he'll be fine, like Curtis Main
Curtis Pruett Ministries has a show on 09/10/2017 at 07:00 PM @ Austin Hous ... in Austin, IN
Bittersweet, Curtis Crofford, one of the original 5 is departing the family, you'll be missed bro…
At ayton house bud, been big renovations in main building some by another company and we're turning…
Says something about me that my main concern about uni is not having enough money for freshers
Made back into Boston and my main man and business partner was waiting for us. Curtis West is…
Curtis Preudhomme has a show on 09/09/2017 at 04:00 PM @ Night of Wors... in Elizabethon, TN
Jimmy Curtis has a show on 09/09/2017 at 12:00 PM @ Black Mountain Music Fes... in Guffey, CO
Arrow tackling Black Lives Matter for an episode in S6.take the wheel. Diggle and Curtis gonna be the main characters for that one.
Celebrate this birthday at the CASTLE 🏰 Enjoy this special offer:
Tbf didn't even notice before the bit about Shef Utd being after Curtis Main.
Is this the first time on that Curtis Axel has been involved in the main event?
Hi Curtis, if you give the main college line a call on 01724 282998 you can report the absence there. Thanks, Jo
Here is one of the main views of Eastern Michigan in Ypsilanti. This university...
me after Cw promo. Again you forgot main character of the show It's ARROW no canar…
in the flesh is becoming less common with YouTube stardom. But he will be front & centre Main Fiel…
It also, for me, has a perfect combo of escapism (a world w/no homophobia) and relateability (main cha…
Great write up Curtis. My first conference this year, hoping it lives up to the hype. Is it wrong th…
"One of [coach Jay Hopson's] main words: execute. Just do your job and know what to do." cornerback Curtis Mik…
The main character's name is either Curtis or Lukas idk which one
It's like the twilight zone. Curtis axel and bo Dallas are main eventers. Asce…
That's one of the main reasons there should be an efficient gulag-system, - so that we have the time to clean our apar…
Curtis Main would have scored today.
Lottie meeting and Curtis Main at before today's match
Certain that Grant is just a league 2 journeyman. Rather have Curtis Main.
Oh. I thought the main issue here was why a large number of your…
Remember when Curtis Main tried this and the free kick nearly cleared the stand
Brilliant, can't wait to have a few bevs with Curtis Main
Y'all. Jamie Lee Curtis is at my work (movie shooting some scenes in our main building). I am fangirling so hard.
Curtis - The Blue Wahoos parking lot (located in the grass lot across Main St) is not charging.
Asked Justin Jackson No. 1 personal thing we should know about him: "I'm a believer in Christ – plain and simple. That’s my ma…
Is this collusion? Yes, and of the best kind! I caught one of our main stage artists, Zaccai Curtis sharing info...
Sure. Curtis Axel does IMO. Never been a fan of Bo Dallas in NXT or on the main roster. I think he's horrible.
Curtis Axel vs catering in your main event.
Don't thjnk so as Roma have dzeko as their main striker
Happy 25th birthday to Curtis Main - could he be set for a rebirth?
📸 Executive producer Curtis Jackson and main character of the at…
🎉🎂 Happy birthday to striker Curtis Main, who turns 25 today
Don't trust anyone that tells you Bo and Curtis were good on Main Event.
Vince definitely took the week off. Bo and Curtis and now Roman isn't in the main event. What's going on here?…
Curtis Axel vs Catering to main event Great Balls of Fire
Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel on screen. Can't believe this isn't Main Event.
Check out contribution to Sports Illustrated on opioid addiction and how he was lucky to overcome it. ht…
He's our main target. First tracked him this time last year, furthermore we can spend a reasonable amount from FFP.
His main strength is heading, with good crosses from fast players like Ayite, Aluko, Kebano, Frederick, Sess & Malone he could score a few.
Rob: Pompey debate: Can Curtis be the Main man?
Pompey debate: Can Curtis be the Main man? Portsmouth News
Your Smackdown WrestleMania 34 main event for the WWE Championship.
this is the *** and awful MITB main event in the history.
The main man himself, happy birthday and happy Father's Day to the only man I've ever known to…
I like Zinger, Buck isn't good. FOX's main issues are refusing to have outer tower guys and the terr…
A few storms are popping ahead of the main line right now. Line of storms into West County in about…
Finny how thst works when Dems are the main players
My side chick got pregnant by her main *** & honestly... I'm offended.
I'd like us to sign Matt Harold, or Curtis main , or Erwin. Two from three or all 3.
Remember what happened to Curtis Main 😬 the hair
Watch Hamiltons' at First & Main Executive Chef Curtis Shaver create the Fettuccine Spring Pea Pistou dish, one...
Two players I'll be keeping an eye on today. Ethan Ampadu - Young CB, doing v. Well . Curtis Main - CM, who for me can be pivotal for Pompey
everyone go see one of my best friends preform in the FREE musical at main square! Good luck Kennedy❤️
Me and Curtis's main fights are when I don't get to go eat el tap 😂😂 that's kinda sad 😳
Semi Main Event signed for event in Tommy Lee Curtis vs Math Magician Jul29
I don't blame her either. I think she'll improve quicker on the main roster than in NXT.
WATCH: Curtis Main spoke to Player for the first time since his move. Here's a snippet of the full interview
The Internationally Acclaimed Worldwide Girl Group need to perform main stage and be nominated.
True, though there was mention of the "main chef" which makes me think they might have brought in someone like Curtis Stone
Töre: "Slaven was a big factor in me coming. He is the main man. I could not say no to him. He is like a father." http…
The best thing to come out of Spain tbh. Dedicated to my main man William. Rip homie. 2016-2016 taken too soon
mate we had Curtis main and Juke 2 seasons ago and were trying to get daryl Murphy last season
From Curtis main to Negredo in 3 years 👊
At least now I know I have a system for moving my main press using giant prybars, stacks of wood and an 1100lb dolly.
it took them SO long to come out. I just wanted to see Curtis (main skater dude) because I know him but never met him.
Pluse Curtis Niko & Main > 😭 Like don't get beat up tryn be smart to me
Forget UFC 200 everyone vs. Curtis farts is the main event of the night
2012 Krept & Konan brought me out at wireless.. We was on some tiny random stage. Today they brought me out on main st…
Curtis Warden and Clay Cahoon were LIVE at our Main Event Expo today! We would like to thank everyone who...
if you sign Curtis Main I will wash your car every week for the length of his contract. A proper full valet and everything
dont forget the main event live, cornerhouse 7.30 you'll see Curtis Smith in action in a bare knuckle brawl with absolutely anyone
have signed striker Curtis Main from Doncaster
Curtis joining the group on alt would give no benefits to the main account you microcephalic addlepate.
Oh, Curtis you microcephalic addlepate, making an alt account gives no benefits to a main.
Curtis making an alt account is pointless if you want the benefits for your main account, ***
Reference here to the Curtis Main deal "levelling off" the budget:.
Probably asked before but curious what's your main dip? 🇺🇸
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
My friend Andrew and I are getting ready to put her main floor down in the salon in her kitchen back together...
I agree with you 200% As a civilian I feel in these incidents it has been shoot to kill and that my main issue.
To rub salt in Doncaster wounds, one of their players, Curtis Main - on loan at - is shortlisted for L1 player of mont…
Why did Ferguson let Curtis Main join a club near the bottom? Absolutely colossus he's been for
James Wilson clips the ball down the line for Curtis Main, but Stephen Jordan shields it well and sees it out of play. 0-0 (2)
Curtis Main a late replacement for Nathan Tyson. Strange, strange build-up to this one.
Curtis is a guy I personally hate because he banned me in my main. Factions gold is his new masterpiece. thecampingrusher plays it
He isn't the main villain but Curtis Blackburn really got the spotlights in this game just because of this scene...
Before Narcos I was unemployed and single. Now I have a main, 5 side tings and I'm londons finest drug dealer.
Mark your calendars! Curtis Smalling will be discussing climate change and the small actions everyone can take to …
main decoration of the house next year Mr. Curtis
She asked me who my main go to people were I told her Curtis and Stephanie. . Makes me happy I didn't say Caleb. Or Quest.
Another talent that's not getting any ring time. is signed with Main Events . Free…
Do you know if it still says when you log into the main PlayStation website? I know it used to, but haven't done it for a while.
I am now officially in love with my main characters snarky attitude. I'm finally understanding crude sarcasm!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I voted for Drew Curtis, because both of the main candidates are underwhelming.
Got about 4 I'm switching between at the moment. Main one is a drift S2000
Former Holyrood mayor Curtis Buckle is the PC candidate in Harbour Main.
Major accomplishments recently include replacing 4400' of 6" water main, new hydrants, LED streetlights and Curtis Mill Park completion
PCs say Curtis Buckle won the nomination contest in Harbour Main.
Congratulations to Curtis Buckle on winning the nomination for Harbour Main!
Neil Curtis spent 18 years as Salem's main doc. He may have had a few relationships too ;)
To me main problem for Mets was that Duda, Murphy, Wright, Yoenis, Harvey, Familia and Terry Collins choked. Curtis was wonderful.
Michael Cole talking about Thursday and Curtis Axel when it was Tuesday night Main Event and Neville vs Big E
Curtis off of house of payne and jylin uncle look and act alike 😂
The day when Big ish partnered Curtis main in attack was the day I thought to myself things can only get better now 🙈
Big up my main man Jordan Curtis Hughes as always ❤️
ay, big Curtis Main and Luke Williams as well 😂
played well but could tell kiwis missing 6 main stars. Would've liked to see Curtis rona
It falls to Briggs who hits it twice but it's very well cleared by Curtis Main 2-0
Curtis Main drills one wide after good hold-up play from Tyson. Tyson's been excellent.
Seeing Özil and Coutinho comparisions on TL again. Can't wait for this debate to end again when my main man get 3 assist…
Good ovation for Andy Williams, who's gone off for Curtis Main. That goal should do him the world of good.
SUB: Andy Williams comes off to a standing ovation from the fans. Curtis Main replaces him 2-0
24 - Rovers double their lead. Andy Williams slips in Curtis Main who slots home to put the hosts 2-0 ahead
The main reason why we're all here today. We talking to at the ht…
That was you mate, you said Curtis Main was our best player yesterday
"The main reason I use plug-in air fresheners is that I don't want the sense of overwhelming suffocation in my home to …
musicatenation: The main man Curtis Clacey last night at album launch party! …
From prolific Seattle photographer Asahel Curtis, we see the Alaska Commercial Hotel at 1st and Main, circa 1901.
Wait for college football by exploring the Curtis Painter Heisman site again.
LVS Michael Sabia wins the King of Dirt Sportsman main event over Chris Curtis, Scott Duell, John Virgilio and...
He's Curtis Axel again. He's pretty much done Superstars and Main Event but that's just because they have nothing for him.
Anyone told Curtis main he's actually right footed yet?
So is Main Events really targeting Margarito for Cuz I'd take one eye'd Margarito over him
Electronic Device Insurance
Starting a petition to play with 10 men rather than play Curtis Main, sign below...
Jamie Lee Curtis is the main reason that I'll be watching scream queens sept 22 ❤️ though I don't…
Likely tree clearing on land abutting Lakefield is reason CH work on CY main highway is stalled.
Curtis main would do a better job in maccies
ET 109' Great hit by Curtis Main from 22 yards but the ball goes just over 1-3
Hoping Curtis Main shuts up the haters tonight!
Finding out Curtis Main is starting and thinking do I really wanna go Rovers?
Everyone's buzzing were playing 2 up front but there forgetting its Curtis main 😂
Check out Kevin Curtis's website about all things Restorative.
I'm watching the Fear the Walking Dead premiere. So far, main takeaway is that Cliff Curtis is good in anything.
His name is Cliff Curtis. He's the main actor for the new series. ;-)
JK. His name is Cliff Curtis and he's the main character for the new show. Can't wait to for it to begin!
Can't wait to see fear the walking dead especially since its got Cliff Curtis in it as a main character and he's from NZ yasss
its true Curtis main has a better left foot than messi
have to agree with dickov messi can't be gaurenteed games when Curtis main is around
My main man Curtis Lundy on bass duo w/ Richard Johnson
seemed to be acting like all the business is done and now we're desperate for goals and all we have is Curtis Main near enough
Curtis Main has won praise from Doncaster Rovers boss for his attitude since being left out of the team
Bet our fans could find a way of blaming global warming on Curtis Main
46- Curtis Main replaces Harry Middleton at half time 1-0
CHANGE: Half-time swap for Harry Middleton is replaced by Curtis Main. 1-0
Curtis Main coming on for Harry Middleton for Rovers 1 0
Curtis Main not currently warming up with the subs. Looks a likely change 1 0
The depressing thing is there is no option on the bench to change and don't say Curtis main, not that desperate !
Praise for Curtis Main's attitude. Might get his chance today if Forrester's struggling:
on Sidelmann ft. Curtis Richa - "Back To Love" - Anthem Main Room put this into your digital crate 9/10 (10/10)
be selling Curtis Main for that soon
nothing wrong with it few minor adjustments from main man Curtis and all good 👌 x
It's just not happening for Rovers tonight... Curtis Main & Andy Williams running their socks off 0-0
If dickov gives me a grand a week I'll score more goals in 3 games than Curtis Main will in his life
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Weigh-in complete, its time to eat! Tomorrow night semi-main event. LaRon Mitchell vs Curtis Lee...
No. I auditioned for the main stage plays and I think Brandon sat in on the musical auditions
swear Curtis main had it that year Juninho sorta came back
no worries Curtis pop in and pick it up they are in the main office!!
Curtis Main accepting the Legends Club MOM after the match tonight.
boss PD says Gary MacKenzie and Curtis Main will be fit to start the season.
Lfg and Curtis Anderson grinding deep in the main.
BYU fan, Curtis Anderson, from Provo is at World Series of Poker Main Event, with over 1MM in chips.
Hey look who I ran into! Jerry Jacques and Ty Curtis :) can't wait to see these guys rock the main stage at 2pm!
What a fight!!! What a card!! Now time for McGregor and the main event!!
Main Roads Min, just signed off on $1.1B Nudgee-Bracken Ridge Gateway upgrade. A win for locals htt…
Cliff Curtis' character seems to be the main focal character from the look of the trailer.
Transportation shift has begun! Started with this gem, Steve Kirby, from Curtis Nowosod playing main…
Success in your business requires a full time effort in the beginning. The main reason why people fail is...
Soundtracks if done right can be just as important as the main character in film/tv. Thank you for creating so many of them.
Main goal when I'm a mom is to be Jamie Lee Curtis on the back of Chad Michael Murrays bike in Freaky Friday
Half time, Curtis Main's penalty has just managed to reach the net, 10 minutes after he originally took it
Donny may have won the battle with the away kit banter, but Boro won the war by giving them Curtis Main.
We'll never make a player out of Curtis Main let's be right. We only got him to make ourselves look better in the husband deal. Awful.
Thought it was impossible for a player to annoy me in a pre-season friendly but Curtis Main is proving me wrong 😊😊
Curtis Main looked good v York in CoC last season that was about it tbf
Curtis Main blows a chance with an empty net, then misses a penalty. What a man
Terrible penalty from Curtis Main. Goes for placement, hits it low, very tame, easily saved
Curtis Main brought down as he turned in the box
30' Another chance for Rovers, this time Curtis Main takes it round the keeper but he can't get his shot away with the tight angle
the main guy on ncis played the step dad in the Lindsay Lohan Jamie lee Curtis freaky Friday so I can't take him seriously
Its the little moments you need to cherish ...most of the main moments are like this ...
My brother is the main lead for the spinoff! So well deserved!
Go back to Curtis blow, slick Rick the main one and he was my favorite rapper of all time
That ball is headed to my main man, Isaac Curtis.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Happy birthday Curtis Jackson. The main money team.
I'm following you because you fw Curtis
thanks for sharing Curtis Main, have a great Saturday :) (insight by
Looking for a good time this week? GrooveSession and Smokey the Groove are bringing it to Lost On Main on Friday.
Matthew Dellavedova didn't score the most points, not the media main focus but without him tonight, the…
Bout to watch Power and see what my main Curtis talkin' bout...
Curtis & Frank do a great job as the main beat guys. If more fans show up then there will be more media attention. BMO will help
Let it be remembered that the first Full Sail main event was Tyson Kidd vs Curtis Axel. (but the 2012 versions)
Going back to back with the main man . Richy Ahmed..such mega guy!!
Coming up at Noon EST: Above 135th Street - Curtis Mayfield Tribute
It's easy to stay motivated when my main reason for working out is so I can eat 7 ice cream sandwiches a day and not fe…
Main Library: Join Det. Curtis Gunter as he talks about Internet Etiquette & Cyber Safety a family-f
Can't wait to see Curtis Main struggling to get through the Frickley defence
Brilliant new video from for '40oz. On Repeat.' Don't miss their performance on the Main Stage at htt…
Our three main girls, then and now.
Unless Brooks Brothers is making kevlar suits now, it looks like Curtis Jackson has officially come main stream.
he's bald, he's quick, he's got a donkey *** Curtis main, Curtis main
I learned from the best! Thank You, the main reason why I can't be broken, and I'll never give up!
sure! I am very experienced and can slay hard but my main game is obj! If you still need someone just message me!
alright 😂 go to main street and ask Curtis for a price estimate 👌
I hear he also has the shooting ability of Curtis Main, will be a revelation for Boro 👌🏻👌🏻 UTB
yeah there are. Tons in sports, mainly football but in US entertainment the main ones rn are the rock, cliff Curtis & Dinah
Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Running Wild reminds me of my youth growing up on N Main ST in tha D!
Yeah. It was a great match. And all credit goes to Lesnar. Curtis Axel can sell too, should HE main event WM? exactly
When Curtis Johnson makes a burrito, its main ingredient is real toes.
Skrillex killing the main stage at Sunset (Vine by
Remember this time last year when Jutkiewicz & Emnes returned from loan spells to boost Boro's firepower alongside Curtis Main & Kei Kamara?
goal of the season - Curtis Main vs Bradford, Kyle Bennett vs Sheff utd
69th min: Nathan Tyson is replaced by Curtis Main.
1-3 - SUBSTITUTION: Curtis Main is replaced by Theo Robinson for Doncaster. (89)
63' Wabara plays it deep, it falls to Curtis Main but he lifts the ball over the bar. SO CLOSE for Rovers 1-1
Curtis Rainey, Rayshun Jones & Eric Shine will be signing for National Signing Day on Wed at 9:15am in the Main Office.
Great article. Tx to Kerrian Curtis : Will Weston – Heart of the Order
Will everyone stop talking about Curtis Axel , he will never be a main event star.
This petition can make history, please sign to get In the main event.
The young prince Curtis Axel is gunnin for that WrestleMania main event
CASTING Cliff Curtis to play main role in "Cobalt" series
If they actually put Curtis Axel in the WM main event I guarantee everyone would get behind him and it would be awesome
they put Curtis Axel in the main event?
Due to Curtis Axel controversy, a 2nd Royal Rumble will be held on 1st Sat Nights Main Event excl on
Yo! WrestleMania 31 main event should be an Elimination Chamber match. what y'all think? Curtis Slim...
"HHH just said he'll end the Royal Rumble controversy when he makes an announcement on Raw Curtis Axel added to main event?"
please write reigns out of the main event, doesn't deserve it, Curtis axel provides a good way of doing it
I agree you should be main eventing wrestlemania Curtis.
if it's not adding Curtis Axel to the main event of Wrestlemania I'm gonna be disappointed!!   10% Off
On Monday HHH will announce Curtis Axel in the main event of WrestleMania
The announcement is Curtis Axel will replace Roman in the main event!!
The REAL Controversy: Why isn't CURTIS AXEL not going to the main event of Wrestlemania?
Give Curtis Axel his shot at Reigns with the WrestleMania main event on the line.
Fans chanting "Rumble Winner" at Curtis Axel during Main Event tapings prior to
Burst water main has been located at Curtis Avenue, Glasgow Scottish Water are on site.
main rooms he headed down the hallway that lead to Tabitha's office, when he got up to the door Curtis proceeded to yell--
6 Leverhulme PhD studentships in open world learning now on offer at the OU:
It would be good to see the same done about traditional reportage / documentary (which is back to Curtis' main point, perhaps...
Yup, it's confirmed! & his main man Renshaw will be on the starting line of the 2015 --> htt…
shouldn't Curtis Axelrod be in the main event with Roman reigns since he wasn't eliminated?
Just spoke to Curtis Glencross . Will skate with main group and expects to get back in lineup Thursday vs Minnesot…
When your with your side chick in public and your main walks by
If you look back, Curtis Axel was never eliminated, his plan to main event mania was
I agree. Nothing better than x files with my main. 😉
Breast Cancer Awareness
Can't even pronounce his name he was in Bawtry last night with Curtis Main
Gucci Mane Has At Least Three Hard Drives Worth Of Unreleased Music: Curtis Daniels, the CEO to one of Gucci M...
Curtis main on and go to 442 or even play Billy WHitehouse but id have said Main
I thought that Curtis Stevens/Tureano Johnson was fight of the year
Even Curtis Axel knows it's better to be at than the main roster right now
Curtis Axel goes to to rejuvenate his career? What does that say about the main roster, tho... lmao
This is the main reason why i need a car
Annoys me when people choose to say "xmas" over christmas. The main reason for that word is because of Christ.
Choose a tie to match the main colour of your shirt
Let’s compare for a moment how America’s main political parties observe Christmas:.
Don't forget to check out NXT on Thursday! Our main event is Curtis Axel taking on Finn Balor!
I think it may have helped. He's got a lot of air time being called one of the main reasons for the resurgence, rightfully.
few months ago he was a jobber with Curtis axel and now he's getting pushed to main event level makes no sense to me
"I kept waiting for it to get better, or for me to have some sympathy for the main character..."
"This is a horrible book. It didn't help that I couldn't stand the main character, Wendy, who was a spoiled brat."
.lands an amazing left on Johnson. Would love a rematch
Is it bad that the main thing I look forward to at Christmas is the food
You should always be your own main attraction and attract the healthy things that makes a full life…
Like the main reasons I hate relationships... Women tend to get too comfortable & expect not to have to try maintain.
Curtis Axel on could be fun. They do nothing with him on the main roster, so let him contribute with the young guys.
On Coma Left Man Thinking He's Matthew McConaughey: 'Rory Curtis has it all sorted out n
also the main elf Curtis is a fat turd and would surely give any reindeer who is forced to transport his chubby *** arthritis
So far only Starr is getting me a present for Christmas so that girl will always be my main!
-Qhuinn noted, amusement clear on his face. Curtis replied, the sly grin returning, looked toward the main area up ahead. >
Who is the one boy you feel that you can rely and tal... — Curtis and Connor are the main ones I guess. I do hav...
MERRY SUNDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! On my way to the church house. My main CHICA, Lady T'Mil Curtis is in town and...
can see why they'd be looking for someone, Curtis Main looked like a spare part against Gillingham last week!
Johnstone saves Smith's penalty and Rovers keep the 1-0 lead. Curtis Main on for Robinson. 10 minutes left.
Curtis Main replaces Theo Robinson who has put in a shift and a half this afternoon up top alone 0 1
Motorists would have been killed if it wasn't for the quick thinking of Gavin Curtis
side to face Swindon. One change sees Dean Furman replace Curtis Main, who drops to the bench
About to hear from Paul Dickov and Curtis Main after victory at yesterday
recent FLS ( incorrectly named Jonathan Woodgate, Dean Whitehead and Curtis Main, who isn't even at Boro!
Kyle Bennett and Curtis Main have come on to replace De Val and Forrester
Curtis Main resumed full training today. No fresh injury worries. Dean Furman will join up with teammates tomorrow.
yo curtis this PC next time you in stlouis ferguson get at me i will show you around my main page is
POLICE ACTIVITY: Officers are checking the area of Curtis/Main for a subject possibly with a weapon. Please...
My main man Curtis is coming through
I wouldn't be opposed to a rematch between Tureano Johnson and Curtis Stevens either.
Educating Yorkshire at MFG: main people who would have been on. Habid, Mozam, Curtis, Antony Senior and Sabrina. The teachers.
Wiz Khalifa's 28 grams mixtape was inspired by two-9 & the main dude Curtis Williams... SOOO yeah..
like I didn't expect a main character to die bc Curtis was sch a main part in it:(
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