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If you want to hear about my super short proposal template here it is:
Happy Birthday to Bill Bulpitt, Herb Coleman and Curtis A Bollinger. Have a great day guys
Coach Curtis Coleman from Clay Chalkville on the defensive field with Pell City players.
Curtis Coleman is another awesome formal Cool Moose employee who continues to make us proud as he serves our...
Cyrus Cristie to slot in for Coleman and not a bad replacement loves getting up the line great crosser, rather have Keogh in too
suppose Coleman and Walters are big losses but should play some part. Dutch could turn it on but I wouldn't fear them
Only question marks would be over Coleman, O'Shea, we know McCarthy is out. Maybe Walters might not start. Long will start
Good news for Pineville and Alexandria drivers: Curtis - Coleman Bridge officially complete!
Governor Edwards announces completion of Curtis-Coleman Bridge project in Rapides Parish
Curtis-Coleman Memorial Bridge over the Red River dedicated by and others via
The Curtis-Coleman Memorial Bridge over the Red River was dedicated Tuesday morning by Gov. John Bel Edwards and...
Governor cuts ribbon at new Curtis Coleman Bridge
Visit to view more photos of today's Curtis-Coleman Memorial Bridge ribbon-cutting ceremony.
officially marks the completion of Coleman-Curtis bridge. Great day for Alexandria & Pineville.
Celebrating the completion of the Curtis-Coleman Bridge with and
Governor cuts ribbon at new Curtis Coleman Bridge.
Gov. Edwards has cut the ribbon for the Curtis Coleman Bridge in Pineville.
The Curtis & Coleman families were honored today with the dedication of this bridge.
Cutting the ribbon for the completion of the Curtis - Coleman Bridge connecting
Gov. John Bel Edwards speaking at ceremony honoring the completion of Curtis - Coleman Bridge.
.will mingle with YPG a bit before heading to ribbon cutting ceremony for the Curtis Coleman:
Lynch, Turbin, Michael, Rawks, Coleman will be my guess there.
At the Schooner with Mayor Coleman and St. Paul legend Curtis A
If you liked (or didn't) the Adam Curtis 'Oh Dear' piece in 2014 Wipe, there's a trailer for his next thing here: http…
my mom says this to Lexie all the time! Lol
Granby now up 25-22 on Maury late in 2ndQ as Marquese Jacobs hits a 3. Matt Coleman is being hounded and face-guarded by Curtis Dudley.
I was disappointed with sligos football it seems Coleman has restored to hoof ball instead of the free attacking football
“My roommate from Compton update: she brought 8 boxes of lucky charms.” Lucky charms are life
While Curtis Coleman plays the Bathroom Card, some reality.
TRIGGER WARNING!!! Former candidate Curtis Coleman engages in opposing NDO in Fayetteville.
Curtis Marsh reminds me too much of Kurt Coleman at the corner position, get GONE PLEASE
Little Giant Ladders
That's worse. I've always thought it was a boy 😂
Curtis Coleman would make the best Governor for Arkansas. Proud to have given him our votes. Thank you, Mr. Coleman.
The following is a plan to help handle the teacher insurance crisis that is a large part of why 53% of Arkansas teachers are considering leaving the profession. Curtis Coleman is Asa Hutchinson's competition for the Republican primary. I can't stress this enough. CURTIS COLEMAN IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE WITH A PLAN TO PROTECT ARKANSAS TEACHERS. The AEA backed Mike Ross has passed the buck to the task force which just today said that their recommendations are to: 1. eliminate spousal coverage if outside insurance is available to them. This would severely damage two-teacher households. 2. EBD, who has grossly mismanaged our insurance plans would not only stay in charge of our current plan, but also our HSAs. 3. 600 to 850% increase on the single bronze plan employee contribution. 4. Continued benefit decrease despite the outrageous increase in premium pay per month by the employee. 5. eliminate coverage for part-time employees which includes virtually all classified staff. Those aids that the Malvern School Di ...
Please vote early for Curtis Coleman for Governor
Today is such a lovely day to get out and go vote early... Consider this when you vote for our Gov. Received this from Curtis Coleman today: Will the 2014 elections be the most important in the history of our State? There are many who think so. But one thing seems certain: "We the People of Arkansas" may be speaking more boldly and with one voice more than any time in our recent history. The people of Arkansas are speaking out FOR • More and better paying jobs • Lower taxes • Smaller government • Our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms • Control of our schools by local parents and communities • School choice for all Arkansas parents • The recovery of our Constitutional Republic • The restoration of the balance of power between Arkansas and the federal government • Fewer business-strangling, job-killing regulations • A successful Arkansas businessman at the helm of state government • Technical and vocational training in our schools • Support of our veterans and military servic ...
Just a few thoughts about the upcoming May 20th Primary Election here in Arkansas.At the polling place once its determined that you may vote you will be asked if you want a Republican or a Democratic Ballot this only happens during the primary election or possible runoff elections which will be June 10th you are not asked this question in November at the General Election which will be held on Nov.4th this year. If you support Curtis Coleman for Governor or say David Sterling For Arkansas or others that are being challenged by other Repubican canidates at the state level and above you need to ask for that Republican Ballot even tho come General Election in November at the more local races in some parts of the state its mostly Democrats on the ballot and you want to support them also you can, but please wait and vote for them on the November ballot for the good of Arkansas as a whole please choose the Republican Ballot May 20th.
Asa Hutchinson, like Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, supports raising the MINIMUM WAGE; Said he would sign the OBAMACARE PRIVATE OPTION Bill in Arkansas and ENDORSED ERIC HOLDER. I'm sure Mike Ross approves too. I am throwing my support behind Curtis Coleman, THE REAL CONSERVATIVE in the race.
The University of Arkansas College Republicans hosted an event on Thursday with Curtis Coleman and Asa Hutchinson. We want to thank both candidates and all who came out and made this a great event!
University of Arkansas College Republicans private meeting with the gubernatorial candidates this evening. Job creation and economic development is the primary focus of the Curtis Coleman for Governor campaign---two topics of interest to our students and graduates.
Here is a leader with a great realistic plan for Arkansas, will you listen to Curtis Coleman?- YouTube
where does Curtis Coleman stand on the Secession Platform?
Curtis Coleman is the only "smaller government" Conservative in the race for Arkansas Governor! A true entrepreneur!
Ethics in the Professions WEDNESDAY in Davis Court at 5:00! Jeremey Iggers, Laura Billings Coleman, and Curtis...
Curtis Coleman supports the medicinal use of medical marijuanna
Really feel bad for the folks that Curtis Coleman is selling his "magic beans" to. As if he will climb a magic beanstalk to the Govs office.
Asa just destroyed Curtis Coleman in the Tea Party Q&A. Coleman's "company" is a text book example of crony capitalism.
Asa says state loans and UAMS helped Coleman open his safe foods business after Curtis gives anti govt answer.
lots and lots of folks here tonight - Faulkner County Tea Party with Asa Hutchinson & Curtis Coleman
Faulkner County Tea Party tonight, 6:30 to 8 at McGee Center in Conway -- Asa Hutchinson and Curtis Coleman.
Asa Hutchinson and Curtis Coleman Monday , 7 pm Center in Conway . All welcome
So Curtis Coleman had an Arkansas governor campaign party at my work this morning...and we may have…
HA that's like saying I'm a fan!!! Id rather be dead than like such a irrelevant athlete.
Don't forget Curtis Coleman takes your questions beginning at 2 on Dave Elswick Show 102.9 FM KARN.
*** Curtis W. Coleman appearing on the Dave Elswick Show. ***. Thursday, April the 3rd. - From: 2 PM Until 4 PM -...
Curtis Coleman wants to be Republican nominee for Gov. Ask him your question beginning at 2 on Dave Elswick Show. KARN 102.9Fm. 433-0092
Q1 14:39. Curtis Painter pass intercepted by Drew Coleman at the Indianapolis 26 returned to the Indianapolis 18 for 8..…
Curtis Coleman and Mike Ross respond to Asa Hutchinson's Endorsement of Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder who...
If you're looking for as good as new 2014 Coleman Travel trailer, then you'll get it from Curtis...
I have thought long and hard about who to support in the governor's race. At first glance, I was enthralled by the idea of Curtis Coleman. After all, an independent outsider with experience in the business world seemed an ideal choice for the chief executive of our state. I talked about this possibility with some friends and at one point I was committed to this. The more I thought about it and researched it, though, the more I wavered. Coleman was a political outsider, that is true, but as such he has no track record. Folks with little or no track record can go any way they'd like, and more often than not end up being more liberal than anyone thought (think David Souter the former Supreme Court justice and Barack Obama, who portrayed himself as moderate). Am I claiming that Coleman would be as liberal as Obama or Souter? No, but he could easily end up as a moderate. What I decided was that we have a candidate with a proven track record of conservatism (consistently pro-life, anti-tax, in favor of b ...
This may be the best election cycle in the history of the state to tell the 2 party elitists that the 2 party system is broken. Arkansas has not had a good democrat run for governor in my lifetime and I don't recall a good republican governor. There are no good candidates on the ballot for the 2014 election. We have seen what voting republican means based on the private option vote. If there was ever a year to shock the state into reality and take the government back for "we the people" this is it. Vote for an independent conservative and the the republicans that the same old same old won't cut it. Don't fall for the I have to vote for the lessor of the 2 evils. Based on the current polling numbers Mike Ross will defeat Asa Hutchinson for governor. Asa will defeat the sorry lot of republican candidates. Even if Asa could win he is a big government republican. The cult following for Curtis Coleman is under the delusion that he is going to win. Sorry kiddos, it ain't happening. Curtis is not even ...
Per Mike Ross - when my plan is fully implemented, it will put up to $665 back into the pocket of the average working Arkansan. * Have you ever heard of a Democrat Cutting Taxes * NO.! You can thank Mike Ross for Obamacare in Arkansas.! I will put my TRUST in Curtis Coleman for Governor
NORTH Little Rock, Ark. (5 February 2014) – Arkansas businessman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Curtis Coleman released the following statement today in response to Democratic candidate for governor Mike Ross' tax cut proposal:
It's time we wake up in Arkansas, concerning the upcoming Governor's Election in Arkansas. We have 4 candidates. 3 Republicans, 1 Democrat. The Democrat, Mike Ross, is a fine man. A true Blue Democrat. He stands firm on his support of the Private Option in Arkansas as a part of Obama Care. He wants to continue the current Governor's so called "good policies." The Republican choices, Debra Hobbs of Rogers, Curtis Coleman of Little Rock and Asa Hutchinson also of Rogers, Arkansas. Both Hobbs and Coleman have taken a stand against the Private Option and stand firm on that platform. But Asa Hutchinson is a different story. Last year when it was voted in as law, he was for it. When it became questionable by a few, he was against it. In Today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, page 1B and continued on page 2B, Asa Hutchinson says: "I am waiting, I may or may not." How's that for being wishy-washy? He claims now to being "studying" the issue. The article also states that Asa has a "troubling refusal to tell voters whe ...
Per Tami Greever - Arkansans are discovering that Curtis Coleman is ready to lead our state on a path to economic prosperity and limited government. Dudley Brown, executive vice president of the National Association for Gun Rights, believes Curtis is the right choice for Arkansas governor, too! We're honored to have his endorsement.
i received this via email from a friend: Heaven forbid that Mike Ross be the next governor or ARKANSAS: Any donations made to a state candidate is deductible on your Arkansas income tax -- up to $50 individual or $100 married, filing jointly. It doesn't matter whether you itemize or not, there is a form to attach to return that gives you a direct credit from the amount owed to the State, after your tax is determined. So, you can pay this money to the State - or you can give it to a worthy candidate such as Curtis Coleman. PLEASE HELP CURTIS COLEMAN.
Mainstream Media Waking Up The Washington Post (14 June): "Former congressman Asa Hutchinson is the clear Republican frontrunner, but he won’t receive a free pass in the primary, with the presence of conservative candidate Curtis Coleman in the mix."
Curtis Coleman, Arkansas businessman and candidate for Governor, invites you to attend the Little Rock Arkansas Prosperity Tour dinner on May 30, 2013. Featu...
(Little Rock, AR – 21 FEBRUARY 2013) Central Arkansas businessman Curtis Coleman announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Governor at 11:30 a.m. today in the Old Supreme Court courtroom in the Arkansas State Capitol.
So won’t you please agree to support Curtis Coleman’s campaign TODAY? I hope you will. Curtis Coleman is a true limited government champion, who is pledging – if elected - to: *** Join with other states to restore the intended balance of power between the states and the federal government; *** Resist unconstitutional federal regulations; *** Aggressively campaign for Arkansas to control development of its own energy resources; *** Clamp down on wasteful and unnecessary government spending. He’s also pledged to simplify and lower Arkansas' state taxes and to “get government out of our faces, off our backs, and out of our pocketbooks.” And he’s not just another career politician mouthing catchphrases to tickle our ears to get elected. Curtis was the Founding President and CEO of Safe Foods Corporation in North Little Rock Arkansas, retiring in 2009. He is also Chairman of The Institute for Constitutional Policy. The syndicated “Coleman Commentary” is heard daily on multiple radio stations ...
Little Rock — Republican businessman Curtis Coleman filed papers Wednesday to form an exploratory committee for a possible bid for governor.Coleman submitted registration papers for the committee...
The next election we need to focus on is the gubernatorial race. Dustin Mcdaniel the Attorney General of AR will be the Democrat ticket as Bebee has served his limit. Some Republicans that might be in the race are Johnny Key, Curtis Coleman, Asa Hutchinson, some talk of Steve Womack, Mark Darr, and I'm sure there are others. This position will be key as I believe we will see a battle between the states and an overreaching federal government. We need good men and women in these positions across the nation.
Potential Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Curtis Coleman attended the Russellville Lions Club meeting on Tuesday. Coleman, a resident of Little Rock, addressed the meeting with a short speech about his business experience and the shortcomings of the bureaucracy of the government. After the meeting ...
This page is for young conservatives and libertarians who want Curtis Coleman to be the next Governor of Arkansas.
Listen up Morganton, tommorrow night, Thursday, November 1st is your last chance to see "The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon". It is only 5 dollars, and is at Western Piedmont Community College in the Downstairs of the LRC building. It starts at 7:30 p.m., but you should arrive early to get a seat. Myself, along with my fellow amazing WPCC actors Curtis Coleman, Anna Branam, Corey Gohardorgohome Coulter, Nick Smith, Joey Hogan, Sky Eve, Beige Miyako-natsuko Brown, Aaron Daves, Emma Daves, Johnna Chester, and Jairo Pereira and more will make you laugh until your face hurts.
The Patriot E Brief October 16, 2012 Dear Patriot, This is an exciting time and a busy one as well. In this edition of "The Patriot E Brief", I have given you some information about some very important events that are scheduled for the next several days. I know we are all pressed for time, but please pray about attending one or more the events. We will all breathe a sign of relief AFTER November 6! Thanks for all you do, Jeff Freedom Rally Our Fall TEA Party, the Freedom Rally, will take place on Sunday October 21 at the Downtown Post Office in Texarkana beginning at 2pm. The Freedom Rally will feature Raphael Cruz, Rick Scarborough, Curtis Coleman, and Jan Morgan. Raphael Cruz came to America with just a few dollars sewn into his underwear. He worked to not only to provide for his family but to become a part of the American fabric. His son, Ted Cruz, is running for the US Senate. Raphael has a very inspirational message and is the embodiment of what freedom can do in America. Rick Scarborough is ...
Janet Crow JULY 4th We are inviting the community to our 3rd Annual July 4th Community Celebration at Simon Park, downtown Conway, 6:30 pm, on July 4th. There will be live music, ice cream, children's activities, patriotic costumes, Marine Color Guard & more ! Curtis Coleman (Curtis Coleman Institute) will read the Declaration of Independence, Philip Fletcher (COHO) will speak on the signers of the Declaration. Please invite everyone! There is NO CHARGE for anything at this celebration and NO membership necessary to attend ! It is our gift to everyone. (Do bring a lawn chair if you can-there will be some seating provided.) BTW- if you are a member of FCTP-there are many ways to help with this effort! Volunteer sign up opportunities will be available at every FCTP lunch and at our general meeting in June. Also call Rod: 327-3545. The more volunteers THE BETTER!
Listening to Curtis Coleman on KARN 102.9 fm news radio -Primary Election Results
I have four tickets left for the Boots and BBQ Rally in Warren tomorrow night. Keynote speaker is Senator John Boozman. The three Congressional candidates will be there and the emcee will be Curtis Coleman. Tickets are 25.00. Let me know if you would like to go.
The threat of severe weather could not deter over 250 Patriots from gathering in Downtown Texarkana for the God and Country TEA Party on Sunday afternoon. With storm clouds looming on the horizon Pastor John Miller, Jan Morgan, Glenn Gallas, Teresa Oelkey, and Bro. Roy Ford spoke to the crowd about the importance of being involved in politics. Curtis Coleman the day out with prayer. People drove from all over the Arl La Tex including Little Rock and Monroe to attend the event.
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