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Curtis Armstrong

Curtis Armstrong (born November 27, 1953) is an American actor best known for his portrayal as Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds movies, as Herbert Viola on Moonlighting, as famed record producer Ahmet Ertegün in the film Ray and for voicing the titular character in the show Dan Vs..

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Actually learned about them from reading Curtis Armstrong, who was classically trained i…
...and they couldn't even get Curtis Armstrong to come back
Mine started as Major Armstrong, but have settled on Sig Curtis. That Fullmetal motivation
My fav curtis armstrong role. Love Better Off Dead!
Id love to meet Curtis armstrong in the uk... walker stalker or
It's my official 2017 season theme shirt. Curtis Armstrong would be so proud.
We agree with Listen to a clip of REVENGE OF THE NERD here:
Nerds! With Curtis Armstrong and Don Gibb from Revenge of the Nerds!
Looks like I'm not meeting Curtis Armstrong tomorrow. Thanks for nothing, - Fix your website and mobile app!
I met Curtis Armstrong this week you should invite him to comcon nice guy
Let's Talk about How Awesome Curtis Armstrong was in the 80s
3 of 5 stars to Revenge of the Nerd by Curtis Armstrong
Excerpt from Revenge of the Nerd by Curtis Armstrong (Metatron) via /r/Supernatural
I missed SUSPIRIA last night. Curtis Armstrong had a healthy autograph line, and there was a dead ringer for
Thanks! Loved the Curtis Armstrong episode btw, Moonlighting miseducated me on the ways of love during my formative years
On the subject I always thought Curtis Armstrong would make a great Mitchell Royce. Or maybe Rip Torn.
I love getting to hear Steve and Curtis Armstrong discussing Supernatural on today!!
Jake Johnson is one film away from making it onto Second Fiddle Rushmore with Curtis Armstrong, Corey Feldman, and David Arquette.
66' Great defending from Curtis Jones who uses his strength to take the ball away from Armstrong.
Curtis Armstrong filmed scenes for this movie but they ended up being cut
Which sequence is more manly? Make a Man out of You from Mulan, or the scene from FMA Brotherhood where Armstrong and Curtis fight Sloth?
"Evil Flowers, Dude," I did in my very best Curtis Armstrong circa Better Off Dead.
How was it working with Booger Presley aka Curtis Armstrong?
It was very natural that people just think of me as a comic act...
"Moonlighting" info from Curtis Armstrong: It was great for me because I had a great role and they wrote really wonderful (cont).
I try to work and enjoy life, and that's about all.
I like people who try to do big things.
'Revenge of the Nerds': Curtis 'Booger' Armstrong talks 30th anniversary:
Curtis Armstrong's autobiography is now available for pre-order!
Hey how dare you act like you don't know Curtis "Booger" Armstrong's name. I'm nearly positive that yo…
Excited to reveal the cover of my book, Also available at Amazon:   10% Off
Sometimes a person has to be dead a while before people can appre...
I feel so bad for Curtis Armstrong he will always be booger no matter what else he does
I was going to middle school in Berkley, and I did not fit in at...
As an actor I'm part of a long line of character people you can t...
The movies that I did in the '80s were either good or bad, but I ...
When will Curtis Armstrong let the Destiel fandom live
What is Curtis Armstrong's reaction gonna be when Destiel goes canon? Because that is something I can't wait to see.
You know, we could all use another Curtis Armstrong Week to take the edge off.
Fans of Curtis Armstrong don't miss 's Metatron on tonight at 9/8c.
'Frequency' gets a visit from a 'Supernatural' favorite
'Frequency' is introducing another time-changing twist.
Curtis Armstrong has been add to HorrorHound Weekend cincinnati March 17th- 19th!
In other news... tonight's gets a visit from favorite - watch a sneak peek:
Can't wait to see Curtis Armstrong kill this episode! One of the best guest star roles I've ever read.
Aldo have had Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Mike Eruzione and Curtis Armstrong speak to the class.
Good morning from Day 2! Starting off the day visiting with Curtis Armstrong. Hello Metatron!
Some other notable members of the Baker Street Irregulars are Curtis Armstrong, Nicholas Meyer, FDR & Harry Truman
Look who we found Motor City Nightmares. Booger, Metatron, Curtis Armstrong with our resident…
Curtis had me slidin all over the boulevard this morning
Revenge of the Nerds is on. Curtis Armstrong is one of the greatest character actors of all time.
Here's the deal: Curtis Armstrong always delivers. Please consider and appreciate Curtis Armstrong. Thank you.
someone on FB had shared that clip from FMA where Major Armstrong and Sig Curtis meet and flex and I had to watch it all out of respect
You can do gross-out until the cows come home but if there isn't something ...
Curtis Armstrong is genius in Revenge of the Nerds
The Curtis Armstrong impression I've been painstakingly practicing for 31 and a half years has FINALLY just paid off. I'm so happy.
So far my favorite part about Supernatural is that they gave Curtis Armstrong work.
General Armstrong and Izumi Curtis are my role models
I wish Curtis Armstrong had a Steve Buscemi type following as a hunk icon.
I'm pretty sure Neil Armstrong drew some pretty rude n' crude drawings in the dust on the moon. Does that count?
Without a plan, there's no attack. Without attack, no victory.
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I find Metatron in the "fun to hate category". Curtis Armstrong seems like a sweetheart though.
...My list now only has Jack Black, Curtis Armstrong, Anthony Stewart Head, Bruce Campbell, and Ron Perlman
Never realized how much Curtis Armstrong reminded me of Mike McCarthy until now.
Ahh, good old Curtis Armstrong...just don't call him Booger...he might kill you.
ForbesTech: Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine geek out on 'King of the Nerds'
Look who I found on legally blondes! Curtis Armstrong
Metatron is Curtis Armstrong xDxD. where have I heard that name before it;s killing me not knowing
Sean Jordan, Amy Miller, Curtis Cook, Bri Pruett and Todd Armstrong will be your amazing comics this evening!
Can we get Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong together for a spinoff called Once in a Blue Moon?
Metatron because I've met the actor Curtis Armstrong and he's really friendly and kind
Happy Canada Day fans! This is how Dave Gosling, Bill Armstrong, Jason J *** and Curtis MacPherson...
Check out Why We Love LFCC, we chat to Curtis Armstrong for a bit of it.
Photo: gryffindor-hunter: That height difference though Imthe same height as Curtis Armstrong,so that can...
not as lazy as "girl version Rick Moranis (Curtis Armstrong?)'s nerd guy character from the original"
I have an eclectic swoon factor: Udo Kier, Curtis Armstrong...Don Knotts.
Oakland U alums: David Hasselhoff, Robert Englund, and Curtis Armstrong, or Knight Rider, Freddy, and Booger.
I get some gold every now and then. I was pitched Curtis Armstrong, and that turned out to be my favorite interview.
That awkward feeling when you love Metatron (Alan Rickman) but you hate hate HATE Metatron (Curtis Armstrong).
Photo: allaboutnewgirl: Confirmed: Julian Morris is on the New Girl set. Curtis Armstrong returns as...
he I mean he voices Dan from Dan Vs. A.K.A Curtis Armstrong
The extent to which I hate really amplifies how great of an actor Curtis Armstrong is.
*** it's like perfect Curtis Orchard weather out
Oh.My.Gosh. Curtis Armstrong is the voice of Robot in this NickToons series my kids like! I knew it was Booger(Revenge of the Nerds)!
Easy to be cynical with the PLANES pictures, but the producers of FIRE & RESCUE had the sense to hire Curtis Armstrong.
Still can't believe I met Jack Donnelly, & Curtis Armstrong at at the weekend! Loved it. Miss it already
CURTIS ARMSTRONG - Best of the actor. Reviews and insights of his films
Video: Meeting Curtis Armstrong at LFCC 2014  ***SEASON 9 SPOILER IN VIDEO*** He was absolutely lovely and...
Total 'Nerd' fail: Booger bombs out tech-wise, talks Revenge of the Nerds 30th Anniv via
I did Meet Curtis Armstrong In person with my Dan Vs T-shirt
Want to see me nervously try and interact with Curtis Armstrong and Robert Muchamore? Oh come on, you know you do
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
And here we are... Lena Headey, Robert Knepper, Curtis Armstrong, Kristain Nairn and ofc STAN LEE!!!…
“The sad truth. your still the best, Curtis!!
Curtis Armstrong doing my autograph today, actual nicest guy in the world
Me and Curtis Armstrong who plays Metatron in Supernatural.
I really want to meet Curtis Armstrong.
Curtis Armstrong yesterday at comic con (excuse my face and all that jazz xo)
So far I have seen Jason Mewes, Curtis Armstrong and Edward James Olmos entering the mens toilets.
Curtis good should of had more mins under his belt for a start as usual no plan eg playing gosling and shola ahead of Armstrong
Also Curtis Armstrong is one of the nicest guests I've ever met.
Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong are co-creators of the reality TV competition --and two of the most iconic nerds in film history.
“The sad truth. Sad but true, I'm with you! You rock Curtis, keep it up.any press is good press
I can't believe I said "Did you know you're the new satan to Curtis Armstrong" he was so confused.
I got to geek out myself w the amazing Curtis Armstrong aka Booger! Yes. He's aweaome.…
Armstrong. Soft ground ball to second only play is at first. Two down Curtis on second
got a couple of autographs Jamie Bamber, Curtis Armstrong and Robert Hays .. And lots of cool stuff
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Curtis Armstrong has really nice eyes they're so pretty
Photo with Curtis Armstrong, he was much nicer than his Supernatural character! 😃
Autograph from the very bad angel Metatron aka Curtis Armstrong.
decided I'm gonna take a break tomorrow and go meet Curtis Armstrong properly
Total 'Nerd' fail: Booger bombs out tech-wise.
Total 'Nerd' fail: Booger bombs out tech-wise via
i've noticed curtis armstrong will be there. Here are some of his most memorable quotes whilst you wait
Curtis Armstrong, aka Metatron, is at LFCC this weekend and I cant go. I wanted to tell him how much of a *** he is.
Met curtis armstrong and ivy doomkitty do far
DTN USA: Total 'Nerd' fail: Booger bombs out tech-wise: Curtis Armstrong, a.k.a Booger from 'Revenge of the Ne...
Total 'Nerd' fail: Booger bombs out tech-wise
To us, certain actors have become identified with their roles. Curtis Armstrong will always be Booger to us. Betsy still calls Paul Giamatti "Pig Vomit" and refers to Patrick Warburton as "Puddy".
I just recognized Curtis Armstrong's voice on Johnny Bravo... Freaking Metatron.
Also meeting at Comic con, Curtis Armstrong who plays Metatron from Supernatural and Lena Headey who Cersei Lannister from Game of thrones.
did you hear Curtis Armstrong on Nerdist? He talks about the Savage Steve Holland movies, Moonlighting
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Here with Curtis Armstrong plotting the destruction of the universe over a hot chocolate. Follow him for a good time.
One of Americas finest character actors. I am honored to have Curtis Armstrong on the set of today.
Interview with King of the Nerds’ Curtis Armstrong, AKA Booger from Revenge of the Nerds
We chat with about the show, nerds and Oh, my!
That moment when you find out Curtis Armstrong is Robot from Robot and Monster.
Season Eight Episode Twenty-One.The Great Escapist Kevin is held captive by Crowley in an illusion of Garth's houseboat and is brought Crowley's half of the demon tablet by two demons pretending to be Sam and Dean to translate. At the same time, the real Sam and Dean receive a message from Kevin saying he is likely dead and sending them all of his notes on the tablet. Though they are unable to figure anything about the third trial out from the notes, a symbol in them points to an Native American tribe in Colorado that they think Metatron might be connected to. At a casino, they find the tribe is apparently gifted with immortality in exchange for giving Metatron gifts of stories and locate Metatron himself (guest star Curtis Armstrong). Metatron explains that after God left, the Archangels decided to take over the universe themselves and not wanting that, he left and cut himself off so completely that he is unaware of who the Winchesters are or that the Archangels are all either trapped or dead. Sam and De ...
Good morning world how's everyone today git a now question thinking tv show Bruce Willis Cybill Shepherd n Curtis Armstrong i my have been young but loved this show watched it with my mum
$25 Curtis Armstrong - Revenge of the Nerds - Signed Autographed picture with Certificate of Authenticity.
I really do. Curtis Armstrong,, Damuntay Jones William Howard, Mark Wells.much Luv to my bruhs..
Curtis Armstrong on 'King of the Nerds' season 2 and the fate of 'Dan Vs.'
Congrats to the Penn State Symphonic Wind Ensemble and the Michigan State Wind Symphony on a pretty great show! And a special shout out to the MSU timpanist for evoking the full wrath of Daniel Curtis Armstrong. It took me at least a week to manage that...
They don’t make nerds cooler than Curtis Armstrong. The actor – pictured above between his co-host Robert Carradine and a dodgeball-playing robot – is host of TBS’s King of the Nerds. He also happens to be the voice of one of the…
Hey girl, when I gain health points, will you visit w/me? It's in Corona, Queens. Louis Armstrong, not Curtis.
"Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.". - Curtis "Booger" Armstrong.
Fourth: Curtis Armstrong! A gift even if we don't particularly enjoy what his character does! . -Lost Shoe
I just thought of 2 amazing movie nights! Curtis Armstrong and Bobcat Goldthwait. Oh my gosh I'm so pumped.
Curtis Armstrong from "Revenge Of The Nerds"...GREAT guy, and LOVE his new project, way to go man, and say HI to...
Moonlighting - A Bert Viola Tribute [Curtis Armstrong]: via this actor is so cool I like him.
Curb Your Enthusiasm - Missing Laptop: via by Curtis Armstrong he reallys sound like Dan from Dan Vs wow.
Its been a while since I offered a signing to the public. But happy to announce I will be doing signings with Christopher Lloyd, Sean Astin, Lou Ferrigno, Robert Carradine, Ralph Macchio, Curtis Armstrong, David Hasselhoff, Eliza Dushku, and Michael Rooker. MSG me for details!
The older I get, the happier I am that Curtis Armstrong works as much as he does.
I was looking for a pic of Curtis Armstrong and I come across this pic of some dude who looks like my Econ teacher
Imagine if you will, having your picture taken with the two Kings of nerdom Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine, Christopher Lloyd WITH a delorean, and 7 of the cast of The Walking Dead? Wizard World Philadelphia June 19-22: I'm going to do whatever I can to try and be there for that.
This is one of my all time favorite movies.-Curtis Armstrong
When Curtis Armstrong and Robert Caradine first pitched the idea of a reality TV show that played off the franchise, "Revenge of the Nerds," it was met with bewilderment by some networks. Could som...
Chats now available on with Curtis Armstrong of TBS’s King of Nerds and Jim Jefferies of FXX’s Legit. Enjoy!
Curtis Armstrong joins us next to promote the competition show King of the Nerds.
I am so loving this Tv show it's so cool dude's Curtis Armstrong does the voice of Dan. & Dave Foley does the voice of Dan's best friend Chris the one in the blue T-shirt and orange jacket. it's so funny to watch this TV show.
While I have a few minutes left at lunch, here's a list of movies from my childhood that I still like to watch: 1. The Secret of NIMH. Don Blooth's magnum opus (get bent Fivel), an animated feature that is truly suitable as a family movie, not just a movie that the adults tolerate. 2. The Princess Bride. I remember my mom asking me if I was sure I wanted to go see a movie called The Princess Bride, but I knew what I was doing. Sword fights, Andre the Giant, pirates, adventure, true love, this was a movie I needed to see! 3. Better Off Dead /One Crazy Summer. I put these two together because of similar themes, same director, and the John Cusak-Curtis Armstrong duo. Still amusing after many, many viewings, something that can't be said of a lot of 80's comedies.
A behind-the-scenes look from "Hubworld" at The Hub's new show "Dan Vs." with stars Curtis Armstrong and Dave Foley.
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Booger (Curtis Armstrong ) in revenge of the nerds is brilliant this film is soo funny
Count down to imagine dragons with Curtis Armstrong
Want something to see? Curtis Armstrong has a behind the scenes look into this week's &
Curtis Armstrong explains the "belching" scene from the movie, then the video ends with each cast member giving a little send off before the start of the movie.
Comic con Philadelphia looks really interesting this year, with current and past cast members from Walking Dead. John Carpenter, Christopher Lloyd. Than from revenge of the nerds Robert Carradine and Booger Curtis Armstrong. Can't meet them all, decisions decisions.
Tonight we went to the 30th anniversary screening of Revenge of the Nerds as part of Sketch Fest 13. It was awesome. They took questions from the crowd and I got to ask my adolescent role model Curtis Armstrong a question. Curtis played David Addison"s sidekick, Burt Viola, on the TV show Moonlighting, as well as One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead, Ray and a bunch of other shows. In this clip, Curtis aka Booger, explains the belch off scene with some never before revealed trivia, which may or may not be true - which Curtis cleverly blames on Timothy Busfield. Thanks for showing up to the cast and moderator - you made everyone's Saturday night! Yeah Sketch Fest!
So this is how my mind works. I'm sitting here watching the animated Wild Kratts, and point out to Phil that Curtis Armstrong, Herbert from Moonlighting, does one of the voices. Then I wonder, what happened to Agnes. Then I look up Alyce Beasley, and was surprised to see she was married to Vincent Schiavelli for a short time. And so on.
Who wouldn't love an alien autopsy? Curtis Armstrong sure did. Check out this behind the scenes clip of how it all came to be on
You've never seen a science fair, till you've seen a science fair. Check out Curtis Armstrong's view of the science fair.
Meet the Nerds from King of the Nerds on slice, watch Brian Davidson, Chris Jackson, Curtis Armstrong, Robert Carradine, Jack Hou, Josh Witten-Keller, Katie Correll, Kayla LaFrance, Kelsey Syers, Mary Smith, Nicole Dorner, Xander Jeanneret and Zachary Storch online and on slice.
'King of the Nerds' is back on TBS. See our chat with creators Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong:
GREAT news today! "Locker 13" the feature film made up of six vignettes has found distribution. Arc Entertainment will be releasing the film on DVD, Blu Ray, PPV, VOD and Digital on April 25th. There will be a limited Theatrical release at Harkins Theatres (Dan Harkins makes a cameo in the film) in Arizona on March 28th. I was very fortunate to work on this project as an actor as well as writing one of the segments and producing another segment. There's some amazing talent involved in this project - Academy Award Winner for Titanic Russell Carpenter Ricky Schroder, Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds), Rick Hoffman (Suits), Krista Allen, Tatyana Ali, Jon Gries (Unlce Rico from Napoleon Dynamite), Jason Mardsen Marsden Jason, David Huddleston (The Big Lebowski), Jon Polito, Bart Johnson (The High School Musical Films), Jason Spisak, Carmen Perez, Marina Benedict and a ton of amazing talent from Arizona. Congrats to all. Check out the trailer!
Good Morning! Coming up on the KTLA 5 Morning News: Allie Mac Kay is at the Anaheim Convention Center for the National Association of Music Merchants Show, and Gayle Anderson gets a preview of the Hollywood Park auction. Joining us in the studio: legendary KISS frontman Gene Simmons; actor Curtis Armstrong (Booger!) talks to us about TBS' King of the Nerds; and our beloved Tom Arnold, host of CMT's My Big Redneck Family! Watch:
Happy Birthday today to Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix (RIP), Jaleel White, Bill Nye, Twista, James Avery, Eddie Rabbitt, Robyn Givens, William Fichtner, & Curtis Armstrong (Booger!)! Proud to share a birthday with such great and influential people!
Special birthday wishes go out today to James Avery (65), Curtis Armstrong (60), William Fichtner (57), and also to Robin Givens (49).
Famous Quote Said On November 27 There was one exact moment, in fact, when I knew for sure that Al Gore would never be President of the United States. Hunter S. Thompson, 2000 November 27 Birthdays Bruce Lee (1940 - 1973) Jimi Hendrix (1942 - 1970) Bill Nye turns 58 Jaleel White turns 37 Caroline Kennedy turns 56 Professor Green turns 30 Eddie Rabbit (1941 - 1998) Samantha Harris turns 40 Jimmy Rollins turns 35 Twista turns 40 James Avery turns 65 Roberto Mancini turns 49 Robin Givens turns 49 William Fichtner turns 57 Ricky Carmichael turns 34 Brooke Langton turns 43 Samantha Bond turns 52 Myles Kennedy turns 44 Curtis Armstrong turns 60 Suresh Raina turns 27 Anders Celsius (1701 - 1744) - All November 27 Birthdays November 27 History 2001 - Hydrogen atmosphere is discovered on extrasolar planet Osiris by Hubble Telescope. 1957 - Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru appeals for nuclear disarmament in New Delhi. 1924 - 1st Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade held 1910 - Penn Station opens in NY 1901 - US Arm ...
Happy Birthday today to William Fichtner, Sharlto Copley, Kathryn Bigelow, Jaleel White, Curtis Armstrong, Fisher Stevens, James Avery, Samantha Bond, Bill Nye, and the late great Bruce Lee.
Only comparisons I ever get are Curtis Armstrong and Bobcat Goldthwait.
Dave Thomas and Curtis Armstrong in the same Bones episode? My cup runneth over.
Yes, you don't look anything like Curtis Armstrong or Robert Carradine. *** you're not even a *** black man.
Just had Revenge Of The Nerds Icon; Curtis Armstrong record for my new Animated Comedy Central series TRIPTANK!!! Amazingly funny !
Ironically I would take this as a good sign re:QB..MD may be adopting the Curtis Armstrong philosophy of coaching
All these years and I still can't see Curtis Armstrong on TV without getting mad about how he ruined Moonlighting.
I like how brought back Curtis Armstrong as Tasha's psychiatrist instead bringing some new actor in.
& Curtis Armstrong (aka Booger) is her therapist. I'm excited 2 see what they will do w/ Tasha after this.
[Meghan] Guest star of the week Curtis Armstrong. armstrong/
I love seeing Curtis Armstrong in stuff and then being reminded he went from playing Booger to Ahmet Ertegun and my heart leaps.
Listening to a radio evangelist who sounds PRECISELY like Curtis Armstrong. He's selling rage as salvation but still I can't get enough.
Actually an all 80s Nerd Expendables with Moranis, Curtis Armstrong, Anthony Michael Hall, Martin Short, Alan Ruck, & Jon Cryer would be rad
Nestled in Caledonia State Park about 13 miles west of Gettysburg and 10 miles east of Chambersburg on U.S. 30, Totem Pole Playhouse has become home to an enclave of professional performing artists including Jean Stapleton, Curtis Armstrong, Harry Groener, Henry Strozier, John Ritter, Barbara Feldon...
Kevin brown, Mariel Hemingway, Curtis Armstrong. What if I was like harry styles!
Diane Franklin, John Bishop, Dana-andJerry Saravia and to all my wonderful, awesome "Better Off Dead" fans out there (and thank you Cinema Du Meep).love, love, love this still hilarious, one-of-a-kind 1985 Savage Steve Holland/John Cusack/Franklin/Curtis Armstrong comedy classic and forever will!
The HIT competition-based reality show hosted by Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine that embraces and celebrates passionate and intellectual men and women ages 18+ is once again casting! Calling all avid nerds and geeks to showcase your skills and personality for a chance to win up to $100,000! I...
Directed by John E. Hudgens. With Forrest J Ackerman, Douglas Agosti, Ernie Anderson, Curtis Armstrong. American Scary is a look at the nation's tradition of horror hosting, from Ghoulardi to Ghoul-A-Go-Go. Follow this American folk art form from its glamorous beginnings, through repeated waves of…
Curtis Armstrong (Michigan native) and Robert Carradine are going to be at the Motor City Comic Con in May
I chat w/ Curtis Armstrong & Robert Carradine, the stars of the 80s classic, "Revenge of the Nerds."
hey its a great show! And it stars Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine from revenge of the nerds as the hosts!
The Nerds franchise is good too. Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong were just on Stern a little while ago.
A deadly presence inhabits Mariel s home, threatening her very existence; Kevin nearly perishes in a deadly fire when his life is saved by someone from the other side; Curtis Armstrong s household is frequented upon by a ghost that visits his daughter at night.
Well right now watching second episode Imaginary. Realms to King Of The Nerds with hosts Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine
Tonight from 9 - 10pm on the Biography Channel - Celebrity Ghost Stories - episode Mariel Hemingway / Kevin Brown / Curtis Armstrong - my debut on Biography as the Fireman
Watched my latest recorded episode of "KING OF THE NERDS". I know it has Robert (Bobby) Carradine & Curtis Armstrong ("Booger", but I'm waiting for an appearance by another actor from REVENGE OF THE NERDS… Donald Gibb. I'm hoping that its a possibility that he shows up dressed like he was as "Ogre", points to the Winner & yells "NERDDD!!!". Who else has seen the show & agrees with me on this??
And better yet it's hosted by Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine aka Booger and Lewis from :-)
Hosted by Curtis Armstrong, eye candy by Robert Carradine.
So the moron old geezer hosting Fox 11 Good Day LA had Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong on the show and called Robert Carradine DAVID!!
Shout out to Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine! And their new reality show King of the Nerds!
Well today. Right now watching FOOD Network show Sugar Dome then going. To watch this other show called King Of The Nerds. Hosted by Curtis Armstrong & Robert. Carradine stars from the movie Revenge of the Nerds
This week on TV, Curtis Armstrong is Booger, Julia Stiles is Henry Higgins, and Liam McIntyre is Spartacus.
Lefsetz Letter: Howard Stern - It's a full time job listening to the show. I mean it's 2 A.M. and I'm sitting in front of Felice's house unable to turn the radio off. Howard's interviewing the nerds, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, and it's so *** real, so much the essence of life, that I figure if it doesn't end [...]
'King of the Nerds' Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong insist, 'There will always be nerds'
Your deep philosophical question of the day:: If your life was an 80's movie, would you rather be John Cusack or Curtis Armstrong?
Check out a review of American Ninja 2: The Confrontation @ and other fine films.
What are some of your most interesting and memorable moments at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters or The Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters...
(cont) Kevin Durand, Curtis Armstrong, Luis Guzman, and for the ladies, Patricia Clarkson and Illeana Douglas.
Just thought of this, are you guys going to post that interview with Curtis Armstrong that ya'll did a while back?
Nerd icons Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong talk their new TBS reality series -
Listening to Sean Johnson Curtis Duckett & Cameron Walker play Back to the day! & went in at work it's anointing it that music! That song is gone bless peoples lives! & I'm not saying cause I wrote... Jan. 19th 2013 Live Recording you don't wanna miss it
It's not *good* casting, but I want a Fall of NBC TV movie starring Curtis Armstrong as Ben Silverman.
Curtis Armstrong says a number of the show's nerds already have a large internet following.
"Historically, there have been women kings," sez Curtis Armstrong, host of which includes female contestants.
Host/EP Curtis Armstrong trying to defend the gender specificity of new show "King of the Nerds." Not doing a great job.
Curtis Armstrong is using Patricia C. Wrede's approach to gender and royal titles on this panel.
Curtis Armstrong is trying to convince us that there is such a thing as a woman king. But he can't remember her name...?
does not make fun of nerds. It celebrates them says Curtis Armstrong.
"King of the Nerds" will celebrate nerd culture, not make fun of it promises EP Curtis Armstrong.
Curtis Armstrong says wants to celebrate nerd culture. He doesn't realize that's all ever does.
On a panel featuring both Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, the nerdiest looking fellow is Donnie Wahlberg
Eclectic Turner reality panel includes Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong and Donnie Wahlberg.
Dwayne Johnson and Curtis Armstrong are on a panel together today for Turner reality series... (1/2)
I am looking forward to watching King of the Nerds. I'll watch anything that Curtis Armstrong is in.
>grow up thinking he was voiced by Wallace Shawn>turns out he was voiced by Curtis Armstrong, the voice ...
Some one just tried to tell me Curtis Armstrong isn't real life Beetlejuice, ***
I LOVE CURTIS ARMSTRONG! Wasn't he great in Risky Business? And everything else he's ever done?
Curtis Armstrong is the coolest nerd alive.
let me know how you get in. Baby Armstrong due on 3rd Feb
watching Bruce Armstrong, Curtis Martin, Bledsoe, Dave Megget both get my hopes up n break my heart
I saw in a movie starring Jon Bon Jovi and had a moment with Curtis Armstrong
Its kind of amusing seeing Curtis Armstrong on screen. Been hearing him do voice work this weekend on Dan Vs,
Tonight 7/6c, Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong from King of the Nerds visit! And we review the Google Nexus 10.
Tonight on Attack of the Show with Michael Kosta and Candace Bailey, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong stop...
Also interviewing Henry Winkler and Brooke D'Orsay of Royal Pains, Lucas Grabeel, and Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong!
The Art of Anger: Curtis Armstrong Voices The Master of Revenge in 'Dan Vs.': Curtis Armstrong has gone from...
Curtis Armstrong as Dan Vs. on The Hub is a really funny cartoon. Its quite underrated imo. Dave Foley & Paget Brewster round it out nicely.
Geoffrey Arend is the product of Curtis Armstrong aka Dudley 'Booger' Dawson.
She is in love with Curtis Armstrong, like the way I love Jon Cryer.
Thx to Curtis Armstrong, , & for talking TV with us. Coming next week - the great
I feel as if I am in showbiz again. This weekend I was rubbing shoulders with no less than (are you ready?) Wendy Liebman, Curtis Armstrong, Chili Challis, and Loni Love. Plus I managed to get into a Moth Story Slam and met some extremely talented filmmakers at the Blue Water Film Festival. This afternoon/tonight I'll be a guest at Chili's do-jo at the Bel-Mark Lanes in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Just got in from an invitation to what I thought was a regular pre screening for "Sparkle". Arrived at Gruaman's Chinese Theater only to encounter TV cameras, the red carpet, celebs, the whole nine yards. It was also the premiere. I even sat next to one of the co-stars, Curtis Armstrong, who plays the record producer in the film. He had on a suit, I had on jeans (but it was a cute outfit). The music was familiar, but the story had major changes. I'll just say I did enjoy the remake but nothing beats an original.
Dang it, you said "return visit" so: Cybill Shepherd. I was hoping you guys got Curtis Armstrong or better yet, Allyce Beasley.
Richard Dreyfuss sounds just like Curtis Armstrong in
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
No but I have a stretch Armstrong “ Do you ever hang out with Curtis Armstrong?”
In RotN, it's Booger (Curtis Armstrong) at the door. Armstrong's Risky Biz character attends the party, but Bronson Pinchot greets the gals.
Curtis Armstrong (the voice behind Dan from Dan VS) roaming the halls at The Hub office l
A follow-up to my celebrity sightings of Matthew Perry and Tom Selleck earlier this week - on the return flight from NYC, saw Curtis Armstrong (aka Booger in Revenge of the Nerds). Not quite the same stature, some might say (others may disagree) - but building my lead for the week over wife Linda nonetheless :c)
SPOTTED: Curtis Armstrong, voice of roaming the The Hub halls...Beat him at his game:
If you're Joan Cusack in 16 Candles, can't I be Curtis Armstrong in Better Off Dead? I was born to play that role!
Curtis Armstrong on Gary Busey's idea of heaven, and being known as "Booger"
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