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Current Biology

Current Biology is a scientific journal that covers all areas of biology, especially molecular biology, Cell Biology, genetics, neurobiology, ecology and evolutionary biology.

Cell Biology Karolinska Institutet

Read selected articles from the 2015 Agriculture and Climate Change conference for free
Four giraffe species instead of one.
We’ve destroyed one-tenth of Earth’s wilderness in just 2 decades https:/…
Our field partners published new paper in Current Biology which reveals 4 species, not 1
Just spotted and team's very cool Current Biology paper on snail chirality genetics -
Thanks...I'm surprised they did not cite your Current Biology paper.
Morphologically Specialized Termite Castes and Advanced Sociality in the Early Cretaceous Found it!
Ever asked yourself why you can't yourself? The answer is here:
Current goals: . 1. Get my abs back. 2. Get my tattoo before summer. 3. Pass my biology class so I can graduate.
When u go off on biology majors in class because they were being super ignorant on current racial issues...whoops
This study, published in Journal of Fish Biology by Domingo et al (2016) aims to drastically alter the current...
Frontiers and Perspectives in Cell Biology" ed. by Stevo Najman -
Morbid attraction to leopard urine in Toxoplasma-infected chimpanzees: Current Biology
NEW! Weird nasal domes in pleistocene bovid Rusingoryx reminiscent of hadrosaur crests
It's a report in Current Biology...not sure if that's just the format or the authors' choice.
Lest you think all neuroscience is about optogenetics or imaging, algorithms for behaviors are still super cool:
Hans Meinhardt whose models of pattern formation helped shape developmental biology has died
You can read more about his life and work in this interview from several years ago:
Note, they have access to Nature & Science but not PNAS, Current Biology or Nature Plants this is why I fight 4
Paper on how wasps navigate their way to their nests.
Morbid to leopard urine in Toxoplasma-infected
Interesting paper on rewinding is a useful tool but this paper makes some …
Effective Modulation of Male through Lateral Septum to Hypothalamus Projection. htt…
It was in Current Biology and I'm sure if you search "religion" and "morality" you'll find it.
There is data showing the opposite of your statement.
Good short primer on nitrogen cycling in the new issue of Current Biology
When a professor uses your project from last semester for a lab practical for his current students
Morbid attraction to leopard urine in
I talked with some cool LASA science teachers today! I also put a picture of your face on slide 20.
Warts phosphorylates Mud to promote Pins-mediated mitotic spindle orientation in
Ecological Knowledge, Leadership, and the Evolution of Menopause in Killer Whales: Current Biology
Sex differences in chimpanzees' use of sticks as play objects resemble those of children: MensIssues
My Ph.D. in biology where I examined sexual dimorphism in trilobites is completely applicable to my current position.
Yes. Biology is terribly complex, and current DL is very simple. We need models with more repr power for bio
Great review by my former boss Irene Chen: The RNA World as a Model System to Study the Origin of Life
Here's current student Nick (rear centre) on his work experience at the School of Molecular and Theoretical Biology!
An Emory University study published in the journal Current Biology shows that common fruit flies often seek out fermented f…
I think I need that word, in our current politics, to emphasise whose body & biology is being obscured.
Boy is this true..."A large study recently published in Current Biology, found that the more religious the child,...
Special issue on Quality Control out now! Autophagy, proteostasis, DNA repair and more
current mental health system sends the very strong message that there IS something wrong with you. Biology Psychiatry is false
Parental protection of eggs appeared less than 35 million years after the first appearance of Cambrian animals.
Is driven by brain biology? takes a look at the current research seeking to solve the puzzle:
Newly sighted children see geometric - no visual experience needed
In a recent study published in the journal Current Biology, Harvard scientists have discovered a link between a...
A cycling lane for brain rewiring: Current Biology More evidence that exercise makes the mind more n…
How the is packaged, check out our free primer on
Cover of our last 2015 issue: development and doom and Africa
my current fave read on this is Lewontin's "Biology as Ideology" 1998
Current Biology:The Negative Association between Religiousness. and Children’s Altruism across the World
Aging neural progenitors lose competence to respond to mitogenic Notch signaling in
There's a cool paper in CB that argues muscle spindles do it and that it's more the d/dt.
Salt stress sensing and early signalling events in plant roots: Current knowledge and hypothesis.
Explore the current research and discovery of human pheromones
RESEARCH: Why other people's skin always feels softer . -
Seems like you need more HU friends. Join clubs & do hoodrat things. Current Biology major. 💉💊🔬
RSL Class I Genes Controlled the Development of Epidermal Structures in the Common Ancestor of Land... |
I didn't know the Iron Law of the Current Year was a tenet of evolutionary biology.
Waptia and the Diversification of Brood Care in Early Arthropods: Current Biology
Shadow enhancers are pervasive features of developmental regulatory networks.
Finally! A great new study showing evidence of NESTLING polymorphism in a cuckoo-host system http…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Genome sequences of Bodo saltans and Trypanoplasma borreli (non-parasitic kinetoplastids) by Andrew Jackson et al. .
Population Genomics of in Ethiopia -> African origin?
Marriage proposal in the acknowledgements of a Current Biology paper:
As a current biology major, the populations of all animals, and we are an animal, needs to be controlled. Stupid...
Synthetic biology reveals mechanism of gene-overexpression to induce cell reprogramming
Palestra: "The biology of Telomeres: current concepts and future directions." Diretamente da…
Cool spindle scaling papier by Crowder, von Dasslw and Heald!
Did dogs diverge from wolves much earlier than we though? An interesting read!
Publishing their findings in the journal Current Biology, the researchers were able to capture 44 one-year sea...
Cell picture show: The Biology of Sex presented by Current Biology.
A 425-million-year-old tongue worm parasite has been found with its host. from
also, from the same CB issue: paul shaw's lab rescues classical behavioral mutants by giving them added naptimes!
Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues with mybiology (6th Edition)
Current one is a biologist. Knows her way around, ah, biology. :)
Just out our paper on hijacking BF/ACh input to V1 to engender cued interval timing. Congrats CH!
"Ancestors of modern. dogs formed a distinct lineage prior to the. peak of the last ice age"
New paper by Wolfgang Enard on "Human Evolution: Enhancing the Brain."
A study in Current Biology showed that hungry rhesus monkeys chose watching celebrity rhesus monkeys on TV over eating food.
...but even more than that: Our brains do this thing so: 'own group/higher status' we switch into: let me help you!
How did the mitochondrion got its cristae?
Nonpolitical images as indicators of response.
The journal Current Biology is running a piece about a 425-million-year-old parasite still attached to its host because irony.
Yes. Bird nerds found coop. breeding driven by eco uncertainty:
Here ma'boy contributing to the understanding of mitochondrial evolution.
Strong argument why we shouldn't lose focus on the of - a new paper by ++ …
Intriguing: Evidence that the lunar cycle influences human sleep? But
We have 2 current vacancies, one for a Physics teacher and the other for a Biology/Chemistry Teacher to teach in a…
Rewiring of Cellular Division Site Selection in S. pombe vs. S. japonicus. Nice work
Free review: what stress means for by Mumby and van Woesik
this week's feature in Current Biology on the ethics and possible conservation role of zoo and aquariums
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Ancient Wolf Genome Reveals an Early Divergence of Domestic Dog Ancestors and Admixture into High-Latitude Breeds.
Nevermind the current GDF11 controversy, I don't understand how the world isn't utterly fascinated by parabiosis: http…
Dogs have been man’s best friend for much longer than we thought, a study suggests.
Molecular Signatures of Major Depression: more and shorter Current Biology
Online now: Current-Oriented Swimming by and Its Role in Bloom Maintenance - Current Biology
Epic pre-Columbian voyage suggested by genes Polynesians from Easter Island and natives of South America met and mingled long before Europeans voyaged the Pacific, according to a new genetic study of living Easter Islanders. In this week’s issue of Current Biology, researchers argue that the genes point to contact between Native Americans and Easter Islanders before 1500 C.E., 3 centuries after Polynesians settled the island also known as Rapa Nui, famous for its massive stone statues. Although circumstantial evidence had hinted at such contact, this is the first direct human genetic evidence for it. In the genomes of 27 living Rapa Nui islanders, the team found dashes of European and Native American genetic patterns. The European genetic material made up 16% of the genomes; it was relatively intact and was unevenly spread among the Rapa Nui population, suggesting that genetic recombination, which breaks up segments of DNA, has not been at work for long. Europeans may have introduced their genes in the ...
The eyes and ears are visual indicators of attention in domestic horses: Current Biology
When prey is out of reach in a crevasse in the western Pacific Ocean, the big, red grouper will shimmy back and forth in front of a moray eel, essentially “asking” the moray eel for help in flushing out its victim. The shimmying conveys “let’s go hunting” in aquatic sign language, The research, published September 8 in Current Biology, shows that coral trout are able to learn and remember which individual moray eel is best for the job and return to that one again and again. In return, the moray eel gets to eat whatever the coral trout can’t catch.
My friend Jim McGuire just rewrote the hummingbird family tree! McGuire et al in Current Biology:
At least I am not the only person in the world that hates the taste and smell of beer. Science and nature Why some people hate the smell of beer. RARE TAKE We all smell things a little differently, and new research shows why: By examining the DNA of hundreds of individuals and testing their sense of smell, scientists found the genetic basis for why we smell certain scents. Although smell is a huge part of our sensory experience (the inability to smell is called anosmia), little research has been done on what controls it. Richard Newcomb, a geneticist at the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research and senior author on the study in Current Biology, had spent much of his career examining smell in insects (they use their antennae) when he decided to turn his attention to people. Smell is closely linked to taste, and since food is a major export in New Zealand, “we thought there was an opportunity to help our food industries better target their foods to people that might appreciate them more,” Ne ...
Of the four finalists for the Board of Regents' student position, one is the nephew of a current regent:
Current regent's nephew is a finalist for the student regent position: via
Sharing current openings. The Village School is looking for High School - Biology Teacher.
Animal navigation: a map for all seasons
I mean unless he defines the current biology clock the human system has. Then more power to him.
If you are unhappy with your current AP Biology class, switch into 5th hour. It will be beneficial to both of us.
March issue of BioScience now available. Some articles are public access.
The March issue of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology is out now! Click on the link below to see the Table of Contents.
Systems Biology (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology) by Michael G. Katze downloads torrent
Morning lulz. Num of co-authored peer-rev publications used as objective measure of cooperation HT
Here's one of the last respectable papers they published:
Is this a joke? "Numbers of co-authored peer-reviewed publications were used as an objective measure of cooperation"
Congradulation to Ella Striem-Amit for her new "Current-Biology" paper about recruiting the EBA using the vOICe SSD
Less multisensory integration in developmental dyslexia.
Study finds male Profs more likely than. female Profs to co-author publications with a same-sex junior researchers.
Trying really hard to recall what the biology master said !. Still blank at the current
Here's the abstract for the study cited in that article -
Your current thoughts become your future biology. Via
There should be a computational biology track to show clinicians current possibilities and their reliability
Male scientists more often playing nice than women? CB: “Rank influences human sex differences in dyadic cooperation”
Voice-Sensitive Regions in the Dog and Human Brain Are Revealed by Comparative fMRI - > I love the video abstracts
Positions now available in the NYU Brain Tumor Center for scientists interested in stem Cell Biology. Learn more..
Current Biology Q&A in which I describe my scientific trajectory, why I'm a Yankees fan, and why I hate baking:
Am I just not up with current lingo? It feels like biology class.
Yes, I'll be interested to read the 'Current Biology' paper itself
The past and future habitability of planet Mars via
New study in Current Biology - 'Rank influences human sex differences in dyadic cooperation'
Graph-based sampling of 3D topologies [Biophysics and Computational Biology]: A current challenge in...
In men (in psychology) collaborate more with junior colleagues than women do. Hmm.
Primer: Exciting updates on nodulation: host-microbe signaling leading to cleavage of N2.
Rank influences human sex differences in dyadic cooperation
Synapses have a preference for releasing their neurotransmitter either spontaneously or evoked by a signal
Why the distinct lack of scientists when calling them out on "lagging behind"? Nothing is so simple.
Great interview with Sydney Brenner. I still miss his column in Current Biology.
the past and future habitability of Mars - new feature out now in free access:
Psychologist neuroscientists improve vision and on-field performance in baseball through perceptual learning
The past and future habitability of planet Mars
Harvard study supports stereotype that successful women don't cooperate w/those on the way up: Let the debate begin
Yup found the problem: Current lack of glutamate receptors!. Biology Is Escalating.
Our new paper has been published in Current Biology. Fru isoform-specific functions and target genes. >
New paper in Current Biology by Shah, Gaule, Bird and Rich Cook: Robust orienting to protofacial stimuli in autism
From our sister journal Current Biology: As it was the 100th anniversary recently of the death of Alfred Russell Wallace who co-discovered evolution by natural selection, we are celebrating Wallace with four articles in the current issue, all available for free: -Wallace biographer Andrew Berry takes a broad look at Wallace who was much more than a naturalist @ Browne investigates the relationship between Wallace and Darwin @ Costa show how Wallace's long trip through Southeast Asia shaped his thinking finally noted literary critic James Wood looks at Wallace's writing @
Nice commentary from Kelber on this (excellent recent study of colour vision in Drosophila -
News: fraud in current biology textbooks
Current mood: eat every in my room. What I'm actually doing: reading my biology textbook . 😐
My current biology teacher is the best teacher I ever had, listening to him is a joy, he knows subject perfectly is always so nice and funny
Why the Current Insistence on Open Access to Scientific Data? Big Data, Knowledge Production, and biology
Our work on visual sensory networks and waves of information in and
Now online Current Opinion in Chemical Biology issue on Synthetic Biology and Synthetic Biomolecules
Melatonin action in a midbrain vocal-acoustic network [Research Article] Journal of Experimental Biology ...
National Conference of Plant Physiology- 2013 on "Current trends in Plant Biology Research" from 13-
Biology current events are just terrible.
Biology Exam Q: who introduced d current system of classification? Answer: Mr. Nejahde
had the funniest conversation with Kyle Clapton in biology about his current love life situation oh my god😂😂😂
Current Plant Biology new open access journal from Elsevier
If anyone in Biology understands what's going on in the current unit, please feel free to help me out
There are current interpretations of both physics and biology which say that fundamentally the universe is made of information.
Plant scientists, has launched a new journal, Current Plant Biology:
Drug prohibition is criminals' gain, neuroscience's loss (by
Elsevier launches new open access journal - Current Plant Biology -
Beautiful paper on site of light reception during phototropism from Fankhouser lab in
New Brazilian wild cat found hiding in tigrina DNA - The findings, published in Current Biology, highlight the...
Prepare for our cuttlefish masters. . Evidence of Episodic-like Memory in Cuttlefish.
I've written 3 current events,1 FRQ, and did a biology lab tonight I can't go on
I don't have any other Current Event assignments besides in Biology.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Current Biology - Ecology, Not the Genetics of Sex Determination, Determines Who Helps in Eusocial Populations
Current Biology - Will our civilisation survive this century?
Two studies find that microplastics make marine worms sick &
My minireview for Current Biology. What we know currently about mirror neurons.
Current Biology "Modeling Framework for the Establishment of the Apical-Basal Embryonic Axis in Plants"
A study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden shows, that our imagination may affect how we experience the world more than we perhaps think. What we imagine hearing or seeing “in our head” can change our actual perception. The study, which is published in the scientific journal Current Biology, sheds...
Neuroscience Research Techniques During cataplexy, a person's muscles suddenly become paralyzed and weak. Often, this occurs in people suffering from the sleep disorder which involves problems regulating the sleep/wake cycle. In a new study in Current Biology, researchers at the University of Toronto have identified dysfunctions in the and systems as the culprits for The researchers studied mice who didn't produce hypocretin as a model for cataplexy. During an episode of cataplexy, the researchers showed that the mice suddenly lost muscle tone. When the researchers administered a drug that activated noradrenaline receptors, they were able to reduce cataplexy episodes by 90%. Drugs that inhibited noradrenaline receptors increased cataplexy incidence by 92%. Further experiments revealed that noradrenaline helps to keep muscles contracted and active. During cataplexy, a sudden drop in noradrenaline levels causes muscles to relax, the researchers found. Read more: Journal article: A Noradrenergic Mechanism Fu ...
I wonder how the current biology students would do with Mrs. Levy?
Current Biology - I, too, find this to be ethically problematic (and...
She also showed them to my current biology teacher last year. See, this is why I had to delete my old channel.
Current Biology: Pests on the move (2013) | via
Current Biology: Pests on the move (2013). Complacency is NOT permitted!
i just love the current biology part in our NS2!! anything beyond it is crap ☺
Bird Protects Nest with Password A recent study published in the journal Current Biology has discovered that fair...
A latest study published in the scientific journal Current Biology reveals the presence of ...
Evolution of camouflage in insects community
Current Biology - Melatonin helps control weight gain as it...
Plastic particles polluting freshwater ecosystems in same way & magnitude as in marine environments
Through an international collaboration, a study by Dr. John Presley and colleagues is published in Current Biology.
Plastic waste threatens lakes as well as oceans. BBC News reports 'Current Biology' research -
Turns out nematodes are far more interesting than I thought - and up to 2m long!
Horizontal gene transfer from bacteria into a red alga compensates for reductive gene loss
Congrats! Current Biology is a serious journal!
Pests and pathogens threaten food security.
Lake Garda contaminated with microplastic originating from post-consumer products
of beach sediments of subalpine Lake Garda with microplastic particles
The cascading effects on herbivory of maladaptation in camouflage.
Loss of schooling behavior in cavefish OA Big
I just hope I get in bc my current biology teacher is the worst ._.
Negative emotional outcomes attenuate sense of agency over voluntary actions.
Entrainment of the Human Circadian Clock to the Natural Light-Dark Cycle. Current Biology
Actions with negative emotional outcomes modulate sense of agency...
"Brain scans have shown that we do not experience the world continuously, but in rapid snapshots."
It wasn't me: Sense of agency reduced for actions with negative outcome
Negative emotional outcomes reduce the sense of control over voluntary actions via
How can a study of 7 taxa infer a relationship of 120,000 taxa? A flawed bold statement on wasp/bee relationship
Current biology: PPD is a hormonal imbalance, injury a physical changing of the organ of behavior not "issues, troubles."
Genomic data reveal that ants and bees are close relatives: Current Biology has just published wh...
A neat, short, phylogenetics paper by some friends
. When you do the right thing, it depends on you. If you do the wrong thing, others in your environment are to blame.
Neuronal replay during sleep is important for memory
NEW in CB: resolves family tree of implications for the evolution of eusociality
Current Biology: Defining the Site of Light Perception and Initiation of Phototropism in Arabidopsis
Information sharing in the brain as a measure of consciousness
In spam folder: American Journal of Current Biology seeking editors.. not to be confused with .. ..or is it?
Most people will have difficulty to sleep when the full moon appears [Journal Current Biology]
"Towards living machines" in Current Biology mentioning also project
A Shared Representation of the Space Near Oneself and Others in the Human Premotor Cortex
Our paper on talin autoinhibition being required for morphogenesis came out in today.
Current biology teacher is like if Mr. Bunn from 5th grade had a baby with Bill Nye
One of the best ways to reset your circadium rhythm is to go camping
Just read Current Biology paper, with big name author: shockingly awful. Wish journals would publish reviewers comments in suppl.
Curr Biol: Sir2 extends lifespan in yeast by repressing rDNA noncoding transcription (£)
Wolves howl to communicate with their pack, not because they're stressed. Video abstract! Howll!
What's so paradoxical about the evolution of agriculture? Read feature to find out
A new study in the journal Current Biology suggests that people tend to get lower quality sleep around the time of full moon.
Current Biology 'Plants and Soil Microbes Respond to Recent Warming on the Antarctic Peninsula'
Horizontally Transmitted Symbionts and Host Colonization of Ecological Niches secondary symbionts and aphid radiation
".. the social relationship can explain more of the variation ... than the emotional state of the wolf," Current Biology reports.
Human transition from foraging to farming was a gradual co-evolution, not a rapid innovation by
Recent increase in terrestrial growth rates and microbial activity consistent with change.
ie current biology places split for horses and Zebras at about 3.9 million yrs, ID would say almost 6000 yrs
Our 'Cell-type-specific tracing' paper is now online @ Current Biology:
Mosses thriving on Antarctica Peninsula as the ice sheet rapidly warms:
Secondary symbionts of pea aphids: frequent gain & loss in association with host niche expansion
that's because the love of GWAS is a pleiotropic consequence of rs6591536.
Unnatural Selection: Cliff Swallows nesting along roads have shorter wings…better able to avoid getting hit…
In Conclusion: Nature for the WIN. I need to volunteer for some of these studies...
Bees display altruism: . A paper published in Current Biology demonstrates that even in the hopeless si...
Moon phases affect your sleep: This week in the journal Current Biology, Dr. Christian Cajochen and team at th...
Yep, per the journal Current Biology, The FULL MOON does have an effect on humans. .
Camping resets biological clock, helps you feel more alert. Current Biology, August 2013.
Current Biology is part of Cell Press? [Scientists], please. Learn some proper regression analysis.
A new study, published Current Biology, examines the effects of artificial light on a healthy sleep cycle. The...
Does the moon affect human sleep? I'm skeptical but here's the latest: &
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Camping resets your internal clock.
Circadian rhytm returns to normal by, wait for it, sleeping outside? Who would have thought!
Camping for a week can reset the biological clock
Transforming night owls into early birds: short camping trips can reset circadian timing in humans
Chris Kresser L.Ac suggests going camping! Sounds good to me. Knowing your environment and CREATING your...
Identification of Regions Associated with Variation in Sensitivity to Food- Related Odors in the Human Genome.
Nothing like to sync one's sleep/wake rhythms with sunset and sunrise:
Excellent paper from Richard Newcombe and co on human olfaction.
GWAS published in identifies a human odorant receptor variant that affects odor perception
Camping resets our clocks in less than a week -- CU Boulder researchers
Auxin found to intimately control branching angle in plants
NEW in CB! A human odorant receptor variant affects odor perception and food choices
Evidence that lunar cycle influences human sleep
MT research on influence of moon on sleep …I await the follow-up research. Sample size was small.
Evidence that the lunar cycle influences human sleep
Current Biology study finds lunar cycles can disrupt sleep.
Apparently this is the 1st reliable proof that lunar activity has an effect on sleep patterns.
Digital Journal on Canadian oyster killing parasite isolated. research from Current Biology
Bad night's sleep? According to a paper, the could be to blame
Editor of Current Biology spins some (unoriginal) FUD about science blogging HT
"Drugs prohibition is criminals’ gain, neuroscience’s loss" Hope politicians begin to use this evidence-based policy
The lunar cycle modulates human sleep and melatonin rhythms!
Another nice paper making excellent use of our artificial miRNA technology to probe gene silencing in pollen cells
A study revealed, the full-moon impedes our deep, quality sleep
Full Moon 'disturbs a good night's sleep' - on article in Current Biology
Bad night’s sleep? The moon could be to blame: The findings, which appeared in Current Biology, ... via
"Recent studies published in Current Biology confirm that the cycle of the moon affects the quality of sleep.
Does Your Salad Know What Time It Is? Managing Vegetables' 'Internal Clocks' Postharvest Could Have Health Benefits Science Daily June 20, 2013 — Does your salad know what time it is? It may be healthier for you if it does, according to new research from Rice University and the University of California at Davis. "Vegetables and fruits don't die the moment they are harvested," said Rice biologist Janet Braam, the lead researcher on a new study this week in Current Biology. "They respond to their environment for days, and we found we could use light to coax them to make more cancer-fighting antioxidants at certain times of day." Braam is professor and chair of Rice's Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Braam's team simulated day-night cycles of light and dark to control the internal clocks of fruits and vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, squash and blueberries. The research is a follow-up to her team's award-winning 2012 study of the ways that plants use their internal circadian clocks to de ...
Four-word summary of Current Biology editorial on blogging: "Get off my lawn!"
"blogs are a curious new medium" says Current Biology, its finger clearly on the pulse /ht
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Evolutionary origin of the turtle shell
I squished a moth with my biology notes and i feel like this reflects the current state of my revision pretty well
NEW! How the turtles got their shell, insights from fossils.
Neuroediting 101: study in Current Biology suggests that people w/higher IQs ignore more visual input to preserve essentials.
I wish Alan Turing is still alive. I wonder what would his reaction to current tech would be like. Maybe he'll say: whoa! and study biology.
According to findings in a May 9 article in Current Biology, coral reefs are in decline, but their collapse can...
This current biology has to be one of the most most boring topics ive ever done
My current mark in biology is 70% I'M SO HAPPY right now like you don't even understand
Our mini review on ER-mitochondria contact sites is out in Current Opinion in Cell Biology:
Self as a prior when interpreting ambiguous gaze direction.
news Check this out.: "The role of epistasis in protein evolution"
current CBC good discussion on BT! but please brush up on basic biology/natural selection!
Wen Philian tapped current frm Olamide's boobs and she reported him to Biology Teacher!And he was flogged 12. cc:
Excellent review paper in Current Biology: "An Evolutionary Perspective on Food and Human Taste"
Low sodium diet key to old age for stars: New observations
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Omics: Account for the 'dark matter' of biology"
Open Biology has today published it's 100th paper! See for our latest content
My current feelings on the election transport chain and all other elements of a2 biology
Photoset: wnycradiolab: Embroidery by Candace Couse. (via Current Biology) Ms. Amy Arthur, you would most...
White tigers today are only seen in zoos, but they belong in nature, say researchers reporting new evidence about what makes those tigers white. Their spectacular white coats are produced by a single change in a known pigment gene, according to the study, appearing on May 23 in Current Biology, a Ce...
Make sure you get down to Hustings tonight, have a drink, and grill your current and future JCR! Biology LT1 - 6PM!
Thanks to for drawing attention to this excellent article See also
I don't get why phagocytosis is in this alga ancestral. How is it linked to early algal phagotrophs?
Schachner et al (2009) predict it should only be vocal mimics that do this. Owl probably not entraining.
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