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Curb Records (also known as Asylum-Curb and formerly known as MCG Curb) is an independent record label started by Mike Curb originally as Sidewalk Records in 1963. From 1969 to 1973 Curb merged with MGM Records where Curb served as President of MGM and Verve Records.

Tim McGraw Lee Brice Mike Curb John Butler Grand Ole Opry Jo Dee Messina Mineral Wells Country Music Shane McAnally

Clemson lost to Cuse w/out our QB by 3, OSU lost to unranked Iowa by 31 W/THEIR QB. also got curb sto…
Country-pop newcomer Jackson Michelson, who has toured with Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum and Zac Brown Band,...
Listen to Have A Good Day by Lee Brice on Napster: Feel this will be big . love t…
Also in 2000, LeAnn Rimes sued Curb Records to void a contract signed by her parents on her behalf in 1995.
Mike Curb became a icon with his record label Curb Records. Now he heads a for
Rock Calendar 11-12-00: LeAnn Rimes, now 18, sues Curb Records, asking to nullify a 1995 contract signed by her parents on her behalf.
Wal-Mart helps Wall Street to new records, but techs curb gains | Reuter
ouris Blue - LeAnn Rimes 1996. written by Bill Mack & from the album of the same name on Curb records.
Sevier County official resists charging deputy in drunken rampage, records indicate. We'd curb stomp this one
A Different World Marathon. switched to a Curb marathon. . Stacks of med records to report and lasagna being made. Bittersweet Sundays.
Luxury home prices in the city regularly break Asian records.
Medical records valued at 20-50 times financial records: How healthcare providers can curb medical identity theft https:/…
"that boi sonnie . gon curb you. when ya faking" . -Sonnie Boi . 23&1 Records. 🌍💨🔥
Man, curb records has been a supporter of his forever
Hi new cd safe is out on curb records...Amazon. com
Great achievement by Only province in Pakistan to computerize all 8,000,000 land records. Much needed step to…
Police propose to exile those with criminal records: In a bid to curb hooliganism in the district, police have…
It’s good for employers to find out if potential hires have criminal records, and it is also good for job seekers…
. Curb records is a sponsor for Julia Landauer in the K&N pro series west
The present let out curb bit records off duty online: JfOqhMKej
I was wondering where I came go to find career opportunities with Curb Records.
Audit should be done to Candy n candy records, Vibe City and Amsha Mama to curb fraud cc
Idk maybe Curb just sold out of all the H3 records or something.
Happy Birthday! On 1974 Singer/songwriter Shane McAnally is born in Mineral Wells, Texas. Signed to Curb Records...
Great morning in at Met with John Butler of Curb Records and the…
New Acoustic Session Hitting Today over on our FB Page - "How Would You Live Today" @ Curb Records
A1 editorial: "Let [politicians] know there will be consequences... for those who try to curb access to government."
With news about increased assessed values & sales records, should there be luxury & speculation taxes to curb home prices? Story at 6p.
Top Ten. Nicole C. Mullen. Curb Records. . This recording by Nicole C Mullen contains ten of her best songs. It...
sends all other TV +7 day viewer lift rating records to the curb w/ S9.11 . Congrats to all involved.
CURB Records athletes Kevin Grubb, Bobby Santos, and P. J. Jones are all heroes. how did CURB manage that
If the recording industry had even one leg to stand on, they would have kicked Chris Brown to the curb years ago. But he sells records, so..
Apparently it's never safe to assume that a stack of old records sitting on the curb are fair game? After work, I'm going back for em.
To my people in Brooklyn, somebody just put out four boxes of 80's and 90's Soca & Dancehall records on the curb
A BIG congrats goes out to on your record deal with Curb records.
BIG NEWS! Thank you so much for your support! I signed a record deal with Curb Records in…
Yet another attempt to gag media scrutiny: Business lobby group trying to curb media access to corporate records
Today in 1996 - Blue, the very first major-label (Curb Records) album by Country singer LeAnn Rimes (13 years...
Seems unlikely that a high altitude site will get Bonneville's fame so records unbeatable at home velodromes will curb interest.
I'm learning all about Curb Records Hank Williams, Jr. - The Bocephus Box [Curb] [Box] at
Had a great visit at Curb Records today and an impromptu writing session with Tiffany Goss!…
WikiLeaks records show Saudis’ fixation on Iran as officials aimed to curb the spread of Shi’ite Islam
Ruthie Collins from Curb Records visits Richards and Southern today! Pictured with one of our little R & S...
Still no Lee Brice, LeAnn Rimes, Tim McGraw, CURB records artists at all.why??
I can hear your great vocals on this song. Song for worship ? At The Cross by Selah
Get ready for the 1,468th Tim McGraw greatest hits album from Curb Records
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Coyote Ugly soundtrack from 2000, composed by Various Artists Released by Curb Records in 2000 D278703 containing
I did not know this. Very cool info. I thought Mike Curb started Curb records lol
Jim Ed Norman (ceo curb records) me and Pete Fisher (vp,gm Grand Ole Opry) honored by Berklee school of music.
Mike Borchetta ('s Daddy) signed to Curb Records after Tim waltzed in uninvited to play his demo
In the studio with Curb Records artist
Curb bit records as respects texas at hand online: JHQBeFs
Wow curb records is been in nascar long time first ever sponsor
Delhi HC will issue detailed directions to curb water-logging in Delhi after perusing judicial records & reports filed by civic agencies.
Sweet Water Rain Fans! A moment we've all been waiting for! If you aren't a fan yet, this will definitely...
If you ever wonder what's inside of a record label this is inside our label curb records with Pedro…
Listening to at a house concert. Cool music. New EP available on Curb Records. Thanks
Curb Records has signed me to Sweetwater Rain! We have been writing up a storm & have a brand new…
More great things happening for my favorite guys !
Y'all have no idea how hard it's been to keep quiet about this!
Curb Records and .Announce the Addition of Kaitlin Walker to the Band - Music News Nashville
Lee Brice - I Don't Dance by Curb Records on ... But here I am spinning you round and round in circles
and ths impression by Ngilu tht digitisation of land records will somehow curb land grabbing at the ministry verges on naivety.
Listened to records and cleaned my room today, also got really good coffee and skated a red curb for like an hour. Days off done right.
Why would anyone sign with Curb Records? Haven't they been sued by every artist they signed?
could u please do tabloids & hymns covers every week forever?? Or does that sound 2 much like Curb records contract? Lol
Here's your chance to hang with a hit songwriter & a Curb Records artist!
Curb records in connection with texas untaken online: ncHfWlp
Woman won’t be charged for medical records left on curb
Watch the official video for "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight" by Hank Williams Jr. Subscribe to Curb Records now for all of the latest and grea...
Check out the official video for Hank Williams Jr's "Tear In My Beer". This as well as other official content are available on the Curb Records channel now! ...
Register for the 2014 Annual Excellence in Business Awards presented by Curb Records
Perfect Stranger This was a job from our Music Marketing Department – Perfect Stranger, The Hits brought to you by Curb Records. I thought it was really cool that our client Benson over there, was indeed a “Curb” himself!
Listen to Curb Records / Lee Brice - Hard To Love | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Great meeting You & your Moma:) after party Awards Former receptionists/HR/now Curb Records
Free vinyl of questionable quality on the curb in front of Neurotica on Queen St. @ Neurotica Records
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Curb records on texas pervious online: QmGYbYFQ
Curb bit records speaking of texas leisured online: qCAvJzg
Making a drug illegal does not curb the problem but rather exacerbates it. They'll still be addicts but now with criminal records as well.
Curb bit records as respects texas on deck online: OpRtEdL
Curb bit records in reference to texas untended online: ekmSQgz
The songs on "Ramblin' Man" being released by Curb Records contain NO NEW MUSIC. More info at:
Curb Records to release YET ANOTHER Hank3 album called "Ramblin' Man". All the details:
Posted a new blog entry "5. Curb Records will not be knocking at a Vegas Valentinos door w..."
The Deceiver announced he will be pushing legislation to curb collection of phone records. Where's his pen?
Its designed2help curb a DUI but may get u hurt records convos w pd,has BAC level calculator but cld be mistaken as a weapon
Obama will call for an end to the NSA's bulk phone records collection program via
Edward Snowden proves to be among most effective activists alive. Obama will stop govt collection of phone records. http…
So Obama will end NSA vacuuming up Americans' phone records. Um, how about actually repealing Patriot Act Sec. 215?
time to ring the dinner bell for all cheapskates & fruitcakes... 4 boxes of hitting the curb NOW.
Pres. to call for an end to bulk collection of phone records via
Good news if true: Obama will call for an end to NSA's phone records program & won't ask for new data retention laws http:/…
President Obama is planning a proposal for an overhaul of the NSA's phone records program: via
Obama admin to propose NSA only obtain specific records w/ permission from judge under new type of court order
Proposal from would leave records in hands of phone companies, not allow 18 months data retention: http:/…
BREAKING, NY Times: Obama will unveil legislative proposal to "drastically overhaul" NSA spying on phone records
Mornin' Kixx Country!! Amy checking in from Nashville :) I wanted to share a pic I took last night at the Curb Records party that Justin & I got to see. Randy Houser strapped his boots on & ROCKED the house along with his buddy, Lee Brice♥ We'll have a TON of stories to share with you all, when we're back on Monday!
one of my fraternity brothers won a grammy last night, congrats!! Shane McAnally (born October 12, 1974 in Mineral Wells, Texas), is an American Country Music singer, songwriter and producer. He signed to Curb Records in 1999 and released a self-titled debut album the following year. This album produced three singles for him on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts, including the number 31 "Are Your Eyes Still Blue." In the late 2000s, he began writing songs for Lee Ann Womack, Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire, Jake Owen, Luke Bryan, The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum, and Miranda Lambert. In 2012 he produced Kacey Musgraves' major label debut Same Trailer Different Park with Musgraves and fellow songwriter, Luke Laird. He co-wrote nine of the album's twelve tracks including the first three singles, "Merry Go 'Round", "Blowin' Smoke" and "Follow Your Arrow". McAnally and music producer Rich Herring recorded a demo of a song that McAnally had written. The song, "Just One Touch" ...
The Bellamy Brothers "Sugar Daddy" on Warner/Curb Records was released on 2/2/1980. "Sugar Daddy" would become The Bellamy Brothers 3rd Hit on 4/5/1980. "...
Music video for "Unchained Melody", performed by Ronnie McDowell. 1991 Curb Records. Buy single version download at:
Today in Country Music: December 29 (source: 2012- Dobro player Mike Auldridge dies of cancer in Maryland. He was key member of the progressive Bluegrass band The Seldom Scene. 2010- The Zac Brown Band welcomes several surprise guests during a show at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena: Jerry Douglas, Mac McAnally and Alan Jackson, who joins the band for "As She's Walking Away" and surprises Brown at with a 1966 Cadillac El Dorado convertible. The automobile is a gift of thanks for including him on the single. 2007- Bluegrass music's Dailey & Vincent make their Grand Ole Opry debut as a duo at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. 2005- reports David Kersh is quitting the music business. A note on his website indicates he is still signed to Curb Records, where he debuted in '96, but that he "can't deal with all the BS that goes on in this industry" 2002- Chris Cagle performs the national anthem at Houston's Reliant Stadium during the final weekend of the NFL season, as the Texans host ...
Lee Brice Welcomes Baby Boy - Congratulations to CURB RECORDS’ Lee Brice and his wife SARA on the birth of t...
Gumbi was filmed that way.Done on iphone??Did Curb Records say not spending $ to film current way?
Thank u! I know Rob Thomas/Matchbox20 are with Atlantic so u can't put them up, but Leann & this song is Curb Records.
Hate to see ppl lose jobs but Kubiak had to go. There were good ppl w/ better records that got kicked to the curb for less, shouts to Lovie.
Libraries fear NSA is targeting their records - via
Libraries fear is targeting their records by
Libraries fear NSA is targeting their records | TheHill
Libraries fear NSA is targeting their records | TheHill via
Libraries fear is targeting their records .
Libraries fear is targeting their records |
“Libraries fear NSA is targeting their records by Simple answer: Yes.
"Libraries are all about metadata" // Libraries fear NSA is targeting their records via
Libraries fear NSA is targeting their records by
Libraries fear NSA is targeting their records
New NSA interest group is Libraries, who fear the agency is targeting their records:
Libraries fear is targeting their records …
Libraries fear is targeting their records
Libraries fear NSA is targeting their records | TheHill -
Wales has one of the worst government records in the Western world. Wake up! Boot Labour to the curb! 15 years of decline can't be rewarded!
Eliminating use of Social Security in key data systems is a huge accomplishment.
Did you know: Plumb Musical Artist PLUMB is the stage name of songwriter, recording artist, performer and author Tiffany Arbuckle Lee. Plumb has sold more than 500,000 albums and over two million singles worldwide, co-penned songs for ... Wikipedia Born: March 9, 1975 (age 38), Indianapolis, IN Record labels: Essential Records, Warner Music Group, Curb Records
"Liz Rose co-wrote the song with Curb Records artist Lee Brice. "
Check out this feature on Curb Records recording artists, Sweetwater Rain from the November issue of Power Source...
The showcase at Hard Rock in Nashville was awesome! John Butler from Curb Records is a funny guy. Hope to play it agin soon...
Sweetwater Rain interview by Ryan Phillips from Planet Weekly! - Curb Records :)
Live Music Showcase is an event that features upcoming and talented musicians of all genres who showcase and network for label representatives of major record labels. Over the last 5 plus years, performers have been showcasing for representatives from Interscope Records, Island/Def Jam Recordings, Warner Bros. Records, Warner Music Canada, Epic Records, Curb Records, Aftermath Entertainment, Sony Music, Grand Hustle, Atlantic Records, and many more! Musicians who showcase at our events, have the opportunity to establish a relationship with the label representative and receive feedback on their music at the show. Top performers of the shows also receive consultations with the representatives to discuss further development of their music. EMAIL kierra.cto Register
Sauter turns tide with 4th at Bristol: Johnny Sauter and his No. 98 Carolina Nut Co. / Curb Records...
Brad Holliday, Curb Records, with a "chalice" of beer with Seattle's Joel Shangle for Forrest Wood Cup.
I got a message from Curb Records yesterday, they want me to send a demo to them on my latest songs I did. Isn't...
Curb Records hit another wall in its ongoing battle with Tim McGraw. A federal court declined Aug. 9th to hear...
Scott Borchetta Responds to the Dismissal of Tim McGraw’s Lawsuit with Curb Records
Tim McGraw Gets Former Label's Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed: Curb Records claimed rights to many of the songs o...
Good news for in his ongoing lawsuit with Curb Records. Get the details:
Thanks to Mike Curb and Taylor from Curb Records coming to hang and all their support!
.is celebrating the latest ruling in his legal battle with his old label. Get the details:
Judge Dismisses Curb Records' Latest Lawsuit Against Tim McGraw: There's some good news for Tim McGraw that sp...
We bet is celebrating tonight. Hear the latest in his battle with Curb Records:
Court declines to hear lawsuit against Tim McGraw: Federal court declines to hear Curb Records' lawsuit agains...
Took 4th fastest in qualifying. Thanks to Records for all your help. Thank you team 44.
WPOZ back at 7.4 AQH... ratings sponsored by Curb Records...
Day 3 June PPM's posted... Orl, LV & more... sponsored by Curb Records...
Christian radio PPM day 1 released... day 2 later today... sponsored by Curb Records
Christian radio PPM day 1 released... sponsored by Curb Records
Your album has sold 420,000 copies in the USA. Ask Curb Records if it's enough for a certification w/
Blessed to hear an extraordinary talent tonight in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel, Jo Dee Messina. Turns out Curb Records was doing her like it did Tim McGraw. She is finally out from them & trying to raise $ for a new album by fans buying downloads in advance, etc., all while her mom is in the hospital these last weeks. Only 4 days are left in the short project to see if this would work. Please go to this Kickstarter site: READ IT, and check out if you would pledge money to help get her new album out. She has as good a voice as ever, and some of the new stuff is as good as "My Give A Da__'s Busted" and her other many hits. Some comments off her FB page, because I could not share for some reason: Thank you Jo dee for the wonderful music in nashville at the appa conference. You reminded me of becoming a young empowered women, all due to your music! You are great Jo Dee Messina Hey if you can, would you share this link. It's to help get record done. Tell people they have to read it a lot of folks are misu ...
I REALLY hate to agree with Rand Paul on anything, but I hope this bill gains traction:
We can officially put the word out. The Three little Kids will premier on Hillhouse James Stage on August 9 or 10,2013. Doors will open at 6:00 pm the play is no longer than an hour and a half. Tickets are $10. Look for a 3LK ticket Rep. Mission The Three Little Kids is a story of three little kids who grow up in the community and would do anything for a record deal. The three little kids have real talent and never realized they had enough knowledge to get them where they wanted to go. Wolf D... The Goal The goal of the project is to develop the talent of young artist, who are a powerful community resource, providing opportunities to showcase their talent and abilities and develop skills in areas of set design, "prop" making, acting, lighting, design, music, marketing and painting. The Result The result is a positive outlet for artist and a program that prevents young from talent from being led down the wrong path.
Another glorious mass shooting today in Southern California! Thank God for the wisdom of our do-nothing Senate who recognize the benefits taking no action whatsoever to curb what some radicals are now calling epidemic gun violence!
Current Affairs 1. 67 countries in UN General Assembly, which make it a huge majority, voted in favor of the landmark Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This treaty intends to regulate the international trade in conventional arms, from small arms to battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships. The treaty covers battle tanks, armored combat vehicles, large-caliber artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, and small arms and light weapons. The treaty aims to improve peace and security by putting a stop to destabilizing arms flows to conflict regions. 2. Japan has unveiled its new bullet train, designed to travel at speeds of up to 500 kmph. The train has undergone its first test on tracks earlier this week. The 5-car train (L0 model),towed by a locomotive, ran on the trackslowly to check whether the train bottom has proper clearance from devices on the ground. Commercial runs of this train are scheduled to start between Tokyoand Nagoya in 2027. 3. The European Ce ...
New Delhi: Gold prices on Friday rose by Rs210 to hit another five-week high of Rs28,300 per 10 grams in the national capital on sustained buying by stockists amid a firming global trend. The trading sentiment remained firm following government’s decision to hike import duty from 6% to 8% to curb a record current-account deficit at a time when the World Gold Council predicts record quarterly demand for the metal in India.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I feel so liberated! I finally kicked Pace Cellular ( our local phone cellular provider) to the curb. I gots me an AT&T phone now! I'm all growed up! Go ahead. Ask me if I have more bars than I had before!
this is for ELSIE MEREDITH yes you did make a good point there is only the 3 of us left and there should be no fighting but the biggest problem that i have with you is the fact that all you know how to do is lie and you cant seem to let go of the past it makes me think that maybe you are also in love with dale habeck If you want to talk to me dont lie to me i always catch you in your lies and let the past die bury it where it belongs get on with your life and please become a better person than you are right now
They're certain things in life you'll never hear a woman, "I have too many pairs of shoes"
THE ESCAPE In the driveway of the Ćurguz house gate there is gathered a rabble of whom the majority are Mirza’s victims. The people are crazed. There are heard chants of Isav the conspirator, of the conspiracy with the thief who is at this moment surely waiting for him somewhere according to a previous agreement. The squad car stops across the way of the gathering not lacking in those with bats in their hands and with pretty clear ideas about what needs to be done with Isav Karabas. The voices are rising in unreasonable platitudes; the shouts of the people in the mass are becoming ever louder and synchronous as if they’re chanting with one voice. The situation further heats up when someone from the mob notices the squad car, but for now no one suspects that Karabas is sitting inside, cramped and sweaty on the back seat. When they mention their misfortune in their shouts they do so emphasizing them both: both Isav and Mirza: -They’ve stolen grandma’s ring!- -My pocket watch is missing which was in ...
Rand Paul Bill Would Curb on Phone Records cares if the NSA looks at this data. Listen away. Please.
“Rand Paul Bill Would Curb on Phone Records I am glad to see the outrage over big brother!
"The “Fourth Amendment Restoration Act,” which can be read in full here, is designed “to stop the National...
I just have to say... If you are interested in me, but not what I am doing in my day to day life && the movement I am creating then to be honest, I am not interested in you. We aren't walking the same path if you're concerned only about the here && now && I am concentrating on building a legacy. No disrespect, but you are just not the one. Also, if you are intimidated by a lady who is about her business you are not the one. Why be intimidated when you could join together && become a power couple. Please make room, it is a new generation && females are moving up in the world :) Thank you && GOOD NIGHT!
With the record breaking heat this weekend, it's a good idea to stay indoors. But the triple digits aren't stopping too many people from getting outdoors. Either way, authorities are urging caution.
Somedays chanting "you have to have a clean record" over and over in my head is the only thing that keeps me from turning around and ripping some stupid woman out of her car and curb stomping her because she had the balls to flip me off although she almost T bonedme because she's has her cell phone too far up her *** to pay attention to the road! I am furious!
Even though the Common Council finally caved and did the right thing, Jake Barrrett is still a grandstanding putz, who let this all get too far, and solely because of his own arrogance, and unwillingness to even negotiate. He is a festering symptom of EXACTLY what is wrong with this town's gov't. He should be ashamed, and he will have lots of time to think about that when we vote his *** to the curb in November. The entire council is up for replacement, and I suggest we do that. They clearly have no interest in acting on the will of their constituents until they feel the threat of ouster. That is unacceptable. I really hope the bill Defransico started for legalizing recall elections in NY state passes.
Mattias: Mom, why do I always see my coloring pictures in the recycling bin? Do you keep ANY of them? Question: He draws 5-10 pictures a day. What is the protocol on this if I want to remain in the category of a "good mom"?
Bill Would Curb NSA on Phone Records: Responding to the recent disclosure that the fede...
Senator Bernie Sanders wants to curb gov't power to obtain phone + Internet records - says he's very disappointed with Obama
as? N all! I can not speak of your experiences. Only mine though, I witness your wrong.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
It's so weird to me that as soon as someone thinks you're moving on without them they say , do & promise the world. When they actually "have you" All those things stop. Is it possible to have consistent love ?? IF this happens to you.keep moving forward. Someone that reels you in to prevent you from moving on is selfish.
Cyclists who zip along the American River Parkway faster than the 15 mph speed limit may find their free-wheeling ways costing them $50.
Gsss What is wrong with these non-driving *** between Stone Mountain and Snellville a van came flying around me Just about took my front end off And then this car about ran off the record and hit the curb. Just get me out of Snellville. GRRR!!
FREE STUFF: I may be cleaning out the garage this weekend and have a lot of stuff...anyone needing anything in particular? Don't ask me what I have because I don't want people grabbing things they don't honestly need. Just share what you need and I will see if I have it. I may even scan Craigslist and Freecycle for you! ツ
Anonymous: During the early stages of my marriage, i did something horrible. before me and my husband got married, i was already seeing his best friend. we didn't do anything besides having lunch and dinner dates. no physical contact at all. we stop seeing each other once i married my husband. a year after marriage, things started getting rough. bills, school, ect.. with all the stress it lead me to do that horrible thing. one night during a party, after a couple drinks, i took my husband's best friend outside. one thing lead to another and we ended up in his car naked. i felted horrible and eventually told my husband.. 3yrs later. we talk about it, the things that lead to it... he forgave me. now, recently, he's been a little bit more upbeat when my little cousin who just graduated from highschool is around. she is a beauty. they seem a bit to flirty around each other. i had brought this topic up a couple times but he said i was just feeling insecure. last week my husband came home drunk and just said s ...
As the war between light and darkness continues, Heroes and villains become harder to identify. Kindred spirits separated at birth. Fighting for their place and time, to be solidified. The clock ticks faster and faster, While time runs the marathon, In this Babylon. But see, The end is only the beginning, The beginning of the calm before the storm. As the mask of deception falls off the face of humanity, Unveiling the grim reality, Of duality. In which everyone is a casualty. No one will be exempt. Truth has many shades. It’s not a matter of black and white, But Grey. Although many, We are one. So in the final analysis, Could it be we are fighting a war that can’t be won. Watch "B o B Bombs Away Lyrics Ft Morgan Freeman" on YouTube is altered to not infringe upon copy rights)
Every silly little thing that happens in this country today is blamed on the PDp. Even a pure negligence of duty by an opposition member will attract some attacks on the PDp. Does Mr Manahash disobey the laws of the land where he comes from the way he's doing in Nigeria? Didn't Oshiomole or his air company educate him to respect the statutes of the country the way he does his country of origin? Now that he has refused to pay his statutery flight levies and got delayed by the air authorities, they blamed it on the PDp. Was it the PDp that asked him or rather prevented him from obeying the rules? Mischief makers!
Congratulations to my good friend and colleague Rep John D. Dingell, who today became the longest-serving Member of Congress in U.S. history. Without a doubt, historians will forever rank him among the greatest members ever to serve in the Congress. For decades, John has earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues for his thoughtful leadership, masterful command of the legislative process, and love for our great nation. It has been a privilege to continue to work beside him on so many issues important to our state and the nation: fighting for Michigan’s manufacturers and auto industry, defending our treasured Great Lakes, and enacting comprehensive pipeline safety standards, only to name a few. But above all, it is an honor to call him a close personal friend.
Singapore asked to drop new internet rules :- Human Rights Watch urged Singapore to drop new licencing rules for news websites, saying the "onerous" regulations would limit access to independent media. The new rules, which require popular news websites to obtain an annual licence, will discourage independent reporting and curb free expression in online communities, the US-based watchdog said in a statement. Volunteer-run blogs focusing on social and political issues including poverty and immigration have gained popularity as an alternative source of news and opinion in Singapore, where the mainstream media is widely seen as pro-government. These blogs and other online social media sites have also been used by citizens to vent their frustrations and criticisms of government policies, often setting the tone for political debate in a country governed by strict laws against dissent. "The Singaporean government should withdraw an onerous new licencing requirement for online news sites," Human Rights Watch said ...
Well, it's been an interesting morning. My parked jeep was hit head on by crazy neighbors wife. Both air bags deployed. Then her crazy husband comes over screaming and threatening my dad and I. Thank you to WPD Officer Holbrook for his professionalism and diffusing the situation. Most importantly, for acting so compassionate when my dad began having chest pains.
* Firm U.S. payrolls data lifts stocks, dollar, hurts gold * Report stokes speculation Fed stimulus could be reined in * Platinum's premium to gold hits highest since Aug 2011 Gold fell more than 2 percent on Friday after U.S. payrolls data beat expectations, supporting hopes that the recovery of the world's biggest economy is still on track, which may quicken the end of the Federal Reserve's ultra-loose monetary policy. U.S. employers stepped up hiring in May, Labor Department data showed on Friday, adding 175,000 jobs, just above the median forecast in a Reuters poll, in a sign the economy was growing modestly. Spot gold was down 1.9 percent at $1,387.10 an ounce at 1329 GMT, having earlier hit a low of $1,381.29, while U.S. gold futures for August delivery were down $29.40 an ounce at $1,386.40. Gold erased all its gains for the week to turn slightly lower. "Investors has been buying gold on the back of stock and dollar weakness but the failure to translate into higher prices is leaving it exposed to s ...
Indian rupee hit the key psychological level of 57 to a dollar, to a near one-year low today. It settled down 12 paise or 0.21% against US dollar to 56.84. It opened 41 paise lower at Rs 56.95. Commenting on the rupee depreciation, Moses Harding, Head - ALCO and Economic & Market Research, IndusInd Bank, said, ''There are lot of forces in play against rupee - (a) domestic fundamentals are weak with lack of optimism on the way forward (b) there are no strong measures from the government to revive growth which will open up fiscal pressure on the system (c) with existence of pressure on twin deficits, it will be difficult for RBI to go easy on monetary policy from here on (d) there is high dependency on short term FII flows to bridge current account deficit. Against these strong headwinds in play, the recent measures to open up off-shore flows into debt capital market and curb gold imports were ineffective. The recent reversal in USD Index from 84.20 to 82.40 did not have any positive impact on the Rupee whi ...
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07 June 18:07 Asia Pacific Market: Stocks dive ahead of crucial US jobs data Headline shares in the Asia Pacific market closed volatile session lower on Friday, June 07, 2013, as investors await crucial US labor report later today to gauge when a potential rollback of the US quantitative easing begins. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index declined 0.3%. Market sentiment was weak on uncertainty about how much longer the Federal Reserve will keep providing stimulus to the world's largest economy which has been helping markets rally in recent months. The likely market reaction to the jobs report is difficult to predict. A tame jobs report could convince investors that the Fed's stimulus program will continue, which could support stocks. But if the figure is too weak, that could raise concerns about an unexpected economic downturn. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has said the US central bank might pull back on its $85 billion-a-month bond-buying program if economic data, especially hiring, improves significantly. Other Fed ...
It is sad to see all the people getting so worked up about the CIA/Benghazi (no embassy there) thing, the IRS targeting specific groups, the Patriot Act being used to spy unwarrantably on Americans, the drone program coming home to our shore, the FED creating money that doesn't exist, the NDAA that lets the government execute or detain Americans indefinitely based only on the say of one man or small hidden group, the media that is nothing more than propaganda, etc. etc. Why do I say it is sad? Why am I depressed that the American people are finally concerned about stuff that I have been concerned about for 15 years? Because the only reason they are concerned about it for the most part is the same reason they haven't been concerned about it previously. Because the pretty blond and the square jawed man with good hair that live in their tv's and radios is telling them to be concerned about it. They are concerned about it not because it has been happening illegally for 10-100 years or more, they are conc ...
It's Friday so i feel a rant coming on so here goes. Gas prices ? The companies are making record profits and i'm all for businesses making money but this is crazy, gas prices continue to rise almost daily . How is this even allowed ? How does the average family even think about a driving vacation this summer. Green technology can't move fast forward enough for me. I'll go with the conspiracy theory here and say i think there is technology out there that will allow cars to perhaps get double the gas mileage they now get, so here goes. I think the gas companies buy up this technology to put the brakes on anything that would cut into there obscene profits. Also why is the government not stepping in to curb this gouging ? This is why, these companies donate huge amounts of monies to elect people who will help there companies continue to make money. And why does this happen every summer just when we all start driving more.
PART 5: Yesterday was a hot mess and the behavior of the girlfriend...BUT, keeping with the same issue as yesterday, if you're in a relationship and that person has a child with someone else...should you be able to have some type of parental rights, even though you're just a girlfriend or boyfriend? Let's talk GROWN PEOPLE
Help! My SQL Server Log File is too big!!! By Tim Chapman September 22, 2008, 1:26 PM PDT Takeaway: Overgrown transactional log files can turn into real problems if they are not handled properly. Today SQL Server consultant Tim Chapman discusses the perils of not handling SQL Server log growth properly, and what can be done to correct the problems. Over the years, I have assisted so many different clients whose transactional log file has become “too large” that I thought it would be helpful to write about it. The issue can be a system crippling problem, but can be easily avoided. Today I’ll look at what causes your transaction logs to grow too large, and what you can do to curb the problem. Note: For the purposes of today’s article, I will assume that you’re using SQL Server 2005 or later. Every SQL Server database has at least two files; a data file and a transaction log file. The data file stores user and system data while the transaction log file stores all transactions and database modif ...
The attrocities of Fulani herdsmen sure needs to be checked. The rate at which they maim villagers and hack travelers on the highway is becoming really frightening ! Consciously musing
Have a chance to win all three Feared albums today! Just like and comment why you should win without using the letter A in any word.
Before you dump your kid in dustbins take time to think of that innocent life and consequences. Figure
Find Prince bio, songs, credits, awards related and video information on AllMusic - Few artists have created a body of work as rich and varied as Prince. During the '80s, he emerged as
There was high drama in the constituency of deputy chief minister Damodar Raja Narsimha in Medak district.
We will not advance a position, nor attempt to sway your sentiment, around the proposition that we, collectively, have assembled thousand of hours in research. Nor will we attempt to advocate for ...
Council's Budget will be presented by the Lord Mayor. I hope he's taken my submission on behalf of local residents into consideration. I gave a speech aboutr my Budget submission back in March while the Lord Mayor was preparing how he's planning to spend your rates dollars - and I hope he listens! SPEECH 5TH MARCH 2013 Thanks, Madam Chair, I rise to speak on three matters, if I’ve got time this afternoon. I’d like to just outline some of my budget request for the upcoming Council budget being prepared currently by the LORD MAYOR and the teams in Council. Madam Chair, like all of us local councillors, each year we have been invited for the past few years to prepare a budget submission on behalf of our communities. I know all of us are quite eager to ensure that matters raised by our residents as important priorities are made known to the LORD MAYOR so that as he sits down to prepare the budget each year for Council, I hope that all these items up there for consideration, which is important. Madam Chair ...
Business Indian Express Indian rupee up 15 paise Vs US dollar at 56.69 Indian Express - 34 minutes ago Indian rupee today recovered by 15 paise to 56.69 in early trade today at at the Interbank Foreign Exchange on dollar selling by exporters and some banks. Economic Times Sensex down 82 points in early trade Times of India - 49 minutes ago MUMBAI: Extending losses for the second session, the BSE benchmark Sensex on Friday lost nearly 82 points in early trade as stocks of metal, realty, banking, FMCG and auto sectors fell on sustained selling by participants, tracking a weak trend in the Asian ... Livemint Future Retail drops on FDI rules clarification NDTV - 29 minutes ago Shares in Future Retail fell as much as 3.4 per cent on Friday after the government said foreign supermarkets entering India must invest in new supply infrastructure, rather than buying existing assets. AFP Mukesh Ambani wows with Rs 1.5 lakh-crore promise Daily News & Analysis - 32 minutes ago The Birla Matoshree auditorium in Sout ...
Frequent Questions about V3     Is V3 Safe? Absolutely. Taking Voyager V3 is a very safe and effective way to curb your appetite while boosting your energy level and mood.* Unlike a lot of diet products out there, V3 doesn’t cause nervous or jittery feelings. As with any supplement, there are some precautionary measures you should take which are listed on the lable. These include not taking V3 if you are on a MAO inhibitor, while taking cold medications containing Pseudoephedrine or Ephedrine, or taking with alcohol. Always check with your healthcare practitioner before you begin taking any diet supplement if there is any concern about a possible interaction with a medication you may be taking.    Is V3 FDA Approved? The FDA (currently) regulates all dietary supplement products and their ingredients differently than ordinary food and drug products. Under the Dietary Supplement Health Act of 1994, the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring the safety of the product before it is marketed and must ...
GOLD - Europe ranges again at $1400/ozs Thursday Europe morning gold still spin around $1400 level, mixed drivers seen. Pressure has been seen from India’s attempts to dampen down buying – there was another import duty increase on Wednesday – while the dollar was slipping back ahead of Friday’s US May jobs report. Spot gold was last quoted at $1,403.50/1,404.30 per ounce, slightly up from the close on Wednesday at $1,402.25. The dollar was trading around 1.3125 versus the euro – the single currency earlier hit a four-week high of 1.3131 on expectations that the European Central Bank will keep its main interest rate unchanged at a record low of 0.45 percent at meeting. Analyst said that the market was being pushed and pulled by conflicting signals, such as Wednesday’s under-par US data, which was potentially bullish. But this was offset by receding physical demand and India’s further restrictions on imports. The Indian central bank has increased the import duty on gold from six percent to eig ...
Just witnessed a fist fight while eating at hometown buffet. Now how many of y'all can say that??
Did u know u can get a parking ticket in front of your own house for parking more than 18 inches from the curb argg seriously do they have nothing better to do!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Has a hard time calling this Yes lineup "Yes." To me, it's more like "Kinda."
At first glance, the 95-page report on youth outreach released Monday by the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) looked great. The straight-talking study made sensible recommendations to solve the Republican youth problem—if you want to understand a younger audience, go talk to them on thei...
I want to go ahead and congratulate the dodgers for being in LAst pLAce for an entire month now! Thats definetly a month more than any dodger fan imagined they would be in LAst pLAce going into this mega million spending season thats for sure! -SFG4Life
is it me or is NTUC ITerm policy with Living Rider much more expensive when it is suppose to be cheaper?
Worst compliment ever tonight... “I like big birds. I could do big birds all night long. Yeah they make you breakfast in the morning" Erm thanks! Not! What's wrong with “you're pretty" or “you're sexy"!?
A daycare owner asks: I have a 3year old boy who no matter what even after discussing and time outs he talks back, sticks his tongue out at the other kids and me and constantly hits other kids either with his hands or toys. I don't know what to do, the parents don't seem to be helping. I would like to terminate him before the other kids pick up on his language or the other kids start to hit one another. Advice?
Jessie Thornton sleeps during the day and runs errands and works out during the night.
If its aok to the republicans that the government is obtaining our phone records, than its time to kick them to the curb as well.
"Sure, (Karl) would take responsibility for defeat, as the driver of the bus," says Mark Kiszla, "but not until he ran the bus over everybody else along for the ride."
THE DESTRUCTIVE NATURE OF ALCOHOL ON THE FAMILY {Part 1} From the earliest days of mankind, alcohol has had a negative affect on the family. Every time we see an example of a family or person in Scripture who has become involved with alcohol, it affects the whole family in a tragic and devastating way. Over the next couple of weeks we will notice four examples from the Old Testament of families that suffered due to alcohol. Alcohol brings a curse, not a blessing to the family (Gen. 9:20-25). After coming out of the ark, Noah decided to take up farming. The Scriptures tell us that he even planted a vineyard (Gen. 9:20). When his fruit ripened, Noah drank of the wine and became drunk. We then are told that “Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brothers outside.” (Gen. 9:22). Noah learned about this later, as the Scriptures record, “So Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done to him” (Gen. 9:24). How sad it is to read of the gre ...
The Newman Government has ordered a review of Queensland’s cycling laws, including whether a one-metre rule would provide a safer environment for cyclists.
DomainTools offers the most comprehensive searchable database of domain name registration and hosting data. Combined with our other data sites such as, and, users of can review millions of historical domain name records from basic Whoi...
To all those who accuse Liverpool fans of living in the past. In tonights echo bobby martini says about everton "This club is full of history..." Someone tell him to stop goin on about the good old days i.e pre-1995... ;-)
Jacksonville Illinois tonight with the 17 and 27 RW/curb records Fontana midgets! Here we go!
Would I be totally crazy if I just loaded up everything I don't want in the van and donate it, rather than dealing with a garage sale?? I've already sold bigger items on craigslist but all of these accessories and mirrors and lamps overtaking our garage have GOT TO GO!
Shout Out To the Aryan Brotherhood/ Supreme white power, They show luv more than most. This guy at the gas station says to me, I Respect you and CT's Crazy Show. Then says to me im not racist im prejudice. There's a difference. Respect!
So does everyone finally have power restored? I just want to be sure since outages are showing to be super low at this point. ~Aja J.
I just signed a petition to Van B. Robinson, President Syraacuse Common Council: Let Councilor Robinson know that forcing Sound Garden to close robs the city of revenue and jobs and we will not stand for it!
Just finished Angelo's graduation from 5th to 6th , now off to airport to get Danelia Argueta sorry babe you will have to wait a bit curb side , priorities.
MADIBENG and Its ADMINISTRATIVE STATUS Another third attempt by power fanatics, it is expected that Ministerial Support Team would work outside parameters of constitutional imperatives to advance political dwarfsism, then let me try to critically clarify on that aspects. Municipalities were implementing arms of National and Provincial Government before amendment came to place. Section 40 of the constitution emphasise point I made above in a sense that NATIONAL or PROVINCIAL should in no way compromises or obstruct a municipality's capacity or right to exercise its powers or performs its functions since Madibeng like other municipalities are conferred with legislative and executive powers. Section 151 In this case against envisaged Section 139, National and Provincial should SUPPORT and it's like that SUPPORT not investigation like it's perceived by dissidents and those who harbours political careerism and further to strengthen the ability of Madibeng to perform its functions through legislative and other ...
Physical gold demand turns dull after duty hike Indian gold futures edged lower on Thursday from their highest level in seven weeks hit in the previous session tracking global cues, while physical demand turned dull after New Delhi raised the import duty. * The most-active gold for August delivery on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) was 0.2 percent lower at 27,630 rupees per 10 gram. It had hit a high of 27,847 rupees on Wednesday, a level last seen on April 26. * "Market is dull after the duty hike... Imports will stop for another two months," said Suresh Jain, the proprietor of SJ Jain Jewellers, a wholesaler in Mumbai. * India, the biggest buyer of the metal, raised the import duty to 8 percent from 6 percent, after extending a ban on consignment imports to government-run agencies and trading houses from banks, in a series of measures to contain the record current account deficit. * The government may take more steps if needed to curb gold inflows into the country, a senior finance ministry official ...
The NSA's charter DIDNT ALLOW for spying on Americans. Period. End of story. Where mah libs at to defend this? Here, i'll give you your argument. But the FBI is doing the spying, their name appears in the story too. I remember when "you guys" were up in arms over Bush's administration intercepting "foreign" calls coming in from known Al-Qaeda. No hypocrisy on this one, right? Now they're listening to all of us. The story is on Forbes & MSN. Michael JP Moran ? Tony Tribby ? I'd ask Sandra Wade but she's deleted me? HEE HEE.
One Minute Cardio Workout Ideas One-Minute Cardio MovesRepeat any of the following exercise for 1 minute total. Nice 8 minutes of your life spent doing these routines's fun concept, give them a go set your self a target and over time record your results and see what improvements you get from it 1. Jumping jack Stand with feet together, then jump, separating legs and raising arms overhead. Land with feet hip-width apart, then jump feet back together and lower arms. 2. Stair running Run up a flight of stairs, pumping your arms, then walk down. Vary by taking two stairs at a time. 3. Jumping rope Do a basic boxer's shuffle or two-footed jump. Stay on balls of feet, not jumping too high off ground, elbows by your sides. 4. Squat jump* Stand with feet hip-width apart. Bend knees and lower hips into a squat. Jump in air and straighten legs, lifting arms upward. Land softly, lowering arms. 5. Split jump* Stand in a split stance, one foot a long stride in front of the other, then bend knees and jump, switching le ...
Anonymous Asked: I'm a Kenyan n have a relationship with an Indian. We have a beautiful daughter but sadly ours is not a fairytale! He has yielded to pressure by his parents n so we r breaking up. I just need encouragement that this kind of relationships are there n do work out(afro_indian) . Kindly ask members to share.
I don't know why everyone is tweaking about this Verizon business. Who cares? Unless you've been plotting murders over the phone (and if you have you're an *** and deserve to get pinched) you'll be fine. Also "Big Brother" has been watching since the dawn of government. You're not used to this yet? Dafuq is wrong with you? Besides most of my conversations would bore them to tears. I hope they waste a day listening to my babble.
A survey has uncovered 'disturbing evidence' of young drivers' safety record on rural roads. Government proposals to curb the excesses of newly-qualified young drivers have received surprise backing – from young drivers themselves. Research exclusively revealed to Telegraph Motoring reveals that four in 10 drivers aged 17-25 would welcome mandatory motorway driving lessons, with a similar number backing night-time motorway lessons and breath-alcohol ignition locks, as outlined in the Department for Transport's Green Paper on improving safety for young drivers. The findings emerged in a study conducted for Michelin by Road Safety Analysis, which also uncovered disturbing evidence showing that young rural drivers are nearly twice as likely (44 per cent) to be involved in a collision compared with young urban drivers. Not surprisingly, they are two thirds (68 per cent) more likely to be involved in a collision on a 60mph road than urbanites, with 41 per cent admitting they are more li ...
Odd horrid album released today and Twit Followers drop by 11,000? Curb Records only ordered 27,000CDs for ENTIRE US release!!
Rick Nelson performs "Rock 'N' Roll Fool", taken from his final 1985 studio sessions for Curb Records. It was most likely recorded in August 1985 at Baby-O S...
Today in Country Music: May 13 (source: 2011- Curb Records accuses Tim McGraw of breach of contract in a lawsuit that claims he recorded his "Emotional Traffic" album too soon after the previous release. 2011- Carrie Underwood's "Last Name" single goes platinum. 2011- Brad Paisley nabs a gold single for "Waitin' On A Woman" 2006- The Wreckers make their Grand Ole Opry debut. 2005- Jason Aldean performs "Hicktown" and "Why" as he makes his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. 2005- "Feels Like Today" becomes Rascal Flatts' second double-platinum album. 2003- Joe Nichols attains his first gold album, for his debut, "Man With A Memory" 2000- Kenny Rogers' "Buy Me A Rose" sprouts at on the Billboard Country chart with vocal assistance from Alison Krauss and Billy Dean. It's Rogers'21st Country single, and his first in 13 years. 1999- Red Kirk dies. A disc jockey in Knoxville and Ohio, he also had a pair of country hits: 1949's "Lovesick Blues" and 1950's "Lose Your Blues" 1997- Decca .. ...
Curb Records sues Tim McGraw, claims copyright infringement over songs from 'Two Lanes of Freedom': Country mu...
Curb Records sues Tim McGraw in federal court
Tim McGraw sued by Curb Records in fede..
Curb Records is suing Tim McGraw. Again. The Nashville, Tenn.-based label has filed a lawsuit against the Country Music star and Big Mach..
If u need a ticket let me kno i have 6 left red carpet event Warner Music, Curb records and more be in the...
"My friend and record label owner Mike Curb of CURB records has been an amazing part of musical history throughout...
Critics doubtful ND measures will curb wasted gas: Records show 275 million cubic feet of natural gas goes up ...
Road to the Row is one now (almost now)! 5-6 with Curb Records VP Taylor Childress, Captain Jack and ME! Today...
Thanks for the follow. I'll be hopefully interning and learning the game from curb records in Nash. Best of luck at hit Fact
Curb Records Musician/Artist Marie Miller (performing in Warner office later today.
Curb Records celebrates at Academy of Country Music Awards Lee Brice’s back-to-back-to-back number one hits...
SANA: government taking measures "to curb rise of US$ against the SYP". But per official records the ratio is stable at ~85 for months...
April 28th I will be performing in Dallas, TX at the Warner Bros/Curb Records "iShowcase!" I am…
April 28th I will performing at the Warner Bros/Curb Records Showcase in Dallas, TX. I am selling tickets!
Curb Records needs Uptempo Hits for Rodney Atkins: Curb Records needs Uptempo Hits for Rodney Atkins We are...
PEEBODIE and curb serven records coming to the world real soon
Hamilton Collection
Get your questions in NOW for our music business show with VP of Curb Records/ Sidewalk Records Taylor Childress.
Don't be afraid!! Brandon Ryan on Rap Charts!! Kicking Independent Rappers to the Curb!!
Guinness Book of World Records says world's shortest man is 2' 1" tall. He keeps himself in shape by playing handball against the curb.
You can also download that album for whatever price you like on
how bout I steal frm PSQUARE n SQUARE up ma RECORDS *acc
'Spitfire' is the last contractually-obligated album for Curb Records. Hmm, probably the last PERIOD!
Tony Stewart Racing wanted to give a shout-out to Curb Records and Curb-Agajanian Racing for their support!! TSR's...
The official music video to Rimes' latest single from Spitfire, "Borrowed". © 2012 Curb Records, Inc.
Video of my showcase for Capitol Nashville, Curb Records, Big Machine, ABlake Records, etc. Down at Beyonce's club The House of Dereon. Check it out!
Day 2 of the Battle @ the Beach begins in 45 minutes! Competing today are the Whelen Modifieds & the K&N Pro Series!!! The Future, Kyle Larson, will be going for the Sweep @ the Beach! He will be driving the Menard's in the Mods in which he was the quickest in practice yesterday & the Curb Records in the K&N Pro Series where he was 15th in yesterdays practice.
What an incredible day yesterday was at the Tricky Tray ! I dont even know where to begin I am so overwhelmed. First of all I want to thank Margaret Fylstra for the incredible tricky tray benefit she organized today! I am so Blessed by her kindess and incredible generocity! The time and effort, and (and sleepless nites) she put into this is absolutely amazing!! And all the people that stepped in to help her, so many , Kathi Hamilton, Carla Holovacko Price, Diane Bender Price, Diane Edwards, Diane Snear and the others in the Kitchen, Margarets Family (Mom, Daughters, Son , Husband), and so many others! Joe O'Malley for providing the always awesome music! Thanks to the Evergreen Community School for the use of their facilities. I am in awe and filled with gratitude at the kindness of Friends, Family, Neighbors, Strangers and My Community and those in surrounding areas near and as far as Nashville TN! (John Butler, Curb Records) Someone said to George today: Isn’t it nice to live in a small community, I wo ...
The first practice session for the NWMT UNOH Battle at the Beach at Daytona International Speedway is in the books and it is Kyle Larson of Elk Grove, CA in the Menard's/Curb Records, Gary Putnam prepared modified that topped the speed chart. "Kyle has driven just about everything," said Kevin 'Buno' Manion. "He has a lot of experience for as young as he is but nothing really in a Tour type modified. Gary (Putnam) had an old set of tires and started on those to make sure the car was right, brakes were good, make sure nothing needed to be adjusted- he ran some pretty good times on the old tires then Gary tuned on the chassis after the first run. This race track is somewhat unique from anywhere else they go to- I think NASCAR did a good job with the wide range of gear - we're about in the middle of the gear rule." A busy day for Larson who is running in all three UNOH Battle at the Beach divisions, Buno admits the track time from the other divisions could have certainly carried over to the NWMT. "It de ...
Okay Superbowl fans, time to weigh in, what did you think of Beyonce's halftime show?
Home | Newsfront Tags: Obama's Gun Control | Obama | *** Shooting | photo | released The White House released this photo on Saturday showing President Barack Obama firing a shotgun at Camp David on his birthday. (AP Photo) White House Brandishes Obama *** Shooting Pic for Reporters Saturday, 02 Feb 2013 09:33 PM By Paul Scicchitano Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article 3 inShare Seeking to put to rest questions of whether President Obama was shooting straight when he told a magazine interviewer that he went *** shooting "all the time," the White House on Saturday brandished a photo for reporters of the president blasting away with a shotgun positioned awkwardly against his left shoulder. The photograph, which was dated August 4 — the president's birthday — shows a jean-clad commander in chief wielding a shotgun with his left index finger on the trigger — albeit not the best of form, according to *** shooting enthusiasts. The White House photographer even managed t ...
Tomorrow is bulk pickup in our neighborhood. Trash that would not normally fit in the trash cans are picked up by the city. I think the scroungers set a new record today! Within 10 minutes of itmes being put on the curb, they were pulling up in their trucks and putting things in their trailers! I was still pulling some stuff out of the backyard...
I want to thank the City of Sioux City Police Department for highering such an observant officer that issued me a $30 ticket for not parking right in front of my own house in riverside. And he was sure to threaten me with arrest for interference for my questioning whether or not he had better things to do ... I think he may have just been mad he had to work the Superbowl , I thought our city gave meter maids the weekends off !
You and your SO do not feel ready to have (another) child right now. However, one day, you find out that you guys are accidentally pregnant. You cannot bear the thought of aborting your baby, nor the thought of someone else raising your baby. Your SO does not want the baby and wants you to get rid of it one way or another. What do you do? - Michelle
thanks for all the love yall gave but I don't know if mankind can be saved cuz im still a slave that's why I don't shave im just waitin to be with momma in a grave cuz im never gonna get made in the fame but its a shame how I can handle this pain but not be tamed u said I was lame but instead I came to break bread as u try to call the feds fill them full of lead one to the head an leave em dead... jsp aka subway just remember forget wat they say cuz they steadily hate an never appreciate in this state of mind that's why im one of a kind I might not be right in the mind but I find the time to wright rhymes an commit no crimes so why u be lien ppl are dien that's why im tryin but u denie an lie to my face make me feel misplaced im fightin a 5 year case but ima win first place in this race as I give u a taste an put it in ur face
Listening to new CD, "Two Lanes Of Freedom" right now. Congrats on getting away from Curb Records, Tim.
Cconfession time. So im 26yrs. And all my life i haven't had my dad around cause he's always been in and out of prison for r*pe, drugs, assault and theft. About 4years ago he contacted me from prison wanting 2 get 2 know me and have a father daughter relationship. So i agreed with the idea. 4mths ago he come 2 my house 4 a visit. When he got here he was really angry. Yealing at me 4 no reason at all. I pushed past the fact that he yealed making him a coffee. But he found some reason 2 yeal at me over that he got really aggressive and threw the drink at me. I asked him 2 leave when i did he beat me putting me in hospital i lost my baby and suffered broken bones. He went back 2 prison 4 it. 1week ago he writes apologising asking me 2 give him another chance. [Advice]
Local law enforcement officials are currently conducting a planned drug search sweep at Elbert County comprehensive high school. There is no need for undue alarm.
Connecting the dots and following the money: How Islamic money enabled the Republican Party to regain control of the House in 2010. Fact: “Citizens United” allows U.S. corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political attack ads without having to disclose how much, or where the money came from. Fact: Aramco is an oil company giant wholly owned and controlled by the government of Saudi Arabia. (Don’t let the American-sounding name fool you). Fact: Saudi Arabia is an Islamic Monarchy with an “iffy” human rights record. Women are not allowed to drive cars there, for example. Fact: Through its Aramco-owned U.S. subsidiary the Saudi government funnels tens of $millions annually into the American Petroleum Institute, or API. Fact: API is a global warming denier that spent $7.3 million to successfully oppose Obama administration legislation that would have begun to curb global warming. Fact: In the 2010 midterm elections API spent tens of $millions on attack ads successfully attacking D ... had better have more to offer than this, your opening gambit.sleep was far more alluring and seductive with his offerings. To those of you still reading.I will be on day 2 of "The Move", day 3 of "House Guest fun", I will NOT be watching the super bowl.couldn't give less of a rat's *** who wins it if I were paid to, *** I have no idea who is even in it. Many thanks to Tara Hoat for lending a set of helping hands yesterday and adding levity to the process, both were greatly appreciated. Oh, and the "charming moment" in yeaterday's proceedings.the least active participant in this entire adventure (who has assisted with prep of the new house a total of one afternoon/evening out of the two and a half weeks that Jamie T. Smalley Smith, Jenkins Badenov and I have been over at the new house working every day for the last 2 1/2 weeks, Jamie and I putting in 8 to 12 hr days and Jenkins clocking a good 4 to 5 hrs each day after getting off work at The Death Star {aka Microsoft}. bear this info i . ...
Would you cheat on your wife/girlfriend/husband/ boyfriend if you were guaranteed not to be caught? ~Hoopy
It's fun to read all the fawning over the new MBV record but not have checked it out yet... It's gonna be awful enduring their ascent into larger public awareness of their existence, and peer pressure adulations... That said, i also want to make sure you understand my joy in NOT listening to it until all the hype blows over... Or it organically appears in my ear canals. Also also, i club baby seals.
Saurath Sabha From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Saurath is a village situated six Kilometers north east of Madhubani town in Madhubani District of Bihar. It is famous for being the place where thousands of Maithil Brahaman converged to fix marriage during marriage season. The people gathered at Saurath Sabha Gachchhi (Sabha means congregation and Gachchhi mean orchard in Maithili).[1] This gathering is an annual event held in the Hindu calendar months of Jyestha-Aasadh. This was an important social congregation where the marriages of Maithil boys and girls are fixed up according to the reading of horoscope by the Panjikars ( Registrars ).[2] The gathering is organised in an orchard covering 22 bighas of land that was donated by the Maharaja of Darbhanga. Original name of the village, as mentioned in 'Tithi Nirnaya' is Saurashtra. This village was originally named Saurastra, literally a cultural and intellectual centre of sau-rastra, nations associated with Janaka, the ancient king of Mithila. Janak is ...
A professor of pathology and developmental biology at Stanford University believes there’s cause to suspect that humanity’s intellectual prowess may actually be eroding, and at an astonishing rate.
*We need your feedback* Should we record a single before we record the album??? Just to give you a taste of what's to come. Let us know!!
I had thought about trimming my hair and my goatee! What I hadn't planned was trimming both of those and my eyebrows and burning my eyelashes *** near clean off! Oh the smell in here is awful! Now that was a huge FIREBALL! WHOOPS!
Tomorrow morning it's time to start going back to the gym.I can't stand these winter blues so time to kick them to the curb!!! Set your alarm Marla J Meyers it's time to kick some butt! 8 am NO excuses!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Congrats Bruce Arians Coach of the Year, and to just think Mikey Tomlin kicked him to the curb for DINK N DUNK HALEY!
Gr! Bad week for me and cars. Rental car acquires flat tire due to slick snow and curb loving my tire.
Jay Matthew: I just witnessed Long Beach Police Department (CA) striking - not a light tap - a homeless man on the foot with a BATON near First and Linden. For some reason the man was asleep, but I believe that hitting a person on the foot with a baton is a bit much. It did not help matters that he begun striking the tree directly above the mans head, when hitting his foot did not produce a fast enough result.
Reading up on my condition which is good and not so good. The good part is I know what to avoid, what can trigger episodes and how to tell when an episode is about to happen.the not so good part is that anxiety can cause an episode (sort of like a panic attack) and if not caught in time can be fatal. So I'm going through in my head when I had previous episodes of my throat closing, once was a lightening storm this past summer, caught in a parking lot with lightening all around me and had to use my inhaler immediately when I got inside (now I'm reading the inhaler might not have worked, lucky again), and another time was walking fast in the cold weather last winter trying to catch a bus, that was a double one, cold weather is no good and anxiety from missing the bus. And allergens are another, pet dander, dust mites, mold, pollen. I did have to give back the cat I had adopted just when we bonded, awww, so that's one remedy, I also got an air purifier, another remedy. Ok, time for me to stop reading ...
Okay ladies I'm going to paint a picture for you to help you better understand my problem. When I was pregnant I absolutely couldn't have sex it was extremely painful my fiancé well now ex couldn't handle it so he began cyber cheating telling women how good his tongue was and what he'd do to them I found and all he could say was I'm sorry but this no sex is killing me and promised not to do it again but of course he did all the way until I had our now three month old daughter bad thing about it was he was cyber cheating with my friend and family but it always came back to it being my fault because I couldn't have sex. Present times I found out almost a month ago that he slept with my best and only friend in our home where our five children sleep (only one is his) and where we've built a life together it crushed me and still hurts to this day he lied to me time and time again about it but I asked her and she came out and told me so he could no longer lie but that didn't stop him but he eventually did, aft ...
Do I think I'm a better person than you because I return my shopping cart to a proper location instead of leaving it on the curb or in a parking spot? Why yes, yes I do.
Impeach Andrew Cuomo: On January 15th, 2013, Governor Andrew Cuomo dealt a major blow to your second amendment rights. His new firearms bill will cost the state millions in new registration databases and enforcement, cost dealers thousands in absurd record keeping and make you a criminal for possessing the same firearms you owned legally on January 14th, 2013. All of these additional costs will burden the consumer and the tax payer. The new law will do nothing to curb gun violence or stop a mass murder. But those who voted for it and the Governor do not care; they don´t want you to own firearms PERIOD. Not only does this measure trample the very Constitution he swore to uphold, but it was rushed through in the middle of the night. The bill was not released to the public before it was voted on and Cuomo waived the mandatory three day cooling off period before forcing a vote. He is a treasonous tyrant who is out of control. Sign the petition below to impeach this man and restore our once great State from t ...
Bellamy Brothers - Dancin' Cowboys 1980 We like boots and saddles We love girls and guitars We let romance and passion turn our heads and rule our homes Old ...
NRA "Lifetime Membership" is now 30% the cost that it was formerly. Then they will puff out their chest and claim that their numbers are higher now than ever. Well... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you why you have "more members" than ever before. If BMW were to start selling the 7 Series for $12,000, I bet their numbers would skyrocket too!!
I just finished the creation of an iTunes playlist of music older than I am. (and I go back half a century!) It would take 12.7 days to play! Swing. Blues. Honkytonk. Boogie Woogie. Rockabilly. Ragtime. Tin Pan Alley... Amazing vocals and instrumentals... I just want to thank some of my musical mentors... Dave Rogers, Tom Morgan, David Fletcher, Ed. Rodriguez, Chuck Taylor, Tom Twine, Ernie Reed and a few more that I'm sure I'm neglecting at this late (early) hour...
Molly Davies' husband Matthew faces 10 years in prison for providing medical marijuana to sick people in California, where it is legal.
When you look at the facts it is undeniable that
Im nervous lord please curb this cough i cant sing on this microphone or record nothing wi th no one time for some tea and hunny any other remedies anyone help
Tired people making excuse not to hang out or go out or anything. LOSERS!
Here's a little Friday night bombshell for you. Texas athletics director DeLoss Dodds just released the following statement:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
So My band (Twelve gauge Revelation) and I should be hitting the studio soon!
My kingdom for decent free, royalty-free music that doesn't suck. That, and an instant cure for the crud I woke up with.
Dudes, let me know if you agree with me. A woman may directly hurt you by betraying you, such as cheating or lying to you, but eventually you get over it. However, when she has done nothing wrong to you, and has been there for you, and you hurt her, doesn't it hurt you more seeing her going through pain you caused. I'm telling you, it ***
Rudy *** s first night as a Raptor was awesome. 20 points and the team absolutely curb-stomped the Clippers. Lucas was hitting everything, Amir had his version of the "flu game", Lowry provided the energy, and DeRozan played a bit of an all-around special. Nice Miami visits. Can the Raps make it 2 straight?
Going to just throw a name out here and let you roll with it.Stacey Campfield.
Here in grand friend zone station we are preparing for the largest occupancy day of the year, New complexes are in production and all the landscaping is being completed. Valentine's day 2013 is projected to send record highs to the friend zone so us at grand friend zone station want to be ready. So remember ladies, kick that really nice guy with the chocolate to the curb and help us make this year a great one for moving in.
Just another "responsible" gun owner? (see the link) Those who know me know I'm not anti-gun. I grew up hunting with my dad and always had a healthy respect, and healthy fear, of guns. In light of recent events and the inundation of pro-gun posts I'm seeing daily, I find myself leaning more and more toward a liberal stance on guns. People's paranoia with the government scares the *** outta me! People taking the law into their own hands scares the *** outta me! And not to mention the easy access people have to weapons designed to kill in magnitude. A lengthy (yet worth the read) article I came across written by Josh Fielder pretty much sums it up for me. My favorite is the third point. Enjoy and for the love of god right wing fanatics - RELAX! Your guns are safe. "So, here's my two cents (which will end up being closer to $1.50 I'm sure) and I'm sure I will regret posting this later, due to the "friends" I will lose while exercising my First Amendment, but here goes. Instead of posting a meme wit ...
LESSON 11 CHRISTINE BATAPA AND ANNE RUBY MONTEMOR BSHEED-II Making the Most of Community Resources and Field Trips “Field trips offer an excellent bridge between the work of the school and the work of the world outside.” Focus Question • What procedures and criteria must be observed in planning and conducing field trips? • What educational benefits are derived from a field trip? • What community resources can be utilized for learning? ACTIVITY Read the following experiences of teachers regarding field trips: “I took a group of students to the local museum. We just wandered from corner to corner without anything specific to look for. It was an experience but it did not connect with any specific lesson objective.” “The whole trip was a mess. Some lost their way and arrived at the place much earlier and were inconvenienced waiting for the arrival of the others. Anyway, everybody enjoyed the picnic.” “The students enjoyed the field trip. But when we asked to relate what they saw to our les ...
Either Tendonitis or Runners Knee. Either way, I've got to be nice to my knee for a while and hope it goes away. Runners Knee cracks me up. If they called it Couch Potato Knee, I might be more convinced.
Watch for the name Mo Pitney.Kid's gonna be a HUGE star. He just signed with Curb Records in Nashville.
Hope says Liam loved her so much when they were in Italy and hence Steffy can NEVER take that away from her. Your thoughts.
This generation got it bad. I'm glad when I was in middle school and high school the cameras on the cellphones were terrible and we had portable cd players not ipod. Now since its better technology People record when you fight and get beat up, people record if you trip off a curb, people record if someone throws a piece of food at you, everybody has a camera and anybody can get embrassed. They have a girl getting beat up in school and it spread across the whole internet in a day.
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