Cupcake Wars & Food Network

Cupcake Wars is a Food Network reality-based competition show hosted by Justin Willman based on creating unique and professional-style cupcakes that began airing in June 2010. The show is similar to its successful Chopped show in that it starts with 4 contestants who are eliminated one by one in 3 rounds. Food Network is a television specialty channel that airs both one-time and recurring (episodic) programs about food and cooking. 5.0/5

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Tomorrow is the anniversary of HappyCakes Cupcakery win on Food Network's Cupcake Wars! They are having a special...
I watch too much Food Network. So basically, I'm super qualified to be on Chopped or Cupcake Wars.
50% savings: Jilly's Cupcake Bar & Café is a two-time winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars, while Jilly's Ice Cream Bar just made it...
if you've got Netflix, they just loaded it up with Food Network. Includin Cupcake Wars.
I don't have cable but when I'm at home I love Cooking Channel and Food Network, Cupcake Wars is SO TOP!
Food Network announces Crave Bake Shop will battle Ohio State's schedule on the next episode of Cupcake Wars
Hi guys. Marc again. Live at the new Sugar High Cafe in Frankemuth. Check out this video with the owners, former Cupcake Wars winners... They want another appearance on the Food Network! Spread the word!
Same. Cupcake Wars on the Food Network now has a whole new meaning for me. lol
These amazing ladies were on Cupcake Wars seen on Food Network! If you are in Pigeon Forge and get a…
After helping Sweet Arleen's win its third challenge on the Food Network show 'Cupcake Wars,' the cupcake chain's...
Three time winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars! People love our cupcakes, scones, cinnamon rolls and more. Try us out and learn why we are creating a whole new standard for 100% Gluten Free.
Did you know that in exactly ONE WEEK we will be OPEN in our new storefront!?!?:) HappyCakes Cupcakery 278-A Hwy 24 Morehead City, NC Opening Friday, May 2 @ 11AM!:) Be sure to watch our episode of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network 2 days before our store opening on Wednesday, April 30th @ 11AM!
More shops and cupcakes that won cupcake wars on the Food Network... And omG
Tre' is in the commercial for our church and it came on the Food Network while I was watching "Cupcake Wars" ... so proud of him!!
It's April Fool's Day, however, this is not any joke: Funny Or Die is on Food Network's Cupcake Wars tonight at 8pm! Listen in.
I keep seeing recipes for things like "paleo cupcakes" it was "double chocolate paleo muffins." I had no idea Neanderthals were so into desserts. Maybe they all died out from diabetes... So I'm thinking the Food Network should jump on this...Paleo Cupcake Wars: "Contestants, you have two hours to bake 500 cupcakes...using only ingredients you gather from the wild, and baking them on this hot rock. Time starts now..."
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Always a fun time at the gym when one of the TVs is turned to the Food Network and Cupcake Wars is on... I've suddenly forgotten why I came here in the first place.
There's a bomb episode of Cupcake Wars on Food Network just in case any girls get tired of pretending to watch the game.
I love Food Network shows! They r amazing! I especially love Iron Chef, cutthroat kitchen, chopped, chopped Canada, & cupcake wars! Im worthless in a kitchen, so these creations, & their creativity & their ability to follow thru w/the effectiveness r jaw dropping to me!
The first gluten-free baker to win the Food Network's Cupcake Wars shares her indulgent recipes for cakes, muffins, scones, cookies, brownies, cobblers, buckles, tarts, and more. When Kyra Bussanich realized she had to go gluten-free, she mourned the toasty morning muffins, moist birthday cakes, a...
The Blushing Bakeshop is proud to present their audition for Cupcake Wars on Food Network! Please support us if you enjoy this video, and our cupcakes. All c.
Sweet Tooth Fairy, Utah company, on Cupcake Wars right now on Food Network.
When you turn on Food Network, basically, the last thing you want to find is a "Cupcake Wars" marathon. What you want to find is Ina Garten melting cheese and entertaining her *** friends. That is what you want to find--always. Truth.
I wish Food Network didn't suck on Fridays. No one wants to watch Cupcake Wars.
Another encore viewing of the Cupcake Wars Grand Champion Series will be on the Food Network at 4 pm today, Friday. Watch Kevin's fantastic performance!
Looking at Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Now I want some. Smh.
It's the anniversary of our appearance on the Food Network's Cupcake Wars! To celebrate, we are offering some of the tasty flavors we made on the show all month long, including Green Tea and Chocolate Espresso (plus NEW favs like Chocolate Bacon). Check our website for a full list of tasty flavors and when they're available!
Justin Willman has quickly become one of the busiest TV-personalities and live entertainers in America. He presently hosts the hit shows Cupcake Wars and Last Cake Standing on the Food Network and is
My 10 year old daughter has a future on the Food Network's 'Cupcake Wars'...
Cornbread "Cupcake" with Chicken Tender Toppings: Sweet Cornbread, Mashed Potatoes, Southern Corn, Brown Gravy, Chicken Strip... In that order. This idea was encouraged by 'Cupcake Wars' on Food Network. It was an awesome dinner and the kids Loved it
Please watch Cupcake Wars tonight my older sister is going to be on it. On food network at 7.
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Abi's favorite channel is Food Network lol, the fact that she gets more excited for Cupcake Wars and Chopped than she does cartoons cracks me up :)
DVR Alert - Lexington's own Izzabee's Confectioneries will be featured on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars on TONIGHT... htt…
Local favorites and will be on Cupcake Wars tonight at 8pm on the Food Network!
Do you watch the show Cupcake Wars on the Food Network? You may see a familiar face from the Midlands! Details on News19 at 11. Plus- will we see cooler weather? Meteorologist Daniel bonds has your full forecast coming up. See you in 5 minutes.
Hanson is apparently on the Cupcake Wars on the Food Network at 8 tonight..I have never seen this show .Cupcakes and Hanson...not a bad match!
Hanson is on Cupcake Wars on Food Network right now! Turn it on!
Tune into the Food Network now to see Andaz West Hollywood on Cupcake Wars with Hanson.
Hanson is currently on my favorite channel -- The Food Network... Cupcake Wars!!
Hanson is on Cupcake Wars on Food Network. You should watch. :)
Feeling accomplished!! Walked 3 miles this morning, cleaned house, which turned into changing moms room around some, bringing her portable closet into James' closet & giving her his closet! Made stuffed green pepper soup & invited dad & bonus mom over! Washed 3 loads of clothes, showered & now in my bed watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network!!
Did you see on Food Network's Cupcake Wars and On the Road?! Soon you'll be able to read her story in
My sister is so spoiled. She got this from the winners of Cupcake Wars on Food Network
***BREAKING NEWS! *** We can now officially announce we are on Food Network's Cupcake Wars exactly one week from...
Food Network's 'Cupcake Wars' Features ANNIE Today: The sun will come out tomorrow on Food Network's...
I've almost seen every episode of Chopped, Restaurant: Impossible, Chef Wanted, Cupcake Wars, and Mystery Diners. I love the Food Network.
The founder won cupcake wars on Food Network! :) (@ Cupcake)
We are excited to announce that Justin Willman, host of Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" will perform a show during Family Weekend on October 19. Tickets will be FREE but there will be tickets released at a later date!
SouthernGirl Desserts is back on food network Cupcake Wars check them out now.
3:25am and can't sleep. Thank goodness for Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me.
Don't miss and on Cupcake Wars tonight at 7:00 PM CT on the Food Network.
Southern Girl Desserts on the Food Network's Cupcake Wars THIS SUNDAY! June 23 at 8PM. Some cable networks may show as early as 5PM.
Alums Catarah Hampshire & Shoneji Robison, of Southern Girl Desserts, will be on Food Network's Cupcake Wars Sunday at…
Make sure to watch Oklahoma's own of Sara Sara on Cupcake Wars this Sunday on Food Network!
My boyfriends bakery will be on Cupcake Wars @ 8 PM EST on Food Network! Make sure you all watch.
Treat Cupcake Bar episode airing on Food Network baking competition tonight! Yum - love the Cupcake Bar!.
I love these ladies..Watch Live on Sunday 8pm...Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Shoneji Robison Catarah L. Hampshire
Food Network’s Restaurant Stakeout: as fake and staged as it seems by Andy Dehnart / March 27, 2012, 11:07 AM Food Nework’s latest reality show, Restaurant Stakeout, is anything but real, which is no surprise to anyone who has watched it. I have no idea why Food Network, which has some strong reality TV—Chopped, Next Food Network Star—actually airs crap like this show and Cupcake Wars. It’s embarrassing. Restaurant Stakeout takes the restaurant makeover show and flips the equation by having the entire episode focus on the observation of the restaurant’s staff to discover its problems. That’s an intriguing premise, and it’s somewhat framed as education, with host/star/restauranteur Willie Degel educating owners and us while attempting to entertain with his impassioned and grating over-the-top New Yorker persona. But the show’s producers have gone the lazy route and staged action. Three episodes were filmed in Rockland County, New York, and the staff and owners revealed just how ina ...
Test Kitchen Bonus: Vermont Chicken Pot Pies: As a three-time winner of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars, Orlan...
Coccadotts Cake Shop a runner-up on Food Network's 'Cupcake Wars': Coccadotts Cake Shop, which has stores in M...
Stay Tune!!! Sweet Magnolias will be on Cupcake Wars TONIGHT on the Food Network at 8pm!!!
Coming May 1 in Liberty Square, Smallcakes cupcake bakery opening by Jeff Martin, Augusta native and Cupcake Wars star on Food Network.
Strangely the episode Cupcake Wars that was just on Food Network was the Spider-Man challenge! The influence is everywhere! ha
Sweet Tooth Fairy - video application for Food Network's Cupcake Wars: So here is the video portion of our app...
cupcake shop Le Cupcake is going to be on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars."
Lincoln's Le Cupcake to appear on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" on Mother's Day. (May 12).
The winners of Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" are speaking today and giving away free ones. It's like Christmas and Birthday all together
If the Food Network did a bracket for Cupcake Wars, it would be 100 times better than college basketball.
Food Events: The speakers are: Cheryl Burger winner of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars and owner of the Sweet ...
Don't forget & on Cupcake Wars. This Sunday at 8PM Est.on the Food Network.
"Cupcake Wars" Hawaii-theme episode airs at 5p Sunday on Food Network. Guest judge is Roy Yamaguchi.
Reading: Food Network to air special Hawaii-themed episode of “Cupcake Wars” - KHON2
Donny Edwards’, one of the top Elvis Tribute Artists, first performance in the Orlando area will be at our 34th Annual Elvis Presley Continentals Charity Festival and Car Show. Our own Hawaiian "Elvis" Rich Purnell and his entourage will be performing songs from Elvis’ three movies he made in Hawaii. David Jericko, the new kid on the block, will be singing the opening songs. Unless you plan on going out to Vegas you will not get an opportunity to see Donny perform in person. So please don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to see a performance by Donny here in Florida!!! Did you get the chance to see him on the Food Network show "Cupcake Wars"? He was there representing Elvis Presley Enterprises as Elvis Presley. He looked fantastic!! We have a limited amount of seating so please buy your tickets now as we believe this will be a sellout. Seating is first come first serve so the earliest you purchase your tickets the better the seat and you will not want to miss this unbelievable show! S ...
Don't forget to watch Cupcake Wars this Sunday night at 7:00 on the Food Network. We will be featuring some of the flavors through out next week! Win or Lose I promise it will be one you won't forget!
Rockin' Cupcakes of Rochester Hills ready to rock Food Network's 'Cupcake Wars' on Sunday.
The new season of Cupcake Wars will premiere this Sunday March 3rd on Food Network! Tune in on April 28th to see me in a very special episode!
Are you a fan of Food Network's Cupcake Wars? Meet the host of the show and other Laughfest comedians during my Google+ Hangout tomorrow with Pure Michigan.
I luv cupcakes - can't wait for Cloud 9 to open at Perimeter Mall - also heard will be on Food Network's Cupcake Wars
You would know that already if you watched Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. It's an awesome show.
Ever watch Cupcake Wars on Food Network? Tomorrow's food truck made it to the final round on an episode! Stay tuned!
If you love cupcakes, and who doesn't, Food Network's Cupcake Wars is holding a kosher bake-off fundraiser for a Hurricane Relief Fund.
Tonight, I watched both the Royal Rumble and finally caught an episode of Bobby's Dinner Battle. Dinner Battle reminds me of the BBC Show, Come Dine With Me for all the right reasons. It's different from what you get with any of the carbon-copied shows on Food Network like Sugar Dome or Cupcake Wars. Not only that, Bobby flay is a really good host for this show. It's after Iron Chef on Sundays at 8pm, so please watch it, we need more friendly competitions like this one.
Olivia convinced me to take her to "Sticky Fingers" they where on Cupcake Wars, so we are heading into D.C. Lol. FYI... It didn't take much convincing...dam you Food Network!
Vickie Turner and lil sis are downstairs having Cupcake Wars. I’m just waiting for the Food Network truck to drive up.
Yay! Cupcake Wars is back on Food Network in the mornings :) anyone else been watching?
watching Cupcake Wars on Food i'm craving for one!!! *tulo-laway* 😋
The *** is Food Network playing Cupcake Wars all day for? Its getting in the way of gracing my TV today. Screw that!
Cupcake Wars marathon on the Food Network. It truly is Christmas.
Catch our Cupcake Wars Episode The Nutcracker on Food Network today! Wanna try the Dark Chocolate Orange Mascarpone Cheesecake Cupcake..stop by Fratelli Cafe 7200 Melrose Ave.
I'm addicted to Food Network, we used to watch it so much last year. Cupcake Wars took priority.
Who is watching Cupcake Wars right now?!? Jason Hisley with his place of previous employment, an amazing cupcake shop!!!, is now on the Food Network! Check him out!!
Y'all keep watching that Teen Mom drama on MTV, and I'll stick to my "OMG I forgot the butter" drama on Cupcake Wars on Food Network.
BREAKING CKI CONVENTION NEWS: Justin Willman has been confirmed to host CKI's late night entertainment on Thursday, June 27, at the international convention in Vancouver. Also known as Justin Kredible, he is an actor, magician and entertainer. He hosts two Food Network series, Cupcake Wars and Last Cake Standing. He will be a guest on tonight's Jay Leno Show. Tune in and see who you will get to meet in June!
A Fort Hood spouse just recently competed in Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Check out the full story below!
CUPCAKE WARS airs TONIGHT on Food Network! 'Tis the season for cupcakes as four bakers compete for the opportunity to serve their cupcakes at a VIP party for the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Parade in Chicago.
The perfect pot luck with of Food Network's Cupcake Wars!
Heather Saffer, owner of Penfield's Dollop Gourmet Cupcake Creations and winner of the Food Network's popular show "Cupcake Wars," is having an eventful December. Saffer announced Thursday she plans to close her retail shop to focus on a new frosting business and a book deal.
"Like" this status if you'll be tuning into the Food Network tomorrow to watch us compete on CUPCAKE WARS!
The Holiday Bazaar is still happening in the Villanova Room today from 10-6! New vendors include Dia Doce, winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars!
SO BIG SURPRISE TIME!!! You might want to watch Cupcake Wars this week... Because we're on it! Our episode will air on December 6th on the Food Network!!! :)
Cupcake Pilots are celebrating the Holidays by competing on the Holiday Episode of Cupcakes Wars! Be sure to watch and see how we do against other Military Spouse Owned Bakeries. Next Thursday, on Food Network.
Watching "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network. Pretty brutal out there in the world of cupcake making.
Day Twenty Eight of November: I am grateful I got to try cupcakes from the Food Network 2012 Cupcake Wars winner: Hokulani Bake Shop in Hawaii! Yum!!!
Sugar Bakery's Audition Tape for Cupcake wars!: This is our audition tape for Food Network's Cupcake wars! Sugar...
I think I watch too much Food Network. Abagail brought her fake cupcakes downstairs and told me she is going to Cupcake Wars and is making Pizza Frosting.
Well, we have really enjoyed our Thanksgiving weekend at my brother's home with Margaret and Austin. Today we spent the day in Blue Ridge, Georgia and stopped in The Sweet Shoppe, cupcake shop that won the cupcake wars on the Food Network and we see now why they won. Super cupcakes. We also went junkin today too. Great time this whole weekend. Don't want to end but alas, got to go!
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Hello Friends! We first wanted to remind everyone to watch Cupcake Wars on Food Network tomorrow at 8pm! We have had many questions about why we did not announce the airing prior to Sunday night. We were not informed by the producers at Food Network that our episode was airing. Our parents happened to see it was coming on 45 minutes prior to the show. We had been told it would be March 2013 last week. We are hurriedly planning some activites to tie-in to the episode. Thank you for your continued support and please spread the word about our upcoming re-airings of Cupcake Wars!!
A Pontiac bakery is enjoying sweet success and the national spotlight. The Cakeria has won "Cupcake Wars," a popular baking competition show on the Food Network.
So proud of my friends Kathleen and Nathan from Scrumps Cupcakes. They were on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" and came in 2nd place. Be sure to stop in and let them know how well they represented Knoxville tonight. Way to go!
Pontiac's own "The Cakeria" is on Food Network's Cupcake Wars. I didn't even know they existed... But now that I do I will be a patron!
Check out Cupcake Wars tonight at 8:00 on Food Network! We will be on there!
Whoever has kids and watching Food Network shows such as Chopped or Cupcake Wars. Give your children Playdough and watch their imaginations soar with this! Anna and Ethan have been "talking to the camera". Ethan said, "If I don't win this today, my family will die." LMBO!! THIS is much better entertainment than Food Network any day!
Awesome place, just found them and they should compete in Cupcake Wars on Food Network! (@ Babycakes) on
I was pretty disappointed in the cupcake shop we went to today. They were even on Food Network's Cupcake Wars...and it sucked. Pshhh, I should be on Cupcake Wars! My cupcakes and cake balls are WAY better!
Another team of Utah bakers will compete on the popular Food Network show
so i was watching Food Network and Cupcake Wars was on and thanks to Courtney A Gentrup and her sister i want a castle of cupcakes now...
CupCake Wars on Food Network makes me drool :)~
For anyone that missed us on Cupcake Wars its on Food Network in 7 mins!!! : )
Congratulations to Heather and Adam Rosseau, owners of SugarHigh Bakery in Frankenmuth and recent winners of Cupcake Wars on Food Network! In honor of their win, the Bronner family and staff sent them three commemorative ornaments.
If you missed our last episode of Cupcake Wars. It will air again this Thursday at 7:00pm on Food Network channel.
Small Cakes, the winner of Cupcake Wars on Food Network will be at our James Bond Inner Goddess Party with some yummy cupcakes!
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The owners of SugarHigh Bakery tested their skills on Food Network's Cupcake Wars and the local bakery beat the competition and to take the top prize home to Frankenmuth.
We just want to send out a big Congrats to SugarHigh Bakery for winning Cupcake Wars last night on the Food Network!!!
Sending out our love and congrats to an amazing husband and wife duo - Heather and Adam Rousseau of SugarHigh Bakery for winning Food Network's Cupcake Wars last night! We'll have to wait a while to see it air up in Canada, but look forward to seeing how you rocked the TMNT Theme!
Alums Jeff and Emily Mitchell (both `08) competed on the Food Network's Cupcake Wars last night! They didn't win the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed contest, but they're making quite an impression with their business Lancaster Cupcakes. Do you have a favorite cupcake flavor?
Computer Publishing Concepts would like to congratulate fellow Frankenmuth Chamber member Heather Rousseau for winning Cupcake Wars - shown on TV Sunday night on the Food Network. I have frequented her store, and she has great cupcakes, even sugar-free ones. In two short years, she has risen to the top of her profession.
Watch us compete on The Food Network's Cupcake Wars! Four bakers, all husband and wife teams, will have to become ninjas in the kitchen in order to win the battle to serve their cupcakes at a...
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. We are hanging out in (Counsil Bluffs Iowa.) It is next to Omaha, nice place. Visiting some of the fetured places from food network channel. Guy F.,Cupcake Wars and Alton Brown has been at. Heading back home tomorrow. Love & miss you all.
Congratulations Heather an Adam from Sugar High Bakery in Frankenmuth on winning Food Network's 'Cupcake Wars'!
Sugarhigh of Frankenmuth is on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network!
Cupcake Wars on food network station is honoring Teenage Mutant Turtles. Love the Turtles.Michelangelo always my favorite
I love the show "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" It's a little embarrassing to see adults dropping out of elementary, because they're not smarter than their 5th grade classmates. LOL!! I'm getting ready to watch "Cupcake Wars" on the Food Network channel!!!
Gettin amped up for the viewing of frankmuth's own SugarHigh on Cupcake Wars! On the food network at 8pm tonight!!!
FRANKENMUTH, MI-- I was in Frankenmuth recently to do a little shopping when I heard aboutSugarHigh Bakery'supcoming national television appearance on the reality TV show "Cupcake Wars."
Getting ready to watch Frankenmuth's very own Sugarhigh Bakery on Cupcake Wars! You should watch too, The Food Network at 8pm! Go Heather and Adam, Ninja Speed! ;)
So excited to see my cousins bakery Sugar High compete in Cupcake Wars!!! Tonight at 8pm food network! Yay!7
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Last stop on this 2 Day Gluttony Getaway: Jilly's Cupcake Bar & Cafe, winner of Cupcake Wars on Food Network!
Watch Melissa Rousseau's brother, Adam Rousseau, and sister-in-law, Heather Rousseau, on Cupcake Wars tonight on the Food Network at 8:00. The theme is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! There will surely be some nunchucks and bo staffs in the kitchen.
ATTENTION all TMNT fans there is a TMNT Cupcake Wars on Food Network tonight @ 5 pm and @ midnight. May the best Turtle win. COWABUNGA ! ;)
If you are looking to indulge your sweet tooth this morning and from here on out. Check out my friends bakery La Cakerie out in Towson on W Chesapeake to be exact. He has won an episode of Cupcake Wars and has been on Sweet Genius both on the Food Network. So support local businesses and check out the opening of his bakery which was only 25 minutes ago.
Just an FYI, our Cupcake Wars episode is rerunning on Food Network right NOW! :) that's 6:00pm central :)
So for the past couple months Brice has been very concerned with what he is going to be when he grows up.apparently he has finally figured it out...he is going to be a "food taster"...pretty sure between this and his current obsession with Cupcake Wars my husband is going to be canceling The Food Network from our cable package here real soon;)
Check out Chloe's first-ever cookbook available for preorder here! KITCHEN: 125 EASY, DELICIOUS RECIPES FOR MAKING THE FOOD YOU LOVE THE VEGAN WAY Chloe is a Food Network-winning vegan chef, proving to the world that vegan food can be stylish, deli...
Had cupcakes today at the bakery that won Cupcake Wars on Food Network last night. Nom nom nom. Yum yum yummy!
this morning we are super proud of our customers and North Conway Village neighbors, White Mountain Cupcakery as they won the Food Network's Cupcake Wars last night. We bet they will be swamped today with folks trying to congratulate them and get one of their yummy cupcakes!
Tonight 8pm Pacific Time- Food Network- (New) Cupcake Wars "Magical Cupcakes" @ the world famous Magic Castle. I did some close up magic for the winners. Hope you get to see me in the final cut. There were 1000 cupcakes there. Delicious!! ( will replay later also)
says good luck White Mtn Cupcakery of North Conway, NH.on Cupcake Wars - Food Network Channel right now!!
Congrats to White Mountain Cupcakes for winning Cupcake Wars in the Food Network
Congratulations to White Mountain Cupcakery of North Conway for winning Cupcake Wars on Food Network tonight!! Their cupcakes are awesome!
so proud of one of my vendors White Mountain Cupcakery for winning on the Food Network's Cupcake Wars tonite.
What are you doing this evening? I am SO glued to my TV watching our clients the White Mountain Cupcakery on Cupcake Wars... Food Network. Check it out! Go team, Ianuzzi!
Check out White Mt Cupcakery on Cupcake Wars on the food network right now!
Bill is the winner of Cupcake Wars, unbelievable scenes on Food Network
A local pastry chef who made it big by winning the 'Cupcake Wars' on the Food Network is coming back to Maryland to open his first bakery.
You know you watch too much Food Network when you recognize one of the contestants on "Sweet Genius" from their previous appearance on "Cupcake Wars".
Sweet Genius & Cupcake Wars are my favorite Food Network shows😍
Kyra's winning smile on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" Last year, I had the privilege ...
I had THE BEST cupcake today from Cupcake. They were the winner on the Food Network's Cupcake Wars and I can confirm why!
Curious, I assume you watch Cupcake you watch The Pioneer Woman on Food Network? We are big fans of the show.
I love some of the programming on the Food Network, but I despise having Cupcake Wars shoved down my throat every other show. Really? Has the whole world just succumbed to the Glee mentality? Re-elect this Muslim, America, and I'll be done with you.
Don't forget, if you missed the hilarity of us on Cupcake Wars the other night, it reruns tonight on Food Network at 7:00pm central!!
Congrats to my friends Katherine Rassi Iannuzzi and Marc Iannuzzi and all at the White Mountain Cupcakery for making it to Cupcake Wars! I'll be watching and cheering on sunday night!
I am having a GREAT day. Just thought I'd let y'all know. :-) Finished a killer report, filled 4 Scentsy orders, made a super cute raffle prize for this weekend's Trunk or Treat, cleaned up a lot, played on the swingset with the girls (yes I even got up in the tree house part!) and am preparing for my 3rd class tomorrow at Cupcake Heaven! I'm loving this fondant thing... now I see these Cupcake Wars on Food Network and I'm all "yeah I can do that. easy peezy!" Now... I am trying to find ways to create more buzz about my Scentsy biz. I just might promote this month, so if you guys are at all thinking about Scentsy for the holidays or for yourself, please please help THIS month! I'm pretty close and would LOVE to be a "SuperStar"! Send me a wishlist and I will figure out the best way to bundle to save you the most $$ - THANK YOU from this "women's small business owner!" :-)
Congratulations to Harley Rast Williams! She was in Cupcake Wars on the Food Network tonight. She and my son are like brother and sister.have been friends since Junior High School.
I spied lia sophia tonight on Cupcake Wars on FOOD Network! Love that show, and two of the bakers from Ohio were decked out in our Flowerpot necklace and rings from the Spring/Summer Catalog! They were both wearing different lia sophia in the Final Shot! So Cool.
Ugh, Harley was robbed! She totally should have won Cupcake Wars. Still, happy to see Florence, AL on the Food Network.
Cupcake Wars & now Halloween Wars . Oh how I love the food network :)
Florence's "Sugar on Top" bakery is on Cupcake Wars right now on food network!!
Harley is on Cupcake Wars like RIGHT NOW! Turn it to Food Network and watch!
Be sure to catch Moore Dessert Please! in just a few minutes on Food Network's Cupcake Wars!
Do not forget to watch our boy Cody tomorrow on Food Network's Cupcake Wars at 8pm ET. Can not wait to see Cody on this show tomorrow!
‘The Cake Boss of Lake County’ hopes she’s got the right mix for the Food Network series ‘Cupcake Wars.’
There is a repeat of Cupcake Wars coming on at 8pm with the Wild cupcake from New Bern, NC watch it was a very good show! Its on the Food Network.
What the . "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network. I mean come on... Really?
Watching "cupcake wars" on the Food Network. Craving something sweet!!
Note to self...don't watch Food Network shows when you have to be on special diet for 10 days!!! Torch yourself when you can eat again...or Cupcake Wars will watch again in November!!!
Nicole from The Wild Cupcake won Food Network's CupCake Wars--Yahooo! Way to go and make New Bern proud!
Nicole from New Bern's The Wild Cupcake is kicking butt on Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Very exciting to watch. I know where I'll buy my next cupcake!! Hope she wins!
Watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network the Cupcake lady from New Bern is competeing!! The Wild Cupcake makes the best cupcakes!!
Becky and Nicole from Rebecca's in New Bern are on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. They made Matt and Marissa's wedding cake and THAT was an awesome cake!
Watching jessicas ain't on cupcake wars!. Food Network, now!
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Watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network and the owners from The Sweet Tooth Bakery in Blue Springs are competing!
Been talking about scary evil clowns all day, so I'm watching cupcake wars on Food Network.yeppers they have to make Scary *** CLOWNS FOR REAL!!!;(((
Utah's very own Janell Brown and Kristen Cold wowed the judges on the Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" and to
Food Network finally gave us the go-ahead to spill the beans... Sugar on Top is going to be on Cupcake Wars!! Catch our episode Sunday, October 21st at 7:00pm central. It should be hilarious!! :)
A big congratulations to my friend, Katie Swanson, whose "Katie's Cupcakes" won the 7th season opener of "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network!!! The ones she made on the show are amazing!!!
You need to check out Cupcake Wars this Sunday the 14th on Food Network at 8:00 to see New Berns The Wild Cupcake compete!!! Her cupcakes rock!!!
My girlfriend's audition for Cupcake Wars on Food Network.. you gotta watch the "proper" way to eat a cupcake..
Watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network cos imma Rusher and a Foodie too
The host of Cupcake Wars on Food Network is a ***
Callie Ford-thinking of you ! :D Have you heard? The Fall 2012 edition of the Western Wire is available online featuring the latest WWU alumni news. In addition to the successful alumni stories featured in the Wire, we are pleased to announce Western alumna Katie Swanson, owner of Katie's Cupcakes is the recent winner of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Swanson and her baking assistant, Kelsey Schaeffer ('10), beat out three other bakeries for the $10,000 prize. Katie's Cupcakes is True Blue for WWU as a proud Western Wednesday partner. "Get Your Blue On" and enjoy one of her award-winning gourmet cupcakes for free when you purchase a cupcake wearing Western gear to her Fairhaven store every Wednesday!
Western alumna Katie Swanson (of Katie's Cupcakes) won Cupcake Wars yesterday on the Food Network!
Woohoo!!! Huge Congratulations to my cousin Kelsey Shafer and her friend Katie for being the Winner of tonights Cupcake Wars on the Food Network!! So stinkin' excited for you girls!
Tune in to BTR On Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. thanks to them im craving some cupcakes. wah :/ lol
Our very own Katie's Cupcakes... from Fairhaven will be competing on CUPCAKE WARS at 8pm on Food Network!
Watching "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network -- Katie's Cupcakes from Bellingham is a contestant. (There's also a cupcakery from Seattle on today's show.)
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Tune in to Food Network at 8 PM for a BTR edition of Cupcake Wars!
Cupcake Wars starts its seventh season on the Food Network at 8:00.  The country’s top cupcake bakers vi
Today BTR Cupcake Wars on the Food Network on at 8pm ET/PT!
Talk about timing! I recently popped into N.V. Cupcakes in Corinth for a sweet treat, only to be greeted by co-owner Van Van Nguyen with good news: She and her sister, Ngoc, will star as final contestants in the Food Network's Cupcake Wars on Oct. 14 at 7 p.m. CT. Their bakery is one of four ...
I can't wait for this Sunday cuz are gonna be judges on Cupcake Wars on Food Network. My 5 fav things! BTR AND CUPCAKES! YAY!!!
Here's your Oceanic Time Warner Cable Top Five (or so) shows to DVR this weekend! *** FRIDAY *** See new network shows including CSI: NY, Made in Jersey and Blue Bloods on CBS, The X Factor and Fringe on FOX Broadcasting and Grimm on NBC. *** SATURDAY *** Make sure to DVR new back to back Parking Wars on A&E Television Network, and New Adventureland on E! Entertainment. *** SUNDAY *** See even more new shows including Amazing Race and The Good Wife on CBS, Once Upon a Time and Revenge on ABC Television Network, DVR the new Cupcake Wars and the sweet and tasty new Halloween Wars on the Food Network. And don't miss a brand new Boardwalk Empire on HBO. This top 5 or so top shows has been brought to you by Oceanic's Digital Variety Pack where there is always something good on TV.
I told you the wrong thing the other day. The Cupcake Wars with BTR on it comes on this Sunday at 8/7C on the Food Network.
just found out there's a cupcake place in downtown Blue Ridge and they just won cupcake wars on the Food Network ;-o guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow
Someone just brought me this cupcake. Its from the store that won Food Network's Cupcake Wars.
Katie’s Cupcakes, located in Fairhaven, will compete in an upcoming episode of the TV show “Cupcake Wars,” on the Food Network.
Big Time Cupcake Wars on Food Network! :D will be guest starring on Cupcake Wars on Sunday :)
Cupcake Wars pits cupcake vs. cupcake in Food Network's tastiest competition yet. Each episode, four top cupcake bakers will face off for a huge...
Dear Food Network, I surrender!! I can no longer take another episode of Cupcake Wars, for that matter, I can not take another food contest!!! May your network and all your "today's theme" food crap go away, straight to the 9000's channel where it can die a proper death... PS - you would be NOTHING without Emeril and Alton Brown, the day you sent them packing was when your network "Jumped the Shark"!
From watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network to watching the Orioles on MASN. I have a wide range of tastes :)
Love watching Cupcake Wars, just love Food Network in general
Hey fans! Don't forget that our Cupcake Wars episode airs tomorrow at 7:00pm on Food Network, watch us compete...
Just saw a commercial for a new series on Food Network called Halloween Wars(A cupcake wars special) Anyone else think Voltaire should be a judge?
I love the Food Network... Cupcake Wars my fav show ...
We are watching a special edition of Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Teams must create massive displays with cake and special effects. Son: What is that pink and white stuff they are rolling up? Daughter: It's fondant. Son: (not correctly hearing what his sister said..) VOMIT??!! *clearly appalled* Why would anybody want that on a cake?? I just left the room... (Oh, I am writing all of these in a book to pick me up on tough days and to present to him one day...) He is a card!!
Food Network: Cake Wars is boring please don't mess with Cupcake Wars again!
For all you sweets lovers out there ... check out my sister, Charity, tonight on Food Network's Cupcake Wars. 8pm ET/PT. I definitely miss living close enough to be one of her taste testers.
Cupcakes from the shop that won the 2012 award on the show Cupcake Wars on Food Network!
The Twisted Sifter Cake Shoppe and Cupcakes. Danville, Kentucky's own Twisted Sifter Cake Shoppe shows the Food Network why they need to be on "Cupcake Wars". Cupcake Wars Danville Kentucky How to make Fondant icing
I woke up n was channel surfing n found a show called Cupcake Wars on "Food Network". I may nominate Lol
Confession I am ADDICTED to the Food Network! I don't care what's on, I'll watch it. From cupcake wars or diners, drive-ins and dives, all the way to restaurant stake out or Iron Chef. I mean addicted to the point where it could be turned on in the morning and the channel won't change ALL day (Heaven Help Me) LOL
I have discovered the Food Network channel and fear I may be addicted to Cupcake Wars after only 15 minutes. I may need saving.
I don't usually watch the Food Network but I have watched Cupcake Wars before because of Jennette obvi lol
Do you like Food Network, sis? Shows like Chopped, Cupcake Wars, and Restaurant Impossible? :)
Blue Ridge's very own The Sweet Shoppe of Blue Ridge has the BEST cupcakes in the entire state of Georgia, and possibly the entire Southeast! We have known this forever, but now they have proved it to the world! The Sweet Shoppe ladies won the most recent Season 6 episode of Cupcake Wars on Food Network. They have mouthwatering Fall flavors like pumpkin cheesecake, old fashioned strawberry, and more! Check it out on your Fall trip to Blue Ridge and let your tastebuds experience what we've been raving about for years!
Mon Petit Cupcake out of Winona, MN auditioning for Cupcake Wars on Food Network
Big Time Rush will be on a new episode of Cupcake Wars on October 7th on Food Network! 8 PM EST
Annaliese of Cape and Tiara: Cupcakes and Crafts, audition video for Food Network's Cupcake Wars season 8.
Big Time Rush's episode of "Cupcake Wars" premieres October 7th on the Food Network :)
Hey bakey, Cupcake Wars is on the Food Network right now, have you seen it? xx
solve your food problem? I gave in and got watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network and its making me crave
It's on again all my friends! The Sweet Shoppe of Blue Ridge on Cupcake Wars. Food Network from 8-9.right now. If you did joy get a chance to see it Sunday, please tune in and watch the south rise again!
Jason Kakabaker of The Cakabakery serves up fresh delights for his entry into the Food Network's Cupcake Wars. "We live to bake, and bake to live." We're you...
Animal planet is the only thing I watch, unless cupcake wars is on Food Network.
So proud of the ladies at The Sweet Shoppe of Blue Ridge!!! 2012 winners of Food Network, Cupcake Wars!...
Need a little sweet inspiration? Read our interview with Chef winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars!
Why is the Food Network not nominated for It's got love (the Neelys), mystery (Guy Fieri) & conflict (Cupcake Wars)!
Cupcake Wars is hands down the best show on Food Network
I'm a rarity tonite..not watching football or's Food Network & Cupcake Wars & Great Food Truck Race for me
Time for Cupcake Wars on Food Network. The Sweet Shoppe in Blue Ridge is competing!
Our local bakery - The Sweet Shoppe - is on Cupcake Wars again tonight (Food Network 8pm). Please watch it or come to Fannin High School cafeteria for their viewing party starting at 7pm.
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everyone watch my long lost friend Robyn Holt and her friend on the TV show Cupcake Wars tonight on the food network! nice to see old friends doing really well in the world! we miss you Robyn
To all my out of town friends & family who may not know about Cupcake Wars on the Food Network Channel tonight at 8 pm. Our own Blue Ridge, GA Sweet Shoppe girls will be on. What yummy cupcakes they do make! We're all so proud of them. Hope they win!
Dont forget to watch My wife & Nikki tonite on Cupcake Wars at 8pm on the Food Network. Good Luck Girls!
Ok, I have been up all night. Mop the floor at 6.30a and clean the bathroom right after. Now I'm a Food Network showing of Cupcake Wars, like I'm going to bake any at this hour. SMH.
Buster's sleeping off his beer and pretzel cupcake from the Sweet Divine Cupcake Bakery in St. Louis winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars - let's just say he's glad he got to strut to work it off! ~ Kari
I have the pleasure of having one of these any time I want. As a matter of fact they personally deliver my favorite one to me, when they bake them!! This is their second time appearing on Cupcake Wars. They were robbed last time! Watch them this Sunday at 8 p.m. on the Food Network.
Make sure you catch on 'Cupcake Wars' on the Food Network channel tonight at 8pm.
Royal Oak's 'Cupcake Wars' winner to offer taste By Melody Baetens The Detroit News 0 Comments Way to go.2 Michigan gals win on the Reality Show "Cupcake Wars". Royal Oak's Taste Love Cupcakes was featured on an April episode of Food Network's "Cupcake Wars." That episode will re-air at 7 p.m. Tuesday, and to celebrate, Michelle Brown and Yolanda Baston of Taste Love Cupcakes will offer the very products that won the "war," including the famous and unique salmon caramel cupcakes. The winning cupcakes will be available starting at 11 a.m. Wednesday until sold out. Taste Love Cupcakes is at 304 S. Main St. in Royal Oak. Call (248) 543-2253.
Stephen Glickman from Big Time Rush and Judge of Food Network's Cupcake Wars loved the Memphis truffle!
I just went to food network and Cupcake Wars was on and the theme/challenge was Roller Derby!!! Made me think of you!!!
They be grubbing on Food Network . I wanna go up there & be a judge on Cupcake Wars one day . Lol
Royal Oak-based Taste Love Cupcakes, which will be featured tonight in a re-aired episode of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars, says being on the show propelled the new company to profitability. The bakery, which opened in April 2011, was featured originally in the episode that ran in April 2012.
Bliss to Audition for Food Network show "Cupcake Wars": A local cupcake shop is hoping to make the big time. Mon...
Watching the first of about a million plays of Cupcake Wars that Food Network puts on. Cmon Food Network, creativity pls.
Cupcake Wars may be the worst show on the Food Network
All purpose parts banner
Whenever I watch "Cupcake Wars" on the Food Network.. I get in my feelings ! I start craving them but sugar is so bad for my skin lmfao.
Just had my first cupcake from a winner of Cupcake Wars on Food Network. Red velvet was amazing.. I thought I hated red velvet!
Well today has just vanished. Want to say please watch Food Network tonight, is on Cupcake Wars at 8pm. ...
It's on Friday on the Food Network channel. The programmes called Cupcake Wars followed by a behind the scenes. Eek
We just seen the preview on Food Network for our NEW episode of Cupcake Wars!!! WE are so excited and cannot wait to see it!!! Remember next Sunday night at 8:00 on Food Network!! Also we are having a viewing that night at the high school cafeteria starting at 7:00!! Come out and we can ALL watch it together!
Just seen the previews from our new episode on Cupcake Wars!!! Rememeber Next Sunday Night at 8:00 on Food Network. I am SO excited!
On Cupcake Wars on Food Network, I don't see how in the world you could critique a cupcake to death.they said a cupcake was too "bready". What does that even mean?
Mount Zion Baptist Church, Glendale, Ohio held their first "Cupcake Wars" today. Favorite grandson number three, Konner, won the championship. He took first place with his vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with Spiderman gummies, chocolate s'more cupcake with marshmallow frosting and graham *** crumb topping, and peanut butter cupcake with chocolate frosting filled with a mini Reese cup. Each cupcake was moist, light and flavorful. Food Network - here we come!
Nice way to finish my vacation...watching a Star Wars-themed episode of "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network! A 100+ cupcake display shaped like the Millennium Falcon? Should be nice to see when done...
Cupcake Wars is one of the most useless shows on Food Network.
Does anyone else sit around all day wishing that the Food Network would cancel all the dumb competition shows and instead just aired Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives 24/7? Cupcake Wars is cool and all, but I really couldn't care less about who can cook the best dish using pig intestines in the middle of a desert during a dust storm.
Spending my afternoon watching Food Network, Cupcake Wars is possibly the best show ever 🍰
I really like Food Network but drivel like Cupcake Wars lets it down. And the awful adverts.
Meet the Santa Barbara celebrity chefs featured on the Food Network and beyond as part of, Santa Barbara’s month long celebration of cuisine, libations and culture. See footage of local culinary artists and hear from a panel of experts about cooking on camera before indulging in their del...
If you win Cupcake Wars on Food Network, is the prize type-II diabetes or just crippling self-hatred redirected at others?
I'm watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network, and one of the bakers has just shoved a hotdog in cake batter before sticking it in the oven.
Great News! The Girls from "The Sweet Shoppe" in Blue Ridge will be making their 2nd apperance on the Food Network show "Cup Cake Wars" partly due to your votes! Good Luck Ladies!
Please help me in congratulating Jillian Hopke and Daylyn Graff on their recent success...more importantly lets all wish them luck on their next round of competition on Food Network's Cupcake Wars...let's keep supporting them people!
Ugh!! Sitting here watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network with my girls.I think I'm growing boobs!
Caved in and got cable back. Just got it today and the girls are excited to watch Food Network, one of their favorites 'Cupcake Wars' is on :)
& TV schedule for this evening. 20:00 the Food Network: Cupcake Wars for your pleasure :)
Cooking without dairy is so easy and fun! Just click on the link below to see vegan, Chef Chloe Coscarelli win Food Network's "Cupcake Wars" the cruelty-free way! :D Everyone else used cow milk except her and she kicked their *** :D ♥♥♥
You might not of seen or heard, but my Cupcake Wars episode aired last night. Check it out! it airs about 20 times this week on the food network
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