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Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap (el. ) is a pass through the Cumberland Mountains region of the Appalachian Mountains, also known as the Cumberland Water Gap, at the juncture of the U.S.

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09/07/1863: Battle of the Cumberland Gap; Union took control of pass connecting KY-TN-VA after 3 day battle.
Separation is triumphant! Federalism is not away forward. Cumberland gap has widened and no amount of filler will repair it.
Claiborne and Cumberland Gap can bond over one thing: Tennessee football
At one point in the game, spanning back to the Cumberland Gap game, Jeffers had completed 25 passes in a row. No doubt a CCHS record.
But he's a headin west from the cumberland gap to .
The party's still going Gap Casino Resort! Hop on our FREE shuttle - pick-ups at the Ramada & Fairfield Inns in Downtown Cumberland!
Pretty sure Claiborne put more points on the board then Cumberland Gap did yards. 😂👊👋👏
Prediction score of this years basketball matchup Claiborne vs. Cumberland Gap . 41-0.
Cumberland gap 41- Claiborne 0 you all tried hard tho
Driving away from the late summer sun @ Cumberland Gap
the same calculation, the passage of the Cumberland Gap, he
Made it! Now back to Wise. (@ Cumberland Gap Tunnel in Harrogate, TN)
Lunch... On our way to Cumberland Gap. (@ El Potrillo in Gate City, VA)
Don't forget to stop in tonight at 7:00 to hear the Miami Valley Gear Guys talk about their Cumberland Gap hiking...
Golf match today at Clinchview vs. Greeneville, Cumberland Gap, and Grainger.
Watching local news here in Rockford makes me long even for what I got living out near the Cumberland Gap.
I didn't think Cumberland Gap had enough to field a team.
Claiborne bulldogs playing Cumberland Gap Friday. Battle of the county.
Join for for the BRAC Game of the Week as Claiborne County vs Cumberland Gap. Coverage begins at 6:00pm and...
Cumberland Gap, on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. Trips like this make me love my country. h…
Cumberland Gap, Mammoth Caves National Park, history & culture...Kentucky has tons for visitors:
Ever thought about backpacking the Cumberland Gap Ridge Trail? Not sure where to start? Or, maybe you’re...
Old-time tunes celebrating nature; Cumberland Gap 1872, can be found on Buffalo Gal’s first record...
My cousin & his band, Cumberland Gap. My cousin on mandolin, his wife on stand up bass.
Virginia public schools are now in session from the Cumberland Gap to the Eastern Shore.
So eastern Kentucky is beautiful. If y'all have wondered where I've been, I'm in the Cumberland Gap shooting guns and climbing mountains ☺️
Nothing but empty, reaching arms for Cumberland Co. defenders as Scott’s Jon Hamblin splits the gap.
So I'm watching the Paul Finebaum show on SEC network. A guy from Cumberland Gap, TN called in and said he's heard West Virginia fans saying they're gonna beat Alabama and he said Kentucky would have a better chance of beating Alabama before West Virginia and I agree with the guy. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you have an SEC vs SEC, you don't known what's gonna happen. Roll Tide!!
A great day trip filled with aventure and history Cumberland Gap
In this video we take a ride to The Cumberland Gap Pinnacle and show what it has to offer. We also interview a park ranger at the visitor center.
Epiphany: if no matter how you try if you aren't ever invited to do things with so called friends.take your best friend( husband ) and just hit the road the whole weekend, drive take your time and stop and do the things that look interesting.lately Kentucky has been our hot spot.Cumberland Gap a couple of weekends ago and this weekend Leitchfield and Elizabethtown interesting places.
Awesome story just had on Cumberland Gap. Just down there last Saturday and it was beautiful!
Mamaw is trying to talk me into going to Cumberland Gap 😫
Ellie: We should have called her Cumberland Camille.. Get it like the Cumberland gap 😂😂.
I haven't been in awhile but I may try it. I'm planning on going to Cumberland Gap at some point again to figure stuff out idk
If you head west from the Cumberland Gap, you don't end up in Johnson City.
Gary Copeland of Spence's rye hammering out Cumberland Gap in the VOA Studio back in April of 2014...
Gary Copeland (Spence's Rye) with Cumberland Gap recorded in April of 2014.
Students from Chinese Exchange camp at CSPC in July at Cumberland Gap. Read about the camp at…
Making our way through Cumberland Gap, TN and into NC. Gorgeous.
if he ain't got a Cumberland gap I don't wanna know.
Hope to see you at our next Cumberland Mountain Music Show. This Saturday, August 9, 2014. at the Cumberland Gap...
And that was a mighty fine Cumberland Gap followed by some awesome song by a girl from TN.
I added a video to a playlist Emily Long - Cumberland Gap
But he's a-heading west from the Cumberland gap,. TO Johnson City TENNESSEE
Please tell me why I have a ball game in Cumberland Gap at 7 tomorrow. It's the night before school starts...
What was the last drink you had? — Ole Cumberland gap water.uncap the gap
Pigeon Forge beat Cumberland Gap and Northview at Sevierville Golf Club. Tyler Bohanan with a 3-under-par 34.
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park on the border of Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee
Cumberland gap is good water, easily for me, but ice mountain is bae
Dasani and Cumberland Gap are the worst!😝😷
Performed by Chris Ellis on 05/12/14 in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee during the "LOYW Sessions Pt. 2". All Rights, Music, & Lyrics belong to Chris Ellis. From t...
442.8500 WA4ROB repeater at Cumberland Gap , Tennessee updated by WA4ROB
I just hope that the safety of Cumberland Gap wildlife has been assured after this.
Little boxes on the hillside @ Pinnacle Overlook Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
Why do all the Rimmel London models have the Cumberland gap between their front teeth? Maybe I don't want the London look anymore.
Doesn't get much better than sunset at Cumberland Gap National Park with an American flag and sunset!…
Taking in the view (@ Cumberland Gap Pinnacle Overlook in Middlesboro, KY)
Lay down boys, take a lil nap, 16 miles to the cumberland gap!
Great day for a walk in the woods. @ Cumberland Gap
I took a video idk how to send it though but he's a heading west to the Cumberland gap to Johnson City tn
Pay for a Dasani, get a Cumberland Gap.
Uhm... How exactly is the tunnel just closed? @ Cumberland Gap Tunnel
Cumberland Gap linebacker/running back Brandon Bailey says its only 25 days till its football time in east...
I want to go to Cumberland Gap so bad.
Arriving at our destination, Mile Zero of the GAP in Cumberland, MD
been through Tenn and loved it. My best friend in Houston his Dad moved into the Cumberland Gap. Can't get much better.
Well he's a headin west from the Cumberland Gap,. Johnson City, Tennessee.
crossing Cumberland gap in KY. Totally squatchy! :)
The Cumberland Gap has me feeling like a shoebie
Found the cutest baby deer in Cumberland Gap today! kirbiakersey lindseyh2008
Sometimes you just gotta stop and pick up the baby lizard 🐊@ Cumberland Gap…
BEARS in the news! Friends of Cumberland Gap NHP has received a grant to help get the word out. Check it out! .
Fantastic! I spend a lot of time in Lex! I'm from the most southeastern tip around the Cumberland Gap.
Kicking off today's it's Lonnie Donegan 'Cumberland Gap' Listen in for the next 2hrs for great music.
He's headed west from the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, Tennesse🎶
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were you a-heading west from the Cumberland gap??? (also buckle up kiddos)
COME ON GUYS "But he's aheading west from the Cumberland Johnson City, Tennessee"?
Driving through the Cumberland Gap while listening to Wagon Wheel.
Here's our official guests for the Cumberland Mountain Music Show on Sat. August 9th in Cumberland Gap! Check...
Report highlights the economic benefits of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to local communities.
New fire station proposed for Cumberland Gap area in southwest Tyler
Taking a family road trip, driving past the Cumberland gap, blasting Wagon Wheel like it's nobody's business
Here is a report on the economic impact of our national parks -- including $46 million from Cumberland Gap.
Campbell Co opens at Cumberland Gap in a game in which both teams traditionally like to throw the ball around and open up the offenses.
Cumberland Gap from the pinnacle overlook🌁
I've seen the Cumberland gap 12 times. So many
Looking for that forever friend? You might find him or her at our mobile adoption tomorrow (Saturday, 6/21) at the Commercial Bank in Barbourville, KY from 11 to 4. We'll have these sweet doggies and more, all wonderful, all looking for their forever home. Have a look to find your forever love. To get there, take Cumberland Gap Parkway to Barbourville, turn right at the KFC onto Knox St, Commercial Bank is on the right.
Day 7 continued - Thunder, Thunder, Thunder camping tonight at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park...had a wonderful meal (New York Strip, Steamed "Seasoned Squash, Zuchinni, Mushrooms, Onions, Red New Potatoes", Grilled Asparagus & Corn on the Cob...delish :) Love the peacefulness & now God's tears.flowind down from heaven... Love this sound...may never want to go home. Aaaah
Throwback to hiking across the Cumberland Gap, we want to explore the West Coast! Take us to…
Things I will take home with me from a week at The Mountain Heritage Literary Festival and Cumberland Gap Writers Studio: A mug from the Gap Creek Coffeehouse, too many photos of Olive Kittyridge, a bunch of wonderful, new friends, twenty good pages of a new novel and four pages of the new novel which I consider to be among the best pages I've ever written. Not a bad week at all! Thank you, Darnell Arnoult for creating such a wonderful program and for all your help!
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Passing Cumberland gap and the mayors name is jack Daniels... Lol
My Kentucky home town Middlesboro viewed to the west from Cumberland Gap peak the pinnacle extreme southeast Kentucky
I was checking a lady out she was from Illinois, and she got all excited and said "Oh my god! Kentucky water!" She got alittle to excited to see Cumberland Gap water...
A11: Cumberland Gap, 1st trip just more familiarization, want to spend more time going deep!
We will be serving Saturday night before the Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley concert @ LMU Convention Center located here in Cumberland Gap! Come have dinner and listen to some great music!!
We had two charter buses to arrive at the Genealogy Jamboree, Cumberland Gap Tennessee. See if your group can...
Talking about the 1862 Cumberland Gap Campaign of the American Civil War at the Genealogy Jamboree fate would have it...Cumberland Gap.
This is an amazing photo. Not only is it a great shot, there's something very special about it. Look in the middle of the picture to see a heart in the trees and then look to the left to see the image of a man extending his hand. Could this be the spirit of Daniel Boone thanking us with all his heart? Thank you Roberta Mills of Oregon for sharing this wonderful photography with us. This is the re-enactment of the 1776 crossing of the Cumberland Gap into the wilderness of "Kaintuck", soon to be the state of Kentucky. June 14, 2014 was the date if the Dedication of the Boone Trace Corridor, which is a tourism venue to promote education of the Early American Frontier. Go to to learn about this project.
Defiantly going to Cumberland Gap for my senior year😍
The next Cumberland Mountain Music show is this Saturday, June 21. Come join us down in the town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee at the LMU Convention Center on Colwyn Ave. Steve Gulley and Dale Ann Bradley headline the show along with the CMMS cast. Show starts at 7:30 and doors open at 6:30.
the Cumberland Gap, after traversing Powells valley. One of his
55 miles (89 km) - Total so far: 714 miles (1,149 km) Just before rolling into the campground last night I saw a warning sign for the Cumberland Gap tunnel. 'Huh' me thoughts, 'I didn't realize I h...
Literally traveling down the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, Tennessee
This is my great-great-great grandmother Bethenia "Stella" Vineyard Stevens (1817-1904), in front of her farmhouse in the Vineland area. She was born in Botetourt Co., VA, and came west with her family in a wagon train through the Cumberland Gap when she was 9 years old.Her father, Peter Vineyard, was a farmer, blacksmith, and wagon maker. She married William "BIllie" Stevens. They had 11 children: James, Martha, Mary, Mark, Lucy, Vance Reed, George, Dudley, Marie, Susan, and Alice.
We are in Cumberland Gap tonight, the corner where Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee meet and form a natural pass throught the Appalacian Mountains. We are staying in Middlesboro KY which is dry. To have a beer we must drive 5 miles to Harrowgate VA. The beer is good, but there is no internet service. The inconvenience is worth the beautiful views here!
Riding my bike across the US. Day 13- Leaving Virginia and Loving Kentucky.
Prayers.. Flat on I 75 after hitting something. We're near Cumberland Gap National Park. Thanks...
Common Strings will be preforming at the Cumberland Gap National Park Campground July 5th at 8:00 pm. If bad weather were to brew up, the music will be moved to the Visitor Center Theater, so rain or shine, come join us !
Anonymous said: Isn't that post about Cumberland Gap, KY the VA/TN side of the gap?
We will be in the Cumberland Gap area the 18/19/20 th of July!! Check out our flyer! Be sure to share with...
QCAFE winner for today is Lindsay in Cumberland, winning a lunch from LB's Place at Rocky Gap Casino Resort
And he was headin' west for the Cumberland Gap... To Johnson City...Tennessee... Hehe...
I finally made it home late last night. I seriously, from the very bottom of my heart want to thank those that took the time to come see my storytelling event in the Gap at the Genealogy Jamboree, Cumberland Gap Tennessee.Joyce Joyce Brooks-Wichman.without you I could not do it.and those that stopped by to see me, as well. I wish we would have had more time to swop stories. That was the most wonderful time of all.listening to the things you told me.thank you sweet brothers and sisters.We will talk more now that I am home, for I remember each and every one of you. Thanks Mark Treadway and the crew for such a great time.Thank you Marsha Bratton and the DAR sisters for having me. :) Thank YOU JESUS for such a beautiful time.and thank you to my grandchildren Josh and Kody Stafiej that went with me so I would not cancel my trip. It was hard not seeing my brother putting my tent away. However, my sister-in-law Theresa Mulka-Woodby brought the family and they helped us. It meant so much to see my family come in ...
Here is a video of the dedication of the Boone's Trace at Cumberland Gap.
Why on Earth are people so up in arms over this bear in Robertson County? They act like we aren't supposed to have bears here. I for one would be excited to know that bears were living in my woods! Bears were inhabiting our area long before Daniel Boone crossed the Cumberland Gap. It was thanks to human encroachment and development, that we have not seen bears in this part of Kentucky for so long. I am glad to see the bears making a come back. It's not like Black Bears are blood thirsty killers who set out to attack humans. If stupid people (the ones who get mauled because they tormented the bear) would let bears have their space everyone can co-exist peacefully. Hats off to our Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for their management of bear populations in Kentucky. Perhaps seeing a bear and her cubs while I'm taking a stroll in the woods will be as common as a deer and a fawn in the future.
Good morning brother &sisters ..this is going thru Cumberland Gap tunnel , oh how I enjoyed it , I hope y ' all do, too.
Heading west out of the Cumberland Gap!Heading toward Greenville and then back to Northern Va!
Daniel Boone's speech at Trail head of the Cumberland Gap !
Waveland State Historic Site, also known as the Joseph Bryan House, in Lexington, Kentucky is the site of a Greek Revival home and plantation now maintained and operated as part of the Kentucky state park system. It was the home of the Joseph Bryan family, who followed Daniel Boone through the Cumberland Gap, and became an early settler and horseman of this region.
Cumberland Gap by Lonnie Donegan is in Robinsons, Belfast. Download it now at
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Riding my bike across the US. Day 12- Konfederates & Kanines.
"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my mother" 👭💕 @ Cumberland Gap, Tennessee
That's an article...where is the pr link?.
Gorgeous day for some baseball. Go Gap!!! @ Cumberland Gap High School
Telling stories and playing music for the audience at an amphitheater in Cumberland Gap.
I need pictures from prom from when I went to Cumberland Gap high school
I still remember prom from when went to Cumberland gap high school Morgan you were a freshman and I remember you there taking pictures
Actually now driving in between the Cumberland Gap and Johnson City, Tennessee
I love living in Short Gap ... But I hate that everything I need/do is in lavale and Cumberland
Seinfeld mentions the Cumberland Gap in an episode
We are finishing Cumberland to Pittsburgh on the July 4th weekend.
Up early and back on the road! Thru the Cumberland Gap and onward to Maryland! See you soon
I grew my hair out after I left. Cumberland gap high school then I cut again but should I grow like that again
hey do u remember me I went to school with you at Cumberland gap high school
I spent part of today hiking the Cumberland Gap.
Making our way through the Cumberland Gap 🎶 . Our trip today was a long one, but at least we have a…
We will see you next year at the Genealogy Jamboree in Cumberland Gap TN.
Cathy and I on pinnacle rock overlook above the Cumberland Gap, with Tennessee and Virginia behind us. The other...
Performance number five for this weekend and the third for today, all centering around Cumberland Gap, will take...
About 4 more hours here at the Genealogy Jamboree Cumberland Gap TN.
I don't always like cats... But when I do, it's this one @ Cumberland Gap
Gorgeous view atop the Pinnacle at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.
Visiting Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, where Daniel Boone carved a trail for the pioneers to go west.
Thomas Jefferson giving a lecture right now at the Genealogy Jamboree in Cumberland Gap TN.
The people sailed from England to go to the Cumberland gap but it didn't exist - Quinn Bruns with a quality education
It's going to be a sunny day today. Come out to the Genealogy Jamboree & Pioneer Day in Cumberland Gap TN.
Old Crow Medicine Show, I love you, but the Johnson City, Tennessee is east of the Cumberland Gap.
Another great day at the Genealogy Jamboree See yall Saturday in Cumberland Gap Tn
Daniel Boone was one fascinating fellow. I bet you didn't know. -He didn't always know what he wanted to do with his life. During his early years he was a wagoner and blacksmith. -He was a really hard worker. With the help of just a handful of friends, he cleared the trail through the Cumberland Gap in 1769. This became the highway to the frontier. -He ran with a good crowd. He was born in 1734, George Washington was born in 1732, and Thomas Jefferson was born in 1743. All three knew each other personally and were buddies. -He was always getting captured. He was nabbed on 3 different occasions by Indians. -He was darn popular. He was elected to the Virginia Legislature 3 times. -He sure liked kids. He and his wife, Rebecca, had 10 children. Learn more about Daniel Boone the frontiersman, explorer, and American legend as portrayed by the talented Steven Caudill at this year's Gathering at Garst.
The Genealogy Jamboree, Cumberland Gap Tennessee is June 12 - 14, 2014. Has anyone been before? How big of a event is it and what families are covered? I was wondering if it was worth the 4 hr drive from Charlotte to check it out.
Cumberland Gap National Park's new superintendent meets, greets: Cumberland Park new superintendent m...
Cumberland Gap National Park's new superintendent meets, greets.
For more maps of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park area go to
The 465 mile long US 25 Yard Sale, June 5,6,7 From Covington Ky to Woodfin N. C on US 25, 25E, 25W and Tennessee 63. Here is a link to the route map. And don't forget to set up or shop on Tennessee 63 all the way to La Follette!
Daniel Boone traveled the Cumberland Gap 6 years after visiting Lulbegrud Creek in Central Kentucky.
Arts in the Gap will offer a plein air painting workshop for ages six to 12 in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, June 9-11. The cost to attend is $10 per day or $25 for all three days. The fee includes all needed supplies. For more information or to register, click here:
We've been going video crazy chums! Here's some more practice footage - Cumberland Gap!
Music on the Mountain concert series kicks off Sunday at Kings Gap Environmental Center.
Only one more day until the third annual Danny Hiser Memorial Bluegrass Festival! It's looking to be a gorgeous weekend, so please come enjoy it with us at Shady Rest RV Park in Shady Spring, WV. Remember, this is a FREE event, but the ultimate goal is to present the best donation possible to the funding of pancreatic cancer research, so bring a generous heart when you come. This is the first time such a lineup of musicians has ever been to our area, so let's give them a good crowd to entertain! Please, share this status and spread the word to any and all live music lovers! You don't want to miss out on Lonesome River Band, Don Rigsby, Clay Hess Band, Cumberland Gap Connection, South 52, Jim and Valerie Gabehart, and so many more! If you love bluegrass, you won't want to be anywhere else this weekend. Share, share, share!
Bill and Irene White Saul will have books available at the Genealogy Jamboree.".David White Family from the Hills of Ireland to the Hills of Tennessee" and also "Harville, Coffey, and Shockley Families of Tennessee". See you June 12-14 at downtown Cumberland Gap. Website is Genealogy Jamboree Cumberland Gap.
Champion H. Powell Champion H. Powell lived from 3 July 1841 to 31 December 1925. He was married to Angeline Cowart (5 June 1850-31 December 1899). Several sources including the 1850 and 1860 Census and his wife’s gravestone say Champion (or Champ) C. Powell. What’s there to say about Champ Powell? Has enough time passed since his passing (1925) so we can be complete in our telling of his life? I will try. From local and descendants stories and his compiled service record, I’ve learned that during the Civil War his father said that to survive, he should go to Chattanooga and enlist in the US Army. Apparently he had been a Confederate soldier based on a question asked by the pension board and answered by him. Was the Home Guard now threatening him? Perhaps several of his brothers had been killed in the Confederate Army. He did make that trip, a walking trip to Chattanooga where he joined the US Army thus becoming not the only Union soldier from Georgia. I’m disappointed to have never found a photog ...
88 S. Commonwealth Corbin, KY 40701 Large moving sale!! Lots of items, furniture, toys, housewares, christmas inflatables and holiday decor, older model tanning bed, electronics, clothing, collectibles and a ton more!! Rain or Shine, this will be a mostly indoor sale! If you are familiar with Corbin, it's in the old Christian Academy building. If not I will include directions from 75 South: 1) Take the 1st right onto Cumberland Gap Pkwy 2) Turn right onto Master St 3) Turn left onto S Commonwealth Ave 4) Destination will be on the left. Thursday May 29th through Sunday June 1st.. 8am-5pm. Sorry, we cannot open it any earlier.
Good Morning & T.G.I.Friday; May 30, 2014! :-) We're off to a mild & muggy start under partly cloudy skies. Be on the look out for a little fog as you're heading out and about this morning. By lunchtime, we're partly sunny with temps in the 80's. A few isolated bubble up showers and storms are again possible this afternoon, mainly along the Cumberland PKWY and towards the Cumberland Gap. Highs are expected in the mid 80's with a mix of sunshine and a few clouds. We'll clear things out tonight as temps drop into the upper 50's & low 60's. Get ready for a *Less Humid* and beautiful start to your weekend! Join me on ABC 36 Good Morning Kentucky for more!
We had a great time with Katie and Travis tonight shooting their engagement photos in Cumberland Gap and at the...
We saw Fire Pink, Flame Azalya and Mountain Laurel too! We met the nicest folks in the quaint town of Cumberland Gap, TN where we had our ice cream!
Happy Hikers on the Wilderness and Tri-State trails today at Cumberland Gap NP
Here is a old road, US25. Three States meet here. Until around 1996. This road was closed due to deaths and killing in wrecks. It was a dangerous road in the mountains. A new tunnel was built around 1996 making 4 lane travel through the famous Cumberland Gap safer. On this road is a Cave, known as King Solomon's Cave. It is not a open cave anymore due to a rockslide/cave in/collapse. You will find it around page 22 or so. Anyhow, here is the Cumberland Gap History that reaches back to 1775 on our Nation's History and back tens of thousands of years beyond that towards the earlier days of Human Life here on the Earth as Buffalo traveled this gap seeking good grazing lands in seasons of change. If you happen to look up the old road in maps, you will need to pull up maps made earlier than 1980 that way you can be assured to find the original road itself. Most of it has been literally pulled up and restored back to Nature with the Pavement removed after 1996. Enjoy.
Heard in Sav-A-Lot this afternoon,that the business there had really picked up since Winn Dixie took over.They had very good specials,Kraft mayonnaise after coupon $1.99, beautiful babyback ribs with the tenderloin attached,Ball Park hot dogs, oscar myer hot dogs, cumberland gap bacon, butterball turkey bacon and bolonga $1.00.Ben doesn't know turkey bacon from the other.Also saw a lady in there from Adel,she said the Harveys had switched to BI-LOand the prices were outrageous. just sayin.
Thirty years ago this week, I arrived in Knoxville to earn my doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology. Accepted into four different doctoral programs, I chose UT over Tulane, Colorado State, and Missouri St. Lewis. It was a tough choice, but I chose Knoxville because I love the mountains and wild places of Tennessee, and I love the Appalachian culture and music. Appalachia runs deep in my blood, also. When Daniel Boone went through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky, Aaron Van Cleave came with him. Squire Boone married Aaron's daughter Jane. I am descended from Aaron.
Class of 2014 at Claiborne High School, Cumberland Gap High School and J. Frank White Academy - make sure to get your Progress this week!
Hey Kenny, do you miss Web's Country Kitchen in Cumberland Gap? I do!
This Friday and Saturday, come out to Shady Rest RV Park (off I-64, take the Pluto Rd/Bragg exit, make a left, and follow the signs) for the Danny Hiser Memorial Bluegrass Festival. Absolutely all proceeds go toward cancer research in memory and honor of Danny Hiser. Entry into the festival is FREE, with a $10 donation suggested. The lineup consists of Lonesome River Band, Jim and Valerie Gabehart, Jeff Brown and Still Lonesome (Friday), Don Rigsby and Midnight Call, Clay Hess Band, South 52, Cumberland Gap Connection, myself (Saturday), and more! All you need to bring is a chair and whatever you can donate to cancer research
Lou checking our location on our way home from the Cumberland gap trip yesterday !
Hey, Alabama friends! Cumberland Gap Connection is in concert tonight and tomorrow at Bluegrass on the Plains. If you're in the area, stop by and enjoy some grass :)
The map app rules! Had an awesome ride today doing the Cumberland Gap route. Tomorrow it's Pine Mountains
Literally headed west from the Cumberland gap as Wagon Wheel played. Too cool
50 Hikes in Southern Virginia: From the Cumberland Gap to the Atlantic Ocean: 50 Hikes in Southern Virginia:...
From a line in Lonnie Donegan's Cumberland Gap. I like the idea of mishearing/confusing US and UK locations.
Headed from Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, the ASP caravan is going to load up day.
Your recent map of national parks left out at least one - Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Why do it that injustice?
Cumberland Gap Tn, Ky, and Virginia. The top of the world Baby!!!
The Houston airport looks like the Cumberland gap right now... Everyone wants to just get thru and get on with it...
Ewing Trail hike to the Sand Cave on Memorial Day — at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
to have a shower to come home to after a weekend on the Cumberland gap
The Cumberland Gap area was beautiful today!
Check out James and Jr. from our Cumberland program volunteering some time at Rocky Gap!
I'm looking at my vacation photos. Here's Pinnacle Overlook at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.
Gotta get down to the Cumberland Mine @ Cumberland Gap
A covered bridge and walking trail on Cumberland Gap, Tn
Watch out for a little morning fog down towards Lake Cumberland & the Cumberland Gap to start your Memorial Day...
Upper Cumberland Young Life is about to spend the next week at this beautiful place!! WINDY GAP!! ✌️
The Cumberland Gap was formed by a meteor hiring the mountains and causing a pass through.
Was in Writers round whith a guy who played Billy Joel band.. said he wanted to sing along to chorus of The Cumberland Gap
Some early shots from the mid-eighties with Cumberland Gap and my Stelling Whitestar.
Come & join us tonight forthe CMMS at the LMU Convention Center in Cumberland Gap, Tn . . Doors open at 6:30 pm...
i saw some from the car driving over the cumberland gap tonight back from KY. it was extraordinarily clear up in north east TN.
An air horn for the mayor. Cumberland Gap. Yup.
At Cumberland Gap graduation and I've lost count of the number of Confederate flag hats.
Boutta drive through the Cumberland gap. Almost there I'll see you soon.
Continuing on the Background of Coal River Please keep in mind that I am typing this exactly as it is on the paper.spelling errors, duplicate words, etc. I feel that the more authentic it is, the better it is. THE WHITE MAN COMES TO BIG COAL pg 2 The first white man on Coal Ricer was John Salley, who explored the area on his way to New Orleans. He found coal near Racine in 1742 and named the stream Coal River, but he did not come upriver to this area. The first white man to come to Marsh Fork District (and Raleigh Co.) was Doctor Thomas Walker in 1750. He was given 800,000 acres of land north of the Virginia-North Carolina border. So he set out to find the best land for his company. He left southern Virginia and crossed through the Cumberland Gap into Tennessee and Kentucky to what is now Logan. Cumberland Gap was named for the Duke of Cumberland who had helped secure the land grant. From Logan, he crossed the Pond Fork to Boone County, down Hazy Creek and camped at its mouth at Edwight. From there he c . ...
I find it necessary to listen to Wagon Wheel as I drive by Cumberland Gap 🎶
D2-A/AA SOCCER: Chuckey-Doak has scored three times in the first 9 minutes of second half, leads Cumberland Gap 7-0
"Me and My Wife And My Wife's Pap. We're All Going Down To the Cumberland Gap". Love that fiddle tune. Can play it all night! Anybody up for a Cumberland Gap marathon??? Let me know . Yep Cumberland Gap - Today's oldtime music mantra . OM. Give a listen (from last night's jam at the skellig pub)
i just need to find someone to help me with research in the Cumberland Gap. LOL
I have family from the Cumberland Gap, anyone else here have family from there? :) My Nigh, Nye, Ney, Horpuff, family came in the early 1750s from Germany. They intermarried and married into the Pascal, Fielding, other families. They had Berber DNA and a known Semitic ancestry. I also have Perry, Parker, Hunter, Turner, Riddick, Swann, Sumner, Evans, Cole, Cooley, Thompson, Brown, Braun, Haas, Abbott, Davis, Davenport, Adams, Powell, Knox, Couch, Lovejoy, Barefoot, Templeman family lines. All from the NC, VA, Cumberland Gap PA. Thank you for reading!!!
* Lonnie Donegan - Cumberland Gap * was top of the UK charts this week 57 years ago (1957)
We want to bring together not only people that have family from Cumberland Gap TN area, also to include families from anywhere in the USA. This is a FREE Family Event for Family History and Heritage.
Day 4- Releasing Glory Fires of Kentucky We got word this evening ( from the wonderful pastor who hosted us in Glasgow) that 7 churches in Glasgow had glorious services Sunday morning. In Four of the seven - During praise and worship Father moved and people were set free and the pastors never got to preach! The Red River horses are running! We worshipped yesterday afternoon atop 'Kingdom Come Mountain' amidst a very strong wind. in Harlen County Kentucky (Justified)! It was just glorious! We then worshipped down Penyllwn Street in the town of Cumberland Gap. ( Ray Hughes wanted us to glory there) Penyllwn was named after those who sing in the streets - "the song of the tongue" they would sing spontaneously, that is the essence of Penyllwn- synergy that comes from grabbing the language of God in the moment! It is in the DNA of the people Well, that is us! Hallelujah what a glorious few days.
The MetroKnoxville Track and Field meet is the last regular season meet for 2014 so often coaches pick and choose events for an athlete to perform a season best or gain a qualifying mark for the TSSAA Sectional Meets scheduled for next week. The big events for the day were both by Rusty Provins of Cumberland Gap with an outstanding Discus toss of 170 feet and a huge Shot Put of 59 feet. Both of these throws rank Rusty as the best in Tennessee for 2014 at this point in the season. The Maryville Girls team was first in the MetroKnoxville meet with 182 points, with Oak Ridge finishing third scoring 73. The highlight for OR Girls team was Hannah Craig in the Pole Vault with a School Record jump of 11-0 ft. Winning events for OR were Caelyn Thomson in the High Jump clearing 4 feet 10 inches and the 4x100 relay of Lauren Smallwood, Caelyn Thomson, Toni Sheetz, Tara Wilson running 51.68 seconds. Placing second were Hannah Craig in the Pole Vault jumpimg 11 feet, the 4x200 relay of Lauren Smallwood, Caelyn Tho .. ...
Just some ideas for camping that would have good motorcycle roads. 1- Cumberland Gap NP. Camping only and a nice ride would be to the Portal where you can take a coal mining tram into a mine for a tour. Then over Black Mountain into Virginia circle around back through Tennessee and over the Cumberland Gap. 2-Natural Bridge State Park. Camping and a lodge for any who prefer a comfy bed. Plenty of directions to ride from there. 3-Pickett State Park. Camping and some cabins. Don't know much about the park rode past it last year and it looked promising from the road. 4 -Anywhere else someone has an idea. I don't care as long as we can ride.
UPDATE: Sunnyside Dr. will be closed at Rt. 34 at 8:30a btwn. Cumberland and Perry counties for road work.
This is the first chapter, taken from my book "My Kentucky Heritage"and describes how me and my precious wife met almost 49 years ago. To order the book type in my full name Robert William Brock, Jr. under the books section at My Wonderful Wife I could never write a book without expressing my love for my wonderful wife Margaret Sue Lefevers Brock, as she is the love of my life. “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother to be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." Ephesians 5:31 Almost 49 years ago on May 9 I met my wonderful and beautiful wife Margaret, and each day I am blessed by all the wonderful memories I have that we have shared together. From the moment I saw her I loved her, and knew I wanted to ask her to be my wife. She was a cheerleader at Bell County High School, the same school that I graduated from, however I graduated in 1959, and she graduated in 1963. Even though I had graduated earlier than she had, I always attended all the basketball games, ...
Kindergarten and first grade field day today! Field days all this week. Next week field trip to Museum of Appalachia and I think Cumberland Gap. I see LOTS of pictures in my future
Does anybody know anything about the Cumberland Gap Gathering happening this month. Shut Up and Eat IT wants to set up :)
Crews will begin work today between Perry & Cumberland counties at the Sterretts Gap:
A quick video of tonights jam.just keeps gettin better here in Cumberland Gap National Park!!
Kingdom Come Awesome today! Join us in the morning at the Pinnacle of the Gap...9:00.then down under at the Tunnel under Cumberland Gap!!! Campbellsville, KY 7:00
Cumberland Gap National Park tonight, where folks just happened to gather for a dulcimer festival! Great camp...
Sitting in my maybe birthday present ♡ @ Cumberland Gap Tunnel
I am so thankful I joined band in high school. The world of music was opened to me. Thanks to Richard Pettibone, Charles Yara, and all the friends made. Fingals Cave, Stars and Stripes Forever, Cumberland Gap Overture, and New World Symphony stay with me forever...
Well, we are somewhere else now. I think still Tennessee. Just passed Cumberland Gap. ETA home by 9 or so
To anyone living on King Bend Rd, Cumberland Gap be on the lookout for person or people, roaming around your area at night, i had mowed yesterday and put out my ferns for the season, also put out new solar lights all down the side And out front, what kind of low life goes into your yard and takes your plant & outdoor lighting.
From cumberland gap to Johnson City tennesse just like the song wagonwheel too cool
Day 3- Releasing Glory Fires of Kentucky Day 3 began at the Red River meeting house site of camp meetings in 1800, we began began by listening to the birds and Accapla signing the old hymns The old house had all the musicians it could hold The verse that keeps ringing within me this morning is "The Red River horses are running- releasing the blood song" ( it was Derby Day in Kentucky) We sang the name of Yahweh for 10 minutes or more it just kept getting more intense! Our next stop was Bowling Green - there it was the jumping shout of a young autistic man in his teens singing FREEDOM That bought us to tears Our last gathering of the third day was in Glasgow at the River- a beautiful young worship leader named Jordan Who had been depressed after surgery on her voice- well, (she wasn't depressed last night) her voice and the worshipping company at the River were on perfect order as their worship produced a mist that filled the room, As we called bloodlines out of darkness into the light of their destiny! T ...
Another great quiet morning hear at Cumberland Gap! Beautiful day, sunshine, alot of peaceful bird whistles. Some outstanding jams yesterday, from the Ukelele jam yesterday morning, then the psaltery's, dulcimer's, guitar's, mandolin's and the basses the rest of the day. Then a little singing last night with Luther Warf. It just doesn't get any better!!! Well, until the hammered dulcimer players and the banjo pickers make it here. Then it gets better!! LIFE Is GOOD!
Would you like to have your 2015 Family Reunion in the Historic Town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee? For...
Good morning my friend, greeting from Tennessee. Hope you all are safe it's beautiful down here. Now time finish our trip to Kentucky. Stop at Cumberland Gap. Te Anville Kentucky.
I had so much fun at Cumberland Gap today with Jan Potts! It was a beautiful day full of fun and friends.
The Family Cemetery And Burial Practices In Appalachia The Family Cemetery The family cemetery in Appalachia has played an important role in social life, local history, and culture since Daniel Boone led the earliest settlers through the Cumberland Gap. The early settlers were coming into a country in which there were no roads, no white or European presence, and no prior history by their own kind of people. It was a rugged and dangerous environment. In a very short time, accidents, child birth, Indian warfare, and disease began to take their toll. Customs and sanitary norms of the time required that the dead be buried immediately. A certain percentage of those deaths took place even before the settlers were near an area where they intended to stay long term. In those cases, the dead were simply buried in the next available bit of ground where it was soft enough to dig. Many of those trail side graves have been lost for centuries. At times of Indian warfare, it was also not unknown for the settlers t ...
Bean, TN; Cumberland Gap, TN; Harlan County, KY (where the show Justified is the setting).
I'm fix'n to head west outa Cumberland gap to Johnson City...
Had a awesome day went to Middleborough and Cumberland gap park it was amazing I love you baby I'm glad u had a good day
Well, at last, Don Pablo departs in the wee hours of tomorrow morning for his jaunt to parts East and the 'Raid on Martin's Station' event in the Virginia panhandle a few miles from the Cumberland Gap. The event begins next Friday and ends on Sunday afternoon. As noted in the last post, I will be giving a period fishing presentation on Saturday afternoon at 3:00, and ending when the last worm or gentle is in its respective heaven or the last question has been asked... and hopefully, answered. I am taking a nice selection of period tackle for 'show and tell' and other correct tackle for sale or trade. come hear the Don tell fishing tales and take advantage of him in a purchase or trade. It would make his day. or week. or month.
Can't wait for the day Grainger, Cumberland Gap, and ourselves start beating the crap out of these Greene County schools.
Cumberland Gap played good of what I saw tonight. Keep them heads up.
Softball loses 10-0 to GHS but turns around and defeats Cumberland Gap 14-5 to stay alive in the district tournament.
Baseball beats Cumberland Gap 8-4 and advances in the district baseball tourney!
SFB: West Greene has scored 12 in the 5th to take a 14-5 lead over Cumberland Gap.
D2AA BASEBALL: West Greene scores five in the seventh inning to beat Cumberland Gap 8-4 in the opening round. Gap is eliminated.
Listen In to the top of the 7th inning as the Buffs take the lead over the Cumberland Gap Panthers... Its the...
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SFB: After 2 Cumberland Gap is in front of West Greene 4-1 in Dist 2-AA elimination game.
D2AA TENNIS: Greeneville's Bailey Snelson loses a tiebreaker to Cumberland Gap's Sydney Davis for the girls' singles title.
Baseball will open up it's district tournament tonight at Tusculum vs. Cumberland Gap.
lol the Cumberland gap isn't man made
Love the Cumberland Gap. So crazy to see what man is capable of.
The ball just landed in Cumberland Gap!
Hello, Johnson City! I drove here from Cumberland Gap to perform some comedy. Helpful tip: Old Crow Medicine Show can't read a map.
Postcards From American Cities in Decline You cross rivers and pass through the Cumberland Gap along the way...
SFB: Valentine smacks a double off the fence to drive two more in. West Greene leads Cumberland Gap 7-0 in the 2nd.
Knoxville News - Hike of the month: Trail segments create scenic 7-mile loop in Cumberland Gap
SFB: Kaylee Valentine leads off with a home run for West Greene. They lead Cumberland Gap 1-0 in the 1st.
From Cumberland Gap to the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia has 35 of the most...
Now learning life lessons from the Cumberland Gap Bear.
standing on the Tri State Peak in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in April of 1996.…
Remembering Lonnie Donegan on what would have been his 83rd Birthday today: Cumberland Gap (engineer Joe Meek)
Melungeon: (mə-lun-jən) sometimes offensive; one of a group of people of uncertain ancestry in the southern Appalachians esp. of eastern Tennessee; Traditionally applied to one of numerous "tri-racial isolate" thought to be of mixed European, sub-Saharan African and Native American. Historically, Melungeons were associated with the Cumberland Gap area of central Appalachia, which includes portions of East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky. ... and now you know.
Releasing the Glory Fires of KY along Historic Hwy 68 and beyond May 1 - May 10, 2014 with James Nesbit and team. From KY's Beginning ( Cumberland Gap) to the west gate ( Paducah) of Kentucky, from the Heights ( Gap Pinnacle) to the depths ( Cave) we Release the Glory Fires of Kentucky!!! **We will be working with 2 time Zones so please make note of that. Central - CST and Eastern – EST Bring a Tamborine if you have one!! Those desiring to be part of the worship team at each location, with James leading, please contact him at : nesb7plans now to join us in as many locations as possible. GOD is moving in a MIGHTY WAY in KY and beyond ATTENTION to Cane Ridge: Fri., May 9, 10:00 A.M. EST We are asking everyone to attend Cane Ridge if possible Cane Ridge Meeting House If you are not able to attend on site, please do what 1655 Cane Ridge RD. you can to gather with those from your area in Paris, Ky sync as ONE voice in KY. Thurs, May 1, 7:00 P.M. CST Freedom Center/David Kelly 857 McGuire Ave. Paducah, ...
Drove by Lincoln Memorial University today, envisioned by Lincoln as a "great university for the people" of the Cumberland Gap area
Program of the Month - Elisha Wallen Longhunter The news of Walden's profitable hunts stimulated other men on the border. The fur trade was attractive. Men who loved the chase organized long hunts after their crops were in. Walden was probably on a trip of his own when one of the largest groups of these Long Hunters, gathered near Fort Chiswell early in June 1769 and took to the western trails. Most of the men were from the New River frontier, Rockbridge County, Virginia, and the Yadkin country in North Carolina. Among the leaders Kasper Mansker, Uriah Stone, Richard Skaggs, and Abram and Isaac Bledsoe, whose names became fixed upon the western country. They followed Walden's trail down Powell Valley to Cumberland Gap, and the Warrior's Path to Flat Lick in Kentucky. Here they veered west along the Cumberland River until it led them into Tennessee country. They established their central camp in Sumner County, Tennessee, and discovered Bledsoe's Lick, and Mansker's Lick, afterward notable in the history of ...
Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap (George Caleb Bingham, oil on canvas, 1851–52) The history of Kentucky spans hundreds of years, and has been influenced by the state's diverse geography and central location.
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC APRIL 13th (Don't forget to "LIKE/FOLLOW" AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION to get your daily posts of daily history) 1742: George Frideric Handel's "Messiah" was first performed publicly, in Dublin, Ireland. 1808: William Henry Lane ("Juda") perfects tap dance. 1939: Jazz trumpeter Bobby Hackett recorded his big band version of “Embraceable You.” 1940: Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood” hits Elvis Presley's "All Shook Up" went to on the Cash Box best seller list and The Billboard Pop chart, where it would stay for the next eight weeks. 1957: After taking "Rock Island Line" to during an eight month run on the UK charts in 1956, Lonnie Donegan pushes Skiffle to new heights when "Cumberland Gap" reaches Van Cliburn of Kilgore, TX, earned 1st prize in the Soviet Union's Tchaikovsky International Piano Contest in Moscow. He was the first American to win the award. 1958: 12th Tony Awards: Sunrise at Campobello & Music Man win. 1959: The Fleetwoods had the song with "Come Softly to ...
In mid-August of 1862, the Confederates launched a two-pronged offensive into the border states of Maryland and Kentucky. Leaving Knoxville on August 14, Confederate Major General Edmund Kirby Smith bypassed to the west of the Union-held Cumberland Gap and thrust deep into eastern Kentucky. On August 30, Smith almost annihilated a Union force of 6,500 near Richmond, Kentucky, despite an attempt to stem the battle tide by Federal commander Maj. General William Nelson, who arrived at 2 p.m. from Lexington. However, the Confederates won, and August 30 proved a bleak day for the Lincoln administration; coupled with the Richmond disaster was the Union defeat at Second Manassas in Virginia. Lexington prepared for Confederate occupation, and the Union soldiers destroyed government stores and ammunition before retreating. When Smith's 11,000 Confederates entered Lexington on September 2, 1862, they were cheered, and Smith wired the Confederate high command in Richmond; "They have proven to us that the heart of Ke ...
This is Indian Rock in Cumberland Gap. Native Americans often hid behind this rock and ambushed settlers passing through. After the Civil War it was used by bandits for pretty much the same reason. Early in the 20th century it was used as a billboard.
Meet Ken Tuck Von Gruenigen. He is a nineth generation Kentuckian. His sixth great grandfather crossed the Cumberland Gap with Daniel Boone, served as an Indian Spy for George Rogers Clark and was one of the first settlers of Garrard County.but we won't brag. ;) So, obviously, with a bloodline (and a name) like that, he is loving his Kentucky for Kentucky onsie.
Rainy and wet conditions have forced games for today to be moved here is new schedule for BRAC games. West Greene plays at Grainger Tues. And Grainger comes to West Greene Friday. Greeneville will host Claiborne tomorrow in a doubleheader. Cumberland Gap will host Chuckey-Doak as planned tomorrow and Wedsday The Panthers will travel to CD for make-up of today's game!!
Lonesome Meadow tonight at 8pm. Lonesome Meadow got its start in 2005 at an open mic night at Webb's Country Kitchen in Cumberland Gap, TN. Three young siblings played bluegrass music to the delight of everyone and decided to form a band. Soon after an opportunity to perform in a showcase at the New Beginnings Bluegrass Festival in Chillicothe, OH required a band name. We've been Lonesome Meadow ever since.
If you are a Cumberland Gap fan come support former Panthers, Cody Webb, Austin Oney, and Joe Digilian tomorrow at Lake City at 330
EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! THE U.S. 25 YARD SALE FOR 2014!! US 25 Yard Sale….425 Miles….3 States June 5, 6, & 7, 2014 (From Covington, KY to Tennessee and ending in Woodfin, NC) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Explore the 425 miles of Southern, Down-Home Country Side and pick up a Few Fabulous Bargains!! US 25 & US 25 W in Kentucky goes on into Tennessee and North Carolina!!! Three states, 17 counties and 42 communities unite to have a BLOW OUT YARD SALE. Southbound directions--WARNING-THESE MAY NOT BE CORRECT OR COMPLETE. Hot spots are--FROM THE OHIO RIVER--- SOUTHBOUND In Covington experience the OLD Time German Main Strasse as you begin your day. Come on South to Florence where you will find sporadic sales. Then head on to Richwood where the Richwood Flea Market always has a HUGE crowd. From there you will travel on to the lovely City of Walton where you can stop at a little restaurant beside Brooks Meats…great food. You will find many places to stop on the way to Crittenden wher ...
Crews to work on Cumberland Gap Tunnel starting next week: The work will start Tuesday, March 18. Crews will...
Just headed west through the cumberland Pittsburgh. Still gonna rock me mama?
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KYTC DISTRICT 11 ADVISORY. Work to begin to repair portions of Cumberland Gap Tunnel on U.S. 25E, south of...
April 6th come join us at Cumberland Gap National Park for a book signing with Jeri Landers. Local author from Rutledge Tn. Of children's books. Refreshments will be available, and story telling too...
"More Union Veterans of Cumberland County, Tennessee" ~Just a few words about this part of our history: I am sure many will be surprised by the stories of Cumberland County's Union men. I know I was. I think it bares remembering that, like many mountain areas, ours was fiercely divided. Most of these men were not turncoats, they had a genuine belief in the cause for which they fought. Most would risk reputation, family ties and their lives to escape to Union territory above the Confederate lines in Southeaster Kentucky. Traveling at night, usually in small groups they enlisted to preserve their personal view of freedom and are worthy of our respect. ~Private James Davis of the 6th District enlisted in Co. D/2nd Tennessee USA. On October 25th, 1864 in Kentucky. He died of fever at Cumberland Gap on October 5th, 1862. ~Corporal John Davis mustered into service February 1st, 1864 with Co. D/2nd Tennessee USA and was appointed a Corporal on April 6th, 1864. Age 19 at enlistment from the 6th District and son o ...
Hey Real Estate Agents and FB Friends, The market is bare and I am looking for a home for a client in the Harper's Ridge/Cumberland Gap subdivisions. If you or someone you know live in that neighborhood and are considering selling, please call me. For real! And, share this post Tyler peeps! Thanks!
Currently in the Cumberland gap and then on to Pennsylvania! 7 hours to go! 🌄🗻
Only two more miles to The Cumberland Gap
clearly think Cumberland can be a receiving TE. If that's the case while I prefer Scott Chandler as a stop gap. Pettigrew is an option
🎶But he's a headed west toward the Cumberland gap of Johnson City, Tennesse!🎶
Man I'd love to have a bottle or two of Cumberland Gap water
It was! He sung Cumberland Gap as he was getting his head kicked in by Oddjob. ;-) x
Getting his braces off — at Cumberland Gap Orthodontics Inc
Well made it I am at Cumberland Gap pretty cool!
The Cumberland Gap, looking over 3 states at one time.
Softball final: Cumberland Gap scores 3 runs in the bottom of the 6th to come from behind & defeat Scott 12-11 in second game of DH.
Softball final: Scott High rallies for 4 runs in the 5th, but falls to Cumberland Gap 15-5 in game one of a double-header.
Here's another great deal at 25% off, Quadra-Fire's Cumberland gap wood stove. The one pictured is mahogany...
I've hit just about every landmark in Wagon Wheel this trip - Raleigh, Roanoke, Cumberland Gap, Johnson City
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