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Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap (el. ) is a pass through the Cumberland Mountains region of the Appalachian Mountains, also known as the Cumberland Water Gap, at the juncture of the U.S.

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KYTC DISTRICT 11 ADVISORY. Work to begin to repair portions of Cumberland Gap Tunnel on U.S. 25E, south of...
April 6th come join us at Cumberland Gap National Park for a book signing with Jeri Landers. Local author from Rutledge Tn. Of children's books. Refreshments will be available, and story telling too...
"More Union Veterans of Cumberland County, Tennessee" ~Just a few words about this part of our history: I am sure many will be surprised by the stories of Cumberland County's Union men. I know I was. I think it bares remembering that, like many mountain areas, ours was fiercely divided. Most of these men were not turncoats, they had a genuine belief in the cause for which they fought. Most would risk reputation, family ties and their lives to escape to Union territory above the Confederate lines in Southeaster Kentucky. Traveling at night, usually in small groups they enlisted to preserve their personal view of freedom and are worthy of our respect. ~Private James Davis of the 6th District enlisted in Co. D/2nd Tennessee USA. On October 25th, 1864 in Kentucky. He died of fever at Cumberland Gap on October 5th, 1862. ~Corporal John Davis mustered into service February 1st, 1864 with Co. D/2nd Tennessee USA and was appointed a Corporal on April 6th, 1864. Age 19 at enlistment from the 6th District and son o ...
Hey Real Estate Agents and FB Friends, The market is bare and I am looking for a home for a client in the Harper's Ridge/Cumberland Gap subdivisions. If you or someone you know live in that neighborhood and are considering selling, please call me. For real! And, share this post Tyler peeps! Thanks!
Currently in the Cumberland gap and then on to Pennsylvania! 7 hours to go! 🌄🗻
Only two more miles to The Cumberland Gap
Caught a trucker out of Philly had a nice long toke, but he's a headed west from the Cumberland gap to Johnson City, Tennesee
But he's a heading west from the Cumberland Gap. To Johnson City, Tennessee. Visiting landmarks mentioned in country songs lol
clearly think Cumberland can be a receiving TE. If that's the case while I prefer Scott Chandler as a stop gap. Pettigrew is an option
🎶But he's a headed west toward the Cumberland gap of Johnson City, Tennesse!🎶
Man I'd love to have a bottle or two of Cumberland Gap water
It was! He sung Cumberland Gap as he was getting his head kicked in by Oddjob. ;-) x
Getting his braces off — at Cumberland Gap Orthodontics Inc
Well made it I am at Cumberland Gap pretty cool!
The Cumberland Gap, looking over 3 states at one time.
Softball final: Cumberland Gap scores 3 runs in the bottom of the 6th to come from behind & defeat Scott 12-11 in second game of DH.
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Softball final: Scott High rallies for 4 runs in the 5th, but falls to Cumberland Gap 15-5 in game one of a double-header.
Here's another great deal at 25% off, Quadra-Fire's Cumberland gap wood stove. The one pictured is mahogany...
I've hit just about every landmark in Wagon Wheel this trip - Raleigh, Roanoke, Cumberland Gap, Johnson City
Anyone interested in playing for the middle school football team at cumberland gap please contact me
Yep. They are showing the Natural Arch, Cumberland Gap and Ft. Knox so far.
“SFT: Washburn 15, Cumberland Gap 0 (Final) uh this is incorrect lol
lol it was the Cumberland gap and gv game. they played at the park beside the track field 😁😛
Greeneville opens up 2014 with a 6-2 win over Cumberland Gap. Senior Zach Finchum had 13K and only aloud to hits...
Stopped for a few photos and some brief history of Cumberland Gap, TN, then pointed the car towards Pinnacle Overlook.
An error in direction, or exit reading, landed in in Cumberland Gap, TN, which is near the KY/VA border, so another state, why not?
While staying in Coeburn, VA for bluegrass, I decided to take a trip to Pinnacle Overlook and Cumberland Gap.
After 5 Greeneville baseball leads Cumberland Gap 6-0. Zack Finchum has 11 Ks and allowed one hit.
Greeneville baseball leads Cumberland Gap 1-0 after 3. Zack Finchum with 7 Ks so far.
One of my favorite places to hike. @ Cumberland Gap National Park
In their season opener Greeneville Baseball takes a 1-0 over Cumberland Gap after 1. Zack Finchum with 3Ks and the only run scored.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I saw a sign for the Cumberland Gap and now Wagon Wheel is stuck in my head
I would love to be home right now hiking the trails of Cumberland gap 😭
So pumped for my hetero life mate and life long brochacho Stephen Dvorak to come pass through the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City TN and visit this week
Jamming to some Wagon Wheel while driving through the Cumberland Gap.
but he's a-headed west from the cumberland gap to Johnson City, TN. music tonight. writing. struggling but writing.
Our Hiking route from Cumberland Gap TN to Ft. Boonesboro KY will be one heck of a trip. Steep, mountainous. But I am so ready! Come on June
No - we released one of our skiffle band singing "Cumberland Gap" back in 1959 but it was caught and destroyed
Basically this sums everything up... We get things done! @ Town of Cumberland Gap, TN
they fled north into Kentucky & entered the state near the Cumberland Gap.
One of the nation's most historic routes, the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail was blazed by the legendary frontiersman in 1775 from Long Island of the Holston at what is now Kingsport, TN, through the Cumberland Gap of Virginia and into Kentucky. It would become the route for hundreds of thousands of…
The Felice Brothers perform "Cumberland Gap" live at the 2013 Pickathon Pumphouse Sessions in Portland, Oregon. For more awesome live performances from The F...
I've been challenged by Rick Womble to play the "x"# of things you don't know about me game… he gave me the number 8: 1. I am a lifelong Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan - Books, TV and Movies. I read Tolkien in Junior High and have a 1st edition, 1st Printing of the Silmarillion. Still watch all the new shows...Heinlein has never been topped... 2. Woodworking is my hobby and I have an extensive shop and all my fingers (so far). I make all kinds of things from bowls to furniture 3. I qualified expert with a wide variety of weapons from pistol to M-1 Tank. 4. I am prepared for the zombie apocalypse. I have a weapons collection + ammo. See 3. 5. I collect any and all kinds of St George paraphernalia. Posters, prints, statues, Russian boxes, etc. Recently picked up a hand-carved wooden statue in the Black Forest region of Germany. 6. My family (Wells, Bond, Kilgores) came to America in the 1600s. They fought in the Revolutionary War starting with Kings Mountain. The Kilgore/Wells clans settled the area near Cumb ...
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Office of Public Affairs A Public Information Meeting concerning improvements to U.S. 25E will be held on Monday, December 16 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Corbin Parkway Ministries (510 Cumberland Gap Parkway). The proposed project begins at the Corbin bypass and extends west to KY 770 over the Corbin City Reservoir. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce the project to the public, identify some of the problems associated with the corridor, and to collect information, comments, and suggestions from the public. The public is invited to attend and offer input. Transportation Cabinet representatives will be available to receive comments and respond to questions.
How do you head west from the Cumberland gap to Johnson City?!
he bleak border moors and craggy hills of the Scottish/English border set the scene for the birth of this notable surname Sprowl. It is one of the oldest surnames with a history which is closely woven into the rich and beautiful tapestry of the border chronicles. Professional researchers examined some of the most ancient manuscripts such as the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, the Inquisitio, the Ragman Rolls, the Domesday Book, baptismals, parish records and cartularies, and tax records, and researchers found the first record of the name Sprowl in Dumbartonshire in central Scotland where they had been seated from ancient times. The early and middle development of the name showed many different spellings in the archives. Your name, Sprowl, occurred in many references, and from time to time, the surname was spelt Sproul, Sproule, Sprool, Spreul, Sprewell, Spreull, Spreall, Sprall, Sproull, Spreull, and these changes in spelling frequently occurred within the family name. Scribes and church officials spelt the ...
Cumberland County libraries face funding gap, challenge in requests.
The holidays are fast approaching. I have gift baskets for sale that include a hand towel, basket, sugar hand scrub, & a bar of goats milk soap! A $32 value for only $25 (+S&H). Message me if you would like it customized! I also have single bars of soap or sugar scrubs in a variety of scents. Message me or visit the Nothins Perfect store in Cumberland Gap to purchase your locally made Christmas gifts!
Well hello FB Family and Friends it's that time of year again and if you know me good you already know what I'm saying . Yes you got it Pimento Cheese time . I am taking Orders for Pimento Cheese but doing it a little different this year . If you are interested in ordering some I am asking for you to get all the items and I will fix it for you get together for $15.00 an order . I am also willing to Honey Bake a Ham for you for the same price $15.00 and you get the Ham as well but I will only Bake Cumberland Gap Ham's . If anyone is interested you can Email me back at Blackcoleor call me at (540) 492-3912 ask for Danny or some of you know me as Cowboy . Item's for Pimento Cheese are Sharp/Mild Cheddar , Pimento's , Sweet Pickle's , and Kraft Mayo . Will be able to fix on the weekend's through the week before Christmas .
I was sorry to hear that the Jimmy Martin Festival in Sneedville going into it's 7th year is folding. But!!! Cumberland Mountain music show is coming to Cumberland Gap TN. Starting Dec 12th with Dale Ann Bradley Band and the gulley's and friends to kick off some Good Home Grown Music for the Holidays. the KSO is coming to LMU for the Christmas show on Dec. 5th @ 4;30 and 7:30 with Christmas Tree Lighting ProgramHappy Holidays! we hope to see ya there!
Lady Irish defeat Cumberland Gap 48-37 last night! 3-1 on the season! Next game tmrw night @ home vs Bearden!
First Cumberland Mountain Music Show in the Convention Center in Cumberland Gap, Tn . On Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013. Doors open at 6:30 and show starts at 7:30 pm .
There's a dude drinking Cumberland Gap Water in my nutrition class, I wonder where he's from. Lol.
I will be in the Cumberland gap Sunday as part of my vacation ... Bringing heavy coat and all :)
The Vipers Skiffle Group cumberland gap. A golden oldie hit I still hear at festivals today
how far are you from Cumberland Gap Tn?
Catholic 53 - Cumberland Gap 46... Final... Clutch free throw shooting by down the stretch
Catholic 34... Cumberland Gap 31 to start the fourth quarter... Nice shot by to finish the third
My guess is has never heard of Mingua Beef Jerky or Cumberland Gap Mountain Spring Water... So I'm going FTW
From "American Minute" for September 26th: Daniel Boone served with George Washington in 1755 during the French and Indian War, under British General Edward Braddock. In 1765, Daniel Boone explored Florida. He once exclaimed: "I can't say I was ever lost, but I was bewildered once for three days." In 1767, Daniel Boone, whose Quaker family had pioneered North Carolina's Yadkin River Valley, began to explore Kentucky. In 1769, Boone traveled through the Cumberland Gap in the mountains and spent two years hunting and trapping in eastern Kentucky with his friend, John Stewart. Indians captured and separated them, and, unfortunately, Boone eventually found John Stewart's body shot dead. In 1773, Daniel Boone and Captain William Russell were ordered by Virginia's Governor, Lord Dunmore, to settle an area called Castle Woods. Boone's 17-year-old son, James, and Captain Russell's 17-year-old son, Henry, were bringing supplies to Castle Woods when they were ambushed by Indians and brutally massacred. Lord Dunmor ...
Just so everyone knows Wednesday the 20Th is the last day for the Ribeyes to be on sale for 6.99lb. If you ordered a fresh turkey they are in were now taking orders for Christmas turkeys. The fresh turkeys are only 2.99lb this year. If you still need one for Thanksgiving we have extras and plenty of Amish and Cumberland Gap hams.
The awkward thing about Wagon Wheel is Johnson City is east of the Cumberland gap.
Martin Van Buren Bates (November 9, 1837 – January 7, 1919), known as the "Kentucky Giant" among other nicknames, was a Civil War-era American famed for his incredibly large size. Though born an infant of normal size into a family of normal-sized people in Letcher County, Kentucky, he is said to at one time have been 7 feet 11 inches (2.41 m) in height. The Guinness Book of World Records and other reputable sources have him listed at being 7 feet 9 inches (2.36 m) tall and weighing 470 pounds (213.64 kg).[citation needed] Contents [hide] 1 Youth and Growth 2 Adulthood and Marriage 3 Final Years 4 Notes 5 External links Youth and Growth[edit] Accounts of his remarkable growth vary, but all sources agree that he began a tremendous growth spurt at some time around the age of six or seven, and was over six feet (1.82 m) tall and nearly 300 pounds (136 kg) by the time he was twelve or thirteen years old. This incredible growth reportedly so astonished his parents that they forbade him from doing chores aroun ...
New: Cumberland Gap – three-finger picking on DGdg tenor banjo: Tab is at
Drove through the "Deep dark hills of eastern Kentucky" all morning...with mist coming off the rivers and hanging in the 'hollers' it was beyond beautiful:) the dogs and I had a picnic lunch at Cumberland Gap National Park, and finished off with an amazing night of music in Nashville. Tomorrow the music continues...with Alison Krauss, Bruce Hornsby and Del McCoury joining Ricky for his celebration:) God is good...
New blog post about my adventures to Cumberland Gap, please excuse any historical in-accurateness
Cumberland Gap, bright moon, blanket of stars = Perfect night
Thankful 15-16-17-18-There was so much going on these days I didn't take time to post how thankful I was for so many things , so going to wrap them in one bundle. Thanks a million times over for God bringing My niece through her surgery, and for friends husband (that has cancer) had blood work done to find he needed to be put in hospital because (and a name I can't say or write ) was at a critical level in his blood, if not he would probably have died. Thankful The Lord brought my nephew and sweet wife home for his sisters surgery and then they got back to Louisiana safe as God watched over them. Also thankful that in our area was none of the terrible storms. Most of all Thankful for so many friends and loved ones , that I can ask for needed prayers they step up and pray. God listens as these many faithful Christian along with my self , we pray in Jesus name that prayers are answered. Also thankful several ladies from our church went down to Cumberland Gap area, on a Christian ladies retreat The Lord to . ...
In solidarity with our fellow citizens in Kentucky, Tennessee and across the Midwest whose lives have been affected by weekend tornadoes, I sought out a park to remind us of the beauty and history of that area and stumbled upon the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. 
I've learned more about the history of Crossville, TN and the Cumberland gap today than I ever wanted to know...
I just learned Cumberland Gap refers to a pass in Tennesee mountains and not a guy with a pants problem who works for Cumberland Plumbing.
150 years ago today, November 18, 1863 fighting continues near Knoxville TN. After the Battle Of Campbell's Station on the 16th, General Burnside brought his tired army into the defenses of Knoxville where they immediately began improving the fortifications around the town. Longstreet's Confederates followed slowly opposed by Brigadier General William P. Sander's cavalry brigade. The small brigade consists of the 8th Michigan Cavalry, armed with Spencer repeating rifles and a two regiments of mounted infantry from Illinois and Ohio. The rebels advanced with a skirmish line of infantry but make little progress. In the early afternoon Longstreet begins an artillery barrage followed by superior numbers of infantry. General Sanders is shot while rallying the Ohio regiment and dies that night. The Federal cavalry retreated into the city fortifications late in the day. Longstreet does not follow with an immediate attack. Casualties in this engagement suffered by the 8t Michigan Cavalry are not given but during ...
But heading west from the Cumberland Gap, to City, Tennessee.
I thought of some things you may not know about me.. Have no gag reflexes (don't get exited you don't have enough $$ and it will cost ya!) I am part of a DNA study with national geographic, Family Tree and Cambridge University that has been doing a study on the families from the Cumberland Gap region... Despite my family being hillbillies I've never eaten any weird food.. although I will never forget the smell from my great aunt Myrtle making head cheese.. I had three flat tires and locked my keys in my car six times in one day! I use to drop acid in the 70's.. which is why I use to lock keys in my car! I grew up thinking I was adopted... still not sure! I really am a legend in my own mind.. I can't stand screaming children.. Can't stand looking at pictures of people I don't know! Would rather pet your dog than see your children.. or your pictures! If taxes were fair people who HAVE children would pay more taxes and not get a deduction! I'm not as liberal as one may think! I love a good cause! I love f .. ...
Need to join the Morrmons in Cumberland Gap.
Bridge work in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to begin tomorrow, November 18. Some changes in traffic patterns will be in...
Well, it was a fun two months back in Monroeville. Got some things fixed around the house, saw a few friends, had more than few dates with my bride, went hunting a couple times, and witnessed Mimi accept her award at the Cameo's of Caring gala. Headed toward southern WVa today, visit the Cumberland Gap NP tomorrow, and then on to Nashville for a couple days. Should be back in the Barrio by the weekend. See yunz guys in the Spring, an 'nat:)
Don't forget the GAP NSW (Inc) Cumberland Walk is on next Saturday 23rd November, 10.30am, Bring your Greyhound!
when are u guys gonna be near Middlesboro, KY? I was at work the night u were in Cumberland Gap, TN :(
But he's headed west from the Cumberland Gap...TO Johnson City, TENNESSEE!
Ok when does the numbers game end lol Shelia Grant gave me a 10. 1. Shelia and I lead a exercise class for about 5 years together years ago. Pamela D. Collins was one of our faithful buddies to. 2. I have been married 3 times yelp they say 3rd time charm well it is I have a wonderful husband now 3. I love to camp and hike 4. I am a Girl Scout leader 12 years now 5. I was a Boy Scout assistant when my son was younger 6. I love to do crafts 7. I hate cooking but cook everyday practically 8. I have a passion for helping children 9. I tried for a baby for about 9 years and was told I couldn't have children but God blessed me with my son then 7 years later a daughter now I'm blessed to have my nephew to 10. Me and my best friend Nancy use to say we were going to work as park rangers at Cumberland Gap lol boy were we wrong. I would love to own property to open a camp here in Harlan just for scouts and youth groups to use
/ very grateful. Thnx for the kind words my fellow cumberland gap brother.
If you are headed west from the Cumberland Gap, you aren't going to Johnson City. Just sayin.
This isn't a meme (yet? :p), I just had fun doing it. I doubt it's fun to read, but it might be fun to do for someone else, too. State by state memories: Alabama: it was pretty warm in December, and there was pretty thorough NPR coverage. Alaska: being scared, a little bit because of falling into a river, but mostly just because it is big and empty. Arizona: building a Van de Graff generator with one of my classes. Also, being independent: first for a week and a half when I was fifteen, then moving there without knowing anyone for a job. Arkansas: never been California: making pancakes on Sunday mornings at the Hostel Colorado: watching Sara almost fall off a cliff Connecticut: walking through an autumn forest after living in California for many years Delaware: just that short stretch of I-95. DC: so many people I know have lived there, and yet I was always there alone Florida: I was pretty emo, and constantly trying to run away from everything (including the entire state). Georgia: feeling happy and wo . ...
rocky gap hiring valets again Cumberland Country Club hiring full time and part time servers
Cumberland Gap with the girls...been an awesome time the mountains no phone signal til now ..which has been great!! looks like kayla will be getting a four wheeler soon :) even brought our lil furry friends
OK... I was given the number 9! 1. I was once thrown out of a Hunting Dog Cemetery in Alabama... for having my dog with me. 2. I slept on a park bench one night in St. Petersburg, Russia. 3. I was kissed by a member of the IRA and I kissed the Blarney Stone while in Ireland. 4. I am the ninth cousin to Queen Elizabeth of England. 5. I graduated college with 235 hours credit... I didn't want to graduate early, so I just kept taking classes. 6. I am very proud of my Appalachian heritage, and think I might have Melungeon ancestors on my Alabama side of the family... even though the Kentucky side is from Cumberland Gap area. 7. I like to read Wikipedia. I click on "Random article" and see where Wiki takes me. 8. I am the 1st cousin 16 x's removed from Anne Boleyn. 9. I have a tattoo of the Claddagh symbol on my left foot.
Football this year truly was a blessing! Cumberland Gap and Middleboro truly gave me great rotations!
Not too far from me..Cumberland gap :)
My number is 15, yikes that is a lot! My sister-in-law and I have the same birthday, December 15th. My two amazing children make me want to be the best person I can be to show them that they can do anything they want to do. My job as a Beachbody Coach is amazing, and doesn’t feel like a job at all and I love it! I have been to Las Vegas 4 times. I am attending college at UWBC and am half way to getting my degree. I was president of the Cumberland GAP for four years! (I am currently treasurer) I am president of RISC. (Regional Indianhead Safety Council) I have been a member of a ACS Relay for Life team for 4 years. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2009 and have been cancer free for 3 ½ years! I love the show Sons of Anarchy and I think Jax kinda looks like my hubby. I got married to the man I love in Las Vegas. The first cat Stue got me was named Toonces, because she rode on the under carriage of a semi for a few hours. (Toonces the driving cat) I have worked at 3M for 9 ½ years! My favorite mus ...
I like the easy melodies like: 1. Cripple Creek 2. June Apple 3. Soldier's Joy 4. Devil's Dream I found one for two finger style 5. Cumberland Gap I borrow some notes from bluegrass scruggs and clawhammer but mine is two finger. 6. Bonaparte's Retreat 7. Whiskey Before Breakfast 8. Booth Shot Lincoln
Listening to some my hometown diva. The biggest success story ever to come out of Cumberland Gap.
Hello Bluegrass Fans,    This addition of the Red River Ramble Bluegrass Show will air on Saturday, November 16 at 4:00 p.m. CT.  Stream the show through!    Through the power of digital technology I bring you… an old show!  Yes, this is a rare repeat due to my schedule this week and not being able to get something together up at the station.  In looking back over shows I had the strange realization that I have over 100 shows saved.  Given the weekly schedule of the Red River Ramble Bluegrass, that means I could technically play back all my old shows over the next two years.  Instead, I think I’ll get back up to the studio and keep putting together new shows with new music for the listeners.      This show jumped out at me to air because of the Bill Monroe tribute in the first set, with another in the last set.  I felt that Mike Scott and Tony Rice helped bring the show together with those two wonderful dedications to the Father of Bluegrass.  Other than those two ...
Visit the Hensley Settlement down near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. It is protected and run by the Park Service. It is a preserved hilltop mountain family community. It is just beautiful. It reminds me of the Palmer Valley Community on the Courtois River before most of the houses were razed and families dispersed. .
Want to see a preview of our Middlesborough to Cumberland Gap trail? Message us to get involved in the Trail Town...
One thing I learned driving cross country this summer: Johnson City is actually east of the Cumberland Gap. Ketch is full of it man.
Well..Jeannie Hargrove Alexander gave me 10, so here goes. 1. I'm a hillbilly...Born in Middlesboro, KY and lived in Cumberland Gap, TN before moving to Texas. 2. I went to 6 different elementary schools. 3. Mike and I lived on the same street in Groves when we were in elementary, but went to different schools. 4. My first car was a red and white 57 Chevy. 5. I got my drivers license when I was 14. (What were they thinking?) 6. There is a dancer in my soul, but my body won't cooperate! 7. I love to feed folks. 8. Blake and Maddi, the wonder twins, were born on my twin great aunts 78th birthday. 9. I will read a book twice, but generally don't like to see a movie more than once. 10. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
In October Bill, Sam and I took a trip to Kentucky to go to Renfro Valley to see two bluegrass shows! On the way we stopped at Cumberland Gap to see the overlook of the valley and to have a picnic. The weather was pretty cold and it had rained - we still had the picnic! Never knew I could eat that fast - but it was fun and no bears showed up to grab out Picnic Basket! I guess Yogi was busy elsewhere!! The first thing Sam noticed was the three deer just standing in the parking lot for the Overlook. They were not scared of us at all and continued to graze! Glad we got to see them - because they were the only deer we saw - I thought deer were out in October? Oh well, we had a great time that day and best of all - I did not fall off of the Overlook!! I'll post some more tomorrow - love telling about the trip almost as much as going - ALMOST!! Love you all!!
Backwoods at cumberland gap with the two youngest at martins fork cabin
After being in uni from 11 with only a two hour gap between then and now i officially give up on work. But now i havw nothing to do.
Thanks for joining us, Joe. Are you the owner of the Whistle Stop Antiques store in Cumberland Gap?
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Is where you would find it
just so you know Johnson City is NOT west of the Cumberland gap, it's east 😂
"Man's reach should exceed his grasp ,or what is a Heaven for". I don't know where I heard that but it certainly applied to the Union and the Confederacy when it came to the Pinnacle. I have written before about the difficulties involved in supplies. As I mentioned, the crest of the mountain was pretty much stripped of vegetation. It can be a very uninviting and sometimes outright dangerous place to be. I have been caught in a fast moving thunder storm that appeared suddenly from over the Tri-States ridge. There are many trees on top that have been struck by summer lightning. To this day there are signs near the pinnacle warning of the dangers. I was fortunate to get off the top with a good soaking and some very frayed nerves. Winter time brings cold temperatures and a near constant wind that can chill to the bone. I can only imagine how the men of both armies endured these hardships without the cover of trees. The pinnacle was one of the destinations for the guests at "The Four Seasons' As a part of the ...
Except that Johnson City isn't west of the Cumberland Gap.
Okay we're are back from our fun 7 day road trip to Kentucky, rented a cabin in the woods, way deep in the woods! Kind of creepy for this city girl. Total solitude for most of the week, only saw 2 other people for the first 3 days we were there. Did a lot of day tripping around to see the Cumberland Falls, Cumberland Falls State Park, Burnside State Park, Cumberland Gap and finally on Saturday met up with friends Tom & Paige Keller in Somerset, Ky for the classic car show. Other than the weather was on the cold side, not a lot of sunshine...Denny and I had a great time, we had so much fun this trip.
Fall hiking trip to TN, KY and VA (Cumberland Gap, Red River Canyon and the Breaks)
Can't wate till Friday at the Cumberland gap game with Jacob Pack
Shelter of the Porch - The old school at the restored Hensley Settlement, Cumberland Gap National Hi
The long way home from Atlanta...Tazewell TN and the Cumberland Gap
Anyone know when the Pumpkin thing in Cumberland Gap is???
Just got back from Cumberland Gap.. So tierd -.-
We had a great day enjoying the different scenic venues from up in the Cumberland Gap, and then finished it off with a trip to Bell County Bingo there in Middlesboro Kentucky!
MY LIFE IN THE EXTREME I have that smile I have that smile within me, grinning : bursting at its seams, smashing out and running free. All this life and some grand glee. Let me introduce the moment - 'this is Grandiosity and this is Mr. Majesty. Here is Mr. Steadfast and his child Earnest. We all know each other well. - I walked the Cumberland Gap with an old Indian fellow name Milo Two-Feathers. I noticed he screamed at birds and laughed at the sun. An old pin-point wound was centered on his head : 'where the white man pointed me', he smiled. That was all he said. -
mine loves the Cumberland Gap water lids🐾
Well u guys had dunkin donuts again lol for breakfast and now heading to Cumberland Gap
She's a headed west towards the Cumberland gap.. Johnson City Tennessee..
He's a-headed west from the Cumberland Gap, a-Johnson City, TENNESSE!
Our trip to Cumberland gap and back.
Cumberland Gap High School Band!!! You all done wonderful today!! So Proud of you all!! and a big Thank you to Miss. Jolly for making this happen!!
The great East Tennessee fiddler Ralph Blizard plays "Cumberland Gap" in his home in Blountville, Tennessee accompanied by Martha Scanlan...
Just got back from Cumberland Gap.wish it had been a "little" warmer! But loved walking thru the little town, the General Store, Jr laughed cause I got an ice cream from the little ice cream store...but I had the last laugh.he had to help me eat it! Oh my lands, I got a single dip and I swear it was a pint of ice cream! Got some Christmas shopping done.Was a good little trip for us.haven't got to do that for a while.
Mark Gilston plays Cumberland Gap on dulcimer: via
Hikers are leaving the Iron Furnace in Cumberland Gap right now. They will hike four miles to downtown Middlesborough.
Four mile hike from Cumberland Gap to Middlesborough starts at 1pm. Shuttle leaves from Park Theater at 12:30pm.
Regular season is in the books, 7-3 on the season. The best season in terms of wins in 15 years! We capped it off with a 55-27 win over Cumberland Gap last night. Very proud of this football team! I love coaching this team! TSSAA Class 4A State Playoffs up next!!
Good Morning Cumberland County!! Woke up to 26 degrees this morning and we expect a high of about 53 degrees!! Ok, that's cold. Would have like to take a ride to Cumberland Gap with a bunch of my friends today, but I don't have the right riding gear for cold or rain - so will have to go to breakfast with Sharon instead. Will get my recycle stuff out today and hope to stop at the Hot Tub store to see what we can do about our jets that don't fit. Sharon works later today and I will be attending a Halloween party this evening. Anyway, I will have to make this short today. Hope you are all fine and all is well and I wish you a super weekend where ever you are. Just a couple of THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY: ... Don't ride in a car if the driver has been drinking. ... Think twice before accepting the lowest bid. ... If you have trouble with a company's products or services, go to the top. Write the president, then follow up with a phone call. ... If you need to bring in a business partner, make sure he or she b ...
To all my friends in the Cumberland Gap area.Preaching Baptist in Jonesville Virginia Sun-Wednesday Would love to see you
Correction from Friday night's score keeping on our part. The score for the Cumberland Gap/Scott County game was...
Up EARLY to hike in Cumberland Gap! One of the most beautiful places in Central-East US. That fact doesn't make it any warmer out, but at least I'll be surrounded by beauty as I freeze my buns off!!
*** she got the Cumberland gap between her teeth. 😂😂😂
Tonight's win by Oneida, coupled with Oliver Springs' win over Wartburg, assures that the Indians will finish with at least a 4 seed (and a home playoff game) in the upcoming Class 2A postseason. Two games next week will be important for Oneida's ultimate playoff destination: Hampton/Cloudland and Oliver Springs/Monterey. If Cloudland and Oliver Springs win, Oneida is very likely to be a 2 seed, with a first round playoff bye and a second round game at home. If only one wins, Oneida is likely to be a 3 seed. If both lose, Oneida is probably going to wind up as a 4 seed. Scott's win over Cumberland Gap tonight helped shore up the Highlanders' playoff berth, but not much changes in the standings. The Highlanders are still likely to be an 8 seed and face the quadrant's No. 1 team, which currently is Fulton. The Highlanders could potentially finish as a 7 seed if some things fall the right way, but anything more than that looks like an improbability at this point, especially after Claiborne's 27-26 loss to Pi ...
A great night of football! Oneida defeats Sunbright, 41-7. Scott comes from behind in the 2nd half in a big way, defeating Cumberland Gap, 55-27. The Indians are 7-2 headed into next week's regular season finale at Jellico. The Highlanders close out a 7-3 regular season and will wait to find out who their first round playoff opponent will be. (At the moment, it will be Fulton.)
Notorious performs the folk classic "Cumberland Gap" in the WBUR studios. via ♫
There is a Stand in the Gap meeting at 10 am Saturday in the Cumberland Gap office (old Church). Six area sheriffs and DEA agents will speak and field questions. All are welcome! Come and bring a friend!!
Last update of the night: Cumberland Gap loses to Scott 55 - 27
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An 85-yard TD pass by Scott's Jake Phillips, and the Highlanders have taken over in the 3rd. Scott leads Cumberland Gap 41-21.
Cumberland Gap takes the lead at the half 21-20. Claiborne trails 21-6 also at the half.
From Scott Co., Cumberland Gap and Scott are tied at 7
Take out Cumberland Gap and Grainger's last 2 opponents (Greeneville and G-P) plus Carter are a combined 23-2 on the season.
Our other local game tonight is Cumberland Gap visiting Huntsville to face Scott. Panthers are likely going to encounter a buzz saw.
Tickets for the tour of homes decorated for Christmas here in Historic Cumberland Gap are $10 per person and are now available for purchase at the following locations in the Gap; Gertie's, The Whistle Stop, The Frame Shop, and Nothins Perfect
I just found out from my long lost cousin, that in 1066A.D. one of my ancestor rode with King Richard in the Crusades. He was awarded handsomely for his leadership with land. The whole line was reconstructed to the present day. They immigrated to the U.S. in 1659. During the Civil War my ancestors owned a plantation and were rebels. It was eventually confiscated by the gov't and they were ruined. Daniel Boone is an ancestor, from the Cumberland Gap country on the border of Kentucky and Virginia. My grandmother was 1/8 Chippewa. Horses and farming seem to be the recurring theme, with some mountain man mix. That's what made me what I am.
Scott is averaging 44.4 ppg in 5 non-district games this season. In its 6 losses, Cumberland Gap has given up 39.3 ppg.
So I just noticed the time (I thought it was 3-3:30 not 4:30) and so if anyone from the Cumberland Gap Ward is going to the Halloween thing tonight and haven't left yet and is going to pass by Greasy Hollow might I bum a ride? I don't trust the ATV on Back Valley at night in the winter (^_^) if not I totally understand
The veiw from the top of the cumberland gap plateau is beautiful this time of year over looking douglas lake!
With a win tonight against Cumberland Gap, Scott will have its first 7-win season since 1999.
What y'all know about the Cumberland gap!!
In social studies we are learning about landforms, such as Mt. McKinley, Niagra Falls and the Cumberland Gap!
Headed out to the Cumberland Gap. Can't believe bailed on me
Scott and Cumberland Gap's only meetings were a home-and-home series in '11-'12, which they split.
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14x11 Profolio with two prints. One on the left is sunset over Melbourne. Right side is autumn in Cumberland Gap, KY.
Snow covers the ground at Cumberland Gap.
I'm selling 'Smoky Mountain Christmas Cassette by Cumberland Gap Reunion' Click to see
Regular season finale tonight versus Cumberland Gap! We have an awesome opportunity to make School history tonight! More importantly, it's the final home game for 9 outstanding young Men. They deserve a packed house tonight! Kickoff is at 7:30!
Great autumn drive through the Hoosier National Forest, Kentucky, and the Cumberland Gap. Thankful for the beauty of God's creation.
Today has been a good day. After going to the Cumberland Gap National Park and seeing the overlook that Charlotte's Father helped build, we drove to Corbin, KY. and went and ate supper at the home of KFC. Then we went to our motel and sat in the hot tube and just got thru doing our daily bible reading. Will sent pictures of our trip later. Tomorrow is going to be another great day. Love to all. Joe.
Max went to Payless and bought a Cumberland Gap whole boneless ham. Had it shaved at the meat counter. I can't tell you how many things I can use this for. But for right now I'm gonna enjoy a ham and cheese with mustard!!!
This just in: Miss Billie's Blunder Bus is resting in a scenic camp site at the Norris Lake Marina RV Park near Tazewell, TN. She will sip on their 50amp AC power for a few days, as Miss Bilie and I attend the wedding of Scott and Patty, tomorrow. Early next week we will do some exploring, hopefully to the Court Houses of Hawkins, Grainger, and Jefferson counties. A trip to the Wilderness Trail Museum is possible. John and Eleanor Maddox, according to legend, walked from Cumberland Gap along the Wilderness Tail to Woodford County, KY, he walking carrying both an axe and a rifle while she rode astride the horse with the two older children in large gourds fashioned into saddle bags, and the baby in her lap. Known information indicates that the baby in her lap was later born in Woodford County.
Here are some pictures from the Cumberland Gap. I've been there often and always enjoy hiking and just walking around. It's a great place to visit if you like historical things. It's got really great views too from up on top of the mountains. Stopped there last Sunday.
Tomorrow night is senior night at both Oneida (vs. Sunbright, 7:30 p.m.) and Scott High (vs. Cumberland Gap, 7:30 p.m.). Both teams are playing with a lot on the line — Oneida needs a win against an explosive Sunbright team to secure a district runner-up finish and at least a No. 3 playoff spot, while Scott can secure one of its winningest seasons ever by avenging last season's loss to the Panthers. And it will be the final regular season home game for the following seniors. Grab a blanket and some gloves and head out to the ball field. Both teams could use the support. • Dylan Allen (Scott) • Tyler Bankston (Oneida) • Robert Carson (Scott) • Jacob Flint (Oneida) • Dusty Hayes (Scott) • James Kries (Scott) • Dustin Laxton (Oneida) • Brice Maxey (Oneida) • Logan Miller (Scott) • Jake Phillips (Scott) • Caleb Sexton (Scott) • Evan Sexton (Oneida) • Austin Stephens (Scott) • Chandler Warmanen (Scott) • Cole West (Oneida)
Officially have seen the Cumberland gap. Went through 3 states in the process.
Speaking as someone whose ancestors staked a claim in NC before the Revolutionary War, has distant relatives who followed Dan'l Boone over the Cumberland Gap and whose relatives put down roots in various parts of the American southeast from Virginia to Texas, it is my strong opinion that you can be an American Patriot or you can be a Confederate Traitor - you don't get to claim to be both.
Lunch of butter beans & cornbread at the PINEAPPLE TEA ROOM in Cumberland Gap! YUM!!! Will be going there again!
Transylvania Colony, was the short-lived, extra-legal 14th American colony founded in 1775 by Richard Henderson, who controlled the North Carolina based Transylvania Company, which had reached an agreement to purchase the land from the Cherokee in the "Treaty of Sycamore Shoals". American pioneer Daniel Boone was hired by Henderson to establish the Wilderness Road going through the Cumberland Gap into central "Kentuckee", where he founded Boonesborough, the designated capital of the Transylvania colony. The colony was abandoned after a year of what Boone vividly described as "One year of hellish axe work, mostly at night". Other members recorded; "cannibals that can see in the dark" & "white skinned creatures...some seem to fly". After the War for the Colonies three regiments of German Hessian shock troops were "hired", and placed under the leadership of a mysterious French Clergyman. These forces launched a 3 month territorial "cleansing" and stabilized the area for further settlement. The manuscripts an ...
Football fans! It's time once again to try to "Beat The Experts!" How many of this week's games can you correctly pick? 1.) Sunbright at Oneida 2.) Cumberland Gap at Scott 3.) Coalfield at Notre Dame 4.) Oakdale at Jellico 5.) Wartburg at Oliver Springs 6.) Livingston at CAK 7.) Maplewood at Alcoa 8.) Catholic at Webb 9.) Sweetwater at Kingston 10.) Tennessee at Alabama
"Headed west from the Cumberland gap, Johnson City, Tennessee"
Okay, folks, question of the day. Which is your favorite Horselcans book? I'm really torn on this one. I loved the first one simply because it was the first and introducing everything. Plus, since I live near the area of the Cumberland Gap, I loved trying to visualize how everything had changed by the time Milo and company came through. My other choice would be Horses of the North. Loved the story of Milo putting the clans together and seeing something of the lands earlier after the big war.
Awesome news!! October 23, 2013 Expanded bear hunting regulations receive final legislative approval Frankfort, KY. - Hunters in Kentucky now have an expanded area and seasons in which they may attempt to harvest a black bear. Regulations passed by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission in June recently received final legislative approval. The new season structure expands the bear zone and the bear chase areas, establishes an archery/crossbow season and increases opportunities for hunting with dogs. The changes are not reflected in the current print version of the Kentucky Hunting and Trapping Guide due to the publication's deadline in late spring. Bear permits are available to residents only; a drawing for the 2013 quota hunt with dogs was held earlier this month. "The department has intensively studied and monitored our bear population for over a decade," said Steven Dobey, bear program coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "Data clearly indicate that bears can susta ...
Lonnie Donegan - Cumberland Gap. I've got a girl, 6ft tall, sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall
Just drove through the Cumberland Gap the Appalachian Mountains way back to Michigan what a trip
they do me to we don't go hard in practice we are going to lose to Cumberland Gap lol
Have a friend that's looking for a house to buy down in Cumberland Gap. Anyone if there is any for sale.
We will have two family reunions at our 2014 Genealogy Jamboree, Cumberland Gap Tennessee The All Massengills...
Dear Tri-State Residents, I am writing to you on behalf of our eleven (11) county "Stand in The Gap" Coalition (SIGCO) of the Tn-Ky- Va /Tri-State area. Our coalition is having its next quarterly meeting at the headquarters location, 502 Pennlyn St., Cumberland Gap, Tn. at 10AM, Saturday 26 October 2013. This will be our last quarterly meeting of 2013. Our headquarters location is the oldest standing church in Cumberland Gap. Hopefully, you are familiar with our SIGCO efforts throughout our Tri-State areas during the last three years. In review, the SIGCO is a "Faith Based" non profit 501(c)(3) organization which has no public or private alliances. Our purpose and goal is seeking the "Eradication of Drug/Alcohol Abuse and Family Violence" throughout our coalition counties. II Chronicles 7:14 from God's promise is our foundation. Our coalition counties are "Linked" together by volunteers to share, educate and cooperate with all our communities, schools, churches and civic entities the "URGENT" need to r .. ...
I'm a headed West from the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, TN!!!
I'm listening to Cumberland Gap by John Hartford on Pandora
October 22, 2013   Before we get into our analysis, let us take care of a couple of housekeeping matters: first, the best wishes of this writer and everyone affiliated with this site send out our best wishes to Roane County High School football player Seth Haynes, who is recovering from a severe injury suffered at Sequoyah on Friday. Our prayers are with you. Secondly, we would like to personally apologize to Greeneville and Coalfield, each of which clinched their district championship this past weekend. The Greene Devils and Yellow Jackets join Polk County and Rhea County as district champions in our coverage area. Congratulations to all four teams. Let's get into our review of the games at hand.   We will forego much analysis of scores themselves, and do our best for the remainder of the season to attempt to sort out the playoff picture as best we can. Sometimes in this era it is a little unpredictable, but we will do our best to aid our readers in understanding where each team stands. East Tennessee ...
I should pack my rubbish job in and become a busker. I could stand on street corners playing my guitar and singing Cumberland Gap. Though I could have a slight problem as I can't play, have a limited vocal range and don't know all the words to Cumberland Gap. Apart from that its a faultless plan.
It's official. My team and I are off to the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to trail blaze the Cumberland Trail which is connected to the Great Eastern Trail! We'll be backcountry camping full time and roughing it for 6 weeks. STOKED.
VIDEO Making Gabions - Hands on lessons in Civil War fortification Cumberland Gap NHP
Tomorrow is hump day and a weekend in the Cumberland gap is right around the corner
Originally intended just to document a Civil War event at Cumberland Gap NHP, the project grew into a "how-to"/history video after the guest speaker mentioned the…
Gurney Norman hiking trails in Cumberland Gap on PBS. I'm in Appalachian lit heaven.
Pinnacle Overlook in Cumberland Gap! You can see 3 states at once. VA, TN, & KY.
Latest up date in Tenessee until Mon. Went through the Cumberland Gap so pretty with the fog flowing over the mountains
The Arts Council is preparing to judge the pumpkin carving scheduled for Oct. 29. Have your entry at Festival Park in downtown Cumberland Gap by 6PM on Oct 29. The first place winner gets $75. The 5th place winner $25. Any age is eligible to enter. Put your name and phone number on the back side of the pumpkin. Last year's top three were these. A high School student from Cumberland Gap took first place. Come down on the 29th, 30th, or 31st to see the result of some fantastic artists.
Today is the birthday of frontiersman (1734), born near Reading, PA. Blazed a trail through the Cumberland Gap into KY
On this day in 1862 - Confederate General Kirby Smith and his army of East Tennessee march through Cumberland Gap headed to Chattanooga.
wouldn't that technically be headin east from the Cumberland Gap to JC TN??
Hubs is in Cumberland Gap, KY en route to Bedford Heights, OH. Said it was one of the prettiest drives he's ever been on w/ all the foliage.
We will soon start sending . brochures to Libraries to post for the Genealogy Jamboree in Cumberland Gap Tennessee June 12-14 2014
Actually, you can't get to Johnson City by heading West from the Cumberland ?
"headed west from the Cumberland Gap, Johnson City Tennessee!
Overlooking KY from the point where it meets VA & TN in Cumberland Gap Park
Cumberland Gap Senior Sibs - Please meet with me in guidance dept. on Oct. 23 after school for about 30 mins. Big plans to make! Please RT
Let me see, Landon and I have watched Hee Haw, Rocky Top, Cumberland Gap, Soggy Bottom Boys, Charlie Daniels, Jackson, I saw the light and many more, Youtube is awesome!
Steve Beshear is a sorry excuse for a governor. He jumps on every Obama bandwagon, certainly is no original thinker--can't seem to think his way out of anything. Re: the closing of Kentucky's national parks, including Mammoth Cave and Cumberland Gap: Beshear says he doesn't have enough information to know if it is "feasible" to reopen these and other national sites in Kentucky. Arizona governor Jan Brewer has already figured out how to open Grand Canyon. (She should be President!)
" Cumberland Gap " Lonnie Donegan an awful long time ago !
Launching out of Indiana sometime in September, Part 3 can go one of three ways: to the North Atlantic region and Acadia National Park in Maine; to the Mid-Atlantic region and Shenandoah NP in Virgina; or to the Southeast region and the Cumberland Gap, Great Smokies, and Blue Ridge Pkwy in Tennessee, VA, and NC. First priority is to again, like Part 1, follow the fall north to south. Chosen path may be determined by when I leave Indiana to go east. The sooner I leave the more likely I will go north. We shall see... Tempted to return to Sleeping Bear before heading eastward...Saw the Indians with Carter and Kim last night. Real treat for me. Good people. Stayed two nights with *** & Michele. Football and twice baked potatoes. O yeah. Spent week in Jasper with Rick & Ying discussing his forthcoming campaign for political office. Declined offer to be his campaign manager but assented to be his driver. Spent three quiet days at the Benedict Inn Retreat Center in Beech Grove. Most restful. Stopped at BSU for . ...
West Greene scores on 4th and goal against Cumberland Gap. CG leads 15-7 in BRAC jamboree
Cumberland Gap punches it in from 1yd and converts for 2. They lead West Greene 15-0 in BRAC jamboree
Cumberland Gap scores on 5yd rush, they lead West Greene 7-0 in BRAC jamboree.
do you mind to send me a few things from the Cumberland Gap game? Idk who they play...
"Have you ever been to the Cumberland Gap? ... The air is sweeter than oranges there." -- Grant Lee Buffalo (Might Joe Moon)
It's football time! BRAC Jamboree is tonight at Greeneville. Buffs will play Cumberland Gap in 4th quarter. 1st qtr. starts at 5:00.
Have you heard Cumberland Gap Connection yet? Let this energetic band kick off your Friday! "John Dig a Hole" hit...
He made the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap (like 12 miles from my house) into KY. :p any more questions?
Also? Ketch Secor is directionally challenged. Johnson City is EAST of the Cumberland Gap.
Proud of my Cougars tonite!!! Now I'm ready for with Cumberland Gap!!! ..
The saddle of Cumberland Gap from the eponymous town in TN
M.S. games tonight: Fairview at Burchfield, Cumberland Gap at Huntsville, Soldiers Mem at Oneida. Robbins, Winfield played Tuesday.
But he's a-headin west from the Cumberland gap
The drive on route 58 through Lee County to Cumberland Gap. Quite pleasant.
you can't go west from the Cumberland Gap and make it to JC
Speak 4 urself. Ur just lazy bro. Bt ur still the prettiest fella this side of the Cumberland Gap ^_^
Hes a headin west from the Cumberland Gap. To Johnson City tennessee
Too bad Johnson City is actually East of the Cumberland Gap.
Beautiful morning in the cumberland gap
Keep thinking of Cumberland Gap & our journey oop 't'North on Friday
August 14. 58F. Thank you, Cumberland Gap for relief from the heat!
"A geographic impossibility: heading 'west from the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, Tennessee' you’d have to go east"
Don't know if Hootie knows it but you can't head west outta the Cumberland Gap and get to Johnson City!!!
Darius Rucker has never even been to Cumberland let alone the Cumberland Gap
He's a headin west from the Cumberland gap
Driving through Bell Co-Ky along the Cumberland Gap Pkwy I just thought to myself if only I could be like O Captain my Captain!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Two wknd backpacking trips just added to my calendar! Zaleski St Pk in OH & Cumberland Gap in KY/VA/TN...already smell the campfire burning!
I wonder how many positive things i can think of for cumberland gap highschool.
Need this road trip so bad: Cumberland gap, Lynchburg, Nashville, and Morgantown ... Gonna be downright legendary
Hate to see my boy leave but I know he's gonna do big things down at the Cumberland gap. (John Arlington Voice)
Hidden gem in the Cumberland Gap area: Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum. Includes a cabinet build by Abe's father!
But he'a aheading back from the Cumberland gap, to Johnson City Tennessee 🎶
But he's a headed west to the Cumberland gap
You can keep that VOSS I got Cumberland Gap
Just passed through or over or whatever the Cumberland Gap. Now I will wiki "Cumberland Gap"
Driving through the Cumberland Gap when Wagon Wheel comes on the radio? How ironic! 🚘👍
Oh yah know just lost in the gap somewhere come save us.
from the Cumberland gap to Johnson City, Tennessee!!! Always think of you
yeah. I'm in the mountains this week -working- in Pigeon Forge and Cumberland Gap.
nah, that's only when I'm headed west from the Cumberland gap.
He's headed west from Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, Tennesse 😎🎶
Feels good to be in the Cumberland Gap despite the rain.
and the Cumberland gap and the longest cave system in the world!
Cumberland gap Cumberland gap, I'll raise *** in the Cumberland gap
Well, my cousin is now married, Holiday World is the best theme park ever, the Cumberland Gap is pretty to drive through, and I'm home. Whew
I liked a video Cumberland Gap and Johnny Don't Get Drunk
nor is Johnson City west of the Cumberland Gap.. 😱
And we was heading west to Cumberland gap...
Old Crow Medicine Show obviously had a terrible sense of direction. . Johnson City, TN, is EAST of the Cumberland Gap. 😳
Im going to blame Darius Rucker for not correcting it, but Johnson City TN is not west from the Cumberland gap.
I thought the same thing, but the Cumberland Gap is in Virginia. The Cumberland Plateau is in middle TN.
I might be wrong but how can you head west from The Cumberland Gap to Johnson City?
Cumberland Gap weeks 1 and 2 - So I’ve been here for two weeks now and it’s probably about time I actually...
Cumberland Gap, Mammoth Caves, + white water rafting on the New River = amazing vacation. Still glad to run in my...
The attached set list is a bit mangled. Cumberland Gap gets shifted too far up!
Did you know that LMU is located just minutes from Cumberland Gap National Historical Park? Come enjoy the camping, hiking, & wildlife here!
Special hikes, with a historical bent, are coming to Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.
Cumberland gap and Claiborne are basically the same thing anyway
Going through the Cumberland Gap.not headed to Johnson City, TN though.
my ancestors traveled with Daniel Boone to explore the Cumberland Gap.
We drove through the Cumberland Gap and we just passed Johnson City Tennessee. I'm living Wagon Wheel.
on the border of KY and TN. In Cumberland gap. My bro is starting med school at LMU iA
but you're heading east...and you're not at the Cumberland gap...
Earlier today at the Cumberland Gap overlook.
I love when I go somewhere and they sale Cumberland Gap water. I didn't think this was possible.
Headed south through the Cumberland gap.literally.
what area if KY? I have been to Lexington, Richmond, Harlan, The Cumberland Gap and another small town that I cant remember
8-mile trek through Cumberland Gap with the bestie early this morning. Time for a nap.
My mom just referred to the Cumberland Gap... I only said I knew what she was talking about because of Wagon Wheel
You can't head west from Cumberland gap to Johnson City
so can we say Cumberland gap on top anddd the bottom doin the cha cha slide? guess the Mexican family doesn't know the meaning of braces
Just checked the map. Im actually heading west through the cumberland gap to Johnson City, tennessee
Students studying the Life and work of Lonnie Donegan have finished the course. All are now taking a Cumberland Gap year !
Headin west for the Cumberland gap of Johnson City, TN!
Need something last minute to do? Head on down to Cumberland Gap. They're having square-dancing lessons tonight!
Just one of many beautiful paintings at the Art Gallery in Cumberland Gap!
Check out my new banjo tutorial on Cumberland Gap (up the neck)!
Everyone did not come to KY with Daniel Boone or through Cumberland Gap - K Adkinson :=)
Teens get taste of military life at Cumberland Gap.
I know that doesn't say Cumberland Gap. I KNOW it doesn't.
Is Jackie why you are moving to pineville? — I'm not moving to pineville? If I move it'll be to Cumberland gap o...
Found a living 4th cousin while attending the Cumberland Gap Genealogy Jamboree at the beginning of June!
Just realized that I ran over 35 miles in the Cumberland Gap Monday through Thursday. Tonight's sleep will be glorious
Only 5 hrs left until I perform in Cumberland Gap tonight at Angelo's. hope to see EVERYONE there!
BARRY: Who discovered the Cumberland Gap?. ME: Daniel Boone. BARRY: Who was Cumberland then?. ME: Some gal with a big *** gap, I guess.
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