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Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap (el. ) is a pass through the Cumberland Mountains region of the Appalachian Mountains, also known as the Cumberland Water Gap, at the juncture of the U.S.

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Thank you to all the Patriot fans for coming out tonight. Next game is Tuesday at Cumberland Gap.
If a place is mentioned in old crow's Wagon Wheel, we are stopping there during this trip. Roanoke, Cumberland gap, we'll try to hit'em all
Mid 20th century outsider western folk from the heart of America.
I think you should get your Groupon - Stay at Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Cumberland, MD, with Dates into March.
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I once won a Quiz Bowl championship in high school by knowing where the Cumberland gap was. I should visit Idaho sometime.
a bar of Minnesotans will sing about 'driving south' and 'passing through the Cumberland gap' but they don't even know what state it's in.
Let's try this again: Boys basketball at the half - Greeneville 20, Cumberland Gap 12, not 0. It's been a long week.
GBB: GHS 66 Cumberland Gap 43. Sydni Lollar with 25. GHS 7-0, best start in 9 years.
GIRLS BB: Greeneville defeated Cumberland Gap 66-43 tonight to remain undefeated on the season. The Lady Devils are now 2-0 in District 2AA
Had some beautiful sights on our trip to Cumberland Gap - picked up a few along the way
What you need to know about I-75S immediately before Cumberland Gap: there is a ginormous adult store right next to a ginormous cross.
So Cumberland Gap football finally won state this year I see.
Wow this is just haunting, I love it: Cumberland Gap
Perhaps you'd like to stop by Richard Steel's on of our Cumberland Gap BPW 560 (1), Pt.5.
Here's a variation of a well known tune, 'Cumberland Gap' influenced by the playing of Paul Brown…
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The original Western Terminus of the Erie Canal. It's more historic than the Cumberland Gap!
Roadtripping to the Cumberland Gap on this beautiful day with my beautiful babe 😊
did you get a chance to get to Cumberland gap?
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Today I fell in love with the precious little town of Cumberland Gap,…
U.S. history students on a field trip today to Cumberland Gap. They've got a beautiful day for an outing!
we've experienced similar lifestyles. There's a part of that song that mentions the 'Cumberland gap' that's my old place!
But he's a-heading west from the Cumberland gap. To Johnson City, Tennessee. I gotta get a move on…
Coming Sunday in the Bristol Herald Courier: We take a trip to the Tri-State Peak at the Cumberland Gap
Took the Mafate 4 on its first run on the Cumberland Gap Trail today.Buttery smooth ride!
I'm not quite sure, but probably to do with westward expansion through the Cumberland gap with the legendary Davy Crockett
Just passed through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel and entered Tennessee.
This might be a great fit for you: SALES ASSOCIATE, 7006 CUMBERLAND GAP PKWY, HARROGATE TN - TN
My son , Cody Dillen Sandifur rocks the Field at Cumberland Gap High School!
Lonnie Donegan - Cumberland Gap. .. Here you go, all our Y/days
Cumberland Gap to Morristown... This will be a drive I haven't made in awhile.
I would just like to point out that it is east from Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, TN. For accuracy's sake.
All honesty.. Toledo followed by Cumberland gap..
"We have people from Cumberland Gap, Hawaii and India and Syria, and we are all going to do amazing things!" -
Pineville taking advantage of some costly Cumberland Gap mistakes. Mountain Lions lead 35-0, still 7:23 left in the 2nd quarter.
Students! There will be a hike through the Gap at Cumberland Gap National Park tomorrow! Be there 9AM! Contact Sandy Rosenbalm for details.
This week's schedule in regional high school football: Cumberland Gap at Pineville.more at
Visiting International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers meeting in Cumberland Saturday. Anyone up for coffee at Rocky Gap?
a great day at White Rock last weekend! First time in Cumberland Gap in years, will be back soon!
The Journal of . Day 1: . "This was a fun part of our trip. The tunnel in Cumberland Gap…
Steve Spurrier grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee? I'll just assume he went west from the Cumberland Gap
there's a neat one room bike museum in Cumberland Gap, TN. Daniel Boone must have started it.
Cumberland Gap High and the skyline & campus at Duke University. Chalk It Up! College App Week Monday!
Chalk It Up! Lincoln Memorial combined with Univ. of Montana! Who knew? Love it! Cumberland Gap High!
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Pineville (KY) High School hosts Cumberland Gap in football homecoming tilt this week
Cumberland gap has good products. Stay away from the Donner Pass products...
I've said as much before! It'll be better than anything involving Benadryl Cumberland Gap
“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately." -Thoreau
Hiking in Cumberland Gap National Park once last time before cold weather
Students at Cumberland Gap HS in Claiborne Co. chalk the parking lot to prep for
Cumberland Gap, TN, readies for College App Week with UT & Knoxville map!
Great Monday at Cumberland Gap High School. Everyone is working hard and making progress!
Missing church today. Traveling thru the Cumberland Gap.
"She's a headed west from the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City Tennessee"
A new favorite: Cumberland Gap by Dubl Handi on
Claiborne students: do community hours at Manna House, Cumberland Gap, Upper Room, more!
But he's a heading West outta the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City Tennessee🎶
- Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group ~ Cumberland Gap with Mr. Pingguins on deck
“What exactly is the Cumberland Gap, and why is it so mysterious?
It's Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN, not Cumberland Gap on KY/TN/VA line, but solid effort
8 to 1 tonight over Cumberland Gap keeping the W rolling!!!
The Cumberland Gap, 60 miles north of Knoxville, is, like Ellis Island, an icon in the settling of A
Sunrise over the Cumberland Gap this morning.
Hey thanks for the Stoke pack. Did me well on my day hike in Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.
The Cumberland Gap Panthers baseball team traveled across the river into Bulldogs territory looking to seek...
It is weird to be in Rome in an Irish Pub hearing Cumberland Gap and Johnson City TN!!!
The Claiborne Bulldogs and the Cumberland Gap Panthers took to the baseball diamond this evening and both teams...
Covering almost 32 square miles in the three states – Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia – the Cumberland Gap...
Let Curtis know his GPS has been off since the Cumberland Gap Visitor Center
After crossing the Cumberland Gap today we feel enormous gratitude for Curtis Penix and Givan Fox. Wishing the...
I biked 5.31 mi with Check out my route in Cumberland Gap, TN, United States!
I only like Cumberland Gap bottled water but my dad refuses to buy it
Claiborne & Cumberland Gap Seniors: Your second TN Promise meeting is tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Claiborne HS. Arrive early to sign in!
Foggy day at Kings Gap: A thick, quieting mist shrouded a mountaintop trail at the state park in Cumberland County…
1930s Middlesboro,Kentucky Story of the Pinnacle TWO brochure set-Cumberland Gap
"I'm from Tazewell.. Well it's close to Cumberland Gap.. You know, from that song Wagon Wheel" - forever explaining where I'm from
Leaving from Cumberland Gap National Historical Park campground around 9am this Monday, March 16. Crossing over...
We arrive in camp with a delicious meal complements of the Pineapple Tea Room from Cumberland Gap and dessert...
Dr. Ernie Benko joins us just before the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.
View of Cumberland Gap from the Tennessee side.
Heading out from Middlesboro to go hike the trace. Here is Cumberland Ave with the Cumberland Gap in the distance.
everyone i'm friends with in this group on skype are from europe except for one who lives near the ky/tn border down by Cumberland Gap
Cumberland Gap!. No,wait that already has a sausage in it. I don't know how this works!
Seems to me that Lonnie Donegan's Cumberland Gap covers this trend nicely.
Bumble is making new friends at the Cumberland Gap! by nomadicrambling
Wait a second, I'm in Virginia at Cumberland Gap Natl Historic Site.
Hiking in Kentucky, at Cumberland Gap National Historic Site, while waiting for tonight's game
Cumberland Gap (See what I did there!) - alternatively Cumberland Cumberland!
Serenaded at work. Great shoot with Mike Bentley & Cumberland Gap Connection!
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Visiting the Pinnacle Overlook at Cumberland Gap Natl Park on a foggy day. So like so much for seeing…
Have you made your plans to attend the Genealogy Jamboree and Pioneer Day in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. June...
Sunset from 31000 feet above the Cumberland Gap! NaturalWonders Beautiful
If you need Grim and I we will be in Cumberland Gap starting our next parody song vid project.
Do you support bike lanes in Cumberland? Email me your thoughts now at briangrim
I hate the Cumberland Gap Parkway. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.
The Cumberland Gap between Kentucky & Tennessee is named after Mrs. Cumberland thigh gap, probably...I think?
Eastern Ky is such a beautiful part of the US. To me, it's like a paradise. I loved visiting Cumberland Gap.
South bound thru the Cumberland Gap mountains to Tennessee!
Hold on there Darius Rucker. You don't head west to get from the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, TN. You head EAST...
Daniel Boone journeyed to FL (wf Rebecca would not go), he came back, began treks to KY thro Cumberland Gap,settled Boonesboro
I have Cumberland GAP Ice Fishing Contest tickets if you are interested! :)
My banjo student last night: "The more I play Cumberland Gap the more I hate it!"
2015 Schedule to be out soon. Another great year of activities at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. .
Greenville escapes with 3-point win over Cumberland Gap Panthers, 57-54
It is sails registration time at Cumberland Gap.
Students at Cumberland Gap know that every sails class matters!
Cumberland Gap sails students are hard at work!
Okay... Johnson City is NOT West of the Cumberland Gap...I live in JC and used to live in the Gap...I would know!
Same here! I've only done Nashville and Cumberland gap. So,I'm crossing my fingers on it working out!
Great bounce back win tonight over a tough Cumberland Gap team 67-48. Great job guys.
Wait...Cumberland Gap went to Grainger, but Claiborne couldn't make it to Greeneville???
Pregame info for tonight's rivalry matchups between Grainger and Cumberland Gap here in Rutledge
Just went through the Cumberland Gap! This picture doesn't do it justice.
I'll be in Rutledge for the Cumberland Gap at Grainger basketball games
TIL that the Cumberland gap was formed by a meteor strike!!
The Cumberland Gap at Grainger basketball games tonight will be played. JV at 5:00; Varsity Girls at 6:30; Varsity Boys at 8:00
Cumberland Gap at Grainger games will be played as scheduled tonight.
"But he's a headed west from the Cumberland Gap, To Johnson City, TENNESSE!"
could play up the Cumberland Gap but with the smilie mountains close that's hard
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Per news release, is moving his SWVA office from Norton to Abingdon on 2/2. SWVA office covers Cumberland Gap to Blacksburg.
We are experiencing long delays due to the Bridging the Gap event:. Cumberland basin, and surrounding areas affected. (CM)
Bridging the Gap in is on, some road closures from 6pm, Smeaton Rd, and part Cumberland Road
January 19, 1862 - Battle of Mill Springs, Kentucky Although Brig. Gen. Felix K. Zollicoffer’s main responsibility was to guard Cumberland Gap, in November 1861 he advanced west into Kentucky to strengthen control in the area around Somerset. He found a strong defensive position at Mill Springs and decided to make it his winter quarters. He fortified the area, especially both sides of the Cumberland River. Union Brig. Gen. George Thomas received orders to drive the Rebels across the Cumberland River and break up Maj. Gen. George B. Crittenden’s army. He left Lebanon and slowly marched through rain-soaked country, arriving at Logan’s Crossroads on January 17, where he waited for Brig. Gen. A. Schoepf’s troops from Somerset to join him. Maj. Gen. George Crittenden, Zollicoffer’s superior, had arrived at Mill Springs and taken command of the Confederate troops. He knew that Thomas was in the vicinity and decided that his best defense was to attack the Yankees. The Rebels attacked Thomas at Logan’ ...
Grateful Dead play out an amazing Cumberland Blues deep in Kansas. Video footage is from a drive through the Cumberland Gap. The whole show can be streamed h...
Flat Top Trucking Llc in Cumberland Gap, TN was just found at on 17th Jan 8pm
Apparently I made elaborate plans to drive to the Cumberland Gap last night without realizing that it's a 7.5 hour drive...
Attention everyone! Louisa and I are gonna drive to the Cumberland Gap this semester!!! It's happening!! come with us!
Last time I checked, Claiborne girls basketball beat Cumberland Gap girls tonight by like 20 points 👌😘
The loser in the Claiborne VS Cumberland Gap game always pretends not to be mad and pulls the "it's just a game." Lol
all I know is it is not actually west of the Cumberland gap
"All religions, arts & sciences are branches of the same tree" -Albert Einstein @ Cumberland Gap
Johnson City is east of the Cumberland Gap.
Why ain't the trucker outta Philly heading west FOR the Cumberland Gap?
Tonight I'll be at the rivalry game between Claiborne High and Cumberland Gap. The Panthers (10-6) will be...
One site at a time, we get closer to our goal.
Claiborne vs. Cumberland Gap game tonight. Be there or be ◼️.
Join park staff tomorrow to discuss projects and issues at your national park. Your input counts!.
Boone blazed the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap and into Kentucky. There he founded Boon
Join park staff and Superintendent Sula Jacobs for a Meet and Greet on Friday to discuss park projects and issues.
The snowball will be February 7th at Cumberland Gap ☺️❄️
Cumberland gap students know that every class period counts!
Students at Cumberland gap get down to business despite a 2 hour delay!
- Tri-State Peak is a mountain located in the Cumberland Gap National His→
Its remarkable how the NPS has instituted a nature/culture divide when creating a "historical wilderness" at Cumberland Gap NHP
Such a telling quote about Cumberland Gap in restoring 18th c. wilderness: "We're peeling away civilization."
TOMORROW NIGHT! I'll be Featuring at the Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Cumberland MD at 8pm with Rob Holloway. Come...
Looking at land I see the Cumberland Gap and start singing again. 😂
"Cumberland Gap". This is the first tune I learned from Tim Bing 6 years ago. He picked up this…
The b part to "Cumberland Gap". One of the first tunes I learned from One of West Virginia's best, Tim…
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I was in KY but right in the Cumberland gap
Come out this Friday to support our bulldogs and lady bulldogs as they play Cumberland Gap 🏀
GAMEDAY! The Black Knights travel to Cumberland Gap to take on the Panthers in a key district matchup.
The earliest origins of the Wilderness Road were a trace, or trail, called Skaggs Trace used by the Longhunters traveling into Kentucky. The great herds of buffalo that once roamed the region traveled this trace. Native American tribes such as the Cherokee and Shawnee later used the trail to make attacks on each other. They called the path the Athowominee, variously translated as "Path of the Armed Ones" or "The Great Warrior's Path." In 1673, Shawnee warriors captured a young man named Gabriel Arthur. Before his release, Arthur became the first white settler known to have crossed through the Cumberland Gap using part of what would become the Wilderness Road. In 1750, an expedition led by Dr. Thomas Walker set out from Virginia with the aim of exploring lands further west for potential settlement. Discouraged by the rough terrain in southeastern Kentucky, the group turned back, but Walker's detailed report of the expedition proved to be an invaluable resource for later expeditions, including Boone's. In 1 ...
Today in history On Oct. 22, 1575, Aguascalientes, Mexico, was founded by Juan de Montoro to be a postal rest stop. In 1746, Princeton University, in New Jersey, was granted its charter. In 1797, the first parachute jump of note was made by Andre-Jacques Garnerin from a hydrogen balloon 3,200 feet above Paris, France. In 1836, Sam Houston became the first elected president of the Republic of Texas. In 1861, the first telegraph line linking the U.S. east and west coasts was completed. In 1862, during the Civil War, the Battle of Old Fort Wayne began in Indian territory; and Confederate troops recaptured Cumberland Gap, Tenn. In 1875, the Sons of the American Revolution was established. In 1907, "The Panic of 1907" occurred, eventually leading to the Great Depression; and the Ringling Bros.' Greatest Show on Earth bought the Barnum & Bailey Circus. In 1927, Nikola Tesla released six new inventions, including a motor with one-phase electricity. In 1934, bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd was killed by FBI agents i ...
Saturday Oct. 19 1861 SOUTHERN SHIPS SKIRMISH SUSTAINED Once again, no large battles or other important events occurred on this day. There was considerable scuffling and skirmishing in western Virginia, and area in considerable dispute because of the divided loyalties of the people of the mountains, who favored the Union, and those of the eastern part of the state who not only favored the Confederacy but contained its capital. Aside from this unpleasantness, there was an engagement between the USS Massachusetts and the CSS Florida off the coast of Mississippi. Near Ship Island in the region known as Mississippi Sound the two ships exchanged fire for some time, to little effect. Sunday Oct. 19 1862 CUMBERLAND CLOSENESS COMPRESSES CONFEDERATE CONVOY The battle of Perryville, Kentucky, had been over a week ago, but armies were still being repositioned in the aftermath of it. Gen. Braxton Bragg’s Army of Tennessee was endeavoring to pass through the Cumberland Gap, in company with a very large quantity of s ...
So for anybody who listens to Wagon Wheel and wants to know, the Cumberland Gap is beautiful but a truck cant get through there
JW and I went for a ride to Middlesboro Kentucky through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. First get away in a long time. We had a great time.
The final score of Claiborne vs. Cumberland Gap. 41-0. 6 in a row for
09/07/1863: Battle of the Cumberland Gap; Union took control of pass connecting KY-TN-VA after 3 day battle.
Separation is triumphant! Federalism is not away forward. Cumberland gap has widened and no amount of filler will repair it.
Claiborne and Cumberland Gap can bond over one thing: Tennessee football
At one point in the game, spanning back to the Cumberland Gap game, Jeffers had completed 25 passes in a row. No doubt a CCHS record.
But he's a headin west from the cumberland gap to .
The party's still going Gap Casino Resort! Hop on our FREE shuttle - pick-ups at the Ramada & Fairfield Inns in Downtown Cumberland!
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Pretty sure Claiborne put more points on the board then Cumberland Gap did yards. 😂👊👋👏
Prediction score of this years basketball matchup Claiborne vs. Cumberland Gap . 41-0.
Cumberland gap 41- Claiborne 0 you all tried hard tho
Driving away from the late summer sun @ Cumberland Gap
the same calculation, the passage of the Cumberland Gap, he
Made it! Now back to Wise. (@ Cumberland Gap Tunnel in Harrogate, TN)
Lunch... On our way to Cumberland Gap. (@ El Potrillo in Gate City, VA)
Don't forget to stop in tonight at 7:00 to hear the Miami Valley Gear Guys talk about their Cumberland Gap hiking...
Golf match today at Clinchview vs. Greeneville, Cumberland Gap, and Grainger.
Watching local news here in Rockford makes me long even for what I got living out near the Cumberland Gap.
I didn't think Cumberland Gap had enough to field a team.
Claiborne bulldogs playing Cumberland Gap Friday. Battle of the county.
Join for for the BRAC Game of the Week as Claiborne County vs Cumberland Gap. Coverage begins at 6:00pm and...
Cumberland Gap, on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. Trips like this make me love my country. h…
Cumberland Gap, Mammoth Caves National Park, history & culture...Kentucky has tons for visitors:
Ever thought about backpacking the Cumberland Gap Ridge Trail? Not sure where to start? Or, maybe you’re...
Old-time tunes celebrating nature; Cumberland Gap 1872, can be found on Buffalo Gal’s first record...
My cousin & his band, Cumberland Gap. My cousin on mandolin, his wife on stand up bass.
Virginia public schools are now in session from the Cumberland Gap to the Eastern Shore.
So eastern Kentucky is beautiful. If y'all have wondered where I've been, I'm in the Cumberland Gap shooting guns and climbing mountains ☺️
Nothing but empty, reaching arms for Cumberland Co. defenders as Scott’s Jon Hamblin splits the gap.
So I'm watching the Paul Finebaum show on SEC network. A guy from Cumberland Gap, TN called in and said he's heard West Virginia fans saying they're gonna beat Alabama and he said Kentucky would have a better chance of beating Alabama before West Virginia and I agree with the guy. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you have an SEC vs SEC, you don't known what's gonna happen. Roll Tide!!
A great day trip filled with aventure and history Cumberland Gap
In this video we take a ride to The Cumberland Gap Pinnacle and show what it has to offer. We also interview a park ranger at the visitor center.
Epiphany: if no matter how you try if you aren't ever invited to do things with so called friends.take your best friend( husband ) and just hit the road the whole weekend, drive take your time and stop and do the things that look interesting.lately Kentucky has been our hot spot.Cumberland Gap a couple of weekends ago and this weekend Leitchfield and Elizabethtown interesting places.
Awesome story just had on Cumberland Gap. Just down there last Saturday and it was beautiful!
Mamaw is trying to talk me into going to Cumberland Gap 😫
Ellie: We should have called her Cumberland Camille.. Get it like the Cumberland gap 😂😂.
I haven't been in awhile but I may try it. I'm planning on going to Cumberland Gap at some point again to figure stuff out idk
If you head west from the Cumberland Gap, you don't end up in Johnson City.
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Gary Copeland of Spence's rye hammering out Cumberland Gap in the VOA Studio back in April of 2014...
Gary Copeland (Spence's Rye) with Cumberland Gap recorded in April of 2014.
Students from Chinese Exchange camp at CSPC in July at Cumberland Gap. Read about the camp at…
Making our way through Cumberland Gap, TN and into NC. Gorgeous.
if he ain't got a Cumberland gap I don't wanna know.
Hope to see you at our next Cumberland Mountain Music Show. This Saturday, August 9, 2014. at the Cumberland Gap...
And that was a mighty fine Cumberland Gap followed by some awesome song by a girl from TN.
I added a video to a playlist Emily Long - Cumberland Gap
Please tell me why I have a ball game in Cumberland Gap at 7 tomorrow. It's the night before school starts...
What was the last drink you had? — Ole Cumberland gap water.uncap the gap
Pigeon Forge beat Cumberland Gap and Northview at Sevierville Golf Club. Tyler Bohanan with a 3-under-par 34.
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park on the border of Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee
Cumberland gap is good water, easily for me, but ice mountain is bae
Dasani and Cumberland Gap are the worst!😝😷
Performed by Chris Ellis on 05/12/14 in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee during the "LOYW Sessions Pt. 2". All Rights, Music, & Lyrics belong to Chris Ellis. From t...
442.8500 WA4ROB repeater at Cumberland Gap , Tennessee updated by WA4ROB
I just hope that the safety of Cumberland Gap wildlife has been assured after this.
Little boxes on the hillside @ Pinnacle Overlook Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
Why do all the Rimmel London models have the Cumberland gap between their front teeth? Maybe I don't want the London look anymore.
Doesn't get much better than sunset at Cumberland Gap National Park with an American flag and sunset!…
Taking in the view (@ Cumberland Gap Pinnacle Overlook in Middlesboro, KY)
Lay down boys, take a lil nap, 16 miles to the cumberland gap!
Great day for a walk in the woods. @ Cumberland Gap
I took a video idk how to send it though but he's a heading west to the Cumberland gap to Johnson City tn
Pay for a Dasani, get a Cumberland Gap.
Uhm... How exactly is the tunnel just closed? @ Cumberland Gap Tunnel
Cumberland Gap linebacker/running back Brandon Bailey says its only 25 days till its football time in east...
I want to go to Cumberland Gap so bad.
Arriving at our destination, Mile Zero of the GAP in Cumberland, MD
been through Tenn and loved it. My best friend in Houston his Dad moved into the Cumberland Gap. Can't get much better.
Hamilton Collection
Well he's a headin west from the Cumberland Gap,. Johnson City, Tennessee.
crossing Cumberland gap in KY. Totally squatchy! :)
The Cumberland Gap has me feeling like a shoebie
Found the cutest baby deer in Cumberland Gap today! kirbiakersey lindseyh2008
Sometimes you just gotta stop and pick up the baby lizard 🐊@ Cumberland Gap…
BEARS in the news! Friends of Cumberland Gap NHP has received a grant to help get the word out. Check it out! .
Fantastic! I spend a lot of time in Lex! I'm from the most southeastern tip around the Cumberland Gap.
Kicking off today's it's Lonnie Donegan 'Cumberland Gap' Listen in for the next 2hrs for great music.
were you a-heading west from the Cumberland gap??? (also buckle up kiddos)
Driving through the Cumberland Gap while listening to Wagon Wheel.
Here's our official guests for the Cumberland Mountain Music Show on Sat. August 9th in Cumberland Gap! Check...
Report highlights the economic benefits of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to local communities.
New fire station proposed for Cumberland Gap area in southwest Tyler
Taking a family road trip, driving past the Cumberland gap, blasting Wagon Wheel like it's nobody's business
Here is a report on the economic impact of our national parks -- including $46 million from Cumberland Gap.
Campbell Co opens at Cumberland Gap in a game in which both teams traditionally like to throw the ball around and open up the offenses.
Cumberland Gap from the pinnacle overlook🌁
I've seen the Cumberland gap 12 times. So many
Looking for that forever friend? You might find him or her at our mobile adoption tomorrow (Saturday, 6/21) at the Commercial Bank in Barbourville, KY from 11 to 4. We'll have these sweet doggies and more, all wonderful, all looking for their forever home. Have a look to find your forever love. To get there, take Cumberland Gap Parkway to Barbourville, turn right at the KFC onto Knox St, Commercial Bank is on the right.
Day 7 continued - Thunder, Thunder, Thunder camping tonight at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park...had a wonderful meal (New York Strip, Steamed "Seasoned Squash, Zuchinni, Mushrooms, Onions, Red New Potatoes", Grilled Asparagus & Corn on the Cob...delish :) Love the peacefulness & now God's tears.flowind down from heaven... Love this sound...may never want to go home. Aaaah
Throwback to hiking across the Cumberland Gap, we want to explore the West Coast! Take us to…
Things I will take home with me from a week at The Mountain Heritage Literary Festival and Cumberland Gap Writers Studio: A mug from the Gap Creek Coffeehouse, too many photos of Olive Kittyridge, a bunch of wonderful, new friends, twenty good pages of a new novel and four pages of the new novel which I consider to be among the best pages I've ever written. Not a bad week at all! Thank you, Darnell Arnoult for creating such a wonderful program and for all your help!
Passing Cumberland gap and the mayors name is jack Daniels... Lol
My Kentucky home town Middlesboro viewed to the west from Cumberland Gap peak the pinnacle extreme southeast Kentucky
I was checking a lady out she was from Illinois, and she got all excited and said "Oh my god! Kentucky water!" She got alittle to excited to see Cumberland Gap water...
A11: Cumberland Gap, 1st trip just more familiarization, want to spend more time going deep!
We will be serving Saturday night before the Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley concert @ LMU Convention Center located here in Cumberland Gap! Come have dinner and listen to some great music!!
We had two charter buses to arrive at the Genealogy Jamboree, Cumberland Gap Tennessee. See if your group can...
Talking about the 1862 Cumberland Gap Campaign of the American Civil War at the Genealogy Jamboree fate would have it...Cumberland Gap.
This is an amazing photo. Not only is it a great shot, there's something very special about it. Look in the middle of the picture to see a heart in the trees and then look to the left to see the image of a man extending his hand. Could this be the spirit of Daniel Boone thanking us with all his heart? Thank you Roberta Mills of Oregon for sharing this wonderful photography with us. This is the re-enactment of the 1776 crossing of the Cumberland Gap into the wilderness of "Kaintuck", soon to be the state of Kentucky. June 14, 2014 was the date if the Dedication of the Boone Trace Corridor, which is a tourism venue to promote education of the Early American Frontier. Go to to learn about this project.
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Defiantly going to Cumberland Gap for my senior year😍
The next Cumberland Mountain Music show is this Saturday, June 21. Come join us down in the town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee at the LMU Convention Center on Colwyn Ave. Steve Gulley and Dale Ann Bradley headline the show along with the CMMS cast. Show starts at 7:30 and doors open at 6:30.
the Cumberland Gap, after traversing Powells valley. One of his
55 miles (89 km) - Total so far: 714 miles (1,149 km) Just before rolling into the campground last night I saw a warning sign for the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. 'Huh' me thoughts, 'I didn't realize I h...
Literally traveling down the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, Tennessee
This is my great-great-great grandmother Bethenia "Stella" Vineyard Stevens (1817-1904), in front of her farmhouse in the Vineland area. She was born in Botetourt Co., VA, and came west with her family in a wagon train through the Cumberland Gap when she was 9 years old.Her father, Peter Vineyard, was a farmer, blacksmith, and wagon maker. She married William "BIllie" Stevens. They had 11 children: James, Martha, Mary, Mark, Lucy, Vance Reed, George, Dudley, Marie, Susan, and Alice.
We are in Cumberland Gap tonight, the corner where Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee meet and form a natural pass throught the Appalacian Mountains. We are staying in Middlesboro KY which is dry. To have a beer we must drive 5 miles to Harrowgate VA. The beer is good, but there is no internet service. The inconvenience is worth the beautiful views here!
Riding my bike across the US. Day 13- Leaving Virginia and Loving Kentucky.
Prayers.. Flat on I 75 after hitting something. We're near Cumberland Gap National Park. Thanks...
Common Strings will be preforming at the Cumberland Gap National Park Campground July 5th at 8:00 pm. If bad weather were to brew up, the music will be moved to the Visitor Center Theater, so rain or shine, come join us !
Anonymous said: Isn't that post about Cumberland Gap, KY the VA/TN side of the gap?
We will be in the Cumberland Gap area the 18/19/20 th of July!! Check out our flyer! Be sure to share with...
QCAFE winner for today is Lindsay in Cumberland, winning a lunch from LB's Place at Rocky Gap Casino Resort
And he was headin' west for the Cumberland Gap... To Johnson City...Tennessee... Hehe...
I finally made it home late last night. I seriously, from the very bottom of my heart want to thank those that took the time to come see my storytelling event in the Gap at the Genealogy Jamboree, Cumberland Gap Tennessee.Joyce Joyce Brooks-Wichman.without you I could not do it.and those that stopped by to see me, as well. I wish we would have had more time to swop stories. That was the most wonderful time of all.listening to the things you told me.thank you sweet brothers and sisters.We will talk more now that I am home, for I remember each and every one of you. Thanks Mark Treadway and the crew for such a great time.Thank you Marsha Bratton and the DAR sisters for having me. :) Thank YOU JESUS for such a beautiful time.and thank you to my grandchildren Josh and Kody Stafiej that went with me so I would not cancel my trip. It was hard not seeing my brother putting my tent away. However, my sister-in-law Theresa Mulka-Woodby brought the family and they helped us. It meant so much to see my family come in ...
Here is a video of the dedication of the Boone's Trace at Cumberland Gap.
Why on Earth are people so up in arms over this bear in Robertson County? They act like we aren't supposed to have bears here. I for one would be excited to know that bears were living in my woods! Bears were inhabiting our area long before Daniel Boone crossed the Cumberland Gap. It was thanks to human encroachment and development, that we have not seen bears in this part of Kentucky for so long. I am glad to see the bears making a come back. It's not like Black Bears are blood thirsty killers who set out to attack humans. If stupid people (the ones who get mauled because they tormented the bear) would let bears have their space everyone can co-exist peacefully. Hats off to our Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for their management of bear populations in Kentucky. Perhaps seeing a bear and her cubs while I'm taking a stroll in the woods will be as common as a deer and a fawn in the future.
Good morning brother &sisters ..this is going thru Cumberland Gap Tunnel , oh how I enjoyed it , I hope y ' all do, too.
Heading west out of the Cumberland Gap!Heading toward Greenville and then back to Northern Va!
Daniel Boone's speech at Trail head of the Cumberland Gap !
Waveland State Historic Site, also known as the Joseph Bryan House, in Lexington, Kentucky is the site of a Greek Revival home and plantation now maintained and operated as part of the Kentucky state park system. It was the home of the Joseph Bryan family, who followed Daniel Boone through the Cumberland Gap, and became an early settler and horseman of this region.
Cumberland Gap by Lonnie Donegan is in Robinsons, Belfast. Download it now at
Riding my bike across the US. Day 12- Konfederates & Kanines.
"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my mother" 👭💕 @ Cumberland Gap, Tennessee
That's an article...where is the pr link?.
Gorgeous day for some baseball. Go Gap!!! @ Cumberland Gap High School
Telling stories and playing music for the audience at an amphitheater in Cumberland Gap.
I need pictures from prom from when I went to Cumberland Gap high school
I still remember prom from when went to Cumberland gap high school Morgan you were a freshman and I remember you there taking pictures
Actually now driving in between the Cumberland Gap and Johnson City, Tennessee
I love living in Short Gap ... But I hate that everything I need/do is in lavale and Cumberland
Seinfeld mentions the Cumberland Gap in an episode
We are finishing Cumberland to Pittsburgh on the July 4th weekend.
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