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Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms (informally known as Cumby's) is a regional chain of convenience stores based in Framingham, Massachusetts, and operating primarily in the eastern United States and Florida.

New England Planning Board Brighton Ave Blue Hills

Cumberland Farms has literally the best ice cream
Hah!...and then there's me over here who hits up Cumberland Farms for my coffee. A whopping $0.99. :oP Gourmet to the max!
Cumberland farms is opening tomorrow!
Cumberland farms f'real milkshakes are bombπŸ’£πŸ˜
I dunno who programmed the circle of life to play over the gas pump speakers at this cumberland farms but they need to chill
We always got our Cumberland Farms munchies on deck tho πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
I totally had a dream that worked at Cumberland farms πŸ˜‚
is it one of those nice Cumberland Farms gas stations or like run down evil gas station?
I miss runs to Cumberland Farms at 3 A.M.
LOL the look on the girls face when my Mudflaps scraped so much entering Cumberland farms
after you've eaten food from Cumberland Farms? *** no!
β€œWhat was I talking bout the other day 😭😭 smh me and your dad at Cumberland farms
Cumberland Farms has what looks to be a cheese infused hotdog & it has to be one of the nastiest gas station foods I've come by 😷😷
Back from my travels in rural Connecticut, can't believe they closed Cumberland farms, looking forward to some pizza later.
im mad far from your crib but I'm with the walk or you come to my crib don't matter but I'm over near Cumberland farms
Cumberland farms always showing that love πŸ’―
Cumberland farms starts at 9.50 and then 10 an hour after I think 30 or 60 days
pepperoni and cheese at Cumberland farms with a cherry coke was my guilty pleasure
Someone drive to Cumberland farms and get me peanut butter gramma cookies for 75cents ty
Feelin like a rotisserie hotdog at a Cumberland Farms
my gym teacher said to me yesterday "have fun working at 7/11 or Cumberland farms or getting welfare bc u can't get a job"
Police arrest keene activist at cumberland farms - LIVE at
Apparently, this bus just lets people off along the route all wily-nily. "Just drop me at the Cumberland Farms on the corner of Main."
I got a work meetingfor cumberland farms... what we gunna talk about how the coffee should be hotter or the pizza be co…
Cumberland Farms is hiring Retail Sales Associate - Lawrence, MA in Lawrence, MA
Cumberland Farms smart pay is actually the best thing ever
If you have not already I suggest trying the pizza from Cumberland Farms. You will not be disappointed
Work begins at the corner of Orange and Washington Streets by Cumberland Farms
Hey guys, the pizza and hot dogs are ready at Cumberland farms if you wanted to start your day hating yourself.
Citrus marinated kingfish with coconut cream, pickled celery branch and Cumberland farms e…
Was just in Cumberland Farms and this dude is paying and swipes his card too early (not out of the ordinary)
Ew if you're gonna makeout why are you doing it in the front row parking at cumberland farms like get a room you freaks
Come support MASBA by getting a fountain drink at Cumberland Farms! Feat.
Anyone else see a problem with Cumberland Farms putting the periodicals near the restrooms?
ok so I completely botched that one. tells me it's El Coyote and Cumberland Farms isn't there. Lol
there's also a good spot in EHT called El Diablo , it's near the Cumberland Farms. An NBC40 favorite lol
I think Cumberland farms actually does
Got a little side job at Cumberland farms, passing all my classes, my senior year is ending greaat
no-sugar flavors are the best! Cumberland Farms has those, and chocolate is one of the flavors!
true story… there was a convenience store in my town called Cumberland Farms and all my friends called it CUMBIES
right next to it, not Cumberland farms the other one i think its red
Cumberland Farms in Stratford has the best slushy favors πŸ˜‹
And I can't even avoid him because he works at the Cumberland Farms RIGHT next to my house.
Short roadtrip to Cumberland Farms with 2 homies.
The Cumberland farms I work at in Monument beach is reopening tomorrow and it's pretty amazing. Everyone should stop by and check it out. I'll be there from 11 to 7!
Sanderson Farms is officially over in Cumberland County. Company says it has put us in their rearview mirror:
Sanderson Farms no longer considering Fayetteville, Cumberland County: Sanderson Farms has put Fayetteville in the…
FREE Coffee at Cumberland Farms . Go Here -->>
I hope the prices stay this low. This is with their 10 cent/gal SmartPay discount. @ Cumberland Farms
Why dont you lower your prices to $1.00 a cup like your competitors cumberland farms & Mcdonalds ?
So I guess the new Cumberland farms is open
Why can't there be a Cumberland farms closer to me 😩😩
The new Cumberland farms is the nicest thing in Middleboro lol
I'm gonna try to go to cumberland farms before school
If the Cumberland Farms in BF doesn't scare you, you're lying
I never have and never will buy gas from cumberland farms in stratford
My school shopping list: 1 pencil and a billion packs of dutches. I'm done walking across campus to Cumberland farms.
No public comment on revised Cumberland Farms plan. Continued to Feb. 9 meeting. Read more in Thursday's
Downsized Orange Street Cumberland Farms proposal being met with positive reaction from Planning Board. Public yet to have a say tonight.
Does Mike miss still publish the Fan magazine? It was like 25 pages and available at Cumberland farms.
Planning Board January meeting about to get underway. White Elephant, Cumberland Farms among items on packed agenda.
so basically I'll meet you at Cumberland Farms after the game
Just heard Gloria Estefan's "Get On Your Feet" in a Cumberland Farms and am now dead from laughing.
why tho? Cumberland farms is 2.64 why is country farm so cheap
I still can't get over the fact Cumberland farms sells pizza.. And it's a whole pizza pie!!
cumberland farms in Lancaster,ma has nice when it's nasty out
Car 33 reporting a minor motor vehicle crash on Main St in front of Cumberland Farms.
Shout out to Cumberland Farms for their not so great pizza that is curing my incredible hunger. ADVENTURE OF PIZZA
Can we talk about how the Cumberland Farms/Dunkin coffee rivalry is getting really real? So many attack ads!
I just stopped to get gas ($2.01 a gallon, thank you Cumberland Farms) on my way home from National Guard and had...
Just 4 the record the record the coffee at is better than both of these!
My feet and ankles went completely numb last night and I was in 5 inch shoes and I literally fell walking into the Cumberland farms bathroom
Just placed the interior and exterior finishes for Cumberland Farms in my office until the models are done. So...
Just received finishes and options for Cumberland Farms. Hanging out in my office till models are…
Here's the Ranch at Cumberland Farms 2797 Sq Ft Base price $359,000. Text COVA to 85377 to get and pass along my...
"Cumberland farms coffee caity really??" "No leah i put my alcohol in that, smart huh?" My mom hates me πŸ˜…
Here is one of the 2 story homes that will be built in Cumberland Farms. There are 4 Ext. options.. I think I...
A buddy of mine in the Marine Corps always would go on about Wawa. I'm a Cumberland Farms guy.
Just got handed one if the hottest mixtapes of 2015 at Cumberland farms. Kidd Rhythm's the vision straight fire.
I was so bent last night that I went to Cumberland farms and ate two hot dogs. I don't eat hot dogs lol
Yes, Cumberland farms coffee is good and cheap, but there is no drive thru so Dunkin reigns supreme.
That smartpay at Cumberland Farms is genius
Just filled up at $1.99/gal Cumberland Farms Smart Pay Lafayette Rd Portsmouth!
Shelton police have a suspect in custody in the armed robbery of the Cumberland Farms on River Road.
Cumberland Farms almond joy cappucinos are ridiculously on point. So good. So is winning 25 units this weekend. 7-1 on nfl plays baby!
Wha my truck broke down in Cumberland farms parking lot
What a morning. Let me tell you there is some whack jobs in Winsted... I was walking out of Cumberland farms this morning after getting my coffee when I notice a guy parked in front of me just staring at me ( so I stared back) ... Then this little short raggy looking dude gets out of his car with a camera ...he then walked In front of my car and takes a picture... I was confused and wondering why this dude was taking a picture of my car so I rolled down my window and asked him if there was a problem . An argument ensued . He is lucky I was running late to work and that Dave told me to go... I was so ready to get out I the car...what a fu*kin sketch ball!!!
Nothing says broke college student like having to choose Cumberland farms over Dunkin in the morning
My dad literally just used his phone to turn on a gas pump at Cumberland Farms and pay for the gas
Took the tuna sandwich from the Cumberland Farms
Units responding to Cumberland Farms parking lot, 2 car accident, no injury.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
The Jets are back. Sack, then Cumberland farms one out (had to use it, but it doesn't really fit).
Jeff Cumberland Always kills the him Cumberland farms dudes always open
Lets just thank sweet baby Jesus for putting a Cumberland farms in milford
Buy a 5 oz bag of Cumberland Farms chips for the game & a 2 liter Cumberland Farms soda for just $2.22! TOUCHDOWN!
they don't have them in New England, we have Cumberland Farms, which is similar but not the same
The way I'm in Cumberland farms with spongebob PJs on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
this reminds me of slurpees at Cumberland farms
I didn't realize Cumberland Farms thought so little of me.
just met someone from Craigslist at a Cumberland Farms to give her doll furniture.I didn't choose the hood life,
Gas at Cumberland Farms in York is 2.45. SmartPay makes it 2.35.
$1 XL ice coffee at Cumberland farms is to πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😱
Planning Board gives thumbs up to Cumberland Farms relocation: WESTERLY β€” The days of waiting in line and jock...
at Cumberland farms they are, shop kwiks still a buck
or when you get your vanilla latte at Cumberland farms. Dork.
You're not officially home until you spend 20 mins in Cumberland farms deciding about snacks
Get 6 Free VitaTops
After drinking that hot chocolate, I wish I had a Cumberland Farms right across my house...😩
I didn't know Cumberland Farms thought so little of me.
This was in Cumberland farms as a decoration and my mom complained it was dying. She took it.
We're pouring the footings for the 2 models at Cumberland Farms, but we would rather be pouring for…
β€œNo school for me πŸ˜β€ bring me a chocolate milkshake from cumberland farms πŸ˜žπŸ™Œ
Cumberland farms is the new spot πŸ‘Œ you can make your own coffee as big as you want for a dollar
Mixing vodka into my cumberland farms slushie was a stroke of genius. πŸ‘ŒπŸΉ
that can't be true. Got it at Cumberland farms in a 6 pack last weekend
Driving to west Brookfield with Mike and I've seen like 7 Cumberland farms
it's Cumberland farms not the liquor store
The cashier at Cumberland Farms complimented the hot dog that I made.
This guy is going off on a girl in the Cumberland Farms parking lot.
A debate we still have today about Benigans Cumberland farms .
Here in New England DNKN is getting killed by Cumberland Farms 99c any size coffee not to mention McD's 99c any size.
Did you get some one a Cumberland Farms Giftcard?!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Someone in Cumberland farms just said "Hey kid you in line" to me. I thought that was only in old movies from the 30s
$2.72 at Cumberland farms in Willimantic and Canterbury with their smart pay app
So I went to five Cumberland farms and three gas stations throughout Riverside, East Providence, Providence, and Cranston.
india bought me dinner from Cumberland farms if that's not romance idk what it
Cumberland Farms is the best thing that's ever happened to me β˜•οΈπŸ’•
Cumberland Farms SmartPay discount for the win!
Thank you old man on a bicycle at cumberland farms that told me that my hair made me look like a fire goddess.
LOST TEDDY BEAR! Rt. 18 Cumberland Farms in Weymouth, MA. work your magic Internet!
im on East main by cumberland farms
Some people take their job a liitle to're a cashier at Cumberland Farms
ain't that kinda party Jon just tryna get to Cumberland farms lmao
I knew u should've went to Cumberland farms πŸ˜©πŸ˜‘
MAH WHO DORR RAY (the new Cumberland Farms has a FREAL machine and I feel like I brought a piece of uHart home)
β€œGood gas prices in Cumberland Farms on Blue Hills. use phone app save 10 cents more
Good gas prices spotted in Cumberland Farms on Blue Hills.
Put in my 2 week notice and on December 30th I will no longer be a Market Basket employee. And will be a full-time Cumberland farms employee
Just slapped the Cumberland farms lady in the face .
I recently had cherry ice cream from Cumberland Farms that tasted like cherry ranch. That's close.
Never could I imagine so see such filth at Cumberland Farms, rather disgusting actually, sad excuse for a life, I feel bad for this person:/
Opponents of Sanderson Farms chicken plant in Cumberland Co. attack reports about the environmental, economic effects
to the rescue with Busy Night Beans and Rice!
just a whole lot of drugs in the Cumberland Farms parking lot and it's too clique
There's a guy walking around in Cumberland Farms with an ax...That's normal
we are en route to the new Cumberland farms!
That f'real machine in the new Cumberland farms πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜›
Spent the past 30 min in Cumberland Farms with and trying to win money on scratch tickets. So that's my night.
Went to Cumberland Farms anticipating to get a F'real but that didn't happen because I turned the cup around and it said it was 600 calories
Weymouth business news: Cumberland Farms donates $1668.40 from fundraiser - Wicked Local Plymouth
En route to the parking lot of Cumberland Farms to meet the Deputy Sheriff, an erratic operator pulled in off the road.
Gas Tracker: regular gasoline going for $3.11/gallon @ Cumberland Farms, US-1 & Micco Road in Micco.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
We're donating 20Β’ from every bag of ice purchased at Cumberland Farms to help
gas at the Cumberland Farms Boston Post Road in Orange CT is 3.62 a gallon
Help us save our trees! The last grove of oak hammocks on the beachside in Cape Canaveral are on the City Councils agenda to approve removal for a Cumberland Farms 16 pump gas station. In the city's one mile radius there are already nine gas stations. The oak grove location in north Cape Canaveral sits south of Sunseed Health Food Co-op. They've out stood hurricanes and protect wildlife and our lagoon. The FL protected Indigo snake resides in this area as well as an Indian mound east of the grove. TODAY we move fast on gathering to PROTEST in front of the area on A1A from 4-6 pm. Come help us SAVE OUR TREES, SAVE OUR LAGOON AND NO MORE GAS STATIONS!
FYI: For all of you doing the ALS Cumberland Farms is donating twenty cents to ALS for every...
❀ Cumberland Farms... Round here. Be like the club..
We need a Royal Farms in cumberland simply because their coffee is the greatest thing ever.
Currently walking to cumberland farms
lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ahh good times at Cumberland farms
...all I can think of is the guy at cumberland farms is that bad?.
apple pie icecream from Cumberland farms... Imy
that's happening across the street from my grandparents too, on the hill next to Cumberland farms in palatine
Wow! Head out to a Cumberland Farms location to buy your ice until September 1st!. 20 cents of each ice purchase...
Cumberland Farms Challenge: Drink an entire Chug Jug of Pepsi before you pass the next Cumberland Farms. 😎😎
Just went to cumberland farms in frammingham!
We're helping to one bag of ice at a time. For details on how you can help, check out
Cumberland Farms coffee makes me poop way quicker and way more fierce than any other coffee. Can't complain for a bucket size at $1.05.
I can't put down Iced Coffee it has great flavor and aroma Cumberland Farms
Idk if Irving is gonna be around after Cumberland Farms opens back up
sad but true i told my aunt that it would be like me getting gunned down for the gum & candy i stole from Cumberland Farms in HS
Always run into someone I know at Cumberland farms in Portland when I'm dripping sweat. Never fails
baker: ugh I hate Labor Day. my mom: why . baker: because they don't give free refills at Cumberland farms
β€œDinner at Cumberland farms why didn't we ever sit at the tables
Cumberland Farms has a good one - They are donating 10 cents from every bagged ice sale to ALS. Related expansion of donations
Cumberland Farms is donating 20 cents from each bag of ice sold to the ALS Association
Cumberland Farms Donating Ice Proceeds to ALS Assocation: Have you taken the Ice Bucket Challenge? The ALS awa...
Cumberland County Ag board requests $500,000 to preserve more of the 32 farms
The Cumberland Farms/Red Sox contest where you can win $99,999...just makes me think of the
I could survive off of Cumberland farms icees for the rest of my life
The new Cumberland Farms is so nice but makes me sad bc my dad was so excited to see it and he never did πŸ˜”
I've yet been to a classy Cumberland farms
Leif is live at the grand opening of the new Cumberland Farms at Brighton Ave and Woodfords St. in Portland
Cumberland Farms managers taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Come visit Frank at the Grand Opening at...
Come say hi to Leif Erickson at Cumberland Farms, at Brighton Ave and Woodford St in Portland! It’s the Grand...
If you have 96 cents you should buy me a green apple slushie thing from Cumberland Farms and deliver it to me k thanks
Thanks, $.20 from Every Bag of Ice Purchased Will Be Donated to ALS Association Now - Labor Day!
Wally is making the rounds on Cumberland Farms Terrace.
A Citizens Bank ATM is never far away! We have 1,000+ ATMs at APlus at Sunoco, Cumberland Farms and GetGo locations!
The new Cumberland Farms in Epping is so nice!
Confession 2; I work at cumberland farms. come see me for ya blunts c:
Today I'm meet some nice young ladies standing in front of Cumberland farms in carver. With sigh mms saying impeach Obama it's about time these liberals wake up.
Shout out to that truly beautiful girl I just saw at Cumberland farms. Wow.
This is an ad campaign by Cumberland farms. Definitely makes me want iced coffee while playing ping…
There's a Cumberland Farms right next to my condos and I hardly go in there but I just did and they have so much coffee omg
"When I die I want my ashes spread around the Cumberland farms parking lot because I love Arnold Schwarzenegger" . Why is my dad a freak.
I'll tell you when on Wednesday 😌 but at Rose's Nails across from Cumberland farms on Rte. 32
I heard a Dunkin's being built on the corner of Mendon & Diamond Hill, a dollar store on Mendon and Cumberland Farms at BP. I hate my life.
Cumberland Farms bathroom work selfie. I'm hot. Take that how you want.
broad st thou in cf right on the side of Cumberland farms
Rolled over to Cumberland Farms to get decaf ice coffee. Noms
I don't trust the people who refer to cumbies as "Cumberland Farms"
'Tis the season for moving days and iced coffee. Check out this very funny TV spot:
Friday evening in coordination with the State-funded Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) task force, the Saco Police Department sent undercover officers into 19 separate businesses that sell alcoholic beverages.Β  Not one store illegally sold alcohol to the minor the police utilized, something Chief Paul says is very encouraging. Β  β€œI think it shows the message is getting out and is being received” by area businesses, says Paul. The team utilizes an adult minor who attempts to purchase alcohol at the business.Β  If identification is asked for, the minor does not continue the attempt to illegally purchase alcohol. Β  The point of the enforcement effort is to seek voluntary compliance among area merchants in the fight to make it more difficult for underage youth to obtain alcohol, which Paul says seems to contribute to frequency and severity of alcohol-connected motor vehicle accidents in the spring and summer months. Β  β€œAs we always inform the public when stores fail compliance checks, it is eq ...
Hi folks.. so, last night, I went into Cumberland Farms in Williamsburg and fell *** my knee, wrenching my back and hip, etc. They had washed the floor and had NO signs. There were signs at the other end of the store, at the side entrance. Two signs right next to each other and near the far door, none between my entrance and the wet floor... hmmm. Anyway, a guy came out of the bathroom and said he almost fell, too! A lot of arnica gel later and a few advil before bed and I'm basically just crooked, and seem to have water on the knee, no surprise. Going to talk to the manager today... Anyway, I am wondering if anyone local has worked with a manipulative osteopath here? I've worked with one in the past and have not found one locally. Other suggestions of local GENTLE chiropractors or folks you would recommend would be helpful. Both chiropractors I used to work with are no longer around... I would like to nip this in the bud so it doesn't turn into something more serious down the road.
You know you have no life when you can't freakin wait until Cumberland farms opens again after the major remodel.
Chilling with Tims mom in the Cumberland farms parking lot
Theres a lady in the Cumberland farms parking lot giving some guy dome.
How nice is the shake shop thing at Cumberland farms though
Cumberland Farms is the Whole Foods of the Gas Industry
I know :( you were pulling outta Cumberland farms and I drove by!
I downed four of those caffeine shots they say you should only have two of a day at Cumberland farms
Ice coffee & cheese danish from Cumberland farms 😘
For my New England friends, Wawa is a GIGANTIC, much more inclusive, complete with deli, Cumberland Farms or Stewart's. :D They are da bomb. Gas, dinner, great coffee, and grocery shopping in one stop.
There is a king at cumberland farms i dont even know whats going on right now
Only reason i go to cumberland farms
Hey Lakers,I am looking for the young lady who used to go to Carl's Market after work and have coffee,I believe she is a Wilner,she also looked after Dave who had the Liquor Store across from Cumberland Farms when he was sick. Anyone know her if so please let me know,Thanks.
I just used Punchcard at Cumberland Farms, and won 5 Points! WOO HOO!!
It would be so clutch if the Cumberland farms across the little bridge was a Wawa
8:00/9:00 p.m. we went to cumberland farms and I got a slushy and a cup which I'm happy since I've been really wanting this
sitting in nicks car using a basketball as a foot rest watching him browse isles of a Cumberland farms through the window
Cumberland farms needs to step up their pizza game, 7/11s kicking their ***
Squad went in too deep tonight. Suffering from minor PTSD after that adventure in First Street Cumberland Farms.
I just want to say I LOVE CUMBERLAND FARMS. Lol
Having a Cumberland farms in walking distance from your house is a plus
Are you in the process of chickening out from going to Cumberland Farms? If so, then yes.
Just saw a Cumberland farms commercial. Like what?
I saw a guy at Cumberland Farms that looked just like oh my god
You know you had a good night when you or your friend don't remember going to Cumberland Farms πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm ok with the new Cumberland farms
And a new Cumberland farms Brockton don't like the youth lol
Everyone at this Cumberland Farms is dumb AF including me because I can't park a car.
the morons in front of the new cumberland farms boston rd have a permit. People pulling over, traffic jams, blocking sidewalk
Oh Cumberland Farms. You have seen me at my best and worst.
Parker wanna take me to Cumberland farms for some hot cheetos and hot popcorn ?ΒΏ??
must of been near Cumberland Farms, I got my gas & chill zone. How'd the *** did you spot me.
that's that playground on the Cumberland farms side
Ben and I went to Cumberland Farms to get slushies, and then came home and watched Avatar.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ‘Œ
Just watched as an obese woman flipped out at Cumberland farms because the cashier had trouble ringing up her 10 ice cream cones on EBT
like ten minutes ago @ Cumberland farms. Lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she was renting a movie right in front of me
Shoutout to the attractive cashier at Cumberland Farms for giving me my $1.06 chips for $1 . The weddings in 2 weeks
Being not from here, I'd submit she go back to whatever Cumberland Farms *** hole she sprung from.
My junior year mainly consisted of night trips to Cumberland farms
Im waiting in line at Cumberland farms. And I currently smell marijuana..
Cumberland farms is pretty good too though maybe even better
I just saw a grown man rummaging through the trash at Cumberland Farms for old scratch tickets. Sir, please kill yourself.
Sad to see the Cumberland farms in Ayer go out of business ... Where am I going to get my coffee before games at a decent price?
yea across from Cumberland Farms posted on a Black Wip..
β€œI wanna get soda but I have no idea if the gas station is open :(” cumberland farms is opened 😊😊
We trooped all the way to Cumberland Farms in groton from branford
πŸ˜›πŸ™Š I believe I saw you in cumberland farms wasnt sure but you're pretty😊
- Cumberland Farms planning facelift to West Street, Ludlow, location
Waiting for this Cumberland Farms to get finished is like waiting for rain in this drought: useless and disappointing
I once saw walk into a Cumberland farms, but I've never actually interacted with him.
β€œDying for a slushie from Cumberland Farms πŸ˜©β€ this is me 100% of the time
Dying for a slushie from Cumberland Farms 😩
why can't I find anything about the East Rochester Cumberland Farms accident featured in NBC s Science of Love
β€œPretty sad when a Cumberland Farms is the teenage hot spot in town”
The push is on!! Fundraiser event is 4pm to 10 pm NEXT SATURDAY! Spread the word! Tickets $25, cover your catered food and live entertainment from DJ OPY and the HENCHMEN! Kids and trisomy families FREE. Prizes donated from, for example.Starbucks, Evo salon, Hoffman's Playland, Gastro Pub, Price Chopper, Kiskis Tires, JJ Cycles, Stewarts, Breathe Massage Therapy, Cumberland Farms, Norejay events FOD tickets, Popirondacks popcorn, Dutch Apple Cruises, BJ's, Music for Little People, Pampered Chef, Proctors Story Time, Brookview Station Winery, the Barnsider, Nail Art, Candles n' More, Hey Chica latin food, Modern Auto Repair, New Look Salon, Seven Blessings Jewelry, Just Cat's Veterinary clinic, Hint of Paris salon.and a TON more!!! You can get tickets from our website (see link below), at the door if you're lucky, and if you're an Albany Med employee, at the MICU. You can always message us if you want us to reserve tickets for you at the door! We want to have an awesome day and see as many folks as possi . ...
like some guy legitimately farted in my window at Cumberland Farms the other day
Here we go folks route 104 Bridgewater today at Cumberland Farms there is a stand set up with people out there with impeach Obama signs
I was hyped when I got this slushy thing at Cumberland farms for $0.95 but then *** charged me 2.45 for a 2 pack 😐
We are very pleased to announce the final results of our four week long fundraiser between Cumberland Farms and the Lexington LABBB. We surpassed our goal and raised a whopping total of $1,061.50! Congrats to everyone involved with the fundraiser.
Didn't realize there is a casino in Glenmont. I just wanted a cup of coffee. Guy in front of me at Cumberland Farms needed $130 worth of various lottery products. FFS.
Jess the Cumberland Farms is makin' moves πŸ˜‹
I love this Cumberland farms commercial on pandora.
in this morning's script meeting, i referred to Cumberland Farms as "Cumbi's" and everyone shot me a 0_o .
you're fault It's Cumberland farms. Not a restaurant.
A week ago I waited 10 min before a Cumberland farms employee asked me what I wanted to eat. Adam think this is my fault. Who agrees?
When I get a car, I'm going to Cumberland Farms or Price Chopper at midnight to get donuts.
Come on down Weirs Beach Cumberland Farms the one and only Cumberland Farms that hosts bike week in Laconia, NH!!! Bike week starts Friday! 1.00 camel coupons or 5 packs for 5 bucks. Same promo on grizzly chew tabacco. Must be 18 to recieve coupons, id required! Get ur coupons friday and Saturday this week and next 9a to 3pm!!! 99cent pizza slices and whole pizzas for 6.99! amd two for two buck dogs! Chicken tenders, boneless buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, onion rings starting at 1.99! Oh and dont forget ice cold beer and best 99 cent coffee in NH! Make it a value meal with hot breakfast sandwich and hash browns for 3.49 plus tax!Only at my cumbys in the Weirs! See you there! :-)
Cumberland farms buy a bag of chip get a free large drink is clutch
Went to Cumberland farms and didn't have enough money. She gave it to me with what I had, left screaming YOU THE REAL MVP
both of the times in which I've had to go into Cumberland farms to get 1 item, I've had my spot taken by people who spend $125 on scratchers
The Cumberland Farms on division is huge
Seeing Jesse from dance at Cumberland farms πŸ‘€
DiPrete Engineering is providing Cumberland Farms with civil planning, and surveying services.
humpday is milk day. Only milkman was coming too late this morn. Walked to cumberland farms store for half&half @ 4:30 AM
Can you please make a Cumberland Farms in Webster,ma please :) I always have to drive out of town :(
My Cumberland farms gift card is depleted 😒😩
Cumberland Farms, in battle with Stewart's Shops and others, continues to invest in stores via
PHILMONT - Customers chilled at Tuesday’s grand opening of Cumberland Farms in Philmont with complementary snacks and frozen drinks to celebrate a cool $1,000 donation to the Taconic Hills Central School District’s Summer Enrichment Program.
Cumberland Farms holds grand opening, donates $1K to schools...
Westboro. 165 Flanders rd. cumberland farms warehouse. Gas line struck by construction company. Active leak. FD now on scene
Need your opinion.I am a Big Fan of Slushie's.The Ice & water Kind.Not the Foamy Kind.I have diabetes.So they are loaded with sugar.The new Cumberland farms on Pawling.Is a great example.have 7 Flavors .But no sugar free Kinds.Here it Is .Jimbo's Sugar free Icee's.Cherry / Blueberry / Mango .I know there is a Big market for this.Need a visionary to help Get this off the Ground
of course there are farms in Boston- ever hear of Cumberland Farms??
Off to bed I have my Cumberland farms appt at 12:30!
Fact.. Exxon, Cumberland Farms, Mobil and many other gas stations all draw gasoline from the same well in their region...
I picked up a new phone yesterday (Galaxy S5), because the old one is unreliable, and I was blown away by the camera resolution. To think that, now, or very soon, everyone will have a camera like this in their pocket, and be able to capture every moment in high def, and post it instantly to the web! It makes me wistful, to think of how cool it would be have high def shots of myself at nine or ten, roughhousing and fishing with my buddies in Brooklyn, CT., Edward Rzeznikiewicz and Jay Billings; or to have such pictures of my trips hitchhiking around the country--alone, often, but also with Brian McNamara and Joe Falocco. Instead, we have old and fading Polaroids, mostly taken by the parents at family gatherings. Nothing of the deserts, the seedy hotels, the wacky people we encountered. I'd love to have pictures of myself and Andrew McLaughlin, being nabbed with Mary Driscoll by the cops for shaking up cans of soda in 1969 and hosing each other down behind the Cumberland Farms. *** EVERYONE wishes they h .. ...
If these cumberland farms get any bigger there gonna start expanding into each other.
Why are the pumps at Cumberland farms so sloww
Another Cumberland Farms being built in New Bedford. As if wea not the smallest city we have a million gas stations
OK... so... I love seeing the kids play baseball, and we had a game scheduled for this evening at Conway. I stopped at Cumberland Farms on Somerville Ave.--about 1/8th mile from the Park--to get an iced coffee, Came out to the car and turned left onto Somerville Ave. No rain. By the time I got halfway to the park, there were a few raindrops on the windshield and the sky was looking angry. By the time I got to the Park, it was POURING. Rained for 10-15 minutes solid, then stopped. By that time the field was under water and the League cancelled all games for the evening. Which brings up my next point... if it's going to rain, I don't want any half-fast showers that "We might be able to play through". That usually ends up with the equipment being soaked and muddy and just a general mildewy mess. No... I WANT IT TO FRIGGIN POUR!!! :-)
My dog is missing!!! Please help. Bern dog was lost today off bay st next to cumberland farms. Please, please keep a eye out for the little guy!
Health inspectors have shut down Cumberland Farms after an anonymous tip concerning the animal origins of their milk and eggs.
just the Cumberland farms near my house lol
Bistro Bus is now parked in Florence across from Cumberland Farms. We'll be here til 2!
There needs to be a Cumberland farms chill zone in Danvers for the bomb slushies
Living in a town where the best thing that has happened to it was a new Cumberland farms.
Sorry but if you raise coffee price I'll just stop by McDonalds for McCafe more & Cumberland Farms (New England) more often.
Cumberland Farms expected at old Gloria's site by end of year
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