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Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms (informally known as Cumby's) is a regional chain of convenience stores based in Framingham, Massachusetts, and operating primarily in the eastern United States and Florida.

Brighton Ave Dunkin Donuts

lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ahh good times at Cumberland farms
...all I can think of is the guy at cumberland farms is that bad?.
apple pie icecream from Cumberland farms... Imy
that's happening across the street from my grandparents too, on the hill next to Cumberland farms in palatine
Wow! Head out to a Cumberland Farms location to buy your ice until September 1st!. 20 cents of each ice purchase...
Cumberland Farms Challenge: Drink an entire Chug Jug of Pepsi before you pass the next Cumberland Farms. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
Just went to cumberland farms in frammingham!
We're helping to one bag of ice at a time. For details on how you can help, check out
Cumberland Farms coffee makes me poop way quicker and way more fierce than any other coffee. Can't complain for a bucket size at $1.05.
I can't put down Iced Coffee it has great flavor and aroma Cumberland Farms
Idk if Irving is gonna be around after Cumberland Farms opens back up
sad but true i told my aunt that it would be like me getting gunned down for the gum & candy i stole from Cumberland Farms in HS
Always run into someone I know at Cumberland farms in Portland when I'm dripping sweat. Never fails
baker: ugh I hate Labor Day. my mom: why . baker: because they don't give free refills at Cumberland farms
โ€œDinner at Cumberland farms why didn't we ever sit at the tables
Cumberland Farms has a good one - They are donating 10 cents from every bagged ice sale to ALS. Related expansion of donations
Cumberland Farms is donating 20 cents from each bag of ice sold to the ALS Association
Cumberland Farms Donating Ice Proceeds to ALS Assocation: Have you taken the Ice Bucket Challenge? The ALS awa...
Cumberland County Ag board requests $500,000 to preserve more of the 32 farms
The Cumberland Farms/Red Sox contest where you can win $99,999...just makes me think of the
I could survive off of Cumberland farms icees for the rest of my life
The new Cumberland Farms is so nice but makes me sad bc my dad was so excited to see it and he never did ๐Ÿ˜”
I've yet been to a classy Cumberland farms
Leif is live at the grand opening of the new Cumberland Farms at Brighton Ave and Woodfords St. in Portland
Cumberland Farms managers taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Come visit Frank at the Grand Opening at...
Come say hi to Leif Erickson at Cumberland Farms, at Brighton Ave and Woodford St in Portland! Itโ€™s the Grand...
If you have 96 cents you should buy me a green apple slushie thing from Cumberland Farms and deliver it to me k thanks
Thanks, $.20 from Every Bag of Ice Purchased Will Be Donated to ALS Association Now - Labor Day!
Wally is making the rounds on Cumberland Farms Terrace.
A Citizens Bank ATM is never far away! We have 1,000+ ATMs at APlus at Sunoco, Cumberland Farms and GetGo locations!
The new Cumberland Farms in Epping is so nice!
Confession 2; I work at cumberland farms. come see me for ya blunts c:
Today I'm meet some nice young ladies standing in front of Cumberland farms in carver. With sigh mms saying impeach Obama it's about time these liberals wake up.
Shout out to that truly beautiful girl I just saw at Cumberland farms. Wow.
This is an ad campaign by Cumberland farms. Definitely makes me want iced coffee while playing pingโ€ฆ
There's a Cumberland Farms right next to my condos and I hardly go in there but I just did and they have so much coffee omg
"When I die I want my ashes spread around the Cumberland farms parking lot because I love Arnold Schwarzenegger" . Why is my dad a freak.
I'll tell you when on Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜Œ but at Rose's Nails across from Cumberland farms on Rte. 32
I heard a Dunkin's being built on the corner of Mendon & Diamond Hill, a dollar store on Mendon and Cumberland Farms at BP. I hate my life.
Cumberland Farms bathroom work selfie. I'm hot. Take that how you want.
broad st thou in cf right on the side of Cumberland farms
Rolled over to Cumberland Farms to get decaf ice coffee. Noms
I don't trust the people who refer to cumbies as "Cumberland Farms"
'Tis the season for moving days and iced coffee. Check out this very funny TV spot:
Friday evening in coordination with the State-funded Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) task force, the Saco Police Department sent undercover officers into 19 separate businesses that sell alcoholic beverages.ย  Not one store illegally sold alcohol to the minor the police utilized, something Chief Paul says is very encouraging. ย  โ€œI think it shows the message is getting out and is being receivedโ€ by area businesses, says Paul. The team utilizes an adult minor who attempts to purchase alcohol at the business.ย  If identification is asked for, the minor does not continue the attempt to illegally purchase alcohol. ย  The point of the enforcement effort is to seek voluntary compliance among area merchants in the fight to make it more difficult for underage youth to obtain alcohol, which Paul says seems to contribute to frequency and severity of alcohol-connected motor vehicle accidents in the spring and summer months. ย  โ€œAs we always inform the public when stores fail compliance checks, it is eq ...
Hi folks.. so, last night, I went into Cumberland Farms in Williamsburg and fell *** my knee, wrenching my back and hip, etc. They had washed the floor and had NO signs. There were signs at the other end of the store, at the side entrance. Two signs right next to each other and near the far door, none between my entrance and the wet floor... hmmm. Anyway, a guy came out of the bathroom and said he almost fell, too! A lot of arnica gel later and a few advil before bed and I'm basically just crooked, and seem to have water on the knee, no surprise. Going to talk to the manager today... Anyway, I am wondering if anyone local has worked with a manipulative osteopath here? I've worked with one in the past and have not found one locally. Other suggestions of local GENTLE chiropractors or folks you would recommend would be helpful. Both chiropractors I used to work with are no longer around... I would like to nip this in the bud so it doesn't turn into something more serious down the road.
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You know you have no life when you can't freakin wait until Cumberland farms opens again after the major remodel.
Chilling with Tims mom in the Cumberland farms parking lot
Theres a lady in the Cumberland farms parking lot giving some guy dome.
How nice is the shake shop thing at Cumberland farms though
Cumberland Farms is the Whole Foods of the Gas Industry
I know :( you were pulling outta Cumberland farms and I drove by!
I downed four of those caffeine shots they say you should only have two of a day at Cumberland farms
Ice coffee & cheese danish from Cumberland farms ๐Ÿ˜˜
For my New England friends, Wawa is a GIGANTIC, much more inclusive, complete with deli, Cumberland Farms or Stewart's. :D They are da bomb. Gas, dinner, great coffee, and grocery shopping in one stop.
There is a king at cumberland farms i dont even know whats going on right now
Only reason i go to cumberland farms
Hey Lakers,I am looking for the young lady who used to go to Carl's Market after work and have coffee,I believe she is a Wilner,she also looked after Dave who had the Liquor Store across from Cumberland Farms when he was sick. Anyone know her if so please let me know,Thanks.
I just used Punchcard at Cumberland Farms, and won 5 Points! WOO HOO!!
It would be so clutch if the Cumberland farms across the little bridge was a Wawa
8:00/9:00 p.m. we went to cumberland farms and I got a slushy and a cup which I'm happy since I've been really wanting this
sitting in nicks car using a basketball as a foot rest watching him browse isles of a Cumberland farms through the window
Cumberland farms needs to step up their pizza game, 7/11s kicking their ***
Squad went in too deep tonight. Suffering from minor PTSD after that adventure in First Street Cumberland Farms.
I just want to say I LOVE CUMBERLAND FARMS. Lol
Having a Cumberland farms in walking distance from your house is a plus
Are you in the process of chickening out from going to Cumberland Farms? If so, then yes.
Just saw a Cumberland farms commercial. Like what?
I saw a guy at Cumberland Farms that looked just like oh my god
You know you had a good night when you or your friend don't remember going to Cumberland Farms ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I'm ok with the new Cumberland farms
And a new Cumberland farms Brockton don't like the youth lol
Everyone at this Cumberland Farms is dumb AF including me because I can't park a car.
the morons in front of the new cumberland farms boston rd have a permit. People pulling over, traffic jams, blocking sidewalk
Oh Cumberland Farms. You have seen me at my best and worst.
Parker wanna take me to Cumberland farms for some hot cheetos and hot popcorn ?ยฟ??
Breast Cancer Awareness
must of been near Cumberland Farms, I got my gas & chill zone. How'd the *** did you spot me.
that's that playground on the Cumberland farms side
Ben and I went to Cumberland Farms to get slushies, and then came home and watched Avatar.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ‘Œ
Just watched as an obese woman flipped out at Cumberland farms because the cashier had trouble ringing up her 10 ice cream cones on EBT
like ten minutes ago @ Cumberland farms. Lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ she was renting a movie right in front of me
Shoutout to the attractive cashier at Cumberland Farms for giving me my $1.06 chips for $1 . The weddings in 2 weeks
Being not from here, I'd submit she go back to whatever Cumberland Farms *** hole she sprung from.
My junior year mainly consisted of night trips to Cumberland farms
Im waiting in line at Cumberland farms. And I currently smell marijuana..
Cumberland farms is pretty good too though maybe even better
I just saw a grown man rummaging through the trash at Cumberland Farms for old scratch tickets. Sir, please kill yourself.
Sad to see the Cumberland farms in Ayer go out of business ... Where am I going to get my coffee before games at a decent price?
yea across from Cumberland Farms posted on a Black Wip..
โ€œI wanna get soda but I have no idea if the gas station is open :(โ€ cumberland farms is opened ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
We trooped all the way to Cumberland Farms in groton from branford
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ™Š I believe I saw you in cumberland farms wasnt sure but you're pretty๐Ÿ˜Š
- Cumberland Farms planning facelift to West Street, Ludlow, location
Waiting for this Cumberland Farms to get finished is like waiting for rain in this drought: useless and disappointing
I once saw walk into a Cumberland farms, but I've never actually interacted with him.
โ€œDying for a slushie from Cumberland Farms ๐Ÿ˜ฉโ€ this is me 100% of the time
Dying for a slushie from Cumberland Farms ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
why can't I find anything about the East Rochester Cumberland Farms accident
โ€œPretty sad when a Cumberland Farms is the teenage hot spot in townโ€
The push is on!! Fundraiser event is 4pm to 10 pm NEXT SATURDAY! Spread the word! Tickets $25, cover your catered food and live entertainment from DJ OPY and the HENCHMEN! Kids and trisomy families FREE. Prizes donated from, for example.Starbucks, Evo salon, Hoffman's Playland, Gastro Pub, Price Chopper, Kiskis Tires, JJ Cycles, Stewarts, Breathe Massage Therapy, Cumberland Farms, Norejay events FOD tickets, Popirondacks popcorn, Dutch Apple Cruises, BJ's, Music for Little People, Pampered Chef, Proctors Story Time, Brookview Station Winery, the Barnsider, Nail Art, Candles n' More, Hey Chica latin food, Modern Auto Repair, New Look Salon, Seven Blessings Jewelry, Just Cat's Veterinary clinic, Hint of Paris salon.and a TON more!!! You can get tickets from our website (see link below), at the door if you're lucky, and if you're an Albany Med employee, at the MICU. You can always message us if you want us to reserve tickets for you at the door! We want to have an awesome day and see as many folks as possi . ...
like some guy legitimately farted in my window at Cumberland Farms the other day
Here we go folks route 104 Bridgewater today at Cumberland Farms there is a stand set up with people out there with impeach Obama signs
I was hyped when I got this slushy thing at Cumberland farms for $0.95 but then *** charged me 2.45 for a 2 pack ๐Ÿ˜
We are very pleased to announce the final results of our four week long fundraiser between Cumberland Farms and the Lexington LABBB. We surpassed our goal and raised a whopping total of $1,061.50! Congrats to everyone involved with the fundraiser.
Didn't realize there is a casino in Glenmont. I just wanted a cup of coffee. Guy in front of me at Cumberland Farms needed $130 worth of various lottery products. FFS.
Jess the Cumberland Farms is makin' moves ๐Ÿ˜‹
I love this Cumberland farms commercial on pandora.
in this morning's script meeting, i referred to Cumberland Farms as "Cumbi's" and everyone shot me a 0_o .
you're fault It's Cumberland farms. Not a restaurant.
A week ago I waited 10 min before a Cumberland farms employee asked me what I wanted to eat. Adam think this is my fault. Who agrees?
When I get a car, I'm going to Cumberland Farms or Price Chopper at midnight to get donuts.
Come on down Weirs Beach Cumberland Farms the one and only Cumberland Farms that hosts bike week in Laconia, NH!!! Bike week starts Friday! 1.00 camel coupons or 5 packs for 5 bucks. Same promo on grizzly chew tabacco. Must be 18 to recieve coupons, id required! Get ur coupons friday and Saturday this week and next 9a to 3pm!!! 99cent pizza slices and whole pizzas for 6.99! amd two for two buck dogs! Chicken tenders, boneless buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, onion rings starting at 1.99! Oh and dont forget ice cold beer and best 99 cent coffee in NH! Make it a value meal with hot breakfast sandwich and hash browns for 3.49 plus tax!Only at my cumbys in the Weirs! See you there! :-)
Cumberland farms buy a bag of chip get a free large drink is clutch
Went to Cumberland farms and didn't have enough money. She gave it to me with what I had, left screaming YOU THE REAL MVP
both of the times in which I've had to go into Cumberland farms to get 1 item, I've had my spot taken by people who spend $125 on scratchers
The Cumberland Farms on division is huge
Seeing Jesse from dance at Cumberland farms ๐Ÿ‘€
DiPrete Engineering is providing Cumberland Farms with civil planning, and surveying services.
humpday is milk day. Only milkman was coming too late this morn. Walked to cumberland farms store for half&half @ 4:30 AM
Can you please make a Cumberland Farms in Webster,ma please :) I always have to drive out of town :(
My Cumberland farms gift card is depleted ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Cumberland Farms, in battle with Stewart's Shops and others, continues to invest in stores via
PHILMONT - Customers chilled at Tuesdayโ€™s grand opening of Cumberland Farms in Philmont with complementary snacks and frozen drinks to celebrate a cool $1,000 donation to the Taconic Hills Central School Districtโ€™s Summer Enrichment Program.
Cumberland Farms holds grand opening, donates $1K to schools...
Westboro. 165 Flanders rd. cumberland farms warehouse. Gas line struck by construction company. Active leak. FD now on scene
Need your opinion.I am a Big Fan of Slushie's.The Ice & water Kind.Not the Foamy Kind.I have diabetes.So they are loaded with sugar.The new Cumberland farms on Pawling.Is a great example.have 7 Flavors .But no sugar free Kinds.Here it Is .Jimbo's Sugar free Icee's.Cherry / Blueberry / Mango .I know there is a Big market for this.Need a visionary to help Get this off the Ground
of course there are farms in Boston- ever hear of Cumberland Farms??
Off to bed I have my Cumberland farms appt at 12:30!
Fact.. Exxon, Cumberland Farms, Mobil and many other gas stations all draw gasoline from the same well in their region...
I picked up a new phone yesterday (Galaxy S5), because the old one is unreliable, and I was blown away by the camera resolution. To think that, now, or very soon, everyone will have a camera like this in their pocket, and be able to capture every moment in high def, and post it instantly to the web! It makes me wistful, to think of how cool it would be have high def shots of myself at nine or ten, roughhousing and fishing with my buddies in Brooklyn, CT., Edward Rzeznikiewicz and Jay Billings; or to have such pictures of my trips hitchhiking around the country--alone, often, but also with Brian McNamara and Joe Falocco. Instead, we have old and fading Polaroids, mostly taken by the parents at family gatherings. Nothing of the deserts, the seedy hotels, the wacky people we encountered. I'd love to have pictures of myself and Andrew McLaughlin, being nabbed with Mary Driscoll by the cops for shaking up cans of soda in 1969 and hosing each other down behind the Cumberland Farms. *** EVERYONE wishes they h .. ...
If these cumberland farms get any bigger there gonna start expanding into each other.
Why are the pumps at Cumberland farms so sloww
Another Cumberland Farms being built in New Bedford. As if wea not the smallest city we have a million gas stations
OK... so... I love seeing the kids play baseball, and we had a game scheduled for this evening at Conway. I stopped at Cumberland Farms on Somerville Ave.--about 1/8th mile from the Park--to get an iced coffee, Came out to the car and turned left onto Somerville Ave. No rain. By the time I got halfway to the park, there were a few raindrops on the windshield and the sky was looking angry. By the time I got to the Park, it was POURING. Rained for 10-15 minutes solid, then stopped. By that time the field was under water and the League cancelled all games for the evening. Which brings up my next point... if it's going to rain, I don't want any half-fast showers that "We might be able to play through". That usually ends up with the equipment being soaked and muddy and just a general mildewy mess. No... I WANT IT TO FRIGGIN POUR!!! :-)
My dog is missing!!! Please help. Bern dog was lost today off bay st next to cumberland farms. Please, please keep a eye out for the little guy!
Health inspectors have shut down Cumberland Farms after an anonymous tip concerning the animal origins of their milk and eggs.
just the Cumberland farms near my house lol
Bistro Bus is now parked in Florence across from Cumberland Farms. We'll be here til 2!
There needs to be a Cumberland farms chill zone in Danvers for the bomb slushies
Living in a town where the best thing that has happened to it was a new Cumberland farms.
Sorry but if you raise coffee price I'll just stop by McDonalds for McCafe more & Cumberland Farms (New England) more often.
Cumberland Farms expected at old Gloria's site by end of year
Dear everybody at Cumberland Farms I know my hair is soaking wet, I'm wearing my pajamas and my socks don't match but please don't judge me๐Ÿ˜
Just saw everybody at Cumberland farms ...
Cumberland Farms gets permit for Southbridge store and gas station: SOUTHBRIDGE ย— The Planning Board on Wednesday...
Its gonna be a slow night at cumberland farms acushnet
Bistro Bus will be in Florence tomorrow, Tues, 5/10, from 11:30-2:00! Across from Cumberland Farms.
I'll try next time. My coffee filter didn't filter and Cumberland farms was horrible this morning :(
I havent been in the Foxboro CVS or Cumberland Farms since like high school.. I refuse to potentially risk seeing ppl ik without booze in me
Off-topic but a really nice Cumberland Farms opened up down the road a bit and it's so nice I wanna live in it
I just got off the phone with Cumberland Farms just now. I got an interview. (: . YEAH BABY!
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Jason's at an all inclusive resort with free bakeries but my drivers ed class is right next to Cumberland farms so I win?
First Cumberland farms now Hess. Where to get gas now?
I love cumberland farms only because it's filling the void left in my heart by wawa
The best part about having Cumberland farms right next to my gym is I can work out and then reward myself with a fattening 99 cent coffee๐Ÿ’ช
Corner stores like Cumberland Farms or 7-11 sell fountain soda for 49 cents. How are they paying debts? Must be under a big corporate.
Just got hit on by a drunk mom in a Cumberland Farms
I'm dead about to drive to Cumberland Farms for some ice
I drove to Cumberland farms&we got candy for a movie in our PJs XD Matt got told up by a black lady and left.๐Ÿ˜‚โ˜
There are some creepy *** people at Cumberland Farms at 10:23 at night JEEZE I'm scared
I'm never buying candy from Cumberland farms again $2.39 for some sour patch watermelons
This Cumberland Farms bathroom is really putting me in the mood. Hashtag, it smells like cotton candy.
โ€œlol have that 24 7 at Cumberland farmsโ€ truu
lol have that 24 7 at Cumberland farms
they never have any other flavors aside from cola, grape, blue pop and strawberry. Cumberland Farms got the crazy sodas.
The fact that I havent stepped in a Cumberland Farms in like 2 years makes me sad ๐Ÿ˜”
Just saw some guy break dancing in front of Cumberland farms. it's 1030?!?
I was leaving Cumberland farms and my mom didn't tell me where to go so I literally sat in the intersection and we almost died
Got two boxes of cereal for the price of one at cumberland farms what a great Sunday morning deal
I want to go to Cumberland farms and get an icee๐Ÿ˜ญ
Friday is a holey holiday.Celebrate 2014 National Donut Day with free doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Cumberland Farms and Winn-Dixie.Dunkin' Donuts: Stop in at participating stores and...
Here's a quick guide to larger chains that have stores in the area and their offers of free doughnuts on June 6th, National Doughnut Day. Dunkin Donuts - Participating stores will be giving away doughnuts while supplies last. Cumberland Farms
OK, our lessons from this information are thus: 1. The Hard Rock Cafe tourist trap company has a place called "Rocksino," which sounds like the place Fred Flintstone goes on vacation with the money he saved with food stamps that he doesnโ€™t spend on malt liquor and lottery tickets. 2. Based on that information alone, we can all pretty much count on the fact that "Rocksino" doesn't rock at all, and is instead filled with stupid people with lots of quarters who think 401K is a $401,000 bonus only college graduates get because they have jobs important enough to require business cards, and that one more quarter will win them the jackpot that will save them from selling cigs and Lotto at the Cumberland Farms. 3. The best headliner it could book is Peter Tork. The Monkee who sang lead on, like, two Monkees songs, specifically because he doesn't rock, but plays a mean โ€˜60s folk mandolin for those seven people who would like to hear that. Also, I called him on the phone once, and he was a *** Polite, but a ...
idk what type you're looking for but I was in Cumberland farms the other day and they're hiring
Having a nice time in front of Cumberland farms
Cumberland farms usually has it. Stuff is all good.
Off to Cumberland Farms. Night time urges for a smoothie call.
Anyone else heard the Gulf Mart (former Getty Mart) is closing? Shortly after it closes a new state of the art Cumberland Farms is going in its place. Wonder if it will be 24 hours like most of them?
-- Cumberland farms. kept it with me always. It became my comfort, wasn't much. Just one of those cheap plastic ones but it was mine. --
Ran out of gas in the Cumberland farms parking lot and had to have the employees help me push my car to the gas pump
Well we got kicked out of Cumberland farms now to the next adventure
I hope the cumberland farms they knocked down turns into a 7/11 forreal
"That's gonna look like a taquito from Cumberland farms" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Out for a ride today after the Mansfield Flea Market. Here we are having a wonderful outdoor lunch at one of our favorite places to stop,Cumberland Farms!!
The best thing to do in Canterbury is go to cumberland farms because that's all there is
Cumberland Farms milk shakes are too good
Enjoying another free iced coffee from Cumberland Farms. Thank you SmartPay!
Gonna meet at Cumberland farms in bpt around 7ish
My new place is 2 minutes from a Cumberland Farms ๐Ÿ˜
Miladys and Edwin wanted a cake nobody else would have, they met while getting gas at a Cumberland Farms, she...
I just saw something hysterical at Cumberland Farms while getting gas. Heard a horn beeping now and then. The girls next to me started laughing uncontrollably. The car next to them had a German Shepherd in it and he was blowing the horn with his paw while the owner was inside! When she came out she said he learned it on his own. By then, all of us in the parking lot were in hysterics!
It has been a long day, I just want to say thank you to all who have sent their thoughts and prayers to my family. I know that there were many who were not able to attend Dad's memorial service today but I know that your prayers have been with us all along. I was doing good with his passing, he lived a long full life, but tears filled my eyes when I saw members of the Sharon Fire Department in uniform. Why? Because right before Brian and I left the house to go to the church I passed by a picture of Dad in uniform waiting with Brian (who was also in uniform and about 4 years old) to drive one of the fire trucks in the Sharon parade. Somewhere in the house is a picture of Dad and Brian in the parade and Brian is proudly sitting in the passenger seat wearing Dad's hat. If I am not mistaken the picture made it into the Lakebille Journal the week after the parade. Of course some of my best memories of Dad come from the Sundays that I spent with him when he drove Uncle Hans' milk truck. That was my time with hi ...
Just went to Cumberland farms made a slurpee and found out I didn't have money...
Woo Hoo hubby played a pool at cumberland farms and won $300.00 worth of scratch busy tomorrow :)
Th David Hasslehoff sign loving *** who gave my friend, Jason Crowley brain damage at Cumberland Farms has never been arrested.
The new Cumberland farms near my house is soo cool
Did I jus really enter Cumberland farms and the casher was like your the Asia girl?
Just went into the most beautiful Cumberland Farms.I think I'm working in the wrong town lol
Did the worker at Cumberland farms really just think me and my brother were dating & said "have a fun time tonight guys " and winked ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I can't wait to go with my mom to Cumberland farms at midnight tonight to get a soda and then come back and watch ghost adventures.
Really want a slushie from Cumberland farms .
I just passed a Cumberland farms and saw 347, I said to myself wow that clock is 47 minutes fast. I then realized it was the price of gas. One of my dumb moments again.
C is for Cumberland Farms repeat letter
I miss living across the street from cumberland farms, saying the name sounds so foreign to me
Who knows what evil lurks under the chili spout at a Cumberland Farms.
Cumberland Farms is going to email me for a blood sample next. I mean for real, I'm just trying to save 10 cents a gallon.
Part of my family is having a big yard sale at the mountain today I think till 4 o'clock if anybody wants to come its by Cumberland Farms
Ethiopian Blend coffee at Cumberland Farms has a sour taste to it. Me no rikey. Bring back Sumatran Reserve.
sooo Cumberland Farms has really good cheap subs
This Cumberland Farms by Golub is my favorite !!
He died on his way to apply to Cumberland Farms
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
enjoying some Cumberland Farms brand coffee ice cream!
Thanks! I know I'm alive now โ€” playing Words With Friends and drinking seltzer out of a Cumberland Farms "Chug Jug."
Trevor is sitting in the Cumberland farms parking lot covered in duct tape, it looks like a tuck gone bad
We pass by Cumberland Farms and my mom goes "CUMBYS"
.are you aware that the Kingston Cumberland Farms charges SIX DOLLARS for a package of Oreos?
My family failed to remind me to change my pants. So I wore ninja turtle boxers to Cumberland Farms๐Ÿ˜‚
I still am unsure of the brand I will be exploring. I am looking into Solo Cups, National Geographic, Frisbee, Cumberland Farms, and Big Red
Cashier at Cumberland farms asked if I'm sober. Lol I know I'm crazy but really?!?
The perks of working at Cumberland Farms ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Gotta love dollar coffee at cumby's in Milford! ;-) @ Cumberland Farms
Anyone else just saved 10 cents a gallon by pumpin at cumberland farms besides me?
Hey im working at the cumberland farms in ashford come say hi to me!
โ€œunlimited dranks at Cumberland farmsโ€tru
unlimited dranks at Cumberland farms
Worked 30+ hrs this week and I can have a night job at Cumberland farms if I want.. ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ
I'm actually applying for Cumberland Farms again, because why not.
I stopped traffic.. Flagged down NPPD squad car and got all fired up at Cumberland Farms because itโ€ฆ
I went to Cumberland farms for a second & come back to this
Wore my jorts down to Cumberland Farms to grab ice cream for wife. So liberating
got gas. don't mean from the Cumberland Farms either. wel it might have been from something there ...
The impeach Obama stand outside Cumberland farms today was fantastic
Who was the smoke at Cumberland farms?
how's Cumberland farms in the passenger seat of Brett's car
There is an "impeach Obama" booth outside the Cumberland farms in north Smithfield I kid you not
most people at Cumberland farms clearly have broken edge
This older dude at Cumberland Farms had an edge tattoo on his arm and I didn't say anything for the chance that he broke edge
Throw back to my old backyard in West Virginia. @ Cumberland Farms
indeed we are. At kangaroos, circle k stores, Cumberland farms stores, and many more stores in your local area.
"I want some slush and I ain't talking about Cumberland farms okay"
Locke was so good and now I'm at Cumberland farms and buttwoman is working what a great night!
Cumberland Farms Driver Skips Bail--Rosa Blanca Chavarria-Medina The driver who crashed into the Cumberland Farms at speeds in excess of 70mph failed to show up in court and a re-arrest order has been issued by the judge.
***North Berwick Maine***Cory and Remy , brother and sister duo...Owner surrenders will be available at Another Chance Animal Rescue tomorrow!! They are about 1 1/2 Spayed/Neutered and sweet as can be. We would like them to go together. If you would like to meet these cuties, Go to our Adoption Center in North Berwick Center behind Cumberland Farms from 10-2.
Cumberland farms is going to take over the world
Norwalk PD looking for suspect in reported armed robbery at Cumberland Farms in Rogers Square.
7Eleven, Racetrack and Kangaroo are all overrated. Cumberland Farms puts them all to shame!
If I could have one thing from Cumberland Farms for the rest of my life, it would be _.
4 baskets were picked up today from good family friend at Cumberland Farms. I have 3 to put together tonight :).
The final results of the fundraiser between Cumberland Farms and Naubuc Elementary School have been captured and we couldnโ€™t be happier! In just four weeks, we raised a total of $1,893.20. WOW! Congratulations to everyone involved for such a successful fundraiser (nearly doubling our original goal).
More framing up on our indoor play unit. Construction has begun on our 2 birthday party rooms. Each will be 500 square feet! Almost double the size of many of our competitors. They will have glass walls. We even have an artist who has done projects for Disney, Blizzard and Cumberland Farms who is going to draw these custom murals on each party room wall. It's going to look contemporary and cool. Your kids are going to love it and the parents are going to think its trendy too! Make sure to visit
Bacon egg an cheese pizza from CUMBERLAND FARMS they really stepped up there game .
BLOOD DRIVE TODAY!!! We've worked very hard to pull this all together. We hope our family and friends will come down and support a good cause! Any one who donates blood, gets a FREE LUNCH c/o Cumberland Farms. *Remember, it's not just Mily's life we're saving. One day you or a loved one may need blood too!! โค
made my mom stop at Cumberland farms, cause we were nowhere near a Dunkin Donuts.
Amen - Yesterday, as I was leaving work, I saw our local homeless veteran sitting on a rock outside Cumberland Farms. I've spoken to him several times as he collects cans (and trash) from the roadway. Normally he has a cup of coffee in his hands. Yesterday, there was no coffee. Seeing him immediately brought to mind Memorial Day. I pulled into Cumberland Farms and went over to ask him if he wanted coffee. He said, "oh, thank you mam but I'll find some cans and get a cup soon, you don't have to spend your hard earned money on little old me" I reached into my smock pocket and found my $10 tip from one of our customers. I handed it to him and told him he hadn't needed to sacrifice himself for little ole me either but given my freedom I'm glad he had. To which he replied, "I'm glad I did too" and smiled.
Yeah so strange experience last night... Coming out of Cumberland farms with a gallon of milk as walking to car a big rig pulls up gives the toot toot from the truck and is waving and I am like who the *** is he waving at i looked around and see I am only one around the next thing is know this crazy truck driver comes running out of the truck waving like a crazy person then stops when he gets next to me and was like hi and I have the like can I help you look on my face and he says oh I thought I knew you ( southern accent and out of state plates) yeah right so I smile and say sorry wrong person and he then says " well all I know is that those shoes are sexy and your feet look great in them" I'm like OK thanks? worst attempt at a pick up line ever lmao
A room is available on a shared basis for a female roommate in a 2 bedroom apartment at Colonial Village from June to August. Apartment is furnished. Rent is $237.5(utilities can be covered by me.). The bus stop is a 1 min walk away and 15 mins to reach the university by bus. Cumberland Farms, Indian Food Market, Subway, Dunkin Donuts and many other essential stores are very very near. Message me on FB or leave a comment here. I can also be reached @ sinthumurali
nah cuz you gotta go to Cumberland farms
Cumberland Farms the hang out spot ?! Lmao whole buncha ghetto *** people out here
Man Robs Cumberland Farms with a Grade State Stick then steals the Family Work Truck to Make Area Escape. The Farmington Police Department continues to investigate the robbery of Cumberland Farms at 11:54 PM just before closing last night the 21st day of May 2014. The robber entered the store, threatened to strike the clerk with a grade stake stick, and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash from the register. He then returned to the family residence stealing a pickup truck to get to a camp in Maine where he had left his fatherโ€™s vehicle believed to be a Black Suburban. Police have determined the suspect in the robbery is a: William J. Gleeson III, AGE 23 MARION PLACE EAST BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Charging him with ROBBERY, CRIMINAL THREATENING, and TAKING WITHOUT OWNERS CONSENT. The pickup truck, mask, and grade stake were recovered this morning, when the family went to check on the camp in Maine and to look for the pickup truck. William J. Gleeson III was located this morning passed out behind the . ...
I am leading a ride Sunday to the Submarine Museum in Groton Conn. We will be leaving from Cumberland Farms in Westport @ 9:30 am. I will also have breakfast @ Kozy Nook @ 8:00 am. Anyone interested please let me know, so I can see about lunch.
Looking to rent out the living room in a 2BR apartment in Colonial village for a female roommate from September 2014 for the upcoming year. It's a new lease and two Umass graduate female students are taking up the other two rooms. You will have your own private space with a closet as the living room is really large and we are willing to chip in for a separator. Rent will be $260. Colonial village is on bus route 30 and is 15 minutes to Umass by bus. You have Cumberland farms, subway and other essential stores nearby. Contact me or Aarthi Mohan.
I shouldn't tell King Banaian and Jim Seymour this, but I love listening to the Red Sawx games on MLB audio because the commercials remind me of my mom, who grew up in Dorchester. Star Markets. Cumberland Farms. All that's missing is the pizza man who came through Chelsea at 10 o'clock every summer night and sold slices for a quarter out of a converted Good Humor truck. Then someone stabbed him and, as my Aunt Nell said, "He don't come 'round no more."
I've always been a Cumberland Farms dude
"Brittany got attacked by a squirrel at Cumberland Farms" Oh.
Special in celebration of our recently expanded Vape offerings: Protank II's for only $16.99!!! Protank II's are the best out of the three versions of Protanks and take the normal replacement coil. Removable drip tips, leak free and no glue used. We also have great prices on Aerotanks, Aerotank Mega and Mini, and other Genuine Kanger products. Stop on by our Dayville Location across from Aldi's (formerly Cumberland Farms) and get em while they last!! Dont forget to pick up a bottle of of EC Blends Premium American Made juice as well.. 20 flavors to choose from!! and as always Thank You for supporting our effort to bring vape gear closer to home.
Got a job at cumberland farms moving up in the world no more McDonalds
I get subway for lunch at the subway in Cumberland farms and this lady is so rude for no reason. I tried to hold back telling her how rude she was and couldn't an she goes, "I'm really not, everyone says I am especially when I'm not" ummm hello lady, take that as a hint you miserable person. Trust me I could understand why you would hate your job making sandwiches all day but seriously
what do you think geno Cumberland farms and cj2ks rates will be in 15
mad random night when we all are doing shot for shot and then got a large pizza at Cumberland farms lol.
Friends, I have a new small office in Titusville that serves as a drop off place for any items that you might like to donate to the homeless and street evangelism ministry that I lead. I'm daily teaching people to learn to discern God's voice. It is nice to have a "gift" to handout to break the ice and introduce ministry. If you would like to drop off any items for the homeless backpacks including backpacks, my new location is at iStorage on highway 405, Suite 3, in Titusville. Less than a mile south of Cumberland Farms at Park Avenue and 405. Note: All donations are non-tax-deductible but seen by God! Needed: Backpacks All hygiene items Safety items, flashlights, first aid supplies Food items: snack bars, pop top cans of food, *** fruit, jello, etc. Skin so soft (for mosquito repellant) Money to help with printing costs for ministry handouts. I'm praying that we can make a difference in a lost and hurting world.
Why don't employees get breaks while working at cumberland farms?
After a great night at Knuckle Heads, it was time to feast at Cumberland farms!!
Cumberland Farms actually has pretty good coffee & all I am saying is I like mine straight up
More than a month after my last day, two tiny threads still keep me tethered to Cumberland Farms: my last paycheck, and my 401k. Paycheck comes this week: 75+ hours of unused vacation time. 401k will be closed and cash in my hand by mid-June. My rejection of debt-slavery is almost complete.
I like my women like I like my coffee. Picked up at Cumberland farms
Cumberland farms guy here. they rebrew every 3 hours. Dunkins rebrews every 6 hours and dumbs the old coffee in the iced coffee
Mark you calendar - another parade!!. Naugatuck's parade is also on Monday at 9:15. Starts at Cumberland farms in...
I consider myself a brave man. But to the coworker with the egg salad sandwich from Cumberland Farms in the break room refrigerator: balls. Brass balls.
Why doesn't scituate have any gas stations that are open 24 hours and I have to go to Cumberland farms on Hartford ave
Cumberland Farms gets approval to replace gas storage tanks, no decision on ... - ... - - Cumberland Farms gets ...
I never thought I would actually admit to this but, Cumberland Farms has banging pizza. For real...
you can buy yourself a Gatorade @ Cumberland farms after we fight to replenish you
Only in brockton.. smh. Nuggie and I went to get pizza from cape cod pizza and drinks from Cumberland farms and no joke the cashier seriously tried hitting on him right in front of me. Her pickup line was "I like your glasses, those are like cop glasses, they're mad expensive" I laughed so hard I had to walk away. We both laughed really hard and decided how she was possibly a crackhead.
You know you value the small things in life when you lose your buy one get one free glittery sunglasses from Cumberland farms to the ocean and you want to cry. Mermaids don't need sunglasses anyways right?!
Free program lets customers make fuel and in-store purchases using mobile phones
i live right across the street from Cumberland farms
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Cumberland Farms is nothing without the horrible Hasselhoff ads. ๐Ÿ˜ข
This young female Terrier was found at the Cumberland Farms in Medway today and is at the Medfield Shelter...
2 for 3 apple juices at Cumberland farms. They the real MVP.
but can you pay at the pump from your smartphone now at all locations like Cumberland farms?
Just got offered a job at a Cumberland farms. my dream job
Just saw the hottest girl at Cumberland Farms
Thanks Dunkin for your 99 cents medium iced coffee today, but I can get a large/any size coffee at Cumberland Farms ANY day for 99 cents.
PHOTOS | The former H. Greenberg and Son was torn down on Tuesday. Cumberland Farms purchased the land for $950,000
Thank god the Cumberland farms on Cowesett is getting renovated too! It's about time
Lmao. Old habits are hard to break...I just pulled into Cumberland Farms to get coffee on my way to Dunks to get...
This dude walked into Cumberland farms and purchased a hot dog.
Does anyone know what happened near Cumberland farms everything is blocks off
A wild Matt Guay on the prowl for a beverage in the local Cumberland Farms
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