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Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms (informally known as Cumby's) is a regional chain of convenience stores based in Framingham, Massachusetts, and operating primarily in the eastern United States and Florida.

New Year Happy New

OK, how about the Cumberland Farms on Charles Street. Wasn't there for that long (1960s). Later became a bunch of other things, including a Columbian restaurant. Or Columbus Bank? Or Mrs. Romano's candy store (sen sens!)?
Car accident in the Gorham Village by Cumberland Farms. New Portland Road may be faster than Rte 25...
Just met the sweetest lady at cumberland farms. Gave me a hug and told me that I have a beautiful life ahead of me. Made my day
Loving the idea of a Cumberland Farms on Curran Highway 👍
I wonder how Cumberland farms feels about Katie rose and I coming every night at midnight to get macaroni and cheese bites SOGOOD
The most difficult decision I've had all week was what to buy at Cumberland farms.
The new Cumberland Farms is the work of Christ himself.
Lowkey the chick working at Cumberland farms can get it 😏
Cumberland Farms I do not want to hear that stupid commercial while I am Putting gas in my vehicle.
First time at Cumberland farms since they reopened, it doesn't smell like crack!
All I wanted was to get gas and an ice cream from Cumberland farms and of course there was hella ppl
$3.349/gallon in near Will the price stay low?.
Cumberland Farms reopened yesterday. We stopped in today and took a few pictures. We were surprised to see a frozen yogurt area called the Chill Zone (above). Next to it, below, is a large coffee a...
"Ah cumberland farms, I have missed you so"
Ah cumberland farms, i have missed you so
Mark obituary is in the observer in Smithfield beautiful picture if anyone doesn't have his obituary go to Cumberland farms in Smithfield
For the first time, my dad didn't make a pit stop to Cumberland Farms
A reader reports that the Cumberland Farms at 441 and Sandalfoot is open already!
Can someone sober come to meadow and drive me to Cumberland farms in my car please?
I love Cumberland farms. I got a milkshake and met the love of my life.
I just met my future husband at Cumberland Farms...
Ok - having a brain freeze here. What was the name of the video store next to the Rite Aid near Second Street. It was right passed Cumberland Farms and Bowen's Market below Nedro Ave. We were just talking about video stores after watching this week's episode of The Goldberg's. Funny show especially around the neighborhood.
woo, I got selected as a finalist for the cumberland farms believe and achieve scholarship!!!
Cumberland farms is charging $1.69 for Arizona... That's not even what we were gonna get but we decided to go to 7/11 instead 😱
Also Cumberland Farms still has peppermint coffee flavor and I super appreciate it
You know your from Weymouth when you still call Weymouth Market in Jackson Square Cumberland Farms
Why are you revving your Jeep Cherokee next to a Honda Pilot at Cumberland Farms ?... Ohh you're from Connecticut. It makes sense now
this goofball is at Cumberland farms in Rensselaer right now!
Went to Cumberland Farms to buy beer... I forgot in Massachusetts they don't believe in that..
They're just disgruntled Cumberland Farms employees seeking attention!!! 👎
if just for once we could catch a break it would be nice I feel like our life should have those old batman movie bubbles that say bam, pow etc. lol we'll lets just hope when I call Cumberland farms Friday they will give me a job
I am a Finalist for the Cumberland Farms Achieve Scholarship!
Stop by Cumberland Farms and show you support for modified athletics.
Going to Cumberland farms maybe bcuz bored and need gum.
this place on east center street by Cumberland Farms. It's called Samadhi
Cumberland farms really charged me 1.49 for a cigarillo. Thats exactlly why i stick to my ock smh
Ashford open Mic night thIs Friday.. (below Ashford knowlton library) right next to cumberland farms.. on stage. All welcome 7-10. No alcohol can always go out after!! Come hear some new stuff!!
Woohoo I'm a finalist for the Cumberland farms scholarship 😎
Why do I continue to come to warren cumberland farms. I swear these customers are on some serious drugs
Cumberland Farms must have some kind of heroin treatment program
Cumberland farms is the new dunkins ☕️
Just scored another Cumberland farms, start it next week.
In Cumberland Farms on Mass Ave: Me: omg what is that awful noise? Manager: it's the Redbull alarm Me: the what ?!?! Manager: Yes, you heard that right. SMH
If you remember having a conversation in school about who had better pizza and Randy's, The Pizza House, and the one next to Cumberland Farms (Baba) were among your choices.
I get grizzly wintergreen from Cumberland farms and it's like 4.06 there but every place has dif prices
So here it is... George Melanson JR. You are a con man and felon! You use your brothers name ALL the time because you cant use YOUR name! Why cant you use your name? Because you always have a warrant out for your arrest and you do not have a drivers license due to that accident you were in while you were living in Concord! You drive illegally and you are a thief! You do not know HOW to do things on your own and you do not know how to live life outside of being a criminal and making other peoples lives miserable! Your brother has lost his driving privilege's and registration privilege's 3 times because of YOU! You are not one to call me a rat! Here is what you can call me! You can call me a WIFE who CARES about her HUSBAND and who will FIGHT to do what is RIGHT for him! You can CALL me anything you want, but the fact of the matter is, you are the one who will be fighting to stay out of JAIL in APRIL when you go to court for IDENTITY THEFT! You have been warned more then ONCE not to USE Mikes name when you ...
I wish there was a Cumberland farms on my side of town
I could go for one of them ice cream at Cumberland farms
Cumberland Farms called to let us know that their newly remodeled gas station and store will reopen on this Thursday, the 16th of January. There is no "grand opening" scheduled as of yet. If they d...
Does anyone know how to change a tire? Went through a mud puddle/potholes. And my tire blew out. I'm parked at Cumberland farms in bf
Could go for a Cumberland farms slushie and a fuzzy blanket ya feel me
Cumberland farms on broad street is hiring
Cumberland farms has the best coffee
Cumberland Farms on Rte 29 in Greenwich, Washington Co. is the Capital Region’s first “Lucky Lottery Store” of 2014
How sad is it that my new favorite place to go is the Cumberland Farms on Main St.? Lol. Cheap gas & $.99 Peppermint Hot Ch…
Planning Board gives OK to Cumberland Farms on Curran Highway - North Adams Transcript
Too much cream, not enough sugar. Sound familiar? At Cumberland Farms, make your coffee how you want it, when you want it.
Sitting at home drinking this cup o' coffee... Mekenzie went back to sleep and I'm watching my everyday morning show... I think if it stops raining Renee Mann-Vanlaningham ought to wall to the Cumberland farms with me. Lol i need to go get some laundry money. ;-)
Hey, Cumberland Farms cashier: licking your finger before counting out my change during flu season? Not a great idea.
Any Cumberland Farms Chilly Willy fans out there? My favorite was the orange pineapple.
I remember cutting through the woods at the dead end of Miry Brook Road to walk to Cumberland Farms. Now it's all houses.
North Adams Planners Approve 24/7 Cumberland Farms: The new Cumberland Farms on Route 8 is expected to open in...
planners approve new Cumberland Farms on Curran Highway (Route 8)
First lottery check of the year to be presented at Cumberland Farms ...
Funny how gas in Glastombury on main street is cheaper than gas in Manchester don't get it 711 357 a gallon Cumberland Farms and Stop & Shop are both 356 a gallon go figure
The guys at Cumberland farms complimented my skiing penguin pajamas
Im omw to Autozone! All I need is either a dunkin coffee or Cumberland farms coffee???
Morning everyone. Have a question is there anyone that can take me to morrisville. Need to be at Cumberland farms by 1. If not its k. Have a nice day at least the sun is shining
Word to the wise never ever ever buy batteries from a gas station ...the Cumberland Farms in Casselberry just screwed me out of $15. By the way they were energizers guaranteed to work till 2018
the original cumberland farms was on 20th street that is Claudia cuts now!
Rte 9 west Brattleboro just above Cumberland farms bridge got blocked up and flooded
How about Cumberland Farms where Royal Bean is now and 7 Eleven where thecleaners is?
There used to be a diner on Smithfield Avenue on the Lincoln line, near AJ Spokes, in the late 60s early 70s. I think Cumberland farms is there now. Anyone remember it? They had the best meatloaf I've ever had in my life.
It took roughly one hour to get out of my driveway this morning using mats for the tires to grip and while I was getting my morning coffee the Cumberland farms associate told me the was a huge accident ln 115 headed into windham. The customer behind me chimed in about one on 302 nortg of windham. Please exercise extreme caution!
Who remembers when there was a barber shop and apartments in one building and a small store and shoe maker with apartments above it all in the South End.A bar and apartments all Where the Cumberland Farms are in that corner.?
I wish my road was sanded so I could get to Cumberland farms..
Looks like dinner at Cumberland Farms on way home. Hope no one buys that last shriveled up Burrito, you know the one, it's there everyday like an orphan looking for a home.
Cumberland Farms remodel almost done, it's looking pretty
Who would like to join me and perhaps some TAG students from NHS for a trip downtown to take pictures of e-cigarettes, drug paraphernalia and other interesting stuff for part of our Photovoice project? I'd like to visit Urban Outfitters, Shop Therapy, Faces, CVS, Cumberland Farms, and the Hempest. I am thinking after school on Thursday January 23rd or Monday Jan 27th. Post a comment if you are interested.
My sanity has been restored, Dean Brown Brought me a Vanilla latte from Cumberland Farms THANK YOU!
Be careful this morning Accident on Rte 4 in Torrigton right near Cumberland Farms!!
It seems today must be "pay it forward" day. Shane said the person in front of him payed for his coffee at Dunkin Donuts this morning. I just went to buy a coffee at Cumberland Farms and the person checking me out said a man came in a prepaid coffee for the next 30 customers. Hmmm, now to decide what I can do.
Epping is in the News , Clerk dies from a heart Attack after being robbed . Cumberland Farms . on NH route 125 at Main street .
A few memories... Stewarts Root Beer Stand, Billy B'S Pizzeria, Cumberland farms, ice skating on frozen lagoons, clamming on flats, delivering papers, snapping turtle woods, weekends at Stellas, Motorbikes in the pitts, crabbing on marina docks, parkway hill sledding, taking the .70 cent bus ride to .99 movies In Manahawkin, hitchhiking at 13 yrs old, snowballing cars on rt.9 (where were our parents ?), shoveling snow, sneaking into beach club, bingo w/mom at firehouse. What was the name of little grocery store next to post office?
randomly saw Hailey Sargent at Cumberland farms today.and we were the weirdos standing outside cheering and it was after my game so i was wearing a cheer skirt..i wouldnt blame the people who saw us!
Cumberland Farms where Mickey Finns is now. I remember their cherry vanilla ice cream. :)
ok I will say I dont feel ANY different... altho maybe more emotional than usual... on the way home I cried like a baby (still. listening to it again) when James Taylor Fire and Rain came on (Suzanne the plans they made put an end to you). sort of like I have lost a best friend of 30 some odd years... then I went and sat at Cumberland farms for at least 10-15 minutes just looking for someone to give that pack I bought this morning to. I found him . I will take this by the hour for now. its been 4
We're underway on another commercial project where we are the General Contractor for a Cumberland Farms reconstruction project. We will be demolishing and replacing two existing buildings, which will be combined into one structure on the Warwick and West Warwick Town line.
DRINK COFFEE & SUPPORT AMS MUSIC & ATHLETICS! If you've driven up Route 66 lately you may have noticed that the Cumberland Farms in Sand Lake underwent extensive renovation. As part of the grand reopening Cumberland Farms will be donating 10 cents from each cup of hot coffee sold at this location from January 15th to February 12th to Algonquin. The money raised will be shared between the Friends of AP Performing Arts and the Friends of AP Athletics. There will be a fundraiser kick off event at 3:30 on Wednesday, January 15th, where some of our middle school musicians will be performing. Please feel free to stop by to show support for our music and athletics programs and for free food and prizes. And remember when you're thirsty for a cup of coffee, please stop by Cumberland Farms through February 12th!
So it's important that everyone know that "Thanks for Sharing" is at Redbox now. That's the newest Gwyneth Paltrow movie (that is also starring Mark Ruffalo, so...bonus). If you need me, I may be hiking down the road to Cumberland Farms. Or not. But at some point...IT WILL BE MINE.
Loved these things. For those who lived in winter springs/longwood you may remember these at the TG&Y, Revco, or Cumberland Farms!!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
My Dad just dropped his bank envelope with $400.00 in it at Cumberland Farms River Rd. Shelton Ct If someone knows of it or found it he is 80 yrs old and on a fixed income and really needed that money he withdrew. Please help Share. Thank you
stole a giant carpet from Cumberland farms last night... It's now by my front door
sweet... Matt took my explorer to Cumberland farms this morning, and he could barely get it up to 5 mph, and it stalled out on him on the way back... hopefully i can get it to work. gonna go check the oil and take it for a spin... wish me luck!
Seriously? Another Cumberland Farms in North Adams??? While the location seems ideal, I think our city has gone beyond its quota for convenience stores. How about we get something more substantial to offer our residents and draw customers from other areas.
NORTH ADAMS -- Cumberland Farms is looking to build a new convenience store and gas station at the location of the former H. Greenberg & Son Inc.
Cumberland Farms seeks to serve all your needs from the former Greeberg's
And the band boston, IS Cumberland farms.
Just want a slushy from Cumberland farms rnn😩
literally every time me and go to Cumberland farms.
I applied at Cumberland Farms in Auburn today.
Found out one of my favorite customers fron Cumberland Farms died today. RIP Sonny Powers thanks for all the cookies you brought me
i had a taquito from Cumberland farms once I'm not even sure what that is exactly but never again !
Ugh unfortunately. You live and learn and I learned today don't eat Cumberland Farms pizza!
Cumberland Farms has🍕🍕 now & I would like to tell you that the saying "pizza NO MATTER WHERE is good" is false! It was everything but good 😤
Update on Friday Morning Arrest - This morning at approximately 10:35AM, Officer Mike Goggin, other members of Springfield's Warrant Apprehension Unit and members of the Ludlow Police Department arrested an Adam Thurber of Tavistock Street in Springfield. Thurber was arrested at the Cumberland Farms on West Street in Ludlow, Mass on charges of an outstanding warrant dating back to April 2013, those charges being Operating Under the Influence of Liquor and a Marked Lanes Violation. Thurber is currently being held on a high bail, as he is a strong suspect in the Hit and Run accident that took place on New Year's Eve at Boston Road and Barber Street in Springfield, which led to the death of Springfield resident Derek Russell. This incident is still under investigation, and charges will be sought after on Monday as courts are closed today due to the recent snow storm.
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Sharing this picture so my friend Joe in Florida and Allen and Susan in Virginia can see the weather we are getting here in Maine this is the Main Street in Skowhegan right in front of Cumberland farms.
Jennifer Dourant This is jut before Michael road this is Cumberland farms parking lot
Sunday night patrol responded to a domestic assault at the Cumberland Farms on West Main St in Hyannis. Upon arrival it was determined the male half had fled on foot. Ptl. Perry and Izzo arrived and began attempting to locate the subject. After a lengthy track the subject was located and apprehended by Izzo while hiding in a bush next to a pond. Great job Troy and Izzo! Note: The same subject was apprehended by Elvis six months ago.
1 more shift then I'm OFFICIALLY done with Cumberland Farms in Soho.
I'll never forget the day a half frozen breakfast sandwich from Cumberland farms ruined my life
This is Madison Avenue in Skowhegan, photo taken @ Cumberland Farms!
Madison ave 5 min ago down by Cumberland farms about 3 ft deep water
It took me an hour to get from my house to Cumberland Farms in Brattleboro. During that time I witnessed Wayne Corse take his dump truck up Rte 9 full of sand while someone stood in the back and hand shoveled it out. Congrats to our State Highway Dept. When I finally saw a State truck they were salting. Apparently they have no idea what sand is.
In Weekend News: Decision pending on permit for underground fuel tanks Kimberly Petalas News Staff Writer WESTMINSTER — The Board of Selectmen are set to meet on Monday evening to further discuss a request for an underground fuel storage permit made by Cumberland Farms at 68 Main St. in 2013. Selectmen John Fairbanks said he anticipates a decision will be made at the meeting, and if not, then at a meeting shortly after. “Well, it can’t go on forever,” he said, noting that Monday’s hearing is a continuance from the previous selectmen meeting which was held on Dec. 16. If granted, the permit will allow Cumberland Farms to install two 20,000 gallon underground fuel storage tanks. In terms of paperwork, the permit is the last checklist item needed before the company can move forward with planned on site demolition. At present, Cumberland Farms is proposing to remove the current building and construct a new 3,600 square foot convenience store and gasoline station. According to Project Manager Paul W ...
Ok after much debate with a great friend about the quality of convenience store coffee.I ask for your opinions. Who has better coffee? Cumberland Farms or Champlain Farms? GO!
well Cumberland farms doesn't sell those. So we would have to try 7/11
that one katy perry song came on in a Cumberland Farms in Fort Ann, NY and I thought of everyone ransacking the store in a fit of revolt
You know your town blows when you sit at Cumberland farms for 2 hours
I can't believe I'm trusted enough at Cumberland Farms to run the store by myself for an hour
Nothin better than a trip to Cumberland Farms
Last night outside of the Cumberland farms an underage kid drinking and driving killed himself by crashing. DONT DRINK AND GOD *** DRIVE
Lol being hit on at Cumberland Farms
Holy $h*t!! I just dropped my daughter off at her dads house and I was about 1/2 a yard passed Adam's Animal Hospital driveway when a doe jumps right out in front of me and into the 202 Cumberland Farms driveway. Scared the crap out of me. Thank god I missed hitting to. It wouldn't been a pretty sight if I had.
The four little humans watching the Chargers slay @ Cumberland Farms
*** is Cumberland farms should I apply there
You have betrayed me cumberland farms. Your pizza gave me food poisoning and I am extremely displeased.
The pizza slice from Cumberland farms are nasty no wonder their a $1
in reference to Pat Bettencour's comment about coffee for someone who needs it here is what I did: I went to Honey Dew and the girl at the counter did not know how to do anything so I bought a gift card which will stay at the register and be there when someone needs it. I work during the day so cannot go in and see the manager tomorrow so that is the best we could come up with. If someone wants to do something similar at Cafe Milano or Cumberland Farms it would be best to keep it downtown I think. Now we just need to spread this around to those who need the help.
Well had my am coffee bout an hour ago Cumberland Farms
The Cumberland Farms SmartPay app saved me $.10 per gallon! That was fun!
There was Purity Supreme and Cumberland Farms, right? I forget where which was located but I remember going with my mom when she didn't feel like hitting Demoula's...
Mm Cheetos Puffs in the morning with a 2 lt. of Mtn. Dew. Nothing could be better unless eaten with Reese's pb cups. Yup that's my breakfast this morning. I run on Cumberland Farms. LOL
Is his commercials as bad as David Hasselhoff 's when your getting gas at Cumberland Farms? I've actually avoided Cumby's because of Hasselhoff .
I do believe in drug testing. Im disgusted when i see people walk into cumberland farms and use the EBT cash benefits (that are suppose to help needy families survive) to purchase 1,2 even 3 cases of beer. If you can afford to get drunk and you don't WANT to work. You shouldn't be allowed state benefits. Get your priorities in order. Get a freaking job.
Sandwiches from Cumberland Farms and the saints won!? What a night!
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Ok so one time I went into Cumberland Farms and when I was checking out the cashier told me I was pretty. She literally made my week.
Oksy FB it's 2014 you wanna lose weight, gain muscle,or just be healthy come join me at herbalife 24fit in sebadtian. Sign up on sunday jan 5th from 2 till 6pm AND IT'S FREE sign ups are at Livin Leafy by Cumberland farms right next to kidsrus tell them Christine Bofelos sented you
S/o to cumberland farms for being open 24/7
I bought a one dollar scratch ticket last night with my last buck.went home, scratched it and thought I won a dollar. Today I stop by Cumberland farms to cash in my ticket and the cashier said he couldn't cash it, he didn't have enough money in his drawer. I looked at him funny and said huh? He then told me it's a $100.00 dollar eye sight is so bad I thought a hundred bucks was $1.00. I was so excited that I won a hundred bucks, I went and got an oil change, my hair cut, and bought some birthday gifts and ended the night getting Chinese food. What an awesome day this turned out to be
I need to have the same faith in people that my husband has. On his way to work last night, he stopped at Cumberland Farms in Worcester to get a coffee, there were two young men at the gas pump, and the battery died in their car. Jim did not have time to jump the car, so he left his jumper cables with the two men and said, "I just ask that you leave the jumper cables with the clerk and I will pick them up on my way home". Jim stopped at Cumberland farms this morning, and the jumper cables were there.
Cumberland Farms' advertisement for their coffee blend is "To boldly go where no bold coffee has gone before" -_-
Please like this post if you think Scott should drive to Cumberland farms to get me ice cream because my throat hurts! :)
What's your New Years resolution? Lose weight, gain weight , maintain abs?or maybe YOU are not ready but know somebody that might be I can help! There's a FREE boot camp u can attend in Sebastian! All u have to do is register tomorrow 1/ 5/2013 at living leafy right next to Cumberland farms!! Oh and yes its FREE!!! All ages all fitness levels call me or message me for details!! Share this please
Suing Cumberland Farms for giving me and my brother food poisoning ✌️
“wishes she could have this right now 😏 nah I'm team cumberland farms !
Just came back from walking to cumberland farms its c-cold omg my whole body is numb!Went out to get snacks for tonights marathon Ghost Adventures!!!
Guy in a Cumberland farms in Maine just asked us if we were from Massachusetts... is it that obvious?
About to put on my Cumberland farms hat and walk to one I do no work at and see how much free stuff I can get. Minimum wage = :(
Got chu... Don't forget to link at 1:30 @ cumberland farms
Shoutout to the woman alone in her car eating pizza blasting John Legend in the Cumberland farms parking lot.
Did you spend too much over the holidays? Stop by and ask for an extra 10% for your unwanted jewelry. Find us on East Broadway next to Cumberland Farms!
Heads up for everyone going from Vernon street onto 104 facing the Cumberland farms is pure ice so be careful everyone
I got the bare minimum that I needed for gas today at Cumberland Farms because it took nearly 5 minutes to pump $10 worth. I know it's cold but a gas pump trickling makes me worry there's water in it...
Wishing Cumberland Farms was closer. right outside my door.
The charge Cumberland Farms was first reported Jan 4, 2014. Cumberland Farms charge has been reported as unauthorized by 98 users, 27 users recognized the charge as safe.
Just was approached by a guy while sitting In my car at Cumberland farms...
The Cumberland Farms pretzel I was eating in the car today had SO much salt I had to open the door and dry heave for a second. ('The More You Know' music plays)
I swear to god runs on CPT I been at this *** Cumberland farms for like 10 minutes waiting on her ***
Got the truck gassed up tonight $71.88 plus change and that was with 10 cents off at Cumberland Farms. $3.419 So guess we are ready for the next couple of storms. Plowing 4 driveways and a tow job every so often uses up the old petrol. Talk about tow-jobs. Hubby got off the beaten path going to the saw mill and had to call in the oldest son with his wife's jitney to tow us out. Might have been a little embarrassed? hm I know he was perturbed. I was reading a book and not paying too much attention. Not sure he would have listened to me anyways. lol Oh well, we are out. Grandson is spending another night. He cooked breakfast, did the supper dishes and is patiently waiting his turn for the computer. We have been swapping off. Bedtime before long anyways...for me.
How cold is it today? I bought a hot coffee at Cumberland Farms but by the time I reached my car, it had become iced coffee.. :p
too funny Ta, that's what Aunt Debbie and our friends would do too, but it was Cumberland Farms
Bad accident on 19 going south. Just past Cumberland Farms. Hope all is okay. Road block. Backed up a good ways. Detouring
Cumberland Farms hands down has the best hot ever. It's yummy in the tummy:)
Shoveling in -20 wind chill wearing Cumberland Farms gloves instead of being in Florida. My brain is in for a baking like it has never seen
Even better I'm at the laundry may next to Cumberland farms..😳“I'm in new Windsor @ my grandparents wassup”
Hamilton Collection
I'm pretty sure the guy at the Cumberland Farms down the street hates me. Not sure why. Consider this a door shattering expose.
Thankful for my nephews Tyson and Bobby for shoveling me out and of course Jarrod for his assistance. Also thankful for my dad who took me to Cumberland Farms for my coffee and to the bank to pay him my rent. Got to ❤️ that man. Now spending time with my Avila/James family.
Khloe and i walk to Cumberland farms
My manager is crazy; slept overnite @ Cumberland farms because of the snow she's been here for 28 hours agh lol
I really want a icee from Cumberland farms 󾌽
O.M.G.!!! We're doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU !!! Cumberland Farms is officially...gasp...wait for it..say it ain't so.OUT OF BREAD ! ! ! ! How will we survive? What will we do? No bread crumbs for the croutons for topping for mac and's only a matter of time before we are forced to eat each other...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES... !
This storm brought to you by Home Depot, Walmart, Cumberland Farms, and Hobbits
Several friends had posted a wonderful article about coffee consumers paying for not just their own but "suspended" coffee as well (paying for an extra coffee for those who may not have the means to purchase one). This morning a local friend posted that she stopped in to Cumberland Farms and when she went to pay for her coffee, she was told that a woman had purchased the next several rounds of coffee for people in line. That's awesome.
All is well in the land of Cumberland Farms! My store opened on if the snow could keep me away!!
Weather report for NY state by Slothman: After returning from a trek (on foot) to Cumberland Farms for food, coffee, and cigarettes, I like to report that this weather *** Governor Cuomo has warned people to stay off the roads, I'm saying stay in your house, don't even bother getting out of bed today.
Sending in resumes and filling out job applications. Have done 4 already. A personal assistant, Applebees, Cumberland Farms, and sales position with a wedding dress shop.
It's official-this is a bread and milk storm. Was at Stop and Shop and Cumberland Farms around 1pm. Very little bread and milk left on the shelves. Hope the beer and cigarette inventories held up. 5degrees and a foot of snow-hello winter!
So state of emergency, businesses are closing early, and roads are being closed down. But Cumberland farms? Oh no we stay open. Snow doesn't affect us!
Good evening, We will not be training on Friday. We have had 8 straight days of training and racing nd athletes should take a day off or go powder skiing. The schedule for the weekend is as follows: Training at Cranmore Saturday and Sunday. Meet at 8 am and load lift at 8:30 am bith days. There will be a van going to Proctor Tecnica Cup on Saturday. It will depart the office at 6 am and from Cumberland Farms at 6:20. On Sunday it will depart for Waterville from office at 6:10 am and from Cumberland Farmas at 6:30 am. Drivers TBA on Friday. We have had an extremely productive Holiday training camp. Lets keep it going! Dave
I got the job at Cumberland Farms yeah baby see what the New Year did for me
NOTICE:: Cumberland Farms @ 106 Amherst St Nashua will remain open during the storm if you need anything. But don't feel the need to go out for the heck of it, unless you are walking ;) In that case, wear reflective clothing ;) ~Meg~
Cumberland farms just ran out of gas! Thank god I made it
Bought the last package of bagels and english muffins at Cumberland Farms. The bread isle is picked clean. Bread and milk. Pfft. I prefer chips and beer. :p
These Guy's look like giant walking snowmen They don't like it, but need to go to Cumberland farms. The walk might calm them down some.
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can anyone out here tell me what the name of the little store on Exchange St was, where the old Monadnock Grill used to be? I'm saying it was Cumberland Farms before they moved down to the other end of Exchange St. It was around 1968-1970
Get a free cup of coffee from 5 pm on 12/31/13 through 5 am on 1/1/14 at Cumberland Farms. No coupon necessary. See all the Cumberland Farms locations. Free Coffee At Cumberland Farms
New Year and I brought it in and then off to the hospital with Ambera Evans. But we did get free coffee from Cumberland farms because we was there at 4am.then home by 4:30. Yup it was a blast!
When your friend is buying cigarettes in Cumberland farms and the cashier looks out and sees you and asks "you know that girl?" "She's bad news.." Thank you Cumberland farms cashier.
In case you think it makes a difference what brand of gas you buy for your car, I just followed a fuel truck from Cumberland Farms to Stewart's.
Matthew went to battle today. I sit and begin to wonder if he is coming back. The most I can do is sit and wait. Easier said than done, it has been 20 minutes now. Lord have mercy on that cumberland farms toilets soul. Matt has come to destroy you.
Free Cumberland Farms Coffee on New Year's Day Snag a free coffee at Cumberland farms locations through 5PM on New Years day. * This post may include affiliate links and/or sponsored content. By clicking on those links you are helping to support this blog...
From all of us at Cumberland Farms, we want to wish you a safe, happy and healthy New Year!
Cumberland Farms Chill Zone: "TONIGHT is the night! FREE COFFEE New Year'S EVE! Get your free ... Read more at
I think that Cumberland Farms might be my favorite gas stations.
Well, my 2014 already got off to a decent start. I went to Cumberland Farms to get gas and found a $20 bill in the parking lot. I hope that's a sign of good things to come this year.
Celebrated a little early with Nate Haberern and Jessica Barlow @ Mohegan Sun last night. Much needed. Worked all night tonight, Happy New year at cumberland farms. -.-
Okay so anyone who knows me knows how much I like animals in fact like not even the word I love animals so needless to say when I stop at Cumberland Farms to get a free iced coffee you can only imagine how annoyed and in a rageed I was to find a dog shivering and standing on a patch of ice I walked inside and ask everyone if I was there dog the cashier says oh my goodness it's still out there it's been here for a while then so the two men inside one of which room I knew went outside and Liz brought her phone out and they'll call the cops its freezing you wouldn't leave a three-year-old outside in this weather without shoes socks are closing on why would you walk your dog needless to say I'm very proud of house fast Sanford PD ripped sponded literally within minutes they had to leave to get a second car an eye for 10 minutes after face my coat for this dog who is shivering and just had the saddest look on his face when Sanford PD got back they took the dog and they're going to feed it and give it on warm p ...
Cumberland farms giving free coffee tonight to keep everyone safe thanks Happy New year
It was interesting that Cumberland Farms gas was $3.40 when I filled up on Saturday, today their price is $3.49 in Plymouth, Route 3A and $3.59 on Route 106 in Kingston. Do you think they raised the price since they will be open on the Holiday? How can this happen or is there some board that could control this?
Lmfao spent like 30 minutes in Cumberland Farms getting coffee lmfao funniest thing ever & then ran into my best friend lol we looked crazy up in there lol
IN the next couple of days those of us in South Eastern New England will be getting a snow storm. Everyone here panic and rush to your local grocery stores or Cumberland Farms and buy all the milk and bread you can! Hurry before it's too late!
Lisa, Is the kick off at the same building as Coastal Orthopedics and Sports Medicine behind Cumberland Farms in Brunswick?
Going up to Cumberland Farms to purchase something...Just thought i would let all the Nazi-style spy agencies in the tyrannical federal "government" know right now. I'll be back soon, Hitler Youth
Cumberland Farms, Old york Inn, the flood by the statue where my friends bronco got stuck and floated away then got stuck again. we laughed until we almost peed on ourselves. the bronco filled up with water so fast we had to get out through the windows and swim to the sidewalk. Quick check, the ice cream store that use to be there, Cycling races when i raced, man hunt until midnight with at least 30 of us from the neighborhood, running races to see who was the fastest. Yes I won! hehe hiding during man hunt in neighbors backyards and getting chased. And most of all the great times with childhood friends and wonderful memories we had. Plus we had all the best athletes! lol lol lol Happy New year everyone.
Yes coffees are free at Cumberland farms in ayer go visit my friend Mona and tell her Kim and JP sent you. I bought a movie for me and Missi and I got my self a coffee and a big monster so here comes the big night. What time does the whole ceremony or what ever you call it start? What's your New Years resolution.
FREE coffee at Cumberland Farms now until 5pm tomorrow! I know I'll need it. ;)
Free coffee at Cumberland Farms today after 5 PM. Boom!
Starting tonight at 5PM until tomorrow at 5AM, head over to your nearest Cumberland Farms to score a FREE cup of Farmhouse coffee. Click here for more information and head over here to check if there’s a location near you.
Don't forget your FREE Cumberland Farms coffee today :-)
"Miss, are you the manager?" "Yes" "Are you giving away free coffee today?" "Yes, from 5pm through 5 am all the Cumberland Farms are giving free coffee" "OK, well, I am leaving town now. So can I just take mine early?" "No" She looked at me like I was the cruelest human being on the planet. Keep in mind, the coffee is $.99!
I love that Thomas calls me at work just to say he loves me... Didn't have an alterior motive (that I am aware of at this moment anyway lol)... Same kid that asked me to dance with him in the middle of Cumberland Farms on Sunday... Good hubby in training LOL
Reminder.You don't have to be an AAA member to participate in this.Don't Drink and Drive!!! Arrive Home Alive!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!! AND Cumberland Farms has FREE coffee all day and night!!!
BTW... the free coffee at the Cumberland Farms does not start til 5PM tonight! Thanks to the nice gentleman behind us, that paid for my coffee & my sons hot chocolate...since I thought it was free, I had no cash on me!
Hey girl pumping gas at cumberland farms. I just wanted to let you know that i saw u checking me out and i was checking you out too. :)
Johnstown man charged in multiple larcenies Gloversville Police say they found the man who stole or tried to steal from several businesses in Gloversville last week including an attempt to steal a thousand dollars in DVDs from Walmart, was arrested on Dec. 24, police said. Gloversville Police say they arrested 27-year-old William Rourke of Johnstown. He was charged with grand larceny, a felony, and two counts of petit larceny, misdemeanors.Officials say he’s to blame for thefts at Wal-Mart, Cumberland Farms and Dollar General that took place right before Christmas.Rourke was arraigned in Gloversville City Court and sent to the Fulton County Jail. Police say they are still searching for his alleged accomplice.
Someone at Cumberland Farms on Mariner in Spring Hill got access to my debit card from last week and charged $100.00 on it! I bought gas there last Wednesday!
That ad/sign at Cumberland Farms with the man holding the huge coffee cup always gets me at 6:47 am, I think its a real person!
If you blasted on up to providence with Mr Houlan for a field trip for English or if you can dodge a flying eraser thanks to Mr Robinson. If you remember going to kindergarten on boon st across the street from papas store. And the northern end of town was like the last frontier and the only stores where Cumberland farms and Bonnet market󾌰
Thanks to Kyle Adams for the awesome article in the Daily Mail about Good Tidings! We have been blessed by the many people from the community who have given us support! Special thanks to Christie French of Hillcrest Printing in Catskill for the beautiful invitations to the New Year's Eve Celebration. We also wish to thank Jeff from Hannaford in Cairo for his generosity. Cumberland Farms in Greenville also has been willing to lend a hand. We appreciate the thoughtfulness of these businessmen and women, and pray that as we begin to rebuild bridges in the community many others will join our efforts to bring Good Tidings back to the community! Happy New Year!
So i believe that im not the only one who will think this...the idea of continuing to hike the minimum wage and create more inflation will only hurt those of us who go to work before the sun is up and dont get back until the sun goes down..i dont feel that someone working in mc donalds or burger king or cumberland farms type jobs should continually be given raises by the dollars when those of us who work heavy construction gain cents.end opinion
Hear the strangest things at Cumberland Farms: Can you check my pulse, to see if im bleeding.
So em and I were at Cumberland farms and she said she didn't need help that she was an adult and what happens she spills whole soda!!! Leave it to Emily
Today is a great day to cash in your old, broken or unwanted Gold, Silver, or Diamonds. Tell Dawn to pay you an extra 10%! 42 E. Broadway next to Cumberland Farms
233p Cumberland Farms rebrand. Eh. Not sure. And I'm not just hatin'. I've actually made my living in branding and worked at a pretty high level so I'd like to think I have an informed perspective unlike those who have never made a dollar at whatever they're criticizing. That makes me crazy when people do that. Looking forward to making my living there again soon.
Wanting to take a walk and get some Cumberland farms coffee and just think I really need to think a lot. I really want things to work.
At Cumberland Farms drinking a Chill Zone & praying for my sister
Thanks Cumberland farms !! For the best coffee ever, of course it all tastes good at 2 am
Does anyone know what happened earlier in front of Cumberland Farms in Arctic
I dug these up at the old laconia dump here in lakeport. The cup has a picture of the old Laconia train station and the mail box has a picture of the building across the street from Cumberland farms here in laconia.
Was at Cumberland Farms last night when my slutty ex pulled up with a cpl dirt bags. She peeled out so fast it was hilarious. LOL.
Just bought a coffee and cashed in my 5.00 ticket I broke even from stop shop and bought the same ticket at Cumberland farms just won fifty dollars not too bad !!! 󾌸󾌸󾌬
This coconut, chocolate, caramel coffee from Cumberland Farms is delicious!
After a great Christmas in Maine, the car is full of Cumberland Farms gas and food, and Snow Patrol playlist is loaded. Should be back in Maryland by the Patriots game kick off!
free coffee @ Cumberland Farms on New Year's Eve/Day From 5PM - 5 AM
Apparently, I just missed an accident out in front of the Cumberland Farms / Scotty's Pizza near where I live. Couldn't have happened a few minutes before I got there. Looked like two cars and the one being an SUV with the front end completely destroyed. Not pretty at all.
Anyone remember the old slot car track in Brick back in the 70s or so. Wasn't it on Hooper Ave/Brick Blvd where the mattress place is today? I think there was a Cumberland Farms next door if I remember right.
My babysitter was robbed at Cumberland Farms on Xmas day in Dennis. Thieves took her phone and wallet. Does anyone have a phone they can donate to her? Verizon is her carrier. Thanks!
Isn't it time to break up with overpriced coffee? Fall in love with Cumberland Farms' Farmhouse Blend coffee for just 99 cents, any size, any time. Farmhouse...
Ok I think I created a monster oops! Debbie DiIorio just said dunking donuts coffee is nasty we need to go to Cumberland farms lmfao
Just witnessed a guy hit Cumberland Farms then walk into the store like nothing happened. Okay then!
Demolition permits secured, bonds and insurance posted, it's demo day at Cumberland Farms in West Warwick. John Cougar Mellancamp has been ringing in our ears."When the walls come tumbling down".
Its really cold outside. And I'm a pedestrian. And all I wanted. Was milk at Cumberland Farms. And some smokes. Apparently it's going to be a long walk Just so I can eat My Honey nut cheerios
"And at guard … from the Cumberland Farms down the road … A LOAF … OF … BREAD!"
Some Cumberland farms are so gangstaa wish the one in Plymouth would have all the cool things
We should put a Cumberland farms inside our school
Just stopped at Cumberland farms for some coffee. Masking good time. All most at Stevens ave
Cumberland Farms is everything right now
I want an orange slushy from Cumberland farms so bad 😩
Huh ? 2 days ?! Maybe you should come over here and get some hot chocolate from Cumberland farms !!
Cumberland farms hot chocolate over all!
SL. The Cumberland Farms on Hwy 27 & Hooks Street was robbed at gunpoint tonight. Cops are everywhere, on the...
Anybody else notice that ALL of Clermont law enforcement is canvassing the area around the Cumberland Farms?
“I just witnessed Cumberland farms get robbed 😳😳😳” where I bought all my gum. No
I just witnessed Cumberland farms get robbed 😳😳😳
Saved 10 cents/per gallon , got a free coffee and paid for snacks with my phone. Cumberland farms Yay!
lol I didn't know it was a tea :O I feel like I've been lied too :( what Cumberland farms do you work at?
Lmfao if everyone say it there must be a reason lmfao and I work at Cumberland farms
Going to worship at the altar of our lady of Cumberland Farms this morning before class.
Latest picture from the Cumberland Farms Northborough site!
People be sleeping on Cumberland Farms' hot chocolate.
I see the cashier at Cumberland Farms more than I see my wife
The one in which I was referred to as a 'humbaland Cumberland honey money farms employee' cracks me up.
Living next to Cumberland farms is so clutch the most exquisite coffee and hot chocolate at the snap of a finger
It's $5 for a medium coffee at Starbucks and $1 for a large at Cumberland farms.can we look at the logic in charging $5 for a coffee
How am I just discovering how awesome Cumberland farms is ?
Bought 4 bags of marshmallows from a Cumberland Farms at 3:45 on a Monday, pretty sure they think I'm a serial killer
Cumberland farms? I miss wawa. The only amazing thing about jersey!
Tb to when someone took me on a coffee date to "Free Coffee Friday" at Cumberland Farms
My salad from cumberland farms was actually pretty delish, I am satisfied with my lunch
Website Builder 728x90
Much like our hit song "Monday Mourning" at We'd like to be the Cumberland farms jingle band.
Two Weeks Left to Make College Dreams Come True -- Cumberland Farms Encourages High School Class of 2014 to Apply...
I've been craving a Cumberland Farms chillzone
I know😎can you, me, and gailyn get ghetto pizza from Cumberland farms again soon plz
yes! But Cumberland farms is only $.99 so that's what I'm drinking. I think I'll have some pie...
I'm earning for checking in at Cumberland Farms.
talkin bout I'm special and go buy one from Cumberland farms lmao
6 cops at the Cumberland Farms...why
Dear Michael Decktor of N. 20th: I found your wallet on the gas pump at Cumberland Farms in Dreshertown. All contents are in store safe.
Some guy just checked me out in Cumberland farms parking lot with his gf sitting right next to him 😳😳😳
Who tenderly embraces in a Cumberland Farms?!. ...Ah that is the question. I shall ask the couple tenderly embracing at Cumberland Farms.
Aww cute old couple teasing eachother alert "Do you think you could live off food you've bought from Cumberland Farms in the last 60 years?"
Guys I have an addiction... 4th night getting Cumberland Farms coffee😁😍
So my friend Heather Burton gave me the number 3. Three things you might not know about me. 1. When I was five years old I met my oldest friend in the world Rebecca Armitage (also known back then as Beckie Kiley) Through all the changes, the good times, the bad times, the one constant in my life was that our friendship never changed. So over seven years ago when I found out I was going to have my beautiful baby girl I knew right away what I wanted to name her. Kiley. My hope is that she feels the same security in another person that I have had the pleasure of having for over 27 years. 2. My favorite comfort food is raisins and rice with warm milk and sugar. While I enjoy a big bowl of it I am transported back in time to my Grammy and Grampies living room in the old farm house. Feeling toasty warm next to the wood stove, while watching an old episode of Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman. 3. This is a strange one but one of the best days I can remember from when I was a kid was the simplest day. I remem ...
Cumberland farms finally called and I have another job... So excited to get more stacks 😄
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lemme keep it real right quick...the new Cumberland Farms in Northbridge kicks a large amount of ***
You want to renew ur faith in humanity? Hit up a Cumberland farms at lunch time. Just hardworking, not cracked out at all human parade.
SIGHTING! Valley Brook Farms in Cumberland on Waterview Circle. Black lab with red electric fence collar. No...
I'm now the Duke of Cumberland Farms on
Cumberland Farms' first new Boston c-store in decades holds grand opening (slideshow)
my dad got Cumberland Farms coffee 😍
heard there was a similar armed robbery in pembroke at a Cumberland Farms.
well who ever wants to get their late night Slurpee grind on you cant because Cumberland farms got robbed.
Highlight Cumberland farms just got robbed in Pembroke Center
"Cumberland Farms: We're thankful! we're giving free coffee at all our stores 99cents every other day then FREE wow
Me too ! Large Cumberland Farms farm house blend in the A.M. and medium ion the P.M. :)
In trying to wake up in a dumpster behind the Toyota dealership next to Cumberland farms after tonight
opens new concept store near Boston Medical Center on
Just saw an old woman walk out of Cumberland farms with a red bull😂
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