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Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms (informally known as Cumby's) is a regional chain of convenience stores based in Framingham, Massachusetts, and operating primarily in the eastern United States and Florida.

Rhode Island White River Junction

That's the best hashtag Cumberland Farms could come up with or pay someone to come up with?…
You get a bottle of tums and a few ginger ales free when u buy food from Cumberland farms
bro Cumberland Farms chili dogs are like God's gift to this planet what is this disrespect πŸ™„πŸ–•
So proud of our growing community partnership with TY for your support
The Cumberland farms on east main bout to be big af now
Cumberland farms is better than Dunkin Donuts by far and 1/3 price
I just ate a gluten free chicken salad sandwich from Cumberland Farms because I like to play chicken with my intestines
Cumberland farms changed it to a triple this year on the 99th pitch??
Some nice gentleman just bought us coffee! β€” drinking coffee at Cumberland Farms
Some *** recognized me at Cumberland farms and saw it was me and didn't say anything like cmon *** say hi to me I don't bite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm At Cumberland farms if anyone wants to run up
I grew up in Rhode Island and never remember hearing Cumberland Farms called "Cumbys." When did that begin? P.S. I'm old!
Goin' to Cumberland farms to get fuel for the car and fuel (read that: coffee) for the self~
You have to do a pizza review on Cumberland farms frozen pizza bc I just did and im curious about what u think
Cumberland farms 89 cent drinks and slushes are now 99 cents. Is nothing sacred
Another great tip from Cumberland Farms' - at the 60 day mark, employees are given a raise
.of Cumberland Farms bonuses employees based on performance to encourage engagement
Cumberland farms being torn down on meriden rd wolcott, the new one built right next door
Share and Go for the ribbon-cutting, complimentary drinks and snacks from 3-4pm TODAY! You are helping hungry...
Rain Rain β˜”οΈ go away...I need 🌞🌈 in my life 😁 β€” drinking coffee at Cumberland Farms
these two people have been talking for 45 minutes and i just want them to leave youre in a cumberland farms GO SOMEEHERE ELDE
They MUST mean "travel" when they say "place you went". Otherwise I'm Cumberland Farms of Ruby & Rain. Which is dumb
Stuck at a Cumberland Farms waiting for a tow truck (not 4 my car thankfully) and pretty sure I've found a vampire nest. Send help.
5 Liberty Square - Cumberland Farms - Pedestrian accident with injuries in the parking lot. Police on scene...
I just tried looking up local farms in MA and google has the NERVE to put cumberland farms as one of the top results -_…
Then I can't afford a fountain drink from Cumberland farms
Fairfield News: Car Fire At Cumberland Farms - Here is the press release from Fairfield Fire Department we ... -…
Wawa is the best followed quick check and cumberland farms
Get freebies, support local groups and taste Cumberland Farms' new menu - TCPalm
By visiting the newest you'll also support local groups
I liked a video from Cumberland Farms... Pizza :-P
Cumberland Farms in Auburn accidentally dumps powder on customers at pumps via
Customized caffeine from Cumberland. Love the farms
If you live on the east coast do yourself a favor and try a Cumberland Farms pretzel. Oh my god 😍
Cumberland Farms accidentally dumps powder on customers at pumps
Cumberland Farms on Branch Ave offers a safe well lit environment with a manager on staff 24 hours a day. . .99...
Andy is at the Grand Opening of Cumberland Farms on Route 5 in White River Junction until 4pm. Free beverages and...
Join 95.3 and 107.1 The Wolf this afternoon at Cumberland Farms in White River Junction. Andy Capwell will be...
Yes that's why. All my friends picked up the Wall St. Journal & the Enquirer at Cumberland Farms. A Milky Way Too.
Ive said this so many times 😭 it should be one instead of Cumberland farms
you have said or have happen in your movies. Makes me laugh :) "No squezziinng the juice!" Every time I enter Cumberland Farms
Planning Board approves a special permit for a new Cumberland Farms at the Bourne Rotary
Dear Cumberland Farms thank you for offering alternative food…
So amped for the new Cumberland Farms on Branch
what's with you and Cumberland farms. You guys might as well get married
I'm eating a Cumberland farms breakfast sandwich at 3 in the afternoon. . I have no god *** self respect.
haven't been inside a Cumberland farms in awhile tbh poor mans 7/11
crew at the new SGF Cumberland Farms for the fundraiser!
Have you heard this perfectly crafted Cumberland Farms jingle made by a local musician?.
Did my makeup in the Cumberland Farms parking lot this morning while pumping gas. No shame.
The Board gave Cumberland Farms the green light for a new location at the Bourne Rotary under a condition that may be a deal breaker.
A man at Cumberland farms stared deeply into my soul while he was huffing a rag of gas. Life is good
the only gas stations I've found that still have them are Cumberland Farms. They will change your life, I promise
Having fun at Cumberland Farms kicking off fundraiser!
CUMBERLAND FARMS CEREMONY IN LESS THAN 20 MINUTES! Hope we see you there! On Main Street in SGF
I just used Punchcard at Cumberland Farms, and won 10 Points! WOO HOO!!
I saw this hella cute boy at Cumberland farms this morning at 3am and I'm so bummed that I'm too awkward to have talked to him
What am I doing at 6 in the morning? Running to Cumberland Farms to buy three packets or ramen because I've lost all control of my life
When you're poor husband is forever getting constantly sexually and verbally harassed because he works overnights at Cumberland Farms 😑😑😑😑
Oh! Oh! Oh! . NO. CUMBERLAND FARMS . wanted in TROY. NY at a long dead PIZZA HUT. but. we will take. YOUR land for BIKES.
Literally just fell on my *** in the Cumberland Farms parking lot
"It's like a Cumberland farms in your pants"
NO CUMBERLAND FARMS. but a $20,000 . government loan. to put an OYSTER BAR. across. from an. OYSTER BAR?. arbitrary. gov…
NO CUMBERLAND FARMS. but there's plenty . of room for more hotels?. totally random,. arbitrary government . picking…
NO CUMBERLAND FARMS. cuz. CONTROL. FREAK Moniker sez. you already have. enough places to get gas?. government . picking…
This Thursday is a grand opening event at Cumberland Farms on Main Street that benefits SHMD. Hope to see as many of you there as possible!🐾
Start walking into Cumberland Farms and the clerk walks out and asks if we saw anybody running because they just got robbed
If Cumberland Farms was all electric car charging stations it would get a call back from *** Strichman: instead?…
I checked in at Cumberland Farms No 1527 on
NO CUMBERLAND FARMS. because the planners who plan to control your life want you on the bus or bikes: not free to mo…
On the soundtrack of this cumberland farms.
How come I am having a hard time finding a Cumberland farms in Cumberland?
Cumberland Farm 1556 on I love this Cumberland Farms!. My husband and I always stop here on our road trips f…
Suspect vehicle from Cumberland Farms located, operator is cooperating with store management. At this time, no charges to b…
Suspect vehicle from Cumberland Farms is white Ford F-150 pickup. Video from store being analyzed
Cumberland Farms Main St closed after car drove off with pump attached. Large gas spill, Unknown when it will reopen https:… –  10% Off
If you had $5 left in your pocket what would you spend it on? β€” Probably a milkshake from cumberland farms xD
The new Cumberland farms down the street has like 10 slurped flavors. No regrets mixed them all.
The pizza from the Cumberland farms next to my house is FIRE.
"I don't hangout with her she's a baddie. She snuck out of her house to meet a boy at Cumberland farms" -gabby Brennan
Watched a guy gather and smoke cigarette butts from the garbage ashtray at Cumberland farms
Officers are commended for a job well done by the BOS for the incident at Cumberland Farms on Thursday.
Picking up lunch 4 work β€” feeling hungry at Cumberland Farms
Minor identified as "tagger" in Walpole High and Cumberland Farms spray painting incident last week. More information to come shortly.
The cashier at Cumberland farms just gave me mad free stuff
I attended culinary school in Rhode Island. Quite familiar with Cumberland Farms.
Man arrested after hourslong, armed standoff with police at Rehoboth Cumberland Farms
Genuinely upset I just had to watch with my own eyes a man put Cumberland Farms gas in his Ferrari
Sorry, at first I thought the logo was for Cumberland Farms
Man threatens police with Xbox controller via |
Cumberland Farms has wine but can't sell it after 11. I'm heated.
Rehoboth police say they are in an armed standoff with man at Cumberland Farms gas station
My husband just got pizza slices at Cumberland Farms and declared to the world 'I have reached a new low'
this is literally Cumberland Farms off of flatbush lmao all the *** time
Pumping gas and reading a Cumberland farms recruiting poster and realizing it's a much better deal than entry level at the bank.
everyone just watched Shannon and Kevin vs hornet at Cumberland farms
I'm similarly overjoyed about a new Cumberland Farms up here. Our closest thing to Wawa.
pretty sure the Cumberland Farms whoopie pies are made of straight-up crack 😳
Just drove by a Cumberland Farms parking lot and this boy just dropped down into a split...
Salve Regina University opens new academic wing: Named in honor of Cumberland Farms board chairman Bentas
Some guy robbed a Cumberland farms with an Xbox controller
has been walking around Cumberland Farms for 25mins shopping for dinner. Get a bag of chips & let's go!
Some *** held up a Cumberland farms with an Xbox Controller
Man threatens police with Xbox controller via
Man threatens police with Xbox controller via CNN
Huge Network | Man threatens police with Xbox controller
Man threatens police with Xbox controller
TODAY: The suspect in a police standoff at a Mass. Cumberland Farms will be arraigned.
I kept running to a cumberland farms almost every day when I came back cause I missed the feeling of conbinis immediately
Police say man threatened them with Xbox controller in standoff. |
Competency Evaluation Ordered For Man Charged In Rehoboth Standoff: A man who held police at bay for nearly five…
Our officers are engaged in a standoff with an armed subject at the Cumberland farms. The immediate area has been evacuated.
Harrowing standoff at Cumberland Farms in Rehoboth ends with man in custody
Phantom Farms, Cumberland Rhode Island | New England sure is ugly said no one…
.Another white MAN threatening he has a gun &EXPLOSIVES arrested while another black child w/a toy is shot dead htt…
you still awake Bubbs? How's the glory hole at the Cumberland farms looking tonight?
New Cumberland Farms is built and crackheads are already assembling there at 1:30 am.
Making cookies at 10 pm is a good decision, right?. Oh, i'm out of eggs? Walk to Cumberland Farms. . Oh, I'm out if milk, too?
bet, y'all can go to Cumberland farms thenπŸ™„πŸ˜‚
Update: Cumberland Farms does in fact have batteries, but also a lot of men in trucks that will rev their engines at you
Shut up and get my coffee. On second thought, I'll go to Cumberland Farms. And also, homosexuality is unhealthy.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Cumberland Farms to locate across from Wal-Mart
go to Cumberland farms down the road to the right of where now awesome coffee you cans flavor shots to it. Only .99
They don't sell Cumberland Farms at the gas station around the corner from my homestead.
my tongue got stuck on a freezing popsicle.It's fine now. Farms
yeah well MA has Cumberland Farms which is affectionately nicknamed Cumby's
I found at Cumberland Farms this morning!
might be a method clinic around that Cumberland Farms or the bus to the method clinic picks up there.
24 hour Cumberland Farms with diesel rock
update the gps brought us to some random house there was no Cumberland farms
Only in Sanford you see a man using nunchucks outside of Cumberland Farms at 10:30 PM
Cumberland Farms: junkie capital of the world
Why does the Cumberland Farms on Forest Avenue attract the sketchiest people in Portland? It's not in a bad neighborhood.I don't get it.
Cumberland farms has the BEST slushies πŸ’•
Coffee machine on the fritz again, tough start to the day, might walk to Cumberland farms to get my morning joe
The Cumberland farms commercial is funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The Cumberland Farms near my house finally opened and I already know I'm gonna be spending all my money on Slurpees :/
Cumberland farms chicken parm sandwich is too blazing πŸ˜‹
Cumberland Farms Committed to Singular Focus: Part and parcel to this shift are other initiatives like the co...
If you don't go to Cumberland Farms after BDubs you're doing it wrong
I know *** well y'all was fighting at Cumberland farms a week ago cause she had your phone
Make sure to get to Phantom Farms in Cumberland RI this fall. It's truly a feel good place!...
Hey , I just caught headlines . I'm angry @ U because U started reading my Cumberland Farms ad read. That was my read !
One week left in the Cumberland Farms Cups for Kids Campaign! For every iced coffee purchased in participating...
I eat Cumberland Farms. It's a joint like 7-Eleven and Wawa. I eat it for breakfast.
there needs to be a Cumberland Farms in Danbury
we had to steal our milk crates from behind a Cumberland Farms, as God intended.
PSA Cumberland farms is open in salem againπŸ™ŒπŸ½
and Powerade is buy 1 get one free at Cumberland farms
Kingston has a vehicle stopped for Plymouth at the Cumberland Farms at Rte 106 and Rte 27. Unknown what its...
It's been 3 months since I've been to Cumberland farms and their pizza still tastes like cherry medicine.
I think if someone told me "you're gonna die if you keep eating Cumberland farms cheese sticks", I'd still eat em every day
At Cumberland Farms, our pizza is a great value, any way you slice it!
On my list today: "breakdown at the Cumberland Farms." Now, to remember that this is a scene I want to revise, not I thing I have to do.
Passed more Cumberland farms than cars on the road. Wareham is dead at 2am πŸ€”
far and away the nicest Cumberland Farms I have seen.
When this photo was taken of the Cumberland Farms store in Riverside in 2013, few were left in New Jersey. Today,...
Closed out of my Cumberland Farms app and lost a coupon that they wouldn't let me use -_- Thanks guys.
Interested in a career at Cumberland Farms? Follow and say hello!
SIGHTING! Approx noon. Far eastside Indy! in Hartland Farms Addition on Cumberland Rd. and 10th Street. Pit...
It makes me so happy that Cumberland farms just followed meπŸ˜‚πŸ€—
Cumberland Farms has closed its Augusta store
Ill let you in on a little secret : Cumberland Farms has mac-n-cheese bites and they are bomb AF! Js
I am torn between whether I am genius or white trash for getting breakfast at Cumberland farms
Cumberland Farms "Kean" "Blue Buffalo dog food is the only all natural dog food for your pets" - Ryan Gosling
I've heard of its location at a Mexican restaurant nearby. I've been to cvs, Walgreens, rite aid, Cumberland farms etc
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Cumberland Farms blowing my mind right now
Kath and I just went to Cumberland farms and the lady straight up gave us all of our food for free
Cumberland farms have the best slushies
A year ago today my mom found me drunk at Cumberland farms, made me talk to state troopers and I got grounded for 3 months :-))
just bought cheesecake from Cumberland Farms
Cumberland farms has really stepped it up
just freaked out on a Cumberland farms employee for feeding me the classic "now why does a pretty young lady like you have to smoke?"
my mom is taking me to Cumberland farms to get food what a babe
So I saw my boss today at Cumberland Farms and I said "what are you doing here?" He said playing the powerball so I can quit. I said -
"The coffee must've been hot because the ice melts when I put it in." -Overheard at Cumberland Farms
Plans reviewed for new Cumberland Farms in Bourne via
The old lady at Cumberland Farms makes my morning every morning
Monday around 12 noon a pocketbook was taken from an unlocked parked vehicle in the Cumberland Farms parking lot.
EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to Cumberland Farms, I'm stuck behind an old lady fighting with the cashier about how she won $5 instead of $1
I was supposed to pick sarah up at 12:15 but got here too early so now I'm just parked in Cumberland farms waiting until 12:15 bc I'm a baby
At the nearby Cumberland Farms c-store, neighbors mourned the death of Tyree Douglas, a kind disabled man who would help people for money
When you almost get robbed pumping gas at Cumberland farms
get a life. You couldn't talk to Cumberland Farms
I spend so much money at Cumberland farms you would think I own shares
Hearing a scanner report of a bicyclist down on Route 1A in front of Cumberland Farms/Sagamore Street in Hamilton.
We all have that same problem. For me it's Cumberland Farms bags. LOL
Westboro sounds like some sort of toxic issue at Cumberland Farms on Flanders Rd. Two patients transported
At least on the way home we stopped at Cumberland Farms. Got myself a chocolate sticky bun and iced coffee. πŸ‘πŸ˜‹
20 min. break from drivers Ed? . Everyone walks to Cumberland Farms
I liked a video from What it's Like to Work for Cumberland Farms
Went to Cumberland Farms to make my coffee & I ended up spilling it twice
Walked into Cumberland farms and caught Tay and Liv buying scratch offs😭
A slushee from Cumberland farms would be πŸ”₯
Cumberland Farms is amazingly good, love the dime off gas with their loyalty/payment card. Great coffee.
Cumberland Farms will be offering ice cream sandwiches 4 free. Pet Smart is giving away free doggie safe ice cream too
Cumberland Farms should really have a drive thru
Stopped by a Cumberland Farms in Warwick. It's raining so hard that the walk from the pump to the door I got soaked.
I thought she was trying to help you by saying don't eat Cumberland Farms food.
Cumberland farms is hiring everywhere
Cumberland Farms be giving out they ice cream sandwiches fo free if you buy a 20 oz soda
it was you, the Cumberland Farms parking lot arcanine
good exp with them in FL, wish they'd come to Capitol region. Stewart's & Cumberland Farms dominant. No 711 because of that.
I was walking into cumberland farms and erik screamed "thats my girl" out the window and i didn't think he loved me that muchπŸ˜‚
The best adjective for the fashion choices at Cumberland Farms this morning...curious.
Cumberland farms picante sauce in my eye is no bueno
dunno we stopped at a Cumberland Farms
Picking up a bag of coffee and some cream. (@ Cumberland Farms) on
Fire department and EMS personnel revived a woman with Narcan in a vehicle near Cumberland Farms early Friday...
7/11's are dumps, and Wawa doesn't look like a dump. Wawa looks like Cumberland Farms.
OK, so now it works. So it's like a Cumberland Farms?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Right, just cover New York, the state, in Solar Panels and we could run 25 Cumberland Farms stores for 3 years. Awesome
Really excited that its Friday, but I'm trapped inside Cumberland Farms all day.
Think it goes to show how boring of a person I am when I"m out in the Hamptons & I'm excited over seeing a Cumberland Farms.
I remember praying for a Cumberland Farms in Hartford. Now it just needs to open.
When did Cumberland Farms start getting called "cumby's". That's terrible. Stop it
First I get a free triple bacon cheese burger and fries for free then I slip in Cumberland farms and get an ice cream for free. πŸ™ƒ
My mom just referred to Cumberland farms as "cumbies"
is that the homeless lady that hangs out by Cumberland Farms on Pine Street?
Electric avenue just came on in Cumberland Farms and first thing that hit me was
West Warwick, RI: Ladder 1 and Rescue 2 en route to 295 Legris Ave, Cumberland Farms, for an unresponsive person
My pandora station thinks I'm in Rhode Island. Just got an ad for Cumberland Farms
BPD looking for suspects in armed robbery of Cumberland Farms on Pine St.
Great to meet Troy Brown & Mike Reiss today at Cumberland Farms two class acts! Grateful for their autographs
Anyone know why the Post Road is shut down in Milford from the mall to Cumberland Farms?
I just happened to try coffee from Cumberland Farms today with no idea it was free for Thanksgiving; very happy surprise.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Augusta police make an arrest in 2014 Cumberland Farms robbery
Thankful for Cumberland Farms ripping me away from my loved ones
Need an energy boost? Grab a free Cumberland Farms coffe! I had 2. Can you tell?
Thank you old gods that Cumberland farms was open.
OMW home from Turkey Day at mom's. Free coffee from Cumberland Farms will help keep me awake for the…
For your convenience, Xtramart is open until 10pm & Cumberland Farms until 12am in
I was excited to show cumberland farms my id cuz of finally turning 18 today, yet i still didnt get id'd πŸ˜•
New opening at Cumberland Farms in - Palm Beach, FL)
To walk to Cumberland Farms or to drive... that is the question.
Friendly reminder that Cumberland Farms has free coffee all day. β˜•
Cumberland farms is, and they have free coffee today!
Cumberland Farms got free coffee all day!!!
Not only is Cumberland Farms open today, coffee is free! Cumberland rocks.
Cumberland Farms apparently offering free coffee/tea/hot chocolate on For a few more hours at least.
Happy Thanksgiving from Cumberland Farms! We’ll be serving free coffee from 12 AM - 11:59 PM today.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Get a free coffee at Cumberland Farms on Thanksgiving
Check out this at Cumberland Farms in
CPD on the way to Cumberland Farms on Reservoir Avenue for a disturbance
Cumberland Farms is hiring a Associate, apply now!
Dam about to walk to Cumberland farms
DUI checkpoint on broad by Cumberland farms
Cumberland Farms is hiring a Associate (PALM BCH GARDENS, FL), apply now!
Cumberland Farms on Good coffee and inexpensive to boot. Holiday gift inspiration (?)
Get free coffee, hot chocolate and tea at Cumberland Farms on Day!
I go to Cumberland farms two to three times a day πŸ˜‚β˜•οΈ
I live off of Cumberland Farms pizza and Coke
Cumberland Farms is celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with free cups of coffee for all from 12am-11:59pm.
Meeting behind Cumberland Farms at 10:00 am to buy a Thanksgiving turkey from a guy. First time buying a turkey online. Little nervous.
I liked a video from Cumberland Farms: Pretzel Poppz, Cranberry Tuxedo Trio, Acai
We're serving coffee all day Thanksgiving day at Cumberland Farms. Spread the word:
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
remember when your phone had a sleep over at Cumberland farms πŸ˜‚
Just helped some *** push his car from junks to Cumberland farms he dead was bouta spark me upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Hamden north haven line at Cumberland farms
A beached whale washed up in Kingston and it's easily the most exciting thing to happen to my hometown since they reno…
RI) needed in at Cumberland Farms. Apply now!
Complete do-over planned for Pittsfield Cumberland Farms store -
Hand warmers are a legit investment, get em at job lot or a Cumberland farms, they're worth it
I'm Cumberland farms and I ask every one for cash because I don't want to open a tab at Cumberland farms
you guys have Cumberland farms and stop and shops in mass?!
I live for late night Cumberland farms
When you're walking out of cumberland farms and run into Caroline and their crew πŸ˜‚
New opening at Cumberland Farms in - Associate - Portland, ME
I go into Cumberland farms so often for slushys the lady just gave it to me for free thank you πŸ‘πŸΌ
When the guy in line behind you at Cumberland Farms has a large snake around his neck...
Warwick RI, Cumberland Farms - Person walked in and stated they might have struck someone
All purpose parts banner
actually the sushi in the Cumberland Farms gas station and convenience store is quite tasty...: )
Cumberland Farms plans new Pittsfield store on expanded First Street site
it's like "the greatest convenience store in America" idek they all talk about it. It's like a hyped up cumberland farms
My dads boss just gave me an $80 tip for bringing out food to the guys on the spill at Cumberland farms πŸ˜‚
I was one of those people not long ago. Once Wawa's and Cumberland Farms were introduced to me I learned the error of my ways.
Feeling an instant connection to Phantom Farms in Cumberland RI:
My drug addict cousin is "retiring" from her job at Cumberland Farms and I'm laughing so hard
I love Cumberland Farms so much it's literally my child I oWN CUMBERLAND FARMS
I'm at Cumberland Farms I feel at home
Customers have bought a billion dollars worth of gas using SmartPay! Wonder how much they've saved?
Music at the Cumberland Farms I stopped in segued from "Pac-Man Fever" to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." So THIS is how social power feels.
Cumberland farms is top notch if you go to the new ones
no, it's like a step down from Cumberland farms :/
Cumberland Farms is selling something from a machine called "Apple Crisp Cappuccino." Not even curious what that tastes like.
Today's the grand opening of our RI store! Stop by from 3:30-4:30pm for hot food & beverages.
Website Builder 728x90
I get no guys my age but I apparently attract 30 yr old guys who can only afford shopping at Cumberland farms
I've been to Cumberland farms and dominos in the past 45 minutes without even leaving my bedroomπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Now that I'm home, I'm about to watch the office on Netflix and eat these cheap *** trail mix I got from cumberland farms πŸ‘·πŸ½
Fake Fact Cumberland Farms is the wholesale Cow dealer in the USA.
U can't call something home made if u buy them at Cumberland farms
we walked to Cumberland farms 20 times and went into that store it was so cold and we brought 1 blanket to share
Cumberland Farms in Apponaug is officially open! σΎ”— This whole month of October when you purchase a hot or cold...
I'm going to take a walk down to Cumberland Farms and Dunkin for lunch.
Turned my 99 cent Cumberland Farms Iced coffee into the healthiest meal of the day! Latte without the…
Why do 13 year olds brag about getting drunk? Like when I was 13 the most I did was walk to Cumberland farms on free coffee Fridays lol
Dam. Ive been doing it all wrong. 99cent ice coffe at Cumberland farms instead of 2.73 ice coffee at dunkin
We have Farmer's Markets, Green Markets, and Bio Farms all throughout the Upper Cumberland region. Get your fresh...
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