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Cullen Jones

Cullen Andrew Jones (born February 29, 1984) is a U.S. competitive swimmer and Olympic Gold Medalist who specializes in freestyle sprint events.

Ryan Lochte Nathan Adrian Anthony Ervin Olympic Gold Medalist Missy Franklin Michael Phelps African American Tyler Clary Dana Vollmer Adam Brown

Video: wheretoturn: SwimToday: Cullen Jones and Ryan Lochte on why they swim
Lord Tim Clement-Jones writes...Out on the campaign trail in Maidstone and St Albans
Listening to Norah Jones in the bath. Happy x
Since no one gave my swim husband credit today. CULLEN JONES is the FASTEST African American Olympic swimmer 😍🏊..
REVIEW: 'Brides of Helheim' by Cullen Bunn and Joëlle Jones, "the most exciting comic book out this week." .
Cullen Jones competed and won (gold medal) in the 2008 Olympic games where he became the second…
Congratulations Seniors Cullen Williamson, JJ McGuigan and Micah Jones! Final home wrestling match.
REVIEW: 'Brides of Helheim' by and . via
Mr Cullen Jones said Ms O'Hara told him that she liked being tied up, court hears
Robert Cullen Jones met Elaine O'Hara for coffee before going to her apartment, court hears
ROBERT CULLEN JONES agrees to speak up in cross examination
Robert Cullen Jones met Elaine O'Hara for coffee in Dundrum Town Centre in Apr 2011. They went back to hers for sex afterwards
I just kept getting gravitational pull to Cullen, Dorian, Iron Bull. I didn't realize at first.
Preds Goalscorers of the game: . Filip Forsberg: 2. Craig Smith: 1. Matt Cullen: 1. Seth Jones: 1. [Shootout goals don't count to the total]
Coach Jackson standing with former and now coaching at Cullen Jones 2014. Diversity Invitational.
Door knocking with Streatham Lib Dems, Tim Clement Jones, in the persistent drizzle in
Toss won by who will bat first. CMUCC from: Coles*, Jones+, Cullen, Harding, Williams, Smith.
Did Cullen Jones have a learn to swim campaign?
Just got done swimming with Cullen Jones.
I made a new game and while still in Haven I'm having conversations I didn't have until 3/4th through with Cassandra and Cullen.
the Tom Jones award for throaty gyrations? Or is that next week?
So Cassandra likes me. Cullen and Blackwall might like me. Rest have run out of stuff to say.
I'm romancing sweet boy Cullen and she's trying to bang crazy with Sera.
Cullen was the recipient of a Derek Roy pass and completely wasn't prepared for it. Had the puck all alone in front of Jones, fumbled it
Cullen with a good look in front of Jones and all alone, but can't get a handle on the puck
*** if Cullen Jones asked me for lotion, I would say, oh, it is in my room. get him in there and lock the door
We are camping outside the golden goggles- already got photo op with Cullen Jones
I'm super jealous right now of someone I know who got a pic with Cullen Jones.
I like everyone but Cullen and Greywall LOL And even then I'm tempted to play a game to see their story.
My pic with Olympic medalist Maritza McClendon and Cullen Jones!😝😝
.we would go with Julio Jones. Hill is tempting but could be too much of a timeshare with bernard to justify starting
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Jordan Matthews, Julio Jones, or Jeremy Hill in a non PPR
Would love to see Nick Cullen get up!
Photo: all-the-swimmers: Michael Phelps, Cullen Jones, Neil Walker and Jason Lezak of the United States of...
30 points for perry jones III... You read that right
"yo cullen im actually about to scrap your girl.. she cheeses me bro"- Matt Jones
Best idea ever! Other suggestions - James Earl Jones as Darth Vader, Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, Mark Hamill as the Joker
Romo risking his life and Jerry Jones stomping around the sidelines is just incredible theater
The world needs Jerry Jones to get so hyped that he runs on the field and lays the boom on somebody.
According to Lisa Salters, Tony Romo told Jerry Jones he wants to return in this game. . Jones now talking to Garrett
Rhodes then tells Detroit law dept lawyer, Jones Day's Thomas Cullen to meet him in jury room.
Judge wants Jones Day attorney Tom Cullen to join the city law department in a jury room. Many questions as to what's going on. Resume @ 10a
I'm a total Phelps elitist but Lochte is solid. I also love Cullen Jones.
I wish someone loved me as much as Edward Cullen loves Bella 😩
wooop insight into the secret room of Shania Jones
Our managment staff attended the annual United States Swim School Association Conference in Charlotte, NC last week. We met with over 100 swim schools from across the U.S. and Cullen Jones, a 2012 Swimming Olympic Gold Medalist. We cannot wait to share the ideas and experiences that we gained with all of our families throughout the remainder of the year!
U.S. national team stats star of the day, (Cullen Jones). A two times Olympian and making waves.
Northview WR/DB Liam Jones had 7 catches for 80 yards and 2 INT's
Douglas Carswell, the Owen Jones of the right: my article for
Just saw a political ad for a school superintendent running for State Rep - his name is Cullen Cullen. WTH!? From Jones Jones!
What do Edward Cullen and a Christmas tree have in common? Their tiny balls sparkle.
Cullen jones is an olympian though, so😏
Marco Ball I've done it! Will send a donation later on this week :) Amy Cullen, Angharad O'Neill and Ian Jones...
A DIA press release in December "says exactly what was happening" with the mediators, Jones Day attorney Tim Cullen says.
Jones Day attorney Tim Cullen: "These objections are scandalous, are untimely, are legally impertinent and are in many cases simply untrue."
"Rog and Anna chilling in warm up w Cullen Jones and Nathan Adrian :)". WHAT
Michael Phelps and Cullen Jones make my life happy. I miss swimming so much
Video: mymusicstuff2: Gold Medal Mel interviewed Cullen Jones recently He talks about his plans for Rio,...
solid man I'm gonna turn you into the next Cullen Jones
Cullen Jones, 4-time Olympic medalist, looks a whole lot leaner than he ever has in the middle of an Olympic quad. With age comes maturity and wisdom, and Jo...
4 spaces left in UTR WEC! It's first come first served now! Like this if you wish to join ask myself or Chris Arrow Pease or Josh! Cullen Jones is already in :)
MT to receive honorary degree from Amherst in May Will we be calling him Dr. Jones? :D
Proud to partner w/ as he Leans Out For Olympic Gold in Rio w/the help of Gold Medal Video
I know its not Monday because its Jamie Cullen on the radio and not Paul Jones :)
Cullen Jones to receive honorary degree from Amherst in May
I wouldn't be able to pick between Edward Cullen or Jacob either 😏
I started watching The Bible but it's not like the book where the voice of God is either Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, or Peter Cullen
Doesn't look like Cullen Jones in swimming at Mesa
this is untrue! Talk to Cullen Jones! Most black people haven't traditionally have swim advantages but r capie!
Tim Cullen of Jones Day is continuing the questioning of the candidate for the city.
KEY Speakers Bureau is BUSY! Here are just a few of the speakers we've been able to secure for our amazing clients; Cullen Jones, Peyton Manning, JR Martinez, Libby Gill, Marlee Matlin, Peter Sheahan...and we could go on and on! Looking forwar to a great season with some fabulous events to come!
I did with lochte than Cullen Jones
Missed it yesterday check out the commercial did for Black History on me !
Cullen jones jimmy Tyler Clary and really beautiful boys
Nothing says Grand Prix like almost hitting Cullen Jones in the warm down pool in the morning and warming up for finals with Ryan Lochte
Just warmed up with Cullen Jones and currently standing on deck with Ryan Lochte
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I'm proud to say Cullen Jones swam through my pee
To celebrate Black History Month, Cause & Effect Productions shot & created these lovely spots honoring Quvenzhané Wallis, Ed Welburn, Cullen Jones & Dr. Mae Jemison. I loved working on these spots & especially loved my team who worked tirelessly to make these look awesome! It's hard to pick a fave, but please take the time to watch all 4!
Adam Brown and Cullen Jones getting it done in the 50 at
Everyone going on about Phil Jones? The guy has no talent what so ever, I'd get rid like I'd get rid of nani cleverley vidic rio evra
This is adorbs. My baby brother saw this and called and said "Isn't that your friend" 🏊
Special Thanks to for putting this together for Black History Month...
Zion's new commercial for with Nickelodeon.
Me and Cullen Jones will have like 13 babies... or at least die trying.
During the 2008 Olympic trials, swimmer Cullen Jones broke the U.S. record in the 50-meter freestyle,…
This is coming soon to the Royal Exchange with my beautiful pal Suranne Jones. Pls RT!
Cullen Jones teaches the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles the importance of learning how to swim. 'The DUB Magazine Project' airs Sunday's at 1/12c, only on MTV2.
Cullen Jones 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist and the first African-American Male to win a Gold...
Photo: Cullen Andrew Jones is an American competition swimmer and Olympic Gold Medalist who specializes in...
is racing against Cullen Jones tonight and he's only 14 😮
Jennifer Jones is. Wouldn't say that about Brad Jacobs though.
I saw Cullen jones like 273 times but I'm too scared to ask for a picture..
meh Cullen jones is in orlando and I'm just here
Black History Highlight. Cullen Jones, only the second African American to ever swim on the US Olympic swim team,...
Satan seeks to defeat you by tempting you to trust your own wisdom, to live according to ur self-centered feelings and to gr…
For all you RBY people swimming with Cullen Jones and Ryan Lochte at the Grand Prix... Mad respect
I get to meet mother effin Cullen Jones tomorrow, a lightskin Olympian, in a speedo.Jesus loves me obvs.
Just chillin with my buddy and Olympian Cullen Jones
USA SWIMMING FOUNDATION’S MAKE A SPLASH NIGHT 2/11/2014 On Thursday, February 13, Arena Grand Prix event organizers will bring together a group of the USA’s top Olympic swimmers at USA Swimming’s Arena Grand Prix in Orlando at the YMCA Aquatic Center (8422 International Dr, Orlando, FL). This event is designed to generate water safety awareness and to promote learn-to-swim programs available at either low or no cost to the participant. The time to showcase lifesaving swim lessons couldn’t be better, as Florida schools will soon begin spring break vacations when thousands of students will be heading to beaches, lakes and pools. At 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 13, the inaugural “Buddy Relays” will commence, partnering an Olympian with a youth swimmer who has progressed in his or her swim lessons. The evening’s swimming competition will be dedicated to the USA Swimming Foundation’s Make a Splash initiative and the Foundation’s mission to save lives and build champions?in the pool and in life. Informat ...
Cullen Jones is going to be 30 at the end of the month. He's still bae👌
Way to go Cullen Jones, for picking up win by pin.
I often think the same thing. It kind of helps me understand things better though
Tech will visit the always competitive Owings Mills High for a wrestling showdown today at 4:00. Cullen Jones is looking to increase his wins to 24. Go Tech, Go Cullen!
Cullen Jones, 28, was the third African-American to make the U.S. Olympic swim team in 2008 and wasted no time racking up the honors. He won gold in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay in 2008. At the 2012 Games, he won silver in the 50-meter freestyle and the 4x100-meter freestyle relay and gold in the...
Yesterday's Black History Spotlight: Olympic Gold Medalist, Cullen Jones!!! He started swimming at the age of 8 after almost drowning at a water park in Pennsylvania and continued to pursue swimming after his father died when he was just 16 years old. With a swimming scholarship to North Carolina State University Cullen became a 4 time ACC Champion as well as an NCAA National Winner. He finished college in 2006 as an English major with a minor in Psychology. His place in Olympic history was earned as he swam the 3rd leg of the Men's 4x100m relay in 2008 at Beijing breaking a world record and winning the gold medal. In 2009 Cullen set an American record in the 50m with a time of 21.40 seconds which is still the best in US history. In 2012 at the London Olympic games Cullen earned 1 gold and 2 silver medals. In the future, Cullen hopes to write for a men's fashion magazine such as "GQ". We salute you Cullen Jones for your perseverance and for being a well rounded young man of honor!!!
Wow! Cullen Jones one of the fastest men in the world. Sprint Freestyler. Coming to York Revs. Wanna be on the field with Cullen sign up. Can't beat minor league ball.
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Taking part in relays, recounting stories from his past, posing for pictures and making up cheers with the children, U.S. Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones looked to be having just as good a time as the members of Amphibious Achievement at MIT’s Zesiger Center Pool on Saturday.
Cullen Jones was five when he almost drowned but rather than live in fear of water the American jumped back in with both feet, overcoming his fears to become...
Cullen Jones, a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, tells his story and what he’s doing to try and make kids healthier.
Cullen Jones u cool? I heard that snow challenge got u snorting Thera flu, shooting up DayQuil, and crunching up...
Tech will take a trip this evening to Pikesville High for a wrestling contest at 6:30. GO TECH!!! GO Cullen Jones!!!
RIT is hosting the Deaf Olympics for swimming next week. Word on the street is that Cullen Jones is making an appearance!!
Armando Benitez, Jacque Jones and Kenny Rogers each received one Hall of Fame vote. Craig Biggio was two votes short of …
To the 16 voters who left off Maddux, voted JT Snow, Benitez, Jacque Jones, Rogers, Nomo: our READERS are better at your jo…
Legwand, Cullen, and Jones are the only Preds who have yet to miss a game this season
Photo: mltheswimmer: Cullen Jones, Ryan Lochte, and Josh Schneider at the olympic training center. Via...
Kevin Zacher is in Colorado Springs at the USOC this week learning new stuff while training Nathan Adrian, Anthony Ervin, Natalie Coughlin and Tom Shields. I heard Ryan Lochte and Cullen Jones are around as well. I'm so not jealous (sarcasm intended :) ) but definitely proud of him!!!
A great video we came across with Olympic Gold Medalist, Cullen Jones, sharing his story of nearly drowning as a...
So cool when your kid and swim team are practicing in the same pool AND at the same time as Ryan Locte and Cullen Jones.absolutely amazing and inspiring!
Happy birthday to Also, congrats on your Gold Medal! Wait a second...
Have you ever met an athlete in person while on your vacation
Gonna meet Cullen Jones on the 25th 🙌👌🏊🏊
1.5 hours more to vote for the City photo on We want Cullen Jones to come to Boynton!
Hey Cuda's! Happy New Year! Have you seen that Chatham County is in the running to win a visit by US Olympian Cullen Jones! Click the CCAC photo below and then "LIKE" the photo on USA Swimming Foundation's page. Contest ends tonight!
Ok my MIT/Wellesley and Louisa Gators friends - if enough people click on and like this pic of a mentorship program established by MIT students, some special young swimmers will get a visit from gold medalist Cullen Jones! Takes 2 seconds!
Click on this link to help the CCAC and Savannah community earm a visit from Olympic gold medaist Cullen Jones. "LIKE" the picture to give us a shot. We are currently in 2nd place. Spread the word and vote!
This awesome photo taken by City of Boynton Beach employee Charlie Crawford is one of five finalists in a nationwide photo contest. If it wins, Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Cullen Jones will host a 2-hour clinic for children at the Denson Pool in Wilson Park. WE NEED YOUR VOTES to make it happen. Visit USA Swimming Foundation and LIKE the photo the City submitted. Please share with everyone you know!!!
Help Amphibious Achievement win a contest by clicking the link below and liking the photo! Emily and Charlotte Keeley, Gator Alums, are a part of Amphibious Achievement, an athletic and academic service organization at MIT that works towards "success in and out of the water" for local inner-city underprivileged youth. If they win this contest, Cullen Jones (an Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer who grew up in the Bronx) will visit the program - take a couple seconds to help them win! Click on this link:
Hey Friends! Help Amphibious Achievement win a visit from 2x Olympic Gold and 2x Olympic Silver medalist swimmer, Cullen Jones by liking this picture! The picture with the most like wins.
the only famous person I've ever met is Cullen Jones. He made me feel REALLY SHORT. He is TALL.
Your love. I got to have it one day ♫ All Your Love by Norah Jones & The Peter Malick Group —
not cullen jones LOL just cuz he won a medal for the relay but tbh he slowed everyone down :o
dude they say their names like Nathan Adrian Ryan Lochte Cullen jones Rebecca soni Missy Franklin r the best
Photo: mymusicstuff2: Sunday 5 Jan 2014 Olympians Cullen Jones and Ryan Lochte pose with some young...
Working on our valentines day/ black history month board. Lia Neal and Cullen Jones.
oh great. Lee Ryan is stuck with Liz Jones.
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Pretty awesome to be with Ryan Lochte and Cullen jones for practice! 😍
Shani Davis and Cullen Jones are my idols rn!!! I strive to be like them in Speed Skating and Swimming ✊✊✊💯
Photo: mymusicstuff2: Ryan Lochte, Cullen Jones pose with Josh Henderson in the D’s stretch limo in Las...
3rd meal this weekend next to Cullen Jones & Ryan Lochte
Please LIKE this picture! We are in the final hours of voting. Mary Ryan Buchanan Aimar, is working very hard so her Swimming Kids can benefit from Cullen Jones and his amazing journey to become an Olympic Gold Medalist! The picture with the most votes gets a visit by Cullen. The Chatham County Aquatic Center is in second place in votes (likes of this picture). Please click on the USA Swimming Foundation link in Blue next to my name, then in the PICTURES folder, open the picture you see here and like it. That is the only way the votes tally. I do not ask a lot of my FB friends, but I am asking you to help me on this one. If you really want to help, share on your page!
Over the holiday, the USA Swimming Foundation launched a photo contest for it’s Make a Splash Local Partners. Local Partners were asked to submit one (1) photo that tells the story of their program. The winning Local Partner program will be awarded a visit from Olympic Gold Medalist, Cullen Jones. Please help us determine the winning Local Partner by ‘liking’ your favorite photo from the finalists below.
my coach can't swim yet he once coached Cullen Jones.
A couple more hours to like this pic and get Cullen Jones to visit our aquatic center! Please help us!
Photo: where2turn: Best friends Cullen Jones and Ryan Lochte in Vegas!
Video: mymusicstuff2: Cullen Jones, Ryan Lochte and Josh Schneider doing some training drills. Video from...
SST is trying to win a USA Swimming Foundation contest that will bring Olympian Cullen Jones here to Savannah. Please click on the link and "like" the PHOTO of our team at the CCAC. We are close behind, in second place. Voting ends tomorrow!!!
The Gift of Swimming is only 100 LIKES behind the leader. We want a visit from Cullen Jones! For your vote to...
Swam next to Ryan Lochte and Cullen Jones today. Swimming faster via osmosis is a thing, right?
in 2009 the WPIAL had 3 players selected to the Army All-American game, Mike Hull, Paul Jones, and Cullen Christian
What I gotta do to get Cullen Jones heart.
All my FB friends go to this Foundation's website and LIKE this photo so B"s swim team can win a visit from Cullen Jones the Olympic Medallist in the 50 free! U CAN'T click LIKE from my post, u must find the photo on the foundations website then click LIKE under the photo.THANKS!
Vote for The Gift of Swimming by clicking LIKE on the picture below! We will win a visit from Cullen Jones!
help our aquatic center win a swim with Cullen Jones
Please vote for photo on this page for us to win a visit by Cullen Jones!
Like the photo pleaaase!! We want to meet Cullen Jones! Help my swim team and our aquatic center win this photo contest!
Please click on USA Swimming Foundation and like this photo. The photo with the most likes wins a swim clinic with Olympian Cullen Jones. This organization provides low income children swim lessons.
Hey all...please share and like this photo to help get the achievers a visit from olympic medalist Cullen Jones! So awesome!
Cullen Jones I just wanted to say Happy New Years!! I kno we prolly ain't heard from you cus you used all your Obama mins sendin HNY txts!! Holla at me on yo reup day!!
"Like" this photo and help my Department bring in a visit from Olympic Swimmer Cullen Jones to teach and motivate kids learning to swim!
We hope you have started your short week off right with a little underwater dancing like sponsored athlete Cullen Jones ... swimmers really do come up with some quirky things in between sets.
Please like this photo, if we get enough likes Olympic Medalist Cullen Jones will come and visit the Denson Pool. Needless to say that would be an amazing gift to our City, our department and mostly our kids. Thanks
Like this photo and enable Achievers to get to meet Olympian Swimmer Cullen Jones!
On my free time I research random things, and as a Lifeguard I found this interesting, according to several studies done by the University of Memphis and Jeff Wiltse, author of Contested Waters, minority groups are more likely to drown than Whites. 68.9% of African American/Caribbean American, 57.9% of Hispanic/Latino, and 41.8% of Whites have little or no ability to swim. African-American children aged 5 to 14 are 3.1 times more likely to drown. CDC recorded 3,443 fatal accidental drownings in 2007, the US has almost 3,500 accidental drownings every year, almost 10 a day -making drowning is second greatest cause of accidental death in children under 14. Fear of drowning or fear of injury was really the major variable, however African American women also demonstrate a cosmetic variable: not wanting to mess up their hair style. Cullen Jones is only third African American ever to make the U.S. Olympic Swim Team. These statistics may be due to: "The history of discrimination has contributed to the drowning a ...
Here we go with the men's 100 free. Cullen Jones, Jimmy Feigen, Anthony Ervin up for against Yannick Agnel, Adam Brown
a lot actually. They just live in different states. Look up cullen jones
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Matt Cullen on the point for the second PP unit. Not Seth Jones.
Olympic Gold Medalists Ryan Lochte and Cullen Jones will ring in 2014 with a festive New Year’s Eve bash in the upstairs nightclub at SHe by Morton’s, located just steps away from the main entrance of ARIA at The Shops … Continue reading… [ 445 more words. ]
Nice work Tech!!! Picked up two more wins against Landsdowne & Western Tech! Cullen Jones won one match by forfeit and the other by pin. WAY TO GO!
Not Cullen Jones but I can swim. Shouldn’t be from a place called Rivers State and not be able to swim at some point. Lol
Photo: mymusicstuff2: tbt: Olympians and best friends Cullen Jones and Ryan Lochte at the Golden Goggles...
So am I going to get my cullen jones cap 🏊🏊😃😌
I woke up this morning with a heavy heart a lot on my mind and a headache only God can show me the right path to take thinking about my extended family I love yall very much Cullen Jones and Billie Jones Feeling Sad and worried
thanks 4 comin out an supporting , anytime u need me 2 babysit that medal, I Gotchu! Lol. h…
Can someone get it through Jerry Jones head that we don't like him please
Congratulations to Tamron Hall & the NBC News team for winning the NABJ Excellence Award for their story on Cullen Jones' "Make a Splash" mission to teach kids how to swim. ICYMI: Tamron learned how to swim too! Check out her video below. Like and Share this to congratulate Tamron and the team.
Ryan Lochte and Cullen Jones are hosting a party at Vegas again on New Year's. Brb making plans to run into them.
Which is saved by Jones but the rebound falls to Ryan and then Cullen takes it off his stick but puts it in the net.
2 mayne,from walkin down Cullen MS halls to blessing stages worldwide!
$100 will get you into Lochte and Cullen Jones' Las Vegas New Year's Eve party ...
Ryan Lochte and Cullen Jones to Host New Year’s Eve Party at SHe By Morton’s
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Really think should sti just send me a regular cullen jones swim Mac cap to wear at practices!🏊
So is going to send me out a cullen jones cap to rep!? it would be an amazing Christmas gift!
could I please just get a swim Mac cullen jones cap to actually wear in the pool?
Goin to miss the jones road craic for the few weeks, and sleeping in long into the afternoon wit .
spurgeon and zucker for cullen and Jones
.did u read Cullen jones statements about Brandi's controversial comment? Interesting to read the facts and research
Gotta get more minority kids in the pool!. TMZ via
The only Olympic black swimmer I can think of is Cullen Jones
Great to see setting the story straight on via
Classy. Thanks, Cullen! >> Jones reponds to "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star's racist comment about swimming
TMZ Sports: VP Joe Biden & Prez Obama -- Just a Couple of Golf Buddies: VP Joe Biden broke the news to us ... ...
Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones and artist collective Jolby & Friends collaborated on a limited-edition swim cap for Speedo USA's Art of the Cap. All proceeds f...
well, today was my last day working in the deli, I've had such fun working there and would like to thank Sarah and all the other staff for being so much fun to work with! I'll miss you all as well as our bizarre conversations and banter!! Hannah Cullen Jones Rosie Smith Alisa Marie Cakebread Shelley Williams Lychgate Cottage Tearoom & Deli
So proud of Cullen Jones and teammates!
New american record of Katie Ledecky!! Nathan Adrian won the 100 free!! watch Matt Greavers,Roland Shoeman, Missy Franklin and Cullen Jones!! Dream Come true!!! :D
Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace seeded 3rd, Cullen Jones (9th), Dax Hill (11th), and Tim Phillips (15th) in the 100 free final tonight. Micah Lawrence (2nd) and Katie Meili (10th) back for 200 breaststroke tonight. We'll also have the 400 free relays.
A big night for SwimMAC Carolina Olympians Nick Thoman and Cullen Jones. Thoman broke three American records at the A-T&T Winter Nationals today. One of those records was set with Jones in the 4x50 medley relay. Both live and train in Charlotte. …
Reni Moshos is the luckiest person ever because she got to swim with Missy Franklin and Cullen Jones. She is just that flippen awesome.
Other great finishes from the first night of finals at seniors: Kathleen Baker and Katie Meili took 4th and 5th, respectively, in 200 IM. Madison Kennedy (3rd), Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace (5th), and Kelsi Hall (7th) rocked the 50 free; as did Cullen Jones (9th), Eric Knight (13th) and Dax Hill (16th). Great way to start a very FULL weekend of competition for all of SwimMAC!
Right?! When Danell Leyva or Louis Smith or Cullen Jones comes out, lemme know... "Tom Daley is trending. I can't."
Fringe benefit of to meet Kristi Yamaguchi and Cullen Jones
The company *** down and Olympians Kristi Yamaguchi ang Cullen Jones are at my table. Amazing!
Summer may be coming to an end, but it's never too late to learn about H20 safety with
do you like someone right now? — Yeah, Cullen Jones. Hes the only one that makes me tingle and deep sigh.
Did you ever see this on Real Sports? V. interesting.
I'm low key Cullen jones. He's like the only black swimmer
Cullen Jones is headed to Charlotte too. If I run into him I'll cry
Just talked to Chase and he is having the time of his life. . He got to talk to three olympic swimmers (Tyler Clary, Cullen Jones and Dana Vollmer)... and he watched Missy Franklin set a new record in the backstroke! ! They are having such a great time, they bought tickets for tomorrow's events and are extending their boys weekend one more night!!! Can't wait to see all the pictures when they get home Sunday.
"Nathan Adrian, Ricky Berens, Tyler Clary, Cullen Jones and Dana Vollmer will headline the Fan Expo appearances, Tuesday through Friday from 4-6 p.m. at the Indiana University Natatorium. The athletes will split their time between autograph sessions and exclusive photo opportunities for Deck Pass us...
Enjoyed meeting Cullen Jones. Great guy. First class all the way.
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Video on Olympian Cullen Jones explains the importance of teaching children how to swim.
Wants to know if I can expect any guest swimmers on like Nathan Adrian, Cullen Jones, Matt Grevers or Michael Phelps?
Who will win the Ricky Beren, Cullen Jones, Josh Schneider or George Bovell? Will the record (19.16) be broken? ;-)
LOLZ. I got all of them plus Cullen Jones and Claire Donahue
Sigma Gamma Rho member Flo Washington with Cullen Jones, member of US Olympic Swim Team...SGRho partnership with...
For the first time in American history, three black swimmers will join the Olympic team when it travels to compete in the London games this summer. One swimmer comes from a city where the vast majority of her ethnicity do not swim, while another learned after nearly drowning as a child Native New Yorker Lia Neal, 17, placed fourth in the Olympic trials, becoming just the second African American woman to join a U.S. swim team ever. What makes her feat all the more remarkable is the fact that some 70 of African American children in New York do not know how to swim despite being practically surrounded by large bodies of water, the Washington Post reports. On the men’s side, swimmer Anthony Ervin, whose father is of African-American and American-Indian descent, came in one-hundredth of a second behind gold medalist Cullen Jones, joining Neal as the third African-American swimmer on the 2012 U.S. men’s team, the New York Times reports. “It’s a pretty big title,” Neal told the Washington Post. She sai ...
I really tip my hat off to some of the young african-american's making history: Gabby Douglas, President Obama, Bryant Gumbel, Cullen Jones
Mrs. Cullen Jones. Samantha Jones. It has a ring to it :)
Probably called in Alan Jones as a mediator
Ted had it right... watching Bridget Jones' Diary.
hi im vic, I like PMW, Im the nex cullen jones I look like SUPA HOT FIRE I and I make fun of a gurl in my chem class
Probably here at the personal request of Liberal Godmother Alanna Jones
Photo: mymusicstuff2: Cullen Jones at the National Black Student Leadership Conference in Raleigh, North...
Now if Cullen Jones was one of my co-workers... SWEET BABY JESUS... I WILL SO [not enough characters]
Check out this photo diary did on the day of
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Hey Tamron I just finished watching you piece on swimming with Cullen Jones. How are the lessons going?
Okay I'll give mrs. Jones a little credit. She knows her music..
Mrs. Jones I'm wearing two jackets and I'm still cold in your class!
Mostly 3rd liners like Cullen, Slater, B. Sutter, Stoll. Few guys who can score when hot like S. Koivu, Glencross, D. Jones
Okay now I know who Cullen jones is lol you showing out!
"I think that's the first picture ever." Ryan Lochte on a picture of him celebrating his birthday with Prince Harry and Cullen Jones
. Here is a list of black swimmers whom have medal in the olympics. Cullen jones,Maroitza Correia,Malia Metella,Anthony Ervin.
my friend told me about another Black swimmer Cullen Jones. Can anyone name some more?
Cullen Jones should teach me how to swim.
Literally just spent 25 min towing Cullen jones fourwheeler back to his cabin already soaked in rain and then driving in freezing rain.
At the grand opening of The United States Performance Center, waiting to hear Olympian, Cullen Jones speak!
true, same thing goes for Jacoby Jones
Foto: mymusicstuff2: Someone sent me this… I like it ! Cullen Jones looking foine
Saw Cullen Jones Olympic Gold Medalist today at the NBSLC. First African American to break a swimming world
Don't judge but I keep looking at the pic of me and cullen Jones he was lol
Electronic Device Insurance
omg Mary I was shaking so hard. Not bc he's Cullen Jones but because he's the tallest guy I've met.
My ace is really making me jealous with all these pictures of Cullen Jones! ! ! >:-(
Ya'll I am so happy to meet Cullen Jones!!
2x Olympic Medalist Cullen Jones in the house !!
I got a picture & autograph with olympic swimmer Cullen Jones. Doo da doo life's good :) .
Cullen Jones. Olympic Gold Medalist. 😍 He is blessed and he is GORGEOUS. Cutest pic ever. ☺💛
Hope you are enjoying the 2nd set of Concurrent Sessions. Lunch will be provided at 1p. Mr. Cullen Jones will be our Keynote Speaker.
Sorry mrs. Jones I had to leave your class and warm up with the drier in the bathroom because your class is FREEZING.
From speaking to the boss, it seems that Rooney and Jones are likely to play v West Ham on Weds
Apparently there is supposed to be a luncheon with Cullen Jones
Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.
Any chance of having Cullen Jones in your store???
Knowing I have Mrs. Jones next just kills me😩
She wants to play scrabble with me.. Strip scrabble
Just love getting new nicknames, the latest: Bandana Jones...
As long as Jerry Jones is GM he'll keep drafting the "sexy" players instead of for need. It pained him to draft Tyron Smith.
Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does
For the afternoon crowd — My Review of Oni Press' Helheim by Cullen Bunn & Joelle Jones
nahh not even Cullen Jones all the way, the only black swimmer on the US team!
About to get my cullen jones on in the pool next period!
Congrats, Ryan. Can't wait to see...I enjoy seeing you and your pals, Cullen Jones and
well in my eyes, along with the majority of other people, he's. a *** Barrett Jones doesn't act like that
A.J. McCarron gets shoved by his center Barrett Jones. GIF:
Barrett jones is about to kill A.J.😂😂😂😂
The awkward moment when: Edward Cullen and Santa are watching you sleep at the same time...
Mrs. Jones is like the only teacher who cares about having your phone out..
Peter cullen by far.. (Voice of Optimus prime in the transformers movies)
Finals starting at Troy. Gordon, Stephens, Heyobs, Kuhlmann going for first. Cullen, Wendt, Jones, Wall for 3rd. Haller&OToole for 5th.
For anyone that saw that ACC commercial..shouldn't the black guys kid be the gold medalist? **cough** Cullen Jones **cough**
New interview and preview: HELHEIM by Bunn and
Update your maps at Navteq
Cullen Bunn and Joelle Jones get brutal with Helheim
Everybody stop what you are doing and read this interview I did with CBR in regards to my new book Helheim!
Can beat Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones in a one-on-one race? Watch:
When he was a kid, Cullen Jones (pictured) almost drowned as a kid at a Pennsylvania water park. Now, after snagging another gold and two…
Watching Jason Lezak, , Garrett Weber-Gale, and Cullen Jones winning the 4x100 in Beijing still gives me chills
Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones to appear on MTV2's Dub Magazine Project December 9 and re-airings of CNN Heroes December 8…
Was great having more visitors to Quin TKD tonight, Niall Corrigan from Greystones TKD, Derek Hanlon instructor of Donabate TKD and Niall Jones instructor of Killester TKD. Good luck to all doing the ITA black belt test this weekend, especially Quin TKD members Emma Moriarty, Sarah McMahon, John Burton and Laura Cullen.
didn't see the game myself mate. There's some very average players, all our leaders Jones Samba were sold and not replaced
FOX TV host & journalist S. Simpson with a column today that swim lessons for kids should be required: What do u...
Jonathan Sexton will make his 100th appearance for Leinster against Clermont in the Heineken Cup on Sunday on the same day that Gordon D'Arcy becomes Leinster's most capped player in Heineken Cup history In all Leinster have included seven Irish internationals with the team captained by Leo Cullen 15: Ian Madigan, 14: Fergus McFadden, 13: Gordon D'Arcy, 12: Andrew Goodman, 11: Isa Nacewa, 10: Jonathan Sexton, 9: Isaac Boss; 1: Cian Healy, 2: Sean Cronin, 3: Mike Ross, 4: Leo Cullen CAPTAIN, 5: Damian Browne, 6: Kevin McLaughlin, 7: Sean O'Brien, 8: Jamie Heaslip While Mullingar's Conor Gilsenan is on the bench for Leinster A's trip to Jersey in the British and Irish Cup
Brendan Jones 2nd, Nick Cullen T3rd. My tipping has been great during the Aussie summer. 50/1 & 66/1.
We look to have a settled leaderboard with most of Round 2 completed. M Fraser -6 leads B Jones & J Senden -5 with N Cullen -3.
I was sitting right beside Cullen Jones today in the barbershop looking him right in his sexy face and didnt even know who he was -__-
I think your turning into Cullen Jones
Cullen jones needs to come to as a speaker!
PMG's own Cullen Jones presents Hero award to Wanda Butts for "The Josh Project" to help minority kids learn to swim. Check out the whole show Sat. Dec. 8 at 8pm!
If u've ever wondered ,think of Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull. Remember when the woman exploded w/ 2 much info?
Cullen Jones is my everything. I see my future in him, forreal.
“woah, so serious cole you look like a mixture of Indiana Jones and Edward Cullen
or like when I looked like a Cullen? Lolololol
Cullen Jones has got to be the most fabulous olympian out there.
STAR Kidz Original Song and Music Video made for the Playhouse:
Mrs. Jones actually went hard today! I applaud her. 😉
“Ok Ok.who is the spokesperson for the Make a Splash Tour? Cullen Jones
Met with the Columbia MFA Acting class of 2013 today. Seems like a very smart, dynamic group. Looking forward to teaching their audition class next semester.
Who would you rather have be your voicemail message: Peter Cullen, James Earl Jones, or Morgan Freeman?
"Didn't take long for Neil Breen to start warring with the Tele
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