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Cullen Bohannon

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Lumberman: What’s the world coming to, sir? . Cullen Bohannon: The world ain’t coming to nothing, son. Same as it ever was.
How does a Tupelo MS resident get a signed poster of Cullen Bohannon from Madison MS..?
Cullen Bohannon would have just shot the mule for holding up the work...
If I could grow up to be like Cullen Bohannon that be great 👍🏼
Cullen Bohannon just put in a huge order for his railroad
The Bohannon t shirts more popular than ever they need to make MORE. I'll be over here w/CULLEN til you do
I'm just trying to be a mix between Cullen Bohannon and Walt Longmire
Apparently Anson Mount who played Cullen Bohannon on *** On Wheels, played Red Dead Redemption for a month before his audition
So in case you haven't heard... Cullen Bohannon is about the sexiest man on
I wanna be Cullen Bohannon when I grow up.
Lothbrok dead, Cullen Bohannon gone, Mega Mind good let's see if John Delaney can fill the anti hero void I…
"World ain't comin' to nothin' son, same as it ever was." - Cullen Bohannon
Hopefully some of you have watched *** on Wheels, would be awesome to have a Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist lik…
Thanks Trump you shld have sd spoiler alert. Cullen Bohannon finally gets the Swede in…
but you're Cullen Bohannon this is nothing!
At least you didn't have Cullen Bohannon for a doctor! Try to put on a brave face for the boys. They don't wanna see daddy cry 😢
I forever will have a crush on Cullen Bohannon😍😍
I want to be more like Cullen Bohannon.
I've worked with Cullen Bohannon. (Dude I used to work at a sports bar with)
Cullen Bohannon is everything I've ever wanted in a man. Figures he's fictional.
Could I possibly love Cullen Bohannon more? The answer is no. No I could not.
Cullen Bohannon shoots Negan between the eyes, then walks off whistling Dixie.
Honest Answer who would Cullen Bohannon would have voted for?
Can we just take a sec to admire Anson Mount aka Cullen Bohannon ( watching HOW start to finish for the 3rd time) 👅…
Everyone thinks my username is DA related, but nah son - my handle is solely dedicated to Beardy McJustice himself, Cullen Bohannon
Just finished *** on Wheels. What a fantastic show and Cullen Bohannon a great character.kudos on a great job sir !
I NEED to know if Cullen finds his wife & son. I mean I know he will, he's Cullen Bohannon. But I need to see it!
Contact David Milch. He's writing some more Deadwood. I reckon Cullen Bohannon vs. Al Swearengen would be...epic.
Land's sake. Cullen Bohannon's life absolutely tears me up into a thousand pieces.
Thank you for giving us Cullen Bohannon. It's been a pleasure watching you these past few years.
If I couldn't have been more in love w Cullen Bohannon, I am now seeing him chasing down Thor Gundersen.
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Never thought Cullen Bohannon would ever make me cry, but that scene of him grieving over Elam- right in the feels Good season
Cullen Bohannon went around America in his horse just for his wife to dump him. If nah me I go mud person.
I'm gonna be bitter about Anson Mount shaving off his Cullen Bohannon beard & cutting his hair short FOREVER.
UGH! Talk about tearing at your heart strings...Cullen about killed me! Great job Anson...
I love Cullen Bohannon so much. Thank you for bringing him to life.
It's really sad that Cullen and little Barney Bohannon will never have that "pull my finger" moment😭👉
"The Chinese girl is takin her clothes off! With Cullen Bohannon!!" My mother screaming to me while watching
"I hope you find love, Cullen Bohannon, you deserve it" 💔 Awesome moment
I'd let Cullen Bohannon name my first born son. I'd definitely watch Peaky Blinders next if I were you, keep the outlaw trend
"Cullen Bohannon, making the excellent life choices since 1865." - Recap of last night's ep
"Don't ever start a fight, don't run from one neither" - Cullen Bohannon's one way for Cullen Bohannon to get over losing Naomi & his son, I suppose...
*** on Wheels': Cullen Bohannon 'will die a lonely wretched thing'
Oh how I heart Cullen Bohannon and *** on Wheels 😛💕
To torture Bohannon even further, before he died, why didn't Swede confess, HE Murdered Lilybelle, or did Cullen already know?
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*** on Wheels Recap: Laramie, Myself, and I: . . It's the quintessential *** on Wheels scene: Cullen Bohannon, atop h...
Dammit why can Cullen Bohannon not hold on to happiness I get why he mad the sacrifice but I don't have to like it watching
Great scene! That was tough to watch Cullen cry.
I'll love you Cullen Bohannon, and you can be gone all you want! I'm real busy, too! 😉
You'd have to go back to Rick in "Casablanca" to find a man nobler than Cullen Bohannon. No kidding.
Mei, don't do drugs over a dude. Even if that dude's Cullen Bohannon.
This barbie doll looking mountie it totally not my type. Send Cullen Bohannon stat.
I wanna grow up to be Cullen Bohannon
you need to be in more movies, no one could've played Cullen Bohannon better than you. Or your seal team 6 character.
Great interview with from One of my favorite shows. Gonna miss Bohanan.
I would battle any storm with Cullen Bohannon by my side!!!
Cullen Bohannon is honestly someone who I strive to be like. HE IS THE REAL MVP.
I've decided I want a man like Cullen Bohannon. He's a tough SOB, he…
"Remember I asked you as a gentleman first." -Cullen Bohannon
When I grow up I want to be just like Cullen Bohannon that's one bad man
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Omg i cant believe thisss Cullen Bohannon mention to me omg i feel crazzy
"Don't hit my baby!" Me anytime anyone hits Cullen Bohannon on
Anson Mount, thank you for making me fall in love with Cullen Bohannon, whom I did not like at the beginning! I will miss him so
Cullen Bohannon - Lily Bell story (HellOnWheels) Hallelujah. Lily's death has been avenged!In her an Cullen's memory
Cullen Bohannon is an *** He should know better than to travel with The Swede, especially while injured. -☀️
I was explaining to Shane about how I want to be Cullen Bohannon or the man with no name when I grow up.
Cullen Bohannon is best character on TV since Walter White
Channeling my inner Cullen Bohannon ...second night in a railcar
If I was Cullen Bohannon, I would tell Gunderson to STFU out on the trail or shoot him in the arm.
Cullen Bohannon takes water boarding to a new level. Wet em down, then beat em with a river rock
Thor Gundersen, you are the devil. You're a madman. Here comes Cullen Bohannon to the rescue.
I started watching *** on Wheels. pretty man Cullen Bohannon totally wasn't the reason.
What Cullen Bohannon could do with that...
Cullen Bohannon is also very much my type: grim, decisive, courageous, tortured. Absurdly hot.
ok but when is *** on Wheels back??? I can't go on without knowing what happens to my beloved scruffy grump Cullen Bohannon.
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Cullen Bohannon is my spirit animal
Time for my date with Cullen Bohannon!
*** on Wheels" is so darn good. I could be good friends with Cullen Bohannon.
So before Cullen Bohannon worked on the rails, he wrote the music for "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman." Bet they left that outta the wiki.
Now currently accepting any guy who looks like Cullen Bohannon to touch butts with. That is all.
Happy to see you back in film but, when do we see a *** on Wheels movie...? Maybe a prequel on how Cullen Bohannon came to be?
Cullen Bohannon and John Marston are basically the same person
5 of the Most Underrated Characters on TV. Cullen Bohannon aka is listed .
Cullen Bohannon is a stone cold fox 🐺🔥
Do you think that the character of Cullen Bohannon be based on a real person.
Trying to find a photo of Cullen Bohannon to show someone and look what I found.
Colt 1860 Army. In *** on Wheels, Cullen Bohannon carries a Colt 1860 Army revolver as his sidearm after...
Sometimes I wonder if Cullen Bohannon and I went to the same sarcasm school.
Cullen Bohannon from would not be happy with my bridge building skills
I haven't had a haircut in nearly seven months. Not sure if I'll end up like Sam Winchester or Cullen Bohannon...
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Wild Mississippi boy, they calling me Cullen Bohannon.
I hope we start building the railroads again. Dibs on being Cullen Bohannon.
Cullen Bohannon one of the best characters on TV
And here is look alike: Cullen Bohannon from *** On Wheels.
My new icon is me cosplaying as Cullen Bohannon from *** on Wheels. I don't actually have a beard that good. Sorry.
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Reba has great taste! Cullen Bohannon is one of my all time favorite characters. I miss
Cullen Bohannon comes to rescue. Read all about it in this week's press roundup:
really, shouldn't Josey Jewell be Cullen Bohannon? He is the outlaw, after all.
Someone, please photoshop CJB as Cullen Bohannon from *** on Wheels"! Please!!!
Cullen Bohannon has a wonderful head of hair
reba: Cullen Bohannon does just that on *** on Wheels AMC! Love that show!!...
Lazy Sunday in bed with *** on Wheels. Cullen Bohannon needs to be my wife.
Thanks Anson, for giving us Cullen Bohannon, time to let him go.
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A merger of my two favorite shows Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon in *** on Wheels & a Walker from The Walking Dead😀
So you've got me thinking of Cullen Bohannon & John Carter. I've got a weird idea for a fun collaboration.
Watching *** on Wheels. I have all the love for Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon!
I think you'd make a great Frank Castle/The Punisher coming off of Cullen Bohannon. You're a badass, man. Just like him.
*Rewatching *** on Wheels. I want to sit on Cullen Bohannon's face.
Which gentleman makes you feel all the feels? Cullen Bohannon of course!
Last day for this OOAK doll redressed as Cullen Bohannon Helps .
It took 2 seasons of binge watching, but has completely drawn me in. Cullen Bohannon is good at being bad.
But Cullen Bohannon still holds a place in my heart.
Life would be better if I was cullen bohannon tbh
Idk if anyone watches *** on wheels, but cullen bohannon might be my favorite character ever
Cullen Bohannon really let himself go after season 2.
(TV Watch) AMC renews for 5th & FINAL season. So enjoy as Cullen Bohannon while you can.
Every man should not only strive to be like Cullen Bohannon, but even more so like
Despite his past as a Johnny Reb, I really like the character Cullen Bohannon.
"What happens to men like us Bohannon? Where do we end up?" Cullen "no where's good"
If you're not Cullen Bohannon I can't promise I'll be interested
Hard core episode tonight. Bohannon don't play.
How long till Cullen Bohannon gives the governor his just deserts?
Can I just say one more time how HOT Cullen Bohannon is?! Greasy, hairy and bloodied and he's still HOT!
Been watching. You took Sidney Snows leg off. Cullen Bohannon rock ~ on
"...hold still, it will go faster..." - Cullen Bohannon
Cullen Bohannon went to the Starbucks School of Medicine! "More Coffee Grounds!"
Cullen Bohannon! It's good to see u again old friend. Been too long.
"...If he dies, Ruth's a murderer..." - Cullen Bohannon
Do you think Cullen Bohannon has met his match with Sindny Snow?
Hey Governor, how’s that I never want to hear the name Cullen Bohannon again working out for you?
Cullen Bohannon looks exactly like my bud Dale Morgan from 20 yrs ago... uncanny.
"I should've been a surgeon instead of a railroad man..." ~ Cullen Bohannon.
Still reminiscing on when I met Christian. I still believe he is secretly Cullen Bohannon.
Colonel Cullen Bohannon, One of my Top Ten western characters of all time.
I strive to be as cool as Cullen Bohannon.
What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon then with Cullen Bohannon. I'm settled in for the duration!
*** Raisers are back tonight at 9|8c. shiver wi'd anticipation Cullen Bohannon!
"I had me a vision" Cullen Bohannon to The Swede aka fake Bishop Dutson
I need to find Cullen Bohannon-wear because RyanO really likes his look.
Please give Cullen Bohannon a happy ending *** on Wheels renewed for fifth and final season
yay!! but boo that will be the last season. *** on Wheels has easily become my favorite show. Cullen Bohannon is the coolest.
As I live and breathe--no finer actor on earth than Cullen Bohannon is a god among men.
Cullen Bohannon is back. AMC renews its best series, Fantastic news.
AMC's *** on Wheels' to end at five: Add comment Reprints + - Cullen Bohannon, played by Anson Mount, in a s...
AMC Renews *** on Wheels for a Fifth and Final Season: We now know when Cullen Bohannon and the rest of the H...
Only 14 episodes. What will we do without a weekly dose of as Cullen Bohannon and all the HOW characters we love?
Ahhh now *** On Wheels has announced it's next season will be its last. Absolutely not ready to say goodbye to Cullen Bohannon...
It's hard to stay in scene while watching because looks like Cullen Bohannon.
help I'm in love with cullen bohannon
Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon in Beyond good and evil!
Seriously, it could be Cullen Bohannon. But it's Neil Young!
Were you at the How could they not have Cullen Bohannon present an award?
Names Cullen Bohannon. Chief engineer of the Union Pacific Railroad
I don't either but really want network I can get here in Toronto! AMC would be perfect! Cullen Bohannon AND the Bear, sigh..
Can't wait for the return of Cullen Bohannon Saturday! He's gonna
season 4 latest news! Cullen Bohannon, Ruth and Sydney dark fates
I voted for Cullen Bohannon. If elected will he serve,
Anson Mount does not get enough credit for his work as Cullen Bohannon on Fantastic acting that draws me into each episode
In my mind I'm a mixture of Rick Grimes, Cullen Bohannon and Walt Longmire but in reality...probably more like Cory Matthews or something right??
To celebrate the release on DVD of three of the best TV series right now, we are offering FIVE of you the chance to win a copy of all three. Haven, Season 4 (out to own September 8th) The thrilling Haven is back and life may never be the same again for the town s supernatural residents... Picking up six months after Audreys disappearance at the end of Season 3, a lot has changed in Haven with the town in disarray and overrun with paranormal phenomena. With Audrey nowhere to be found Nathan and Duke will have to work together in order to find her and bring the town s afflictions under control before it s too late. Pre-order now at: *** on Wheels, Season 3 (out to own August 18th) Former soldier Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) is back and with a new mission in mind. Abandoning his quest for revenge for the deaths in his family, Bohannon takes up arms against Durant (Colm Meaney) and along with Elam (Common) travels to New York to take control of the Union Pacific Railroad. Blood will be spilled, lives will .. ...
*** on Wheels’ fans see Cullen Bohannon's pal: Is Brigham Young at Fort Smith? via
Rorschache, Debra Morgan and Cullen Bohannon talk about voice acting in The Evil Within. .
"Cullen Bohannon has come home...and once again we find ourselves at his mercy." I love that intro.
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Cullen Bohannon(is basically the Chuck Norris of the Railroad *** on Wheels)
"Cullen Bohannon has come home, dear reader."
John marston and cullen bohannon are 2 angsty cowboy dads
Cullen Bohannon: my TV boyfriend. Good thing my real life boyfriend looks just like him ;)
Cullen Bohannon is back baby!!! Pistol whipping that deputy... I had Kurt Russell Wyatt Erp flashbacks..
loved this quote from S04 E04: "Life is mine to live, and nobody's to read about" .Cullen Bohannon *** on Wheels
Too creepy for me & killed my favourite HOW actress, Lily Bell. Cullen Bohannon - amazing!
Cullen Bohannon is the coolest man in the West
*** on Wheels season 4. Cullen Bohannon wife and her true personality. Lights and shadows
The character Cullen Bohannon is like the perfect guy. Amazing acting by
"Cullen Bohannon has come home, dear reader." And now, it's on!! Nobody messes with
Drinking out of the bottle in the booth at the back makes me feel a bit like Cullen Bohannon.
Cullen Bohannon ranks up there with Tony Soprano, Walter White, and Jimmy Steve.
Cullen Bohannon is creepin' up my list of favorite characters and is prob only behind jax teller
Don't mess with Cullen Bohannon! love this show! I was totally born in the wrong era!
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Cullen Bohannon Is in another fine mess already in this young season.
I think we need minions and Cullen Bohannon as part of the evil plan. Make it so!
"Cullen Bohannon, late of the Union, is more gunman than suit."
things I learn while watching 1)Cullen Bohannon is a badass. that's all
You don't just gang up on Cullen Bohannon and leave him laying in the street.someone is going to die next weekend
She’s the one who changed Cullen Bohannon’s fate. returns in six days.
Durant: It's the ghost of Cullen Bohannon and Mormon no less. If ever there was proof you c...
Cullen Bohannon, you sir are a badass
"Cullen Bohannon has come home dear reader." "Happy happy joy joy for Joe. night. First five minutes awesome as usual.
My favorite character (other than Cullen Bohannon, who is ever so dreamy) had been the Swede, but now I think it's Ruth.
Watching Cullen Bohannon is a beast. I want to name one of my kids Cullen. Love that name.
One of the Best shows on TV. *** Yah Cullen Bohannon back in Cheyenne
Me: Mom has a crush on him *points at Cullen Bohannon*. Mamaw: Because he's hot Taylor jeez you're missing out with this gayness . 😂😂😂
If you put Cullen Bohannon in a ring with pretty much any other fictional character, Bohannon wins. No question.
Cullen Bohannon has easily become my favorite TV character, and it's not even close
Pretty sure Cullen Bohannon is the single greatest tv character of all-time.
*** on Wheels’ fans ready for Cullen Bohannon to return to the railroad via
Dear Writers & Producers of Please hire me so I can kill the people responsible for beating Cullen Bohannon tonight. -Tara
cullen bohannon . The Railroad looked for a Leader and they found one. The Early Days
Oh if Naomi keeps calling him "husband" I may just throw my shoe at the TV. His name is Bohannon. Cullen Bohannon.
You sir were born to play the role of Cullen Bohannon.
I fall in love with Cullen Bohannon just a little more each ep.If I were a teenager,his poster would be taped to my ceiling.
Bohannon got himself humbled just a little bit. Psalms and Cullen = the Dream Team. I love it.
I mainly watch *** on Wheels cuz Cullen Bohannon is fahn to infinity.
Louise Ellison: "Cullen Bohannon has come home, Dear Reader, and in our little world just we...
Cullen Bohannon is actually my alter ego
Welcome home Cullen Bohannon. Wooot wooot! Out of my way boys.
Tayden Marks and Anson Mount in 2011. Tayden originally played Cullen Bohannon's young son in Mississippi who was...
There is so much Roland Deschain in Cullen Bohannon
Welcome, friends, to the Battle of the TV Badasses! 3 teams, starting at 3 equally distant sides of an enclosed, Earth-like battlefield with vaious terrain types - think Hunger Games, but without the BS hologram creatures/forces of nature. They gather weapons, then search out the other teams and do battle, until one team (or solitary team member) remains. For the purposes of equalizing technologies, weapons will be limited to modern knives, handguns (revolvers & pistols), shotguns, and (non-assault) hunting rifles. No laser weapons, no POS 19th Century guns. Ammuntion is considered unlimited, but weapons are subject to damage from attack and environment. AMC: Rick Grimes (Walking Dead) Cullen Bohannon *** on Wheels) Fox: Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly) John Kennex (Almost Human) FX: Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy) Raylan Givens (Justified) NOTE: There are no spies/intelligence agents involved. That's why you're not seeing legendary badasses like Jack Bauer or Michael Westen. It was just too much hassle to inclu . ...
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How do you get over loss and get redemption? That is a question that Season 3 of *** on Wheels will try to tackle through Cullen Bohannon. TV Equals had the immense pleasure to chat with the talented Anson Mount who portrays Cullen in the series about what is coming up for the character this [...]
Anson Mount who plays Cullen Bohannon on *** on Wheels fills out his jeans very nicely. Just an observation made while on vacation.
This was number 8 in an article Bohannon Drunk Shooting I came late to the *** ON WHEELS game this summer, but I’m here to stay. I’ve desperately missed DEADWOOD and this dark, sullen railroad period drama filled the holes in my heart so nicely. Considering it’s kind of a slow burn of a series, this season was a bit bonkers. Especially in “One Less Mule” (episode six) when the moral compass of the series, Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) goes off the rails after a few drinks. Following an evening of sad memories involving his wife and the on-going investigation into his handling of the railroad’s expansion, Bohannon slips into a drunken broodiness so intense even he loses himself. In a painfully quiet moment Bohannon is caught, with his pants down, by the brother of a man he killed. He points his guy squarely at Bohannon, who fires his own pistol before his assailant even blinks. Like it’s not a big deal. In a year of amazing deaths, this was just the beginning of surprising offerings from our ...
I'm officially obsessed with *** on Wheels and Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon...he is truly magnificent.
If you crossed Jim Caviezel with Timothy Olyphant & smeared a lil wolf blood in there, you'd get Cullen Bohannon.
Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon from AMC's *** on Wheels. First portrait since highschool.
He says "tongue in cheek". Ever the sarcastic! Thanks for the laugh! Don't know if Anson Mount/Cullen Bohannon *** on Wheels or Timothy Olyphant/ Raylan Givens/Justified is the sexiest guy on TV:)
yeah girl if you watch the show you'd know that Cullen Bohannon is where it's at 😏
What did I win???!!! Please tell me it's Cullen Bohannon!
How has no one ever made the RA Dickey/Cullen Bohannon visual comparison before?
Listen to Qwote Sillable / Cullen Bohannon | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
"One of these bullets has your name on it, and I'm gonna keep firing until I find it" ~ Cullen Bohannon
Cullen Bohannon has got some serious flow
At first I thought u meant a Cullen Bohannon tree! LMAO!!! I was trying to figure what, exactly that would look like. Too funny!
Durant and Swede no longer have integrity. Bohannon is still honorable.
I just wanna look like Cullen Bohannon. That's all I want for Christmas.
It's my fav episode of all 3 seasons as IMO it reveals the depths of Bohannon's character.
Anyone else think this was Bohannon's most honorable moment?
Time to revisit the first wife of Cullen Bohannon Mary! DISCUSS!
My wife is have Cullen Bohannon withdrawals...everything she says is a reference to *** on Wheels...Nicole Pelc-Barker
Dammit Elam, he wasn't done speaking his last words. Cullen Bohannon!
When I grow up I wanna be Cullen Bohannon
And on the HOW character quiz, I'M CULLEN BOHANNON!
Ohhh Cullen bohannon, you're a fine piece of man. Lol.
back at the 911 house and can't help like feelin like Cullen Bohannon being handed the flagging railroad Durant lost to his own greed. just hope dad isn't plotting to *** control back whlie my guard's down, like Durant. then again, never finished season three. anyway, gotta get rollin...
I never thought I'd like AMC's *** on Wheels. I've watched 2 seasons in 2 days. Normally, it's great writing that gets me hooked on a series. Rarely, is it one specific character. But, Cullen Bohannon, he certainly is intriguing.
*** on Wheels coming back, why did I give up on my Cullen Bohannon look? Oh yea I don't look cool
"I've Seen many a man fall to their knees and pray, but more often then not, those prayers are answered with a bullet"- Cullen bohannon
By the way, this is a photo shared by my number one cowboy, Anson Mount, "Cullen Bohannon" in AMC *** ON WHEELS and his favorite horse, Quigley.
NewsWatch recently spoke with Grammy winner, actor, activist and author Common stars along side actor Anson Mount(Third Watch, Straw Dogs, Sex & The City) about AMC's Western drama, *** On Wheels. The second season of *** on Wheels” continues its epic story of post-Civil War America, focusing on Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), a former Confederate soldier, and his dramatic journey west as he struggles to leave his past behind. Executive produced by John Shiban (“Breaking Bad,” “The X-Files”), Joe and Tony Gayton (Faster, Uncommon Valor) and Endemol USA’s Jeremy Gold, the show depicts the traveling town known as *** on Wheels,’ a dangerous, raucous, lawless melting pot that follows and services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. *** on Wheels” also stars Common as Elam Ferguson; Colm Meaney as Thomas “Doc” Durant; Dominique McElligott as Lily Bell; Christopher Heyerdahl as The Swede; and Robin McLeavy as Eva; Tom Noonan as Reverend Cole; Ben Esler as S ...
Dat Boy Cullen Bohannon iz what U call A white version of ah OG . My *** .
Plan for today: A whole day of Cullen Bohannon and LaRosa's pizza.
"The world aint comin to nothin, Son. It's the same as it ever was." -Cullen Bohannon
All a respectable woman wants is a gentleman. I would however be willing to settle for someone like Cullen Bohannon...
I make no apologies for my temperament - Cullen Bohannon
I need more Cullen Bohannon in my life.
AMC Renews *** on Wheels’ For Expanded Fourth Season: Cullen Bohannon beats the odds on Saturday night, but ...
What the *** .. Why not? 1. I am bambakophobic 2. I am dreaming of buying a mini fridge just for beer 3. I'm obsessed with serial killers 4. I know every word to the jungle book 5. I am a firm believer in only making the bed when guests are over 6. I have gray eyebrow hairs and it stresses me out 7. If I have no more fingernails to bite, I chew off the skin around them, I also pick at my toe nails and chew on my cheeks. I literally cannot sit still and it's worse since I stopped smoking 8. I'm madly in love with Donald draper and Cullen bohannon which is stressful considering they are fictional characters.
Cullen Bohannon - digital via Instagram Tips and Tricks
Anson Mount 👨💪😍👰 he's back as Cullen Bohannon and I'm in love again
Okay, so my number is 9... I have to come up with 9 things that most people don't know about me.. that I'm willing to share openly! lol 1) I have a pretty pronounced split personality.. around my friends I'm outgoing and talkative, but I have to work not be really shy and timid around new people. 2) At the roughest points in my life I push away the people who care about me to keep them from having to deal with my pain. 3) My celebrity crushes are Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds) and Anson Mount ( Cullen Bohannon on *** on Wheels). 4) I am extremely emotional.. I feel things very strongly and can't help but show it. 5) I lost my virginity at age 19.. not because I was in love but because I was curious.. lol 6) I find smart people and avid readers sexy. 7) I'm a hopeless romantic. 8) I hope one day to write a book about the struggles and joys of raising an Autistic child.. people need to see my beautiful son the way we see him. 9) I have had nightmares between 3 and 5 times a week f ...
"I don't care how dirty that guy is, he is hot!" Lori Davis on *** on. Wheels' Cullen Bohannon.
Men say that luck is the only god left here. I guess you were my luck today. -- Cullen Bohannon
And whipped up a Steampunk Cullen Bohannon from *** on Wheels this summer
Perfect for Sam Elliot to play the long lost uncle to Cullen Bohannon. My sisters and I discussed this a month ago!
Does anyone else want to be Cullen Bohannon when they grow up?
Frankly, *** on Wheels can be pretty hit or miss. However, the characters of the Swede and Cullen Bohannon are great enough to keep me.
Cullen Bohannon: Guess you're leaving. Mrs. Belle: I'm going to Chicago to see my late husband's family. Then it's on to England. Cullen Bohannon: You don't sound too excited about going home. Mrs. Belle: I don't have a home anymore. I'd hoped to stay here with Robert forever. Settle down on a ranch, or a farm. Raise a family. Grow old and die together. Cullen Bohannon: The world don't care much of our plans, Mrs. Belle... Mrs. Belle: Indeed it don't Mr Bohannon...
"World ain't coming to nothin son. Same as it ever was,". Cullen Bohannon
i call him Cullen Bohannon becos he struggled with adversitee in Nebraska then went to the east coast and then californya
*** on Wheels right now... Cullen Bohannon 😍❤️ I can't even right now
Watching as a clean cut Rev. Sterling in episode of Dramatic difference from Cullen Bohannon in
Cullen Bohannon could be the biggest badass on TV now that Walter White is dead
I rode the train today sitting across from the actor who plays Cullen Bohannon on *** on Wheels. Made my day. He's not a bad looking man.
Collis Huntington left a lot to the people of California and the United States. In *** ON WHEELS he also admires Cullen Bohannon. I think he will be a benefactor for Cullen. And an antagonist to Durant.
I've seen a few stars on the train, here in NY. But never had one stand right in front of me for three stops. I'm heading into work, and Anson Mount from *** on Wheels (Cullen Bohannon) walks in and stands right in front of me. I kept staring saying in my head... I know you ... Oh yeah Mr. Bohannon. So funny so many stars look taller and bigger on TV or Film. Not much taller my height.
Lying in bed, watching *** On Wheels" on Netflix. Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon is just wow.
Cullen Bohannon is right up there with Walter White for TV's baddest bad ***
Anson Mount is so sexy with a beard on *** on Wheels! Woo Wee! Hot sexiness! I love me some Cullen Bohannon! Please keep the beard!
Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon is fine. But, I've always had a thing for roguish good guys.
I love that did Venus in Fur with his Cullen Bohannon stylings.
I have seen Anson Mount in other things and never really thought much of him but he is just amazing as Cullen Bohannon on *** On Wheels
Alcide and Cullen Bohannon are the reasons I'm going to die alone
Anson Mount? nah...I'm in love with Cullen those cowboys of the old West... ;)
Well... He makes me drool... Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon i *** on Weels..
Fight for power continues THE second season of the western series *** On Wheels is currently airing at 10pm on Sundance Channel (Astro b.yond Channel 438). The show has attracted an average of 3.2 million viewers. Season two continues the story of Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), whose... ~HMO
*** on Wheels: *** on Wheels is a contemporary Western that centers on former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), wh...
Except for Anson Mount when he's playing Cullen Bohannon and filming *** on Wheels.
My boy Cullen Bohannon is in it , actor Anson Mount lol and the wonderful Kitty O'Neil, actress .
This is one of several posts by Anson Mount about the relief effort in New York after Hurricane Sandy. He lives in NYC when he's not filming *** ON WHEELS for AMC TV. He's the lead actor, playing Cullen Bohannon. He was supposed to start filming NONSTOP with Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore until the storm devastated parts of the city.
Plus, *** on Wheels' Cullen Bohannon is inspiring authors like Donna Alward, while the series receives acclaim for bringing history to life.
5 people i would vote for before either of these *** in order) 1. Rick Grimes 2. Cullen Bohannon 3. Jax Teller 4. Rob Stark 5. Hank Moody
Plus, Executive Producer John Shiban talks to Assignment X about Cullen Bohannon's motivations in Season 2.
Watched an episode of *** On Wheels during lunch. I should have reconsidered. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Cullen Bohannon (aka Anson Mount), but episode 2.3 titled "Slaughterhouse" certainly delivered on its name. I had to stop eating my lunch and I'm not sure I'll be eating bacon anytime soon.
On *** on Wheels, Anson Mount's portrayal of the Southern anti-hero Cullen Bohannon is a welcome addition to a long line of classic Western leads. The character's quiet nobility while still performing acts that shock us makes for fantastic television. As...
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