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Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis,' known as the October Crisis in Cuba and the Caribbean Crisis in the USSR was a thirteen-day confrontation between the Soviet Union and Cuba on one side and the United States on the other; the crisis occurred in October 1962, during the Cold War.

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I just watched "Thirteen Days" a movie about John Kennedy and his inner circle during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy was surrounded by military advisors who only wanted a military so,it ion and he kept looking for a way to avoid WW III. The military leaders did whatever they could do to undermine the president in order to get their military solution. They called him and his brother weak. Sound familiar? Is history repeating itself? We currently have a president who searches for non military solutions because "just because we have a hammer, everything is not a nail"
Canal being built by Nicaragua, China and Russia. Russia have military presence. 60s Cuban Missile Crisis revisit?
BIRTHDAY WISHES GOES OUT TO THE LAST TRUE DEMOCRAT - 1917: JFK was the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. Kennedy is the only Catholic president, and is the only president to have won a Pulitzer Prize. Events during his presidency included the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the building of the Berlin Wall, the Space Race, the African American Civil Rights Movement, and early stages of the Vietnam War. Before becoming president, JFK served in the military as commander of the Motor Torpedo Boats PT-109 and PT-59 during World War II in the South Pacific. He also served as a Congressman. Interesting fact: He was the youngest president elected to the office (the second-youngest President after Theodore Roosevelt), at the age of 43, and the first person born in the 20th century to serve as president.
My husband was in the navy as an officer 1961~63. He was stationed in the Mediterranean Sea at the time of the Berlin Wall Crisis and Guantanamo Bay during the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. A Salute to All the Vets!!!
I love how they tied the plot in with actual historical events like the Vietnam War and Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK assassination??? omg
Showed my kids a video today about the Cuban Missile Crisis, & I geeked out when I realized Martin Sheen was narrating it! :-)
(Found this in another group, decided to share it here) "Intruder! Off the Waist Cat" by Paul Bender The USS Independence conducts Air Operations in the late 1970s. U.S.S. Independence CV-62 “Freedom's Flagship” The U.S.S. Independence, the fourth and last of the Forrestal class “Super Carriers”, was built at the New York Naval Shipyard in Brooklyn, N.Y. Commissioned into the United States Navy in 1959, Independence served her country for more than 39 years by projecting naval air power and protecting U.S. national interests around the world. Whether it was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, Vietnam in 1965, the Middle East in the 1970’s, or Desert Shield in 1990-the Independence was always “On Station”.
Don't understand the Cuban missile crisis
I think they're referring to the Cuban missile crisis lmao
This Eurovision contest will go down alongside the Cuban Missile Crisis as moments the world waited for the worst.
Instead of watching Eurovision like every other English family I have been forced to watch a 3 hour film about the Cuban missile crisis
If Russia keep up with lotsa points this might just be the most awkward since the Cuban missile crisis
The thing that upsets me the most is that I have remember why the cuban missile crisis happened and how it was resolved
Now that Chapman is back from his injury, will we be referring to his absence as "The Cuban Missile Crisis"?
. Marx, Lennin, Cuban missile crisis & Eurovision. &. 'I want a Uni where no one knows me, so they dunno I have a twin!'
Judging by crisis, if Obama administration not had managed 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis there would have been nuclear war w
This is the Cuban Missile Crisis, and we are Kennedy
Yep, I was born in Children's Hospital, attended Cabrillo, Lafayette, Presidio and GWHS. Also CCSF. Then, joined the army during the Cuban Missile Crisis. My family was dysfunctional, so I joined the army for peace and quiet.
The White people on Court street are fearing a Cuban missile crisis;Is President Obama really winning the chess...
yep. the *** version of the Cuban missile crisis.
End of an Era The USS Saratoga — the legendary aircraft carrier that played a key role in the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam and Gulf wars and made Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi back down — is destined for dismantling after the Navy paid one penny to a Texas firm to recycle the 81,101-ton behemoth. The ship, currently berthed at the Naval Station Newport in Rhode Island, will depart for Texas later this summer. It was available for donation to a state or nonprofit organization for public display as a museum or memorial for 12 years, but no viable applications were received. The price reflects the net price proposed by the company, Naval officials said. The carrier, the sixth Saratoga in U.S. history, was the second carrier built after World War II. She was constructed at the New York Naval Shipyard of Brooklyn and was officially commissioned in 1956. Throughout its four decades of service, more than 60,000 sailors served on its decks, with roughly 5,000 at any given time. In addition to its pivotal ...
“We actually tried Free Will before. After taking you from hunting and gathering to the height of the Roman Empire we stepped back to see how you'd do on your own. You gave us the Dark Ages for five centuries... until finally we decided we should come back in. The Chairman thought maybe we just needed to do a better job of teaching you how to ride a bike before taking the training wheels off again. So we gave you the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution. For six hundred years we taught you to control your impulses with reason, then in 1910 we stepped back. Within fifty years, you'd brought us World War I, the Depression, Fascism, the Holocaust and capped it off by bringing the entire planet to the brink of destruction in the Cuban Missile Crisis. At that point a decision was taken to step back in again before you did something that even we couldn't fix. You don't have Free Will, David. You have the appearance of Free Will.” — Agent Thompson, The Adjustment Bureau
Would watching X-Men: First Class count as revision for the Cuban Missile Crisis?
TIL that Soviet Navy officer Vasili Arkhipov prevented the launch of a nuclear torpedo during the Cuban Missile Crisis and thereby prevented a nuclear war.
Left with reasons for Cold War and 20% of cuban missile crisis!
The very first prototype of a 2p wargame on the Cuban missile crisis. Inspiration was to do a 45m vs of Twillight Str
High key White Sox a bunch of goons this season. AL Central got a Cuban Missile Crisis with Abreu, Alexei, and Viciedo.
*finishes the training and exits the Danger Room**goes to my room and showers**curls up in bed and reads about the Cuban Missile Crisis*
The Cuban Missile Crisis (Fantasy Team) just hit launch. Puig, Cespedes, Abreu and Alexei all hit bombs tonight.
The conflict that is going with the Ukraine and Russia, has a strange effect on me. It brings me back to my young days, where Gorbachev and Reagan were at odds. ...And now, it is Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama! Forgive me for my love of the past, please! I simply love the possibility of history repeating disturbing events! Are we at the beginning of a new "Cold War"? I think not. We, as nations... are just testing the waters now. --The Cuban Missile Crisis, is the related comedy pun. :)
Back to back, that's raw power right there, the boss and the Cuban missile crisis!!!
In October of 1962, I initiated a blockade of Cuba. For nearly 2 weeks, the Cuban Missile Crisis would bring the world closer to nuclear war
There's an old radar site near 2 where I live that dates 2 the Cuban Missile Crisis. I don't know what kind of range it had
The Cuban missile crisis went on for 50 minutes too long if judged completely by the movie Thirteen Days.
I hope u r right. But all of this looks pretty menacing. It might be worse than Cuban Missile crisis.
Thanks to Ann, whose husband was recalled during the Cuban Missile Crisis, days before his retirement as a WWII & Korean Conflict veteran.
Don't get me wrong here, but there's a lot of babies here :) Most of us old timers from the 1950's have already gotten together and talked, listening to you "Kids" makes me smile. Appears you have carried on a lot of traditions established from decades before ya, and that is too cool. Tell me you kids of the later years, did y'all still observe prayers and the pledge in the morning announcements? I'm curious when it stopped at Fawcett. Also, did y'all do the every Wednesday Air Raid Drills, in the basement at what was it 2:00pm? Our generation was in the middle of the Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis ~~~ man I remember watching political issues on TV in the classroom, and the World Series I could go on and on really glad to see you all here
Legendary aircraft carrier "USS Saratoga" off to scrapyard to be recycled. - Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Gulf Wars
Hope something like the Cuban missile crisis boots off again, bet that was a great time to be alive
Don't miss our talk on the Cuban Missile Crisis in East Anglia on Tuesday 13 May. Call 01842 752599 to book your place.
The 10th Graders learned about The Cuban Missile Crisis from the Spy Museum in DC today
The CIA has never backed an American war. They always backed both sides. During the Cuban missile crisis they backed Castro and Kennedy. It's always been like this in America and none of us want to be bothered anymore.
More news on the Cambodian Super Ninja, rumor has it that he was the force behind sorting out the " Cuban missile crisis "
Today the American History classes are playing the role of CIA Analysts in a distance learning program with the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. Students are making the tough decisions during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
USS Saratoga, central in the Cuban Missile Crisis, heads to the scrap heap of history:
Are you ever curious what people have to say about the bunker? Here's one of our latest comments from Trip Advisor. "BEST MUSEUM TOUR! My wife and I visited Canada during April 2014 & the visit to Diefenbunker site was one of the highlights. The site was fantastically restored and maintained. Our tour guide was brilliant with an excellent knowledge, ability to recount minute detail and tell a story that put you back in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Well done to all who operate the museum and make sure that if you're in the area to pay a visit! Thank you to everyone who visits us and takes time to post a review. We appreciate everyone's feedback!
a bit like Kennedy forfeiting Titan missiles in Turkey at time of Cuban missile crisis that move was smart if politically risky
Stupid history. Why didn't Cuban Missile Crisis come out for SEQ? Its the only topic I studied. Ended doing Malaya
So I watched some Filoil hoops today and realized that the Letran Knights have a player named Fidel Castro. The possibilities are endless. If he gets into a shooting slump, is it a "Cuban Missile Crisis?" Any other ideas?
its Cold War politics. The west is entering the russian sphere of influence and russia isn't having it. Think cuban missile crisis.
The Cuban Missile Crisis ended when President Kennedy threatened to use ChuckNorris.
i love much more interesting than the present...the Russian revolution...the Cuban missile crisis...the world wars...
| The Cuban Missile Crisis - &in Cuba and what was caused afterwards is known as the Cuban &
Cuban missile crisis was a joke compared to today.
She's a very nice person and somewhat competent, but as press secretary had no idea what the Cuban Missile Crisis was nuff said
"First of all I'd like to thank John F. Kennedy for getting us through the Cuban missile crisis"
The *NOT* taking JFF is the Cuban Missile Crisis of the internet.because all that would have been left was a smoking crater.
Is this what it felt like during the Cuban missile crisis?
I think I finally know what America felt like when the Cuban Missile Crisis ended peacefully
Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis (2nd Edition) Essence of D...
I remember having to do this during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was so young it just seemed very odd to me.
if I was Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis there wouldn't be a Cuba.
All know that Cuban Missile Crisis nigha named Castro!
He also worked in the USA for a few months. He only returned back to Ireland 2 weeks before the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.
If students would like to learn more about the Cuban Missile Crisis check out the website Clouds Over Cuba.
Clouds Over Cuba is a great resource for the Cuban Missile Crisis...Watch the "What If" fake documentary.
.was praised by JFK for help during the Cuban Missile Crisis. See what they did…
Students played The Cuban Missile Crisis game today. What would you do Mr President?
Day of Cuban missile crisis revision is really going to motivate me to get out of bed tomorrow 👍
An International History of the Cuban Missile Crisis: A 50-year retrospective (Studies in Intelligence) ...
I grew up in Jackson, Missouri during the very turbulent 60s. I remember clearly the Cuban Missile Crisis and the "tornado" drills we conducted. I was in Mr. Weiss' 6th grade class in 1963 and my class notebook project was on a growing war in Vietnam. President Kennedy was shot that year and we had a few days off. The Tonkin Gulf incident occurred in 1964 and the first combat troops were sent in. Civil Rights marches and riots were ongoing and the draft was going hot and heavy. LBJ won the election and increased the ground forces in Vietnam. A group of drop outs called hippies started in California and the 'tune in, turn on, and drop out' chants started. We got terms like Generation Gap and Body Count and Groovy. Girls were burning bras and guys were burning draft cards. By 1968, LBJ had announced he was quitting, Richard Nixon had a plan to end the war, and Bobby Kennedy was going to run for President. Martin Luther King was shot that year as was Bobby Kennedy. In Vietnam the Tet Offensive put an end to ...
Does anybody remember when the local papers published 'evacuation routes' during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 62? This would have been just a couple of weeks after President Kennedy visited Hamtramck. We had a full tank of gas and canned food in the trunk of the family car. I remember sitting on the front porch late at night waiting for the sirens to go off. Scary times.
President JFK thanked his brother, Bobby Kennedy's work in averting nuclear war during the "Cuban Missile Crisis."
The Soviet Union had transferred over 150 nuclear weapons to Cuba by the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
If you haven't read Nikita Khrushchev's private letter to JFK regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis, you're missing out.
A War Prevented: Pope John XXIII and the Cuban Missile Crisis by Ronald J. Rychlak The Holy See is the oldest continuing international organization in the world. Its Secretary of State office was established in 1486, and that is also when its first permanent representatives were established in Venice, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, and France. Today, the Holy See maintains diplomatic relations with 176 states. It is also the only Permanent Observer State at the United Nations, and it participates in various internationals conventions and agreements. While it is officially neutral, it is not silent. The Holy See’s diplomatic prowess was tested severely during the twentieth century. Nevertheless, it played a crucial role in maintaining world peace, especially during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Holy See and the Soviet Union had a very strained relationship. After World War II, Catholic leaders in the new areas of Soviet control were suppressed. Priests, bishops, and card ...
I am severely disappointed in the US gov't (Reps and Dems, alike) for this 21st Century Cold War with Russia they're brewing over Ukraine. I am also disappointed in the post-Soviet Russian gov't, since - just like the last Cold War - this one is also a thinly-veiled business deal between our two gov'ts to spur a popularly supported military industrial complex arms race between our two countries. Doesn't the Baby Boomer brigade - whose plan this is - remember how badly it traumatized their entire generation? They obviously don't care if our children - THEIR grandkids - have to grow up under the threat of another *** Cuban Missile Crisis. The Baby Boomer Generation is officially the worst thing to ever happen to this world.
CNN's Wolf Blitzer reports on how John F. Kennedy and Pope John XXIII helped put an end to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
A Lesson in History: On October 19, 1987 the stock market lost 22% of its value in one day. Today, that would be a 3,200 point drop in a single 24-hour period. In 1994, there was the Mexican Peso crisis. In 1998, the Long Term Capital Management crisis. BUT FOR a negotiated bailout in 1998, the world came within an ace of complete economic collapse. In other words, every stock and bond market in the world would have been closed on September 29, 1998 if they had not finished that bailout the day before. That is how close we came (sort of like the Cuban Missile Crisis was to nuclear war). Just because complete economic collapse did not happen that day, people (few John Q. Publics knew), kind of forgot about it or think it was a small event. Then, in 2000 we had the dot-com collapse and NASDAQ dropped eighty percent. In 2007, the housing market collapsed. In 2008, came the Lehman Brothers panic. How long do your think the insolvent fiat money system can go on? It’s life span in history in all the o ...
Back In Time Historical Event on April 17, 1961: An United States backed attempt to overthrow Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba failed disastrously in what became known as the Bay of Pigs disaster. Approximately, 1,300 anti-Castro exiles invaded the island's southern coast along the Bay of Pigs, but were overrun by 20,000 Cuban soldiers and jailed. Trained and guided by the U.S., the exiles had expected support from U.S. military aircraft and assistance from anti-Castro insurgents on the island. Instead, due to a series of missed communications, they had fended for themselves with no support. In the first few hours of combat, warships HOUSTON and the RIO ESCONIDIDO were destroyed. The failed invasion heightened Cold War tensions between Cuba's political ally, Soviet Russia, and the greenhorn administration by our President John F. Kennedy. The following year, the Russians brazenly installed nuclear missiles in Cuba resulting in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Photo of Fidel Castro's Speech on April 16, 1961, and war ...
AN INTERESTING ARTICLE I RAN ACROSS. n April 12, 2014, at 8:24 PM, mencherh wrote: Why is the Motley Fool even getting involved with wars of aggression? Why are they getting politically involved? Russia is doing exactly what the United States would be doing if the exact same situation were happening in our own backyard. Oops, it did!! During the Cuban Missile Crisis both the U.S. and Russia almost annihilated the world because Russia decided to park nuclear-topped missiles only 90 miles off the coast of Florida, but Russia actually had a good excuse at the time. The U.S. had parked a large number of nuclear-tipped missiles in Turkey, everyone of them pointed right at Russia, or should I say the Soviet Union, the USSR. The Russian government right now is seriously thinking about charging Mikhail Gorbachev with high crimes and misdemeanors, treason, as a result of what's happening right now. Gorbachev had a good heart when he allowed the breakup of the former USSR into separate sovereign nations in the earl ...
I just got off the phone with a reporter from the Tampa Bay Times. She is going to come over with a photographer to my home tomorrow at 11am to do a story on my dad, Gerald P. Pulley. She has already pulled up his bio on wikipedia. She even asked me if I was the same Donn Pulley that she had found in their archives and said that I had had quite the successful career as well. I was surprised at all the information they had on me! But anyway, tomorrow is all about my dad and I have reached out to two of his navy buddies that live here locally for any contribution that they probably had since they worked with my dad. I was just his son. So tomorrow will be a fun time. I have boxes and boxes of photos, negatives and film including one can of film that is marked classified "Cuban Missile Crisis". Dad was a major figure in American history and I am proud to say I was his one and only son!!!
great project, great movie. Wrote my "Jarvis Research Paper" on Cuban Missile Crisis jr year.
Not All beauties are brainless, this one was exceptional Hedy Lamarr—born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in Austria in 1914—developed a passion for helping the U.S. military after walking away from an unhappy marriage to an Austrian Fascist weapons manufacturer in 1937. She became an actress. In the play, Frequency Hopping, "Can you guide your torpedo towards an enemy target—or just use radio control period—without being detected? Or jammed?" Lamarr's character asks. Lamarr realized that by transmitting radio signals along rapidly changing, or "hopping," frequencies, American radio-guided weapons would be far more resilient to detection and jamming. The sequence of frequencies would be known by both the transmitter and receiver ahead of time, but to the German detectors their message would seem like gibberish. "No jammer could detect it, no German code-breaker could decipher a completely random code," she says in the play. In 1940 after working on the project for several years, Lamarr called on an unli ...
Just watched a documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis and I never realised how close the world actually came to nuclear war 😳😖
Fort Hood Shooting Another shooting at Fort Hood brings back memories of my days as an Army Lieutenant at Ft. Lewis WN (1961-63) While it was the peak of the Cold War (Berlin Crisis 1961, Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 & start of Vietnam), it was an open post meaning anyone could drive onto the post without being checked. I moved into my suite of rooms in the BOQ (Bachelor Officer Quarters) in a two story wooden building. The building was rife with bullet holes caused by previous occupants who were lieutenants from Texas. While security on the post was minimal and presumably anyone could keep a weapon apart from the Army weapons, we had no shootings of that type. Perhaps the restriction on weapons on a military post might be rethought. Where are the armed Texas lieutenants when we need them?
Able Archer 83 is barely known today, but after the Cuban Missile Crisis it's probably the closest we've come to nuclear war.
It's the black Cold War, a *** version of the Cuban missile crisis if you will.
The Cuban Missile Crisis will not be hashtagged. //
Christmas classic “Do You Hear What I Hear?” was written as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
I was not alive during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I'm certain the stress level was on par with that of registration.
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"The Cuban missile crisis was actually so tense 😩" ykkk
The Cuban missile crisis was actually so tense 😩
"Thirteen Days" feature length movie starring Kevin Costner on the Cuban Missile Crisis:. Enjoy!
I do not want Russians drilling for oil in our gulf of Mexico, another erstwhile Cuban missile crisis and exxon is part of agreement,
Just back from screening of superb, terrifying 'Here Was Cuba' documentary on Cuban Missile Crisis:
I want to launch an ICBM at my Cuban missile crisis book
A sexual Cuban missile crisis at the very least!
My dad was in NYC right at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis calling my mom in Argentina as though it was their last call.
God's timing is always right and todays message comes at precisely the right time for me and a few people I know."Your Father Will Care for You": "I have vague memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which happened in 1962 when I was in grade school. Some say it was the closest the United States has ever been to nuclear war. One of the main things I remember is that our church family brought canned food and bottled water and put it under a stairway inside the church building. The plan was that we would all gather together at church if a missile were to be launched against us." "As the adults worked, my young friends and I explored the church building. We sat under the stairs with the stockpile of food and water, and I remember thinking to myself, this wouldn't be a bad place to stay for a while. I wasn't worried about the danger at hand. I knew something very bad could happen, but reasoned that my parents would take care of me no matter what. So while the adults worried and prayed and collected bottles of w ...
Pretty soon they'll be teaching kids that the USA was the bad guy during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
"We're eyeball to eyeball, and I think the other fellow just blinked." -Secretary of State Dean Rusk, during the Cuban Missile Crisis
So apparently is about dancing, and not the missile crisis:
Let's hear for veterans. There are people out there who sometimes questions a veteran's service to their country. I say ignore those crazies because they either didn't serve or as is the case in some instances found a way to avoid military service. I served my country honorably for four years in the Air Force including service during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I never got close to combat, although my base was on the front lines during the Crisis as the Soviet Atlantic Fleet which were bringing the missiles to Cuba to be installed in the silos came within 250 miles of our base before they turned back. I chose to volunteer rather than be drafted. I had an idea I might actually make a career out of the military but then realized I was too much of a peacenik and changed my mind, but I am proud of my service to my country. But I also know there are millions who never served in the military who are good citizens and who have served this nation in a lot of other ways. There's nothing wrong with not having served ...
Bay of pigs Cuban Missile Crisis. Probably closest we cam to obliteration.
fans, don't forget our latest issue is out now! Grab your copy and read about the War and missile crisis
Drawn a blank on what events led to the Cuban Missile Crisis, sure that's the easiest bit of the whole module
I never knew how tense it was during the Cuban missile crisis. If you get the chance to watch 13 days watch it.
Quote by: Bianca Jagger: Look at what President Kennedy managed to achieve during the Cuban missile crisis. If...
I feel like JFK, immediately post Cuban Missile Crisis.
The Internet started with ARPANET in 1969 addressing the Sputnik and 1962 Cuban missile crisis
writing a verrry skeletal design doc for an adventure game set on the canadian DEW Line in 1962, during the cuban missile crisis
《Preface-2》 * Facing the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK at first said to his brother Robert Francis Kennedy commonly known as Bobby,“We can’t start worrying about everything.Right now we gotta figure out what we’re gonna do before we worry about how we’re gonna do it.” Then, Bobby replied to JFK “We’ve got a bunch of smart guys. We lock ‘em in a room and kick ‘em in the *** until they come up with some solutions. It’ll be,uh,the principals,a couple of the key guys from each Department. The Executive Committee of the National Security Council. Call it EXCOM.” * Before the EXCOM meeting,Bobby said to Secretary of Defense, Robert Strange McNamara,“Everybody agreed the diplomatic route wouldn’t work. It’s too slow and they’ll have the missiles finished while still talking.” * At the EXCOM meeting, US Ambassador to the United Nations, Adlai Ewing Stevenson II said,”I still think there are diplomatic approaches we haven’t considered yet.” Then,McGeorge "Mac" Bundy, US Nation ...
I look up Cuban Missile Crisis on Wikipedia and in the description it says, "My *** is the closest comparison to a Cuban missile"
Courtesy of Psycat: Time Machine Time: Imagine, if you will, that you're back in 1962. Entertainment consisted of watching Dean Martin getting drunk and telling jokes about drunk driving--a form of recreation at the time--to a Vegas audience, most of whom were also drunk. Something like 50% of American guys smoked as did 40% of American women. Magazines and television were full of ads for Lucky Strike, Chesterfield, Old Battle-Axe Whiskey and other corporate drugs. Housewives everywhere were cured of 'bored housewife syndrome' by a whole slew of sedatives and tranquilizers like Miltown and Librium. LSD was legal and used in psychoanalysis to help people like Cary Grant, and you could buy codeine cough syrup and amphetamines over the counter. And yet most Americans over the age of 30 were utterly baffled--baffled, I tells ya--at how the younger generation were smoking the Evil Weed From the Devil's Garden and got the silly idea that drugs could be recreational. Yes, people of that era had a serious disconn ...
Ted “Shorty” Riley, Jr. of Middleport, Ohio passed away at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center at the age of 82 on March 31, 2014. Born October 11, 1931 in West Columbia, West Virginia, he was the son of Theodore, Sr. and Mildred Roush Riley and was considered a loving, generous, and cheerful man by all who knew him. “Shorty” was an U.S. Army veteran of the Korean War, serving in the 47th Army Aircraft Mainte-nance Company. Following the war “Shorty” continued to serve his country as a member of 3664th Ordinance Company based out of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, including one year at Fort Polk, Louisiana during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and was honorably discharged as a Ser-geant in 1964. Ted married the love of his life, Clara Belle Gilmore, on October 20, 1955, and has always been known as a warm-hearted husband, father, and grandfather throughout their fifty-nine years to-gether. After his distinguished service Ted found employment at the Foote Mineral Co. and retired after 30 years as a furn ...
In a Cuban Missile crisis with ur missing child . U don't want a step son
The model contest is this Saturday. I'm entering my V2 rocket and Cuban Missile Crisis Soviet ss-4 missile. From past contest photos at this event, I will be the only one who will bring missile kits :/
Matt you are a Cuban missile crisis
Just ran across my first husband's obituary. He passed away last month. Puzzled about something- the obituary said he graduated high school in 1963 (true) , then went on to say he served in the military during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Anyone else see the impossibility there?
Geez. I REALLY feel old. I am the only one in my sociology class that knows about the Cuban Missile Crisis and...
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Cold War Again: Who’s Responsible? [The Nation: Stephen F. Cohen] In the name of "Democracy," the West has unrelentingly moved its Military, Political and Economic Power ever closer to post-Soviet Russia. The East-West Confrontation over Ukraine, which led to Moscow’s annexation of Crimea but long predated it, is potentially the worst International Crisis in more than fifty years—and the most fateful. A negotiated resolution is possible, but time may be running out. A new Cold War divide is already descending in Europe—not in Berlin but on Russia’s borders. Worse may follow. If NATO Forces move into western Ukraine or even to its border with Poland, as is being called for by zealous Cold Warriors in Washington and Brussels, Moscow is likely to send its Forces into eastern Ukraine. The result would be a danger of war comparable to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Even if the outcome is the non-military “isolation of Russia,” today’s Western mantra, the consequences will be dire. Moscow wil ...
You're probably right. I remember Cuban missile crisis & was 33 when the Wall came down. Why are you interested in Philby?
We swing machetes at crews with little ice picks and *** round my way call me the Cuban missile crisis
Botched that relationship like the Cuban Missile Crisis...
Here's a book on the Cuban Missile Crisis
You will see a UN peace over Ukraine, a return to bargaining table, but a Cuban Missile Crisis war of words ONLY, this is bluster, NO WORRY
I guess I can make the Cuban Missile Crisis interesting?!
The Cuban missile crisis, the Cold War, the space race, the civil rights movement, the Kennedy assassination, holy heck the 60s were crazy
Let's get some Cuban Missile Crisis hitting going right now. Don't strand Moss and Coco out there.
The Cuban Missile Crisis and Ownership of the World, by Noam Chomsky:
look at this interview i did for I talk about my films, inspirations and the cuban missile crisis - http:…
Remember the Cuban missile crisis ? Are we willing to go through that again ? The US Government can impose sanctions to Vzla.
Watch this to learn more about the Cuban Missile Crisis: |
The prospect of my birth solved the Cuban missile crisis
idgaf about the Cuban missile crisis.
Currently watching a movie on the Cuban Missile Crisis aka I am terrified
I lived through the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960s as a teenager. I never want to experience anything like that again.
prudence looks like, and then present examples of instances that meet those criteria, eg Cuban Missile Crisis 2/2
It was 88 years ago today that my dad was born. My father was born in Cuba and fought for this country by joining the CIA during the Cuban Missile Crisis and bay of pigs because he knew that if he was going to come to America that he would have to earn his way here. when it was apparent that Cuba would no longer be free he took his family to Miami bringing his brother, sister, mother and extended family. This was not the first challenge my father had to overcome. When he was barely a teenager his father passed and he became the man of the family working to sure that his brother and sister could go to college and get the education they needed to become a doctor and a teacher. My father spent years doing whatever it took to support his family. Whether it was on a shrimp boat in the Gulf of Mexico or building ships in Bayou La Batre Alabama or selling beauty supplies for over three decades my father was never afraid of work or the pride he received from doing the right thing for all those around him. Althou ...
Great book. Won the Pulitzer Prize in 1962, helped JFK manage the Cuban Missile Crisis
Any views or ideas on. Why Russia not using its own version of Monroe Doctrine . Used by US in Cuban Missile Crisis.
Getting my kids out of bed this morning is like negotiating the Cuban missile crisis - and doing a lousy job at it.
and how has Cuba "threatened" anyone beyond the Cuban Missile Crisis?
I just watched the movie "Woodstock" for the umpteenth time. Our generation has seen, heard, felt, smelled and tasted the most amazing and defiling things. Post war peace all too brief, the Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Assassinations, Viet Nam,The peace & love times, segregation/ integration, womens rights, the space race, the fall of the Soviet Union, the fall of American Industry, Domestic terrorism, our first (kinda) Black President, legalization of marijuana. How could anyone call us 'cynical old folks'? We have felt the extremes of every human emotion The Great Spirit gave us. What a ride! I hope our young ones can appreciate our efforts, even if we didn't leave the world a better place like CocaCola said we would!
Generation is normally classed as about 25yrs which would exclude Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962
Remember Cuban Missile Crisis? Ukraine Crisis is quickly heading there. 2 Fronts already building up. Cold War is 'heating' up-déjà-vu
😂😂 nah man I was just gassed from pressing your *** every day. I had to let the Cuban missile crisis have a turn.
Just been watching "Thirteen Days" about the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. I just shudder to think what would have happened if Tricky Dicky or Uncle Ronnie had been in charge.
I was watching "Hollywood and Commies", a doc on the Cold War days. I thought I saw a Nike in one of the shots, but then it looked like a double, which was maybe a HawK? anywho, later they were showing some old film from the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Boom, a little film with a couple of Nikes ready to rock came on. Pretty cool.. I would guess they were the ones in Fla.. dunno.
An open letter to President Barrack Obama and President Vladimir Putin. Dear President Obama and President Putin, In February 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Marshall Joseph Stalin, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill met at the town of Yalta, in the Russian Crimea. One hope for the conference as expressed by President Roosevelt was "to see the elimination of war for at least 50 years." Although the road since has been rocky, the great powers succeeded in that wish. It has now been almost 70 years without a military clash of the great powers. Now tension is rising, and although there is no talk of military engagement, the tension may escalate. One hundred years ago through mistrust, misunderstanding, and miscalculation, the European Great Powers stumbled into the tragic Great War. During the height of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy told Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin "It's hard for the president. Even if he doesn't want a war and doesn't wish for war, against his wil ...
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Thrills, spills, and chills from the Eastern European hot spot, Crimea. It seems that it's a done deal in the Ukraine, as Russia and Ukraine tangle over the possession of that strategic and tactical stronghold, the prized peninsula on the Black Sea. It appears that that domineering, didactic, and downright Draconian Mr. Putin ( also known as Vlad The Impaler, and The Little Dictator ) has made true to his word ( or sword ) that Crimea shall heretofore be annexed to the Great Motherland Russia. How will Crimeans react or revolt to this *** bully boys fascist stance. Will residents of Ukraines capital stand up to him, and fight and die in the streets, or cower before him, acquiesce and submit, roll over and play dead, become Chicken Kiev. To be dominant or submissive, subjugated by Putin's power play. Can these current events in the Ukraine possibly escalate into a modern Cuban Missile Crisis, with Putin becoming the new Castro. The world is waiting and watching. Film at eleven. Good night Chet. Good ni ...
Reminds me of Dee Brown. Redshirted his first year at Illinois during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Museum Ship USS Barry (DD-933) was one of eighteen Forrest Sherman-class destroyers. Commissioned in 1954, she spent most of her career in the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Mediterranean, but also served in the Vietnam War, for which she earned two battle stars. Another notable aspect of her service was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C
The closest parallel to the Crimean situation is not the Cuban Missile Crisis or WWII, but the Berlin Blockade and Airlift.
"Ukrainian posses a formidable military industrial complex. If the Ukraine were to join the European Union and perhaps even NATO, someday, this would constitute a major national security threat to the Russians as it would make the Cuban Missile Crisis, in reverse, look tame by comparison. Most importantly, Putin is attempting to establish a Eurasian empire through the resurrection of many of the former Soviet Union States. This move is seen as being of paramount importance because the rise of this imperialistic Eurasian empire will propel the military prowess of the Russians on an equivalent level with the United States. Further, if the Russians and Chinese continue in their efforts to attempt to unseat the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, through the purchase of Iranian oil with gold, Russia must have the military muscle to back up this provocative move. The establishment of an Eurasian empire is of paramount importance to this strategy. Putin is keenly aware that without Ukraine, Putin’s drea ...
The Cold War haunted many of us when we were young, whispering always about the possibility of nuclear exchange, sometimes, as in the Cuban Missile Crisis, shouting about it, and reminding us of another kind of life, of an oppressive, miserable slave-state existence some saw as justice.
A plane has disappeared! Oh no! I'm afraid it probably crashed somewhere in the wilderness and eventually the wreckage will be found. There may be a few impressive survival stories of folk who managed to crawl from the wreckage and reach some small piece of civilization but most of them are, sadly, deceased due to fatal injuries incurred during the accident. That's how this story ALWAYS unfoldS... IN THE MEAN TIME THE WORLD'S TOP NUCLEAR POWERS ARE SPIRALING INTO ANOTHER Cold War, PEOPLE. "Oh, but at least they aren't actually going to WAR war, right?" WRONG. The Korean War, Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs invasion, those were ALL part of the Cold War, as was the knowledge that at any moment our city could be brought to its knees in atomic fire. But, please, continue, you were telling me about how *** Marriage is turning all our children into *** pedophiles and how Muslims building mosques is infringing on your religious freedom.
This is what I see from gleaning information from many news sources, East, West, Left & Right, over the course of many years. In my view and understanding of the unfolding events, The US and the West is pushing for a confrontation and Russia has drawn the Real Red Line. Red Lines are being drawn everywhere by many Nations, dissecting this world, dividing it to the point there will be no coming together or relaxing of tensions, but the contrary. The propaganda mills are working overtime demonizing Russia with the talking heads parroting the government line without having the guts to speak Truth to power. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO absorbed all the former Warsaw Pact Nations, expanding NATO to the border of the Ukraine, the last buffer State between NATO and Russia. The US unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty so George Bush could deploy an anti-ballistic missile system aimed at Russia. Americans hated that with the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Russia hates it to ...
I wish I had a picture of my grandpa when he was in the Air Force to share! But unfortunately I don't. But... He was in the service during the Vietnam War. He worked in fire protection and was deployed to Thailand! My grandma always tells the story about the Cuban Missile Crisis and they weren't aloud to leave the base! I am very proud of him for his service! -Taylor 😘
Fareed Zakaria GPS guest says the world is 2 steps away from the 2nd Cuban Missile Crisis. PEACE MUST PREVAIL
Shared By A Patriot WHEN JFK looked weak to Nikita Khrushchev, we got the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1963. When Jimmy Carter bear-hugged Brezhnev, we got the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. When Bill Clinton failed to stop Bin Laden for seven whole years, we got 9/11/01 in New York City. And when Obama clowned it up for the world, alienating our allies and bowing down to our deadly enemies, we got this week’s Russian invasion of the Ukraine. AND that’s only the beginning. Just you watch. Putin is establishing a naval presence in Venezuela and Cuba. He already has a major naval base in Syria. He wants to control Middle Eastern oil, and by making Iran and Saudi Arabia dependent on him, he might be able to do it. Obama has systematically dismantled Western and U.S. defenses, stabbed allies like Egypt’s Mubarak in the back, invaded Libya without a shred of justification, and backed murderous reactionary gangsters in Syria, Libya, Iran, and Egypt. Our president betrayed U.S. personnel in Benghazi, and pur . ...
NASA and USSR cooperated in space all through Cold War, even right after Cuban Missile Crisis (weather & geodesy).
And 9/11, and USSR collapse, and Iranian Revolution, and Yom Kippur War, and Cuban Missile Crisis...
Which number brings to mind the stripes on an American flag, the people at the Last Supper, and the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Crisis in Ukraine: Beginning of Cold War II? As some philosopher has aptly said, ‘the more things change, the more they remain same’. This aphorism could not have been highly correct in the present crisis brewing in Ukraine. The verbal spat between US-led West and Russia reminds senior observers of international politics of the days of Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 when President of USA Mr. Kennedy and the head of the USSR, Mr. Nikita Krushvev had exchanged hot words on a day-to-day basis. Similar is the case today in Ukraine where President of USA Mr. Obama and President of Russia Mr. Putin are engaged in a war of words. Obama has warned Putin of dire consequences if Russia does not back off in Ukraine. The US secretary of state Mr. John Kerry bluntly warned Russia on Sunday that it risked losing its seat among the prestigious Group of Eight [G 8] nations, as well as economic turmoil if it fails to pull its forces out of Crimea, an autonomous region within Ukraine. As if this was not enough, the NATO ch ...
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Continue to his baseless assertion that Americans and others have a "broad sense that this is Obama's Cuban Missile Crisis." NO WE DON'T!
Thank you. These are perilous times, worst I've personally experienced since Cuban Missile Crisis & Berlin/Checkpoint Charlie.
Listening to Steven A. Smith discuss the faults of the NBA dunk contest format like it’s the Cuban Missile Crisis or something is perfect.
TMZ announced Beyonce & Jay-Z divorce looming. Etch this moment deep in your soul This is the Cuban Missile Crisis of our time.
One of my earliest memories was watching the telly as a toddler and seeing the Berlin Wall being torn down. Of course, being four years old, I was more interested in where my next snacky cake would come from than contemplating the long term results that would play out after the fall of Communism. But it did make spectacular viewing, and that's exactly what television today lacks; spectacle. There aren't any more moon landings. There aren't any more Cold Wars. The President is blander than Tetley tea, and the hip hop MCs don't even shoot each other anymore. They just make the occasional snide remark and urinate on their girlfriends. So what can we do to make life more interesting? Well personally, I recommend a low level nuclear war. A great big mushroom cloud over one of the world's best known cities might be just what we need to give this generation a sense of identity, and we'd finally be able to talk back to our grandparents when they brag about how they spent the entire Cuban Missile Crisis in a fallo ...
Thinking about the National Anthem versus America the Beautiful versus commercials, my thoughts wander from Stephanie Chenault's page to a certain creepiness of my own. When I hear the phrases "the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air", I'm not thinking of Congreve rockets and black powder airbursts. It lifts my spirits slightly to use the British expression, "bucket of instant sunshine", and then go back under my desk in honor of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Cuban Crisis was bad enough in 1962, when the general public -- *** the United States intelligence community -- didn't know how close things got. AFAIK, we had no clue that the Soviet commander on the island had tactical nuclear weapons and release authority against an invasion.
With so much news making headlines in today's world, we can see why an event like the Cuban Missile Crisis is still relevant.
"It's like the Cuban Missile Crisis", former WWE star Cliff "Domino" Compton said about the WWE-CM Punk situation during a PWInsider Elite audio last week. So, perhaps it's fitting that WWE has begun to silently remove CM Punk from packages and graphics within their programming. Punk was removed from the WWE open that is seen at the start of every WWE broadcast, replaced with an old masked shot of Kane. Punk was also removed from a Raw graphic on the WWE App over the course of yesterday. Perhaps most telling, a clip of Punk talking about Paul Heyman was removed from a preview package of the WWE Network's WWE Countdown series. To date, WWE has not publicly responded to requests for comments on Punk's current WWE status. Punk is still listed on the company roster.
Tired of entertainment as news. Tired of non-news as news. Tired of feel good as news. I grew up with MAD, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall...and am stronger for knowing real news. Please give me back my real news, and not fluff!
If the Cuban Missile Crisis had never happened:. 1. The world would have been a lot less tense. 2. I wouldn't be sobbing over an essay.
Was also comparing grappling with the TTP to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Comes hot on the heels of TTP neg's being compared to Dayton
In a lecture on the Cuban Missile Crisis and 4 (four) pens have run out on me. F*** you, Law of Averages.
Maybe it's just me but does anyone else sense a Hitchcock quality with some of Stephen King's short stories, in particular, 'The Ledge', 'The Man Who Loves Flowers' etc. I really liked The Man Who Loves Flowers, the twist at the end, i honestly didn't see that coming.. AT ALL! it kinda took on a 'Frenzy' quality (Frenzy of course being one of Hitchcock's later movies set in London), Also the spying, episonage in 11.22.63..I know a Hitchcock movie was made about the Cuban Missile Crisis, i could be wrong but if my memory serves me correctly, i think it's called Topaz? haven't watched it in ages :)
Awe ! I felt sorry 4 u when u had no idea about the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I've realized that is ur condition- ignorance...
Mike Dean's facial expressions could have defused the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Watching a DVD on the Cuban Missile Crisis for History class ugh it's so boring
To be fair, tut government did do it. They had an identical plot during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Operation (something) wood.
The man who saved the world... 50 years ago, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, second-in-co
Just one of the thousands of money-pits into which we have poured BILLIONS...what do we really have to show for it? The only time the UN was ever remotely useful to the US was during the Cuban Missile never actually did anything, but it gave us an international forum to expose the duplicity of the Soviets in lying about offensive missiles in Cuba... One sound bite in nearly seventy years doesn't seem like a very good deal...
Thought it'd be easy fitting a new rear foglight/housing on a 10plate car, turned out to be the biggest farce since the Cuban Missile Crisis
did anyone else study The Peace Walker Incident of 1974, in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis, back in school?
I assume you're not familiar with the awkwardness that was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Three men, my friend.
Its the history..Life of my Hero... None other than Fidel Castro Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was born near Birán, Cuba, on August 13, 1926. In 1959, Castro used guerilla warfare to successfully overthrow Cuban leader Batista, and was sworn in as prime minister of Cuba. As Cuban prime minister, Castro's government established covert military and economic relations with the Soviet Union, leading to the Cuban Missile Crisis. He served as prime minister until 1976, when he became president of Cuba. Early Life:- Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 13, 1926 (though some say he was born a year later), near Birán, in Cuba's eastern Oriente Province. Fidel Castro was the third of six children, including his two brothers, Raul and Ramon; and three sisters, Angelita, Emma and Augustina. His father, Angel, was a wealthy sugar plantation owner originally from Spain. His mother, Lina Ruz Gonzalez, had been a maid to Angel's first wife, Maria Luisa Argota, at the time of Fidel's birth. By the time Fidel was ...
The brand new Dade County Civil Defense Emergency Operations Center on Galloway Road. Modern and State of the Art (for 1960, that is). The South Miami Amateur Radio Club held its monthly meetings there, and we were all enrolled as radio operators for Civil Defense, with official ID cards, etc. Seems almost laughable nowadays, but this was when the USA and USSR had literally thousands of nuclear tipped ICBMs aimed at each other, and we were conducting air raid drills in the schools. In just two years, the Cuban Missile Crisis would bring us literally to the brink of World War III, and there were nuclear missile bases in the Everglades. It was long ago replaced by the current Miami-Dade EOC farther north, and looks tiny and hopelessly primitive in comparison, but the building is still there, and in use. But I don't know who is using it now...
So now we read primary source documents before the Super Bowl? In honor of February, how about the Letter from Birmingham Jail? I'm all for primary source documents, let's just mix it up now and then. Eisenhower's letters prior to D-Day? Letters to and from USSR during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Anyone?
Delegate of Cuba – Historical General Assembly - Cuban Missile Crisis - MUNIK'14 - BEST DELEGATE :) SZABIST at MUNIK’14 Could not be more proud to be the Head Delegate of the "4th Best team at MUNIK’14 (45 points)" 5 Best Delegates, 1 Honorable mention and 2 Best Position Paper overall. :')
Ones that leap to mind are 1964's FAIL SAFE, the orig. MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (1962) and Thirteen Days, abt. the Cuban Missile Crisis
'Guantanamera': Pete Seeger's Latin Legacy By Judy Cantor-Navas | January 28, 2014 8:58 PM EST 'Guantanamera': Pete Seeger's Latin Legacy Pete Seeger aboard the Clearwater "There's no sense in me singing it all by myself. Let me teach it to you. Even if you never sang a note of Spanish, you can get those two words…" Pete Seeger's version of the Cuban song "Guantanamera" was released on his album "We Shall Overcome," recorded live at Carnegie Hall in 1963, in the year after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Seeger later urged American audiences to "to sing "Guantanamera" in the original Spanish and not in translation "to hasten the day" that "the U.S.A. . . .is some sort of bilingual country." The prescient and passionate folk singer, who died Monday (Jan. 27) at age 94, was also a crossover pioneer. "Guajira Guantanamera" started in 1932 as an ode to a hot and haughty girl written by Cuban singer/songwriter Joseíto Fernandez. The song would became a patriotic Cuban anthem after Julián Orbón adapted stanzas f ...
You never what you'll find on the net. From a humorous forum about conspiracy theories: "In his second term in 1966 JFK caused WW3 in an event similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Lee Harvey Oswald was an agent from a future post-apocalyptic world sent back in time to keep that from happening." "Actually, it was JFK himself that went back in time and became the second gunman. That's why they couldn't find him, as he had disappeared due to the resulting paradox."
It's a headsnapper to think what the world would have been like if I had been born twenty years earlier and I could have furnished Black Tiger Coffee to JFK for him to drink during all those tense and delicate moments of the Cuban Missile Crisis...   10% Off
ODing on Superbowl hype! It's a football game, not the Cuban Missile Crisis.
It's a good thing I am old. If Cruz and all those those right winged numbknuckers had been around during the Cuban Missile Crisis, I certainly wouldn't be here as most of our country, as well as a good chunk of the world would still be a nuclear wasteland. Talk about a pucker factor. It scared the crap out all of us every time we flew a mission around Cuba. We thought the end was near. And, the truth was, it was near! I like that little guy from Florida by the name of Rubio. I call him the 'Wittle Kuban with the Big Mouth that nothing comes out of but the word NO. He'd be better off in Cuba where he belongs. He *** as a senator and Cruz worse than him. For some grandiose reason, they hate this country. The Tea Cuppers mirror the terrible drought facing California. They are rapidly drying up.
Fear Doesn’t Have to Control You BY DOROTHY GRECO As far back as I have memory, I remember being afraid. Some of this probably came from the fact that I grew up in an era of uncertainty and fear. The assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War all contributed. My parents, like many other Americans at that time, were convinced that it wasn’t a question of if disaster would strike, but when. Regardless of when or where you grew up, you can probably remember being afraid, whether of small things like spiders and the dark or larger, intangible things like death and eternity. As we grow up, our fears may change focus, but they don’t always subside. We can laugh at “scary” movies, but the thought of ending up alone or failing to find the job we truly love terrifies us. By the time I reached my twenties, I assumed that fearfulness was as much a part of my DNA as my dimples and brown hair. But as I read Scripture, that logic repeated ...
As I enter the third biggest political party here in Australia tomorrow which is the most left political party left here in Australia, I'm currently re-watching some political stuff on youtube from the Cuban Missile Crisis and how people still feel about Venezuela and Cuba and Fidel Castro and former president Hugo Chavez today and I'm reminded of the Government that is currently in power here today, our Prime Minister wants to silence the last independent Media on tv The ABC and SBS who openly criticise him and he also wants to lower the minimum wage and also he has a poor record on human rights so far to do with Indonesia and poor people, it reminds me of Cuba & Venezuela, Australia is not a dictatorship or a evil regime, this Government does not speak for the majority of Australians and it certainly does not speak for me! I want prosperity and jobs and and equality for everyone. It's that simple.! :)
Attempting to take a shower and actually get clean, wash your hair and shave with two babies at home is akin to managing the fallout of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I'm toast!
Minister of Interior for Cuban Missile Crisis in LSEMUN anyone? I pulled out because of a project deadline and sent them an e-mail but they've still offered me this position anyway... £25, 15th - 17th Feb, anyone fancy a try?
This is just like the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy stopped the Nukes then. I wonder how President Obama will deal with it? Seal Team 6 anyone?
Just been informed that I now live in a world where Jim Davidson has won Big Brother. Never ever been so scared for the future of my kids since the Cuban Missile Crisis! Lunacy!
Kind of fitting I only watched the last five minutes of the State of the Union, then went to watching X-Men: First Class. No political overtones to this status. It's just that the scene where JFK was on TV in the movie was a few minutes ago (Cuban Missile Crisis footage). With all the things in the world, there were times when things weren't allowed and things we weren't used to dealing with. Sometimes, a reminder is needed of how good things are now. Such as Jennifer Lawrence being Mystique ;)
Tonight... where President Obama ranks from 1900-present. Worst to best. WORST Worst - Warren Harding - Did nothing. Not inspirational. Died leaving us with scandals and worst yet, Calvin Coolidge. F. Calvin Coolidge - Also did nothing. Said nothing. Let Hoover do all of the work. Created bubble leading to depression. Silent Cal was not much more effective than a potted plant. Taft - Pale imitations of the great T Rex. Hated Presidency. Remember anything great that he did? That's because he didn't do anything. Hoover - Icy, cold. Great career pre-president. Had no ability to lead in times of trouble. Failed his greatest test. At least he's from Iowa. NEAR WORST LBJ - Ok many of you know that I am obsessed with LBJ through reading Caro bio's. Classifying LBJ's hard. He did many great things (civil rights, medicare, NPR, highway beautification), but he has blood on his hands. He must take responsibility for Vietnam. It's mostly his fault. (and if had been in power in Cuban Missile Crisis, w ...
From Soviet Forces Cuba to Division Cuba As long as were on the topic of the Mexican Invasion of ’98, we might want to take a poke at the so-called Division Cuba- the ad hoc military formation made up of Soviet and east-bloc personnel stationed in Cuba when war breaks out between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in ’96. According to canon, these guys seem to be the spearhead of the Mexican 4th Army’s invasion of Texas. They seem to perform pretty well, even holding off the US 49th Armored Division during the 5th Army’s attempt to retake Texas in ’99. So who are these guys? And how many were there to start with before they are whittled down the San Antonio cantonment of 3,000 men, 15 tanks, and a handful of fuel-starved Hind-D helicopters? Back during the Cuban Missile Crisis of ’62, the Soviets has something like 40,000 combat troops in Cuba (the CIA’s estimate at the time was 10,000 and didn’t know the Soviets had deployed short range nuclear artillery to the island. Oops.). Later in 1979 there s ...
This gives me a chance to remind everyone that Dana Perino didn't know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was when she was Press Secretary.
I believe, John F. Kennedy said this (and... I am almost certain Robert Frost was behind it speaking through the leader of a Nation in Crisis...the Cuban Missile Crisis...everyone was at home selling tuple ware ...and watching their kids out in the play ground...just like today...when men inside the Whitehouse...felt to be on the brink of absolute extinction...I know...and yes, I do know...God is God and God is sovereign...enough! I really am tired to the bones at people inability to rise up and meet the day!! " know...there is something immoral about abandoning your own judgment..."
INDEPENDENT ADVOCATE With Capitol City Newsletter Volume 28, Issue 4 January 4, 2014 IAE-ISSN 0893-9470 IAE-IRS-EIN 47-01752-60 Founded in 1986 © Marlin Pals, 2013 KGB INVESTIGATED JFK ASSASSINATION FBI Refused Their Information The Soviet KGB was reported to have conducted its own investigation of JFK’s assassination and found that Oswald didn’t kill JFK. The FBI allegedly didn’t need the information and probably really didn’t because the whole department seems to have been at the scene of the assassination before it happened. As a result the FBI incurred the suspicion of having done the dastardly deed, or of having known about it well in advance. One wonders why the KGB would investigate the JFK assassination. The world had just gone through an extremely tense time with the Cuban Missile Crisis. The emotional atmosphere at that time of the Cuban Missile Crises was so “thick and heavy” one could have “cut it with a knife”. Those who experienced it know how heavy the situation felt. The R ...
Reposting from Eric & Celina Ott: LtCol Robert “Bob” Ott 1937-2013 Our loved one was brought back to heaven on Christmas morning. Bob was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, attended Elder High School, and graduated from Ohio State with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the age of 19. He joined the Navy to become an aviator. While in flight school, transferred into the Marine Corps and graduated a Second Lieutenant and aviator in 1958; not yet 21 years old. He served 26 years in the Marine Corps and amassed over 4000 flight-hours in the H-34s, CH-46s, A-4s and F-4s. He was a squadron commanding officer and served in Naval Intelligence while in Washington, D.C. He earned the Bronze Star with Valor, 9- Air Medals along with many other distinguished awards. He served 3 tours in Vietnam with over 100 combat missions, and as a young Lt. was on the 1-hour alert to invade Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Once while serving as the Officer of the Deck aboard the USS Okinawa he issued the order " Pr ...
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Welcome to Action Adventure James Bond 007 Movie Fans. James Bond films are the most successful movie franchise in the history of film. Most of us do not analyze the films. We only know that we like them. Thanks to Nick, Bruce, Glenn, Kenny and Gary who convinced me to go see the film "Dr. No" in October of 1962 just a few days before the Cuban Missile Crisis at the Royal Theatre. We were 13 years old. I wanted to see the monster movie at the Majestic around the corner. But when I saw the marquee with still shots of 007 Sean Connery and Ursula Andress, I had to see what all the fuss was about. Thanks men. We are all still fans today, 51 years later.
Hardest thing ever - loss of a parent. Dad's obituary. Harry A. "Sonny" Hing, 70, of Gloversville, N.Y., passed away peacefully at his residence in New Port Richey, Fla., on Saturday December 14, 2013, surrounded by his loving children. He was born November 20, 1943 in Gloversville, N.Y., the son of the late Rhoda Whitman and Harry Yea Hing. He graduated from Gloversville High School in 1960 and served honorably in the United States Air Force from 1960 - 1964 during the Korean War Conflict, Vietnam War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Mr. Hing worked for 31 years as Plant Manager for Keymark Corp. (1967-1998) His constitution and vitality for life had a resilience all it's own! He pursued his passion for golf regularly and for 33 years was an original member of the Bush Golf League 1980-2013. Thursdays were spent happily with his best friends. For 33 years he was a member of the Four Mondays Bowling League at Perry Lanes. His retirement was enjoyed spending precious time with his "Munchkins" Ellery & J ...
Nikita Khrushchev is a widely reviled figure. In his defense, it can be said that during his period, the Soviet Union did, by threats, dissuade the US from sending the Marines into Cuba. I believe that was an incredibly positive act. What is possibly less known is that there were real tensions between the USSR and Cuba at the time, with Cuba apparently disagreeing with the relatively conciliatory Soviet policy toward the United States. This series of letters back and forth between Khrushchev and Fidel during the Cuban Missile Crisis, though very carefully worded, do a good job of illustrating that tension in my opinion.
The wussification of America continues. A 6 year old was put out of school with a sexual harassment charge. He kissed a little girl on the hand. Geez my friends and I would be just getting out of jail for our childish behavior in grammar school. and trust me we didn't do anything bad. This left wing Minority PC agenda is destroying our country. This because a rule from the top came down to put a stop to sexual harassment in school. Even Grammar School. Really, a 6 year old knows about sexual harassment. Give Me a Brake. This administration is causing more stress on its people than the friggin Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Stop worrying about the kids *** Worry about the Christian Abedini held in Iran. Get his *** out of jail. You compromise for Iran's nuclear program and do not ask for this man back. You are a dismal failure. You have failed this country to a degree I have never seen since the Assassination of President Kennedy. Your health care program Obama Care is a joke. 300,000+ people yo .. ...
Watching a documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis counts as studying for my nuclear politics final right?
painfully close to midnight humankind's most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Alternatively, apply for one of our two historical crises. Frantically attempt to prevent disaster during the Cuban Missile Crisis (1/2)
good piece but please recheck Cuban missile crisis dates
hey d-man, ever think about doing a Cuban Missile Crisis podcast?
I think I'm gonna write my scholarship essay on the Cuban Missile crisis.
The episode of Masters of Sex during the Cuban Missile Crisis >>> it reminds me of Pan Am in the 60's & showing JFK ☺️
it's building up to be the biggest stand off since The Cuban missile crisis!!!
You could do the Cuban missile crisis!
Only in Westland will you see a license plate that says Cuban missile crisis on the side
Why did the Cuban Missile Crisis have to happen? Without it, I'd be probably reading about something more interesting, like World War 3.
Who was the Russian premier at the time of the Cuban Missile crisis? . Khrushchev or Brezhnev??
Watching a documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Keep reminding myself that this actually happened. Kennedy's greatest moment.
Let's just ignore that whole Cuban missile crisis business.
During Cuban missile crisis hawks wanted JFK to bomb Cuba. Turns out Soviet Union had nukes on the island ready.
takes visitors behind the scenes during the Oct. 1962 Cuban missile crisis, the most dangerous crisis in recorded history.
During the Cuban missile crisis weapons and warheads were ready to fire all over the world.
Anastas Mikoyan - the Russian who probably averted WW3 and a second Cuban missile crisis
The tension between OU and OSU right now is higher than the Cuban Missile Crisis. 🙈
Cuban missile crisis and this were my favourite programmes as a 6yo.
Can I just write "my grandpa discovered the Cuban missile crisis. I can't tell you 'everything I know'" on my history final and get a 100?
is making me guilty about being a late baby. It was the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was scared.
I think he also ended the Cuban Missile Crisis singlehandedly, but I would have to fact check.
This conflict is gonna be bigger than the Cuban missile crisis
And the script is done! Cuban Missile Crisis, the Dooomsday Clock, 6 Day War and all that jazz before finally killing Nasser off.
Increible - Relive the Cuban Missile Crisis 50 years later and discover what might have been.
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The Cuban Missile Crisis is fascinating, but also further evidence of how the USA are (and always have been) global ***
Hours of teaching and learning materials in this great HTML5 App - Cuban Missile Crisis
"Gurl I finna to create a Cuban Missile Crisis in ya panties." - Fidel Castro
What do you mean you don't do business over the phone? The Cuban Missile Crisis was solved over the phone
Used to think Dr. Strangelove a great work of fictional satire.Reading about the Cuban missile crisis,its a very true documentry indeed!.
Unique encourages accomplishment App for by Bongo team on Cuban Missile Crisis:
I'm pretty stoked for Top Ramen's tribute to the Cuban Missile Crisis too!
I really wanna visit Cuba. If I don't get to tell a hot Cuban that "there's a missile crisis in my pants" I'll never forgive…
It's the Cuban missile crisis all over again.
When U was here PMSing it was like the Cuban Missile crisis. Lmao So much tension. Very scary
spotlight: Learn the lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis on the To The Brink iPad app from
The Cuban Missile Crisis is my favourite moment of the day I'm not a bad person okay? Okay
Silly, but every time something crazy happens at work, I think, alright, RFK got through the Cuban Missile Crisis, I can get through this.
"A discussion about the atonement should have family-like feel to it rather than resembling the Cuban Missile Crisis"
I've met someone from the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Tutsis.
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I wonder if Janet and Jim roleplay the outcomes of the Cuban Missile Crisis with action figures
Wasnt alive for it but I imagine the Cuban missile crisis was a lot like these Cano negotiations, on a bigger scale
This is the cuban missile crisis under pressure
"whenever I think of the Cuban Missile Crisis I just think of X-Men First Class" -
Written in '62, this xmas song's lyrics encouraged peace in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis
I'm old school like the Cuban missile crisis. Jokes I'm not that old. I just read about it.
He helped Castro during the Cuban Missile crisis, he maintained close relations with the soviets, and was an enemy to democracy and liberty.
He also resolved the Cuban missile crisis. He was so engrossed in it that he did not see China attac…
"I guess this is the week I earn my salary. -- John F. Kennedy, during Cuban Missile Crisis",
Can you recommend any books about the Cuban Missile Crisis? (I'm on sabbatical from the Third Reich.)
Turning between channels because I can only stomach a tiny amount of the deification of JFK that's going on today.the MOST important thing I've learned about the Camelot years you ask? In the 1960's videos of JFK and Castro during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Fidel looks almost exactly like Liam Neeson.
John F. Kennedy was a boss. Moon landing? Made that happen. Cuban Missile Crisis? World still exists today. Civil Rights Act of 1964? Check
JFK 50 years Later "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" Yawn. JFK was a phony. He didn't even write this line himself. Sorry to bust the red, white and blue balloons. You want your daughter to be married to a guy like JFK? If he was not shot his legacy would be more like Clinton's than Abe Lincoln's. We like Slick Willy. But c'mon, bro. All the world tours with Bono ain't gonna prop you up. Your legacy is the guy that jammed a cigar in Monica's muffin in the oval office. Television was new and JFK was a young good looking Navy guy from a zillionaire family with a big name and his wife was hot too. But all the wonderful parts of life in Camelot couldn't prop up the truth of his presidency. Cheating on your wife multiple times = bad choice Lying to America = bad choice Increasing American Involvement in Vietnam = bad choice Bay of Pigs = bad choice Nepotism within the Kennedy clan = bad choice Keeping J. Edgar Hoover around = bad choice Cuban Missile Crisis = Good ...
Today is the anniversary of what I believe to be the single most important day in my life outside of my family specials. You cannot compete with a marriage or a birth of a child, November 22nd, but you are right up there in my timeline. November 22nd, 1963, with all due respect to Richie Valens, was the day the Music Died. Before that date, life was filled with hope for the future. There seemed to be no limit on the promise of America. There was even the hint of a lasting peace after the Cuban Missile Crisis the previous year. There was a sense that America was on the right path, we were at least attempting for the first time to bring equality to all people in this country so that the “brand” of this country would actually reflect its product. We were on our way to putting a man on the moon, “not because it was easy, but because it was hard”. We were dealing with our enemies to bring an end to the creation of nuclear weapons, because Man was proving that he possessed the power to undue the ...
Most Americans know tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. Yet most people don't know John Kennedy had a 95% chance of getting killed in PT boats in WWII; yet he knowingly volunteered anyway AFTER he was classified as 4F. The Navy rejected him & he used his father's influence (and friendship with Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal) to put him INTO harms way vs. the other way around. Most people don't know he created the Peace Corps AND the Green Berets, that tried hard to get Castro (some believe Castro got him first) and faced down the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He teed off the Soviets by challenging their system indirectly via a race to space; a race indirectly designed to bankrupt their system, a strategy finalized successfully by Ronald Reagan 25 years later. Most don't know he donated almost his entire presidential salary to charity, namely the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. His bold leadership on civil rights 50 years ago made it possi ...
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As P5+1 negotiations renewed in Geneva, November 20, 2013, seeking a possible interim agreement to temporarily freeze Iranian nuclear enrichment, a renewed concern has arisen about the threat to the US of long range ICBMs being developed by the Islamic Regime. Alleged development of Iranian rocket bases in Venezuela on the Paraguaná peninsula by construction companies controlled by Iranian Revolutionary Guards was reported in 2011 by Die Welt and the Jerusalem Post from Western security sources. These were disputed by both Venezuela and the US, according to a subsequent CNN report. Nonetheless, that apocalyptic prospect concerns me as both a Floridian and a US Army veteran who experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. Two separate events in recent days eerily brought home that possibility. One was an interview with Israeli spokesperson for PM Netanyahu during a Jake Tapper interview on CNN. The other was the response to questions about Iranian Missiles I posed to Israeli Brig. Gen. (r ...
but to JFK's credit he got us thru the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis and was big into funding space exploration.
Countdown to 11/22/13 Day 5: So who did it? Nine Suspects I swear to you, I'm trying to keep these short. If you read, "Not In Your Lifetime," you'll get all the puzzle pieces, but not the finished picture. To finish the puzzle you have to answer five questions: 1. Who had the motive? 2. Who had the opportunity? 3. Who had the means? 4. Who would gain from JFK's death, rather than waiting for an election? 5. Who could cover it up? The Warren Commission only addressed opportunity and means, and even then, only for one man. 1. Lee Harvey Oswald Motive: Oswald had no motive. The Warren Commission (WC) said he was a disaffected Communist. He Killed JFK, because JFK tried to invade/kill Castro and threatened the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. These conclusions were based Oswald’s radio and TV appearances in New Orleans. Both were shams, Oswald was acting as an agent of one of the U.S. Intelligence agencies at the time, most likely the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). His Communist "legend" ...
Saw 2 interesting documentaries over the weekend on the 50 years since the JFK Assassination. One made a very compelling case that the fatal bullet on Dealey Plaza came not from Oswald but instead from a Secret Service gun in the limousine behind Kennedy. The other was concerned with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. My father always told me how close we were to Armageddon but this documentary showed how it should have happened but somehow didn't - probably due to some amazing diplomacy from the White House and Kremlin at the 11th hour.
talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis in class and the professor still hasn't mentioned the mutants' involvement in avoiding full-out war..
What concessions did make to Nikita Khrushchev to get the USSR to settle the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Lincoln's elected - and we begin NSDM's Civil War Crisis Game at this point - players now have 2 hours to try and avoid the Civil War. But these days, the NSDM Crisis Game on offer focuses on the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Just finished reading "Killing Kennedy" by Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard. With the 50th anniversary of JFK's murder in Dallas, this was a particular timely read. I couldn't put the book down. Forget the conspiracy theories -- O'Reilly leaves that to others. But the detailed insights into the main players in this story (for example, did you know Jackie was a chain smoker?) gleaned from interviews and many first-hand accounts makes this read meaningful. I couldn't put it down. Much is discussed in this book -- the Bay of Pigs, the Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, the earliest days of Vietnam, the Kennedy connection to the Mafia through Frank Sinatra, JFK's thirst for women, insights into Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife Marina, Bobby Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover and more. Interestingly, several years ago I worked in Dallas from an office in the federal building on the opposite side of Dealey Plaza. My office window faced the former School Book Depository and the train I rode every day passed behind the "Grassy ...
I really want Stalin , Hitler & War in Asia pacific for SEQ & Cuban Missile Crisis to be tested for SBQ . H
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