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Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis,' known as the October Crisis in Cuba and the Caribbean Crisis in the USSR was a thirteen-day confrontation between the Soviet Union and Cuba on one side and the United States on the other; the crisis occurred in October 1962, during the Cold War.

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From a historical viewpoint this is almost as tone deaf as Spicer. Somebody tell Rex about the Cuban Missile Crisis htt…
Listen to podcasts of events from our Cold War Studies Project from collapse of Soviet Union to Cuban Missile Crisis
guarantee we see a Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis event with Trump and the North Koreans.
For those who don't remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, let me advise you:. We're in more danger now than anytime since WW2. Wish I was kidding
if you base your history off of 1 Cuban Missile Crisis then you're close minded history goes back further than a hundred years
Trump has taken us back more than 50 years. I haven't been this nervous since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thanks assh…
Yeah, just after the Cuban Missile Crisis there was a flood of post-nuclear war stories made.
The most terrifying moment in my life was October 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.…
The history of the Cuban Missile Crisis - Matthew A. Jordan
If ur gonna ask ur parents if they remember the Cuban Missile Crisis be sure to do so with zero context.🙈😂
Cuban Missile Crisis - the Senate trial in Baghdad for crimes against the company.
My brain is in go mode & wants to redecorate, learn a new language, read about the Cuban Missile Crisis but my body is l…
50 years ago, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, second-in-command Vasilli Arkhipov of the Soviet...
The was a documentary on recently about the Cuban Missile Crisis. The world panicked for 3 days so politicians didn't lose face
Intelligence book of the day: Generals Recount the Cuban Missile Crisis
The Christmas song, "Do You Hear What I Hear", was heavily informed by the Cuban Missile Crisis.
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The Simpsons started as close to the Cuban Missile Crisis as to now.
our allies to save them from the Soviets. See FRUS papers from multiple Berlin Crises & Cuban Missile Crisis.
That the CIA killed JFK because they weren’t happy with him and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Testing President Trump's leadership. It's the JFK vs Kruschchev during Cuban Missile Crisis off coast of FL!
The GA base is Submarine base. Russia better watch their step! Reminds me of JFK & Russia & Cuban Missile Crisis. They blinked. Wow
Like the Cuban Missile Crisis was no danger? It's a message. "We can do what we want"
This is how the Cuban Missile Crisis started, just reversed.
Lupin is a metaphor for the Cuban Missile Crisis
Add to your view of the 60's killing Kennedy & King, Cuban Missile Crisis, War & Civil Rights protests, man on the moon!
What were the main causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis? by William Perry
The feels we’re closer to destroying humanity than we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis .
Thank you Sam Nunn for mentioning the Cuban Missile Crisis! I haven't heard anyone in Congress mention this yet.
I think that was the best original song I've ever created -- either that or one about th…
to the mob & successfully defused the Cuban Missile Crisis, he was murdered. Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam, but saw where
Don't miss out on our new Tour! Everything from design to Vulcan's part in the Cuban Missile Crisis…
Great Pottery Throwdown and its wall-to-wall Murun Buchstansangur-style Cuban Missile Crisis-era paranoia.
After he served in naval combat during World War II and before the Cuban Missile Crisis, John Kennedy's...
Watched the National news throughout the last 55 years as they reported, investigated & explained the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK ..1/2
Politicians hold their safety above all else, which is why Russia worries about the missile shield & why there was a Cuban Missile Crisis.
Recalling Cuban missile crisis when JFK was President. How vital the intelligence & character of a President can be. Imagine Trump ?
Less Cuban Missile Crisis and more Russian Pissile Crisis *shows self out*
JFK President Stopped Cuban Missile Crisis, Obama left middle east to ISIS.
Cornelius Fudge is a metaphor for the Cuban Missile Crisis
yeah like bootlegging! And believing Neville chamberlain,the bay of pigs, Cuban missile crisis, chappaquiddick
After some documents were recently declassified, I learned that my father had a significant role in averting the Cuban Missile Crisis.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK applied lessons learned from "The Guns of August" to avoid WWIII. Trum…
It should also be a high school history unit to be studied like The Cuban Missile Crisis
Left escapology low key feeling like I stopped the Cuban missile crisis😏
Is this our generation's Cuban Missile Crisis? Is history over yet?
And besides, Russia has never liked us, and has always been shady. Try looking at the Cuban Missile Crisis.
10 days. well, they got the Cuban Missile Crisis done and dusted in that time...
These last 10 Obama days are most dangerous for US, World since...Cuban missile crisis?
US and I lived thru the Cuban Missile Crisis in Grade 3 and hiding under my desk when the air raid sirens
What's sad about this is that I'm teaching the Cuban Missile crisis in 4 weeks. I hate knowing this could be us, ag…
Now think how the Cuban Missile crisis would of been handled by a *** like Trump,,, Putin knows what he's doing
Must admit I never expected the Cuban Missile Crisis of my generation to involve golden showers.
Not what I ever imagined the Cuban Missile Crisis of my generation would consist of.
this is exactly like the Cuban Missile Crisis.
.A plan to prevent interference from pushing the button? Learned lesson from Cuban Missile Crisis?
Does anyone remember the Cuban missile crisis?😉 Does anyone remember how it started? 😉🙄
Sadly plausible that a lot of others took an explosive turn in the Cuban Missile Crisis ...
Update: my professor was in the CIA, he thinks we're going to go through the Cuban missile crisis 2.0, and he has sunglasses on.
100% true. Powerful Groupthink nearly got us all killed during Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK stood alone & saved us. They killed him.
For the first time, Cuba's view of the most serious crisis of the Cold War and the Missile Crisis…
I was only twelve at the time so I'm guessing that my current level of anxiety is probably how adults felt during the Cuban missile crisis.
reminds me of the Cuban missile crisis.
THREE MEN GO TO WAR focuses on three central figures in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Watch tonight at 11.
John F'uck the Russians, let's start the Cuban Missile Crisis' Kennedy?
Obama would have played golf thru the Cuban Missile Crisis.
You are familiar w/Bobby Kennedy's role in WH & his outsize role in foreign policy(Cuban Missile Crisis), Justice, campaign, etc?
just said the world is more dangerous than at any other time in his life. Really? More than Cuban Missile Crisis??
"Were we that close to nuclear war?" speaks to Fidel Castro in 2002 about the Cuban Missile Crisis https:…
wrt Castro's death and Trump's presidency, remember the 13-day nightmare of the Cuban Missile Crisis. .
CNN sorry, your Clinton News Network, FAILED! You jackasses are worse than Pravda was during the Cuban Missile Crisis!
I am reminded of Bob Ellis grabbing a car and gf and driving as far as he could the night of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Happy Anniversaries: October Crisis (at least the War Measures Act part) and Cuban Missile Crisis (at least the discovery of missiles part).
54 years after the Cuban Missile Crisis began, we are marking a new day in our relationship with Cuba.
Dana Perino-Ignorant Press Secretary?. Perino had no clue RE:Cuban Missile Crisis also did not know about Bay of Pigs
Trumps a liar! We'll never go back 2 OZZY & HARRIET, don't want to (Cold War,Cuban missile crisis, etc.).
I wonder if that $10 would have changed history and averted the Cuban missile crisis!
Well stated -we all miss Bobby, what he stood for, & his decisive recommendations that resolved Cuban missile crisis.
If FASCIST TRUMP was POTUS during Cuban Missile crisis, would've caused nuclear holocaust, because he's UNHINGED MADMAN!
totally agree we have to always leave options open. I remember the Cuban missile crisis well being in 8th grade.
Oh, yes. Plus I was in USMC when Cuban missile crisis occurred. Was certain nuke war coming then!
Be nice. I was born in the 50's. I was in grade school when we went through the Cuban Missile Crisis
This isn't about policy, folks. This is about Comm in Chief competence and that Cuban missile crisis type moment
Cuban missile crisis started after new soccer fields were discovered in Cuba. --
Currently reading a book about the Cuban missile crisis. Bloody *** how lucky are we all to even exist? 😨😨😨
Lived in Orange County, CA during Cuban Missile Crisis - had days to study the maps of the rings of destruction in the LA Times
The Cuban missile crisis started bc the US spy planes took pics of Cuban soccer fields. Cubans like baseball... And the Russians like soccer
How the Cuban Missile Crisis started - *** fun facts
BTDubs, the Fall of the Soviet Union was the greatest political risk since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and it's not even close.
Zelikow recounts story of FSO sending cable during pivotal moment of Cuban Missile Crisis w/ policy that ended the…
A radar system reported an impending nuclear attack on Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Cyr: Cuban Missile Crisis provides lessons today. National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy's history of the nuclear
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During Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK did not appease Khrushchev or call him a great guy. Analogy to Trump & Putin completely false.…
"Panic over a soccer field led to the Cuban Missile Crisis"
Kerry just brought world closest to the WW III since Cuban missile crisis!
The Cuban Missile Crisis actually started as walk of shame .
I'm taught american history in Ireland, it's really interesting, stuff like the cuban missile crisis etc is intriguing
If you weren't around for the Cuban missile crisis, this election will probably be your biggest continuum-splitting Binary…
William Devane & Martin Sheen star in 1974 TV docu-drama about the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 via
During the 13 days of the Cuban Missile Crisis the former Strategic Air Command launched approximately 133 KC-135...
your conversation with Dr Arndt was frustrating. You tried. How would Dr A justify Trump leading during a Cuban Missile Crisis?
This game of btwn & is the sport version of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It's the most instense volleyball game I've seen
I would add Thirteen Days - great movie of JFK's handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
JFK/Cuban Missile Crisis was TERRIFYING!!! I remember being. sent to store to get some supplies for home. Very Serious!!! NEVER AGAIN
I imagine Pearl Harbour, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the fall of the Berlin Wall might be three?
…but when are we at that peak?. The Manhattan Project, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Reconstruction period, post-Civil War. Das it.
Was born in the '60s, post Cuban Missile Crisis so my memories are of the '70s. As a child was terrified of nuclear war.
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Obama was responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis
Imagine Trump in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Diplomacy? Strength? Or allowing nuc missiles 90 miles away because he likes me?.
*** is up with this dude. What an *** Btw the Cuban Missile Crisis is INTERESTING!
Got home and had a great discussion about nuclear war tension since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Brain is alive?
it was JFK that reinstigated The Cold War or actually created it w/The Missile Gap, Cuban Missile Crisis, Berlin Wall etc
Tips for bucket-list tackling boomers heading to Cuba: … the region since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the...
Had President Kennedy listened to his military advisers during the Cuban Missile Crisis, we likely wouldn't be here.
though, if they do that then Florida should be where it is. they could even have some alt-history Cuban Missile Crisis backstor
13 Days: Cuban Missile Crisis is a great game!! "30-45 minute Twilight Struggle".
Good to see real discussion about Russia. I was a boy during the Cuban Missile Crisis, thought the world would end. Never again.
The difference in Cuban Missile Crisis was a calm and decisive JFK & back channels.Imagine Trump in that situation~I can't
I was on the USS Intrepid In Cuban missile crisis I knew how close we came to nuclear exchange&90 million Americans dead.
3 major heroes of the second half of 20th century were JFK for Cuban Missile Crisis & Pope John Paul, and Reagan for ending the Cold War.
The Cuban Missile Crisis had a big impact on our city. We lived a little over 100 miles from Cuba. O
Clinton: Re JFK in Cuban missile crisis--worried war would be started by small men out of fear and pride.
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In acceptance, HRC quoted Jackie Kennedy to say WW3 could have been started during Cuban Missile crisis by "little men" (like Trump)
This man could have control of our military. Imagine this temperament during a Cuban missile crisis?
. NATO’s bid for global dominance could lead to new Cuban missile crisis - top Russian senator.
the possibility of this *** becoming precis what must've felt like during Cuban missile crisis
I think "nuclear war" has become an abstraction to most Americans. Who remembers the Cuban missile crisis, let alone Hiroshima?
Trump today said Military should use "couriers" not electronic comms. Like during Cuban missile crisis when we were a hair from nuclear war
ICYMI: 'Little men moved by fear and pride' - Clinton quotes Jackie Kennedy on dangers of the Cuban missile crisis htt…
Cuban Missile Crisis would have been a walk in the park for Donald J Drumpf...
1958 - Four years before Cuban Missile Crisis, then Senator Kennedy and wife Jackie, with baby daughter Caroline.
If were during the Cuban Missile Crisis: "I have bombs, I have the best bombs".
Hillary erroneously claimed her Jackie Kennedy quote about big men and little men was from the Cuban Missile Crisis.
how high of steaks would you still eat and enjoy? I'd like a rare Cuban Missile Crisis
US saw Castro as too close for comfort, especially with Soviet Russia involvement, Cuban Missile Crisis dangerous moment in Cold War
For me, Euro 2016 was the best summer event since Michael Owen’s real-time re-enactment of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I…
NATO promised not to expand East. Pentagon now putting it's missiles in Romania. Threatening new Cuban Missile Crisis
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that he lived in? Gulf wars, Cold War, cuban missile crisis, Korea, Vietnam, red scare? So great.
I know it was made in 1982 and only takes place in 1961, but I'm blaming Grease 2 for the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Dokumentary: Cuban Missile Crisis - DEFCON 2 October 1962. Only once during the 45 year long Cold War did the...
Cuban Missile Crisis: BoP had one decent idea about healthcare from the book, Khan Academy, and BetterExplained.
Astonishing that article says nothing about how Cuban Missile Crisis conducted. IMO JFK public humiliation of SU unnec. risked nuclear war.
New York Daily News front page during the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 - A look back at the Cuban Missile Crisis
we were as close to a nuclear holocaust after Orsillo being fired since the Cuban Missile Crisis
This sounds like the Cuban missile crisis in reverse. Will the EU back down like Russia did? Do we get a say or just get out!
historyandmemes: The United States and the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. 
They should learn what I learned when I was a high school student during the "Cuban missile crisis."
if my phone makes a noise or vibrates. It is equivalent to the Cuban missile crisis :-(
One problem with the "Daisy" approach: it's been more than 53 years since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Imagine if Trump were president during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We'd all be dead right now.
So a "President Trump" would bring up the Cuban Missile Crisis if he visited Russia?
Do people remember the Cuban missile crisis in 1962? Then Kennedy threatened the Soviet Union with Nuclear War.
Like my grandfather, who served in the navy during the Cuban missile crisis
First Class was like "What if mutants secretly did the Cuban Missile Crisis and then the rest of history was normal?"
this is very similar to the Cuban missile crisis. Y won't CNN say so? Cold War era is back and we don't want it.
in 1917, John F. Kennedy was born, who would go on to deal with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962
possibly on par with the Cuban missile crisis
. Utility grade rum and Shasta cola surpluses from some Cuban Missile Crisis bomb shelter FTW.
13's cell phone is missing, and she's convinced 11 stole it. The world hasn't been this close to nuclear war since the Cuban missile crisis.
Never read the comments section on an article about Nazis or the Holocaust or else you'll regret the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis
"Just live every day like it's the Cuban Missile Crisis, baby. Love you." - Mom dropping me off at my first day of preschool
One day im gonna "pester" ppl by sending them a long text of what i learnt in history last time MUAHHAH. Cold War , cuban missile crisis
I liked a video from APUSH Project Cuban Missile Crisis
I think I will watch Thirteen Days and envision how would handle the Cuban Missile Crisis...Def. nuclear war
Cuban Missile Crisis by Black Bottle Brewery found at Black Bottle. A healthy diet choice, definitely.
Where were you during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
If you haven't asked your parents about their personal experiences during the Cuban Missile Crisis, please do. It'll anchor history for you.
A Donald Trump presidency will bring the world to the brink of a global nuclear holocaust - closer than even the Cuban Missile Crisis of '62
The Five offers a compelling look at the Cuban Missile Crisis and deftly portrays the personalities of people involved.
When Russia put nuclear missiles 100 miles from Florida,The Cuban Missile Crisis. US missiles in Poland are closer to Russia & more deadly.
case in point: Cuban Missile Crisis, except today they are missile defence systems and not nuclear weapons
The scariest moment in human history regarding Nuclear Weapons (Also Known as the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 should give people a clue.
so tensions nowadays are MORE tense than the Cuban Missile Crisis? that sounds believable
When was the Cuban Missile Crisis specifically? 1962-63. JFK assassinated 11/63. 20 yrs to & actors have aged only 5.
Good point. It was the argument by Khrushchev during the Cuban missile crisis in 62 about Turkey's US missiles.
Cold War [1950-62] event cards My student found these very helpful for revision this week
I'm revising the Cuban Missile Crisis and tbh it's just pretty stressful to read
After the Cuban missile crisis (1962) the basic safety principles were adopted. Missile defense has been limited and mutually restricted.
Obama's missile shield in Europe destroys the basic US-Russia's safety principles which were adopted after the Cuban missile crisis (1962)
if it's the Cuban missile crisis I probably have a heap of notes on it from last year if you need a hand
My gaming highlight of the week was blowing myself up (twice) in 13 days cuban missile crisis -
Fascinating discussion with Matthew Bunn on how close we came to nuclear disaster in Cuban Missile Crisis…
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"The current Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s". -
she didn't even know what the cuban missile crisis was right after I told her smh
entering the hotness. Somebody must have read the designer diary! https:/…
Too early for a history lesson? Well, today is all about the Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis so pull that info out of storage
Ramona only think kept me sane when they made us practice getting in our lockers Cuban Missile Crisis. HB!
Henry and Ramona were the only ones that kept me sane as they made us practice getting into our lockers Cuban Missile Crisis!
Finally I finished my history class report about Cuban missile crisis😁
Officially an expert on the Cuban Missile Crisis
Cuban missile crisis, would, a three.
*** that's a Cuban Missile Crisis level threat!
The last time things were this bad it was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Get it together Kasich!
developing four-hour mini-series about the build up of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 based on the book
Nikita Khrushchev compromising like a man! Cuban Missile Crisis. Listen->
I'm concerned that the Xmen preventing the Cuban missile crisis was not mentioned in the book.
I heard that the Cuban missile crisis was solved by the x men , true ???
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Not only did he handle the Cuban missile crisis but he desegregated the military and even sent troops to school to allow integration
He was! Absent the Cuban missile crisis - Jack didn't achieve a lot. FDR was a better president, hands down.
I think I should get a bonus on my next paycheck for covering the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War in one class
Who was the two time Democratic nominee for POTUS and served as UN Ambassador during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Hm. We happen to have an extra NIS copy of 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962. . What to do with it?
both of my classes covered the Cuban missile crisis today so I'm like super good on the Cuban missile crisis
Why did nuclear gaffes hurt Goldwater far more than Answer: Cuban Missile Crisis. My take:
This is the voice of one man singing… About the Cuban Missile Crisis – October, 1962. A Poem by...
as a country we have to step up and protect our country just like the Cuban missile crisis (extra credit event)
Cuban missile crisis in Scotland because of them. Isis ferocity.
Yet is was Turks helped push communism from Europe & their countries. Whose side where they on in Cuban Missile Crisis??
Another Cuban missile crisis. O forgot we are friends now
But wasn't Kennedy busy in Cuban missile crisis during our war with China?
Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, When the Confronted the Soviet
Speaking of the Cuban missile crisis (and such), Kitty Genovese's killer has died.
in his big boy pants during Cuban Missile Crisis! Listen->
What 99.9% of d commentariat on d 1962 War with China forget is that Chinese used d cover of d Cuban Missile Crisis.
If handled "Cuban Missile Crisis" same as Kennedy, DJT be called a racist.
South FL is apparently full of abandoned rockets & missiles left by NASA & the Air Forces after the Cuban missile crisis & race to the moon
NOTE: Che Guevara wanted to nuke the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis & commit mass murder in NYC on Thanksgiving https…
There's a Cuban missile crisis. In my pants.
I'm going to guess you didn't go through atom bomb drills as a kid or live through Cuban missile crisis.
My roommate is "tolerable", much like how the Cuban Missile Crisis was "low key"
A hotline was established between the US and the USSR after the Cuban Missile Crisis. (via
October, 1962 the Cuban missile crisis was an issue facing president Kennedy, Rizzo recommended another bay of pigs.
However, Castro was a very rebellious tyrant that caused the Cuban Missile Crisis and the trade embargo. Castro was also oppressive.
JFK was a womaniser. But does that in any way reduce the greatness of his person? Or the Cuban Missile Crisis? . No.
Tour finished with a visit to USS Growler sub used during the Cuban missile crisis . Cruz missile on display
I liked a video MSN Messenger in History - The Cuban Missile Crisis
wait you really don't know? 21 April; on the Korean War, the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis
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The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 is followed by...
Castro's Bomb Set in 1963 After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Castro and His Army Use Weapons Left Behind by the
"During the Cuban missile crisis, one of the negotiations was to get you out of Cuba. Because you're the bomb." Thanks Drew
Thanks. I'm 66 and it was 57; Little Rock shocked me into awareness, followed by Batista, Patrice Lumumba, The Cuban Missile crisis
"Also, I've never heard of the Cuban Missile Crisis."
"IIRC, she didn't know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was... A PRESS SECRETARY for the POTUS! Why does…" jezdukowski
The Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved peacefully, but Guevara felt that Cuba had been used as a pawn in a game between the superpowers.
Something i wish I'd spent more time on in uni. Specific cast study was Cuban missile crisis from perspective of Cubans
1962. Under the cover of Cuban Missile crisis. gave a resounding slap in middle of still-friendly talks. https:…
So during Cuban Missile Crisis he had RFK on standby during Excom as a bulldog to make the security men behave
Man, do I get a *** when I think of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
'13 DAYS' story of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Excellent.
-Cuban Missile Crisis was? They had ICBMs pointed at us. That /IS/ at our border.
GCSE Historians - Who won the Cuban Missile Crisis? Surely this is a gem for the conc of a 10 marker? https:…
"Guys... Where were the missiles kept during the Cuban Missile Crisis?"
I was 9 in 1962 but I remember laying in bed thinking the world is going to end. Cuban Missile Crisis
Piece on how & Cuban Missile Crisis - suggests Moscow installed missiles partly out of rivalry with Beijing
Don’t expect a business boom from Cuba: For most Americans, the Cuban Missile Crisis began with a presidential...
Radical Baseball: Aroldis Chapman, the Cuban Missile Crisis, traded to the Yankees.
So during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cdn cabinet was talking about moving to the Diefenbunker if necessary. 1/
Lol I just remembered that my grandfather revealed his involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis to me recently.
Yes!! And the Cuban Missile Crisis was referenced in the question. Life was EASY in '84. Sigh.
. We didn't avoid WW III and the Cuban Missile Crisis just to let Trump and Cruz let us stumble back into it again.
Syria wasn't Obama's Cuban Missile Crisis, as he thinks, it was more like Carter's Iran Hostage Situation.
Have you seen Matinee, with John Goodman? It's about the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Talk to the EH guys at York Cold War Bunker. We did a small exhibition there about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Fab place.
remember Cuban missile crisis, when Cuba is cleared by Obama what crisis do u think we will have then? Borders wonr even matter
Watching Trump vying for President is this generation's Cuban Missile Crisis.
This is *so* pleasing, as I come from the generation who remembers the Cuban missile crisis. Long wait.
Amazing. 53 years after the Cuban Missile Crisis was averted by JFK. . cc:
All purpose parts banner
In the fall of 1962 the Cuban missile crisis broke out. Wishing in some measure to repay the benefit that he had rec…
morning, nope not 55yrs ..88...don't think JFK would have been visiting during Cuban Missile Crisis :)
Five decades after the revolution, Bay of Pigs, and the Cuban missile crisis
From the Cuban Missile Crisis to this. You've come a long way, baby.
ever heard of the Cuban missile crisis?
Great occasion to think about how the Cuban Missile Crisis might have been avoided.
Just finished the verry looong movie 'Topaz' by Hitchcock. 📽 And now I have to re-look up the Cuban Missile Crisis.
At one time, Cuba was going to invade Puerto Rico during the Cuban missile crisis.
Russia may have backed it but not as much as it did before the Cuban missile crisis. Research please :)
Havok's boyfriend died during Cuban Missile Crisis and then he got sent to Vietnam. Luckily nothing bad happened to *** in the 80s tho.
Shameful photo op. There are reasons why we have not visited. Communism, Cuban missile crisis. Suppresses/kills own people.
Watching the movie 13 Days. I'm terrified of the idea of someone like reacting to a situation similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
fake quote from a South American news paper. Was used to express the difficulty of Cuban Missile crisis
Castro brought this on his country by jumping in bed with communist Russia. Cuban missile crisis.
If you remember the 1962 Cuban missile crisis and want to relive that totally hopeless feeling of imminent oblivion then Vote Donald Trump
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From the Bay of Pigs to Cuban Missile Crisis and then today's visit an interesting n remarkable journey of foreign policy.
On Obamas historic visit to Cuba worth remembering 1962 Cuban missile Crisis when the worlds heart missed a beat and we faced the abyss
cuba was irrelevant during the cuban missile crisis. They werent even involved in the talks btwn jfk & russia
10 Things You May Not Know About the Cuban Missile Crisis - History in the Headlines
I shudder to imagine if Donald Trump was president during the Cuban missile crisis.
Been exploring the Cuban Missile Crisis over the last few weeks with my students. This has been a great backdrop!
the potus visiting cuba is just a preview of whats to come to USA "communism". why not report embargoes=cuban missile crisis
.. Can you imagine what a President Obama would've done during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
I watched the Cuban missile crisis on black&white TV with my Mom when I was a little boy.
It's kind of moving, having been a child during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
And if Kennedy didn't flinch during the Cuban Missile Crisis you and I might not be here today.
Navy veteran Bill Arkwright of North Sewickley Twp. participated in Cuban Missile Crisis blockade.
Same. I've hated it it since it triggered the Cuban Missile Crisis to win Matt Damon's fatherly love in The Good Shepherd. ;)
As Americans learned in the Cuban Missile Crisis, politics can be deadly serious. It requires a sober president, not …
I renounce Duke's endorsement. *OK?* If this child was president during the Cuban missile crisis, we wouldn't even be here.
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Fact: my grandfather was the one who initially found the missiles during the Cuban missile crisis.
For anti-Trump Republicans, the 15 days between Super Tuesday and Florida will be like the politics equivalent of the Cu…
To what extent was the Cuban Missile Crisis Russia's fault? Y10 GCSE Historians give justified judgments.
.I'm sure the Cuban People who died & escaped to America are going to love Also the Cuban Missile Crisis!
why are we just learning about the Cuban missile crisis? Why are we focusing on just slavery and the freeing of slaves???
in that time he prevented the Cuban missile crisis, established the peace corps and made it a goal to put a man on the moon
served USA aboard USS Intrepid during Cuban Missile Crisis. I volunteer with a heart murmur.Where was Bernie?
.from Reagan in the early 1980s. Apparently we came as close to nuclear war as during Cuban Missile Crisis
Google JFK speech Oct. 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. 20 min. long. You will never vote for a Cuban.
Post Cuban missile crisis Castro is pounding
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