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Cuba Gooding Sr

Cuba Gooding, Sr. (born April 27, 1944) is the lead singer of the soul group The Main Ingredient, most notable for its two biggest hits, Everybody Plays the Fool (1972) and Just Don't Want to Be Lonely (1974).

Cuba Gooding Jr Carl Lewis

I've been told I'm the Cuba Gooding Sr. of my generation. Cuba Gooding Jr. was the Cuba Gooding Sr. of his generation.
it was probably the Main Ingredient version you heard (that's the original version), with Cuba Gooding Sr. singing.
FYI - The lead singer for the Main Ingredient is Cuba Gooding Sr., father of Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr.
I keep waiting for my man/client Cuba Gooding Sr. to make a cameo at OJ's house party. Cuba Jr rocked it as OJ.
I really just think we are deserved a meet and greet with Cuba Gooding Sr.
Tom Allen just told me Cuba Gooding Sr is the man behind the Main Ingredient. Mind blown!
Adel Cuba Gooding sr is a close friend of ours. Your petty comments mean nothing to me. Thank you and goodbye.
Cuba Gooding Jr. Issues a Breakdancing Challenge to Channing Tatum on Late Show - via
With and Cuba Gooding Sr in the house last night. jamz
Cuba Gooding Sr. with the halftime entertainment!
And now Cuba Gooding Sr is the halftime show. There aren't words. There just aren't words.
Just watched Cuba Gooding Sr sing the anthem. It was.interesting.
Cuba Gooding Sr. and the Main Ingredient are performing at halftime of tomorrow's Fever game. My parents are too excited lol
here's your song . the lead singer is Cuba Gooding Sr.
Don't be a fool! See Cuba Gooding, Sr. and The Main Ingredient at halftime of Friday's game:
Cuba Gooding Sr, the father of actors Cuba Gooding Jr. and Omar Gooding, is being sued for…
How come nobody ever talks about Cuba Gooding Sr? What's his deal?
1988. My mother dating an ex-con. His best friend Cuba Gooding Sr. The son wasn't famous yet. First time I did coke. In the kitchen.
Had a great time... Had a chance to take pictures with my radio buddies Shanti Devi P, and Glenn AllGood Wokb.. Thanks to Steve Steve January Currie for making sure we had a nice time. It was also nice to take pictures with Cuba Gooding Sr., and Lucile O'Neal.
was filming an event for Shaq's Mom, Lucille O'Neal, and ran into Cuba Gooding Sr. He said hello!
Thanks for telling us Cuba Gooding Sr. is Cuba Gooding Jr's dad, Top fact and loving the show!
Cuba Gooding Sr. does a Carl Lewis with the Nat'l Anthem:
That was a good rendition of the national anthem but in terms of faves I'm still torn between Carl Lewis and Cuba Gooding Sr.
Cuba Gooding Jr. is so amazing in "Red Tails" they should credit him as Cuba Gooding Sr. He's delivering a "Radio" caliber performance.
This light hearted duet between Freda Payne and Cuba Gooding Sr. will put you in a festive mood that will last throughout the year. It's one of eleven musica...
"My dying wish is that you become the greatest actor the world has ever know! Don't let me down, son." ~Cuba Gooding Sr.
The Amie Jo Show is on right now! If you just woke up, you just missed Cuba Gooding Sr. Don't miss the rest! VegasTV
Mos of da tyme, "The Long Shot" worked for Chad, but like my man Cuba Gooding Sr said, "Everybody plays da fool sometimes"
I just came home from attending the tribute to both Hal Jackson and Sylvia Woods and what a celebration it was. Alyson Williams, Alicia Myers, Cuba Gooding Sr, Freddi Jackson, and then to end with Hezekiah Walker is just awesome. Also, not that we have to prove anything to anyone, but it was a pleasure seeing so many of us gathering peaceful to pay homage to those who made a positive influence for us.
Today is the Great day in Harlem celebration!...performances by Cuba Gooding Sr, Freddie Jackson, Hezekiah walker and more! Events start @ 12, the fashion show starts @ 4.come & see my son rip the runway! 122nd & Riverside Dr. (Grants Tomb)
Cuba Gooding Jr dad Cuba Gooding Sr is LIVE on Kalalloo Radio on
Cuba Gooding Sr. came to my job today, sang "Everybody plays the Fool", Mr. Shankle who lives in the building is a good friend of his, it was a great pleasure to meet him, remembered his songs but didn't remember his face
Main Ingredient frontman Cuba Gooding Sr. was a raging drunk and crackhead back in the '90s and guess what-Like father like son. Know why? Because Cuba Gooding Jr.
May 10 - 1869 Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads meet linking ocean to ocean ...1924 J Edger Hoover FBI ... 1950 Jackie Robinson first Black man to be on tthe cover of Life magazine ... 1969 National and American Football leagues merge, the rest is NFL history. Birthdays - Fred Astaire, Pat Summeral, Bono, John Wilks Booth. - 1974 Just Dont Want to Be Lonely (Cuba Gooding Sr. and the Main Ingredients)
Cuba Gooding Jr.'s dad was in the group the Ingredients, who had the hit song "Everybody plays the Fool"... And even more interesting rich Cuba Gooding Sr. Is building a Pyramid in Baja,Mexico!
Cuba Gooding Jr's dad is.Cuba Gooding Sr. who was with the group (back in the day) that did "Everybody plays The Fool" - who remembers the name of the group?
Happy 68th birthday to Cuba Gooding Sr of The Main Ingredient! Which is better here, the song or Don Cornelius' hair?
has 2 mixtapes out DL his singles May 11th tour w/ Cuba Gooding Sr starts
Cuba Gooding Sr. sings the National Anthem he grabs the mic with ultimate confidence, destroys the anthem, but is even more confident at the
Cuba Gooding Sr has called me to say that he just met Peter LaMarr - so excited !!
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