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Cuba Gooding Jr

Cuba M. Gooding, Jr. (born January 2, 1968) is an American actor. He is best known for his Academy Award-winning portrayal of Rod Tidwell in Cameron Crowe's 1996 film Jerry Maguire.

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Cuba Gooding Sr., father of Cuba Gooding Jr. found dead in his car.
Cuba Gooding Jr. & Omar Gooding look JUST like their dad. My prayers go out to Cuba Gooding Sr.'s family during this di…
Cuba Gooding Jr. reacts to Sarah Paulson skirt-lift outrage via the Android app
Why won't be lifting skirt again anytime soon
.clears the air on Sarah Paulson skirt-lifting controversy:
Cuba Gooding Jr. responds to controversy over lifting Sarah Paulson's skirt: The…
We don't think understood the outrage
Happy 1 year anniversary of Cuba Gooding Jr. threatening hands over Thugga
although I will say Cuba Gooding Jr wasn't the best person to play OJ...but the Johnny Cochran is πŸ’―
Cuba Gooding Jr. gets flak for lifting up Sarah Paulson's dress
Cuba Gooding Jr. lifted Sarah Paulson's dress at an event on Sunday. This is not ok.
Cuba Gooding Jr. slammed for lifting up Sarah Paulson’s dress.
Cuba Gooding Jr sparks outrage after lifting up Sarah Paulson's dress
Cuba Gooding Jr. slammed for lifting Sarah Paulson dress at AHS panel
Marry me *running in the rain screaming like the Cuba Gooding Jr scene in Men of honor*
Quick, get me Cuba Gooding Jr., Rene Russo, Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Spacey. Morgan Freeman and Donal…
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I want to work with Samuel Jackson , Jim Carrey, Cuba Gooding Jr, Gabrielle Union, Will Smith , Zoe Kravitz, & much more! Those are my top
Viola Davis, Cuba Gooding Jr,. Forest Whittaker, Jennifer Hudson and. Jaime Foxx, would disagree with you.
American Crime Story is boring so far hopefully it gets better. But I'm loving Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr in this
Cuba Gooding Jr deserves all the awards for The People v OJ Simpson
Cuba Gooding Jr's greatest performance is Ted Brooks in Snow Dogs and don't try and argue with me
But Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr are πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― and I can get on board with that
Btw, my housemates were African. Chike produced hip hop videos. Was in movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. Wish U success.
Studied till 3 a.m to get an email saying my test is postponed due to a "snow day". *starts hitting air like Cuba Gooding Jr*
The movie was pretty good. Cuba Gooding Jr. played a good role. So did Malcolm Mays.
Cuba Gooding Jr.: "I was shocked at how good the kid can play. He really has nice skills, and he's a real sweet kid, too."
They got Cuba Gooding Jr. playing OJ in this series and I already don't wanna watch it anymore.
Shouldn't it be a gif with Cuba Gooding Jr? Ok, back to work, getting a preprint ready this week!
Cuba Gooding Jr. went from being ball boy with a radio to winning the Heisman!
When I die, none of my money will go to my family. Instead I will have Cuba Gooding Jr hired to cry, carry my casket, and say we were BFFs.
Cuba Gooding Jr's acting is spot on, but I just can't get past how he just does not look like him. It ruins it for me.
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Just found out Omar Gooding and Cuba Gooding Jr are brothers. Speechless
Tonight's celeb sightings from the Grammy pre party at the Sunset Marquee: . Cuba Gooding Jr. Julian Lennon...
you partied with my mans Cuba Gooding Jr?!?!
After watching this show I have to ask if Cuba Gooding Jr is a terrible actor or if OJ was mentally challenged and Cuba is an amazing actor
You could change ya name to Cuba Gooding Jr and finesse lowkey
I can't decide if Cuba Gooding Jr. *** in this or is just really good at making me hate OJ
I watched a documentary about Cuba Gooding Jr killing his ex wife, then getting away with it because his gloves wouldn't…
WarGames, starring Bruce Lee and Cuba Gooding Jr. Directed by Sam Peckinpah, music by Ian Brown. Budget: $3m
Cuba Gooding Jr.'s best performance since Radio, too
If The People v. OJ is a true story taking place in our real world, then who's playing Cuba Gooding Jr.?
Cuba Gooding Jr. breaking down as OJ Simpson in American People vs. OJ Simpson is seriously incredible.
Cuba Gooding Jr. is killing his role as OJ Simpson! And I'm only 4 episodes in!
Finally watching I can't believe Cuba Gooding Jr was nominated an Emmy for this
One of the best movie ever "Men of honor" by Cuba Gooding Jr and Robert De Niro
who chose Cuba Gooding Jr to play OJ Simpson
Jay-Z and Cuba Gooding Jr. at the re-launch event for Coca-Cola’s β€œCherry Coke,” which featured cans and bottles de…
Everyone towers over Cuba Gooding Jr. at any given moment. He doesn't command the room like OJ. Just a strange pick if you ask me.
I just really think Cuba Gooding Jr is too small & has too high of a voice to play OJ Simpson. He sounds like a Chihuahua when he yells.
today I learned: Cuba Gooding Jr played Ben Carson in a tv movie version of "Gifted Hands"
Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Cheyenne Jackson are confirmed to attend the AHS panel at
Cuba Gooding Jr. portraying Doris Miller gives me chills
Toronto Sun 'Show me the money'; Cops called on Cuba Gooding Jr. as he rehearsed iconic scene Toronto Sun Oscar…
This has got Cuba Gooding Jr. written all over it.
Finally got around to people vs oj simpson and man Cuba Gooding Jr. Man.
For some reason, Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding, Jr. we're just spotted scrambling into a helicopter.
is he the one that Cuba Gooding jr played in a lifetime movie?
If Obama had the swag of Cuba Gooding Jr. y'all would love him, but since he got the sauce you wanna boo that black man.
I'm not a prude. On the set, they called me 'Butt Naked.'...
Why did cuba gooding jr and jen hudson play madiba and winnie again??
Is it bad that I want to marry Cuba Gooding, Jr.?
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yeah when he was in that choir movie with beyonce and Cuba gooding jr he was literally head and shoulders above them
*Cuba Gooding Jr swinging in the air*
Snow Dogs is on and he confused Cuba Gooding Jr with Martin Lawrence πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Cuba Gooding Jr. had the best movies in the 90's
When I walk in pu6lic I feel like Cuba Gooding Jr I'm Snow Dogs wit his tie up
I'm just tryna have a night like Cuba Gooding Jr. at the Golden Globes
Hey remember when lost an Oscar to Cuba Gooding Jr
Someone once told me they thought I looked like Cuba Gooding Jr. and to this day I still don't know if it was a compliment or an insult.
he looks like a cross between Tom Jackson and character Cuba Gooding jr played in movie Radio
Faith Evans was Lil Cuba Gooding Jr.'s mother in that "Fighting Tempations" movie.
I think Riff raff & Cuba gooding JR would've been a better tandem what do I know though .
My wife and I have been together since 1986. I graduated in '86 ...
Jonathan Lynn is one of the last actors Orsen Welles used in a pro...
So Cuba Gooding Jr just rolled up and asked *** why we was making so much noise in LES
You look like Cuba gooding jr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ β€” πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ I just looked him up that's a first πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...
ok I really coulda swore Cuba Gooding Jr was dead...
When the pack would touch down felt like Cuba Gooding Jr in Radio
Nights like this are when a team of Alaskan sled dogs would come in handy, I envy you Cuba Gooding Jr.
TIL to sell studio execs on the idea of making Jerry Maguire, Cameron Crowe and James L Brooks had Cuba Gooding Jr and others do a read-thr…
There are roles I want that my agency might not want me to do beca...
I've been told I'm the Cuba Gooding Sr. of my generation. Cuba Gooding Jr. was the Cuba Gooding Sr. of his generation.
For a second I read "he" as referring to Cuba, and thought "Cuba Gooding Jr.?"
I feel like Cuba Gooding Jr. In that Boyz In The Hood scene when he just got pulled over and went to shorty crib and s…
. Ah. Cuba Gooding Jr. and his sled dogs finally made it down here to deliver the bad news. Good. Good to know.
Please tell me Cuba Gooding Jr is going to be in the next season of
My mood for the next four years is literally Cuba Gooding Jr. shadowboxing with tears coming out of his eyes
Cuba Gooding Jr. Is a weird name, right? Like, what if I was Ireland Osborne?
* fights the air like Cuba Gooding Jr *
From the back of the pack comes Cuba Gooding Jr for president of the US
Cuba Gooding Jr. He did so good in Radio.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Show me the stickers! (In my best Cuba Gooding Jr. In Jerry McGuire voice)
I'm just gunna say Cuba Gooding Jr has played both Ben Carson and OJ Simpson.
Just found out Cuba Gooding Jr is just around the corner baby!
I won Best Supporting Actor in 1996 and am Cuba Gooding Jr.
I once won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. No, really! I did!. Signed,. Cuba Gooding Jr.
And how awesome is Cuba Gooding Jr. on American Horror Story
Looks like Jo's new relationship is heating up!. Cuba Gooding Jr. guest stars on Tuesday's new episode of
My sister met Cuba Gooding Jr. in a bar last night and all she has is this
- i call dibs on the Cuba Gooding Jr role!
Just found out Cuba Gooding Jr is not from Cuba, but from New York. . Leave it to a big name celebrity to be a huge liar
Just when you thought you couldn't hate OJ Simpson any more, Alexander and Karaszewski brilliantly cast Cuba Gooding Jr. as Juice himself.
Cuba Gooding Jr. has a good dry sense of humor
Best movie Cuba Gooding Jr. ever did was Snow Dogs.
"White girl wit me like Elvis, ol girl say I'm too selfish, sippin' on lean I can't help it." - Cuba Gooding Jr.
yeah, cuz he looks JUST like him,JUST like Cuba Gooding Jr looked anything like OJ. Ugh. Acting is not enough to suspend disbelief
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Cuba Gooding Jr will be a series regular, billed for 10 episodes
Mel will have to remake A Hard Days Night, with Cuba Gooding Jr playing John, before the forgives him
I better get my voice back before I go to this interview next week, I'm not tryna sound like Cuba Gooding Jr lol
I'm getting pretty obsessed with this season. Cannibals are always a fun watch, Cuba Gooding Jr needs to come back for more seasons πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
I think he just got confused after hearing Cuba Gooding Jr endorsed him
"honestly, Cuba Gooding Jr. should have won an Oscar in Snow Dogs" -
Can we also admire how in her career Angela Bassett has played Cuba Gooding Jr's mother AND THEN his sister. Woman is unstoppable.
It's mind boggling to me that Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. get it on in the first episode of Ahs 6.
Can someone get Cuba Gooding Jr. A tea & a bag of Halls? He barely has a voice
"I feel like part of me has died with her!" I actually love Sarah Poulson and Cuba Gooding Jr in this series πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cuba Gooding Jr. should not have been on πŸ‘ŽπŸΎ
Cuba Gooding Jr's character in AHS is how I think he is in real life πŸ™„
This girl stopped me and said "has anyone ever told you that you look like "Cuba Gooding Jr. ?" πŸ˜‚ I just said yeah and turned around.
Since 8th grade they've been telling me I look like Cuba Gooding Jr. πŸ™„
I'm so happy Cuba Gooding Jr. made a comeback this year
Also, Cuba Gooding Jr.'s performance reminds me of Mark Wahlberg's in "The Happening".
I think Cuba Gooding Jr. in a Rod Tidwell jersey from Jerry McGuire could help us out.
Lady Gaga and Cuba Gooding Jr. got steamy in the woods on American Horror Story:
Fun fact: my Nissan Cube's name is Cuba Gooding Jr.
why is he dressed like Cuba Gooding Jr. In the "getting off the plane Ina tropical location" scene circa 1998-2003?
Would you like to see Sarah Paulson & Cuba Gooding Jr as the protagonist on ?
Don't let people disrespect you. My mom says don't open the door to the devil. Surround y
to Jennifer Lawrence and Cuba Gooding Jr. posing like pros at the 20th show!
should pull a Cuba Gooding JR in Jerry Maguire: Show me the MONEY!
I originally read this as though you were talking about Cuba Gooding Jr. and I was so confused.
It's a director's job to tell a story and he's very well versed in telling stories with a bi
I'm watching Boat Trip with Cuba Gooding Jr and Horatio Sanz, this may be the movie they show serial killers on repeat in ***
Is it weird that every time I check my answer on ALEKS and it's right I yell out "show me the money jerry!!" Good ole Cuba Gooding Jr.
Need a man with a raspy voice (Think: Cuba Gooding Jr.) to do a quick voice over bit for a very fun project I'm...
Been fighting today like Cuba Gooding Jr fought the air in Boyz in the Hood.
The lack of Cuba Gooding Jr in modern film is JUST appalling...
I'll take a true-to-life story anytime over fiction...the one with Cuba Gooding Jr. is another great one, "Radio?"
I'm kinda sad to think of will ever see Cuba Gooding Jr breakdance again everyone is Getting old
I rewind the TV every two minutes. If someone does something interesting, I have to see i
And thats why Cuba Gooding Jr signed with the dude off Mission Impossible.
Cuba Gooding Jr has sausage neck forehead
Cuba Gooding Jr. in Men of Honor is one of the best performances I've watched in a movie.
Why are people still mistaking Terrence Howard for Cuba Gooding Jr.?
Ended my night in Brentwood with karaoke with Cuba Gooding Jr...ah the life of a motorcycle builder.
Bet y'all can't say Cuba Gooding Jr. 3 times fast though
All the rappers I love, only date white girls. It makes me want to fight air like Cuba gooding Jr.
Watching I see Cuba Gooding, Jr, and Westley goes, "Oh yeah! He was in Cool Runnings... I mean, Snow Dogs."
why am I the only one of all my friends following cuba gooding jr.'s downward spiral
And Cuba Gooding Jr is good as well
Did OJ Simpson do it? Cuba Gooding Jr reveals what he decided in exclusive clip
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
if it wasn't for lawyers you wouldn't need lawyers. That's from a movie, with cuba gooding Jr it's called murder of crows I'm js
Name dropping is a huge sign of insecurity. Cuba Gooding Jr. Told me that once
OJ for days! (Despite the god awful Cuba Gooding Jr) the show belonged to Sarah Paulson and Courtney B Vance πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
I'd like to see Idris Elba, Sterling Brown, Cuba Gooding Jr, or Derek Luke to play Black Manta. That order. Wesley Snipes if going older. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Cuba Gooding Jr. went for the O.J. Simpson voice in the FX series and ended up sounding like Joe Bell.
I liked "Gladiator" with Cuba Gooding Jr as a kid. Aside from that I would have to say Raging Bull or Cinderella Man
*** really convinced us that Cuba Gooding Jr and Morris Chestnut were in highschool
Did you know Cuba Gooding Jr. is a huge Young Thug Fan?
.says he cried after realizing he met slain Dallas officer
Even Cuba Gooding Jr. feels the pain of the Dallas shooting.
Cuba Gooding Jr. β€˜cried’ over photo he took with slain Dallas cop
RIP: Patrick Zamarripa. Cuba Gooding Jr cried over death of murdered Dallas policeman after chance photo
A slain Dallas cop had a chance meeting with Cuba Gooding Jr. back in February
Cuba Gooding Jr. 'Cried',Discovering He Met a Cop Killed in Dallas Now come up with money
Cuba Gooding Jr. says he cried after finding out he met one of the officers killed in Dallas
Cuba Gooding Jr. says he cried over murder of cop he met in Dallas
Cuba Gooding, Jr. cried over murdered police officer
Cuba Gooding Jr. "cried" when he realized he met one of the victims of the
Have you seen this story about Officer Zamarripa? He met in February.
Cuba Gooding Jr speaks out after learning he met slain Dallas police officer. .
As great as this show is, I don't think OJ was casted well. I think Malcolm Jamal Warner would've made a better choice than Cuba Gooding Jr
Did Cuba Gooding Jr ever get an award for Radio? Cause he definitely should've
what if we include him in a trade package developed around Darius Rucker and Cuba Gooding jr.
Cuba Gooding Jr. has best celebrity voice ever.
A Cuba Gooding Jr. movie quote comes to mind.
Show Me the Money Hitler (Spoof). Cuba Gooding Jr. wants Hitler to show him ...
As an actor you have to bring to the table your creative input. But when a ...
David West in the locker room throwing air punches like Cuba gooding Jr. In boyz n the hood he turned down 10 mill lol
A new favorite: Cuba Gooding Jr - UNITED FRONT Starring Bomani Mayasa by UF_ASAFO on
Not mentioned - 1996: Edward Norton should have won Best Supporting Actor for PRIMAL FEAR over Cuba Gooding Jr.
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lol I'm just imagining Cuba Gooding Jr. fighting lions in sandals yelling "show me the money!"
The voice in my head sounds like Cuba Gooding Jr.
You probably don't remember that time I interviewed I'm fairly certain he doesn't either.
Only in Malibu does the rabbi do karaoke and Cuba Gooding, Jr!
Cuba Gooding Jr could actually play George Zimmerman too.
Want to make your JBFA win count tonight? Pull a Jack Palance and do some one-armed push ups, or make like Cuba Gooding Jr. Step it up!
liked it a lot, but Cuba Gooding Jr sucked and the Kardashian 'fame' asides were pointless in context
Boyz n the Butt, starring Ice Cube, and Cuba Gooding Jr.
Memento, starring Bryan Cranston and Cuba Gooding Jr. Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, music by Future Islands. Budget: $10m
$WATT earnings next week, what earnings? These relationships? they brag about, Show me the Cuba Gooding Jr. 1st. Their "Tech" can't be Done.
FYI - The lead singer for the Main Ingredient is Cuba Gooding Sr., father of Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr.
Tom Hanks, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sean Penn and Russell Crowe have all played characters with mental issues and played them well
30 for 30 my *** This is worthy of full blown Hollywood blockbuster. Cuba Gooding Jr to play Laremy.
"Show me the money" Cuba Gooding Jr reveals what his Father told Tom Cru... via
Today I had the pleasure to meet one of the most talented and modest actors Mr. Cuba Gooding Jr.
Was hoping to catch up on but my WiFi is acting up. So, instead I'll be watching "Freedom" starring Cuba Gooding Jr. on DVD.
Why is Cuba Gooding Jr. always crying in movies? 😒
Ice T, Cuba Gooding Jr. & Rza discussing how sonically SS3 is a notch up from I'm UP.
Listen. lol. I need s/one to gif Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. saying "I swear to sweet, Black Baby Jesus" b/c that was the GOAT
What a movie! Nicholson, Hunt, Kinnear, and Cuba Gooding Jr, at thier best!
Cuba Gooding Jr. is a marvelous actor.
Cuba Gooding Jr. is a 16th century pirate who is shipwrecked on an island populated solely by amateur dramatics groups
United employee James Weston working with Cuba Gooding Jr. in movie Red Tails.
Dog just crossed paths with a snake and I made Cuba Gooding Jr.'s "RICKY!" sound like a whisper
Cuba Gooding Jr on OJ Simpson: β€˜It could have been me in that Bronco’
[Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You" plays over a montage of me sifting through various Cuba Gooding Jr films in the $5 DVD…
For tradition's sake, when Cuba Gooding Jr. wins the Emmy for playing O.J, he should start yelling that he didn't kill Nicole Brown Simpson.
the saddest part of the movie is when Cuba Gooding Jr punches the air like a mentally challenged man after police
dude, when Gladiator came out in 2000 I still remembered the Cuba Gooding Jr./Brian Dennehy Classic.
Turns out Cuba Gooding Jr is a big fan of Young Thug. This argument with thefronk90 happened back in December
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Cuba Gooding Jr. is apparently a ride or die Young Thug fan lmaooo:
will Cuba Gooding Jr. star in Les Miles vs. The People of Louisiana?
From to Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. spills the tea on his former costars!.
Cuba Gooding Jr. Issues a Breakdancing Challenge to Channing Tatum on Late Show - via
Nothing but love for Cuba Gooding Jr. and his lovely brother Omar Gooding.
I had no idea these two were brothers though Cuba Gooding Jr and Omar Gooding ✊🏽
I want to trade Cuba Gooding Jr and Tiger Woods from in exchange for Johnny Depp and Bobby Brown
Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson deserve an award for their performances in
Jennifer Garner and Cuba Gooding Jr. took dares on and it got weird.
I really dislike Cuba Gooding Jr. as OJ. They could've put a low fade wig on Boris Kodjoe and had him play the part.
O.J. Simpson reportedly thinks Cuba Gooding Jr.'s head is "too small" to accurately reflect the hugeness of his own. https:…
Larry Karaszewski, David Schwimmer, Courtney B. Vance, Scott Alexander and Cuba Gooding Jr. at the premiere
I am obsessed. Cuba Gooding Jr & David Schwimmer are fantastic, and Courtney B Vance is an absolute showstopper.
Both John Travolta and Cuba Gooding Jr. are genius in The People vs. Oj Simpson.
Hard to watch The People v. O.J. Simpson and not think OJ had CTE. I suspect creators/Cuba Gooding Jr mean for that to be the case too.
Wayne Brady & Cuba Gooding Jr... Pretty much the same's like they went to the school of corny, safe, black ppl.
at one stage I had Alec Baldwin as JG. Kate Beckinsale as SK/CW. Cuba Gooding Jr as LF &. Josh Hartnett as HJ/GL.
At age 16 at the 1984 Olympics, Cuba Gooding Jr.'s first professional job was as a break-dancer for Lionel Richie.
Cuba Gooding Jr.'s OJ Insights, the Striking Image of Perfume Genius, and More: Today's Recommended Reading
"What's that movie where Cuba Gooding Jr accidentally goes on a *** cruise?". "Pearl Harbor ?"
Harvey Levin, thanks so much for further clarification. I agree. Cuba Gooding Jr did a great job.
Cuba Gooding Jr stole my seat at Perry Ellis
OK, but what about Jamie Foxx in Ray, Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire?
Cuba Gooding Jr looks as much like OJ as I look like John F. Kennedy.
Todd Bridges would have made a better OJ Simpson than Cuba Gooding Jr.
Cuba Gooding Jr. is really murdering it as O.J. Simpson,
This OJ Simpson show would be better if Cuba Gooding Jr was playing OJ, but as his character from the movie Radio
So they got Cuba Gooding Jr. Playing OJ and Johnny Cochran playing Johnny Cochran.
Why is Cuba Gooding Jr playing OJ? Dude is 2 feet shorter than The Juice.
Cuba Gooding Jr aging like white people
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Still not sure why they used Cuba Gooding Jr. as OJ Simpson but I'm sure it's going to be good!
I didn't like Cuba Gooding Jr as Trey Styles. Didn't work for me at all
"Mr. Simpson, we have bad news...your wife is dead and the killer plopped a statue of Cuba Gooding Jr. In your yard.".
has anyone figured out a better actor to play OJ than Cuba Gooding Jr? lol
Cuba Gooding Jr. As OJ. David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian. This is seriously from the pages of Mad Magazine.
I love Cuba Gooding Jr. but I'm just not feeling him as OJ hopefully his portrayal will grow on me
Cuba Gooding Jr. Plays O.J Simpson in the new show, The People V. O.J. Simpson. This gon be gud..
So, we can all agree Cuba Gooding Jr. looks ABSOLUTELY nothing like O.J.? I don't recall O.J. looking about 5'9 & 180.
How did Cuba Gooding Jr. Become a shaky actor all of a sudden?
I have a strong feeling Cuba Gooding Jr is gonna win an Emmy and or a Globe for this role.
Cuba Gooding Jr. don't look anything like OJ Simpson just FYI
Cuba Gooding Jr. Probably one of the Greatest actors alive.
Cuba Gooding Jr. is ... not good in this πŸ˜•
you guys watch Book of Negroes? That half attempt at a Jamaican accent was the last effort Cuba Gooding Jr was ever gonna put into Acting.
The shoulda got Cuba Gooding Jr some Elevator shoes thats like making Jordan 6'1
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Height difference between casting of Cuba Gooding Jr. and OJ Simpson is like playing lead in life story of
FX bro! Go watch it now! Cuba Gooding Jr, John Travolta, David Schwimmer>>>
Looks good except Cuba Gooding Jr is too small to play OJ.
Look I already knew Cuba Gooding Jr was playing OJ and I was STILL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ when he popped up on my screen.
Cuba Gooding Jr. seems like a small OJ .
Can't think of a better person to play this role than Cuba Gooding Jr lol
Cuba Gooding Jr. was definitely MADE for this role 😳 crazy resemblance.
Watching this OJ Simpson movie...Cuba Gooding Jr. is doing a great job playing OJ!
This will be more fun if you pretend Cuba Gooding Jr. is just playing a grown up Tre from Boyz n the Hood.
The People vs. OJ is one of the few series I want to know the details going in. Sources, facts, where to find Cuba Gooding Jr statues, etc
Cuba Gooding Jr such a great actor.
Cuba Gooding Jr a horrible actor, so he slides right into this role.
Where does Cuba Gooding Jr rank in all-time great black actors?
Cuba Gooding Jr well never top Radio. He played the *** out of that role
Cuba Gooding Jr as OJ Simpson?! No way. There's not one iota of resemblance. I can't buy it. At all.
Cuba Gooding Jr went missing for a minute.
Cuba Gooding Jr playing your daddy on tv
Well... Cuba Gooding Jr. doesn't look like a ex-football player, does he?
I have a gf that doesn't even know who Cuba Gooding Jr is...
Holy crap OJ had photos of Cuba Gooding Jr. from the future hanging all around his home!
I'm just waiting for Cuba Gooding Jr to yell "Show Me the Money!"
Cuba Gooding Jr. Has a Message for the Families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.
Cuba Gooding Jr. has a message for the families of Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman:
John Travolta, Cuba Gooding Jr, David Schwimmer all have roles in the new TV series about O.J. Simpson on FX.
Why O.J. Simpson was Cuba Gooding Jr.'s hardest role of all time
Like I get more excited whenever I see Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt acting than Idris Elba and Cuba Gooding Jr.
Cuba Gooding Jr who plays OJ Simpson in new drama reveals his sorrow via dried his tears with his check
I am not even a Cleveland brown fan but please get rid of sign, probably recruit Cuba Gooding Jr for a better fit.
Can’t sell me on anything with Cuba Gooding Jr & John Travolta in 2016
Cuba Gooding Jr was born on this date in 1968..happy 48th brotha!
Julius LaRosa is 86 (This is Heaven, Three Coins in a Fountain), Cuba Gooding Jr is 48 (People vs. O.J. Simpson), Happy Birthday!
got 136 balloons for his 48 yo bday so far Gift him more!
Is it your Birthday today?. See which famous stars shares your birthday. .
In 1968 - American actor, Cuba Gooding Jr. born on this day in Bronx NY.
. But Cuba Gooding Jr. is a great actor
My first film was with Cuba Gooding Jr, 'The Fighting Temptations,' and I had a ...
Born on this day in 1968 - Cuba Gooding Jr, actor (Boyz N the Hood, Glaadiator, Few Good Men).
Presenting you with best performances
Happy birthday to Cuba Gooding, Jr.! And you if you're having a birthday today!
Cuba Michael Gooding, Jr. (born January 2, 1968) is an American actor. He is best known for his Academy...
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