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Crumlin Road

Crumlin Road Gaol Northern Ireland Parades Commission City Centre Gift Shop Belfast City Hall

£19 for a Crumlin Road Gaol guided tour and a main course each for two people, £37 for four…
Looking to in Check out this which is on open viewing on @ 5:30pm…
People getting PTs and I'm getting the bus 3 stops up the crumlin road, life choices people
Anyone know what's happening on Crumlin Road? I see 2 Ambulances and unmarked garda cars flying around the place, just being nosey tbh
Take a guided tour of Crumlin Road Gaol today and afterwards treat yourself to lunch in our new on site...
Checkpoint herberton road, from rialto towards crumlin just before bridge (21.00)
Alt routes to get to M2 @ TP: over mountain towards crumlin; Antrim Road, through GGormley to TP; along shore rd, t…
If you're in Belfast, this is likely to be via the Antrim Road. Sometimes people will take the route over the mount…
it's still there even 47 years later. Lower Oldpark Road, heading ont…
I'm stuck on the crumlin road at the shopping centre... for the past 30 mins
what's going on on crumlin road. Sitting on the bus for 30mins and haven't moved.
That's kids birthday booked. . Wall climbing at Boucher world and then the crumlin road ghost tour. . Im so...
.yet come the 12th July on Crumlin Road banners proclaim 'End hatred of Orange culture' Go figure!
Mmm what to do today. Zoo. Crumlin road jail. Or titanic again...maybe botanic gardens.
Equaliser at Porterstown Road. Shane Mario Dolan scores for Crumlin against former club Mochtas to make it 1-1
specifically we're going on a ghost hunt at the Crumlin Road Gaol in February (Friday 13th January was sold out 😭)
Did you know that Crumlin Road Gaol was designed by renowned architect Sir Charles Lanyon, who was born on this...
Is the Crumlin Road Jail back in business them 🤔
Hi Ailbhe, Blanchardstown, Crumlin Road, Naas Rd, Tallaght, Ranelagh,have the facility to lodge coin directly into your acc, ^MG
Christmas Tree Re-cycling in this January at Windmill Road Bring Centre, Crumlin and at bottle banks in Walk…
- The Titanic centre in Belfast *** Don't even. Better fun at Crumlin Road Gaol or the Giants Causeway. Have fun. See you soon
nothing planned but can recommend a black cab tour of the former Troubled areas and also a visit to the old Crumlin road jail
Due to Phenomenal demand another date has been added to Road Gaol dates. 10th FEBRUARY 2017. Jake...
York or the Hudson Bar. For tourist type things theres the Crumlin Road Gaol not far from the City Centre, theres also the...
Clifton park avenue / Crumlin Road / Agnes st junction - roadworks today. Delays in the area
The Crumlin Road junction to the entrance to Sheiling Grange in will be closed for 2 weeks from tomorrow.
Belfast, you've been grand. From Crumlin Road, to the Titanic, to taxi tours, to Guinness and music in Fibber Magees. Now to Wimbledon! ✈️
At Crumlin Road Gaol with clic Sargent hosted by
All set-up and ready for the third night of gala dinners this weekend at Crumlin Road Gaol!
.28 British Road, Aldergrove, Crumlin, BT29 4DH - Offers in the region of
Went to Crumlin Road Gaol the other day - felt like I was in Shawshank Redemption! Loved Belfast so far!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Crumlin Road Gaol SHOP supplied by White Star Momentos have opened their new Gift Shop onsite and have a wide...
It's delivery day to Crumlin Road Gaol Belfast, we supply many bespoke items to their Gift Shop and can do the...
A viable pipe bomb's been discovered in County Antrim.The security alert at Ballydonaghy Road in Crumlin ended early this morning
& on the way out 3 patients in their dressing gowns sitting at the bus stop on the Crumlin Road smoking! 2/2
New vlog is live! Exploring the Titanic Museum and the very creepy Crumlin Road Gaol!
😂 she can't go up the Crumlin road on the 12th July
lower Crumlin Road/Carlisle Circus is mental too many cars parked on Roads hopefully u can find solutions
Cars are being seized by Gardai in several houses in Crumlin and at least three high-powered cars taken at garage near Naas Road by CAB
This week were busy supplying Crumlin Road Gaol with a new range of bespoke gifts for their Gaol Gift Shop, we...
The road to June starts in this circle! fired up today...ready to get this machine back in action!
Re: unpaid roles for in Co 17 WARDHILL ROAD: H...
Drama, caged football, pizza, arts and crafts - family project at ROC Cafe Crumlin Road.
One night, two workshops. Looking forward to working with young people at Greystone and Crumlin Road Presbyterian. Should be fun!
A shot taken a couple of weeks ago of the old Crumlin Road Courthouse.
Back from a very cultured weekend in Belfast after visiting the titanic museum and crumlin road prison
also known as Crumlin Road Gaol, is former prison in Northern Ireland
. She was on bombing mission in Crumlin
Off to Crumlin Road jail today for a wee history lesson. 😂
I'd just walked into the frosty yard in Crumlin Road Prison when one of the lads asked if I'd heard H/T
I understand there has been a bad head on collision on the Ballyuotag road (Crumlin end). I hope everyone involved is ok.
Reports of a crash on the Ballyutoag Rd in says it's not causing any delays but there is debris on the road
Crumlin Road Gaol will welcome the Charity Tattoopalooza in our Gaol Circle and Wing on 29 November from...
This ghost picture was taken at the Crumlin Road Prison in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The prison was
HELP PLEASE! Our wonderful organiser of the Action Cancer Symphonic Fashion Show at the Crumlin Road Gaol last...
Delighted to be speaking to public sector leaders at today's NI Governance Conference at Crumlin Road Jail Belfast.
Looking forward to hosting CIPFA's conference at Crumlin Road Gaol today...
The recreation yard at Crumlin Road jail from which the nine IRA "Crumlin Kangaroos" escaped November 17 1971
The wall at Crumlin Road Jail over which nine IRA men escaped on 17 November 1971
The scene outside on Crumlin Road as traffic is searched by the RUC after the escape by nine IRA men on 17 Nov 1971
Today in 1971, nine IRA volunteers escape from Crumlin Road Jail in Belfast.
I am getting blown up this Crumlin road 😂🌬🌪
The good old 111 to athboy just passed me on the crumlin road, r u lost
Check out “Journey” art exhibit in Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast. (Scullery area) from 17 – 29 Nov
In Belfast to do welcome on behalf of at Northern Ireland Safety Group annual conference at Crumlin Road Gaol. Great turnout.
Bus lane camera on crumlin road today I see
Former Crumlin Leisure Centre, Road, This and space is in a…
Packed house for the telling of the loyalist prisoner story at Crumlin Road.
My latest post is on Lots of Fermanagh posts planned
...and orange order never attempted to march near crumlin road in Belfast ...and life goes on...
Most recently I wrote about my visit to
I write about some great tourist attractions too!!
Watching the green mile, Crumlin Road Gaol proceeds going towards habitat NI, great cause
My latest post on is an example of my wonderful work ;)
John Coffey just made his debut at Crumlin Road Gaol. movie night with The Green Mile.
Charity Movie Night At Crumlin Road Gaol. Green Mile in aid of Habitat for Humanity Northern Ireland
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
crumlin road not crumbling road. Blooming auto correct!!!
Some Sunday evening viewing - maybe an idea for a summer trip in Belfast :).
Tickets are selling out fast for the Elvis tribute show at Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast. The Jailhouse Rock show...
That time I went to prison...but not for what you think!
List of protesting republican prisoners in Crumlin Road, and their demands.
I was on a guided tour of the Crumlin Road Gaol las week! :).
Queen visits Game of Thrones set in Belfast
New on the blog today: My guided tour of the Crumlin Road Gaol - link on my profile .
Check out my new post on my visit to ! .
Treason Felony - stories of Irish republicans in Belfast under colonial administration
Crumlin is very Scottish name despite Crumlin Road in Northern Ireland,it is from Glasgow,they did a runner probably
Demands made by protesting republican prisoners in Crumlin Road (August 1936)
Why was van Straubenzee doing deals with a mass murderer in Crumlin Road Jail ?
Demands made by republican prisoners in Crumlin Road, August 1936
I will be at the Crumlin Road car boot this Sunday selling bows - come and see me x
which is on crumlin side road, it's a private barn too, haven't been there but from what I've heard it really nice
your assumption that Crumlin Road is a CNR road/area,you are contradicting your own argument.
if that is your comeback then you must consider Crumlin Road a CNR road,you are either misguided or ignorant to facts .
do you deem the Crumlin Road a Republican area?
This is the tunnel linking the to the court house across the Crumlin Road. Brilliant…
Via Crumlin says NO to Water Meters and Charges. Enda the road Kenny had his car blocked by protesters today at...
The basis of Garc's parade objection has always been the closing of the crumlin road . Yet.
those "leaders"/known faces on Crumlin road attending protest should be arrested immediately
Passed the Crumlin Road Court, such a great building! Hope the plans to refurbish it go ahead
so what's the complaint highlighting is there to be no-one on the Crumlin Road at all when GARC says so ??
18 days to go until I am jailed in Crumlin Road for crimes I didn't commit for Please help bail me out. DM or Virgin £
Bus downwind of a bin truck on the Crumlin Road. Gonna vomit 😦
we're not even using Crumlin road Goal for anything!
Half of them don't believe in science the other half are a side note on the Crumlin Road Gaol tour
sweet Jxsxs Tim ! Have they booked you in to Crumlin Road Gaol? Shocking! Check out immediately - see if Rayanne House rooms.
30 September 1972: Francis Peter Lane, 23-year-old Catholic civilian, a medical student at Queen's University and was also the son of a prominent consultant at the Mater Hospital. Mr Lane was killed by the UDA/UFF and is body left in a house in the Glencairn area. Despite having no assault marks on his body, the inquest was told that he had been pistol whipped. The inquest was also told that after 9:00PM on September 29th Mr Lane left his Crumlin Road home. After a shot was heard, his body was found at 3:00AM in a derelict farmhouse. A report was made by soldiers that a UDA vigilante patrol was in the derelict house. Mr Lane's father, Patrick Lane, was born in Cork and was a former member in the Royal Army Medical Corps and served in France and the Middle East in the 2nd World War. He said his son had no interest in politics and was not a member of any illegal organisation. The inquest was told that it appeared that Mr Lane had been beaten on the head most likely with the butt of pistol and then shot in t ...
Interesting that GARC didn't play its part, stood back & watched PSNI struggle to clear crowd off Crumlin Road.
Tens of thousands Northern Ireland unionists held a peaceful parade in north Belfast, marking the culmination of the loyal order marching season.The march was prevented from passing along the Crumlin Road in Ardoyne, a bitterly contested boundary between unionists and republicans. A similar decision last year led to days of rioting.Chief Constable George - Read more:
the gathering rabble of Ardoynes finest having an illegal protest on Protestant Crumlin Road.
GARC Activists appealing to local people to leave contentious part of Crumlin Road. Locals genuinely concerned by heavy RUC/PSNI presence.
Another illegal gathering by the various factions of IRA supporters to intimidate Protestant residents of Crumlin road.
Large Crowds gathered at the Crumlin Road shops.. Drivers could expect delays , as some residents stand on the inside lane
Can anyone Spot the difference in the policing operation on the crumlin road?
Large Nationalist crowd gathering at Shopfronts on Crumlin Road. I hope they disperse and the evening continues without violence.
A few hundred nationalist outside Crumlin Road shops at
PSNI in position on Crumlin road. 1/2
Big crowd but very calm on Crumlin Road. Heavy police presence between here and Twadell.
Crowd on Crumlin Road. Big police presence in area. No sign of trouble on either side. Credit to all involved.
Lost count at 45 landrovers between Woodvale road and Crumlin Road.
Guided tours of Crumlin Road Gaol. First tour Sunday 13th July at 11am Remember you can pre-book online for...
I was under the impression you supported the ban on Crumlin Road?
I don't know about Crumlin road, i am talking in general..i am in Cork.
That doesn't happen at Crumlin Road, so what's the basis for banning it?
I remember as a kid people from Ardoyne would come out to watch the bands going up Crumlin Road. How times change
So what's the basis for banning a parade along a portion of Crumlin Road?
Do they march up places like the Crumlin road doing it? The British army march through Belfast centre - huge-scale terrorists
We have 4 tickets to see the U2 Tribute band playing at Crumlin Road Gaol on 26th July!!! To Enter click>>...
Crumlin road courthouse with bonfire burning in background.
Queen tours notorious Belfast prison and Game of Thrones set
Chief Constable having a chat with a TSG officer at the Crumlin Road today, my guess is he said "Shoot to kill" :P
Don't forget this afternoon's friendly with Crumlin United at Mill Road gets under way at 2pm and that The Reds Shop will be present.
again at Twaddell we saw PSNI corral parade supporters obstructing their view while allowing GARC supporters free access…
Peter Robinson speaks of his own time as a Crumlin Road jail inmate during Tuesday's visit:
'were greeted at the former Crumlin Road prison by First Minister Peter Robinson & Mr McGuinness'
As part of the Queens 3 day visit to Belfast on Monday she is expected to visit Crumlin Road jail aswel as Belfast City Hall and the set of Game of Thrones which is filmed here. Hope she makes a visit to the Shankill, sure she can even have a drink in my local "Royal Bar"
McCausland Calls for PSNI Investigation into GARC Threats Fri 13th June 2014 North Belfast DUP MLA Nelson McCausland has called for the PSNI to investigate comments made by GARC member Paul Carson on BBCNI’s Spotlight programme this week, which amounted to a thinly disguised threat of violence. Interviewed after meeting with the Parades Commission in opposition to the application for a Saturday morning return parade by the Ligoniel lodges and bands, GARC’s Paul Carson stated, “We just told them point blank that if there was any attempts to facilitate and allow these people to march back up the Crumlin Road against the wishes of the vast majority of the people from Ardoyne, that we would be left with no other option but to mobilise people in their thousands as we have proved we are more than capable of doing." Asked if there was an implicit threat of violence in that comment, Carson replied, “If we can't stop it on our own then we'll call for people to come along who suffer at the hands of the same ...
16 May 1981: Patrick Martin, 38-year-old Catholic civilian, married with 1 child and a butcher was lying in his bed at his home on the Crumlin Road when the UDA/UFF shot him 6 times. Telephone wires to the home were cut. Mr Martin's wife and 14-year-old daughter were sleeping in another room and heard nothing. His daughter found her father's body the next morning. On the previous evening he was playing golf and had taken his turn on a bar rota at the Star Social Club and arrived home at 2:00AM. The UDA/UFF said that Mr Martin was shot because he had been seen at the funeral of Bobby Sands. The police said that Mr Martin had “no connections to any illegal organisation”. The inquest concluded that Mr Martin's killing appeared to be a sectarian assassination. In 1985, £85,000.00 compensation was paid to Mr Martin's wife. LEST WE FORGET!
We will be on car boot sale on Crumlin Road again tomorrow. Last time before Xmas. Everyone welcome!
Nigel Dodds says OO should march on the Crumlin Road as it's a shared space. 14 months ago he objected to a Nationalist parade on the road.
easter monday?12th july morning?o and is not Crumlin Road again,were back to "thru Ardoyne" lol??
ORANGE ORDER STATEMENT - Response to Talks Request The community of Twaddell and Woodvale has appealed to the local lodges involved in parading along the Crumlin Road on the Twelfth morning and evening to engage in direct talks with a local Nationalist residents group. In response to this request and after numerous meetings; the three lodges concerned have agreed along with the local community to enter into direct talks with the Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents Association. The County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast respects and supports their Ligoniel lodges in this decision. This initiative builds on the success of the Comprehensive Template and is further evidence that the Orange family is committed to working towards peaceful resolutions.
Belfast Parades - Friday 28 June Onwards. Translink would like to advise passengers that there will be numerous Parades taking place in and around Belfast in the upcoming week. Please see below summary of parades taking place on each day: Saturday 29 June Whiterock Parade – 11A/B/C, 80 & 81 – Diverted as follows: 11B/11C: Held in City Centre for the duration of the parade. 11A: Out and in as normal to Royal Avenue and then via Donegall Street and Crumlin Road to Ardoyne then as normal. 80: In order to serve Ardoyne Road, Alliance Avenue and Westland Road the service should operate in and out via Crumlin Road. 81: Service to operate from Grosvenor Road out and in via Falls Road and Whiterock Road whilst the Springfield Road is closed. Sunday 30 June Royal Irish Rangers Parade – Shankill Road – Delays only. City Hall Centopaph Parade – Shankill Road - Delays only. Sandy Row Parade – Donegall Road - Delays only. 36th Ulster Division Parade – City Centre/ Donegall Pass - Delays only. Ballynafeig ...
Crumlin Road jail, showing Cool Hand Luke tonight as part of Belfast Film Festival.
Good morning all. A busy 24 hours in Tennent Street with lots happening, some of which we are still following up today - and need your help. You may have seen on the news that we had a paramilitary style shooting at approximately 8.40pm behind the Flax Centre at Ardoyne. This was a brutal attack on a teenage male, which has left him critically injured in hospital. Although we have made one arrest we would ask that anyone who knows anything about this to come forward. You can speak to the Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111. We are still following up our enquiries after a burglary at the Everton complex on the Crumlin Road. We are really grateful for public support which has now led to the recovery of the stolen televisions. We are still trying to identify 3 young males who we believe were responsible for this burglary. We would also ask that you continue to remain vigilant and talk to your children about safety. Yesterday we had two reported incidents relating to suspicious activity close to ...
Pretty cool that Homeland star Rupert Friend is coming to Belfast to shoot new prison film in Crumlin Road jail.
A million pounds worth of funding has been announced to tackle some of Northern Ireland's eyesores, with Fermanagh set to benefit ahead of the G8 summit. Environment Minister Alex Attwood said the money will be split between Co Fermanagh, Belfast, Lisburn, Moyle and Co Down, and will be used to clear up hundreds of derelict sites. A total of £380,000 is earmarked for the Enniskillen area, where eight of the world's most powerful leaders will convene in June. Belfast gets a package worth £300,000 for work on areas including Broadway and the Crumlin Road, while Lisburn City Centre is set to benefit from a £160,000 spruce up, Moyle gets £100,000 and the Ballynahinch, Newcastle and Downpatrick areas get £60,000. It comes after similar sums of money were spent on Portrush and Portstewart ahead of the Irish Open last year, and for Derry-Londonderry's year as City of Culture. Fermanagh will be very much in the international spotlight as hosts for the G8 summit. This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase i ...
Alliance HQ at 3; Crumlin Road at 6 and Springfield Road at 6...Mount Vernon is Friday so you should be grand today :)
Here are the Bus numbers from Dublin City Centre, Dame Street (near Trinity college and Ulster bank) To Crumlin: Take Bus No: 27, 56a, 77a, and 151 (The venue is located behind Texaco petrol station on Crumlin Road)
St Vincent’s capture Humphreys Memorial Cup St Vincent’s GAA club boasts a long and memorable tradition and on the afternoon of 30 December they made it clear that their juvenile teams intend to carry that on this tradition. On a wild, wet and windy day their Under-10 charges battled their way past St James Gaels to come out on top in the Iveagh Grounds on the Crumlin Road in the annual John Humphrey Memorial Cup hosted by St James Gaels. It may have been cold and windy in the Iveagh Grounds but it was the host club’s lads that warmed the hearts of their supporters with some heroic performances which just fell short in a tremendous finale against the mighty men of Marino. Played on 29 December and 30 December, the competition is held in memory of young John Humphrey, a St James Gaels player, who died tragically in an accident in 1998. This was the 14th year of the competition and, as always, the spirit in which the competition was played, and the high standard of football, was a fitting memorial to ...
Eight officers were injured overnight on Friday and 13 people arrested in clashes between loyalists and police. Six officers were injured in the Crumlin Road and Ligoneill Road area of north Belfast and two at Shaftesbury Square in the City Centre. Among those arrested was a boy aged 13. A major security operation was underway on Saturday to prevent trouble at the demonstration in front of Belfast City Hall, which no longer flies the Union Jack every day. A heavy police presence was noticable but the atmosphere was reportedly calm and crowds began to disperse by late afternoon. Loyalist paramilitaries blamed PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Will Kerr blamed Loyalist paramilitaries for orchestrating some of the recent violence and warning anyone engaging in criminal activity that they will face "the full rigours of the law." "Violence has serious and unwanted consequences for us all and we will robustly investigate all incidents," he said, adding that he urged everyone to stay calm and take a step back. US S ...
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I know Frank Dempsey from way back. I know Mervyn Gibson from before he was a Rev, both of them honourable men. At the time I knew them, they worked on the same Crumlin Road - about half a mile apart. For the life of me I cannot understand why they are not talking now.
Tension 'could be cut with a knife' 7/12 Tensions in Ardoyne ahead of the Orange Order’s annual march past nationalist homes could be “cut with a knife” according to residents living near the scene of widespread violence in recent years. Nationalist homes and vehicles on the streets surrounding Balholm Drive and Brompton Park have been targeted by rioters in recent years and some residents living on the Crumlin Road were today erecting grilles to protect their windows. Residents in the area who we spoke to today (Wednesday) said they fear the worst. “It is absolutely terrible, you can cut the tensions with a knife, only time will tell but we fear the worst,” said Balholm Drive resident Siobhan McLaughlin. Last year Siobhan was forced to barricade her house and car with makeshift defences to deter rioters. “Last year I was out in the street at quarter to three in the morning putting a wheelie bin in front of my car to protect it. I am afraid to leave the place this year in case anything happens ...
Petrol bombs thrown at police in Ardoyne 12 July 2011 Petrol bombs and other missiles have been thrown at police during rioting in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast. The trouble broke out after police in riot gear took up position ahead of an Orange parade walking past the Ardoyne shops. Stones, bottles and fireworks were thrown at police. Water cannon were used to push back the crowd. The police also fired a number of plastic bullets. A car has also been set alight nearby on the Crumlin Road. The Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) which opposes the Orange parade passing through the nationalist Ardoyne held a protest in response to the Parades Commission decision to allow the march to pass the shops. The Orange parade has now passed through the area. There have also been outbreaks of violence in Derry and Armagh and Antrim. There have been reports that petrol bombs were thrown at a police landrover in Derry city. The PSNI has advised motorists to avoid Free Derry Corner and Fahan Street because o ...
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