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Crude Oil

Petroleum (L. petroleum, from (rock) + (oil)) or crude oil is a naturally occurring flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights and other liquid organic compounds, that are found in geologic formations beneath the Earth's surface.

New York Natural Gas Niger Delta Technical Analysis Channels Tv Yakubu Gowon

"Keystone XL"Pipelines at End of Day the Safer than Rail.Lac-Mégantic QU,CND Rail Disaster/Crude Oil .
Ruble Rallies on Crude Oil as Bank of America Says Buy on Dips - Bloomberg
A Look at the World from to from Crude Oil to Africa S…
Anambra at 25: Celebrating the Discovery of Crude Oil in Anambra state
Mcx Crude Oil Positional Calls – BUY Crude Oil at CMP 3135, Add more if Price 3100 with SL…
Crude Oil now comes in a Sachet. Abians too much!
Another crude pipeline is leaking in
There is no reason for the rise in oil prices   When the weekly crude oil inventory increased by 8 million
Pipeline spews crude in California but none reaches beach via
BP CEO says markets will balance with $50 crude this year. Report:
LOL! Nna...I have calling my village folks all day...Snake oil is the new crude
HE Salim Al-Aufi : to have limit impact on Oman crude oil prices
700 barrel of crude pipeline spill in Ventura County stopped before reaching
Thousands of gallons of crude oil have spilled from a Southern California pipeline
Crude Oil, Heating Oil or Natural Gas - which Energy markets get you hot under the collar?
"Russia is isolated from the Brexit risk. ... an opportunity to buy Russian assets."
China's crude oil output drops in May
Nollywood (the Nigerian movie industry) is Nigeria's second biggest export,after crude oil.
Crude Oil Sell Opportunity Ahead. Price is moving into a rising wedge
"The battle over the Tesoro Savage Vancouver Energy terminal — which would handle about 360,000 barrels of crude...
Africa's richest man Aliko Dangote, plans to launch Nigeria's first private crude oil refinery by 2019 [ 660...
Lowey wants to ban explosive crude from rail
available at Terror on the high seas, in Crude Oil
29,400 gallons of crude oil spilled from a pipeline and down a ravine in Southern California
Crude Oil dive as Britain votes to leave EU
CRUDE - Illicit sex and money on ND oil fields. ➡
The zoo niGEria has no oil. The oil in Niger Delta belongs to & & not niGErians. Support
The zoo niGEria is stealing oil. D zoo has no economy. What u call niGEria economy is money from stolen crude…
Crude Oil Weekly Technical Outlook. Crude oil stayed in range of 45.83/51.67 last week and outlook is unchanged. A s
Up to 29000 gallons of crude oil spew from California pipeline - Wisconsin Gazette
hmm should have impacted crude prices did it? =Iran's Oil Boom Fizzles Out - via
BREAKING: puts Peruvian communities at risk -
Mike Seery's Weekly Futures Recap - Crude Oil, Gold and U.S. Dollar and more > $USO $UUP $GLD
NSUI Bellary, Karnataka, protested against the Central Govt for the fuel price hikes despite low crude oil prices.
The Nigerian State has depended on crude oil rents to keep it together for 46 years - but can't even protect the crude oi…
Some 695 million barrels of crude comes with a question: Should it remain in the US' SPR?
Half of crude oil will be refined in Nigeria, exported by 2021– Dangote promises
Crude Oil Forecast June 21, 2016, Technical Analysis: The WTI Crude Oil market rose during the day on Monday,...
Crude Oil: Trading near seven-month highs   Last week the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)…
I am really happy that Crude Oil has been in Lagos and Potentially Lake Chad Basin. . It will make two things happens in Nigeria.
Crude Oil price New York may down to levels of $45 next week
Shell Oil Spills Over 88,000 Gallons of Crude Oil in the Gulf of Mexico
WTI Crude Oil: $44.28 +1.64 +3.85%👆. Brent Crude Oil: $46.01 +1.53 +3.44%👆. Oil jumped big today. Better fill your cars today before its up!
This might be a great fit for you: Driver - Crude Oil (Midland, TX) - Texas
Crude Oil up 53% over the past 24 trading days. Only comps: March 2009 and during Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990. https…
Market outlook for S&P 500, T-Bond, Gold, Crude Oil and Euro for the week of 02/29/2016 -
PMB in Riyadh, ahead of tomorrow's crucial talks with King Salman bn Abdulaziz Al-Saud on Crude Oil price stability. http…
A new Trade Anatomy pre-market vid talks Crude Oil and Exxon Mobile (XOM), view it now at
We expect Crude Oil prices are expected to trade lower today -
Tell British Gov’t to End Killing of Christians by Muslims for Crude Oil
I wonder how many other traders around the world saw Crude Oil at $39 this afternoon,. and chose at that point to place a buy order @ 36.81..
Crude Oil. At 0430GMT today, Brent crude oil one month futures contract is trading 0.13% or $0.05 higher at $37.24 per barrel
Barrel of Palmoil =N60,000. Barrel of Shea Butter =N200,000. Barrel of Seasame Seed Oil =N500,000. Barrel of Crude Oil =N9…
Tanker Crash Spills 1000 Gallon of Crude Oil in Provo River - Oil Spill - ubAlert
OPEC is about to crush the U.S. oil boom via
Global Demand for Crude Grows Annually! is here to stay for a long time.
Goldman sees 15 years of weak crude as $20 U.S oil looms by
US Inventory Build and OPEC’s Reluctance to Lower Output Pressured Oil: Crude oil prices continued to fluctuat...
Indian basket crude oil price on last trading day of 12.11.15 USD 42.41 or Rs 2813.92 per barrel, exchange rate Rs 66.35 per dollar.
Crude oil by the numbers: Right from the beginning the oil story has always been about big numbers. But what d...
Louisiana parish drops suits against oil and gas companies
US Crude oil production back to 10 week highs. "Get to work, Mr. Saudi Arabian"
Oil declines to two-week low as U.S. inventories seen increasing via
2nd Train Derails in Wisconsin in 2 Days, Spills Crude Oil - ABC News - via
Warren Buffet's BNSF is largest transporter of Crude by Rail in N.A.
Gennaro's pizza has so much oil I could deliver a slice into a WTI Crude contract.
Two trains derail, 18,000 gals ethanol in Mississippi River, 1,000 gals crude on ground - can't happen here, right?
"Iowa is in the business of agriculture, not the crude oil business"
Crude oil lost the 61.8% Fib, here's a symmetry target, otherwise beyond that is the Aug lows
Packed house. Nearly 3 hours in, 83 speakers down, 198 to go at crude oil pipeline hearing before
Stocks stage 331-point rally: … for 2015-16. Pressure remained in oil stocks on falling global crude ...
What does a year's worth of crude oil look like?
DTN India: US oil falls to lowest in over two months on swelling inventories: US crude fell for the third sess...
Get crude oil off the rail roads too.
Jason Stevenson on energy stocks, 'Buy this Bargain Oiler When Crude Oil Crashes' -
There's still way too much out there to revive crude prices via
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. A recent story of a WI derailment mixed crude oil up with ethanol. The former must be heated & cracked into products, aka lube
There’s still way too much oil out there to revive crude prices
U.S. oil prices fall to over two-month lows on rising inventories: SINGAPOREU.S. crude oil dipped further in e...
Repsol misses estimates after crude oil prices tumble: … heavily to adapt to new oil prices,” Ahmed Ben Salem...
Fact: USA imports more crude oil fr Canada than fr other regions. petitions
Old world crude oil demand peaked in 2005... ...New world demand continues to rise:. source: Yardeni
$CL Crude Oil is bearish as long as it hold resistance of 46.74. At a critical level now..
We're Read about our latest opening here: Driver - Crude Oil (Watford City) - ND
Crude Oil down by More than 60% and Lubricant Makers not reduced the Price, Competition Commission sleeping or Dead?
China May Cause Saudi Arabia to Cut Official Prices of Crude Oil: Key Trends in the Energy Sector for Week End...
Crude Oil: Will The Decline Continue? In this new interview, Steve Craig, editor of Elliott Wave International's E…
I can attest to that. Exports volume for crude oil, refined petroleum n LNG have dropped too. But what if MYR was strong?
Nigeria: JTF Arrests Vessel Carrying 1500 Metric Tonnes of Stolen Crude Oil in ... - -
Are you interested in Crude oil binary options tra
1989 - Oil tanker Exxon Valdez spills 750,000 barrels of crude oil into the sea.
Hamilton Collection
(3.8%) increase in Tot. Crude Oil, Condensate & Butane Production in Mar-2015, compared with same month-2014.
China Has Become the World’s Biggest Crude Oil Importer for the First Time
Crude Oil types . an Intro. for more details log on to our digital Finance info library on Slideshare... http:/…
ah and I'm disappointed I won't be able to collect my Norwegian glare, brown cheese and crude oil in real life :P
Iran to Boost Oil Exports After Sanctions Even If Prices Fall: Iran will increase crude exports with the end o...
I'm giving you a nasty, Norwegian look…with brown cheese & crude oil
Futures File: Oil slides again, FDA rules on antibiotics: The glut of crude oil continued to sink prices lower...
"Last night you looked like a seagull trapped in crude oil" -
OPEC oil ministers expected to keep present output targets, Iran readies to pump more crude.. Related Articles:
OPEC decides to keep production unchanged -
Some OPEC members are floating a new 'fair' price for crude
(3.1) million tons Total Crude Oil, Condensate and Butane Production in Mar-2015.
vallauris replies to: Crude Oil: Some interesting correlations with USDCAD setting up
Nigeria earned N12.3 trillion as excess crude oil money in 4 years. then Biafra 24 ask why so much poverty in Nigeria?
Marathon Petroleum expands its refinery in Catlettsburg, to process crude from and other states
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sees that low prices might be the new normal since U.S. shale firms have shown surprising resilience.
how about a chart showing EZ inflation expectations vs actual crude oil volatility?
EZ "inflation expectations" otherwise known as crude oil volatility
Oil minister Zanganeh: Iran to buy basic goods from Russia, like steel, wheat using funds from Russian crude imports
Crude oil futures slump on us supply outlook stronger dollar
Post OPEC decision, traders dump options positions: Crude oil options sank at the fastest pace in years on Friday…
The second-biggest US oil company is experiencing setbacks on a major project -
Opec unlikely to lose oil influence to US shale: Opec's announcement that it is keeping crude output... :MInsider
C1. Describe how petrol is extracted from crude oil by fractional distillation (6 marks)
Did you know that Malaysia makes more money from Palm Oil than Nigeria makes from Crude Oil!
Technical Analysis for US Dollar, S&P 500, Gold and Crude Oil - Waiting for Direction Cues Within…
MCX Crude Oil likely to test resistance at 3280 levels: Motilal Oswal
How many Nigerians know their history? How many Nigerians know the importance of Crude Oil to t...
The first time crude oil traded above $50 US was only 2004.
Oil prices are crashing and Obama has vetoed Keystone XL. Will Canada double down on its dirty tar sands?
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U.S. Crude falls on supply concerns. |
and this doesn't affect me at all, rather the emerging prices of CRUDE OIL would !!!
Did ECB announce already that it will buy crude oil in lieu of bonds?
State finally releases data on crude oil trains in Texas (subsc. req). via
How much crude oil do you consume on a daily basis?
Peace between the and would mean more crude oil on the market, lower price,. making the US shale oil more unprofitable.
Price of crude oil increases by 10% and the pump price per litre goes up about 30 seconds later in my local filling station. Trust Cameron?
"What happens to a barrel of crude oil if no one wants it and no one can even store it?"
Slump in prices threaten Indonesia’s goal of boosting use of made from palm oil
Nigeria exports N1.49tn crude oil to Spain in 2014: Speaking at a business… Read more story
the energy sector in Alberta, home to the world’s third-largest crude oil reserves, lost 13,000 jobs from Septembe...
LONDON Reuters - Brent crude oil fell by almost 2 on Wednesday after a new build in U
Sergeant Kip. We have stumbled across crude oil that seems to have been dumped for no apparent reason. Only a few sea-
Crude Justice — the story of a lifetime fighting and winning
CRUDE OIL is strongly BULLISH, it has just reached 50.00 USD per barrel. The movement was pretty fast and quite unexpected ...
Oil falls to $61 on dollar, Iran, supply concerns - Brent crude oil fell more than 2 percent to around $61 (39...
barber: what u want. özil: gimme a line graph to show crude oil prices in $/barrel from 2014-2015. barber: certainly ht…
catching a bid after the ISM numbers, looks like we may see the $51 level before the end of the day
Crude Oil prints fresh session high at 49.70. $$ #
Crude Carnage Continues Amid Saudi Production & Storage Limits: Crude oil prices are once again following the ...
Long crude futures position sees a decline, in spite of rising oil prices: Friday saw further strength in the ...
Latest News: Russia to export 23 ESPO crude oil cargoes in Apr, down two from Mar
Wolf wants more regulations on crude oil trains headed through Pennsylvania
2 train cars carrying crude oil derail in New Orleans, officials say; no oil spill reported - time
Via Gov. Wolf wants more regulations on trains carrying crude oil though Pennsylvania. Here’s why:
'Smarter' fracking to survive commodity slump!
DTN Dubai: Oil market recoils on oversupply: Crude futures had rebounded sharply Friday at the end of a volati...
LOOK: Brent Oil tanks declines more than 2%
The price of oil rallies as investors speculate that the falling cost of crude may have reached its end.
"Goldman Sachs Sees WTI Crude Oil at Close to $40 Per Barrel in First Half" by REUTERS via NYT
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Narendra Modi’s Role in Crude Oil Crash Published 4 days ago by Krishna.S.Santosh  Its true. Narendra Modi, the charismatic Prime Minister of India played his part in the global crash of Crude Oil. No wonder he is admired by people in India and Indians across the world. Ever since he was elected the Prime Minister with a thumping Majority, he proclaimed that he would work closely with Russia. He started taking baby steps towards sourcing oil from Russia instead of relying solely on Iran and Arabia who were routinely over-charging Indians on Oil. Modi Negotiated with Russians and I believe the Russians even agreed to accept Indian Rupee for transactions. So on December 11, 2014 when Modi had invited Vladmir Putin to India, he struck a deal with Russia to import oil from them to the tune of US$ 40 Billion (USD 10+ Billion each year, about 61000 crores annually at present exchange rates) in the forthcoming years (Minister Narendra Modi has assured Vladmir Putin, who is on a visit to Delhi, that India op ...
‘Back To The Future’ (Again)… We all know the underhand tactics used to bankrupt John DeLorean, the American businessman who founded the DeLorean Motor Company? (shame on you if you ‘Don’t know enough’). But, we’re back to the future again, witnessing the same ‘Dark Forces’ manipulating the oil price to realise their objectives. Not really a ‘Free Market Economy’ then… is it? Crude Oil is worth c.$120 a barrel at the moment, however, like the price of milk ‘Dark Forces’ have manipulated them so as to render a fictional account of their value. Then we have the ‘Events’ in France?... and now there’s a multiplicity of conspiracy theories about the ‘Events’… could the same ‘Dark Forces’ be at work there too?... It’s hard to tell, we need to listen to our gut instincts, certainly not the stage managed media and the actors who read the news. It would be hard to imagine then, that if they twisted reality in their renditions of the Scottish Referendum, that they woul ...
SANUSI LAMIDO EXPLODES : HOW VESTED INTERESTS ARE KILLING NIGERIA Hello everyone and good morning. I’m very happy to be here with you. Just to tell you that I am a rather outdated person. I never really knew what the TEDeX event was, and when my daughter spoke to me about it, she said something about youth and development. I thought I’d just come here and talk about young people and job creation and the usual stuff we talk about until a group of young ladies came to me to explain that I was actually expected to speak in 16 to 18 minutes about one idea that can change the world. I thought that was crazy because I don’t have any idea that can change the world. And the thing with young people is that they are the most difficult audience to address. I have found myself in situations to address people of your generation and frankly the questions I get are more incisive, more intelligent, more thought-provoking than the questions I get from people of my generation. At all levels. I am actually just beginn ...
When crude oil was selling for about $100, we were paying N97 per litre of petrol, now that its selling for $52 shouldn't we pay less? :s
This chart is one of the reasons why Venezuela is looking at a world of pain
As Brent crude oil prices fall China swoops in-. China is bailing out the world’s teetering oil producers via
Monetary Policy: 100 bps cut in Jan’15 MPS likely Ø The BoD of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is scheduled to announce Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) for upcoming two months (Jan-Feb) shortly. Ø We foresee a 100bps cut in the discount rate (DR) to 8.5% vs. 9.5% previously. Ø Our conviction come from 1) decelerating oil price (already down 50% YoY) ii) downtrend in Consumer Price Index (CPI) to 4.3% in Dec-14 iii) and higher real interest rate spread of 227bps against the last 5-year average of 150bps. Ø Following the int’l crude oil movement, domestic food and energy prices are expected to remain on lower side coupled with significant base effect, CPI for Jan’15 is anticipated to clock in at ~3.8% providing a solid case for monetary easing. Ø Similarly, strong FX position and persistent PkR-US$ parity, external account is likely to remain favorable in the upcoming period. Regards, Shajar Research
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JONATHAN:The only Nigeria President without accurate Answer!Ask GEj abt power failure,he would say Nigeria re nt patient enough.Ask GEJ abt stolen crude oil,he wuld say the pirate are invisible,ask him abt the missing 20b dollars he wuld say may b Sanusi made mistake,Ask Jona abt Nigeria unemployment rate he wuld say nigeria youth shuld b blamed,Ask him abt sureP mismanagement he wuld say state Govt are economical wit truth.ask him abt 117b naira 2nd Niger Bridge he wuld say opposition are noise maker,ask abt chibok girls he wuld say they will see dem soon after 7months in captivity,ask him dos behind insurgency he wuld tell u to ask opposition party,ask him why MEND decided to support APC he wuld say both party want to kill him,now ask him abt 2015 election,he wuld say he is the best candidate dat has answer to Nigeria problem and his the only incubent presidential candidate dat doesnt commission any project to kick start his 2nd term ambition for pple to knw his rilly working rather he directed all 36 s ...
And dad said "sano lead us in prayer" ".let us pray Dear, lord thanks for life, thanks you for the chess and bread,thanks for every plenty plenty,may you be glorified. And most of all, we are deeply sorry for our shortcomings.AMEN o lord, i only have two requests to make, not that am being greed but it's so that you go get time listen to other people's prayer, at least i wouldn't disturb much till you send for me in, you alone know when. First, I just want that i pop diamond from my *** grow gold as hairs, silver as teeth and my sweat, urine and ptyalin be oil, i mean correct crude oil. Secondly, i need life in abudant. Honestly i don't mind you taking away my ability to sin to get this and i promise i would make sure everybody even the devil would go to every sunday, sing cool praise and worship to you, you just name it and it's done". AMEN!!!
Russia’s economy is expected to shrink 4.5 per cent next year if oil stays at an average $60 a barrel .
Crude oil prices slipped below $50 per barrel Monday for the first time in more than five years. The drop dragged down the U.S. stock market and renewed fears that falling oil prices will hurt Texas, the base for many energy companies and home to two of the biggest U.S. oil fields, the Eagle Ford Sh…
Huryy up.Gold And crude oil is at 3 year low price. Golden time to invest and become international investor with just your number .We soon contact you and explain you. SCR
Asian stocks extended gains Friday after other global markets bounced back from a rocky start to the year and oil prices stabilized after dramatic plunges. KEEPING SCORE: Japan's Nikkei 225 stock average rose 0.5 percent to 17,255.33 and South Korea's Kospi added 1.2 percent to 1,927.81. Sydney's S&P/ASX 200 rose 1.3 percent to 5,452.80. Hong Kong's Hang Seng gained 1.1 percent to 24,106.03. Markets in China, Southeast Asia and India also rose. JOBS OUTLOOK: Markets are waiting for monthly U.S. employment figures due to be released later in the day, as a sign not only of the American economy's health but also as an indicator of when the Federal Reserve might start raising interest rates. Economists forecast that the government report Friday will show that U.S. employers added 243,000 jobs last month. EUROPE WATCH: Global markets have been swayed by prospects for the European economy lately. With recent economic indicators looking grim, many analysts expect the European Central Bank to follow the Bank of J ...
Bad news: Crude oil falls to $46.69 || Good news: Subsidy payment and petrol costs may reduce
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Russia is hugely dependent on oil and gas production, with oil revenues making up 45 % of the government budget
Polluters are fighting hard to get Keystone approved. The oil and gas industry pumped $53.1 million into last year's congressional campaigns--87 percent of which went to Republican candidates. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell raked in $608,000 from the industry for his 2014 campaign, and now he is putting Keystone XL at the heart of his big polluter agenda. But this isn't just a battle over industry influence. This is a choice about the kind of nation we want to live in. Do we want to live in a country where expert reviews don't matter and industry profits trump our families' health? Do we want to lock ourselves into a fuel that generates 17 percent more climate change pollution than crude oil and makes our children more vulnerable to extreme weather? Or do we want something better?
I am sick & tired at the way the economic affair of our country is been ran today by these selfish politicians. It is expected that by now, that Nigeria would no longer export raw produce but semi or finished products. Look at it this way, we export crude oil & imports refined petroleum products in which a lot of foreign exchange is expended. We export raw cocoa & sadly we imports chocolate & etc. GEJ has no valuation for the lives of Nigerians at all, & neither do any of these pot belly politicians.
As part of measures to survive the expected drop in revenue accruing to the state as a result of the crash in the prices of crude oil, Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has said the government will further renew its commitment to cut cost. Speaking on Tuesday at the state’s first executive council meeting in 2015, the governor said 2015 would be very difficult, but that the government would still sustain the progress made in the development of infrastructure, saying it is how the little resources available are managed that matters and not how much a state earns. [ 584 more words. ]
1. Global Context Last week, crude oil prices fell below the key $80 per barrel mark on international markets as new information confirmed a slowdown in the economic recovery — weak manufacturing acti
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IndiaTimes: Crude palm oil futures fall on subdued demand: The oil for delivery in January traded lower by Rs ...
Crude oil prices likely to trade negative: Sushil Finance
PF Must Go A FEW FACTS TO CONSIDER TODAY Before Sata and PF came to power mealie meal was at K36.00, petrol was at K7.64/L( world light crude oil was at $80 per barrel). 20cm x 2cm x 6m timber was K25. The Kwacha was at K4.90 to the US dollar. Sata promised every one more money in their pockets and a new constitution. We believed Sata and voted for PF in numbers. Now mealie meal is at K70 in Lusaka, the timber mentioned above is at K95 in Lusaka, petrol is at K10/L(though world light crude oil price is at $48.8 per barrel) the Kwacha is at K6.60 per $1. The government has an external debt of $5 billion and an internal debt of $3 billion and we are still using the old constitution that makes our leaders big headed because of the enormous power given to them by the old constitution. PF MUST GO. We need seriously need leaders who are well trained in the area of managing national resources. We need to make Zambia a better country for the majority of its people and conducive for profitable business. Remember Z ...
PLEASE READ IT IN FULL AND GIVE US UR VIEW :Why Jonathan Must Listen To Father Mbaka Comrade Timi Frank — Jan 6, 2015 | 9 Comments Popular Enugu-based Catholic Priest, Rev. Father Camillus Ejike Mbaka, is reputed for his forthrightness and dedication to the service of God. He is a priest that South-Easterners, especially Nigerian Catholic Community/Christians have come to trust and respect, owing to the credibility and integrity of his priestly life and prophecies. He is also known for his philanthropy and care for the downtrodden in society. Many indigent members of his parish currently enjoy full scholarships courtesy of the social crusader priest. He said during his New Year message at the Adoration Prayer Ground in Enugu that President Goodluck Jonathan has no business seeking reelection in 2015. Most readers of this column and my press statements will recall that I have continued to emphasise the fact that this country needs change if it must survive as a nation. I had presented facts and figures t ...
LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE IN NIGERIA: TAKING A CLUE FROM THE ANIMAL KINGDOM- BEING THE TEXT OF ONLINE LECTURE DELIVERED BY ICON KADRI OLAWALE GOLD IN HONOUR OF TAIWO AND KEHINDE OKUNNUGA (FREEDOM & GHANDI) ON THEIR 2015 BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. Fellow Nigerians, I count it a great honour to reflect this day on leadership and governance in Nigeria. To me, my choice to deliver this lecture is affording me the unique opportunity not only to interact intellectually with the teeming friends of the OKUNNUGA’s, cutting across activism, civil society and politics in general, but more importantly affording me the opportunity to lay a foundation from which we can evaluate our past and also decide to change our collective future at this crucial stage of our democratic evolution in Nigeria. The Okunnuga’s has from time to time displayed their genuine and unadulterated passion for a better Nigeria, a Nigeria where governance and leadership shall reflect the needs and the aspiration of the common people. Their golden ...
The paradox of plunging crude oil prices, by Acho Orabuchi via
He talks about improvement in agriculture..when we stil export crude oil..
In other news : prices of crude oil is low but pump price still remains same
GEJ, our schools you claimed you built have turned to slaughter houses.. Just i case you think we have forgotten, let me list some incidents for you; 1. Over 200 plus Chibok Girls kidnapped from their schools... Unresolved. 2. Over 40 federal Polytechnic student slaughtered in Mudi. Unresolved. 3. 16 students killed in a bomb blast at Ado Bayero University in 2012. 4. Over 40 students killed in our College of agriculture gujba 5 over 20 boys killed at FGC Buni Yadi in February 2014 Etc.. There is no point mentioning the ASUU strike, I'm sure you remember it clearly and how former minister of education Nyesom Wike handled it. Now because MEND has endorsed Buhari's candidacy you have claimed that they tried to assassinate you on October 1. Yet it was the same you that came out in defense of MEND then to absolve them of responsibility for that bombing. How the tide changes. Or is this a case of Alzheimer's disease. Women in power.. Well, we thank you, but somehow you have managed to employ crooked women into ...
Crude oil prices might be falling, but here is why to be optimistic about the industry
Why petrol prices have not reduced comparably global crude oil prices?
Crude palm oil futures fall on subdued demand
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The Malaysian rubber market closed lower today as tight supply, weak crude oil prices and sluggish spot demand...
Recently, one of Mr Market’s focus is on oil price. In the past 6 over months, crude oil dropped more than half...
Crude oil price in international market dipped below $50 yesterday, promising to dip further. Petrol price in India should, according to market rule, come down to below Rs.40 a litre. But it is still selling @ 70 rs a litre in Bengal. Just imagine what a colossal amount of money is being drained out of common people's pocket each moment to fill the coffers of the Oil companies and both the union & state govts. Whither are the political parties -- rightists or leftists? Is it not an issue to clamour for?...
12V 15GPM FillRite Pump Clearance Deals for Sale Online SEE DEAL 12V 15GPM FillRite Pump Prevalent Phrases and Word Games in the Car Buying Match Obtaining a new vehicle is just like getting anything at all else on the market place. Salesmen are qualified not to acquire no for an reply, and many word video games and phrases arrive into participate in in get for them to get you to near the deal. 12V 15GPM FillRite Pump Intensive Driving Programs Intense driving classes are starting to be ever more well known with any one wanting to pass their driving take a look at in the fastest way probable. For a wide range of motives, mastering to push in a shorter space of time may perhaps be the only solution you have, in which case an intensive driving course, ironically also recognised as a crash driving system, is the best answer for you. Routine maintenance Suggestions For New Cars and trucks Shopping for a new auto, if it is a monetarily viable selection, has a range of pros more than buying a made use of 1. F . ...
International crude oil prices have come down substantially and the petrol & diesel prices across the world is...
Ok now I'm worried $48.79 is the price per barrel of crude oil. ***
The oil boom that lifted home prices in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana is coming to an end. Crude oil prices have crashed since June, falling by more than 54 percent to less than $50 a barrel. That swift drop has started to cripple job growth in oil country, creating a slow wave that in the years ahead may devastate what has been a thriving real estate market, according to new analysis by the real estate firm Trulia. "Oil prices won't tank home prices immediately," Trulia chief economist Jed Kolko explained. "Rather, falling oil prices in the second half of 2014 might not have their biggest impact on home prices until late 2015 or in 2016." History shows it takes time for home prices in oil country to change course. Kolko looked at the 100 largest housing markets where the oil industry accounted for at least 2 percent of all jobs. Asking prices in those cities rose 10.5 percent over the past year, compared with an average of 7.7 percent around the country. Prices climbed 13.4 percent in Houston, where 5.6 ...
Ha, because searching for a crude oil bottom is so much more fun
Potential watershed in US-Mexico relations as latter proposes swap
Part of d achievements of Mr President - GEJ, is d availability of petroleum products at filling stations even at exorbitant cost in a country that boast of large quantity of crude oil. Its laughable.
Crude oil futures rise on Asian cues: Marketmen said the rise in crude oil futures was largely in tandem with ...
LISTEN UP GUYS!!! LISTEN UP GUYS!!! LISTEN UP GUYS!!! Pres Jonathan's Achievements 2010-2014. The Best In Nigeria During His Term As President: 1. Petrol from N65 to N97 - in most other places over N120 2. Kerosene from 50 naira to 120 and above i.e (unofficial price). 3. Garri from N150 to N260 per measure 4. Sugar/flour/ beans/ all from N180 to N350 per measure 5. Electricity charge from N1,250 to N4000 per month and yet no light 6. Scarcity of money but abundantly available for groups campaigning for TAN etc 7. Killings from few individuals to whole communities being wiped out 8. Police/military roadblocks from 1 per 40km to 2 per 3km 9. Crude oil illegal bunkering from 10,000 barrels to 100,000 barrels stolen per day 10. Industrial strikes by many organisations 11. Sack of few workers to thousands of workers 12. WASSCE from 40% failure to over 70% failure 13. Trust, love and unity among citizens from much to zero 14. Stealing in billions of Naira to billions of DOLLARS or TRILLIONS of naira 15. Budget ...
3. Crude oil theft in is as high as 250,000 barrels daily at a cost of $6.3bn (N1.2trn) a year under GEJ
If you went long May WTI Crude Oil at a price of $103.67 with 3 contracts, & you placed a stop-loss order at...
Economics is really a complex subject. Crude Oil prices increase - stocks tank, industrial growth is at risk , inflation is high and when oil prices decrease stocks tumble, industrial parameters are threatened . Smj me nahi aata how can 180 deg apart behaviour of Crude have same impact.either economics is not scientific or dont follow rules of Newton.Will some authority on economics enlighten laymen like us.
Prof Osinbajo on Channels Tv; On Management of Resources: " the First on APC's manifesto is Decentralization (of resources). Where every State will manage its own resources, but Crude Oil will go to the center" Even Pastor Wants To Oppress The Niger Delta People By Isolating Us From Decentralization Of Our Resources. Prof Gambari Osinbajo; this is a NO NO! Godforbid Your Plans. If you take crude oil away from the Niger Delta states to the centre, what other Resources do they have to manage. In a polluted and degraded environment? From an Interested observer
Oil prices continue to fall fast. The Oil prices continue downward. The first target that set was $65-$70 as that our target will happen faster than our first expectations. see the test below $70 this month as is possible prices in the winter at $55 for a barrel. OPEC will not cut the production as the major exporter Saudi Arabia will continue the pressure against the oil prices. forecasts is to continue hold short positions or entry again in short positions with first target prices below $70. The current price in New York for Crude Oil is $ 74.00. see Crude Oil prices at $65 this year. Crude Oil price in New York break a new record today. The trading in the European session hit the price of $75.89. The Crude Oil price are as low as the price since October 2011. predicted that scenario in a publication since October 6th 2014 when we told for prices of $65-$70 next year. expects new sanctions against Russia shortly that will be supported by low Crude Oil prices. The Oil prices may faster reach $65 that is our target and may continue at these low levels for a period of 1-year. Also we at make our plans for average Crude Oil price in 2015 at $55-$60.
. This method also works well on Crude Oil. (Check the charts from this morning and you will see how effective itd of been).
Dollar higher on better than expected q.q at 0.8% versus 0.6%. Latest phone conversation between Obama and PM regarding further sanctions against of the UK is based on and funding for lending program according to BOE's Fisher. Sweden's banks could raise dividends this year as most of them built more capital than needed by regulations. New Zealand Dollar unsustainably high according to Finance Minster Bank sees stalling in Yen as safety linked demand pushes the pair lower while better than expected US data coupled with Japanese pensions and importers buying is creating strong support. Mild data midday while speaks in the afternoon. US calendar nearly empty with retail sales out of Canada and Crude Oil inventories later.
Please share with friends, neighbors far and wide!! Frack Free Catskills Esopus Creek Conservancy Saugerites Lighthouse invite you to: Saugerties Public Forum on Crude Oil Transport Dangers and Risks Tuesday June 17th, at 7 pm Saugerties Library Community Meeting Room Trains and barges carrying very volatile Crude Oil from Bakken Shale in North Dakota into the Port of Albany and then down the Hudson, through our towns pose a real and present danger to our towns, to the Hudson River and beyond. Permits are being requested in Albany to add Tar Sands from Alberta,Canada!! *Nationwide, shipping crude oil by rail has jumped sixfold since 2011, according to American Association of Railroads data, and rail shipments from the Bakken region have jumped exponentially since 2009. - From the Port of Albany an average of 7.7 million gallons of crude oil per day - are being shipped by train through the Hudson Valley *The fires resulting from derailments of Bakken crude oil trains have caused fireballs and have burned s ...
How do we preach this to our inneptitude and corrupt political rulling class, to stop sypnoning the Crude Oil of the Niger Delta Basin and diversify to the solid mineral laying fallow unexploited. Similarly, with the Banded Iron Formation found in Kogi and Birniyauri (Sokoto) used in makeing cars. Uranium found in the Bima Sandstone of the North-East that can be use to generate power. Zinc Mineralization that can be traced from Enugu passed through Eboyin state, Ogoja area Cross river and goes through Benue up to Nasarawa, to part of Bauchi and Gombe state. Lime Stone: found in Gboko and Markurdi area of Benue, Ewekoro Lime Stone can also be traced more than 16km from yemoji valley very close to Ijebu Ode and strecthes throgu Sagamu and accros Benin Republic, Sokoto is not also left out in the Lime Stone called Kalambaina. This Lime Stone are used for portland cement, water treatment and smelting of iron. What are we doing with the Coal in Enugu, Afuze (Edo State), and Afikpo Okigwe(Abia State). What a .. ...
We in the Niger Delta are lucky that Crude Oil was discovered here and not in the North because we would have been slaves by now to them
Chemistry will be bant tomorrow, I'm going to write crude oil for every answer
New Concept Eliminating Crude Oil Spill Spread. A new method is available which purports to stop…
I dont think knowing about the uses and properties of the fractions of crude oil is ever going to benefit me
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Crude oil ensuring as to tight-fisted diesel pancake engine armed and ready pursuing areas.: dyFcYZBgQ
Read what industry leaders said about changing trade flows, growing demand centers and more at
I didnt realize $CSCO was inversely correlated to crude oil. pardon me
oh um crude oil goes in tower. Evaporates up until it gets to its condensing temperature . Used for what its properties do
I know all that on crude oil and stuff. The one im struggling on is balancing equations x
US oil ends over $102; lifted by Ukraine, Cushing Crude was boosted by a draw on stocks in
President Obama is considering lifting the ban on crude oil exports, a move that would dramatically increase carbon emissions by driving up oil prices and encouraging even more oil fracking and tar sands extraction.
Ethanol does not drive up food prices, as claimed by an editorial in the Chicago Tribune. Crude oil does.
3 Indians get 15 years each for crude oil theft
Testing the evolution of crude oil market efficiency: Data have the conn Publication
Crude stocks jump on refinery bottleneck - Growth in the production of shale oil and slowing capacity...
Tell Pres Obama: No handout 2 industry! Save the keep the ban on crude exports |
US crude oil production at 8.428 million barrels per day and all oil liquids at World leading 13.2 ...
Tell Don't lift the ban on exporting crude oil via
They do care very much about black stuff . crude oil.
Fun fact: Black HP printer ink costs roughly 1,400 times as much as crude oil, gallon for gallon.
STOP CRUDE OIL BY RAIL SHIPMENTS TO RICHMOND! Stop pollution of our communities and our climate! SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2014 AT 1 PM PROTEST AT KINDER MORGAN'S RAIL YARD 520 Castro Street/Richmond Parkway, Richmond, CA Meet at Castro St. entrance to Kinder Morgan train yard between entrance to Chevron Refinery/Hwy 580 & Hensley Street, close to Hensley across Castro Street from General Chemical's entrance at 525 Castro Street. Nearest parking is on Hensley. SHUTTLES FROM RICHMOND BART 12:15-12:30 PM. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued a permit to Kinder Morgan to operate its crude-by-rail project to import highly explosive and toxic crude oil into Richmond, a low income community of color already burdened by pollution caused by the fossil fuel industry. BAAQMD issued the permit without public notice or opportunities for public comment. The number of trains carrying crude oil around the country has risen dramatically due to increased drilling in both the Alberta tar sands in Canada and the ...
So I just tried to find and read any of the more technical info on the whole Antarctic Ice Sheet thing, and wow, bleak. And depressing. I am pretty sure our progeny are going to look back at these last couple generations and see nothing but a bunch of apes burning crude oil to indulge our selfish, stupid needs.
Crude oil futures prices climbed by more than $1 to reach a May 13 settlement of more than $101/bbl for the June contract on the New York market after reports that the US government is contemplating lifting a ban on crude oil exports given robust oil production levels. US Sec. of Energy Ernest Moniz…
O PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF! The Nigerian state is a study in paradox. Here is a nation tremendously endowed with crude oil but due to the unquenchable greed of a perfidious cabal, fuel is sold at cut throat price to Nigerians while some countries who import crude oil from our own soil sell the same product(fuel) at a cheaper/lesser amount to their citizens. What a catastrophic irony! It is a pity,the needle that mends the holes in clothes cannot mend its own gaping hole! Nigeria as a country is naturally blessed with rich vegetation,fertile soil and favourable weather conditions but in spite of these obvious undeniable celestial blessings,most citizens of the self acclaimed giant of Africa can barely afford two decent meals a day because prices of food commodities have sky-rocketed to high-heavens as a result of acute food shortage. At the moment ,Nigeria imports tomatoes,rice,groundnut oil and all manner of food commodities from foreign nations. We even import ordinary tooth pick! What a pitiable pity, a . ...
WHY SYNTHETICS? Better wear protection Excellent fuel economy Outstanding extreme-temperature performance Conventional lubricants are refined from crude oil. Contaminating elements such as sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and metal components such as nickel or vanadium are inherent to crude oil and cannot be completely removed through the refining process. The oil refining process separates the various types of molecules in the oil by weight, leaving molecules similar in weight but dissimilar in structure. Synthetic lubricants, on the other hand, are chemically engineered to form pure lubricants. Synthetic lubricants contain no contaminants or molecules that don't serve a designed purpose. They are made from molecules that are saturated with a higher percentage of carbon- hydrogen bonds, leaving fewer sites to which other, harmful molecules can attach and attack the molecular composition of the oil. In addition, their smooth, uniform lubricating molecules slip easily across one another. In short, synthetics' vers ...
The politics around the Keystone Pipeline continues to be a metaphor, for me at least, of the deception, polarization and inepitude prevalent in POTUS and Congress. I have not read nor heard one logical arguement to stop this project that would increase crude oil supplies and thus letting the market lower fuel prices. This is made more prevalent I believe during this Russian aggression period when apparently their soft underbelly is their vast energy resources that can be attacked by the Free Market by increased availablity of oil supplies from the US supported by the increased output from the Keystone project. But now, we see Liberal road block after roadblock stopping movement on this. Some of us remember well the same basic whines about the Alaska Pipeline that has proven many times over of great value to the nation financially and in availability of crude oil. I just do not understand but mind you I am one of those elphants that tend to want to understand facts before rendering judgement on things ...
31.2 litre, straight eight, naturally aspirated diesel, it will run on almost anything that burns, including: diesel, rapeseed, and even crude oil. Only 240hp running no more than 1000 revolutions per minute, flat out.
The price of US oil rose today (14/05/14) following reports that Washington is researching whether the longstanding ban on crude oil exports should be lifted...
Today gap up open silver copper gold crude oil
Waiting for a client and this dude approached me with a "guaranteed" annual 12% return on Crude Oil out of Alberta, Canada to USA. Told him I can help him make more money by selling the cargo to the Far East and WAF, and I can package a structured deal with cargo and vessel purchase. The tables have turned and I'mma pester him daily - until he breaks and go on tilt.
Grabbing that last load of crude oil what number u on 0"boy ?
Ache din aane wale hain the oft repeated sentence for the last few months,BUT for whom not the people not the country,we are just replacing one set of leaders who proved useless with another set who are promising a lot, but like Kejariwal would surely be unable to fulfil them as they have no magic wand to set things right and we will still be suffering from large scale inflation and unrest.While I appreciate what Modi says he will do but mark my word we are in for a lot of disappointment as the economy is dictated by Crude Oil and Industrial growth and no government has any control on them.It is a difficult tightrope balancing act managing the Industrial front along with Agricultural production.Keeping my fingers crossed.I know a lot of Modi supporters would feel offended, but we have to be practical and realise the constraints the new Govt. has to work with,Are we ready to pitch in and help him achieve his promises or are we just being silent observers?
Coal generates about 40% of the world’s electricity and may dethrone crude oil as the largest energy source by 2020.
“Asphalt is a natural component of crude oil. It is thick, dark, sticky, and—mixed with sand and stone—makes a very resilient surface for a highway. Modern refineries generate asphalt as a byproduct when they distill crude oil into gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel. But, long before any modern refineries were built, Mother Nature was giving mankind access to asphalt in naturally-occurring puddles and ponds. These were created by upwelling arteries of oil bubbling to the surface through layers of sand or cracked rock. After the more volatile gasses and oils had evaporated (a process that could have been speeded up by placing the glop in wicker baskets), the asphalt was ready to use as mortar for laying bricks, glue for mosaics, caulking for boats and roofs, or even to mummify an Egyptian body.6” Excerpt From: Worthington, Frances. “Abraham: One God Three Wives Five Religions.” Bahá’í Publishing, 2012.
Crude oil has broken below trendline support following the emergence of an Evening Star formation on the daily. Alongside building downside momentum (reflected by the rate of change indicator) and a move below the 20 SMA a bearish technical bias is offered. However, the daily close above the psychologically significant $100.00 handle suggests the potential for a short-term recovery which precludes new short positions at this stage. Sellers are likely to re-emerge at the 102.30 level of resistance.
Crude Oil Crude oil prices rose in Asia on Wednesday after data pointed to a drop in U.S. gasoline stocks with the summer driving season gearing up. The vote has been condemned by Ukraine’s government and the West, which has threatened to hit Russia with fresh sanctions, underlining concerns over a disruption to supplies from the region. In the recent 4-hour session oil reached the peak at $101.97 with a low trading at $101.87. However current price remains at $101.94. The current session RSI value at 70, indicating bearish movement in the market, whilst Stochastic Oscillator stands at 91, indicating that the market is in the overbought region. A.N.T
The MCX Crude Oil May futures will remain bearish below its 20-DMA.
This is really interesting: The man in the video is explaining how engineers figure out whether a piece of wood is rotten. It matters because the bridge behind him is rotting – and it carries trains hauling millions of gallons of crude oil over the river. at 6 p.m., the On Your Side Investigators ask the state why this dangerously rotten bridge – which ODOT recommended be removed 12 years ago – is still in operation. Click “like” if you feel safe on trains. If not, tell us why in the comments below.
The rotting Portland & Western Rail bridge near Highway 30 carries trains transporting millions of barrels of crude oil over the creek below more than 20 years after an ODOT report recommended it be replaced.
Commodity HQ Home � News � 25 Ways To Invest In Crude Oil Crude oil has been in the limelight in recent weeks, as its priced surged from a low of $75 barrel to break through the century mark, marking an increase of over 35%.
**PRESS RELEASE** NYSDOT TO FINE CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILROAD FOR FAILING TO NOTIFY STATE OF CRUDE OIL TRAIN DERAILMENT IN ALBANY No Oil Leaks Found After Four Cars Slip Off Tracks Early Monday Morning New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Commissioner Joan McDonald today announced that the Department will issue the maximum fine allowed under state law to Canadian Pacific Railroad for failing to report, as required, the derailment of four tank cars carrying crude oil early Monday morning in Albany. The four tank cars carrying crude derailed at about 4:30 a.m. Monday at Canadian Pacific’s Kenwood Rail Yard in the city of Albany. The derailed cars remained upright and no oil was spilled. The derailment was not reported to NYSDOT by Canadian Pacific until 9:16 a.m., nearly five hours after the incident occurred. Under New York State law, rail accidents involving freight trains carrying hazardous materials must be reported to NYSDOT within one hour of the accident. The maximum fine allowed per . ...
I am looking forward to another new trucking experience! Started with hauling water in ND oilfields; then hauling crude oil in WY & CO oilfields; then hauling diesel fuel in CO oilfields; now will be hauling oilfield pipe, heavy iron, & Nuclear products & waste long haul across North America & Canada. Watch out...I might be passing through your areas!
Serious freedom of the press & democracy issues exist when.Media Concentration Endangers Lives and Environment: 50,000 Gallons of Spilled Crude Oil is Not Newsworthy in Virginia. It seems that profit motivated newspapers and news agencies may be shirking their civil duty of keeping their customers informed, even when lives are at risk.
The shale boom has created a challenge for refiners trying to keep up with swelling supplies of crude oil, while railroads and pipelines have been strained in areas where production is on the rise.
America ready to help Nigeria with special forces. Meanwhile ,Nigeria is the largest crude oil producer in Africa. I smell something oily here.
The U.S. is considering relaxing regulations that ban the export of crude oil as domestic production grows and the quality of some of the crude produced in the country isn't suitable for refining locally, U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said.
Read article on MCX Crude Oil remains steady and other Commodity News and keeps yourself updated - Market on Mobile, a one-stop destination for live stock and commodity prices.
Why are gasoline prices up while crude oil prices are down?
Since the intrinsic value of crude oil is crude oil and the intrinsic value of gold is gold, what wrong did Ghaddaffi do by demanding gold in exchange for the Libyan oil? Yet America set his nation into crises, labelled him as evil and eliminated him.
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The MCX Crude Oil June future is currently trading with a gain of 0.6 per cent.
A crude oil train that derailed Friday morning south of Greeley — with six cars toppled along the South Platte River — for several hours was leaking at a rate estimated at 20 to 50
Since the gasoline shortages of the 1970s, Congress has, with a few exceptions, barred U.S. crude oil exports. But an energy policy that may have made sense 40 years ago when OPEC dominated world supply no longer does. Innovative drilling techniques have spawned an oil and Natural Gas boom in the Un…
lessons in geography. so there are FORESTS in the north. and 40 islands on Lake Chad, which is also full of Crude Oil
Dear President Goodluck Jonathan, We learnt that the FG under your leadership has decided to take the helping hands of USA on the issue of our abducted sisters who are in the hands of Boko-Haram, We say thank You for such development. Nonetheless, We also suggest You should be wary of making deals with them or any other international country so that our yet-to-be sufficient Crude Oil and other limited resources of our dear land won't be unfairly negotiated for. However, We are of the belief that as You shake hands with America and other interested international contigencies that would want to help us get our sisters back, You will be more concerned about ending the Boko-Haram menace and insecurity at large which is bedevelling the Nation. Addressing the Cause of a Sickness is the best way to give a long standing Solution and proper elimination of such sickness and with this antecedent, We urge You to eradicate Boko-Haram in its entirety and suffocate every rising threat to our National security. My regard ...
Bill Aims to Lift Ban on Texas Energy Exports: Congressman Michael McCaul introduced H.R. 4349, the Crude Oil ...
Missing Malaysian Flight 370. 15 days Ago, during a Conversation with my United States and Canadian friends.I said,"Imagine Any of us have our Mum, Dad, Wife, Husband, Kids, Brothers, Sisters, et al on board that ill fated Flight 370 flying from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) to China (Beijing)?I was surprised to discover that some of my friends don't even know that Indian Ocean is not the Largest Ocean in the World.With that been said.I told them that.Some of us know about Submarine Technology, and I am Surprised that the Marine Force only came into the search few days ago.The World Power Countries called the G7/G8. Were only able to discover floating objects via their satellites. How about their sophisticated Submarines?I finalized my Opinion,by saying."If that Part of The Ocean had Crude oil Potential or Crude Oil was in That Ocean.Nations will go to War. It's now 23days with no clue.
My Name is Imo, my Nickname is Eastern Heartland, i was born on Feb 3, 1976. My Capital is Owerri, d Name of my Caretaker is Rochas, he attends a party called APGA. My total Area is 5,530km2 (2,140 sq mi). My Area rank is 34th of 36. My Population is 3,934,899 & my rank in population is 13th of 36. I reside in d South Eastern of Nigeria My Creator's Name is Murtala Muhammad. Though i was born in 1976, yet in 1991 some thieves came to my residence & made away wit 2 of my valuable items. The made away wit Abia & Ebonyi. My name came from a river just as my Boss's name also came from a river ie Niger. D reigning parts of me now re Owerri, Orlu & Okigwe. I speak Igbo & Christianity is my predominant religion. I was created at Ngwoma. I lies within Latitude 4¤45'N & 7¤15'N & 7¤25'E wit an Area of around 5100 sq km. My Bodyguards re Abia, He guards me in d East, Delta on d West, Anambra on d North & Rivers on d South. My Natural Resources are Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Lead and Zinc. I hv 27 Children. There na ...
Morning Energy Highlights: Outlook – Weak Chinese trade data over the weekend is assisting a pullback in WTI, Brent, ULSD and RBOB this morning. China is expected to account for 11 percent of global oil demand in 2014 compared to 21 percent for the US. Although most expect China’s economy to grow from 7.3 to 7.5 percent in 2014, a sharp decline in Chinese exports in February brings concern about the viability of this forecast. Consider near-term opportunities to position forward ULSD contracts with strong technical support nearby, low inventories and the prospect for increasing basis amidst spring refinery maintenance season. Crude Oil • On Friday night, China’s General Administration of Customs reported its February trade balance fell $23 billion when a $14.50 billion gain was expected. Exports plunged 18.1% from a year ago compared to a 6.8% expected rise. Some point to the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays as an influencing factor in the poor data, but nonetheless it was poor indeed. • China im ...
Crude oil continues to skyrocket adding 18 cents this morning as the US dollar weakened. Crude Oil prices are expected to move in a range to lower for the day, as closure of US markets today would reduce the volumes and mixed bag of data coming from US and China can keep the prices in range to lower. Crude oil is trading at 100.32 while Brent oil eased by 1 point to trade at 108.95. US Crude oil futures remained in a range on Friday as poor US data and fear of unrest in Middle East kept the prices in range. U.S. manufacturing output unexpectedly fell in January, recording its biggest drop in more than 4-1/2 years as cold weather disrupted production. Positive Prelim GDP data on Friday from Eurozone also helped Crude to gain some support. Oil Speculators and Hedge funds have rapidly increased their bullish bets on crude oil.
UPDATE ON UNACCOUNTED US$20 BILLION / NNPC SAGA: - CBN Gov still maintains that about US$20 Billion is unaccounted for, - NNPC agreed that they, ON THEIR OWN POWER, used $8.54bn on Kerosine subsidy, without consulting Nigerians. - Quantity of Crude Oil lifted/sold by NNPC still not clear: Meanwhile, Chairman, Senate Committee on Finance, Senator Ahmed Makarfi indicated that the implications of spending money that is not appropriated, is well known to everybody and the whole world is hearing this. I don’t want us to joke or play with this. It is the most central issue. “All agencies that have spoken have confirmed to the whole world that this money was not appropriated and I want people to absorb the import of this confirmation. + WHAT A MESS!!! HOW CAN JUST ONE AGENCY USE SUCH HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY WITHOUT GETTING APPROVAL FROM NIGERIANS, VIA THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY? PLS MULTIPLY 20,000,000,000 X N160, AND YOU WILL HAVE AN IDEA OF THE MONEY IN QUESTION. WHO BENEFITED FROM THIS MISUSE OF PUBLIC FUND?? NIG ...
*EFCC's draft criminal charges against former Governor Peter Odili of PDP for $500m plunder of Rivers State *Criminal charges filled against Wale Babalakin of PDP for laundering $20m for imprisoned former Governor James Ibori of PDP *Jonathan economic advisers owing Nigeria N1.3 Trillions *SERAP asks EFCC to probe missing $20b Crude Oil money *How NNPC illegally diverted billions of dollars from the SPDC account *House probes whereabouts of proceeds of NITEL Asset *FG spokesmen said only Okonjo Iweala and NNPC that can explain missing $20b *N1.8b Subsidy Scan: Ship in Brazil when it purportedly discharged products in Nigeria says witnesses
93. 91. Which of the following has made the largest inbound foreign direct investment in India till date? (a) BP Plc (b) Vodafone © Dailchi Sankyo (d) Vedanta Resources 92. Which core sector industry has the highest weight in the index of Industrial Production (IIP)? (a) Crude Oil (b) Petroleum refinery Products © Coal (d) Electricity 93. An International Advisory Panel (IAP) reviewed the functioning of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) recently. A number of districts have been identified on basis of poor health indicators for focused attention. Which of the following statements is/ are correct? I. the number of beneficiaries under the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) was more than 15 million during 2009-10 II. The number of districts identified is 264 III. The districts identified for focused attention account for nearly 70% of the infant and material deaths in the country (a) I only (b) I and II only (c) II only (d) II and III only 94 . Which of the following statements about South Korean steel com ...
THE NEED FOR TRUE FEDERALISM OR CONFEDERATION, USING THE GEO-POLITICAL ZONES AS THE BASIS Below are other benefits Nigeria stands to gain if True Federation or Confederation is allowed to take its place, using the geo-political zones as the basis of regionalisation. There is unity in recognising our diversity, but there cannot be unity where there undue rivalry or competition. Akhabue Eseoghene highlighted some of the benefits, viz: “(1) True Federalism will reduce corruption immensely. (2) It shall be a major means of developing modern cities and not all these junk towns and cities around. (3) Confederation will give room to competition among the Regions as it was in the past. (4) In other to find an alternative to Mineral Resources by Regions without Crude oil, there shall be an enormous concentration on Indigenous Technology and Modern Agricultural Development, these will give rise to availability and affordability of food nationwide. (5) Regions without Crude Oil and other Mineral Resources shall co ...
Ibeno iba land filled wit milk n honey. Her people r basically fishermen who enjoys d nature's love of earning a living from d fishes n PDA seafoods. Aside from fishing, she s blessed wit d black gold which s d nation's source of income. The people of ibeno r blessed wit Natural Resources. The production of Crude Oil begin in February 1970 from d Idaho field, located offshore of Ibeno Akwa Ibom State. Ulok-Ulok festival s one of d most popular n oldest festival of d Ibeno people. It s an event dat brings love, excitement, entertainment n peace amongst d people. It showcases culture displays, musical rendition, football competition n lots of other exciting events. The Tourist Beach is one of d most creditable place for tourism in Nigeria. People from all works of life gather at Ibeno Tourist Beach n Recreation center.
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Mohammed Suleiman wrote: "We are proud of the "NORTH" or if u like Northern Nigeria.We had had Northern Region before with abundant wealth and resources. ...lived in PEACE on our land. ...plse bring back northern region purely for northerners. .period" * Our message to Arewans: TELL YOUR NORTHERN POLITICIANS AND LEADERS TO DISINTEGRATE NIGERIA NOW FOR THE SAKE OF PEACE. Thanks for speaking out as an adult who has sense of history. I have been saying this for a long time now. The younger generation Arewans failed to understand that the level of hatred between tribes in Nigeria is causing problems for all. The earlier we disintegrate the better. A good example is your manner of worshipping your God Allah and our manner of worshipping our God YAHWEH, though the same God of Abraham, varies a lot as ones manners of worship irritates the other. If all of us can join together and indeed open the eyes of these leaders whose eyes have completely been blocked by Crude Oil the better for all. Now they are talking ab ...
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Crude & Brent Oil Fundamental Analysis January 3, 2014 Forecast Analysis and Recommendations: Crude Oil is trading at 98.19 easing by 23 points as traders are now looking at fundamentals and implied demand more realistically. Brent Oil eased by 89 points as Libya looks set to bring production back on line this week. Brent crude traded near its lowest closing level in more than a week as protesters in Libya said they were prepared to resume work at the Al Sahara oil field after a three-month halt. Brent slipped as much as 0.5 percent after rising by the same amount earlier today. Demonstrators at the 300,000 barrel-a-day Al Sahara site in Libya, holder of Africa’s biggest oil reserves, said they suspended protests for two weeks as of yesterday after an agreement with the country’s defense minister. U.S. crude inventories probably fell for a fifth week, a Bloomberg survey showed before data tomorrow. Oil prices increased today following a greater-than-expected drop in the US crude inventories, followed ...
Crude Oil Scenario Crude Oil: General Characteristics: Crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons that exists in a liquid phase in natural underground reservoirs. Oil and gas account for about 60 per cent of the total world’s primary energy consumption. Almost all industries including agriculture are dependent on oil in one way or other. Oil & lubricants, transportation, petrochemicals, pesticides and insecticides, paints, perfumes, etc. are largely and directly affected by the oil prices. Aviation gasoline, motor gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, jet fuel, distillate fuel oil, residual fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, lubricants, paraffin wax, petroleum coke, asphalt and other products are obtained from the processing of crude and other hydrocarbon compounds. The prices of crude are highly volatile. High oil prices lead to inflation that in turn increases input costs; reduces non-oil demand and lower investment in net oil importing countries. Categories of Crude Oil: West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil is ...
so has anyone used Edgar Cayce's remedy to grow back recessed hair via Crude Oil ? I want to try... I love...
The market is slightly better this morning. Crude Oil went up a hair. A bunch of station in Central Ohio... Continue Reading:...
According 2 de initiator & de father(Lord Lugard) of amalgamation of different ethnic units called Nigeria,de amalgamation is a false marriage & should be review after 100 years.Now Nigeria is 100 years & tinz seems not woking well wit its attendant consuquencies of killings in North by BH,kiddnaping in South-East,Crude Oil theft in South-South & ritualist in South-West.Therefore,it is time 2 call 4 Genuine Sovereign National Conference 4 each of de geo- political zones 2 determine whether or not dey choose 2 remain as one indivisible entity&the process of review should be follow wit genuine hrt,not setting-up commites made up of array of political desperados who are like Australia bird who covers its head on de ground & say i predent not 2 see a hunter;a hunter will not see me
Sen. Dr Christopher Nwabueze Ngige(OON), Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing Anambra Central, how many projects did you execute in your constituency with the funds allocated.? The last time I checked Hon Uche Ekwunife who represents Anaocha/Dunukofia/Njikoka Federal Constituency which is in your constituency has done more projects in your zone than yourself. U claim to have moved the motion for Ojukwu's state burial, but it was Peter Obi who used his closeness to the Presidency that made it possible. Uwazuruike, MASSOB Leader even confirmed it. As a medical doctor by profession which bills did you sponsor to tackle the problems of the sector? Lastly u want to govern a state that you could not defend its God given natural resource; Crude Oil. This does not show visionary leadership traits from a man who for the past 10 years thinks he was born to rule Anambra State, contesting three times under 3 different attires; PDP, ACN and APC. Odumody Nnamdi Lionel
Purnartha - 09-Oct-2013 - Analysis of events & factors likely to have near, medium term impact (To receive these updates in your mailbox - just call our toll free number: 1800 - 266 - 0161 or send an e-mail to supportgiving your name and phone number) 1) Equity Market We witnessed a high volatile session yesterday. NIFTY gave up almost 70 points from its intraday high levels and Bank NIFTY gave up almost 400 points from its intraday high. We are expecting this volatility to continue. Results will decide direction of stocks. We expect a lot of stock specific action in the next one month. 2) Currency Market Rupee witnessed high volatility. Rupee showed a swing move of 70 paisa in intraday against US dollar. Expecting big volatility in last two weeks of October. 3) Commodity Market Gold is inching higher slightly due to uncertainty in US. Crude Oil also inched higher. In the near term we have bearish view on Crude Oil and Gold. 4) US Market US market closed sharply lower due to shut down. Obama said in a pre ...
INVESTORS' INSIGHTS : The Marc Faber Blog : Crude Oil is one of the very...
“SOUTHERN CAMEROONS” SOUTHERN CAMEROONS REVOLUTIONARY COUNCIL (SCRC) [Former United Nations Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons under United Kingdom Administration (1916-1961)] “THE NEW GLORY” NOTICE TO THE UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY GENERAL AND PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY DATE: 25/09/2013 SOUTHERN CAMEROONS NOTE: 1. Boundary with Cameroun (To the right of Mt. Cameroon, better still Mt. Mongo-Ma-Loba) is an international boundary by treaties since 1916, 1919, 1922, 1931, 1934, 1946 and 1961. 2. Southern Cameroons shares boundary with Cameroun to the East, Nigeria to the West, and the Atlantic Ocean to the South; 3. Mt. Cameroon is by its traditional name known as Mt. Mongo-Ma-Loba or “Chariot of Gods.” 4. Bakassi Peninsula is part of Marshy land next to south-western tip of boundary with Nigeria; 5. Crude Oil is not shown as part of Mineral resources even though by 1972 Cameroun President AhmadouAhidjo had already began mining oil from Southern Cameroons, clandestinely ...
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Crud Fed surprise on stimulus to have biggest impact on e Oil: Barclays The US Federal Reserve's decision to maintain status quo with stimulus measures and delay tapering will have the biggest impact on crude oil balances according to Barclays.Prices are expected to remain at current levles with an upward bias in September and Q4.OECD demand growth to support a tighter market balance.Surprise on stimulus comes at a time when spare capacity of producers have been stretched and relatively low crude and product stocks.US demand for Crude Oil has been driven by diesel rather than gasoline and cyclical factors of manufacturing, confidence and employment.Sharp depreciation of emerging market currencies of Latin America and Asia has led to record price for imported Oil. According to Barclays, postponement of tapering will have a lagged positive positive effect on non-OECD consumption in H1 2014.Brent crude to average $110 per barrel in 2014Fed decision to have a positive impact on emerging market currencies with ...
6 Sep 2013 | 04:36 PM | Posted by: Giuseppe Montefinese Markets Higher Closing News 9/6/13 U.S. stock indexes finished relatively flat amid choppy trading as investors focused on the prospects of the Fed delaying its tapering plans following today’s disappointing U.S. jobs data. Of the major sectors, Utilities, Staples, and Technology led advancers, while Discretionary and Materials topped declines. Gold and Crude Oil are both higher. The equity markets dropped sharply in early trading after Russian president Vladimir Putin said Russia would assist Syria in case of external attack, as well as maintaining current military, economic, and humanitarian support for the country. Markets shook off the news late morning and recovered to positive territory mid-session. In U.S. economic news, the Labor Department said Nonfarm payrolls increased by 169K jobs in August, which is well above the adjusted +104K reading from July, but short of the +180K Wall Street had expected. The reading adding to signs that econ .. ...
Mark David should talk about Crude Oil theft first before thinking about Pipeline Vandalism...
How smuggled in mobile phones in North Korea may help Crude Oil bulls
hoping to be discovered like Gold in Gold Coast, Ivory in Ivory Coast, Crude Oil in Nigeria and Diamond in Sierra Leon!!!
Dickson's position on Crude Oil theft and illegal oil bunkering in Bayelsa Creeks and Waterways."What is going on is more of a threat to national security than even the loss of revenue that everybody is shouting about. Let me tell you that all the violence, brigandage and criminality that we experience in the Niger Delta states particularly Bayelsa where I know more, have their roots in the activities in the creeks. “It is from there they have easy funds to recruit followers; it is from these activities of crude oil theft and illegal refining that people are able to sustain such large numbers of youths and put them into various cult groups. “What is going on has a direct effect on the proliferation of small and light weapons because they need an army of youths to protect their territories to be able to withstand the onslaught of legitimate security personnel. The Governor warned those who have rebuffed the olive branch extended to cultists by the state government to have a change of heart, as his admi ...
The funniest part of my dear country naija.? 1. Crude Oil production/day - 2.5M barrels 2. Current Price = $113/barrel 3. Daily Sales = 2.5M x 113 = $282.5million 4. Monthly Sales = 282.5M x 30days = $8.475billion 5. Yearly Sales = $8.475billion x 12 = $101.7billion 6. Naira Equivalent = 101.7billion x = 16.272trillion Naira per year. 7. Nigeria's budget for 2012 = 4.5trillion Naira. Abu's addendum: Even if you take 90% of 16.272trillion naira as the Fed Govt's Share of the barrel, which comes to 14.645 trillion naira we still expect over 10 trillion surplus!!! Now, the question is: Where is the surplus going?!(Analysis by Femi Falana (Lagos lawyer/Activist on Channels Tv). If a further cost is deducted, say, the servicing of external debt, we should still have enough for infrastructure development that will create jobs for millions. This is truly the Arithmetic of Nigeria's Underdevelopment.".just imagine this
BREAKING NEWS - BUTv 26/06/2013 Subject: GEN. Yakubu Gowon OF NIGERIA TO BE JAILED: GEN. Yakubu Gowon OF NIGERIA MUST BE TRIED AND JAILED FOR WAR CRIMES; HAVING SPEARHEADED A GENOCIDE THAT CLAIMED THE LIVES OF 3.5 MILLION IGBOS and Biafrans. All true Biafrans all over the world have serious problems with ALL those killers like Yakubu Gowon and other Hausa-Fulani/Nigeria Generals who committed genocide 1967-1970 against Ndi-Igbo by killing 3.5 Million Igbo people/Biafrans. We also have problems with how Hausa-Fulani/ Nigeria have stolen almost all Crude Oil in Biafraland and denied Biafrans livelihood thereby committing yet another genocide - this time economic genocide against Ndi-Igbo. He (Gen.Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria MUST be used as an example to all Nigerians that no one is above the law of men not to talk of being above the laws of the Almighty God YAHWEH/ALLAH when he said: " you should not kill nor waste the blood of a fellow man" - a reason why Cain became of fugitive for live after killing his brot ...
If I ruled the World here is the first thing I would: Bring peace and harmony to world. move all criminals drug addicts and peddlers to a remote Island away from society. All right's as an equal to all people regardless.Close down all plants and government agencies causing harm to people. Close down the federal reserves and the IRS. A new government would be formed. *** Right's would granted to all. The Welfare System would be shut down. Only Taxes would be paid is Social Security. All Citizens would get free healthcare regardless of pre-existing conditions. All Citizens will have the freedom to grow and develop plantations for themselves to provide food and goods. Crude Oil would be ban. Ethanol Fuel would replace Crude Oil. Oil companies would be shut down. Oil Rig's Removed from the Oceans. To prevent further contamination of our eco system. I can go on forever to tell you the thing's I would fix.
How are you, your work and all the members of your family? I hope and pray that you are all well. let me start by introducing myself officially. My name is Dr. Mrs. Ada Emillia Ahmed Bin Venezuela Citizen married to Libyan and wife of late Retire General Ahmed Diko Bin, who was shot dead during the civil war in Libya. ,My late Husband was Financial adviser and business associate with Mr.Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi that deals in Crude Oil lifting, Gold Dust/Bars situated in Tripoli-Libya. I was married with 6 kids,two boys and four girl.I lost my two daughters during Libya War last year. it was a terribly situation for me and my Family Right now in the Bani-Walid. There is a situation, a terrible one indeed here in Libya. Since the announcement of the trial of Saif al Islam Gaafi, the son of former Libya leader, Libyan Col Muammar Gaddafi in August, thing has changed drastically here. If you have been following the PRESS TV or even BBC news, then you will be aware of this development earlier before now. It said . ...
Roy Moore Ali Abdullah Saleh President Trump Supreme Court Billy Bush North Korea Wall Street Freddie Mercury Bryan Singer Donald Trump Kevin Spacey North Korean Paul Manafort Premier League World Cup President Donald Trump Meghan Markle Ed Sheeran White House Middle East Jimmy Kimmel Access Hollywood Bears Ears Theresa May South Korea Last Jedi Quentin Tarantino John Anderson Long Island Elton John James Levine New Year Social Security Saudi Arabia Christiane Amanpour Charlie Rose Manchester United Rob Gronkowski Stranger Things Jared Kushner Republican National Committee San Francisco Prince Harry Ben McAdoo Tel Aviv Jason Momoa Tesla Model 3 Britain First Jenny Slate Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Mutual Fund Martin Luther King Paul Ryan Grand Staircase Alabama Senate Corrine Brown Jose Mourinho Man City Bohemian Rhapsody Lindsey Graham Real Estate New Jersey Ian Bremmer Prince George Rami Malek Robin Wright Walking Dead Sam Shepard Star Wars Ed Contributor Colin Kaepernick Arlene Foster Thanksgiving Day Parade Eli Manning Wonder Woman Gwen Stefani Jay Leno Northern Ireland Japanese Emperor Hirohito Jerry Reese Advocate Health Care Lamborghini Urus Senate Republicans Kit Harington John Fox Los Angeles Daily News Blake Lively New Mexico Islamic State Mitch Mcconnell Aurora Health Care Pizza Hut Ravinia Festival American Airlines Star Trek Robert Mueller Toys R Us Michael Flynn

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