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Crown Court

The Crown Court of England and Wales is, together with the High Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal, one of the constituent parts of the Senior Courts of England and Wales.

Bristol Crown Court Adam Johnson Becky Watts Southwark Crown Court Chester Crown Court Oxford Crown Court Liverpool Crown Court Derby Crown Court Leeds Crown Court Reading Crown Court Sheffield Crown Court Newcastle Crown Court

It saddens me to think that some people call themselves parents and affiliate their ways of raising their...
Apart from this being a great case in favour of the death penalty, WHY was this known rapist anywhere NEAR children?
The headline somehow justifies or tries to justify what the father has done.
I seriously thought I'd heard it all. I really did not think there was anything else out there that could shock...
How I wish this piece of article was published by a troll website so that it could be fake... Sick
Crown Court was one of the best reasons to be ill in the seventies.
Justice denied: More the best fix for court delays, say Crown
Bring back Crown Court. Such an epically intelligent series. (I think.) The jury were real people; the cases meant…
Justice denied More money the best fix for court delays, say Crown lawyers
"Our justice system was already in crisis long before (the Jordan decision) was even pronounced.”
Father 'raped *** daughter to prove sex is better with men'
Dr Who assistants in the witness box at FulChester Crown Court.
Tony Swift found dead with 'massive pool of blood' around his head, Crown Court hears
A huge privilege as High Sheriff to be invited to sit with High Court & Crown Court judges. Today was no exception, this time in Bristol.
Have you seen Paul Heaton & Sonny Elms? Wanted on Crown Court warrant for failing to attend court re drug dealing i…
More great press coverage from recent to Crown Court
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26yo woman from due at Crown Court later, charged with the murder of a newborn baby girl…
Watching do a Crown Court trial and it is painful.
NEWS: A man has been cleared of historic child sexual assaults relating to incidents in the 1970's at Mold…
Tune into at 6pm to watch my report on day three of the murder trial at St Albans Crown Court.
Shila Keshvari's client received suspended sentence in Crown Court for importation of drugs. Represented by Laura Miller of
Support tomorrow in court, as tries 2evict them. Ox Crown Court, 9am
Have you ever been to 2 crown court, bradford on avon, wiltshire, ba15 1bg? There is 1 company.
Nottm Crown Court heard Smith was an eccentric loner, who saw himself as a "Crusader Against Muslims"
Darren Laverty of Gwynedd, Wales committed to Kingston crown court for trial on charges of stalking and
Norma Bell, 79, was strangled to death by Gareth Dack, 33, who then burned her house down, Teesside crown court ...
Plans to convert Crown Court building gets green light
The accused,33 year old Gareth Dack,denies murder and arson at the trial at Teesside Crown Court.The body of Norma Bell was found last April
The latest from the Bethany Hill murder trial at Warwick Crown Court
Naheem Akhtar was kidnapped after he 'refused to sell drugs', Guildford Crown Court heard on Wednesday. .
Some of the team at Crown court today supporting a family & others with a new deployment.
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Leamington Sikh Temple 'attacker' to stand trial at Warwick Crown Court in February -
Anyone know where I can see a list of Leeds magistrates court hearings? I can only seem to find crown court
Justice for Ryder, a defenceless tortured in Canada! Plz sign:
Chester Crown Court listings: no words. I will never complain about Preston listing again. Well,at least not for a few days.
Kilburn team officers arrested a male yesterday for possesion of class A drugs and being wanted on warrant x2 by Woolwic…
The 15 year old that killed the 7 year old in York is appearing in Leeds Crown Court today. It was her step sister apparently 😧
A Royston man has pleaded guilty to attempted murder at St Albans Crown Court after knife and axe attack…
Delighted that Early Music duo chose Crown Court to record their New year video. Take a look:…
This is a great LP from 2016. Crown Court. 'Capital Offence' is well n truly keeping Oi! and…
Day three of Helen Bailey case at St Albans Crown Court about to begin. Helen's brother to give evidence.
It's day three of the Helen Bailey murder trial at St Albans Crown Court. Live court updates here:
Crown Court. There's an ashen faced PC sitting outside Court furiously writing notes. I hope they're not for today's job...
Would a call from this house have been automatically different from a silence hoax/ accidental dialing?
Might as well go to crown court, magistrates haven't had any juicy court cases today 🙄.
Both have confirmed name and address, and been remanded in custody. Will appear before Mold crown court tomorrow.
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supporting victims who are due to testify at Wood Green Crown Court today, about an unprovoked anti-Semiti…
It's like his brief designed to condemn him into everlasting black hole as court jester. Party Punishment for darin…
Or a fine...or an upgrade to a crown court? So many lovely options...
Man accused of murdering Wirral man Zac Wells appears in Crown Court
I agree, he's going to Crown Court next month, hopefully they'll lock him up!
Black Rapper 'kidnapped, raped & tortured white woman with burning hot iron'
is good person 2 ask what did people think? Their only hope could be Crown Court ?
British rapper DVS sentenced to 23 years for rape and false imprisonment | The Independent
Morning PC Reid at Crown Court this morning at for a GBH Assault she attended last year. (giving evidence, not on trial)
Rapper 'kidnapped, raped and tortured woman with burning hot iron'
Hendon FC's bench contains ex-Staines Town player, Kezie Ibe. I wonder if Chris Wilder remembers him. That was a wasted day at Crown Court.
Iwi, hapū and whānau can apply to the Crown and the High Court to have their customary interests in the common...
This week - Crown court trial, support given to a lady with dementia, a foot chase, a car fire, and Policed a Parade. No weeks the same
got a suspended sentence at Snaresbrook Crown Court last week mate. His business history worth a google.
.Crown Court was my addiction as a kid! Loved it!. ✨😂✨
More sentencing details from from Gloucester Crown Court
remember Sir Mota when I worked at Willesden Crown Court a kind , humane , Judge for him Prison was the last resort
I think the CROWN court gave him a TOOTH sentence. FANGS to the DNA being able to link him.
am hoping this week my crown court case will start so I can move on in life instead of being left dangling on a string
Met many 75 year olds able to make it to a crown court have you?
let's just hope there isn't a wetherspoons near Porky's crown court if he can't blag the judge to shirk his duty ...
MG you are allowed a booze on jury duty. We had 1hour 30 mins break. Even the judge went for 2 pints everyday.Bradford crown court.
Picture the scene outside Croydon crown court when the Bearded Beefcake makes his understated arrival
The Sentinel published Court round up: The latest cases from Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court
Manging partner of Bradford law firm tells Crown Court jury "I'm not very good at keeping records and paperwork,"
Court round up: The latest cases from Crown Court
For some reason I believe that supreme court will not accept the news clips as evidence & judgment of crown court.
👍👍 Im looking 4ward to see them playing with their Idols on the court. We can get the crown kabs.
is who we thought they were! That's why we took the *** court. Now if you want to crown them, then crown their *** -DG
From Russia to Paris, meet the child rulers who never wore a crown… in hardcover and ebook…
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Gap as regards telltale looker badminton court unto crown feature: nClM
Only 12 years for child rape Crown Court
Closing speeches and summing up this Monday at Southwark Crown Court, 1 English Grounds, London Bridg…
THE trial of a pharmacist from accused of murder and 'assisted suicide' is set to get under way on Monday.
The Crown's title sequence is stunning 💫
I do what I want, Crown is nasty, y'all can keep Drake & I like Voss water. But the Canada Dry gotta stay. 😂😂
We are looking for a buyer on 1096 East 135th Court
Reading School are runners up in the Mock Bar Trials at Reading Crown Court winning all four of their trials but lo…
Triple Crown...Supreme Court, Congress, and the Presidency! Not since Hoover and we all know how that went!
Luton Crown Court heard the farmer, who for decades has held a shotgun licence, ... they were in at Church End Far…
See you all tonight for some Court Room Drama at the Old Crown Courts. We've got some great tracks lined up!…
Lorry driver will face crown court over hen party crash death
Afghan migrant lied that he was 15. Actually older. Raped two women. Found guilty at Teeside Crown Court
Chelmsford driver denies hit and run on cyclist outside crown...
UK Muslim population is 4%, but these r in top 10 most frequent surnames to appear in Crown Court. Khan. Hussain. Al…
There are 14 active murder cases before the courts in this province, an unprecedented number.
Thugs on scramblers... & potentially. risk misconduct/IPCC or Crown Court if you act. via
Rule Of Life: All 1970s corporate music sounds like it should be the theme music for Crown Court.
Crown/prosecutors in this province struggling to meet deadlines after court decision on trial delays
Three teens remanded in custody to appear at Bham Crown Court in Dec charged with attempted murder after Erdington school gro…
But to answer my own question: Ealing Magistrates Court; Isleworth Crown Court; Brentford County Court and Fox Hous…
When I was little and off sick, I loved watching Pebble Mill At One and Crown Court. Now it's the fab 🤒
so the last case at Crown Court starts with Judge Williams on the bench..a nasty assault
Crown Court. Evokes memories of the TV show on Granada. Couldn't be further away from how we do things at LawBite!…
Complaints made after judge trades insults with defendant in court Crown Court
Don't get me started on reporters saying "Liverpool Crown Court" instead of "the Crown Court at Liverpool". 😬 I hate myself.
Man tells Crown Court of 'pick a card' sex abuse and secret den where he was molested in case
Jail for 2 women who locked a boy in cupboard while they went out for the day. They've appeared at Crown Court
Today Sch Council are learning more about the courts and how they operate at Crown Court
Singer Rita Ora Threatened To Kill Burglar: A Crown Court jury hears of the threat during the trial...
Retired special constable from Fillongley convicted of indecent assault at Crown Court.
If you need urgent representation at a Magistrates' or Crown Court, call our criminal defence solicitors on 01724 859 992 today.
Attended the opening of Crown Court at Stafford today.
In tomorrow's don't miss our latest report on the ongoing Stratford murder trial from crown court.
you should send a reporter to Cardiff crown court tomorrow. Interesting case and story
Teacher admits sex with boy and sending him explicit pix and videos
Being a person who is Court Ordered to smoke weed by the crown! THANK YOU! Aurora...
Colin Gregg, 74, will stand trial at Newcastle Crown Court facing 26 charges of indecent assault against nine children with the offences
Cox is pictured leaving Croydon Crown Court today, where she admitted five charges sexual activity with a boy ...
Road death case moved to Crown Court -
[DAILY EXPRESS]: Woman teacher faces prison for sex with boy, 16: A TEACHER who had sex with a schoolboy 10 ye...
if this is crown court then yes, there are now no backdating provisions for CC work
Avi Chaudhuri’s client acquitted of rape at Reading Crown Court, instructed by
I give up my prom court nomination and give it to Emilee Hurst. Crown the queen who never got to be recognized.
One in eight Crown Court cases are dropped as convictions fall to five-year low via
NewsLetter: Autistic teenager in court over hoax bomb threats: A Co Antrim man appeared at Belfast Crown Court...
5sept2013 i witnessed a crown court appeal judge using that EXACT same TRICK MULTIPLE TIMES on the defendant. ME :)
The ball is in Clinton's court. We're not voting for her however, we will watch her crown herself QUEEN. GOOD LUCK WITH
When a girl thinks she won prom queen so she goes & gets a dress that matches the crown & stash & isn't even on prom cour…
Two men have been convicted of the murder of David Curnow at Truro Crown Court.
Cameras will be allowed in ManChester Crown Court in pilot scheme:
Dept Social Dev: Belfast woman convicted of benefit fraud: A woman was convicted at Belfast Crown court today ...
Trial underway at Cardiff Crown Court, Wales as 4 are accused of forced labour, via
Three face crown court trial over fatal crash in which motorcyclist Jon 'Panda' Aicken died:
Crown attorney Valerie Moore on Gregory Campbell case speaks to court about sentencing.
. Im in Crown Court for sending flowers and a Mother's day card x . Looking at 5 years x . Fook em all x
Number of dropped Crown Court prosecutions at highest level in five years - BBC News
"Alan Warwick, 61, of Rayleigh, Essex, admitted causing Hitier-Abadie’s death by careless driving at Southwark Crown Court last month."
Meet the prom court and on May 14th, come to to see who takes home the crown! 👑 Tix:
We are Happy to have Victor Espinoza as rider for Whitmore in the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown
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The crown, homicide detective on the case have been waiting in court but the defence lawyers Calvin Barry/David Burke nowhere to be seen
Bizarrely unhistorical decision by the Supreme Court. Koh-i-noor diamond given to Britain, says Indian government- . htt…
AN Aston Magna woman is to appear at Gloucester Crown Court to face a charge of sexual activity with a 15-year...
the crown court closed years ago, then there's the County court Kirkgate and is magistrates on Wood st?
Brilliant result for client at Reading Crown Court today. Acquitted of serious charge. Well done Namita Pawa and
Kabeer Hassan arriving at Liverpool Crown Court
This doesn't look good: Delroy Facey offers up Port Talbot FC for match-fixing, Birmingham Crown Court trial hears.
Court, not Crown, controls access to productions, appeal judges rule
BREAKING: To save on transportation costs, announce that all remaining home games will be played at Leeds Crown Court.
'Vodafone engineers, please come to the central office.' - Sounds like technology troubles at Southwark Crown Court.
Robin Raizon charged with burglary. No plea entered but remanded in custody until May 18 where he'll appear at Crown Court
Crown court date for men charged with burglaries in and .
Chester is a lot safer now this Rapist is behind bars, well for the next 9 years. Well done Chester Crown Court
Four accused in Nelson Cheung murder case sent to Belfast Crown Court for trial. Date to be fixed
I've just had an email appntly fm MoJ re "Claim for crown court defence" asking to reset password etc. Have I missed s/t…
A man's appeared before Crown Court charged with murdering the historian, Adrian Greenwood.
A man has appeared before Crown Court charged with murdering historian Adrian Greenwood.
BREAKING Two teenage girls jailed at Crown Court for life for murdering Angela Wrightson in
We are reporting live from Crown Court this morning as ex-Sunderland star Adam Johnson is sentenced. https:/…
(Liverpool Echo):cameras to film in Crown Court for first time : New..
Repeat sex offender jailed today at Crown Court.
Adam Johnson found guilty at Bradford Crown Court of one count of sexual activity with a child
Great day at crown court, but now my brain really hurts 😁🤓
Court confirms: Crown Princess Victoria has given birth.
VIDEO: Adam Johnson's father involved in scuffle as he leaves Bradford Crown Court
Airports and ports are on alert after Tariq Javed, of Rusholme, absconded from Minshull Street Crown Court while...
I think the sentence "this matter is too serious to be judged in this court and will be send to Crown Court" will haunt me…
'Man through the Tunnel' abuse of process arguments taking place at Canterbury Crown Court.
Crown and defence seated as court gets set to begin in 15 minutes - Shafia appeal to be heard today.
Princess Victoria of Sweden gives birth to a baby boy named Prince Oscar Carl Olof: The Swedish Royal Court has revealed that Crown P...
Greater Manchester Police hunting convicted paedophile who fled Minshull Street Crown Court moments before being found guilty of child rape.
Re-attended York Crown Court this morning to give evidence as I wasn't called yesterday. Back on earlies with my shift on Saturday.
Colwyn Bay residents involved in this case, follow us for up dates at Chester Crown Court friday.
Could 'trolling' land you in court in England and Wales soon?: The Crown Prosecution Service is reviewing new…
Visit the Tilbury Hub (Crown Court, Newton Rd) Mon 29th 10am-1pm. Use our PCs or chat about adult learning https…
My hate, My frown . My kingdom, My crown . My palace and court is mine…
Official statements from CPS outside Derby Crown Court regarding sentencing of Jason Lawrance to life.
Brothers Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain (pictured) were sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court today after a series of women told a
Royal Court: Crown Prince to start an official visit to tomorrow.
Crown Point man accused of inappropriately touching girl
Let me grab the email from Oxford Crown Court I received. Sec.
can you review sentence of Andrew Picard heard at Oxford Crown Court as its exceptionally lenient. ht…
Serial rapist Jason Lawrance has been jailed for life at Derby Crown Court (12.5 years).
Jason Lawrance, who raped five women he met on dating website sentenced to life at Derby Crown Court
Crown Point man, 37, accused of inappropriately touching girl:.
Adam Johnson jury sent home from Crown Court as they continue to consider verdict
BREAKING NEWS: Jury at Crown Court are sent out to consider verdict on child sex allegations
Scenes outside Crown Court as Adam arrived for trial this morning.
Follow day 12 of Adam Johnson's trial live with our blog from Crown Court
man Lee Wilson sentenced to 15 months in for today at Crown Court
We hope have a great day at Crown Court
WITTON: The 47 year old from St Michael's Road has been remanded in custody until she's sentenced at Crown Court in March.
Ben Douglas-Jones appears for DPP in important case regarding open justice in the Crown Court.
Defendants in steel cage death case wil be tried in Crown Court
Tareena Shakil jailed for six years at Crown Court for travelling to Syria to join ISIS and encouraging acts of terrorism.
A Worthing man on a murder charge is to appear at Crown Court today -
Tareena Shakil was found guilty at Crown Court this afternoon. More here:
A foster mother was jailed for killing a toddler by violently shaking him. Her and her husband were sentenced at Crown Court
Husband charged over Essex care home shooting. Due to appear at Crown Court tomorrow. - Jenny...
You have until 11:59 CST to enter Where Is It Weekend contest
Queen of the Court: 8 reasons why Serena deserves the crown as Sportsperson of the Year
😂😂😂😂 didn't make it that far. legal exec 2start & ended up in crown court & old look at me😂
I'm wearing my crown from homecoming court 😂
Dear bf I would like the princess crown Pandora ring 😇
abuse court's Presumption to avoid it's Statutory Duty inflicting harm on kids w Crown Ward orders by
Maybe this is just one reason why I'm not a fan of "Two-legged Hairless Apes," A.K.A. humans.
Been through more jewellery than the Crown Court🔥🔥
Simmone Laval, 37, pictured, from Bagshot in Surrey was jailed for 20 months after she was found guilty in Guildford Crown Court of
Homeless man wanted by police for not attending Northampton Crown Court hearing
Natalie Towers, 24, of Shildon, County Durham, collapsed wailing in the dock at Newcastle Crown Court when she was sentenc…
"within the hollow crown . That rounds the mortal temples of a king . Keeps Death his court"
Officers on Crown Court standby as witnesses for a case of possessing, supplying & cultivating class A&B drugs.
can you tell me how to get hold of a transcript from a Crown Court case please? FOI Act?? Public domain?
Today Y6s from are learning more about at Crown Court with
📷 Becky Watts killing the court he'll rise before she was "scared" of stepsister Becky Watts murder: Live updates as the Bristol Crown Court
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that's what everyone calls Leeds Crown Court :)
5 says outcome of the judicial review of Crown Court legal aid fees will be carefully considered.
Breach of H&S is fined up to £5,000 and conviction in Crown Court by unlimited fines. for …
+ had sought to quash Legal Aid for Crown Court Proceedings (Costs) (Amendment) Rules (Northern Ireland) 2015
Omg look at Canterbury Crown Court! What is it with crazy pomo crown courts Leeds's is nuts as well
Our decision to withdraw services is exonerated. JR declares aspects of DOJ decision making process unlawful
At Birmingham Crown Court, the Nicola Payne jury has been sent home for the day and will return to continue deliberating at 10.30am, Monday.
Yahya Rashid convicted at Woolwich Crown Court of 2 counts of preparing acts of terrorism.
All competitors for the mock trial make sure you are at the Crown Court @ 8.55am so we can go through security together.
Off to Guildford Crown Court to speak to Judges later. Updating them on crime trends, change plans & to receive their fee…
Reading your oral submissions in crown court transcript format for the first time 🤓
The prosecution are closing their case against our client Noel Cryan in the case at Southwark Crown Court.
And suddenly it has brightened up again! ☀️ @ Liverpool Crown Court
A sea of umbrellas from family supporters and media outside Bristil Crown Court after trial
Defendants in Becky Watts murder case sentenced in case prosecuted by William Mousley QC at Bristol Crown Court
Meet Black Singles 300x250
In The Dock: Live updates from court as foster carer sentenced for affair with teen she was caring for
"I did not want to be involved in it," Mrs Turner tells Lincoln Crown Court
Amazing scene at Bristol Crown Court for sentencing of Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare - judge breaks down in tears during final remarks
Nathan matthews gets minimum 33years, shauna hoare 17years. Some justice for becky today at Bristol Crown Court.
Nathan Matthews sentenced at Bristol Crown Court to a minimum of 33 years' imprisonment for the murder of his step-sister Becky Watts.
NEWS: Two people have pleaded not guilty to child cruelty at Grimsby Crown Court in relation to the death of 4 year old Poppy Widdison.
Good Luck to Mock Court Trial team tomorrow at Crown Court
Back at Bristol Crown Court where Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare are about to be sentenced in the murder trial.
Our Sixth Form Gov and Politics students are visiting the Crown Court today. They've done nothing wrong we swear!
27 year old Daniel Cookson - a former PC in Rotherham - was found guilty today following a four day trial at Sheffield Crown Court
mother and father speak about impact on them at the sentencing of her killers at Bristol Crown Court
Becky Watts' father describes reliving her death 'over and over again': Darren Galsworthy tells Bristol Crown Court in victim impact ...
St Neots man charged with beheading Samantha *** appears at Cambridge Crown Court
I added a video to a playlist Found amongst my Archives.Granada Court.1976
At Bham Crown Court while jury in case of missing Nicola Payne deliberate.18 yr old disappeared in 1991 and 2 men are accused of her murder.
MT "Training in plain English needed for prosecutors and judges... to avoid incomprehensible jargon."
Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare are back in the dock for sentencing at Bristol Crown Court following guilty verdicts in Beck…
At Swansea Crown Court today where Kevin Johnstone is due to be sentenced for causing amphetamines to be administered to his workmates drink
Former Tory peer Lord Hanningfield appears in crown court
In The Dock: Live updates as company boss goes on trial over death of Semelia Campbell, crushed by gates outsi...
The crude crisp-eater does a few dips on a seat in the corridor before storming out of Woolwich Crown Court holding his wi…
"Dangerous" paedophile Mark Madrell jailed for 23 years at Teesside Crown Court -
Crown Court's theme tune was so unnerving, felt 'found guilty' for the rest of the day.
Five years ago, Geoff Long's world came crashing down when he found himself standing in the dock at a Crown Court …
its not actually and its contentious in the reasoning on matters fiscal. its akin to Mags v Crown Court. JP's v QC's.
Crown Court date for man charged with Studley Lloyds Bank robbery -
Trial starting at Crown Court & an afternoon in police stations in planned. Another busy day
Meet the team at Breydons: James Winter-Whitaker - Crown Court caseworker & police station accredited representative
CROWN VIC WORLD NEWS U.S. journalist sentenced in Iran - An Iranian court has handed down a verdict in the espiona...
Kingston Crown Court heard the men 'admired' their third brother, Ifthekar Jaman (pictured), who had left the family home on May 14 2013
thanks they looked real good I posted a picture of her with her court crown
a witness re. Whyte/Green court cases. Maybe that is why the Crown Office have not taken action yet.
A young father was jailed for nine years today at Oxford Crown Court after a being convicted of killing his 11-week-old baby by shaking
Our state-of-the-art Law building features a replica Crown Court used in popular BBC series Eastenders!
'Selfish' benefits cheat given curfew and suspended sentence at Exeter Crown Court
' . within the hollow crown that rounds the mortal temple of a king keeps Death his court ' R 3
Rangers fraud case hearing moved to Edinburgh after bid by Crown
Ross Pickerill – no fixed address charged at Stoke on Trent crown court 
The office of the PCC next to the Crown Court. Money for this but not a police station?
he's appearing yet again on Friday (16th) at Southwark Crown Court.
Crown Court was first aired on TV on 11 October 1972 - 43 years ago today
would be proud of her Crown & Court. and were all victorious at tonight.
Got to crown the new homecoming queen last night! Congratulations to Hannah and the rest of the court!
is an offence, which can land you in prison. These are usually tried in the Crown Court. 0800 707 6004
genuinely wondering if the Final is going to be Dasher's Dugout vs. Crown & Court.
Awesome King Logan sporting a Leo the Lion crown and kicking back with his dad and favorite court…
WHERE IS BREA it is I who has to uphold the overnight crown now :0 overnight court Steve and Montana tonight ayo
I'm watching Richard II from The Hollow Crown series and he's sobbing his eyes out in front of the court. I'm literally dying of laughter.
Karrissa Cox and Richard Carter, from Guildford, Surrey, were cleared of child cruelty at Guildford Crown Court after new medical evidence
Trust Lucy Morris to get shouted at in crown court today cos she didn't rise when the high court judge entered 😭😭😭
Swindon Crown Court heard that the boy was 'sex mad' and 'sees it as a notch on his belt' to have sex with Jade Hatt, 21, who seduced him
Every tennis player is on the court for champ or 3rd place matches at regionals, pushing for a region crown!
That's standard in crown court trials. Means nothing.
A roundup of what's been said at the Becky Watts trial this week.
>> for the crown Princess to have to appear in court is pretty rare.
I'm so honored i got to be on court with two of my bestfriends. Congrats Edy for winning the crown😍 A…
What a read for the law geeks. A clear case of Crown oppression leading to a High Court case being deserted!
Becky Watts trial: The first few days at Bristol Crown Court
The supporters of that Sinful Secret Illegal Crown Court aren't just sinning against me THEY ARE SINNING AGAINST GOD
The Satanic supporters of that Sinful Secret Illegal Crown Court r spreading Satan's lies to keep it all covered up featured in NBC s Science of Love
That Sinful Secret Illegal Crown Court tortured my loving mother into an early grave & GOD DEMANDS JUSTICE SCC
Crown Courts inherently trusted but Court Martial fundamentally distrusted. An effect of media approach to CM
Is the future juries in the Crown Court with judges with a military ticket. . Wrong for job to control type of jurors and numbers
Jade Hatt, 21, pictured, was spared jail at Swindon Crown Court, despite admitting she slept with the underage child, afte…
Rangers fraud case hearing moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh High Court after bid by Crown
500 years later BLACK PEOPLE still in CHAINS.BLACKMAN was LYNCHED today by Judge EMMA PETERS @ Chelmsford Crown Court
Three men have gone on trial at Leeds Crown Court accused of people trafficking after Hungarian workers were allegedly used as 'slave
Siting in the good court at crown there are so many people wearing CS:GO team apparel. I never thought I'd see a day like thi…
You got the Crown Court music right: it had different tunes at the beginning and the end, if I remember rightly.
ICYMI: A prisoner escaped from Crown Court and dived into the River Medway:
Prisoner escapes from Crown Court and dives into River Medway:
The St Paul window, dedicated to Rev Joseph Moffett and all former ministers of Crown Court. 19-20 Sep
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