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Crosstown Cup

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White Sox now get home field in the Crosstown Cup.
Congrats to the for their crosstown rival win. They may have got the cup, but you got the 🔑 to the city!!
If you are a fan of the Crosstown Cup, currently leads 45-25
Crosstown cup bragging rights will be on the line tonight!
27 games. One is all weekday plus one crosstown cup game and the other is all weekend and one crosstow…
We still have the Crosstown Cup! And of course we were the 2016 Hot Stove Champions.
It's but The Bears suck so we're pretending that it's the Crosstown Cup instead
Liberty Staff beating North staff after 3! Chris G does this count toward crosstown cup?
With the Crosstown Cup happening I thought to bring back this
enjoying Wrigley James? As a fan, I only go up there for the Crosstown Cup series.
I swear White Sox fans hate the Cubs more than they like Sox. You can take the Crosstown Cup. Have fun watching us in…
is that the trophy case for the Crosstown Cup?
Crosstown Cup historian Bob Beghtol confirms that, as last year's champs, the Sox keep the Crosstown Cup with three wins. Big day tomorrow.
Who needs a World Series trophy when you can get the Crosstown Cup?
Chicago fans square off for tonight's Crosstown Cup series opener at Wrigley Field.
Cubs Rivalry week starts tomorrow, Cards for 3 then time to take that crosstown cup this weekend! featured in NBC s Science of Love
My proposal from March to rename Crosstown Cup the Banks Cup. Series is next weekend. Your move, and
does it matter when they win the BP Crosstown Cup?
Next up will be for and to honor Ernie Banks and Minnie Minoso by renaming Crosstown Cup the Banks-Minoso Cup. Do it.
Any truth to rumor that you're bringing the (Crosstown) Cup to Deerfield Days tomorrow?
Well, just found out I won't be working next Friday. The Crosstown Cup FINALLY starts at Wrigley! ABOUT *** TIME!!!
If the Sox can beat the cardinals IN STL.all bets are off. Hand em the Bp Crosstown Cup the minute they land in 312
I feel like Sally Struthers should do a commercial raising awareness for Cubs fans who have to watch Crosstown Cup games called by Hawk.
Behind an offensive outburst from Gordon Beckham, the White Sox took Game 2 of the Crosstown Cup. The Blackhawks stumbled in Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals, falling 4-0 to the Wild.
well they still lost lol. It's the crosstown cup
In the second game of the Crosstown Cup, White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham stole the show as he recorded a four-hit day, including a late home run to put the Sox up for good in the 5-1 win.
However, the night wasn't completely lost. The Sox are one win away from winning back the Crosstown Cup. South Side!
Wild back in the series with a 4-0 win tonight. And the White Sox are halfway to a Crosstown Cup sweep after a 5-1 win at Wrigley.
Postgame Live will start at 11:15 p.m. on CSN, directly after Crosstown Cup coverage.
The crosstown cup would be much better if both teams didn't suck so much.
Game One: South Side Game Two: South Side The White Sox have their first three-game winning streak of the season, with a 5-1 victory over the Cubs tonight to take both games of the 2014 Crosstown Cup at Wrigley. The South Siders broke this one open late, scoring four runs in the final two innings. Gordon Beckham hit the go-ahead solo home run off of Neil Ramirez in the top of the eighth, his first of the season. In the ninth, the Sox struck for three against Pedro Strop before Strop left with an injury. Hector Noesi picks up the win for the Sox, going five innings allowing four hits and one run, striking out six. It was a tough no decision for Edwin Jackson, who went seven strong innings, also giving up one run, with nine strikeouts. John Danks battles Travis Wood tomorrow night at U.S. Cellular Field, where the White Sox have a chance to win back the BP Crosstown Cup with a victory.
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I would watch a 4-0 Hawks loss again and again before I subjected myself to the Crosstown Cup.
Sox can win the Crosstown Cup tomorrow. I'll be there!
I can't believe how empty Wrigley Field is for the Crosstown Cup tonight.
take Game 2 of the Crosstown Cup over the 5-1. Stay with CSN for Postgame Live.
Swept cubs at Wrigley dominating win tonight crosstown cup 2 sox 0 cubs 1 more win till I get my 20 bucks
When people dont care about the Sox all year til the crosstown cup
Postgame Live will be on immediately after Crosstown Cup coverage on CSN. A live link is here: can't be away on Crosstown/Cup game nights...:-))
Two things related to sports right now 1. Nobody cares about the Crosstown Cup. Nobody cared when the Cubs swept last year she no body cares if the Sox sweep this time. Just the truth, one team *** slightly less than the other. 2. Why in the *** do the Hawks have a weak time frame every series? Against the Blues it was the last two minutes of periods, now with the Wild it's the first 5-10 minutes of the 3rd. Can they play 60 minutes just once?
to be fair, Arsenal fans might be the only people excited to win the Crosstown Cup
are away runs the first tiebreaker in Crosstown Cup?
The Cubs and White Sox continue their search for a Crosstown Cup corporate sponsor.
The crosstown showdown, Bp cup, whatever the bleep it's called, has been an absolute SLUGFEST! Very entertaining!!
Watching the cubs and sox crosstown cup would be so much more exciting if someone got punched at the plate like in the good old days.
CSU 122: Extreme Blackhawks Matt goes solo to recap the weekend in sports around Chicago including the Bulls loss to the Wizards, the Blackhawks poised to sweep the Wild, and the “Crosstown Cup”. Some thoughts on ExtremeRules as well, though Brandon probably sounds more intelligent. Thanks for liste…
Share your experiences from the game! Get ready for the Crosstown Cup on the South Side tomorrow!
Cubs look to he going down 0-2 in the crosstown cup, but maybe they'll pull out a couple of hits.
I still don't understand why they have the crosstown cup durning the week.
How does the Crosstown Cup work if the series is a split? We get it because the Sox are trash or what?
The Crosstown Cup continues now as makes his way to the mound for the
How will the Cubs respond following the extra-inning loss in the Crosstown Cup opener? See what players are trending during the game on social media using Cubs Pulse presented by AT&T U-verse
Game 2 of the Crosstown Cup Chicago Cubs-Chicago White Sox from Wrigley is on the big 9 tonight. Join us at 6:30p for pre-game; 7:05 first pitch. Who's watching where?
Blackhawks-Wild Game Three starts at 8 tonight on CNBC, while the Cubs and White Sox clash in the second battle of this year's Crosstown Cup at 7 (Cubs broadcast on WGN, White Sox on CSN). Viewing priorities?? Also, it was announced today that Joakim Noah came in fourth in NBA MVP voting, becoming only the third Bull to receive votes (MJ and D-Rose). Kevin Durant won the award nearly unanimously over LeBron James.
The last public sighting of the Crosstown Cup was last May at Wrigley Field , where it was carted off the field after a Cubs team photo, placed on a shelf in the clubhouse next to a purple Barney doll and left to gather dust.
Sox take game 1 of the crosstown cup 3-1 in 12 innings
Game 1 of the crosstown cup goes to. The White Sox!!!
Sox win! Honestly though I see why there is no sponsor for the Crosstown Cup this year. That was 4 hours of really bad baseball.
Top of 12th and Sox lead Cubbies 2 to 1 in Crosstown Cup. Sweet.
Fun Fact : It's no longer the BP Crosstown Cup. It's just the Crosstown Cup. They can't find anyone dumb enough to sponsor it.
Former Cubs outfielder and Hall of Famer Billy Williams joins the SportsTalk Live panel to discuss his playing days and the new Crosstown Cup.
considering the mediocrity of both teams over the years. Shouldnt the "Crosstown Cup" be a dirty urinal?
Tonight marks the start of another "Crosstown Cup" battle (Cubs vs Sox) I would really love to hear a co mingled broadcast team. Sox team and Cubs team together in the booth calling the action together. Or why not take one color guy and put him with the others play by play? James Parker and I want to do a play by play podcast of Bears vs Cowboys this fall where he is unabashedly rooting for the Boys and I am a total Bears homer. Since homerism is almost the rule now with local broadcast teams this seems like it could be a lot of fun. One guy talks about what a great play while the other guy rants about his teams defensive breakdown.
The Chicago Cubs host the Chicago White Sox at Wrigley Field for the 4-game Crosstown Cup Series! Game 1 starting now! GO CUBS!!
Omg! The crosstown cup starts today!!! Cubs vs soxs! Cubys all day everyday we got this!
Just took my seat in Aisle 209 over shallow left field! Quite a hostile crowd at the Friendly Confines to launch the annual Crosstown Cup! LET'S GO White Sox!!!
Is the stupid Crosstown Cup just about the dumbest thing in recent Chicago sports history? Not the games but there's an actual cup for a series of 4 games in May meaning it could be a split? Why do I think all 50 players would like to take it and stick it up the yin yang of the people that came up with it?
Chicago Baseball apparently lost BP as their sponsor for the Crosstown Cup back in 2012...
Just ran into a bunch of Cubs and White Sox fans. Must be time for the Crosstown Cup battle. Or as I like to call it, The Redline Series.
Going to the Cubs vs Sox game today! Hopefully the boys in blue can defend the crosstown cup
Good luck trying to keep the crosstown cup cubs nation Must See T .V.
Good night for sports. Hawks and the crosstown cup. Throw In some NBA playoff action. I know what I'm doing tonight
The boss of me said no school today... since its his birthday and he pays my tuition, he has ordered me to stay home with him. I do believe the Crosstown Cup is calling our names!!! Yea Buddy!
Jack is back, Crosstown cup and my birthday festivities! That means this is gonna be a good week right
Brooks Raley “My question is, which player gets to hoist the Crosstown Cup first tonight?”
The Cubs may already have their hands on the Crosstown Cup, but they will have an opportunity for a complete season sweep July 8 in the makeup game of last Tuesday's rainout at U.S. Cellular Field.
Dear Friends, For most of last week it was a great time to be a Cubs Fan! Five wins in a row including 3 in a row over the Sox, the Crosstown Cup, a couple grandslams, a complete game one-hit shutout, and a three-homer day by the Cubs backup catcher! It didn't last long but it was fun while it did last! It's also been a great week to be Blackhawks Fan - a Game 7 win over the Red Wings and two in a row over the Kings. The Hawks need only 6 more wins to take the Stanley Cup! Make sure you are here Tuesday and Thursday nights this week and watch the Hawks close out the Kings. Games are @ 8:00 on the "Road to the Stanley Cup" And dont forget "Taco Tuesday" and "Tavern Trivia" on Wednesday. Thursday before the Hawks game and the Birthday Raffle, stop in for "Dinner with Darla & Melissa". This week it is "Sandwich Night" - choose a Specialty Sandwich or Build-Your-Own! If you haven't had Dinner with Darla & Melissa, you are missing a real good thing! There is always something going on at the Tavern! This Week . ...
The value of the Crosstown Cup? Showing which Chicago team has sunk the furthest.
Behind great pitching performance, timely hitting, and the power of Dioneer Navarro... the Cubs take a 2-0 lead in the Crosstown Cup series over the White Sox with 1 game left to play at Wrigley tomorrow and a make up later in the year but a win tomorrow would clinch the cup!!
Cubs won today (Day 2) of Crosstown Cup week 9-3. Cubs 2 White Sox 0. Chicago Cubs have two more games left against Chicago White Sox (tomorrow and a make up date is still TBA)!
Dioner Navarro--White Sox kryptonite since 2013. GO CUBS!!! One more win tomorrow and the Crosstown Cup goes to the North Side. What do you have to say now, naysayers?
Still Tickets available for the White Rhino Bus Trip for the Sox vs Cubs Game at US Cellular Field Tonight! Also we have Tickets on sale for Wednesday's Crosstown Cup game at Wrigley Field here at teh Rhino :-) Stop by for a pint and Get on the Bus Gus at White Rhino Bar & Grill :-) Bus is Leaving at 5pm from the Rhino
Cubs won 7-0 on day 1 of Crosstown Cup week. Chicago Cubs 1 Chicago White Sox 0. I get happy when Cubs beat White Sox.
Crosstown Cup win or loss.. I am still the only Sox fan that has stepped on the beloved infield grass of Wrigley Field...
Chicago Cubs shared the following link and had this to say about it: Jeff Samardzija tossed his first career shutout and the top of the Cubs lineup raked in tonight’s 7-0 Crosstown Cup win over the White Sox. CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!!
im pretty sure Zack Stewart pitched today. O and Will Ohman did to. That is like throwing little leaguers into a game. Calm Down we still will win the Crosstown Cup easily.
so the second half of the Crosstown Classic kicks tonite at 7:10 at US cell. after a 3 game sweep at wrigley, the Sox just need 1 win to keep the Crosstown Cup on the South Side. the Chi Sox lead their division with adam dunn leading the homerun count and the cubs are dead last in all of MLB. time for them boyz from the Dirty South Side to earn them braggin rites at home against them kidz from the north side. LETS GO White Sox, WHAT!!!
Matt Thornton closes out another White Sox victory in Game 2 of the BP Crosstown Cup at U.S. Cellular Field, June 26, 2010
White Sox PGL previews Round 2 of the Crosstown Cup: Chuck Garfien and Bill Melton look ahead to the W...
The BP Crosstown Cup went missing this weekend, and foul play was suspected. Throughout the Cubs-Sox series, the Cup was occasionally seen on television being defaced, used as a giant beer mug, and brandished as a blunt weapon by drunken fans. When the dust settled, the BP Cup was found in a men’s r...
Koyie Hill starting at catcher for the today. Dale Sveum's lineup for Saturday's BP Crosstown Cup matchup:
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Crosstown Cup: Chicago White Sox 3 Chicago Cubs 2: The Chicago White Sox came into Wrigley Field today with a re...
manager Dale Sveum and manager Robin Ventura meet at home plate to kick off the BP Crosstown Cup.
It's almost go time. Crosstown Cup! Chicago White Sox v. Chicago Cubs. Battle of two teams that will probably both miss the post-season...but lets fist fight over it! Go SOX!
Oh corporate America BP Crosstown Cup are u kidding me
VIDEO: and Bill Melton preview the first installment of the 2012 Crosstown Cup
RICK MORRISSEY: The Cubs and White Sox will begin battling for the BP Crosstown Cup on Friday, and you know what that means. It means BP is still paying for the naming rights to a trophy that has been in existence lo these three years.
Paul Konerko takes a look back at his favorite Crosstown memory: The BP Crosstown Cup is coming to Comcast SportsNet...
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