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Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan is an American television crime/drama series that aired on NBC from September 24, 2001 to May 16, 2007. It stars Jill Hennessy as Jordan Cavanaugh, M.D., a crime-solving forensic pathologist employed in the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Edward Herrmann showed up in an episode of Crossing Jordan and I was NOT READY.
Obama really the goat. His public speaking so smooth like A.I. crossing Jordan
Steph didn't get crossed in that picture but A.i crossing jordan will forever be legendary
Crossing "dignity".. Gate between Palestine to Jordan . Photo by:Issam Rimawi
When sees you crossing a busy highway just to catch a staryu
I enjoyed Amy in ER, and she did some Crossing Jordan too.
well now I'm for sure crossing my fingers for Jordan! 😍
Here's a link to one of my early experiments that I was quite happy with -
We are just a minute away from crossing the Jordan thus we pray;. 1. LORD, STRIKE THE LOINS OF THOSE WHO STRIKE AGAINST US IN JESUS' NAME.
Jaafari and Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan discuss speeding up the opening Trebil border crossing
did you really just leave iverson crossing Jordan out.
Please consider helping out my friends in CROSSING JORDAN , They need a new trailer !!...
Crossing Jordan has a character who visualizes memories, but she can touch people.
crossing my fingers Dion Jordan is reinstated before the start of training camp!
Last night, Rep. Gutierrez said there are fewer people crossing border than in last 30 yrs
Tentative plans to open a 4th crossing between Jordan and Israel near the Dead Sea
Like Justine Jordan, I'm crossing my fingers for 's too!
Im suddenly very emotional about crossing jordan
I wish tumblr existed when crossing Jordan did bc the Crossing Jordan tag is seriously lacking
Crossing Jordan was the first crime drama show I ever got into and I wrote fanfic about it before I knew what fanfic was :')
Can you believe I'm not the only human who has watched Crossing Jordan?
I was just reminded of the shows I used to watch that other kids my age didn't watch like. - Frasier. - Seinfeld. - Crossing Jordan. etc etc
Bible Teacher Ron Moore looks to Israel's crossing of the Jordan River to find three principles to guide our path.
king:"Israel crossing the lines as world is 2 busy with conflict".Jordanians could only hear their hungry children,not ur rhetoric
Have to give Ds credit for cheerfully braving the 100 degree heat & crossing steaming asphalt lots to get to hall. I'm dr…
*** it, I looked both ways before crossing the street and still got hit by a bus.
Syrian refugees crossing the edges of Zaatari refugee camp on a windy day, in Jordan.
Don't forget to vote for Crossing Jordan! Find out what they're about @ 👂🏼🎧💕
Tens of thousands mainly and children trapped on crossing.
Okay. Broadchurch (Series 1), Crossing Jordan, Luther, Ripper Street, Copper...just going down what's in my TV queue LOL.
"You found peace, O Mother Mary, after crossing the Jordan River, for the soul-destroying pleasures enjoyed a...
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you will not live for long in the country which you are crossing the Jordan to enter and possess.
Iverson is still the GOAT for crossing up Jordan as a rookie
Hala fled to Jordan and survived crossing the Aegean. Now she's being held in a detention camp in Greece:
Uh, remember his Crossing Jordan ep...he can pass as a sociopath. :)
Blind Palestinian boys in tears as coach is arrested at border crossing
Central Crossing has the best teachers. They have helped a lot.
My brain Jordan, you Allen Iverson steady crossing my mind ⛹🏾
Jordan-Iraq borders. journalist getting into a military truck as Syrian refugees crossing.2013
7. ... accepted Joshua as their new leader. The actual crossing occurred on the 10th of Nissan [
Prime Manu is not taking the 76ers to the finals honestly! Prime Manu not crossing Jordan
Josh 4 NIV—When the whole nation had finished crossing the Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua, “… via
The two best basketball moments in history:. 1. AI crossing Jordan. 2. Kobe gettin 60 in his last game
Via Refugees from crossing berm at border with Thursday, 14 April 2016.
Crossing Jordan but that double cross on Antonio Daniels gotta be on here too
"God's words aren't just idle words for u- they're ur life.… u'll live long in the land u're crossing the Jordan to posses." Deut.32:47
Latakia, Idlib, Aleppo are key, &the south. Already plan 2 create new crossing btwn Jordan Syria
A quiet Saturday night with a marathon of Crossing Jordan. Love this show, is awesome :)
Iverson was crossing up err'body in the league. Soon as he crossed up Jordan They said he was carrying & started calling mad carrying calls😭
Confirmed - multiple offers on the house. If we lose this one I'm gonna be even more heartbroken. Crossing my fingers!
I love when people bring up Iverson crossing Jordan to make a point. Jordan still closed that game for the Bulls and went on to win a title.
Were Syrian gov't to take control of crossing *and* open it, SAA would re-open supply line from Jordan to Damascus. This…
child was found by UN crossing the desert 2 Jordan alone carrying a bag in his hand😢.
A 5 years old Syrian child was found by UN while he was crossing borders of Jordan alone 💔
Me watching Crossing Jordan with wife. Me: is she going to turn into a wolf? . Wife: No. Me: then why is there Native American flute music?
.You've got to pick up every stitch."Season of the Witch" from the Crossing Jordan soundtrack, 2003
Time to break out my Crossing Jordan soundtrack. Richard Thompson's Season of the Witch Happy Halloween!
Do we ever wonder how much we talk about Moses crossing the Res sea, but very seldom about Joshua crossing the Jordan?
I'm good at drawing lines, but I'm better at crossing them.
goes to A.I. crossing the legend himself, Michael Jordan! Happy Friday y'all.
Iraq says it was not warned about Russian missiles crossing its airspace
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The Doctor & Clara made a guest appearance at the iconic Abbey Road crossing this morning... .
Also sure that if Jordan were crossing the street, I'd speed up instead of slowing down 😁
Same thing with AI crossing up Jordan. *** forget Jordan lit them boys up for 55 and they won by 20+?
Crossing my fingers that it rains tomorrow in Los Fresnos so I won't have to work 😂
chalk up 'crossing homeplate highfiving teammates and telling the chart guy "yeah I'm not sure what pitch that was" ' as well
Crossing Jordan isn't perfect but omg it's so much better at handling diversity
Josh 4 NRSV—When the entire nation had finished crossing over the Jordan, the Lord said to… via
"The ones that finish the race strong are the ones who keep running.".
over at Marvel. Crossing my fingers for Valiant to come in and make...
ATTENTION!! Effective Monday, October 12, Camp Jordan Parkway will be closed due to the Jordan Crossing retail...
.hey, I saw that episode of Emergency!. And that other episode of Emergency!. And Crossing Jordan. And NCIS...
Crossing Over the Jordan part 6 by Jason Burns via
Crossing Over the Jordan part 5 by Jason Burns via
Crossing Over the Jordan part 4 by Jason Burns via
Crossing Over the Jordan part 3 by Jason Burns via
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Crossing Over the Jordan part 2 by Jason Burns via
Crossing Over the Jordan part 1 by Jason Burns via
How to get from Israel to Amman via the Jordan River Crossing
Please pray for our precious Faye Speer who is near her crossing of Jordan. Lift up Mark, Joyce, Brian & family
So an ocean sunfish washed up on the shores of Alaska where Jordan is from and all I could think about was Animal Crossing lmao
What's with the Celtic jam session going on with the intro to Crossing Jordan? Is it because she's Irish? I mean Boston I guess.
The list includes:. The Jordan River--site of the crossing. The Gilgal encampment--stones of remembrance and renewal of circumcision
Can't wait to be with my girls this weekend! Crossing fingers my ID comes in the mail before then 👌🏼
I'm binge-watching Crossing Jordan. Not horror but it is life and death in the morgue. Can I get a half-like?
And I'll climb up the hill and look to the west. . I'm crossing over Jordan to the land!. And i'll sit me down in my old armchair!
Popular on 500px : Snake River Crossing by cgoettsch
I give it a 6 it's not as "Legendary" than Iverson crossing over Michael Jordan that changed crossovers for ever.
yes! First time I saw her sing was on Crossing Jordan
'Dunno if I can handle the repercussions of that stream-crossing. Bracing. In 3,2,1...
Jordan unlocks his interior design skills with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
After church I went to the store to buy some fruits the bowl with watermelon in it and all was gone only...
Sooo funny lol Helena wrote to me on her timeline and I answered her back on my timeline lol I copy and paste on...
Stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't even jump puddles for you.
Read the story of Jordan Marshall who has a condition called Vaso Vagal Syncope. This will hopefully raise awarene…
DTN UK: Essex woman who faints up to six times a DAY but has escaped injury: Jordan Marshall, from Essex, suff...
Crossing the Jordan was a national mikvah marking the change from Wilderness to Promised Land.
I stayed up late last night and watched one too many episodes of Crossing Jordan then I should have.
Crossing from amman to berlin is like crossing from sweden to jordan. It is important.
NASA camera captures Moon crossing face of Earth
They were both baptisms. ;-) The Jordan crossing was another prophetic echo of Yeshua. I'll explain tomorrow.
Watching the show Crossing Jordan like a man who knows how to party on a Thursday night.
LIVE on Jordan crossing ministries forever # Thursday night
Next after nepal...jordan crossing border to israel, aqsha and palestine
~crossing to and lifting Jordan from your arms so you can get the bags.~ how's mommies favorite man? ~Nuzzling+
. . . should have said "the Beautiful" . . . Watching episode 1 of season 2 of "Crossing Jordan" (I have S1 on DVD) at home 😉
OK, but by crossing the Jordan, Israel was choosing to leave the sins of Egypt behind, not just the country.
Huh? How was the Jordan crossing not for Israel? They were the ones crossing into the promised land.
after they received the Torah? Same idea going through water but the Jordan crossing was not for Israel
Crossing Jordan made fun of CSI without mentioning it literally by name, but not a crossover.
Crossing the Red Sea is different then crossing the Jordan. It takes a different method to produce a different miracle.
Just discovered all of “Crossing Jordan” is on Streaming. I'm at work trying not to watch ... er, I mean the Show ;o)
Using the £1 Daily Mail ferry-crossing offer to help migrants. Swet:
Now the fun of crossing into Jordan begins. (@ Jordan - Israel Border Crossing in Eilat)
how scary that I have absolutely no recollection of doing this ep of Crossing Jordan. none! yikes!!!
[Jordan watches the interaction, crossing his arms over his chest before leaning back against the car.]
Def feel better after a shower. Now time for Crossing Jordan till bedtime.
This Crossing Jordan ep makes me so sad 😭 trans woman is sick + dying & asks the ME to perform her bottom surgery once she dies 😭 he does it
Unique vantage point of DSCOVR provides amazing shot of Moon orbiting Earth
giving you as a heritage, I myself shall die in this country without crossing the Jordan; but you will cross over and
Elisha crossing the river Jordan remembering Elijah! . Peter and dead Dorcas remembering Jesus and Jairus' daughter.
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Just started watching Crossing Jordan on and has a lovely voice. His character is also adorable.
that was like Jordan crossing over some bench player lol one of the best I've seen
a great Crossing Jordan ep with ! best line: "well was he at least wearing his gladiator harness?"
not sure, but I think Jordan from Crossing Jordan may fit the bill. Obvsly not a current show, though.
Jordan Amavi- Value: £1.5 Million. A rapid LB who grows to have great crossing, dribbling & more!. A great investment! htt…
So pleased to watch old episodes of Crossing Jordan on French TV! Hugs Steve ;-)))!!!
Susan Abulhawa turned up at Allenby Bridge crossing from Jordan . + bristled after 7 hrs w/ 6 different interrogators
De ee ee ep River, my home is over Jordan. Crossing the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. 182 miles to TX.
Pass the level, crossing the Jordan River 😊
I think Jordan is double crossing Frank. She is one of Osip's girls and she's setting Frank up. Frank doesnt see it.
Tired of crossing oceans for people who wouldn't jump a puddle for me
Crossing fingers and toes that Mr. Jordan stays out of the way.
Its crazy how we always look at ivo crossing jordan as like omg but when u hear da *** talk about it makes it that much better
Part2) we all have secrets you shouldn't invade your child AND their friends privacy that's just crossing boundaries. I'm so done.👿
GOD required HIS people sanctified in Exodus, and before crossing Jordan in Joshua... and in Chronicles. and HE is requiring it NOW too
A busy day holding Mobile Offices in St Marys, Jordan Springs and Ropes Crossing today. Thanks to all the local...
has officially closed the Trebil border crossing with
Iraq has officially closed the Trebil border crossing with Jordan:
Iraq closes border crossing with Jordan to cut funds to militants
That one time I did a episode with the Talented and Funny on Crossing Jordan. We meet…
That one time when & I did a episode of Crossing Jordan. Very funny dude. Love his…
Iraq closes border crossing with Jordan until further notice
closes main border crossing with Jordan over security concerns
Preview of upcoming TV: Wolf Lake, Crossing Jordan, Inside Schwartz, and Emeril (+ Bonus appearance of Yvette Nicole Brown)
lmfaooo so in general I hate crossing the border because of Israel and Jordan lmao
Crossing Jordan: Knoch's Geist shatters shot put, discus records at Butler Invite, by / /
"Twilight and evening bell and after that the dark/And may there be no sadness of farewell when I embark" Tennyson's "Crossing the Bar"
Pants? Were you crossing the Jordan at church??
I'm crossing over the Jordan right now. it's painful & exhilarating. Gods big squeeze = Gods big dove
Netflix update of the day: Crossing Jordan and Ghost Whisperer have been added celebrations are in order
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tithing was not to be observed until the crossing of Jordan and entering into the land promised to Jacob.
I really think needs to make another series. I loved Crossing Jordan!
Jordan and I have been playing animal crossing together for four hours.
Syrian refugees on their way to start the registration process after crossing into Jordan, at Zaatari Camp in...
There's a guy on my flight who is watching Crossing Jordan on his IPad.
But why did they make season 3 of Crossing Jordan like that?
Jordan looked up to with a small grin crossing his lips. For a stranger she looked beautiful. Though he might of been tired and+
crossing has been poor tonight from Wolfsburg
If you are crossing the road on your Jordan's you better hustle. Slow swagger will get you killed!
Seeking comedy actors at Crossing Jordan Entertainment, llc
Our vote for best dressed school crossing guard.
Jordan’s new challenges: AMMONNEWS - The capture of the Nasib crossing on the border between Syria and Jordan ...
vegetable garden. 11.But the land you are crossing the Jordan to take possession of is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks rain
Just saw on an old episode of Crossing Jordan. Wha??
Free Syrian Army has taken over the strategic border crossing of Nasib, a main trade route between Jordan and Syria
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Did I just see you on an episode of Crossing Jordan?
Stepping over lue or crossing over Jordan ?
Syrian border closure deals blow to Jordan economy - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
Better career highlight for you: Making the NBA Finals or the killer crossing on Jordan?
which highlight did you enjoy more. The corner shot and stopover of Lue in the finals or crossing up jordan as a rook?
Better career highlight: Stepping over Lue or crossing over Jordan?
Closure of northern crossing deals a blow to Jordan’s teetering economy via
Syrian border closure deals blow 2Jordan economy:all wars bad.What those people need is peace!
Closure of northern crossing deals a blow to teetering economy via
Syrian border closure deals blow to Jordan economy -
I wanna crossover while having a blast, or in my sleep. Love and light to this woman's family. - Jordan
Syrian border closure deals blow to Jordan economy via
Syrian border closure deals blow to Jordan economy 
Interesting report on the economic impact of closed borders around by
14.And the LORD directed me at that time to teach you the decrees and laws you are to follow in the land that you are crossing the Jordan
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Sometimes a view of the promised land is all that's given 3. Not crossing Jordan for reasons beyond us may be our lot.
Syrian border closure deals blow to Jordan economy
to fear the LORD your God as long as you live in the land you are crossing the Jordan to possess.". 14.The LORD said to Moses,
Now huge news: because of her crossing the line w/ Jordan, she's been excluded. Now will Leroy even compete in this last Dome?
Crossing my fingers times a million.
Nia did that to herself. She could run her mouth all she wants to but touching jordan’s *** was crossing a line.
I like Nia but if Jordan put his hands between her legs, he would be sent home. It's crossing the line!
Not terrible? lol It's not bad. It makes me miss Crossing Jordan and Dead like Me though, for realzies.
Ridiculous - crossing it in from the half way line. A "great effort" doesn't cut it
just because these two shows are the focus of my Tumblr doesn't make them comparable. Crossing Jordan is iconic!
I can watch all my old shows like the Tudors crossing Jordan rookie blue supernatural everything you can rent videos too
"A prime minister who campaigns against voting by citizens belonging to an ethnic minority is crossing a red line of incitement and racism."
I now am a member of the. Boston Women Coroners. with 'Law & Order' connections Alumni. I also worked on the enjoyable . 'Crossing Jordan'
For you . 'Rizzoli & Isles'. fans who never saw. 'Crossing Jordan'. you should - youd love it. Jill Hennessy is spectacular in it
Jordan changed his game by sharing the ball.. Jordan was crossing dudes and putting his hand in the cookie jar..
"As you go through what you're going like crossing the Jordan is the voice enough"- Dr. Boesak
slowly crossing off all my Jordan fetishes; STILL need Bred 11s. AND blue snakeskins. Both for UNDER 2 bills shipped.
GOAL Swansea 0-1 Liverpool (68 mins). A clearance ricochets off Jordan Henderson and into the net for the opener
Columbus, OH! I will be stopping by Tuttle crossing and Polaris Hot Topic stores tomorrow to meet you! Who's coming out!? 😃
Young Iverson crossing up Jordan, nothing else I can say
A.I. crossing Jordan will always be relevant. It doesn't won that game.
Jordan riverbed while all Israel crossed on dry ground, until the whole nation had completed the crossing of the Jordan.
What better to do when the internet goes out than watch Crossing Jordan DVD?
no he died before crossing the Jordan and conquering canaan
I'm going back to things I missed like Gilmore Girls, Crossing Jordan, & Criminal Minds.
Crossing Jordan was cool because it dealt with fatal flaws of the protagonists. Like Macy's alcoholism and how it affected his court cases.
This is me crossing the Jordan River! This is my faith forward! Consecrate is to be holy. In my…
“Um... Is this on Crossing Jordan...? Yes, a young, angry Seamus.
A Crossing Jordan episode starts. I'm watching the fourth episode... you are great...
|Tunnel Vision| -crossing the Jordan. walking with Joshua.
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He did Crossing Jordan apparently. That's the only one I can see that had any long running success. I wanna like Dig too but...
I saw you at the zebra crossing, she strolled across there like it was a cat walk
Come and visit me at Country Crossing 4090 W. Foxview Drive in South Jordan!
Iverson crossing over Jordan is the second source of inspiration for us at Blastchat . . . Have heart, confidence and execute . . .
Sometimes u need to burn bridges to stop yourself from crossing them again
The Luke Foley Bus is driving around visiting our mobile offices across the electorate in Ropes Crossing, Jordan...
Iverson crossing Jordan is not his play of his career
ohh kay, well we're crossing our fingers over here! Everything will be okay, promise beauty 😉
Nothing is more legendary than the video of Allen Iverson crossing up Michael Jordan
The traffic crossing this Jordan bridge shouldn't be at a standstill the f***
Well was the building crossing the SUV's path just after the red hand started flashing?
Crossing Jordan is on Netflix..,bye social life
I'll put my Money on Jordan crossing Michael Jordan
Moses telling the people what God had told him to say because they were crossing the Jordan to possess the land.
yeah. I keep crossing my fingers that Napier progresses here in the second half of the year
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I just saw one of these guys crossing the street next to my house.
Ready for ISIS crossing into Jordan, and busting up there weapons transfers.
The crossing over is a picture of believers receiving the promises of and assurance in the Lord by faith. 4
but please someone should take Animal Crossing from Jordan ;)=
For I'm pausing my Crossing Jordan marathon to watch a great movie. has been my crush for decades.
A step of faith is what Elisha took crossing Jordan with Elijah knowning fully well that Elijah will not return with him
Just note that the border between and is 365km and there r 70+ unofficial crossing points. This ops won;'t cl…
2 exams tomorrow. What I studied so far: finished reading "The King" of the BDB series, watched Crossing Jordan, wrote 15 pages of my book.
Guess I've been crossing oceans for you too long.
Jordan Pierce hits a 3 to pull Merced within 11-10 at end of 1q
I still remember being obsessed with a show called Crossing Jordan
Stop crossing oceans for someone who wouldn't even jump a fence for you
This is crossing the line on all levels, these guys must be looking for a big fight with everyone. Jordan. USA. Who...
I describe this as leaving the wilderness church & crossing the Jordan in book.Check out Fig 1
"Crossing Jordan, I'll have no fear. Jesus gonna be the engineer...". Hot Tuna = One of rock's most…
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Just for the record I've loved since her Crossing Jordan & How to lose a guy in 10 days roles. She gets funnier every year.
Rewatching Crossing Jordan. Years ago, taught me that one can be quite sexy with Hey Man Nice Shot in the background.
Ballin like I'm Jordan no assists from Sottie Pippen and it ain't enough flows, crossing over like I'm dribling
Beyond excited to get a Jordan's crossing cd!! 😍🎶
" Tonight got a Visit from a Crossing Jordan Alum I loved it! "
But after crossing the Red Sea,Israelites were made to wander the desert for 40 years,before ending up at east bank of Jordan.
| Report of my border-crossing trip from Israel to Jordan
My little act of kindness for today was crossing Jordan at 10th instead of spea. You're welcome world. Xoxo Lydia
Crossing my fingers for my homie Jordan hoping he gets signed today
Once upon a time there was a gym in the Crossing , true story
Incredible Bob Dylan speech. . 'I'm still just crossing over Jordan too.' .
. We have same issue as Jordan, et al. Lots of ppl crossing border-what to do with them?
Jordan crossing swords with dlynnmb out in Munich. Pic nabbed alexboardhappy 🙈💦 jthaxx…
I know that nobody cares about Crossing Jordan except me and a small group of 40 year old women but Det. Woody Hoyt 😏
It's 3 AM, I'm almost done with preparing 300+ letters, I'm on season 4 of Crossing Jordan, and I'm psyched for church in the morning
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
GUYS this is Jordan Burt and I met him while crossing the street. (He's the dingus guy) 😂😂
Communion and Joshua 4 in the AM Israel raised a memorial after crossing the Jordan. How do you recall the Lord's blessings?
How will Jordan attack Aleppo on the ground? By crossing the whole of Syria? Not rather Deir-Ezzor or even Raqqa (for ISIS)?
You're welcome. It's the truth. I'm talking as far back as Crossing Jordan. I believe that's the first show I saw you in.
Why was crossing jordan the best show
... Characters from various shows that hv been shot in Boston (Crossing Jordan, Falling Skies, Fringe, Cheers?!?!
Ah okay. I can't wait for Rememenders Avengers the Crossing Wars: Secrets of Teen Tony's past.
For many weeks before crossing the Jordan, Israel was encamped in the vicinity of the Jordan valley, North of the Dead Sea, East oftheriver.
Josh 4: two monuments are built out of 12 rocks each to remind of God's presence during the Jordan crossing.
Remember crossing the Jordan while patiently circling the walls.
Crossing my fingers that this actually happens.
Photos: stars honor MLK by crossing infamous bridge
I more remember him as Woody from Crossing Jordan
If somebody has an argument with Katie Price in the CBB House, would they be crossing Jordan?
LOL "What's that one show? Crossing Over with Michael Jordan?". He meant Crossing Over with John Edwards.
Jordan keep crossing back and forth over me pushing down on my belly 😤👊
For sale - crossing jordan by adrian fogelin read by author on... - Auction: Hove BN3, United KingdomCro...
Funny thing is I've been watching Crossing Jordan lately.
Animal Crossing with friends is too much fun
Just saw guest starring in an old episode of Crossing Jordan. Awesome performance, even as the evil guy.
Crossing the River, 7pm on Monday, January 19th at Jordan Hall. For more info, check out...
who then will take us into the kingdom since according to the type Moses died before crossing the Jordan and Joshua took over
at this rate, I'll be done with crossing jordan by june 😒
Thank god for Netflix, I never thought I'd ever again get the chance to binge watch Crossing Jordan, but here I am.
I'm crossing my fingers for Jeremy Jordan. you?
one on 70 heading towards Raleigh, one on 15 501 near Michael Jordan Nissan and mcdonalds and one near campus crossing on
I feel bad for Jordan Cox and would like to extend a apology for crossing him and putting him on the floor
0-2 (85): Barnes-Homer gets the better of Grimes but Jordan Tunnicliffe stops his low effort from crossing the line.
I’m fearful my chances of crossing over Jordan into glory may be compromised by the pies I’ve had my fingers in.
The Allenby Bridge border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank will be open 24 hours on Sunday to facilitate...
Crossing between Jordan and West Bank to be open 24 hrs Sunday
J. K. Simons did a great job in Crossing Jordan.
At the crossing over Jordan he'll be there.
At the crossing over Jordan,. At the crossing he'll be there;. There'll be music, there'll be shouting. Just beyond the swelling tide,
He will safely take us over. At the crossing over Jordan he'll be there.
Though the billow's roar be mighty,. There is nothing we need fear,. At the crossing over Jordan he'll be there.
We shall hear his gentle whisper,. "Fear not, I am by thy side,". At the crossing over Jordan he'll be there.
Now when all the nation had finished crossing the Jordan, the LORD spoke to Joshua, saying, (Joshua 4:1 NASB)
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