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Crossfire Series

Sylvia Day Gideon Cross Eva Tramell Henry Cavill

Only thing about the Crossfire Series is that I absolutely hate the name Gideon.
RSA fan. I just re-read the crossfire series, for the umpteen time. Waiting for 5 the April. My birthday as well. EXCITED
March wrap up! This was a busy month! . Re-read the amazing Crossfire series. This time listenedโ€ฆ
Crossfire Challenger Series 2016 is about to go live!. 10AM: ACCEPTANCE...
I want to know: Who is rereading the Crossfire Series to get ready for the next book?
Been re-listening to the series so I'll be ready on Tuesday. I've loved every minute of Crossfire.
I have just completed reading the Crossfire series for a 2nd time Cannot wait for One With You โ™ฅ. Brilliant author!!
the crossfire series has been such a phenomenon. How do you plan on matching readers expectations going forward?
Maybe someday do you have a Crossfire Series a Movie???
I love the crossfire series and you as an author! When it comes to the screen will you have any control?
Have you thought about doing a spin off of The Crossfire Series about Cary/Trey/Tat?
My diva of Book. anxiously awaiting the final book in the Crossfire series in Brazil. I Love Gideon Cross! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ
Were you sad writing the end of The Crossfire Series?
Were you sad to write the end of The Crossfire Series?
Will you be writing any brand new Series that is similar to the Crossfire Series? Lots & Lots of Love, Hugs & Kisses, Jayashina.
So to fs0g or erotic/adult romance fans I highly recommend the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day.Go check it out!Great story & writing.
Umm I only read The Crossfire Series. Do you have another story of hers To recommend?
I wonder,when will start Crossfire TV series?? when.
CROSSFIRE is one of my fav series too. Yes, Eva Tramell & Gideon Cross.
Alert. The 5th book of the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day is now up for Pre-Order! now to...
I'm raising money for World Series - Colorado Crossfire. Click to Donate: via
Rereading the crossfire series got me all up in my feels ๐Ÿ˜ญโค๏ธ
Baby's first Hollywood scoop? I didn't realize H&H was the first to pick up this story!
OMG I have the crossfire series too! & is beautiful disaster any good?
did u like them?. Still trying to figure out if i like the crossfire series. Have u read kresley cole. I love her stuff too.
Finally. The wait is almost over. One with You, the finale to the Crossfire series, out April 5th. Pre-order now
. Have u read the Crossfire series? Just started that one. Or gabriel's inferno trilogy? I loved that trilogy..
I am so excited for the last book from Crossfire series that is coming out in Poland in late April! I have been waiting for so long! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’‹
Flashback to the start of Gideon and Eva with this excerpt from BARED TO YOU by on
Wonder how many, like me, are rereading series this week in anticipation for release next week.โ€ฆ
For fans, here's a chance to go behind the scenes of the series w/author at
I can't believe the final Crossfire book comes out soon. I'm not liking my favorite series all coming to an end. Lol
OMG ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜! I am so excited! My fav book ๐Ÿ“š series The Crossfire book One With You will be out on April 5th. I can't wait that long! So,
I was curious if you have read the Crossfire series? :)
Am I the only one wanting to keep writing Crossfire books until there are as many as the In Death series by JD โ€ฆ
Reading REFLECTED IN YOU by Sylvia Day... Book 2 in her Crossfire series... Hoping to like this one better..
I might read the fourth novel in the Crossfire series over winter break this year.. I've been puttting it off.
We're excited for more romance with Gideon the final book of the Crossfire series.โค๏ธ
Don't miss the last night of this series! Bring someone with you!
I think I'm gonna read it after I finish the crossfire series!!
lmao.. Nahi all of these r clean.. 1-2 pages r dirty bas.. The crossfire series is a better version Of 50โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚
I know crossfire is limited by architecture but since the 3xx series is based on the architecture of 2xx can I crossfire 290/390?
one more go BMW 3 series CrossFire And A TVR.
Okay the crossfire series is so good ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’ฆ
and I just finished The stark series today, the crossfire and stark series are romance if your into that kinda stuff
ok do i read the Divergent series loved it, then i read the latest book i. The Crossfire series that ones really good too
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Can we order some sort of 'Crossfire' series with & Make this happen,
they should make a movie from the CROSSFIRE series๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
is crossfire going to be a movie or TV series also when is book 5 due out I'm itching to read it ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜
Seriously how have I managed not to read the Crossfire series till now?? I am addicted! 2 down & 2 to go.. I โ™ก Mr Cross :-)
Yeah it did. Crossfire series is going same way TBH but I can't leave a series incomlete
book 4 finished . Can't wait for book 5 last in the crossfire series
not yet. Have you read the crossfire series
After The Mortal Instruments, now Shatter Me.. Gaaa. What about Crossfire series? So happy.
I checked out the Crossfire series from the library & wedged them between my bed & wall. Kinda ashamed but dont want anyone to kno...
I thought u can crossfire only the same series. Like 290 with 295 etc. my crossfire ran same cards when I did it.
ah that's fair enough! You have to read the crossfire series next! It's too good I'm waiting for the 5th book ๐Ÿ™ˆ
I started to read Crossfire series a few weeks ago. I love these books! And now I'll join with fans who are waiting for the 5th book.
Read all books in the Crossfire series in two days. I haven't been this emotionally drained since...ever.
if u like 50 shades u must read the crossfire series. It's pretty much that but way better. There's 4 books out right now
CANNOT wait for the next & sadly-last, book in the Crossfire series to come out!! love me some Gideon & Eva
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This will be epic. Great Series: Will there be a Crossfireยฎ motion picture or television series? via
9 Days until the National Release of "The Count of San Andres" Library Series by Crossfire Cigars.
More teams qualify for the CrossFire Rivals Series 2!. Read here:.
will do! I started buying her the sweet filthy boy or whatever it's called series just to bridge the gap in the crossfire series
crossfire TV series to come out. Henry will be perfect to play Gideon
I'm really stubborn about getting a new novel. I want to finish the Crossfire series first ๐Ÿ˜”
Top 10 book boyfriends of all times - Top 10 book boyfriends of allย timesGideon Cross โ€“ Crossfire Series by...
Finally on the 4th book of the crossfire series. 2nd time reading the first 3 and now first time reading the 4th :) woo !
Crossfire Series after the Selection Series. From one series to next. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“–
I have to read Meredith Wilde's "The Hacker Series" which is supposed to be like the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day but it isn't that good.
any news on the Crossfire TV Series??
while you wait 10 years for Grey to come out, try the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Hobi baca balik lg ๐Ÿ˜ Another best novel series by Silviaโ€ฆ โ€“ Reading Captivated by You by Sylvia Day โ€”
Starting the Crossfire series. Goodbye, social life.
There is ever a crossfire series movie would be the best Gideon Cross. This man is WOW just Wow
I'm honestly really curious on how the Crossfire Series is going to end
Yep when I finished the FSOG and Crossfire Series
Finally finished the whole Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day. . I swear, Paolo is my Gideon Cross. Lol
I've seen people say they hate the Crossfire Series but Gideon Cross will forever be number one in my book.
So stoked that the series is going to be a tv series! I will be glued to my tv when it comes on ๐Ÿ˜
50 shades, Crossfire series and the Driven Trilogy
Thank you for the suggestion on the Crossfire series.. One chapter in and I'm in love
Snuggled up on the couch with coffee and the newest book in the Crossfire series!!
"If you enjoyed series. you'll absolutely love this.". . hโ€ฆ
"If you enjoyed series. you'll absolutely love this.". .
Have you finished with crossfire series? I heard beautiful filthy lies is good
The fourth book in the crossfire series is out
When will I ever be in the mood to read the rest of the Crossfire series, I have no idea
I'm reading now is likened to Sylvia Day's Crossfire series. Hmm let's see...
Does anybody knows some good books similar to FSOG and the Crossfire series?!!!
Little Giant Ladders
aw you babe have you read the crossfire series? Eek I will
just finished in Crossfire series,really enjoyed the con't story of Gideon & Eva,when is coming out?
The series by is my new obsession. Even better than 50 shades of grey.
two friends of mine, who are actually sisters and live right next door, bought me the latest book of Crossfire series. I am very grateful. ๐Ÿ˜˜
the Crossfire series makes my head hurt.
I just finished the 3rd book in the crossfire series, ugh. Why are there so many.
Sylvia Day Crossfire Series Boxed Set (Bared to You, Reflected in You, Entwined with You) A series
When is the crossfire series gonna be on TV like promised :( ?
Fun fact: awful boss at my old job loved the Crossfire series and recced it to me. But, since zephyrscribe snarked it before that, well...
yep, hun, like like like like series & :D lol it's mix :D
What books do you plan to read? โ€” I still need to finish the Crossfire series, I'm halfway through. I may get ba...
New video tomorrow. Check out the last one of this series ;).
So excited to have just received the crossfire series! I cannot wait to start reading the series!
The "Crossfire" series? It's supposed to have 5 books. 4th just came out last month.
The Crossfire series by beginning with Bared to You. This is what he looks like in my head...
Oh lord, the Crossfire series. Start there.
Just ordered the 4th book in the Crossfire series from Sylvia Day. Didn't know it existed until 2day!
I've just started another called the hacker series. First one is called hardwired. I loved crossfire so much lol.xx
maybe he can be Gideon Cross from Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series? ๐Ÿ‘
Which is the best book you have read so far? โ€” The Crossfire series. Hands down.
I haven't read any good smut since the Crossfire series. I'm just not good at picking it up.
Got the 4th book of the Crossfire series! Back to Giedon Cross๐Ÿ˜
Listen to on (WWW.CRNTALK.COM) at 3PM and Again at 10PM. Today's Guests... NY Times Bestselling Phenomenon, Sylvia Day, Captivated By You: A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia Day, book 4 of the series and the most anticipated novel of the year. And, Dorie Greenspan, Author of Baking Chez Moi - by Dorie Greenspan Joins (You could Purchase these Books at our: AMAZON STORE:
Tonight I have a date with Gideon Cross
Sylvia has hired the person to star in the TV series of Crossfire yet? No name needed just wondering.
if you ever make series into a movie or mini series by is surely Gideon and Eva's song.
The last book in the crossfire series is out ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ so excitedโ€ฆ so so so excited
Crossfire is a romantic suspense trilogy with lots of action. Highly recommended & bk 1
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ive just started reading CROSSFIRE SERIES by Sylvia Day on my epub reader and this is the reason whyโ€ฆ
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Just finished the third book in the Crossfire series. So mad I can't find the fourth one! ๐Ÿ˜ค
Crossfire - a romantic suspense with enough action for guys. Book 1 of a series of 3
would make a perfect Cary for the series
Just bought the 4th book of the Crossfire series!
. The Crossfire series is going to be made into a tv show. Thinking maybe next year? Have not seen official start date yet.
Not one for reading but I'm OBSESSED with the crossfire series .. I ned the 5th book!
Need to read all of my Crossfire series again. Love a good dirty book I do! ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘„
just finished the fourth book in the crossfire series I love it please say we haven't got to long to wait for the next one
Yes, I have spent the entire weekend with the Crossfire series. Even read books one and two a second time.
Crossfire series all the way!. My favorite book is The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Wasn't even aware there was a fourth book to the crossfire series but I'm so happy there is, fell in love with the characters all over again
Sylvia Day fan advocate in TV's 'Crossfire' series
Wow. is a genius. Hands down the best book-series I've ever read.
I love the Crossfire series just read the 5th in the series in less than a day! LOVED IT!
Crossfire series is amazing have you read those? Are you old enough lol sorry not tryingto be rude just dont know
Finally get to read the fourth book from he crossfire series!
God God God God help those people who think crossfire series is a huge joke
Another part of Gideon Cross and Eva Trammel in Crossfire Series. โ€“ Reading Reflected in You by Sylvia Day โ€”
I agree I like the Crossfire Series better,the character development in the story's much better. FSOG led me Gideon Cross :)
Tapi..Crossfire Series tgh hot nk buat movie..Stephen Amell or Henry Cavill as Gideon Cross??
I want Henry Cavill as Gideon Cross and Amber Heard as Eva Tramell on the movie/series adaptation of the Crossfire Series.
What book makes you feel this way? For me, it's the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day
Well finished the Crossfire Series last night. Can't wait for the 4th and 5th books to continue the story of Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross.
Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day, excellent condition, paid $45 for all three, smoke free home, SB 20.00
Yummy, yummy. He would make a great Gideon Cross from the Crossfire Series when it becomes a TV series.
So..who ever Liked 50 shades of grey MUST read the Crossfire Series from Sylvia Day.! just saying :D
So what do you think out these choices in Who would you like to play Gideon Cross in the upcoming TV show Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day??
"just realized that Harry in After reminds me a lot of Gideon Cross in the Crossfire Series:)"I just finisheโ€ฆ
downloaded the Crossfire Series of Sylvia Day from Ebook because 50 shades trilogy is too mainstream. :P
Does any one have the ebooks by Sylvia Day ; Crossfire Series ? If so ill love you forever if you send it to me lol
If you liked 50 Shades of Grey...check out Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series. Then compare. Just as hot. lol
Must have been under a rock the day they announced the news about Sylvia Day 's Crossfire Series being made into a...
I've finished reading Entwined with You (Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day
Think Tom Welling would suit the role of Gideon Cross in the Crossfire Series -
If Sylvia Day ever makes the Crossfire Series into a movie, Rob Pattinson would be great as Gideon Cross
Crossfire Series of Sylvia Day to be adapted on TV.. Hello Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell.
I can survive a day just staying at home,in my room, not talking too much,not feeling bored.Thanks to Sylvia Day for this Crossfire Series:)
Sylvia Day The boxed set of the first three Crossfire Series books released today, for those who'd like...
Hey ladies. I wanted to stop by this evening and introduce myself. My name is Jeanna (I will probably just sign my posts as J cause I try to keep my book obsession between me and a few close friends) and Tyeesha asked me if I would like to join on as coadmin on the page. We tend to read similar books, although I have noticed several that she has read that I haven't heard of before. I am relatively new to this world of chick lit. I read 50 and was hooked. Although truth be told had I read the Crossfire Series first I'm pretty sure my loyalty would have been with Gideon over Christian. A few friends and I have a constant group text going where we talk about books, share pictures of hawties, and it has really brought about a deep friendship between us. I am hoping that this page can do the same. I am famous for my HAWT board on pinterest and will share pics on here from time to time. I look forward to getting to know you ladies, moms and non-moms alike. I have several friends that are childless but th ...
Update from Sylvia Day on the Crossfire Series: Okay, so there are lots of questions about the next book! That's wonderful and I'm thrilled that so many of you are looking forward to it. I'm so grateful for you all. I feel really blessed. My original contract with Penguin/Berkley was for three books. That's a pretty typical contract. In my ten years of writing/publishing, I've done contracts for one, two, and three books at a time, but never for more than three. Publishers don't want to invest too much at one time and authors don't want to get tied down too long, just in case things don't work out well and they decide to move on. Usually the publisher and author will negotiate for new books as soon as the last book in the contract is turned in so that pre-orders can go up and things can keep rolling forward. That didn't happen with Crossfire.That's why you don't see pre-orders up for Books 4 and 5. The delay was due, in part, to how contentious things got when the release date of Entwined with You was mov ...
I do still read FF. Gideon Cross from the Crossfire Series and Bennett Ryan from Beautiful *** You should follow.
News: Gideon Cross in your living room each week? Crossfire Series on TV via
I'm putting your kindle to good use!! Search 'Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day' Gideon Cross is the new Christian Gray LOL!
Can't wait to get my hands on Crossfire Series from Sylvia Day. I hard the Shades a more darker than E.L James .
Congratulations on Crossfire Series being optioned by Lionsgate-we found Gideon Cross.
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Congratulations Sylvia! Love the crossfire series plus alot of your other series also. Exciting reads.Love your work.
I've done my civic duty and informed my female co-workers of the Crossfire series. Very surprised they hadn't heard of it.
read Crossfire series by Sylvia Day missy!!
started the series, gotta love Sylvia Day she is def my fav author atm loved 'The stranger I married'
the review you made for Crossfire series at Youtube was awesome and EXACTLY how i felt too! I agree for Release me too!
lol we both have different opinions! If you like super freaky, I say crossfire series (he has long hair) ;)
Yes it's an extremely popular style of literature. Ppl making $ writing these. (50 shades trilogy & Crossfire series.)
ohh ur a purist like me! Lolol. Movies taint the books. You need to read the crossfire series (only 2 books r out so far)
Follow back please? You two are my favorite characters from the Crossfire series! Y'all should have your own book!
Crossfire series.. I'll buy you soon :))
crossfire is a series of 3 books written by Niki Savage. They are romantic action adventure books which both...
The Crossfire Series has made me develop completely unrealistic expectations for romance. Why can't life imitate art?
It's more fantasy/paranormal. I've only read Crossfire, not the Georgian series.
I got bored so im re-reading the Crossfire series. So.Freaking.Good!
So introduced me 2 the 50 shades series that led me 2 then read the Crossfire series Now I will read by L. Marie Adeline
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I love the renegade angels set n am on her marked series now to keep me going till next crossfire comes out lol x
And so it started. Im reading all the Crossfire series. :)
Reading the Sunday magazine and what do I see? series ad! Awesome!
I have the first 2 Crossfire books downloaded but refuse to read until the series is complete. I know I will devour them
No I haven't but I'll have to.. What about the Crossfire series or the Dante's Enferno series? BOTH AMAZING
would absolutely work! Just so you know I am patiently waiting I Love your Crossfire series! I just keep reading over
hmmm let me think . u read Crossfire series?
I started the Crossfire series this week and finished both books this week, I need to get the third one.
If there is a 4th book to the Crossfire series you will surely be adored even more. I'll be starting your Renegade Series.
Miss Day your Crossfire series by far is a very refreshing read. I enjoyed every moment. Please let them get a wonderful happy end
yep it is in the Crossfire series. Its total fanfic-ish trash and I love it.
Now, I need money for the 2nd book of Crossfire Series (Reflected in You) and for 50 Shades of Mr. Darcy (50 Shades of Grey: Parody)
It's called the crossfire series , the first book is called Bared to You , it's like a 50 shades kind of book ๐Ÿ˜
crossfire series. The edge of never
Details on Entwined With You, Book 3 of the Crossfire Series: Sylvia Dayโ€™s Crossfire series book Reflecte...
I needed a new read so I took your recommendation on Slyvia Day Crossfire series.
yep and I love the crossfire series too! Brilliant books!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Slammed by Colleen Hoover.. Angelfall by Susan Ee, the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day
Crossfire series is quality okay LOL
oops sorry that wasn't supposed to be sent to you xD I can't remember. did I tell you to read the Crossfire series? LOL
***Crossfire Series Song of the Day*** Been hearing this a lot on the radio lately and I think it chronicles...
lace series is short but good! First 2 books have a lot of similar details with FSoG and Crossfire, but they are still good
Seems like the Crossfire promotion might only apply to 7900 series cards
I do dislike that Entwined is called "The next installment of the Crossfire series."
plus bronze and a solid 12V rail. That will be the best in your bracket I think.
I love the Crossfire Series and looking forward to the next one coming out too. Xx
hey miga! Have you read Bared To You: Crossfire Series? Omg! It's the same as (cont)
Yes, the Crossfire series. is also translating my other titles. :)
so far I have read seven years to sin, passion for the game nd the crossfire series nd I loved them all thank you for the good books
The Crossfire Trilogy is available on More than one hundred 4 and 5 star reviews across the series.
Wowa do you have the 3rd book of the crossfire series?!?
Oh, this is good. Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day 2013 Big Game Ad
New Review! Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. The second book in the Crossfire Series.
FYI-I highly recommend the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day!!! Not kinky like Shades of Grey but LOTS of good old fashioned S.E.X.! I just finished Bared To You and gonna start the sequel to it tonight! Hot hot hot!!!
Cant wait for the 3rd book of Crossfire Series:) I so love Gideon Cross!!โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ
Bared to You - a must read if you liked 50 Shades. It's everything that 50 Shades should have been.
Thinking about getting a kindle. Any suggestions or input??? Anyone have one and want to loan books?? I have the app on my phone but i think i actually want the read thing. Lol
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As you might figure...I don't get to read for pleasure very often, even if my job is very pleasurable! (I get to read people all day that you haven't read yet :) BUT I'm in need of some reading for pleasure material. I'm a big Contemporary Romance fan (go figure) so Who would ya'll recommend to me?
reading some more 50 shades of Grey / sleep.
Looking for a distraction ... any book suggestions? Missy Pearce Hamilton I know you've gotta have one!
I really Hope Crossfire series gets picked up for a movie! Also Joe Manganiello is my Gideon
in the mood to read a good book...(making time--I think this will help me unwind at night) ...any good recommendations?
read the Crossfire series, they're just like 50 Shades.
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If you liked 50 Shades and Crossfire books then I totally recommend Up in the Air series. First book is called In Flight.
Just finishing up the 50 shades series. Would like to start a new one . Not really into the really scary stuff after all I am a pansy lol does anyone have any suggestions???
the crossfire series. The first book is bared to you I read the 1st 2 books in 2 days and now have to wait til may 7 for the 3rd
If you haven't already joined our other page and are a fan of The Crossfire Series, scoot on over to The Search...
Cleaning the house and doing some laundry...SUPER duper excited for biggest loser tonight!!! Oh...and for the hubby to come home:)
Looking for a good series to read that are as good as 50 shades and crossfire ... Any suggestions ?
I need a new book to read... Suggestions?
Just finished second book in the crossfire series reflected by you it's fab roll on may when the last book is out
Finished reading my 2nd Sylvia Day : the crossfire series now I need to wait till may to get the third book :( hate waiting !
Im in need of some good books.. any body out there have books they can recommend? No vampire books please
I agree!! Crossfire series is more blunt. It is now one of my favorites. I hope it gets signed for a movie!
OMG Abbi Glines you are killing me! Just finished Fallen too Far and I need Never too Far like RIGHT NOW! What a way to end an emotional beautiful story..Ugh March 12th please for the love of monkeys hurry up!
oh cool let me know how that one is like, cause i wasn't too thrilled with her Crossfire series hehe :)
Thank you Sylvia Day for your amazingly written crossfire novels and Seven years to Sin series. You help me pass the time when it's boring at work. Thanks again :p
I miss Gideon in my life already, role on May for book 3!
Grey series is so way better than Crossfire, i daresay.
Photo: News: Sylvia Day offers Crossfire Series โ€˜teaserโ€™ on her website. Itโ€™s a must read for Crossfire...
News: Sylvia Day offers Crossfire Series 'teaser' on her website. It's a must read for Crossfire fans!
Why is it that every book I read has to be part of a trilogy! What happen to single books! Now I am waiting to finish up 5 series! Ugh.
Anyone who have a copy of Crossfire series 'Entwined with You'? Send it to me please, epub file selle.logmao
In desperate need of a iTunes gift card. Mensing's Caminda is closed today :((( if any of you have a card lying around you don't need immediately, please message me the code. I only need $10. I have to get this book. It's the 2nd book of a very good series and I was too late to get iTunes gift cards @ Mensing's yesterday :(((
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Reflected in You - lucyfuruk: Loving the Crossfire series. Iโ€™m so invested in Gideon & Eva. They are so sโ€ฆ
crossonfire: Amazing interview with Sylvia Day about the future of the Crossfire Series
Since I'm done with my homework... I might as well revisit Mr. Grey. Maybe there was somethin I missed in one of these books...
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you need to read the crossfire series next!!! I liked them better that 50 shades
I need to start reading the crossfire series I guess!
*rawr* - crossfire series more explicit even than fifty - awesome. Gabriel's series not as explicit but so good. Enjoy!
The Crossfire series is even better -
"Everyone's in bed still here.bookworm!" Which book? Kin karanta Crossfire series?
Decided to re-read the Crossfire Series by for the millionth time. Is it May yet? I don't think I can wait that long!
So I read the Crossfire series by , loved it. Anxiously awaiting the next book, this is my Gidion Cross
The Crossfire Series is so much better than The 50 Shades books!!
Me too. I found the crossfire series millions of miles ahead of 50 shades!
Cant wait for the next part of the crossfire series
yes, the crossfire series by Sylvia Day. There are 2 out, third comes out this summer.
I have all my friends reading my copies of crossfire series! So good,cant wait for book 3
I've got them all too! I'm in love with the crossfire series and eagerly waiting the last. I'm reading one called Switch atm
have you tried the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day? Bared to You (book 1) was really good. Reflected in You (book 2) was so-so
have you finished the crossfire series yet? I already can't wait for the third book lol
read Crossfire series in a matter of two days. Both books. Can't wait for the next installment!! /Singapore.
When going out the third book in the series Crossfire in Brazil? dying to read!
Either the Crossfire series or The Hunger games trilogy. (if you haven't read them yet, of course.)
Almost done with the first crossfire book "bared to you". Finish the series and continue to 50 shades of gray
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No, I feel better. It's the series..
The ending of the second book in the crossfire series is SO good.
Anyone wanna buy 2 hard *** subs? Crossfire P series with an amp and the head unit... Hit a *** up if you want em
it's the crossfire series. "Bared to you" is the first one. I just finished "Reflected in you." same idea as 50 shades.
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