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Critical Mass

A critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a sustained nuclear chain reaction.

Sara Paretsky San Francisco Marina District Bryant Park

You gentlemen need to understand that Russia is doing all it can right now to undermine…
and SA before that, even. It started small, isolated, and once incubated to critical mass something li…
Very important programmes indeed, as we see in the Wan Chien SO…
"My suffering reached a critical mass of desperation."-
Your stanning has reached critical mass
The gang of liers & decievers are going shriller in the McCarthy genre, the closer the unveiling of the enti…
Looking for a bike to borrow for the LAST critical mass of 2017 this Friday! Will make you cookies
Muslim immigration to England IS the end of the monarchy. Charles will be overthrown by them as soon as they reach…
Nope. It's going to take a critical mass of us getting out from behind our keyboards and DOING somethi…
The barrier is getting a critical mass of people to care about solving the kinds of problems…
Everything has a point of no return. A straw that breaks the camel's back. A tipping point. A critical mass. Be aware…
The real-world counter-example would be to stage a gigantic Critical Mass ride but with Uber so that these folks can begin to…
It is entirely reasonable that Russia would know the exact number of interactions required to reach critical mass t…
A critical mass of usually-republican Alabamians (logically requiring, given demos, a meaningful share of white eva…
Amazon sells ‘tens of millions’ of Alexa devices worldwide in record holiday season via…
Guys, Habermas & bros are cool and all but this “everyone is getting too comfortable to revolt against oppression o…
🇩🇪clearly retrenching : KernEuropa as I told many times yet. . Where it plans to ke…
Walkability important in these new projects, where a critical mass of residential units provides core customers for…
impacts it massively, people just don't realize it because it is a slow decay. But is is starting t…
Statefully containing cross organizational mark to market critical mass is on my radar.
Combining crypto mining and sustainable energy marries two megatrends. If we can leverage the current focus on cryptocur…
i wish that hadn’t killed the website. It was how I found out about all the…
has successfully infiltrated The clandestine operation to destroy fake news has reached criti…
Once how much one 'notices' reaches Critical Mass.. boom!. Black Pill Realization!. And you never se…
Seems it needs to go the way of the campaign. There needs to be a critical mass of these incide…
There is a call being made for a ✊. We are trying to gain a critical mass of support 🏴. Fol…
GENTRIFIER: A middle-class person who moves into a disinvested neighborhood when a critical mass of other middle-cl…
Women posting hashes of their abusers names is a brilliant way of finding others until you have critical mass to come forwar…
Which of these systems is Education For All (Mass Access which is one of the critical problems )?
FCNL’s work to support legislation like the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act (S. 1917) plays a critical role i…
Definitely raised in primitive, retrograde homes. Question is: How did they reach such critical mass?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Don't worry, the cryptidcurrency Blockchain global summoning grid will cook-off long before t…
I don’t like Ted Cruz but a staunch democrat is not we need in…
Devin Kelley Wasn't Allowed to Buy the Gun He Used in Texas Shooting. Incompetent Clerks Didn't Supply Critical Info to Fed…
Felt to sofa ratio reaching critical mass... send rescue party with ropes, torches and cake to…
There is there is the sense of Spiritual Critical Mass just around the next bend. cm
It would take an ideological revolution, a critical mass of people fed up with being exploited, to get change. But…
I know it's easy to attempt to dismiss this especially because you braindeads can't process fact or ex…
So far: there are attempts to bring solutions to python, but they lag and don't see critical mass.
Chairman of High Council of the State (very critical of the statement made by envoy to the The…
Right now they're dealing with critical mass of injuries, so it's really difficult to *** the team rig…
Concur! Working with coaches has made a significant difference. . tend to overlook the need for…
I think the green is critical to user experience, branding, and ident…
Great blog post by about the critical role of trusted health workers in ensuring that we can
Women are hitting critical mass in various institutions. explains the physics of dismantling sexism
Ok, we’re reaching critical mass on this type of thing.
It still hasn’t hit critical mass, but I’m continuing to use and enjoy Mastodon.
When a critical mass of American starts paying directly for their care, prices will come down to whatever…
And blindly following the climate change by man narrative, you m…
Critical time?. It wasn't the mass killer's iPhone that murdered the 26 churchgoers and 8 children. It was an AR-15…
"What happens when women reach a critical mass of influence"
If lang grows more than critical mass (4-10 crore) then it leads to exploita…
Seriously, look at the World Bank stats on electronics…
Tinder is a communal good and I️ do think it reached critical mass. Mostly motivated by
In the wake of all this, it is critical to note that the foundation of ALL these problems is abject mass poverty and unemployment.
Piazza is a community where contributions are reputation motivated for the TA's and samaritan motivated…
Waze app offers tokens for status and also has Good Samaritan motivation- there are enough contributions to reach critical mass
Yeah, it's not because of ONE additional listing, but the critical mass is made up of small pieces right?
Critical mass was reached long ago and America is too far gone. Even attempting damage control is futile.
I've got ready to go when you reach critical mass.
Monster Beverage: SunTrust raises price target to $55, maintains Hold rating. "We believe it may not be until 2019…
Saturday in TX, shooting on highway 35, 4 hit with one in critical condition. Sund…
The last thing the men behind the curtain want is a conscious informed public capable of critical thinking. Which is w…
I'll go slow. Big Bang to hydrogen isn't evolution. It's quantum mechanics. Hydrogen to stars…
Starting at 7:30 TONIGHT. Critical Mass bike ride in Meet at Bryant Park. Kids…
Ops Developer: Critical Mass: "Critical Mass is currently searching for a talented…
We shall see if this is real. If so 45's insanity is at critical mass.
wonder if they would all have to disavow and do penance if it got on the radar of a critical mass of SJWs
.Skype does not create same critical mass as working with each other, more face to face & working groups
Here's what the critics are saying about and Here's what the cr…
If you wanna talk about black "crime" you better come armed with knowledge about the critical race theory and mass incarceration b4 we start
EW: Here's what the critics are saying about and
A critical mass will soon congeal into a tsunami of disapproval, setting new records. This country will right herself.
ONLY songs by This hour, "Critical Mass". The other two from Expressions and Soul Brothers. Happy…
Here's what the critics are saying about and
it's been like this for years (since ~2012) -- it's just finally reaching critical mass. Colleges are programming centers.
How much will cover up for radical islamists...if unchecked it will reach critical.mass and destroy India
Want expert advice on bringing together a diverse critical mass of people? Join us & March 8th!
Check out Lotus Medical for some Critical Mass processed by Craft Concentrates!
New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander is full of critical information regarding mass incarceration ...but it gets redundant
We are at a critical point in Human history where I wholeheartedly believe that we are on the verge of mass extinction
Yes! This needs massive, massive Critical Mass Support! Would love to see this be at least as large as the...
Fortunately the Americans are now becoming a critical mass.
I just made my first student loan payment so basically I've reached adulting critical mass
Spicer: Flynn misleading the Vice President "had created a critical mass and an unsustainable situation"
Dude is as teflon as he claims. I can't figure it out. But there has to be a critical mass or a line he will cross. Right?
Avalon your critical mass is set at ten. Do not allow the Xada to get past you. (1-6)
Marie Gottschalk takes critical look at causes of mass incarceration in Makes our list http…
When LePage suddenly becomes a voice for reason, we may have hit critical mass.
Here we go; mid thirties and we have critical mass: Repubs wil…
also white supremacists have been part of Americas government for decades and now have hit critical mass
All purpose parts banner
The role of a Chief Evangelist is to take a company from zero to critical mass. via
I think you covered the critical mass pretty well!
So true. Recent critical mass of interv cardiologists on has made it an incredi…
the problem is there are so many disasters, some getting lost in the noise. Ppl don't realize DNC reaching their own critical mass
Retailer shares a story of how item-level RFID is close to hitting critical mass.
Exactly. Density & transit together create a critical mass of people for vibrancy & enhancement of amenities in our…
This is how you know you've reached critical mass.
You can't keep cutting costs, smaller govt. You need a critical mass of employees or your systems fail
Today we met w/ Rebulican Newspaper and Economical Development Council Western Mass on Barnes Base critical mission…
We have reached a critical mass of voters who see government as a source of income, the only variation being to what degree
Me nerd excitement levels have reached critical mass
Although there is some kind of hipster critical mass in Wellington.
It's becoming a critical mass for you that you can't explain away with "fake news media" or "criminal leaks." IT'S BAD
My whole life is a Mass Effect Critical Mission Failure screen
Pan-Arab nationalism in 20th century offered prospect of achieving critical mass + unity of purpose necessary to restore power of Arabs
They tend to do that with the whole rubber nose blocking air flow and critical mass thing.
Democratic Party & mass media can't say a single critical word about content of presser cuz they totally…
It's critical that those driving our children be tested regularly. Hopefully Mass. takes action to repair this gap…
Hi neighbour, hope you are well? Picked up on Tim's post, want to add some critical mass on it plz? https:/…
So what's the critical mass do we need to close up or anything
Our $14 flower tier is stacked with over 10 awesome strains! Check out Animal Cookies, Critical Mass,Durban Poison, XJ-13,Grapefruit & more!
Critical Mass, a chamber choir comprised of GCU students perform a wide variety of music at GCU.
Join us Nov 30 at 7 pm in GCBC for Java & Jingle Bells, a FREE concert by GCU's Critical Mass vocal ensemble.
Tonight at 7:30, Critical Mass bike ride begins from Bryant Park→& Evening on Av…
Cyclists with a keen interest in the environment will be taking part in a Critical Mass ride on September 17th to...
Critical Mass: What the critics are saying about Jason Bourne
Not enough progressives & Independents awake to the corruption yet would be my guess. Critical mass! A lot happens in 8 years.
Then it hit critical mass. But being on 360 helped at release I think, and being on PC helps longevity now.
SIGN ON: Lets join the growing critical mass demanding for gender sensitive drug policies which do not threaten...
RSS:Emergence of data journalism for developing strong critical mass
That's a thought. I have hit critical mass on all the various pieces of paper I have printed out. Also, 3 and 1 yr olds pull down.
Then the BS the process entails has reached critical mass.
I'd say very likely. The development for Defense is years beyond what hits the market for critical mass. GoogleX is it!
I'm not sure what there is to stop a 'critical mass' style event every Saturday at 9am
Important lessons behind the mass die-off of tilapia, a critical part of a $7.5B aquaculture industry
You're really trynna take the tl to critical mass and I just...I'm not ready...
By all accounts, it's worse now already! The new contract and resulting exodus of Drs is going to force this to critical mass very quickly.
The Bible makes most challenged books list in US for first time thumper resistance hits critical mass
I feel like we have reached critical mass for nostalgia based comfort food as a society. I don’t need gourmet fish sticks!
You sitting is questionable, and you won't stand. what are you going to do then, Senator? Critical mass is key to winning!
The single most important determinant of success is whether you have had a critical mass of flow like experiences.
When the have-nots achieve critical mass freedom is done. Enlist -> Read the truth.
Once your collection reaches critical mass, it will become a cantina!
Our Mystery Book Club meets TONGIHT (4/12) at 7P to discuss "Critical Mass" by
What might life be like after Critical Mass & if we cant reverse current trends in CO2 increases?
smoke = fire translates to "a critical mass of ppl made an accusation I want to believe so I'm gonna believe it"
Students know their basics. First you need a critical mass. Then you go viral. Or not?
Critical Mass - Why it's bad design and how to improve it. via /r/heroesofthestorm
It's a spiritual and mental battle more than anything else. We need to reach critical mass.
if I hit the critical mass it would be a chain reaction
Goal: Build up site visits to a critical mass and then sell site for big bucks.
you'd need a real chauffeurs license. The drivers need the critical mass of the apps to maintain their job
So often ignored. Science can be fickle. Humanity can be sceptic. Critical mass suppressed by those 'closers of minds'.
Yes it did, and no - no voice. The flak wasn't loud enough to reach critical mass until nation joined in.
Having a critical mass of loyal users as your advocates is critical via
travels 2ensure Critical Mass realize urgency of 2low carbon economy to avert
clarifies why the open web is critical to mass market VR
To eliminate cars, break their critical-mass first with fare-free buses.
"Side effects at critical players mass may include explosive eldritch cult growth, summon of eldritch entities into our world."
He wants a critical mass of Zombies, whereas the synergy decks just want abilities
I'm a prototype melanin being. Created to be Awakened in case civilization reaches an emergency critical mass. To...
Omg. A friend of mines brother was shot in the head accidentally by her other brother. How sad is that? He's General in critical cond.
The Turks have almost reached "Critical mass" MSM is taking notice and some are trying to copy your methods. MSNBC, etc.
The tide is turning ...awareness and outrage about this corruption decimating our democracy has reached a critical mass 🔥
sadly yes, although it's not alone they have combined it LD but critical mass hasn't helped, access needs streamlining
I think I've officially hit critical mass on how tired I am.
We need to have a critical mass of African citizens pushing for policies that protect us --
April 4, 2016 - The day that the Bernie Sanders campaign reached Critical Mass
Critical Mass. Competitive Advantage. Diversity & Inclusion. Placemaking. Culture. . All matter in an
Has Awoken a Critical Mass that only continues to Grow.
it was a Critical Mass ride in Vancouver, it is called the Lions' Gate Bridge and it is definitely not like that every day.
Critical Mass has ridden down Lombard St. You need better brakes than my bike had :-)
We reach Critical Mass at Tuesday's Tasting/54$5+ surprise/Sunday is LOCAL BEER with Michael and Saul
Just finished reading Sara Paretsky's book Critical Mass. It was a great read! Mystery but not too fluffy.
No use resisting. Star Wars hype is hitting critical mass with this surprise early Christmas present…
Electronic Device Insurance
From my friend and Critical Mass supporter, Dan Irwin. Thanks for your very kind words, Dan... "I was just...
But she's a "moderate". Until they reach critical mass. CC
Aisa Mijeno: We also need funding. That's the main challenge right now. We're at a critical stage, trying to mass produce the lamps.
Got to create a culture/climate where these conversations are valued by critical mass of students
They seem to screw up every country they go to once they reach a critical mass.
We are all so excited to join Critical Mass. Omnicom Moves Zócalo From Ketchum To Critical Mass via
I'd probably embrace the parallel tourneys concept if there were more private schools. Critical mass is lacking.
Travel expert presenter: "It appears to me the community doesn't have critical mass of hotels nearby convention center."
"My doctor or an attending designee will be present for all the critical parts of"
Critical mass on climate change? That seems to be message in announcing new Under-2 signatories.
no critical mass for US invlvmnt in WWII eithr. Leaders lead while staying connected, seems he's doing both
I am fairly certain the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend has reached critical mass.
The striped "casual business" shirt movement has reached critical mass in @ Wagamama
anxiety just hit critical mass so i took a xanax and sent out for chocolate ice cream EVERYTHING IS SUPER FINE AND ALSO GREAT
I have enough recruiter connections on Linkedin to reach critical mass
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
The debates among US Catholic bishops indicate there's no critical mass for a new agenda, says
It's reached critical mass when FOX commentators call him out, ,and they did.
9/11 for one, but let's not limit to US. Islam is the problem. Major problems when Muslim pop. hits critical mass. Obvious.
critical mass has been reached. We have crossed the Rubicon. Downhill all the way into the gates of *** Too much? 😂😂
It's reached critical mass. It's at that level where it's so overwhelming that instead of making a little progress, I usually make none.
Zócalo Group is thrilled to announce our merger with Learn more about the good news here:
Strobe Talbot: There has to be a critical mass of people in [the Middle East] who hate this. And we are not hearing from them
MASS Board of Education is told that PARC is “particularly strong” at assessing critical and analytical thinking, But NO evidence.
Seems like it would be difficult to draft a critical mass of spells that isn't horrible when you don't have a SS
Alumni Corinna Kern featured on Photo Lucida’s Critical Mass top 50. /.
digitalnugget criticalmass is building ZocaloGroup
Ketchum losing digital shop to sibling Critical Mass: Zocalo CEO says 'synergies really were not there'
Securing the Border: Building Critical Mass with Commercial Satellites - Via Satellite - Via Satellite
WILL Reach a Critical Mass in 2016 - Agree with the author
You need a critical mass of change agents to move forward in any transformation effort.
"Because the rights you save may be your own". The slogan has rarely seemed more relevant, global & critical
I believe Barack Hussein 0bama's accomplishment is the illegal importation of so many Muslims. Critical mass.
Therefore the scientists concluded that when the critical number of people is achieved, and this “critical mass”...
we need a critical mass of interested committed people. Who stay. Seriously.
Europe's key hubs are building a critical mass of developers: London, Paris and Madrid
That’s correct. If a critical mass of states register objections, that’ll matter politically. But not legally.
We are thrilled to announce our merger with Zócalo Group. More on the good news here: via
If you are reading this, the Joker has reached critical mass. Industrial waste will now demand total submission. Clasp…
Build up enough trust in your integration tests; then you can begin to trust in CD.
Apply now to work for Critical Mass as DIRECTOR, DIGITAL - PERMANENT in
If you've never seen an adult Easter Egg hunt, imagine a Critical Mass ride, but bunny costumes instead of bikes
Here's my statement on the incident on Marina Blvd that occurred during Critical Mass last Friday:
Critical Mass turns ugly in the Marina District Eek, glad I skipped this one. CM, get it together!
Critical Mass event turns ugly in San Francisco's Marina District via
Critical Mass is hiring a DIRECTOR, DIGITAL, apply now!
Little Giant Ladders
Apply now to work for Critical Mass as SENIOR ANALYST - (WEB ANALYTICS) in
The CBD garden is planted with Critical Mass, Shark Shock, Harleytsu, CBD Girl Scout Cookie, and couple others...
Join us tonight for a FREE gallery talk with the Critical Mass for the Visual Arts winners - Mel Watkin, David Johnson, Tate Foley. 6-8 pm
DIRECTOR, DIGITAL needed in at Critical Mass. Apply now!
Only 4 a minority. Sounds like Christian & Sharia law are like a phase transition when critical mass is reached
Time has come to a critical mass of for . Let's Be
In case you dont know, Thursday is the Big Spring Critical Mass in Prague. . Tune your bikes, you will be the...
Critical Mass - Dancing Together is playing now on
you know that point where you're like "I should get a haircut" but you reach the critical mass of "oh god this hair is bothering me"? yeah.
strong, powerful plant that now produces seeds all her own. We don't NEED the masses, ONLY a critical mass of people
+145 participants on prototype. Small enough to manage if tech goes wrong but critical mass for testing.
The "way" is a critical mass awakening that changes the underlying metric of their designs on mankind. That mass awakening is not
As each hopeful of the GOP field desperately tries to brand itself with increasingly crazy statements, critical mass is finally achieved.
Have reached the elusive Foreigner critical mass.
The whole thing hinged on a critical mass of people who overlooked the fact that he was in all other ways a total ***
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
The next Critical Mass is on the 24th!
When I hit the critical mass of "willing to sleep with >50% of the passengers in Con Air" then I'm gonna have to stop watching the movie.
Guskey says this is true of all PD in general - get critical mass, then move. Some have to learn by doing. :)
Bought beer to keep at home, my washedness is reaching critical mass
The USA estimates that we only have 5 years left to contain *** before it achieves critical mass and consumes…
The moral decay in today's society is at critical mass.sadly!
Most easy is to sit at critical mass & discuss how was it achieved - course of strategy looks so obvious
LITERALLY!!! HECK CRITICAL MASS!!! no matter what I do I cannot get the hang of "slap bass"
Senate Subs Inquiry: AMWU confirms that not building subs in Oz could lead to loss of critical mass for all naval shipbuilding
Chart seems highly subjective. Marginalizes ML as mass media. And there is no mention of critical literacy.
It is easier to build a critical mass to justify what would be a micro program within a single school.
Joey, you're right. You've pushed the critical mass message for a while. We are almost there.
man, this is something I’ve been struggling with. I don’t think we’ve reached critical mass yet, but we’re getting there
yes. And I'm dying right now. Social anxiety levels reaching critical mass
It's all about critical mass. Look at MySpace to see what happens when everyone abandons it. Others died because no one used them.
Update your maps at Navteq
which marginals have a critical mass of middle income HA tenants?!
Listen to the Critical Mass Radio Show live on Tuesday at 4pm!.
is hitting critical mass. Where's the store going to be? Find out Apr. 26 @ Gord's from 7-9pm
Critical Mass in the shop! A heavy indica with high THC and CBD .
I liked Meerkat but obviously, Periscope wins with critical mass.
Another race between me making a decision, and the number of tabs in my browser reaching critical mass and destroying my computer.
We must increase # of women in parliament & cabinets to reach critical mass, it's where laws & policies are made
If we leave out we can't make any progress on a critical mass is important.
Climbing by firelight! Sam Rothstein on Critical Mass (V12), Poudre Canyon, Colorado. Photo by Chris Fuller.
Critical Mass returns to Little Havana and Brickell tonight
Critical Mass by Duronimus Karlof a hilarious skewering of academic science & a certain university in Cambridge, MA
Wayne Pinnell, managing partner for Haskell and White Law Firm (one of OCs biggest) on Critical Mass 4 Biz
Critical Mass bicycle ride at 6:30 p.m. Friday at Ritter Park fountain
"He gave a smile that must have opened a lot of cookie jars for him" -- Sara Paretsky, Critical Mass
Congratulations to winner of the 2014 PEN/Diamonstein­-Spielvogel Award for "Critical Mass"!
Critical Mass in the nude. Lol. Yeah right. Semi-nude. ;) @ Richard J. Daley Center
Riders on best behavior during Miami’s Critical Mass monthly ride - Miami-Dade -
A Fort Lauderdale cop was caught on video dashing through a herd of cyclists to tackle another cyclist on the other side of the road during Friday night’s Critical Mass ride. Read more here.
Wow- there is a new Critical Mass award this year: . One of the CM14 Finalists will be awarded a Robert...
In today's Philip Martin's 'Critical Mass' column, at least the first part about Antoine Lavoisier. Fascinating stuff!
We are proud to announce our next headline act and for the first time in Jozi, Disco Volante who will featured on the {psy.ology} stage! ★ Disco Volante (PsynOpticz Productions & Nexus Media) • Cape Town More than boom-boom bass and outdated lasers: Disco Volante, the collaboration between Critical Mass (Dani Honor) and Risky Business (Alex Inggs) makes high energy, yet simultaneously melodic Psy – clean, luminous tracks for the twilight hours. “I was over Hi-Tech nighttime music and wanted to go back to my roots ... melodic vibes,” says Honor of the collab. “I enjoy the more minimal sounds where I can add more attention to detail ... When I spoke with Alex, I felt so inspired and we get along like we had been brothers for 20 years!” With a debut EP (Time Crisis) on Nexus Media and a stack of Singles releases on both local and international labels, Disco Volante is a high-flying act and a regular on South African Psy party set lists. The two brains behind the outfit share a mutual love for b ...
17:36 at Dippy for Critical Mass. So it took only 23 minutes from my office to here, using Forbes Ave.
hello children of the mass! As some of you may have noticed me posting on this page, I work for a local bike tour and rental shop based in South Beach. We also have a smaller bike kiosk at Bayside Market in downtown. I would love nothing more than to spread my love of cycling and get more people into it, make more drivers aware, give more cyclists other cycling buddies and it is my intention to attempt any one of these things with our shop at Bayside (as our South Beach shops are more tourist-oriented, naturally). So far, we are kicking *** on the last Friday of the month! With a lot of help from this page and some help with word of mouth, we're spreading the word of Critical Mass and have lately exceeded expectations for rentals. hooray! So my question is, do you all have any suggestions for how we can make our Bayside shop more local-oriented? Perhaps design group rides, cross promote with independent group riders, etc. etc? Any suggestions would be appreciated !
I am beginning to question the effectiveness of Critical Mass. Mostly, I believe it receives too much attention. I know that many of my friends will disagree and I encourage some dialogue regarding the current state of affairs. It is described that Critical Mass is a "protest" and we all know I'm not afraid to rally or march through the city chanting with signs, but cycling is so much more than a monthly social ride to many. In my experience, Critical Mass has been an empowering ride for individuals interested in riding bikes, not an educational demonstration to the community. While I don't think critical mass deserves all the criticism it is receiving, I don't think it's a solution to changing the minds of ignorant people inside the loop. I wouldn't expect that going to the gym will inform/educate/encourage a healthy lifestyle to those who don't already go. Critical Mass is a fun event that does create change but not nearly as much as it gets credit for. ... the can of worms have been opened and I'm prep ...
I added a video to a playlist Critical Mass 5 Part 1: Michael Fassbender and Jesse Eisenberg in
Critical Mass, Movie Reviews By Chris Carnicelli “August: Osage County” Important note: if you ever sit down with Julia Roberts for a nice fish lunch and she tells you to eat your fish, you best be doin’ what she says. Based on Tracy Letts’ 2007 Pulitzer Prize winning stage play, (and he also wrote the screenplay, btw), this very dark comedic tale of a dysfunctional family getting together after a funeral comes to the screen led by a powerhouse cast of 2014’s Oscar noms, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts. It’s a hot August day in Osage County, Oklahoma and Beverly, (yes, that’s a dude's name!) Weston, (Sam Shepard), a once famous poet, but now just an aging alcoholic, has hired a Native American caretaker, (Misty Upham), to look after his ailing wife, Violet, (Streep), who’s suffering from mouth cancer and is popping pain pills like Skittles. Helping out is one of Violet’s daughters, Ivy, (Julianne Nicholson), after Beverly suddenly goes missing. Violet’s sister, Mattie Fae, (Margo Martin ...
Critical Mass & NISSAN Rogue®. The Detour turns your commute into the most exciting drive ever. Jus
Remembering San Francisco bike messenger Markus Cook who passed away January 3, 1996 From Mercury Falling in SF Weekly: For 11 years, nobody was more visible or popular in the bike messenger world. Markus was the voice of an overlooked working class, and he made them feel they were special. In his eyes, they weren't orphan street rats or stoner scum, they had human rights and politics worth defending. Markus served on the board of directors of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, lobbying for better biking conditions in the city. He helped launch Critical Mass, the monthly direct action in which bikers commandeer the streets in protest. He appeared in the columns of Herb Caen and Rob Morse, and was profiled in People magazine as one of San Francisco's "wacky" messengers. He acted as a messenger in a Dreyer's ice cream commercial. He was voted the crowd's favorite at the AIDS Bike-a-Thon bike messenger fashion show. His zine, Mercury Rising, was mined by William Gibson for his novel Virtual Light. He was s ...
Redd and Louis chat to Coal Chamber main man Dez Fafara TONIGHT at 7.30pm on Critical Mass
I played in a band called Weed Country that won the Battle of the Bands in 1971. Weed Country included Doug Bare, Dennis *** Jerry Perlman and Jerry Sullivan. Not long thereafter, Weed Country played with two other bands, Another Family of Eight and Critical Mass, at THE largest concert and dance. Ticket prices were very expensive, however. Larry Cooperman probably remembers this event. I don't have any photos, programs, or other memorabilia from the 1971 Battle of the Bands, or, for that matter, very much from Weed Country at all, but if anyone does have any such items, I'd appreciate hearing from them.
Book Review: 'Critical Mass' by Sara Paretsky - Journal Gazette and Times-Courier -
Just finished the episode Critical Mass of Stargate Atlantis (13. of season 2). Impressed by the Lord of the Rings tribute in this SciFi episode due to the ongoing cantation of Teyla (Rachel Luttrell, sung by herself!) dressed in an elven like robe.
Seb Coe, amusing description of 'Critical Mass' militant cyclists as a DDoS - delaying Her Majesty from arriving at Olympic Stadium
Read "Lou Reed Rising," a 1976 essay on the late legend by James Wolcott, excerpted from his book, "Critical Mass."
[In Case You Missed It] Yesterday we announced that Diem Brown will be the keynote speaker for the 2013 Critical Mass annual conference: Connecting the Dots! Diem is a two-time young adult ovarian cancer survivor, People blogger, cancer advocate and creator of MedGift, the first-ever gift registry for patients going through hardships. She is best known for her appearances in MTV’s reality television series Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and uses her celebrity platform to be a passionate advocate about young adult cancer issues, such as her current journey through fertility preservation. Although conference registration has officially closed, there is limited availability for those still interested in attending. For more information, please email Kerri Morgan at kerri.morgan
Critical Mass: Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the WikiLeaks movie, 'The...
HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY CRITICAL MASS! Another "megatrend" originating out of San Francisco is the Critical Mass bike ride, and tonight is the 21st anniversary of the first ride! I'll be heading into the Mission for a happy hour pre-ride, then we do a mini-mass ride down Market Street to (Pee Wee) Hermann Plaza, for what would seem to be a huge SF Critical Mass ride this evening. See you on the saddle!
Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend, Henrick Stenson won the Fex Ex cup for golf, Matt Kennseth won at New Hampshire, Fins won in Miami, Sea Hawks look unstoppable, and RG III got his *** handed to him again! YES!!! would love to see the Skins go 0-16!! LMFAO, also added a few new/old ones to sets: A "really rocked up" version of Cumbersome, Seven Mary Three, Two cover acoustic based tunes that I am very happy to be doing, Seagull Bad Company great acoustic/vocal I've done for "too" many years!! And Bad Companys Simple Man, not to be confused w/Lynyrd Skynyrd or Shinedowns cover version, & a smokin Deja Vu Jukebox original titled Critical Mass, things are starting to get interesting!!! Everyone have an awesome day & safe day.
How to Grow Your Online Community to Critical Mass - webinar with rockstar
Haw LinkedIn reached some critical mass point? It seems like almost every other email is a connection request.
You know that your washing up has reached critical mass when you run out of cereal bowls...
bring back hitch hiking I say!! All those empty seats. Car share platforms are not convenient enough for critical mass.
If you collected the opinions from a few of my mates and hung on to them, they might make a critical mass!
I guess encryption and digital signatures are like social networks: Pointless unless a critical mass adopt them.
horde effect, critical mass, drivers more cautious. We need to show people the benefits.
When reaches critical mass it may prove to be impossible to block everyone. Perhaps then it will make the C4 or STV News
MT [private]: Typically one starts out using everyday objects as sex toys. Then comes critical mass of toy acquisition, & this reverses
So that happened. Casual enough critical mass style ride up and over the hill led to a ramp set up on a dock to...
iPhone just autocorrected "Sharknado". Unsure if we've reached the apex of pop culture or a society's critical mass
Check out 88 Spirits and their new line of super premium tequilas, as featured on Critical Mass for Biz yesterday.
Sounds like you might have a Bag of Holding there. My pocket is more like a Portable Hole. (Geekiness now at critical mass)
GOP is DEAD, screw them. *** that think we haven't reached critical mass.
Aww, yay! I want to! I have all these things I want to talk about; as soon as they reach critical mass, I'll blog about them! :D
First to Read: I just requested a galley of Critical Mass
Subdivided into smaller cysts. .fissile materials will be deprived of critical mass.
1# linkedIn tip - You need critical mass to see the benefits -
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