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Criss Angel

Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos (born December 19, 1967), better known by the stage name Criss Angel, is an American magician and illusionist.

Criss Angel Mindfreak David Blaine Las Vegas David Copperfield Foxwoods Resort Casino Luxor Hotel John Edward

Would you rather wrap Criss Angel or desert Carmen Electra
People need to stop sleeping on this modern day wizard's war brewing between Criss Angel and David Copperfield NOW https:/…
Criss Angel to perform 'Mindfreak Live!' show in Chile
My dream came true and finally got over from UK England to see my icon Criss Angel perform 💫 be back in May for Criss ❤️💀❤️
Who has the best magic show in Las Vegas? Is it David Copperfield, Penn & Teller or even Criss Angel? According...
If Criss Angel ever wants to make money and be famous again he needs to pull his head out of his *** Because that'd be a…
CRISS ANGEL: do you think I can disappear behind this blanket?. ME: Yes and please don't come back
I haven't feared Criss Angel one against one, so using tactics against him, he's very easy to defeat.
Alright I had a bit too much of a crush on Criss Angel back in the day I'll say it
this is it: i thought "clean coal" was a Criss Angel trick. sounds impossible.
I'm friends with Criss Angel. Criss has offered me a million times to go do...
"I wouldn't be here if not God's power in my life". Criss Angel 2015
my dad is too obsessed with Criss Angel
When my father died in my arms it had such a profound affect on me that ...
I liked a video Paige VanZant punches Criss Angel in the Chest
You can't please everyone, and trying to is the kiss of death. . -- Criss Angel. BB KISSES to 2366
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Trivia: David Blaine, Criss Angel and dynamo sells their souls to devils/Jinns to have undefined powers and magics.
I liked a video criss angel mind freak song
"Criss Angel has a new show coming out." "Who is Criss Angel?" KARINA AND I ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS
Don't judge a book by its cover. Criss Angel not only have a good show but a good heart.
I understand the bloodline. We speak the same. Yet Criss Angel is white.
Paris's reaction will totally creep you out
Love u Criss Angel my bro thanks alot
My best friend and I with Criss Angel at Ozzfest 💀 He's a really cool dude
Criss Angel is back at Foxwoods Resort Casino for a limited time with The Supernaturalists. Enjoy the the show...
Las Vegas Review - ‘MINDFREAK’ is mesmerizing - Criss Angel soars in new Luxor show
10:1 odds Donald Trump is gonna reveal he's actually Criss Angel on David Blaine's shoulders in a trenchcoat proving the power of suggestion
The episode with Criss Angel has a trippy sequence in it but Wayne Newton's plastic surgery is the most disturbing thing about that episode.
This was when I lived in a dorm in a NY hotel. Missed seeing both Criss Angel: Mindfreak and Barrack Hussein "Barry Soetoro" Obama there.
I think Criss Angel and Ramin Karimloo are the same person
I added a video to a playlist How to walk on water tutorial Criss Angel trick revealed
I think you should go see Criss Angel js
what?? Ur so lucky. When I saw Criss Angel in 2nd half of Criss looked at me.
I liked a video from cut in half reveal - criss angel cuts woman in half
God Criss Angel really likes to scare his friends to death
I think back to the days when I though Criss Angel was attractive. And I want to travel back in time and slap myself.
"found my satisfaction to reefer so why tf would I need blow." - steez
All my friends like criss angel more than David Blaine and it's turning my world upside down
Criss Angel Fanpage! : Criss_Loyal. Did u know u c0uld get an iPh0ne 6s with N0 charge? Read rules on my bi0. Thx
is magic. Mavic ghats annoying and no one wants. Like Criss Angel Mindfreak
I think we can really use magic in a way never attempted before to inspire ...
I hope Criss Angel the best. I do have a feeling hes not gonna stop working but I hope and johnny the best. And Shaunyl.
Fun fact: I thought Criss Angel was hot when I was age 12.
Criss Angel is an amazing illusionist and magician,he always amazes me
I know he has a three more years on his contract, but I have a feeling that Criss Angel isn't gonna retire if he does I wish him the best.
Happy birthday ! Have some Criss Angel! The pics with the bandanas on are new. Happy b-da!
Breast Cancer Awareness
that is cool Criss Angel sweethearts have fun with your son Johnny
Woo! Have fun! I've stayed there before...say hi to criss angel lol 😁
Criss Angel has received numerous awards, including "Magician Of The Year" 6 times ! . Mindfreak, 8.30pm on
The greatest trick Criss Angel ever pulled was making his abs disappear
Hope all is going well with Johnny love you criss Angel
I thought that was Criss Angel for like 0.5 seconds
How many of you know I'm a die hard loyal fan of Criss Angel? This was the day I FINALLY met him in person at Foxwo… https:…
Me, Gene as Elton, and Psychic Tanya in a show with Criss Angel.
As long as you march in step, don't question and believe. Just like Criss Angel at the Luxor.
I love the way Criss Angel just walks out of his illusion and leaves all of his volunteers chilling in the trick he just performed like pls
I still have a crush on Criss Angel 😂
Like gorging on flan during a Criss Angel marathon, Gov. Snyder of MI thinks too much democracy can make you sick. htt…
Las Vagas Mom would definitely want to go to Las Vegas. And I wanted to meet Criss Angel.
I get so high, I let Criss Angel watch me Levitate
I am so sorry Criss Angel sweethearts I hope you and your wife Shaunyl and your family and friends and your son Johnny God bles
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I can't sleep so I'm watching Criss Angel videos on youtube & I'm part grossed out & part turned on
no you can come I didn't say that. We can go see Criss Angel too
I think my husband also said Criss Angel on holiday then.
My latest interview with the AMAZING Read it here:
After seeing Criss Angel live, nobody can convince me that magic ain't real.
You ever meet someone & find out they believe Criss Angel doesn't do illusions, but actual magic? I have. And no, they weren't teenagers.
I support criss Angel.. 100%. And it just so sad to hear what he's going through with his son.. Now this.
ps weakness as in he loves it or criss Angel could defeat him?
Criss Angel's ex-girlfriend retains lawyers in bid for money?
trying to hang out with Criss Angel the Mindfreak
Hey loyals that Criss Angel coloring book Criss is selling it on his site for ten bucks. I'm ordering that on Friday
So I wore my Criss Angel BeLIEve shirt and it still smells like the Luxor😍
Criss Angel’s ex-girlfriend retains lawyers in bid for money?
Criss Angel’s ex-girlfriend retains lawyers in shakedown for money?
Can't believe the fantastic Merritt Wever has to spend the whole episode with Criss Angel?
jokpeme "David Becker/Billboard Awards 20/Getty Images for DCP Criss Angel is taking a hiatus from his Las Vega…
Criss Angel cancels Vegas show after two-year-old son is diagnosed with leukaemia... as... - Daily Mail
Criss Angel cancels shows to visit cancer-stricken son
They have managed to upstage Criss Angel, David Blaine, Harry Houdini, and all the rest.
other magicians who steal Criss Angel's ideas are never going to be number one there now that Chris will always be num…
Going over the top today as Mr. Mindfreak the magician himself, Criss Angel.
Criss Angel is live in studio for an interview on my show right now. I think I'm scared of him and his magic.
Do you remember when you were on Criss Angel's Mindfreak, how was that like?
I sing like an angel. Specifically, Criss Angel, Mindfreak.
At a magic store. Debating if Criss Angel or David Blaine is better. Classic.
Escape Artist Hospitalized: An escape artist friend of magician Criss Angel was taken to the *** ..
Poll: Was the Criss Angel stunt real or fake?: Christopher Kelly | NJ Advance Media for ...
Complete fraud who takes advantage of vulnerable people. No different from Sylvia Brown ( whose success rate was carefully studied and turned out to be zero percent ), Van Praagh or John Edward. Look up Mark Edward (no relation) on YouTube. He used to be a fake medium but now exposes them. Criss Angel and James Randi have offered her one million dollars if she can prove she is what she claims to be. Nope. They got her stock answer about critics. Because she cannot do it. Why not prove them wrong once and for all and give the $ to charity? If she was the real deal the government would have her working for them. She certainly would not be putting on side shows with rediculously expensive tickets. It is all about money. Same with TLC (home of fine people like Mama June and Josh Duggar.) Anything for $. No one with a real gift would behave like this. Save your money. Save your self respect.
He's Chris Motionless dear, not Criss Angel. He had to open the door and tuck and roll to get out lol Hot;)
Added a new video: "Forget About Me Castor Troy ft Criss Angel"
I am a freaking warrior princess thank you Jesus and Criss Angel for making me who I am today💓
Jonathan - Criss Angel I need u all to go like. My video ! If I every helped u owe me one like
Jonathan - Criss Angel Superfan please go like my video am trying to win a contest ! Thanks on u tube
Perfect time to watch some Criss Angel street magic
"Criss Angel is a *** bag" episode of SPN reminds me of when Ryro said the same about him lol
If you have passion & belief in yourself, anything's possible. - Criss Angel
I looked back at the footprints in the sand. There was only one set. Criss Angel whispers 'mind freak' in my ear.I hate him so much
watched criss angel mind freak episodes on DVD with my friends all night tonight
I would wear my criss angel shirt to cheer practice and it said mind freak on it so all the coaches called me mind freak
and we're going to have the 3rd criss angel marathon tomorrow ! We've all loved you for almost 10 years!!
I hope Criss Angel is still performing but the time I graduate and have money and can do whatever the heck I want
me & my friends are watching you for the 2nd night in a row. Were having criss angel marathon's
Why are the biggest magicians like Davis Blaine and Criss Angel do weird and awkward. They make me so uncomfortable.
mine: I would like to meet Criss Angel.
Criss Angel Music Video before he was famous on Mind Freak via
Criss Angel and Darren Criss are one letter away from a crisis
Criss Angel Mindfreak is real as frick
I will not be seeing Criss Angel's 'Believe' while in Vegas and it is almost exclusively bc of this haircut
Lectures from Criss Angel's producer & a Wizard Wars star for just £7
Criss Angel the greatest magician on the planet ... Go see at the Luxor
worst circus act already exists, Criss Angel and his beLIEve show. CDS paid in bad press for that one...
So, ... That Criss Angel announcement sounds like opening scene of Now You See Me. lol
Darren criss has the voice of an angel. I feel so healed now. :')
Well, at least it's not Criss Angel pulling a hat out of a rabbit. His use of wormholes is exposed with the motorcycle jump.
Gonna try this flirting tip from Criss Angel where you pull a butterfly out of under your own gut.
Dont forget you can still catch Believe Heres showtimes!
We are, I love Magicians like Criss Angel and David Blaine
Extricating myself from 1 of the worst weeks of my life by fitting my entire body into a discarded box set of Criss Angel's Mindfreak
What if Criss Angel is the second coming of Jesus but nobody realizes it because their minds are too freaked?
wow god answered one of my prayers while I was wearing a Criss Angel: Mindfreak necklace... wow.
Little Giant Ladders
I'll be interviewing Criss Angel in a few hours for What questions would you like me to ask him?
Ow! This werb: , Are you ready?" remind me from Criss Angel: MINDFREAK :DD Cool! XD
Famed Engineer/Producer/Writer for Criss Angel 's MindFreak For all inquiries Melissa
I want Criss Angel to blow fairy dust in to my ***
Criss Angel brings some magic to would like to thank those that came to our booth.
Call me Criss Angel cuz I'm lutang every day
Criss Angel may look like one but he is one crazy nutbag.
Criss Angel wishes he could be the magician that Coutinho is. .
Non rps need to understand that we are two different people I never claimed to be him in rl, nor would I we are two different Criss Angel's.
I liked a video Gardy Show- Criss Angel tries to catch a bullet
alot of disappearing crowds tonight. Sounds like Criss Angel is at it again, the rascal!
Give it up for Vegas legend and magician Criss Angel. Huge ufc fan
I went to put gas in the car and poof, Criss Angel (vanish) lmfao!
Thats right criss angel & shaq! Angelina is a *** magician, much harder than floating in air. http:/…
I added a video to a playlist criss angel and David Blaine: satan's open disciples
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I saw yesterday in my phone feed that you posted something about Criss Angel fakes. I can't find it. Can U please re post it?
I liked a video from Criss Angel Color Changing Deck - Tutorial
I liked a video Criss Angel: Mindfreak - Toothpick Trick
Major crush on Criss angel when I was little 😂
album him and Criss Angel did. Sadly, only one album and then kaput, but love the older articles back in the day from HM
Yes, I know. it's the biggest disappointment since criss angel cancelled his show honestly
My dad got me third row seats to see Criss Angel at Foxwoods 😈
let's go all out I'll have a no.8 The Hitler Criss Angel
My husband scored tickets for me to see Criss Angel! !
Criss Angel kicks the sealer for Port!
So, anyone here like Ghost Adventures, Pawn Stars and Criss Angel? I do...Plus their all in Vegas. :D
Hey tweeps can ya'll send me Criss Angel, Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley and Supernatural pics that would be greatly appreciated xoxo
Criss Angel sings the theme song for his own TV show: Criss Angel Mindfreak that himself is the only cast. What a freak
Thank you for my Criss Angel believe tickets cant wait for tomorrow 💃 @ Luxor Hotel and Casino
Jesus and Peter... Criss Angel too "Which two people walked on water_?
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Just had to explain to my mother that, like God, Criss Angel and the Long Island Medium are fake.
Criss Angel was called out by Randy Couture for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You won't beLIEve what Criss does... Follow ...
Criss Angel to perform death-defying straightjacket escape at Foxwoods Resort Casino: Found this news!
when God closes a door Criss Angel levitates a Hummer limo and God lays that golden fiddle on the ground at Criss's feet
*12 yr old Criss Angel sitting w friends*. *David Copperfield rides by on Heelys". Criss: "um..I'll see u guys tomorrow". *levitates away*
Meet Jasmine Tridevil, the Tampa girl who is a licensed massage therapist, aspiring reality TV star, and a huge fan of Criss Angel. oh... and she has an extra little something
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion & Criss Angel's haircut. —Roy Batty
Saturday mornings with Criss Angel are the best
Barcelona to launch bid for Angel Di Maria. Paper Chase:
*** s angel. Crack. Christ. Criss the face with a racist and use based God as his replacement
Criss angel got the livest ice bucket challenge lol.
Criss angel motorcycles are omfgshdgthndv freaking awesome
1 month ago today. my dream came true. i got to see Criss Angel BeLIEve and i got to meet Criss Angel…
Imma real *** no perpetrate. Hit a *** crib they evacuate. One move I shoot, I don't hesitate, just eliminate. Criss Angel yeah he levitate
Shoutout to the angel from carls jr who hooked it up with criss cut fries & a large sprite 😭
I was just watching criss angel magic tricks that *** is crazy
My brother's face was priceless when he saw Criss Angel tonight. He was so happy! (:
Took my brother to see Criss Angel for his birthday❤
my angel flew away. 30 Seconds to Mars
But on another note, Criss Angel was amaaazziinng 😍😍 Kills it every. single. *** time!
I still dont believe in magic and stuff like that so i didnt really like Criss Angel
I think Megan is ready for club LAX after Criss Angel.
Surprised my little brother for his birthday and took him to see Criss Angel and he got to go up on stage. Best day for him ever!!!
This *** Criss Angel had the best ice challenge overall
Criss Angel can't do a proper ice bucket challenge without camera tricks. As expected from a ***
I still want to go see Criss Angel 😔
True I do also. I use to have a tribute with Criss Angel and this song. Huge crush I use to have lol ;)
Back to Houston tomorrow but first here's a shot of Criss Angel live at the Luxor
"Criss Angel is hott. I love magicians"
Of course Criss Angel does the ALS challenge and turns it into a magic trick
Sunset over Las Vegas (not the strip this is looking West from Excalibur) time for Criss Angel in 1 hour at the Luxor
Seeing Criss Angel perform tonight here in Vegas. Such an honor. He's the one who gave me the confidence to pursue my …
I have Criss Angel pins on my backpack I love him so much
““Magicians make me weak tbh”. you don't understand I love Criss Angel
Maybe we can hire John Edward and Criss Angel to contact Chris Gaines in the land of the dead.
's IS BACK NEXT TUESDAY!!!. Order your Tickets at: before its .
I don't like watching Criss Angel demonic Idc Idc
Colleagues discussing shows to see in Las Vegas: 'I want to see Criss Angel but I refuse to see Britney Spears'. Honestly, ***
"I am Criss Angel's soulmate!!! Soon we will be one!!!". actually i think you need to turn down
I love criss angel and especially Eric Roberts, hi guys if u get this, love surfer girl Kristi xxxooo
This fruit fly is under the glass he's criss angel
next month my Criss Angel believe bunny comes home. cant wait to see him. i think ill call him Angel. 😂😂😂😂
i cant wait for my Criss Angel believe bunny. i want him. 😭😭😭
I tried to do a Criss Angel mind freak once and almost wiped out like half of my family
I added a video to a playlist Criss Angel BeLIEve S01E03 Raise the Dead
I hope you get a selfie pic with Criss Angel too someday!
You're the main reason why I'm coming back to Vegas! Love you lots Criss Angel! I care about you too!
I hope to get a selfie pic with Criss Angel during my stay in Vegas!
"join a team" and then find our team "(hashtag and all) in there. (its a reference to Criss Angel is a Dbag)
Too Good to Be True BEAUTIFUL SONG! criss angel kidnapping me many years ago and I sacrifice my soul...hypnosis
Criss Angel is indeed magical. His ability to induce *** chills is really supernatural.
Criss angel will always be my favorite magician or illusionist person ever, never fails to amaze me.💗💗
What do you think criss angel is doing right now?
I'm ashamed to admit that I once had a very intense crush on Criss Angel, but admitting it is the first step to overcome *** chills.
they play csi and criss angel in my hotel and now I just don't want to go out
WHo? Criss Angel? I used to like him but it kind of faded. He's ok.
Listening 2 Criss Angel hope i get better tomorrow i BETTER be. dont know if i want 2 go to bed, but it would be wise if i did
I hope Skyler gets to go to Vegas & meet Criss Angel! Please believe me, Criss Angel I amazing & so sweet!
when I took a dump, looked in the toilet and it was gone before I flushed, I was more convinced about magic than when I watched criss angel
Enter for your chance to win the 24 Hour Giveaway...1 Night at Luxor Hotel & 2 tickets to Criss Angel: Believe”
I am watching favorite programs now criss angel it's really cool that he is the best stunning print I love you so much criss
Watching Criss Angel. . . Welllp, tonight appears to be a write off so I may as well go to bed.
Order your Ticket for . by calling: (702)2624400 or check: . Enjoy the Show:)
WOAH!! Found an old trailer for Criss Angel Mindfreak ! !
go follow him he dose amazing music you seen him on Criss Angel Mindfreak and he did the intro for Mindfreak to!
I'm assuming criss angel is an actual angel.
The Luxor! I'll always think of criss angel when I see it lol. @ Luxor Hotel Casino Tower…
I just wanna remind everyone that I've met Criss Angel and he touched my butt, so your opinions of me are irrelevant.
Wow! I just won this for free, Criss Angel "Magic Cards" 2 packs
you go and see Criss Angel live show or no?
Starting to make reservations for shows and dinners in Vegas in August. I KNOW a lot of you scandalous friends of mine have been there. What was your favorite? Already booked David Copperfield, and dinner at Ramsay Steak.Waiting for tickets to be available for Criss Angel.thoughts?
Lol yeah. You like Criss Angel's and Andrew Mayne, Billy the Exterminator, Storage Wars, Sons of Guns, Cops, etc?
Who has seen Criss Angel's BELIEVE show at the Luxor in Las Vegas?
Dear Allah, Buddha, Gandhi, God, Vishnu, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King JR, Hydra, Master Chief, Tom Brady, Will Smith, Oprah, Edward Elric, James Bond, Vin Diesel, Criss Angel, and the aliens I know exist, Please help me pass this final so I can move on with my life. Praise Helix, Austin Taylor Morley
Pretty much got everything ready for vacation!!! Vegas is gonna be fun & busy!! We're gonna try to do cirque du soleil zarkana, criss Angel & the girls are gonna do thunder :) plus 3 attractions!!! I'm so excited I can't wait!!
Good morning everyone!/Buenos dias todos! I just asking about do whoever use magic but not spellcast (use witchcraft). You know magician use trick magic for cards, find thing from hat inside and any kind. But you know to watch TV show about Criss Angel and David Blair. They are magicians. Why do they use levitation (fly) and walk on water (like Jesus walk)? So think devils carry them or what you think? Please you tell me. Thank you! God bless you!/Dios los bendiga!
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrit... — criss angel , hugh jackman , ellen degeneres :P
who's this Cyril? How is it a name of a male? Magician? Gotta be like Criss Angel or DB man :|
Criss Angel the mindfreak performs a very dangerous trick but did that go wrong?
me too.D'you agree he is better than Criss Angel?
It isn't fair that Criss Angel has more followers than David,not acceptable.
OMG I can't believe Criss Angel accepted my request!
Cyril. A much better magician than Criss Angel in my opinion.
ShOcked.after seen criss Angel believe .
Criss angel believe . . Great magician on history channel.
Criss Angel Believe was awesome and really funny as well then had dinner at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and finish off the night with a 550ft view of the Vegas city limits. Three days gone. Off to Hoover Dam and Freemont St tomorrow!
Criss Angel meets a random crowd of people and makes one of the girls levitate in front of her friends. O:-) Howowww!!
I want Criss Angel and David Blaine do a trick together. Like, a trick that will kill every being that sees the trick they'd do.
Look at this great drawing I drew of criss angel. and
Just the casual criss angel at the venetian
Believe it or not part of Criss Angel's name was changed when he got into show business. His birth name is Angel Angel.
Mayweather, Nas, Boyz II Men, Criss Angel, Tyra Banks, who else am I gonna meet at my job.
So, this is what happens when somebody doesn't know who Criss Angel is. :)
Photoset: sixpenceee: sixpenceee: In this video, Criss Angel a magician and illusionist literally sliced...
That's Criss Angel he is an illusionist we went to go see him live
Watching criss angel believe. My god how did fish came from his mouth?
Just watched the Criss Angel Believe show and it was AMAZING!
kudos on that :) also kudos on being a Criss Angel fan. He’s a very clever chap.
Basically Jesus was the Criss Angel of his time.
4am ...back home n ready to levitate to bed while Criss Angel is about to 💥POOF💥 on stage:) I U'll hear me snoring💤 . 🌟GoodNite all🌟
It seems like just last year they were trying to do magic tricks with their criss angel magic set.
Criss would never hurt anyone. He's sweet. He's a true Angel.
I once had a massive crush on criss angel and idek if I regret it.
On page 121 of 304 of Mindfreak, by Criss Angel
Luke said his theme song would be criss angel 😂 He's so weird who even thinks of that lol but I love weird."MIND FREAK!!!"
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Criss you're a true Angel. I do buy things for myself. I also put money away into my bank.
michael and calum are my adoptive dads but truth is that i AM riad dawson's and criss angel's daughter
Saw Criss Angel perform. He said when his Dad died he made vow that if he made it big, he would donate to kids in need. He's not into fame or fortune. I'm still wondering how one minute he's on stage and the next minute he's in the audience. He must have a double.
If you have either The Apple iPhone, iPod, or ipad you can purchase Criss Angel Believe Season 1 in iTunes store.
Feeling on top of the world! In the limo on our way to see criss angel live! Then off to take a ride in Las Vegas's new Farris wheel! Loving every moment of this vacation!
Criss Angel's performances is something to in!
From the FB game Criminal Case. The guy second from the left reminds me of Criss Angel lol.
"We could see Criss Angel!" . "Katie, if I wanted to spend $130 on something fake, I'd get a boob job." -
we named the bird Criss angel cause he's walking on water
Thank you mabie! A nice surprize came in this morning! Love the criss angel stuff, another happy moment today! I like the way this day is going!
So vegas its been fun.climbed the eiffel tower, rode a gondola in venice, visited Caesars palace, watched poker at the bellagio, took a stroll through new york, watched David Copperfield make 13 people dissappear all at once, watched criss angel saw a women in half, one money in a pyramid.and thats to mention a few. Back to LA we go. Will have to come back to this place!
Sure, magician and illusionist Criss Angel makes it appear that he's walking on water, but Chuck Norris can actually swim through land.
For all those poor muggles watching Criss Angel on History TV18 right now, David Blaine is on AXN right now. Thank me later.
Criss Angel : Believe - Cut in Half visit Master, Wendell for more videos
Ok so dexter is trying to be like criss angel and is trying to force himself thourgh the glass window in the living room
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Criss Angel Mindfreak - Girls Appearance and football levitation...
Criss Angel raise the dead.I don't own anything included in this video.
This is my performance of a trick from the Criss Angel Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit!...
free magic tricks revealed - Criss Angel Mindfreak Beach Trick...
Criss Angel Mindfreak Amazing card trick with a couple...
Criss Angel Mindfreak Card trick with a balloon...
This is a performance of a magic trick called the Penetration Glass. I got this from the Criss Angel Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit.
Seen criss angel tonight. ... omg you killed it!!! WHO ILOVEYOUWHO
Great show! Tomorrow night going to see Criss Angel. This is the place to be.
How the conversation goes every time someone comes to Vegas: "Hey, I'm coming to Vegas! Do you live on the strip?" "No. Nobody lives on the strip except for homeless people and Criss Angel." "Well, are you going to be on the strip?" "Probably not. Nobody that lives here goes to the strip because it's a terrible, terrible place, but let me know what days you'll be here and I'll try to meet up with you." "We're gonna be there in an hour. Where should my 6 cousins, my boss, his sister, her girlfriend, my mom, and I meet you?" "No."
Yay daddy upgraded our seats to criss angel
Criss angel here we come we got out tickets !! Enjoying life feels good thank u lord for all u have given us !!
Picking up our Criss Angel tix for will love it!
This week on the Top 5 at 9 with Bob Berry, we’re helping Criss Angel celebrate 5 years at the Luxor in Las Vegas! And you can win two ways. First, listen to the Top [...] T…
Let's see...Mo Williams, Warren Sapp, Cicely Tyson, and Criss Angel also have the same birthday as me. Interesting
Joseph Rogers got the call this morning that he's going to Vegas to see Lady Gaga and Criss Angel with $500 cash! Congrats Joseph and just announced this morning, our final trip...this one to see Justin Timberlake in Montreal. Who is your favorite Canadian of all time?
Jim Carrey's Criss Angel is rocking my socks. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is now my favorite movie ever. I have only one complaint: when I worked for David Copperfield WE WERE NEVER ALLOWED TO SAY "TRICKS" ! We had to say "illusions."
I'm watching Criss Angel in Las Vegas and he's visiting Grand Canyon at Eagle Point! I lost my sun glasses there, lol!
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.Rice & staff are the bball equivalent of this guy. PS - Dave, Criss Angel needs his smoke & mirrors back.
Criss Angel was the good side of Harvey then Rob Zombie was the bad side
Apparently I'm adopted and Criss Angel is my daddy :/
After Stevie Nicks' appearance on American Horror Story I wasn't surprised at all to see the Criss Angel episode.
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