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Cris Collinsworth

Anthony Cris Collinsworth (born January 27, 1959) is a former American college and professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons during the 1980s.

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it was Joe Buck aikman and Cris collinsworth
I'm hoping there was a Confederate General named Cris Collinsworth
NBC voices Cris Collinsworth, Al Michaels riff on Cam, Rivera, RunCMC, shot to catch
Got to ask Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth a question about the Eagles, Will post transcript of it.
About to take part in Conference Call with Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Michele Tafoya & Executive Producer Fred Gaudelli
I know I've muted Cris Collinsworth, but the crowing of tweeps for announcing that they muted Joel Osteen is funny and silly.
With the 2nd pick in the Fantasy Draft, Cris Collinsworth (selects: RB
LeSean McCoy trying to put Cris Collinsworth out of a job.
I don't think Forbath appreciate that 58 yard FG as much as Cris Collinsworth.
KSTP-TV: Cris Collinsworth on the Vikings: 'If those pieces star..
KSTP-TV: Cris Collinsworth on the Vikings: ‘If those pieces start to fit together…’
NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth believes WR Adam Thielen can improve on 2017 numbers (69 catches, 967 yards) by playing more in slot.
Need people to find confederate solders with the following names: Joe Buck, Cris Collinsworth, Bob Costas, are report it to…
Between Doc Emrick/Eddie Olcyzk/Pierre McGuire for NHL & Al Michaels/Mike Tirico/Cris Collinsworth for NFL, NBC has the best in the business
Come on you know Cris Collinsworth is way worse than
if you listen to Cris Collinsworth in the booth, did you know that no player does a single thing ...
I wonder what Cris Collinsworth does in the off season? O_o
Appreciate Cris Collinsworth keeping his growing business in Cincinnati and OTR specifically!
Was really hoping that would hire Tony to replace Cris on
From a fan standpoint, I cannot stand Cris collinsworth commentating, neither can my friends.
ex-NFLers Steve Young and Cris Collinsworth got law degrees too, but dont run around acting like Thomas Jefferson
Now all we need is someone to replace cris Collinsworth
Can you also get rid of Cris Collinsworth? He's SUCH a pompous *** ..
Too bad Romo can replace Cris Collinsworth in the booth. I mute the TV to watch Sunday night games because of him.
Truly amazed that so many people dislike Phil Simms and Tony Romo. Can we all just agree to not like Cris Collinsworth?
anyone is better than Cris Collinsworth.
And they still let cris collinsworth do it, so I mean. Put someone with knowledge and likability in the public eye
He hasn't worked one game yet, but he's already better than Phil Simms an…
Too bad he isn't replacing Cris Collinsworth.
Jalen Rose, Phil Simms, Harold Reynolds, Cris Collinsworth (feel free to @ me on the last one)
Thank god are on CBS. I don't much care for Cris Collinsworth. Jim Nantz is good. Ed mac. Will miss Lynch.
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i was really hoping he would replace Cris Collinsworth
originally Troy was with Buck and Cris Collinsworth.
Now, who can we get to replace Cris Collinsworth?!
Yeah, I didn't realize people disliked him? I think he's okay. He's not Cris Collinsworth annoying
People are slandering Phil Simms rn with levels of venom usually only reserved for Cris Collinsworth
I turn the volume off for cris collinsworth every SNF. HATE his commentary.
He talks way too much and has the most annoying voice in the world after Cris Collinsworth.
Cris Collinsworth doesn't have a ring.
Phil Simms should try to sign on with the NFL Network or maybe even NBC and replace Cris Collinsworth.
Why couldn't Tony Romo go to NBC and replace Cris Collinsworth? 😔
I guarantee he is better than Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth. Every time they talk, I just want it to end.
How do the Chiefs get Cris Collinsworth gone?
.with Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, and now Phil about it, NBC???
I'm glad Romo is replacing Phil Simms now we just need someone to replace Cris Collinsworth lol
Would have rather seen Romo replace Cris Collinsworth.
If they replace Cris Collinsworth before the season starts, the metamorphosis will be complete and the world would finally be at peace
Can't wait for Dak Prescott to retire and replace Cris Collinsworth. We need all the A-teams to have Cowboys QBs.
now let's get rid of Cris Collinsworth
WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN COLLINSWORTH 😩 All I want to do is watch Sunday Night Football without Cris Collinsworth's commen…
The only broadcaster I find to be worse than Simms is Cris Collinsworth. Glad Romo is the lead color guy for CBS.
Cris Collinsworth has a sports broadcasting job, y'all. Tony will do just fine
Completely disagree. Love listening to Cris Collinsworth. I don't think there's an analyst more prepared/better at…
Lose Cris Collinsworth first before I get excited
Aikman was teamed up with Daryl Johnston and *** Stockton for a season before going to A-team in 2002. Then had Cr…
He should have replaced Cris Collinsworth. I don't ask much, but Tony please push for his job.
Well we got rid of one *** we need to find Cris Collinsworth's replacement
I think Cris collinsworth takes the 🍰
I hope Cris Collinsworth is gone soon too
I have a feeling I'll like Romo as an analyst. Better than a player. ... and more than Cris Collinsworth.
Trent Green and Cris Collinsworth do the exact same thing essentially and do it way better than Simms.
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Tony Romo, Cris Collinsworth, Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, or the cokehead from Redzone. Looks like I'll be sticking to MNF with my boy Jon Gruden
the day cris Collinsworth stops calling games will be a great day
Sources: Dak Prescott to take over for Cris Collinsworth at NBC.
IMO it's a tossup between Troy Aikman & Cris Collinsworth for best color man in the biz. Will be interesting to see how Romo compares.
so we ignoring Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth?
Forget Phil Simms get Cris Collinsworth off of my TV
Congrats Tony Romo on a amazing career. Now that you're trading your cleats in for a TV booth, can you take Cris Co…
Wishing the best. Good luck in broadcasting. Would ❤️ to see you replace Cris Collinsworth on SNF 🙏🏻😏
I hope Cris Collinsworth knows the heimlich incase he has to do a playoff game with Romo this January
Please replace Cris Collinsworth with Tony Romo!!! That would remove the only flaw of football Sundays!
Tony Romo better not be replacing Cris Collinsworth
No Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth...bring on football
Brent Musburger was my most hated color guy. Now that he's on the out, Cris Collinsworth, front and center for my white hot…
Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth forgetting the 4th killer B that's accounted for all of the Steelers pts so far.
Am I the only one who wishes Cris Collinsworth would just shut his piehole? Sports
"I hated voting for it this year. I was tortured by it. Ultimately, I voted for Tom Brady." Cris Collinsworth on Tom Brady MVP v…
Cris Collinsworth is the best caster in football.
Because Al Michaels/Mike Tirico/Cris Collinsworth and Heather Cox are way better than Jim Nantz and Phil Sims
Cris Collinsworth responds to Bill Simmons’ barb with brutal burn about now-canceled show http…
This is election is like a Super bowl of the Browns & the CFL's RoughRiders playing Australian Football w/Joe Buck & Cris Collinsworth w/PxP
I actually don't mind Jim Nantz & Phil Simms but Al Michaels & Cris Collinsworth are an upgrade over pretty much everybody.
Hey Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, Nantz and Simms just showed you can say Clinton-Dix's name without saying "Ha Ha"!
Cris Collinsworth sounds like Dan Fouts in this sketch. Cheers.
Cris Collinsworth said it on the telecast Bears went young and cheap no Matt Forte no Brandon Marshall alot of talent playing elsewhere
I thought Cris Collinsworth was offering Peyton a vape
if P. Manning would take over for Cris Collinsworth for the rest of the season I would be happy
Well, everything was going great with getting excited for tonight's game and then Cris Collinsworth opened his mouth.
Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, and Michele Tafoya on the call. Be back later! :)
How rich is Cris Collinsworth?: The post How rich is Cris Collinsworth? appeared first on Richest Celebrities...
Al Michael's and Cris Collinsworth the worst tandem ever smh
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we need Cris "white lightning" Collinsworth back on commentary for madden
Anyone who hates on Bob Cole, just remember, Jim Nantz, Phill Simms, Jon Gruden, Cris Collinsworth., etc.,
looking to order a ton of these for Pro Football Focus, will involve Cris Collinsworth from NBC. Sent an email but it bounced
OTOH Cris Collinsworth and Vin Scully and Bob Ley and the guys on Inside the NBA are all fantastic
Bill Raftery wins the Sports Emmy for best sports event analyst. Ends a 7 year consecutive streak from Cris Collinsworth
Colin Cowherd and Cris Collinsworth have the exact same voice
SNF is half horrible b/c of Cris Collinsworth who's opinions are lame! Gruden would be upgrade
Ok. said y'all don't have to deal w/Ray Lewis. When is going to say I don't have to deal w/Cris Collinsworth? . 🙄
first Skip and now Cris Carter and Ray Lewis! You are on a roll! How can it get any better? Can we somehow bury Chris Collinsworth?!?!
Now Cris Collinsworth gotta get outta here for NBC
- probably best, now if only announcer Cris would go on a rant offending someone - that would be PROGRESS
I Wonder if Mike Tirico will do games with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth
Cris Collinsworth is the most annoying, no debate.
.is Cris Collinsworth still gonna be reporting?
Cris collinsworth has something to say about this.
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Listening to Chris Webber commentate is like listening Cris Collinsworth
still not as bad as Phil Simms or Cris Collinsworth
Pierre McGuire is the Cris Collinsworth of hockey announcers. Virtually unlikeable.
He actually works for Cris Collinsworth at NBC Sports and knows Cris quite well.
Only thing more puzzling than visibly watching Johnny Weir wonder who Cris Collinsworth is? Calling Collinsworth a "beautiful man".
likes when Cris Collinsworth and Phil Simms commentate on football games
Why is Cris Collinsworth dressed like a Rupp Arena usher?
Cris Collinsworth was just called a legend and laughter didn't follow.
Where the heck is Cris Collinsworth? Is he on the Derby broadcast?
"The horse racing is great, but it's not what the Kentucky Derby is," words just spoken on my television by Cris Collinsworth.
Weirdly agreeing with everything Cris Collinsworth is saying.
Tara and Johnny would make me scream at the TV less than Cris Collinsworth does.
And now, noted horse racing expert Cris Collinsworth on the NBC Kentucky Derby infomercial.
NBC Sunday Night Football's Cris Collinsworth on the red carpet
Cris Collinsworth is 🤔. I believe Pam Shriver is the superior analyst between her and John McEnroe any day.
Chris Webber is the Cris Collinsworth of the NBA
I think I dislike Chris Berman more than Cris Collinsworth.
tfw you miss football but not Joe Buck, Cris Collinsworth or "Goose"
Cris Collinsworth on his Rams prediction.. prior to trade!
Cris Collinsworth has a son...who is a reporter.who sounds just like him.tell me this is some sort of sick joke
Cris Collinsworth called the Rams, Titans trade in a mock draft on PFF a month ago
Cris Collinsworth (correctly predicted the trade a month ago.
I like Cris Collinsworth but this has to be flat out the worst mock draft ever
Patriots open the season with a Sunday night Cris Collinsworth game
Only Cris collinsworth would admit that he later "found out" his previous prediction. I miss
Why do they say Cris Collinsworth is smart again?
Cris fricken Collinsworth actually predicted that trade. Lol
Cris Collinsworth mic drop on his first mock draft - Rams trading up to
So nice job on that call And kudos as well to Cris Collinsworth who had the Rams trading up to No. 1 for a QB weeks ago.
Collinsworth predicted the trade a month ago.
LA trading for the first pick. Everyone (but Cris Collinsworth) tears their mock draft up.
You know what's funny? Cris Collinsworth as much as we hate him predicted this trade up for the Rams on the MONEY lmfao
Cris Collinsworth called this trade a month ago
except Chris Collinsworth who nailed it 4 weeks ago
Collinsworth called it. Wentz, Goff go 1-2 in Cris Collinsworth’s first 2016 NFL mock draft
Cris Collinsworth correctly picked this in his first ever mock like a month ago. Crazy.
I just want to apologize to Cris Collinsworth because when he mocked this trade it sounded impossible
Cris Collinsworth knows the pulse of
Cris Collinsworth predicted the Rams would trade for the top pick a couple weeks ago
Cris Collinsworth is a genius .. had Rams trading up in his mock draft awhile ago
welp...Collinsworth is a fortune teller
Cris Collinsworth called this a month ago lol:
For as much as I can't stand Chris Collinsworth as a broadcaster, he nailed the rams trading up to happening.
Cris nailed the trade back on March 15. Hey Cris, got any thoughts on the
You see that Cris Collinsworth predicted this trade a month ago in his mock draft?.
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Cris Collinsworth did a mock draft a couple weeks ago and had the Rams trading up to number 1...who knew he had it in him!
And every mock draft is now rendered useless... Except for Cris Collinsworth
Cris Collinsworth called that in his mock draft a month ago
Cris Collinsworth's mock draft has Cowboys taking defensive...
sportscaster looks, sounds, just like Dad
Double take: Jac Collinsworth looks and sounds just like dad Cris: Notre Dame student Jac Collinsworth is a ch...
Jac Collinsworth is a spitting image of his dad Cris. Check it out:
Is Doug Gottlieb related to Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth? I can't stand listening to him commentate
OF COURSE! Gah what an epic moment. I believe Cris Collinsworth said he “jumped out of the stadium."
I used to think Cris Collinsworth was bad, and then I heard Dan Dakich.
My IS teacher sounds exactly like Cris Collinsworth. It's like I'm watching a really boring game of Sunday Night Football
Do the announcers know the Wild are winning 5-0, or is this a Cris Collinsworth-Aaron Rodgers thing?
I'm fairly certain the guys portraying Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth on SNL right now have never heard them speak.
Just (almost literally) ran into Cris Collinsworth. He has a beautiful voice.
Ugh, this is just as bad as having to listen to Joe Buck or Cris Collinsworth
In episode 2 of "The Collinsowrth Minute" Cris Collinsworth addresses some criticism and takes another shot at...
When you're forced to listen to Cris Collinsworth or Phil Simms on Sundays.
Legends in their field Phil Simms, Cris Collinsworth and James Brown are the hardest-hitting team in sports and...
Shaun King needs the Reggie Miller and Cris Collinsworth treatment
Tonight 10 we talk with Bob Costas who has hilarious Uecker story & Cris Collinsworth
bruh, better than Cris collinsworth...
.and the PFF team make their picks for the AFC and NFC Divisional Round games:
We all should've let him think his game was Sunday and then get a week away from Cris Collinsworth
I'd pay for Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth to broadcast my life for me like they broadcast Saturday Night football.
Cris Collinsworth's trying to take the 2016 Someone's an *** trophy away from Steve Harvey. (via http…
It's been just a few minutes,Joe Buck please don't act like a *** like Cris Collinsworth,,,spare the football fans
As much as I want to watch the pats tonight, I don't think I can if it means listening to Cris Collinsworth again
Can't wait to hear Cris Collinsworth rip on the tonight
The studio 'officiating expert' has to the most irritating addition to broadcasts since Cris Collinsworth's first game.
atleast they don't make us sit through Cris Collinsworth like does.
y'all pray for Cris Collinsworth. . (ain't nothing wrong with him but tonight he gonna be super annoying gushing over the great whites)
Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth don't know how to be neutral. Always go with the hot team at the moment
Overlooked storyline is the regression of Mike Goldberg, who's in Cris Collinsworth territory right now
I always enjoy watching Cris Collinsworth in The Santa Clause 3.
All I need is a Terry Bradshaw-as-announcer bobblehead. Only Cris Collinsworth appears to have one. You're really letting me down, Internet.
Cris Collinsworth was on tv in 1990 smh
Hi. Cris Collinsworth here. I would love for you to participate on my new Football site, Ever…
Stopped reading when it said Cris Collinsworth
A man who I swear is Cris Collinsworth breaks down the Week 14 Sunday Night Football match-up: New England...
Teddy's internal clock is slower than cris collinsworth's brain. Get rid of the *** ball boy!
Cris Collinsworth would beg to differ
People that complain about Cris collinsworth have not seen a game covered by Phil sims
People who bash Cris colllinsworth are dumb IMO. He's the best in the business. Now Simms is annoying but collinsworth is *** good
I still don't like you Cris Collinsworth but this is spot on
.and the PFF staff makes their picks for every Week 14 NFL game and update the leaderboard:
Lost my voice earlier today so now I sound like Cris Collinsworth. . Please kill me.
Cris Collinsworth was terrible in 2004 also smh
Cris Collinsworth ranks OLB Khalil Mack of Raiders as best edge rusher in the NFL. Browns could have taken him instead of Gilbert.
Joe Buck, Cris Collinsworth, and Aikman did the commentating for this game...that's literally a nightmare thank god I was 9 when this was on
That's cool that you work with Cris Collinsworth.
mark Phil can you bring back for one shower Cris Collinsworth
hay broomer can we bring back Cris Collinsworth for one shower please
Cris Collinsworth, on bean bag chair, staring at lava lamp, "You gotta stop saying that. I'm too messed up."
What do Trent Dilfer, Cris Collinsworth, and Phil Sims have in common? They suck.
ESPN needs to find Mike Tirico his Cris Collinsworth. He's could be even greater if not paired with awful talent.
Jon Gruden is the ESPN version of Cris Collinsworth.
I'm getting Cris Collinsworth strep throat for Christmas so we don't have to listen to him anymore
I thank God I don't have to listen to Cris Collinsworth tonight,,,
he should fill in for Cris Collinsworth
Did i mentioned to you i love listening Cris Collinsworth
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is there any way to change it back? Cris Collinsworth is literally the worst analyst on TV...
I was trying to figure out who's more annoying: Phil Simms or Cris Collinsworth-then I remembered Tommy Heinsohn existed.
Cris Collinsworth could totally be Will Arnett's dad right?
Just do gutteral noises like Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth resorted to last night. We'll understand.
Does anyone agree that Kyle Petty is the Cris Collinsworth of NASCAR broadcasts?
Walter Payton is Jonathan Stewart's favorite player. So much that he even read a book on him, according to Cris Collinsworth. Great insight!
Cris Collinsworth on Cam Newton's closing stretch vs. Seattle: 'That's what Tom Brady does.'
More praise: Al Michaels and especially Cris Collinsworth were great calling last night's game on NBC. All over that one.
Cris Collinsworth vs Reggie Miller vs Harold Reynolds in the sports color commentator death match from *** ..
I'm sure Cris Collinsworth is a good dude. I just can't stand him as a color commentator.
After the *** comment, who is a better color Commentator Phil Simms or Cris Collinsworth
My wife on Cris Collinsworth: "He looks like a long lost Bluth brother. He looks exactly like GOB."
Cris Collinsworth just lowkey roasted the whole Detroit crowd😂 "we'd like to welcome the crowd to the game tonight"
So on Sunday night we gotta hear Cris Collinsworth basically beating off at Peyton playing
New press column: How Cris Collinsworth got so good.
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VIDEO: Eddie Lacy is better than Jamaal Charles: Cris Collinsworth compares two dynamic backs...
Wait, why can't he watch football anymore? Is it because of the Draft Kings commercials, or is it Cris Collinsworth's fault?
depends on the network. If Cris Collinsworth is on, def soccer.
Phil Simms can be annoying, but he's not nearly as bad as Cris Collinsworth.
Phil Simms, Cris Collinsworth and Reggie Miller walks into a room. I walk out.
Only in our universe do we get two Phil Simms games a week and only one Cris Collinsworth game...
Everyone hates Cris Collinsworth but Phil Simms is the worst color analyst in the NFL.
I'd rather be waterboarded w/ gasoline than be in a room listening to Phil Simms & Cris Collinsworth talking to each other.
Cris Collinsworth would be livid about that not being called pass interference
Sometimes I really think Phill Simms almost rivals Cris Collinsworth as the NFL's worst announcer.
Don't insult the great Cris Collinsworth like that!
Phil Simms, Joe Buck and Cris Collinsworth are all terrible
Thank God Phil Simms doing the game tonight. Troy Aikman, Cris Collinsworth & all the other HORRIBLE announcers not available??
A video short from Cris Collinsworth on the NFL’s top pass rushers. Chiefs’ Justin Houston makes the short list
a little variety would help. Did you know Cris Collinsworth has a Cadillac?
Cris Collinsworth looks like a car salesman.
non-ND blogosphere yet 2 catch on 2 Jac Collinsworth. My guess is Cris's son will be doing on-air for NBC in Rio next summer. Don't b srpzed
for years I thought cris collinsworth was colin cowherd
what? Do I love CC? I don't even know cris collinsworth.
Part of the show and reason SNF is what it is, is because of what Cris Collinsworth brings to the game.
Cris Collinsworth is terrible. I have to watch his games on mute. I have to play madden without the announcing.
if I'll listen/watch Cris Collinsworth, I can't be turned off from football.
VIDEO: Cris Colinsworth mentions Aaron Hernandez and immediately regrets it.
New facey event for our Sunday Nighter at Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth will be on commentary
what can we expect from an analysts like Cris Collinsworth? Maybe be able to pronounce the QB name correctly!
I think you're in the same category as Jim Nantz and Cris Collinsworth... We can add Joe Buck too.
Who is this non football playing *** host on He *** Reminds me of Joe Isuzu. Where is Cris Collinsworth?
Can the Ravens still make the playoffs?. Cris Collinsworth says, "Yes, but they have to beat the Bengals this week.".
panel unanimously picking Saints over Bucs
.profiles Cris Collinsworth and his use of app in broadcasts on
This is what cris collinsworth looks like
Cris Collinsworth name dropped Aaron Hernandez and realized he better not if he wants to live. (Vine via ht…
An accurate representation of Cris Collinsworth for the next 3 hours.
Alex Smith / QA with Cris Collinsworth Weeden, injuries and more
Cris Collinsworth on Russell Wilson running the ball: "You have to let him play his game." I think the same thing appli…
"This is what cris collinsworth looks like
Would you rather listen to Jon Gruden, Cris Collinsworth or put the tv on mute?
I think that's Cris Carter taking the Jets with Ray, not Collinsworth. I know it's easy to assume Collinsworth is reasonable
Ray Lewis and Cris Collinsworth star in a buddy cop film called ‘Voices of Reason'
Cris Collinsworth just compared Eli Manning to Tom Brady. Put down the bottle Cris and step away
Why is Cris Collinsworth wearing Andre the Giant's tie?.
Cris Collinsworth is still the worst
I've never understood the Cris Collinsworth haters. To me he's the top voice in NFL broadcast booths, by a wide margin. I enjoy him.
COMING UP NEXT: Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels, on economic policy.
it sounds far fetched but why cant MLS have its own version of Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, Cris Collinsworth, or Mark Jackson etc.
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Sorry, Kane. doesn't mean to call you a tool in the way Cris Collinsworth calls guys tools.
Can't decide what's more annoying...Lebron James complaining, or Jeff Van Gundy commentating. Least it's not Cris Collinsworth.
JVG has become a born-again practitioner of the Cris Collinsworth Church of the Hypothetical Double Negative.
Jeff Van Gundy is as good of an announcer for the NBA as Cris Collinsworth is for the NFL.
Swear Jeff Van Gundy is the Cris Collinsworth of the NBA
I thought Cris Collinsworth was the worst, but Jeff Van Gundy is making a strong case.
Jeff Van Gundy is the equivalent to Cris Collinsworth
I mean seriously can u imagine if NBC told Cris Collinsworth u aren't calling the Super Bowl this Sunday cuz we need u at Belmont Park?! LOL
“Bits of information might seem useless. But NFL teams just love them and think they’re indicative of performance.”
Dream announcing team: Al Michaels and Joe Buck. Cris Collinsworth field-side also
But three articles to answer me. is the best. - via
.drop Cris Collinsworth and add Jon Gruden to Sunday Night Football
you are the Cris Collinsworth of NBA broadcasting
Why must there always be someone who seems to have gone to the Cris Collinsworth School of Color Commentary?
Because if the latter, he's acceptable, but not my fave. Al Michaels is great. Cris Collinsworth, not so much.
Cris Collinsworth said the most important part of your body to catch the ball with is your feet, so need to work on hindlegs too.
worst offenders are Cris Collinsworth and Jeff Van Gundy. Insufferable
Curt Schilling is the Cris Collinsworth of baseball.
I'm glad I have the MLB extra innings package so I don't have to listen to commentating. He's as bad as Cris Collinsworth for SNF.
It's funny Cris Collinsworth just said something because I was just thinking... this has been an excellent year for Camargo Cadillac.
This literally looks like a 70s era Florida football player running the bases. Cris Collinsworth with the walkoff.
Compare the flagship NFL broadcast, Sunday Night Football (w Al Michaels/Cris Collinsworth) to the drek that is NBC tennis.
- I mean like Cris Collinsworth - well, the fanbase hangs on his every can so much wisdom come from 1 man?
From The MMQB vault: on the Englishman who created the hugely popular analytics site Pro Football Focus
"If someone could make an app that would mute Cris Collinsworth they would be very wealthy." via
Other than Cris Collinsworth being arguably the best analyst in football, they're exactly the same.
The guy on the left looks like Cris Collinsworth
Back before I was an unknown, I attended a roast for Rudy Martzke. Great line by Cris Collinsworth:
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