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Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is an American police procedural television program that premiered September 22, 2005, on CBS.

Thomas Gibson Joe Mantegna Paget Brewster Jason Gideon Spencer Reid Adam Rodriguez Derek Morgan Aaron Hotchner Shemar Moore Lee Jun Ki Emily Prentiss Frankie Muniz David Rossi Spencer Reed Aisha Tyler Jennifer Love Hewitt Mandy Patinkin

I wanna go home after work and curl up in a ball while I watch Criminal Minds and dip fries in a Reese’s blizzard 🙂
Maybe I will get back into Criminal Minds since I kinda miss seeing Paget Brewster on my tv every week.
watching season 11 of Criminal Minds and they got you going all Lana Kane up in there. Killing 2 people in rapid sequence. lol
We don't talk enough about when Jason Alexander was on Criminal Minds.
Wow I just watched the Criminal Minds episode with Frankie Muniz and he danced to Sign of the Times what a weird coincidence
Yes. I got this quotation from the end of an episode of Criminal Minds. So read it in the voice of David Rossi (Joe…
Y'all...I am really distracted by this awful wig they've plopped on Aisha Tyler's head in Criminal Minds.
Criminal Minds star Joe Mantegna shows us around the Windy City:
I just learned Shamar Moore is no longer on Criminal Minds, a show that is more fun if you imagine Robert Goulet signing a theme song for it
Criminal Minds series, Mandy Patinkin as Jason Gideon, done! "I guess I'm just looking for it again, [...] the beli…
Jason Gideon was the best *** character on Criminal Minds don't EVEN try to fight me on this
PSA- Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride is played by Jason Gideon from Criminal Minds. That is all.
Season 1 of Criminal Minds, even without Emily Prentiss. Its the one I actually go back and watch the most. For the…
There's an episode of Criminal Minds that was shot here in Griffith Park and I'm dying lmao
Looks like the actor from the TV show "Criminal Minds". Joe Mantegna (Agent Rossi).
Have found the worst show on TV: Criminal Minds. Joe Mantegna flies around in a luxury Lear jet with supermodels to rescue girls in dungeons
I've just watched episode S04E11 of Criminal Minds!
Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls, and Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds
Mae Whitman shows up in flippin’ everything like. Weeds. Prey. Criminal Minds. Prey. Best Space ***
"Profiler," late 90s. A predecessor to "Without a Trace" and "Criminal Minds." First three seasons were quite good.
I'm watching one of the Wichita episodes of Criminal Minds and THERE ARE MOUNTAINS IN THE BACKGROUND. WHY ARE THERE MOUNTAINS?!
Lee Jun Ki rejects questions about his girlfriend Jeon Hye Bin at 'Criminal Minds' press conference ht…
Totally forgot the Frankie Muniz was in an ep of Criminal Minds. ...also forgot about Frankie Muniz
I was wondering why the actor who plays Luke Alvarez looked so familiar in Criminal Minds ,,, Adam Rodriguez was in Magic Mike
makes Criminal Minds easier to watch. Hot dang.
Jason Gideon will forever be the GOAT on Criminal Minds
What the heck Dia Frampton was in Criminal Minds? Man.
Lee Jun Ki and 'Criminal Minds' co-star Son Hyun Joo go black and white for 'Vogue' - allkpop
Friends, HIMYM, Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU, House of Cards, and Scrubs are my favs
Do y'all not watch Criminal Minds most of those people white y'all psycho bro
Be it CSI Miami or Criminal Minds, whenever Adam Rodriguez appears you will hear him speak Spanish 😆
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whats up with all the bad news coming from BuddyTV? in regards to Flash, Arrow, Criminal Minds.
Ironside and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior died early bc their viewers didn't want to see Blair Underwood & Forrest Whittaker as leads.
Shemar Moore I so miss you on Criminal Minds.
I thought of Parker Lewis last night! Swear I saw Lemmer on an episode of Criminal Minds
The episode of Criminal Minds where the unsub has dissociative identity disorder & his other personality is a homicidal woman is a favorite
All I used to watch was Ghost Whisperer​, ID channel, and Criminal Minds esque shows lol
Murdoch Mysteries was my late mother's favourite show, closely followed by Criminal Minds. A very odd mix.
If this was Criminal Minds they would've been caught Steve Stephens
Let me watch Criminal Minds and appreciate my son Spencer Reid
Hey who do I need to talk to to possibly interning for Whose Line? Or The Talk or Criminal Minds or any other production?
Sometimes it's really annoying how much information I absorb. I feel like Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds.
The night they drove old Dixie down was a Wednesday. I remember because Criminal Minds was on.
Some of the unsub in criminal minds need help. Huhu
Politics is a place where ppl r safe doing any kind of wrong many criminal minds works in such positions
I've just watched episode S02E01 of Criminal Minds: Beyo...!
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haven't stopped binge watching Criminal Minds for a few weeks, over 185 episodes I've done 😅 loved every single one so far 🤗
I swear I should stop watching criminal minds
Watching Criminal minds with my baby 😊
An episode of Criminal Minds aired on Wednesday and there's a possibility Aubrey might be back as Cat 🐱
One more episode of criminal minds to help me fall asleep 😍
Relatedly, can you tell it's 4am, and I got home from work an hour ago and put on Criminal Minds?
I should be doing homework but watching Criminal Minds sounds so much better.
Home alone watching Criminal Minds and listening to the rain outside. My Thursday nights get pretty crazy.
The violence is intense at times, kind of like "Criminal Minds", but it fits with the story.
being pregnant you have CRAZY nightmares 😫🙄 and im jss upp watching criminal minds like this aint gone affect me lord please let me sleep
I love you too Kayla 💖💖 thank you for being my criminal minds buddy and helping me survive La Rue's 😭
I just seen the saddest episode of Criminal Minds 😪
I've just watched episode S02E05 of Criminal Minds: Beyo...!
Get your first look at the next episode of . P.S. isn't the only one returning 😉.
I will never know why I choose to watch criminal minds right before bed...
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I've just watched episode S12E19 of Criminal Minds!
I love criminal minds sm . Thank you for getting me in to it 🙄
Mom: What time are you going to bed?. Me: What time does Criminal Minds end?
Guillermo let me watch criminal minds before bed and now I'm up because I'm having scary dreams that people are after me 🙃🙃
Criminal minds, lost, person of interest, scandal, mad men
Criminal Minds: "we've profiled a borderline personality" . Me, a borderline: *appears annoyed but is secretly jealous*
Criminal minds and cuddles with the other half 💕💕👌
Criminal minds to end my night again 😊
Criminal minds thirsty for recognition
Two American entrepreneurs went missing on the latest episode of Catch up now:
Should I be disturbed by how many times I identify with the killer on Criminal Minds? Lol
had that man sounding like a Criminal Minds character. I'm upset.
I watch criminal minds every night before I go to bed
Gotta finish this episode of criminal minds tho(and maybe another after that)
It's usually a runner or an artist who gets killed in criminal minds...the irony is I'm both...Thanks you guys! 😑
Great day so far. I got to meet from Criminal Minds. What a super person! Spent an hour with our drama students.…
All of my shows though. Criminal Minds. Scandal. HTGAWM. Vampire Diaries. >
Great job on Criminal Minds Beyond Borders! Hopefully we'll see your character again.
Less than 10mins until an all new Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders! 🙌 written by off Bangladesh ✈
I love how my man can enjoy watching criminal minds with me.
170407 Today first script reading for Criminal Minds ^^ . Let's wish all the best for this drama 🙏❤️ . our belo…
I wonder whether the pics of today's script reading of TVN's Criminal Minds will be released soon.
Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won would be a great pair on K-Criminal Minds. DO IT.
muppet treasure island, home alone 2, and Criminal Minds. Wonder what that says about me lol
Glanced at muted TV & saw Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders cut from full screen of Dante quote in Italian to "Special Guest Star Joe Mantegna"
Hangin' with my darling friend Joe Mantegna ("Criminal Minds") last Friday at Taste Chicago in Burbank (his...
What's better than in Criminal Minds? Joe Mantegna in The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit😍😍
They did such a good job when they cast Ben Savage to play a young Jason Gideon in Criminal Minds.
Special Agent Jennifer Jareau | Criminal Minds. -Again, one of the best cops on a cop show. She's badass and can kick yo…
When you're watching the episode where Derek Morgan leaves Criminal Minds 😭; I just can't.
Watching episodes of Criminal Minds without Derek Morgan in them makes my heart so sad
1) Jennifer Jareau | Criminal Minds . so pure and strong and deserves all the happiness in the world (give her more…
Derek Morgan has to be the deepest and most developed character in Criminal Minds
Derek Morgan. - "Baby girl" makes me drip. -I will protect him at times. -Legit, the best from Criminal Minds. -I'm pre…
They altered the theme song and Reid cut his hair so season six of Criminal Minds is going to be one wild ride
I'm so mad. Not as mad as when Morgan left the BAU in Criminal Minds, but I'm right up there. Heather was my favori…
The last week-ish, my TV has been loaded with YOU! Walker Texas Ranger, Secretariat, Criminal Minds - &those are the 1's I saw!💕
The reason I love crime shows like Criminal Minds, NCIS, & Bones is all the time I spent watching Perry Mason as a child. RIP…
I could watch criminal minds for the rest of my life
The point of this is I need to stop watching Criminal Minds and BTS videos one right after the other Because this is getting out of control
I watch all that Criminal minds , law order svu, without a trace, NCIS, etc 😂😂
Last night Meadd & I were watching criminal minds and it was the saddest episode ever, we looked over & we're both crying 😅😩
*flicks on random tv channel* Hey, that guy played Foyet on Criminal Minds! I bet he's the killer. No idea what the movie was; called it :)
(Thanks to ) Criminal Minds series is just 👌🏽👏🏽 thinking of something to watch defo watch it loads of episodes ✌🏽
for those of you who watch the following shows, tell me what you think of them;. House, 24, Fringe, Criminal Minds, *** s, Ha…
I've just watched episode S12E09 of Criminal Minds!
Having one of those days when watching criminal minds etc would come in handy...cos people are annoying me that much...
I picked the wrong time to watch criminal minds I kinda failed maths lmao
I am, let me finish my current season of criminal minds 😂
I need to stop watching criminal minds, I had a dream I killed someone last night 😩
Wanna see split but I can't even watch criminal minds without having nightmares 😂😩
Law & order, first 48, and criminal minds all lit asf. You sleep.
oh i missed watching Criminal Minds
Don't like scary movies but love criminal minds so could really go one of two ways for me
I pretty much fall asleep to criminal minds every night... is that a bad thing?
criminal minds makes me so freakin emotional. seeing Hotch cry really has me so torn rn 😭😭
Derek from criminal minds stays going through *** lol
QR codes are so hot right now. Cat loves Criminal Minds.
Watching Criminal Minds because I don't have any wine to watch with.
A BAU member gets in trouble and the IRT is called to help! Get your 1st look at the EPIC 13th ep of http…
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My eyes are so heavy but I wanna watch criminal minds lol
criminal minds; the psychopaths and murderers are almost always hot. I don't understand but I'm not complaining.
are you sure warehouse 13 isn't real? Just finished watching the series. Criminal Minds catch up, but see you on Castle lol
Wondering if I should be social or ditch everyone for criminal minds today . Because I really really really wanna watch…
Nap time for Millie means a couple of episodes of criminal minds for me 👍🏻👌🏼
50 Shades of Grey is romantic only because the guy is a billionaire. If he was living in a trailer it would be a Criminal Minds episode.
Freakin Criminal Minds making me really really sad :(((
My criminal minds obsession might be getting a little out of hand...
In this criminal Minds episode they just said "she was fairly lit" . OH my God
Off of work. Super hungry. Just wanna eat and watch Criminal Minds
So happy to be home and in bed watching criminal minds
Almost 4am and I cannot stop watching criminal minds lolol
Can't wait for weekend, gonna play Sims, watch Criminal Minds and stuuudy.
Gotta stop watching criminal minds so late at night. Too scared to sleep lol
It's reached the point in the night where I binge watch Criminal Minds until my eyes bleed.
Even without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, I can't help watching Criminal Minds, 'cause I've learned to love you…
you ahould watch Criminal Minds, Quantico, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, etc
from on IG Criminal Minds, profiler Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) was investiga...
being able to instantly tell the season of a Criminal Minds episode by the length of Spencer Reid's hair.
why does this white girl on Criminal Minds swear she's an Apache Indian IF SHE DONT GET
Joe Mantegna isn't the face of Criminal Minds. Thomas Gibson is. :) For 11 Seasons.
'Criminal Minds' season 12, episode 9 video: Deeper look at key episode
Aaron Hotchner | Criminal Minds. -My daddy. -Only smiles when he's around his son. -Had a beard in one episode and I nearly di…
as Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds, 2005- He's not done. Credit 2 person who 1st posted pic.
"Some things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marlyn Monroe. -- David Rossi, Criminal Minds, Season 12 Episode 8
watching Adam Rodríguez on Criminal Minds and not being able to avoid seeing him as Eric Delko from CSI: Miami . *crying*
I swear I watch so many shows it's hard to keep up. Greys Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Chicago Med, Pure Genius, Criminal Minds, & This Is Us.
Interviews all day yesterday for Criminal Minds!
Hi name Kristen Bare I love Mandy Patinkin becaues I really do miss him when he is not Criminal Minds and he can sing I am Cincinnati Ohio
Final Days of shooting Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 2. We had a little fun on set. https:…
Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Set of Criminal Minds in Los Angeles, July 2015
Funny I'm talking about the Christian storyline, I just saw the actress who played Dr Anderson now on Criminal Minds
I got really excited when Joe Mantegna (David Rossi from Criminal Minds) appeared
Roxy is a doggo in Criminal Minds! Fantastic 😍😍😍 she's so gorgeous and she's my new favourite character
When you wanna see and In Life After Beth, because Criminal Minds, but Netflix doesnt have it. 😤
Derrick Rose case looking like an episode of Criminal Minds
Don't watch Criminal Minds from the beginning unless you want to fall in love with Matthew Gray Gubler
I really just wanna watch WWE and Scream Queens and Criminal Minds.
I missed the episode of Empire AND the season premiere of Criminal Minds because I thought it was TUESDAY 😡
me dice DRAMATICA because I refuse to watch criminal minds because of the absence of
She reminds me of Baby girl from show Criminal Minds
I didn't record Criminal Minds tonight and the new season started tonight 😭
Criminal minds is so good, can't stop watching it👌
Criminal minds has me so worked up rn. 😫😫
Season 11 of criminal minds is giving me so much anxiety
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Only If Hattie liked Supernatural the way she Likes Criminal Minds! 😍
Thomas Gibson details kick that led to ‘Criminal Minds’ firing this was fire worth? NO
I love all the criminal minds characters but I feel like rossi's character consists only of unnecessary witty remarks in bad situations
I'm about to watch criminal minds even though there's a serial killer in my city. This god *** show already makes me jump at every noise
New episode of criminal minds and ahs run at me!
Season 12 of Criminal Minds just premiered & & I are barely on season 4 😂
Thomas Gibson played prominently in Wednesday's 'Criminal Minds,' the show that fired him
Criminal minds binge i cant move from my bed send help or food
I've watched the entire of criminal minds like 7 times so I relate
I'm currently Patricia though bc I've been binge watching criminal minds all week and complaining about Texas weather
TV Query: Why is Thomas Gibson still on 'Criminal Minds' after being fired?
Criminal minds is back! So excited esp after that season finale last season!
I love criminal minds I will always watch
I have this bad feeling that Criminal Minds might end up like Two and a Half Men if they don't bring bac…
Should really be packing but I'm binge watching criminal minds 🙃
mad men was so good. Of course there's always criminal minds
"Black people don't have time to be depressed. Do you think slaves had prozac?". Criminal Minds what.
I watch CRIMINAL MINDS so much I start profiling everyone 😂
All I do is eat and watch criminal minds
I have achieved peak procedural cop trash. Which is to say that my binge-watch of Criminal Minds is done, and I am caught up to season 12.
I want a bf so we can eat cold pizza together watch criminal minds then have shower sex ❤️ goal$
Hotch from criminal minds is at this bar and it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me
I've watched 6 episodes of criminal minds in a row
Hotch's death would be the best thing for the BAU and Criminal Minds: Criminal Minds is going through some ma...
Thomas Gibson returns for the premiere:
I'm watching Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. l p l plll lll p ll lll l l p ll
Someone should do a Mashup of every time they say, "It's time to deliver the profile" on Criminal Minds.
if you think is the Queen of Nice http…
new episode of criminal minds takes place in the Tempe/Phoenix area ha ha ha fak👹
Thomas Gibson details the on-set fight that caused him to get fired from 'Criminal Minds':
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Thomas Gibson opens up about incident that led to 'Criminal Minds' firing
Thomas Gibson talks 'Criminal Minds' and social media in June
IN RE: Criminal Minds, Shame, Shame, Shame on them for firing Thomas Gibson. Sounds like Virgil Williams is a namby pamby.
Criminal Minds : Thomas Gibson opens up about firing.
Thomas Gibson addresses the kick that got him fired from Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson recounts kick that got him fired from 'Criminal Minds': 'my foot came up and tapped him on the leg'…
Now tracking: Thomas Gibson: 'Criminal Minds' firing hurt my pride and reputation
'Criminal Minds': Thomas Gibson opens up about firing via
Aisha Tyler is on Archer, Criminal Minds and The Talk, to name a few. Catch up with one of Hollywood's busiest woman. htt…
Bad form, A&E! Showing the exact same Criminal Minds episodes as last Sunday!! (Refraining from making unsub trigger joke in a public forum)
James Van Der Beek is playing the unsub on this episode of Criminal Minds and I can't take him seriously bc of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23
Don't worry about a thing. Criminal Minds is just a thing. Thomas Gibson will rise like a phoenix and burn down the stud…
Bringing Padget Brewster back to Criminal Minds is not going to inspire me to watch it with Hotchner gone. No...
'Criminal Minds' brings back fan favorite after Thomas Gibson firing -
I've watched so much CSI, The Mentalist, Cold Case, Law and Order and Criminal Minds that planning a murder doesn't seem that difficult.
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omg criminal minds is playing the scientist by Coldplay
How is it that we always end up watching criminal minds at the same time?
Criminal Minds comes back on my birthday with Emily Prentiss as a series reg I'm
Every ending is also a new beginning, we just don't know it at the time ~~ Criminal Minds
I've just watched episode S03E14 of Criminal Minds!
I never actually finished Criminal Minds this season, but the spoilers gave me the general idea.
I don't watch Criminal Minds but I've been told a lot that I remind people of Spencer Reid...which I hope is good?
okay but I'm legit doing the exact same thing lmao (but criminal minds)
I'm so happy! I love Emily in Criminal Minds and that she return❤Cant wait!
Just another day on the set of Minds
Thanks for the return in criminal minds. Emily is back 🙆 😘😘
Sorry but even won't be able 2 the ratings.
I watch way too much criminal minds/SVU. Just had a dream that I was held captive by a perve :(
Cant sleep , finna eat another xan and watch Criminal Minds 🙄😴
I think I played this guy in Criminal Minds.
everyone went all criminal minds on the girl and now y'all r disappointed that she isn't kidnapped? Mental health not dramatic…
Criminal Minds for the next five hours :-))
Here’s when to catch tonight's Big Brother, Criminal Minds and American Gothic
Season 8 ep. 12 of criminal minds gmfu😭
Week 2 of watching criminal minds and I'm on season 4 episode 22. I don't... Why am I doing this to myself.
The criminal minds episode when Reid's girlfriend dies actually gets me every time
no! Don't go! I saw an episode of Criminal Minds that started with something like that!
This Criminal Minds episode takes place in Seattle & everyone on the street are using umbrellas
Criminal Minds: First Look at the Return of Paget Brewster In the Post-Gibson Era
Idk about anyone else but watching (my all time fav) criminal minds... I cried like a baby when Morgan left 😭😭😭
Why did I decide to watch criminal minds this late
More SPN's casts will be on "Criminal Minds" this season I'll definitely have to check it out. So congrats…
Next season on Criminal Minds: the team finally finds Carmen Sandiego
Why am I awake crying watching criminal minds?
When you start having random pains and all you think about is the Criminal Minds episode where they got poisoned and died in a case
all I'm doing today is watching criminal minds and walking Betsie
Criminal Minds has got me crying like
'Criminal Minds' promotes Paget Brewster to series regular via
# Brewster returning to Criminal Minds following Thomas Gibson exit: .
'Criminal Minds' promotes Paget Brewster to series regular
Paget Brewster’s returning to active duty on Criminal Minds
News: Paget Brewster upped to Criminal Minds regular /via
AU: Paget Brewster upped to Criminal Minds regular /via
Paget Brewster is once again a series regular on 'Criminal Minds'
I haven't done much reading thanks to Criminal Minds on Netflix but Derek Morgan and Spencer Reed are everything I want in life 😩😍
Spencer Reed in Criminal Minds is so attractive and cute and ugh ssjssjaka
Lance Henriksen as the bad guy on Criminal Minds? Yeah, that's pretty *** cool.
Does anyone else think that Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds is adorable?. No?
It may be late, but Jennifer Love Hewitt is straight MILF status in her Criminal Minds role.
I've literally done nothing today except sit on my couch and watch Criminal Minds
Don't worry, Mr. Gibson, you are a Great Actor, and you are Criminal Minds, No Hotch, No Show, You have my support
HAPPY BDAY TO THE BESTEST FRIEND! ily Can't wait to watch u ball but I'll miss our Criminal Minds marathons
sorry, I tried to say that find solution and you return to Criminal Minds.
Me: I'm so tired all of the time I probably have mono. Also me: Stays up till 5:30am watching criminal minds.
Why Thomas Gibson Probably Can't Win A Criminal Minds Lawsuit: Part of the reason the drama has continued to ...
This episode of Criminal Minds had me on the edge of my
I've just watched episode S07E14 of Criminal Minds!
He belong on an episode of criminal minds
reblog if you'll continue to love and support Thomas Gibson despite his departure from Criminal Minds
has promoted to series regular for Season 12. She will also remain on
I have loved you since Dharma and Greg. Sad to see your time ending with Criminal Minds. Can't wait to see what's next ❤
made Josh watch criminal minds and now he's hooked I'm the bestest
Love criminal minds so much. It's not gonna be the same without Aaron is my favourite character X
Do you see yourself back on criminal minds? Im an enormous fan
You know you watch to much criminal minds when you question your uber driver ..
I'm sorry about what has happened. I am so shocked. Can't believe you won't be in criminal minds anymore. Your my favourite
You are a amazing actor and wish you all the best. Criminal Minds will never be the same without Hotch 😓😓
Criminal Minds used to be my favorite crime show. & then I discovered Law & Order: SVU. 🌚
Skit: crack team profiles the harrowing mind of the actor as the life of a series hangs in the balance.
There are two kinds of people in the world, those who like criminal minds, and those who are wrong!
‘Criminal Minds’ writer allegedly had anger issues before G... |
I wish I could thank each of you for your friendship & support. I love "Criminal Minds," & I'm disappointed by what's h…
The victims on Criminal Minds be so stupid lmao
although, Criminal Minds freaks me out sometime! 😩😭🤕😂
What did I do in life to have to see die on Criminal Minds? I don't deserve this! So rude!
Thank you for 11 fabulous seasons. I've loved every episode of Criminal Minds. You will be missed. Sending love and luck! ❤️
I just unfollowed Criminal Minds for CBS told them not watching the show unless you came back.Wouldn't blame u if you didn't
I have an unhealthy addiction to criminal minds 😭
I take forever to clean up when my baby mama not here to help me 😂. I'm sitting down in bed watching Criminal Minds when I should be packing.
I swear if Aaron Hotchner leaves Criminal Minds I will start a petition
Teen Wolf, scream queens, criminal minds, fratelli in affari
and I'm not watching the game. I just can't.😢 I'm watching Criminal Minds Season 2 instead. 😳
First what's his face on Criminal Minds gets fired & now Justin Bieber deletes his Instagram? . I can't take much more good…
What a terrible mistake to remove Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds! This may be the death of a great show..
Thomas Gibson Opens Up About Being Fired from Criminal Minds: 'This Is Not an Ending, but a Beginning' via
Disappointed by what's happened with Thomas Gibson and Criminal Minds? So is he:
I cannot believe Thomas Gibson got fired from Criminal Minds... . at least we still have Matthew
I'm super upset that Thomas Gibson got fired from Criminal Minds, but you can't just kick the writer & get away with it. 🙄😂.
Shemar Moore might've been referencing a different past Criminal Minds actor in that video:
When you find out that Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds actor Thomas Gibson sacked after 'disagreement': Star’s character Aaron Hotchner will be writt...
Actor Thomas Gibson has been fired from CBS' "Criminal Minds" after an on-set altercation
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