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Crimean War

The Crimean War (or ) (October 1853 – February 1856) was a conflict between the Russian Empire and an alliance of the French Empire, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Kingdom of Sardinia.

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Nearly 160 yrs ago, a Frenchman and a Russian fired at one another in the Crimean War and their bullets collided.
Dublin & the Crimean War, a talk by Paul Huddie, Wed 21st Jan, 1pm, in Pembroke Library, book now!
Crimean War fought mainly on the Crimean Peninsula between the Russians and the British, French, and Turkish...A kind of NATO
all that reading and you didn't know about the Crimean War, the Boer War or the Indian Mutiny to name just three?
We sold arms to both sides.We had just had Crimean War & Indian Mutiny.Plus we were policing the world.
Reading a book about the Crimean War and listening to some Latin jazz. I'm a bit ashamed of myself.
earl of Devon adopted Timothy aftr war. last veteran of Crimean war, uk's oldest resident (1839-2004) lived most of life in powderham CASTLE
Look at the wiki page for Timothy the tortoise, oldest living veteran of the Crimean war until her death
Question: Who were the brits fighting in the crimean war?
Sir Peter Tait's Limerick Clothing Co. began with him hawking shirts & grew from Crimean War thx 2…
I wonder what it would be like to have an agent. I want to get on a talk show but then only talk about the Crimean War.
Fanny Duberly at the Crimean War, is seen here with her husband Captain Henry Duberly in Crimea, 1855.
1853: Crimean War - the Imperial Russian Navy under Pavel Nakhimov destroyed the Ottoman fleet under Osman Pasha at Sinop, in N. Turkey.
I added a video to a playlist The Crimean War Full Documentary
30 November 1853. The Russian fleet attacked and destroyed the Turkish fleet at the Battle of Sinope during the Crimean War.
Are there any footballers left without beards? Match of The Day is like watching the Crimean War, but without the typhus.
And, the participant in the 1st. Crimean war!
Turkey didn't exist in 1868. 1583 England had ambassador, US in 1831. Crimean War a decade before 1868.
benefits of being a veteran of the Crimean War.
Chirps | Village pays tribute to Crimean War hero: the Garden of Remembrance in 19...
big fan of the Crimean war personally
mum n dad arguing about when the Crimean war was
Village pays tribute to Crimean War hero. THE year 2014 marks the 160th anniversary of the Battle...
STORY: Whittington pays tribute to Crimean War hero.
1907-Florence Nightingale was presented with the Order of Merit by Edward VII for her work in the Crimean War
WAR: Click Here to read the story...
I managed to sum up the Crimean War as "THEY WERE ALL INCOMPENTENT THEY SHOULD ALL JUST GO HOME AND BE ASHAMED". Accurate? ;)
Mary Seacole: a heroine of the Crimean War
Incredible pictures of Roger Fenton of the Crimean War (1853-1856)
"The Crimean war". So it's true History repeats itself. Russia & Ukraine been fighting over it this year
period which he spent in Tiflis prior to the Crimean war.
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From what cause castors would stick zapped the trojan crimean war by vote?: kLANJ
guy who thinks things are falling apart should do some arithmetic. Four generations back ago my ggf fought in the CRIMEAN war
turks during/after the Crimean war. If the Ottoman Empire was just left to crumble, our people may not have been killed.
The Times Crimean War reporter on Mary Seacole - the nurse.
Was the Crimean war between Britain and France?? We've been doing it for 3 months and this is the first I've heard of this
ღ. The Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale, visiting injured soldiers in hospital during the Crimean War.
Sometimes I wonder if the Allies won World War I by telling the Central Powers long drawn out stories of the Crimean War. "We can do worse".
Crimean War, October 1853 – 1856, a conflict in which Russia lost to an alliance of France, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, and Sardinia.
that's literally the first thing I ask people though. Only right answer: Crimean war, but sometimes I'll accept WW1 too.
I just dabbled in the Crimean war a bit as well as the Balkans. I know so little
Roll Call of Grenadier Guards after Battle of Inkerman 1954 Crimean War byLady Butler Britbats h…
o que tu achas? end of the Crimean War in 1856 offers a stock of 100k pairs of loose pants initially ordered by the Turks
Based on similar situation in the Crimean War, about 3 years. ;)
Pre-Nightingale Crimean war was not a great place to be with an open wound!
Letters from the Light Brigade, The British Cavalry in the Crimean War
Briton and France supported the Ottoman Empire during the Crimean War... and 60 years later they're destroying the Ottomans
Oliver's AS History: Remember your Crimean War test should be completed by the lesson. There's still time to do it if you forgot!
i can already see that Remembrance Day tomorrow is going to set me off on another burst of family tree research. . Crimean War, WWI, WWII.
My great great great etc. grandfathers pistols he used in the Crimean War back in the 1850s. Talk about badass.
Heralding the charge of the Light Brigade massacr…
Heralding the charge of the Light Brigade massacre in the Crimean war.
i was looking at my old history notes and all i wrote for the causes of the crimean war was 'russians expand'. R U S S I A N S E X P A N D
Marc Faber became a permabear when he was in high school, around the time of the Crimean War.
The Great War, it shook the world, territorial expansion denied so taken, people love the Crimean war when were a superpower
The bronze for the Victoria Cross came from a captured Chinese-made cannon used by the Russians at Sebastopol during the…
v Meaning and mystery, Crimean War 1853 photo
Free lunchtime talk 27 Nov, 1.15-1.45pm. Audley Lempriere and the Crimean War by Dr Holly Furneaux
really interestingly he wrote articles on the Crimean War for Household Words
A memorial to Crimean War my Great x3 Grandfather brought this cannon
Thanks Transcription Centre for uploading an edition of "The Crimean War, 1853-1856"
The VC introduced on 29 January 1856 by Queen Victoria to honour acts of valour during the Crimean War.
“Men of 72 Highlanders who served in the Crimean War. Great set of beards on the…
In the Crimean War,the British Government,didn't feed their warhorses or keep horses warm in the winter
family service goes back to at least the Crimean War, back to James Jones who survived the Crimean War
Raglan, Cardigan, Balaclava... what is it with the Crimean war and items of clothing?
picture depicting nurses and patients in the Crimean War , Turkish museum
Writing about a curious habit of soldiers in Crimean War atm. This19C group of war victims in thoughts this w/e.
Right got to write 500 words of creative writing which would be great if I didn't have to base it off of a poem about the Crimean war
THE WAR: Click Here to read the story...
Crimean war in relation to the lenovo prize pc proportionate purposeful tablature domus unswerving span x8: BTcI
1st Lewes Bonfire Night in 1853 Crimean War was marked by burning a Russian bear. This week Putin's effigy was burned. New Cold War hots up!
So we've moved on to the Boer War& I still have no idea what happened in the Crimean war... Feeling stupid😔
Best underappreciated song Card Cheat. 100 years war to the Crimean with a lance a musket and the Roman spear.
Crimean War, Indian Mutiny, American expansionism, imperial overstretch and their impact on Policy during the Civil War. Fascinating stuff
Russia names this Crimean woman its top 'natural beauty'. via ..
Winter is here, says the Army As the clocks change and autumnal gales begin to blast the British Isles, the Army has decided that winter is here. Soldiers guarding prestigious locations, such as Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, The Tower of London, Windsor Castle and the Queen’s Life Guard at Horse Guards, were given the go ahead to appear in ‘winter order’ from 0800 hours on 27 October. Winter order sees the iconic red tunics of the Foot Guards covered by the Athol grey, great coat and the mounted troops of the Household Cavalry adopt their blue and red capes. The red uniforms now appear only as ceremonial dress, but in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, soldiers would wear them in battle. The great coat was a much needed item of clothing in freezing conditions in Russia and northern Europe. It was worn for warmth in the Crimean War in the 1850s, with the red tunic underneath. As temperatures drop soldiers welcome the warmth of an additional layer as they stand guard. First on du ...
Definitely strained my hamstring running to catch a bus. Go ahead and ask me what the Crimean War was like.
Be vigilant rescript with respect to crimean war engaged film: TwmOKdAHG
Commons Leader agrees to push for a statement/debate on the legacy of Afghanistan> Worst blunder since Crimean war?
Longer than that! Russian fleet was based in Sevastopol in 1854 when British and French besieged it in Crimean War.
Crimean War Hospitals had death rates of 40% before the work of Florence Nightingale!
for costumes WHEN the series gets to the Crimean War.
THE SOUND OF . THE CRIMEAN WAR. A new horn has been added to Susan Philipsz's 'Broken Ensemble'. Open 12-5 Weds-Sat.
during the Crimean War, that the Russians might be
the Caucasus before the Crimean War, when
That's very interesting! I take it there still was bad blood for Crimean War between Ottomans and Russians?
The fascinating linguistic legacy of the Crimean War
Her Majesty, with me, Bertie, Alfred & Arthur meeting Crimean War veterans.
Thoughts of the person who drew a heart in my Crimean War textbook: "THIS WAR NEEDS A LITTLE BIT O' LOVE". Said no sane person ever.
At The Gare du Nord in Paris waiting for Eurostar. The departure lounge resembles a scene from the Crimean War. It's like a pig sty.
Scottish soldiers who fought in the Crimean War.
C.P. Champion: How the Crimean War of 1853 helped shaped the Canada of today via
Pavel Liprandi and Fitzroy Somerset, Russian and British commanders during the Crimean War.
“The Victoria Cross instituted by Queen Victoria in 1856 made retrospective to 1854 to include actions in the Crimean War”
How the British Empire missed Alaska, esp during Crimean war, I'll never know.
British soldiers having just captured a redoubt during the Crimean War [
The Victoria Cross was instituted by Queen Victoria on 29 January 1856 and made retrospective to 1854 to include actio…
On This Day: Saturday October 25, 2014 Holidays Feast day of Saints Crispin and Crispinian, Saints Fronto and George, The Forty Martyrs of England and Wales, Saints Chrysanthus and Daria, St. Richard Gwyn, and St. Gaudentius of Brescia. Kazakhstan: Republic Day. Taiwan: Retrocession Day. Virgin Islands: Thanksgiving Day. Saint Crispin's Day. Events 1415 - King of England, Henry V, led his forces to victory at the Battle of Agincourt in northern France during the Hundred Years' War. 1760 - King George III succeeded his late grandfather, George II. 1812 - The U.S. frigate United States captured the British vessel Macedonian during the War of 1812. 1854 - The "Charge of the Light Brigade" took place during the Crimean War; Lord James Cardigan led a charge of light cavalry over open terrain against well-defended Russian artillery at Balaclava. 1900 - The Transvaal, a mineral- and gold-rich region of South Africa. was annexed by the British. 1929 - Albert B. Fall, who served as secretary of the interior ...
On October 25, 1854, the commander-in-chief of British troops during the Crimean War issued an ambiguous order that his subordinates misinterpreted, resulting in the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade against a heavily defended Russian position. Facing artillery and musket fire on three sides, British cavalrymen were slaughtered in droves as they galloped headlong down the so-called “valley of death.” Yet because they maintained discipline amid the chaos and even managed to briefly scatter the Russians, the British public glorified them. One participant would later describe it as “the most magnificent assault known in military annals and the greatest blunder known to military tactics.” A major conflict of the 19th century, the Crimean War claimed at least 750,000 lives, more than even the American Civil War, and had a profound impact on such renowned personalities as British nurse Florence Nightingale and Russian author Leo Tolstoy. It got its start in and around Jerusalem, then part of the Otto ...
On this day in 1854, Lord James Cardigan leads a charge of the Light Brigade cavalry against Russian artillery during the Crimean War.
Today in History: October 25 1415 An English army under Henry V defeats the French at Agincourt, France. The French had out numbered Henry's troops 60,000 to 12,000 but British longbows turned the tide of the battle. 1760 George III of England crowned. 1854 During the Crimean War, a brigade of British light infantry is destroyed by Russian artillery as they charge down a narrow corridor in full view of the Russians. 1916 German pilot Rudolf von Eschwege shoots down his first enemy plane, a Nieuport 12 of the Royal Naval Air Service over Bulgaria. 1923 The Teapot Dome scandal comes to public attention as Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana, subcommittee chairman, reveals the findings of the past 18 months of investigation. His case will result in the conviction of Harry F. Sinclair of Mammoth Oil, and later Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall, the first cabinet member in American history to go to jail. The scandal, named for the Teapot Dome oil reserves in Wyoming, involved Fall secretly leasing naval ...
I'm studying Stalin's Russia, the Crimean War, the Boer War and the First World War :')
EVOLUTION AND CRISES IN NURSING EDUCATION IN NIGERIA Introduction We cannot talk about Nursing Education in Nigeria without mentioning the history and growth of Nursing generally. This will help us to understand our past, plan for the future and ensure professional advancement and excellence in Nursing education and practice. Nursing as it is today started though the efforts of Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War (Ndatsu, 2004) Nursing in Nigeria has evolved through several philosophical eras in the last decade. Having passed through the Nurses’ Ordinance of 1947/1959, Registration of Nurses Regulation of 1962 and the legal status of as a professional *** trade union organization, trade Union Decree 21 and 22 of 1978, Decree 54 of 1989 and recently amended decree 54 of 1992. One common phenomenon that prevailed in all these has been that of uplifting the image of nursing. This progress is attributed to the recognition accorded nursing by the society due to unique and essential contributions mad ...
know anything about the first opium war? Crimean war? Ottoman Empire? Industrial revolution? American revolution? Haitian revolu-
1854: During the Crimean War, Allied forces lay siege to the Russian city of Sevastopol.
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I wonder what the chances are that I'll finish reading "The Crimean War" before we leave on Wednesday.
1854: Crimean War: The siege of Sebastopol begins. "It would last a year!"
In the mid-1850s he served aboard the Edinburgh as a Coxswain of Pinnace during her two phases of involvement in the Crimean War.
Not since his return from the Crimean war, anyway.
The question? "What were the lasting aftereffects of the Crimean War?"
Sat 11 Oct Birmingham Community Libraries present Mary Seacole, film covering the life & her contribution to Britains Crimean War Made Free
We Helena Bonham Carter travelled to Africa in her search for Crimean War veterans.
Episode of the Siege of Sebastopol During the Crimean War in 1855
history Crimean War: Battle of Balaclava - The Battle of Balaclava was fought October 25, 1854, during t...
in 1854, during the Crimean War, the siege of Sebastopol begins.
The Children’s BBC’s Horrible Histories was criticized for inaccurately portraying Crimean War nurse Florence Nightingale racially discriminating fellow nurse, Jamaican-born Mary Seacole, in one of its short clips. An episode of Horrible Histories, a comedy program aimed at showing the shady, appalling and at times scatological side of history, showed Nightingale reject the application made by Mary Seacole for her nursing corps four times because she was from Jamaica and the unit was just “for British girls”. The said sketch was originally part of the Vile Victorians series showed way back in 2010 and was then featured in BBC’s website, Learning Zone. The particular piece showed a fictional Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole visit a whimsical PR consultant to talk about their respective images. The sketch further went on to show the two actresses discuss how Nightingale went down ...
Problem castors would flam wound up the trojan crimean war homesteader?: obQTx
on 1854 Crimean War: The siege of Sebastopol begins.
BBC News covers our call for Sheffield's 'forgotten' Crimean War memorial to be restored
– 1854 – The siege of Sebastopol begins during the Crimean War.
BBC News - Call for 'forgotten' Crimean War memorial to be restored
will this be considered a war crime, as Crimean residents r POWs w Russian troops & thugs all around
Admittedly it was during the Crimean War, but I remember her well.
next week: "The Crimean War, as told through this season's outerwear"
News Update: Call for war memorial to be restored - Call are made for a Crimean War memorial in Sheffield to be re...
What should Museum do regarding loaned artifacts from Ukraine? Just keep it...
Sheffield's Crimean War memorial in Victorian Society's top ten most endangered
.should set out its plans for Sheffield's missing War Memorial in time for Remembrance Day
A lithograph of the Selimiye Barracks as a hospital during the Crimean War.
Crimean war eruri. I'd be the only one who cares /distant stare
Frumplebum and Dicksput the last 2 survivors of the 2nd Crimean War (the secret one)
Call from Small Thing - she needs a costume for the group presentation tomorrow ... She is a soldier from the Crimean War! Sheesh!!
Bus home looks like it survived Crimean War & got leant to IS for a weekend goat shagging party.
Income tax was originally a temporary measure, introduced to finance the Crimean war.
Set up a "British Hotel" behind the lines during the Crimean War, for sick and convalescent officers.…
Street has been renamed to commemorate Crimean War hero and Victoria Cross recipient buried in Heywood
RECENT EVENTS IN CRIMEA/RUS/UKR not so ominously adumbrated by ▶ The Crimean War - YouTube
Crimean War heroine Mary Seacole to be the greatest Black Briton. Seacole was born in Jamaica in 1805 to a white father and black mother.
as if my class just had a nerf gun reinactment of the crimean war I love college
Religious Cleansing after the Crimean War - From The Crimean War: A History , by Orlando Figes , Kindle Loc.
Cba to learn about the Crimean war ngl
Also, did ya know we owe the fad of Cardigans to the Crimean war? Half of NYU and sad *** can thank this guy...
Mary Seacole, nursed sick and wounded British soldiers at the Crimean War.
11 more followers need to reach target of 3000. Nurse Mary Seacole in The Times Crimean War reporter.
. Oh for crying out loud, a medicine woman who nobody would sponsor and who sponsored herself to the Crimean WAR...
Mary Seacole was valued as a nurse by The Times Crimean War reporter.
Today in History September 10 1419 John the Fearless is murdered at Montereau, France, by supporters of the dauphine. 1547 The Duke of Somerset leads the English to a resounding victory over the Scots at Pinkie Cleugh. 1588 Thomas Cavendish returns to England, becoming the third man to circumnavigate the globe. 1623 Lumber and furs are the first cargo to leave New Plymouth in North America for England. 1813 The nine-ship American flotilla under Oliver Hazard Perry wrests naval supremacy from the British on Lake Erie by capturing or destroying a force of six English vessels. 1846 Elias Howe patents the first practical sewing machine in the United States. 1855 Sevastopol, under siege for nearly a year, capitulates to the Allies during the Crimean War. 1861 Confederates at Carnifex Ferry, Virginia, fall back after being attacked by Union troops. The action is instrumental in helping preserve western Virginia for the Union. 1912 J. Vedrines becomes the first pilot to break the 100 m.p.h. bar ...
The Victoria Cross, Britain's highest military honour, was made from melted down metal of canons captured in the Crimean War
Florence Nightingale gained worldwide attention for her work as a nurse during the Crimean War. She
Rush taught me everything I needed to know about the FrenchRevolution. Kinda like Iron Maiden and the Crimean War
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Heart-shaped "think of me" pincushion embroidered by Welsh soldier in Crimean war for his sweetheart.
Government to "discourage" suggestion in press that Crimean war relics (Great Bell of Sevastopol) be returned to USSR
Wasn't Lord Lucan in the Crimean War? A general under Raglan? Gotta look it up...
Most recently before the Terrible War was the Crimean War (1850s). America had largely been spared such wars.
What heroine of the Crimean War was the founder of modern nursing?
thanks to Woodrow Wilson. Roots go back to Crimean War & waning power of Ottoman Turk
of the Crimean War the soul of the Russian
The Crimean War: Medical literature and heritage are among my interests. While I was reading, I found some sur...
Crimean War 'living history' at at Larkhill, Timperley. Free fun until 4pm today!
To be fair, the British did go on to win the Crimean War...though somewhat ironically with their French allies.
Break-in and burglary at Roger Fenton's home (photographer of Crimean War) via
Russia has wanted a warm Mediterranean port since the Crimean War.& America will stop @ nothing to prevent it.Libya has enough problems.
wasn't worth it, but Crimean War gave Paris some cool station names
I'll be wearing my Crimean, Indian Mutiny and Zulu War medals as per usual.
I wonder how can a 1820-1880 total war would be With the italian indipendence wars and the crimean war
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Was there a country called Ukraine during the Crimean War? Not that long ago. Been Russian for 940 of last 1000 years
The Crimean war wasn't fought to decide who controls Crimea.
Oh please let me bang the girls who's labia look like the neo Crimean war!
Didn't we ultimately win the Crimean war?
On June 26, 1857, The 1st 62 recipients are awarded the Victoria Cross for valour in the Crimean War by Queen Victoria
This Date: 1857, the first investiture of the Victoria Cross to 62 Crimean War veterans.
PS she thought Obama's first name was Obama. . PPS she thought Russia won the Crimean War
Data Visualisations- from the Crimean War to the London Underground.
Crimean War letter to Exeter set to fetch hundreds at auction 
in 1994 I reviewed insurance co about to pay its share of the British Army Crimean War loss as the 560th reinsurer. Loss was £3!
The last survivor of the Crimean War died in 2004, aged 165 years:
The last payment of Ottoman public debt (in part, dating back to the Crimean war) was made by the Republic Turkey in 1954.
'Information war against Crimean Tatars is underway, and not only... In Ummah Center of Ukraine's Muslims reports...
Today in 1857 in Hyde Park, Queen Victoria awards the first 66 Victoria Crosses, for actions during the Crimean War.
26 June 1857: The first investiture of the Victoria Cross in Hyde Park, London. Queen Victoria presents 67 of 111 won during Crimean War.
Moeen Ali wonderful cricketer.Looks like a mad Victorian general from the Crimean war
You may also like this book from the Crimean War. Wonderful first hand account, and drawings.
UK: Mary Seacole (1805-1881) the pioneering nurse and heroine of the Crimean War. Women we admire; i
Top Data Visualisations: Designing data, from the Crimean War to the London Underground. (via
The game is I'm thinking Crimean war, Exxon Valdez, the Krankies, La Paltrow and of course Chlamydia. All his fault.
.top 10 Data Visualisations | From the Crimean War to the London Underground
"The Kerry Recruit" is an Irish song referring to the Crimean War. The song's lyrics are from the point of view...
Crimean War,even if Allies force won at last,its just creeping me out as russian force started with lesser legion yet ended with lesser loss
I think I have had enough of war. I have been working through the local paper for responses in Wakefield to the First World War but it is increasingly full of accounts of the dead and wounded and letters from young men about their stint in the trenches. So many young lives cut short. And then at Westgate Chapel we are hosting the launch of Anthony Dawson's collection of Letters from the Light Brigade. Unspeakable suffering again in the Crimean War. And now the commemoration of D-Day on television and the loss of life in the Second World War. Pray ever more for peace.
McDonald, L. (2014), Florence Nightingale, statistics and the Crimean War. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in...
Read about Florence Nightingale, statistics and the Crimean War in JRSS Series A
As it is well known, the Crimean War (1854-1856) marked the turning point in the history of nursing. The outstandingly self-sacrificing work of Florence Nightingale and 38 British nurses, who worked day and night in Turkish hospitals, providing help and necessary care to the sick and wounded soldier…
Roy vanished. If you have any information, Crimean War veterans.
in 1855 McClellan designed a horse ''McClellan' saddle based upon a popular Russian model used in the Crimean War
Mary Seacole was a real hero of the Crimean War, a self-proclaimed “doctoress” and contemporary of Florence Nightingale. She was a black Jamaican woman who risked her ...
May 25, 2014 Zephaniah 3:17 "The LORD your God is with you. He is a hero who saves you. He happily rejoices over you, renews you with His love and celebrates over you with shouts of joy." History is loaded with heroes and heroines. Florence Nightingale was honored for revolutionizing nursing care during the Crimean War. Rosa Parks was respected for refusing to sit at the back of the bus at the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement and Marie Curie admired for the discovery of radium and polonium. Or maybe your hero is the nurse in the ER who stayed with you through a difficult time. Heroes often reflect similar traits: courage, determination, a desire for justice. That is why children love to pretend to be heroes. One compound word, however, sums up a hero's mandatory trait: self-sacrifice! They often face health problems, incarceration, life-threatening situations, or death for their causes. How does God fit into the above description of heroes? That is easy. He gave His son Jesus to save ...
As women we stand on the backs of the likes of Professor Wangari Maathai, the first African Woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for the work she did in raising on Environmental Issues, Benazir Bhutto, the first woman elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan and indeed the first woman elected to lead a Muslim State. We celebrate the life of the black nurse Mary Seacole who with sheer grit and determination established a hospital on the battlefields of the Crimean War caring for British Soldiers during the 19th century and Aung San Suu Kyi, the Political activist and campaigner who has fought tirelessly for democracy in Burma. And what about young Malala Yousafzi who at the age of just 16 has fought passionately for the rights of young girls and women to be educated in the Swat District of Pakistan and for which she was the victim of an assassination attempt. I'm sure that you can add to this list of amazing women who have transformed their communities and in turn our world. No doubt they'll include women n ...
As President Vladimir Putin mobilises soldiers on Russia's Ukrainian border and NATO threatens consequences for any interference in eastern Ukraine, the atmosphere of angry rhetoric and brinkmanship seems frighteningly similar to the imperial squabbles of the 19th century that led to the Crimean War. While often thought of as a minor war, nearly 600,000 soldiers died between 1853 and 1856 in the Crimean War; a largely inconclusive conflict that few of them understood. The memoirs of William Howard Russell, a war correspondent who witnessed the Crimean War, were recently translated into Russian and published by Lenizdat, allowing Russians to refresh their collective memory on the war and see events through the eyes of a former enemy. Indeed, a read of Russell's memoirs offers many lessons for the modern reader. As soldiers mobilize near Ukraine, the 19th-century Crimean War seems less and less like ancient history. Any reader of the book will quickly recognize the similar circumstances between the Crimean ...
Last week’s theatrical crisis in Ukraine has quickly transformed itself into a restaging of the Crimean War of 1853-56, when Russia fought the Ottoman Empire and its European allies over control of the strategic peninsula that juts into the Black Sea. Only this time, light operatic moments are popping up in the repeat performance, as Washington has joined London and NATO to castigate Russia with pointed words but no hint of bayonets. “Russia has engaged in a military act of aggression against another country,” Secretary of State John Kerry declared. “The sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine has been violated,” UK Foreign Minister William Hague said. “I have convened the North Atlantic Council today because of Russia’s military action in Ukraine,” NATO Secretary General Fogh Rasmussen said, “and because of President (Vladimir) Putin’s threat against this sovereign nation.” These ominous words followed Russia’s decision to secure its Black Sea fleet at Sevastopol and ...
Wing Commander Guy Penrose Gibson, DSO and Bar, DFC and Bar, was awarded the Victoria Cross by His Majesty King George VI at a ceremony at RAF Scampton. Wing Commander Gibson received the meal for his leadership of No. 617 Squadron, The Dambusters, during Operation Chastise, the attack on Germany’s Ruhr Valley hydroelectric dams, 16–17 May 1943. The Victoria Cross ranks with the George Cross as the United Kingdom’s highest award for gallantry. The first British medal to be created for bravery, the Victoria Cross was instituted in 1856, with the first recipients being personnel honoured for their gallantry during the Crimean War. The bronze Cross, which bears the inscription “For Valour”, is cast from the metal of Russian guns captured at Sevastopol during the Crimean campaign. It is awarded “for most conspicuous bravery, or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice, or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy.” r/max
Battlefield Balaklava celebrates 70th anniversary of liberation from Nazis: This secluded harbor has been a favored haunt of mariners since at least the time of the ancient Greeks, and it has witnessed countless battles between those vying to possess it. The Battle of Balaklava during the Crimean War is well known for the Thin Red Line action by Scotland's Sutherland Highlanders red-coated 93rd Regiment against the Russian cavalry on 25 October 1854. During World War II there were two bloody encounters at the location: first when the Soviet troops defended and lost it in 1941-1942, and then when the Soviet troops returned to drive the Nazis out of the Crimea in April 1944. The battle for the city of Sevastopol started even before the Germans crossed the border with the Soviet Union, as German planes bombed the city at 3:15 in the morning of June 22, 1941. By October German troops were in Crimea. The Siege of Sevastopol lasted for 250 days, with Balaklava becoming a crucial point of defense of the city. Du ...
I've managed to learn about the Crimean War, Russia in WW2 and watch The Hobbit and Thor in the same day. I'd say that deserves something
almost 1/3 of the male population in the parishes of Whitegate, Aghada, and Farsid in County Cork, Ireland died while fighting in the British Army in the Crimean War 1853 - 56. I guess that even serving in the British army in their imperial wars seemed preferable to dying in the potato famine at home.
"The Crimean war transformed the region. Because of battles, population exchanges, and nationalist movements incited by the war, the present-day states of Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and regions such as Crimea and the Caucasus all changed in small or large ways due to this conflict."
2014 marks several key anniversaries in world conflicts that we?ll be covering this month?with the first one being the Crimean War Siege of...
has the support staff of the Crimean separatists and supplying them weapons.
The Crimean war THE REAL DANGERS OF THE WAR.What it was written back in 1854
Crimean referendum to be protected by WAR LIONS
From: Women's History Also known as: Lady with the Lamp; Flo Florence Nightingale Biography: Born to a comfortable family, Florence Nightingale was educated by governesses and then by her father, with her older sister, Parthenope. She was familiar with the Greek and Latin classical languages, and modern languages of French, German, and Italian. She also studied history, grammar, and philosophy. At twenty, she overcame parental objections to receive tutoring in mathematics. Called to a Mission in Life: On February 7, 1837, Florence Nightingale heard, by her account, the voice of God telling her that she had a mission in life. It took her some years of searching to identify that mission. This was the first of four occasions where Florence Nightingale said she heard the voice of God. By 1844, over parental objections, Florence Nightingale chose a different path than the social life and marriage expected of her by her parents -- she chose to work in nursing, which was then not quite a respectable prof ...
Doreen Lawrence,once said that Mary Seacole was just as important,if not more !! Than Florence Nightingale was during the Crimean war,RACIST
For those who have read this, a soft reminder; to those who have not, you might enjoy it. (MUSIC) Our story today is called "Luck." It was written by Mark Twain. Here is Shep O’Neal with the story. (MUSIC) SHEP O’NEAL: I was at a dinner in London given in honor of one of the most celebrated English military men of his time. I do not want to tell you his real name and titles. I will just call him Lieutenant General Lord Arthur Scoresby. I cannot describe my excitement when I saw this great and famous man. There he sat, the man himself, in person, all covered with medals. I could not take my eyes off him. He seemed to show the true mark of greatness. His fame had no effect on him. The hundreds of eyes watching him, the worship of so many people did not seem to make any difference to him. Next to me sat a clergyman, who was an old friend of mine. He was not always a clergyman. During the first half of his life he was a teacher in the military school at Woolwich. There was a strange look in his eye as he ...
True Charity When thou doest alms let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth. – Matt 6:3 There are some people who want every good thing they do well advertised. If they give money to some good cause, they want to have it noticed in the papers. If they are kind to the poor or relieve some case of distress, they are particular that the matter should be duly published. They take pains that their charities shall not fail to be credited to themselves. But this is not the kind of spirit our Lord enjoined on His disciples. He told them that seeking publicity marred the beauty of their alms-giving; that instead of announcing to all men what they had done, they should not even let their own left hand know that their right hand had been doing commendable things. Of course Christ did not mean that we should not be good before people, that we should never give alms save where the act would be absolutely secret. It is the motive that Christ was enforcing. His disciples should never give for the sake of me ...
A little light can be a part of a big change; a difference; a movement. That little light brought a revolution of change during the Crimean war. That little light was believed, relied on by a lady, Florence Nightingale. Never was the dim glow underestimated. It was carried and with the help of the l...
“The Crimean war is so bloody boring.” Not as bad as the 'Home Front'. God
The Crimean war is so bloody boring.
What war is Florence Nightingale remembered for? Read the blog.
Chauvinistic compilation as for the propitiative crimean war: nKAvNyop
On federalism, Ukraine, rhetoric & accountability: It started with the EU’s ill-conceived attempt at self-landing Ukraine unilaterally into a more positive and sustainable future, presumably, for the common good. I’d like to cite two examples of the softening power of federalism. First, Henry Kissinger in ‘Diplomacy’ (1994) wrote about the lack of political culture of moderation in the militaristic Germany, united by Bismarck as a Greater Prussia. This critical flaw wouldn’t dissipate and would ultimately make Germany want to go to war. Our great poet and thinker Fyodor Tyutchev, who spent 20 years in Munich as a diplomat, wrote in the late 1840s that there was no room in Europe for a united Germany as an empire, only as a federation. History proved him right, but it took two world wars to arrive at the rational solution. It also proves that such issues are of legitimate interest to others. The history of the first German unification bears witness to something else. The Crimean War, unleashed fo ...
We've never heard of a war in Crimea, at least since the Crimean war...
lost the Balkan war. will lose the war. You might want to be a winner to:)
It will not be your easy Crimean stroll. It will be a messy full-on war. 3/3
The Crimean War - 21st Century Version. My column in Mid-Day Mumbai today
Today's quiz:Who was the Irish born correspondent for The Thunderer who covered the Crimean War & ended up being blacklisted by Lord Raglan?
"Alas" dates from the Crimean War when Highland regiments stationed in remote areas bemoaned resorting to buggery for want of "a lass".
What famous people are there in Britain? The Top 10 Greatest Britons Top Tip: Press Ctrl + F to search this page. Famous writers William Shakespeare - arguably the most famous writer in the world. Brontë sisters (Charlotte, Emily, and Anne), Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, J. R. R. Tolkien and Charles Dickens. Famous Poets Lord Byron, Robert Burns, and Thomas Hardy. Famous Composers William Byrd , Thomas Tallis , John Taverner , Henry Purcell , Edward Elgar, Arthur Sullivan , Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Benjamin Britten. The Greatest Britons of all Time chosen by the people of Britain. In November 2002, the British public voted to find the Greatest Briton of all time. Over a million people voted. NB. The list contains a few non British entrants includinding two Irish nationals (Bono and Bob Geldof) and Freddie Mercury, who was born in Zanzibar to Indian Parsi parents. Here are the results: Sir Winston Churchill Sir Winston Churchill Winston Churchill was a politician, a soldier, an artist, and the 20th cen ...
Images of the Crimean War by Roger Fenton, one of the world's first war photographers MT
"Happy Third victory in the Crimean War!" that said bulgarian MP Nikolay Malinov from
Obama & Kerry BOTCHED the Iran nuclear bomb deterrence, the Syrian war, the Crimean catastrophe. Out damned spot!
JFD's Top Six Recommendations For A Border Fence: (because five just wasn't enough) 6: A row of 60" televisions, constantly broadcasting Miley Cyprus and Jay Z music videos. I don't know about you, but that would sure scare ME out of going anywhere near the mixed-up country that produced those train wrecks... 5: A cute little one-foot-high green-wire garden border fence, above a twenty-foot-wide strip of land mines. 4: A row of full length mirrors, so the potential border jumpers will look in the mirror, and think that America looks exactly like where they're coming from anyway, so they'll say the heck with it and go back home (this one's a hat tip to the Second City, which came up with the idea 25 years ago in their classic show "Mirrors at the Border). 3: An unbroken row of toll booths that require exact change, in different denominations every time. They'll NEVER master that method! 2: A row of chairs, in which all of the potential border jumpers' most hated enemies are waiting for them - their bail bo ...
Mary Jane Seacole (1805 – 14 May 1881), sometimes known as Mother Seacole or Mary Grant, was a Jamaican nurse best known for her involvement in the Crimean War. She set up and operated boarding houses in Panama and the Crimea to assist in her desire to treat the sick. Seacole was taught herbal remedies and folk medicine by her mother, who kept a boarding house for disabled European soldiers and sailors.
For anyone who believes it is a waste of time to study history and that it doesn't repeat itself I challenge you to compare what is happening now in the Ukraine with what happened during the Crimean War of 1853. Some things don't change and apparently Russian expansionism is one of those.
Learn about the original Crimean War -- that one back in the 1800's.
...perfectly capable of commanding the Ethiopian Chicken Army Resume=See Barack's Charge of the Light Brigade-Crimean War II
Russian troops were defeated and retired from Sevastopol in what year? Read the blog.
The death rate in the British military hospital at Scutari during the Crimean War rose from 8% to 52% after Florence Nightingale arrived.
On page 368 of 575 of The Crimean War, by Orlando Figes
Michinori This is Michinori of Aizu of Mutsu province with NBTHK hozon paper. Michinori worked in Yotsuya of Tokyo. And Kiyomaro worked in Yotsuya of Tokyo too. So This micinori very resembles Kiyomaro of Bizen-den. I have looked at Bizen-den of Kiyomaro before. I can suppose that they had technical interchange. His real name is Watanabe Daisaku.Michinori is student of Michitoki of Aizu. He made sword for Samurai of Aizu Matsudaira family. I think that this blade used Boshin war of late Edo era. There is the kirikomi-kizu of the fight in mune. After war, Michinori moved to Otaru of Hokkaido Cutting edge : 65.3cm Sori : 1.4cm Jigane : Tight Itame-hada and masame-hada, there is ji-nie and utsuri in jigane. Hamon : Gunome choji. There is kinsuji and sunagashi and yubashiri in hamon. Hamon is bright. Nie is very soft and deep Boshi : Komaru Era : Late Edo era( Ganji era,c1864) Signature : Aizu no Jyu Fujiwara no Michinori Paper : NBTHK hozon paper. Koshirae : old koshirae Matsudaira clan Matsudaira clan (松 ...
Christ, how long is this unit on the Crimean war? my heads seriously gonna explode
P.S. If you've already read about Timothy the Crimean War Tortoise, you could read about Leo Tolstoy in Crimea:
64% done with The Crimean War, by Orlando Figes: My enjoyment of this book is being limited by its total lack of m...
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Flashback to Crimean war (1853-1856). Russia lost that one to Napoleon. Putin won't lose to a "community organizer"
Having to get your head around why the Crimean war started with no sign of a map when you're this bad at geography is actually amusing
The Crimean War was resolved by agreeing to de-militarize the Black Sea. Could this be a solution for the current crisis?
If Reagan was President right now, we would all be dead because of a nuclear war with Russia because of the Crimean Crisis.
World War 3: The Crimean Crisis - Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and the United States. A must read
The Charge of the Light Brigade was a charge of British light cavalry against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava, the Crimean War
Every crimean war produces a new great journo. Then it was Tolstoy. Now Woody Allen-meets Hemingway Simon Ostrovsky. ht…
on the lookout for Florence Nightingale/Crimean war related memorabilia for a client,anyone got items for sale?
On this day in 1854, The Crimean War began with Britain and France declaring war on Russia.
I wasn't involved in WW1 either... or the Crimean War...
The Russians will find out soon the Crimean people will to be free. A civil war will happen in the Crimea .
Newly acquired Fudge Bear on tour - here astride a canon from Crimean War - say hello to Lesley-Ann!
A New Cold War in the MiddleEast:. TheCrimeanCrisis could mark the beginning of a new confrontation between East&West.
Note to self:. Crimean war mind map done. Revise Platos forms. Make plan for Crimean war question. Do some sociology. Write question up
On March 27th in world history: 196 — BC Ptolemy V ascended to the throne of Egypt. 1306 — Robert The Bruce was crowned King of Scotland at Scone. 1309 — Pope Clement V excommunicated Venice and all its population. 1329 — Pope John XXII issued his In Agro Dominico condemning some writings of Meister Eckhart as heretical. 1613 — The first English child born in Canada at Cuper’s Cove, Newfoundland, to Nicholas Guy. 1625 — Charles I beccame King of England, Scotland, and Ireland as well as claiming the title King of France. 1782 — Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 1794 — Denmark and Sweden formed a neutrality compact. 1854 — Crimean War: The United Kingdom declared war on Russia. 1863 — Sir Henry Royce, English automobile pioneer, was born (d. 1933). 1871 — The first international rugby football match, England v. Scotland, was played in Edinburgh at Raeburn Place. 1881 — Rioting took place in Basingstoke in protest ag ...
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March 27, 2014 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile Today just happens to be the 160th anniversary of Britain and France's declaration of war on Russia in what would eventually become known as the Crimean War. Part 1. At the time, Russia was a rising power. By the 1850s, Tsar Nicholas I had expanded Russia's domain into Ukraine and Crimea seeking warm water ports on the Black Sea, and it scared the bejeezus out of the rest of Europe. Other nations in the region-- particularly France and the Ottoman Empire, were in obvious decline. By 1854, the Ottoman Empire was only a few years away from outright default, and France was desperate to regain some of its geopolitical glory from the previous century. All of this should sound familiar. As Mark Twain said, history might not necessarily repeat, but it certainly rhymes. Today there is conflict once again in Crimea. And just as before, it has nothing to do with Crimea, but with several other powers trying to keep a rising power in check. Let's be honest-- most human bein ...
Today In History march 29 37 Roman Emperor Caligula accepts the titles of the Principate, entitled to him by the Senate. 193 Roman Emperor Pertinax is assassinated by Praetorian Guards, who then sells the throne in an auction to Didius Julianus. 364 Roman Emperor Valentinian I appoints his brother Flavius Valens co-emperor. 845 Paris is sacked by Viking raiders, probably under Ragnar Lodbrok, who collects a huge ransom in exchange for leaving. 1776 Juan Bautista de Anza finds the site for the Presidio of San Francisco. 1794 Allies under the prince of Coburg defeat French forces at Le Cateau. 1795 Partitions of Poland: The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia, a northern fief of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ceases to exist and becomes part of Imperial Russia. 1802 Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers discovers 2 Pallas, the second asteroid known to man. 1809 Peninsular War: France defeats Spain in the Battle of Medelin. 1854 Crimean War: France and Britain declare war on Russia. 1860 First Taranaki War: Th ...
TIME TRAVELING, MARCH 28 1834 The U.S. Senate votes to censure President Andrew Jackson for the removal of federal deposits from the Bank of the United States and the re-deposit of them in a series of other banks. 1854 Britain and France declare war on Russia, thus beginning the Crimean War. 1881 P.T. Barnum merges his circus with James A. Bailey’s to form the “Greatest Show on Earth.” 1885 The Salvation Army is officially organized in the U.S. 1908 Automobile owners lobby the U.S. Congress, supporting a bill that calls for vehicle licensing and federal registration. 1915 The first American citizen is killed in the eight-month-old European conflict that will become known as World War I. Leon Thrasher, 31, a mining engineer and native of Massachusetts, drowns along with 103 others when a U-28 German submarine torpedoes the cargo-passenger ship “Falaba,” on its way from Liverpool to West Africa, off the coast of England. Thrasher, employed on the Gold Coast, was returning to his post there. 1917 T ...
1854 United Kingdom declares war on Russia as part of Crimean War. 1958 Nikita Khrushchev becomes Premier of Soviet Union.
We used to mock the Wealthy Lords who played out the Crimean War in luxury while foot soldiers died in vain; now we have the stupendously wealthy politicians and oligarchs playing diplomatic poker, all with a straight face, while the Ukrainian pawns lose a chunk of Ukraine to Russia. I am sure the response would be different if Russia took back Alaska !!
The plan of Chalyi on how to settle the crisis in Ukraine A renowned Ukrainian diplomat Alexander Chalyi has proposed a plan for coming out of a challenging crisis that unfolded after Russia’s invasion in Crimea. Few days remain till illegitimate referendum in Crimea. Every second guns and grenade launchers taken into the hands of the confronting citizens and the military can fire without command ... It's hard to even imagine the price that Crimea, Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the world will pay for such an accident ... We stand on the threshold of the Crimean War. Thank God, guns have been silent so far and therefore diplomats still can and should tall and first of all the Ukrainian ones. We must understand that in these minutes of anxiety it’s not enough to appeal to the countries-guarantors of Ukraine's sovereignty and to the international community to punish the aggressor. This, in fact, is a call for war ... We must urgently suggest a Ukrainian vision of terms of possible peace (settling of the cr ...
On history rhyming: "Russians were told Brits, French fight for the devil & they must avenge st. Vladimir"-Orlando Figes on 1st Crimean War
To my friends who don't know much about Crimea. Crimea is an island-like peninsula in southern Ukraine, extending into the Black Sea. Historically, the antiquity name Tavria, was populated over 4,000 years ago mainly by ancient ukrainians called Skifs (Ukrainian symbolism is much owed to Skifs, including the golden-blue flag). Over 2,000 years ago Romans and Greeks colonized it. Later Crimea and the rest of Ukrainian land was overrun by Ostrogoths, Huns, and Mongols. Mongol Tatars renamed Tavria into Crimea (old turkish language, Krym short of Qirim). Conquered by the Ottoman Turks Empire in 1475, the area was annexed by the new Russian Empire in 1783. The peninsula was the scene of the Crimean War (1853-1856), in which a coalition of English, French, and Turkish troops defeated the Russians, although Crimea itself did not change hands. As a result of the Bolshevik's revolution in Russian Empire in 1917 and creation of Soviet Union in 1922, Ukraine become a Soviet Ukrainian Republic and Crimea became an a ...
There's a great book by Orlando Figes called the Crimean War. Excellent read if you haven't read about that war in detail.
Basing my Stewart narrative on the time Manik and Nendu got me in trouble in Euro for the "Crimean War"
"The Charge of the Light Brigade" is a paean to British forces fighting against the Russians in the Crimean War. It's not about Crimean soldiers. Also, it seems that there are certain stories about the Cold War that we easily revisit: Russians against Americans. The upheaval in Ukraine seems like it fits into that narrative. There are others, such as US-funded Latin American death squads terrorizing various countries during the 1980s, that we prefer to ignore or forget. Maybe this is part of why Ukraine gets so much media attention and the recent chaos in Venezuela does not...?
853-1856 Crimean War: military blunders and the birth of war photography. The Ottoman Empire was crumbling then,...
Over the past week, images of troops massing in Crimea have been broadcast to millions around the globe. It so happens that the first ever official war photographs were from the very same region. In 1853, the Russian Empire fought the allied armies of the Ottoman Empire, France and Great Britain in the short but brutal Crimean War that claimed the lives of three quarters of a million soldiers. And for the first time, photographers were able to give people a glimpse of what war was like. Watch the video for the full Last Look:
Many issues are playing out in the geo-political tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and since many people don’t understand the mindset of these two nations, many people are dropping the ball. First, Russians and Ukrainians with Byelorussians form the branch of the Eastern Slavic family. Many are Eastern Orthodox Christian, specifically Russian Orthodox, or Ukrainian Orthodox. They’re joined by smaller numbers of Roman Catholics as well as Eastern Rite Catholics. Many belong to the Ruthenian Catholic Church, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, or the Russian Greek Catholic Church. They’re joined by sizable communities of Jews, Muslims, Atheists, and Agnostics. Since Russia and Ukraine are crossroads nations on the borders of East and West they’ve experienced a number of invasions, and this defines their modern worldview. Russia for example suffered invasions from Mongols, Turks, the British and French during the Crimean War, which is documented in Toltsoy’s “War & Peace," and the Germa ...
There's a lot of history behind the Crimea/Ukraine crisis: SEVASTOPOL, Ukraine — Drawing on his experiences as a young artillery officer in imperial Russia’s military during the 1853-56 Crimean War, Leo Tolstoy described in “Sevastopol Sketches” how a wounded Russian soldier whose leg had been amputated above the knee coped with agonizing pain. “The chief thing, your honor, is not to think,” Tolstoy’s amputee remarked, “If you don’t think, it is nothing much. It mostly all comes from thinking.” It is advice, however, that virtually nobody in Crimea, particularly not here in Sevastopol, shows any sign of heeding. With nearly every other street named after a Russian general or a gruesome battle, its lovely seafront promenade dominated by a “monument to sunken ships” and its central square named after the imperial admiral who commanded Russian forces against French, British and Turkish troops in the 19th century, Sevastopol constantly feeds thoughts of war and its agonies. Bombarded w ...
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Redan is named after the Turkish fortification at Gallipoli during the Crimean War.
"TENACITY, ENDURANCE, COURAGE, COMMITMENT" in all she did. These are the words used by Celia Grandison-Markey, President of The Nurses Association of Jamaica (UK) to describe our Caribbean Woman of the Day, Mary Seacole. Using her much of her own money and driven by the concern she had for native Jamaican men fighting in the Crimean War, Mary Seacole took her healing talent (which included what she called "the arts of Creole medicine as handed down to her by her Jamaican mother), throughout the world, practicing her healing talents, often in the heat of the battlefield. No wonder she was voted THE Greatest Black Briton. Today, many of her known herbal treatments (such as a tea made of cinnamon bark) are validated by medical science and central to the holistic and integrative nutrition movements. Read more about the formidable Jamaican Mary Seacole and watch an excerpt from the British documentary on her life, by following the links provided here. REMEMBER, we post a different Caribbean Woman of the Day e ...
Crimean War of 1854: Russia seeks warm water port and invades. Western powers save the day. Sound familiar?
Things You Should Know About Russia's Incursion Into Crimea... 1. What Is Crimea? Crimea is a semi-autonomous region of Ukraine, which means that while it is part of Ukraine’s sovereign territory, it is largely self governed. A beautiful place located on the Black Sea, with rugged mountains leading to sandy beaches, Crimea is a popular tourist destination. It is also a tricky place politically. In 1954 Khrushchev decreed that it become part of Ukraine, a move that many in Russia still see as illegitimate. Just over half of the population are ethnic Russians, a quarter are ethnic Ukrainians and most of the remainder are Crimean Tatars who, having been deported by Stalin in 1944, are fiercely anti-Russian. In 1992, after the collapse of the Soviet Unions, Crimea decided to join the newly independent country of Ukraine. 2. Why Russia Wants It Crimea looms large in Russian history. It was the site of the Crimean War fought in the 1850’s against the French, British and Ottoman Empire . Although Russia lost ...
1854-1855 British, French, Turkish, and Italian/Sardinian Troops were defeated in the Crimean War, Sevastopol destroyed,
Beautiful article on Nightingdale, the Crimean War & the Affordable Health Care Act.
1. France, Britain & Ottoman Turkey fought against Russia during the "Crimean War" (1853 - 56). Some things never change. 2. After going through the Crimean war - no French president or British prime minister will send any troops to Crimea. Putin knows this.
Then drinks British Consulate. Chandelier gift from Queen Victoria to Zsar. Never arrived in Russia. Crimean War.
St. Crispin's Day Battles in English and - Crimean War - back in the news again
William Hague in Kiev, doubtless giving more of our money away. No Russian government of any political persuasion could watch its Black Sea naval base being taken over by NATO. Someone should tell Hague about the Crimean War of 1854/5 when Britain and France last tried to capture Sevastopol from, er, the Russians - not the Ukranians. Tens of thousands of dead on both sides.
Since we've already had 2 world wars, 2 gulf wars, 2 Afghanistan wars, I guess we're due for Crimean War
A little history lesson about Ukraine and Crimea may help put recent developments into better perspective. What emerges is a very clear understanding of why both Russia and Ukraine feel that they each have historical precedent to support their positions: Russia believes Ukraine is part of Russia, while Ukraine (or at least parts of Ukraine) believes it to be independent with a brighter future in Europe. Both can lay claim to Crimea. Given such a long and convoluted history, one should not expect a quick and easy solution to tensions in that region. The Crimean peninsula has been the center of many past conflicts, repeatedly colonized and occupied over the centuries. The Russian Empire annexed Crimea in 1783, after numerous wars with the Ottoman Empire. The Crimean War of 1853-56 (which some historians regard as the first truly world war) saw France, Britain, and the Ottomans pitted against Russia. While most of the fighting was on the peninsula, the Crimean War was an attempt to push back against perceiv ...
Extracts from a handwritten Victorian diary in our family from Abingdon, Oxfordshire (where my ancestors lived). A few apt entries, the war/soldiers mentioned are from the Crimean War. Interesting stuff - 'she went out of her mind through love' Martha’s Diary “Cholera August and September 1849. Five graves opened at one time St Helen’s churchyard Abingdon.   Great flood November 1852.   March 1854 – Potatoes for planting 30 shillings per sack – for eating 5 pence per quarter – 9 pence half penny the four pound loaf.   Friday March 24th 1854 - Thomas Hatto of Chilton aged 25 was hung at Aylesbury Gaol for the murder of Mary Ann Sturgeon.   A day of humiliation and prayer on account of the war on Wednesday the 26th of April 1854.   September 16th 1854 - John Brown departed this life aged 28. Died with the cholera at Oxford. It was not much in Abingdon there was only 9 cases this month.   The smallpox was very bad in Abingdon in December 1854 and very severe in February 1855.   It was ver ...
The Conservatives have worked so *** dragging Britain back to Victorian life that they must be involved with the coming Crimean War...
Is Vladimir Putin readying to fight a new Crimean War? - National Post
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Crimean fact: The Victoria Cross was introduced during the Crimean War. Medals were originally struck from captured Russian cannons
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