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Cree Summer

Cree Summer Francks (born July 7, 1969), best known as Cree Summer, is a Canadian-American actress, musician and voice actress.

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I liked a video Cree Summer on how she got fired as the voice for Meg Griffin!
It was cute. I was intrigued bc dude from Dawson's Creek plays the dad and Cree Summer plays the neighbor.
also johnny yong bosch and brad swaile and Tara Strong and cree summer and OK A MILLION OTHERS... i like recognizing actors' voices.
1. Cree Summer "Freddie" was so fine on a Different World and had a sexy voice, she was just sexy period.
What about by management though? He and his agent Rich Paul forced a holdout over 2014's summer for $22M extra over 5.
Ironically, it was Eric Bledsoe's contract holdout in summer of 2014 that led to IT sig…
Half these characters voiced by Cree summer.
I have a huge crush on Cree Summer 😍 we ever get a skincare line from Cree Summer or.?
Cree summer as Frankie on a Different World.. then Rachel True as Rochelle in the craft 😂
Yes I have an alert for my name. I like to know when people are talking about me. I have two alerts: Me & Cree Summer. I 🖤 both of us.
Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers⁰That's a Different World like Cree Summer's
specifically Cree Summer, Mo Collins, one of the Doctors Who and Ringo Starr
They the girl gang. I been following cree summer to long that’s where I got it from 😂
6. I want to do voice acting one day for cartoons. I grew up wanting to be Cree Summer and I still wanna do it one day.
I pledge allegiance to Cree Summer, Missy Elliott and organic watermelon...
I think I’ve literally come close to listening to this clip of Cree Summer’s Forthcoming Song about a hundred times…
Celtics and Marcus Smart unable to reach agreement on extension before deadline, will be RFA next summer, per
Ever since my rod set loosened up, I feel like I'm Cree Summer 😂
Thanks to for recognizing the work of the Cree School Board. We were thrilled to give them this award.
I aspire to be a cross between Rachel True, Cree Summer, Lisa Bonet, and Holtzmann from Ghostbusters along with Halsey and Lorde.
bruh I didnt know beast wars got a nod in transformers tas in the form of two characters. one of em voiced by cree summer. now I gotta watch
Cree Summer has a great voice and had an even better hair transformation throughout ADW.
Happy 48th Birthday to legendary voice actress Cree Summer!
If a cartoon character is a girl with a raspy voice it's a pretty safe bet that it's Cree Summer
a Different World was such a great show and I had the biggest crush on Cree Summer.
Doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers; that's a Different World like Cree Summer 🎶
lol I've always aspired to be Cree Summer. like legit just love her free spirit and the way she dresses 😍
Cree Summer is another actress who I want to meet because she's another celebrity whose voice I recognize very well!
the earliest celebrity crush I can remember is Cree Summer, which probably gives away how old I am
Cree Summer doesn't get enough credit. Maybe bc she was best known as a voice actress, but she voiced my childhood. She was everyone.
Yo you coming or you on the road 1.21.17? Protest w/Cree Summer Pershing Sq
Thats a Different World like Cree Summer's I deserve to do these numbers
Since summer I've really come to terms with the phrases, "let it be", "whatever happens, happens", and "be patient".
Shouts out to Cree Summer for my childhood
yeah im doing that now thx! Ps any european travel on the docket for this summer?
Cree summer has done the best cartoon voices of my childhood ❤️
ok so it wasnt cree summer but i have heard rocket's VA before bc she voice taranee from witch
Weird, I looked up Cree Summer last week too after my daughter was watching Clifford on TV (she voiced Cleo the poodle)!
I prefer Cree Summer's version. I was not a fan of Van's cover but you're right, that's good post break-up song by VH.
Shoutout to Cree Summer for being fine as *** playing Freddy on a Different World & voicing all the Realest cartoon ch…
I'm so *** for Cree Summer that I could tell she voiced Haggar easily... Ple...
I also thought She-Hulk was black because of Cree Summer doing her voice.
$CREE Looks nice on the weekly. Might enter next week if it can push above that gap from summer (see daily)
I added a video to a playlist Voice Showcase - "Cree Summer"
I just wanna get rich so i can have . Bruce W Smith, Sinbad, Cree Summer, Salli Richardson, Chuck Collins, and...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Cree Summer's original version is perfection. Willow Smith tries to sing it well but ultimately fails.
It says it's summer. don't know where it is, think we missed it
I need a pair of mom jeans for this summer
I wish summer break happened in the months August-October instead
So I guess people like Cree Summer are doubly blessed.
She was voiced by Cree Summer who also did Numbuh 5 from Code Name:KND
Summer shred plan is almost ready! 😁 super excited to get started and get bikini ready 💪🏽 already lost 4lbs last week on the pre-plan 👙💜
Cree Summer sings the All Grown Up theme song. And she sings it in her Susie voice.
me, you & Cree gotta link up summer is coming.😈
The news I got today ruined what's left of my week and my summer, but imma make the best outta the situation.
📷 inovoxowetrust: illsince96: msdecember31st: yin-meets-yang: Cree Summer AKA the voice actor of my...
I had a big crush on Cree Summer in the 80s and thats before I knew she was the voice of Penny on Inspector Gadget
Knowing that Cree is moving in made me twice as excited for this summer 👌🏻👌🏻
Cree Summer is such an inspiration.
Additional shows have been added to the Summer Sixteen Tour. Pre sales begin at 10am local time today.
its summer for me so I'm down whenever
Such a classic. Enjoy Swan Lake this summer as well!
Switched all our lightbulbs at home to LED recently. Also less heat which saves on summer cooling costs
Hard summer, Catalina, and beach house... Already sounding like it should be summer now!
Cree Summer was the voice behind a lot of my childhood favorite cartoons.
my last one was The Nutcracker, but my daughter & I are going to Swan Lake this summer!
Maintenance Man just told me he thought I was that girl from "A Different World" Cree Summer!!. I LOVE HER!!! . MY... I am not Lisa Bonet or Cree Summer or Tia/Tamera Mowry... Lol. Thank you though 😏
A white lady just told me I look like cree summer💁🏽
Legit making a Summer Sixteen Bucket List. I got goals people.
Summer '16 is about to be lit or nah? 😩🤔
My favorite voice actors will always be Cree Summer, Keith David and Kevin Michael Richardson.
Cree Summer and only Cree Summer (her last name is just a coincidence)
I wish Cree Summer was my eccentric wise auntie .
Yes my friend, I've been thinking about you. Miss Moon by Cree Summer
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
To bad I have bills. I just want Cree and I to spend the whole summer in Florida with my sissy
WAIT is Cio supposed to resemble Cree Summer, coincidence, or am I just dumb
ahhh in the 90s cartoon, Cree Summer was She-Hulk!
Cree summer is almost all my favorite childhood cartoon voices
Theo as A.C. No!. Waiting to see Ted Danson or Cree Summer now. .
Cree Summer showed up in FFX, I like hearing her in things
Drake and J. Cole may be touring together this summer 🙏🏽
Telling y'all rn..Me and Cree gonna be on some ish this summer 🤘🏼Watch out 🤑
Cree Summer did all of this!! She was literally part of my childhood!!!
Cleo the poodle was voiced by Cree Summer 💜💜💜
I wanna go to St. Louis this summer
I liked a video The Many Voices of Cree Summer
Who knew that Rainbow Sun Francks and Cree Summer are brother and sister.
I want a Cree Summer alarm clock that coaxes me out of my slumber with that perfect honey coated voice
If we are keeping to the mid-90s era then Cree Summer as Tai please?
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Was that Cree Summer voicing the flight attendant on 'Flight Briefing' off Pilot Talk II?
Tara Strong and Cree Summer the GOATs of cartoon voice actors.
Tara Strong, Cree Summer, and Tom Kenny have to be crazy rich. They play ever cartoon ever, like literally.
Loving the hard-driving sound SATE's "What Did I Do?" And the video features Cree Summer. Can't beat that.
There are some voice actors who just seem to pop up in EVERYTHING. Fred Tatasciore and Cree Summer to name a few.
hi CREE SUMMER can you tell that i want her and you to come to my Disney castle is in arizona Future
Jada and Gary Dourdan had the best turnovers. Cree Summer right behind them.
Kristen Schaal & Cree Summer could have a conversation & you'd hear 90% of all female cartoon characters ever in their voices.
India look like Draya Morgan remind me of Teyana Taylor.The curly head one is Cree Summer..other 2 can't put my finger on it
The "Ginger" theme was originally performed by Cree Summer. Macy Gray, whose "I Try" was a hit at the time, would replace her.
In my mind rn, I'm in between a Cree Summer/Lisa Bonet sandwich.
I want Cree Summer to be my mentor.
Cree Summer is the epitome of working & having longevity in LA, but never succumbing to being Hollywood. Check her resume. It's looong.
Cree summer just gives me nostalgia all day. I never realized how important of…
I love Cree Summer so much. She’s been the voice of so many characters I love.
Jada's best friends, Lisa Bonet and Cree Summer are also of Jewish ancestry.
Who are her friends? We will meet two cast mates from 'A Different World', Cree Summer and Lisa Bonet, in Episode 3 of The Smiths.
5 Mondays to halloween... 8 Mondays to thanksgiving... 12 Mondays to Christmas... 26 Mondays to spring break... 39 Monday…
I am the Freddie Brooks aka (Cree Summer) Of my highschool everyone tells me... 😂 ⚓
I adore Cree Summer just for voicing my favorite Disney Princess Kida 😍
I'm here for anything and everything Cree Summer
Cree Summer has been slaying since the early 80s. The quiet slayage, ya dig. I truly aspire.
I knew you did a lot of voice acting, but after seeing this list I'm amazed at how many.
continuing the Cree Summer mountain of awesome.
Cree Summer and Lisa Bonet, (Jada's cast mates from "A Different World"), will make guest appearances. Developing Jada's character.
HOL UP Cree Summer was also the voice of the green m&m for 20 years? Jesus
Or a film where Cree Summer plays a woman tangled in a romantic bisexual love triangle and is also like, a CEO
I'll take a comedy starring Cree Summer. Or a sexy detective drama where she tries to catch the purp in a flawless fitted suit
I need more movies/TV Shows with Jasmine Guy and Cree Summer
The possibility of successfully out-performing Cree Summer is approximately 3,720 to 1!
Ugh, totally forgot to post everyone's favorite (not actually) Cree Summer song for the moon yesterday.
Have you ever watched Sonic SatAM? Cree Summer voices Dulcy the dragon. Check Sonic SatAM out.
That one time Cree Summer hung out w/
- "I need to slide deliciously down. To where I hurt the least". . Deliciously Down by Cree Summer
I love Cree Summer as Wuya's VA in this new one though. *v*
YASSS CREE SUMMER like such a huge inspiration personally.
Let me go find some Cree Summer and Lupita blackout photos.
Cree Summer named one of her daughters "Brave" I love that! She has no choice but to live up to that name.
I'm raising money for Cree's summer tuition at WSU . Click to Donate: via
“I need to go on a cruise 😍🚢 so excited to go back in the summer
The infamous picture of Cree. This makes me miss warm weather even more.
Kathy cut this out and gave it to me today, she's feeling pretty excited for the end of summer
MadBalls- 80s toyline with cartoon theme song by a young Cree Summer
this Lisa Bonet, Cree Summer, Jasmine Guy mixed with a lil Jada marathon about to be craz.
“I can't wait for the long summer nights 😈”
I can't wait for the long summer nights 😈
Oh and we might be going away in the summer💁💁
Miss Moon by Cree Summer from the album Street Faerie. Listen at
CBC's recommended list of books features The Moon Speaks Cree, by my co-authors Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden http:…
Splendid decay. spiraling down. to my toes. Falling. from. you. --Cree Summer. Thank you, mama. 󾁁
Cree Summer and her many characters
the worst people are the ones who are like "ugh i cannot WAIT for summer to be over"
I endured most of one because Cree Summer is a good VA
I envision myself being like Cree Summer when I get older
Photoset: qweentbh: africanaquarian: its-a-different-world:CREE SUMMER! celebrating black voice actors!!...
Cree Summer & Keith David are the 2 greatest voice actors in history. Their catalogs… unmatched.
Uh... Why is Hyena not in that mix of characters?. She's my favorite Cree Summer Character
Who's excited to meet Cree Summer again at HawaiiCon this year? Do you have a favorite character that she voiced?
Yes!! Cree Summer has done a lot in the voice over business. She is owed her dues! 👏
Cree summer and Kevin Michael Richardson got the voice-over game locked up.
i haven't decided, but next summer my school is going to Australia.
That's a Different World like Cree Summer's “I made 5 beats today. I ain't did that in a long time.”
gotta look as good as Cree Summer as the years go by.
if i just end up being like Cree Summer that's fine with me. that sounds fun af.
Photoset: nattygirls: Cree Summer in all of the roles you know her for… plus this one: 
I want to travel the world with you and follow the summer season 💕☀️🌊
where was Cree Summer or Jasmine Guy or Vanessa Williams??
Wait, Cree Summer is Canadian??? What ELSE don't I know about the world?!!?
I miss when Cree Summer seemed normal on A Different World. Smh what happened
My mom gave me the nickname "Cree" when I was 6 months cause I had big, pretty brown eyes like Cree Summer.
Is this site ran by Cree Summer? Reason I asked because this account does not have a blue check mark for verification.
So Cree and I decided we're going on a road trip this summer. I'm gonna miss her the most when I graduate.
I noticed you were in a post addressed to Cree Summer. You are a fave, too, and the best Daphne in the world! The ONLY Daphne
You guys, someone called me Winifred (Cree Summer's character) from A Different World. I made it.
Cree Summer's man on this episode of A Different World is fine as *** He's the guy from CSI with the pretty eyes.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
It's ManLove day at Siren! Happy BOOK birthday to Elsa Aarden, Cree Storm, and Bellann Summer. ❤️
Happy Release Day to fellow Siren authors Bellann Summer, Elsa Aarden, and Cree Storm:
Cree Summer "Revelation sunshine" wmv... If you didn't know sings, then ck this out!
Voice of the Voices - Cree Summer..Ck out this piece of the many voices of :)
Look out! We're coming to make you laugh! Listen out for Tyler Perry, William "Bootsy" Collins, Cree Summer, and...
Nah, I thought I was gonna look like Cree Summer, who has a White mother. FOILED AGAIN.
Cree Summer is basically the voice of my childhood
they induce me Cree was too I cried
You can tell the race of an animated character by their voice alone. Why are all the black girls voiced by Cree Summer?.
How much money does Cree Summer have? Every show has her voice...
OK, didn't know Cree Summer ('A Different World') has done the voice of the Green M&M for years. Knew she did voiceovers, but not this one.
I would have never known Cree Summer is the green M&M
Numbah 5 was always my favourite coz she's voiced by Cree Summer who also voices Foxxy Love.
Idk why Cree Summer and Tracee Ellis remind me of each other.
☀️I miss summer, rache1nico1e, car_cree and my head being cut out of pictures
I AM SCREAMING AGAIN! Cree Summer --Also formerly known as our beloved Freddie Brooks is now…
Gonna listen to Cree Summer's Street Faerie album. In a weird mood lol
lol I could see cree summer or even Amanda seales
Got told I look like Erykah Badu and Cree Summer this week.
As if my voice isn't already raspy... I have a sore throat. I sound like Cree Summer chopped and screwed.
I added a video to a playlist Cree Summer-Soul Sister
Can you play Nipin by Carl Quinn? A good Cree song about summer...Miigwetch/Ekosnai
Still haven't quite figured out what type of winged creature Cree Summer's character is tho.
I mean Cree Summer was right there...
That is *so* Cree Summer's voice. I can hear Suzie coming out of it.
Cree Summer is the voice of like 100 animated characters. I know she be getting checks from everywhere.
Cree Summer grew up on an indian reservation. She IS Freddie Brooks!
Cree Summer had hippie parents and lived on an Indian reservation?! So she basically played herself on the show.
Also. Just co-washed my hair. Curls on Cree Summer. Which as knows is two spirals past fleek. 💅
Man... I would pay so much to have an extremely sarcastic Cree Summer voice Artoo Detoo if Artoo ever had a voice...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
♥ this Cree Summer Interview, explains so much!
Thats a Different World like Cree Summer.
Who's taking there kids to see feat voices by Ben Kingsley, Tracy Morgan, & Cree Summer
She's been voiced by the lovely Cree Summer which might help.
When ur hair grows and u lowkey feel like cree summer. 💁
Deliciously Down x Cree Summer is where I'm at right now. I wish I wrote this myself.
im reporting Jeanette for spam for trying to put me on Cree Summer music :(
Cree Summer has a really nice name.
Yo summer I'm happy for you and all and imma let you finish but fall in tallahassee is the best season of all time
I love that Cree Summer can kick-start and ruin my childhood in one blow.
This Mikmaq misses her Cree/Métis/Dene/Blackfoot people. Edmonton this summer?!
. used to be my ish.. Loved that crazy Cree Summer
Cree Summer's daughter's middle name is Littlewing.
My annual ode to Fall always starts off with song by the same name. Enjoy! . Cree Summer-Fall
you better not be dissing Cree Summer, dude
Susan Eisenberg does Humans, Grey DeLisle voices Awoken, and Cree Summer does EXO
i know that feel bruh. It was Cree Summer though
Photoset: straydog733: A few of the many characters voiced by Cree Summer. I love that any time you hear...
Lisa Bonet & Cree Summer should be on a television series together. Everything about that union makes sense to me. Sisters forever.
I been gong hard all summer felt like I need to bundle up for the winter
Cree immersion summer camp. More of this!
Nia Long, Jasmine Guy, Cree Summer, AJ Johnson, Tisha Campbell, Tyra, Robin Givens. Only one that comes to mind that he didn't is Lisa Bonet
Every Black woman archetype will be in Brooklyn this weekend from your hippy dippy Cree Summer types to high heeled hussies and THOTqueens
U don't wana know how bad I'm anticipating summer
Opening ceremonies for the mikmaw summer games will be at Potlotek waterfront starting at 5-7pm! With mikmaw got talent entertainment after!
31 with actor Cree Summer for buy online and direct download, Netflix
Posting majestic pics of them in the water facing away from the camera with the caption "goodbye summer"
I still have a little crush on Cree Summer. Just wanted to put that out there.
I would pay for a voice like Cree Summer.
Yea so i need to go collect the 20 polos hats i gave my brother over the summer cause im bout that huuurliiife now .
Gotta wear all my new summer clothes i got for school next week cause i can feel it getting chilly
This summer just felt like a long weekend tbh
Felt like singing while getting ready for the day... Lol I love Jesus! I really do by CREE SUMMER REY -
Watching "care bears the next generation" I don't remember some of the cousins. Cree Summer also did one of the voices.
"This book was one I stayed up late to read; A great summer read."
Last summer was my summer I had hella fun, this summer was ***
Happy Birthday DAWNN LEWIS!! (Far left in "A Different World") An American actress and singer, perhaps best known for her roles on sitcoms such as A Different World and in the first season of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. She co-wrote the theme song to A Different World. In A Different World, Lewis appeared for the first five of the six season run as "Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor" (1987–1992). Although her character was married to one of the main characters on A Different World, her character disappeared from "A Different World" without explanation, like Chuck Cunningham of Happy Days. Lewis appeared in a special week long segment of A Different World called the Hillman College Reunion airing on Nick At Nite, along with Lisa Bonet, Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Darryl M. Bell, Cree Summer, and Sinbad. In Hangin' with Mr. Cooper Lewis appeared in the first of the five seasons as "Robin Dumars" (1992). She didn't appear on the two shows concurrently - she left A Different World to star in Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. She ...
Director(s) Lauren Montgomery, Bruce Timm, Brandon Vietti Writer(s) Bruce Timm(Story), Duane Capizzi(Story & Screenplay) {Based on the "Death of Superman" & "Reign Of the Supermen" Story lines} Cast: Adam Baldwin as Superman/Dark Superman/Clark Kent Anne Heche as Lois Lane James Marsters as Lex Luthor  Cree Summer as Mercy Graves  Tom Kenny as Robot Swoosie Kurtz as Martha Kent  Ray Wise as Perry White  Adam Wylie as Jimmy Olsen John DiMaggio as Toyman INTRO When WB and DC announced they were going to begin a line of PG-13 Animated films I was ever so excited, so many great stories with the added edge and hearing that the team that developed the DCAU made it even more exciting. Than came this film, now let me say its not the worse film to be released and considering it is their first in this new universe its understandable. However, one of the things that hurts the film is the fact they went right to one of the most beloved stories and gave it a 70 minute time limit.  PLOT Doomsday arrives after a Le ...
I love Tom Kenny. But Tara Strong and Cree Summer money has GOTTA be long. They've been voice acting since they were little.
Nickelodeon is showing the "Wild Thornberry's Movie" Great voices in this series!Tom Kane,Cree Summer,Flea from RHCP,etc
SUNDAY EDITION Special Investigation Unit: "The Murdoch Mysteries & Lost Girl Correlation" The Showcase TV series Lost Girl () has had many an actor that guested on Murdoch Mysteries. This week, our column showcases - Rainbow Sun Francks! He is another "reverse" correlation: In 2011, Rainbow was on Lost Girl, as Cameron, in the episode, "If a Fae Falls in a Forest." Then in 2014 he was cast in MM as Sam Carver, in the episode, "The Death of Doctor Ogden" - seventh season finale! Fun Factoids: From 2004-2005 Francks was in "Stargate: Atlantis" as Lt. Aiden Ford. Plays Dev Clark on "The Listener." Was featured (as voice talent) in two webisodes of the "State Of Syn" series. Is the brother of Cree Summer (who was the voice of Penny in the animated series "Inspector Gadget.") Tune in next week to see who we "Showcase!"
Watching A Different World on TVOne w/ Charnele Brown as Kimberly Reese, Jasmine Guy, Cree Summer and Jada Pinkett B4 the Smith
I haven't graduated and I don't live with my parents.
I don't even have school tomorrow. and so what
how old are you and you're trying to drink on a Thursday?
"i've been cooling it all winter , peepin who's *** i'm gonna beat in the summer ! JUST WAIT…
Welp got accepted for my summer classes
Would like one of these for this summer☀️👌
With my VO knowledge, I always envisioned Swain to have a voice similar to Cree Summer. As for Mary Ann, possibly Tara Strong... I dunno...
Going to get summer classes tomorrow 😔 gotta do what I gotta do
My mom and little brother left for Nashville this morning, Ayy
So when this is over don't blow your composure, baby
Cree SummerSummer’s career began in 1983 when she was cast as the voice of niece Penny on the original cartoon version of Inspector Gadget. Her unique, throaty voice was instantly recognizable to casting agents (as well as viewers even today), who began frequently casting her in animated programs. M...
like what if I got hit by another car
maybe because she told you not to take that way?¿
Last minute Lenne or Kida cosplay ? Idk I need to I'm going to meet Cree Summer I must be someone
at least if we can't find jobs this summer there's a plan B
“About to take Cree a slurpee in the snowy *** weather. Why TF she want a slurpee in this cold *** weather anyway.” Thanks😂😊
Cree Summer is going to be at Colossalcon
Well finally! I made these mukluks a summer version for my friend Shane Eyre. This is my very first official pair...
Thats a Different World like Cree Summer
I was with Cree 1-2 times a week last summer! I hope it's the same this year cause like I love me some ❤️✊
Cree Summer has been doing voices since my early teen years, and still is...
The Natives are already gearing up for the big Manito Ahbee Festival this summer!
So glad will be living in OC with us this summer!!!
I didnt say nudes did I? She sent her nudes and they got exposed. Let her take her L for being stupid.
Im irrelevant but you came where trynna go on my mans alyssa? Ok flatface. We are both irrelevant
This will happen for Crees birthday😍👏
I'm really just trying to go to the mall. 💸
SHELLEY DOTY @ Grrl Flicks Tonight! Grrl Flicks is showing STRANGE FRAME(2012, 93mins) this Friday at 7:00pm at OutReach. Most Importantly... This Friday we are lucky enough to have one of the Filmmakers, Shelley Doty, doing a Q & A session after the film via the web. Shelley Doty, as some of you may already know, is an amazing artist who has performed at many festivals including Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Her music and writing are inspiring. Come chat with her LIVE! tomorrow night at Grrl Flicks about her film that was out in Theaters last year. We are doing a free screening of her wonderful film STRANGE FRAME(2012, 93 mins). It's unlike anything you've ever seen before and has been described as an Animated Sci-Fi Futuristic Musical Journey with love, politics, class, and so much more! An all star cast of voices including Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Ron Glass, George Takei, Michael Dorn, Tim Curry, & Cree Summer. Winner of the Award for Best Feature Film at Dragon Con last year(2013), this film is ...
Double Fine is proud to announce a selection of the voice cast from its upcoming crowdfunded adventure game Broken Age! New Friends: Kristen Sarkisian as Rocky David Kaufman as Marek Catherine Cavadini as Car'l John Cygan as Spoon Hynden Walch as Ch't Kate Higgins as Yarn Pal Price as Rommel Old Friends: Jennifer Hale as Mom (Brütal Legend-Ophelia) Grey DeLisle as Levina (Brütal Legend-Zaulia) Cree Summer as Teledoor (Brütal Legend-Dominatrices) Nick Jameson as Marshal Dune (Day of the Tentacle-Dr. Fred) Richard Horvitz as The Space Weaver (Psychonauts-Raz) Jack Black as Harm'ny Lightbeard (Brütal Legend-Eddie)
Watching old "Living Single" episodes and tripped on one with Cree Summer aka Freddie from "A Different World"!
Be honest. How many of you can credit the Cosby Show or A Different World for motivation in going to college? Inspiration, Confirmation, Pride, Information, and Influence. Hands raised high. Me Jasmine Guy, Dawn Lewis, Cree Summer...the list goes on. Genius...
I don't care what anyone says. You're a catfish
So baby bring your body here, next to mine. no, I don't wanna dream I just wanna live it
Come on make it easy, say I never mattered.
you ran out side before I even put shoes on
I mean I think I do, whose sitting in back?
Don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind
what the *** is this thing on his neck, it's so cree... — I KNOW! I think it's a tumor. Ever since summer it's ...
Slob on my knob think you know the rest
I feel like I know who this is about but I can't remember
Work that back till I tire out, roll that weed, blow that fire out, taste that lean when I kiss your mouth
are you coming to Wallace burg? Cause if you aren't than I still am mad to go lol
Glad i got to see Chelsea, Kyle and Pablo!
Bounce it, I'm about to throw a couple thousands.
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