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Cree Summer

Cree Summer Francks (born July 7, 1969), best known as Cree Summer, is a Canadian-American actress, musician and voice actress.

Jasmine Guy Lisa Bonet Tara Strong Inspector Gadget Tim Curry Claudia Black Michael Dorn Vanessa Williams Ron Glass Lenny Kravitz Tisha Campbell Jennifer Hale George Takei Dragon Con Music Festival Best Feature Film

I love Cree Summer as Wuya's VA in this new one though. *v*
YASSS CREE SUMMER like such a huge inspiration personally.
Let me go find some Cree Summer and Lupita blackout photos.
Cree Summer named one of her daughters "Brave" I love that! She has no choice but to live up to that name.
I'm raising money for Cree's summer tuition at WSU . Click to Donate: via
“I need to go on a cruise 😍🚢 so excited to go back in the summer
The infamous picture of Cree. This makes me miss warm weather even more.
Kathy cut this out and gave it to me today, she's feeling pretty excited for the end of summer
MadBalls- 80s toyline with cartoon theme song by a young Cree Summer
this Lisa Bonet, Cree Summer, Jasmine Guy mixed with a lil Jada marathon about to be craz.
“I can't wait for the long summer nights 😈”
I can't wait for the long summer nights 😈
Oh and we might be going away in the summer💁💁
Miss Moon by Cree Summer from the album Street Faerie. Listen at
CBC's recommended list of books features The Moon Speaks Cree, by my co-authors Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden http:…
Splendid decay. spiraling down. to my toes. Falling. from. you. --Cree Summer. Thank you, mama. 󾁁
Cree Summer and her many characters
the worst people are the ones who are like "ugh i cannot WAIT for summer to be over"
I endured most of one because Cree Summer is a good VA
I envision myself being like Cree Summer when I get older
Photoset: qweentbh: africanaquarian: its-a-different-world:CREE SUMMER! celebrating black voice actors!!...
Cree Summer & Keith David are the 2 greatest voice actors in history. Their catalogs… unmatched.
Uh... Why is Hyena not in that mix of characters?. She's my favorite Cree Summer Character
Who's excited to meet Cree Summer again at HawaiiCon this year? Do you have a favorite character that she voiced?
Yes!! Cree Summer has done a lot in the voice over business. She is owed her dues! 👏
Cree summer and Kevin Michael Richardson got the voice-over game locked up.
i haven't decided, but next summer my school is going to Australia.
That's a Different World like Cree Summer's “I made 5 beats today. I ain't did that in a long time.”
gotta look as good as Cree Summer as the years go by.
if i just end up being like Cree Summer that's fine with me. that sounds fun af.
Photoset: nattygirls: Cree Summer in all of the roles you know her for… plus this one: 
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I want to travel the world with you and follow the summer season 💕☀️🌊
where was Cree Summer or Jasmine Guy or Vanessa Williams??
Wait, Cree Summer is Canadian??? What ELSE don't I know about the world?!!?
I miss when Cree Summer seemed normal on A Different World. Smh what happened
My mom gave me the nickname "Cree" when I was 6 months cause I had big, pretty brown eyes like Cree Summer.
Is this site ran by Cree Summer? Reason I asked because this account does not have a blue check mark for verification.
So Cree and I decided we're going on a road trip this summer. I'm gonna miss her the most when I graduate.
I noticed you were in a post addressed to Cree Summer. You are a fave, too, and the best Daphne in the world! The ONLY Daphne
You guys, someone called me Winifred (Cree Summer's character) from A Different World. I made it.
Cree Summer's man on this episode of A Different world is fine as *** He's the guy from CSI with the pretty eyes.
It's ManLove day at Siren! Happy BOOK birthday to Elsa Aarden, Cree Storm, and Bellann Summer. ❤️
Happy Release Day to fellow Siren authors Bellann Summer, Elsa Aarden, and Cree Storm:
Cree Summer "Revelation sunshine" wmv... If you didn't know sings, then ck this out!
Voice of the Voices - Cree Summer..Ck out this piece of the many voices of :)
Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers. That's a Different World like Cree Summer's
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Look out! We're coming to make you laugh! Listen out for Tyler Perry, William "Bootsy" Collins, Cree Summer, and...
Nah, I thought I was gonna look like Cree Summer, who has a White mother. FOILED AGAIN.
Cree Summer is basically the voice of my childhood
they induce me Cree was too I cried
You can tell the race of an animated character by their voice alone. Why are all the black girls voiced by Cree Summer?.
How much money does Cree Summer have? Every show has her voice...
OK, didn't know Cree Summer ('A Different World') has done the voice of the Green M&M for years. Knew she did voiceovers, but not this one.
Cree Summer is the voice of the green m&m.
I would have never known Cree Summer is the green M&M
Numbah 5 was always my favourite coz she's voiced by Cree Summer who also voices Foxxy Love.
Idk why Cree Summer and Tracee Ellis remind me of each other.
☀️I miss summer, rache1nico1e, car_cree and my head being cut out of pictures
I AM SCREAMING AGAIN! Cree Summer --Also formerly known as our beloved Freddie Brooks is now…
Gonna listen to Cree Summer's Street Faerie album. In a weird mood lol
lol I could see cree summer or even Amanda seales
Got told I look like Erykah Badu and Cree Summer this week.
As if my voice isn't already raspy... I have a sore throat. I sound like Cree Summer chopped and screwed.
I added a video to a playlist Cree Summer-Soul Sister
Can you play Nipin by Carl Quinn? A good Cree song about summer...Miigwetch/Ekosnai
Still haven't quite figured out what type of winged creature Cree Summer's character is tho.
I mean Cree Summer was right there...
That is *so* Cree Summer's voice. I can hear Suzie coming out of it.
Cree Summer is the voice of like 100 animated characters. I know she be getting checks from everywhere.
Cree Summer grew up on an indian reservation. She IS Freddie Brooks!
Cree Summer had hippie parents and lived on an Indian reservation?! So she basically played herself on the show.
Also. Just co-washed my hair. Curls on Cree Summer. Which as knows is two spirals past fleek. 💅
Man... I would pay so much to have an extremely sarcastic Cree Summer voice Artoo Detoo if Artoo ever had a voice...
♥ this Cree Summer Interview, explains so much!
Thats a different world like Cree Summer.
Who's taking there kids to see feat voices by Ben Kingsley, Tracy Morgan, & Cree Summer
She's been voiced by the lovely Cree Summer which might help.
When ur hair grows and u lowkey feel like cree summer. 💁
Deliciously Down x Cree Summer is where I'm at right now. I wish I wrote this myself.
im reporting Jeanette for spam for trying to put me on Cree Summer music :(
Cree Summer has a really nice name.
Yo summer I'm happy for you and all and imma let you finish but fall in tallahassee is the best season of all time
I love that Cree Summer can kick-start and ruin my childhood in one blow.
This Mikmaq misses her Cree/Métis/Dene/Blackfoot people. Edmonton this summer?!
. used to be my ish.. Loved that crazy Cree Summer
Cree Summer's daughter's middle name is Littlewing.
My annual ode to Fall always starts off with song by the same name. Enjoy! . Cree Summer-Fall
you better not be dissing Cree Summer, dude
Susan Eisenberg does Humans, Grey DeLisle voices Awoken, and Cree Summer does EXO
i know that feel bruh. It was Cree Summer though
Photoset: straydog733: A few of the many characters voiced by Cree Summer. I love that any time you hear...
Lisa Bonet & Cree Summer should be on a television series together. Everything about that union makes sense to me. Sisters forever.
I been gong hard all summer felt like I need to bundle up for the winter
Cree immersion summer camp. More of this!
Nia Long, Jasmine Guy, Cree Summer, AJ Johnson, Tisha Campbell, Tyra, Robin Givens. Only one that comes to mind that he didn't is Lisa Bonet
Every Black woman archetype will be in Brooklyn this weekend from your hippy dippy Cree Summer types to high heeled hussies and THOTqueens
U don't wana know how bad I'm anticipating summer
Opening ceremonies for the mikmaw summer games will be at Potlotek waterfront starting at 5-7pm! With mikmaw got talent entertainment after!
31 with actor Cree Summer for buy online and direct download, Netflix
Posting majestic pics of them in the water facing away from the camera with the caption "goodbye summer"
I still have a little crush on Cree Summer. Just wanted to put that out there.
I would pay for a voice like Cree Summer.
Yea so i need to go collect the 20 polos hats i gave my brother over the summer cause im bout that huuurliiife now .
Gotta wear all my new summer clothes i got for school next week cause i can feel it getting chilly
This summer just felt like a long weekend tbh
Felt like singing while getting ready for the day... Lol I love Jesus! I really do by CREE SUMMER REY - featured in NBC s Science of Love
Watching "care bears the next generation" I don't remember some of the cousins. Cree Summer also did one of the voices.
"This book was one I stayed up late to read; A great summer read."
Last summer was my summer I had hella fun, this summer was ***
Happy Birthday DAWNN LEWIS!! (Far left in "A Different World") An American actress and singer, perhaps best known for her roles on sitcoms such as A Different World and in the first season of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. She co-wrote the theme song to A Different World. In A Different World, Lewis appeared for the first five of the six season run as "Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor" (1987–1992). Although her character was married to one of the main characters on A Different World, her character disappeared from "A Different World" without explanation, like Chuck Cunningham of Happy Days. Lewis appeared in a special week long segment of A Different World called the Hillman College Reunion airing on Nick At Nite, along with Lisa Bonet, Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Darryl M. Bell, Cree Summer, and Sinbad. In Hangin' with Mr. Cooper Lewis appeared in the first of the five seasons as "Robin Dumars" (1992). She didn't appear on the two shows concurrently - she left A Different World to star in Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. She ...
Director(s) Lauren Montgomery, Bruce Timm, Brandon Vietti Writer(s) Bruce Timm(Story), Duane Capizzi(Story & Screenplay) {Based on the "Death of Superman" & "Reign Of the Supermen" Story lines} Cast: Adam Baldwin as Superman/Dark Superman/Clark Kent Anne Heche as Lois Lane James Marsters as Lex Luthor  Cree Summer as Mercy Graves  Tom Kenny as Robot Swoosie Kurtz as Martha Kent  Ray Wise as Perry White  Adam Wylie as Jimmy Olsen John DiMaggio as Toyman INTRO When WB and DC announced they were going to begin a line of PG-13 Animated films I was ever so excited, so many great stories with the added edge and hearing that the team that developed the DCAU made it even more exciting. Than came this film, now let me say its not the worse film to be released and considering it is their first in this new universe its understandable. However, one of the things that hurts the film is the fact they went right to one of the most beloved stories and gave it a 70 minute time limit.  PLOT Doomsday arrives after a Le ...
I love Tom Kenny. But Tara Strong and Cree Summer money has GOTTA be long. They've been voice acting since they were little.
Nickelodeon is showing the "Wild Thornberry's Movie" Great voices in this series!Tom Kane,Cree Summer,Flea from RHCP,etc
SUNDAY EDITION Special Investigation Unit: "The Murdoch Mysteries & Lost Girl Correlation" The Showcase TV series Lost Girl () has had many an actor that guested on Murdoch Mysteries. This week, our column showcases - Rainbow Sun Francks! He is another "reverse" correlation: In 2011, Rainbow was on Lost Girl, as Cameron, in the episode, "If a Fae Falls in a Forest." Then in 2014 he was cast in MM as Sam Carver, in the episode, "The Death of Doctor Ogden" - seventh season finale! Fun Factoids: From 2004-2005 Francks was in "Stargate: Atlantis" as Lt. Aiden Ford. Plays Dev Clark on "The Listener." Was featured (as voice talent) in two webisodes of the "State Of Syn" series. Is the brother of Cree Summer (who was the voice of Penny in the animated series "Inspector Gadget.") Tune in next week to see who we "Showcase!"
Watching A Different World on TVOne w/ Charnele Brown as Kimberly Reese, Jasmine Guy, Cree Summer and Jada Pinkett B4 the Smith
I haven't graduated and I don't live with my parents.
I don't even have school tomorrow. and so what
how old are you and you're trying to drink on a Thursday?
"i've been cooling it all winter , peepin who's *** i'm gonna beat in the summer ! JUST WAIT…
Welp got accepted for my summer classes
Would like one of these for this summer☀️👌
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With my VO knowledge, I always envisioned Swain to have a voice similar to Cree Summer. As for Mary Ann, possibly Tara Strong... I dunno...
Going to get summer classes tomorrow 😔 gotta do what I gotta do
My mom and little brother left for Nashville this morning, Ayy
So when this is over don't blow your composure, baby
Cree SummerSummer’s career began in 1983 when she was cast as the voice of niece Penny on the original cartoon version of Inspector Gadget. Her unique, throaty voice was instantly recognizable to casting agents (as well as viewers even today), who began frequently casting her in animated programs. M...
like what if I got hit by another car
maybe because she told you not to take that way?¿
Last minute Lenne or Kida cosplay ? Idk I need to I'm going to meet Cree Summer I must be someone
at least if we can't find jobs this summer there's a plan B
“About to take Cree a slurpee in the snowy *** weather. Why TF she want a slurpee in this cold *** weather anyway.” Thanks😂😊
Cree Summer is going to be at Colossalcon
Well finally! I made these mukluks a summer version for my friend Shane Eyre. This is my very first official pair...
Thats a different world like Cree Summer
I was with Cree 1-2 times a week last summer! I hope it's the same this year cause like I love me some ❤️✊
Cree Summer has been doing voices since my early teen years, and still is...
The Natives are already gearing up for the big Manito Ahbee Festival this summer!
So glad will be living in OC with us this summer!!!
I didnt say nudes did I? She sent her nudes and they got exposed. Let her take her L for being stupid.
Im irrelevant but you came where trynna go on my mans alyssa? Ok flatface. We are both irrelevant
This will happen for Crees birthday😍👏
I'm really just trying to go to the mall. 💸
SHELLEY DOTY @ Grrl Flicks Tonight! Grrl Flicks is showing STRANGE FRAME(2012, 93mins) this Friday at 7:00pm at OutReach. Most Importantly... This Friday we are lucky enough to have one of the Filmmakers, Shelley Doty, doing a Q & A session after the film via the web. Shelley Doty, as some of you may already know, is an amazing artist who has performed at many festivals including Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Her music and writing are inspiring. Come chat with her LIVE! tomorrow night at Grrl Flicks about her film that was out in Theaters last year. We are doing a free screening of her wonderful film STRANGE FRAME(2012, 93 mins). It's unlike anything you've ever seen before and has been described as an Animated Sci-Fi Futuristic Musical Journey with love, politics, class, and so much more! An all star cast of voices including Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Ron Glass, George Takei, Michael Dorn, Tim Curry, & Cree Summer. Winner of the Award for Best Feature Film at Dragon Con last year(2013), this film is ...
Double Fine is proud to announce a selection of the voice cast from its upcoming crowdfunded adventure game Broken Age! New Friends: Kristen Sarkisian as Rocky David Kaufman as Marek Catherine Cavadini as Car'l John Cygan as Spoon Hynden Walch as Ch't Kate Higgins as Yarn Pal Price as Rommel Old Friends: Jennifer Hale as Mom (Brütal Legend-Ophelia) Grey DeLisle as Levina (Brütal Legend-Zaulia) Cree Summer as Teledoor (Brütal Legend-Dominatrices) Nick Jameson as Marshal Dune (Day of the Tentacle-Dr. Fred) Richard Horvitz as The Space Weaver (Psychonauts-Raz) Jack Black as Harm'ny Lightbeard (Brütal Legend-Eddie)
Watching old "Living Single" episodes and tripped on one with Cree Summer aka Freddie from "A Different World"!
This month we are watching Albert Nobbs on Friday, Jan 17th at 7pm At Outreach LGBT Community Center 600 Williamson St, Suite P-1 Madison, WI In Gateway Mall (608) 255-8582 Open to ALL Womyn, 18 & up! Nominated for 3 Oscars, Albert Nobbs(2011, 1 h 53 min, Mystery) stars Glenn Close as a waiter posing as a man in order to make a living in late 19th century Ireland. It's a mystery, a drama, a love story, and a study on humanity. An interesting film that seems more so each time you watch it. Come see what the mystery is all about or re-visit the many fine performances in Albert Nobbs. To watch a trailer of Albert Nobbs, click here: month, on Friday, Feb 21st we are watching a Sci- Fi Animated Musical Film entitled STRANGE FRAME(2012, 1 h 38 min) written by Shelley Doty and starring many famous actors including Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Tim Curry, Michael Dorn, & Lena Horne. Click below, to watch a trailer of STRANGE FRAME: Films & Dates of GRRL FLICKS: JAN 17: ALBERT NOBBS(2011, 1 h 53 min) FE ...
Be honest. How many of you can credit the Cosby Show or A Different World for motivation in going to college? Inspiration, Confirmation, Pride, Information, and Influence. Hands raised high. Me Jasmine Guy, Dawn Lewis, Cree Summer...the list goes on. Genius...
I don't care what anyone says. You're a catfish
So baby bring your body here, next to mine. no, I don't wanna dream I just wanna live it
Come on make it easy, say I never mattered.
you ran out side before I even put shoes on
I mean I think I do, whose sitting in back?
Don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind
what the *** is this thing on his neck, it's so cree... — I KNOW! I think it's a tumor. Ever since summer it's ...
Slob on my knob think you know the rest
I feel like I know who this is about but I can't remember
Work that back till I tire out, roll that weed, blow that fire out, taste that lean when I kiss your mouth
are you coming to Wallace burg? Cause if you aren't than I still am mad to go lol
Glad i got to see Chelsea, Kyle and Pablo!
Bounce it, I'm about to throw a couple thousands.
yeah and I got slammed into the mirror by both of them
Have carpet burn under my eye cause of Mitch😒
I thought you were kidding at first about sleeping than i looked over and you were out lol
Ryan M grabbed my legs while I was walking up the stairs and I fell :(
was singing LaLaLabia with Cree Summer the highpoint of your career, personally? Or a lowpoint maybe?
That Papa Pope speech reminded me of an old song by Cree Summer called Curious White Boy. Yessir Fitz, you got yo' *** handed to U
Who voices the m&m's from the tv commercials?? Billy West does the red J.K. Simmons does the yellow Vanessa Williams voices the brown one And Cree Summer does the green one I found these interesting
Busta Rhymes on every remix, Cree Summer doing voice acting for a black female character, Taxes, and Death.
If you need a voice actor for a Black female in a cartoon/video game, Cree Summer is on Speed Dial.
There's not too many 90s, early 2000s cartoons Cree Summer didn't do VoiceOver work on!
Was just watching Cree Summer on reruns of a Different World, now hearing her voice in this Hello Kitty cartoon!
Everyone come to RU's auditorium to watch glow baton at 7:00 👍
awww, imma miss you too, but im taking it back home for the summer. We'll keep in touch though
.This is yum-e!At 16,i'd let my perm grow out,kid I liked said,"I like ur hair:it's like Cree Summer's."
Must be doing something right I just heard you sigh, lean into my kiss and close those deep blue need you eyes
I don't understand why I was brought into that
thanks. as much as I make her mad she's still my babygirl
For those who are confused, I went on a binge of Cree Summer music today because Stephanie Alford didn't know she had this other career. :P
See if you can spot Cree Summer singing backup on this!
You may know Cree Summer from her work as a voice artist, with credits too numerous to list (though a few hits such as "Inspector Gadget," "Tiny Toon Adventures," "Rugrats"/"All Grown Up," "Atlantis: The Lost Empire," "Danny Phantom," "Drawn Together," &q...
“Someone text me” I would but I don't have your number so.
lofl its complicated I'll explain it whenever I see you
you look so fine and I really wanna make you mine
I'm so tempted to throw my phone at the wall
Making me stay home isn't gonna make my grades better ***
macayla and Ty made me chase the car just to get in 😒
My Mandela Story by Ifa Bayeza At a stadium in South Africa, tens of thousands of the young nation’s citizens have joined heads of state and mourners from around the world in eulogy of Nelson Mandela. It is raining. Here as I sit in my kitchen in Rhode Island, thousands of miles away, it is snowing. The heavens weep at his passing … in sorrow and joy and wonder, in hope and regret. I wish to be there in that stadium to mark the transition of this great man. As I cannot, I do it from afar. In the African American tradition, like many others, people come forward to recount their memories of the departed. The recollections are rarely sad, and often humorous, always pointed and personal, and occasionally revelatory. Delivered to lift our hearts, they offer points of light in our despair, connecting us through memory to each other and to the one who is with us no more. I have one, and only one story, a memory of Mandela, a close encounter at another stadium years ago. He had just been released from prison ...
IT BEGAN, IN AFRICA The human race started from Africa. When drought hit, around 24 members of the Bushmen tribe set out into the unknown for food. The global journey of their generations seeded the entire planet over the next 50,000 years. These two dozen Africans created every one of us. We are all family, we've just forgotten it. In the 1950's, sparked by Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights movement challenged segregation. The resulting 60's Counterculture meant to free the mind, body, and spirit from any shackles. They embraced the tribal and the communal, the future and each other. The late 60's-early 70's was a golden age of connection and exploration opening the possibilities that created the best in the world we now live in. This is a story of our shared jouney we shouldn't forget. Here are many Soul Sisters who paved our path: LT. UHURA opened the future on "Star Trek"; the tribal Rock musical HAIR personified the re-evolution, which also gave us Melba Moore, Donna Summer, Leata Galloway, Marsha Hunt, B ...
As a fan of voice actors, I got a chance to meet some of my favorites, them being Tara Strong (Timmy Turner from FOP), Cree Summer (Foxxy Love from Drawn Togethet), Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), Rob Paulsen (Raphael from Ninja Turtles), Jess Harnell (Wakko Warner), and June Foray (Rocket J Squirrel). A few more I'd definitely like to meet are Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson), Tress MacNelle (Babs Bunny), Charlie Adler (Buster Bunny) and Frank Welker (Fred Jones and Megatron).
Doing my moms friends cousins hair for her photoshoot lol
Looks like I can't go Black Friday shopping cause my mom made plans for me to go to Canada 😡
For some reason you're all I think about
I'm Finna get right by the summer time baby
Is Cree Summer still voicing everything??? Seems like she and Jada the only ones from "a different world" still w reg work...
for the longest time I thought he said "that's a different world like 3 summers" and recently I realized it's Cree Summer
You're too conceited and you aren't even attractive
Hamilton Collection
Think I'll sleep for the next two hours
Somewhere between I'm sober and I'm lifted
No one in this school even likes you cause you're grimy as ***
And you haven't stopped smoking al night
Only reason I'm considering about going to school tomorrow is so I can hangout with Nicole lol
Girl, drop it to the flor I love the way your booty gooo
Don't blame something stupid you did on me
You aren't even that attractive so I don't understand why girls even want you
I hope I get to hangout with Cree tomorrow 💖
“I hate you and yet miss you all at the same time, it's quite funny actually.”
Oooo that's forever gonna make me mad
Can't wait for basket ball season so I can twirl againnn😩😋
I'm about to hit my head off like ten walls
you dirty scrags I asked she hasn't replied
Ty still hasn't asked her if you could come to Redford so tell him to ask her Vanessa like now
I'm kinda over being the only one trying in this
Way your screamin' scratchin' yellin' bet the neighbors know my name
You either have the feeling or don't
Wow, the voice of Cleo the Poodle from Clifford & the voice of Susie Carmichael from Rugrats is Cree Summer.. Freddie from A Different World (light skinned girl with the natural hair). I kinda figured it was her.. I am a search junkie & her voice is so stand-outish, lol..
The most prolific actress in the world is Cree Summers. Check her resume and this isn't all of her characters.
I've got this Cree Summers from A Different World hair happening today... I wish it'd stop falling in the wrong direction!
My first celebrity childhood crush was on TV heart throb, Candace Cameron (DJ Tanner) from the popular TV show, “Full House.” I thought she was the fried salami on white bread with mayo. I remember sending her a letter, expressing my undying love. I was hoping she would return the favor by sending me her headshot, with traces of her lipstick that had kissed the corner with a note that says, “Joseph, I will wait for you.” However that never happened. I moved on. Fell in love with Alyssa Milano or better known to me as “Samantha Micelli” on “Who’s the Boss?” From there, I just tumbled in love with all kinds of TV women. To name a few on my list, but not in any particular order and I may use some character names: Whitley Gilbert,Cree Summer, Lisa Bonet, Rudy Huxtable, Topanga, Kelly Kapowski, Lark Voorhies, Mallory Keaton, Holly Robinson, Six, Lilith Sternin, Punky Brewster, Nicole Eggert, She-Ra…(Don’t judge me.)
In episode 51 of the Talkin Toons podcast Cree Summer (voice of Medusa) revealed at the time she finished some VO for...
Cree Summer and Lisa Bonet's legacy lives on in the 20-13.
Short snippet of Hallelujah thine the Glory ( a Lil pitchy but God understands lol) by CREE SUMMER REY -
Oh so Cree Summer is playing Wu-Ya now, I didn't know she had Canadian citizenship.
I apologize but i don't realize what I'm doing wrong
Hella thick, I wanna smash 'em all.
I'm in the greatest mood right now tbh
they say I got a greedy mind with the green in my eyes
I used to want Freddie from a Different World... Like bad. Used to dream about her as a kid. What Cree Summer up to now?
I hope they know I'm not practicing in the rain
I feel like I'm always taken for granted.
Not even close to being good enough.
You ruin my mood just thinking about you gets me heated
Don't you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you.
Practice, than hanging out with jimmy, than bonefire tomorrow👌
I completely agree. Except Wuya, where Cree Summer is even more perfect as a substitute
Also, WHY ISN’T VOICING KIMIKO?!!? RAAARGGH!. I guess Jennifer Hale voicing her will do. Also, shoutout to Cree Summer.
realizing how much i was crushing on Cree Summer for so long
I am Cree Summer biggest fan I would love to hear new music from her.
Freddie from a different world with lenny kravits ♫ "Mean Sleep" by Cree Summer (@ New Iberia, LA, USA)
I wanna go back in time and give Cree summer my all. Lol
How is Cree Summer aging? And that girl who was buying Will all those gifts on Fresh Prince?
Cree Summer voices the evil little old lady.
When you look into all of it, the same 10-11 people voiced our childhood. Charlie Adler, E.G. Daily, Cree Summer, Kath Soucie, etc.
Cree Summer shoulda let me beat them cheeks
“Video: Lenny Kravitz & Cree Summer - Mean Sleep I have loved this song & the album 4 a long time!
I did not know Cree Summer voiced Penny tho.
Yes! Cree Summer as Penny. Though now she just sounds stuck on Rugrats Suzy. :) Re-Spect.
Omg Cree Summer did so many cartoon voices it's crazy
Cree Summer and Tara Strong will always have bank. All these characters they voice
"Cree Summer was the first choice to voice Meg, but Seth MacFarlane didn't like the idea of an African-American voicing her"
Cree Summer better be coined. I hear her voice everywhere; in everything animated. I hope she gets fat residuals every month.
So today, I discovered that Cree Summer is pretty much the voice of my childhood. And I'm in love with her name. She's my new fave
Love is all around us!I Just bought on ebay,when Cree Summer was lead singer n writer 4 "Subject to Change".Yeah
Those who want 2 buy Cree Summer's old Band"Subject to Change's Womb Amnesia" Cd it's on ebay!U don't wanna spend alot?$5.00!
Cree Summer has voiced so many cartoon characters, it's crazy!
man that's a different world like Cree Summer!
I want that Cree Summer money... Lord her voice is in every cartoon and/or video game.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Ya'll know who has silently made bank for YEARS??? Cree Summer. Peep her IMDB page and realize how many shows/movies on which she's worked.
All of them in their day. Lisa Bonet, Cree Summer, Jasmine Guy smdh
I love hearing a voice actor and recognizing him or her. Today it was Cree Summer.
I used to call her Tea Party Cree Summer back when her hair was different.
Two words: Cree Summer. Another list of VA credits too long to fit into one picture.
3 Black Cartoon Character voice overs we could find that Cree Summer DIDN'T do
*** Cree Summer had me wantin to go to Hillman G to get chose when I was a kid
That said, "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" did it best by casting Cree Summer alongside Michael J. Fox. Both were great
Cree Summer was the voice of every black male & female cartoon character growing up. She must be DROWNING in residuals.
What's better than live soul on a hot eve with a cool drink in your hand? Bianca is on Nancy Sinatra/Cree Summer swag
Photoset: vederlicht: Cree Summer I love this lady’s somewhat hoarse and often kickass voice. Turns out she...
Like/Reblog if you want Cree Summer to be a guest star of Adventure Time - flamemaster92:
Any chance of Princess Twilight having a dark-coated best friend in S4 voiced by Cree Summer who sings and solves mysteries?
Cree Summer is new. I usually get Tisha Campbell.
Who are other POC voice actors besides Cree Summer and Phil LaMarr? Not to discredit their talent or anything but it gets a bit discouraging to see so few black faces behind the characters we know and love.
Niki Haris and Cree Summer ... those are the two on my "please make more music" wish list.
Bring on the sunshine: The best wines for spring barbecues and summer picnics: Big brother to the Jacob's Cree...
So far, summer is reminding me a lot of the school year. Except now I have a couch
And Cree Summer doing the voice of She-Hulk explains some of my taste in women
Romance growing, like a flower in summer, you always keep me guessing, forever my wonderful
Cree Summer is legendary. If you have ever watched a cartoon, she probably voiced someone on it. Just felt like saying that.
I might rock my Cree Summer Fro in May cause June-Sept isn't kind to my hair.
Foxy Purple Photograph by Dawn Gagnon - Foxy Purple Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale
On the plus side you’re suddenly voiced by Cree Summer, so, hey, not all bad.
I like Cree Summer & Lenny Kravitz's version of 'Mean Sleep' more than Nikka Costa &Van Hunt's. It's more soulful &musically satisfying 2me.
I hope Cree Summer does more music. Love this:
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