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Creature Feature

Creature Feature is an animal gag cartoon strip which appeared weekly in the Sunday Times supplement, Funday Times, for over 15 years, and is currently syndicated throughout the world, including Germany and the Middle East (Khaleej Times).

William Control Aesthetic Perfection Stephen King Peter Jackson Stanley Kubrick Charles Robinson King Kong

Immersion gifts--which headed for feature the creature: LKRAUZ
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Happy birthday to Sam Raimi, born this day in 1959! You can catch his blood-drenched crazed creature feature EVIL...
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Tonight's Drive-In Mob is a Gill Man Double Feature! First up, Revenge of the Creature at 8pm ET followed by The...
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I love PUMPKINHEAD. It's a very well-acted, well-shot, well-written creature feature. It's on Netflix if you got time.
its a real Creature Double Feature tonight with !! Grab a snack and a cold beverage and join us at 8pm est!
Anyone wishing to have their indie or short film shown on Creature Feature hit us up!
Not only that, TREMORS is a great satire of 50's monster films as well as being an ace creature feature. SO GOOD.
The first home builders guide ebook: The Ebook Is A Complete St...
now playing such horrible things by Creature Feature on with on
"The scene in the Newark train station was like the barroom from Star Wars, a creature-feature extravaganza,...
Here are a few more of our favorites from our presents Creature Feature: Mad Monster…
The face scan feature on nba 2k14 made me into a horribly disfigured creature multiple times.
A Day of Tricks and Treats for Canines In Costume via
I did a song with satan that's a sick feature, I'm not a human being I'm a sick creature
Hey mang, here's a link about that creature feature show I worked on:.
Awesome News from they just reported is bringing back Creature Feature with Dr Paul Barer
+ Still. Even if no tree climbing dinosaur-sloth, the resultant creature is seriously weird
Killer Mermaid is a wildly fun creature feature from Check out the review!
Bess and Sue were best friends. Their breeding or backgrounds didn't matter.
Issue Feature (creature?) - M. Hendegren on fascination with .
George Miller, the man known for Mad Max & Happy Feet has directed a Made For TV Creature Feature film called Attack of Sabertooth. =O What?
Love them myself. Grew up with Creature Feature and all the old Godzilla, Universal, and Hammer horror.
Alright guys I need your help, there's a goat from Quantum & Woody action figure for $25.00 at a comic shop in Anaheim and a sweet Mignola Hellboy lunchbox at Creature Feature's in Burbank for $20. Tomorrow, do I go get both? Just one? None? Which one is a must get?
Alright, Scream in the Dark Film Festival's what we promised..a first glimpse at one of early confirmed films we will be screening during our event held at the Scottish Rite Theater, October 4 and 5th, 2014...and that film will be... Tales of Poe; a collection of 3 classic Edgar Allan Poe tales, told with such a visionary angle that they take on a new life of their own. Directed by Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly. Enduring the madness of the first segment that is "the Tell Tale Heart" are cast members.. Desiree Gould of Sleepaway Camp fame, scream queens, Lesleh Donaldson (Curtains, Happy Birthday to Me) and Debbie Rochon (American Nightmare, Bleed), and Alan Rowe Kelly...the insanity is catching. Early ticket sales are currently available via our Indiegogo campaign..including discounted regular weekend passes, early entry passes with preferred seating, and full weekend passes that include the opening night Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature screening of "the Exorcist" with co-star ...
Hi kids! I still really, really need some Blood Donors for our blood drive at Krypton Comics during FREE COMIC BOOK DAY this Saturday! Bloodmobile there from 10am-3pm. Plenty of spots open... and we will take walk-ins! Score oodles for FREE! comic books and meet celeb Ron Glass from Agents of Shield. Firefly and Barney Miller! Two lucky donors will be picked to win either an autographed FIREFLY DVD set or hardcover Sherpard Book comic! Donors will also get free tickets to our "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" live show on June 21st. Save a life! Get some free comics! Nerd out and meet the Creature Feature gang! Look for our booth in the artist alley area to sign up or check in! Sign up here with this event code: 0092703 at (We will also take walk-ins at the event as well!) See ya there!
First Look at the Creature Feature - via
Greetings. I've just created an 'author page'. If you liked Dr. Paul Bearer's Creature Feature book and/or would like to see some more...
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CREATURE FEATURE tonight and tomorrow night (Friday and Saturday)!!! We will be showing CARRIE and INSIDIOUS 2!!...
31 October 2013 Creature Feature:. This creature was recently photographed on the Danny. Do you know what it...
I have a bunch of monster drawings up at .
SO GOOD! Head over to NOISEY for the premiere of our Halloween-themed video for -- ht…
Gonna listen to Creature Feature instead. More of a Halloween feel from their songs. Okay goodnight!
Just watched a double DVD creature feature for Halloween: and Going to sleep with lights on.
Creature Feature & Marilyn Manson kinda night to end this amazing night.
The creature feature is back. A massive prehistoric shark has survived and the world is threatened when a new,...
Drinking more pumpkin beer and listening to some Creature Feature to get in the Halloween spirit~ :3
Double Creature Feature with the Mrs. DeMarco ~~~(don't say his…
Here's an awesome pic of the original model from Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature. Photo credit: Steve Gray!
Beware what is under the ice! Take a peek at the exclusive review of Hypothermia here:
Adding to my Creature Feature range: BeeLicious Handwarmers. x
Should be good tonight - we've got the guys from Creature Feature dropping in with some snakes - yikes!
“Hey fiends, less than 100 days until Halloween and new Creature Feature music. Don't die of anticipation.” fast-forward time! 👻
I added a video to a playlist Creature Feature - Aim For The Head
The Irish creature feature indie "Grabbers" is a hilarious and freaky film in the vein of "Slither". But with less gore and more drinking.
I think people read into Pacific Rim too much. It's a creature feature
Photo: Creature feature on shelter island. (at Sylvan Lodge)
Really, can't I just do a spot of gardening without it turning into a creature feature?
((As soon A Gordy Demise from Creature Feature is on pandora I'm like EVERYONE STFU AND LISTEN!!!))
so no one told me Creature Feature was a thing and I hate you all for that.
I'm in the mood for a creature feature!
I used to be hardcore in love with creature feature I
So, also being released on Blu-ray Aug. 27, the oddball creature feature, with Michael Moriarty and David Carradine.
6 scripts into this year's Page Semifinalists for Horror/Thriller. Lots of new types of creature feature types of projects so far. Hmm.
I'm making a "Creature Feature" blog post for October. If your book includes otherworldly species, message me!
Can Halloween hurry up please, I can't wait 75 more days for Creature Feature! :'c
When I was a boy I used to go to the Saturday double creature feature for 25 cents!
Creature feature makes me feel like its October 🎃💕👻
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
But today it's revising an old creature feature I wrote with my brother. That and listening to "Underworlds" is ace, y'all.
All excited and I'm a new follower, and hoping we have a great creature feature tonight Sven !! Happy August 2013 !
For those of you that went to see the Creature Feature in July and enjoyed it you will be getting another chance...
Apparently there is a movie which features Nargis Fakhri's lips and John Abrahm's squint TOGETHER!!! New definition of creature feature!
- Here are links to our new creature feature. RT?.
whenever I am running a student matinee of a show I refer to it as a "creature feature"
What happened to creature feature films? They were such a thing in the early '00s. I demand a 3D, spider-centric apocalypse movie.
Meet two cute Chihuahuas up for adoption through in this week's Creature Feature with
I forgot my creature feature shirt was a pre order. I can stop stressing out now, well not really because I move house Monday
Learn about NC waters and critters at Nature Museum creature feature, 10 am-1 pm Saturday.
Does anyone else think that the fracking company Cuadrilla sound like a 1960s Japanese creature feature :-)
i agree! It's like a B-movie syfy creature feature. Good job director.
STARING AT YOUR BOOTY “This peaceful woodland scene would mke a great start to a creature feature.
This peaceful woodland scene would make a great start to a Syfy creature feature. @ Wildwood Park
The Creature Feature collection is now on Anaconda. Jaws. King Kong aaand all sorts of creepy crawlies.
I was listenin gto Creature Feature when our neighbor decided to chop some wood with a chainsaw. . I thought it was part of the song. XD
I'm about to go away for a creature-feature film which is super exciting, that and setting up my own showreel editing business
The print for tomorrow's Creature Feature, DRIVE, is on site and ready to run.
16 August 2013 Creature Feature:. Be the first person to give the common and scientific name genus and species)...
It's Friday, and that means at 7PM, it's time for a Creature Feature! The madcap Re-Animator is a classic of the genre not to be missed... ...but if all that blood and brains doesn't float your boat, we've also added Comedy Tonight! Premiering at 7, with Jim Carrey in The Mask! Everything happens at 7! Come on out and help us save the old Historic Home Theatre! _ Friday:Creature Feature! 7PM Re-Animator Jeffery Combs plays mad scientist extraordinaire, Dr. Herbert West in this 1985 vision of the classic Lovecraft tale. When Herbert West answers Dan's ad for a roommate, the young medical student and his girlfriend get more than they bargained for, as they are drawn further and further into West's bizarre experiments at cheating death, and Re-Animating the dead... Clever dialogue, cringe worthy gross outs, and bizarre sight gags permeate this true Cult Classic. UNRATED (VERY MATURE AUDIENCES) Friday: Comedy Tonight! 7PM The Mask Jim Carrey plays Stanley Ipkiss in this madcap, special effects laden adventure ...
My friend Roger wrote a book about "Creature Feature" host Dr. Paul Bearer. I can't wait to read it! I have some great memories of watching the show when I was a kid.
Who remembers Creature Feature and Black Shadows and the best of all times. White Shadows???! Memory lane for real! Come on folks and show your age!!!lol!
I liked a video Living in LA With Dillon Casey Episode 8: Creature Feature !
The music for tonight is Creature Feature. I recommend The Greatest Show Unearthed or perhaps A Gorey Demise. I wish I could find some Calabrese but I am having no luck.
The gang at Creature Feature wishes a speedy recovery to our friend Rod Allen. Rod had surgery this morning and...
It would appear that Creature Feature runs on TWO Cox stations. Cox 121 and Cox 107... 107 is if you have a different package tier. Just look for the MyTV or ThisTV screen bug and you'll have the right station. We are replacing the second of back to back "Stargate" shows, upsetting three nerds in Papillion.
Doc San Guinary would like to thank our following sponsors and supporters: Joseph's College, Lincoln, NE; Websnoogie, LLC, Omaha, NE; Viking Tattoo, Omaha, NE; Krypton Comics, Omaha, NE; Romeo's Mexican Restaurants; Olsen's Auto Service, Blair, NE; Culture Shock Dance Center, Blair, NE; King Kong, Omaha, NE; Fairytale Costumes, Omaha, NE; Rebecca's Indian Trading Post, Bellevue, NE; Haunted Hollow, LaVista, NE; Cutthroat Productions, Omaha, NE; Breeze Cycle, Omaha, NE; Crossroads Mall, Omaha, NE; Steve Gray Photography, Omaha, NE; and San Guinary's Barber Shop, Omaha, NE. Without these sponsors and supporters, we wouldn't be able to do what we do, which is bring a local legend back to tv. In less than two weeks, Creature Feature will be back in all of it's (questionable) glory on local tv. Cox Cable channel 121 and free air channel 42.2. Check for other carriers in the area. Doc San Guinary is ready. Are you?
The new Creature Feature from Cult Director David DeCoteau is now on VOD via cable systems throughout the USA and Canada. Get more info at
Count Gore's 40th Anniversary: Last night I attended Count Gore De Vol's 40th Anniversary Show. This was such an amazing experience. The love for someone that has been there for all of us DC Natives was there. 40 wonderful years of great late night entertainment. I am so glad my son was there with me to witness this event that was dedicated to someone who has inspired so many of us for so long. He also allowed Slo Frank and I to not only be on his legendary show Creature Feature, but did an interview with us for Dolls of Despair, which makes me feel like I was included in something that is so much larger then life. Last night was very special. Thank you Count Gore, Thank you C.W. Prather for putting this together. We need to have a Count Gore's 41st, 42nd, 43 Anniversary and so on. I love this feeling.
Anyone want some awesome weird bands to listen to? Stolen Babies, Spectrum-X, Creature Feature, and Finntroll. Have fun :)
Back to the laboratory Creature Feature goes, what monster they will create next nobody knows.
Jim O’Rear has been involved in the entertainment industry for over thirty years, beginning his career on tour as The Youngest Professional Magician with David Copperfield, Harry Blackstone Jr., and The Great Tomsoni and opening for acts like Cheap Trick and John Anderson. With his “magical” background and having been trained in New York at The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts, it was only natural that Jim move into the realm of film, television, and theatre where he has worked steadily as an actor, stuntman, and special make-up effects artist on such projects as Stephen King's The Boogeyman, Fall Of The House Of Usher, Star Trek 4, The Vampire Wars, ABC's Nashville, Lethal Weapon 3, Creature Feature, Day of The Dead, Hayride Slaughter, Cop & ½, Psycho Beach Party, Evita, Little Shop Of Horrors, No Retreat No Surrender 3, Mortal Kombat: Conquest, and many more with actors including Martin Sheen, Burt Reynolds, Mel Gibson, Amanda Plummer, Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Maximillian Schell, Rober ...
(( ☝ - How tall are you? 5'2 ✔ - Sexual Orientation: ♨ - Do you Smoke? Nope ☟ - Do you Drink? Nope =w= ♒ - Do you Take Drugs? Nuuu. ✖ - Age you get mistaken for: 14 ☆ - Have Tattoos? No ★ - Want any tattoos? No ☯ - Got any Piercings? Nope .n. ✌ - Want any piercings? I want snakebites! :D ♧ - Best friend? Her names Kylie ♥ - Relationship status? I'm an anime nerd.guess. ♔ - Top 5 favorite bands? Paramore, Creature Feature, Linkin Park, Voltaire, Midnight Beast ♬ - Top 5 favorite songs? Friends for never, World is mine, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Where's my wonderland, Your guardian angel ☹ - Biggest pet peeve? When people have a high-pitched voice and they talk right in my ear. ✍ - Story from your childhood. I had an American flag dress and i ran around yelling "The British are coming! The British are coming!" ☄ - I wish.I had more time for cosplay ® - Favorite foods? Ice cream and strawberries =w= ☀ - Story about your day. I sat inside and slept. The flu is not fun. ...
Anyone remember the Creature Feature with Dr. Paul Bearer on the weekends?
How many people in the Florida area remember Creature Feature with Dr. Paul Bearer?
Book and documentary focusing on *** Bennick and his horror host alter ego Dr. Paul Bearer. Dr. Paul Bearer was TV's longest running horror host and local celebrity. Besides doing his weekly show on Creature Feature he could often be seen making personal appearances to meet his fans. Join us as w...
Yes, I am a movie geek. Especially the old Creature Feature movies. Thanks family, I love it.
Being an avid fan of the old black & white horror movies, like "Creature from the Black Lagoon," I was just thinking how sad it is that TV doesn't have late night or weekend "Creature Feature" hosts anymore. In Philly it was Dr. Shock, and before him Ro-land", who lived in a crypt with his wife "My Dear" and his lab assistant, Gasport! And later, Stella, host of "Saturday Night Dead." I often thought John Kerry would make a great horror show host.
As a young girl, every week this is the one show I waited to was my favorite, and Dr. Paul was my idol, before my love for Elvira, it was Creature Feature. I have a signed autograph, the baseball card collection, but I dearly wish we still had the man himself. Love you Dr. Paul Bearer
BLACK-EYED BEINGS My new Creature Feature, this post from Are there beings or people among us whose sclera, pupils and iris are completely BLACK? We will refer to them as beings, because at this time we really don't know who or what they are. There are numerous eye witness accounts of people like this in almost every location you can imagine, and from many corners of the Earth.* Evil is a common characteristic that eyewitnesses often sense from both black-eyed children and adult beings. However, this feeling is not experienced by every eyewitness. * In public places such as restaurants or airport gate waiting areas, often people will not sit anywhere near them especially after making eye contact. * It is possible that some (or all) of these beings do not have a home, and are roaming the Earth endlessly. One eyewitness who was alone with a man in an elevator late at night asked him where he was going. His curt response was "NOWHERE!"
Happy Friday, everyone! Starting today, we're going to start doing "Creature Feature Fridays" and feature a...
J is for Johnny, who was bitten by snakes. Creature feature, what?
Don't know why they're calling my sex tape a Creature Feature.
Follow Friday - What supernatural creature would I choose to exist?
Looks like its gonna be a Creature Feature Weekend in Beacon (that almost rhymes)
This week's Feature and Follow is a lot of fun. We're talking about which supernatural creature we would like to...
Stop motion creature feature: frankenweenie and paranorman! :)
Creature feature collection 1 now on kindle asin-booalnomw1 at $3.50 or £2.18
Getting ready to do some filming in Blair and Omaha, for the return of Creature Feature next month on MyTV! Can't wait to show everyone!
If you haven't seen this creature feature yet, check it out!
If you could choose one supernatural being/creature to really exist what would it be and why??
I'm that kinda creature, for whom rhyming is second nature.. I'm sure you can tell by my features. Now waiting for future offers to feature
An upcoming horror film -brilliantly unique that happens to feature creature Fx by Asia and Anders Eriksen!!
Very soon India will have it's very own 3D creature feature! Bipasha Basu and Vikram Bhatt team up for 'Creature'
Check out what creature I chose in my Feature & Follow Friday post!
"It would be the world's most deadly creature but only if the world slowed the fdown."
creature feature is so old-school horror and normally itd sound bad but they do it so WELL im cryign
I'm a Cheburashka, I'm a cartoon creature. I was made in Russia with a lousy feature: I have no idea what the (cont)
New! HASP Creature Feature, a regular* update of the fauna found at our fields! Today...this dude. (*regular as...
Check out the brand new Creature Feature "Dr. Sawbones" limited edition double-sided t-shirt. The Doctor is in:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If you could have the chance to design your own creature/alien to feature in Doctor Who; 1. What would it be...
Such Horrible Things in my pants. All of my creature feature songs are turning against me. ;_;
I favorited a video Creature Feature - A Gorey Demise
Come creature hatching out of a spider
amazing creature~Imagine him in dinasour size...Look to the Ant & be
I think he was whistlin' on TV38. The GM used to do it, but the Creature Double Feature rocked!!!
I just sat and worked out the main riff of Buried Alive by Creature Feature.. I demand you suss the drums out xD
Join for today's Creature Feature and learn some fun facts about whale sharks. Fun starts at 3:30.
And does anybody know in which movie Erik x from creature feature was?
I was hooked watching Creature Double Feature! Old school horror! Then, at 10, mom brought me to see Halloween. I was obsessed!
Bland characters and universally cheap production values abound in KILLER MOUNTAIN. An uneventful creature feature, lacking gore or thrills
Another one of my shots from Creature Feature on 13:13 today, creepshow in the desert
Hard to resist when design, nostalgia, and rock come together in a cute package... Creature Feature
Memba is nt a living this, so it doesn't have eyes or any feature of a living creature but it knws, yes it does knw that Chrissy is fine
“Just some early concept art for a new creature feature we're working on... I'm camping for tix now
End of the road. Tonight will be our last night with The Birthday Massacre, William Control and Creature Feature. Philadelphia , come say goodbye with us!
My mom and I shared a guilty pleasure, from my early childhood. Every Saturday, I don't know where my sister and brother went, but my mommy and I watched "Creature Feature" hosted by Vincent Price. I can remember watching these with my mom from the age of 7 or 8. The Greatest Saturday Routine EVER!!!
Due to a personal injury Chibi sustained last night we regret to have to postpone tonight’s performance in Worcester to a few days from now. Chibi sustained a knee injury on stage last night in Virginia. She will be just fine but the doctor has given strict orders to get at least one full day of rest in order not to jeopardize the rest of the shows and tour. All other shows will be OK, but we are working on moving the Worcester MA show. Again we apologize to all our fans in Massachusetts looking forward to tonight, and we will let you know the postponement date as soon as it is solidified. Our tour mates William Control and (possibly) Creature Feature will still be playing this evening, so go show them some love on our behalf.
Live music is so awesome! Seeing NRBQ tonight transported me back to the time when I got turned on to them in the late 70's and when I would actually hear them on the radio. I was reminded of all the things I loved growing up in Long Island- WPIX-FM, 99x, WNEW-FM, WLIR-FM, Yankee broadcasts on Channel 11 with the Scooter, Bill White and Frank Messer, the Mets on Channel 9 with Ralph Kiner and Lindsay Nelson, Marv Albert doing Knicks and Rangers games on WOR, the Joe Franklin Show, and the Million Dollar Movie, the Odd Couple, The Honeymooners, The Twilight Zone, Creature Feature and Chiller, Channel 68 and Hercules and the Uncle Floyd Show, Abbott & Costello movies on Sunday mornings, Sherlock Holmes on Saturday mornings and Bowery Boys in the afternoon, Monster Week on the 4:30 movie, Yodels, Coffee Cake, Jr., TastyKake Jelly Krimpets, Dolly Madison Butter Pecan ice cream, Breyer's Cherry Vanilla, Elio's and Celentano frozen pizza, Buitoni toaster pizzas, Silver Star ravioli, Archway molasses cookies, Yo ...
someone jumped the gun on us. :( creature feature found a monster themed bar in fricken AZ. ***
I liked a video Creature Feature - the greastest show unearthed lyrics
Anyone in NYC, VA or PA going to see The Birthday Massacre, Creature Feature, William Control and Aesthetic Perfection?
Creature Feature is the only band that you can actually dance the time warp to!
If such a creature happens, it will feature WinRT, but may not feature the desktop mode. I can say mode now. :-)
If you haven't seen it yet check out the extended version of Doctor Xombie's Creature Feature theme.
Today's creature double feature: The Blob and Creature from the Black Lagoon
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.. the most adorable creature on the planet.
Last night was absolutely wonderful. Not only was the show amazing, but Ian and I got to meet, talk to, and have drinks with Chibi Tbm, Creature Feature, AND Aesthetic Perfection. Check that off the bucket list!
is here in Arizona, I'm missing the show, so I'm just gonna wear my Creature Feature shirt. :D
From the creature that brought you Salad Fingers So, after the dog's sacrifice, he thanked the tumor...
Any one here know who Creature Feature is?
I'm gonna ask her to come see Creature Feature with me
Trailer for 2008 creature feature SPLINTER. Cool, little seen movie.
Tickets are still available for THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE w/ William Control, Aesthetic Perfection & CREATURE FEATURE...
Tell me that this doesn't look like an Arakeen Sandworm?
I can guarantee I will do evil things The only way that you can stop me now Is if you put me in the ground Somewhere I'll never be found I am most disturbed I deserve to be interred Don't you dare turn your back on me I'll attack without a warning sign The terror that lurks in the night. I've got nine lives I've done grim acts No remorse, should I feel guilty If I adore these warped offenses
I just entered the Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet by Darynda Jones Giveaway!
My cat Rusty jamming to Creature Features song A Gorey Demise from their album The Greatest Show Unearthed. I do not own the song in anyway. Programs: iMovie...
Creature Feature: Timelapse of swarming monster worms and sea stars.
It’s - this week, Norwegian creature feature Trollhunter! Wish us luck…
Free bacon cupcakes if you watch this marvelous creature (aka Doru)
Looking forward to having lunchish with my mom today and then going to see Creature Feature at The World Famous Nile Theater
Curtis of Creature Feature, Aaron, Wife's head, m'self, and Eric of Creature Feature. Such deliciously weir
i look for a certain song..then click on the wrong link, so i listen to the wrong song.-such horrible things-by creature feature. XD
I wanted to meet the guys of Creature Feature :(
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Creature Feature -- the Brineacle, or Icy Finger of Death
Larger than life creature feature Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus today at 4pm.
All Creature fans, or former Creature fans, need to watch this
The blue whale is one of the earth’s loudest (its song travels thousands of miles), longest-lived (80-90 year lifespan) and largest animals known to have ever existed. Though long and slender, with a tapered body and a small dorsal fin, blue whales measure in at up to 100 feet in length. These more ...
My favorite picture of me, Erik X from Creature Feature, and Jose.
But I met Creature Feature tonight, so it was a good night.
The concert was amazing. Hung out with who was a gentleman as always. Aesthetic Perfection and Creature Feature were awesome
if you're in vegas right now,t Creature feature and the birthday massacre are playing, saw them last night in so-cal
Birthday massacre and Creature feature with my brother :D
+ William Control and Creature Feature -- I actually ran out of room to write all the bands in the headline! This was a great show overall. I was really surprised to be the only professional photographer there, but hey, not complaining. Check out these shots!
Post a photo and show off your Everyday is like Halloween purchase. Once a month we will draw a name and that luck ghoul or guy will win a prize!
Tuesday's gonna be awesome. Creature Feature and the Birthday Massacre. I so cannot wait!!
Creature feature is here today and I can't even go ;__;
Who wants to go see Creature Feature with me? :D Oh nobody, ok.
The greatest creature feature of them all. John Carpenter's
Creature feature is playing in denver dec13 and greeley dec 14 :D
I fell in love again yesterday with a ghoulish band ever , the creature feature . Not only is their music a
Whatever type of creature you are, I'm just saying you have to watch this. It's perfect man oh yeah! :) ( )
Science fiction, double feature, frank has built and lost his creature.
this is why I hate TLOS. Terrain and models have to be to scale rather than representing a feature or creature.
Music video by MGMT performing Congratulations. (c) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment
I can't believe I just saw Creature Feature LIVE!! I can officially die happy. The moment they left the stage, my heart broke into a million pieces and I don't think it will ever mend. They were just too amazing.
Coming Saturday..."Invasion of the Reptoids!" from Count Gore De Vol Presents. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Count Gore De Vol Presents on Blip! htt...
creature feature by poisoned electrick head another classic from PEH. uploaded as a tribute to one of the best bands merseyside ever produced.they played all...
Glasshouse tonight in Pomona. !!! Nice to be back. Tickets are still available, ..but not many. Soundcheck in a few minutes...Much to say, not enough time. Last night in San Fran was amazing. Thanks Slim's (you guys are rad)! Tour has been good so far, with a few shows completely sold out. The venues have been great to us this time out, too (it's actually a bit strange how everyone had been totally nice and totally pro this time out...) Dickens Pub especially went above and beyond the call of duty. I hope you see this...Thank you! Seattle+Portland... thanks for the great shows. Wicked to see old friends from School Yard Heroes, mindFIELD(Gabe!), Otep ...and Creature Feature is back on tour with us! Tomorrow:VEGAS! **El Paso has been cancelled. All apologies. We have no details yet, just a heads up. 11/16 - Glasshouse, Pomona, CA. 11/17 - Vinyl, Las Vegas, NV. 11/20 - The Door, Dallas, TX. 11/21 - The Korova, San Antonio, TX. 11/23 - The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA. 11/24 - The State Theatre, St. Petersburg, . ...
So we finally sat down and finished George Romero's original Dead trilogy. And, since you're all obviously wondering, I feel compelled to share the following observations: 1) The advancement of the horror (specifically, creature feature) genre over the last four decades is remarkable and awesome. I'm all about understanding and appreciating the originals, but there is a fine line between subtly eerie and downright boring. 2) Critically panned Day of the Dead is, in a walk, the gem of the series. God-awful script aside, mad scientist/witty, Caribbean helicopter pilot/domesticated, gun-wielding zombie are a winning combination in my book. 3) One must give credit where credit is due, and despite my cult-like devotion to The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes was not the first to swing a hatchet just so. Well, a machete in this case, but same basic principal. 4) Zombieland is a better film than all three combined.
birthday massacre and creature feature TONIGHT!
Just saw The Birthday Massacre live again at Slims in SF, and they just keep getting better each time. I screamed like a teenage girl several times during their set, of course. Also, Creature Feature and Aesthetic Perfection opened, and they're pretty awesome live in their own right.
almost done so please bear with me. thinking:hehe, I said 'bear'.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we previously said that the Elbo Room show last week would be our last show of 2012...well, we ARE cheats, outlaws and liars...we have ONE MORE lined up to close out 2012! We'll be at Reggies on December 8th opening for Los Angeles horror rockers Creature Feature! The show is ALL AGES! Doors open at 4:30 PM.
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I don't really even listen to bands like Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and Escape the Fate much anymore, just mostly Misfits, Street Dogs, Rise Against, Sick of it all, and that stuff. But then I still listen to bands like The Smiths, Depeche Mode, William Control, Obscure Pleasures, and Creature Feature.. c:
Omg! So obviously had SO MUCH FUN last night! Got to go to an AWESOME concert on the Guest list! AND got to talk with creature feature :) and meet William! Also made an awesome new friend Daniel :) and another awesome friend named wednesday! thank you SO much ms. Karma for taking me with you!
The official website of horror band Creature Feature, a Saturday morning *** show belting out creepy Halloween music to awaken the monster in all of us.
William Control 2 nights in a row, and Creature Feature tonight.what a great night.
Creature Feature's a brand new single "The House Of Myth". Help support the band and ensure that we can keep making music by downloading your copy today from...
So, last night. We missed the first opening act but caught the end of the second. The Crying Spell was okay. Creature Feature, short as their set was, were completely awesome despite technical difficulties for the first song or so. Aesthetic Perfection was perfection, and The Birthday Massacre was spectacular. What a phenomenal lineup, and what an amazing set.
Super awesome news today in Poppy-land! The story I wrote for an anthology with the lovely Mary Calmes was accepted today! It's called Creature Feature and will be out in March 2013. OMG...You have no idea how excited I am for you guys to see this!
Corbin Maxey had a mother moment during this week's Creature Feature.
Don't forget American Bandstand at 12:00 and then Soultrain right after. At 2:00 it Creature Feature movie time.
How many wolves are there in Voyageurs National Park? Park biologists hope to have a firm number in the near future. Photo by Mary Lysne via Voyageurs National Park Association.
who likes the band Creature Feature?!?!?! i feel like im the only one =(
Ain't nothing like watchinga creature feature from the 80s bout killer slugs
Bloodwave DVD sells rare and hard to find horror films on DVD. Large selection of lost horror films from the 80's and Asian horror as well.
Another dead girl on the tube She’s my Lilly Munster crawling from her tomb Dark black circles around her eyes Cold dead lips and a crooked spine She’s the living dead, she’s a ghoulish fiend She’s the deadest girl of my dreams Loving her is like a lobotomy A late night creature feature starring you and me
Can't wait to see William Control and creature feature tomorrow!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Bought myself a creature feature cd :) and hair dye and a button and an avengers tshirt and a hairband and a phone case. I bought a lot of xmas presents too so I find this is acceptable.
I got a lot in life by my two parents. My heart, soul, and I believe my character from my mother. I got my road rage, attitude, and love for horror movies from my father... ( yes dad, you're the one who warped me on horror movies) I will never forget Sunday nights watching the old classic horror movies with you. Remember Creature Feature.
No copyright infringement intended. All rights go to their respective owners. I do not own the audio track, only the video. Also, I'm currently taking reques...
If we open for Creature Feature, would you guys make it down?
**I forgot to add Creature Feature in my last status
If you a ugly n*gga...yo $$$ can only speak a little,after he done,aint no need to stick around yo creature feature lookin *ss!! What can I say if only I could have yo $$$ & not have to be fooled up with you.that would be great! Now you kno what to ask Santa for dis year!! Exotic Angel™
(radio broadcasting in background gradually growing louder) (spoken over radio):Medical authorities in Cumberland have concluded that in all cases the killer...
Lucas' Creature Feature Science project is FINISHED!! He researched the Duck- billed Platypus, wrote a paper and designed a diorama. It's a 3D exhibit of the habitan the platypus lives in. THIRD GRADE!! I am not sure if the pics really depict the amount of detail that exists. I LOVE MY BABY BOY!!
Creature Feature released a new album! I want it so badly!
MOM! I'm watching one of your creature feature B movies lol on TCM. Called 20 Million Miles to Earth,the creature looks like the creature in the sea in Clash of The Titans :-) I miss u so much
Peter Rubin takes a look at Argo, Bryan K. Vaughn's gloriously cryptozoologic comic book and a bizarre, alien-puppet-filled video from the best blue-eyed soul outfit working today.
Anyone want to go so William Control and Creature Feature on Wednesday? Anyone at all?
Just wanna see creature feature, tonite@
Now I lay me down to sleep before I go to bed Redrum was the word that a *** said I'm dead, and once my mind bled all day Better watch the word when the wicked man say Simple and plain, I feel no pain Rotten body in the ground wit' my maggot brain The fallen angel fell all this wickedness for Heaven I still, so now I go to *** at seven I can't wait to meet the Grim Reaper, creature, feature Esham the UnHoly, Satan was my teacher And find the preacher, I'm gonna kill him when I catch him Put your body in the coffin and stretch'em, closed casket
Hey fiends, who's coming to see Creature Feature on tour Nov/Dec? If you bring me Halloween stuff, snacks, and/or Jameson and we'll be friends for life and I'll help you survive the zombie apocalypse.
Awesome Sauce is highlighting Charley and the gang in their Creature Feature! A must read!
Michelle Obama is by far the most gorgeous 1st Lady (you know It's true, don't BS yourself). Followed by Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and if her husband is elected Ann Romney (even though she has some "Creature Feature" moments.) Barbara Bush looks like the Quaker Oats man!! Eehh... *vomits in my mouth*
Creature Feature was a treat live. Buried Alive is one of my favorite tracks so to hear it in the flesh was definitely a bucket list item. Big props to CF for being one of the most fan friendly musical acts I have ever booked. Wow. Now onto day 3. It's going to be an amazing day with great shorts and features. Like paranormal thrillers? Try At Silver Falls. Dig zombie/serial killer films? Try Mimesis. Like films that dance on that fine border of found footage films? Give Children of Sorrow a shot. Try one. Try em all. LOVE HORROR.
Another Great Night at the 6th Annual Sacramento Horror Film Fest! 24 great films, filmmaker Q and A, Screaming Contest, and a great musical guest Creature Feature!
Back in the 90's Capt. Spencer Slate let me do the fish feeding with him. I had the best time diving with these wonderful animals. If you ever get a chance to go to Atlantis Dive Center in Key Largo, don't miss the Friday Feeding it is the best show ever.
This is sad. Whoever the guy who started this, you're a heartless creature! 😠 😢💔
San Guinary San Guinary's Zombikini Contest Saturday at 11pm at The Waiting Room as part of the official Omaha Zombie Walk party! I will be there at noon with the last 30 Creature Feature DVDs left on the planet. You want one, come and get it! Will also have our remaining selection of glow Ts for the year. See ya there... I'll know who you are. You'll be the zombie.
Creature feature: Associated Press This photo made available by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commi...
Up all night, not restless or anything, just enjoying the quiet evening to myself. Mom's gone to bed, and I'm watching "Gremlins" on The Hub network. I love that creature feature!
they played Creature Feature in the haunted house. swet.
Well our first attempt at a Fright Night Friday movie was a bust...The Tall Man Derrick Ford slept and I was just confused. Now on to feature number two...Werewolf: the beast among us I love me a cheesy creature feature :))
Drastic times call for drastic measures and as the dire doldrums of the 19th century set in, a new type of business opportunity presents itself to an enterpr...
Well, I hate to break it to you but today’s is in your closet:
The day I properly meet a Creature Feature fan will be an amazing day.
Since its October I begin my annual ritual of watching classic Universal monster films. Tonite's feature: Revenge of the Creature
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I'm going to Creature Feature at Empire in West Springfield, VA - Nov 29
Tonight we are streaming The Walking Dead for charity! Join us! Ask Randy questions! Special guest tonight is Josh from Indie Statik! We also have some givea...
My pals over at are doing their weekly Creature Feature for charity right now. Go check em out.
“Here's a creature feature from just for u
A video I made for creature feature-A Gorey toke me for-ever so I hope you guys like it!!! also please do not steal my video
It is DONE... CREATURE FEATURE is returning to television early 2013 on Fox's MyTV movie channel, and will be seen on Cable and Free TV Digital Signal. Nice big broadcast range. We'll be booking commerical ad space soon, very reasonably priced, including a super deal on commercial shoots if you need one done! Will not be on Dish. More details soon!
The Walking Dead game tonight at 6p est for our Friday Night Creature Feature. We have some codes for the game to giveaway. So come join us.
The heart of man is not corrupted to destroy every living creature; to hurt others. Please listen.
word, seeing them too. More pumped for and creature feature, tbh.
has stocked a costume treasure chest for their Creature Feature Crawl Fri 10/19.
Timbuktu declares the Swamp good. Come git your Halloween on. El Mocambo Friday Oct 26. Creature Feature Costume Bash. Live Set by SWAMP THING (Timbuktu, Chokeules & Savilion) with video accompaniment by Dan Jardine. I am a piece of that pie.
Here is the fabulous CREATURE FEATURE for today: A soft cuddly snail by "zfla" on Etsy:
Has anyone got a good idea for a film that has to be a creature feature genre?
Science fiction double feature, dr. X will build a creature, see androids fighting, Brand and Janet, Anne Frances stars in Forbidden Planet
She is not a human being but a marvelous creature from a planet of beauty and perfection.
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We will be Arts Fest 10/20 and 10/21 "Creature Feature" tent, we will have dogs and games to entertain the kiddies.
Creature Feature: It's time for Wisconsin Life. October is a spooky month. Writer Lesley Kagen gets us in the…
Creature Feature is awesome. They are perfect for the Halloween season~
Here's day 11: an icky, oozy drippy thing: Grossed out yet, or do you feel the need to chew gum?
My daughter's nicknamed after my favorite 1980s creature-feature: THE BLOB.
loved the Bleacher Creature feature. You and were reserved like waiting for a Springsteen encore. Fun?
All you Cities-dwellers! Head to HUGE Theater Saturday nights this October and see Creature Feature: The Impr…
Need some horror movie ideas... In the mood for a creature feature... Or funny horror. Something i havent seen.
Any Body seen Cortez This is going to . . . Freak Him Out . . . .
They have no brain and no heart, but that makes these creatures even more fascinating.
I'm getting the last of the pollen from the wild flowers!
Check it out! DIY animal-themed costumes you can make for less than $20:
The so many territories Ready to reform Don't let it form us The creature fear;Are they ready to reform?
Blog: Come to Creature Feature tonight for the art of
brown shrooms that damage your liver more than OU Homecoming weekend
It's almost the end of the work day and we think we might have just the thing to boost you all the way to 5:00 - CREATURE FEATURE PHOTOS! Take a look at our photo album for an abundance of furry (and scaly and feathery) happiness. You're welcome :)
Saturday, October 13 at 9:30pm in PDT at The Colonial
Windy City Rocks ! ! Don't show to my BrotheMondo Cortez It will freak him out. .
Hey fiends! What's you favorite thing about Halloween, other than Creature Feature of course.
Something I made yesterday at night. Couldn't upload then because I was lazy... CREATURE FEATURE FTW! So here are the lyrics of Creature Feature's "Aim for t...
forget this game. time for my nightly "DOUBLE CREATURE FEATURE" to watch.
Oh my heavens - Creature Feature will be in Atlanta! Nov 23- Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
going to this festival in davis this saturday morning then later that night going to creature feature. im so freakin excited, its gonna be awesome sauce. :D
What's your favorite creature feature??
October Creature Feature Movie Reviews God,Satan,Sam Go To The Movies by Samuel E. Warren Jr. God brushes his hand over his new crew cut and flicks the dandruff off the ...
Don't fight it! You know It's true. Erik is all Gothic and stuff and Steve is the host of a little children's show. Totally different yet they look so much alike . . .
Trick or Treat, here's a tasty mix to eat. In celebration of Halloween, my latest Dubstep concoction has 53 nasty, horribly violent tunes all soake...
Last night I decided to get us into the Halloween spirit. My mom actually enjoyed the band Creature Feature.
Hoi Esther en Jeroen, kijk eens Monkey in the picture!
what're you doing for halloween? come party with Swamp Thing & more at the The Creature Feature Costume Bash fri oct 26th at El Mocambo. costume party/CD release party/best night of your life. let's go!!!
Pin-up skirt for the sassy gal on the go. Classic movie monsters adorn this curvy tight fit skirt, but you'll be the star in this flick with kick! ...
I do believe it's a red wine and creature feature kind of night. (cue lightning)
Oct 9 - 'Splinter' - A couple on a trip become the hostages of a separate criminal couple. They all end up in trouble however when a strange, infectious fungus. Great, uncomplicated creature feature .
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