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Creation Museum

The Creation Museum is a museum near Petersburg, Kentucky that presents an account of the origins of the universe, life, mankind, and man's early history according to a literal, young earth creationist perspective of the Book of Genesis.

Ken Ham Bill Nye Science Guy Ken Hamm Ark Encounter Charles Darwin

Depending on budget the zoo is fun, the Frist art museum has a really cool place for kids to try all sorts of art creation.
The Creation Museum is spending $73 million to build a replica Noah's Ark. How many missionaries could that money send to the unreached...?
public (state-funded) schools are divisions of state. Field trips to the are NOT ok.
send that bone to the Creation Museum
now he can go be a tour guide at the Ken Ham creation museum.
A couple of days ago, Zack Kopplin wrote at Slate about how the Creation Museum, with all of its anti-science...
.plans to salvage the Old Orchard as a memorial to victims. https:…
Oh My God, I can't believe there's a Creation Museum in Kentucky
This should be included in the creation museum
If the Creation Science Museum folks really believed the Word of God, they would have built the Ark by hand, with...
Incredible origami creation at the Museum of National Art Singapore, May 2015, by
questions raised about several issues tax $$ for the Creation Museum Ark - voter inconsistencies all alleged.
My flight is delayed in Cincinnati... trying to convince of a quick Creation Museum detour.
"And they went into the ark to Noah, TWO BY TWO . . . " GEN7.15 @ Creation Evidence Museum of Texas
Ken Ham is a Piker: Creation Museum founder Ken Ham is continuing to plug away on his "Ark Encounter" exhibit...
No one fears it. In the future there might be a museum of the creation museum, to show how ignorant some ancestors were.
Our Creation Museum is this Saturday!!! We are leaving NLCC at 730am sharp and hoping to be back around 6-630pm.
Field trips, the separation of church and state, and the Creation Museum all in one story, such click bait
The Red Baron: Manfred von Richthofen and the Creation of a Legend 13 May at RAF Museum London:
Public schools are visiting Ken Ham’s Creation Museum. That’s not constitutional. via
Secularists try to censor truth re origins from millions in public schools--why they're fearful of Creation Museum
Save up to 66% on the Creation Museum when you register for the Noah Conference, August 19-20 in Cincinnati!...
Today from 12-6 and Saturday from 10-6, shop at the International Fair Trade Sale at the Creation Museum!
Reserve your place in history. Combo tickets to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter are now available.
Come see the Ark, Creation Museum and hear some solid biblical teaching during Renew-a-thon in August. Learn more:
thanks so much for interviewing Ken Ham, I appreciate the Creation Museum, and their ministry, have you been yet?
Did you hear my interview w/who's behind Kentucky's Creation Museum? Here ya go!
Come to a Free Pro-Life Conference at the Creation Museum: We want to challenge you to think bibl...
You know about Ken Hamm, the Creation Museum,and now that Ark BS?Just because something's nuts doesn't mean people not serious.
Offer still stands, I'll take you to meet Kimbo & on a tour of the Creation Museum to ride the dineysores
You're unaware of the Creation Museum, I presume?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Formation of the crescent moon in Turkish version of al-Qazwini's Wonders of Creation, 1717 copy
I wonder what % of attendance at the Creation “Museum” are atheists and skeptical a going for the lols.
just got back from creation museum G and P want to take you Z G there great!!#
He tried applying for a job with Ken Ham at the Creation Museum but even they rejected him ... true story
I think he just got home after riding the dinosaurs at the Creation Museum.
Is he a professor at the Creation Museum?
Matt Bevin won the governor's race in Kentucky. This is the state that is home to the "Creation Museum". Check his profile, KY in trouble...
Meet Ebenezer. He is a Tyrannosaurus Rex who lives at the Creation Museum. :)
A3: I'd like to take the family to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum when the Ark is finished! in
This fantastic creation is almost like a painting you'd find in a museum. Almost.
moms that have children aged 5-7 need to take them to Mississippi Museum of Art's Hoot and Holler:
It's been a busy month at TTG! Classes, a Halloween party, a day spent at the Creation Museum, and more classes!...
The new Jesus 2016 strip has it all true believers! Trump! Carson! Jesus and the Pope at the Creation Museum!
Cincinnati! It's a great city and those who live in Oh, Ky, & In would come. Also, The Creation Museum is only 20 minutes!
Ken pauses during his daily stroll through the Creation Museum. He can't remember approving this "Tastiest Parts of the…
Electronic Device Insurance
The Institute of the Arab world will participate in the creation of a museum in via
How God used the creation museum to keep millions from believing in him...
Told Mack about the Creation Museum & he goes "lol nuh uh"
How God used the Creation Museum and AiG resources along this young girl’s journey to salvation:
They're hoping for the creation of a Lakehead Transit Museum.
Of course there's a creation museum in Kentucky
My Creation Museum quest: A skeptic’s genuine search for faith, science and humanity in a most unlikely place.
Create & experiences for the with NMM and Registration details here:
Another museum is planned. How many of these does really want?
New Creation Museum to Test the Limits of Donors and Attendees?
There's only a few more days for NMM + members to register for the Creation Lab w
Precisely what I'd expect coming from the man who founded a creation museum bleeding with fallaciousness.
LOL Ken Hams moronic creation museum where you can see such wonders as Adam putting a saddle on his pet dinosaur.
Need a job this Christmas season? Consider working at the Creation Museum!
Is that a Creation Museum diorama you're working on there?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Do they make these in sticker form? Might be fun to bring to Creation museum.
The has been at the National History Museum with their creation and talking volcanos
You mean the basis for the Creation Museum ?
TakeThatDarwin Creation Museum/Ark Park/Were you there? tilt things in Ham's favor here. At least Hovind has 6 typ…
Space is faked - go to the Creation Museum for further info.
Also, Creation Museum & others do a very effective job communicating that racism is result of science
I enjoy science fiction TV shows like Dr Who, so I am excited about the alien invasion at the Creation Museum in Oct! http:/…
I received an offer to visit the Creation Museum for free. Was thinking of going with some friends for entertainment. But never went lol.
Come to the Creation Museum on October 17 for face painting, balloon twisting, music by Buddy Davis, and more! .
Bethlehem Baptist Church Travel Club is touring the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY! There is so much to see...
co-creation with one of the guys at the museum. @ Deichtorhallen Hamburg
This video, "The Last Adam," is presented at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. Please take some time to...
One of the add-ons for this Cincy hotel I'm booking is a visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky! I'm sorely tempted...
Pastor Creation Science Museum founder Kent Hovind has new charges CREATED.
Museum & Gallery Listings for April 3-9, and the changelings would be simply experiments in creation. Pedro del Hierro
The zealots at the creation Museum might have to use that arc if this keeps up
creation museum in Ky has "GIANT" man and dinosaur found buried together ! Flint stones anybody ? Lol
Fun semi-related note, his site the Blaze used to send one of my Creation Museum videos lots of traffic. Angry traffic
We find it flattering in general when a very well-known media outlet mentions the Creation Museum. […]
For only $29.95 you can visit the Creation Museum and learn about how all humans and dinosaurs coexisted through God's grace.
You can tell that whatever is in there is a lie by the name. Creation Museum. If it were filled with facts it's just be called, a museum.
Have you ever visited the Creation Museum?
more photos from today's Creation Museum visit!
Em with her artistic creation at Akron Art Museum!
Fun times at the creation museum today
What a wonderful day @ Creation Museum today. Praising God!
If I go to the Kentucky Creation Museum this summer, would you want to go?
War memorial museum resigning during the creation of in 1971,90,000 *** laid down their arms htt…
Douglas County Museum in Tuscola IL (US 45 & 36) - exhibits on local history, including creation of Raggedy Ann
"Visit the Creation Museum in about 2,000 years."
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The Nasher just announced the creation of a $100,000 prize. What does it mean for the museum?
Sarah you should see the Creation Museum in KY. Quality exhibits with Dinos and Humans.
Tbt to that one time we all went to the Creation Museum.. 👈😊
Update on the Idaho Creation Museum - Several of you have been telling us about the big news in the Los...
Bargello Museum in the mirror with Eco Green Tours Florence . iStampa Foto & Creation
I was going to visit the creation museum then I remembered I'm not a gullible ***
Perhaps they could emblazon that argument on the wall of the Creation Museum?
No, you're thinking of the Creation Museum.
To raise funds so it doesn't seem like the Creation Museum is fiscally dead in the water?
ah, the FRC, whose leader Tony Perkins thinks Ken Ham is a great Bible scholar & Ham's Creation Museum does science
.Yesterday I suggested that the BC MP in question should apply for a job at Ken Ham's Creation Museum.
Today would be a perfect day for the rooftop at the Minnesota Children's Museum - a Themed Concepts creation.
This weekend we are taking a trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky for Easter/Spring Break. I'm looking forward to it!
National Museum of Colonial History, Uyo - houses collections centred on the creation of the state.
While I think they make a point regarding epistemology, I've not cited the Creation Museum. No one does.
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Thank u all for the kind words abt talk. For those interested, digital storytelling method is here
The very popular Christmas Town program at the Creation Museum will feature on two more nights—this coming Friday...
Kentucky Tourism Cabinet puts the brakes on Creation Museum's Ark Encounter tax breaks
I am getting excited about the Quarter Raffle coming up. I met with Judy and Barbara, spokespersons for the Quarters for a Cause group yesterday and we did a radio interview at C103 out of West Union. I have never been to a Quarter Raffle, but it sounds like a lot of fun...and a good way to support your favorite charity. A PLACE OF HOPE...I hope! So come out on Friday night at the Southern Hills Vocational School to support the PRC and win some great prizes. Doors open at 6 pm...raffle begins at 7 pm. Prizes include: tickets to the Newport Aquarium; the Cincinnati Museum Center and the Creation Museum; a gift certificate to Wal-Mart; Cahall Brothers; Blue Jay Car Wash and Georgetown Florist. Gift cards for Lake Manor, Country Inn, Butterbee's, Domino's, Panera Bread, Montgomery Inn, and Mt. Orab Food Court. Gifts from Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, Deb's Jewlry, Thirty-One, Origami Owl, Perfectly Posh, Mary Kay, Buckeye Confections, Lia Sophia Jewelry, Scentsy, Debb's Designs, Grand Canyon Candles, ...
peeps. Don't 4 get to get ur card stamped at Creation Museum booth 4 pass 4 you & guest to visit and zip line for FREE!
Don't forget to get your card stamped and register for great prizes at the Creation Museum booth.
You know they're also responsible for Mitch McConnell, the Creation Museum and a town with a dog for a mayor. Kentucky, y'all.
Accepting reservations now for Moody Radio's Oct. 7 trip to the Creation Museum!
And we have a Creation Museum, for light entertainment! I know, perfect right?
Zaha Hadid's undulating creation wins the award. I like it.
Bill Nye, "The Science Guy" and Ken Ham "Answers in Genesis" squared off Tuesday night at the Creation Museum in Kentucky
Favorite part of the Creation Museum was when they said Hitler believed in evolution, as if that is what made him horrible.
BMH: Whitcomb Honored by Ken Hamm, Creation Museum: BMH Books author, Dr. John C. Whitcomb, was part of ...
I have yet to see an atheist tell a theist that they're NOT ALLOWED to have their opinion. -
Omfg the reviews for the Creation Museum are like pouring bleach into my brain...
"Museum...". word museum isn't defined as BS exhibits used to con ppl into believing long ago debunked nonsense
Creation of a in downtown is getting closer
One of Behe's books was for sale at the Creation Museum when I visited there in 2011. :-\
New blog post: Exciting New Campaign to Promote the Creation Museum!: It is such a thrill to walk out into the...
'We don't have to be afraid of the real evidence' – Creation Museum ...
Fundraising for Blues Museum nearly complete: Creation of a National Blues Museum in downtown St. Louis is...
Leaving for creation museum tomorrow 😊
Leaving tomorrow for creation museum 😊
June 29, 2014 Arrived at B&B Cedars on the Brazos in Glen Rose Tx for Dino Dig with Creation Evidence Museum
I actually went to the Creation Museum in KY. Didn’t want to give them money, but I was curious how they made it legit
Hope to visit the Creation Museum in northern KY soon. If I waited until I turned 60 I could save $6, but the world might end before then.
(1/2) If anyone interested in what Ken Ham et al have done with the recently acquired Allosaurus at the Creation Museum, Origins 2014 is the
Photo: Dino friend at the creation museum
We bypassed the reeducation facility as we left Dinosaur Valley @ Creation Evidence Museum of Texas
Check out this contest from the Creation Museum!
Can you do something amazing with LEGO® bricks? Tell us about it, and we might display your creation in the museum. ht…
I also found out that my little sister was bummed because she didn't get to go to the creation museum with school cause it was cancelled.
Walt Harrington's ACTS OF CREATION added to library at the Craftsmanship Museum
And Ken Ham has PhDs in biology working for his creation museum. Doesn't mean they are credible.
Did he really say that?. Did the curator of The Creation 'Museum' say something that ignorant?.
Going to the Creation Museum today. I stole a Duck Dynasty shirt to help blend in.
Enjoying a stroll through the Creation Museum gardens.
Joyce's rant makes me think of the *** animated creation museum commercial that I've started seeing on TV.
Diana and our company are at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. I can barely boil water. Guess, that I will have to go, and see my old standby friend, Col. Sanders.
Almost two years ago, we were blessed to have the opportunity to display spectacular manuscripts and other items at the Creation Museum in a special exhibit.
Made it to New Orleans! About to head out and find some music :-) called in at the Creation museum in Tennessee on the way down yesterday ... hmm ... $27 million to build and looks amazing, but is of course suggesting that man and dinosaurs were around at the same time. Fascinating.
Obviously, I no longer need to plan that trip to the Creation Museum. Ahem! Spoiler Alert!
Ah yes, the creation museum. A creationist extravaganza with lots of dinosaurs. . Atheists at the Creation Museum:
Went to the Creation Museum with my mom, Mas, & J and almost got my finger bit off by a Zonkey at the petting zoo!! lol only me!
The Creation Museum is near my birthplace... and, BTW, recent polling shows that 42% of Americans believe in young earth.
This girl & art. This creation station is so fun. She stayed here for 30+ minutes. @ Dallas Museum of Art
1more, Kentucky's creation museum displays a dinosaur head and claims it died 4,300 years ago in Noah's flood. Come on guys
St. John the Evangelist, Full-Page Illuminated Miniature from an Armenian Gospel Book (1620–1630) The Creation Museum is pleased to announce the arrival o
Urban Salon calls for the creation of a museum freecycle - Archinect
A creation (bathtub) by Kenya Hara at the Temporary Museum for new Design. Image: Bruno Cordioli
Mullin Automotive Museum displays re-creation of Bugatti 100P, the only aircraft designed by founder. .
I'm trying to convince my mom to take us (family) to the creation museum. It's only 2 hours away from Columbus!!!
I have 4 tickets to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY that I need to sell. My family has decided to do...
I would love to go back to the Creation Museum because it was so educational!
International artist leaves her mark at NYC’s cc:
Speaking of Maron, his story of going to the Creation Museum is very entertaining.
Learn details about the creation contest at with Extended til June 14.
Founding Chairman Bob Johnson giving our Inasmuch Interns a history of the creation of the Memorial & Museum.
Getting ready to speak at the Creation Museum. This is a special time for me to be able to share with some...
First morning of vacation rainy day so glad we can be inside — at Creation Museum
Don't lose the way, remember the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Go visit the Creation Museum. Watch Men in White! It will help!
Creation Museum founder Ken Ham found it “ironic” that Bill Nye, who joined Ham in a debate on Creationism earlier this year, attended the White House Science Fair. Ham wrote on his blog y
Hoping these awesome thunderboomers blow through in time to take a stroll through the gardens at the Creation Museum before dropping my mom at the airport...
6/4/2014 Wednesday Morning Do you or don’t you… Came across this article from a fellow –home-schooler –though it’s been years since I home-schooled. I look back and when all is said and done I am glad to have God given me that opportunity. Is it close to perfect – NO – but neither is our school system , not even close! That’s another topic…anyway here is the article (in part) and my point. Each week we publicly confess our faith in our church by corporately reciting The Nicene Creed. I love this because it truly reminds us of the catholicity of our faith – notice I did not say “Roman” – but rather catholicity in the sense that we are part of one church through time and place as we confess the one “faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3). Yes, each week we start off the same: We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible. A few weeks ago I paused at the end of this first phrase. I ...
Where are you staying when you bring your group to the Creation Museum?
Let us go explore the Creation Museum 👌
But when I see responses like this I remember: there is still a Creation Museum. "Noah" starring Russell Crowe.
I have a goal to see it. Hoping in conjunction with a Creation Science Museum visit with
Early morning tomorrow to go see the Creation Museum😁
Sam is convinced the players are going to the creation museum tomorrow.
On a charter bus to Kentucky to see the Creation Museum and a Cincinnati Reds game. Planning to enjoy a few relaxing days with Courtney Kauffman and LarryandNancy Sipes.
Youth Trip to the Creation museum is TOMORROW! We are leaving the church at 7am, so please be there by 6:45 am. Bring your $20 with you. This money is for your ticket. Food money will be provided. See you tomorrow morning!
The Creation Museum has som beautiful gardens!
We had a wonderful day here! You should come and bring the kids! Kids (12 and under)free in 2014. Creation Museum
The creation museum is so pretty. I couldn't help myself.😌
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Visiting the Creation Museum in Kentucky. I wish everyone could hear the truth about creation and Genesis.
The only historical clip to be officially approved by the Creation Museum MUST WATCH:
The following is a remarkable email sent to one of our staff members from a former Creation Museum employee. It’s...
what a magnificent piece of crap, Ham. I'm dying, but my creation museum t-shirt is more important.
Pioneer Village: June 17, 2014 Pioneer Village Historical Museum is a re-creation of pioneer days in Corsicana...
Going to creation museum today. Should be a fun time with the 8th graders.
"Creation Museum thinks dinosaurs are REAL?!!! What nut jobs".
Several days this month you can join astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner for a guided tour of the Creation Museum’s astronomy exhibits.
Who has been to the Creation Museum in Ohio? Thinking of taking a roadtrip there this summer. What did you like/dislike? What are some of the other activities you did in that area? The website lists other attractions but I'm wondering if those would be too much to do in few days? How many days did it take you to see everything in the museum?
This is how Bill Nye the Science Guy debated a creationist - Creation Museum head Ken Ham, right, speaks during a...
Does anybody know why the Creation Museum is so popular?
The Kentucky Democratic Party is a bit of an oddity. Gov. Beshear, a Dem, pushed hard in 2010 for expanding the Creation Museum.
Check out speaker new column in LA's
How about denying all reality for any reason? It would be great to see the Creation Museum have to shut down.
Allosaur worth coverage even at Creation Museum -
Campfires and s'mores are included with the next youth trip to the Creation Museum. Find out more on our website.
Lucy to move into the Creation Museum
The Creation Museum is excited to present the “Scope It Out!” series on the function and use of microscopes.
Geology students assist with new Allosaurus exhibit at Creation Museum - The Daily Advocate
Creation Museum touts new dino skeleton as proof of Biblical flood
Just returned from a benefit night at the Creation Museum for the Harrison Ohio Reach Out Pregnancy Center. An awesome evening of meeting those who serve at the Center and their speaker, Melissa Ohden whose story of survival and the journey He set before her was the highlight of the evening. She is indeed the voice of the voiceless. A great table with Pastor Chris Sheneman,, Ann Brandwiede, Angie Angela McLelland Cox and their spouses.
Good Morning! Lifespring has sponsored a table tonight at the Creation Museum at 6:30, for the Pregnancy Center Banquet, We have a couple seats not taken, if interested please message me! Love to have you! Great Cause, and fellowship, and food!
Okay Friends, neighbors and otherwise... You don't need an excuse to go to the Creation Museum in Kentucky THIS coming Friday, May 9, 2014! We've got one!...We've got SEVERAL! Stephen Baldwin, Funnyman Thor Ramsey, Kid Comedian Tyler V., Filmmaker Christopher Shawn Shaw And Support for MORE good, wholesome Christ-centered films! If you are in the area, or just want to get in a GREAT road trip DON'T MISS THIS!!!
Zip Line and Canopy Adventure Tours at the Creation Museum: experience the biggest and best zip line course in the Midwest!
Not only do Bill Nye and Ken Ham hold totally different positions on origins, they also have different accounts of the history surrounding the recent debate at the Creation Museum.
Tiktaalik at the Creation Museum gift shop, picking out a t-shirt.
Please pray for the Temple Baptist Academy Safety Patrol (5th & 6th grade) as they travel to the Creation Museum...
Ken Ham of Creation Museum, does not recommend that Christians see the Movie "NOAH" - He says its disgusting and Paganistic. Go see "GOD'S NOT DEAD" instead. alot more uplifting!!!
Had a great trip to the Creation Museum with good friends! Hoping to get pics posted soon. Glad to come home to nice weather. :-) with John Joseph Schieffer
Bill Nye debunks the Bible's mythical story of Noah's Ark during a debate with Creationist Ken Ham at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Subscribe to The Daily...
what were you & Elizabeth Mitchell expecting "Cosmos" to do? Pander to the flat-earthers who keep your Creation Museum in business?
Well, we didn't see this one coming. A widely-publicized television debate on creationism and evolution between Creation Museum founder Ken Ham and Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' was handily dominated by Nye, most agreed. But Ken Ham may have the ...
Bill Nye must be rolling his eyes about now. His debate with Creation Museum founder Ken Ham aroused so much attention last month that the museum's proposed Noah's Ark theme park got much-needed... US News Summaries. | Newser
Salon e-mail 2/22/14 "From Puritans to Ken Ham: The long history of creationism in America" "Modern-day creationist rhetoric has its roots in the Puritan desire to make America into a "City of God" By Jarret Ruminski. "In the annals of great American nuttiness, the recent live-streamed creation vs. evolution debate between former kids’ television host and all-around mega-egghead Bill Nye and Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham will forever hold a distinguished place. Held on February 4 at the Petersburg, Ky., Creation Museum, which serves as the flagship enterprise for Ham’s Christian fundamentalist Answers in Genesis ministry, the science vs. religion smackdown showcased two competing theories about the origin and nature of life that have come to shape much of the sociopolitical discourse in modern America. It’s unlikely that the debate ultimately changed any minds, but it did demonstrate a long-running historical theme that has made the U.S. fertile ground for the belief that God created humankind wit ...
In 2014, all kids can come to the Creation Museum free of charge with the purchase of a full-priced adult admission!
Thanks to for the opportunity to submit my creation on their museum! I'll do my best to have high quality of nail art!
Everything you ever wanted to know about the biggest creation museum in the world.
Comanche National Museum: Creation Story. Comanches were introduced to Christianity by missionaries during the...
The Creation Museum is a sad joke, a museum of self-delusion and mythology. You embarrass yourself by directing people there.
From the Texas Creation Evidence Museum web site: "Experience the fun of a real archilogical excivation."
CAR WASH FUNDRAISER: MARCH 22ND looks like a good day for a car wash. I will be giving you your car wash sign up sheet soon, so be thinking and PLANNING on those you would ask to sponsor you. This is not your average car wash; this is kind of a big deal so be sure you take full advantage of this opportunity for camp and our possible creation museum trip.
Off to Creation Museum for a workshop tomorrow!
Wazz up guys!!! WE had a lot more than I anticipated sign up for sky much so that we put them at capacity for the they had to move us up 30 min. in our reservation.that being said we will still meet at the church at 12:30 to eat some pizza and chill before heading out.the change in time might slightly effect our return time... so just keep that in mind. Also I hope you remembered to pick up your form for the creation museum.If not come and get one!! We will be leaving at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday March 2nd and returning by 8:30 p.m. the price is $10 which covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and your museum Pass!!! This is an awesome thing and I don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to grow and be blessed, so please grab a form and fill it out!! Have a great rest of the week. see you Sunday!
At the airport. Kentucky, here I come. Will be sitting down with Ken Ham tomorrow at the Creation Museum. What questions would you ask?
I don't see any saddles on those dinosaurs like they have at the creation museum :-D
Do Fish Sin? Bill Nye debates Ken Ham Evolution Christianity Nye Ham Debate Evolution Climate Change Creation Museum Religion News "Do fish sin?" was a question a puzzled Bill Nye, popularly known as the "the Science Guy," asked Ken Ham, a "Young Earth" creationist, who advocates a "literal" reading of Genesis, in their recent, highly publicized, debate. Nye is a science educator, and Ham is president of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Sin is not a concept in Nye's primary field, but his question went directly to a main point in Ham's argument, complete with slides, that death entered the world through sin. Fossil slides were also provided, showing one fish eating another.
Last night on Cspan, I watched Bill Nye debate with Ken Ham (founder of the creation museum)... Bill Nye owned him of course. I am always shocked how some people will ignore science even when it is handed to them on a platter. Nye is awesome!!
Praying today for friends that are headed to the creation museum in KY.
Learning at the museum: from school educational tours to the co-creation of knowledge trough participatory models
Samurai museum turned out just to be a full scale re-creation of a 300 year old town, 9 stories high in a building.
This Evolution vs Creation debate was great PR for the Creation Museum. I want to go check it out now sometime
Bad Dog, the 28-foot creation of artist Richard Jackson, is outside of the Newport Museum of Art.
AOL still makes $600,000,000 a year from dial-up Internet. The majority comes from the area surrounding the Creation Museum in Kentucky.
Ken knows the promotion of him equals the promotion of the Creator and His Creation, the Museum n Ark Encounter, so it's all good.
He absolutely inferred that it's an insular cult, by talking about Ken's Creation Model, "inside" C Museum vs "out there"...
THIS IS AWESOME! I'm watching Bill Nye the Science Guy with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ivy League Cornell University versus Ken Hamm the creation museum founder (6 years old) with an BA Applied Science degree.
Get into the Creation Museum and experience cognitive dissonance for only $30!
Free "mark of Cain" tattoos for kids under 12 at the Creation Museum this week only!
Heard about Creation Museum debate, but need to see first-hand. Good speaking skills do not mean you are speaking fact.
What hath Bill Nye The Science Guy wrought? Got an email from Ken Ham this morning. He's really happy with the publicity bump, and wants to know if I'll be hosting mini-debates in my neighborhood. "February 4 was an historic day for the ministry of Answers in Genesis and our high-tech Creation Museum. Famed engineer, scientist, comedian, author, and inventor Bill Nye and I debated the question, “Is creation a viable model for explaining the origins of the universe?” Even before the debate started, the event garnered much international attention among believers and skeptics alike."
Had fun at church with these three (: Jackie Crutcher Chris Lutz Kylea Morgan looking forward to Sunday (: creation museum!!😃
If anyone is interested . Creation museum director Ken Ham , And Bill Nye the Science Guy , engage in a debate on evolution and creationism 8 o'clock tonight ,CSPAN The actual debate was a few days ago.MY opinion ? Fred Flintstone did not operate a dinosaur steam shovel at work !!
wow...still I am amazed to see God's creation face to face. @ Harvard Museum…
Getting people to stop doing this at the Creation Museum .
Going against conventional wisdom, you do in fact have to be a bit crazy to work at the Creation Museum, and that no, it doesn't help.
CANVAS, CHAOS, CREATION. Breakfast for two. Tickets to: Canadian War Museum, Canadian Museum of History or National Gallery of Canada...
Picture sent from parents to Ken Ham, Creation museum
Save yourself a trip and see the Creation Museum here:
Wait . . . and humans apparently did quite well then--see the displays at the Creation Science Museum!
Join the creation museum this Saturday for a screening of Steven Spielberg's famous documentary Jurassic Park.
. We can do this all day.😁. You need to come to the US and visit the "creation museum". Ken is waiting 4 you🎯
Bill Nye talks to Bill Maher about the Creation Museum debate with Ken Ham
An ad for the creation museum just came on my Pandora. *** Pandora 😒
So after watching Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate that took place on the Creation Museum two weeks ago. It was a...
"If we weren’t there to witness an event, then we can’t possibly predict how it got that way" --this is a quote from the director of the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Oh My God The Irony. well, whatever... reason has been a part of organized religion ever since two nudists took dietary advice from a talking snake
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Creation Science Museum: Will the exhibits at a creation science museum convince evolutionists that the world ...
And God created the Creation Museum for our amusement
City needs creative people and knowledge becomes an asset for co-creation Rob Stein Dallas Museum of Art
Building on a powerful legacy of entrepreneurship and wealth creation during Black History Month.
via "Dear Creation Museum, all science is “historical science.” Here’s why."
Watch Bill Nye "debate" the Creation Museum live, right here in 10 minutes
Will somebody please go to the Creation Museum with me soon??
Before debate a cartoon tells us kids get in free to the creation museum. Or at the low low cost of their ability to reason
Title of my favorite student's paper on Ken Ham's Creation Museum "And on the Third Day, God Created the Remington Bolt-Action Rifle, So That Man Could Fight the Dinosaurs. Amen."
Just landed the Creation Museum to advertise in PCC's 2014-2015 Activities Calendar! I think that should qualify as an automatic A in sales class.
Maybe the creation museum is little too scary for family fun day lol :/
This week's podcast is now available. Message Click on the link below to listen. _ Reflection Questions – Week of February 16, 2013 The Beginning of All Things Genesis 1 and 2 Describe a ‘birth’ that had a profound impact upon you? What was the most challenging, helpful, or troubling thing that you got from Sunday’s message? What was man put on this earth to do? Are you doing a good job of fulfilling that role? What are some ways that scietific discoveries have challenged your faith? Is there anything that you have changed your faith position on? If so, what led to that change? The founder of The Creation Museum holds the position that there was no death prior to the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden. Can you prove that position using scripture? What verses of scripture do you think support that position? What in scripture does not support that position? What arguments do you think that Christians run the risk on being on the wrong side of? How should we approach those arguments? What emptin . ...
I have to say, Benny's surprise Valentine's trip to the creation museum and dinner this weekend was amazing. There aren't words to tell how thankful I am and how much I love him. He's the best!!
This year marks the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Darwin,whose theories of evolution are taught in schools and inform scientific thought worldwide. And it's the second anniversary of the Creation Museum,a $35 million monument to a different theory: the one found in the Bible.
Creation museum cincinnati ohio,plz visit u will find the fact abt GoD jesus.
Just got home from church and a trip to the creation museum and it was awesome!!Can't wait to put the pics up later :-)
Just learned that I can delete ads from my newsfeed. Thank you Creation Museum for providing me with the incentive to figure out how to make all ads from a specific group disappear.
Had a great day today with the SYME students at the Creation Museum! :)
Kristen got on a bus full of CATGrs last night and drove to the Creation Museum in KY. I woke up this morning and noticed she must have forgot to preprogram the coffee maker so my coffee was ready for me this morning when i got up to work on my sermon. Also noticed I'll have to do my own laundry before I head back to the Capitol Monday. And the fridge is empty. Wasn't yesterday Valentines Day?
Well. Delores and I celebrated our 28th Anniversary together. Early Friday morning Delores purchased me tickets for our anniversary to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY with our trip all planned out, what we were going to be doing along with what time we would go for dinner and what motel to stay in before returning back to sunny Indiana. Our plans were to include spending quality time together alone in which we are not accustomed to at home, something we have been lacking for the past 27 years. Do not get me wrong, we are truly blessed with three wonderful children and three wonderful grand children, but we do need more time to get to know each other again after so much time raising our family. We walk out the door Friday morning and it is starting to snow and the the sky opened up and the snow broke free making the roads treacherous before even driving to the stop sign at the end of our driveway. Delores wanted to go ahead and get a sandwich before venturing south to Kentucky so we stopped at the Su ...
Questioning Darwin, a new HBO documentary filmed in part at the Creation Museum contrasts the views of Charles Darwin with those of Christians who accept the Bible’s account of creation.
We should take a trip to the creation museum. Even if this isn't an official thing I would settle on going with a subset of you wonderful people. Pleased with his amazing idea, Dante gazed at his comment and declared this is good and retired to bed.
Big surprise Bill Nye gave bad information at the debate while insulting people from Kentucky. Bill Nye'S ERROR PERTAINING TO KENTUCKY'S SCIENTIFIC STATUS (Friday Church News Notes, February 14, 2014, fbns866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from "Answering Bill Nye," Around the World with Ken Ham, Feb. 8, 2014: "During my recent debate with Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' at the Creation Museum, Mr. Nye ... made a false claim about our state of Kentucky and its medical technology. It caught the eye of a diagnostic radiologist, who wrote a letter to Bill Nye to correct him [about the] false charge that the state of Kentucky does not have a nuclear medicine program within its borders. Apparently it was Nye's attempt to show that the Creation Museum's home state is backward technologically, and that the museum has supposedly been contributing to scientific illiteracy in Kentucky. ... 'Bill, I thank you for your time and effort in participating in the debate with Ken Ham. I am a Bible-beli ...
TV's "Science Guy" Bill Nye stand speaks during a debate on evolution with Creation Museum head Ken Ham, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, at the Petersburg, Ky. museum. Ham believes the Earth was created 6,000 years ago by God and is told strictly through the Bible. Nye says he is worried the U.S. will not mo...
Now for a couple of the more disturbing emails. Remember, this is someone who RUNS a Creation Museum: "Run like a little girl, from the big bad smart creationist !!! That's why sam & *** always run too. You lose. lol UFC ya right. what a waste of skin you are. You have proven to me you know nothing about the sciences. Evolutionism is religion, it relizes on a belief system. lol." "you tube David Berlinski "evolution destroyed in 5 minutes" you lose chickenlittle ! CHECK&MATE !!! lol!!! To Funny!!! p.s. when something bad happens to you, please tkink of me." Can you imagine that? An Evangelical Christian telling someone to think of them when something bad happens to you... Yep. Sounds about right.
An Atheist visited the Creation Museum with his son.Asks his son:Dad is that a Neanderthal? No son that is Ken Ham!
Feb. 20th I plan to visit Creation Museum. You can check out the pictures on here or U-Tube.
HA HA HA HA HA. Once again not debating whether God is real but come on. Creation museum has dinosaurs and says that man and dinosaurs lived side by side. This is straight from his website. Im sorry but whatever you believe come on. Although the Bible does not tell us exactly how long ago it was that God made the world and its creatures, we can make a good estimate of the date of creation by reading through the Bible and noting some interesting passages: God made everything in six days. He did this, by the way, to set a pattern for mankind, which has become our seven day week (as described in Exodus 20:11). God worked for six days and rested for one, as a model for us. Furthermore, Bible scholars will tell you that the Hebrew word for day used in Genesis 1, can only mean an ordinary day in this context. We are told God created the first man and woman—Adam and Eve—on Day Six. Many facts about when their children and their children’s children were born are given in Genesis. These genealogies are reco ...
God's aim must be off this morning; the Creation Museum is in Petersburg, KY not Bowling Green. Thanks for trying though.
I posted this on my personal wall today, but will post it here as well: Today is "Question Evolution Day" put together by organizers who are combating a growing trend of emphasizing evolution in churches by celebrating Darwin's birthday. This is a passionate issue for me, and I could go into all the scientific and theological problems with mixing evolution and God, but I'd rather just share the testimony this research project has had on me personally. For my birthday three years ago, I decided I didn't want any presents - I just wanted to get out and spend time with the family doing something. I said I'd heard great things about this Creation Museum in Cincinnatti. The only thing I really knew was that it presented a Biblical history walkthrough. Sounded exciting! After that visit, my life changed. For the longest time I really struggled with the Old Testament. I just couldn't make sense of it. The museum took me through the Bible starting with the very first verse and explained how foundational ...
A visual tour of the Creation Museum
The Creation v Evolution debate with Ken Hamm of the Kentucky "Creation Museum" and Bill Nye, that Science Guy. After Nye's exposition of scientific facts about determining the age of the Earth, Ken's deadly counter-argument: "It's not true!" Point. Game. Set.
"On Tuesday evening more than 3 million people tuned in to watch "Science Guy" Bill Nye debate Ken Ham, founder of the biblically literalist Creation Museum ...
Christian experts on science explained that there are more than just two perspectives on the relationship between faith and science, articulating a position that neither Ken Ham nor Bill Nye represented in their Tuesday debate at the Creation Museum.
Leading creationist and bestselling Christian author Ken Ham is joined by Emmy Award-winning science educator and CEO of the Planetary Society Bill Nye for this debate at the Creation Museum.
TV's "Science Guy" and the founder of the Creation Museum wrangle over Earth's origins in event streamed live on Internet
I am so pleased with the response in donations for the upcoming silent auction in April, it is still early so I am sure we will get more responses to the request I sent out. Just a heads up that I am working on putting together some bundles for the Mammoth Cave area and The Smoky Mountain area. To name a few other donations received: tickets for Reds, Cincinnati Bearcats, Florence Freedom, Creation Museum, and Cincinnati Zoo, Sterling Cut Glass vase, zipline, photo package from Amanda Dunavent, a nice little package from Rising Star Casino, Holiday World as well as several other items already received, and we are just getting started.
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