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Crazy Train

Crazy Train is a song written by Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads and Bob Daisley.

Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy Osborne Randy Rhoads Randy Rhodes Chipper Jones Enter Sandman Jordin Sparks Rudy Sarzo Pat Boone

the most crazy train ride with MEUTE🎉 13h00 from Riffelberg to Gornergrat
U dnt have to be crazy to be my frnd...dnt worry, i will train u.
Now...I know the Orangeman is Crazy !!! *** !!! he knows nothing !!! ??? he is a run-away train.He…
There's a skunk somewhere by the train station and the smell is driving me crazy
Its crazy i'll loose track of time up at 3 AM reading books, like I don't have to be up at 7 to train.
My commute never seemed crazy before. Today, when there's so much to be done, I am on a train (with a bee) instead to be in Edinburgh 5mins
Hi will there be problems with the train tomorrow as there is a protest happening this friday ?
Walking the train station in pjs please ignore me if you see me I'm not actually crazy
I liked a video Crazy Train (Cover) - 35th Death Anniversary Tribute to Randy Rhoads
Listening to Crazy Train (Remastered) by Ozzy Osbourne, on the album: Blizzard of Ozz
Now Playing on Work Order Radio : Crazy Train (Album Version) by Ozzy Osbourne . - Buy it
20mins of circuit training followed by 6km of walking. :-) Favourite music, Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne.
day 3: song that makes me happy. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne (1980)
Ozzy Osbourne LYRICS. "Crazy Train". Crazy, but that's how it goes. Millions of people living as foes. Maybe. it's...
Osbourne becomes visibly moved hearing "Crazy Train" master tape for 1st time since recording it 36 years ago. h…
Art for sale . Randy Rhoads on the Tracks of the Crazy Train.
My 7-yo cousin wanted to listen to Crazy Train and he grabbed the Carbon Leaf version off the shelf and it was very cute.
VIDEO: in an intense air guitar battle to Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" at ''The Tonight Show with Ji…
I love Crazy Train ep - I have lost count how many times I have watched over again
"Crazy Train" on the radio. Wife: "This song reminds me of 'Brave Little Toaster'.". Me: "Reminds me of Ryan Church."
the earth opens up when a green Brandon Wimbush, takes the field broadcast over the Jumbotron as "Crazy Train" plays.
Just saw people driving down the street in a golf cart blasting, "Crazy Train." Welcome to Grand Blanc, Michigan.
You must be an Ozzy fan.'cause you're 'going off the rails on a crazy train.'
$AMZN recent lows and new ETH highs $NQ_F futures. let me off this crazy train!!!
I got off Ozzy's crazy train and boarded Aerosmith's crazy wagon. Cause I don't want to miss a thing. Apparently . I'm their leader. Help me
Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne HA !! First song up on a Monday morning. Kinda sets the tone. ♫
These people must think I'm crazy...singing and dancing on the train
we will take the train it stops at Yankee stadium. Thank you!! I know it's going to be crazy that day.
The food train makes its first stop! What an awesome journey it has been. More fun and crazy activities to follow!
Stuck on a crawling bus and now a crawling train with a crazy person who's prob gonna murder someone standing next to me.
Well at least it's almost over then I can get off this crazy train wreck.
On the an insanely slow train going to school, scrolling through reddit. I just keep chuckling away, everyone must think I'm crazy
Thats crazy! They should train coaches, instead of putting anyone in there. Waitin solves nothin, teach now=prevent injury
Japan's train system is enough to drive a guy crazy lol
I could have sworn the train had been hit from behind. Crazy out here in Chiba. Train still halted.
sounds like a crazy journey. I hate catching train from town hall. Like a sauna down there.
Was biking under a train overpass and saw it start to sway over me as iPhone emergency alarm went off. Was crazy!
I've written like 5 songs on the LRT platform of UN Ave station; in case you were wondering how crazy the lines get to take the train
Crazy busy train from Gatwick today; going to be muchos fun trying to push past all these sardines to get my suitcase in a mo :D :D :D
There is a crazy man on the train... If I die tonight please celebrate my life.
This picture was taken on a train to France so he must be on his way to filming for Dunkirk!
| Harry with sister on a train to France today, 15/5
Harry was seen in the train in France today! He took it from Lille, Northern France! -S
thanks! blessed to be able to go out & run. I don't train. Crazy, but true. I usually run a 5K to half race almost every wkend
Sarah Palin was the herald of the 1/2 of the GOP that rides the crazy train, who've been there & only growing in numbers since 1968.
Back on the crazy train of doing fasted cardio at 4:30 in the morning. 20 mins on the elliptical…
Absolutely empty gym... Portuguese ppl don't train much󾌫 and here comes crazy Ukrainians, looking for gym or...
Run a crazy train like your boy was
From 'Crazy Train' to 'Send in The Clowns' and 'You're So Vain,' here are 70 songs that sum up the 2016 election.
Going to train like crazy tomorrow. Gimme that belt!
It's 7a.m. On a Monday and I have already seen some crazy ish on the train. Smh
Jumped off crazy bus chaos took a cab and now in a train. Yup
Now Playing on the J-Train to funny town...Unknown Artist - Crazy Marathon 2
Strange dream last night, met Natalie Dormer on a train and we ended up designing a new luxury crazy golf course for a gangster.
no way I wanna go out like a crazy way gudo what happen to Luke breh zoom was holdin him hostage he escaped got hit by a train
The is on it's way! Check out going crazy in the train.
Sweaty *** Train is so bloody hot. How are all u crazy Adelaidians wearing coats & jumpers. .
Running like crazy from one platform to another to catch train missed 😁😁😁
Even Sweden, with its vast distances and slow train service, are considering scrapping overnight trains. Crazy. https…
Also I have saddled myself willingly to the crazy train again
You don't have to be crazy to be my friend... I'll train you...
I am a feminist but I am also now the crazy person who laughs out loud on her morning train Thanks for the intro
The best of the '80 now on our radio Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train
When you have got with you on India's first food train, you are guaranteed to have some crazy fun. https:/…
after all this country music I Would welcome some Crazy Train or Enter Sandman!
It's not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate. Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
I'm great with kids. Just don't play Crazy Train when I'm holding a baby. Because air guitar.
Philly Phile  |  Eagles fans continue to ride the Crazy Train - YDKJ
Crazy Train was the first song in West Canada Valley girls' warmup on Monday. Just have to make a 2 hour drive for it
"Ozzie Osborne collects royalties on Crazy Train and I know he doesn't remember writing it. He was coked out all of 1979"
I'm sorry I kept cranking up Crazy Train while you were trying to toot your own horn.
you look like Blanch from The Golden Girls in your Crazy Train video.
Wth?! Did Aunt Flo come in on the Crazy Train tonight, or what!!?! 😖
Do i need to turn into Ozzy Osborne and show you the Crazy Train? *wiggles my brows up and down*
Ozzy Osborne visited Hersheypark. No report on if he rode the Crazy Train.
people are tailgating around my apt and right now Crazy Train, Eye of the Tiger, Wagon Wheel, and Maggie May are playing at the same time
Crazy but that's how it goes, millions of people living as foes… ♫ Crazy Train by Forever the Sickest Kids —
Remember when I was little and I was Ozzy Osborne af and I played Crazy Train everyday and bought circle glasses and screamed "Sharon"
Been a while since I was at a TCU game- they no longer play Tom Petty at the start of the 4th quarter. Crazy Train remix instead. Good call.
Informal poll: best pump up song with killer intro? *** Bells? Welcome to the Jungle? Crazy Train?
Is it bad that I can play Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne? Randy Rhodes style? I'm 13😂
When 'Crazy Train' by Ozzy Osbourne comes on really loud, unexpectedly on shuffle and nearly gives you a heart attack 😳
gotta train like crazy all week because I'm tryna be great this weekend lol
“Whatever keeps the chaos train running. Tomorrow: Huckabee on top! that's more like crazy train
I think it's crazy how Amanda is already on the road. I just hope she gets time to train so she's not another useless diva
Crazy tryna drive into Brooklyn tonight or tomorrow to lower Manhattan park & get on the train ..follow the crowd 😂
I've been watching this crazy train for months now. So many consequences for canada under this republican leadership.
It's crazy what you can train your mind to do
That's crazy for demaryius but you need an RB, Latav train would solidify first two picks
Getting a little crazy and watching How to Train a Dragon 2 and eating choclate by myself while shelby sleeps :)))
What did Colin Powell drink in order to stay on the crazy train? Greener.
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throwback to Friday when I shouted "Drarry is real" and the train station and someone looked at me like I was crazy.
fam. I LOVE riding my bike. I rode it 15+ miles thru LA when I could've took the train. But you're crazy for that lol
Quad City Dj's - C'Mon 'N Ride It (The Train) Ohhh Staci you crazy LOL we did got the train going in Nightclub
RisqueRadio - DJDevanti is playing Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
if you can track down Mike aka Train/Thrilla, he can tell you how crazy I can go.
Hey are you enjoying your ride on the crazy train today?! Pass the pretzels!
Hey Coach Mike check out Metalachi version of Crazy Train.
New from Crazy Warthog Media: The Train and the River (CWM0582-S9-greedbagmp3) -
-- the manor has not been too crazy. *He looked around, awaiting the next train to the resort area.* It'll be fun --
I look crazy right now trying to choreograph on this train😂
Crazy map 1!! 16-14 for as it came right down to the wire! Map two in train up next!
They're going off the rails on a crazy train!!
watching On The Air on a train to Ottawa... think people think we're crazy sitting chuckling away. God bless you and Gerry!
It's crazy that some ppl will walk across the street or train tracks with their eyes on their phones the whole time
Welcome aboard to all of the new followers that have jumped on the crazy train the last few weeks. Please invite your friends!
When Naisah sings Crazy Train randomly😅😅 And she doesnt even know all the words
It's crazy train time! Sometimes we really wonder about da American people.🐾🐾
Old Uni friends and this, well worth the crazy train journey.
ya they're p new u might wanna hop on the1d train before it gets 2 crazy I'm predicting big things for them
SUBWAY FIGHTS Crazy Fight on the D train in New York
I wasn't the only one that got on the wrong train earlier. A few did. I knew I wasn't going crazy. Something was mislabeled I think.
Wait. I'm not the only person on this crazy train?
Riding the train with these two crazy kids.
Why me? Every single cart I get on, on the train there's always atleast one crazy person. Why? What about the train attracts crazy people?
I was just thinking about this and I believe they are gonna run Pryor on more of these crazy direct snap plays.
4/5 Japan crazy gangbang in train by Kei Mori LIKE & REPOST -
Check out "Crazy Train" as performed by the The Louisville Leopard Percussionists .
Ozzy Osbourne donated $10,000 to after watching a video of the students performing "Crazy Train." http:/…
This is pretty good too Crazy Train - Guitar Solo - Slow & Close Up - Guitar Lesson DVD With Danny Gill
Man. You've never lived until you've heard Pat Boone cover "Crazy Train", "Paradise City" and "Enter Sandman".
Justin Bieber performing "Crazy Train" as Ozzy Osbourne is the best thing you'll watch today: http:/…
Next stop for our Crazy Train is 1st Aug at Truckfest Scotland, with The Sleaze Brothers, David John and DJ Kevin Sneddon. "ALL ABOARD!"
Crazy Train by Ozzy Ozbourne will always be one of my favorite songs, I don't even care.
Hop on the MAX to head downtown and meet up with a friend, fire up and Ozzy's Crazy Train is the first song. . Well played.
Still one of my favourite things ever! Slash ft Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators ft.Biffy Clyro - Crazy Train -
Also got to see Rob Trujillo of Metallica do a Crazy Train cover. Legendary.
For some reason, when I saw Lindsey Graham's announcement just now, Ozzie Osbourne's "Crazy Train" started playing in my head.
Just imagine what Randy Rhodes could have gone on to do... Crazy Train: LIVE Randy Rhoads: HQ - After Hours TV show
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen. Crazy Train - Rhandy Rhoads. November Rain - Slash . Cortez the Killer - Neil Young . are debatable as well
I also think that Ozzy Osborne makes all his money from sport arenas playing Crazy Train.
If we were at Camden Yards, they'd be playing Crazy Train right now.
The are at it again! Check out their percussion ensemble performance of "Crazy Train"
Cannot wait to train after work and get the house cleaned! Crazy busy week! 😳😜👊💥
Oh dear...what haven't you missed? *waves from the caboose of the crazy train*
rockin' the air guitar to Crazy Train at Raider Field. You have to see it to truly appreciate it!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
{Giveaway} Solutions for the Hormonal Crazy Train (but, you're not crazy) {Part 1}
oh, I'm with you. Too chill. No way I wanna get on the train to crazy island.
omg my spring break was epic I went to the train one day and seen a crazy lady doing a strip tease
Wishing all a safe weekend. Thanks to all my followers for joining me on this crazy train called "Life".
Was gonna take a pic of this crazy chick on the train when I noticed the woman next to me was already on it. Baby Boomer-1 Millennial-0
Yep, well, sometimes in the midst of it, it can indeed feel a little crazy. Somehow we just keep getting back on the crazy train
Peter has pretty much taken a ride on the crazy train. What will he do next? and how will Alan react?
This carjacking dude in LA is crazy!!! 😂😂😂😂 going over train tracks while the train is coming, handing out cash to people walking by...
Hey, semi-crazy preacher screaming at everyone, how 'bout Jesus makes my train run on time, and then maybe we'll talk about my immortal soul
Still crazy excited. Rising star championship match (and an ultimate X match in The Chelle t…
Testing, Testing is this thing on? Where is the hype train at for 4 pm today?
the suspect almost got killed by a train lol crazy xD
CLARIFICATION: Men, know if you're gonna have sex with any woman, you are boarding the crazy train. You just don't know what level of crazy.
Wow, this taxi cab pursuit it is crazy!! He just went thru a train crossing and drove right up to a passing train 😱
OMG! This driver is crazy! He kept on going while the train lights & safety arm was down. Blue line was passing. Almost hit the train. SMH.
My neighbor asked if I wanted to train with him. He is huge and works out like crazy. I said yes I'm up for a good challenge.
so cool to ok statements in Jon tell all book, everyone rides on the crazy train sometimes . Great to share those rides ,peace
Why do I sit here and drive myself crazy?
yes we do! Driving me crazy watching this game! Where are our bats out
I'm practically bouncing in my seat on the train. Looking a bit crazy!
Ozzy: All Aboard!. Me: Excuse me, is this the Crazy Train?. Ozzy: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ay ay ay ay!
I don't understand why people don't pay attention to trains let alone train signals. Crazy.
I'm not on the crazy train at all. Ha. Ha. Ha. :)
😭😂 to prob catch train back to Bruce grove. Crazy Tottenham people!
the crazy train is in the building !! U play solid hockey and the true hockey start soon :))
wonder where half the nutballs in the US are? And the GOP Crazy Train?
I must have look crazy on the train home I was smiling like a freak with mascara all over me lmao
my party lifestyle is getting out of control. somebody stop me before I go crazy watching slow train through africa and reading glamour 💁
"Going off the rails on the crazy train," which wouldn't've happened had the government not micromanaged a poor locomotive
This game is already looking to be like a train wreck
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
been there girl. Kyle has a train, but not as crazy- they're gonna build that over pass on aquarena that will help.
Right then people we are only three weeks away from the Wizards crazy train pulls into Nottingham station for our...
Wearing the conductor hat on the crazy train today!
£16 open return train ticket too, travel/ticket and everything else cheaper than just the ticket for Chelsea last week. Crazy.
Jen! JEN! I just booked my ticket on the crazy train. Please point me in the direction of the car with the Margaritas. 🍹🍸
First time properly in the ring in just under a year. Cut lip and massive headache but absolutely buzzing! Time to train like crazy!
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train ♪
"You're 100% the type of girl that crazy people wanna murder and I mean that in the best way" -
Almost bound crazy train has to be late!!!
We had a crazy follow train last night before the stream even started thanks to some of the cool peeps from stre…
A young Ozzy Osbourne and a live version of Crazy Train to get my on follow Friday , All aboard!
Sitting in the train writing a song! On my way to my friends summerhouse for some crazy mad relax🙏 have a nice Easter …
I can fly you anywhere, We can sex and crazy places,. Airport,Train station, going up the escalator,. At the dome, on the 50!😍😍
What about "Crazy Train"? We had a 3b that used that. It seemed to work for him.
"Welcome to the Jungle" is gonna be like "Crazy Train" I hear it, get excited, then realize retired & has been traded.😢
All Aboard the Crazy Train! Off the Rails is Rudy Sarzo's Retrospective of His Days in the Ozzy...
If you were curios: If i come out of the bullpen at Cheney Stadium, my music will be Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
to Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne on LIPSapp Classic Hits in Fort Lauderdale
Tom Brady should have done an entrance where he is . 1) shredding a guitar to Crazy Train. 2) head banging next to Ozzy Osborne
Interesting choice for Pats to enter field to "Crazy Train." I would've gone with "No Air" by Jordin Sparks.
come out to Ozzy's Crazy Train? I would have thought Jordin Sparks' No Air would have been more apropos.
enter to "Crazy Train" By Ozzy Osbourne.. Either that or Larry Walker or Chipper Jones is currently in batter's box.
On our radio right now Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
Ozzy Osbourne performing 'Crazy Train' at the Cheaters home opener back in 2005! LOL
Michael Angelo Batio on the Crazy Train. I'm pretty sure Randy Rhodes would approve...
Crazy Train!.Casey Jones is one Helluva Engineer...OZZY will get us to PETTICOAT JUNCTION in time for Thanks...
Just heard literally the worst cover band version of 'Crazy Train' ever. Might write a 1000-word blog post on this.
If you don't associate Crazy Train with Chipper Jones are you really a Braves fan?
Breaking News: Runaway Train Involved in Fatal Collision with Crazy Train. All members of Soul Asylum and Ozzy Osborne confirmed dead.
2 all my new followers... All have been followed back. Wanna say thanks😊 &. Welcome aboard the Crazy Train...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Nothin' like some Crazy Train at 8AM on a Saturday! Great job pep band! Best of luck today to Riverdale Cross Country
It’s just Scott Brown and the one 14-year-old rocking out to Crazy Train at Guitar Center.
So many baseball players use Crazy Train as their walkup music. What happened to the days where only Chipper Jones rocked that?
PRR Pennsylvania Railroad and Reading Lines collector started kit. All Aboard the Crazy Train! :
This is my jam: Crazy Train (Album Ver... by Ozzy Osbourne on Poison Radio ♫
If you're not listening to Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne, I will be very sad.
Artist: Ozzy Osbourne Song: Crazy Train Album: Blizzard of Ozz "Crazy Train" is the first single from British heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne's debut solo...
I must say being a rock and roll videographer is reason is that I get to allow awesome musicians to show their stuff...and at the same time rockument history for them and I.on this night I can't tell you how much I enjoyed shooting Damiano Scarfi and Josh Kraft.They were chosen by Randy Rhoads Remembered via a video entry process to join them onstage with the band including Rudy Sarzo, who originally played Crazy Train with Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads.What an HONOR it must have been for these two awesome up and coming musicians to be onstage with the talent and experience of Rudy, Brian Tichy Stephen LeBlanc and Chas West... It is moments like this I capture which truly mean the most to me... May your roads to be rock be everything and more than you ever expected! Introducing: Damiano Scarfi and Josh Kraft on Lead Guitars.give these guys a hand!!! They truly kicked ***
Jerry Brown's Crazy Train"is surprise big loser when Eric Cantor gets his *** whipped@ faraway polls! McCarthy rules!
Crazy Train. Crazy TrainOzzy Osbourne | Format: MP3 Music 2295 days in the top 100. F...
Well the Ludington gig is over. We packed the trailers and headed home on Sunday. The event was successful in that the new equipment worked flawlessly. The new LED lighting washed the stage with ever changing colors and the new Mackie Thumpers pumped out thunderous, yet very clear and crisp sound. A great sound investment (pun?). We found that most every club in Ludington was light on attendance due to the awesome weather and the packed campgrounds. Also rumor of fireworks and outdoor parties kept many people from traveling to clubs. But we did a great job and had a great time. During our breaks, people had made their way to me to praise us for our sound, vocal harmonies, and our solid looks. Everyone in the band sings and a few of us were dressed like wannabe rock stars. Blasting Marshall amps to classics like Poison's "Nothing But A Good Time", Ozzy's "Crazy Train", Stevie Ray's "Pride and Joy", and dance music like Jimmy Eats World's "The Middle", Better Than Ezra's "Good", and other hits by the Romant ...
Listening to Laugh USA on sattelite radio. Pat Boone is singing Crazy Train. All these years I thought Black Sabbath wrote that dong!
I just learned Randy Rhoads was in Quiet Riot. If you don't know who that is listen to Ozzy's Crazy Train. His guitar riffs are legendary.
Man I thought me playing Crazy Train on a ukelele was awesome...I feel like I have been challenged. Now I need a ukelele... Robert Johnson
Today in Rock History: April 28 1963: Andrew Oldham, a 19-year-old music publicist and former associate of Brian Epstein, catches a gig by the Rolling Stones at the Crawdaddy Club in London. The next day Oldham will sign the Stones to their first management contract. The band held their first recording session two weeks later. 1968: After six months at the off-Broadway New York Shakespeare Festival Theater, Hair opens at the Biltmore Theater in New York. It's the first rock-musical to play on the Great White Way. It goes to give 1,729 performances on Broadway and is made into a move in 1979. 1973: Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon tops the chart for one week. The album has the longest chart life on the Billboard album charts. 1980: Marshall Tucker Band bass player Tommy Caldwell dies of injures suffered in a car accident in his hometown of Spartanburg, S.C. 1987: On a plane carrying returning spring breakers to Boston from Miami, Ozzy Osbourne buys three rounds of drinks and sings "Crazy Train" over the ...
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You can't change Crazy Train! oh wait John Fogerty okay you're okay NO YOU CAN'T CHANGE THAT *** is this *closes window*
I can't drive 55. Crazy Train, Bang your head, You shook me all night long...
The music people at Progressive Field need to be fired.. 2nd straight game they've played Crazy Train w/out the bases being loaded
Night Ranger was sick last night! Brad Gillis and Joel Hoekstra cranked out some amazing harmony leads. They even did a couple of *** Yankee tunes and tore *** on Crazy Train (Ozzy-Brad Gillis). Downtown concert series was actually pretty good last night. Tommy Two Tone opened up and I enjoyed every song they did except 867-5309... absolutely horrible.
Alamo City or bust. Look out & the Crazy Train is heading your way.
"Crazy Train" starts playing and my mom guessed "Detroit Rock City" 😑😒
You may all blame this on Seven Bates. I understand if you don't play along...I really do. - Your Song - Elton John - Young Guns - Bon Jovi - The Trooper - Iron Maiden - Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven - Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue - Crazy Train - Ozzy - Numb - Lincoln Park - Rebel Yell - Billy Idol - Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry - Melt with you - Modern English - You're the Inspiration - Chicago - Enter Sandman - Metallica RULES: in your status update, list 12 songs that have stayed with you over the years in some way. Don't think too long over the list- just a few minutes. They don't have to be great records or critical darlings, just ones that mean something to you personally. Then tag 10 or more of your friends, including me so that I can see your list. Verina Caelistia, Estrith Rasmusdatter, Scott Wearing, Michaela Vecht, Tom Pope, Raynor Boleheued ThePantsless, Ryan Smith, Desmond Blackstone, Jeff Roper Jr., Jeff Slaughter, Katherine OfHornechurch, Portia Kincaid
Heaven, cherry pie (by warrant), cry me a river, holy grail, mirrors, marry me... Crazy Train, Iron man.
All four of us are riding together today because of the weather. Brent gets in the car and plays "Crazy Train". Both boys sigh and hang their heads. Apparently it works for the K-state football team and Bill Snyder but not out kids.
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