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Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog, originally known as The Annoying Thing, is a computer-animated character created in 2003 by Erik Wernquist.

Tony Blair Harold Faltermeyer

Crazy Frog- Axel F is my Favorite song when I'm pumped Lots of Love Freddie!
app . Download and play. Every level has a different mission to score points within allocated time .
You'd get one for 3quid and then get rinsed for about 5grand a month just to get crazy frog on your phone
I remember that Crazy frog ringtone advert !
Download now...our mission based game. Score points within allocated time and coins. .
Oh, it's just Kermit the Frog going crazy typing on a typewriter
Andy Murray is the worst number one since 'Crazy Frog' back in 2005.
Black people gave the world Michael Jackson, Richard Prior and good food. White people gave the world the Crazy Frog a…
I would stream Crazy Frog - Axel F on the new Google Chromecast .
I listen to crazy frog when im having sexual relations with my bf
Oh my god I just realized one day I'm gonna have to explain crazy frog to my future kids
nothing but heat from Crazy Frog. Incredible talent with not nearly enough recognition.
Top 3 musical geniuses of all time. Kid Cudi. Pink Floyd. Crazy Frog
I had completely forgotten about the Crazy Frog. 2005 was different wasn't it
you look like you could use a copy of the crazy frog christmas album on CD
Crazy frog has a little peepee on him lmao
MCC: We understand your generation so well watch this!. *Plays Crazy Frog in cafe*
probably IS vanilla but they're crazy if they think he wouldn't bottom from the top
Do you ever stop and remember that Crazy Frog was a real thing? Like, we'll never unsee or unhear that.
HIS FACES ARE SERIOUSLY GREAT i kept pausing it between battle frames to see if he looked crazy and sometimes he does
Crazy Frog Racer 2 is 9 years old today !
Catch the very talented Robie Wood tonight at The Crazy Frog (DP RD) along with till closing! :)
Now someone on the bus is playing the Crazy Frog song at full volume πŸ˜‚
Dunkerque is currently checking in for the 14:00 to Dover. Freight traffic is busy with queues to check in. Crazy Frog is in place.
The video of the dude eating/tearing apart the frog that was still alive just gave me goosebumps. It's not just disgusting but also crazy.
can you please do youtubers or elders reacts to crazy frog. That would make a good video.
Got this boogie board to express my affinity with the song "Crazy Frog" to all of South Carolina
If crazy frog dropped an album out of nowhere right now it would be the most hype thing of 2015
Crazy people kind of nuts. Never mind. The frog is dead.
why do we all subconsciously remember Crazy Frog
People think I'm kidding but I'm dead serious when I say crazy frog should have won a Grammy. Pls listen 2 his music
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Crazy Frog? I haven't heard that name in years
I'm so glad that crazy frog thing isn't a thing anymore.
Now playing: Axel F by Crazy Frog listen at - Buy it
Someone get me the england 2006 world cup album, absolute πŸ”₯ even had crazy frog on lmao
Am I crazy or does Chelsea resemble Kermit the Frog a little? And her green outfit goes with it! did the crazy frog not get 2 billion views like I thought it was everyone's childhood tbh
115: Lex Pool Party - None of us is crazy about Amelia Bedelia. Lex is OK with Frog and Toad but thinks...
Someone at work today had the crazy frog ringtone, brings back childhood memories 🐸
Mood: , with someone else's pet, listening to crazy frog
Avril fans fender Aceh. and PDAM crazy ruin a good street with its multiplying
Da ba de ba de da do do what's that's song it's crazy frog !
Crazy Vintage Frog Prince Lamp sold at auction. Wanted it, just not for $90.
Gary I really love you.can you please please please sing the crazy frog for me on video? I'd be so happy 😳☺️
Journal : Crazy FROG Dance Flexible body an optical illusion...
Let's play a game:which one is mid 2000s ringtone legend Crazy Frog, and which is Lip Kit entrepreneur Kylie Jenner? https…
Crazy frog has won the Democratic nomination :/ moving to Canada
it's decided. I will be singing Crazy Frog by Axel F for my show choir audition
*Crazy Frog watching the Minions Oscars segment from a sports bar, wondering where it all went wrong*
Nothing like a little Crazy Frog to get everybody up in the morning. And Singing In The Rain. And Nyan Cat. And Peanut Butter Jelly Time...
Business man's phone just went off with the Crazy Frog ringtone and everyone else on the train is acting like that's fine
When my brother has Axel F by crazy frog on his Spotify playlist
how much are your Crazy Frog ringtones?
cool vid. But why are 'white people crazy'. ??. It's a frog.
yvw peeps just started playing the Crazy Frog song? has the transported us back in time???
Out of all the things, my mom is most scared of a *** frog 🐸 screaming like a crazy person...over a frog. Please stop
why don't they put a good song on rock band like the hamster dance or Axel F by crazy frog
I liked a video crazy frog orginal Song best song ever
I liked a video I am the Crazy Frog.
Happy {25} Anniversary to my horned frog lovin parents! From crazy…
story time: my old man was in court and his phone went off. It was Crazy Frog by Axel F. The judge was far from amused.
anal del ray x crazy frog . who knew this song could get even more beautiful πŸ’– -... (Vine by no chill mashupsβœ…)
Ahh, the devil, also composer of such hits as 'the Nokia ringtone', 'Crazy Frog does Axel F' and more!
This is what the Crazy Frog Bros would be if it happened in modern times
Spent 15 min on the phone w/ Andy of Andy's Orchids. When an orchid person tells you 'dart frog people are crazy'...
People look over my shoulder and think I'm watching trump speeches. No, I'm watching edited Donald sing crazy frog
Yall brits sound like bloody crazy frog with all the "tings" you put into words.. "Mad...
To all the haters who said Crazy frog isn't Donald Trump's running mate.
Lassie on the bus legit has the crazy frog as her ringtone
They're playing the crazy frog song. What year is it, 2005?
FACT: Jurgen Klopp and the Crazy Frog have never been seen in the same room together.
Duno why my coach driver thinks hes funny putting crazy frog on full blast ***
You can tell a lot about a by its Toe pads for climbing, webbing for gliding, crazy spines for gripping http:…
Sound guy giggles with glee at finally getting to use the crazy frog file after all these years
We have to start the video by singing the Crazy Frog theme song.
Crazy Frog - Safety Dance via one more just to pee u off
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
That 'Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on' song is probably the most annoying song I've ever heard in my life - and yes, *…
I bought most of the Crazy Frog album back in the day
Did anyone else notice that crazy frog has a *** ?
Can we all collectively agree that crazy frog should have never existed?
"crazy frog the modern Mozart of our time"
I added a video to a playlist crazy frog orginal Song best song ever
Currently watching Kermit the frog and Ms. Piggy sing "She Drives Me Crazy"…
I cant go through this again help please! This frog is crazy
I've been listening to crazy frog for an hour and dancing really aggressively, I don't know if I'm proud or really really ashamed
I thought that only applied to crazy frog and annoying orange ring tones
The original and best none of that crazy frog rubbish oioioi
I liked a video Auditions to be the new crazy frog!!
Nothing will have you throwing your hands up in the air and doing crazy gang signs like some good old Busta rhymes.
Jay doing the crazy frog ah funny out lar x
"Good luck you guys, proud of you all! Toby just think of 5:30 and get crazy frog tired" - Jim Allen
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He turns into crazy frog at the end
"Summertime" by Billy Stewart is the most annoying song I've ever heard and they play it a lot at work. I would rather listen to Crazy Frog
Can somebody find out if Froggy Fresh and Money Maker Mike are the Crazy Frog dancers from the 2000s
Song: We wish you a merry christmas Singer: Crazy frog Trans effect: vhtadesign Thumb up if you like ;)
Congratulations, Connor! It's been a crazy journey since that late night talk on my couch. Proud of you & *** €¦
I still watch the crazy frog song video and think... Where the *** did that kid get that rope? 🐸🐸🐸
This weather is crazy like the crazy frog
I love Christmas as much as the next person, but I think we can all agree the crazy frog jingle bells song is just a bit too far.
The frog gun, man. That's crazy awesome.
Great s&c session tonight w/ even better music with and Elmo, Les Mis, Crazy Frog, & System of a Down 😁
Ok this guy was funny but Christmas number one? Milking it now. Another crazy frog moment
I don't know if I'm crazy because of finals or if I really just heard a frog right now 😳
the pier has a few belter rides. Crazy frog and that πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I feel like shrimp and crab legs are rich people's food... . It's like there version of turtle and frog legsπŸ˜‚
The kid from The Queen Vic looks like Crazy Frog on that bike
Hamilton Collection
Listening to Christmas songs and somehow found myself on the Crazy Frog version of Last Christmas
why is Crazy Frog between classes still a thing?
Someone on this train has a crazy frog text message sound
Party in the style of Crazy Frog - all dressed in costumes Crazy Frog and dancing to his songs. .girl M
radicalace: I just realized that I grew up during a time where the crazy frog was a thing. Like that was …
The Kidz Bop version of Crazy Frog's "Axel F" is still my favorite recording of the past decade.
Playing a show in Houston, TX at 9:30 PM today at Crazy Frog's Bar & Grill
New show announced in Houston, TX at Crazy Frog's Bar & Grill on June 21, 2014
May 21, 2005. Tony Blair and Labour had just been re-elected for a third term in power, and Axel F by Crazy Frog (no pun intended, Arsene) was about to begin a four-week stay at the top of the UK charts.
Good idea, but I’m afraid the Crazy Frog ruined that song for me forever...
I feel like they still listen to Crazy Frog in certain parts of Eastern Europe
Alec thought the Beverly Hills Cop theme was a Crazy Frog original. Played him the real original and actually blew his mind.
How Memes have gone from Crazy Frog to lolcats to Double Rainbow to Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal -
Octonauts, Walking Dead, Crazy Frog, Fred, and now Taylor Swift. What am I doing to myself?
Hanging out in Bennington with Moose, Splash, Star Child, Not-It, Z, Amos, Frost, and Crazy Frog. A nice hiker trash evening.
Sure. Wendy Williams and then driving to work listening to Crazy Frog.
This Fred Meyer has an elevator music version of a Crazy Frog song in the playlist rotation.
Thank you to all of you who tuned into Radio Pentre/Village Radio today. DJ Crazy Frog and myself had a great time. (and I got to play Tom Jones!! hehe) I managed to use some of the Welsh language I have learned and put it to good use at last. So "Diolch" to all of you! (that means "Thanks" btw lol) xx
PSY is like the contemporary crazy frog
After cutting all the 4 legs of a frog , it becomes if it could respond to your so called " , it won't.
Serenading with the crazy frog.. luv me
Rolling up to college with crazy frog playing out loud
Then crazy frog comes on and your like 'NO I CAN FACE THE DAY!'
Just randomly remembered the crazy frog ringtone.
Hey guys remember we got a noise complaint while dancing to Crazy Frog sober???
You haven't seen mine either! I totally jammed to Crazy Frog with the kids!
Late night vist from some crazy girls ...!
My major is going to make me crazy! I almost snapchatted the phylum, subphylum, superclass, and class of the frog that was outside my door.
anyone ever heard the music that cairan listens two? picture a "band of horses" being run over by a "Crazy frog", cause it sounds like death
Middle School: where kids showed their worth by showing how much of the song "Crazy Frog" they could sing
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β€œIf I get tmrw off ill do something crazy you name it ill do it” eat a grilled frog off a bums belly
I was just told that Crazy Frog sounds like I could've sung it, so yeah, I've made GREAT impressions here at college.
Gonna shoot this *** frog. Croaking like crazy cuz our *** landlord never closed the pool
the best thing about Friday was watching "Crazy Frog" in Music
Watched Monsters vs Aliens in personal finance today. Best part was when Stephen Colbert started playing crazy frog. XD
When your coworker starts playing a crazy frog song on her phone super loud 😣
I could rant about this to someone all day, but no one would get it. I'll rant to myself or my stuffed frog. I need sleep before I go crazy.
go and tell your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy that's fine I'll tell mine you're a frog :p
I think I'm the only one who likes crazy frog more then skrillex
It will come. We're just in the Crazy Frog dark ages right now. Heard two CF ringtones in Vietnam. They're like Irish monks.
I know, we're completely irresistible it's crazy.. Good old 'Fickle Frog' lol
I'm starting to think there's never even going to BE a Crazy Frog renaissance.
The guy on storage hunters sounds like crazy frog
Crazy Frog I airbrushed on a golf cart.
Folk you should've been did that! she crazy bruh.. after while she gone start stalking ya *** fr.. I had to move to FROG!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Every time Chantelle leaves her bag unattended at sixth form Olivia places her phone in it, playing the crazy frog.
So much time for the Crazy Frog Bros.
listening to Crazy Frog.. what even.
loool I'll put the crazy frog tune on & get Clayton to do the 'pokey bum ***
Anyone else think rita ora looks like crazy frog ?
Someone on this train is playing a Crazy Frog version of "Let's Get it Started" by the Black Eyes Peas.
Steven and I went to sweet frog yesterday, last time he was there was with you. We miss you and your crazy life!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘―
The crazy frog brothers are just pure awa wee it
I never thought I'd enjoy the 'Axel F' theme after that *** Crazy Frog monstrosity, proved me wrong. Great job, mate.
Wolff's sub looks like a crazy frog🐸 I'm waiting for something to happen...
great idea! Crazy frog bro's touring Australia. We'll be in England July 4th guys, get the red carpets ready
That's true what happened to crazy frog? Lol
Listening to the Crazy Frog on the train into uni. My descent into madness is complete.
I remember my outfit, pretty sure there was a crazy frog tshirt under those dungarees.. Tragic
eoh? Tomato?-.- ya just eat then but don't eat me okay?~ errr.okay let me hug you /hug crazy frog/ /chuckles/
'Taps' has been replaced with that crazy frog song at all military funerals
Requested crazy frog at the bowling alley.
Whatever happened to the crazy frog ringtones?
Found a crazy frog friend in the shower
2005 also decided Crazy Frog should be no. 1 on the charts, so wouldn't expect it to listen to reason
I like to get crazy but im pretty sure I just ran over a frog
Visitors who come and cheer me up and bring me a doughnut and a frog :) and talk about crazy random stuff
oh no beb . I'm really miss you like a crazy frog dear . :'( .
Just throwing it out there. Thrift shop is the most overrated song since the Crazy Frog song
I'm still kind of angry about how Crazy Frog messed up Harold Faltermeyer's "Axel F."
I favorited a video crazy frog: popcorn
I liked a video crazy frog: popcorn
Really need an Itunes clear out. Crazy frog is now in my recently played. Thanks
Do you remember when Crazy Frog was the coolest thing ever
As much as I love Ed Sheeran, he looks like a ginger version of the crazy frog.
I can remember when we would run around being crazy frog at discos when we were younger omfgπŸ˜‚
my Jamster Crazy Frog ringtone going off repeatedly as my boss is trying to get through to me
Arsenal last won a trophy back in 2005 and the 'crazy frog' was No1 8 years on and he's still there
That looks like a crazy frog jumping out the water !
I think Sean Paul is doing a Crazy Frog impression at the beginning of the track.
On our way home from a crazy easter weekend. Awakenings, Unicode, Electric Frog and Old River Park were four...
Somewhere, deep in the sea of discarded internet search queries, lies the lost city of Altavista. The ghost of the Crazy Frog will guide us.
The awkward moment when knows all of the words to every Crazy Frog song. Not sure if impressed or embarrassed.
Kid on this train has the same laugh as the crazy frog
for some reason I have the crazy frog song stuck in my head
Finally meet after about 5 months and he's singing Crazy Frog loudly in shops.
I remember precisely when Crazy Frog came out because I was on holiday at Butlins
Ok, this new Christina aguilera ft pitbull tune is the worst tune made since crazy frog! Smh
Remember that frog who parked illegally yah he got toad
He always got me thinking , its gonna be crazy when he come home
Lebron be lookin like the crazy frog when he smiles
Sabaq na. Let's do the crazy frog dance on?
Jamming to this in my dorm right now. Dance party. CRAZY FROG CRAZY FROG - Axel F: via
Whenever people try to argue that popularity is a good measure of music quality just remind them how popular Crazy Frog was.
yes! Our birthdays are soon!!. They opened a Menchies wanna be in gen called crazy frog. It's pretty good
Crazy Frog – The Pink Panther Hey cody its me Steve Catania. I didnt know something but me u same age.
I bet it's a hybrid of reincarnated Hitler and Savile, with the charisma of Myra Hindley. Or Crazy Frog.
What is life even coming to if the crazy frog is still being played... πŸ˜πŸ”«
Took my dogs on an innocent walk, then a HUGE frog jumped out on us, the dogs went crazy trying to eat it, the frog starts squealing
lmao I remember this and crazy frog.
the guy in crazy frog bros is the spit of someone in my year I cnt stop laughing
Crying of laughter at the boy in his wife beater singing crazy frog
'I did not create Frogger, but I came up with the name for it. Can you believe they wanted to call it Crazy Highway Crossing Frog...?'
Wonder who even created the crazy frog
Why do I have the crazy frog stuck in my head
R u effin kiddin me!?Frog legs no ways & I kill them cos they hop on2 my balcony! & u literally eat em! YOU of all people!
Okay so crazy frog is playing in the co-operative, what the ***
from The Great Frog and Crazy Pig Designs, both in London
crazy frog is on discount at 20p if you want me to get it for you? Hard copy.
What a wee *** that crazy frog was is my random thought for today
Got crazy frog stuck in my head god dammit
frog Jump suppose to be crazy dus Year Im in There !
Even if u lazy dog , I'make you move like crazy frog../
I can do personalised ones if you want one for yours. It'll be the next crazy frog
Some boy on my bus is actually playing the crazy frog out loud
Listening to 's old show. They are talking about the Crazy Frog, the new Wembley, and how we will not win the Olympic bid.
Dear everyone that thinks Harlem Shake is cool, Remember Crazy Frog?
would you rather to kiss a snake or a frog :P craZy craZy
My teacher is seriously blasting crazy frog..
name really effing annoys me.How can she show her crazy frog face in public and not be ashamed.Glamour model my ***
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Crazy frog and happy virus combination wey
what's this issue of muzo talking about the frog on fb. You know what I think she's crazy!
no cos you wouldn't Stick up for me. I'm gonna sit there and wind her up more until she's like crazy frog
Not to sure why but while listenin to piratefm in the parlour this mornin out of no where the crazy frog poped into my head.
I just saw a vid where a frog and served it fresh. The frog was still blinking and kicking on the plate. Ew. The girl ate it. Crazy ***
it is the most annoying thing in the world I think, with exception of the crazy frog
If the crazy frog made a surprise return it would be great
I liked a video Crazy frog brothers
Trying to decide if I should bring back Crazy Frog, Hamster Dance or Zorba Dance by making it my ringtone. Tough life decisions.
Alice you look like the crazy frog 🐸
I never done anything evil b4 in my life well,,,except that time I killed a frog and chopped him up pretty good with that ruler, but that's the only evil I've done and I got whooped for that! Lmao Erica Blaque Scott Daryl Scott Marcheta Kinnard
I want Crazy Frog to play at my wedding!! :D
I liked a video from CRAZY FROG BROS :D
why have I got the crazy frog in my head, *** off rat
agreed. But it actually sounds like the crazy frog as he draws his last breath
Update your maps at Navteq
Watching crazy frog and gangnam style with my little cousin πŸ˜€
I'm listening to crazy frog. Don't judge me.
No lie, i just found my Crazy Frog Album and it sound totally Awesome! lol
I want someone to ring me so I can listen to my ring tone (me singing crazy frog)
'World's Cutest Frog' makes weird sound: You probably won't want to kiss this frog, but it will catch your ear...
Crazy Frog...its so terrible and makes me want to cut myself
Last time Arsenal won a trophy Crazy Frog was NΒΊ1. 8 years later he's still in charge.
Listening to the crazy frog song brings back so many memories years ago of when i used to play it with a friend :')
Crazy Frog Bros- Original the person at the front looks exactly like dan
If you haven't seen the video of the two kids dancing to crazy frog you haven't lived
What the world was like when Arsenal last won a trophy: MySpace, Crazy Frog and Messi's first goal -
So when is crazy frog bringing out his next single?
makes me suffer of Nostalgia. the other day it was duck wing duck, now crazy frog! hehe
β€œThe Gooners last won a trophy in 2005 when CRAZY FROG was 8yrs later he's still there.
Them to kids dancing to Crazy Frog has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while omg
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
When Arsenal last won a trophy crazy frog was number 1 . . . 8 years later he still is
Okay so this is the third day I've woken up with 'the crazy frog' song stuck in my head *** !
at least we haven't not won a cup since 2005 like Frog was a smash hit when they last lifted silverware
Got the crazy frog in my head from this hilarious video πŸ˜‚
had one of my kiddos from Moncton (Now living in St. Stephen) come to Nanny Blair's Childcare yesterday after school...oh what fun talking about Nathan (Janice Cooke) and Noah (Rhonda Yeo, Corey MacKnight) and the good old days! Nathanael will be 8 this month and he started with me just before Nathan Cooke and I had them until I left Moncton...he misses them as much as I do! maybe we should have a reunion this summer?? Nanny Blair's Childcare reunion...!! I will make sure I have a copy of "Crazy Frog" and bring all the costumes...:-)
Nah how can u get turned down by gap teeth crazy frog lol
This guy reminds me of crazy frog LOOOL
Yeah, the stream is fluctuating like crazy. But Beate is belting it out (except for the that frog in the beginning).
Crazy frog was the old version of gangnam style
Remember when the crazy frog ringtone and Sony Ericsson's were the thing to have.
OMFG LMFAO who remembers the crazy frog songs? xD!
Its funny erry1 in naija wanna sing tho, even if some sound like crazy frog
If Crazy Frog was released now, I dread to think how quickly it would have gone viral
The crazy frog is one of the best songs ever
Clare Balding bopping along to Crazy Frog amazing though
Raja Ram nailing it here, 800 people going crazy, massive energy @ Blue Frog (Delhi) !
Worse run since crazy frog , not goo RB out out out
Ok why is crazy frog on my iPod, get out
Just heard that Paul McCartney wrote the Crazy Frog song as well as Frog Song. Amphibious musical genius
everyone's favorite songs weren't rap and everything else we listen too, but the hamster dance an crazy frog. Lmao
This is Crazy ===> In California it is illegal to kiss or lick a frog because they can make people high /(Λ˜β—ŽΛ˜)\
Blasting the Crazy Frog in the car as loud as the speakers go.
the part with crazy frog in HMV was the best
Nothings better than jays crazy frog impression
I want a crazy pet , like a chinchilla or frog or snake 🐍🐸🐨
The road to Lincoln is a long one for now I've discovered I can do an incredible version of the Crazy Frog, actions included
Listening to crazy frog, like a boss
AND thought he could wake me up at 6.30 so I left light on sang the crazy frog Nd norzed him 😊
MIRACLE IS WHEN 1. U travel abroad witout visa 2. Slap an army in d frnt of barak and go scot free. 3. Go to Boko haram head quarter to preach and they offer u a seat. 4. Fail jamb but get admission. 5. Fold ur arms sleep all thru d years and at d end of d year u buy a car. 6. Park aeroplane 4 sky and ordered everybody out dat u want to chek engine then tel everybody to com in and continue ur journey. 7. Usain Bolt chase u wit cutlass and u stil escape. 8. Sleep inside river and wake up d next day. 9. Super Eagles win Ivory Coast on Sunday. Add yours.
Too many mopeds outside, it sounds like crazy frog
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Crazy frog was and still is possibly one of the most annoying things to listen to
Seems forever ago that 'Crazy Frog' was No 1 in the charts. It's been 8 years. Pardew has that long left on his contract. Enjoy, NUFC fans!
The bloody happy president jumped over the near dead crazy frog with no regrets...
One fast small frog caught in the act the sick crazy grill last year...
These bloody neighbours are blasting 'Crazy Frog' 
I remember when I thought crazy frog was a good singer
One fat scary frog caught in the act the creepy crazy drum yesterday...
You are 30, no ring tone coming out of your phone should in any way involve anything that sounds like crazy frog
don't know why but I have crazy frog stuck in my head 🐸
Harold Faltermeyer is a DUDE. Said he had Crazy Frog as his ringtone for a bit but got rid of it because "it was too annoying".
Can yous mind of the crazy frog? A need to get that as my ring tone quick sharp! 🐸
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