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Craig Thomson

Craig Alexander Thomson (born 20 June 1972) is a Scottish football referee, who has been a match official since 1988. He originates from Paisley, Renfrewshire.

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Basaksehir and Besiktas. But no Craig Thomson next year.
Good news. Jason Thomson & Craig Barr to feature for in a closed doors match tonight as they continue comeback from injury.
And ref for Tues' game v is Craig Thomson, assisted by Graeme Leslie & Gary Hilland. 4th Official is Gavin Ross.
A great picture sent in today by Craig Thomson. Taken from behind the 16th green looking back down the 15th...
The match between and (refereed by Craig Thomson of Scotland) was a matchfixing…
Double substitution for Stranraer Craig Malcolm and Mark McGuigan on for Joe Nuttall and Craig Thomson.
Stranraer substitution, McGuigan and Malcolm replace Nuttall and Craig Thomson.
Gibson's strike is straight at the wall, and Craig Thomson receives the ball and fires over.
Christmas jumper day at uncle Craig's football game
so is Craig Thomson Scotland:s best ref have your say awards
Can see the uproar when Craig Thomson passes the decision to the Scottish Elected Video Corrections Officer - conspiracy!!!
auspol . Craig has agreed to pay more tan $90 a month off his fine.
.On the flip side of the coin, would ex-Hearts player Craig Thomson's isolation be 'draconian' despite any 'remorse'?
RIP Craig Sager. Truly an inspiration to us all.😔
The sports world mourns the passing of the beloved Craig Sager
Previously Rex Jackson, Craig Thomson. Does only Labor have wronguns? Are Liberals immune from prosecution?
RIP Craig Sager! The best sideline reporter of all time.. Huge part of the game that will be missed! 🙏🙏🙏
Interesting view by I wonder if he still shares the same view on former Hearts man Craig Thomson in light of recent events?
remember Gillard sticking up for Craig Thomson . I do.
I suppose Craig Thomson was harshly dealt with too.
Contact myself Craig Thomson Billy Underwood Andy Low for ticket/bus information! This line up is 👌🏻
Ref for our match vs is Craig Thomson who warmed up for the big game at Atletico Madrid's Champions Leagu…
.a 1-0 mauling! Mismatch on the pitch. Rangers dogged but not in Celtics league. Craig Thomson another…
Craig Thomson is Scotlands Mark Clattenburg but with 0 of the refereeing ability.
NEWS | Kevin Clancy and Craig Thomson confirmed as officials for the weekend's Betfred Cup semi-finals:
EXCLUSIVE: I can confirm that Rangers* have signed Bobby Madden & Craig Thomson for another season. Great business for undisclosed fee 👍🏻
"No contact" says Craig Thomson as Harry Forrester picks up Dundee defender and volleys him at referee
Our man of the match award goes to Craig Thomson of Motherwell. Well done.
Former Hearts youngster Craig Thomson back in the maroon
Kathy Jackson versus Craig Thomson. And the winner is? via
On the Jim Harrison Show at 950am: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 52 president Craig Thomson joins us ahead of Legion Week.
With Craig Thomson riding shotgun and Julia Gillard and Peter Slipper in the backseat. That'd work.
Didn't the cops also wait around for hours before raiding Craig Thomson's home?
like the raid on Craig Thomson's house was announced by media pack gathering hrs before...
Craig Gardner shows why moved swiftly to sign him on this day in 2014...
Same as they knew about Craig Thomson arrest. Abbott also knew the timing of CT arrest and this was co-ordinated.
Yeah well part of me worries that was just a trend like livestrong bands.
Australian election: Craig Thomson arrested as Abbott makes reply speech - Abbott got "the nod" to announce raid?
I would choose Craig Thomson over Stephen Conroy in a contest of sanity and ethics...
Why? Brandis has had sway over AFP for decade - even in Opposition!! Craig Thomson case in pt.
Do your homework before opening mouth. called election & Federal Police Raided . Craig Thomson
LNP are stupid enough to revisit 2013.Remember Ray Hadley broadcasting live from Craig Thomson's home as it was raided?
Hey Sophie! Have you got the right Craig Thomson here?
Oh yes. That time AFP raided Craig Thomson just as their future roomie was speaking at the National Press Club
TV crew..wonder they didn't march Conroy to Police Stn for body search,like Craig Thomson!
Probably Brandis. Remember when msm were all there when police arrived to arrest Craig Thomson. Had to be Brandis.
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I don't think the have had this much fun since they raided Craig Thomson.
and rightly so!Gillard should be in gaol for fraud. No wonder she protectedThomson
Wonder if anyone said same thing when Craig Tompson's home was 'raided'?
Yeah just like Tony Abbott only knew of Craig Thomson's outlandish arrest just as he was speaking at NPC
. Do you remember Liberals treatment of Craig Thomson which went beyond all humane boundaries ?
Thomson Reuters is transforming the end-to-end for our clients.
over a year later! I'm expecting an avalanche of craig thomson admissions now.
Craig, you related to the country singer Travis Collins?
I highly doubt that the NSW ladies of the night thought Craig Thomson was 'too beaucoup'
Booked my flight for the NPM Convention in Houston, July. Concert w/ John Angotti, Craig Colson, Cliff Petty, Peter Kolar, Trevor Thomson.
Imagine that! Did Craig Thomson tell him what to say as a defence?
Serious contempt of Parliament gets you a free *** from your local rub n tug. Ask Craig Thomson.
"The last MP to be censured in this way was disgraced former Labor MP Craig Thomson" Oh dear. .
I've tried to cut down but it still worries me
Will it be bigger, better and more action packed?
Big calls for Falkirk penalty as Marvin Bartley and Lee Miller tangle in the box, ref Craig Thomson waves play on 2-2
Not a responsible use of parliamentary privilege: Slap for Craig Thomson who misled House. A first.
Why does this not happen when Craig Thomson is appointed referee of an Edinburgh Derby?
Craig Thomson, Kevin Clancy and Bobby Madden. We are well and truly screwed this Sunday 😒🍀
Craig Thomson to referee Rangers v Celtic Scottish Cup clash at Hampden.
Ref for Sat's game v is Craig Thomson, assisted by Gavin Harris and Kylie McMullan. 4th Official is Steven Kirkland.
did not support Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper. Sorry about the facts.
Private life of Julia Gillard, Peter Slipper & Craig Thomson were fair game for Tony Abbott when it suited him. His affair does not suit
So, Tony Abbott who relentlessly pursued Julia Gillard, Peter Slipper & Craig Thomson, won't talk about his "relations…
10-man held to 1-1 draw at Hamilton to go 7 points clear but, following Collum demotion, ref Craig Thomson must …
Can we get Craig Thomson demoted now?
Match official is Craig Thomson and he is assisted by Kylie McMullan and Colin McDonald
Just noticed Craig Thomson is the referee today. Sure to be popular with fans.
Former MP Craig Thomson ordered to pay $458,000 for breaching Fair Work Act
With one hour to K.O., Scottish referee Craig Thomson will oversee Steven Fletcher's Euro debut for
Scottish referee Craig Thomson to oversee Steven Fletcher's Euro debut for Marseille
And a beach house or two for Union organizers, not to speak of the delights Craig Thomson suffered on members' behalf
Adam Johnson has arrived at celtic park for contract talks. Best pal, James Forrest is delighted. Craig Thomson & Ched Evans lined up too.
Yep, the Hobos' theory that Craig Thomson is 'pro-Hearts' has been completely ripped apart today.
Also, for Hibs fans moaning about Craig Thomson: just be thankful it's not John McKendrick on Sunday. Astonishingly bad …
Thought saints played well today, despite the scoreline. Craig Thomson was easily MoM.
The Kathy Jackson/Craig Thomson saga tells you everything you need to know about the Liberal Party and the Australian media.
“Former federal MP Craig Thomson has been ordered to pay almost $500,000 for breaching the … https:/…
"Craig Thomson found himself on the nose when Tony Abbott smelled an opportunity to seize the keys to the Lodge."
The officials up in Inverness on Saturday are Craig Thomson, Douglas Ross, David Roome & Nick Walsh.
Late call for my column tomorrow:. *Ann Budge. *Judy Murray. *Time to forgive 'depraved' Craig Thomson.
Following a pitch inspection at Celtic Park this morning by referee Craig Thomson, Celtic's game against Hamilton Accies is O…
Sub for St Johnstone: Steven MacLean makes way for Craig Thomson
Livingston consider move for former Hearts right back Craig Thomson, according to reports: http…
The Liberals didn't respect 'the rules' when it came to Labor & Craig Thomson,or Labor & Peter Slipper!
God bless Kathy Jackson, Craig Thomson, heroes of the union movement - Herald Sun
So Tony Abbott caused 100 million to be spent to bring down Labor via Craig Thomson
Judgement day the end of the road for Craig Thomson (Abbott's 'patsy')
60mins: Second Saints change - Craig Thomson is coming off, replaced by Paul Simpson.
Kathy Jackson Abbott’s pin up girl, a model union leader, she has been as corrupt as Craig Thomson
I thought Ross Co had cost me a £160 coupon on Sat. I now realise it was ref Craig Thomson. Ridiculous decision.Cheers. 😡
. Scott !!!. Craig Thomson is guilty, did you know ???
Mark Latham for PM with Craig Thomson. As deputy. Treasurer joe hockey. Clive Palmer as social services ETC lol
Dear Andy Walker, John Collins, Scot Brown, Craig Thomson, the Media - Get it right up you!
Surprised Andy Walker can talk with Craig Thomson and Deilas *** in his mouth at the same time.
Andy walker is an absolute fanny. As is Craig Thomson. Shame on the pair of them
The very different worlds of Craig Thomson and Kathy Jackson.
Compared to the innocent Kathy Jackson, Craig Thomson's crime of spending $4708 is an OUTRAGE
Why is the msm covering up for Abbott & LNP on the Kathy Jackson story when they 'murdered' Craig Thomson. This will come out eventually.
only seen the young lad Craig Thomson a handful of times, but I have to say he looks like he'd cause some good defenders bother
yeah sounds good. Don't know anyone with a spare bike though I'm afraid.
Craig Thomson will give it when crosses the 6 yard line.
81. Craig Thomson again runs at the County defence but his right footed shot is held by County keeper Foden
60. Craig Thomson continues to hinder the County defence, his left footed shot could only be parried over by County keeper Mark Foden
56. Great effort from Craig Thomson as he cut inside but his right footed shot hits the side netting, still 1-0
You could buy my old GT. It’s currently disassembled and wrapped up in a tarp.
. I'm quite a girly man. Can I join too? 'Search for the Sunlight.' by Craig Thomson.
Don't have my little bike in Scotland. I am free to do something though.
Craig Thomson to referee top-two Premiership clash at Pittodrie:
Aberdeen v Celtic- referee Craig Thomson, David McGeachie as assistant- he missed header at Hamilton last season.
Craig Thomson reffing Saturday's game. Our odds on winning may just have lengthened a tad
So Celtic's 12th man on Saturday is. Craig Thomson. Had to be one of the 2. 🙈🙈🙈
As anticipated, Craig Thomson will referee against at Pittodrie on Saturday.
and I want to do some riding with you guys whilst I'm home!
Hey Laurie. Do you know anyone with a spare trail bike? My little bike is down in England and I only have my dog bike here
spare a thought for Craig Thomson, the real whistleblower dealt with harshly while the pretender Kathy Jackson is lauded by LNP and
No sympathy for her or anyone else who misuses union members money or misrepresents their interests. She made Craig Thomson cry too!
ps. At LEAST you weren't as stupid as Craig Thomson (don't worry you never heard of him). You paid cash.
Double change for as Jordan Chapell and George Thomson replace Luke George and Craig Mahon.
83' | Forest Green replace Frear with Sam-Yorke, as Luke George and Craig Mahon are replaced by Chapell and Thomson for the Blues.
83| Double Chester substitution sees Jordan Chapell and George Thomson come on for Craig Mahon and Luke George.
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ALL CHANGE - Michael Kay, George Thomson, and Jordan Chapell named as sub, while Craig Hobson is injured and Kane Richards is left out.
Michael Kay, George Thomson, and Jordan Chapell to bench, Craig Hobson injured and Kane Richards not included for
Craig Thomson liked getting a milking with Union Funds... what is it with the Left?
Hi Craig, I am so sorry to hear this. Here is a link to our website with info on Florida ^Jo
Team news | Ryan Thomson, Craig Malcolm and Mark McGuigan are all doubtful for tomorrow's game against
Big call for the SFA next week. Who referees Dons v Celtic?Surely must be Craig Thomson after Willie Collum has another red rescinded.
Liverpool will NOT finish in the top four, says Bellamy
The Rudd's looked after themselves as did Mike Williamson or Craig Thomson. Labor voters thought Latham was great too
Little Giant Ladders
I'll be between Stirling and Dundee. We should go out for din dins or something sometime.
The world doesn’t revolve around you Craig. I’ll be around though for fun and games.
I get back home in 6 days for 3 months. Who's around?
Put in a poor challenge on Craig Thomson.
I wonder what sexual games that Craig Thomson and Penny Wong would get up to? Union funded *** ALP endorsed Anal?
Carried forward by Miller, into Brown's feet who sets up Thomson for a first time shot that again Collier covers!
a dunno what's funnier Van Dijk bullying him or Craig Thomson running 😂😂😂😂
Thomas, Thomson, they all sound the same to me. The Lib's need a can-do guy like old mate Craig. ;)
I guess you think Craig Thomson's innocent & Mike Williamson grow up
Hearts fans having a go at Willie Collum is brilliant like they've no had Craig Thomson in the pocket for years
I will have to very strongly disagree with you there sir tbh, I have seen Craig Thomson cheat plenty times, in Edina derbies!
sadly I thought he was Craig Thomson 😆
For five years, Craig Thomson was bullied by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Christopher Pyne and their gang of thugs'
Craig Thomson has a wife and kids...
No-one cared about Craig Thomson's wife and kids, Henderson you putid dog's vomit
Craig Thomson's remarks in Parliament about Jackson were pretty close to the mark.
Spare a thought for Craig Thomson and his family, and what Kathy Jackson, Marco Bolano, Tony Abbott, Pyne & all their thu…
Craig Thomson now may rise from his depression, hold head high. Wait 4 Lawler next4chop?
UR same name-stealing peddling slander bout good man Craig Thomson eg
Brandis had Craig Thomson guilty b4dodgey trial Lawler next
Still think it’s pretty sick that have got Craig Thomson presenting on weekends.
Craig Thomson and the rest of the youngsters are turning this into a really good match
79 | St Johnstone substitute Craig Thomson causes trouble down the right and shoots into the arms of Doyle.
79 | Craig Thomson drives at the Blackpool defence and unleashes a powerful strike that the keeper saves well. 0-1.
I think it's Craig Thomson handing out Jackie La…
I think it's Craig Thomson handing out Jackie Lambie Party flyers
I've just noticed it is Willie Collum that's referee - I thought Craig Thomson was meant to ref this game? Where did I get that idea from?
looks like Collum's got himself a weekend in Edinburgh. must've put something in Craig Thomson's breakfast this morning.
Also remember Bears Craig Thomson is the ref so the game will be much harder than normal. At least one massive decision against us today.
Did Abbott have principles/play fair with Peter Slipper? Julia Gillard? Craig Thomson? why the *** do people think he will play fair now?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Willie Collum replaces Craig Thomson as referee at Easter Road for against in
Heh, delegates so late? Craig Thomson's union said what happened at conferences with union money.Well, wine & song anyway.
Craig Thomson, It would be fun if you spare your time and check my Bio, because I'm holding a PS4 giveaway now!
Joe Hockey, Craig Thomson, Kathy Jackson and Bronwyn Bishop 4 low life turds. Joe and Bronwyn swept under carpet though as many others same!
.Has Craig Thomson been spotted at yet? LOL
Who does think should be head of state? Craig Thomson? Fihi Kivalu?
What do Craig Thomson and Bill Shorten have in common? They both don't pay their legal fees.
come down for one, me and Craig, nath lewis and Liam also out
Craig Thomson became a director at D C Cleaning Solutions Limited. For more information
ours are white, sounds like George Thomson to me 😂
Craig Thomson the ref on Saturday. Pile your mortgage on the Rangers to get a penalty or a red card.
Craig Gordon evoking memories of Billy Thomson with the black trackie bottoms.
Craig Thomson to ref v in on Saturday:
Hi Craig, Check out our Catalonia *** del Rey for a great last minute deal - ^Hayley
In 2011 Brandis billed taxpayers for attending Michael Smith's wedding, who colluded with Brandis to publicise the Craig Thomson media saga.
.politicians can look you in the eye and say anything cites Craig Thomson
OBVIOUSLY Craig Thomson would be the referee on Saturday.
So Craig Thomson has been appointed the referee for the vs game at the weekend! Going to be a difficult one 👍🏼
News: | Referees for Petrofac Training Cup ties: ...Craig Thomson in charge of Hibernian v Ranger...
..I guess it's a bit like Craig Thomson's memory loss..It's common in ALP circles.
Shorten says, "don't compare me to Bronwyn"! In that case, we compare U with Craig Thomson?
Better the way you guys defended Craig Thomson
Bill Shorten - how can you demand TA to show leadership, when you protected a Criminal Craig Thomson!
Remember when advocated for Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson to be put on 'probation'?
Remember Labor cronies crying "innocent until proven guilty" over Craig Thomson? This is due to the bystander effect also.
us over without consequence. Craig Thomson has built a career on it :-)
as long as nobody says 'go on the pull with Craig Thomson'
Craig Thomson should have stood aside. Slipper did because of lewd texts not travel entitlements. Your argumen…
For the record not in any way immortalizing Craig Thomson, neither is Emerson. Its not us its U.
such a witch hunt wouldn't be surprised if they summon Albanese because he had a beer with Craig Thomson
Rudd did this and Gillard did that. Mark Arbib did something else while Bill Shorten backstabbed. Craig Thomson is the hero.
Lawyer for Kathy Jackson says attacking Craig Thomson while he was an MP compromised the then Labor Government and unions…
not to be so hyperbolic or facetious but Craig Thomson, Kevin Foley, Mike Rann and M. Latham have a better shot at inner peace.
I'd love to listen to 'The Seekers' do a version of 'Georgy Girl', but this time, about Craig Thomson
Former Labor MP Craig Thomson talks up Aussie miners in China via
.The value of experience. Yvette DeAth kept Craig Thomson in Canberra now Billy Gordon in Brisbane. Class act, ALP DNA
.If Yvette Death could save Craig Thomson in Canberra, surely she can save Billy Gordon in Queensland !
NEXT: Craig Thomson fears for his mental health – has he been through enough? joins John & Garry on Breakfast.
Craig Thomson should phone Beyond Blue - Get help from his LIAR mate Gillard who always 'believed in him'. They're both bey…
Craig Thomson: I cant handle the truth!. Shoulda thought of that when he was stealing off his own union..
...but the labor party would not have known then that he was another Craig Thomson, would they?
Today`s Referee is Craig Thomson, who is assisted by Andrew McWilliam and Paul Reid.
Craig Thomson will be in charge of Saturday's game against QOS, with Andrew McWilliam and Paul Reid assisting.
Events at Tannadice lead to calls for video technology to ensure Craig Thomson is caught on film if he tries to walk ont…
Craig Thomson stole thousands, the ALP paid his lawyers & was a well paid MP. Now says he is broke. Who did his books, Wayne Swan?
So has Bob Carr giving advice on foreign policy. Next, Wayne Swan on the budget and Craig Thomson on union accou…
Kathy Jackson stole a lot more than Craig Thomson we look forward to more reporting on her blatant theft ,you FAT little man
Craig Thomson continuing the great traditions of Hugh Dallas and Tiny Wharton I see? ;-)
I also see Craig Thomson is refereeing Rangers-Celtic when Bobby Madden was tipped before. Has RFC-Hearts come back to haunt Madden there?
Has Luke Foley any history with Craig Thomson? Has he ever stayed at Obeids ski lodge? Has he ever set up a slush fund?
Does Textor also think I'm a loon for thinking Kathy Jackson is more likely to spend time in gaol than Craig Thomson, despite his strategy?
Certainly did the soccer skills thing - remember seeing one with Novikovas and Craig Thomson.
.Abbott does NOT have a Craig Thomson or Geoff Shaw in the Lower House. He has Jacqui Lambie & co in the Senate. Far easier proposition.
No, but only because I don't see what he would bring to the squad. Rather see Craig Thomson back, to be honest.
Why is bursting a blood vessel over Craig Thomson when he's on record supporting Kathy Jackson who has allegedly stolen lots more
"Craig Thomson confirmed to serve no jail time at all Now Kathy Jackson?
Craig Thomson: $25,000 fine…. So, we now wonder what will happen to Kathy Jackson - seeing as she stole $$millions…?.
Craig Thomson got fined $25k for stealing from the HSU for prostitutes, what will Kathy Jackson get for allegedly stealing millions
what do u do? Spend time avoiding difficult questions and the truth...hang on?! Is this Craig Thomson??
Whistleblower Kathy Jackson keen to keep lid on Craig Thomson:
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I wonder if there will be a news crew invited along when they arrest Kathy they did with Craig Thomson?
ok then! A few more:. Habibi by Craig Thomson. Bone by Jeff Smith. Joe Sacco for journalism-style. Arrugas by Paco Roca (not sure*
Jackson and Bolano accuse journalist of visiting brothel with Craig Thomson, by Peter Wicks.
Trying to imagine the outcry if Craig Thomson had done what Kathy Jackson is alleged to have done with HSU members' money.…
UR most welcome Mark. Abbott RORTS not my work but part this 1 is. PeterSlipper Craig Thomson
for PM ? Bill Shorten 'oh yeah I believe him' [Craig Thomson] also supported Slipper when speaker till today !
Tickets and tables are selling fast get in quick to secure yours. Contact Craig Thomson for more information !
or honey and mustard pork. Oh baby girl.
Julia Gillard has been struck by fraud lightening three times: an ex boyfriend, her key vote Craig Thomson, and now her ex Speaker.
Craig, Yes excursions are included. Take a look at more here - ^J
Former Hearts defender Craig Thomson has become manager of Fauldhouse U16s
Obeid, Tripodi, Macdonald and Craig Thomson banned for life from ALP as party moves to restore ... -
hope you're really embracing it. Ever sung it to yourself in a mirror?
In the past few years, our electricity prices have doubled. While the media has feasted on the likes of pink batts, Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson, the astonishing story behind these price hikes has been all but ignored. And yet, it may be one of the greatest rorts in Australia’s history. Since 2009, the electricity networks that own and manage our “poles and wires” have quietly spent $45 billion on the most expensive project this country has ever seen. Allowed to run virtually unchecked, they’ve spent vast sums on infrastructure we don’t need, and have charged it all to us, with an additional fee attached. The spending was approved by a federal regulator, and yet the federal government didn’t even note it until it was well underway. Let’s be clear: this is the single biggest reason power prices have skyrocketed. According to the federal treasury, 51% of your electricity bill goes towards “network charges”. The carbon tax, despite relentless propaganda to the contrary, is small beer, co ...
Sex offender Craig Thomson back in football - Edinburgh Evening News:
that is the front door of Parliament House they put them there to stop Craig Thomson hanging around!
Craig Thomson illegally spent $9K Kathy Jackson $1 million but TAbbott backs KJackson - he's no moral compass
Great refereeing by Craig Thomson. cup final
Peter Martin: Maybe Craig Thomson will greet the governor via
Gallacher was Minister for the Central Coast, Eddie Obeid was the head of "the Terrigals" & Craig Thomson was Member for Dobell
Are you so out of touch 'Contessa' you don't know who Craig Thomson is? Good grief.
Celtic captain Scott Brown can count himself fortunate not to receive a yellow card for a swipe at Nadir Ciftci. Referee Craig Thomson believes a free-kick to United will suffice. "That's a booking for me," thunders BBC Sportsound pundit Billy Dodds.
.strikes again! First it was Schapelle Corby, now it seems that Craig Thomson is on the grill
Disgraced former union officials Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson have been formally expelled from the Labor Party
Lefties waiting for the fall of Sinodinos. But where were you for Craig Thomson, Peter Slipper, Michael Williamson ???
What about the union corruption & Craig Thomson & Michael Williamson's jail terms.Ripped off workers.
Latest news: Craig Thomson on bail after legal team appeals three-month jail sentence - Sydney Morning Herald
Refer to AUST FINANCIAL REVIEW or Sydney Morning Herald. ABC has failed to correctly cover this story. Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos was Chairman of AWH while the corruption was taking place. AWH is being investigated for this corruption. Plus with Hockey also receiving payments from AWH the Murdoch/Abbott Government have a lot of explaining. This is much worse than Craig Thomson's.
Can you publish the 9 character references (!) for Craig Thomson. released today need some fantasy
Today's referee is Craig Thomson and he is assisted by David McGeachie and Frank Connor. The fourth official is George…
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Why is Kathy Jackson not being hounded like Craig Thomson over her cash withdrawals of 100s of Ks of union funds? http:/…
3 that Craig Thomson named have already been shown 2B CROOKS CHEATS LIARS. How DUMB+BLIND RU 'Strayuns'?
Bugger. There goes the unbeaten league record. Too many players not on good enough form to beat the unplayable Craig Thomson
Whistleblower Jackson’s wisdom that sparked war. - GARY JOHNS, The Australian, 25/2/14. Kathy Jackson is this column’s Australian of the year. Jackson, nee Koukouvaos, is the Greek goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom and of war. She withstood the pressure of a culture of corruption in the Health Services Union. She deserves the respect and support of the entire labour movement. Instead, many revile her. No matter what the Abbott government’s royal commission into the administration of various trade unions reveals, she will be the one who, at great personal sacrifice, started the ousting of Craig Thomson and Michael Williamson. According to Ian Temby, QC, in his July 2012, report into the administration of HSU east, Jackson was the main source of the allegations against both Thomson and Williamson, both frauds against the union they served. In August 2011, Jackson’s enemies, most likely from the union, left a dirt-covered shovel on the doorstep of her Melbourne home. The message was unmistakable; by ...
ALP, Coalition join for Thomson probe. Ean Higgins, The Australian, 25/2/14. 12:00am. FORMER Labor MP and convicted union fraudster, Craig Thomson, faces further humiliation and theoretically another chance of jail time with a bipartisan move to renew investigations over whether he lied to parliament. **(All decent Australians want the book thrown at him! - CJO). The move emerged as Tony Abbott prepared to call on the parliament today to issue an apology on behalf of all MPs to the people Thomson accused of corruption in defending himself against the fraud charges. The Daily Telegraph reports today that Leader of the House, Christopher Pyne, last night tabled a notice of motion flagging the move. The Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop, launched a fresh referral to the powerful privileges committee after a call yesterday from Liberal MP, Karen McNamara, who succeeded Thomson in his NSW central coast seat of Dobell. The committee will now test whether Thomson mis-led parliament in his theatrical hour-long speech to th ...
Leader of the House Christopher Pyne speech regarding Craig Thomson and apology motion passed in the House:
Christopher Pyne now apologising to unions for Craig Thomson. Give us a break! They hate unions. They hate workers. The Thomson case is potentially subject to appeal. Pure politics.
First few minutes ok, but everything else Christopher Pyne has said proves it’s just about doing damage to Labor, not about Craig Thomson.
Christopher Pyne making a statement to the House on fraudster-turned-Labor MP Craig Thomson.
Leader of the House Christopher Pyne will make a speech and move a motion relating to the Craig Thomson matter at approx. 4.10pm
Suddenly very quiet on the Opp benches as Christopher Pyne attacks Craig Thomson in
Politics Live: February 25, 2014: Estimates! Estimates! Operation Sovereign Borders, Finance and the Communications Department all face Senate scrutiny today. Meanwhile, Labor and the Coalition gather for their weekly parliamentary meetings. Oh, and Christopher Pyne wants the parliament to apologise for Craig Thomson. (WAToday)
Bill Shorten, how could it be a "pathetic stunt" to make sure Craig Thomson appears for a privileges hearing? A pathetic stunt? Anything that repairs some of the damage Craig Thomson did with his egregious and wilful contempt of the Parliament, the truth and each of us has to be worth doing. A pathetic stunt? In Latika Bourke's story it's a spokesman for Shorten who put the words together; but what a stupid decision to try to diminish the importance of getting Thomson to answer for his actions. Craig Thomson fraud case: Bill Shorten says privileges committee inquiry a 'pathetic stunt'. By political reporter Latika Bourke. Shorten slams inquiry as 'pathetic stunt'. On Wednesday Mr Shorten said the privileges committee should be above politics but today Manager of Opposition Tony Burke said the Labor Party will be supporting the referral. "The motion that is now before the House has but one amendment which is, quite appropriately, to incorporate the findings of the magistrates court," Mr Burke said. "As ...
Bill Shorten took so long to condemn Craig Thomson because he had to await instructions from George Soros.
Shorten cuts loose 'disgusting' Craig Thomson. Labor won't stop contempt hearings. Was never going to.
$267,000 from hospital cleaners pay packets redirected into Craig Thomson pocket -give their money back Bill Shorten
Push for Thomson Senate documents EAN HIGGINS THE AUSTRALIAN FEBRUARY 24, 2014 THE Coalition will push the Senate to release thousands of pages of secret documents unearthed during investigations into former Labor MP and convicted union thief Craig Thomson. Senior Coalition figures hope the move could expose further detail about webs of union cronyism and corruption, and further wedge Bill Shorten on his obstruction of government efforts to launch inquiries into such activities. The Coalition also plans to challenge the Opposition Leader to support a parliamentary inquiry into whether Thomson committed contempt of parliament when, in 2012, he made an extraordinary and tearful hour-long speech to the House of Representatives in which he denied the allegations of abuse of union funds he was convicted of last week. Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells is leading a renewed charge to publicly unveil source material documented during the Fair Work Commission’s three-year investigation into the Health Se ...
Oh look, the ALP have got 8 seats in State Parl. now. The new MP (ex Fed MP & union hack) was a strong supporter of Craig Thomson
Get along to the good old ABA this Saturday night my bro Craig Thomson will be making his pro debut great card as...
The Craig Thomson charade is over SO Craig Thomson is guilty. Surprise surprise. Now we can drop the whole farce of pretending we buy his ridiculous story that someone stole his credit card, misappropriated his driver licence, cloned his phone, forged his signature, and tried to set him up with prostitutes. We all have been sullied by the charade that Thomson was a credible person. It was a charade instigated and perpetuated by former prime minister Julia Gillard and her Labor government, to keep themselves in power, whatever it took. This is how low they sank. No morality Thomson trashed our parliament, wasted our time, and stole from the working poor, people who toil away in unglamorous jobs in hospitals, emptying garbage bins, pushing patients in trolleys, working in the laundry. People who earn $30,000 a year, and worry about how they will pay for petrol or the next electricity bill. He stole their money. Instead of telling Thomson to crawl off into the nearest hole, Gillard defended him and tried to ...
Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper thought they were great too all good pals together:)
From the guilty Craig Thompson onto Peter Slipper. don't want to talk about Craig Thomson
Feeling proud of my friend Kathy Jackson who blew the whistle on Craig Thomson blowing his own at others expense. Just one more to go, Michael Williamson I hope you have your bags packed :-)
The looming court decision into allegations former federal Labor MP Craig Thomson paid for prostitutes on plastic got us thinking – and Googling. The most interesting thing we found was that in 2010 a Michigan man was arrested for allegedly stealing a car then reporting it stolen after telling police he was robbed at gunpoint while trying to buy crack with a credit card. We’re not expecting that to be topped, but what’s the dumbest or craziest purchase you or “someone you know” has put on plastic?
I have just delivered the news of the Craig Thomson verdict to Kathy Jackson. Here is her reaction.
Craig Thomson and Kathy Jackson on my TV today. It's too much. I'm watching The Block.
Former federal minister Craig Thomson found guilty of using union credit cards to pay for sex workers.
Craig Thomson found guilty of defrauding HSU via This is just the beginning for Thompson
Craig Thomson: CRIMES ACT 1958 - SECT 82 Obtaining financial advantage by deception Sentence will be interesting.
Former federal Labor MP Craig Thomson guilty of dishonesty offences over misuse of his Health Services Union credit cards to pay for escorts
Breaking: Former Federal Labor MP Craig Thomson found guilty of misusing his Health Services Union credit card.
Former federal M.P Craig Thomson is about to learn his fate over claims he committed fraud by misusing a union credit card
When it comes time for Kathy Jackson to be placed in the headlights of a royal Commission remember one thing . She is still under investigation by the Victoria police for cash advances equalling $ 200,000 from union funds including a cash advance of $30,000 to pay for a skiing trip for her family . The same thing Craig Thomson is facing trial for now. Kathy Jackson gave the Abbott government the ammunition to attack working people and their trade unions . If we have a genuine Royal Commission into alleged corruption ,then that commission must include corrupt business organisations corrupt employers and corrupt politicians , there are more of them in jail than there are trade unionists . This is of course the sting in the tail, Kathy Jackson is married to Michael Lawler a judge at Fair Work Australia . Lawler is the equivalent of a Federal court judge . Lawler criminally interfered in the Hospital Services Union when he personally rang a official of the union and threatened her ,all on the record ,and b .. ...
Devotional eulogies only entrench union thuggery - HENRY ERGAS, The Australian, February 10th, 2014. AFTER the 1983 election, when half the Australian workforce were union members, barely a third of the ALP’s new MPs thanked the unions in their maiden speech. By the 2013 election, union membership had fallen below 20 per cent of the workforce; but more than 90 per cent of Labor’s new MPs devoted part of their first speech to praising the union movement. And the accolades were hardly understated. Craig Thomson had set a high bar in 2007 by claiming his elevation to parliament proved that “union is not a dirty word”. But Labor’s 2013 intake rose to the challenge, with Bendigo’s Lisa Chesters even managing a call-and-response ditty of “I say ‘united’, you say ‘voice’ “. Yet these devotional eulogies are no laughing matter; rather, they reflect the complete inability of today’s ALP to distinguish its interests from those of the unions. The result is not merely Bill Shorten’s refusa ...
The collapse of the case against Craig Thomson, by Paul Montgomery AKA
Craig Thomson leaving Scottish Football... Gary Locke to apply for replacement on 1-out 1-in principle
It's not often I say Neil Lennon was not my most hated person at the footy today. Craig Thomson what an *** of a man. Still onwards and upwards.
Karen Charles Nominations for the most 'UNAUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR' (alias the Biggest Traitor) are: 1.Julia Gillard 2.Kevin Rudd 3.Christine Milne 4.Tim Flannery 5.Sarah HansenYoung 6.Craig Thomson 7.Peter Slipper 8.The ABC 9.The Fairfax Newspapers 10.The Unions and the WInner is . ?? A.U. Ex - PM Juliar Gillard. But MP Greens extremist Scarah Hanson Dumb is not far behind her and third in line for this un-Australian of the year is of cause, MP Christine Milne. But you forgot 11 - Greens extremist Adam Bandt. Lol. And the lost goes on for the extremist leftards. Lol.
DISGRACED ex-MP Craig Thomson would have had to show photo ID to use a union credit card at a Sydney brothel, a court heard yesterday. Thomson, who denies 145 charges of dishonesty over the alleged misuse of $28,449 on Health Services Union (HSU) credit cards, has always claimed someone fraudulently used the card on his behalf. However Peter Lazaris, owner of Sydney brothel and escort service A Touch Of Class, told Melbourne Magistrates Court that clients would have had to show ID to prove they were authorised to use a card when booking a service. He added that his business appeared as "Staff Call" on statements. Thomson's HSU-issued card showed $660 was billed to Staff Call in 2006. In other developments yesterday, Thomson's half-brother Struan Robertson gave evidence for the prosecution. He said he worked closely with Thomson at the HSU between 2003 and 2007 and as national liaison officer he was given a union credit card - but was not instructed how he could or could not use it. ­Despite this, he neve ...
HSU Nat Sec Lloyd Williams says he was "flabbergasted" when an audit found Craig Thomson used union credit card to withdraw $$
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