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Craig MacK

Craig Mack (born May 10, 1971) is an American Grammy nominated rapper, who gained fame on Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Entertainment record label in the 1990s.

Bad Boy Records Black Rob Hip Hop Busta Rhymes South Carolina Sean Combs

im over here mad watching the Boilers collapse so I peep this ep & get more mad bcuz now of yall will say CRAIG MACK for L.I.!😒lol
Seriously, they have got more Mack than Craig right now
do it. Let me know. I ll download it. Start with Craig Mack- Flava in Ya Ear, then Wu Tang, Method Man
You Don't Have To Worry - Remix by Mary J. Blige. i SWEAR i didn't know Craig Mack was on this remix! ♫
I hope he breaks free from that and creates some more fire 🔥I love Craig Mack 🔥🔥🔥
Ex-rap superstar Craig Mack now lives in Walterboro, South Carolina and was recently seen kickin raps at a church
I got more Mack than Craig, but in the bed 🎧
Listening to Craig Mack and hearing 's freestyle instead😭
*** thought AZ had next, turned out to be Jay-Z. *** thought Craig Mack had next, turned out to be Biggie
*** never realized Craig Mack was a roadie for EPMD
Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear on Global HipHop FM the home of (
Man wth are you suppose to do when someone say you look like Craig Mack?
The fact that Craig Mack did Flava in ya Ear twice and left is funny
on WHLR HOTLINE RADIO Flava In Ya Ear by Craig Mack. Go to to listen
I'm prolly the only person drinking wine, watching the on mute and listening to Craig Mack.
I can barely stomach most music I listened to in high school. . Except Craig Mack.
And if he look like Craig mack wit a few dollars they a still love em
the beauty about Hip Hop is, some beats can be sooo simple (ex. Flavor in ya ear- craig mack) and can just make a song 10 times better
Hear an unreleased Notorious B.I.G. and Craig Mack freestyle on Tim Westwood
This unreleased Biggie and Craig Mack freestyle >
Craig Mack - Why does America, a Christian nation, continue supporting the parasitic Ashkenazi poser Jew's of...
New on the blog! Radio 1 Rap Show from 23.06.00 with Marley Marl, Half A Mil, Craig Mack & .
from Craig Mack down too Carl Thomas , 😭. Stevie been had her back in the G.
My dad raised me on NWA, 2 Live Crew, and Craig Mack. Mom raised me on Mississippi Mass, The Canton Spirituals and Shirley Caesar, lol.
What does Sean Murray, Waldo, and Craig Mack all have in common? They've all gone missing!
I was in high school that's when Craig Mack was overrated- lol
And just like a piece of sizzlean. You'll fit inside my stomach. With the eggs and grits between. Craig Mack - Flava I…
'Now Playing:' FLAVOR IN YA EAR MIX by Craig Mack listen at
Craig Sager says he talked Dennis Rodman out of committing suicide in 1993.
Simeone is TRILL. Atleti got a style for every bump on ya face. Word to Craig Mack.
I added a video to a playlist Flava In Ya Ear- Craig Mack
Flava In Ya Ear has got to be one of the hardest beats ever created in Hip Hop/Rap. Thank you Craig Mack.
Mack told her, you aint got to lie, Craig
Working on some notes from the awesome . It's always awesome when they make your story better!
Boyz II Men ft. Treach, Craig Mack, Busta Rhymes & Method Man - Vibin` (Remix) on GH2 efX Radio the home of underground Rap/Hip
TNT sideliner reporter Craig Sager will be on the cover of the next . https:…
This week's cover story: SIDELINE STRONG. on the spirit of Craig Sager.
Might have more mack than Craig. But can't never beat Bernie 😈 😉. . .
I mean, I'm sure New York got this excited when Craig Mack "Flava In Ya Ear" went top ten too. We know what happened after t…
Craig Xen, Kickdoe, Dretti, Jeff Mack$, and P2 are my favorite Texas rappers.
nah you not gonna blame Diddy for Craig Mack's looks
And if you didn't know who's rhymin', I guess I'm bout to say Craig Mack with perfect timin'.
AI has some words of encouragement for Craig Sager (via h/t
for that price I need Loon, G Dep to break out of jail, Craig Mack & Black Rob too!
u know how many platinum selling artist he had after big? Not to mention Craig Mack sold before big
*** is mad I get more butt than ash trays.. Craig Mack feat. Notorious B.I.G. - Flava In Ya Ear via
biggie headlined but he got platinum records outta 112, total, faith and a gold album outta Craig Mack
Actin like we talkin bout Craig Mack or loon lol
'Craig Mack: one thousand degrees ...' Your ear worm for the day. You're welcome.
the one that irritates me is Craig Mack
Flippin Craig Mack in to Michael Jackson, peep the whole video and vote if you dig it, link in bio
Your crazy like that glue.. to think that you can outshine my one two.. that's sick like the flu! Mack
Don't care for tickets I just wanna hear that Craig Mack was there and had Barclay's rocking!!!
Those of us on the sidelines are thinking of the best to do it, Craig Sager, as he fights on. ht…
No Black Rob or Craig Mack at the in Brooklyn?
Mitt Romney calling somebody phony reminds me of the time Craig Mack warned rappers they wouldn't be around the next year.
I'm going to sample you some Craig Mack!! Lol I expect 🔥
Stacey you gotta start Part II of the mix with Craig mack "Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)" for Mia & Katana reppin' Tega Cay!
The way the girl sitting next to Biggie in the Big Poppa video looked at him when he said he had more Mack than Craig will be forever funny
Song for the day. Craig Mack featuring notorious b.i.g, ll cool j. Flava in us ear. Remix. It's a good day in da mornin
Tupac wouldve turned into a muslim and left the grid like Craig Mack...Biggie wouldve had a BUNCH of baby mamas n been on a reality show
yeah, it's a long story... but it was awesome. Just lost in the shuffle really.
I didn't even known he had a draft of CABIN FEVER 2.
I always enjoyed the draft of Cabin Fever 2... If you guys get a chance you should check it out.
"Now check it, I got more Mack than Craig in the bed; believe me sweetie I got enough to feed the needy".
Craig Mack had such a good album and a smash hit single. Too bad he was Bad Boy when Biggie landed...
gimme some Craig Mack...flava in ya year
Craig Mack has words for Johnny Manziel and Mike Pettine
My cousin says her baby daddy look like Craig Mack that's why we never see him around lmao
Real barz. Craig Mack Flava In Ya Ear remix ft Rampage LLCoolJ, Biggie & Busta Rhymes (before he was in love with the coco).
I understand am hitting heavy Craig Tara am out see yae soon
Now check it, I got more mack than Craig and in the bed
I'm in the Gucci vest wit the green and red straps I'm the last rapper to scare *** since Craig Mack
not in my top 5 but is Puffy on anyone's list? Talking Biggie, Craig Mack & Bad Boy era. In which case shout out to Easy Mo Bee
funny u say that,big's 1st tape with Craig Mack was marketed with 2 buns as Big Mack is genius at this marketing thing
I was finna compare Keith Murray to Craig Mack but I think Mack went a lil bit further
Never touched the bag. Dirty slide.
Unreal. Utley should at least be OUT. You need to touch the base on take out attempts. BUSH LEAGUE.
Yeah, nothing compares. I went swimming at Manchester today to cap it off. In my skivvies. People were mortified.
it's the best time of year here. Hands down.
Apparently, my doppelganger is Craig Mack. Who's yours?
Craig Mack like he got stung by a bunch of bees. Face look like it hurt to show any emotion besides Fed Up
I look like Craig Mack on a bad day.
Craig Mack was the first artist signed to Bad Boy Records. But I imagine when Puff heard Biggie's verse, he said, "OK. Plan B".
awesome. Honesty we won’t see much now. LOL at what he said on Craig Mack though
The fact that he gave Craig Mack a 0 😂😂😂
Memphis freshman Craig Randall could wind up reminding the natives of Doneal Mack. 6-3 lefty has range. Long-range specia…
a man said zero for Craig mack and they on the same label😂 legendary
How can you say I look like Craig Mack. Did I bomb your house 😂
⬅ not Craig Mack ugly... But my ugly is up there
my sis of course & the whole BadBoy gotta bring Total👍🏾 Craig Mack to👍🏾
Choosing a side between Fisher, Barnes and Govan is like choosing who is cuter between Craig Mack, Shabba ranks and biggie. Bleh
Photo: 90shiphopraprnb: Craig Mack, Puffy and Biggie |  NYC - 1993 | Photo by Chi Modu
.if it hadn't been for Dame, Jeru the Damaja or Craig Mack would be married to Beyonce w/ the platinum albums.
112 total faith Kim mase the band Craig Mack danity Kane Carl Thomas loon ... I can go on for days diddy is a user 😎
Well guys here it is 👌🏾 Listen to Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear Freestyle by KiddTyler, MC on
Craig Mack was more like Charles Oakley than pip
Craig Mack was more of a Toni Kukoc figure.
Craig Mack was like, "Yo Diddy, I got this Bar Mitzvah over in Jersey tonight and I can't make it, dawg."
Craig Mack in that cult. He gone come on stage in a brown robe.
Also: how disrespectful was it to Craig Mack hearing Biggie & LL on his remix?
I would love to see Christopher Williams, Mya, Soul-4-Real, Jon B, Blu Cantrell, Craig Mack, Ideal, and Profyle on the show
in 1995, you could watch Biggie, Craig Mack, Mobb Deep and more perform live for just $17.50
When I get into position to do so I'm gettin Jcole & Craig Mack on a song together wit me
Pear shaped *** can look like Craig Mack in the face and still get 3000 IG likes on a pajama pic.
I got more mack than craig in the bed
My life right now? Texting someone special, writing the last bit of this review and listening to Craig Mack. The last one has me ashamed.
Death Row, Craig Mack is the reason I wouldn't go to bad boy...nobody knows where that *** is
Harry is about as smooth as Craig Mack's face
good stuff. U r just like Craig Mack. Using your own name. Much props
Han is a tough, roguish starpilot about thirty years old. A mercenary on a starship, he is simple, sentimental, and cocksure.
with a black bag over my head and electrodes strapped to my balls. Wait are we talking about ?
But yeah, I got the reference to the Schrödinger's cat.
Could see that super-positioned at the gates of Guantanamo as well.
very well could be! Actually was doing research on the sci explanation of the soul. This is a quantum superposition theory.
Not yet, but the cast looks alright. Olivia Wilde is great and Evan Peters has done a good job holding it down on AHS.
Please listen to my demo. ✊. Produced by K-Def BTW, where in the world is Craig Mack? I haven't seen…
A human is both dead and alive when in absolute isolation. To be alive, is to be observed.
Craig Mack big brother that nobody knew...
I'm really hoping Shooter McGavin pulls this one out.
Loon,Craig Mack,Shyne and countless others have signed with Bad Boy Records and what happened to them?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Bmac in Chiraq sellin flats, if Biggie spit like Craig Mack and Puffy wasn't black but still dancing in the back.
Thanks Fat Joe, Big Pun and Craig Mack for getting me through my workout.
Sounds of Blackness feat. Craig Mack & Ann Nesby - Spirit on
Biggie promoting Craig Mack and Bad Boy Records in the streets.
Flava in ya ear! "This man's undisputed In deep rooted funk smoke that leaves your brains booted This bad MC with stamina like Bruce Jenner" - Craig Mack
On air now: Flava in Ya Ear-remix by Craig Mack, Biggie Smalls, , , & . WVFS 89.7 FM .
What if Craig Mack had more than Flava In Ya Ear?
I think Craig Mack should be on a episode of I unsolved mysteries
I'm glad I gotta mack with my *** last nite felt like old times with this goofy *** *** welcome home cannon
- When a gentleman didn't understand how people didn't understand Craig Mack on a Mary J. song.. what was Craig Mack asked to kick?
Craig Mack Flavor In Ya Ear (original) I'm gonna have to get those remix clips in for this…
Craig Mack's voice is so great to me.
I grew up off street rap but labels are making it hard for the next Craig Mack, Kanye,JCole,Drake & STALLEY to blow! Music lovers!!!
Will you vote for 'The winner or in this showdown?
Whitesnake AND Craig Mack lyrics this afternoon:) I may officially be demob happy.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Would yall still follow me if I looked like Craig Mack?
Ok I think I know Hip Hop and Im being told that Craig Mack wrote most of BIG's Ready to Die
Exam at 9:30 bout to hit campus and and study a bit more for this exam
Weighing out my options. Just ask God to continue to bless me and open my eyes to the true colors and objectives of others.
"Skills uglier than Craig Mack in ya ear I’m the flava"
Flavor in your ear(Remix) Craig mack ft Rampage,Busta Rhymes,biggie and ll cool j. Your whole album couldn't mess with my 1 line(craig mack)
Listening to Craig Mack on powered by Slacker. Free on select Samsung Galaxy devices:
We can't stop listening to 'My Baby's Got a Smile on Her Face.'
I've always wanted to know this... *** was Craig Mack saying on the Mary J Blige "You Don't Have a To Worry" remix? I need answers
Now playing Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear on three clock hours FM
I wonder what ever happened to Craig Mack
I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly! If they're to be acknowledged, do it in a category separate from "original" scripts.
Adaptations shouldn't make any BEST OF screenplay lists (unless the list is for adaptations). I get adaptations are hard, so is algebra.
20 years later, I just realized that Craig Mack's Flava in Ya Ear Remix has a sample in it that it never gave credit for ...
I'll admit I've only read the book : /
you welcome ... I am trying my best 👌😊
Thanks Shay. I really appreciate the recognition. You gonna be next. Lets continue to set examples for Wilson
Where's Adina Howard? Or Craig Mack? Who knows, but they had some great one hit wonders! Check out our faves |
I'm Diddy Corae fonzworth Bjay is biggie and you Craig Mack bad boy baby take that take that
Craig David, my friend, not Craig Mack. Craig David is from the UK, Craig Mack is classic old school Hip Hop. Much Respect:)
Craig Mack was like the bill Nye of rap
Conspiracy theorists unite! This photo of former Bad Boy Records artist, Craig Mack, shows him holding an "Illuminati" sweatshirt with the year 2010 on it. The picture, taken by famed hip-hop lensm...
It could be due to a number of reasons Craig. Was it at the actual pump (as in self-service), or at the counter? PW
Yall kno Craig Mack's flava in ya ear remix on music choice
I had that Craig Mack tape with that one single
Craig Mack owes me $10 Imma role up in CVS and rob that *** while he working
look at craig mack getting brainwashed by same cult leader from the simpsons Craig Mack joining a Cult via
I got mo Mack then Craig and in the bed
Give us a A brand new flava for our ears...Word to Craig Mack
classic track too Craig Mack..old school Busta Bust
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Congrats to Julio Craig and Freddie on being selected to the All Star Team! Represent the Braves well fellas!!
We are jamming to Craig Mack though!
We want Diddy to focus on these artist again like he focused on Biggie, Craig Mack, Faith, Mase, 112 etc...
I gotta be able to picture us in the passion and my vision gotta be sexy...not with a man that's Craig Mack in the face...
I'm listening to Flava In Ya Ear by Craig Mack/Various Artists on Backspin at
Prolly gonna post up a.freestyle I did over a Craig Mack song later. Why not?
just lolly gagging over Boston waiting for some cenobites.
Craig Mack 1000 degrees you will be on your knees
Awesome. You summoned us ,you opened the box.We have such sites to show you.
i'm the only one who believes this reminds Skyrim???
Director Marty Thomas presents this full 5 minute version of the classic Craig Mack video. Shot in Tribeca and filmed in Robert DeNi...
had the Craig Mack tape with that one single
I still can't believe Craig Mack let it go down like that on his song... L level high
ain't that craig house ? 😂 “RT in 10 Seconds if you know who stays in this house 😂😂
I remember rolling into Epicenter w/a fully dislocated shoulder. Neil Nordstrom was listening to Craig Mack. Lance Hahn calmed us both down.
up next - flava in your ear ( remix)- Craig Mack and a host of other folks
BIG BOY BEATS will be dropping some Lo bass lines Calcast Beat Bandido Craig Mack
In my Craig mack voice one thousand degrees out here lol headed to Micasa where the airconditioner is bumping
I'm on a diet. This means I can't open Instagram for the next few months. 180 or bust.
you sleep that's Craig's house from "Friday"
I really enjoyed They did a lot with that budget.
If Craig Mack had a looker of a face his music could have went somewhere, looks like Jay-Z after a house on fire
First Anthony Brown now Craig Mack Anderson dang you two get me deleted left and right lmao .how dose that song go now I ain't saying she's a gold digger.. but she ain't messing with no broke %
Craig Mack, formerly signed to Sean "Diddy" Comb's Bad Boy Records, has been worshipping at a South Carolina commune with conservative Pentecostal Christians, according to a recently surfaced video in which the Grammy-nominated recording artist and New Jersey native exuberantly shares his testimony.
I Remember I Went to the..Boy Concert in 1995..Biggie Smalls R.I.P Lil' Kim,Junior Mafia,Craig Mack & Total... Maybe more I just can't remember who Else came!.
Look at Craig Mack. Where is he now?
Look at Craig Mack lol. Where is he now?
Wherever that missing plane is, I'm sure Trinidad James, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, Ahmad, Craig Mack, Bonecrusher, Mims, and Wreckz N Effect are right there with it… ??
Hailed by many as the greatest MC of all time, the Notorious B.I.G. was Bad Boy's flagship artist. From his early verses on Craig Mack's "Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)" and "Real Love" by Mary J. Blige, it was clear to the hip-hop world that a new king had been crowned. Biggie solidified his position with his classic 1994 debut album, "READY TO DIE." Through the combination of Sean Combs' powerful production and B.I.G.'s vivid rhymes, the disc brought Bad Boy Records to the forefront of East Coast hip-hop and went to sell over four million copies.
you judging possibly the best rapper of all time based on Craig Mack, Mase & Loon? Lmfao
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My top 20 Hip-Hop Label list are. 1. Def Jam Recordings. This is the house where Russel Simmons and Rick Rubin kicked the doors down with a help from Run-D.M.C. Artists like LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, 3rd Bass, Slick Rick, Redman, Onyx, the list goes on and on. Def Jam changes the game forever. I'm not into the new music from Def Jam nowadays like Rihanna and the rest. 2. Death Row Records. Suge Knight was the center of controversy. Dre, Snoop, Tha Dogg Pound, Lady Of Rage, Nate Dogg and 2Pac were very dope as *** But the beginning of the end with The Row started with East/West beef, Dr. Dre's departure and 2Pac's tragic death in Las Vegas. 3. Bad Boy Records. Why would Sean Combs ain't paying his own artists from the Bad Boy roster. That's sad. Otherwise, Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack and the rest were good except Diddy. He's a shiny suit freak with all that ad-libs in people's music. 4. Sugar Hill Records. Shout out to The Robinsons - Joe and Sylvia for opening the doors for The Sugarhill G . ...
how he transformed a lot of unpolished kids, Biggie, Craig Mack, Black Rob, Ma$e into stars is applause worthy
said...In Deep Thoughts About Future Plans. Thank God For Giving Me A Gift To See and Have Options for New Directions of Success In Life. Some people only See, or have slim options for Success. I'm Also Blessed To Be A Hard Working Risk Taker. Sean "Puffy" Combs Didn't know Biggie and Craig Mack would sell like that. He stepped out on faith, Tried it, Worked hard and Accomplished His Goals! Now It's Time To Assemble and Execute My Game Winning Plans! Signed..."Mr. Green Eyes"
UMES booked Craig Mack...Montell Jordan...Shaggy.The Mighty Clouds of Joy...Dottie Peoples... Shirley Caesar.Meek Mills.Queen Latifah and Dorothy Norwood for the homecoming concert Thursday night and I can't wait lol
What became of Craig Mack you may have never wondered?
Craig mack, one thousand degrees. You'll be on your knees and you'll be burning begging please
crazy like dat glue in Craig Mack's voice
I got more mack than Craig in the bed 😏
finished The Long Glasgow Kiss: A Lennox Thriller by Craig Russell and gave it 5 stars
record store day Side by Side disk with Cantaloop and Craig Mack's Flava In Yr Ear would be a worthy display of the 90s mtv era
But, by all means, let’s continue to pay Mack Brown $4.5 million to get blasted by Baylor, Oklahoma State, BYU and Ole Miss.
The fact that I am not confident in Mack and the staff’s ability to make better halftime adjustments than Briles tells a lot.
The fact that Mack Brown won’t put Swoopes in for a couple of plays in a must win game pretty much just admits that he messed up his RS.
*** is putting up Henny Gang modeling posts and ain't get in contact wit me, like I wasn't modeling for them, treating me like Craig Mack
Craig Mack - Flava in Ya Ear What I'm listening to right now.
Does anyone know what the *** happened to Craig Mack? Man this album from the mid 90's was a classic!
I had the Craig Mack tape with the one single
Love old bad boy tracks too much. No way out. Mase craig mack diddy and biggie was always too good
My life rests upon the belief that loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon, is the inevitable fact of human existence.
And bass up the track a little bit. I wanna hear that boomsk boomsk! GET DOWN - CRAIG MACK
Use a filter Craig Mack what is filter? What is make up? And no I don't draw my eyebrows in
What are the chances that I want to hear Flava In Ya Ear by Craig Mack and it starts playing at the store that I'm in
Craig Mack - flava in ya that tune but it gotta be the beat cos... Just cos... *sigh* wasn't all good in the nineties.
Meet CROWIE at Mack Cycle & Fitness! Craig Alexander will be here on Dec 14th at 6:30 for a Q&A and Book Signing...
Hey Yo could you pls play Get Down ~Craig Mack for me I know u rock the radio waves like no other.
Even say i got dat real N dats wuz up pimp::: *** money long like old titties...
gettin ready for tonight with my favorite pandora station that reminds me of my favorite person. Soul For Real with Rakim and Craig Mack.
Craig mack look like a monkey who hungry as *** lml
Don't ever change Craig mack flava in your ear in my Presence!! =\ that song hard.
The sandman is at my door on some "come out and play" steeze like puff in that Craig Mack video
I'm gone dress up like Craig Mack this Halloween and to the dance moves from "Flava In Ya Ear" all night.
back to 90s Hip Hop, Craig Mack's Flava in Ya Ear is so good! and has a really good verse from Busta that goes unnoticed 😍
exactly WHAT flavor was Craig Mack trying to put in your ear?
*** Naw brother use to say soul for real was craig mack kids lls
can a shape up turn craig mack into will smith? never mind I'll wait
and we had an ohdee amount of good male artist as well, Craig Mack, Wyclef even held it down, Lords of the underground, ect *** .
this Preachers of LA show would be the perfect platform for Craig Mack to resurrect his career & KICK SAVIOR IN YOUR EAR
On Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear (REMIX) who had the best verse Craig, Biggie, Busta, LL…
I wonder if Craig Mack still rock that fro
How I feel when trying to find out what happened to Craig Mack
It may suck for the little guy, and we're all wondering where Craig Mack is now, but has a great eye for longevity. Period.
When would be a good time to play Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear
*Skips ahead in a song to get to the Craig Mack verse.*
Anybody know what to the rapper Craig Mack where he been /where is he ?
Diddys "Da Band": Where are they Now? What do tall tees, fitted caps stitched with every NBA team logo and Da Band have in common? None saw much relevance in Hip-Hop culture after the mid-2000s. Immortalized by a classic Chappelle Show skit, the group has been relegated to “sideshow status” in the decade since becoming MTV legends for all the right and wrong reasons. Here, six artists from six completely different walks of life were all joined together by Puffy to form a group and develop chemistry on the fly. The mixture was flawed from the beginning, and perhaps the exact reason for their brief popularity. Freddy P and Ness’ constant bickering drew fans in. Sara’s whatever-the *** it-was relationship with her husband was confusing. Choppa just felt like the one guy from the group who would go on to achieve solo stardom based off talent, charisma and the rise and influence of mainstream Southern rap at the time. Babs always seemed like the one who took the opportunity most serious. And Dylan, we ...
Craig Mack was the business back in the day👌
Craig Mack RT"What rapper would you compare your DM game to?"
Craig Mack Pandora is such a dope station
Now Playing Craig Mack feat Biggie, Puffy, LL Cool J, and Busta Ryhmes - Flavor in your Ear (Remix) on
"hol up... Lets make this official... Every body lets agree that MCs nneed a tissue" - Craig Mack
Yo Craig Mack got a wife... Ctfu she on the bus BLABBING bout him... My husband this My husband that. Ya husband a AHOLE...
Since this TLC thang I would love to see a Total, Jodeci & En Vogue biopic... oh yeah and maybe a biopic of what the *** happend to Craig Mack! I loved me some Craig Mack!
One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to peak as far as looks early in life. Meaning you look your physical best at 17 and by 27 you look like Craig mack and is big as old lutha vandross. You wanna look ya best in your adult years. I know everyone knows a person like this. *** might be you. Pray for good family genes. Moving along.
Good times with Rodney Rodney Craig Mack and the Philadelphia Big Brass playing in Chattanooga! Can't wait to go home to my girls for a day though!
Need some q-tips. There seems to be a little too much flavor in my ear... Thanks Craig mack
The game is still in development. We hope we will be able to take new screenshots with a next version!
Craig Mack needs to hunt down everyone who ever used his appearance as a punchline and beat the brakes off of them.
Joey badass is the Craig Mack of 2013
Craig Mack? If it's the one I'm thinkin bout the remix is the best!
Your mother still look like Craig Mack
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Im. Kicking. New. Flava. In ya Ear. Lacks brand new flava in ya ear!" Word to Craig Mack...
The first one is Craig Mack inside of a cult. SMH look at what Puff has done to these people
Just watched - Two Chains is the son of Craig Mack and Dwayne Wayne, right?
nice pic bro what's up with your boy Craig Mack he lost his mind
90's Footage: Big L takes a moment to interview & speak on his debut while on tour with B.I.G., Puff & Craig Mack
J Cole was fighting the essence of the Lox, Craig Mack, G-Dep, Shyne, Dylan (Hot Fire!), Loon, Mase, Black Rob, Boyz in Da Hood and others
yeah bad boy got voodoo cursed by Craig Mack
I think the Work remix by A$VP Ferg is our modern day Flava in your ear remix by Craig Mack
“Guess who's bringing the flavor to your ear.”Craig Mack?
Hey y'all tricked us into thinking he was gonna bring Craig Mack back!?
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