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Craig Levein

Craig William Levein (born 22 October 1964 in Dunfermline) is a Scottish former professional footballer and manager of the Scotland national team.

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They badly need a new manager and to get rid of Craig levein.
Jon Daly looks utterly miserable next to Craig Levein.
Is Craig Levein in the stand at the hawthorns sending messages to pullis👍
Jack Ross: Craig Levein thought I was no longer a fit at Hearts.
Having a go at Dempster when Budge can't afford your new stand yet and lets Craig Levein take charge of team matters 😂😂😅
Let's reminisce on some past midlands footy managers. What are your thoughts and memories on .. CRAIG LEVEIN ?
We need a new angle on the whole Craig Levein thing. Let's get Jack Ross on.
That is why in my opinion Craig Levein's conveyor belt of youth coaches can never work at Hearts.
Ah Craig Levein that well respected ex Scotland manager and master tactician 😂😂
Levein is the latest in a long list of experts to be cited by CFC fans which inc Charles Green, Craig W…
Not so Honest Mistakes by referee Mike McCurry . Craig Levein post match interview via
In the post match interview, Craig Levein mentioned that Rangers NEEDED to win. Dodgy stuff indeed when…
"All about Rangers". The single most truthful thing that's ever come out of Craig Levein's mouth. 💁
Whilst I don't disagree. Craig Levein is a world class muppet and dragged Scottish footba…
I was at this. It was the day Craig Levein went into post match meltdown and lost his credibility as a manager & pe…
9 years ago today Craig Levein says the are only interested in Rangers.
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Interesting that Craig Levein was also at the Falkirk Stadium that day. Clearly a relationship that works both ways
Craig Levein unveils Georgios Samaras as new player-manager.
Malky Mackay, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, even Hearts DoF Craig Levein . . . Don Cowie insists Robbie Neilson is up there
Oh, it looks as though I'm not the only one who's a fan of jumpers and Craig Levein getting the LA Lakers coaching…
It is indeed T. Thank you . good stuff in it from Gary MacKay & Craig Levein 👍
I can see Gordon Strachan playing the famous Craig Levein 4-6-0 formation at Wembley next month . . Just not to lose the game 🤔
Four years ago today I was asking for Craig Levein's head, and for Gordon Strachan to be lined up. And here we are, four years on...
the SFA had their chance and turned him away in favour of Craig Levein
Pity Craig Levein never worked out, because I'm the kind of sourpuss who loves playing 4-5-1 away to Azerbaijan. That's what I want to see.
Bribe Lars Lagerback somehow, couldn't believe it when I heard we bumped him for Craig Levein back in the day
Craig levein had the right idea when he was scotland manager, avoid criticism for choosing the wrong striker by no playing any ataw
What's Craig Levein up to now? If he's busy we should ask Sam Allardyce over a glass of wine in some darkly lit boozer.
awful manager, nearly as dull as Craig Levein and Steven Presley
We were in Prague for the 4-6-0 under Craig Levein & the stadium served ZERO ALCOHOL BEER. You don't KNOW pain
Looking back on it, bumping back Lars Lagerback in favour of Craig Levein was a silly mistake
Craig Levein had a 41.7% succeed rate as Scotland Manager. Incl tonight Gordon Strachan is at approx 47%. Not much difference.
Starting with the schools, the SFA, the 'old firm' and the wee nut in charge of the team; Strachen the new Craig Levein
The SFA don't have the wherewithal to remove Strachan. This is the organisation that gave George Burley and Craig Levein months too long
And people said Scotland were crap under Craig Levein!!!
Craig Levein watching the game with a glass of red. Waiting for the headlines tomorrow!
It's been said by a few but if Craig Levein was in charge of this embarrassment he would be hounded out the country.
He is turning into Craig Levein, wait for the 5 - 5 formation . Would expect more from what was a clever player
This reminds me of the Craig Levein days 😩
Please just go Gordon Strachan. Go whilst your record is still better than Craig Levein's.
I'm getting nostalgic for Bertie Vogts and Craig levein.
See if Craig Levein was in charge of this performance then he'd be hounded for his resignation by 10pm by the Glasgow press.
Berti Vogts. Craig Levein. George Burley. All had better scotland teams than this. Absolutely abismal
Even Craig Levein would have played Griffiths. He'd have played him in midfield in a dodgy 5-5-0 formation but he'd have played him..
Craig Levein: Hearts ready to push Celtic all the way for title
Looks like an attacking version of a Craig Levein formation
Sums up the man, clueless. Did anyone say Craig Levein?
Utterly delusional. This is is Craig Levein moment
ad rather have Craig Levein in charge than play fletcher Nj
that awkward moment wen Lewis Stevenson has 1 more medals than John Robertson,Gary MacKay n Craig Levein put together at Hearts 🙈😂
FACT: Lewis Stevenson has won more with Hibs than Gary MacKay, Craig Levein and John Robertson put together did with Hearts
The more I watch the Euros the more I realise that Gordon Strachan is not better than Craig Levein or George Burley. Bring back Craig Brown
Liam Fox vows to make his own mark as he follows in the footsteps of Craig Levein at Cowdenbeath
might be controversial but is the guy on the right no Craig Levein?
never knew Craig Levein had joined the polis.
"The teams' line up for kick-off at Hampden with Craig Levein's Scotland defending the Kings Park end..."
Who had the structure of Ann Budge and Craig Levein supporting him. Foran wouldn't be so fortunate.
boss Claudio Ranieri to become "Grand Officer of the Italian Order of Merit"... Another prize Craig Levein & Gary Megson missed out on
Mind when the SFA though George Burley and Craig Levein were the solution
Still twice as many as Hearts 'legend' Craig Levein:
I'd alternatively accept Craig Levein being fired into the sun, tbf.
domain names
1996: Tommy McLean. 2006: Craig Levein. 2016: Ray McKinnon. Another manager is due from Raith Rovers in 2026!
it was Martin o'neil that recommended Leicester with Craig levein who got sacked
Tommy Wright on the touchline at tynecastle... Looks like a fat Craig levein
And after him came Craig Levein, Rob Kelly, Gary Megson and Ian Holloway. The state we were in lol.
Ronnie should do what Craig Levein almost done, take the team off the park when cheated
Leicester wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for the works of Craig Levein. He built this.
Leicester only have one man to thank for where they are right now and thats craig levein
Wasn't too long ago that Craig Levein managed Leicester...
Leicester fans deserve everything they get after what they've had to suffer. 11 years ago Craig Levein was their manager
Sadly United no longer have the manager who did achieve a genuine revolution. Craig Levein. McCall, McNamara tried and failed.
he seems to me like a Craig levein kind of guy. Huddies, no youth etc
You mean a know-it-all pundit failed as a coach. Amazeballs! That's never happened before. *cough* Craig Levein *cough*
The Craig Levein of theme parks right here
copyright Craig Levein...and he was rightly slaughtered for it
players will make themselves unavailable under Roy as he has his favourites. Like S.Fletcher and Craig Levein.
Famous people spotted so far. Mixu. Craig Levein. Me
have to ask why he changed the two forwards who scored on Tuesday night to subs? Is Craig Levein really behind these decisions?
Craig Levein flying the plane though
So did Craig Levein attacking to much lol
Craig Levein will be spitting feathers.
With every good result for Leicester, we're a day closer to a Craig Levein interview discussing how he laid the foundations for this.
Hard to believe that this time 10yrs ago Tim Davies was sitting in the press room at announcing the dismissal of Craig Levein
ON THIS DAY IN 2006: Craig Levein is sacked as manager. CEO, Tim Davies: "Our league position is unacceptable"
One day soon I'm going to wake up from this dream and find that Craig Levein is still the manager and Rab Douglas is in goal
Somewhere Craig Levein and Rob Kelly are giving knowing nods. They know they started this.
it's got Craig Levein written all over it. His DAB side was the same!
Craig Levein has been involved for about 25 years...
Would rather play a Craig Levein formation with no strikers than have that muppet Ciftci up front on his own.
Everyone laughed when Craig Levein played without a striker in 2010 and now Chelsea and Man City are doing it
Michelle P.'s Fifers - The 'Scarface' & 'Dangerous Liaisons' star lists her fave Kingdom residents, exploring her odd love for Craig Levein.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Craig Levein admits won't be signing Jerome Thomas after talks broke down:
Hearts director of football Craig Levein says the club will not be signing former Crystal Palace winger Jerome Thomas.
Craig Levein of course took back, if it's the same Scott Robertson. Not sure on the rest!
TV: Roger Arnott, Craig Levein & John Colquhoun speak to HeartsTV about the club's partnership with BOX Soccer...
Great to see Ann Budge, Ann Park, Craig Levein and board members with Hearts fans today. Fantastic from them.
One thing is clear: Sturgeon & Salmond have unquestionably established themselves as the Craig Levein & Robbie Neilson of Scottish politics.
Labour last night had their Craig Levein moment.
Craig Levein urging SNP to sit back and play for a draw.
Clearly Craig Levein was in charge of the tactical voting system!
media coverage of Murphy has been reminiscent of Craig Levein - everyone knows he's a failure but press still swoon
A change in fortunes... How Craig Levein overcame his Scotland bruises
Nicola Sturgeon in safari gear is up there with Craig Levein in sprout form imo.
If this was four years ago, Craig Levein would be going into our next international match with a 3-2-5 formation.
Jesus Christ he makes Keegan look like Craig Levein
Craig Levein: Robbie Neilson yet to prove himself
Retaining head coach Robbie Neilson will be a challenge for Hearts, says director of football Craig Levein
Craig Levein: Robbie Neilson yet to prove himself:
Craig Levein admits Hearts will face a big fight to hold onto head coach Robbie Neilson.
An awful lot of Germans look like Craig Levein.
Levein: We’ll face fight to keep Neilson at Hearts: CRAIG LEVEIN admitted today he expects to have a huge figh...
Craig Levein: I regret saying Robbie Neilson would move on to BIGGER and BETTER than Hearts because ...
Craig Levein content with Hearts director role
Hearts DoF Craig Levein has been speaking about Ann Budge, among other things, in today's newspapers:
Gotta laugh at Craig levein quote,the days o mourinho,wenger,Ferguson are over.director of football way to go,get Anne budge into the
Craig Levein: The days of Fergie, Mourinho and Wenger are over.. clubs are TOO BIG
Craig Levein believes Hearts way is winning way. Craig Leveins plan is working. Hearts director of...
Top-six first for Hearts – then Europe: Hearts director Craig Levein revealed today that the club will target ...
Craig Levein is right when he says Ann Budge should be on the SPFL board. I'm sure the SPFL visionaries will make this…
Craig Levein says life at has helped him get over his time as manager of Scotland:
Ann Budge: Title win has repaid my faith in Craig Levein and Robbie Neil
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For me Richard Gough in Craig Levein role with Billy Davies as manager wouldn't work. But that's just my view. Probably guesswork.
Robbie Neilson's award has gone missing, and Craig Levein doesn't know anything about it: (reports)
If football was politics Craig Levein would be telling Gordon Strachan what team to pick.
Gordon Strachan's Scotland is nearly enough to tempt me back. Craig Levein ruined any enjoyment I got out of Scotland
yes is Gordon Strachan no is Craig Levein
Yes it can, if they appoint right manager. Gordon Strachan has got much more out of the same players than Craig Levein did.
If you missed Managing Scotland with Craig Levein, Tommy Docherty, Berti Vogts or George Burley you can listen here:
Sir Alex Ferguson has sensationally called time on his football career by signing a three-year deal to manage Scotland. Ferguson said he did not take the decision to walk away from the game lightly. “I’ve devoted almost my entire life to football, but now it’s time to try something totally different. And it doesn’t get much more different than taking charge of the Scottish national side,” a statement from the ex-football manager said. “There were other options, but inevitably they involved football in some way.” “I want to be a million miles away from the game, so this is a great opportunity for me.” Scotland manager Ferguson did flirt with a break from football when he managed Scotland on a part-time basis in 1985, following the death of Jock Stein. But a string of good results cut short his tenure and he was forced to return to the game. Now the 70-year-old will face his greatest ever challenge by following in the clown-shoe footsteps of Craig Levein. Emulating Levein’s record of app ...
Delight for Ally McCoist and Craig Levein as today's result guarantees their sides a 12-point head start in next season'…
If it was a popularity contest between me and Gary [Locke], I'd even vote for Gary. (Craig Levein)
Congrats to our Red Card Hall of famers & Craig Levein in their new roles see you on our next visit!…
What on earth is going on in Scottish football. St Mirren get rid of Danny Lennon, 15 months after he masterminds a major trophy for them and promote his assistant, while Hearts get rid of a guy who bust a gut to keep them up with one hand tied behind his back and replace him with a team including Craig Levein!
Scottish football: Craig Levein insists Robbie Neilson will pick the Hearts team - Craig Levein insists his new role of director of football at Hearts will not include picking the team. -
If rangers sacked mccoist and got Craig Levein or Jim Jeffries in 2 years ago their wage bill would have been 50% less and still in div 1
Hearts to operate without manager? Robbie Nielson to be first team coach under director of football Craig Levein. http:…
Football - Levein set to lead Hearts shake-up - Craig Levein is set to be announced as Hearts director of football...
Gary Locke & Billy Brown have been told they're no longer required at Hearts. Craig Levein will become Director of Football
Peter Taylor, Ian Holloway, Craig Levein, Gary Megson, Martin Allen. This season more than makes up for that shower of tw…
At least Craig Levein's 4-6-0 had the pace of Jamie Mackie on the break.
my dad has only just told me him and his mate used to be mates and go out with Craig Levein, Wayne Foster, Alan McLaren, and John Robertson
So, Craig Levein to take the Celtic job, then?
Mulgrew for Pukki. Taking managerial lessons from Craig Levein now.
Peter Houston returns to football in scouting role with Celtic Peter Houston has joined Celtic as a scout. Former Dundee United manager Peter Houston is back in football after joining Celtic's scouting team. The ex-Scotland assistant manager started his new job last week and will work under the Parkhead side's football development manager John Park. Houston has been out of the game after leaving Tannadice in January this year after over three years in charge. Having started his coaching career with Hearts, Houston worked under Craig Levein before taking the helm as United won the 2010 Scottish Cup. The 55-year-old was linked with several club vacancies but had been working as a pundit on both television and radio.Kang L x
Dining in the same restaurant as Craig Levein.
A better manager would be getting more from our players. SOS Craig Levein
Craig Levein has a lot to answer for. Opening game brazil v Croatia. Should've been us
That goes into the hall pictures, Craig Levein again
was a reference to a Craig Levein comment as Scotland manager.
Oh dear. Group of Death for England. Woy will need to perfect his 6-4-0 formation. Maybe he could tap up tactical genius Craig Levein.
If it wasn't for Craig Levein, we'd be opening the tournament vs Brazil...
the SFA and Craig Levein conspired to ensure that would never happen
I will never forgive Craig Levein for making today mean nothing!
I imagine this day would be a lot more exciting if Craig Levein didn't exist
not different just better. The background? Apparently Craig Levein was doin a lot in the background and look how that went
Craig Levein taking over in time for the next away match then?
totally - especially when I had a score on Craig Levein :@
Cannot believe that Craig levein gets a mention for any management jobs. Don't give that *** anymore airtime
We'll done Dandy Dons!! Horrific day for Hearts. Craig levein sounded as if he wanted to cry at one point, which supporting my national team and what he did with that, somehow made me happy.
Former Hearts manager Craig Levein: "I don't think whatever Gary Locke did today would have stopped Celtic."
Former Hearts and Scotland manager Craig Levein: "As soon as the heads go down it is an open door for Celtic go on and score some more."
Inverness CT close in on new manager Inverness CT say they are pleased with the progress being made in their search for a new manager. But no appointment will be made before Saturday's Scottish Cup tie with Morton, as had been hoped. The club have been given permission to talk to Alloa boss Paul Hartley, while other candidates are in the running. "Over the weekend we will be reducing the list to two people who will then meet the board to close off the process," said chairman Kenny Cameron. He added: "The appointment will thus be made by the middle of next week. "The candidates we have interviewed have been of high calibre in their presentations, which is most encouraging. "Others had club commitments which meant they could not meet us until later in the week. "This means that (youth coaches) Duncan Shearer and Scott Kellacher will continue in charge of the team for Saturday's Scottish Cup tie." Caley Thistle, second in the Premiership, are seeking a replacement for Terry Butcher, who left to take over at ...
Geordie geordie geordie its craig levein when he left scotland he skelped a bottle of acid an now talks like a foreign robot
Candidates for job off the top of my head: Allan Moore, John Hughes, Jimmy Calderwood, Kenny Shiels, Craig Levein
Scotland 0-0 USA: Scots settle for draw in game of few chances Scotland restored some dignity against the United States after their friendly at Hampden ended in a goalless draw. The last meeting between the two nations saw the Scots endure a humiliating 5-1 defeat in Florida in May 2012, when Craig Levein was still at the helm. This clash was billed as 'Redemption' by the Scotland camp in the build-up and they ensured the feel-good factor and momentum from recent displays and results under Gordon Strachan continued. Gordon Greer - at the age of 32 - was handed his Scotland debut, while his Brighton team-mate Craig Conway was drafted into the side to earn his sixth cap and his first at Hampden. Steven Fletcher was tasked with leading the line, as he made his first appearance for the national team since March after recovering from injury. The Sunderland forward tried his luck early on with a shot from distance that failed to trouble Tim Howard in the United States goal. Barry Bannan then collected a neat pa ...
Gordon Strachan believes a positive result against the USA will show how far his resurgent team have come since the summer. Scotland face Jurgen Klinsmann's side at Hampden Park on Friday on the back of three wins from their last four competitive matches. The Scots' World Cup campaign was effectively over when Strachan replaced Craig Levein in January but two victories over Croatia and a win in Macedonia have lifted the spirits of the nation and the former Celtic boss is keen to carry the feelgood factor in the Euro 2016 qualifiers. And Strachan, who lost the services of QPR winger Matt Phillips to a hamstring problem, is expecting a tough match against the visitors who stand 13th in the latest world rankings. "This will be a very attractive friendly, not only for the fans but for the players on both sides," he told Sky Sports News. "It is a match they believe is well worth their journey here and one we believe is well worth getting together for as we are feeling good about ourselves at the moment. "The S ...
I don't know! :/ Henrik Larsson, Paul Hartley and Craig Levein all mentioned!
JURGEN KLINSMANN has claimed stunned Craig Levein apologised after his Scotland flops performance last time out
"The match will give Gordon Strachan's side the chance to avenge a 5-1 defeat suffered in Florida last year under predecessor Craig Levein"
Scotland ended another unsuccessful qualification campaign with a tremendous victory over Croatia. Robert Snodgrass, who became a father at the end of last week, celebrated in style with a headed opener, to add to his winner in Zagreb in June. The tireless Steven Naismith grabbed the second on his 25th international appearance, following up as Barry Bannan's penalty was saved. Scotland's first home win in Group A lifts them above Wales, into fourth. The performance, above all, leaves Scotland with good reason for optimism as far as Euro 2016 qualification is concerned. They have recorded three wins since Gordon Strachan took over from Craig Levein - two against Croatia and one in Macedonia. But supporters leaving Hampden on Tuesday night may wonder what might have been had Strachan been in place from the beginning. The Scots' opening goal was a delicious blend of graft and craft - in many ways typifying Strachan's Scotland. Charlie Mulgrew did brilliantly to win possession on the half-way line before sett ...
On the tee sheet today are the likes of Craig Beattie, Kevin Kyle, Paul Hartley, Jim Jeffries, Craig Levein and Neil McCann.
Wish I could have seen guys like Craig Levein and John Robertson play for Hearts
Hibs could also do much better than bring in Craig Levein. I think EVERY Hibs fan would stick with Fenlon ahead of that no mark.
could do much worse than bring in Craig Levein to replace Fenlon. If Fenlon goes that is.
ha ha, the saviour of Scottish football Craig Levein wasn't caught up in all this "saints nonsense".
I hope every Dundee United fan reflects tonight how Pat Fenlon was our first choice to replace Craig Levein *shudders*
How come 3 people knew Craig Levein was Scotland Manager ? I guess where Craig and parents spent the evening
I think I hate Neil Doncaster second only to Craig Levein in terms of Scottish football!
Craig Levein's rubbish 'tache is the best
United lost again?? Get Moyes out and Craig Levein in. He's a master tactician. The 4-6-0 formation will take United to the CL final
Strachan you have lost it with that team, is this Craig Levein all over? Getting rid of the boys that cancelled holidays to get on a plane
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
he also won't slag Craig levein to his niece, special moment for me
I would not take the following as Killie's new boss: Craig Levein, Jim Jefferies, Peter Houston, Jimmy Calderwood
Craig Levein take note, what a difference when a team has a tactical plan that doesn't involve parking buses and shutting up shop.. Well done to Scotland and wee Chesney for playing attacking players in attacking positions and trying to attack instead of playing for 0-0 draws..
Levein thanks Fergie influence: Former Scotland boss Craig Levein has thanked Sir Alex Ferguson for the help h...
Seems a tad harsh that there's all these great Scottish managers yet Scotland are stuck with the likes of Gordon Strachan and Craig Levein
For some reason, Danny Baker talking to Craig Levein about how he fixed his squeaky back gate is vintage radio.
Craig Levein playing the sausage sandwich game with Danny Baker. Craig trying to get 11 bodies to defend the kitchen..
Danny Baker (has Craig Levein on "ex Scotland manager...though these days that doesn't really narrow it down"
930am on Danny Baker on Former Scotland manager Craig Levein on the Sausage Sandwich Game
Morning! On the Danny Baker show with us at 9am on Ross Noble and Craig Levein. Sun's out so take the wireless into the garden!
Ross Noble & Craig Levein. Our sneaky plan to keep you out of the garden centre & glued to Danny Baker Show 9-11.
Craig Levein as the chief of cabin crew.
Craig Levein in Oran Mor.. Mac about to call him a wanker!!
Kevin Webster is the bookies favorite for the Sunderland job whilst Craig Levein is lurking in the wings --TS--
Does Kenny Miller have photos of Gordon Strachan shagging Craig Levein? Only logical explanation.
Craig Gordon reminds me of Craig Levein. I can't explain how or why.
Gordon Strachan admits he will have to control his Scotland nerves Gordon Strachan believes calming his own anxiety may be more of an issue than dealing with his players' apprehension as Scotland build on their friendly victory over Estonia and try to resurrect their World Cup qualifying campaign. More meaningful matches lie in wait in March, with Wales visiting Hampden Park before Scotland travel immediately to Serbia for another World Cup qualifier. "I will need to prepare myself for that Wales game, that is for sure," said Strachan, whose Scotland side currently lie bottom of Group A, a predicament that cost his predecessor Craig Levein his job. "I was nervous, emotional and excited at the same time – it all got mixed up there. We have looked at things like how do we want to play football when we get to these games. Estonia are a bit different from the teams coming up. We only started thinking about them [Estonia] on Tuesday night. "I would love to have had more time to work with the players because ...
Gordon Strachan will prove that operating in the Third Division will be no obstacle to Rangers players being selected for Scotland, when he names Lee Wallace in his first international squad today. Strachan will reveal his squad in Aberdeen this lunchtime ahead of his first match as Scotland manager, a friendly against Estonia at Pittodrie on Tuesday, and he will send a clear signal to Rangers players that if their form is good enough they will be considered for the senior squad. Wallace hasn’t featured for Scotland since Rangers lost their place in the SPL and returned in the Third Division. The left-back won his sixth cap in the 5-1 friendly defeat in Florida to the United States last May. Strachan’s predecessor, Craig Levein, was criticised when he selected Ian Black for a friendly against Australia last year, having initially suggested Rangers players would not be considered for his squads as they were not playing at the top-level. After Black’s brief appearance in that 3-1 win at Easter Road, h ...
goal_intl: Craig Levein is the one under pressure, not Chris Coleman - Wales goalkeeper Jason Brown
Dundee Hibs draw up a shortlist for the managerial job. Craig Levein spotted looking for a house in china, jim mclean spotted digging holes
Gordon Strachan: I'll have no problems picking Rangers players for my Scotland team 20 Jan 2013 00:01 THE new national team manager confirmed he would consider picking Ibrox stars for his squads.. despite the club being in the SFL. Gordon Strachan is unveiled as the new Scotland manager SNS Group/Jeff Holmes Gordon Strachan has revealed he will consider Rangers stars for Scotland. The likes of left-back Lee Wallace saw his cap career killed off by previous boss Craig Levein with the Ibrox men in Division Three. Strachan, who was at Liverpool v Norwich yesterday, said: “Any player can be in the squad. Any player can make it in. “I’ll have a word with every manager who thinks there are players in their team who could be involved. I’ll try to get round all the managers for their thoughts on players.” Gordon Strachan says he accepted Scotland role as it was his dream job /scott
For what it's worth, my shout : 1. Craig Levein. 2. Erik (here's my *** pocket Laudrup) Pedersen. 3. Terry Butcher.
DAVID TEMPLETON hopes the appointment of Gordon Strachan will ignite his Scotland dream. The Rangers star was touted for a first cap under axed Scotland boss Craig Levein only to be left heartbroken when the call never came.Temps admits he put his international ambitions on hold when he joined Gers in Division Three.But he still hopes to build on an impressive start to his Ibrox career by convincing new national boss Strachan — who like Temps played out wide — he is good enough to star for his country.Templet on confessed: “I don’t know him at all but he seems like a good manager.“Being a winger might help me because he likes his wingers.“I thought if I was with Rangers for three years, got back to the top, and was playing well, that I might get a chance then as I would still only be 26 or 27.“I thought any Scotland call before then would just be a bonus.“My main aim is still to help get Rangers back up the leagues and anything else would be great.”After some outstanding displays for Hea ...
ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER REGAN BLUNDER EVEN when Stuart Regan gets something right he still manages to make a mess of it. Take, for instance the appointment of Gordon Strachan as the new Scotland manager. Eventually! Why did it take Scottish Football Association chief executive Regan the best part of three months to do something which everyone knew was inevitable? And why has he allowed one of the duffers who flop boss Craig Levein surrounded himself with, Mike Oliver, to remain on the Scotland coaching staff and SFA payroll? That is close to being an obscenity and certainly appears to be a dereliction of duty. Yet Regan bombastically blustered recently that he had done more for the SFA in the last two years than had been achieved in the previous 20 years. Oh, really! Only if you include making the Scottish Football Association a less progressive, more secretive and more vilified blundering body than it has ever been. Plus allowing one man, his Hampden boardroom pal Peter Lawwell and his close confidant, Hiber ...
McCoist hails Strachan appointment Published on Thursday 17 January 2013 14:06 Rangers boss Ally McCoist has backed new Scotland manager Gordon Strachan as the right man to steer the national team back on track. The former Coventry, Southampton, Celtic and Middlesbrough boss was confirmed as Craig Levein's successor this week. Strachan emerged as the early favourite when Levein was relieved of his duties in November, following a poor start to the World Cup qualifying campaign. His appointment was welcomed by McCoist, who himself earned 61 caps for the Scots and also worked as a coach under Walter Smith with the national team. He said: "I'm delighted. Eventually we have Gordon in charge. He was the man for the job for the majority of people. I know Gordon reasonably well and I think he will do a great job. I'm very hopeful that Gordon can get us back on track. "I don't think he is hungry because he has been out of the game for two years - I think Gordon is generally a hungry character in terms of wanting t ...
Craig Levein to replace Peter Houston at Dundee United? Or possibly Derek McInnes? Houston will leave Tannadice at the end of the season
Who's favourites to replace him, Craig Levein? Derek McInnes?
Guardiola targets job in the UK, along with 2.53 M additional unemployed, incldng Craig Levein, Freddie Starr & Joe Swash, to name but a few
Gordon Strachan IS THE RIGHT MAN FOR SCOTLAND Five managers in the last decade: the abashed German trainer Berti Vogts, relatively successful duo of Walter Smith and Alex McLeish and duet George Burley and Craig Levein who were desultory, failed to qualify for seven successive major tournaments since the Mundial fifteen years ago in France, one of the oldest national teams in the world, Scotland settled for their sixth manager in ten years at Tuesday lunchtime in the chirpy and irksome Gordon Strachan. The tidings from the Scottish FA came as no surprise to hordes of the Tartan Army who had mooted for him since November as the right man to replace Craig Levein. Verily, he is the right man. Scotland have been moribund in international football all these years as a result of litany of factors: employment of second and third tier gaffers, mismanagement by them, lack of ambition inter alia. Gordon Strachan, at his unveiling yesterday, was affirmative of Scotland’s resurgence in the beautiful game. It is who ...
Former Scotland manager Craig Brown is confident Gordon Strachan will be a success as manager of the national team. Ex-Celtic and Middlesbrough boss Strachan replaces Craig Levein, who was sacked in November, signing a contract that will cover the remainder of the current World Cup qualifying campaign and the Euro 2016 qualifiers. "There are 53 countries competing in Europe and Scotland is one of the smaller ones," Brown, who managed Scotland from 1993 until 2001, tells BBC Radio 5 live. "It is a difficult job but if any is equipped to do it is Gordon Strachan."
Gordon Strachan agrees to become the new manager of Scotland, replacing the sacked Craig Levein.
Gordon Strachan hired as Scotland coach, replacing Craig Levein
Craig Levein to replace Peter Houston if he leaves for Blackpool? Thoughts Arabs?
Craig Levein being linked, apparently was helping Del out with transfers and the team.
That's a hard one Jim, how about Craig Levein?
WE NEED A SCOT IN CHANRGE OF SCOTS Rangers captain and Former Scotland international Lee McCulloch has called on the SFA to appoint an experienced Scot as national team manager. The post has been vacant since the governing body’s board relieved Craig Levein of his duties on November 5. Current under-21 boss Billy Stark took the team for the friendly win over Luxembourg. Former Celtic and Middlesbrough boss Gordon Strachan remains the favourite while Joe Jordan, Owen Coyle and Stark remain among the names mentioned. Foreign bosses such as Lothar Matthaus and Lars Lagerback, currently coach of Iceland, have also been linked to the Hampden hotseat but McCulloch says the next man should be Scottish. He said: “I think there are four or five candidates. In my opinion anyone that is Scottish with a bit of experience that are on the shortlist, any one of them would be ideal for me.” Now 34, McCulloch recently signed a deal with Rangers to continue playing until 2015. And after enlisting on the SFA’s Coach ...
Watched only an excuse and it was pish. Could have had a lot more mileage out off Charles Green and Craig Levein.
I'm taking nominations for the Inaugural Stewart Milne Must Leave Aberdeen Football Club Fud of 2012 - the current shortlist consists of Charles Green, Craig Levein, Ryan Fraser and of course Stewart Milne... Anyone else you think should be on the list for services to Fud-dom in 2012 ?
Scottish Football Association prepare to see Craig Levein in court after lawyers issue writ
Former Scotland manager Craig Levein has opened legal proceedings against the Scottish Football Association.
1-0 defeat 5-0 defeat it's still a defeat the Craig Levein tactics don't work need to go for it last 10 mins.
Craig Levein would love this type of approach.good glad he's out as Scotland manager
A flat back 6...when did Craig Levein take over at St Mirren?
Have Alloa brought Craig Levein on to the coaching staff?
Deffo Craig Levein who told u that lol
Listen again to Scotland striker Kenny Miller discussing Scotland & Craig Levein, the MLS, loan moves, regrets & SPL
With the first half of the season just about finished, what has been your highlight so far?
Kenny...Craig Levein...that Beard...did you never think of saying "Craig..enough noo"
I am delighted to announce that I have accepted the offer from the SFA to take over from Craig Levein. I will continue in my existing role at Motherwell Football Club.
Position Vacancies for Admins. at THIS IS ANFIELD. Experience: Admin at 2 other pages (with 1000+ likes each) 100% Commitment... Know your Liverpool Football good.
Craig Levein playing a 4-6-0 formation against the Czech Republic. For the record, we got beat!
Arsenal fans moaning about Wenger. Tsk. How would they have dealt with Peter Taylor? Harry Bassett? Martin Allen? Craig Levein?
Oh, Craig Levein, google autofill isn't your friend. But then who is?
and Mike 'nobody' Hesson makes Craig Levein look like a super-coach!
SNP to announce Craig Levein will help them in the European campaign
THE Celtic and Liverpool great is one of a number of names being discussed as the successor to Craig Levein. (K.C)
Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish is being lined up for his next managerial position after being sacked by the Anfield club in the summer. There is a vacancy with the Scotland national team and the Scottish FA have him on their shortlist of possible candidates to take over the post previously held by Craig Levein, according to the Daily Record. Dalglish was drafted in to save Liverpool during a crisis after the fallout from former owners’ Tom Hicks and George Gillett abortive reign, but could not restore the Reds to their former glory. New Liverpool owner John W Henry appointed Dalglish after the departure of Roy Hodgson had fans of the club pleading for their hero’s return. The Scot had mixed success in his second spell as manager of the Anfield club, leading them to a League Cup victory and FA Cup final but could only finish eighth in the Premier League. Dalglish’s position was damaged by the Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra affair and the following actions of the club’s players in defence of their team-m ...
Craig levein should get donkey of the year
I thought it looked more like a Craig Levein team selection !!
Craig Levein would of still thought he wasn't ready to play for Scotland
Who are Liverpool playing upfront ? A midfielder or are they doing a Craig levein ?
Liverpool playing with no real strikers? Has Craig Levein replaced Brendan Rodgers as manager?
Jonjo Shelvey furthest forward for Liverpool in a strikerless formation. No wonder Craig Levein was so keen to get him in a Scotland shirt.
We're playing 4-6-0, not Guardiola style, more Craig Levein style
can you confirm you have George Burley and Craig Levein on standby to replace little Eck General?
Did Paddy Barclay just say Craig Levein's Scotland played the same system as Barcelona?
Craig levein is in the crowd. He's still gettin paid by the SFA and he's a massive jambo legend...
Mourinho going gung *** all out attack - Craig Levein watching from behind the sofa.
thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality mate! Sat beaide Craig Levein and in front of Billy Stark!Thanks again! Keep in touch. GS
1 upfront at home doesn't work, its like watching Craig Levein tactics!!
Craig levein was sitting a row in front off me at the hearts game today, was considering whether to throw my pie at him or not
Come on the Hearts (A wee morale-boosting win today would go down a treat!! :0)
Great to see Kris Commons in the UEFA Champions League Team of the Week! -Davey
Earlier today we reported on the latest misery-laden assessment from business leaders about how Scottish independence would damage the economy, cause milk to curdle in the bottle, spread plague in the rat-infested slums and see Craig Levein return as national team manager. Just for fun, we thought w...
Former Germany midfielder Lothar Matthaus wants to replace Craig Levein as boss of Scotland (Sunday Express)
BREAKING NEWS: Craig Levein has left his role as Scotland manager to concentrate on his darts career...
very true! what are the options.. hypothetically? Craig Levein?
Rhodes scores hat-trick. Craig Levein what were you thinking?
Craig Levein said Jordan Rhodes was untried and untested, the guys only went and scored another hat-trick. Levein is a ***
and unless you're the specky Harry potter lookalike, Craig Levein, we're delighted to have him up here
We need to act fast, Craig Levein won't be without a club for long
don't worry guys, Craig Levein can see real progress in the national rugby team under Andy Robinson
Craig Levein was at the livi game today, what?!
I remember Craig Levein saying Rhodes was not ready yet.
Jordan Rhodes, two great finishes. 4 goals in a week. Somewhere Craig Levein is crying into his pint
If Craig Levein is wondering what he could have done to save his job then he should watch ss2. Jordan Rhodes - 2 chances 2 goals.
Craig Levein was in the crowd today... If he's our next manager then I think I might cry
Danny Swanson won the Scottish Cup under Peter Houston, not Craig Levein.
wonder if Andy Robinson will claim a Craig 'improvement' now have slipped down the world rankings?
AVB OUT? I hear Craig levein is still looking for work I'm an AVB lover not hater give him time
Little Giant Ladders
Don’t blame Craig Levein entirely, those who destroyed Rangers FC destroyed football. The worst is yet to come. Reap what you sow!
Craig Levein amongst the crowd here at the Braidwood Motor Company Stadium today. Kick off in just under five minutes
I thought the same about Craig Levein.
Stay tuned to for news. A new frame in the name to replace Levein Craig.
Stay tuned to for news. A new name in the frame to replace Craig Levein.
Craig Levein for the vacant manager position. He knows how to work with a small budget and develop the youth.
I no its late but really feel for craig levein but not much he could do with that lot
well done Craig Levein in bringing model professionals Dinty and to WFDUFC
we'll be fine mate. Craig Levein will be a great replacement. I'll ask the boys tomorrow before the game see what they know
ur like Craig levein everyone back.
Interim Scotland boss Billy Stark says he is happy with the Scottish FA statement on the search for Craig Levein...
Scotland fans hit out at Craig Levein after Luxembourg win via
Lets all get behind Craig levein and our squad for tonight's game. Good luck Scotland - we are at our best under pressure!!
Alan Pattullo: Little to learn from low-key affair that left us cold: Craig Levein’s decision to begin legal act...
The Scottish Football Association have begun discusssions over appointing a permanent successor to Craig Levein.
Time to exert my authority and sack Craig Levein tomorrow morning.
"Craig Levein is the man, he just hasn't had the results" - Billy Dodds. Wow. And I'm an Olympic sprinter, I just can't run.
Took over the Scotland job in fm 2013 after craig levein resigned after a crap performance at euro 2016 and was told a playoff place was expected for the World Cup 2018 but ended up topping a group which included France Czech Republic Austria Wales
who should say to Craig Levein "you should stand down for the good of the game"; Stewart Regan or Campbell Ogilvie?
The announce plans for their search for a successor to Craig Levein as coach.
long may Johann Lamont stay in post her hero is Craig Levein :-) :-)
is that not like offering Craig Levein (or any Scottish manager) the England job? It would never happen!!
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