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Craig Kilborn

Craig Kilborn (born August 24, 1962) is an American actor and talk show host. He was the original host of The Daily Show, a former anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter, and Tom Snyder's successor on CBS' The Late Late Show.

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Let's check in on the 1995-96 Bulls from 20 years ago today with and Craig Kilborn.
“Noah’s just not doing anything for me” like everyone loved Jon Stewart after Craig Kilborn
Craig Kilborn hosted the Late Late Show before Craig Ferguson & was in Benchwarmers. He disappeared then BOOM 2016 mac & cheese commercial!
People here in Los Angeles are disgusted now about a sex scandal involving ...
Announcing the General Availability of the on-premises Virtual Array!
Two Azure technical design workshops next week, one for Citrix on Azure & the other is Azure Site Recovery
Wait so who was the original host of The Colbert Report was it Craig Kilborn?
This show has sucked ever since Craig Kilborn left
This was one of the best comedic takedowns I've ever seen and I've watched the Daily Show since Craig Kilborn
Come back Craig Kilborn, all is forgiven.
I somehow still manage 3000 steps when at work according my
I was gonna be way impressed with this response, but realized I was thinking of the wrong Craig Kilborn :)
I used to make fun of young people when I was 17 - the angst, the insecurit...
Samantha Bee makes Trevor Noah look like Craig Kilborn. Or what says in
that's Microsoft Machine Learning in action, it now knows what you are trying to browse & is locking you out ;)
You know you have had a long day at the keyboard when your Microsoft Band 2 constantly reminds you that have been inactive
my Mac is awesome, your Surface book is sh. Oh wait, dammit um gimme a minute to reword that!!
Got to love vendor wars. Wouldn't it be easier to just say . 'I is awesome and you is not'.
Thank you for suffering through Craig Kilborn so that years later we may have
Jon Stewart and Craig Kilborn return to Daily Show for an epic Trump takedown (RACIST)
Broadcasting was something, I don't want to say it came easy, but it's some...
Is Docker the answer to reactive auto scaling?
A challenge of reactive auto scaling is the time taken to deploy new service instance to meet demand
Rauf Rauf... Rauf is on fire we don't need not water... You kids know the rest... Craig Kilborn
only after I read you blog on the subject! 😮
yep. But you know you will be doing it as well.
Azure VM's on different Cloud Services but same Virtual Network can communicate with each other
Depends on at what age they crash and burn trying to perform said maneuvers and how much it hurts. Oh, and do they feel pain
Ather - u are close but mine seem to be reputation aware at a younger age.
Nope! Mine still does it at 9. It happens when they become reputation-aware, commonly known as "Teenage years"
Does anyone know the age children start to walk without needing to jump, perform handstands, cartwheels or hop?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Azure Stack is on my roadmap to learn, so watch this space.
Yep. Infra guy here also. Orchestration & automation are very cool but a whole new paradigm Im still wrapping my head around
Sorry, checked again and saw you were into Azure.Thanks for the tip (Stack POC's got crazy reqs (2way12core/96GB RAM machine)
haven't had chance yet to play with Azure Stack. But would guess you could deploy on vSphere & limit memory
Hi Craig, given you have been playing with Azure Stack, for a home lab is there a way to circumvent the 96GB/2way12core reqs?
Just put your app services on a web app in a container deployed by Anisible in a VM deployed with Puppet on vSphere infra
App Service auto scaling is pretty impressive.
As an infrastructure guy, using terms such as Web Apps, App Services and Mobile Services is a little foreign
I pre-ordered and got it on release day. First was a dud though
oh right. I got the i7 16GB RAM, GPU and 512G SSD
gotta admit you've lost me on that :-S
only snag is I can't see the screen with polarized sunglasses on
absolutely love the thing, best piece of kit I've ever bought.
yeah.. this is the bottom of the Surface Book so far
Well, that or sat listening to the steam of noise.
indeed. Wasn't the command to load the tapes CTRL+SHIFT+J and then you waited 15 minutes!
Ohh, I loved the dizzy games... I was crap at them, but I wasted soo many hours there.
don't remember that one, but remember Dizzy, especially Treasure Island Dizzy on the Spectrum.
indeed! I spent the weekend fighting with ASR
Trying to get my head around Mobile Services & Notification Hubs at the moment.very interesting/testing for infra peps
The more I learn about Microsoft Azure, the more I realise how little I know about Microsoft Azure.
Right. Like Jay Leno and David Letterman are "famous." But is Adam Carolla, John Oliver, Craig Kilborn? All v famous to me.
Last time Sports Center had different highlight music? Craig Kilborn?
Jon Stewart will host SummerSlam. Not to be outdone, Craig Kilborn is the new TNA General Manager.
Nice to see Craig Kilborn someplace besides a milk carton.
I've always thought Craig Kilborn was a better White House advisor.
This interview with Craig Kilborn is hilarious. The flashdancing accident is unforgettable 😂
certainly was easy enough for Craig Kilborn to bring "Five Questions" and "A Moment for Us" to CBS
there is needs a conservative candidate but not a comedian like donald trump in the style of Craig Kilborn of the Daily Show
did he confuse 16 vCPU with 16GB memory? Or he confused 6cores with 8cores? =)
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
That end scene of old school where Craig kilborn drives off a bridge should be reenacted with Chris Evans in the new top gear.
Remember the Craig Kilborn Late Night? He'd always tell people "Proud of you." Made me laugh every time.
Hey, 2x6 with HT makes this possible. But not all what’s possible is desireable. ;)
would be hilarious if there's not much CPU activity going on the vCores.
and now I wonder what would happen when trying to set cpu affinity
Can you hear the scheduler crying out for mercy? :)
And we know all about that metric now... I don't suppose there were also a bunch of 8-way VMs on the same host?
Co-Stop – Amount of time a SMP virtual machine was ready to run, but incurred delay due to co-vCPU scheduling contention
16 vCPU VM sitting on 2 x 6 Core servers.seen it all now
Does anyone play "Evil Boyfriend" better than Will Arnett? Maybe Craig Kilborn, but that's it. Short list.
FWIW Craig Kilborn pronounced Gheorghe Muresan's first name like Jorge Posada's first name, and that's how I say it in my mind
Did anyone get Craig Kilborn down from the fence at the end of Benchwarmers
Craig Kilborn interviews Jon Stewart on one of the first Daily...
New 3PAR training course: everything you wanted to know, now you can ask
Is it true that the ghost Craig Kilborn is seen roaming the the Daily Show hallways at night
So is Craig Kilborn's vacation finally over?
Will Craig Kilborn be making an appearance during the final show?
Stewarts ratings of The Daily Show are more than six times higher than under Craig Kilborn (it’s approx 2.5 mil)
When is Craig Kilborn coming back from assignment?
Get to use my 3 blobs & 1 blob slide deck today as I'm talking converged & Hyper converged
Today's Olbermann was so great with doing highlights as Craig Kilborn.
Did you ever know/talk to/have any convo with Craig Kilborn prior to, in the beginning, during, or since you took over?
HIGHLIGHTS: . G3 vid narrated as if by Craig Kilborn VIDEO:.
Was that a comment on KO's Craig Kilborn version of Game 3?
Watch take Air for a test drive. His use case? Application testing and development:
Know the Citrix stack? Want to work with me at SCC, get in touch
I want to travel back to 1996 and Watch The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn
March 30, 1999- The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn debuts on via
Lewis Black, contributor to since its 1996 debut with Craig Kilborn, to stay on after Jon Stewart retires:
Let us take you on a road trip through OnDemand: via
sorta like how I am with Craig Kilborn.
Brett haber and Craig kilborn were my guys!
I have Craig Kilborn driving off a bridge in his Porsche and it bursting into flames playing in my head.
Hey we have 6,000 users in our business, but we don't use Active Directory! /cc
With Jon Stewart leaving It makes you think...where is Craig Kilborn?...I sent that *** for coffee and he's still not back.
I failed the cert in my first attempt, but it has made me a better Architect... Thanks to the fantastic process and my…
I always thought of Craig Kilborn as Greg Marmalard from Animal House.
Thanks all! Needed to do something since my VCAP-DTA was cancelled!
Craig Kilborn was the host of The Daily Show.
Just in case any of you were wondering, Holy Christ! It's depressing to see the results of doing an Amazon search of Craig Kilborn
I once went to a taping of the Craig Kilborn show. Saw Taye Diggs. Not bad
Frank 1 time i went to michaels with craig kilborn. I had the cobb salad, you can add that fascinating piece of history
I still can't believe The Daily Show thought they could replace Craig Kilborn.
Steve why do you have a profile pic of Craig kilborn interviewing tiger at 15yrs old?
See byThink this important detail should be included in comparison blog post
Website Builder 728x90
What about how vSphere Replication handles a HA event? Doesn't it need to do a full sync again?
Craig Kilborn hasn't been on TV in years.
I have just seen the latest update from HP, they actually get what the market wants & are reacting with a decent product line up
Thx just tried with 840 could see drive but not use need to check again
Impromptu VSAN session with a colleague he is going to move forward with it as a recommendation to a client
Is it something you can send me and I can talk to the team?
He's hanging out with Craig Kilborn, probably.
Ah, "Adaptive optimization for HP 3PAR Storage" white paper?
Yes. Newer whitepapers on AO don't contain the same information
Is is part of the gigantic multidoc-PDF?
Do I know any running EMC ScaleIO in production and want to share experiences?
I can't as it's part of a set on HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimisation set for the HP MASE.
Reading a white paper on storage algorithms very interesting part on caching v tiering
The documentation set for Architecting Multi-Site HP Storage Solutions is somewhat draining to read
I need to upload my picture with Craig Kilborn from that weekend….when he was still relevant.
Attendees of Karen Russell has cancelled and the keynote address will now be delivered by Minnesota native son Craig Kilborn.
This looks really good! Preview of Disaster Recovery for VMware VM's and Physical Servers to Azure using ASR
Always a challenge trying to organise a Webex across 3 time zones with HP, VMware & me. Final hurdle to get an issue resolved (I hope)
Yep as Patrick mentioned access is granted by
. Hi, i'm partner Pre sales, i can't dl with my passport account , can you tell me how dl the 3Par sim.
Watch Jon Stewart guest on Craig Kilborn’s 'Daily Show' in 1998:
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That explains a lot... ;) I've only got a black and white rabbit on mine. My second cup was instant today.
is a Bold & Beautiful mug a requirement to be part of the Aussie vMafia?
I keep seeing Craig Kimbrel and I keep reading it as Craig Kilborn.
Today I learned has a contributor named Jumanji!
didn't Craig Kilborn start What Did We Learn? So, you can't really complain
Good run mate. Had a lazy weekend but back on it tomorrow.
Craig Kilborn waiting by his phone for Daily Show to call offering him his show back
Oops, looks like I missed this article
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I used to have a huge crush on Jay Mohr in Action! and Craig Kilborn on The Daily Show. Something about that smug white guy persona.
.worked out okay when they replaced Craig Kilborn ;)
sick burns on Craig Kilborn in 2015. We truly live in an age of wonders.
Josh McCown is getting the Craig Kilborn treatment today
Craig Kilborn hosted The Daily Show 1st. Stewart did it better...
I don't hate Jon Stewart but most of the Daily Show stuff he took from Craig Kilborn
Craig Kilborn should take back "The Daily Show" just so he can say on episode 1: "Thanks to Jon Stewart for filling in during my vacation".
Craig Kilborn sits silently, eyeballing his phone every few minutes hoping he somehow missed a call. Somewhere in the dis…
Anybody remember Craig Kilborn, the first host of "The Daily Show"? Does Jon Stewart?
"Craig Kilborn" shows up as trending topic world wide at rank 10
Brian Williams & Craig Kilborn should go on a road trip together. A cathartic journey is just what the doctor ordered for the former anchors
I wonder what Craig Kilborn was thinking when he heard John Stewart was leaving the Daily Show?
Where in the world is Craig Kilborn? investigates!
No seriously, what is Craig Kilborn up to these days?
Guys, Craig Kilborn is still out there. Can we get Cup o' Craiggers back on the air? Somewhere? I am not being sarcastic.
Join the search for Craig Kilborn's career.
Am I the only one who thinks they should bring back Craig Kilborn to host The Daily Show? Loved the format back then. Look him up, kids.
Craig Kilborn goes back to sleep for 17 more years
Craig Kilborn wakes up and checks his phone. "Oh look," he says out loud even though he's all alone. "Two new messages from my agent"
Who's the next Jon Stewart? How about bringing back Craig Kilborn?
Somewhere, Craig Kilborn's eyes just snapped open like Lobot.
(vid) The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn | Stephen Colbert Reports . I liked Daily Show before Stewart got there
This is a good day to remember Craig Kilborn (via
FWIW: I was in the studio audience for two tapings of "The Daily Show" back when Craig Kilborn was the host.
I remember when it was Craig Kilborn interviewing nobodies. lol.
Are any of us sure Craig Kilborn is even still alive?
"Craig Kilborn is leaving They'll never find someone that can replace Kilby!" - Me, 1998
I remember when I thought Craig Kilborn would be a hard act to follow.
How many hand jobs does Craig Kilborn have to do to get his old job back? Is it infinite hand jobs?
I'm surprised I've not seen any good jokes about Craig Kilborn. . Then again, that was always the problem, wasn't it?
Hearing Craig Kilborn took a vow of silence and became a monk.
I felt that way when Craig Kilborn left in 1999 and John took over.
Craig Kilborn was my number two late-night TV childhood crush. ...behind Arsenio
I was thinking about what it would have been like if Craig Kilborn had stayed the host of the Daily Show. Remember…
"I’m talking Five Questions. I’m talking [two other segments Craig Kilborn was famous for]." . So, so great. Well done!
I'm sad about Jon Stewart, but I remember in high school when everyone was mad that Craig Kilborn was being replaced by "s…
The realization that somebody . . . SOMEBODY at Comedy Central just said, out loud, "so what's Craig Kilborn doing?"
"Finally, time to reclaim what is rightfully mine."- Craig Kilborn, eating between shows at the Inland Empire Dinner Theatre
Unfortunate as it is for Brian Williams, I'm rooting for Craig Kilborn to take his spot. He's ready.
Remember all those tearful farewells when Craig Kilborn let the Late Late Show? Oh right.
People who like Craig Kilborn more than John Stewart Con
I liked a video Bill Murray on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, 1999 pt1
He sure does and if he is in a mood for debating then no stopping him ;)
Thanks to for an excellent VCDX Mock Defence, the guy knows his storage & backup onions
every year Craig Kilborn was on tv was a good year
Sure Can Nutanix office is nearby :-) is coming as well ?
Mock with you on the 8th evening morning.. at Pan Pacific... are you ready??
Getting hit by intermitent power cuts
No problem. Best of luck with the defence.
Thanks to & for some VCDX mock sessions. All the feedback has helped me tremendously
Need a workout to clear my head before reading crazy email response to my email :)
Craig Kilborn should come back and host the Late Late Show on CBS.
with that argument you should be instantly awarded VCDX title!
Ex. "Number of hosts used = 42". Design justification: Cus that is the one and only answer!
Close, putting together an email now. Will send it over to you for a sanity check :)
we are doing a VCDX design scenario, Magnus is throwing some curveballs out there :)
I have the exact opersite opinion to be fair but for the exact same reason
I have had a bad experience with Fiber Channel, I prefer iSCSI
that's what I thought.. Mr Muscle perhaps ;-p
.A nice way to spend vacation time !
Today is full on 3 x sessions with the EMEA Group
“thats a Tuesday morning activity ;)” > sorry man couldn't resist, 'the stains will never come out of that shirt'
Craig Kilborn's image is on my TWarner DVR icon for TDS. Someone should call and let them know what happened.
John Oliver is truly amazing that summer he did was my favorite version of The Daily Show sorry Craig Kilborn.
most of the time. Always a few know it alls who love to argue.
There is a word - NO - doesn't get used. And simple education / conversation would be enough.
that and I think the lack of knowledge on the domino affects. People take the ease vmware 4 granted
Tnx. Will try get on. Should be about.
Great. I will attend if I can. Is it Wed ?
well I will talk about that on this weeks actually ;)
Caused by lack of internal chargeback IMO. Because VMs are "free" :-)
4? Better 8... on a server with 2x QC CPUs. :) Found a lot exchange 2010 at a customer with this setup.
I sometimes find myself wondering what is Craig Kilborn up to now?
thanks Craig, looking at 3:50 before end of summer
"Wait, I thought YOU went to file the missing persons report for Craig Kilborn in 2005." - everyone
What ever happened to Craig Kilborn? I miss that dude.
Excellent quick fire sessions going on across storage, network, compute & VM's with
Thanks to for putting me threw my networking & SLA paces today, really enjoyed them. Need to work on the TS ;)
This afternoons VCDX Mock Defence with sponsored by &
If its not i want Craig Kilborn back
Jon Stewart Tells Sen. Jeff Sessions 'Go F*** Yourself' I rember when that show was funny; Craig Kilborn hosted.
It says Jon Stewart, but I'm pretty sure that's a picture of Craig Kilborn. I have so many questions.…
Good plan! Happy birthday to him and have fun you all :-)
Today shall mainly be spent playing with my son who's 3 year's old today. Planes, cars & Lego is the agenda
wow a Craig Kilborn sighting on the
This SportsCenter three stars nonsense has gots to go. Oh how I long for the days of Craig Kilborn and Kenny Mayne.
Moment of Zen: Showing a clip from the Craig Kilborn era? That's rare.
Whoa... Craig Kilborn clip on Daily Show... wild! — watching The Daily Show
Watching that makes me really miss Craig Kilborn...
Dudes my Daughter missing since 6th May. Keeley Mayes ... From Havant in Hampshire
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I would drop by, but kind if far for me :)
I wish I could come, but not this time... :-( /cc
Come & heckle and I talking Submissions on Thursday at
Finally saw the movie. Yep, the movie. You know the one that Craig Kilborn used the clips for his countdowns and skits. The movies is called "The Story of Riki Oh" Over the top cheesy effects and kung fu. I had a ball looking at it and for me it ended a quest on finding the name of the movie. Get your mindless fun on and give it a go.
Flipped the TV on, The Benchwarmers is playing. Because any movie with Craig Kilborn and Sean Salisbury is quality entertainment.
Loved Peter since I saw him on Craig Kilborn back in 2002.
Want to come heckle & I as we do a lightning talk about Prep at next weeks Reg here: ht…
I am coming: registered yesterday, flight+hotel booked. vCurry anyone on Thursday?
I just found out Craig Kilborn is from KCMO. Thanks, DirecTV.
Jon Stewart, Craig Ferguson, Larry Wilmore, Craig Kilborn, and Conan O'Brien all born in same 18 mo period, with Colbert just one yr later
"I can't imagine the late late show without Craig's monologues."- something I'm sure I said when Craig Kilborn was done.
The last time I got this psyched for late night was when Jon Stewart replaced Craig Kilborn. Larry Wiltmore is the perfect person to replace Colbert.
Btw thanks for this, helped me get it working.
I remember some threads on our forums of people using it, it should work. We don't have specific statement about it.
thank Rick, nothing specific called out for Storage Server.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
A repository role is - not sure about the console. Did you check the User Guide? ^RV
should be supported because 2012 (R2) is supported. But maybe is Storage Server little bit different.
It will be , , and I "presenting" but if popular we may do a series of them
“It’s an interesting concept. Individually, small solar parking lots and crosswalks can power signs and street lamps”
How many hours in a day is a car-park empty? Looking out from my office I can see lots of empty rooftops carparks
I don't get it, if cars are parked on the solar panels how do they get sunlight?
In this case: Yes. I have other, very happy DataCore customers.
"...serveral installations each month" I envy you. :)
I know. :) Glad that HP has bought 3PAR. Sell like hotcake!
I implemented a vMSC setup with 3PAR Peer Persistence for several customers. Works pretty good...
Customer is currently running a synchronous mirror between two datacenters with DataCore. No new requirements.
Good morning and good luck to all the candidates submitting for a July defence at Frankfurt DE, Cambridge MA & Singapore SG
You were FANTASTIC when you hosted the Late Late Show briefly after Craig Kilborn left. I was hoping you'd take over at the time
Great to see that vendors are supporting Windows 8.1 in droves
Need to do some reading up on HP MSA2040 being used with vSphere 5.5 for a test/dev environment
Our pleasure, we're glad you enjoyed it
Awesome two days at Horizon 6 Bootcamp great meeting up with Thank you to for organising
Thanks man! It was weird to finally push that send button.
Craig Kilborn is in a Little Ceasar's commercial. I almost feel bad for him.
congratulations, that's a huge step! ~Jill
congrats, let me know if you need help with feedbacks/questions/mock etc... Willing to help
I am still working on it... Race Against Time :-)
good luck. Great meeting you this week. Hope you enjoyed the boot camp
good luck I'm sure you ''ll smash it
I think I will. Need to find a cheap flight + hotel combo in London! See you there?
well done. Achievement getting that far. Now prep for defense time..
congrats buddy. now it's time to relax till Friday. then starting mock defense prep!! :)
on top of the fact I gave them the EXACT config I wanted, and they didnt follow it
which one :D Trying to explain that aaa-server LDAP is not the same as aaa-server radius
amazing. Am sure you will get through and get the invite.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The common denominator is Craig Kilborn, Mr. Guy Code, the original Daily Show Host who left and the show became awesome, and the same thing happened to the Late-Late show. We salute you Craig Kilborn, the Buck Showalter of Television. Leaves just before the show becomes iconic.
So, who will be the new host of The Colbert Report? The obvious joke is Jay Leno, which is why I'm putting my money on Craig Kilborn instead.
sometimes, when I speak of lounge singers, which I often do, people say to me, "you mean like Bill Murray on SNL?", and I say, "no, I mean in real life." Lately, I've been trying to find the clip on the Daily Show early on, when BM comes on and sings lyrics to Bob Mould's music. I think it went something like" "I wanna watch it, it's the Daily Sho-ow", etc. But I can't find it! This was back when it was Craig Kilborn as host. I'm looking and looking, and nothing yet. I swear it happened1
Who decided that Seth Myers was funny? The same guy who thought Craig Kilborn was funny probably.
Fun list for the afternoon...agree with any of them? ( 9 Shows that got BETTER when someone left: 1. Lisa Bonet, "A Different World". The show was originally a spin-off of "The Cosby Show" featuring Lisa's character going off to college. 2. Paul Schneider, "Parks and Recreation". When he left after Season Two, the show brought on both Rob Lowe and Adam Scott. 3. Craig Kilborn, "The Daily Show". It's hard to believe there was ever a host other than Jon Stewart, but Kilborn had it from 1996 to 1999. 4. Shelley Long, "Cheers". It was Shelley's choice to leave the show, and it turned out to be a bad choice for HER. But replacing her with Kirstie Alley and ending the Sam-and-Diane romance angle probably saved the show creatively. 5. George Clooney, "ER". Clooney was the breakout star, but his departure in 1999 didn't kill the show. In fact, "ER" survived a million other cast shakeups before it ended, without ever really losing what made it great. 6. Mischa Barton, "The O.C." The ...
Eleven years ago this month, Ray and Robby make their comeback official with a whirlwind television tour, playing The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and Last Call with Carson Daly. They play live versions of Light My Fire (Leno), Break On Through (Kilborn - 1st airing), Love Me Two Times (Kilborn - 2nd airing), and Roadhouse Blues (Daly). This would be the kickoff of ten plus years of touring together.
This is a video which was originally uploaded to the internet back in 2007. It's Joe Mantegna playing Kylie Minogue on Yambo. I believe this episode was aired in 2002. Yambo was a trivia game played by guests of The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.
Whenever I get a place of my own again I need to get a hold of a copy of The X Files PS1 game and play it again. It's a really good point and click style game. You don't play as Mulder or Scully though you play as a new agent who looks like Craig Kilborn, the lead singer from Queens of the Stone Age. Mulder and Scully are totally in it but you just don't play as them. Awesome game though, the story reminds me of the Philadelphia experiment sort of, except not at all.
I've been looking for the right analogy: Craig Kilborn is the Chuck Woolery of the Daily Show. Not the best but always the first.
This movie is terrible, but Craig Kilborn looks great in it, and I've sat through worse for far less. What is my life?
Craig Kilborn is probably burning an effigy of Jon Stewart right at this very moment
would U ever consider asking Craig Kilborn to guest host your show when U go on vacation?
Ok wait I have another make a wish scenario. If the make a wish foundation gave me a second wish id pistol whip Craig Kilborn
Respect is what we owe; love, what we give, - Philip James Bailey, poetother 49 didn't answer the phone, ~Craig Kilborn
You ever wonder if Craig Kilborn is in Queens of a Stone Age cover band?
I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to plhis brother, Jeb Schwarzenegger, ~Craig Kilborn
Check out this video on YouTube: Dave Gohl Tiny Dancer live acoustic Craig Kilborn show
I've not seen this Daily Show in a while; what's the name of the fellow who was sitting in for Craig Kilborn tonight? He was v good.
However, frat-boy humor is funny and it always will be. - Craig Kilborn
True friendship isn't about being there when it's convenient; it's abouother 49 didn't answer the phone, ~Craig Kilborn
Strange coincidences tonight. In the midst of my backing up process I came across a little group of digital videos from April 2003, mostly of Phoebe (who we had adopted a few weeks before). I'll post a few later, she was about 6 months old and very playful. And in the background the tv is blasting Craig Kilborn on the Late Late Show broadcasting something live from. the New Orleans Superdome ;-)
Craig Kilborn has a skeleton named Jeff with the California KKK blue eyes murder group. What actress tries to emphasize the Degley blue eyed gleem ?
"Calls diverted to answer phone. Red wine bottle half the contents gone." kilborn
he was on food network today and I had honestly forgotten about him. Like people who don't remember Craig kilborn
90 followers away from 7,000! We need shoutouts lmaon Iraq,,,'I know you're there, pick up, pick up, ~Craig Kilborn
Dear stomach fat, you have three options, Move to my boobs, or Move to his brother, Jeb Schwarzenegger, ~Craig Kilborn
If I had a time machine I could save Craig Kilborn.
that's true. Lots of factors go into that. In the words of Craig Kilborn in Old School "good talk"
Do you still use the phone book Craig Kilborn have you?
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