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Craig Hodges

Craig Anthony Hodges (born June 27, 1960 in Park Forest, Illinois) is a retired American professional basketball player who played in the NBA for 10 seasons and led the league in 3-point shooting percentage three times.

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I think that some of them wlda kneeled. Look up why Craig Hodges was black balled and you might feel me.
I think we are in for a solid season of 8-10 wins easily maybe more if craig Hodges stays healthy
With Anzalone out, I expect Craig Robertson to play a big part filling in that role. Also, Hodges could now be in play to help out as well.
Really like to see if Gerald Hodges hovers around. Craig Robertson likely in more with Anzalone out, leaves a special teams void
Colin Kaep being wiped out existence...just like Craig Hodges was in ‘91 after he game winners for MJ! There is a higher power that is real
see what I started lol my bad I just wanted to throw Craig Hodges and Abdul Mohammad being blacked acjed balled
Did the same thing with Craig Hodges
People forget too Craig Hodges (Rich East graduate) was blackballed from NBA after speaking out too
I'm too young to really remember Craig Hodges, was it this obvious?
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and Craig Hodges are the main examples as to why the nba forces it's player to stand
"Dad who is your favorite Bulls player?Craig Hodges baby"
Craig Hodges "...we are alive in amazing times. Delicate hearts, diabolical minds." .
Craig Hodges was the OG on this, though.
Saw a video of Craig Hodges, who himself was blackballed from the NBA for his beliefs, saying he would advise kids not to kneel
Learned more life in the 20 minutes after the interview than I did in the 20 minutes on camera. Craig Hodges was ne…
Jordan got his voice back? Where was he for Craig Hodges? Silent. He jumps on the bandwagon AFTER he…
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He was the NBA version of Kaep. Also see Craig Hodges.
David Stern forced Craig Hodges out of the league because of his stance on the anthem, he's not different.
..i still don't know what Felicia was tryna record on tv on Friday. its funny that she tried to explain to Craig tho.
I think that's the gist Craig Hodges is attempting to express
Ppl forget this is the same nba where Craig Hodges and Mahmoud Abdul Rauf was white balled from
NBA Champ “was cut off from possibly being the greatest scorer in history” --
Mahmoud and Craig Hodges got blackballed. That isht ain't happening with any of today's supers…
More w/ Craig Hodges on kneeling for justice in the Trump Era.
Tell that to Muhammad Ali, Jesse Owens, Craig Hodges, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and others. Spor…
Byron Scott talks Colin Kaepernick and Craig Hodges and the new look Lakers: via
This whole Colin Kaepernick issue reminds me of Craig Hodges of the bulls. Some say they don’t care about history...
Anyone remember Craig Hodges and Chris Jackson (Mahmoud Abdul Rauf?) . Don't tell me the NBA is progressive when th…
Also Craig Hodges was essentially black listed for trying to get other players to be more political.
Craig Hodges and Chris Jackson blackballed from the NBA
This explains why that social conscience is so important. Jordan did nothing outside of the game except…
Late to this but amazing read on politics in US sport s generation ago from -
Walker brothers, Laurie Daley, Terry Matterson, Craig Hodges etc after that
Thank you Jarrod. That means a huge deal. Craig Hodges was pretty special. I had an inkling of the s…
Craig Hodges on Warriors Visiting Trump White House: “I can understand the political slam as far as not - RESPECT.
Jimmy, I'd like to book my client Craig Hodges on the show
We called it the Craig Hodges. No need to clean up.
Although, the next Craig Hodges May already be in the league *cough* Steph *cough*
Brief post on piece on Craig Hodges .
Craig Hodges, Colin Kaepernick, And The Dangers Of Speaking Out Nicely done by my friend via
Craig Hodges's basketball player back in MJ time was his team mate once he made it…
Matt Burke and Tim Thomas openly didn't go to the White House for political reasons w/no backlash. Craig Hodges got blackballed
Jason Reid & Craig Hodges joined me this morning to discuss more on kneeling for justice.
Tim Thomas protested a White House visit. Craig Hodges was blackballed for activism.…
Stop by the Student Center and get an autographed copy of Craig Hodges book!
, They hated on Martin, Malcolm, Ali, Kareem, Craig Hodges, John Carlos and Tommy Smith. God got them through. I will be fine👍🏾
NBA Star Craig Hodges Explains How He Tried to Get Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson to Speak Out via
Should be Craig hodges. Quality coach person and knows the kids that are from broncos .
Craig Hodges showing those quick hands with dribbling drills for the youth!
Before Kaepernick, there was Craig Hodges, fighting for our people which ultimately cost him his career. For some...
Excited to also have Craig Hodges speak at our Student-Athlete Summit today!
Great to learn more about work with PHNs from Craig Hodges at our WoS mtg today
Yeah Mahmoud Abdul rauf and Craig Hodges would vociferously and rightfully disagree w this dumb take
We spoke with 2-Time NBA Champion on activism, black unity, Lebron/Jordan & more! . Listen here! . https:/…
Kaepernick listed team as “NFL;” reminds me of Craig Hodges participating as returning champ in the 3 Point Shootou…
Jackie Robinson was blackballed. So were Smith/Carlos, Craig Hodges, Mahmoud Abdul-Raul, Barry Bonds, and many more. Nothing…
Craig Hodges had Phil Jackson watching tapes of Minister Farrakhan. 😂😂😂
Ray Allen would be cool. What about Craig Hodges? Maybe James Posey too. Ron Harper would also be cool
We’ve seen this before. Muhammad Ali, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Craig Hodges, Tommie Smith and John Carlos all faced...
Coach do u know who Reggie Miller is? How about Mitch Richmond? How about Craig Hodges? Allan Houston? Ma…
role players..What you talking about.. Jordan had Rodman, Craig Hodges, Armstrong,Paxson, Sally, Parish,Brian Williams..etc
Craig Hodges: 'Jordan didn't speak out because he didn't know what to say'
But you right he had Tony Kukoc, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, B.J Armstrong, Craig Hodges, Luc Longley and I haven't eve…
I interviewed Craig Hodges about his book, sending a letter to the president & more for
Dennis Rodman, Horace Grant, Scottie, Paxton, Craig Hodges...etc he had good players around him while THEY were winning.
Three-point sniper Craig Hodges explains how his NBA career came to an end.
You still have time!!! Come on over and meet Craig Hodges until 7:00pm. He'll be signing his brand new book!
Sports are political. Craig Hodges was a role player on one of the greatest teams of all time, and after this...
I've always wondered what happened to Craig Hodges, one of my idols back in the day. 😓
Please support the big bro. Craig Hodges new book!!! Amazing…
You guys must support the Big Bro. Craig Hodges!!!
backup pgs are vital to winning champs. You think MJ has even one ring without Randy Brown or Craig Hodges?
. Did Craig Hodges catch a raw deal from the NBA with his visit to the White House
57 - Goal! Newport recover their two-goal lead from the spot as Craig Reid just squeezes the penalty past Hodges, 3-1.
not sure, but a sibling of Craig Hodges, former Chicago Bull
Did the NBA blacklist former Chicago Bulls player Craig Hodges because of his political beliefs?
Craig Hodges "people come to the consciousness when they're ready for the consciousness"
Craig Hodges on Chicago Tonight... Always liked that guy during my junior high basketball fandom. Fascinating to hear about his activism.
but I put MJ on the bench and start Craig Hodges and play season mode and he has a average of 40-50 ppg.
Former Basketball player Craig Hodges has been a big part of athletes now speaking out:
"Craig Hodges is someone who has balanced athleticism with being poised and politically active." –https…
Martellus Bennett will save us. Pull "a Craig Hodges." Or the Falcons will save us. That too.
Craig Hodges former NBA player and member of the notorious 1991 and 1992 Chicago Bulls Championship...
Agreed. Will probably win a future 3pt contest on NBA weekend. Other than Craig Hodges, the set shooters seem to win every year
Rondo Wade MCW. Get used to 3-13 and worse when these three log significant minutes. Craig Hodges may be summoned.
John Paxson, Toni Kukoc, Craig Hodges, Luc Longley, bill wennington, Will Perdue are rolling in their grave..
He did mine. Make sure he has that spirit level😂😂
Craig Hodges of joins Liz Claman to discuss his expectations for 2017 in our
Craig Hodges. I don't need to take this. ROFL
"Pro-black like Craig Hodges but my dashiki's in the cleaners..." -
man! the Craig Hodges pod episode has to be my favorite one. i wish it was longer though. great work guys.
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Must think Dougie McBuckets will be draining 3's like he did in college & signing Craig Hodges to a vet minimum contract!
watch bulls in the 90's bj Armstrong, Horace Grant, Craig Hodges, paxson, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper all came thru for bulls..
I feel like there is a bar where Dale Ellis, Craig Hodges, Ray, Reggie, Mark Price, etc go...and that bar is engulfed in flames now.
Not a nan nada 140 better ever mention today's kids beating my Craig Hodges and Tony Kukoc Bulls teams
hold up. Oh yeah Craig Hodges, John Paxson, *** Phil Jackson wasn't a good coach either. Hmm I have more or you can just 😶
Salute 2 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf/Craig Hodges careers that were crushed by US propaganda and the corporate NBA
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And our Just Stand Up award goes to Army Ranger, Craig Hodges biographer for standing up to Trump.
especially if Craig Hodges ex still lives there.
Thoughts on watching Craig Hodges make an inhuman 19 straight 3's at the 3 point contest?
Yes, I do. Rick Mahorn. Bill Laimbeer. In fact, the whole Pistons team. Alvin Robertson was a bad boy too. Oakley. Craig Hodges??
Hi Tim - How many baskets did Craig Hodges make in 1st round of 86 All Star 3-point shootout? See:
Do Orlando Woolridge, Craig Hodges, Charles Oakley, Bobby Hansen or Jerry Sloan make the list?
Former Bull Craig Hodges in the gym feeding us
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U.S.A.: The Place for investors’ money?: Hodges Capital CEO Craig Hodges on where the opportunities are for in...
Craig Hodges will not be available. will be his replacement to discuss the Lamar Odom situation later during the show
No such worries next year, hilton is booked
awards go to Chris Peploe (left), Tom Nugent and Craig Hodges. Made at dinner at
2500 cards in myteam, and I have pulled Craig hodges 6 times from packs
peace brother fareed. This is Craig Hodges. Can you hit me? Want to connect with you
My top 5 shooter's of all time, no particular order, Ray Allen, Steph Curry, Dale Ellis and Craig Hodges.
Then we will have former champion Craig Hodges to discuss the latest Lamar Odom situation with contributor Lillian Pagan.
We got a special treat for you! This Sunday we'll have former Bulls guard Craig Hodges to talk about Lamar Odom. Don't miss it!
You need to speak to former NBA star & champion Craig Hodges who was black-balled for arguing that
its Craig Hodges trying to reach out to you
it's Craig Hodges. Trying to reach out to you. Hit me.
On Monday, prosecutors charged 32-year-old Craig K. Tinsley for the shooting of his 7-year-old daughter. The...
I had the pleasure of meeting former chicagobulls Craig Hodges this morning…
Are the right guys pulling the trigger from the "Craig Hodges" zone in those 16 attempts?
Thanks to & Craig Hodges for all your work to make happen!
Young Broncos' Spots On The Line - BRONCOS’ under-20s coach Craig Hodges has put his young charges on notice after...
Headline: Investor finds value in the oil bear market: Craig Hodges sees value in a sma...
ok pal no worries would of been good to see you again Matthew is on bbc 1 at 5 pm on Sunday pal
can you do my running on sat think I'm getting to old
ha thought you was still in my pocket from the last game you must of go out 🙈🙈🙊🙊 I'm going for in the hole ⬆️
Remember when Craig Hodges and Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf took polarizing stances and became bad at basketball for no good reason?
This is a great random time-waster. 5 degrees of separation between Craig Hodges and Audrey Hepburn via LeBron.
that's why I won't put up with any nay-sayers about my Rushmore with Kurt Rambis Craig Hodges Jed Buechler and Manute Bol
Craig Hodges has to be thinking that phone call to lift the interim tag from his head coach of the Westchester Knicks is coming soon.
MJ won 61 and his first title with Craig Hodges. Cliff Levingston. Will Perdue. Dennis Hopson. Stacey King. Scott Williams. John Paxson. Lol
I think Jordan played with guys like Cliff Levingston, Scott Williams, Craig Hodges, Will Perdue hehe
James Jones passed Mario Elie, Craig Hodges, Trevor Ariza, and Kirk Hinrich for 74th all-time in playoff 3's.
Kirk Hinrich passed Mario Elie, James Jones, and Craig Hodges for 74th all-time in playoff 3's.
CP3 passed Mario Elie, James Jones, Craig Hodges, and Kirk Hinrich for 73rd all-time in playoff 3's.
With the 1989 Conference Finals tied 2-2, MJ was outscored by legends Craig Hodges, Mark Aguirre & Vinnie Johnson in Gam…
Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges, & John Paxon were never at any point the best shooters in the league. Mark Price, Reggie Miller, & others existed
Baby D for 3! The dude is in a shooting zone that would make Craig Hodges cry tears of joy.
YES. Like when Craig Hodges had to defend his 3-point title at the NBA ASG, even though he wasn't on any NBA team at the time.
Pro-black like Craig Hodges with my dashikis in the cleaners...
Craig Bellamy has labelled Justin Hodges as Brisbane's X-factor playing at ... - Courier Mail
Jim Hodges' color pencil art He and I, which portraits his relationship with his boyfriend Craig, has…
MUST WATCH: on Piazza, Hodges, and HOF needs to start over
I like this Galloway kid he has a Craig Hodges or Steve Kerr or John Paxson feel.
Join me tonight at 5pm with Craig Hodges CEO of Hodges Capital with his 2015 market outlook on
Craig Biggio in the HOF and Gil Hodges is not! WOW
"I have no deep-seated anger, but saying what you believe can be a radical notion"-Craig Hodges
Yep, Pierce, Sidney Moncrief, Paul Pressey, Terry Cummings. Apparently even Mike Dunleavy and Craig Hodges were on that team.
I’m shooting like Craig Hodges, that Arm strong I ain’t missing nothing And you Dennis Rodman, cause you nice around that Mic/Mike
example: what does Britain have to do with Craig Hodges, Tom Berenger and Aladdin's Castle?
All purpose parts banner
...and great work from Debra Giampoli, Stephen Wright, Craig Hodges, !
Isaiah Thomas, Jabari Parker, Joakim Noah, Sonny Parker and Craig Hodges taking turns speaking to the players in today's Peace Tournament.
The Greatest shooting exhibition of all time, recorded in the "Guinness Book of World Records". Craig Hodges hits...
Lot's of talent in the veteran minimum market, get us Robert Parish as backup big, maybe Craig Hodges as backup guard.
Trey Songs on First Take like he some sports guru.talking bout MJ and Kobe didn't have to join with top players of their era to win championships.That they did'nt have the three point shooting.. or other please.Craig Hodges, Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O'neil, Robert Horry, they act like them boys did all that by themselves.i saw personally Kerr, and Hodges win many games for the Bulls.y'all caught up in them highlights.i saw the actual games! And for the record, MJ didn't have no flu, he had a stomach virus...another myth.and he pushed Byron Russel.
he not over John Paxson nor Craig Hodges or bj Armstrong!
Really? Derek Fisher? Why? Dude has zero coaching experience and was not really one of the team leaders when he was in his prime... just like Steve Kerr! If Fisher says no, who's next? Craig Hodges? John Paxson? Who's gonna respect these dudes? Wait, here's an idea... how about Mark Jackson??? Mark Jackson is coming off three solid years of head coaching out west, knows how to run an offense, preaches defense and team play, and he's from New York! And the FANS love him. that's who you really work for, even though Dolan signs the checks. The FANS would love to see a GREAT head coach come in, OR at least have a former Knickerbocker player come in and coach up Melo and the boys, NOT a former Laker or Chicage Bull... We would prefer a retired Knick, somebody who really knows the game and the history of the team, like Mark Jackson... or Patrick Ewing, or... YOU... yes, YOU could be the new head coach, Phil. But I know that's not happening. You're too busy being in love or whatever. At least don't try to turn u ...
For Shooting drills should only be discussing Ray Allen, Dell Curry, Mark Price & Craig Hodges
I'm not done with my rant, people keep putting up picks of Kobe and MJ or LBJ and MJ or even LBJ and Magic or on and on D Wade, KD who ever the current player you can think of against anyone in the late 80's and 90's and it is so in-accurate. Lets do D Wade and Craig Hodges or KD and Mark Aguire or LeBron and any female that played college basketball in the 80's. Please stop with the comparisons. The late 80's and 90's b-ball is the greatest of all time. Who do you compare to Charles, D Wilkinson, Clyde,Isaiah,Alonso, Hakeem,Shawn Kemp,Larry Johnson,Larry legend, magic, the mail man, John Stockton, I can go on and on give me 10 true hall of famers that are real good players not just the best players in a watered down league that will get in because the NBA *** and the whistle blows on every play so no one hurts there endorsement deal. I guarantee it can't be done. Kevin Love will be in the hall of fame when it is all said and done. SMH goodbye to real basketball forever.
Meet Don and Craig Hodges, founders of a Dallas-based mutual fund family that prefers the sweet taste of home cooking.
If you can shoot you will always have a job!!! Craig Hodges, Steve Kerr, Mark Price, Dale stars but collected checks!!!# shooters
..who cares if Phil Jackson is coming to the front offices for the Knicks? If he ain't bringing BJ Armstrong or Craig Hodges...fawk him!
Accidentally brought up Jordan punching a Bulls teammate during a convo with Steve Kerr today about Wiggins and Marcus Smart. Towards the end of my thought, I remembered it was he who Jordan swung on. Followed up by asking if Jordan connected as well as he did in the '90 3-point contest against Craig Hodges. I guess you could say it softened the blow. Smooth McGroove.
Today in 1991. . Craig Hodges set an All-Star Saturday by hitting 19 straight shots in the 3 point contest.
Dudes I used to root for in the 3point Contest: Mark Price, Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges, John Paxson.   10% Off
**Always Remember** Michael Jordan mite get all the credit but if Scottie Pipped didn't d the best player or if John Paxson, Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges, etc dont hit key 3 pointer they lose the game. So a team is very important! Also you have to know your role on the team and STAY in your lane. Enjoy your journey!
Would Steve Kerr, Dell curry, Craig Hodges, Mark Price and other marksmen shooters of the 90's avg 20 plus if they played today like Stephen curry?
Ok its one thing Rodman doing crazy things on his own, but what was Charles Smith, Kenny Anderson, Sleepy Floyd, Vin Baker,Craig Hodges, Cliff Robinson etc thinking following that fool to Korea? Money that tight? (and had the nerve to lose..smh)
Happy Birthday, Mr. Dictator: Back in the day, John Kennedy had Marilyn Monroe sing him "Happy Birthday." JFK, of course, was then the charismatic leader of the free world. Apparently, if you are a pudge-faced North Korean thug, the pickings are slimmer. Maybe that's why the best Kim Jong Un could do by way of a birthday serenade is .Dennis Rodman. Today, the retired basketball Hall-of-Famer oversaw a game between a North Korean team and seven former American pros Rodman persuaded to go with him to Pyongyang. The game is to celebrate what we think is Kim's 31st birthday, and the players accompanying Rodman include Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker, Cliff Robinson, Charles Smith, Doug Christie, Sleepy Floyd and Craig Hodges. "I like the guy, and he's an awesome guy to me," says Rodman of Kim. "One thing is about showing people we can actually get along. Let's get along as human beings, not politicians." Certainly, getting along as humans is an area where Kim can use pointers. Recently he had his uncle executed. Be ...
Rodman took Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker, Doug Christie, Craig Hodges, Cliff Robinson, Charles Smith and “Sleepy" Floyd to N. Korea with him.
Have you seen the list of the characters he took with him? Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker, Charles Smith, Craig Hodges, Sleepy Floyd?
I get a kick out of Denny Rodman's Korean hoops team; Vin Baker, Cliff Robinson, Kenny Anderson, Craig Hodges, Charles Smith, Doug Christie.
Kenny Anderson, Cliff Robinson, Vin Baker, Craig Hodges, Doug Christie and Charles Smith.. what a bunch of ignorant fools
Bunch of *** on CNN... They act like Rodman melting down is news. Then when they can't get anywhere with the Rodman Story because Rodman is just being Rodman. They start bringing up past issues with other former basketball players that are with Rodman in North Korea on the Tour. The Lame started pointing out that Vin Baker had alcohol issues, Craig Hodges was let go for his political beliefs and Kenny Anderson got a DUI and fired as a coach. The players are there to put smiles on faces through basketball. How dare they.
Kenny Anderson, Craig Hodges, and Vin Baker are there too? That's a NBA Live 96 All Star lineup!
Dudes as nuts as Via - team 4 game in N. Korea: Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker, Craig Hodges, Doug Christie & more
Vin Baker, Craig Hodges, Kenny Anderson...Dennis Rodman brought a who's-who of NBA players who didn't save their money to North Korea
Dennis Rodman took quite the team to NK. Craig Hodges, Doug Christie, Charles Smith, Vin Baker, Clifford Robinson, and Kenny Anderson. That team could beat my rec league team!.barely
Who is Craig Hodges!!?? (source wikipedia) When the Chicago Bulls visited the White House after winning the 1992 NBA Championship, Hodges dressed in a dashiki and delivered a hand-written letter addressed to then President George H. W. Bush, expressing his discontent at the administration's treatment of the poor and minorities.[16] Hodges also criticized his Bulls teammate Michael Jordan for not using his fame to draw attention to social and political issues, and said Jordan was "bailing out" for not being politically outspoken.[17] In 1996, Hodges filed a $40 million lawsuit against the NBA and its then 29 teams, claiming they blackballed him for his association with Louis Farrakhan and criticism of "African-American professional athletes who failed to use their considerable wealth and influence to assist the poor and disenfranchised."[13] After he was waived by the Bulls in 1992, he did not receive an offer or a tryout from a single NBA team, even though he was only 32 years old and still able to contri ...
Halifax Rainmen new head coach Craig Hodges.. Yes my basketball card collection is THAT good
Craig Hodges, former three-point shooting star in NBA, to coach Halifax Rainmen - Windsor Star -
Wow, Kobe Bryant signed an extention with the LA Lakers for over 48 million dollars in the twilight of his career over the next two years, there is no cap room for the Lakers basically over the next two years, the Bus family and Mitch Kupchak are complete fools for this, greed is *** is all I can say, the two Jerry's never gave Michael Jordan that kind of money, the two Jerry's would have never even thought about giving Michael that kind of cheddar!!! I will say this, if it came down to it, he would have not have excepted it and would have loved to keep is team together for less, Scottie Pippen, Bill Cartwright, John Paxson, BJ Armstrong, Craig Hodges, Will Purdue, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, and so on. That is why the "Mamba" will never be Mike Jordan, nor his the "freak" in Miami will not ever! Keep your head up Derrick Rose!!! Go Chicago Bulls!!!
7 MORE THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME: 8. I skipped 1st grade and would've skipped 2nd grade too if my mom hadn't opposed. 9. I have absolutely no fear of speaking or performing before people. 10. I got the 2nd fastest speeding ticket in College Park, GA. 127mph in a 55mph zone. Andruw Jones, formerly of the Atlanta Braves, has the fastest. We were both driving Mercedes Benz's. (I felt some type of way about slowing down for a Chevy Corsica) 11. I've never woke up late and have never used an alarm clock. 12. I spun a basketball on my finger for an hour non stop just to see if I could do it. 13. I scored 22 of 24 points in a pick up basketball game. 14. I've played pick up basketball with Magic Johnson, Terry Cummings, Cliff Levingston, Jerry Stackhouse, Stephon Marbury, Travis Best, Jabari Smith, Nick Anderson, R. Kelly, Darren Hancock, Darryl Armstrong, Craig Hodges and Smush Parker.
Bulls need to resign John Paxson or Craig Hodges. Man, they can't shoot!
Somebody told Urijah that there is a tallywhacker thief out there and if he lets it go for a second they will come and *** it off.
Interception by Craig Hodges for they get the ball back.
All by myself like, I don't care WHO you call, Craig Hodges, I will out shoot them all
Lol somebody get Lil Craig Hodges drunk *** of my tl lmao bruh has zero chill
Hey - love the new article mate. Did it a lot of justice! Respect.
Check out the latest article from my friend and fellow Above the Rim Blogger, Cameron Curtis. Many of you will...
My fellow ATR scribe just dropped his latest article, a look back at impact on the NBA.
Hi love if you guys could have a read of this article on our site by here
Very interesting article here from about the Craig Hodges story check it out!
Left my painting in the backseat of lil craig hodges car.. My lil junya basquiat piece lol
"Social media allows for brand transparency, and in turn you gain brand advocates" - Craig Hodges
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Craig Hodges laying down some juicy facts on how to win a great job in social media
Nicher Craig Hodges sharing insights on in demand social media roles
Craig Hodges aka giving us a low down of social media jobs and what your resume should look like
Craig Hodges three point shooting contest performance: via
Craig Hodges getting surprised by his dad, Robert and his Step mom. Our salesperson, Kyle Miller helped the...
Which former NBA players would you like us to find out about? Willie Burton, Tariq Abdul-Wahad, Craig Hodges
Craig Hodges (1986) and Jason Kapono (2008) hold record for most points scored in a round in 3pt shootout contest with 25
For any of you basketball fans, Craig Hodges was at our gym today.
I had the illest dream about the '90 NBA All-Star game at the Hive...that's what I get 4 bein high watchin old *** basketball...Craig Hodges
Content Marketing World 2013 Wrap-Up – TopRank Style lists a guest post on the blog by Craig Hodges
As funny as the Lebron/Jordan posts are that are going around.does anyone who is a real basketball enthusiast remember it took key shots in finals games by BJ Armstrong, John Paxson, and Craig Hodges to win games? Just needed to school some people.
Kicking it with my Bulls Championship teammates Craig Hodges & Will Perdue at the Hollywood Casino!…
I thought on something interesting about the championship Chicago Bulls from the 90s. In the late 80s on into the 90s we always banged it out with the east. We were at war with most of the eastern teams back then but couldn't really rise above teams like Boston and Detroit. So the Bulls went and got players from teams in the east we battled with. Robert Parish, Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges, Ron Harper, Dennis Rodman just to name a few. They came from teams who used to beat us. They came and helped us win multiple championships.
Lol dude is shooting like he is possessed by the ghost of Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Craig Hodges, Glen Rice, Steve Kerr, takes Breath...Ray Allen, Dan Majerle and Ben
There's a reason why we know players like Craig Hodges. Steve Kerr. Stacy King. BJ Armstrong. John Paxson. Toni Kukoc. Learn my children.
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I can't comment on others post cause I was hacked and I'm on FB timeout! So I have to say to Willie Bender in this manner on his comment of LBJ struggling against these young player. His LBJ -VS- MJ is way out there. These teams that LBJ is playing on can't be compared to those teams of Jordan. Jordan teams went deep with 7 footers and 3 point shooters. Championships 1 thru 3 (3 point shooters) Jim Paxton B.J Armstrong and Craig Hodges (3 Point champ). The 7 footers (Bill Cartwright Will Purdue) 6'11" is 7 feet to me (Horace Grant Stacy King, Scott Williams) They was even deeper but these were the regular players. And when these players left for big contracts, they were replaced with these all stars. 7 footers all stars (Robert Parish, Luc Longley (7'2") Bill Wllington) The Shooters (Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc, Ron Harper) Oh Yeah the 6'11" guys all star (Dennis Rodman, John Salley, Brian Williams AKA Bison Dele. And let us not forget he had a real "Bat Man" that showed up every night in (Scotti Pippe ...
Aside from Jordan best Bull was Craig Hodges. He went to the White House in a dashiki and handed Bush a letter cussin him out he is legend
Seriously, Nets? The Bulls have Toni Kukoc, Bill Wennington and Craig Hodges on the court right now, and you're letting them beat you?
Mike, Stephen Curry has the quickest release I've every seen. Closest I can think of is Craig Hodges. Thoughts?
Craig Hodges came from where I'm from. Eddy Curry came from Harvey which is pretty close. Kendall Gill, some others.
I grew up loving basketball. Playing 5 nights a week in Thaxton gym, junior high ball, watching the Bulls via VCR playback off of Kelly's giant satellite (the real Bulls; the Craig Hodges, Steve Kerr, Bill Winnington, Bill Cartwright, etc Bulls), high school ball, dunk ball, intramurals, church league, adult leagues, fake church league, NBA Developmental League tryout for the short lived Rock-n-Roll, on and on. Tonight I will be attending my first Duke/UNC game at the Dean Dome. Oh, and College Game Day will be there. Thank you Lord.
Finals Results for semi-Finals Qualifying Final Victoria-78 Ocean Grove-105 Rink 1 Barry Clark-21 *** West-16 Rink 2 Jarrod Burt-14 Craig Hodges-33 Rink 3 Wes Lennecke-19 Matt Flapper-39 Rink 4 Shaun Clark-24 Paul Cameron-17 some scores maybe out as scoreboards were not updated at the end. Elimination Final Sebastopol-102 Bareena-78 Rink 5 Andrew Myers-23 Ben Wilding-11 Rink 6 Rob Baker-30 Ryan Tainton-15 Rink 7 Scott Roberts-30 Dan Priddle-21 Rink 8 Ian Warner-19 Brannon Shelton-26 Next week's Preliminary Final will be Victoria versus Sebastopol in Ballarat at a venue to be decided. Live scores will not come from me but anyone watching the game is welcome to post to the site. Message me and we can work out the best method.
At the line, Curry's career .902 edges Allen's .893 and Miller's .888. As for Bird, or sharp-shooting Craig Hodges, Curry's trump again.
Woke up from dream that Heat traded Ray Allen for Dale Davis.>If Retirement Home GM throws in Craig Hodges,I say DO IT!
Join Faruq & Maya each week talking about all that is going down in the world of sports. Tune into the Show that Elevates Sports Talk Radio. Episode Guest(s): Craig Hodges, Former Bulls Guard and Community Activist discussing the St. Sabina Peace Tournament and Pro Athletes getting actively involved...
Keep hearing MJ or LeBron? I am old enough to say I have seen them both play. MJ was able to score big in his early years when he had Charles Oakley in Chicago, had plenty of high calibur help in Pippen, Rodman, Kucok and shooters like Craig Hodges, BJ Armstrong, John Paxon and Steve Kerr. Yet, MJ wasn't able to make the playoffs until he had help and changed coaches from Doug Collins to Phil Jackson. As for LeBron, he was an instant legend once he put on his Cabs Jersey for the first time. He brought a team to the Finals filled with Larry Hughes as the next best player on the team. Does anyone else remember Larry Hughes? I know you all remember all the players who helped MJ reach playoff greatness. LeBron also had Mike Brown as a head coach, not 2 former NBA players like MJ. So as far as the debate, MJ was the greatest of his time playing against the names we all know like Wilkins, Ewing, Barkley, Thomas, Bird, Magic, Robinson etc. LeBron, playing against better talent with less help, will finish his c . ...
I appreciate so very much Craig Hodges and Courtney Hodges for helping with Bible Bowl!
Craig Hodges, Shawn Sprouse, and Danny Sprouse might need this!
Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler really looks good as probably the best true sixth man ever along with Craig Hodges. (Source: Sam Smith)
Meeting in Sydney with Craig Hodges, King Content: Content Marketing soon to rule the world! (in french)
Update your maps at Navteq
Yvonne Spear with Craig Hodges at Basketball Schools of America meeting.
The lakers are like the Yankees of basketball... Everyone hates on the lakers cuz they do is win championships... Keep on hating laker haters... Maybe someday your team will be as great!
Bulls 0-for-10 from 3-pt range. Craig Hodges, please pick up the white courtesy phone.
BMC is partnering w/ former Chicago Bull NBA Champ- Craig Hodges & Habitat for Humanity to do some local good.
Anything Timothy Keller, Craig Groeschel, Max Lucado. Fresh Air - Chris Hodges. Get when it releases too
Will content marketing replace SEO? Adnews interviewed our CEO Craig Hodges to find out.
Craig Hodges only made 3s in practice, they let him in
Chicago Heights pays tribute to MLK, referencing the actions of former resident & star Craig Hodges.
..go to the deleted scene with Pops and Craig in the kitchen.
No this my talent doesn't make me great I was the man before to Mike like Craig Hodges
Just noticed is wearing same number as Mr. Craig Hodges wore!
I'm finna go hoop Who want it? My stroke like Glen Rice's was mixed with Craig
thats like saying Craig Hodges, John Paxson and Steve Kerr was important players on the Bulls teams. they was ALWAYS open
Great night at leics mercury sports award watching our patron collect his award. Craig from big brother was there not sure why
Round 13 Review Part 1 Bareena were hosting for the first game for 2013 and the visitors were top of table leaders Ocean Grove. The home side were able to secure 2 rink wins but overall were still behind on the scoreboard. Ben Wilding with Rowan Issacs, Tonya Doyle and Nick Doyle had a good game against Craig Hodges rink and finiahed ahead 27/21. Close make Brannon Shelton with his rink of Jayden Plowman, Ray Thompson and Tom Hicks proved too good for the Ken Thomas combination finishing ahead 24/15. However both of the other two Ocean Grove rinks had even bigger wins. Paul Cameron with Andrew Barton, Roy Brown and Dale Kett were too good for the rink led by Daniel Priddle with a 23/12 win. Matthew Flapper's rink of Will Takarva, Terry Brady and Larry Donahue were a level better than the Ryan Tainton rink finishing 26 shots up on 40 to 14. Geelong West also had a home game against 3rd place Sebastopol. This too was a two rink each game but the results was much closer with the home side getting up but by . ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
CRAIG HODGES AT THE MAP!!! The MAP is excited to offer an opportunity to you that not many will ever have an opportunity to experience. Training and lessons from a former NBA player, and NBA coach, who is passionate about the game of basketball and loves helping kids, adults, and coaches develop. First let me introduce Craig Hodges. Craig Hodges played college basketball under Tex Winter at Long Beach State. He was drafted into the NBA and went on to play for 10 years, winning two titles with the Chicago Bulls in 1990 and 1991. During his NBA career he was known as one of the best shooters in the game. He won the 3-Point shootout contest 3 years in a row and has the record for the most points in a round at 25, and the most consecutive shots in a round at 19. He later rejoined Phil Jackson as an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Lakers and was part of two championship winning teams in 2009 and 2010. Craig continues to coach players of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to professional level player ...
Steve Kerr, John Paxton, Craig Hodges all have multiple rings..all of which made game winners-- r they greats?? Noo lol
well it would be wasting Steve Nash's talent. You need a PG like John Paxson, Craig Hodges, D Fish.
man MJ won it with Luke Longley, Will Perdue, Craig Hodges, Stacey King lol never loss n the finals. I'm done
Craig Hodges, Steve Kerr and John Paxson say, whoa... lol
Pretty sure the only other folks on your bandwagon are Steve Kerr and Craig Hodges.
Argentinian Craig Hodges making this game semi-interesting.
Craig Hodges.. one of the greatest shooters in history
I once witnessed Craig Hodges make 17 3's in one game on Bulls vs. Lakers for Sega.
Craig Hodges said I had a great jumpshot!! U don't see me lookin for any rt's
Ray Allen never wore a no team NBA All Star jersey like Craig Hodges did in the three point contest.
they need Mullen and Craig hodges to lace em back up lol
Sitting here ear hustling and argument. This guy is trying to say that Craig Hodges is better than Ray Allen :-/.
My friend, Craig Hodges, is making a movie. Look at the pics now, watch the movie later. :)
... *** she use to be cold back when, Craig Hodges won the 3pt contest!!!
Watching the Trent Tucker Knicks/Bulls game on MSG and good lord Rod Strickland broke Craig Hodges ankles something vicious.
So the Heat just have to be signing Dana Barros, Del Curry, Craig Hodges and Tim Legler next right?
so the Bulls had the last shot...the *** Craig Hodges shot a 3..missed the rebound..kicked to John Paxson..with like 1 second left
This weekend smashed it, big up James Hodges, Craig Hodder & John O'hearn...
Craig Hodges. The Bulls won the chip and went to White House. He gave Bush Sr list of demands for the black community.
Shouldn't LaRussa be required to wear a generic all-star jersey like Craig Hodges in the 1993 3-pt contest?
I favorited a video Craig Hodges three point shooting contest performance
Ray Allen. The Craig Hodges of basketball's new era!
you know Craig hodges? he was JORDAN WHEN JORDAN LEFT NOT PIPPEN
Craig Hodges came out of retirement? RTLeBron, Wade, Bosh, and the best three pointer shooter off all time off the bench
what pippen do when jordan left, Craig hodges was the star
Craig just bought his first pair of flip flops this summer. Are you at Walmart?
can't be going any worse than Hodges, ordinary at best
brilliant! About time too. Be good to have you back hodges :)
Bird in warm ups > Craig Hodges in whatever he wore when he competed but wasn't in the league.
Little Giant Ladders
I had a great time this weekend at the mccray and haskins family reunion. It felt good being around my cousins, aunts,and uncles. Plus i found out i was kin to craig hodges from the Chicago Bulls!
Let's see who we have on 6/27 for bdays, Former Redsox great Rico Petracelli, legendary gold glover Jim Edmonds, Bruce Johnston from the beach boys, Toby Maguire, Courtney Ford from Dexter season 4, one of my dream girls Khloe Kardashian, NBA "Rifle Man" Celtic Killer Chuck Person and 3pt Champion Craig Hodges.. Happy humpday.
i remember that time when Jordan sat out crunch time of an NBA finals game and turned things over to Craig Hodges and Steve Kerr...
Dwayne Wade went from being Craig Hodges to Bill Laimbeer in a matter of 3 years. Weird.
All I have to say about Lebron and the Heat is: Craig Hodges, Jud Buchler, and Horace Grant.I rest my case!!!
Cleaning out an old bag, I found my first autographs. Tatyana Ali, T'Keyah Crystal Keymah, Ernie Hudson, Bonnie DeShong and Craig Hodges.
Remember when the Bulls had Craig Hodges, John Paxson, Randy Brown. Fxckin Randy Brown! & Pete Myers? Its ...
top 5 under rated shooters of all times 1. Drazon Petrovic 2. Chris Mullin 3. Craig Hodges 4. Dennis Scott 5. Glenn Rice
You realize their supporting cast was Steve Kerr, Will Perdue, Bill Cartwright, Craig Hodges, etc...right? "2 on 5"
he was better than ANY pg the MJ had…Steve Kerr,John Paxson,BJ Armstrong, Randy Brown and even Craig Hodges ran point in CHI
John Paxson, Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges would have all hit that shot that Steve Blake missed. Sometimes are just better than
Jordan was mentally weak for passing to John Paxson, Craig Hodges, Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc, etc for game winners
man Mike got it done wit Steve Kerr, Randy Brown, Craig Hodges, Ron Harper washed up *** no excuses. 1st round should be ease
man MJ got it done wit Pip, Craig Hodges, John Paxson, Bill Willington, Luc Longley, Randy Brown. BUMSSS
Jordan won 3Rings with Bill Cartwright, Craig Hodges, Horace Grant, Will Perdue, and BJ Armstrong! That's before Rodman. And they won 3
Da Bulls could probably use Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges (I can BEAT Larry Bird in a 3-pt. point shooting contest) & John Paxson (arrhythmic heart-beat) now as SHOOTers!
Quinito Henson: Craig Hodges planning to bring in Bryon Russell and (Hold your breath) Metta World Peace/Ron Artest/Elbow in Manila!
I see Nick Young went all Craig Hodges last night. Same ol story with the Wizards: let a player go and they start cookin w/ another team
Three-time National Basketball Association (NBA) champion Craig Hodges brings his Hodges on Hoops (HoH) to the Philippines on Sunday when he conducts a seminar and shooting clinic to coaches and students enrolled in the Milo-sponsored Best Center at the Ateneo covered courts.And LUCKILY MY son Wilhelm Daryl Tomas is one of the participant..
“Korver = Steve Kerr, John Paxson or Craig Hodges take your pick.that shot is FLAME”
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