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Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel (born December 2, 1967) is the founder and senior pastor of, a church with fourteen locations in five states.

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"Anytime we allow our souls to be consumed with anything other than God, we will never be satisfied." - Craig Groeschel
20 Years & Counting // Craig Groeschel come join us now for a great service !!!
Craig Groeschel has a great reminder to keep technology in its proper place. Here are 10 from ...
On page 64 of 256 of by Craig Groeschel
I liked a video Increasing your Capacity | Craig Groeschel | Focus 2014
You and I need to check our lives for leaks -Craig Groeschel
Your are only as strong as you are honest. -Craig Groeschel
On page 64 of 240 of Chazown, by Craig Groeschel
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Repentance is a deep sorrow for choosing our own route instead of God’s. Craig Groeschel, Soul Detox
"Your sin may take your farther than you wanted to go & cost you more than you ever thought you'd pay." - Craig Groeschel
Successful people do consistantly what normal people do occasionally - Craig Groeschel
Enthusiasm is not the product of our environment. . It is the posture of our hearts. . - Craig Groeschel
Craig Groeschel on Instagram: “In ministry, we work hard, we pray passionately, and we plant...
Connecting with Your Spouse For a Lifetime, Part 1: Craig Groeschel talks about how pancakes led to a huge fig...
"If you want to change the life you have, Change the words you speak" Craig Groeschel
When u delegate tasks, u are creating followers but when u delegate authority, u are creating leaders..Craig Groeschel.
"Every temptation is an invitation to depend on Christ." - Craig Groeschel
On page 36 of 240 of Chazown, by Craig Groeschel
Currently reading this: Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World by Craig Groeschel via
There's an audio version: Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World (Unabridged) by Craig Groeschel.
Here's some really good perspective and wisdom on setting goals from Craig Groeschel. Learn about Input vs.
You will often underestimate what God will do in the long run. And a lifetime of faithfulness. - Craig Groeschel
On page 59 of 241 of Christian Atheist, by Craig Groeschel
"It's the things that no one sees that results in the things that everyone wants" -Craig Groeschel
On page 22 of 240 of Chazown, by Craig Groeschel
Jesus didn't come to make us better. He came to make us new. ~ Craig Groeschel
Love when the words "Boobie Rings" are part of the opening message. Thanks Craig Groeschel for keeping it real!.
When God showed his love, he didn't shout it from heaven. He showed it on earth. God became flesh in the person of Jesus - Craig Groeschel
True compassion demands action. To say that you care and not act at all, is to not care at all. - Craig Groeschel
A lack of personal interaction makes it easier not to care. - Craig Groeschel
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People obsessed with social media have a delight in being controlling in a relationship and immediate gratification. - Craig Groeschel
"In order to reach people that no else is reaching, you have to be willing to do things no one else is doing." . - Craig Groeschel
We don't change people we introduce them to the Jesus who does. - Craig Groeschel
"To reach people no one's reaching, we'll do things no one is doing." Craig Groeschel
"It's impossible to live the right life when you have the wrong friends"-craig groeschel
"So many people are living for likes while longing for love." - Craig Groeschel
Envy is resenting God's goodness in other people's lives and ignoring God's goodness in your own life. - Craig Groeschel
Really looking forward to getting into Craig Groeschel's book "Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World"
Seek God for WHO HE is, not for what He can do for you. -Craig Groeschel.
"Becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the quickest way to forget about what God thinks about you.". (Craig Groeschel)
Just because God is silent, it doesn't mean He's absent. - Craig Groeschel
"The size of your request determines the strength of your faith. " -Craig Groeschel
"I'm not optimistic based on what I feel, I'm optimistic based on what God says." Craig Groeschel
God did not give us a Small Commission but a Great Commission! -Craig Groeschel
I added a video to a playlist Stay Positive: Part 1 - "Optimistic" with Craig Groeschel -
"Don't interpret the goodness of God thru your circumstances; interpret your circumstances thru Gods goodness." ~ Craig Groeschel
Two leaders discuss what they wish they'd known when they entered the ministry.
“If you delegate tasks, you create followers. Instead, delegate authority to create leaders.” -Craig Groeschel
I liked a video The Time is Now: Part 1 - "The Hard Right" with Craig Groeschel -
We may impress people through our strengths but we connect with people through our weaknesses. Craig Groeschel
Great breakdown of Bill Hybels intangible of leadership: Grit. Pastor Craig Groeschel is on point!
FYI: "[Craig Groeschel & have about 72,000 in attendance each week."
"Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. That's it.". -Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor
"He [Samson] gave into his emotions without following God's leading." - Craig Groeschel, "Fight"
"Work toward doing what only you can do." - Great tip from Andy Stanley and a few from Craig Groeschel.
When we delegate tasks we create followers. When we delegate authority we develop leaders. Craig Groeschel
Be humble. Be yourself. People would rather follow a leader who is always real than one who is always right. - Craig Groeschel
“The potential of your organization rests on the strength of it’s people. Build great leaders!” -Craig Groeschel
“You can have growth or you can have control, but you can’t have both.” -Craig Groeschel
Reading "Fight: Winning the Battles That Matter…" by Craig Groeschel. Try the book for free:
When you're leading up:. Honor matters. Timing matters. Motives matter. Initiative matters. Truth matters. - Craig Groeschel
When you bond with the right things, you're not as vulnerable to the wrong things. - Craig Groeschel
I just finished day 6 of the plan 'Craig & Amy Groeschel’s From This Day Forward'…
"How bad you want something determines what you will do to get it." – Craig Groeschel
"...the strongest man is not the one who lifts the most weight, but the one with the most faith." . -Craig Groeschel
"God tests us to move us forward. Satan tempts us to move us backward." -Craig Groeschel
"Whatever you feed GROWS. Whatever you starve DIES" Craig Groeschel.
Welcome to the last week of our series The Counselor, as Pastor Craig Groeschel takes a different approach to how...
We are often weak because we haven't bonded with that which makes us strong. - Craig Groeschel
The decisions you make today will determine the stories that you tell tomorrow! ~Craig Groeschel
We are often weak because we have not bonded with what makes us strong- Craig Groeschel
watching this awesome message by Craig groeschel
Christians, here's why we're losing our
A couple weeks ago, Craig Groeschel shared his daily prayer. If you’re like many of us, it’s helpful to have a...
“If your character is not strengthening, your future potential is weakening.” -Craig Groeschel
The pathway to your greatest potential is straight through your greatest fear. - Craig Groeschel
"You show me who you're listening to and I'll show you who you're becoming!" - Craig Groeschel
When you have the confidence to be who God says you are, you can live with excellence, a pure heart, and passion. -Craig Gr…
Expanding your leadership capacity. Thoughts from
"Your past often holds the key to unlock your future." --Craig Groeschel
Failure is not an option, it's a necessity. Faith takes risks!! --Craig Groeschel
How do you explain this weekend...David Robinson, Craig Groeschel, Jeff foxworthy, tamika carchings, Tony Evans etc. Wow!!
Watched pastor Robert Morris, Andy Stanley, and now Craig Groeschel this morning and all three hit it out if the park. Great men if God...
"Just because its funny doesn't make wrong right" - Craig Groeschel
We are not saved by good works, we are saved for good works. - Craig Groeschel. Imagine a church full of people...
If you're not ready to face opposition for your obedience to God, you're not ready to be used by God. ~Craig Groeschel
Wise time management doesn't mean you do more, but more of what matters most. -Craig Groeschel
If you'll do just this 1 thing (together) every day I can guarantee it will change ur life. Seek God together in prayer. - Craig Groeschel
“Your prayer for someone may or may not change them, but it always changes YOU.” . ― Craig Groeschel.
Respect is earned but honor is given. | Craig Groeschel
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When God calls you to do something it's less about your power and more about His presence. -Craig Groeschel
God didn't shout His love from heaven, He showed His love on earth. -Craig Groeschel
God guides by what he provides and also with what he withholds. - Craig Groeschel
"Life always moves in the direction of your strongest thoughts." -Craig Groeschel
Great message. Jesus and We: Part 2 - "Spiritual Contributors" with Craig Groeschel -
Honestly assessing your daily activities and interactions can show you what you really care about. - Craig Groeschel
Like a sneeze, sin feels good at first, but it leaves a huge mess. (Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel)
I just finished day 1 of the Plan Craig & Amy Groeschel’s From This Day Forward. Check it out here:
What you pray, reflects what you believe about God. - Craig Groeschel
"The church is not a building, the church is God's people!" -Craig Groeschel
If prayer isn't necessary to accomplish your vision then you aren't thinking big enough! - Craig Groeschel
God never intended the "church" to be a building. The church has always been God's people. (Craig Groeschel)
"Our greatest fear should not be failure, but succeeding at things that don't matter.” Craig Groeschel
"Being consumed by what people think of you is the fastest way to forget what God thinks of you" ~Craig Groeschel
Collected wisdom from Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, Rick Warren, Miles McPherson and others
Here's how you create a culture of innovation A talk by
Check out "From This Day Forward" by Craig & Amy Groeschel. This is a great resource for married & engaged couples.
People ask 'how do you do it all?' I don't. I delegate. Craig Groeschel
"Reputation shows who people think you are. Character shows who you really are." - Craig Groeschel
"The things we worry about the most are the hints we trust God with the least. " -Craig Groeschel
We don't plan to destroy ourselves. The problem is that we have an enemy who does. - Craig Groeschel
"The things closest to the heart of God are often the most offensive to the pharisees" - Craig Groeschel
If U want what everyone has, do what everyone else does. If U want something better . . . U have to do something different. Craig Groeschel
The strongest foundation of a relationship is spiritual friendship. . - Craig Groeschel
"Setbacks are often setups for God to act.". Craig Groeschel
Really liking this book, Awakening by Strovall Weems and Craig Groeschel. "Many people think focusing…
The Power of Words. by Craig Groeschel, Soul Detox. You don’t have to have a big nose to have heard the childhood...
I added a video to a playlist Love Song: Part 2 - "Perfect Seasoning" with Craig Groeschel -
Look familiar Craig Groeschel? . What's something crazy you've done for love?
From an amazing devotional on marriage by Craig and Amy Groeschel.
I would rather be remembered for standing out then forgotten for blending in. -Craig Groeschel
“don’t try to copy what those you are asking to mentor you do… learn how they think.” – Craig Groeschel
"When it comes to God, the majority believe in him, but the teachings of Scripture rarely make it into their daily lives." -Craig Groeschel
I just finished Fight: Winning the Battles That Matter Most by Groeschel, Craig.
In genuine prayer, we relate to God in a conversation. -Craig Groeschel
Jesus never criticized prayers that were honest, only those that were long and showy.-Craig Groeschel
Believing in god but living as if he doesn't exist the Christian atheist // Craig Groeschel
I miss life church. this whole "getting paid to sing for Jesus" thing is fierce and all, but my soul is craving a little Craig Groeschel. 😟
Meet Craig & Amy Groeschel at Mardel, Mon. Oct. 27 & get an autographed copy of their new book!
Being in the wrong place never helps you do the right thing. ~ Craig Groeschel
"If there's no struggle, there's nothing to fight for." Fight by Craig Groeschel
Check out this cool episode: Part 2
Check out this cool episode: part 1
If you don't handle the hurt properly, their sin becomes a catalyst for your own. ~ Craig Groeschel
An effective vision will always be memorable, portable, and motivational.” Craig Groeschel
We must change from "We DON'T WANT TO reach people for Christ" to "We MUST reach people for Christ." . Craig Groeschel
Fight: Winning the Battles that Matter Most (Unabridged) - Craig Groeschel | | Religion & Spirituality
“Your life is too valuable, your calling too great, & your God too awesome to waste your life on what doesn't matter." –(Craig Groeschel)
On page 37 of 239 of Weird, by Craig Groeschel
“Love is not something God does. It is who God is. And because of who he is, God loves you. Period.” Craig Groeschel
"Authenticity always trumps cool every single time." Craig Groeschel
I liked a video Small Things, Big Difference: Week 2 - "Thoughts" with Craig Groeschel -
God responds to a faith that does not give up - even when nothing changes. Craig Groeschel
Those who God uses the most are the ones who hold on to the least - Craig Groeschel
On page 23 of 239 of Weird, by Craig Groeschel
"If you want to know the purpose of a thing, you don't ask the thing; you ask its CREATOR!" - Craig Groeschel in Altar Ego
“Failure is an event, not a person. You are NOT a failure!” -Craig Groeschel
A final note. Matt Chandler and Craig Groeschel dont have security. They also dont have big egos. Coincidence?
God sent me this sermon to me Part 1 - "Contentment" with Craig Groeschel -
Craig Groeschel: Church Planters Have a Choice to be Self Reliant or Spirit Empowered
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If you just delegate tasks, you create followers; if you delegate authority, you create leaders.—Craig Groeschel
If you are a leader/pastor you must stop what you're doing to read these quotes from Craig Groeschel.
Great messages today from Pastor Jim Anderson, Craig Groeschel and reflection time @ the Fall HNI Pastors Retreat!
"Until you embrace your weakness you won't fully appreciate God's strength." ~Craig Groeschel
Amy and FROM THIS DAY FORWARD is only $5.99 when you preorder the ebook! &
"Just because you don't see anything, it doesn't mean God isn't doing something." . - Craig Groeschel
"Until you can embrace your weakness... You can never fully appreciate Gods strength" Craig Groeschel - Amazing message today at
Until you understand your weakness, you will never understand His (God's) strength!--Craig Groeschel
"If there are no struggles, there is nothing to fight for." - Craig Groeschel
Tomorrow, we will learn about standing in faith from Pastor Craig Groeschel. Join us at 9:30 or 11 am.
Craig Groeschel has 6 kids sooo live
Whenever the grass starts to look greener somewhere else, it's time to water your yard! Craig Groeschel
You have enough time to do everything God wants you to do. Weird .
The fear of God is the only cure for the fear of people. -Craig Groeschel
Empowered, Encouraged, & Inspired by great Godly leaders, Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel
This weekend, order book Weird for $5!
Sweet deal! Fight: Winning the Battles That Matter Most by Craig Groeschel for $0.99 via
Ok, Men. Grab Fight: Winning the Battles That Matter Most by Pastor Craig Groeschel for only $.99!
Though Satan makes strong men weak, God is in the business of making weak men strong. -Craig Groeschel
Preorder Amy and FROM THIS DAY FORWARD ebook for only $5.99 on
New post: "It's About Time by "Better results come with a sharper focus."
Don't delegate tasks or you'll just get followers. Delegate authority & you'll get Craig Groeschel
When trouble comes, prayer should be our first thought not our last resort. Craig Groeschel
Wow!!! About to have lunch with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel
Coffee and Craig Groeschel is the best way to start off my morning👌
Love learning from Pastors Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel this morning on leadership essentials!…
If the enemy can't make you bad, he'll make you busy- Craig Groeschel
“The difference between the values you embrace and the life you live equals the frustration you experience.” - Craig Groeschel
At Shoreline Church getting ready for Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley.
"If you have integrity, that's really all that matters. If you don't have integrity, that's really all that matters." - Craig Groeschel
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"Kneeling to pray is what gives you the strength to stand." Craig Groeschel
If you listen, God will show you something that makes your heart ache on behalf of His. He will bless you with a burden. Craig Groeschel
Craig Groeschel Interviews Satan on his Views about Church - via
"Until there's something you're willing to die for, you can't truly live.". - Craig Groeschel
Reading the book FIGHT by Craig Groeschel, I highly recommend men to read it & become stronger Men of God-Warriors you're destined to be!
I heard Craig Groeschel issue a challenge in a sermon on marriage:. “If you think something good, say it.”. It’s a...
Sometimes the best decision you could make is to stay when it would be easier to go.� ~�Craig Groeschel
nope, my pastor is Craig Groeschel from Life Church, based in the OKC area. There's campuses all over & you can watch online.
“Get out of the boat. Face your fears. Fail. Learn. Adjust. Try again. And watch God do more than you can imagine.” - Craig…
"Seeking to find what only God can provide in something besides God Himself " -Craig Groeschel
"Addiction...a false god that we feel we can't live without" -Craig Groeschel
Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. (Pr. 16:24 NIV) Pastor Craig Groeschel says If you think something good say it.
"To get divorced because love has died is like selling your car because it's out of gas.". - Craig Groeschel
If we let ourselves go with the flow, the current of 'normal' will pull us away from God at every opportunity. Craig Groeschel Be weird!
my new favorite quote from Craig Groeschel at, yesterday!
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Hey HWW Tribe! Awesome quote from Craig Groeschel at yesterday! What do you want to be...
Curious about Catalyst One Day Austin? These 6 Leadership Essentials from Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel are just...
"Before you can tap into God's life-changing power, you have to eliminate the excuses." Craig Groeschel
Stop waiting for what you want and start working with what you have. . - Craig Groeschel
starting a new audiobook in the morning... "Altar Ego" by Craig Groeschel... looking forward to my daily commutes...
"I rather be remembered for taking a stand than forgotten for blending in." -Pastor Craig Groeschel
Craig Groeschel, an Oklahoma pastor whom I met there, described how in Ephesians 2:8-10,
"Remember, there is no such thing as a coincidence when you fully make yourself open to being used by God.". -Pastor Craig Groeschel
"Samson – an incredibly strong man with a dangerously weak will." - Craig Groeschel
Craig Groeschel || Code Orange Revival || Night 1: via such an awesome message for all churches
God can use any shape or color of jar—it just needs to be empty. Craig Groeschel
video Jesus did not come to make you religious Craig Groeschel
Fear is having faith, but it's placing your faith in the wrong things. Fear is placing your faith in the "what ifs" (Craig Groeschel)
What has been on my heart lately. This quote by Craig Groeschel articulates it perfectly.
"To step towards your destiny, you have to step away from your security" - Craig Groeschel
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
'I believe the church should be the most creative organisation in the world.'. - at Focus. Read more:
Why would God love you? Because that's who God is: he's love And that makes you who you are: Beloved. -Craig Groeschel
"Have you noticed that we tend to judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intentions?". -Craig Groeschel
[Podcast] Leading your team well is important. Craig Groeschel chats about how he does this at LifeChurch.
"Where your money goes, there your heart follows.". - Craig Groeschel
Some great leadership lessons. Listening to Catalyst Podcast (Craig Groeschel // Shaunti Feldhahn: Episode 285).
"A man with nothing to fight for; s a frustrated man without a clue as to why he's frustrated" - Craig Groeschel
For a marriage that goes the distance i suggest you read; Love, Sex nd Happily ever after by Craig Groeschel. Thank me later.
Craig Groeschel on increasing your leadership capa...
Don't ask God to do what you want. Ask God to do what is right. - Craig Groeschel
Reading; Love, Sex and Happily ever after by Craig Groeschel... Interesting!
“The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be is equal to the pain you’re willing to endure.” – Craig Groeschel
seriously, do yourself a favor!! "it: how churches and leaders can get it and keep it" by Craig Groeschel
"If you're not dead, you're not done." Craig Groeschel
Heard Craig Groeschel use an LD Campbell phrase "Sacrifice is giving up something u love 4 something u love more!"
▶️ Rich Givers: Being rich in what matters most - Craig Groeschel
Craig Groeschel is also a sassy black woman.
Ab to week 2 At the Movies with Craig Groeschel.
"If you're not receiving a little bit of criticism as a pastor you're not doing your job right." -Craig Groeschel
If our vision doesn't compel, stir or move people, the vision is too small. -Craig Groeschel
Everybody ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose. - Craig Groeschel
Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future. . -Craig Groeschel
"God isn't calling us to go to church; He is calling us to be His church, the hope of the world." -Craig Groeschel
"If the grass looks greener somewhere else, it’s time to water your own lawn." - Craig Groeschel-Weird (via...
It's says Craig Groeschel but the guest speaker is my favorite pastor to podcast. judahsmith is…
“Just as we are what we eat physically, we are also what we consume spiritually.” -Craig Groeschel
You're only as strong as you're honest. - Craig Groeschel
"the fear of failure causes you to stop taking risks." - Craig Groeschel
'Are you different because of God? Transformed? If not, you may be a Christian atheist. You believe but you dont know Him.' Craig Groeschel
I've found that your prayers for others may or may not change them, but they always change you. Craig Groeschel
"Too many Christian leaders think failing = missing God. But failure is often the first step TO God." Craig Groeschel
Listened to Five Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life... from Craig Groeschel
If your vision doesn’t compel, move or stir people, your vision is too small. -Craig Groeschel
“"If you don't get called a cult every now & then, you're not doing it right." Craig Groeschel
"Your talent can't take you beyond where your character can keep you." Craig Groeschel
"Often God guides by what He withholds. He doesn't give what you want so you'll see what you wouldn't otherwise." Craig Gr…
"A failure is an event, not a person, & if you're not failing from time to time, you're playing it way too safe." Craig Gr…
Just randomly looking over notes from last year and found this from our Pastor Craig Groeschel - . "The Holy...
If you don't fail every now and then, you're playing it way too safe. - Craig Groeschel
Find the warrior within by seeking strength from God to be all you were created to be
“If you don’t like where you are going, change directions.” - Craig Groeschel
"If your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't committed to Jesus, you are trying to build a life together with converse values." ~Craig Groeschel
Pastors, if you blame yourself for the declines, you will take credit for the increases. - Craig Groeschel
"Don't try to copy what your mentors do...learn how they think." - Craig Groeschel, via Lori Hendricks. BOOM!
Colossians 3:12. Craig Groeschel said, “Ministry happens in the margins of life!” We are going to be a family who...
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am I really looking at RTs from your daughter quoting Craig Groeschel?! I feel old today.
“Our faith is in God and not the outcome we want.” -Craig Groeschel
"Your life will always move in the direction of our strongest thoughts.". -Craig Groeschel . . This totally spoke to me! Hope it does to you.
The cost of following God is great, but the cost of not following Him is even greater. Craig Groeschel
Couldn't agree more. Great quote by Craig Groeschel
“God’s vision for you is bigger than you can imagine and impossible for you to do on your own.” ~Craig Groeschel
This morning we talked about being weird - for more on weirdness, check out the book "Weird" by Craig Groeschel
Week 1 of the Elisha series with Craig Groeschel on video. (@ Life Point Vineyard)
The grass doesn't get any greener than Craig groeschel at - thebodtvfsm
"You don't have to understand completely to obey immediately" -Craig Groeschel
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