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Craig Carton

Craig Harris Carton (born January 31, 1969) is an American radio personality who currently co-hosts the Boomer and Carton in the Morning radio program.

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Craig Carton spent countless hours ripping Colin Kaepernick for being anti police only to be running a Ponzi scheme. Lol, pat…
Craig Carton, meet your new cell mate Donnie Jr.
Everything I've reported about Putnam County sheriff, court, hospital and neighbors, will be very similar to Craig Carton defrauding people.
Craig Carton arrested by the FBI for involvement in a ticket scam. Say it ain't so, Craigy! https:…
Craig Carton, a great New Yorker who keeps sports fun and interesting for all who love sports, much love for CC
Craig poured a whole entire box of cereal in the bowl grabs the milk , how did he NOT feel how light the carton was before pouring it in?😂😂
. Looking and listening to *** craig carton stuff his gob on air daily converted me to NPR.
It's true. It is juicy. It's like that carton of multi-vitamin ju... (HOPBLIMINAL MESSAGES)
Malusis is ten x the talent Craig Carton is
Craig Carton announces his lineup at the WFAN all stars game!
Craig Carton is a huge, intolerable ***
.will enjoy this Audio: Craig Carton's 2009 on-air attack of Jennifer Capriati | B via
get ready to start paying money back for the all the times Craig Carton mentioned i…
Why do you blast all the time but never ever get on Craig Carton
.your morning show host, Craig Carton, is clearly racist. Loves black athletes & black music. Hates black lives
this morning, talking Colin Kaepernick. Click. Mayl not ever watch again. Craig Carton on Boomer & Carton had a beautiful rant.
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Craig carton was mad funny about this today. You Should check it out
listening to Craig carton is like beautiful music compared to Rosenberg .
LISTEN: Jerry talks and Craig chimes in about cheese:
Craig Carton rocking the sweatshirt this morning, so "somebody cares about hockey Boomer"
Craig Carton of WFAN Sports Radio in New York is a God Damned RACIST!
Craig Carton was singing your praises as a great joke writer and crowd worker, especially when dealing with a dead crowd.
I remember when I couldn't stand Craig carton...that's my dude now..Salute
hey check out the brilliant knowledge host craig carton decided to impart on the NYC public: lolll
What does Craig Carton, a privileged white guy, know about the NAACP and it's purpose? Stick to sports
Hook him up with his buddy Craig Carton
Hugh, thanks for the listen. It was nice to catch up with Craig Carton. He was always very talented.…
Had fun yesterday morning on my show talking to . Craig Carton w great stories and hilarious
Mike Francesa had callers on (myself included) to opine on some of FAN's tryout hosts. Craig Carton called it "a d…
I added a video to a playlist Craig Carton says Mike Francesa did disservice to station
Craig Carton won't be having a pool party at the New Jersey Governor's Mansion. Bo.
LISTEN: Craig Carton makes Chris Christie uncomfortable with his plans for a party at the governor's mansion.
That's crap!! High Fructose corn syrup!!! Pass on that!! Unless you are going to slather Craig Carton's head !
Draft Party THIS THURSDAY being moderated by Former Giant Ottis Anderson and Craig Carton. Tickets $85 in advance,…
I liked a video Boomer & Carton: Craig Sager passes away at the age of 65
. What a great show today without that baffoon Craig Carton. Come on CBS please get rid of the Stern impressionist, please.
. Don't worry Craig Carton will talk about Francesa and pl…
"and Carton are not fans of Daniel taking paternity..."
Craig Carton has to become serious to be taken serious. Without Boomer he is unlistenable.
They don't seem worth it for Craig Carton, only 3 people show up
Craig Carton screwed up about the first time he & Mike Francesa spoke in 'Loudmouth'
Here's the interview we did with Craig Sager last month
Thoughts on Craig Carton wearing a dress? I thought this was sports talk radio?
. Weighing In: a Memoir by NJ Governor Chris Christie. with foreword by Craig Carton
Christie literally just said: "That's how you'll know the Republic will fall -- if Craig Carton runs for president." WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?!
Craig calls the Ranger backup goalie Alotta *** Lol . Nobody cares about hockey.
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So other fans don't care that Craig Carton is dissing Peter like this. your the hack
Sadly, its better than LeBatard's Radio Show. He makes Craig Carton seem entertaining
I can't believe said this about . This is outrageous. Craig Carton i…
Everytime I watch Friday I try to figure out how Craig pull the milk out the frig and couldn't tell the carton was empty
No problem hand me down Craig Carton
your doing a great service raising awareness about Tourette's for these kids Craig Carton and you're a stand up guy!!!
Brandon Marshall is treated for borderline personality disorder yet Craig Carton doesn't know how he's changed so much?
Craig Carton is the biggest moron on radio.
"WFAN’s morning co-hosts, Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason, will call the Islanders’ Nov. 30 game against the Pengui…
hi al, just wondering when Craig carton is doing the walk of shame.
If Craig "Malocchio" Carton calls it for the Mets it's a lock they lose.
Just reminds me of Craig Carton's possible finest moment. I'll never forget listening to this live
Is Craig Carton on the bag for Stenaker?
Craig Carton met Odell Beckham Jr. & says he 'is a little strange'
How do you guys let Craig Carton continue the grandpa voice? It's HORRENDOUS. Carton please ENOUGH, we got it. It didn't land. Move on
Major announcement from Craig Carton: Meatless or I pay Bob's Blitz $5,000
Did Craig Carton pay up on his Yankees bet?
I went to the iPod this morning, can't listen to *** blowhard Craig Carton
Craig Carton is 100% sure Tom Coughlin was seen by Bills even as Rex Ryan is still coaching
Touchy Craig Carton threatens to end Boomer & Carton after contract ends
I know 2 out of 6 in this line-up. Where is our national treasure and CBS Sports man of the people Craig Carton?!?…
And the rest...CBS Sports Network has no idea who Craig Carton is
Craig Carton cc660 rocking the Mr. Throwback Starter Arch on the Boomer & Carton Show . @ WFAN (AM)
Craig Carton stole Marc Berman's Knicks / Vegas piece right from today's NY Post
Phil Simms: 61. Craig Carton: 47. Chris Simms: 35. you're close in age to Chris than his old man
Epic animated Gif of Craig Carton falling at the NYPD True Blue softball fundraiser | Bob's Blitz via
did u hear Craig Carton ragging on Evan Roberts this week?
Acting NJ Gov Richard Codey's wife was attacked on air by Craig Carton. Codey attempted to attack Carton. Codey's approval rating spiked.
Give call screener Al Dukes a new job: Hit the cough button any time Craig Carton says 'right.' via
Only Boomer thought that Craig Carton bit was funny. . Enough for the day after that.
Suzyn Waldman has tried to get Mike Francesa fired 17X: Craig Carton | Bob's Blitz via
Every time I watch Friday I always think, at what part of time did Craig actually feel that milk carton empty when he lifted it up?? 🤔😂
Suzyn Waldman tried, unsucessfully, to get Mike Francesa fired 17 times: Craig Carton | Bob's Blitz via
Craig did lose the bet jerry. The mets didn't get shutout. Make sure u make that loud and clear to mr carton too pay up.
when Craig pulled that carton of milk out the fridge, that *** knew *** well that joint was too light for that box of cereal he poured.
Craig Carton has adopted the high voice on every last word that Marc Malusis employs for some reason.
A sweaty & breathless Craig Carton put in a 1/2 hour of 'FightShape' training with Tony Ricci | via
Craig knew it wasn't any milk in that big *** carton when he picked it up.
Boomer & Carton: Craig no longer wants any part of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Listen:
That's enough Craig Carton for the day.
Craig Carton making voices while saying buy / sell before talking buy sell does not change the fact that he spoke Yanks buy sell.
No Craig Carton. His rhetoric did not literally go from black to white. It did not.
: I love how Craig hits the bottom of the milk carton like some more is gonna come out when he knoo it's all gone 💀
Craig had ta feel that it wun no milk in that carton b4 he flipped it
I got hella questions about Friday. How Red fly 7 ft in the air? Why Craig hit the milk carton like extra milk was bout to come out?
Golden Turd Award goes to WFAN for giving us Steve Somers, Evan Roberts , Joe Beningo , and Craig Carton
Craig Carton was hired to replace Howard Stern when Howie went to SIRIUS v
Dino is a fourth rate Craig Carton. He is Tom Leykis with a modicum of sports knowledge. Stop.
You either hate or love Craig Carton but yesterday he was 💯 right that if Brady went to the Supreme Court and they agreed to hear it
Craig Carton's math skills continue to impress v
Craig Carton's math skills continue to impress via
Craig Carton is a *** plain and simple, cannot tell who is worse between him and Francessa
"I'm going eat a bagel with my pizza, it's a great day for everybody" -Craig Carton
Craig Carton won the pulse of the people award?! Is this a new report or an old report?
Just listened to FAN for the first time in months. Someone launch Craig Carton into a planet made of herpes.
Craig Carton said the the word 'right' 69 times in 15 minutes | Bob's Blitz via
so I'm watching Friday & just wondering *** was Craig thinking when he hit that milk carton? like did he think more milk was gone come out ?
Everytime I watch Friday I be real confused on how Craig ain't feel how light that carton of milk was before he poured it.😭
I know Craig felt that it wasn't no milk in that carton lol
Never understood why Craig grabbed that *** near empty carton of milk wit that big *** bowl of cereal 😂😂 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Craig Carton to Joe Paterno family: Hope maggots are eating through his body right now! | Bob's Blitz via
Congrats you've morphed into the loveable Howie Rose - --
So (craig carton) you want to celebrate Doc goodens talking about the drug and prison times but you criticize solutions?
Chris Christie is with Craig Carton for four hours on Friday???
"If the acquire Drew Brees, they're probably the favorites out of the AFC." -- Craig Carton
Craig Carton misstated some facts about a Phil Mushnick appearance on B&C v
Craig Carton on Neograft plugs, "And sometimes the hair plugs don't work." | Bob's Blitz
Craig Carton implied just maybe Erin Andrews was doing recreational drugs & CBS lost the tapes via
20 years later and I still don't understand why Craig tapped that *** milk carton.. You really want it if you gotta tap it out, bruh?
It makes me upset how Craig was so prepared to eat that big bowl of cereal and there wasn't even a drop of milk in that carton
Boomer is actually the worst until I remember Craig Carton is a person.
I see il malocchio, Craig Carton, made it to the game
Carton can give it bigtime everyday. but I have heard his page is gonna be dull, he blocked a bunch of my friends. Craig you suck!
. Chris, or fans of Mad Dog... How did and do you let Craig Carton get away with this. Unforgivable
Not Live from the Moon, by Craig Carton v
Craig Carton said the word 'right' fifty seven times in 15 minutes | Bob's Blitz via
Craig Carton basically said that we didnt have the technology to broadcast from the moon?. Crazy?
Brian Hoyer is Craig Carton's long lost twin. Which would make him perfect for the
love boomer and carton.craig is insane!reminds me of the guys I grew up with in joisey..boomer great also
A great day in Middletown as WFAN's Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason host 2nd annual charity…
Recall: Craig Carton calls 'my man' Bart Scott a *** for Threatening Dan Leberfeld | Bob's Blitz via
KFC is your typical cry baby white boy from the upper east side. Wants to be Dino Costa or Craig Carton so bad
Now I KNOW Craig felt how empty that milk carton was when he took it out the fridge...
The worst thing if the Mets sign Yoenis Cespedes will be listening to Craig Carton's "yo *** jokes for the length of the contract.
New carton of Half and Half has chunks in it. Morning ruined.
The last time I saw Allen Craig was on the side of a milk carton
Plus - there can only be one Craig Carton!
I know *** well Craig knew wasn't no milk in that carton before he poured for them cereal...
Craig Carton v Meredith Marakovits, Part II with Boomer Esiason on Kim Jones again to boot | via
CBS makes Boomer Esiason's fear Craig Carton may go Sid Rosenberg-like off the deep end disappear via
I'm a proud Jet fan. I hate the fans who behave like this starting with Craig Carton. They want Geno to fail.
Craig was kind of slow to not know it wasn't any milk when he picked up the carton
Craig Carton's 2min rule on callers out the window with this *** of a caller? Cut the biatch.
Nice to see Craig Kilborn someplace besides a milk carton.
And the C.C. won't stand for Craig Carton.
but u heard thst geno smith boycotted Craig carton and boomer this morning..? Guess he cant handlr tough questions..
they give the GMEN mad respect its Craig Carton who's the *** He said the Jets will kill the Giants this year
why is Craig Carton still given a mic then?
Craig Carton always has been and always will be a giant tool
And Craig carton will make cracks on mets in morning. Trust me
That fact that morons actually take the time to call Craig Carton over moronic belief he's a Yankees fan is exactly why Brad Benson ads work
Craig Carton is Officially a Renegade! Looking great htt…
Craig carton thinks Yanks ha bcc e best BP in m lb.t ::) years 3rd all in most used. BP is eh. A d hitters healthy
"I'm gonna be a man and hop on this Renegade board, that's being a man.." Craig Carton.. Boomer and Carton CBS Sports Network Radio
Craig Carton Joined Sid Rosenberg's Radio Program couple of years ago when talk turned to Boomer Esiason |
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Saw a top 10 where sports guy - Craig Carton didn't know Dave Krieg once played in the NFL. Nothing important b4 I was born, right?
Someone advise Craig Carton not to use his headphones Monday v
Last news WFAN broke was Craig Carton saying May-Paq was about to be finalized.
It was kind of funny, had to correct him Craig Carton was there too guess he though you were with him
Phil Mushnick destroyed Craig Carton today as 'having some Francesa in him' v
oh god I think this is an historic moment even Craig Carton has been shocked into silence
Do you think CC Sabathia is finished? its a shame cause CC is a class guy and has carried the load for years.
Do you think CC Sabathia is finished?
That carton has a little weight to it so I understand why Craig was mad when he poured that big *** bowl of cereal 😂😂😂😂
U know ur at a Manhattan middle school graduation when ur sitting btwn Craig Carton&Carolyn Murphy...& the ms bball coach is from the Pacers
So you're telling me has a chance? CBS Sports Network's Craig Carton is:
So you’re telling me LSU has a chance? CBS’s Craig Carton is: The up and down LSU men’s basketball team is one of…
So you’re saying has a chance? CBS’ Craig Carton picks Tigers to win it all.
Craig Carton of CBS Sports Network's "Boomer and Carton" picks to beat UK for the national title. Kinda on a whim, but there you go.
Hey, Dmac. Its been killing me. U know what I'm saying: Craig Carton interview. Wiped clean. U made a comment even. Where is it? WT ***
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Terry Collins and Alderson confident Wheeler will be OK via THAT CRAIG(METBASHER )CARTON
Jonjo Shelvey kind of looks like a mix between Putin and Craig Carton. Much more likeable than Carton, though.
Zack Wheeler had MRI on Saturday, says Mets GM THAT CRAIG(MET HATER)CARTON- No worry- we have depth Even if Lost him
Craig Carton, making everyone's Monday morning even more stressful than it already is.
Craig should have known there wasn't any milk when he picked up the milk carton... Lmao
FOUND: A Terrier on Mar 15, 2015 at Craig street/Carton st. Please contact us for more information.
yes, had it yesterday, it's the Craig Carton special
You would have Thought Craig Carton was the first to find it. "Page 278: The history of Mama's of Corona."
. Do you ever get mistaken for Craig Carton?
How anyone can listen to the nails-on-blackboard voice of Craig Carton for 5 seconds&not want to take a bat to radio or iphone is beyond me
Look at me I met Craig Carton...not really that impressed
Lmaoo no way. We'd be just like Mike and Mike in the Morning but you with a little more Craig Carton in you
Craig Carton now has at minimum 4 'perfect' places for Ray Rice. Make it stop.
Jerry Recco agreeing with Craig Carton...then immediately nodding to Boomer Esiason.
they pulled the Craig Carton podcast off of iTunes and I never got to hear it. Will you guys put it on YouTube?   10% Off
Everytime I watch Friday I just think to myself. I know Craig felt that milk carton and how empty it was.
Craig Carton is the best sports talk show host in New York
.We will be joining Craig Carton at the 2nd Annual Tic Toc Stop Golf Outing on June 16th. Join us and donate:
Craig Carton in play to replace Mike Francesa | Bob's Blitz via
Craig Carton in play to replace Mike Francesa with Gregg Giannotti moving to mornings | Bob's Blitz via
Craig Carton is being extra douchey today...i love it
I've always wondered why Craig couldn't feel the lack of milk in the carton.
have you seen this? Craig Carton impersonates Mike dozing off .. counting sheep to himself. LOL! .
Just heard that Craig Carton was hit by the N train 😮
Craig Carton cannot believe ESPN pays that *** Mike Lupica to be a talk show host v
Carton Thanks so much for being nice to me even though I acted like a guy from Ronkonkoma, NY @ the Rustic Inn
Craig Carton - who played in HS, and also has a better talk show than you.
Still stuck on how Craig didn't feel the emptiness of the Milk carton from fridge to table
Craig Carton ripped Francesa's uneducated sounding questioning style imitating him at a presser
Boomer Esiason Can't Erase all Photos of he & Craig Carton | Bob's Blitz via
domain names
Craig carton called him out... A main reason he's gone
hey Craig went to the boomer and carton grill on Saturday food was good but what was even better it was free the girl never chargedme
I always liked Sid. Al the waaay back to WNEW when he was with Craig Carton.
'Jordy Nelson is dope'- Craig Carton, on Jordy Nelson...breaking it down Sports Guys style
Craig Carton of dong schtick with at timeout. Carton slyly apologizes that Mike Francesa couldn't make it.
Craig Carton: hey Mike ! Let's go bowling. I know the perfect place. I'll meet you there. . .
yes. Just like Mike Francesa or Craig carton are better than you
this is Craig Carton's favorite candy
"Let's play a game and try to figure out the next story Manish Mehta is gonna make up" . -Craig carton
Craig Carton: "Steroids was good for baseball. They gotta bring it back."
Craig Carton: "I have a new game I wanna play: What will be the next invented story Manish Mehta makes up?"
craig carton vs Mike Francesa HIAC who wins?
So,😑😑. Craig couldn't tell that milk carton was empty af when he picked it up?
Please don't let your show turn into a Craig Carton and that show..PLEASE>>>
Astonishing how clueless Michael Kay & crew were at the Mike Francesa prank call Craig Carton prompted via
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So Craig couldn't feel that there was no milk in the carton ?
Hey what do you think of Craig Carton you think he's kind of a *** Tell you one thing that guy needs a Rx for Valium lol
How didnt Craig feel how light the milk carton was before he poured it in Friday
Craig Carton: "Percy Harvin changes everything. Makes me think the Jets can run the table."
Recall when Craig Carton wasn't as heavy as Boomer? via
Hey Al snap a pic of this morning and put it next to these What you think, 20+ LBS?
Craig of Boomer & Carton on WFAN is throwing a Pre-Game Party a week from today at Redd's! Starts at 10AM.
Ugh the Craig carton total wine spot is brutal. Now I have to hear this hacks voice even during commercials
Craig Carton: Joe Benigno attacked B&C because he thought he would ingratiate himself to Mike Francesa.
Why would Craig Carton want LeBron James to talk to Rick Stacy about his NeoGraft hair plugs? | via
Craig Carton making NFL picks the perfect time to have the office vacuumed.
Craig Carton should make that mouth pop sound more often. Endearing.
The Craig Carton cookie thins ad might be one of the greatest things in WFAN history, and that's a tough list to crack
Craig Carton may be the most classless Sports broadcaster on radio today, rivaling Mad Dog Christopher Russo. = Chalkboard screech.
stand up move tonight for Craig Carton - no pun intended - either time.
Craig had to notice it wasn't any milk in the carton when he pulled it out the refrigerator
We designed the winning bracelet for poker event hosted by Craig Carton. Great event & cause.
Designed the winning bracelet for the poker charity event hosted by Craig Carton. Great…
Last night SHU Box President and GM Kieran McGirl had the opportunity to interview Craig Carton and Boomer...
A maniacal Boomer Esiason joined Craig Carton at Sacred Heart University last night v
Craig Carton is my favorite asexual, sociopathic, talent-free, *** bald Howard Stern wannabe that ever humiliated himself on-air
Your show makes my skin crawl & Craig Carton is a virus to be expunged through the *** Have a great show :)
Tony Paige & awesome as always but when Craig Carton comes on I actually turn off the radio. Later...
I just asked Craig Carton what his favorite part about working at was.
Just learned Craig Carton worked at WGR back in the day.
At Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT to see Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton.
Craig carton's field of dreams I would watch that show
Thanks! If Craig Carton can get a job in sports media there's hope for everyone :)
Funny hearing Craig Carton trying to talk junk to Laila Ali. She would shatter his jaw so bad Humpty Dumpty would get flashbacks of falling.
I just read that in Craig Carton's Suzyn voice, lol.
Craig Carton is a bigger *** loudmouth. Mike Francesa would eat you for lunch he co-hosted with you!!
Video: Craig Carton rips Mike Francesa a new one over his uneducated sounding questions via
Craig Carton ripped Mike Francesa's uneducated sounding questioning style by imitating him at a presser v
I have to pay a $1.50 for your seasoned egg and before it was free? What kind of eggs are these at $18 a carton?
Evan, I certainly hope I'm wrong but, I much fear. that your mystery guest is going to. be...CRAIG CARTON !!!
Thought WFAN was repeating the 6AM hour, but, no -- Craig Carton was just still doing the Michael Vick thing.
For once Craig Carton is not doing his delusional rant when it comes to the Jets. He's right when he said the Jets are staring at 1-6
The only think missing from Eagles twiiter is Craig Carton and GCobb.
Thank You Craig Carton for this statement!! Very very frustrating!!!
Thanks Craig Carton for everything this season. You throw an epic tailgate
How quickly into tomorrow's B&C show does Craig Carton point out, "At least NYJ loss to Lions was better showing than NYG?"
craig carton thinks WHIP was invented 3 years ago by a lab geek
not sure if this is the same Bonnie who articles about Craig Carton...think they r great...I'm a huge fan of booms n craig
Mike’s hate list is Dan Warthen, Derek Jeter, the Brooklyn Nets and Craig Carton. Did I miss anything?
I find craig carton hilarious & how he makes fun of everyone, especially the great susan waldman. It's quite the show.
Lets see if tomorrow craig carton is calling for ryan nassib.
If hits a walkoff, Suzyn Waldman will give Craig Carton the ultimate cannon fodder for the next 5 years
"it brings me no joy to say it, but the Giants are just a bad football team" -Craig Carton
Happy to report that Craig's Camp Carton was a huge success.
"To say Jeter is an average player makes you a *** -craig carton. you are flat out wrong if you try to diminish his talent
I love (Craig Carton), everyone who watched/backed/supported Olbermann's piece should take a listen.
Craig Carton needs to get off Derek Jeters jock. Even Jeter must be embarrassed.
Ion care what nobody say...craig new that carton of milk was empty when he picked it up..smh
Craig carton is the pinnacle of manliness
Who do I hate more Craig Carton or Ryan Rucko. Smh looks like I'm leaving for work early
Craig Carton was terrible on AXS but he said it was his first time doing stand up.
Craig Carton is on Gotham Comedy Live... And boy does he suck.
Why does Craig smack the milk carton at the beginning of Friday? What was he expecting?
well I would listen to boomer. Not Craig carton.
.Craig Carton takes to TV to host LIVE and UNCENSORED standup Live Thursday 10E|7P
Craig Carton is the funniest man on the radio
What a great night of comedy with Craig Carton
your just jealous of the immortal craig carton. Touch the cup.
"Don't pay attention to social media. People find stuff negative about the sunrise." - Craig Carton . Couldn't be more true.
Craig Carton is insane! Just went off on this dude on the radio. is the best show on the radio.
wanted someone to punch "overrated" fan in face. I want him to punch Craig Carton in the face every morning.
See a new episode of the tv show "Gotham Comedy Live". Hosted by hit Sports Radio Personality/Comic Craig Carton...
Swing-and-a-miss: Here's Craig Carton striking out playing hardball v
Where is Sanjay and Craig when I need them .. They my mfs *** on carton network 💯💯
In the same cigar smoke filled room as Tiki Barber and Craig Carton. sick event
I love when people in my timeline rag on Craig Carton.
Craig Carton should be destroyed for the good of humanity
Craig carton killing you this morning about making up stories about amare trade kill him today Stephen a. He's a loser
Carton singing on my TV caused dogs to howl, and now I'm wide awake. Thanks Craig!
Am I the only person who thinks Craig Carton would love to give Melo a back rub with happy ending?
Bra I know craig felt that empty milk carton when he picked it up.
Love for u to Hit CARTON- Put him on the DL forever- Rather see Hear JJ with BOOMER than Frtrunning Obnoxious YANKFAN Craig
Now Craig knew that there was no milk in that carton when he grabbed it. Lmbo
And Craig new when he picked that milk carton he ain't have enough for that big *** bowl
Fail: Craig Carton hosts comedy show next week, promises Melo & Lebron will be Knicks by then v
I feel like Craig right now, why is there a spit of milk in the carton 😑
not for nothing but Craig carton states that every injured local player is 'done for the year'.
I wish that Craig Carton was on a permanent vacation.
Miss Craig Carton yet? spied him in Brazil at the WorldCup v
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