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Cowboy Church

Cowboy churches are local Christian churches within the cowboy culture that are distinctively Western heritage in character.

Runaway Bay Lincoln Co Cross Brand Cowboy Church Lone Star Cowboy Church

Cowboy Church of Tarrant County meets at 220 Main Street Haslet, TX on Sundays at 9am.
BFT has a show on 07/23/2014 at 07:00 PM @ New Heart Cowboy Church in Alamogordo, NM
I'll switch church at 6 n Orlando at 9 n I'll agree 100% !!
See that's my point! It's the policies, Not the people. Its just like church… a lot of bad people mixed in.
More the power to you - But the church is just not for me - Been there done that
Cowboy Church: a Cowboy Church is a Christian church for an...
Preached at the Tyler County Cowboy Church this past Sunday. It was an unbelievable blessing.
Church & church people. Then something happened.
Impressive. While you're on here, I hate we got off on the wrong foot the other day-Church used to disgust me too.
going to cowboy church next Sunday :-)
Church Calendar for July 21: Swamp John’s will be at the No Fences Cowboy Church, Corner of Hwy 55 West & Hwy ...
Country Night at Revolution Church this Friday don't miss it!
The scars on my knuckles,. Match these scuffs on these cowboy boots. And there's a whole lot more like me:. How 'bout you? .
Oh wow it's been 4 years today since the very first Mending Fences N Hearts Cowboy Church Service. This brought t...
A great time of Worship with God's folks at Cornerstone Cowboy Church this afternoon! Then, had 17 folks stay for...
I am at church and this guy preaching sounds exactly like the guy from malibus most wanted
Gilbert: a city where wearing designer jeans and cowboy boots to church is considered normal.
We are in New Mexico helping out with Camp Crossfire! Gonna be a great week. Cowboy Junction Church
Lol this is showing more how I don't aline with the Brethren church
My kids at Cowboy Church this morning, Gavin was was at kids Korral which I am thinking like Sunday…
I definitely stuck out at church this morning with my Texas purse and my cowboy boots.. 😏 ❤️💙👢
Hear the Wild West Cowboy Church Praise Band sing about why you don't want to get stuck in Sinner's Prison!
I don't fit in at cowboy church, and I'm okay with that😂
There is a show called Cowboy Church. That is all.
I can officially check spending Sunday morning in a cowboy church off my bucket list
Cowboy Foundations, a basic two week course about becoming a member of Cornerstone Cowboy Church will begin this...
Just got back from cowboy church. Hope yall are havin a great day 😘
Cowboy Church, rode the four wheeler through the pasture, and shot rattlesnakes. it's already been a pretty solid Sunday with
Just passed a church who's name was "Cowboy Church"...not in Delaware anymore..
Another successful day at the Cowboy Church! 😍🙌
A special thanks to "The Way for Cowboys" ministry for another great Cowboy Church Service last night! Guests had...
waynesmith preaching at Cowboy Church @ Trinity Classical School of Houston
25 yrs since Lane Frost's death here in Cheyenne His parents were at Cowboy church where his mom spoke about his life
At every "white" church I've gone to, cowboy boots were considered standard attire.
The best part of the Color Purple is when Shug sung from the juke joint to her father's church
Short-Go Sunday! Can't wait to beat one down in Salinas, but first a little Coy Huffman Cowboy Church!.
Cowboy church today at 2 people come out! It'll be fun, just straight bible learning. Nothing less, nothing more. 📖
Honored to hear your message at our Church this morning. Pick up some "Cowboy or Ranger BLUE before you go home"
Cowboy church this morning with my daddy :)
last night...Cowboy Church at Jackson Co Fair this morn.
I'm so blessed with an awesome church family
So I leave for Kenya on Saturday and my pastor called whoever wanted to pray for me to the front and literally the whole church came up.
Church camp was amazing. God works in a million different amazing ways. I'm so blessed to be at Kings Trail Cowboy Church.
Cowboy Church in Brenham actually has a 7 piece band!
The B stands are filling up as cowboy church is about to start at
Heading to cowboy church and open fire breakfast with grand and great grand parents
Ceo W. Bouy will be performing Gospel magic today at Cowboy Church. Starts at 2 pm in Pine Grove on Pine Hill Rd...
I'm so Indy I remember watching cowboy Bob and Joni on channel 4 at the University church on grand view b4 going...
We also have 10 Day Stay at my place- 20 minutes from Calgary Stampede- Cowboy Church sevice.The Music is Excellent! ht…
Cornerstone Cowboy Church meets at 5pm Sunday in the Columbia Sale Barn,Columbia, TN. Join us for Worship!
Make sure to be at the cowboy church service at 10:30 at the expo 2 building on the state fairgrounds before the county horse show
Cowboy Church (Part II) tomorrow morn. Join us as we celebrate what God has done this past week at VBS Roundup!
Going to the cowboy church with my dad tomorrow...this should be interesting😳
Mila’s Musings --The Mission Trip Part 1 This is a story more about FAITH and PRAYER, than it is about people. For those of you who know us, you are aware that Frank and I asked our Cowboy Church to help us start a Mending Fences group in Centerville, TX. On January 2, 2014 we had our first meeting. Since then we have been averaging approximately 18 people per meeting, each Thursday night, working through a biblical 12 step as a way to heal our Wounds, Weaknesses, and Worries. About mid May I made a phone call to ask about the American Fellowship of Cowboy Church’s Good Lord Loving Trail. We had been talking about buying a case of bibles to send up the trail and a few days later we received a phone call from Pastor Greg Hunt (Magnolia Cowboy Church), who informed us of the mission trip to Ft. Belknap Indian Reservation, in Montana. Next thing we knew we had an invitation to join them. After getting the blessings from our church (Cowboy Church of Leon County) the following Thursday we took it before .. ...
Cowboy Church. Amazing Grace! We will continue unless God calls us to do something else.
Don't forget...the 2nd annual Corbin memorial event kicks off tonight at 6:30 at Chris shivers arena. Team roping starts at 7:30 tonight. On the morning books open for # 10 & 8 at 7:30 am then rope at 8:30 am. Sunday come to Cowboy Church. Ronnie Newcomb will be singing and Cowboy Minister Toy Precht will bring the message. Exhibition barrels will start at 1 with the 5D barrel race immediately. Come out and support this great cause! All proceeds go to Corbin Carpenter Memorial Awards and Scholarship Program!
"I worked with a guy who said he didn't believe in God so I threw a pipe wrench at em" only at Cowboy Church 😂😂💁
Come out and join us as we roll into summer this Thursday night. We will be meeting at the Cowboy Church on Hwy 358 at 6:30pm and leaving out at 7:00pm for a nice ride through the hills between Jonesboro and Paragould. We will be ending at Sonic on Hwy 412 just down from Greene County Tech for food and fellowship. The ride is free and you do not have to be a member to come out and ride with us. So come on out and enjoy an evening filled with riding, fellowship and food.
Innisfail Pro Rodeo was a blast ... Thank you to John Fitzherbert, Bonnie McDonald, and Shawn for joining our singing group... I fans were impressed and blessed Ivan Daines. Invited us back to do Cowboy Church for his music fest in August
Cowboy Church this morning at 7:00 am.Wyoming High School Rodeo Finals at the Wyoming State Fair grounds at...
Ok So really its June 8th but Ive lost track of time, days of week. A quick note of todays blessings. Dane Prayers For Dane Lancaster was able to hold his head up and manage his upper body while sitting today for a little while! He spent some time sitting in a chair and he really worked hard today. We are learning his communication cues and I am eager for that to progress. Still having some agitation but I think that he is frustrated as he wants to tell us something, everything.I am hopeful that each new day brings new miracles, new improvements, and peace for my precious child ! I must admit that this road has given me a great and deep love and appreciation for the things that we all take for granted in life. Even simple things like a toothbrush, a shower, meatloaf from the cafeteria, are things that I find myself thanking the Lord for. Big things like friends and family who continually and constantly take care of me and mine, visits from precious new friends Ive never known but have walked this road wit ...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Headed to the Cowboy Church in the morning to get the rest of the donated items that we didn't give away Saturday boxed up. We have a man coming over from Cavour who has started a mission for the Karen (that is the real name, I didn't name a whole people after myself) people who will be coming to haul it all away! Wow!! Then I think Delores and I are going to clean! It's going to be another full day tomorrow!
handed out pokes for the week and before I could finish 2 poked back faster than the speed of light. Cowboy Church was outstanding tonight. Sometimes there are church services and sometimes there are worship services-tonight we had a worship service.
The Lord brought another one to be baptized Sunday. It's going to be a great day at Mountain Top Cowboy Church. Bro. Brad
Any good cowboy church recommendations around the longview area? Or any other good churches for that matter. Needs a good program for a 4 year old to attend as well.
Super nervous now. I hope this guy & me click! He goes to church every Sunday & he's a cowboy! Just how I like them!!😍😍
We have a guest speaker tonight . Shawn Bonner who is the pastor at Straight Path Cowboy Church in Weatherford Ok
Set your clock to watch the LS Tuesday, June 10pm PT from Escalon Cowboy Church. Get equipped by ministry...
We had a wonderful time at the Crossroads Cowboy Church yesterday. It was a nice big crowd and we got to reconnect with our old friends, Bluestem. A special treat was seeing Larry Littner sitting in with the Bluestem boys. A big thank you to Eldon Pickett for setting this up. Our next show is this Friday evening. We play the 8pm slot at the Prairie Lake Pickin' Party in Holton, KS. See you there.
Here's the video of Shelia Absher singing at The Cowboy Church in Franklinton, NC on March 8, 2014. A good group of folks showed up to support Shelia…
Long Reign Cowboy Church was developed to spread the gospel and share God's love in our community! Our outdoor relaxed atmosphere is inviting to all!
Mark 209 in Concert this Tuesday, June 10 at 7pm at the Blue Ridge Cowboy Church in the Sales Arena of the WNC Ag...
I love working with these kids at our Cowboy Day Camp. We had arena time, crafts and music. They are so proud of the covers they made for their bibles that Magnolia Cowboy Church gave them. I got to be the proud leader of the "Black Band Armadillos" with my sidekick Travis Doreen Yates sharing Jesus with these young hearts. Amazing day to say the least! Crissi Grimm, Linda Simerly Tindall, Nick Hosford, Trista Purcell-Vanhoy, Erica Hosford, Krystyn Rawlinson, Stacy Hyatt Hunt
I asked my friend and it's called cowboy church bc he rides bulls
One of the most attractive things was hearing the hot cowboy singing worship behind me at church and knowing every lyric😍💕
Just passed a Cowboy Church Football Field; I can only imagine how the staff did this. "Yeah, we'll need to make a budget for the stadium."
Meet Black Singles 300x250
*No Fences Cowboy Church*~~~Arena Night at Priceville Celebration Arena tonight! Due to the rain and weather, we will be having it indoors again. We have had good turnout indoors and out! Just a reminder that we do ask you to pay 5$ a piece to help pay for the lights. Devotion at 6:30, will rope the Ground dummies and Smarty from 7-9pm. Thanks, Jon. If you see this and may come leave me a message.
Parents of MHS class of 2015 Meeting tonight at the Cowboy Church here in Merkel at 6 30. Project graduation.
Halfway to Tulsa and I've only seen one cowboy church so far so things are actually going surprisingly well.
Thank you to everyone at Three Trees Cowboy Church for having us all last week for your Revival services. Our cup runneth over!
Yea it's about time I let cowboy know that I'm gonna take ya home.
A great afternoon of worship at Cornerstone Cowboy Church yesterday afternoon! Thanks to each of the nine first...
BIBLE VERSES FOR TODAY CHASTISEMENT HEBREW'S 12:5- 7 KJV EXPOSITOR'S STUDY BIBLE 5. And you have forgotten the exhortation which speaks unto you as unto children ( the Apostle's objective in introducing this here is to show that afflictions are designed on the part of God, to produce positive effects in the lives of His people),My son, despise not you the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when you are rebuked of Him ( everything that happens to a Believer is either caused or allowed by the Lord; consequently we should learn the lesson desired to be taught): 6. For whom the Lord loves He chastens ( God disciplines those He Loves, not those to whom He is indifferent), and scourges every son whom He receives. ( this refers to all who truly belong to Him.) 7. If you endure chastening , God deals with you as with sons ( chastening from the Lord guarantees the fact that one is a Child of God); for what son is he whom the Father chastens not? ( If an earthy father truly cares for his son, he will use whatever m ...
Dillon (my son) singing at Central Station Cowboy Church last night.
Just love my Cowboy Church family, God has indeed blessed me many blessings here.
The Bloodmobile visited the cowboy church yesterday. Thanks to all of you who we're tough enough to…
"Let every thing that hath breath praise The Lord. " what if it said "Let every thing that praise The Lord have breath". How long would I have breath in my body? Great message Sunday morning from GOD and Chance Watson at Cowboy Church.
Today has been a successful day. Went to church,the gym, cooked cowboy soup, baked dessert, and cleaned my room and closet out! 👌
Calling all Cowboys and Cowgirls! Mark your calendars! Calvary Assembly Cowboy Church will be the 5th Sunday in June, which is the 29th! This will be an outdoor event called: "Life's Lessons from the Round Pen"! We will have a horse whisperer who will tame a horse using Biblical principles and techniques. It will be a great event and a great opportunity to fellowship! Bring a lawn chair, bring a friend! I am sure the grill will be fired up, too! Help us spread the word about this great event!
Tomorrow starts a new chapter and adventure in my life. Headed to Alvin to train and shoe horses with my brother Jody Burnett and pursue my music in the cowboy church ministry. Thankful for everything that is becoming true again. Happy Trails folks! Ashlea Robertson Calvin Hogg Jr.
If anyone has any photos from Knoebel's, please send them to us at trueheartgopsel We're always looking for good photos. Thanks! Don't forget the True Heart Cowboy Church is this Saturday at 6:00PM at 1168 Red Hill Road, Port Trevorton, PA 17864 (just off Verdilla Road)
Headed home from Rogers Arkansas, great night at District Assembly, CrossRoads Cowboy Church.
Anyone know of a cowboy church out here in LC
I'm in Wynne,AR this week as camp pastor for the Wrangler Kids Camp sponsored by the Cowboy Church here. I'll be sharing twice daily with the kids in worship services and would appreciate your prayers.
Reports possible tornado near the Cowboy Church in Fouke, AR. Storm moving East into S. Miller Co.
This morning at Caney Creek Cowboy Church he was such a blessing to me.
After being on the road the last two weekends, it sure was good being back with my Church family tonight at Rafter H Cowboy Church.
Central Station Cowboy Church is the place to be!
I ate the last doughnut at cowboy church today and nobody shot me
The MHS Senior class of 2015 Parents , We have a Project Graduation meeting 2morrow night at 630 at the Cowboy church here in Merkel.
What a Good day! Northern Colorado Cowboy Church, which was amazing ! Put a ride on my colt and then tarp training 101, lunch with ice cream, grocery shopping! You know I am good company!
Had a BLESSED time at Llano Cowboy Church today...
Cowboy Church, with Mr Lyn Williams sharing God's word with us! . We are so blessed to have him, and to hear him...
Another BLESSED day...Cowboy Church in the stockyards...Justified by Faith WONDERFUL country gospel…
Enjoyed the services at the Cross Timbers Cowboy Church here in Lufkin this morning. The band was not there today but they had a great soloist. I felt very welcome and I will probably go back again.
Awesome day with our church family at Stockyards Cowboy Church. We shared 2 new songs with them today! Can't wait to get them recorded!
Mountain Top Cowboy Church folks I am looking forward to next Sunday at church there will be a lot going on and I am praying that the weather will allow us to use our arena for Jeff’s round pen ministry. But I am most excited that we will be filling up the water trough again to Baptize some folks. Bro. Brad
Dodge Ball Tournament presented by American Fellowship of Cowboy churches- 7:00 pm. Arena Floor. Followed by Church Service.
Almost time 4 5pm mass sure wish they'd let wear this in church I'm just so *** much prettier with my COWBOY hat on
Enjoyed a good service with Bro. Dale Lee at the Cowboy Church of Orange County, then lunch at Pizza Hut & a stop at Tractor Supply! Now we're watching O Brother Where art Thou.
At Cowboy Way Church in Alvarado for my nephew's dedication. Wow! This is new...
The old church ladies love my cowboy hat and didn't make me take it off. They also liked my XKCD science shirt. Or maybe they just like me.
A little Eric Church at the CMT Awards!! This guy rocked the entire venue!!! Awesome
Cow cowboy church should be great! Alyssa Waldmann is sing;-) than flag foot ball in the rain! Bring old shoes... And if ur on my team be prepared too win! Anna Higley & Harry Blair Sr. Donnie Higley your going down!
The kids got to sing another VBS song for church this morning Katelyn is in the cowboy hat and then Brandon and...
I went to church this morning with my parents to Shepherd's Valley Cowboy Church. They are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet...cowboy hats and dirt floors.
Would I be childish to wear my colorful cowboy rain boots to church?
I hate grocery shopping on Sundays. All the messican kids got on church dresses with cowboy boots.
We could learn a thing or 2 from the mom of the kid walking around church with a cape and cowboy boots
Happy Acres Cowboy Church in Oklahoma, struck by thieves.
There's a cowboy with dreads that goes to my church 😍❤️😋
So they decided to wear cowboy hats at church today.
Awesome service this morning at CrossRoads Cowboy Church !! We had 3 baptized, 10 accepted Jesus Christ, and 230 in attendance for first service Second service yet to come!! God is doing great things
JC3 cowboy church. Getting ready to watch the little cousin ride!
Gateway to the High Country Cowboy Church at the boone county fair riding arena. all wecome, free concert and worship. With the Ten Gallon Hat Cowboy Band coming back to do a concert for us on Monday June 30th, we decided to have a Potluck Dinner that night to help bolster our crowd and get as many there as we could. So we will start the Potluck at 6:30 pm and the Band will play for us after the dinner. Bring a dish or two to share and a door-prize item for our door-prize table. It can be a “cowboy/horse item” or not, and it can be new or gently used. College students do not have to bring food or a door-prize, but are very much invited to come to the dinner and participate in the drawing for door-prizes.
A little cowboy church. Thanks for sharing
A little bit of lunch after Cowboy Church. Thank you Sierra Sargent Duncan & Randi Alston Duncan for inviting Derek Cormier and me:)
Was at my daughters wedding yesterday, at the Cowboy Church in Bellmeade, TX burb of Waco. I was totally dismayed at the lack of respect even the preacher had for the removal of hats upon entering the church. I even brought this up to him. I made my grandchildren remove their hats in the church. I explained to them it is disrespectful, to wear a hat in a house of worship. Not impressed with the preacher for wearing his during the wedding ceremony either. I find this practice to be totally disrespectful of the good man above.
Don't forget Ada OK Barrel Bash this coming weekend (june 13-15) - indoors at Victory Farms you can still get in the pre-draw if you enter online by credit/debit card by midnight tonight. Draw will be posted by Tuesday. $5800 added (including WPRA DT sidepot Sat for members only $200 added enter that on site). Ray Perryman cowboy church Sat night - 5 buckles - Charlie One Horse Hat Give-Away - awards to youth division winners each - MVP Certificates and more - hope to see you there - no need to worry about the rain! Stalls still available and RV first come first serve - lots of vendors lined up! to enter online
My mother's visitation will be Monday 6-9 at Morrisons funeral home in Tuscumbia. Funeral is Tuesday 2pm at Cowboy Church of Colbert County.
Mom's visitation will be at Morrisons Monday night from 6-9pm & the funeral will be Tuesday at the Cowboy Church of Colbert County at 2:00.
Salt City Cowboy Church this morning! Great place for fellowship.
Church potlucks are the worst enemy of a guy trying to lose weight
Glad to have checked into Church to day with Lone Star Cowboy Church! Pastor Randy rocked it today with his sermon. Won't many preach like that anymore. I'm glad he will.
You get just a snipit of what we were all blessed with in Cowboy Church today.. So be here next Sunday and open your hearts!
getting ready to sing some songs at Nashville cowboy church. Stream it here:.
Tune in to WSM 650am were on the cowboy country church in 8 mins
Getting ready for Sunday services at Lone Star Cowboy Church. Y'all come on out and join us in worship the cowboy...
We'll be there...come join us at the Baylor County Cowboy Church.
Folks come on out to Burleson County Cowboy Church this morning at 9:15 for bible study for all ages. Then at 10 for great fellowship with coffee and donuts. Our Worship starts at 10:30 we will have Cowboy Communion this morning along with 3 Baptisms. The message today is on the Christian Home
I wear cowboy boots to church now. Gotta love what A&M has done to me
Wake up with some WSM cowboy church today folks were sitting in on two numbers
Come on out to County Line Cowboy Church & Arena and here the Pastor Sam and Jr. Barns delivering our musical ministry this morning and I THINK Pastor Russ Allen will have the sermon this morning.That man always has a smile on is face and you just know he feels the love of God all the time. Fixing to turn my radio on and catch the Pastors on the radio.
BIBLE VERSES FOR TODAY JESUS HEBREWS 12:1-4 KJV EXPOSITOR'S STUDY BIBLE 1. Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses (refers to the Old Testament Saints who looked forward to the coming Promise, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ, and what He would do at the Cross to Redeem mankind), let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which does so easily beset us ( we can do this only as we understand that all things come to us through the Cross, and that the Cross must ever be the Object of our Faith, which then gives the Holy Spirit latitude to work within our lives), and let us run with patience the race that is set before us ( the only " weight " God will allow in the running of this race is our taking up and bearing the Cross, and doing so constantly{ Lk. 9:23-24}), 2. Looking unto Jesus the Authority and Finisher of our Faith ( Jesus will carry us through till the end, for this is what the word "Finisher" means, providing we keep our eyes on Him and what He did at the Cross . ...
Save a horse ride a cowboy playing in the car on the family ride to church 😚
"HALLELUJAH HOEDOWN" is an open mic time when we welcome singers and musicians to join us in some good old gospel music! Come join us Wednesdays @ 6 PM! COWBOY CHURCH @ The Hippodrome is a casual, come-as-you-are sort of church that offers a mid-week church service in a relaxed atmosphere. Come enjo…
Headed to Hubbard Cowboy Church to worship with the good folks in Hubbard Tx. Nice rainy drive. Thank you Lord for the rain.
I want to wear cowboy boots to church but my momma would flip her top
> misses nothing. Pulling up I park the truck and get out. I beat the church ladies today. The receptionist says that Carrie is out by >
I'm going to wear this sun dress with my cowboy boots. Will I be judged? In church…yes. Will I care? No because I look amazing.
With Michael Launius, Kevin Burris and the Rugged Cross Cowboy Church Band followed by cowboy cobblers and...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Cornerstone Cowboy Church this morning. I will Pray for all my family and friends. God Bless you all. Love all of you. Hope to see ya in church today!
Up early this morning and headed to Llano Cowboy Church can't wait to see my friends there.
"Cowboy boots are never a good idea." come to 24 s church roomie pat.
Learned my little sister's friend goes to the "Cowboy Church"... this week's sermon: Moseying 'bout the Old Testament
Join us for Cowboy Church Sunday morning at 11:00
Amazing Grace, Dropkick Murphy's style, awakens the Cowboy Church at Sunday morning service (last call on Sat night)
BLACK OAK COWBOY CHURCH (that's right, Black Oak community southwest of Braymer) will meet for the first time on Saturday, May 24. Service is to start at 7:00 PM. Cowboy music will no doubt begin before hand. Nothing fancy, nothing formal--come as you are for fellowship and worship!
You need to plan on being at the LoneSome Dove Cowboy Church Arena tonight and to see a great work of the Lord. Bring a lawn chair and come on out.
On Thursday May 22nd Triple Crown Cowboy Church will be celebrating. Come on out and join us at our new Thursday night location 364 Owenton Avenue (Frankfort Wesleyan Church) corner of Owenton Ave. and Wallace Ave. We will eat at 6:00pm Pappy will have the grill fired up with some good grub. Services will be at 7:15pm with very special musical guest and Pastor George "Pappy" Robinson bring Gods word. So bring a dish, bring friend, bring your bible, or just bring yourself all are welcome! One Lord, One Savior, One Question WILL YOU RIDE WITH HIM? .
I wanna go to cowboy church this weekend. Anyone with me?
Read my story on why a pastor with Memphis ties asked former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton to speak at his church.
I'm really looking forward to our Bible Study at Central Station Cowboy Church tonight!
Also Seniors breakfast friday at 8:00 am at the Cowboy Church, (old Assembly Church not the New Assembly Building). The school paper for senior events didn't have the right location. Thanks
What to do now that I don't have Summit on Sunday nights? .Cowboy Church! 9402 100th St., Alto, MI 49302. Come around 5/5:15, Starts at 5:30. Sunday evening. Kade Daniel Boverhof is speaking. Let me know if you want to come!
Welcome new Enjoy Western Alachua County partner Full Partners Equestrian Center . From Summer Camp, Cowboy Church, birthday parties and more , a great way for the kids to ENJOY Alachua County this summer.
Rafter Cross Cowboy Church Arena Team Meeting TONIGHT @ 7pm. Meeting is to go over KRR season and up coming events. It should only last an hour. See ya'll at the church property!
The Bible Study tonight at Cross Camp Cowboy Church has been canceled due to severe weather forecast. Please work on your ark instead!
Thinking about going to this cowboy church tonight...never been to a cowboy church .
News from Kristy's Trail Ride: This is how Memorial Day weekend will play out at KTR, May 23-26, 2014 Friday: People start arriving, the Wagon Glow ride will leave at dusk. This is a short ride, will last a few hours. Your wagon must have some form of light on it. Whether it's Christmas lights, strobe or black light, party or tiki lights. You have to have something. Saturday: Ride leaves at 9:00 am sharp. Will be 12-14 miles long and is rode on back roads and very little highway time. You will arrive back at camp around 3-4 pm. Food will be served at 6:00 pm sharp. There will be bbq, chitlins, pork, and crawfish. Along with sides. The auction and raffle will take place at 7:00 pm. And the live entertainment will begin at 9:00 pm. Sunday: Cowboy Church starts at 10:00 am and we invite everyone to come and enjoy. After that, we saddle up again for another short ride. Please pass along the word. We want everyone to come out and enjoy a great weekend.
Reminding everyone in the area. The Cowboy Church in Nectarine is having a Spaghetti Dinner today from 5PM till 7PM. 0nly $2.00.
Just wonted to up date all my f b family and friends ,my surgery went well ,I am at home and doing well,i wont to thank everyone for all the prayers text messages phone call's,and my Cross Brand Cowboy Church family for keeping me in their prayers .I Love you all .
A precious friend in the Lord, Founding Member and Elder of Country Cowboy Church, member of the 'Bunkhouse Boys', brother, husband, dad, and uncle has passed on to be with the Lord last night. See you soon my friend Steve Keenom. I cannot imagine the joy that awaits us in Christ Jesus. Good bye old friend...I can hear you singing "I touched the hem of His garment that fell round Him there". Dan Bonds 1/2014-Steve Keenom 5/2014 I will miss you...
It is with much consideration and heartfelt prayer, that May 25th Cowboy Church will be cancelled. We will be doing Septembers Cowboy Church as regularly scheduled, as well as others. Scheduling conflicts, health, work, family deaths are among many of the reasons for this decision. Please be in prayer for each of these needs. We will be having a campfire devotion on Saturday night. It will be followed by a bonfire and wiener roast.not knowing how to prepar, if possible, please bring what your family will eat and drink. If you are unable, we always have plenty and love to share. Please remember to keep those that are seriously ill and those that have lost loved ones in your prayers. As Proverbs 35:6 states..."Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." May God Bless you and hopefully we will see you on Saturday 24th at 7:30. Weather permitting, you may bring your horse and enjoy the show ring or trail ride. R ...
CCEC REVIVAL starts this Sunday! All other regular weekly ministry events (besides arena events) will be canceled and we are encouraging everyone to attend the Revival. Canceled events include the following: ~ Celebrate Recovery ~ GriefShare ~ Cowboy Church Of Ellis County Single's Ministry ~ College and Career Continuing events are Team Roping Practice, Barrel Racing and Buck Out as regularly scheduled. Branded Hearts Youth Group will also meet as regularly scheduled.
Omg I am soo sore today, but I feel so alive. Rode the neighbors horse home yesterday, and I went to barrel practice last night at West Texas Cowboy Church. Awesome bunch of ladies making a super green kid and an old fat lady feel welcomed Nicole Jean Rutledge is so sweet and the church is awesome allowing their arena to be used to do God's handiwork.
Several of the Mounted Color Guard Cadets will be participating in the Canelo Cowboy Church Ranch Family Fun Day Rodeo in Sonoita this Sunday beginning at 0800 on the 18th at the Sonoita fairgrounds, come on out and join them for a day of fun!
Sunday Penn Valley Rodeo, 9:00 am Cowboy Church on Stage, Hale Family and Friends (Mike) will be performing!! Good stuff!!
Come on out and support the Mustang Mountain Cowboy Church Rodeo Riders at the Canelo Cowboy Church Ranch Family Day on Sunday the 18th in Sonoita, at the Fairgrounds, books open at 7am :-) Hope to see you there!
J2 Arena south of Quitman on highway 221 will be hosting a youth rodeo this Saturday and Sunday the rodeo will start at 10:30 in the morning both days and we will be holding a cowboy church service at 9:30 in the morning on Sunday. All children get in for free adults are five dollars however if you attend the cowboy church service on Sunday morning your gate fee is free.
The Adam Wilson family ("For His Glory") will be singing on Thursday night at Bended Knee Cowboy Church. This is a great family group you will not want to miss. Come join in the sweet fellowship, hear some good Gospel music and listen to a simple message from God's Word. The church meets at Hillside Farms and Arena, 5705 Rich Road, Morganton, NC each Thursday night at 7pm. Bring a chair and come worship with us in the arena. You don't have to dress up or be a cowboy to attend.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
This past Sunday we had another great day at the 4U Cowboy Church. I actually saw something I have never witnessed before. There was someone there who actually used a vacation day on their job just so they wouldn't have to miss the gatherin'. You know the Christian life can actually be rewarding,adventurous, and fun when you break the barriers of church culture and go right to the person of Jesus. Come ride with us on Sunday am at the Warren County Fairgrounds to find out how.
Living in Victory tells a story of redemption. Like I was a shameaholic, now I receive the glory to become a business women with the use of horses on a level the world is unfamiliar with all for the glory of you Father. ~Sunday Cowboy Church~
Celebrate Recovery @ Rafter J Cowboy Church - Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Large group starts at 7 pm (age requirements 15 years and older) Small groups start at 8 pm (age requirements 18 years and older) We Welcome YOU To Celebrate Recovery IT’S TESTIMONY NIGHT!!! We invite you to join us tonight to hear a testimony being shared by someone who came to Celebrate Recovery struggling with anger, resentment, abandonment, relationship addiction, sexual sin and lust. We invite you to come hear her share what Christ has done for her and how He slowly transformed her. "The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning." (Lamentations 3:22-23) Principle 8. Yield myself to God to be used to bring this Good News to others, both by my example and by my words. “Blessed are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires.” (Matthew 5:10) Step 12. Having had a spiritual experience as the result of these steps, we try to carr . ...
Watching the Christian cowboy church free rodeo with family and friends. Loving spending time with Nathan Marlowe and Devin.
So this sunday I'm going to attend this cowboy church ah its been awhile since I said I'd never step foot in another church never say never but I been going down the wrong path time to start fixing myself how is anyone going to love me if I cant love myself and my family.
Don't forget! This Sunday is the next playday, May 18th. 1 Pm at Cowboy Church. Leadliners go first and then aged events. Weather looks like it'll be great for this weekend. Cook shack will be open and staffed by the best! Elizabeth Johnson Rebecca Johnston
Went to cowboy church tonight. That was a first. Friendly folk there. Fulfilled a sign that said, "entered as strangers, exit as friends."
Donkey penning at Branding Iron Cowboy Church this Sat. Sign up is at 5:00, penning starts at 6:00. $10 for all practice runs,. Jack pot $5.00 winner takes all. Please share will all your friends.
Our June 2nd ladies night will be held at Rafter. J Cowboy Church. Same format :dinner at 6:00, music and speaker .. Bigger location! Angela Graham from Terrell Quest will be leading worship and Tammy Whitehurst will be our speaker! Please join us! Pot luck dinner: salad/ sandwich theme.
Montgomery county cowboy church lol.
We will be at Denton County Cowboy Church in Ponder TX, tomorrow for their midweek service. We appreciqte your continued prayers for the Staples Family. They are still traveling back from IN after the death of Harold's younger brother Greg. They have peace and comfort knowing Greg is with Jesus!
How about a HORSE SALE after the Super Horse Competition? Cowboy Church at 9 am on Sunday after the show immediately following the show. Show your horse in the competition and then put him in the auction on Sunday. Why not? We are all there anyway! I'll come up with some cost for seller by tomorrow. It will be cheap and a portion will go to charity.
The Magnolia Cowboy Church Barrel Race for 5-17-14 has been cancelled because of excess rain in and around the arena. It will be rescheduled at a later date. We will have the one scheduled on 5-24.
Playday this Sunday at Texoma Cowboy Church. Register at 12:30 ride at 1pm.
Big plans are in the works for Triple Crown Cowboy Church. We are on the move and Jesus is leading the way. Keep Thursday May 22nd open, is all I have to say. God bless you all!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
well dad burn! jus herd ad on kpeg 103.9 that Jerry Wayne will be perfirming with his horse at cowboy church texarkana come Sat.
No,the ones in her took her avi pic after Westboro Baptist Church
On 5/17/14 from 11a-4p we are hosting a benefit for 3 church members; Steve Samson, Chris Hodge and Wesley Liesman . Lost Pines Cowboy Church is hosting a benefit for 3 of our church members who have been facing huge medical expenses. Below please find the stories for these 3 individuals. Steve Sam…
Coming up soon ! Ranch Cutting at Texoma Cowboy Church..see flyer..
Yee~Hallelujah!! Come out and join us at Western Way Cowboy Church Thursday May 15th 7:00 PM. Suzie and I will be joining Linda Warren and John Smith leading worship music for the service. Pastor Les will be bringing the message from the word. Hope to see all of you there it is going to be a great night of worship and fellowship.
Howdy Y'all. This Thursday is Food and fellowship night at Carolinas Cowboy Church 1504 Caskey rd. starting at 7:00pm. we will have Keith Plott giving a message in song.
Y'all pray for our service to go well may the 20 for our first cowboy church service pray for god to lead me what to say and will be successful Prayer and share
Cross Brand Cowboy Church participated in the Poke Salad Parade in Blanchard Saturday! How do you like our Chuck Wagon?
Found: Aledo, Tx (off of FM 5, at Parker County Cowboy Church) 5/11/12. Female. No collar or chip. In good...
looking forward to preaching Bar None Cowboy Church this thursday
Be encouraged to go to Escalon Cowboy Church tonight at 7.00 pm. The powerful teaching “Living From Your Spirit”...
Would like to invite everyone out this Thursday night May 15th to the monthly B4B of NEA Fellowship meal at the Higher Trails Cowboy Church on Hwy 358. Come out and find out what B4B of NEA is all about and enjoy a meal on us.
The barrel race at Magnolia Cowboy Church scheduled for 5-17-14 has been cancelled due to excessive rain and the arena being under water. This date will be rescheduled for a later time. The 5-24-14 barrel race will run as scheduled barring any problems.
MEMBERSHIP CLINIC: There will be a Membership Clinic @ 7:00pm Wednesday night for all those desiring to be charter members of Crossroads Cowboy Church. Classes available each Wednesday night for the next 3 weeks. Please contact Pastor Ron Riddle for further details or an alternate date. Thank You.
Getting ready for the first Cowboy Church of 2014. Join us on May 17th from 6:00 to 8:00 and then every third...
Hamilton Collection
Yesterday afternoon, lightning struck the Country Cowboy Church at Runaway Bay. Here is info from the Wise County Messenger:
Transformation Tuesday. First pic is me from 2009 in Ragley at Pennys. 2nd pic is me a few weekends ago in Lake End at Red River Cowboy Church. Sure is a big change in the rankness and size of bulls.
Back in the good ole college days. Thousand Hills Cowboy Church Bull Riding 2012. and…
Are you interested in taking Cowboy Church Culture or Old Testament for the Fall Mini-term? The Mini-term is the First week in October at Dallas Baptist University. You can complete these courses in 5 days. You cannot take both courses at one time. I will be teaching the Cowboy Church Culture Class. Each course is 3 College Credit Hours. Call me at 972/983-7968 if interested. DBU offers a 12 hour Certificate of Ministry. Also, if you are interested in the Truett Certificate of Ministry then Call Francisco Rivera at 254/709-2277. The Truett courses are not college credit but you can earn a Certificate of Ministry from Truett. Truett Seminary is part of Baylor University.
Sheriff: Vale woman stole saddles from cowboy church: LINCOLNTON NC — A Vale woman was arrested and charged wi...
Lincoln woman charged in theft from Cowboy Church: A Vale woman has been accused of stealing saddles from the...
We would like to thank everyone who supported the Triad Cowboy Church Stampede this past weekend at the Jerome Davis Arena in Archdale, North Carolina. There were over 3,000 fans in the stands, for yet another great night of rodeo action produced by the former PRCA World Champion Jerome Davis and his wife Tiffany Davis.
Cowboy church ride sun / i have never been on this ride /// ride few miles then go church for service then church dinner then ride back to make full circle /// look foward to meeting good new friends Princeton area
Heart Cry Cowboy Church had 9 more baptisms on May 11th, 2014.
Just wanted to invite everyone out to Blue Grass Cowboy Church tonight at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds for service at 7:00 p.m. Beverly Crocker from Texas will be singing and Jeff Duncan will bring the message God has laid on his heart. If you haven't been to BGCC i...
We are having Cowboy Church and Revival with this event. We ask for your prayers to cover this event. The goal and vision for this is - a Christ honoring - top notch event - we want this event to pay the cowboys and cowgirls better than any youth rough stock - timed event in the southwest United States We need your prayers, many will be saved, We are in the process of selecting a great set of livestock for this. Please pray that our Lord will provide what we need. Good even bucking stock Good even timed event cattle The right sponsors. Lord please meet the needs of this event, please have Your Hand on it. Please provide the right stock, please bring a blessing to all who attend In Jesus' Holy Name - Amen
get it on your mind. come on out this Saturday night Circle J Cowboy Church Texarkana, Ar. exit 26 off of I 549 just south of Texarkana come one bring them younguns too
Good Morning everybody!! Just want to remind everyone The Lindsey Family will be at Thousand Hills Cowboy Church tonight at 7pm. It's gonna be good. Hope you can make it.
omg lol. Figures you'd be a church goer. They love to hate behind their bibles. Now I know this is useless. Prey on dude
Thursday, Living for the Brand cowboy Church in Athens will host a Parkinson's Disease Awareness meeting with...
This Sunday, May 18th from 9-5 we are hosting our annual Children's Stick Pony Rodeo! Come on out for cowboy church, breakfast, lunch and watch the kids compete starting at 1pm. Additionally, a Special-Needs Rodeo will be held at high noon! See out website for more details.
A good cowboy's made by more than a few hard *** chewin's. They don't mean you're worthless, it means your worth the effort.
Cowboy Church May 18 5:30 here at the Ranch. Bring a chair or horse to sit on. Bring friends! The weather is going to be fabulous and the worship, well.come find out~
UPDATE: water is still partially covering the roadway on FM 356 at the Cowboy Church. I wish everyone a safe trip if you are on the road this morning. I will be keeping ever posted with weather updates and road conditions throughout the morning. ~Officer Bryan
Omg there's a cowboy church. I wanna go!
To night is Cowboy church night we leave the church office at 5:30 and return around 10:00. We have good time of fellowship and music I hope to see you
Cross Roads Cowboy Church will have it's first singing of the year this Saturday May 17th. Bring a side dish and the church will provide fried chicken. Don't miss the great music, fellowship, and food at Cross Roads Cowboy Church.
Circle J Cowboy Church to host annual Night of the Amazing Horse Circle J Cowboy Church will host its third annual Night of the Amazing Horse performance at 7:30 p.m. May 17. lt will feature South Dakota's second generation rodeo performer Jerry Wayne Olsen and a host of other acts. Don''t miss it. I may even get to catch it this year!
New show announced in Cullman, AL at Lonesome Dove Cowboy Church on May 18, 2014
Please help us with this battle for our son Ty. Those of you who have meet him knows he is one of a kind and we know God has big plans for him. Thank you Cross Bar Cowboy Church for helping us out with this. Ty is so happy..and we are so blessed to have yall in our world. God is great. Patrick Windham Robin R White Josh N Hattie Roberts Norma Blackmon Becky Black Carrie Ramos David Manly Windham Reese Windham Larry Windham Paula Windham
As seen on Rfd - Tv, David Keynon Horse Whisper will be at Grace Cowboy Church Sunday June 1st at 10:30 am so Come as you are for live music and a great event at the Lebanon Livestock Auction just off l44 exit 123 Lebanon, Mo. YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS !
The Cowboy Church preacher said "Want to mess with a grizzly bear's cubs?  Or how about making the little pigs squeal, and waiting on mama to come out of the woods?  Go back yonder in the kiddie corral and bother those kids."  Abortion debates in Austin, and it is bizarre that surely not all of them think like the grizzly bear.  Some surely do think like that, though.  I looked off to the side, just a bit off to the side, at the picnic tables where lots of women had happened to gather, their hair shining in the sun as they listened and were picking up and setting their little kids down. It suddenly occurred that area was never still, and they all do it about the same, slipping their forearm under them, and the kid wrapping their arms around them, and laying their heads in the napes of their necks.  I have never seen a better picture of peace, and tranquility, and love, and happiness, and God, Himself.  Life.  A little baby was held by her mother, right next to me, and she kept turning her head, wh ...
You just might be southern if you used to get ready to go to Cowboy Church. 🐴
"Woman steals saddles out of a barn at Cross Creek Cowboy Church." I can't even take the news seriously right now.
Cowboy church will be at 9:00 Sunday
Church lady: You're going to come back wearing cowboy boots and a hat. My wife: From Canada?. Church lady: Oh, I don't know how they do.
Experience what God is doing at Heart Cry Cowboy Church.
You know you go to Cowboy Church get to watch a calf drug in by a horse and then worked the calf...tag, vaccinate, and castrate in front of the congregation. Love our church!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! It has been a wonderful, cool, rainy day. But just to let you know, I may never sleep again! Chip bought me a Keurig coffee maker. I got to pick out 4 different kinds of coffees to try too! It came with some tea, so I will try that as well. I am going to fire it up in the morning! Who knows, if I drink enough coffee tomorrow, I may be able to play the piano correctly at Cowboy Church tomorrow night!!
YARD SALE...All kinds of STUFF!!! Clothes: Womens, Mens, Kids, Toys, Tack, and Just STUFF!!! 8:00 am until at the Happy Trails Cowboy Church of Ashe in Jefferson located right across the street from the Jefferson Post Office. ALL PROCEEDS benefit our Annual Wagon Train Revival and Ride in June!!! Please come check this STUFF out!!! Saturday May 17th
You might go to cowboy church when your pastor drags in and works a calf in church. 👌😂
Working on my menu for this weekends North Texas High School Rodeo Finals ( I can't believe it is already here!). Food is a bit expensive there so we take our own. Here are my thoughts: Caramel Brownies and Brown Sugar Cookies Chicken Fried Steak Sandwiches and Pea Salad Oven Fried Chicken on a tortilla with cheese and carrots & celery with ranch Homemade Pimento Cheese Sandwiches and apples and pretzels Blueberry muffins on Sunday morning on the way to Cowboy Church. Sweet tea and Peach Tea. What do you think Tipi and Sarra and Talon?
The trailride route is all but complete! However, we have learned a few lessons and run into some problems. I will not name names, so please do not ask. There was a pastor of a cowboy church that volunteered to provide us with a Porta-potties trailer, a small bus to shuttle riders to their vehicles each night and a case of bibles, along with snacks and things. About two weeks ago, all contact ceased, he wouldn't answer calls, hung up and would not return calls or respond to multiple messages, once when he did answer, he stated he had just been in an accident and would call me back, never did. So, long story short, there are pastors who veer, deceive and fail in their service too. However, the God, Country, Spirit & Soul Ride WILL saddle up and Ride for CHRIST! At this time I would like to ask that each of you pray about it and help sponsor this ride. We are not passing the plate or asking for anything more than anyone wants to give but the need is there and if any of you would like to help, we would GREAT ...
Does anyone know when the cowboy church in Paxton start and what Saturday it is on this month?
Please be praying for Country Cowboy Church in Bridgeport just got struck by lightning hearing there is a lot of damage
Thursday night ride this week is at Cowboy Church Gatherin' Arena 6:30 pm
Future of Horsemanship Tour is this next weekend May17th/18th. If you are still sitting on the fence about attending or not/ or would like to have a fabulous weekend surrounding yourself with great horsemanship and Leaning. Join me! Also Pat is doing a Pop Up Seminar! on Thursday in Conroe at Caney Creek Cowboy 6PM Join Pat Parelli - Fan Page as he coaches Dalton Grimes and his horse in training. Bring a lawn chair and Concessions will be open. An Intimate setting to visit and learn from a master.
Lightening reportedly struck the Country Cowboy Church on U.S. 380 near Runaway Bay this afternoon. Damage was confined to a room on the back of the church.
Does anybody have any information about the cowboy church thats starting up in Sheridan?
Really miss Maxdell cowboy church! So wish we had a church like that here in Kansas.
I had a pretty fantastic first day of "work" yesterday at Heart Cry Church.
DEVELOPING: Several fires reported in TX including Country Cowboy Church in Bridgeport
This may be the funniest church sign of all time
Lincoln Co. woman charged with breaking into cowboy church in Vale: A Lincoln County woman has been charged in...
Lincoln Co. woman charged with cowboy church break-in. MORE:
Can I wear cowboy boots to church, or is that a no go?... 👢
Vale woman charged with theft of saddles from cowboy church.
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office News Release. Vale Woman Charged with Stealing Saddles from the Cowboy Church. May...
Danny Brooks has a show on 05/13/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Llano Cowboy Church in Llano, TX...
This weekend May 16-18 based at the Madison County Fairgrounds in Marshall. Cowboy Church Service on May 18th at...
Man i been thinking hard about joining this cowboy church
It looks like Joel Osteen's church service is done in Cowboy Stadium
cowboy church with a hangover. That's how we do✌️😁
Gods country cowboy church. That just happened.
You know you're a redneck when they build a cowboy church next to your house
Y'all shoulda put y'all name on the list and took a number THEN went to church by the time you get out and drive back yo table be ready
Playing a show in Bogata, TX at 10:00 AM today at Full Circle Cowboy Church
The Wild West Cowboy Church Praise Band is taking the stage so take those old Bibles off the shelf! Yee-Haw!!
A herd of folks at Ridin' 4 the Brand Cowboy Church in Cowspen, SC loved some of the new summer colors of our...
Our children at Sit em Down Cowboy Church. Wonderful singing and worship this morning
Don't be so quick to judge. Most Muslims view 'Islamic' terrorists the same way most Christains view Westboro Baptist Chu…
I went to a cowboy church & the pastor was talking about getting baptized & said . "If your gonna get wet you better dive in & getter done" o
I'm wearing cowboy boots to church today bc I'm sweet funky fresh
Cowboy church: "a place where a bunch of sinners are Just trying to get saved by the good lord" . That my friends is honesty
saw a little boy at church today wearing cowboy boots & it was the cutest thing ever. I guess you could say that was the highlight of my day
Church is so commercialized now days, it's really hard to find one that'll really give you the word.
Errr ma God. . This cute cowboy was at church today c:
Enjoying cowboy church, where yah at?
Worship at 3 W C Cowboy Church with my good friend!!
S/O to me and Kendra for being the only two in church to laugh at the cowboy ringtone tht went off lmaoo 😂😂😂
"cowboy preacher from Risen Ranch cowboy church" why
Congrats to Sadie Sacra, Sul Ross State University AX Chapter President! She was named SRSU Woman of the Year at the Honors Convocation, the top honor a senior can receive, for combining academic excellence with extra-curricular activities, community service and volunteer work. The press release mentions Sacra has been a member of the Sul Ross Rodeo Team and competed in barrel racing, break away roping, and goat tying. She won the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Scholar American Honors in 2013. She has also served as a volunteer for the Hillside Baptist Church and Cowboy Church in Alpine, helps with local rodeos including Memorial Team-Ropings and the Big Bend Ranch Rodeo, volunteered for the Keep Alpine Beautiful campaign, and helps the Alpine Animal Shelter. She plans to pursue a career in animal science/animal health management. We're proud of you and expect great things in your future!
I want to thank Jim Baradziej (Linda Baradziej), Don Turnage (Lucy Turnage) and Don's grandson for helping Stacy Allen Smith and her dad pick up the refrigerator for the church's youth group arena concession stand! We have such a great family at the Cowboy Church of Ennis!! Thank you too to our wonderful preacher Michael Howard for making calls to get this done!!
May 17, 2014 $750 ADDED Maxdale Cowboy Church WPRA Approved Open 5D and Youth 4D Killeen, TX Sanction WPRA Race Type Barrel Race Jackpot Description BO at 9 AM, exhibitions $5 each from 10-1, $500 added Open 5D starts at 1, $40 EF, buckles to the winner of each D. Youth 4D will be run with the open with the option to carry times over, buckles to the winners of each D. Contact Brooke Address Killeen, TX 76542 Email Phone 254.702.9366
Come welcome the southern gospel band "On Bended Knee" appearing in concert at the J Bar C Cowboy Church Palmer Gospel Jubilee, Friday, May 30th at 7:00pm... FREE For the whole family!!! Come and be Blessed with Music, Fellowship and Fun!! Refreshments provided, Free Admission!!
So my middle daughter, Katelyn, nominated me for the cold water challenge. And with "deep regret" I am going to pass on this challenge. You see, when I was growing up, any time my parents wouldn't let me do something, I would whine & say " everyone else is doing it" to which they would respond "if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you too?" So, with that in mind, I feel that I have to be a good role model for my kids to show them how to not give in to "peer pressure." That's my story and I'm sticking to it! But I will donate $100 to The Western Trail Cowboy Church in loving memory of David Fox.
Well you guys all know if Kevin Hall is gonna get a "cold water" challenge he's passing it on to me! (everybody knows how much we love the cold!). So now I'm passing on the 24 hour cold water challenge to Beth Perry-Whitsell and Dennis Whitsell, Jessica Helton Pipal, Erma Marsh, Melissa Sperry Gustin, and-of course- Corey Kanute!! O.K. guys your 24 hours starts now so get er done or you owe $100.00 to your favorite charity...or mine...Double N Cowboy Church Building Fund ☺️☺️
If you would like to order a Cross Trails Cowboy Church t-shirt please message Amy Schleeper. They will be chestnut brown and just like the original design! T-shirts are $14.00 each.
Come by the Jasper-County Cowboy-Church booth when you go to the awesome Jasper Lions Rodeo.look for our float...
Just passed Glory Hill Cowboy church, sounds like a good church for me.
I was Cold water challenged by Bandy Bowen and Carli Crutcher. So I have challenged Sandi Williams,(Damon)please tell your daddy Maegen Mayfield,Mike Wilfong,Jodie Lowe Wilfong,Patti Yearsley Jones and Mike Jones. You have 24 hrs to complete this challenge! If you don't you have to donate 100.00 to any charity of your choice (Double N Cowboy Church)GET ER DID!!
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