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Covenant University

Covenant University is located in Ota, Ogun State in Nigeria .It is Private Christian University.It is member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Bishop David Oyedepo Ogun State Vice Chancellor Bishop Abioye

See all this covenant university student saying based on logistics like they watched the bbn
Hebron Startup Labs by Covenant University is Nigeria's first incubation hub in a tertiary institution
*made . But my kids will go to university in Nigeria, Covenant to be precise.
When talking and I say SEE YOU... what registers is CU (covenant university). Am I the only one?
Weeks after, Covenant University keeps mum over death of 500 level student.
Lool it's a covenant University thing.. 😅 😅
U paid close to 1million naira to study chemistry @ covenant university, yet you haven't invented anything, not even anointing oil. 😎😏😕
religious discrimination. Besides covenant is a university and not a company...It is a Christian Un…
Tricia Obazele emerged as the best graduating student of Veritas University after being expelled from Covenant University at 3…
Calling out a Canadian university's anti *** covenant. I signed one, then was told to seek repair.
Nothing can go wrong in the close-knit community surrounding Philadelphia Sacred Covenant University in North...
Almost a million naira to study Chemistry in Covenant University, yet none of them have invented anything, not even engine oil...😂😂😂😂
We're live! Covenant University students can now make their travel arrangements for May 6th at
The Trad when I was all Hausa and stuff @ Covenant University
Oluneye Oluwole decorated as Brand Ambassador of Covenant University by Vice Chancellor, Prof. AAA Atayero.
Cross section view of the Entrepreneurial Day at Covenant University on 22/03/2017
Little Giant Ladders
Decoration of Badge, Ambassador by VC, Covenant University, Prof Atayero to Oluneye Oluwole at 2017 EDS Day
LOL. This thread looks like a direct attack on Covenant University/ Faith Tabernacle. You'll be alright sha.
Where are all the covenant university accounts usually live.. services needed
Covenant University nko? Thought they are producing new Generation ladders. Opps
In what universe is covenant university better than unilag ? Lol y'all got jokes
we have more than 14 Automated teller machine(ATM) in Covenant University and none is dispensing. Help😔😔😔
Covenant University, only private university in Top 20
Never doubted Covenant University's rise. Its time to look beyond Nigeria. Not an Alumnus,but a huge fan.
The meetup is happening in Covenant University this February
Our Cu rep looking all dapper in that Inter Milan home kit @ Covenant University
Covenant University always making me proud.
February 18th @ hamline university, The and Outlaw ENT will be live at Winter Wonder Jam!! Come out and turn up…
Follow for all information regarding the 12th convocation ceremony slated for the 30th of June 2017 at Covenant University
His Picture was shared mostly by school mates( yeah, we went to Covenant University together).
Presidency recognizing covenant university's eagles. (Vision 1 of 10 in 10!) 😀😀
Was i the only one that saw covenant university ?
see - Missing Covenant University graduate found!.
Covenant University and taking students into consideration when making decisions
Covenant University Alumni Association It is very helpful with me, thanks for this information
Covenant University Alumni Association very very love this, this page made me more interesting and more knowledge
ain't a Nigerian but um based in River state, schooling at covenant University
I spent two nights in Garissa University College , courtesy of and and produced this
This covenant university people are looking for who they will give heart attack... It's not me... Carry your result checking and be going..
Which one is baba oladu again... Why are you even in covenant university 🤔🤔
we have kicked God out of school, university, & marriage covenant--let's hope things don't get silly like marriage to can opener
My roommate going gaga about iphone7 and iphone 7+.. He's yet to remember that he is in Covenant University
10 years 7months ago. I said something so causal at the Covenant university chapel. Almost 11years later it seems God decided to bless that.
Please what is 'convenant' university??? I attended Covenant university please, thanks
AMZI Cinema is coming to Covenant University this semester. It's definitely something to anticipate!!!
Covenant University wins Best Use of Technology award via
SS 3 students outing with the Chairman of – eating dinner at Covenant University Cafeteria 2 htt…
Meet the Covenant University grad championing Tech Innovation at WEMA Bank via
. This joint is an accredited university in Canada? Whatever happened to the charter? Time to unaccredit this place.
The controlled nature of the Covenant University system taught me many lessons on discipline, focus and priority setting.
Switching soon to our Instastory . We are going to 100 . _mmjay. 13/100 @ Covenant University, Ota,…
Come and read gist. The rest of the story is here :
Mr EAZI don't forget us here in Covenant University 😊😊
For my sake and many others please speak no ill of Covenant University. I try to mind my business and not say anything -ve of…
I'm sorry pls is this Bishop David Oyedepo's covenant university ?? Where this pic was taking.
Facebeat for the beautiful Toyin for her matriculation a few weeks back @ Covenant University,…
at Covenant University today . Lots of smiles . Powered by
Covenant university is a great grooming centre
End of the first phase of the last race. @ Covenant University
Covenant university alone, has about a thousand aspiring entrepreneurs and about 100 startups. I think it's a grea…
Covenant University changed my entire approach to life. I don't know about you but impossibility is nothing.
Covenant University is like that father that wants the best for his children even though the approach may not seem like it…
I look around me and see the collapse of the educational system in Nigeria. I thank God for schools like Covenant Univers…
Think of Covenant University, think of Value adding people, life changers, Hope givers, Leaders, Change agents...
Covenant University is NOT an ordinary place, please don't doubt this. Many of us have had infallible experiences.
Covenant University has one of the most beautiful and serene environments. Very very good amenities available there.
Covenant University taught me the power of people of varying differences coming together to accomplish things.
Thank you Adeola. . See you at DevFest SouthWest with the awesome GDG Covenant University team. https:/…
Covenant University is tough! But if you make it through, your life will be positively changed Forever!
Covenant University core values literally flow through my veins... Because of her, I'm ab(ove)normal.
Much like reality, the Covenant University system is sink or swim. I chose to swim, now wherever I find myself, I thrive.…
Covenant University is a great place with great people. Look at our core values & I don't need to talk again. Proud alumni.
At Covenant University you hear stuff like "If you don't have a Goal, you are a Goat"
Covenant university gave me the grace to be an early starter
Covenant university taught me that this life is a warfare and CU was just a training ground
In covenant University you are trained to consciously possess a possibility-mentality in all you do.
Covenant University opens your eyes to see every challenge as an opportunity to add value and not a reason to complain.
In Covenant University I was made to understand I'm royalty...Royally doesn't succumb to the norm
Believe it or not, I became a better musician at Covenant University
Covenant University taught me the true essence of spirituality..
Yup Covenant university students definitely have Stockholm syndrome
Covenant university has offered 6'0 guard from Windsor Sina Gbadebo
You cannot afford to miss covenant university's first cultures day, no you can't man 😊. will be ther
are you ready??. We would be live at covenant university tomorrow https:/…
Dont miss this if you are a Covenant University student.
Hey guys, it was an awesome day at Covenant University today. . and
Lol Covenant university students get in here. Is this ur throwback or nah
Please people that know these things, that stupid rule in covenant university where phones aren't allowed, is it still there?
So we would be having our first cultural day here in Covenant University on Saturday. Abeg guys Mey Una show up 😭
So here goes the thread. . Types of people you'd find in Covenant University Library.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Kilode? "Covenant University wants to do me strong thing. 😦😦"
Covenant University wants to do me strong thing. 😦😦
My man Marvin has found love in a hopeless place (Covenant University). OH GOD WHEN WILL YOU DO MY OWN?
Caps currently available in Covenant University - with our distributor. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Send a dm. RT
Quanser Seeks to Site Centre of Excellence in Covenant University / News / Home - Covenant University:
God forbid but if the economy is worse in 2018 lol covenant university lvl
How our students NGO reach out to the underprivileged.Images
in 1891, the Covenant school that was to become North Park University was voted into existence by the...
Babcock University...Well, nice...but i still love my Covenant University...lolz
Listen to the anthem of Nigeria's most productive University - Covenant University
Dear lord,. May all covenant university parents live to see the fruit of their labor . In Jesus name.
Also when phones are now allowed in Covenant University.😂😂
Nigerian Geniuses: Meet Covenant University Grad, Adebayo Ajayi who has Two first Class degrees (Covenant, Scotland) https:…
Arinola BA wrote:. . Bishop Oyedepo got a mandate from God to start Covenant University and almost every Pastor is...
Covenant University ota 2016/2017 admission list is out for checking and admissi: Covenant University ota 201...
Do you need Admission help into Covenant University 2nd Batch? I: Do you need Admission… #
Covenant University is already breaking the glass ceiling
Covenant University boys preparing for Female freshers hearts destruction scheme in August like
I think got this much hype on its premiere season because of the Covenant University students on the show 💪🏽
Covenant University and co. didn't go enough for Chike. . Welldone all the same. . Congrats Arese! .
This her father is rich is hilarious. Pls brother chike went to covenant university. That means any which way. His family too…
I see covenant university people flooding my timeline
Covenant University has produced great voices.
Can I re-do my Covenant University interview again? I just got a better answer to the first question 😂
This, is everything... I'm always proud to be an alumnus of Covenant University!
sorry , but am not a covenant university student. I don't know ooo.
Covenant University has released the provisional 1st Batch list of candidates admitted for the 2016/2017 academic...
The management of Covenant University has released the schedule for the conduct of postgraduate admission...
1,495 CONVOCATE FROM COVENANT UNIVERSITY. Covenant University has graduated 1,495 students in the recently...
1,495 Convocate from Covenant University: Covenant University has graduated 1,495 students {cal...
Covenant University Class of 2016 was Picture Perfect in their…
Look back at the moments of celebration and tradition at our 11th Convocation Ceremony
Guest lecturing at the Hooding Ceremony of the College of Leadership Development Studies, Covenant University.
Admit it, going to Covenant University raised your standards in life.
After they finish banning all the latest technology in covenant university. This is how CU will be in 20 years time
The hottest jam in covenant university by download and rt
attending a training at Covenant University
attending a training at Covenant University Chapel
After buying the iPhone SE & your daddy says that you’d be attending covenant university next week
If you graduate with a 5.0 CGPA from Obafemi Awolowo University. Its equivalent to becoming a professor in covenant univers…
.becomes first university in East of England to sign the Armed Forces Covenant
Thanks so much to Mark, the Financial Peace University leader, at Council Tree Covenant Church in Fort Collins,...
Covenant university denied me the right to see dying dad but when he was dead they instantly gave me exeat
Covenant university and listening to the opinions of her students 😂😂
He was about to join at a major university until they asked him to sign a secret covenant against Blacks and Jews
I went to Covenant University.When he does not even have Waec result
I’m sure there’s no riot in Covenant University, the holy spirit from yesterday’s service probably still got em dancin n s…
Covenant university actually has an SUG? 😅 wonders!
PRIVILEGED to serve as the new Vice-chairman of the Student Council . Covenant University will be great i…
How to fix power crisis, by experts: The Head of Department of Physics, Covenant University, Ogun State, Dr. ...
His name is Ozone not Covenant University alumni
Hands off my woman crush abeg @ Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State
Sharing my Easter with afe_boo What about you?? @ Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State
Covenant University has its own garden "Admirable Park" behind the University Chapel [photos]
is talking about Covenant University. Shout out to all of our Nigerian University students. Keep working h…
I Am Posting This Story With Tears In My Eyes!. Please read to the end.. A lady one fan of this group Last week...
A View of 2022; My Thoughts on Covenant University and the Future.
Hey people.please if you know any Tunde Adekeye in covenant university please DM me!
Memories*. Those'll be my days as a student at Covenant University. "62. What is your most treasured memory?"
With 300 Level students of the Department of Mass Communication, Covenant University Ota, who…
"I'm proud to be a Covenant University ☺️
“I'm proud to be a Covenant University ☺️”gaba daya?
LMFAO ""I'm proud to be a Covenant University ☺️"
LOOK AT GOD! : "I'm proud to be a Covenant University ☺️"
Ah you're a university or what?"Exactly �� I'm proud to be a Covenant University ☺️""
"I'm proud to be a Covenant University ☺️"
Exactly 😀 I'm proud to be a Covenant University ☺️"
The annual covenant university contemporary choir concert is here again!!!
I'm proud to be a Covenant University ☺️
After a bad mates discussing answers 😢😢This was me all tru Electrical Eng,Covenant University
Someone with enough balls should probably say this to Covenant University student affairs avengers.
I enjoy identifying with Winners as we inspire others to win as well...
delivering a talk on "How to make the most of your career"
Covenant University's 2016 Hottest Freshers out this Friday on For more details cc
Covenant University's 2016 Hottest Freshers list out this Friday on ..
Dr David Oyedepo, the Pro-Chancellor, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun, has hinged the nation’s overall development...
Manchester United are playing Covenant university junior boys team and are still losing, smh.
School fees gonna go gaga., Queen Mary to U.Ibadan,Newcastle to Uniben..Robert Gordon to Covenant...oya make una apply…
You need an Inkd Skull Candy? Dm me for more enquiries. Selling in Covenant University only.
Covenant University in my opinion has the highest standards in Nigeria today. Show me one Federal Uni that can compete with …
Me and made enemies in class for agreeing with Lee's covenant and wanting Christian guidelines at a Christian University.
The Covenant University Theatre Group with an amazing ministration.
Covenant university home of high class olosho
Over 50 Vice Chancellors would be live at Covenant University to experience the
This covenant university weather tho must shower like three times a day 😪
Carolina Covenant was established in October of 2003 and was the first program of its type to be adopted at a public university!
Yay! ! Proverbs 31 Woman Conference, every lady presently in Covenant University should not…
If u make a 2nd class upper in OAU, it's equivalent to a Ph. D holder in covenant university...
This is Covenant University post graduate quarters night view not UK, not US, not China, not Canada.
Breast Cancer Awareness
They flog in Madonna but who cares.. People rather create false profiles for Covenant University.
Why is Covenant University trending?.if u not contempted with their rules , then u should try Babcock
Covenant University needs to lift the phone ban already. It's totally pointless.
It's capacity building for me all the way @ Covenant University
Netflix in Nigeria, we got no data problem in Covenant University.😊😊
you school for covenant university.. That's more like a prison. I see you guys once in 3 months outside the gaate
I'd forgotten how cold covenant university can get
Only covenant university will drop results on the eve of Christmas 👏😌
Understanding the “Joy of a New Beginning,” in 2016. Forgetting the past and move forward.
hi Shirley how are u? Compliments of the season. Do u remember me? Covenant University, ushering unit.
Everybody is shouting street ti take over tucking in kojawo mo. Covenant University children self ddey shout. *where is my coffee*
If i have to spend the next 3-5years living in Nigeria, I could really consider returning to covenant university as a staff.
“Why I went into acting after my graduation from Covenant University"
When you're dead and you hear that covenant university now legalise weed and phone
Still in d quiet time retreat organis by Stephen akintayo university for a week. Brainstormn ideas 4drest of the year
These are some of the moments that made 2015 great for us here at Covenant. Cheers to 2016
UNIVERSITY NEWS Covenant University, setting pace in the Nigeria’s Health Secto… see more
6. Dr. Igbokwe is a member of Faculty, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist at Covenant University Ota.
Watch "Trail of the Covenant- Presentation by Ryan Fisher Utah State University April 2014" on YouTube
Bishop David Oyedepo. Thank you for this dream! And I am so grateful for what you have done with Covenant University.
New dawn in UI as Olayinka resumes as 12th VC: He has held visiting appointments to Covenant University, Ota; ...
Bishop David Oyedepo with Pastor EA Adeboye at Covenant University site. Guess what year this…
This is Hebron, land of queens and kings -- Registrar of Covenant University in his welcome address at the 14th Matriculation Ceremony.
It's a Christian uni not a state uni“It doesn't surprise me that Covenant University is anti-Islamic.”
But there is new breed emerging from covenant university who will provide solution to the challenges that the world faces today
has been really active on social media since his graduation from COVENANT UNIVERSITY whats the catch sir?
students with great ideas that can impact the world are coming from Covenant University from the platform of
Milli always kisses Nicki like they in covenant university about to get caught. I know she outta your league man but have some balls ffs yo😂
Lmao, yeah. It is now a part of Covenant University culture.
to Remind. Covenant University to reduce tuition soon –VC via
Covenant Hour of Prayer for all Covenant University students - 5:30am everyday, compulsory. . Welcome returning students 😊
Chai. When you finally graduate from Covenant University.
Made it to covenant university screw secondary school
When you are in Covenant university but you are still experiencing
It has happened again, 1 of 10 in 10, a Covenant University student invented a NEPAless iron RT
I'll definitely use covenant university to threaten my kids. Worked perfectly on my wayward cousins
Seems like there's a second Covenant University we aint aware of.
Covenant University tuition fees is Uni of Benin tuition fees is Covenant is 32nd, UniBen is 5th in ranking.Ur papa wise so?
I thought you'd appreciate the colors of Clark Atlanta University, Georgia Tech, and Covenant College
Rooney's performance is like going to Covenant University. No Strike. ☹
This covenant university sef they haff tire person too mussh dressing Dr oyedepo why
Covenant university students waka You guys came for fashion showcase not KONAMII
My alma mater, Covenant University was well represented at Pioneering technology in education. The Multi-screen world.
Zuciya Daya - on with (Released 2009). Bez studied ICT at Covenant University and graduated in 2007
consists of Covenant University Alumni and current students. Team Covenant's Captains: &
For once lemmi admit it. . I want to go to covenant university
CU ranked overall best University in Nig & West Africa as well as number 15 in Africa on the Webometrics Ranking.
Introduction of Mobile Learning that engenders learning anywhere and anytime on campus.
And this Covenant University fee are quite above the half a million mark.
The Konami is a football stuv not a fashion show stuv oo please don't Covenant university students.
1000 Young african entrepreneurs converge at Covenant University for TEEP Bootcamp
At the 2015 Bootcamp at Covenant University. So good to meet up with all these young (some) african entrepreneurs
Can u deny that whenever som1 asks what school u in, there's dis pride and rush jst to say Covenant University?
Isn't that lecture theater in Covenant University? 😕😕
Covenant University will join world’s top 10 universities – Bishop Oyedepo |
Covenant University striving to be among world’s top 10 – Oyedepo: Bishop David OyedepoDr David Oyedepo, the ...
Covenant University will join world&top 10 universities – Bishop Oyedepo
Covenant varsity graduates 1,315; 104 make first class: Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State
Covenant University,in Ogun State,said that 50 Universities in the country are hooked to the institution’s mobile learning…
Same issue with the attempted Covenant University e-Exeat system. Apply online, print out, then take said printout to Hall Officer to stamp.   10% Off
I still believe Covenant university was the biggest influence in the process of becoming whatever i am today. . It's home. ❤
7. I shall be speaking at the Google I/O Extended at Covenant University this Friday. Register here:
CUITS Log Book!..God why did this people put this rubbish?!
Beauty What are covenant university girls known for? .
Make phones allowed in covenant university.
Best team ever to grace covenant university field in the last five years
I understand Covenant University is a christian college somewhere in Nigeria. Well I hope it gets destroyed by Fire. Chr…
Know someone in need of a Job? with a 2.1 from a federal university or from bowen,babcock and covenant?
Just occured to me but... Covenant University's colors are the same with the Joker's 😁.
lmaooo If you use . MTN , . ECOBANK Canaan land , . support arsenal and . attend covenant university . You will ju…
Stutern Team stopped by @ Covenant University to enjoy the 2-day
Covenant University Chapel should be called the Eagle Square 😕
Can I shock you guys? Bishop David Oyedepo,Bishop Abioye and a host of other pastors are sleeping in Covenant University'…
Covenant University deploys card readers for examination
I swear down is the funniest tweep in covenant university
in Covenant University, our means Towards a Total Graduate
already in progress at ALDC, Covenant University
Thank you Covenant University for supporting my brand!
is the DSA Covenant University who also happens to be an Eagle Mr. Azubuike Ezenwoke. Happy birthday in arrears😍
Nigerian student, ZAINAB TITUS of COVENANT UNIVERSITY, Ota, beat 170 students who submitted abstracts from various Afr…
Nigerian student emerges 1ST at African students contest in Uganda: ZAINAB TITUS reads Petroleum Engineering at COVENA…
Guess the new Professor of International Economic Relations in Covenant University ?
The future of the Sto-Boat still remains uncertain! Please consider signing and sharing our petition!
But I'm being very honest, one Sunday in Covenant University can get you enough content for a fashion magazine that is…
coming soon ! Get ready to experience something diff in covenant University! Every friday night!
I remember when i first entered university, i kept spelling jt at CoNvenant instead of COVENANT. 😩😩😩
How Covenant University guys would dress during NYSC if they allowed them
Covenant University has some of the world's most beautifully smart & intellectual personalities on the Earth's planet. …
I have a dream that one day Covenant University will no longer be a secondary school but a UNIVERSITY..
I am forever grateful for attending Covenant University. What most of those children are saying on social media is highly distorted.
The truth is if you know that you can't bear the rules , don't even go to covenant university
This guy came visiting from lagos, he wrote his JAMB earlier today around 7am at covenant university Ota. Since then haven't heard anything
LOOL"When you finally graduate from Covenant University 😂😂😂
Wow so apparently Covenant University is the best university in Nigeria. Kudos o
"any universirty better than covenant? idahosa University(BIU)
Computer engineering guy in covenant university made this
What is Covenant University offering as Education, is there an office in CBN, NNPC & likes waiting for every students afte…
The Picture being spread as Fed. Uni Lafia is the CLR Building in Covenant University Ota Ogun State.
This is Covenant University Chapel being displayed as a building in Otuoke University.. But Why naa ??
PDP lies again, as they show Covenant University entrance as Fed Gov Uni in Lafia and Gombe State own as theirs.
Wow. Covenant university must be chills. You cannot be in unilag,faculty of engineering and have time for this.
It is certified now that Mary Hall is The Craziest Female Hall in Covenant University.
God bless Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners chapel the owner of Covenant University nigeria In Jesus Name.
Covenant University To Reduce Tuition Soon: Prof Charles Ayo, the vice-chancellor of Covenant University in Ot...
The Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Prof. Charles Ayo, has hinted that the school may...
Covenant University hosts Fulbright Scholar, Prof. C. Nana Derby: Professor C. Nana Derby is one of the Fulbri...
So i decided to drop my top photographers in Covenant University
I'm looking for a Covenant University student who can help me conduct a survey for 150 people. I am willing to pay.
There are more seized. laptops than students in. Covenant University.
When you finally graduate from Covenant University,
fayose's son leads gang to assault fellow student in COVENANT UNIVERSITY
LMAO When you finally graduate from Covenant University..
Could this be true about Covenant University? (Look) - read at
Wow!!! “Lmao Hard guy but you graduated from Covenant University”
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