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County Jail

A prison (from Old French prisoun) is a place in which people are physically confined and, usually, deprived of a range of personal freedoms.

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If during Hurricane Harvey and the County Jail had Flooded and the Prisoners had escaped they would of rob,looted and murdered not help out.
Psych ward patient attempting to leave Ashtabula hospital now in County Jail
More great reporting on County Jail conditions from
The 3 corrections officers at County Jail were treated & returned to work — this man charged with assault:.
1 Chicago News Search Businesses (Cook County Jail exits federal oversight of more than 40 years) 1 Chicago ... -
Doors shut. Lights out. The demons come. Infiltrate Fulton County Jail on Thursday at 9/8c.
"Fulton County is the face of incarceration in this country." Uncover the reality of jail on tonight at 9/8c. ht…
The facts will shock you. Infiltrate the infamous Fulton County Jail on tonight at 9/8c.
After which he was booked into the Palm Beach County jail? Please??
MS-13 gang members are in custody in almost every county jail in Cali.
That's like walking into county jail dressed like Sailor Moon and twerking. What did he think was going to happen?
No, there's more information available.
More on Devante Gibbs return to the Lorain County Jail after fleeing rape trial.
Kings County Jail Shirt is now available in our online store. 100% Cotton Raw Denim Chambray. Made in the USA…
Xxxtentacion and Kodak are both in Broward county jail.
Shelby County, TN bills $150 a night for a kid in detention whether or not parent can afford to pay.
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I would say someone is pretty happy to get his jail break today!!! Meet Dominique from Jones County Animal...
Death row inmate found dead in Harris County jail -
*Inhales* . "I ain't going back to jail, next time the county or state see me it's gonna be in a bag"
Harris County jail inmate dies in custody -
Family, friends of inmate found hanging in cell at Harris County Jail say 'no way' -
Harris County Sheriff's Office investigating after inmate found dead in jail -
Harris County inmate dies after deputies found him hanging by bed sheet in jail -
I’m watching Fulton County Jail: Welcome to the A-T-L on the app. *** yes tho I miss
investigating their immigration status.Both suspects remain in Harris County jail under $300,000 bond. It is unclear at this time whether
they are now sponsored by clastop county jail Astoria Oregon warrenton girl
The County Jail covered here was from where I used to live, Broome County.
“Those with substance use diseases, the disabled, the mentally ill are not in community treatment — but jail”
Gangs, drugs, and corruption run rampant in Fulton County Jail. Go behind bars on tonight at 9/8c.
.Report: Local county jail considering separating families at jail.
Put a child in jail hello Hudson county
Just heard, ICE is in the L.A. County Jail getting busy. Making America Safe.
For anyone who thinks Bieber is soft, I'm here to tell you the volume is on max in Hendricks county jail when biebs is on.
Two rappers are locked up in the same county jail on two different instances how did it come to this
doesn't respect state borders. is home to 2nd largest jail in U.S. Miami-Dade County jail is 8th.…
Summit County jail, courthouse set for overhaul of dated surveillance system
MURDER INVESTIGATION: Mathew Baker remains in the Hutchinson County Jail on a $1 Million bond. . : https:/…
Here’s where the federal probe into Orange County’s jail informant scandal should begin
There are so many 18-24 y/o women being bokked Montgomery County jail (drugs, prostitution) never have they numbers like this before
An inmate at stark county jail just tried to call me. sorry I don't go for the bad boy type
Hi Did you care about the black man, Terrill Thomas, who died in your prison from dehydration? https:/…
What's it like inside the LA County Jail? Here's a sneak peek at Sunday's
According to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, "Amos Pang Sang Yee" is detained at the McHenry County Jail.
County supervisor calls for Sheriff David Clarke to resign after deaths at County Jail
She has the nerve to call people poor and she only makes 900 every 2 weeks as a Dallas County DSO at the County Jail in Dallas Texas.
Mrs Kendal: trans issues & facing up to consequences at L.A. County Jail by
L.A. Times 200 or more inmates released early from L.A. County Jail: Sheriff Lee Baca says budget cuts have
(Chicago Tribune) situation at County Jail resolved : A standoff and..
In L.A. County Jail, word is you can trade 200 cigarettes for the Virginia Tech Massacre.
The Stanford rapist gets six months in the County Jail whereas I'd get 17 years at San Quentin State prison
With 35-40% of inmates needing treatment, the County Jail system is San Francisco's largest mental health facility
Freeway Time in L.A. County Jail by Bradley And Friends Nowell now playing on
"Runaway, COMMITTED to the County Jail of Bexar county, on the 29th day of October, 1856, a *** boy by the..."
So the people who Underwrite PBS are donating to PIMA County Jail to decrease the # of Prisoners... BRIBERY ???
Jersey City,NJ New Jersey, Court House and County Jail "new one not completed"
Inmate who escaped from County Jail arrested after two hours
Sheriff's deputies who allegedly staged County Jail fights to be charged - San Francisco Examiner
Driver involved in last night's crash on Division speaking today from the County Jail.
Here is a very bad idea being played out in the County Jail at Harris County. MORE OVERSIGHT is what's needed.
Shouldn't Harris County "leaders" be required to fix the County Jail before they are allowed to propose renovation boondoggles for the Dome?
Do the words "intimate setting" mean anything? it's not like this was Johny Cash at the Folsom county jail
Mutually beneficial! Rescued dogs paired with inmates. we should look into this for Santa Clara County!
Don McLean Held Over Domestic Assault Charge is now in Knox County jail
My dad is calling the manitowoc county jail to tell them they are all a bunch of ***
Nearly 30,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables were harvested at the Pennington County Jail garden in 2015, more...
This is how we film the 'security camera' footage on our County Jail Visitation set.
Martin Luther King Jr. sits in a jail cell at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama. October 1967.
1859 JAIL, MARSHAL'S HOME & MUSEUM Jail housed thousands of prisoners during the bloodiest time in Jackson County’s history
“Nepotism pervaded the century-old system of county jailers, which is the only one of its kind in the United States”
Man who Grays Harbor County custody now back in - Jan 18 @ 1:17 PM ET
The county and Hinds County Judge Bill Skinner run the facility and the youth court, respectively. On… https:…
The fellas started a riot in the county jail
Man who escaped Grays Harbor County custody now back in jail.
he was on mercer county jail site and the paper? It's obviously not very private...
Sch'dy County Sheriff says Jimmy Richardson had been at jail since Jan. 5 with assorted medical problems. Autopsy will be done Tue or Wed.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
KY Senator's bill would require jail-less county jailers to report what they are "actually doing." vi…
UPDATE: Escambia County officials have identified the inmate who died in the county jail over the weekend as 63...
Monroe county jail Mariah scared and Trish are Isis friends
Cook County Jail continues to operate as normal in these extreme cold conditions, thanks to the hard work and dedication of ou…
Jail garden produces nearly 30,000 lbs of fruit and veggies. Defrays cost to inmates, given to local charities .
"Essentially, federal prisoners are profitable." Greene County & via
It's all about $...3 crucial dates that explain the jail lawsuit between Greene County and via
Here is a list of folks who were logged into the Sheriff's Office.
Sch'dy County Sheriff's Office has identified Jimmy Richardson, 53, as inmate who died Sunday after being found unresponsi…
Wife of man who died at County Jail wants answers from
Who is Trying to Silence Filmmaker and Judicial Watchdog Bill Windsor, Currently Held in County Jail?
Program Uses Religion to Help Reform Inmates at County Jail: A program at the Charlottesville-Albemalrle Regional…
TWP Fire Dept is responding to 2375 S. Decker Rd (Knox County Jail) for a fire alarm sounding.
SF County Jail considered a model for prison realignment
Caitlyn Jenner voices her fears over being sent to Men's County Jail for fatal car crash …
Did you know you can donate your paperback books to the SL County Jail?
They've now put barricades in front of the Waller a County Jail where died. The jail is tiny y'all. The barricades …
held in McLennan County Jail. Phone: (254) 757-2555. Prompt Bond is $245K.
is in McLennan County Jail. Phone: (254) 757-2555. Bond is $245K use prompt speak to operator.
Richmond says no 2 more beds at County Jail. …
Hundreds bid farewell to who died in Waller County jail cell |
Where was her advocate? Where was her "ally"? Who was looking out for when 6 men killed her in a Fairfax County jail?
Instead of being safely transported, never made it to the Alexandria jail. Fairfax County police murdered her.
Wife slipped drugs to inmate husband at Westchester County jail: cops
Just saw a guy with an Uber hat and a Las Vegas County jail t-shirt. He might need to be my ride.
LPN: Richmond, PT LPN one 12hr shift per week To work in the Madison County Jail Medical Unit ...
Inmate found hanging at Waller County jail
Saunders County Jail. Wahoo, Nebraska. Built in 1929. 24 inmates, capacity of 20
The Waller County Jail is tiny & also houses the Sheriff's Office. There is likely camera footage of every square inside that bu…
After visiting the Waller County Jail, I think that it is likely that someone entered the jail via the back where there are no c…
Too bad all of friends and family wouldn't spend $500 to bond her out of the county jail.
Being told Sandy was harassed by guards in the Waller County jail throughout her three days there.
Hundreds gather to bid farewell to woman who died in Texas jail cell: The Harris County, Texas, medical examin...
Waller County Jail is literally like 5 min away from where I'm moving, same school district and all.
Sheriff Smith: The jail staffers supervising Bland the day of her death were either Hispanic or African-American.
Check out other mugshots from Waller County Jail... Where are the Orange suits?
Currently waiting at the Hall County Jail. 5 minutes until my Dad is released!
One can access the inside of the Waller County jail from the back, where there are no cameras.
And the fence that is up around the back of the Waller County Jail has an entrance gate.
Anyone could've easily accessed the inside of the Waller County Jail from the back, w/o notice.
Waller County Jail violations include no documentation for menu dietary standards. Show us menu for
How does the Cook County Jail, largest in the country, stigmatize the community that surrounds it? Maria Gaspar asks
yes!!! The whole Waller County jail is responsible. Someone knows something. I hope they are brave enough to come forward.
Question: Are you thinking about killing yourself?. No. - Waller County Jail Medical Health Evaluation
Sandra Bland was Murdered in a Waller County jail cell!
"I know you like Victoria county jail, but I don't wanna go.." 😂
And the Waller County Jail is small. I can't imagine she an entire slipknot noose and no one heard/saw anything
Beggars can't be choosers: How financial crisis could impact Wayne County Jail dilemma
the statistics would still be the same¿ no matter county jail or federal prison .
My latest. . Waller County DA accuses Bland of eating a "large volume" of marijuana in jail. I call BS.
'Lockup' Savannah putting Chatham County jail in the spotlight on Aug. 1 ... - Savannah Morning News: Savannah...
A 50-year-old inmate at the Lehigh County Jail died Friday. An autopsy is planned.
ICYMI, this has Waller sheriff statement abt jail procedures
4 more County Jail inmates taken to hospital
4 more County Jail inmates taken to hospital Monday
Two in County Jail tied to death video
In LA County Jail the word is you can trade 200 cigarettes for Neil Patrick Harris
An inmate died tonight in the County Jail; sheriff's office is investigating:
Hairy Potter and the Prisoner at the County Jail
that the County Jail holds inmates under inhumane conditions. But the reporter hops on a bicycle and speeds away. Not interested.
LVN/JAILER: Comal County is now accepting applications at the County Jail. Apply online at
Citizens' Police Academy Class had a great tour of the DeSoto County Jail tonight. A very special thanks goes...
UPDATE: DPS identify Carlos Vargas + Javier Gomez as suspects arrested + booked into County Jail in SWAT incident yesterday
AVAILABLE: Jailhouse Doc: A Doctor in the County Jail by William Wright M.D. -
COOK: Comal County for a Jail Cook at the County Jail. Apply online at must have HS Diploma/GED with 2 years exp.
CC Sheriff Dart has ended a lockdown at the Cook. County Jail and routine detainee movement has resumed
It seems that federal prosecutors are after the "big fish" in L.A. County Jail obstruction-of-justice inquiry
SNJ Today special report: A poetry workshop is being offered to inmates at the County Jail.
Murder suspect Tracy Newson remains in McLean County Jail, accused of shooting Carlton Jordan in Bloomington over the weekend. Bond at $4mil
Just like when he brought a SILENT partner over my house while I was in the County Jail and out walking home down S.F.Road to Sun Valley.
Got the TV/Music Choice/Classic Country with Tom Hall singing "A week in A County Jail", opening the weeks mail and drink'n 1st cup coffee
Eerie sensations can be felt and a handprint in cell 17 can be seen at the Old Jail Museum (Carbon County Jail)...
Come tour the Garden Project: 14-acre organic farm at SF County Jail that works w/ ex-offenders & at-risk kids
.writing music with James DeBarge in L.A. County Jail (reports) via
Chris Brown Gets 1 Year in L.A. County Jail for Probation Violation Singer Chris Brown on Friday admitted to vi...
Chris brown get 1 year in LA County Jail 😦😦😱😱 !!! Noo
Bulls better go to the Flea Market or the County Jail to find some scorers since their fans don't want Melo.
Wow,,next stop strip search in County Jail,,Lol
Thank you for the RT. Here the County Jail is the single largest mental health provider in Dallas.
Icarus Nestor Pappas (April 16, 1933 – August 31, 2008), better known as Ike Pappas, was a CBS News correspondent for 25 years. Pappas was born in the Flushing, Queens section of New York City. He graduated from Long Island University and then spent two years in the United States Army. He was assigned to Stars and Stripes during his enlistment. Dallas, Texas, November 24, 1963 That morning, Pappas was among the throng of reporters present at the Dallas City Jail for alleged presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's transfer to the County Jail. Working for WNEW-AM in New York at the time, Pappas began his report as Oswald came into view: “ Now the prisoner, wearing a black sweater, he's changed from his T-shirt, is being moved out toward an armored car. Being led out by Captain Fritz." (car horn sounds) "There's the prisoner." (Pappas holds his microphone out towards Oswald) "Do you have anything to say in your defense... ” As Pappas asked Oswald the question, Jack Ruby stepped out of the crowd of .. ...
The estate of a woman who committed suicide in McHenry County Jail in 2005 has settled its lawsuit for at least $1 million with Centegra Health System and one of its employees on claims they provided inadequate medical care, lawyers in the case said. …read more Source: Chicago Tribune
lol lets jus say I fcked aroun on da wrng part of saginaw, I think that's what it's called. Ended up in Eaton county jail.
Collect call from the county jail. Lmfao
Stillwater News - Payne County Sheriff says correction department changes will cost jail up to $50,000 a month
Well off too sleep I go.I'm hella nervous for tomorrow, I got court and its my sentencing date. I could be looking at 1 yr in county jail, but hopefully I will get a little love from the judge!! I'll put it in gods hands!!
County orange is not my color and I will not go to jail about YELLOW RICE
Let me pray before I find myself at Hardin county jail🙏
I just got a call from some guy in Cook County Jail. That was actually scary. I denied the charges and hung up 😳
I just read where the lady who threw her shoes at Hillary Clinton could get up to 1 year in the County Jail for that. Personally I think she should get the silver star, the congressional medal of honor, and a free trip to Disney World.
$1.3M settlement reached in county jail death
Salt Lake Tribune - Man dies a week after suicide attempt in Washington County jail
Had a great night teaching Easter at the county jail, but I was even more blessed to come home and see that Brad came over to have dinner with us, even if his real reason to visit us was to do taxes, we'll take what we can get :)
More County deputies under investigation for alleged
Well, I do believe I am officially single...blow out fight, wouldn't be civil and give my things back, now he's in county to say we're not getting back together.
Washington County Jail inmate dies after suicide attempt
Just finished my first day as Deputy Nielson turns out there are a lot of things u can't say in a county jail. I miss my people up in A West Chris Stevens Kelepi Vaea love u guys o ya and even Russell Tidwell
The suspect, Anita T. Hill 51 yr. old female, was charged with MURDER and placed into the Tuscaloosa County Jail with a $75,000.00 Bond.
this is what the jail I worked at looked like.
Spent the day @ 26th St and California (aka Cook County Jail, for you non Chicagoans). No I wasn't incarcerated, Jury Duty -- looks like I'll be spending the rest of the week there! :-/
People get out county jail walking around with the slippers and addicted to coffee.
10 mile march to Cook County Jail to support my brothers and sisters who are incarcerated for petty crimes. It was great! :D Pray for the prisoners and the immigrants because people are not illegal.
Uma call and see if rondo in Cook County Jail tomorrow 😏
Yall posting on Della wall, something she will never see. How about write her *** the address to Hoke County jail is P.o. box 300 Raeford NC 28376 O.A.N. Glad justice is served thank God!!! Good night
Lmao all the people I see on the polk county jail website look like they belong there 😂😂😂
Grant county jail knows me has hamster love...glad they don't know my government!
Two days to decide if I plan to do the speech Wednesday night at the Lake County, IN Jail.
Lol somebody keeps calling me from clarke county jail.
I just got out of county jail my ppl ! :) wuz good ??
Found a ride to Butte County Jail one less thing to worry about this week
Activist battles L.A. County jailers' 'culture of violence'
Police and fire calls: POLICE CALLS People booked into the Shawnee County Jail in connection with felonies.
Carrabba’s founder Damian Mandola back in Hays County jail
You in the County and you can't get out of jail ***
better them sneeky *** that be down there lurking. Ion wanna go to jail in Horry County lol.
It's officially official we have 2 more Hawkeyes living in our house. Madi and Lexi will start in the College of Business and College of Engineering this fall. We are very proud of them and know they will find much success there! Glad they are following the footsteps of their parents and grandparents just don't follow your dad' s footsteps to the Johnson County Jail.
Being single has saved me a broken hard and a trip to solano county jail
owner of dog that was set on fire arrested. Larry Wallace is in the DeSoto County jail. More to come...
Wonder what doomie doin. I ain't had NO jail calls in like a week. Except the county 😒
county jail is all I could find .. guess I was wrong ?
Chicago in a nutshell. “Daley nephew released from McHenry County jail
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Utah woman arrested after 7 dead babies found inside home - This photo provided by the Utah County jail shows...
Overcrowding has led the Oswego County jail to release 31 criminals from its facility because lawmakers say their simply isn’t enough room to house them.
Sheriff: Woman brought cocaine into Illinois jail - KSDK
Wayne county jail...sounds depressing.doesn't it.
Juveniles in adult jails present challenges: Within the Marion County Jail, among the nearly 2,000 ...
, leaving the beef in mitchell county next week , cant go to jail in pcb , Ima enjoy myself !
Oswego County battles overcrowding, but no solutions in sight - Apr 14 @ 8:48 PM ET
Daley nephew released from McHenry County jail..
Daley nephew released from McHenry County jail
Chicago Sun Times - Daley nephew Vanecko out of jail - Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko left the McHenry County J...
My latest with Detained immigrant assaulted by registered sex offender in Sherburne County jail
Final group of cells to open soon at 11-year-old Porter County Jail: VALPARAISO | More than 11 year...
Authorities have filed federal charges against a Phoenix woman accused of throwing a shoe on stage while Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a convention speech. The trespassing and violence charges lodged Sunday against Alison Michelle Ernst in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas come as local prosecutors consider a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge in state court. Ernst didn't respond to a phone message Monday, and it isn't clear if she has a lawyer. The 36-year-old faces a June 24 court date on the local charge, which could get her six months in county jail stemming from the incident Thursday. A court date in the federal case wasn't immediately set. Clinton wasn't struck by the shoe. She continued her speech to a recycling industry conference at the Mandalay Bay resort.
Sheriff Tirey reports several broken locks in Walker County Jail. Inmates are being moved to a place few have escaped, 1…
Who gots the number to the new sedgwick county jail, i need it asap gracias in advance
Hey I bet Casey Joe would love some healthy inspirational letters, if u have some good things to say and would take the time to reach out his address is Casey Gammon 107201 c/o Millard county jail 765 s highway 99 Fillmore ut 84631
10 miles to Cook County Jail. People are NOT illegal.
WTH ! News announces there is no room in Oswego county jail and sent inmates to other jails costing tax payers 2.1 million. NEXT STORY was register your " assault rifle" by Tomorrow or face a year in jail. Gonna be a lot more law abiding citizens turned criminals starting tomorrow
They should fire everybody at the Hidaldo County Jail and Sheriff's Department! And hire new people!
Help us collect soft cover books and current magazines for women in prisons and youth in county jail. Book Drive for Women in Prison
Hey everybody this is dougs wife! We had court today and he will be serving 90 days in the cache county jail. He also wanted me to tell everyone that after he gets out he will no longer be working in ogden doing tattoos for we will be moving shortly after. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We found her. You dont have to miss her anymore. She is in walker county jail. You can go visit if your on her visiting list. Look out KARMA has struck
Some excitement around Jackson this afternoon: "UPDATE From Amador Dispatch..(sic).. "The Amador County Jail has a new resident Monday afternoon after a driver attempted to flee from police at speeds up to 100 miles per hour in a chase that led through the streets of Jackson and Sutter Creek. Details are still sketchy but the pursuit allegedly started after a marked Jackson Police cruiser and officer attempted to perform a traffic stop in downtown Jackwon. The man fled up northbound Highway 49 hitting speeds up to 70 miles per hour, to the intersection of Argonaut Lane and Highway 49 where he collided nearly head-on with another vehicle. The man continued fleeing, down Highway 49 to Ridge Road where he reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour, before circling down back streets to Sutter Creek where he made a circle and came back through the Shell Gas Station at Highway 49 and Ridge Road where its believed he may have struck another vehicle. He then went up Ridge Road again, down New York Ranch Road, cut ...
well a miracle happened today...last week i found out that work release denied me because my boss doesn't have a i went to turn myself in today to do straight time in in county jail...and the judge went ahead and gave me home i'll be able to work with my boss doing flooring and i should be ok.PHEW!
Woman w stage 3 breast cancer in county jail after workplace raid facing deportation who could benefit from medical support. Need medical folks in scrubs for 11:00 press conference tomorrow (Tuesday). Spread the word and text me if you can be there.
JUST IN: James A. Stewart, a 15 year veteran of the Springfield Police Department assigned to the Field Operations Division, was arrested early Saturday morning on April 12th for DIU while off-duty. Springfield Police Officers responded to a disabled vehicle in the 1600 block of Stevenson Drive where they observed Stewart behind the wheel of the vehicle. Upon completion of the investigation, Stewart was arrested for DUI and transported to Sangamon County Jail. Stewart is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of both the criminal and internal investigations.
$6.50 for a whole day of jury duty and inspecting the county jail? Pf.
Megan Huntsman, who was booked into the Utah County jail on suspicion of killing six of her newborn children over the past decade. Seven dead babies were found in a garage at a Pleasant Grove home where Huntsman lived up until 2011. (AP Photo/Utah County Jail) Courtesy Utah County Jail She only killed 6 or maybe 7 newborn children. In this country we kill 1,500 a year and no one seems to care. I don't get it
Prayer Warriors, will you Please agreement in Prayer with me for a Dear Friend of mines, Buddy Shepherd. Buddy and I started going into the Gregg County jail together over 20 years ago. Buddy will be having surgery in the morning. The doctors will be removing Buddy's kidney and starting dialysis.The doctors told Buddy he has cancer but Buddy and I are believing by Jesus stripes he is healed. Thank you Faithful Prayer Warriors.🙏
Toured county jail and did a ride along with road patrol. These brave men and women keep our county safe. Thank you to Sheriff Stammitti and your great team.
Just want to say to all you grandmothers out there that don't think the little things you do for your grandchildren go unnoticed. In talking with many of the ladies at the county jail it's usually the grandmothers that they mention as having a positive influence on their life. So do what you can grandmas... Positive words, positive actions… They all mean so much!
I just got released from Cooper County jail in Boonville Mo.
A local evangelist serving time for impersonating a peace officer was released from the Shelby County Jail on Sunday morning.
I have an interview at the Pinellas county jail so happy! Thanks Kenyarda Owens for looking out :-) :-) :-)
Court went good :) now I just have to try and sweet talk the peoole at county jail so I can see my husband..
Hello friends. I have spent the last 7 days in Travis County Jail for public intoxication and two possession charges. I was looking at 180 days but my public defender somehow got the most serious charge quashed. I took detailed notes of the whole experience, writing down everything that happened, and will be posting a story about it to The Ground Score at some point in the near future. As for now, the week of systematic mental torture I've endured has left me somewhat shaken, and I will need a day or two to recover before I can really get back to "work." It will not surprise you to learn that captivity doesn't sit well with me. I wanted to get a message out to you, but as I have no family or close friends (any who's phone numbers I have memorized, anyway) I was completely cut off from the outside world. I appreciate your concern and will be answering all of the personal messages for a few hours, so feel free to stop by and say hello.
So everyone knows licia got 11 months in county jail everyone please support her while she is in there she needs it an would appreciate it.
If u need the address to the bandera county jail its P.O. box 607, just write ya boy headed in right now
Landmark ... Fossil Station built in 1907 to house the sheriff and county jail. Operated today by the Russell County Historical Society as Fossil Station Museum, Russell KS.
Per Josephine County Jail records: 4/12/14 arrested at 7th/M St - Charles Worden, 65, of 211 Honeybee Ln, CJ, for Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine and Driving While Suspended, Failure to Appear.
A Jackson teenager has been charged with fatally stabbing a 24-year-old man after an argument about marijuana. Skyler Wright, 18, is being held at the Aiken County Jail pending murder charges in the death of Brenden M. Tucker.Read More..
I'm sitting here thinking about all the times I been in the county jail!! I WAS A STRAIGHT *** !! Lol, I'm cool on that life, don't want know parts of it.. Lol
In a couple of weeks, if you want to visit an inmate in the Knox County jail, you'll have to do it by video chat. The Knox County Sheriff's Office
Ok does anyone know anyone up at dane county jail.. from inmate to guard.. yeah I know oh hush.. just need to know thank you
A Mississippi woman has been charged with bringing cocaine into the Madison County Jail.
Joci Lynn Seven years ago today I trashed Mom's house, got arrested, and spent 211 days in Kootenai County Jail. Live, learn, and chill out I guess, right? It was a good reality check for me, much as it would've been preferable to have actually found an honest psychiatrist or psychologist before things got to that level. I knew something was wrong early in 2006 but I couldn't explain it in words. I tried to stop the meltdown - I really did. Told people I thought I might be Bipolar but they just politely deferred. They meant well, but they should've listened. Oh well. Things are better now, but my life after jail was the worst sort of torment I could possibly imagine. There is no way to describe how awful that was. I was strong enough to get through, but just barely. Came so close to ending it.
Robby starts his new job at the Jackson County Jail today. I hope his day goes well! A this is my favorite time of year, NOT! Can't wait for tax time to be over! Here I go wishing my life away! LOL Have a good week folks! :)
Well today is the day holler at yall later, if there is anyone interested in writing me just look up bandera county jail addres. Also i love the smell of bacon cooking
A suspect in the fatal shootings of three people outside separate Jewish community centres in the Kansas City area on Sunday has been identified as Frazier Glenn Cross, a Johnson County jail official said. The Southern Poverty Law Center says the 73-year-old suspect, who also uses the last name of Miller, has long been an outspoken white supremacist and was once a “grand dragon” of the Ku Klux Klan.
Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. Democrat (1984) / Republican (1986) / Independent (2006–2010) PARK, Kan. -- The man accused of killing three people Sunday in attacks at a Jewish community center and Jewish retirement complex near Kansas City is a well-known white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader who was once the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Frazier Glenn Cross, 73, of Aurora, Mo., was booked into Johnson County jail on a preliminary charge of first-degree murder after the attacks in Overland Park. At a news conference, Overland Park police Chief John Douglass declined to publicly identify the man suspected in the attacks. But an official at the Olathe jail, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to discuss the case, identified the suspect as Cross. "Today is a sad and very tragic day," Douglass said at the news conference. "As you might imagine we are only three hours into this investigation. There's a lot of innuendo and a lot of assertions going around. There is re ...
Fresh out da county jail got a fresh pistol case thank my for bonding me out
Nicole was in a car accident tonight she was not hurt she is very lucky because there was a fatality her boyfriend's dad was killed but now she's was arrested for back support she is in Baker County jail but she's out of control she needed this .On a better note I am moving in my own place with my boo I am so happy I can't wait to all my family I love you
So I went thru the Randolph County Jail inmate list and I know at least 5 people in jail right now, two of which are there for murder. What the heck?!
Evangelist Matt Pitt, founder of The Basement youth ministry, is on schedule to be released from Shelby County Jail on Palm Sunday.
I just got a call from an inmate at San Francisco county jail. I didn't accept the phone call because I was eating. Assuming that it's a wrong number anyway, I hope it wasn't anything important.
Tomorrow I will be walking 10 miles from my university to the county jail to say to legislators, to the church, to chicago, and to all those affected by the injustices of the prison system and immigration policy of the U.S. that people are not illegal. We have been planning this action from January and excited to see what it will become. To friends in Chicago, if you have any free time between 2:30-8pm and would like to join us, please come! To friends all over the world, please send love, thoughts, prayers, chocolates,... it's going to be a long day.
LMAO just saw Chemung County Jail on an episode of Snapped on Oxygen
6 months later and I FINALLY received a refund of my remaining balance from GlobalTel Link. This is the phone company that Riley County Jail has chosen to use in their facility. This company charges families $25 for a mere 15 minute conversation with a loved one. They charge ridiculous fees, $3 just for connecting the call. $5 just to put more money on your account. It's a sick and legal form of highway robbery...And you have to fight them tooth and nail to close your account and get your money back. Disgusting.
I got to spend the night in County jail. Had an awesome time, the cheese on bread samiches were the highlight. If I missed your call I'm sorry... wasn't planned, if you missed me.i's sorry, I know how hard that is. :) I LOVE MY LIFE!.regardless
I just got done seeing my babe at the pima county jail and took mia to go see her daddy♡
Glenn Herman, 51, of Tiffin, was arrested and taken to Seneca County Jail today after an accident on CR 15, near US 224. His vehicle struck a utility pole and equipment used for a gas line project. See Monday's A-T for more information.
Just got out of Santa Clara County Jail. I was only there for 2 days but it was *** The cops kicked the s*** out of me. The worst part of all was that it was for a warrant from almost 2 years ago.
Fresh out the county jail . I love you baby girl
Yo...what's popping... my ni55a shea schaub is locked up in pinellas county jail for something he didn't do. They doubled his bond. Write my *** Show love. Don't ever forget all u left behind. Reach out to my homie. He good on money. Just shot letters.
Collision Update: Joshua Steiger has been located & arrested for Vehicular Assault. He will be booked in Pierce County Jail.
"Cut throat" is currently incarcerated in the Henry County Jail facing up to 28 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for "Unlawful Possession of Weapons by a felon" He asks that you all write him and send him pics and phone at (Justin Schultz 311 West Center st. Cambridge, IL. 61238) Also funds accepted. To send Funds please go to ( You can also check up on him to see if he's been sent to D.O.C. by typing in his D.O.C. # R26682 on the Illinois Department of Corrections inmate search page
Hi FB Family. Stopped by to let you know that I'm not active out there with you all (God's will). I had to take care of a few things so I could be free in every way. (AA and IDOC). Will see you soon come July/August. Prayers and love is needed. Michael Thomas Inmate DuPage County Jail, PO BOX 957, WHEATON, IL 60187-0957
Champaign County Sheriff's Office confirms severe head injury of inmate was caused by fellow inmates at Tri-County Jail.
Survived (barely) Chilifest this evening. Finally got to see Hank Williams, Jr. live. He can still rock with the best of them. However, my temper nearly got the best of me tonight at least twice. The same *** kept staggering into my back repeatedly while dancing around with his friends. After the fourth or fifth time, I just elbowed him in the ribs & he moved on. There were signs everywhere there saying don't throw beer cans, but guess what? They were flying around like birds. I didn't get hit by a can, but got sloshed in the face by some little punk shaking his beer around. I wasn't 100% sure at first who did it, but I made eye contact with Shorty from about 10 feet away. When I walked toward him, he disappeared into the crowd. I thank God that he gave me height (nearly 6' 3"), the ability to carry nearly 250 lbs ( I know I get to get rid of some of that) & some self-control with my temperament. Those things probably kept me from spending the night in Caldwell tonight (County Jail). I just had to vent .. ...
Lenny Dykstra claims he was beaten within an inch of his life while in custody at L.A. County Jail ... and the former MLB great says his attackers were…
former star Lenny Dykstra is suing LA County Jail for allegedly receiving a brutal beating by guards in the prison 2YRS ago.
Public Safety Notice! Attempted Kidnapping Earlier this week, the Clarksville Police Department released information to the local media about an attempted kidnapping. On 03/19/2014 at 11:45am, at the Shell Station on Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Garon Brown honked his horn and started waving his hands at a 19 year old female victim. She rolled her window down and Mr. Brown stated, "You're pretty.” Mr. Brown eventually asked if the victim wanted to go for a ride in his truck, and she refused. He then approached her vehicle and reached in her window and she rolled it up. Mr. Brown then opened her door, reached in, grabbed her, and attempted to pull her out of the vehicle. The victim was able to kick him away and he got back in his pickup truck and drove off quickly. Mr. Brown came back to the same Shell Station on Wilma Rudolph Blvd. the day after (03/20/14) the attempted kidnapping and was arrested by the Clarksville Police Department. Garon Brown was booked into Montgomery County Jail and made bond on 03/26/14. ...
Just called every county jail in TN . I still don't know where my bro is :^(
Who keeps calling me from the Douglas county jail.
Detention officer arrested for sneaking MP3 player into county jail: She worked for six weeks as an offi...
4 Fichitas arrestadas por malandrines en Fortuna, Ca. La foto del cuarto no esta disponible. Four Arrested After Dispute FORTUNA, CA - On March 29th 2014 at approximately 8:39 PM, officers responded to a residence located in the 300 block of North Fortuna Boulevard for the report of a verbal argument. Upon arrival officer’s contacted Mark Shelton, William Richard Brown and Michael Sorden at the residence. Moments later the property owner Marcus McCain showed up on a Harley motorcycle. McCain was found to be on probation for narcotics related offenses, a search of his person was conducted resulting in an officer locating a bindle of suspected methamphetamine in close proximity to McCain. A probation search was then conducted on McCain’s residence. Officers additionally located approximately 4 grams of suspected methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, a tazer, stolen property and forged and altered checks. The checks located were documented as stolen to the Fortuna Police Department approximately two weeks ...
Well I pass the bar on the way To my dingy hotel room I spent all my money I've been drinkin' since half past noon Well I'll wake there in the mornin' Or maybe in the county jail Times are hard getting harder I'm born to lose and destined to fail...
In case you weren't up late last night and happened to miss it, here is the encore link. This time there is...
One year after Marathon County jail attack, major changes underway (with video) by
"My survivals for singles teacher had sex with my friend on her desk because he just got of county jail. -Orl…
My boyfriend in the county jail .. when he touchdown ' both of us causing *** !!
On 3-30-14 at approximately 5:50 AM, the suspect in the stabbing death that occurred outside of 4128 Brady Street on 3-22-14, Tremaine Juwan Gabriel, age 27, was arrested. Tremaine Juwan Gabriel was found in a vehicle at Locust and Bridge and taken into custody without incident. He is being held at the Scott County Jail without bond.
I was in the county jail for 9months then want back did 4days then want back did 3months now I'm on 2years house arrest then after that got 3years paper half y'all *** couldn't did this but it's cool my time is almost up the bad thing about I would not take none of that back cause *** like me ball out each time I step out...
is going after illegal dumping. Deputies track people down & can give up to $1000 fine + jail time:
Proly gon shoot to the county jail to go see my dawg terry
I had the honor to go minister at the county jail today with Greg. Had a great time ministering to such awesome men of God. They have made a mistake or two in life but God is not done with them yet. God still has a call on their life and God can still use them to win souls to the kingdom.
Painting my nails county jail orange for all of my friends locked up. =)
Someone keeps trying to call me from some Orange County jail..
Cook county sweat asl now I see a lot of lame *** *** go to jail
County Commissioner defies federal judge on religious rights, says bring it on:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Taking the kids to the park den here I *** the county jail
  So what is my platform for the 2016 Presidency of the United States?   As the 44th President of the U.S. I will 1stly put an end to all immigration. Rounding up all undocumented people will be of primary importance. Ten year internment camps will be incorporated, much like Joe Arpaio’s county jail camps. Jobs will be created with increased need of BP and ICE officers for the round up and for the camps. This will give me an opportunity to put all Veterans in a career regardless of disability status. If they want to work they will work and they will be the priority. Unemployed non-veteran citizens will be considered as well. All amnesties from 1970 to present are suspended. It’s internment camp for you and your children/grandchildren. You will now be able to rectify the immense problem you and your employers have created. Corporations found employing undocumented workers will be punished harshly. I care to check records back to 1970 on this also. I’m sure the message will be heard loud and clear. ...
Country Commissioner will go to Jail over being Denied her Religious Rights!
Our weekend so far: Friday morning, 3 a.m. Get a phone call from Mark who’s visiting Chicago with friends. (He calls because he knows that I’m usually up late.) He tells me that the car window has been smashed. His bag containing laptop, glasses, cellphone charger, etc., is gone. Saturday evening, 11:30 p.m. Mark is back in Ann Arbor. He calls to tell us that he’s been arrested and is in the county jail. Was stopped because a tail light was out. Police discovered an arrest warrant from *10 years ago* when he was ticketed by a park ranger for peeing in the woods. Says that he’s learned that these things don’t go away on their own. (Am wondering about the statute of limitations . . . . ) Eric and I go to county jail to post bond. Sunday morning, 1 a.m. Mark is released. Sunday morning, 11 a.m. Pick up the impounded car. Otherwise a quiet day so far. Hoping for victories for Michigan State and Michigan later today. (For photos, see “shares.”)
Aye yall this is oscars home boy. he wanted me to get on here an let yall know he is locked up in twiggs county jail. i was locked up with him. show him some love yall
Ugggh don't want to be here... But anyway bruh @ Cobb County Jail Visitors Center
Today's mugshots from the Lancaster County jail
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