Counting Cars & Barry White

Counting Cars is an American reality television series, shown on History, and produced by Leftfield Pictures. Barry White, born Barry Eugene Carter (– ), was an American composer and singer-songwriter. 2.3/5

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Danny is commissioned by Barry White's estate to find and restore the singer's Stutz IV-Porte. Meanwhile, an old pullover visits the shop with a custom job that could teach the Count a lesson.
The Stutz IV Porte that Barry White owned that was on counting cars last week is ugly as *** !! Looks like a box caprice with a Rolls Royce front end and a thunderbird trunk with auburn/cord exhaust. And that was luxury in 1979. $70,000 then is like $250,000 now!!! I'd buy a Bentley over that ugly *** thing if I had the money lol
Great counting cars. they restored Barry White stuts bearcat for his widow
I think I'm watching too much tv and it is making me stupid. I was watching Counting Cars, an episode where the find Barry White's car and restore it for his wife. Me: Hey Dear, this episode they are restoring a car for that dude from Storage Wars. Dear: Nope your talking about Barry Weiss. Barry White, the singer. Me: Oh, right. Like "Hello chilrens" from South Park. Dear: No, that was Issac Hayes. So about an hour later... Me: Dear, did Ron Howard die today? Dear: Not that I heard. Why do you ask? Me: Because someone on FB just posted that they killed Opie. Dear: That's a character from Sons Of Anarchy. Guess I don't watch as much tv as I thought.
Another nice gentle rain to soothe the soul!! All that's missing is some Barry White playing (had him on mind since watching counting cars last night) Be at peace with yourself!
Watched "Counting Cars" on TV last night when he found the last car that the late Barry White drove before he died and he bought it and restored it for Barry's wife. It was a great show! I love to watch the show anyway, but have an entirely new level of respect for this guy Danny Count, owner, for doing this incredibly wonderful thing. I'm a Barry White fan from way back, and it brought tears to my eyes when Danny presented that car to Barry's widow. Pure awesomness. I put Barry on and let him ding me to sleep
I love gas monkey, but after what the count did to Barry White's stutz. I will not moss an episode of either. Fast n loud & counting cars my two new favorite shows.
Need to be working on two reports but instead I am mindnumbing with the boob tube. The only saving grace? The show is Counting Cars and I am watching the restoration of Barry White's Stutz. Not the kind of classics Dad restored but pretty cool all the same! I don't know whether I think the lady who sold it to them is greedy or is just a good business woman--she was asking $6000 until she found out it was originally Barry White's car...
Barry White's car on Counting Cars. cool. Pimp my ride old school for sure.
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