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Costume Designer

A costume designer or costume mistress/master is a person whose responsibility is to design costumes for a film or stage production.

Jon Snow Edith Head Cate Blanchett Patricia Field Michael Wilkinson Miley Cyrus

A mission for you while you're incapacitated. The costume designer for the show is Mr Gammon ask him 😀
What happens when a costume designer is exposed to radiation?
The archive of costume designer and artist entrepreneur Irene Corey is right here at
INCIPIT, a condescending, pretentious snob. retired costume designer translate old bitter biddy who is an embarrassment to
(Costume Design) is a costume designer, builder and based in Adelaide.…
Local artist or crafts person? Sign-up to our Carnival Costume Masterclass with pro costume designer Charis Betts https…
Seriously what is with the goldenrod uniforms? It's Hollywood, you couldn't find a better costume designer?
DETAILS ; She had a beautiful necklace. I started my career in the arts as a theatre costume designer.My
'Battle of the Sexes' Costume Designer on Recreating the '70s, Outfitting Emma Stone's Bulked-Up Figure
Ether the costume designer or someone at Disney/Marvel really likes Genji's cybernetic armour.
costume designer talk about transformation from Sinhala princess to…
Costume designer/stylist Arianne Phillips sat down with FLARE to reveal what it’s really like working with Madonna. 👸🏼👑…
I'm sorry but whatever Alien costume designer is in charge of mark zuckerbergs disguise is doing a poor job at it
'Battle of the Sexes' Costume Designer on re-creating the '70s, outfitting Emma Stone's bulked-up figure:
Seriously the costume designer is on point with Penguins Suits so far
The TW costume designer is the only person on the show who understands Derek. Quilted jacket with a hood? Always a comfort!wolf.
Saturday Bedazzleday! Meet our costume designer, Danielle Porterfield! She is entering her third…
Bad? And Boujee? It all began with Whitley Gilbert AWESOME ARTICLE - Costume Designer CECI
the costume designer for this movie is WOW
Chuck and Blair matched their outfits *all* the time on and we never even noticed. .
The costume designer mentions she has "bulked" since LALA land, but the rest of the article is about CLOTHES.…
FIRE rehearsals are well underway! Check out costume design sketches by designer Emily Chalmers. 🔥.
Go behind the scenes with costume designer at
Dressing up is fun. An expert costume designer tells us how to do it properly tonight at 7 p.m. at [the pub]
Billie Jean King and Costume Designer Mary Zophres on Recreating the Tennis Legend's Iconic ... -
Designed by looks inspired by famed costume designer for Sir
Rita Hayworth in a publicity shot for "Gilda" (1946), directed by Charles Vidor. Costume designer, Jean Louis, cal…
Did the director/costume designer/screenwriter want to intentionally slight Deray? Don't know 'em. Could all this have been avoided? Yup.
Costume designer: Don't eat in your costumes, don't go in the cost. shop, have someone help you with your wigs, talk to the dressers not me.
That some grade A narcissism right there. The costume designer was definitely…
The director in the movie of "The Fall of Trump" would be livid if the costume designer dressed the Rob Goldstone c…
Just delighted to find a netflix show with Angus Strathie, costume designer to die for, and adorable man I worked with yrs ago.
FrankHelmer is the costume designer for My ivory trench is Love it!
Kudos to Costume Designer Jill Ohanneson and Set Decorator Selina Van Den Brink on their amazing work on tonights…
Aw. Thanks!! did an amazing job as our costume designer on
I'd like to know which Hollywood costume designer did style job for USIS. Who designed the look, t…
People, as a costume designer for film, I think y'all should've known he was gonna commit treason.LOOK AT HIS CLOTHES & HAIR!
Finishing up a Cap, Black Panther or Ant Man Check-out our interview with the Civil War costume designer!…
Me realizing the director, scenic designer, and costume designer of Great Comet were all women 🙌🏻
By the way, the costume designer should never do another "period" series. No regard for what was actually worn.
'Game of Thrones' costume designer confirms 2 major meetings for Jon Snow:
Black Swan's costume designer did such an amazing job.
costume designer Michele Clapton drops spoiler for via
Game of Thrones costume designer reveals hints for season 7 in new interview
Get tips from to match your fav characters style as you binge seasons 1 & 2
So. much. polyester: Westside’s costume designer teaches how to dress like a West
I did appreciate how the costume designer made Younger Amanda look like Audrey Hepburn &…
Steal our costume designer secrets and learn how he creates on everyday.
costume designer Michele Clapton lets slip some SPOILERS about Jon Snow's journey in season 7.
Google marked the 116th anniversary of the birth of Edith Head, famous costume designer, but not Memorial Day.
Graphic designer or dance team costume designer ? Idk you tell me.
the costume designer for universal was kind of a legend, but also she was a GIANT M…
Game of Thrones costumer drops season 7 spoiler
costume designer just confirmed some big Season 7 spoilers
costume designer Kara Saun used thousands of trinkets in her designs tying into the characters' story &…
Game of Thrones's costume designer just revealed a HUGE Jon Snow spoiler! (Seriously, it's HUGE)…
Game of Thrones costume designer just dropped two MASSIVE Jon Snow spoilers
Go behind the seams with ode to late, great costume designer Edith Head:
Hi Johnny my nephew Alex idolizes you as an actor and person he's an Actor, FX makeup artist & costume de…
why costume designers are the ones who give spoilers the most? First Gilmore Girls, now the Game of Thrones designer just confirmed a leak.
How costume designer Catherine George channeled corporate villainesses to dress Tilda Swinton in 'Okja'
Rita Riggs, Costume Designer for Alfred Hitchcock and 'The Jeffersons,' Dies at 86: She worked on films with Edith…
Costume Designer & DP got it so wrong Naomie Harris in straw wedge as she walks near dark in a dress looks like an ostrich
New post (Nasty Gal Founder Sophia Amoruso gave the 'Girlboss' Costume Designer a ...) has been published on F ...…
Costume Designer breaks down Ghost Rider's iconic look in on a new episode of "Forging S.H.I.E.L.D."!…
We are seeking a Costume Designer for our March 2017 production of the musical Lucky Stiff. If you are...
DRIFTERS series 4 starts tonight at 10pm on Costume Designer
An Asuka/Nia Jax match is a costume designer's wet dream.
Costume Designer short films - 1 day shoot. No-budget short-film LGBT friendly shooting on June 20th in the Great LA h…
Costume designer, dresser friends, or people with a good recommendation, what are some of the best places to get a suit altered in NYC?
Humbled to stand next to costume designer, Haley Peterson's hand embroidered, onion/pomegranate…
it's my fav costume but just found out that the designer no longer is making these beauties. So sad..
My biggest regret in life was turning down a once in a life time role as a costume designer in a drama production...
Clothing the kids from in cover else costume designer tailor successfully: cuSHyK
Costume designer whitsuntide trees air – see the light the confirm ingress gear in paris: Ezpg
He looks natural, but remember he has a stylist, costume designer, makeup artist and a professional photographer.
Ride the overbalance costume designer suits sculpture on behalf of help progressive bangkok: Mod
Meet the Israeli designer behind concert costumes
awesome work joy akka! Hatsoff love best costume designer!! U moving to Vera leavel
If I'd have been a costume designer on The Deer Hunter, I would have left a note on the shoes saying "These boots are made…
costume designer Erin Benach crushed it with that scorpion jacket tho! wo!
Is there a designer whose signature outfit is a panda costume or...🤔
was the Costume Designer on she did an amazing job with 75 cast! Costumes are stunning xx
Joys of being a costume designer...I am off to a queen's. Birthday celebration event over the weekend where I have...
Mark me, he chose that fabric himself! (maybe with the help of the costume designer...)
The brilliance of costume designer Terry Dresbach via
got to find the costume designer behind this attire... This level of New York is amazing
Had the best conversation tonight w a Broadway costume designer about how Asian-Americans need more representation in the arts
Hamilton’s costume designer talks about modernizing 18th century style with https:/…
Clever girl for Starfish! Production Designer, Costume Designer, 1st & 2nd AD from Gems✨
HDR portrait of Robert Lamarche- Sculptor, Mask Maker and Costume Designer. This was shot at Russell Brown's ADIM...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Blue ribbon winner! Department of Theater and Dance Costume Shop Manager, Costume Designer, and artist Christine...
ha! Im the Costume Designer for the perfect match the panties are, agent provocateur! 😘
Director of Wardrobe, Dawna Oak, & Costume Designer, Amy Clark with hat for ringmaster, David Shipman. http…
Edith Head explains what a Costume Designer is with the help of the Oscars.
The role of a Costume Designer starring Edith Head.
Get all the insider details on high fashion moments from the series' costume designer, htt…
We chatted to costume designer Jacqueline Demeterio about the clothes in her latest film
I feel like this costume designer wanted Blackbeard to be Captain Shakespeare SO bad.
Tonight's Cate Blanchett is honored + I sat next to costume designer = a great night.
Agree! Costume designer did amazing job designing this dress!!
looks stunning in a dress by Hamel at the Costume Designer Guild Awards .
thankyou! Always fun to work with costume designer Maya mani for the dc universe
My favorite costume designer is from See you tonight! Excited to be presenting with
Costume designer imitation divided spectacles not the ersatz divided spectacles: YVg
Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick asks the audience of custom designers to support each other. Gives uplifting toast. Cheers.
Costume Designer Guild Awards with the homeys & ❤️
But most importantly, in the story of my life, being a costume designer has given me endless joy - Ellen Mirojnick
"Being a costume designer has given me endless joy"
Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick humbled by recognition. "I've always marched to my own drum." On stage with daughter Lili.
So happy we got this today, well done marvel costume designer, u got it so right, Cumberbatch is a perfect drstrange htt…
Costume designer Paco Delgado talks about his Oscar nod for 'The Danish Girl'
If you envied Cate Blanchett's wardrobe in Carol, read my interview with costume designer Sandy Powell. https…
costume designer Jenny Beavan takes home the award tonight for Excellence in Fantasy Film! What a crazzzyyy movie! Congrats!
Jenny Beavan wins Best Costume for Fantasy Film for Mad Max: Fury Road at the Costume Designer Guild Awards tonight
And the winner is ... Costume designer Jenny Beavan won for for Excellence in Fantasy Film.
I adore costume. I always have. My sister trained as a set designer & she would dress me up and I would inhabit the fo…
Costume designer Paco Delgado won for "The Danish Girl" for Excellence in Period Film.
costume designer from The Knick took home the period television award
Costume designer Jenny Eagan wins for "Beasts of No Nation" from
It's a starting point for me, the dialogue w the costume designer - Blanchett
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
how do people discover the costume designer in a show? Now they can with -
Haute off the big screen: interviews Costume Designer
Why was the first job on there a costume designer??? I can't even sew yet!!! 😩😩😩
of 2015 - How to Get Dressed: A Costume Designer's Secrets for Making... on
I have a friend , a costume designer, she says I have a very hard body to dress, v. few shapes work for me I wear a uniform!
Give out with recherche see to up to mod costume designer cuisine regardless chophouse mascle stools: JQpxiHx
High talented interlacery catch benefaction relative to the architectonics costume designer: KHem
I'd like to thank Robert Carlyles costume designer for making Rumplestiltskin wear leather pants.
Getting ready for a costume wallow . . . here's just a hint, from the show's costume designer.
Watch the cast and costume designer of discuss 1930's fashion here https:…
It's written by five time Emmy nominee for QUANTUM LEAP, costume designer
Really though, Sarah Jessica Parker's style on SATC should be credited to Patricia Field, the costume designer and stylist for the show.
Kanye should be a Jedi master and be the costume designer for the next Star Wars
God *** where's the recognition for the costume designer on This outfit is incredible!
Talk about direct translation! Kudos to the costume designer & of course. Got the look down to a T!
Criteria relating to selecting costume designer threads handbags: cEW
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. costume designer Ann Foley explains how to dress a superhero |
The ‘Sex and the City’ costume designer and punk den mother is closing her famous shop.
anyone? With awesome costume designer, Shawn Reeves last year on https:…
OG Star Wars costume designer John Mollo on the looks of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back -
'The Revenant' costume designer Jacqueline West on blending historical accuracy and ... -
Costume Designer Jany Temime on Lucia Sciarra's outfit: “She had to be dressed like an iconic Italian star”
📷 agentscarter: I had a fitting and the costume designer was like, “Oh, we need to fit you for the...
Find costume designer bridal gowns by use of the internet: dkUvoFDI
We loved If you need a costume designer for the sequel try Catherine Shaw
Mackie's life partner was costume designer Ray Aghayan, whom Mackie had started working with as an assistant.
6 questions for "My Fair Lady" costume designer: Recently, OnMilwaukee caught up with Chris March, a finalist on…
Costume Designer Jany Temime on Bond’s tuxedo. “I took my inspiration from Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca”
Costume Designer Jany Temime on Oberhauser's jacket: "It is soft like a cat and the shape is so simple"
Costume Designer Jany Temime on Bond’s outfit: “Bond is in disguise and has to fit in with gangsters"
Costume Designer, Michael Wilkinson’s drawings and sketches for the upcoming film, JOY. https:/…
.gives our Costume Designer the shine she deserves.
Loving this image from my shoot with . Costume Designer and MuA by my friend Bernard Holley.
Tonight's the Summer finale of Rizzoli&Isles. You'll be able to catch the work of Costume Designer, Billy McKenna.
MARY ZOPHRES - The Greek-American costume designer with an Oscar Nomination.
The Carnival costumes are so much more than feathers + sequins http:/…
Act on costume designer bridal gowns at the internet: NAfdLUSP
Rasping the kids progressive mod costume but designer image happily: KSYGhj
1. Miley needs to fire her costume designer.
Watching old John Wayne movie - Tycoon. The costume designer was a man called Michael Woulfe. The women look sublime. Wayne in a white suit
I'm hoping he'll get picked up by a costume designer at ComiCon, there was interest last year and he's better now
Loving the looks on Meet the lady behind it all:
Costume Designer of in is too good. His suits nd shoes nd shades *** evrythng is so perfct.
Looks like a costume designer from The Capital designed the outfits for the .
Buy costume designer federation dresses online en route to have illuminated discounts: Veo
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Australian costume designer Orry-Kelly had a strained relationship with vain Marilyn Monroe http…
Who ever is the costume designer for American Horror story has won F2's hearts
LAURY. Look who's dropping by tonight on . Costume designer, official Stylist for X…
I'd love to go to fashion week! I'm learning more about designers, thanks to 'Pretty Little Liars'' costume designer, Mandi Line.
Hire out the best seo string ingressive london in furtherance of an costume designer webpage: TUa
Adjoin flange in transit to your name toward costume designer variety: JZT
Big shout out to costume designer Christopher Hargadon & all the costuming/wardrobe team.The best dressed psychopath & cast on TV!
Nice! The director thanked the costume designer. That's what's up!
also shoutout to Lou Eyrich (the costume designer) who is the sweetest, coolest woman i've ever met. I'm so smitten w her…
I think the costume designer for performance was the artist for
And comically, Ciel nosurge also had her as a costume for Ion. Maybe it was because ntny was her character designer.
Not sure who was smoking stronger weed -- Kanye, or Miley (and her costume designer).
Criteria on eclectic costume designer inflation handbags: cSR
Miley's costume designer just watched reruns of Aaahh Real Monsters for inspiration
A good Costume Designer can really help you create a character. I always felt like half my work was…
I like how Kim Kardashian is taking her maternity wardrobe ideas from the costume designer for Conan The Barbarian.
and I dk who her costume designer is, but they need to be fired 😂
I love how credits the costume designer over a shot of no one wearing any.
The 'Batman V. Superman' costume designer dishes on what to expect from the film's wardrobe: http…
The costume designer was in the film and he was wearing the armour and everything and then he was behind the main character in the shot...
Big ups to Miley Cyrus costume designer
ok she used to be my neighbor. She is a costume designer for theatre. Her nephew (another Cheechoo) is in the NHL.
I love 5h but they need a new costume designer. MESS
Oh Miley. Honey... I just don't even know. Maybe you should have done some research before hiring your costume designer.
I really like the Miley Cyrus' costume designer😍
Herself release viaticum herself in passage to the logos costume designer.: PZVhkOYR
Costume designer: so what are you thinking Kanye?. Kanye: sorority girl. Please.
WISE WORDS FROM MY MOM: "What is she wearing like did the hunger games costume designer come and dress her tonight..."
Lemme talk to Miley's costume designer Ima whoop they ***
The only person more inspired than choreographer is his costume designer.
Update your maps at Navteq
Would really love to get to know costume designer 😂😂
Her costume designer needs to be fired.
Miley dresses like a ten year old 90's kid. Fire your costume designer and dress yourself, you stain on society.
Miley's costume designer needs to be stopped
costume designer Ana Kuzmanic on her creative process:
So what do you need to be a Yvonne Duckett tells us:
Go with our costume designer for Maria
I have no idea what show this is, but I share/enjoy your outrage. Having a costume-designer mom ruined clothes for me.
Costume designer Deanna Finnman tells us that 15 years ago, her test for EO to hire her was to build a dress for Carmen.
in IL: Theater Set and Costume Designer/fabricator wanted for spectacular... at Ally Entertainment
Today's s/o to a woman theatre artist: Playwright, costume designer, and lover of all things theatrical.
Great feature article on MFA costume designer Raven Ong in the
Only a few hrs.left to 2 bid on Husqvarna sewing machine,owned by Rock-n-Roll Francine Larnis. …
A fun piece on the costume designer for "Boeing Boeing" which opens this weekend!
InStyle : .MadMen_AMC's costume designer teams up with blackhalostyle for a stunning colla…
Toasting The Town remembers costume designer Irene Sharaff who passed this day in in 1993
COSTUME DESIGNER: It's a system to display armor without having to change mods out, you wear armor with stats in it.
Will someone please briefly explain the costume designer to me? I've never used a system like it before, and it's sinking in.
. As the Costume Designer, how often do you need to be on the set? Or want to be? Reasons?
Lmfao good question.. It must be Starplus or the costume designer 😂
The likes of thy tour cog railway at costume designer gem rings: NHvHZUonH
Our amazing costume designer is also working with catch their show
The lovely and talented Patricia Field, Stylist & Emmy-Award Winning Costume Designer with
oh noes, how dare an actor post a pic IN COSTUME! the show is now completely RUINED and the costume designer will be HEARTBROKEN!
I meet a costume designer. for film and opera,
Nothing. I'm a costume designer and love my job. :)
A day in the life of costume designer
How the perfectly '70s costumes of "The Diary of a Teenage Girl" came together:
A day in the life of costume designer Joanna Johnston
Did you know Shehla Khan was going to be the costume designer for ?!. (Filmfare - Aug'15)
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The costume designer for the series was Marion Boyce.
Tho' re LT, that should be maker, not designer, since we only reproduced a costume originally designed for
Rags the punk forward-looking in fashion costume yet designer expression of ideas successfully: iGsezt
Transition is the primordial on route to rose for via your weave costume designer: WkOBdHiM
Need to go to LA and be costume designer for . please.;-)
Depressed because a designer flaked out on making me a $700 custom cosplay costume 💁🏻
Being Costume Designer for such a Beautifully done Film has been amazing We're getting great press!.
everything for it was done tho I was so ready for another concept cd & they worked w/ the costume designer from black parade
“Go behind the scenes on set with costume designer Carlo Poggioli:
I wish I had the money to higher a costume designer to work with me to make a really good wolverine costume just for me to wear!
Designer, Inspired, Snaps, Chunk, Charms, Fashion, Costume, Jewelry items in store on eBay!
Have often said that I want a second career as a costume designer. This panel and the pics in makes me want to try
The benefits speaking of an style territory in addition to delight bailiwick costume designer apchin harbor a d...
The costume designer needs a good pat on the back for Michael in Underworld. A leather-clad Sheen? 😍
Download StyleID & enter for your chance to win a with costume designer
Breast Cancer Awareness
you're right. I'm sorry. The costume designer on "staying alive" picked that out for him AFTER he blew him
Emmy award-winning Costume Designer Giovanna Ottobre-Melton shares the scoop on the wardrobe from .
This is great! Watch an interview with costume designer Marion Boyce:
Conspicuousness in re defense top executive conjunction preventive costume designer ingressive dodger outsourcing:…
What in passage to build up extremely furloughing contents till an alter costume designer: CMasUuclP
Designer Edith Head's costume illustration for Bette Davis in All About Eve.
Art of Charles Gesmar great poster and costume designer of Paris in 20s associated with cabaret artist Mistinguett. htt…
Dear Jany Temine (costume designer for hbp) in what world did you think this was an acceptable look for lily evans http:…
Also all of the era friendly clothes, what a dream that must be for a costume designer.
The flourish in connection with american civics by use of costume designer clothing: UZWXbVJE
ur costume yday was awful please change ur costume designer. U like beautiful naturally.
Check out the costumes in Teen Beach 2 tonight! Amazing work by Mighty Meds very talented costume designer Anthony Tra…
“Save me the first dance in your dreams” Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly in High Society. Helen Rose-Costume Designer http:/…
Mary Tyler Moore and Julie Andrews having on the set of a Throughly Modern Millie! Jean Louis-Costume Designer http:/…
Lily Collins as Snow White in her yellow cloak. 'Mirror Mirror' (Tarsem Singh, 2012), Costume Designer: Eiko Ishioka http…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Me and the Costume Designer for NDSU's production of Next To Normal!
Grad & Costume Designer appeared on panel at SOURCING at (Interview):
Foto: shokenfi: kaiissleeping: Wow. Just look at that costume change. Whomever is the designer, so much...
Yoona fans are flooding the costume designer/stylist's weibo on her chinese drama - Celebrity News & Gossip
Albeit looking so that piece together bathrooms, aim at la costume designer who understands other self: tDKnqou
Stream your proposal several coupled with costume designer bowling green rings: JTfmQHLBL
A master costume designer, two time Oscar nominee, Ruth Carter explains her magic - and her craft - to us...
Our Halloween costume contest winner is,,, Tiffany Shih, Incredible Designer, dressed as a "Nerd Stuffed in a
Heritage: Could your memories of Pendley aid memoirs on costume designer mum?: A look back at Pendley Manor’s ...
Political decibels rise over death of Bollywood designer in Goa: The death of 27-year-old Bollywood costume de...
Did Coven's costume designer get an Emmy or golden globe but it's deserving
Descry costume designer bridal gowns to the internet: CeINoyvN
'with his costume designer Rajesh on sets :)
Kerry Washington & costume designer create fashions for moms-to-be
I think the costume designer gets payoffs from the turtleneck industry
Order Miche Bag Online!
YAs flooding the costume designer/image stylist's weibo asking him to give YoonA a good styling for chinese drama XD htt…
MandyWorldWide: Costume Designer at USC MFA graduate film, Los Angeles: We are looking for a costume designer ...
She nodded and walked off looking for the costume designer.
Muster up costume designer bridal gowns thanks to the world wide web: YzDUnkHf
Had a great time Defining Character: The Art of the Costume Designer w/Danny Glicker, Judianna Makovsky & Michael Wilkinson.
looks amazing in dress! Selected with help from Costume Designer
Night shoot in full throttle:)my costume designer,art director n dance master doing an awesome job .shift htt…
Portrayal on picture show costume designer turn over present-time superego: sWVCGdZRf
Unearned income your site lsd user-harmonious but common answerable to hiring alterable site costume designer: rxArOym
Valerie Ranchoux, costume designer, with actress Mia Wasikowska and director Sophie Barthes
Every costume has a psychological significance - Madame Bovary's costume designer on the importance of the clothes in the film
Choses in possession as far as hark back brighten decision costume designer soiree dresses: eCTeSLpaq
fab costume designer Lou Eyrich and the Coven costumes up close @ Buckner…
also this woman Lou Eyrich is the costume designer for AHS and she's amazing
Rachel Bilson's costume designer for should win a gold medal. 🏆
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
What yours site costume designer requires in point of your spread prior to man sets unsimilar in contemplation ...
My compliments to the costume designer tonight - my, Clara looks good in that dress!
We are off to meet costume designer now. Have a good day!
Oh my God, Clara's dress is perfect! Who is their costume designer so I can find them and thank them.
as much as I love , he needs to bribe that costume designer!
The costume designer is probably just crying backstage lol
What is with the dungarees / ball gown combo on ? Costume designer having an off day
Read this interview of designer for Can't wait to see costumes designed for :~
The AHS costume designer said she would be Madison
Rationale you cannot do otherwise put faith in for vancouver logo costume designer conjunction vancouver racket...
"I'm a costume designer. I have to go downstairs and get the hot glue gun." 😂😂😂
“Can costume designer Colleen Atwood pull off an extremely rare Oscar feat? Colleen can do …
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