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Corpse Party

is a survival horror adventure dōjin soft video game series developed by Team GrisGris. The first game in the series was developed using the RPG Maker software and released in 1996 for the PC-9801. It was followed by two remakes: Corpse Party: Blood Covered, which was released for the Microsoft Windows on March 8, 2008; and Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear, which was released for the PlayStation Portable on August 12, 2010, and iOS on February 9, 2012. The game was released in North America and Europe by Xseed Games under the title Corpse Party.

Blood Drive Stardew Valley Visual Novel Silent Hill 2 Resident Evil 2

Rewatching corpse party right now. Appropriate spoops! ☠️🎃
Game pitch: Wolfenstein but with the marketing of Tomb Raider and the characters of Corpse Party
Starting the extra chapters in Corpse Party!
Alex chose to watch to eyebleach a little bit after Corpse Party. The current episode's literally about scary Halloween stoofs
Yeah, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is a p good watch. If you never played the game, it's a p good way to experience the story.
Party 2 of 2. You just got Corpse Bride'd. You now may kiss your scarecrow bridegroom
Okay so: Star Wars Battlefront but with the UI of Corpse Party
Get this: Super Mario Sunshine but with the writing of Corpse Party and the marketing of Final Fantasy XIII
me whenever i play akinator:. akinator guy: is your character from corpse party. me: WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE ABOUT CORPSE PARTY
It reminds me of Corpse Party and Danganronpa. ;-;
Currently watching Corpse Party: Tortured Souls and thinking about maybe speed running the 3DS game tomorrow. Decisions, decisions.
Power and internet seem ok for the moment after the storm. Still planning on streaming today, but might be a bit late!…
Nothing screams Halloween like watching Corpse Party and AHS 😂
this is a Very good tradition. i love his corpse party lp
no halloween in aus so i gotta make my own tradition and thats watching Cry plays Corpse Party every year
Solid selection of stuff!. Never played Corpse Party...Not sure if it's my kind of game but should give it a shot sometime featured in NBC s Science of Love
I will not be able to go to a Halloween party dressed like a corpse bride, but will do it!
I'm grateful for her for that though. The Party has been dead for awhile.…
I did that and my theme was gothic so I literally rewrote Corpse Party. My teacher was very confused
I feel pity for the worms who will eat on this festering *** corpse - but hey *** - p…
30 minutes til we try and finish up Corpse Party! See you then! 👻.
Silent Hill 2, Corpse Party, Resident Evil 2, Dead Space, Alan Wake, Amnesia, and a few more I can't think of right now. 🤔
Corpse party, Layers of Fear, then Shut eye! Will be live in a few
For me, Silent Hill 2, Corpse Party, Fatal Frame III: The Tormented, Forbidden Siren, Cry of Fear, Resident Evil 2... (will think of more)
Q header mds. Corpse party me deu mt medo
Emily says we're watching Corpse Party tonight for Halloween and I don't know what to expect but gore.
I learned everything I know about Corpse Party from your Tumblr account
Can you unravel the mysteries within Heavenly Host Academy? Find out in Corpse Party: Blood Drive for just £12.99…
I'M IN A CORPSE PARTY MOOD but i have no knowledge of the game and my current icon ended up being... bad person
It's almost like the second corpse party game is even creepier than the first
i've been a lazy bone all this time and now all of a sudden i want to play DanganRonpa, Corpse Party, Zero Escape and others things. like ???
Also these two couples from Corpse Party
Exposing Some of the Fake “Resistance” Growing Out of the Corpse of the unDemocratic Party… https:…
Danganronpa. Wait for the first 999 game to come out on Vita before starting the series. New Corpse Party isn't good.
I always feel weird reading "corpse party" in public, because of the misleading covers. I'm not a perverted psychop…
(This is the opening to Corpse Party)
Labour has been eaten away from this inside by Momentum leaving and animated dead corpse of a party
Oh god, do I come from Corpse Party?
Corpse Party sounds like a name of a death metal band
I would not consider corpse party (the one for Vita) as a Visual Novel. The older two maybe, but not the most recent.
Ok fans, I'm trying to get into VN's, should I start with 999, Danganronpa, or Corpse Party? Any replay ability?
i wanted to change my icon to akira just for Sexy Zone... but corpse party...
Finally beat Ys: Memories of Celceta! . The real question now is to get Corpse Party or Masamune for my vita
(Corpse Party verse is pretty dead, SO verse is completely dead (I think my Rena's the only active account)...)
I liked a video from Corpse Party Blood Drive Android GamePlay (By 5pb.)
If were made up more people like Kate Hoey, it would be in a very strong position today, not the corpse of a party t…
"Well screw you too, black mist thing!". Playing Corpse Party.
Imma play some nice and relaxing Stardew Valley. That eye stabbing scene in Corpse Party still has my stomach churning.
and if u wanna play corpse party but are worried about content i can give you spoiler-free warnings bc like i said last night Oh Boy
Can't decide... 🤔 Mario Party or Corpse Party for the 3DS?. Maybe both 😈.
im almost done with Corpse Party. Almost to the last chapter.
Never thought I'd be watching Is The Order a Rabbit and Corpse Party in the same day.
So I guess Corpse Party has pretty good writing, because I had to put my 3DS down for a minute
If you're looking for Corpse party,I got it at Fry's Electronics.
If you're wondering where I am in Corpse Party 3DS, I've done everything but one extra chapter I've yet to unlock. Extra chapter 10
Did the corpse party movie ever come out bc if so i wanna watch it after i finish playing
Menus and such are all on the touch screen in Corpse Party 3DS. Makes sense. Not being able to use buttons to control them doesn't though.
Got corpse party tortured souls today.I'm watching it with Another tonight.
It's safe to say Corpse Party isn't for me.while the game is very solid I just feel like it's just not for me.
I forgot how much Yoshiki is so precious in corpse party he needs more love
I wanna make more spirit dinner/Corpse Party jokes but there isn't any food in Corpse Party so far, so I'm drawing a blank...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
. [] Corpse Party is crazy . I recommend playing the game first , or just watching gameplay . Heard the anime wasn't too good
//Comedy it's what makes my happy... maybe it'll give a try with Corpse Party too.
I know because I thought he was gonna play the psp corpse party and not the recent pc version that came out 7 months ago
Normies who pretend to understand science while spouting dogmatic, ideological rhetoric are literally the worst. Corpse Party time.
Chapter 4 Extra End of Corpse Party never fails to make me cry goddammit i hate this
I really need upworthy and clickhole to get over their "we wore the same dress to a party" moment and decide which is changing their logo.
kind of hitting how surreal it is corpse party is a Nintendo licensed game now since i forgot all the.. GORY details huehue
lads i never thought i'd see a YGO/Corpse Party crossover but it happened
Thank you for a review copy of this, expect a new series for this to start tomorrow, along with more C…
A bunch of elitists getting their kicks from licking syrup from a fake corpse . It's evidently cool to look like 13…
Corpse Party extra chapters in one picture
//If you want to watch bad anime, hit up Corpse Party.
[] I need to watch the Corpse Party anime --
I feel sorry for Mikan writer, I told her to watch Another & corpse party & I think she forgot how to sleep at night XD
Watch South Park while I apply for internships, then rewatch Corpse Party till my nephew comes over. 👌
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I forgot how slow corpse party games take to get all of it done!
I forgot this one artists name but they made a bunch of fe:if and corpse party art with that type of style and it always reminds
Spirit Dinner sounds like and extra chapter in Corpse Party.
They are corpse loving vulturemen of mindless nautanki party which has 67 ***
I feel like rewatching corpse party for some reason
Corpse Party (3DS): 7/10 Good story, very tense for a pixellated horror game. Got needlessly stuck at times but otherwise good puzzles.
I forgot to mention yesterday that I changed my acnl town theme to the lil corpse party jingle
it's so good it's SO GOOD. no matter how much time passes corpse party will always be near and dear to me
will you ever finish corpse party book of shadows? Been a bro for over 6 years
umm it was like a playthrough of a game that Luna likes. Corpse party? Something like that
My party and my government have let me down;. I believe we can do much better:. I am a Trump Supporter.
I'm playing Corpse Party with my love. She likes it a lot! ❤️ . Do you know this game? :D
but I'm saving up for pokemon sun and moon so corpse party will have to wait
Chris and I talk gore and ghosts on with the adaptation of Corpse Party!
Added to Wish List: 'Corpse Party: Back to School Edition - Nintendo 3DS' by Xseed via
Sounds cool, & a lot like Corpse Party, which is awesome. You should check it out, if you haven't seen it. 🙂
Went to EB Games & pre-ordered Pokémon Go plus, Corpse Party, & South Park :). Also leveled up from Gold to Platinum
Um, corpse party fan art? I actually really like this, speedy art coming soon to the channel :)
Corpse party comes out in September right?
No stream tomorrow. Thursday's stream will be Chapter 3 of Corpse Party then maybe something afterwards.
New manga haul! Excited to read Corpse Party! Got a couple new series too so I'm ready to see if they are any good!
Just made another episode of corpse party and I must say I am glad I did
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will be the next game I stream. Sorry for those anticipating Akiba's Trip, but the story is JUST TOO GOOD.
I added a video to a playlist No More Room In *** CORPSE PARTY!!
📷 Buckle up for more Corpse Party doodles
Corpse Party doesn't appear to be showing anywhere else. That's weird. Weird enough that the Gateway website might just be wrong
Huh. Gateway Cineplex is listing Japanese film Corpse Party in their schedule for today.
Corpse Party is officially done and what a ride it's been! We're still live, though, now with some Stardew Valley!
who invited Kizami to the Corpse Party
I forgot that corpse party was scary
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
x: anime is for kids. me: ok so next time I'm babysitting your kids what should I put on for them? Boku no Pico or Corpse Party?
In a horror game mood... lights off, headphones on... – playing Corpse Party
I added a video to a playlist Whats Ups?! | Corpse Party | Part 3
The Lost Village kinda reminds me of Corpse Party
How much will Corpse Party on the 3DS be in CAD?
It feels like Halloween with all of this Corpse Party! Volume 1 came out TODAY!
Lemme send you my PSP with Corpse Party and Book of Shadows on it. > w>
Final chapter of Corpse Party is a-go! If it doesn't take too long, we might switch over to Stardew Valley!
Idk why but I swear that the Corpse Party series Is by far the scariest thing that I have seen/ read in a long while
Hey , if you ever start thinking about youtuber AUs involving, say... Corpse Party, maybe? Contact me.
I party until I'm told to put down the corpse.
So like all these special edition games like Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Corpse Party aren't coming to Canada
The Corpse Party OVA had the most unsatisfying ending ever
I liked a video from Dark Plays: Corpse Party [01] - "Our Nightmare Begins"
Go watch continue this awesome game, Corpse Party! via
A new series begins! I've been wanting to get my *** on, while still enjoying a narrative, so CORPSE PARTY IT IS!
Corpse party is coming to 3DS and I feel conflicted. I kind of want to play but I don't know about the extreme violence to…
Play Corpse Party! Its a horrorish game but its so fun!
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. It's more traditional Visual Novel than 1. Has a lew hypotheticals, + some canon post game stories
Corpse Party & Dangan ronpa make me emo tbh and yet I still love those series lmao
I liked a video from Corpse Party: Blood Drive - Pillars of the Six Demons (CHAPTER
I wrote the articles on Steins;Gate/Corpse Party, Dragon Force, and VLR/999.
I need some good horror/gore anime to watch that isn't Deadman Wonderland, Another or Corpse Party
You didn't see Book of Shadows, the second Corpse Party game. Well, better prepare before Blood Drive, then!
hey do you know if the ban on Lets Plays for Corpse Party: Blood Drive is gonna be lifted since it releases in america tomorrow?
My copy of Corpse Party: Blood Drive just shipped!
Seems like Naoki likes Corpse Party too, now … I’m just not that fond of horror games ;;
is bloody brilliant! Great party game and here is my little dude wearing some corpse paint!
"'Big sis', huh? Now that has a nice ring to it—" —Miyu Shinohara, Corpse Party: Musume (Volume 1)
What about Dancing All Night? And is Corpse Party a sequel to a PSP game?
As for the rest of the year, I'm waiting for Corpse Party on Vita, maybe Fallout 4? Uncharted Remastered too but I can wait.
GHH in corpse party they were talking abt this guy's tendons in his ankles were cut and thats how he died and so he suffers like that-
New Corpse Party coming October 13th and the originals for only 10 bucks each starting Tuesday
“Our friendship will last forever.. It will never die...”. —Sayaka Ooue, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (Episode 『Purgatory』)
Corpse Party and Dangan ronpa will be the death of me tbh
In conclusion, LINE has Corpse Party stickers.1 of which is Kizami saying, “Run, rabbit! Run!”Which makes me laugh.
Corpse Party (Commentary Run) My playthrough of Repeated Fear on the PSP, in case you were interested.
Corpse Party (Commentary Run) - YouTube - This is the playthrough of Corpse Party that I did on m…
Ironically, the chapter I hated most in Corpse Party: book of shadows was the “Blood Drive” chapter. Still excited for the game though!
Let it be known that Blood Drive is So Good. I need more Corpse Party in my life but god knows what's even going on with 2 at this point.
Still sad 2U isn't going to be localized, but glad XSEED are giving us more Corpse Party!
Corpse Party: Blood Drive launches October 13th! Don't forget to get your copy of the Everafter Edition for $49.99!
First look and details for Corpse Party: Blood Drive Heavenly Host Edition | N4G
Looking forward to getting my Corpse Party: Blood Drive Heavenly Host Edition. .
How does current Corpse Party: Everafter Edition customers upgrade to Heavenly Host Edition?
Man, I'm gonna be so stuck on Corpse Party again for a while now. I hate reliving Heavenly Host Elementary.
Karma didn't take her time with me at all
"The corpse party translation isn't off! :(". He calls for ayumi clearly but it says he's calling for Mayu
I'm now waiting for Grim Fandango to download I can't wait to play it and Corpse Party
I've been using this emulator and this copy of corpse party for years tho
Sorry for asking this Pewds, but are you going to continue Corpse Party? I'm kinda still waiting for that...
Question of the night...Dragon Age.or Corpse Party...
Would you play the other Corpse Party game ever?
not ecchi? um, you could try Another, a bit gory, Corpse Party, Death Note, Mirai Nikki has soft ecchi but its quite good,
I hate the chase scene in corpse party hshshgs
Remember kedwin said he was planning a full anime series for corpse party. It's going to fail miserably :)
You know, I watched a LP of corpse party and gotta say love the story.
I just wanted to let CTM know that I have received your PM with your correction for CORPSE-PARTY if PAST...
This song is Corpse Party movie theme song!
BO3, Corpse Party: Blood Drive / live-action movie, my pc, more amazing cz maps, my cz maps (if modtools work)
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
10) You're one of my favourite people to fight in smash! (ง’̀-‘́)ง To think we've known each other since the corpse party days (c)
Hi Mark 😄 hope you're doing great. Will you play the Corpse Party game on PSP. You played the classic one almost one year ago.
Álbum de fotos: memoriesoffear: Here are some concept art materials from Corpse Party: Tortured Souls -The...
Foto: memoriesoffear: Mika Orie, the artist of the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows manga, posted recently on...
You should be playing some more of Corpse Party!!! Please! *-*
Álbum de fotos: memoriesoffear: Famitsu carefully selected some screenshots from Corpse Party to those...
Álbum de fotos: yoshiki-kishinuma-kun: Some of the comic relief sections of the Corpse Party manga amuse...
you should play some more Corpse Party :D
FELIX! HEY!. We need more Corpse Party! (Unless for some reason your game/set up messed up again. In that case, we can wait.)
you're supposed to continue corpse party 😡 I've been waiting forever
Did you know that Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows can drain your sanity if you play alone at night? Well, its true. Happened to me. LOL
House Party by Meek is so live it could make a corpse moonwalk
still waiting for you to play Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.
I should finish the prolouge of Super Danganronpa 2 but instead I'm playing Corpse Party Book of Shadows and getting spooked
I'm still waiting for chapter 37 of Corpse Party, dammit.
oh yeah I read about it. The no side is taking the lead. I'm playing corpse party!
Why does Corpse Party: Tortured Souls have the bad ending? Also, why did Ayumi live?
Australian woman going to sign up as member of the Liberal Party at Warringah.
*Hits blunt*. Corpse party was just ayumis fan fiction
I liked a video from CRAZIEST EPISODE! | CORPSE PARTY! - Chapter Four END [6]
Scooby doo first fright more like corpse party ripped off this game
Well. Corpse Party was short but amazing
meh, do you watch corpse party: Tortured souls?
Finally! I'm back to Corpse Party. And I was sure glad I played it again. It's getting exciting!...
Lets see how messed up Corpse Party is
Year 41. Still waiting. On pewds to do Corpse Party.
if you want more Corpse Party theres a second game Corpse Party Blood Covered as well as a 4 episode anime CP Tortured Souls
When I go to japan I have to buy all the corpse party mangas
They have all 4 shuuen manga volumes on eBay for 70$ but for that price I could buy all 10 corpse party volumes.
That's it every time someone posts something about corpse party I will say this, *sneaks in* Let me butter my pooper
Just like the corpse in any good film it will keep writhing till the end RIP Labour party North and south of the border.
1discuss new games that are coming out. 2 make an awkward silence. 3 Corpse party! Speedrunners! Iphone6!...
Corpse Party, Ib, Witch's House and Mad Father! All the good little pixel horror stuff!
talk about the next game your going to play. Sorry to ask but when are you going to start playing corpse party.
Seriously I need to finish watamote then corpse party then start on Tokyo Ghoul
I added a video to a playlist Corpse Party Episode 1 (English Subbed)
Pewds, can you please do the Sachiko ever after charm from Corpse party on pweds does everything?
Judging video games by titles:. Corpse Party is a zombie dancing game. Team Fortress is a TD. *** IS I WANNA BE THE GUY
R u planning to do more pixel horror rpg games after Corpse Party? Especially loved the Crooked Man se…
Out of everyone in Corpse Party, Yoshiki is my absolute favorite character ^__^
Happy Tree Friends.. The Saw.. Corpse Party.. High School of the Dead.. Friday the 13th.. Nightmare on Elm Street..
I just learned that a new Corpse Party game is being slotted for release in July. Blood Drive, I must have you.
Currently watching play Corpse Party, its about to get sketch 😰
All I want is Corpse Party BD right here right now so I can just coast straight into despair
… and Corpse Party prints have sold well enough to pay for my hotel and table costs all by themselves, both for Fanime and AX.
That reminds me, I dreamt of Corpse Party.
does anyone know any mangas/anime that are good? i actually finished corpse party, disappointed with the anime tho. Want to watch more
uUUUH i don't really want Pewdie to be playing Corpse Party . like I don't think he can appreciate the story
Done watching Corpse Party: Tortured Souls.. its my first time to watch a horror/gore anime and the ending was so unexpected... 👅
and this Corpse Party Game is soo sexeehh so fannehh you know! what the *** 😆😄😝😋
Pewdiepie is playing Corpse Party and he's not rushing it holy *** I've been waiting like two years for this.
I just finished part two of Corpse Party, and I'm now hyperventilating in my bed. Someone come save me.
There are many games of Corpse Party AND there's an anime and manga series! I watched the episodes!))
((They're from a game... Corpse Party is a 2D horror game... And besides, he's already missing a leg! Why not make a--
I want play corpse party. . Because corpse party.
morning . It's 6.46 a.m and I am watching when pewds plays corpse party. ayy.
is it a good idea to play corpse party(Google it) in around 1 a.m.? — Yes
Quick, I need another person to stream Corpse Party with me. HELP
Well so Vita TV has a HDCP automatically on so no Vita TV tonight (maybe on thrusday). So I guess Corpse Party? Wait. I need another person!
My reaction to the corpse party anime
Corpse Party slowly turning me into a gore fan.oh man..
watching pewdiepie's corpse party :D
*** I've been waiting all day for Corpse Party!!!
No one understands my love of corpse party
Then... *adds Corpse Party characters to cosplay plans* loljk.
Corpse Party, this is a game I've been wanting to play for a long time! Click Here To Subscribe! ► Like my headphones?
Guess who is bored? And on another note, I would like to remind everyone that David is in Corpse Party.
Oh goodness.Pewdiepie started playing Corpse Party.Idk if I can watch that series again(watched Minx play it). It was amazing but emotional.
I recently finished watching Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. I never thought, that'd an anime would make me cringe that much in my entire life.
Oh Satoshi why you have to die. Corpse party
Anime is for kids ?? Guys watch Shingeki No Kyojin , Corpse Party , High school DxD
Ok im adding Corpse Party to my top fav horror animes it may be short but its freaking good
Just finished watching the entire series of "corpse party"and god I wish i didn't (I may need a therapist)
Probably not the best decision to stay up until 5 to watch an anime when I had to get up at 8 and drive for 6 hours... probably not the best choice in anime to watch right before bed either... so if you value your sanity, don't watch Corpse Party.
HA! One of the greatest moments in Corpse Party! *walking around an abandoned school full of the dead bodies of kindergardeners - 5th graders, ghosts, rotting flesh, severed tongues, cracked open skulls, blood and gore everywhere* Seiko: H..Hey, Naomi? Naomi: Hm? Seiko: Do you have any of that *** medicine on you by any chance? Ya know, the smeary stuff? Naomi: What, again? Seiko: Yep. My butts been drier 'n a desert since we got here. Naomi: Well, I've got some antibacterial cream, if that'll help. Seiko: Thanks! Im gunna go butter up my pooper up with it real good! ;3 Yaaay! Naomi: .Do you have any shame at all? OMG! THIS IS ME AND ALAERI! ~izzy
I just saw corpse party episode one .. And now I see a game I wanna play it now..!!
I was just informed that pewdiepie is playing corpse party i have to go try and find my like 4 PSPs and figure out which one i had those games on. i could just redownload them on my vita but that would be like $20 and money is tight. CORPSE PARTY IS SO GOOD! ~izzy
Who else is dying to watch corpse party part 3??
Well.say goodbye to dinner after watching corpse party.
I just finished downloaded Corpse Party: Book of Shadows for the PSP (Playstation Portable). Time to get spooked and scared =)
You guys there is an anime for corpse party...
I'm currently taking a break from studying for my test, so here I am. I'm excited to meet you all this coming September. Feel free to message me if you want :)! Name / Nickname: Ruby, but my friends call me Boobs ( not sure how it can to be..) Hometown: Scarborough High School: Agincourt Collegiate Institute Age: 18 Faculty: Medical Radiation Intended major: Ultrasonography Favorite Music: I like a wide range of music, ranging from Linkin Park, to The Paper Kites, and some Alfred Reed & Holst :) Favourite TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory, Master Chef, Sherlock, and The 70's Show Favourite Movies: A Walk To Remember, The Amazing Spiderman 2, any Studio Ghibli films (especially Grave of the Fireflies), and V for Vendetta (just to name a few) Favourite Computer Games: Alien Swarm, Corpse Party, Gary's Mod: Murder Favourite Blogs/Websites: There's a blog called Paper Lovestory, which I really like. I also like visiting SCP, and Creepypasta once in a while. I also go on Reddit often. Favourite Food: chocolate co ...
Finally home after a fun time wine tasting, ate dinner, and now watching YouTube videos of Corpse Party with the kiddos on the TV. Not bad for a Sunday evening.
Corpse party == Luckily, i have read gore before == But this is a whole new fcking level
Why did I decide to watch Corpse Party!? What have I done to myself!?
Yo!~ Just wanna share my fanart of pewds XD He's playing corpse party!~
The fact that Corpse Party is coming out with a live action movie and a brand new game coming out soon really really excites me. I literally wish I can understand Japanese. ( Art from the new game ♡♥♡♥)
had a great random time with this *** cx played some games downloaded steam and some corpse party complications xD good day :)
Okay!!! So I come home from the store to play more Corpse Party and the first thing I see when I walk in the door and 8 boys are grabbing my legs.
My speed-paint for PewDiePie's Let's Play of the popular game "Corpse Party." Drawn with Krita, recorded with OBS, and edited with Blender's Video Sequence E...
If I actually fall asleep tonight I'm going to have some cruel sick visions... stupid corpse party
Cookies and cream pie and Corpse Party.
XD My corpse party I'm playing has a different storyline then the one pews is playing
I really really have the urge to play corpse party now... But it 12.30am...If I play it now my heart is screwed
((Oh yeah! If you haven't heard, PewDiePie is playing Corpse Party!))
Alert: NEW EPISODE of Corpse Party in Pewdiepie's channel! Check it out!
Again another close one, yay!, im gonna tell you Ben larman in advance its misao's classmate ayaka,pewdiepie, and I cant wait till part 2 of corpse party so I can see the characters better
Finished watching all 4 episodes of Corpse Party... it's such a disturbing anime... even the ending was sad, especially the end-credit scene. I'm not going to re-watch it again O-o
Can someone tell me if Corpse Party can be watched as an anime too? And if yes please give me all the details with it! And do rate it! :D :3
I don't know why but yesterday I played Corpse Party and then today unsuspectingly PewDiePie played it. what the heck.
So the next games I'll be playing are Harvest Moon, Fallout 3 & Corpse Party. I know others ranked higher, but these will make me happy. :)
i need to let my mind flow i';; play Corpse Party for a while.that game is an awesome survival horror for psp
We get story details for Corpse Party: Blood Drive: Corpse Party was one of my all-time favorite PSP games, an...
It's been a while since we posted about Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has an update on the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows sequel, which picks up right after the last game left off.
Sister: i want to do this since it was in heirs. Me: and i want to go to heavenly host since it was in Corpse Party
I'm on an anime and film 'screening' spree before I'd like to start drawing again! (I mean WOW-- I hadn't been on dA for 8 MONTHS NOW. NEW RECORD!) A: You probably know I watch cartoons for like-- EVER (THAT COULD NEVER BE A BAD THING; unless you speak of the new SB episodes. Speaking of which; EYAGH!!) B: THANK YOU bottom of imdB list and the intewebs; I must now purge myself of this stupid crap-- I MEAN; WHO WRITES THESE?? (Torgo and Ed Wood can stay because the master is away.) List: ANIME-- Neon Genesis Evangelion (watched; 4/5) Dangan Ronpa (watched; 3.5/5) Puella Magi Madoka Magica (watched; 4.5/5) Spirited Away (watching again; 5/5) FLCL (watching again; 3.5/5) The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (watching again; 4.5/5) Another (watched; 2.5/5) Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (3/5) Gurren Langann (must watch) Haruhi Sumizuya (must watch) Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (must watch; OH BOY another anime about hope and despair-- this one's more crazier/stylized though) Read or Die (will watch) Ghost in The Shell: ...
Actually, Koichi remind me of corpse party
I think I got Rei to watch corpse party, and that is just perfect
And this laugh... goddammit, it's almost like Corpse Party 2.0 XD
Ehh, Corpse Party? C likes playing games like that.. I once watched him.. nothing for me...
Corpse Party. Fudge, i'm gonna have nightmares.
bah! just noticed issue with yesterday's corpse party. Fixing it now and will get today's episode up asap
Yes, still got to play Disgea, MH, Corpse Party & Persona 3 and I want to try if I can read Vns with the Psp. :3
//Okita-kun writer! i heard that you were played Corpse Party!
Corpse Party Tortured Souls than I got my second Strike from KILL la KILL (
I wanna finish k on and nichijou and love lab and corpse party an d
all I know about corpse party is get morishiggy with it
I'm gonna have to start Corpse Party chapter 5 over tomorrow night. Fu-
Aand I'm too scared to image search corpse party.
RIGHT. ALMOST HOLLOWEEN, MAN. Hold my not beer. Gonna go fetch some corpse party.
“Yet fate still had one more sick twist in store for us…”. Satoshi Mochida - Corpse Party
Sakutaro is never shown to have died in both Corpse Party and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. (Bot)
New PSN drop, was hoping for Corpse Party BoS sale, but none! Fatal Frame games for $2 though...
its an awesome anime. I watched it 4 times!. Watch Corpse Party! Its ova but horror! More more scarier than Another
PSN gonna have a 'Sale of the dead'? yay. wait... no Corpse Party listed? Pfttt
I played the 2 corpse party games for psp and I know Umineko, but I finished just the first chapter.. too long -_-
I didn't! Are you a fan of the Corpse Party and Umineko games, too?
Have you watched Corpse Party Blood Tortured Soul ? I recommended it!
Watching corpse party scarred me for life. I'm gonna watch it again
In Corpse Party: Missing Footage he is seen wearing a tan shirt. (Bot)
He is a major character introduced in Corpse Party: Blood Covered. (Bot)
// Anime is for kids you say? Ok go watch Corpse Party then see if anime is still for kids then, yeah? O.O
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