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Corporate Tax

Many countries impose corporate tax, also called corporation tax or company tax, on the income or capital of some types of legal entities.

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We are watchers & have no control on murderous Deep State controlled corporate parties.Our tax$$ spent on killing fore…
. Fairness is not given corporate tax cuts worth $65+ Billion... Morrison has lost his sanity
Dear You are raising the Medicare Levy to pay for your $65.4 billion corporate tax cut. How else are yo…
Attack pensions, scrap free meals depended on by low-income families and blame migrants instead of corpora…
He's not the only one thinking like that - people are getting sick of corporate fat cats, and…
Ireland may not have to rely on Corporate Tax rate to attract the best Foreign Direct Investment
I liked a video from Elizabeth Warren: End Corporate Tax "Holidays"
. Corporate tax cuts mean they can buy $6000 toasters and let the cash trickle-down to poor people.
These steps include among others Lowering of the Corporate tax rates to 25% for new manufacturing companies;Tax incentives…
Only 5 out of the 27 parent companies don’t use a or low tax jurisdiction in their wider corporate structure
So the cost of the Government's 10 year corporate tax cut is more than the cost of
Innes Wilcox you can’t have it both ways. Can't say “The corporate tax cut is great” then complain about longest run of defici…
Latvian government supports signing of Istanbul Convention -
Annual deflation in Latvia made 0.8% in April -
I'm a small business owner Kelly. . You can stick your corporate tax cut. . I want
PM IS A LIAR!:. “Treasury has not identified the dollar cost" of corporate tax cuts - PM yesterday. https:…
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Libs' slogan in 2013 -"Our Plan - real solutions for all Australians". No plan then and don't have one now, only $50bn…
out of the top 1539 largest corporate entities, 38% did not pay tax in 2013-14. Yet I would not presume they are leaners.
Like how Liberals are paying for a corporate tax cut by gutting Education?
No evidence corporate tax cuts will trickle down to working people. None. Zero.
or A surprisingly complex Here is an overview of the key points -
Ash-Brain-In *** (went into total melt down when he saw this!. LOW CORPORATE TAX!🙈 . htt…
For the LNP/IPA Alliance & their corporate/elitist supporters the only way for profits is up & offshore tax havens
Yes Biggest tax rebate for an artificial paper transaction tax rort in corporate history. All done round a table.
A corporate tax update - S179 TCGA 1992, SSE, etc. - and a review of tax warranties and idemnities
Whether you are an individual, partnership or corporate body you will need practical tax strategies for all your financial decision-making
Ncell is Largest tax payer and good corporate citizen. Stop hate movement against Ncell.
Budget 2016: Labor opposes cutting corporate tax, except for turning over less than $2 million - SmartCompany
does McCarthy have any opinion on the Corporate tax avoidance? NAMA losing us billions?
if either can keep us out of wars and close corporate tax loopholes, they'll do better than the DNC platform
This might be a great fit for you: Tax Manager Corporate Tax Compliance -
Property prices in Riga lowest among Baltic capitals -
Smiltenes Piens projects export growth in 2016 -
How many hospital beds does it take to fund a $16 billion corporate tax cut ever year?
one more time for the corporate lobbyists who think we dont get it - TAX is more than just Income Tax, even someone on zero income pays tax
During an election corporate tax avoidance concerns Australians a little. But consider what it is doing to the world
When corporate lawyers become legislators, lobbyists and draft tax legislation, taxpayers lose.
We need to nail corporate tax avoidance not entertain tax cuts for big business
Harsh message to Lobbyist shill Innes Wilcox: I bet your corporate sponsors don't pay company tax rate.
World medical tourism market expected to reach $143.8 mln by 2022 -
Operating in Nigeria in MFG, Mining & Agri production? Firms enjoy 10% less than the std 30% Corporate Tax rate
Agreed. Tories, Bankers, Corporate Tax dodgers; they are all scared of Jeremy Corbyn, because he is an honest man
Can you recommend anyone for this Staff Accountant - Corporate Tax - 8-10 wk Project! $28+/Hr - GA
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Over $100 billion+ a year in tax payer monies going to profitable companies in
Pakistan happens to be a better option if is what seeks in near future. 24% increase in is a...
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Corporate Close-Up:Piercing the Corporate Veil Was an Appropriate Remedy in Alaska Tax Evasion Case via
Check out this Manager, Manchester at KPMG in
Charles Koch urges billionaires to skip tax breaks and other "corporate welfare" via
Senior Manager, US Corporate Tax needed in at MNP. Apply now!
Our corporate income rate cards now reflect the increase in Alberta’s general corporate rate from 10% to 12%
Up-to-date on recent corporate changes? Get the latest rates in our updated guide:
Join me to demand that our government tackles corporate tax dodging
Just back from Depot, manager was very difficult ,didn't want to accept Tax Exempt # received from Corporate. Not happy w/Mgr!!
5% VAT, 15% on cars, broader corporate tax: IMF's advice to
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the corporate tax is redundant. Makes no sense for investors or the government
NDP's Mulcair makes case for boosting corporate tax rate. Most Canadians agree - corps should pay more tax!
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Boutique tax credits & now boutique debates - the undermining of nationalism under the reign of corporate &
Should corporations pay for road fixes in Michigan?
5% VAT, 15% tax on cars, broader corporate tax: IMF's advice to UAE
the NDP would have us be Greece. Is no one concerned that their leader doesn't even know the corporate tax rate
to get America going quickly lower corporate tax from 38% to 24% ask company's to bring billions back to America for jobs
What a surprise - a tax professor has a proposal to make the corporate Income Tax more complex.
The question to ask Trump is if he would support tax reform that ends corporate welfare and manipulation by high paid tax attorneys
We can provide advice on maximising tax relief for capital expenditure for your business in the Worcestershire area:
If Harper corporate tax cuts are so great why are Canadian corporate welfare recipients sitting on $575 Billlion & not 'crea…
Corporate and Partnerships due dates changed by Congress .
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! Australia in corporate tax crackdown on
TONIGHT milions of manufacturing jobs from China - jobs,jobs..and goin and stop big banks and lower corporate tax to 8%
Same thing can be said about the corporate Income Tax. Corporations don't pay taxes, their customers do.
A whopping $199 b in Cdn corporate assets is sitting in foreign bank accounts. Umm, we need to talk tax avoidance.
More wealthy & corporate tax cuts should fix this..
UAE requires broader corporate tax, according to the IMF via
Opt for AVIS Corporate Leasing plans you can & save more on tax.
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Competing on Corporate Tax by Laura Tyson via via
The Tax Justice Network Report on Corporate Tax is complete union based BS, utter rubbish, not correct, a waste of paper
we can't ignore other ways of funding Social Democracy,- VAT, Corporate Tax, Higher % 4BIG earners
WHY I CHOSE AIM GLOBAL COMPANY... AND WHY I LOVE AIM GLOBAL •This is the only Multi-Level Marketing company I know where the owners themselves go around the country to introduce the product and the business to thousands of distributors. •It has partnered with Nature’s Way, a giant supplement/herbal company in the USA. •It is a legal, moral and ethical way of doing business. •It belongs to the Top 20,000 highest Corporate Tax-payers in the Philippines recognized by the BIR. •It has produced more than 1400 millionaires a counting in just 8 years. •It has over 100+ Business Center Operators (BCOs) nationwide. •It has a global vision, have an international BCO in Brunei , Hawaii,Taiwan, Korea, Italy, Dubai, Nigeria, Singapore, and upcoming BCOs in other countries and other continents where Filipinos are numerous. •It has sole exclusive rights to distribute the products in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and soon in the USA. •It offers a transferable educational scholarship. •It offers ...
How's the economy doing? Since the bottom of the recession in 2009, 10 million jobs have been added. Inflation is around 1%, which is almost perfect (The Fed likes 2%). GDP was just revised upward to an an annual rate of 4.6% which is optimal. Unemployment has dropped to 6.2% (5.5% for whites, 13.5% for blacks. for ages 20-24, it is 12.5%) Wealth continues to move towards the rich as a result of tax cuts, Corporate Tax evasion, people hiding money overseas, jobs going overseas, union job loss, and minimum wage being stagnant for many years. . The federal deficit is around $550 billion, which is half of what it was 2 years ago, but still needs to go to zero, and then to a surplus to pay off debt. In quarter two ending in June, business investments increased 97%, exports rose 9%, and residential construction climbed 8.%. In sum, Lots of great things happening in our stable economy. The Banks have all paid back the TARP loans, and new regulation have kept banks in check. The stock market has more than dou .. ...
Want to truly stimulate the economy? Then Abolish the Corporate Tax | National Review Online
Using corporate loophole to avoid paying taxes on $671K. One example of tax dodging record.
calls for lower corporate Income Taxes; eliminating taxes that finance Obamacare via
Corporate taxes are near a 60-year low, in part because companies have become adept at not paying their fair share.
the tax money will be saved but trolls will be in overdrive. Funded by Koch and Merit and the corpo…
That tough talk on corporate tax dodges? Never mind -
If completed, the deal would create one of the world’s biggest fast-food chains. It would also mean the burger giant’s headquarters would move to Canada, which has a lower corporate tax rate.
Such a simple concept: Eliminate corporate taxes, remove the tax burden, bring business back to America, increase GDP.
One way to fix the corporate tax: repeal it.
Burger King considers move to Canada for favourable tax rate
The GOP should capitalize on latent anti-Canadian sentiment to highlight our absurd corporate tax rates.
Response to Mankiw from - Cutting the Corporate Tax Would Grow Other Problems
Repealing US corporate Income Tax will cause more problems.
.Canada corporate tax in 2000 28% then conservative government came in now 15% the lowest in say good bye to $BKW and some…
Burger King may buy Tim Horton's to cut its taxes — here's why via
Why the US is doing nothing to stop the hemorrhaging of corporate tax dollars
Burger King hatching plan to avoid taxes by becoming Canadian:
is a joke. In th 1950's, 33% of federal tax revenue came from corporate taxes, now it's less than 10%.
They should also make the obvious case as to what lowering our corporate tax rate would do 2 economy
canada's corporate tax rate is TWENTY SIX PERCENT. these pre-depression era numbers are .. depressing. i didn't think it was *that* low.
Burger King plans to buy Tim Horton's and declare himself a citizen of Canada Canada is a tax haven?
Wonder if will trumpet the success of low corporate tax rates attracting major corporations
Tuesday's columnists: Krawczak on getting distracted by the details; Rampell on making corporate tax returns public.
Corporate cost shareholders, tells me. taxes the little guy when corporations move. h…
Heres the best reason to buy stocks: Corporate taxes are going to zero
Burger King looking to probably be the next company to do tax inversion by moving its main corporate office in...
Repealing the corporate Income Tax will cause more problems.
Burger King in Merger Talks with Canada’s Tim Hortons to Avoid High US Corporate Tax
Sign the petition: Crack down on corporate tax cheats
US has 3rd highest corporate tax rate in the world
wait, the States doesn't have a lower corporate tax rate than 15%?
Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie introduced his tax reform plan today, pushing to lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent, do away with sales taxes on health insurance under the Affordable Care Act and replace the Earned Income Tax Credit with one that encourages people to stay employed.
No Wonder Burger King Wants to Buy Tim Horton and Move to Canada: Its Total Tax Costs Are 46.4% Lower than the US
(W) They call it "Tax Inversion" - we call it yet another example of corporate greed! . Go to: Burger King page...
Burger King stands to pay a 15 per cent corporate tax rate, rather than the 35 they would owe the U.S. …
Burger King considers move to Canada for favorable tax rate...
I just took action to urge President Obama to crack down on corporate tax dodgers. I think you should too.
DJ Treasury Mum on Burger King's Possible Inversion -- Market Talk 12:50 EDT - All eyes are on the Treasury Department as they wade through the tax code looking for ways to deter so-called corporate tax "inversions." News Sunday evening that Burger King (BKW) is considering a deal that would move its corporate headquarters to Canada in the latest inversion has not elicited a public response from the agency--and it will likely remain that way. An agency spokeswoman on Monday says they would not comment on the possible deal, which is still in the "talks" stage and has not been finalized. Agency officials are expected to present a range of possible administrative actions that are meant to deter inversions to Secretary Jacob Lew in the coming weeks. (damian.paletta (END) Dow Jones Newswires August 25, 2014 12:50 ET (16:50 GMT) Copyright (c) 2014 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.- - 12 50 PM EDT 08-25-14
With all due respect to the Board and the Lawyers involved, I wish to point out that the applicant, myself will be unable to attend a large hearing that in the view of Carron Corporation will require 3 days. In case anyone may have missed a minor point in all of these proceedings, I wish to state that as an unemployed person, who has not had an income since date of firing and is not entitled to Employment Insurance because of being fired unethically and perhaps even illegally, 8 hours short of the requirements to collect said benefits , I have now suffered a mental health concern and have been hospitalized and am unable to afford a lawyer to defend myself . I have $600 left in the bank and no social supports for the coming year until I can get the doctor to now sign a form for ODSP support. Mind you that is a whopping $1056 per month. My rent is 750, hydro 100, oil another 100, gas for the car another 100 and insurance a buck fifty. I’m already in the whole without food. Good news is I paid my rent ...
CEO's of publicly held companies are required by law to reduce the corporate taxes paid to increase profits to shareholders. Why would it surprise the Obama administration that Burger King or any other large corporation would move headquarters from a country that has the highest corporate tax rate in the world?
Burger King is in merger talks with Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons, a deal that would allow the burger seller to relocate out of the U.S. and possibly cut its tax bill. The new company would be headquartered in Canada, the two firms said in a joint statement. Both Tim Hortons (THI) and Burger King (BKW) would continue to operate as standalone brands. By moving north of the border, Burger King would be completing what is called an "inversion" -- a strategy that allows U.S. firms to lower their tax bills by merging with a foreign company, and then relocating to the new country. Corporate tax rates are lower in Canada than the U.S., which has the highest tax rate among developed economies. In the case of Miami-based Burger King and Tim Hortons, the combined company would be the world's third largest fast food chain, generating $22 billion in sales at more than 18,000 restaurants in 100 countries. Related: 7 things you absolutely must know about corporate taxes In the past decade, at least 47 U.S. companie ...
Canada has the highest personal Income Tax rates in the G8 and we also have the lowest corporate tax rate in the G8. Methinks it's time to incorporate Camp Peterman and it's workers…
It's interesting to hear all the noise about wage inequality, and tax breaks for corporations and the ultra rich in the United States. We tend to think we're some what different or insulated here in Canada. Yet on paper Canada's corporate tax rate is 15%. Less than half of the corporate tax rate in the States (35%). A friend of mine used to cheat on his taxes. He doesn't have a big company and it didn't seem worth incorporating. He incorporated anyway and no longer cheats on his taxes. In his words, "I couldn't cheat on my taxes as a proprietor and do this well. Without revenues increasing I owed close to 70% less tax." Looks like Canadians are going to take the wage divide to the next level.
The American corporate tax system is badly broken. Some corporations pay more than a third of their profits in federal Income Taxes, while other equally profitable firms pay nothing at all. On average, corporations pay just 12.6 percent of their profits in federal Income Taxes, according to a recent…
Ok. So, Burger King has decided to buy Tim Hortons in Canada and move the corporation to their country. The reason BK moving corporate offices out of America is CORPORATE TAXES. I know you all think BK is a tax dodger. Well! Who in their right mind would want to pay 35% taxes here in America, when a business can pay 15% taxes in Canada. Smart move? I think so. Wake up America! Corporations are moving out cause the cost of business is to high here. They gonna find a home where they are not going to pay high taxes. Business are needed to help people out that want jobs. And corporate offices moving out of America are taking higher paying jobs with them. Who cares you all say. I do. The more business we have here in America, the more jobs we have, the more money there is to go around for EVERYBODY. Basic economics. Just saying!
Every now and then I'm compelled as a businessman and entrepreneur to speak out about the foolishness of Government's crushing effect on American business. Once powerful Detroit sits in bankrupt ruin because of Government failure. Ever rising taxes forced robust businesses to relocate elsewhere which continued to destroy the financial infrastructure of the city. Today, of Detroit's 139 square miles, 60 square miles is abandoned and in ruins. Now Burger King is buying a Canadian based chain and planning to relocate its headquarters to Canada in order to get out from under the high corporate tax here in America. American Corporate and Income Tax System needs to be restructured before America follows Detroit by taxing itself into bankruptcy. Just a thought...
The SEC has proposed that big corporations be required to disclose the ratio of CEO pay to the pay of the median worker in their company. As you can imagine, the mere proposal has stirred a hornet's nest of protest from big business. But even if the SEC has the fortitude to go ahead with the proposal, is disclosure enough? Why not a corporate tax that's higher for companies with higher ratios, and lower for those with lower ones? (The major problem I see is this would let off the hook Wall Street banks and other firms that have few low-wage employees, and might induce other companies to contract out their low-wage work. But maybe there are ways around this?) The SEC hasn't ruled yet but here's a sampling from available data: 1. Donald Thompson, CEO of McDonalds Average hourly wage of McDonalds workers: $7.73 Thompson’s hourly compensation: $9,247.00 Thompson earns 1,196 times his average worker. 2. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Average hourly wage of Starbucks workers: $8.79 Schultz’s hourly compen ...
Expiring corporate tax breaks are NOT a greater emergency than expired unemployment benefits
Corporate Lobbyists Assail Tax Overhaul They Once Cheered the don't need any more favoritism
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Corporate Tax Rates, highest in developed's still not enough?
The U.S. government taxes the difference between what companies pay in corporate Income Tax abroad and what they would have paid here,
any corporate Income Tax anywhere on its $30 billion of overseas profits. It set up Schrödinger's shell company:
Some great business, law, and tax info.
So expect Microsoft to lobby against Puerto Rico statehood?
Robert Reich mentions a new SEC proposal for disclosure of executive salaries. Of course it's being met with furor by you-know-who. He suggests perhaps a higher corporate tax for those companies who reward their executives outrageously compared to average or low end salaries. How about instead rewarding companies who hire and maintain employees at reasonable salaries rather than penalizing companies that reward their executives excessively? Right now there is a flat 15% tax rate on capital gains with no strings attached. Why not attach some conditions? If we made the capital gains tax a progressive one like income we could give credits or deductions for the wages of American employees on a reverse progressive rate. For instance the deduction or credit could equal, say, 25% of workers' salaries up to, say, $60K. Then give a 20% deduction or credit for workers' salaries between $60K & $150K (after the 25% credit is given), etc. up to a maximum deduction or credit at, say $300K. That would give maximum i ...
Tax rates not the only consideration in corporate relocation - FierceCFO:
Repugs are all about racial stereotypes while corporate welfare and coporate tax evasion runs wild.
RSVP for Friday, April 4 at 9AM | Major surgery needed: A call for structural reform of the US corporate Income Tax
Sen Paul is right. Congress should either change corporate tax system or shut the heck up.
The best way to reform the corporate tax code is also the simplest.
Corporate Lobbyists Assail Tax Overhaul They Once Cheered - And they wonder why we are cynical
corporate tax cuts never are followed tax rise to middle class. Cuts preceed econ boost.
Ryan makes no reference to Plugging Tax Loop holes for the Rich; nor, cutting Corporate Welfare! Rich get richer; & Poor - - much poorer!
MO HB1253: Changes the laws regarding taxation by reducing the tax on corporate business income and busin...
A vote for the Liberals is a vote for Gina Rinehart's tax dodge. Australia's Biggest Corporate Welfare Bludger. …
How exactly do working class families "pay for corporate tax cuts?" Can you explain cuz I can't figure it out.
Zero corporate tax with Europe's best corporation for start-ups. Take a look at
corporate profits are high because corporates are avoiding tax and creating jobs in China
A 35% top corporate tax rate is considered exorbitant. the rate actually paid by corporations is under 14% .. EDUCATE
America does not want to have the world's highest rate. It's bad for business.
It's back -- auditors lack independence from corporate clients, says via
Corporate tax reform desperately needed to avoid these mushrooming cases of tax avoidance
The scandal we can longer afford to ignore. Tackling corporate tax evasion tomorrow at the People's Parliament
35% corporate tax rate? See the rate corps DO pay in latest report from
Statutory corporate income rates do matter for economic growth -
The Hungry Caterpillar: the profound hypocrisy of our latest poster-boy for corporate tax avoidance.
The US is highest corporate Income Tax rate in the OECD
Oregonians: Tell Sen. Wyden not to renew these two huge offshore corporate tax loopholes:
Sorry, we couldn't hear you! One day after Senate Finance cttee votes 8-2 to cut personal, corporate Income Tax
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US still leads world in high corporate Income Tax rates.
they keep printing money 2give billions in corporate welfare 2 rich corps I rather my tax dollars go 2vets they earned it
Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on the Senate floor about deficit reduction and corporate tax rates.
Ending deferral could increase corporate tax revenue by over $50 billion per year, or $500 billion over 10 years. The additional revenue could be used for education funding, infrastructure improvements, and other investments in America’s future.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Executives for Caterpillar Inc will defend the company's offshore tax strategies at a U.S. Senate hearing on Tuesday held by a panel known for shedding light on corporate tax avoidance.In
Driving in PA where FAUX radio is paramount. Don't know the broadcaster but he was speaking about the US having the highest corporate tax rate in the world! WRONG!!! I pulled over to google that and a by country listing came up. United Arab Emirates has a 55 percent corporate tax rate. There should be some sort of action when people who are newscasters blatantly LIE!
Thus we hear the lies of, "Government regulatory requirements kill jobs" and, "Corporate tax rates keep us from creating more jobs and keeping prices lower."
Citizens of Baltimore know the spin on Amazon warehouse coming to the city-jobs, jobs, jobs. To get these jobs we must give them corporate tax breaks for property and hiring just as this article below suggests happened in Virginia. Meanwhile Amazon purchased robotics corporations just to make these warehouses the most automated in the world-so much for jobs, jobs, jobs. Amazon is also known overseas as one of the most labor-busting corporations around and certainly not union-organized. Then there is the buying of the Washington Post-America's formally great news journal noted for holding power accountable. Not too promising when neo-liberal Obama and Congress simply allow all these tax deals and labor abuses to happen! Friday, May 24, 2013 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Expands DC-Area Presence, Big Government Alliance Inner Harbor The commonwealth of Virginia recently announced that Amazon Web Services would add 500 employees to AWS' DC-area offices. The Cavalier State's Republican governor let the world ...
He requires a spending offset for unemployment insurance, but not corporate tax extenders.
Missouri's efforts since the Recession to be more business-friendly have cost the state about $1.7 billion in corporate tax revenues. That's according to a
Reparations in the form of 40 Acres and a Mule are being extended in the state of Montana from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm today, April 1, 2014. Requirements: Proof of ancestral enslavement for a minimum of 5 generations (bill of sales, photos, oral history must be written, census report, current health issues as a result of the generational trauma) PhD - May be in any field other than African related studies Current resident of any state above the Mason-Dixon line Must currently own land in Montana, Colorado, or North Dakota May not be a current recipient of any government programs such as corporate tax breaks, FHA loans, section 8, federal student loans, etc. If you meet the above criteria, please arrive in Montana no later than 11:55 AM Mountain Time today.
The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) has been an ardent supporter when it comes to comprehensive tax reform, especially when it comes to reforming the corporate tax. There should be absolutely zero desire among anyone who cares about the growth of the US economy to retain the dubious distinction ...
For all my friends working in London, there's an opportunity to meet Deputy Prime Minister to talk about Business, Investment and Export Opportunities in the country. Invite your Vietnam Lover friends! Ping Thao Tran Kim Loan Do Quang Beo Nguyen Xuan Son Huyen Luong = His Excellency Ambassador Vu Quang Minh of Vietnam & Chairman of the Vietnam-UK Network, Ben Chapman cordially invites you to join: Business, Investment and Export Opportunities in Vietnam with Keynote Speaker, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam Mr Vu Van Ninh Monday 14th April 2014, 09.00am - 11am, at Auditorium, Prudential Plc, Laurence Pountney Hill, London EC4R 0HH Why Vietnam? - Vietnamese import demand has been forecast to grow by approx. 250% between 2010 and 2020, faster than any other country, including China - Vietnam and the UK have a strategic pertnership agreement, signed in 2010 - Vietnam is one of 20 high-growth markets identified by the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) - An average GDP growth of 6.9% is forecast 2014 - 2017 - The V ...
In a country where 3 out of 5 women are anaemic, every second child under 3 years old is underweight, every third child is stunted and every fifth child is wasted, the budget for crucial flagship schemes and welfare programs in the financial year 2013-14 was slashed by nearly Rs.32,000 crores. Simultaneously, a staggering Rs 5.28 lakh crore rupees was foregone in the 2012-13 budget due to concessions in corporate tax.
Oklahoma teachers, parents, and children are rallying in support of education at the capitol today. Hopefully the legislature will find a reason to care about children as much as their corporate tax cuts.
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Yesterday I closed the lid of my macbook on top of the power cord and damaged the retina screen, but today I went into the Apple store and got it fixed for free under warranty since I claimed it was a hardware defect and not an accident. I don’t feel bad about lying because: Apple has $147 billion in cash reserves. Apple puts ‘Designed by Apple in California’ on all of its products, but claims its international HQ is in Ireland to avoid the 35% US corporate tax rate, which is simply asinine. Especially when you have $147 billion in cash reserves.
Corporate tax policy involves a lot of complicated accounting language, so people tend to tune out. But you should pay attention because there is big money involved – really, really big money th
Corporate tax giveaways mean that the federal government has foregone billions of dollars in revenues. To pay for the tax breaks, Ottawa has borrowed billions of dollars and driven up the national debt. Now, the government has chosen to make big cuts to public services essential to Canadians in orde...
Tell Gov. Snyder to stop asking teachers and students to foot the bill for another corporate tax giveaway. Add your name now.
REQUEST: Send me some energy and chocolate covered coffee beans please ! I've officially hit the wall ~ still have two corporate tax returns and two GST returns to go.
Pro-charter change (Cha-cha) legislators and advocates are so desperately trying to stir up a groundswell of public support that they’ve taken to foisting the biggest lie on the Filipino people: that removing the 40 percent cap on the foreign ownership of land, natural resources and certain industries will bring a deluge of foreign direct investment (FDI) that will spur the country’s economic growth. It’s a false and flawed formula that’s been debunked in numerous surveys and studies by renowned global institutions. What matters most to foreign investors isn’t majority ownership but a host of other factors. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)’s World Investment Prospects Survey for 2013-2015, for instance, transnational corporations are more concerned about a country’s corporate tax regime and process of regional integration that would facilitate access to regional markets. Another recent study on FDI inflows to Asean member-states revealed that forei ...
BMW said it will hire 800 additional workers, bringing total employment at the plant to 8,800 people. The Greer plant will make 450,000 vehicles a year by 2016, becoming the largest of the company's 28 plants around the world. BMW PLANS US$1 BILLION EXPANSION GREER, South Carolina—BMW is celebrating its 20th anniversary of building cars in the United States by investing US$1 billion in its plant in South Carolina to build two of it One such plant in Tobago and the benefits will be enormous: 8,800 workers get to own a BMW, the THA collects a hefty annual corporate tax, Income Tax, a skilled labor force, a better educated working class, MORE MONEY FOR DEVELOPMENT, less dependency on POS, less need for make work programs, etc. etc. etc... I know! Pie in the sky...
FROM THE WSJ: By Allysia Finley.March 28, 2014 12:09 p.m. ET "I will be forthright and specific," declared Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn on Wednesday in the prelude to his budget address, which was anything but that. The Democratic governor, who assumed office in January 2009 in the wake of his predecessor Rod Blagojevich's impeachment, is up for re-election this year. So naturally, his budget speech is really a stump speech. Hence, Mr. Quinn omitted references to the state's income and corporate tax hikes in January 2011, which will are slated to sunset at the end of the year. Instead, he noted that "the issue of expiring revenue this year is a real challenge" because "extreme and radical cuts will be imposed on education and critical public services" if "action is not taken to stabilize our revenue code." But don't worry, Illinois taxpayers, because Mr. Quinn has promised not to "institute any new, unfair taxes on everyday services" or create "a new and unfair tax burden on everyday families and the small bus ...
Wow. Just tried to call the IRS to get line item general clarification on a corporate tax form 1120. Was told "We don't answer questions about tax forms due to budget cuts." I'm a freaking EA and they won't clarify their own requirements but still require them?
Corporates takes 100 rupees by unfair means and donate 25 rupees to political parties and 2 rupees for CSR but take away rest.What is the effective corporate tax rate in india-only 22%, while same is around 40% in US
p339 From the 1970's until 1986 Haiti was ruled by Papa Doc and son Baby Doc Duvalier. The dictators were propped up by the US, which sent them over $400 million. ... Haiti was the centerpiece of the Caribbean Basin Initiative, launched by David Rockefeller's International Basic Economy Corporation, which aimed to create a low-wage manufacturing platform in the Caribbean for US multinationals. Real wages in Haiti declined 56% from 1983-1991 after the Caribbean Basin Initiative kicked in... The US textile industry has a huge presence in Haiti. Nowhere in the world is labor cheaper. ... President Jean Bertrand Aristide, the Roman Catholic priest who won Haiti's first democratic elections in 1991, was a leader of the Lavalas Family Movement. He preached liberation theology ... which inspired revolution throughout Latin America... Upon taking office he began arresting (SIN) officials involved in drug trafficking and raised the Haitian minimum wage from $.22/hour to $.37/hour. US corporations groused and began ...
BOYCOTT THESE GREEDY *** Note: If you are in a hurry and simply want to view the list of Koch Industries Products, the list is below this report on Koch Industries. It has become increasingly clear that Koch Industries is the money source behind the 2010 GOP landslide as well as behind Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, their favored Tea Party candidate. Koch Industries wants to end the strong and decades old public employees’ unions. For 30 years the GOP has mounted a concerted effort (and with extraordinary success) to get rid of unions around the country. Their target is now public employees’ unions, as we see in Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and other states. Think Progress reported a few days ago that: Koch Industries is a major player in Wisconsin: Koch owns a coal company subsidiary with facilities in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Ashland and Sheboygan; six timber plants throughout the state; and a large network of pipelines in Wisconsin. While Koch controls much of the infrastructure in the state ...
It's not the poor and middle class who are dragging our country down. The problems come from the top. It's not the poor who have lobbied for corporate tax loops that have many of the top corporations paying 0 in taxes, and even being subsidized with tax payer money. It's not the poor who lobbied to give billionaires ways to hide assets in off shore tax havens to avoid paying taxes. If we are ever going to fix the problems, the first thing we need to do is recognize what the problems are...and they start at the top.
And YOU have to make up the difference! So when the Republicans say we need to LOWER Corporate Tax rates, you know what to do: VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER!
Social Security is a corporate tax.
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Hey Sen. Greg Ball when you and I were in the trenches fighting against crazy “Wacky Wagner” to save your seat in the Senate and preserve the Majority in the Senate, County Executive Astorino and our fellow Republicans and Conservative voters were there to help us win this battle. I was shocked to learn that you would even consider supporting Governor Cuomo when he and every Democrat in NY worked to defeat you and our voters. I know you have been focused on a lot of issues, but we are hurting in New York with a terrible business climate and the loss of jobs and working families. With a month and a half to go in the current Senate session, please pour all of your powerful efforts into 1) Eliminating the Corporate Tax so NY will be more open to businesses that have good jobs for our residents, 2) Deliver solid Mandate Relief to our local municipalities and school districts, 3) Pass a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Bill to accelerate the construction of hundreds of billion dollar public works proje ...
Here is a list of companies confirmed are "Exporting America." These are U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers. I believe in a global economy, But should we not start with ours first.again. we don't need to raise minimum wage because it will cause Higher unemployment as companies scale back to reduce expenses. Higher costs to consumers as companies raise prices to cover the higher wages they have to pay and Companies closing their doors because they can’t scale back or raise prices. So Again - supply and demand, more jobs more opportunity. Corporate Tax reformed with employee education funds. 3Com 3M A Aalfs Manufacturing Aavid Thermal Technologies ABC-NACO Accenture Access Electronics Accuride Corporation Accuride International Adaptec ADC Adobe Systems Advanced Energy Industries Aetna Affiliated Computer Services AFS Technologies A.G. Edwards Agere Systems Agilent Technologies AIG Alamo Rent A Car Albany Internatio ...
Loophole makes the size of the tax dodge sound small and Aunt Bee cute. Corporate Tax loopholes are galactic in scale.
To all those people who have got their knickers in a twist after last nights C5 "documentary", here are some proper facts and figure's for you to get your minds around... "Now we've had a chance to get our knickers untangled lets have a look at some facts... Only 3% of the welfare budget is claimed by those out of work. 0.7% of the welfare budget is claimed fraudulently. (The equivalent of 70p in every £100) Total figure claimed fraudulently by benefits cheats = 1.2 billion Accidental Over payments = 2.2 Billion Benefits Unclaimed = 1.3 Billion As for Housing Benefits, why are they so high? That would be because of completely unregulated landlord's who can charge the local authorities pretty much what they want for taking in people who are eligible to claim Housing Benefit. Now lets compare this to how much money is lost in the UK by large multi-national companies fiddling their figure's so they dont have to pay Corporate Tax. That figure currently stands at an estimated £69.9 Billion... And to finish o ...
I see the Labour Party paid as much Corporate Tax as Stemcor. Zippo.
But did you quiz the proprietors about their cross-border corporate tax arrangements?
Only due to disadvantageous home corporate tax laws “US companies stashing more cash abroad $1.45 trillion
You can't have extreme corporate tax rates and burden them with Obamacare and wonder why the economy is in the tank.
This will never end. When it comes to the $Rich$ I believe their goal is to pay Zero tax by any means possible.
1) True. Their nature is profit-motivated. Corporate Social Responsibility is NOT binding; charities etc are solely for tax evasion
In red is effective corporate tax rate in blue is profits after tax - We honestly can't afford to pay actual makers 10 $/hr?
Malkin Takes on “Phenomenal Hypocrisy” of Obama Supporters and Corporate Donors for Avoiding Tax Hikes ~>Video
Educations Views: 25% Corporate Tax Rate Soon: Playing off the theme of “March Madness” basketball fever, the ...
CEOs set tax reform goal: 25 percent corporate rate - The Hill's On The Money | How many of them pay 25% or more now?
Importance of changing the tax code: corporate tax (drives business away), and personal Income Tax (encourages a welfare state.)
Washington still not serious about corporate tax reform Crippling laws leave businesses uncertain
Working poor families support subsidies, with their Income Tax. Should be corporate helping failing families in time of need.
STRANSKY: Washington still not serious about corporate tax reform - Washington Times: STRANSKY:...
If Romney said "I want to replace all payroll taxes and corporate Income Tax with a 22% VAT and Income Tax only the top 1%" he'd have won.
can be viable. With proper oversight along with reforming tax code, closing loopholes, ending corporate welfare.
Fresh off their rolling of CEOs lobbying Congress for corporate tax cuts and shielding of off-shore profits
Vertex expands presence in Chesterbrook: Vertex Inc., the Berwyn area provider of corporate enterprise tax sol...
Working on this corporate tax return
In the past five years has paid 1.1% of their corporate profits in taxes. (Total profits: $11.3B.)
With his plan, it eases the burden with Income Tax and corporate taxes so J.O.B.S. can be created.
NBCBiz vids desktop: CEOs Set Tax Reform Goal - American CEOs are pushing for more competitive corporate tax ra...
Awash in record profits, corporations moved more than $166 billion to offshore tax havens last year:
Lower income and corporate tax significantly, raise GST to 10% - would solve a lot of problems.
.as he proposes cutting benefits and lowering corporate tax rates? Hard to argue yes on econ issues. Would you?
AU Corporate Tax Manager - $120k: QLD-Brisbane, This is one of the largest and most successf...
What You Should Know about the RATE Coalition's Quest for a Lower Corporate Tax Rate
Summer is just around the corner which means barbeques for family, friends or corporate. 10% off your party 40 people or more & no tax.
Our Corporate Tax solutions are excellent. Advisers: Get in touch and we will take you through them. Your Corp clients will be impressed
THIS is what's wrong with the The 5th Straight Year of Extreme Corporate Tax Avoidance
Highlights of Union Budget 2013-14: Personal Tax • • • • • • • • • • • • 1 cr per year Donations to National Children's Fund will be eligible for 100% tax deduction Long-term infra bonds also eligible for tax deduction; additional Rs 1 lakh deduction for home loans TDS on value of immovable property as transaction on immovable properties are usually undervalued Extends tax cuts benefits to Rupee Infrastructure Funds Educational Cess to continue at 3 % Securitization Trust income to be exempt Tax on Royalty for services provided abroad increased by 10% Corporate Tax • • • • • • • No changes in personal Income Tax slabs Surcharge on super rich Surcharge of 10% for income of Rs 1 cr or more per annum for one year Surcharge to be applicable for individuals and corporate 1% TDS for property sale worth more than Rs 50 lakh; agri land exempt Tax credit of Rs 2000 on incomes between Rs2-5 lakh 5.5% tax to GDP ratio for direct tax 4.5% tax to GDP ratio for indirect tax Tax adm ...
So what has all the Banking Thievery & Corporate Tax evasion taught our children? That Crime pays and dishonesty is the way to go!
Income Tax in India Central Revenue collections in 2007-08 ( Source : Compiled from reports of Comptroller and Auditor General of India for relevant years) Personal Income Tax (Direct) (17.43%) Corporate Tax (Direct) (32.76%) Other Taxes (Direct) (2.83%) Excise duty (Indirect) (20.84%) Customs duty (Indirect) (17.46%) Other Taxes (Indirect) (8.68%) The Central Government has been empowered by Entry 82 of the Union List of Schedule VII of the Constitution of India to levy tax on allincome other than agricultural income ( subject to Section 10(1) ). [ 1 ] The Income Tax Law comprises The Income Tax Act 1961, Income Tax Rules 1962, Notifications and Circulars issued by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), Annual Finance Acts and Judicial pronouncements by Supreme Court and High Courts. The government of India imposes an Income Tax on taxable income of all persons including individuals, Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs), companies, firms, association of persons, body of individuals, local authority and any oth ...
Some Taxes and Fees in the Philippines imposed on business systems (please make corrections the same are not the figures, or if lacking). Help educate the constituents that these are the things all constituents paid for the nation to sustainably operate. If these things are not paid/provided by biological and juridical entities, government may collapse and nation ceases to exist. These taxes are separate from the things you contributed to your churches. (Give Ceasar what is due for Ceasar and give to God what is due for God) 1. Corporate Tax – 35% 2. Real Property Tax – 2% (good if there is a processing plant since facilities are valued annually for taxation, which objective is property ownership protection). 3. Excise Tax – 2% (basic materials and mineral extraction tax, usually in sand and gravel and regulated large scale resource extraction) 4. Value Added Tax – 12% (to all purchased materials) 5. Income Tax – 11 % to 30% (low to high income workers) 6. Occupancy Tax – 7. Residence Tax - Ot ...
Highlights of the Direct Taxes Code bill Common threshold Income Tax exemption limit for men and women proposed at Rs. 2 lakh per annum (proposed), up from Rs. 1.8 lakh 10 per cent tax on annual income between Rs. 2-5 lakh, 20 per cent on between Rs. 5-10 lakh, 30 per cent for above Rs. 10 lakh Tax burden at highest level will come down by Rs. 41,040 annually Proposal to raise tax exemption for senior citizens to Rs. 2.5 lakh from Rs. 2.4 lakh currently.(NOTE:- Union budget 2011-12 already has proposed it.) Corporate Tax to remain at 30 per cent but without surcharge and cess. MAT to be 20 per cent of book profit, up from 18.5 per cent. Proposal to levy dividend distribution tax at 15 per cent. Exemption for investment in approved funds and insurance schemes proposed at Rs. 1.5 lakh annually, against Rs. 1.2 lakh currently Proposed bill has 319 sections and 22 schedules against 298 sections and 14 schedules in existing IT Act. Once enacted, DTC will replace archaic Income Tax Act. However, many provisions ...
ECONOMIC INCENTIVE PACKAGE: Kay Rasmussen from the Economic Development Council (EDC) presented a request for an Economic Ad Valorem Tax Abatement for "Project Machine". The Commission unanimously adopted the proposal. Project Machine refers to an unnamed business located in the Holt Industrial Park which has proposed to make a major capital investment in new equipment and expand its workforce with 15 new high-wage manufacturing jobs. The State of Florida has agreed to provide 80% of the tax incentive through Corporate Tax abatements. The Commission voted to provide the County's 20% match ($9,000 over 5 years) by abating a portion of the intangible ad valorem tax that would have otherwise been due on the new equipment the company is purchasing and installing. Please contact the EDC if your business has a project that you think might qualify for an incentive package. CODE OF ETHICS: Through a consensus of the Board, staff was instructed to monitor developments during the upcoming legislative session regard ...
Presently,there are discussions going on within government about changing our tax system within The Bahamas. Firstly, we're aparently going to eliminate customs duties because The WTO The World Trade Organization dictates that we should do this. Why do we have to jump to the dictates of others...I don't understand this. As part of these discussions I heard many openly advocate the introduction of Income Tax & Corporate Tax.what madness! Over the years, The Bahamas has enjoyed a wonderful standard of living which is the envy of the entire Caribbean,and indeed people in other parts of the world due to a vast amoun of foriegn investments in our country. If Income Tax and/or Corporate Tax is introduced in The Bahamas in is my belief that the foreign investors will simply go elsewhere. If we have to introduce some other form of taxation, I believe that it should be VAT Value Added Tax...But NEVER Income Tax or Corporate Tax as that would be committing National Suicide,in my opinion.
We need to overthrow the current Tax Code and reform to a Flat Tax System. Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is what we need, 9% National Sales Tax, 9% Corporate Tax, and 9% Income Tax. Fair and simple.
14 FACTS KING OBAMA DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW: But I will tell you. 1. Income inequality is worse under Obama than under Bush. 2. Obama wants to lower the Corporate Tax rate. 3. Health care reform won't make health care cheaper for most Americans. 4. Obama's Housing Programs have largely been a failure. 5. Homeowners have't seen much out of that HUGE Mortgage Deal. 6. Democrats have received lots of campaign cash from Bain Capital. 7. Under Obama, Large Wall Firms have largely escaped punishment for their role in the financial crisis. 8. Obama's Administration is full of Wall Street insiders - The Revolving Door Policy 9. Under Obama's - Too Big to fail BANKS have grown bigger 10. The majority of the so call jobs recovery gains have been LOW-Wage Jobs 11. Income has declined more during the Obama Recovery than the Recession. 12. Payroll Tax Cuts may expire on the Obama's tenure. 13. Many of the TOP Obama Donors are Employees of Major Corporations. 14. Prosecution for Financial FRAUD hit a 20 year low duri ...
I cannot speak to the actual tax rate (% of earnings or profits), but thought that I would share this that compares % of GDP. I _do_not_ claim that the GOP is lying (unlike the image). I do not know, but suspect that the GOP and the people who created the image are both making true statements about the US Corporate Tax rate. But, as with all statistics, what you measure and how you compare the value greatly changes how the information is perceived.
video from the very sane Robert Reich. He is right that trickle down Economics does not work, and results in job losses, but this tool, based on the Laffner Curve (and Macro Economic studies on renovating the Tax Code), suggest the Economy would benefit from Corporate Tax cuts especially international Corps competing globally. What Mr Romney wants to do sounds like Trickle Down. We don't need to guess what would happen if this principle is misapplied. We just have to look at Greece. I don't know what the Presidents plan is for the economy, because the as are all about Mr Romney's tax returns. Push back on te "birther" issue is just thinly disguised racism. Where are the Plans? There are millions of Americans who will be affected and they deserve an answer from BOTH csndidaes.
The reality of "outsourcing". If you drive a car (even an American car), you have a product as a result of "outsourcing". Do you own a TV? Outsourcing. How about a cell phone? Reading this on a computer? Outsourcing. Drink coffee? Outsourcing. Ever shop at WalMart? You support outsourcing. Check the labels of everything in your home. Our desire for the "cheapest price at the best quality" is driving outsourcing. "Outsourcing" is not the "evil Boogie Man" the liberals want you to believe. It is the natural result of a global economy in today's world. Companies are in business to make a profit. Do you work for a company that tries to make a profit? Than at some level you support "outsourcing". Do we want to create jobs in this country & reduce "outsourcing"? Cut corporate tax rates. US Corporate Tax rates are currently at over 39% which is the highest in the entire world. Why would a company invest in the US jobs when we have the highest taxes and the highest labor costs in the world. Obama continues to ...
Legal Secretary - Corporate Tax - £30k - £50k London Permanent opportunity for a legal secretary to work in Corp...
So where's the Corporate Tax cut that was supposed to help small business fund the increases in superannuation guarantee? Dane Swan could have come up with a better budget. Once again Western Australia propping up the inadequacies and inefficiencies of the East Coast. Jesus Christ.
Laura Tyson on the Corporate Tax: She says we should reduce it, financed by a tax increase on dividends and capi...
Costa Rica Introduces New Corporate Tax: Costa Rica has introduced a new annual tax on all...
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