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Corn Pops

Corn Pops is a breakfast cereal made by Kellogg's, described by the company as crunchy sweetened popped-up corn cereal. Originally called Sugar Pops, it was introduced in 1951 as the sponsor for The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok radio show.

Lucky Charms Apple Jacks Frosted Flakes Family Guy

I really want some cereal. Like some Corn Pops or captain crunch.
I haven't had Corn Pops in years...and taste legit just came back to me!!
it is currently 1:30am and I want corn pops
The last photos from ! I wanted to try the soda but it had corn syrup in it!
I got this out of Corn Pops. A blue spoon straw with oliff from frozen on…
It turns out American Corn Pops are wrong.
Still thinking about how Matt told me I couldn't get Corn Pops because they weren't "cute" what πŸ’€
Sugar Smacks or Corn Pops? Or maybe I should get out the studio and have dinner..,choices...
Thanksgiving corn on the cob. Corn pops, snack baggies, green tissue paper, and raffia does the tric
Came home to seeing dad eating Corn Pops by himself. I asked him if he ate dinner.
Where did you find these? Corn Pops are too sweet for me, and this would be great!
I don't even have Corn Pops anymore
Report anyone who enjoys Corn Pops to the authorities immediately. Please.
Two of my fave women followers imma have to spam today and im willing to take that chance over Corn Pops cot dammit
mom coming home late? no dinner no problem, Gatorade and corn-pops it is
Bowl of corn pops & a pizza pop.. Wifey material or what? lol
JJ Watt is so corny he eats Corn Pops for breakfast.
Fluffer nutter and corn pops for breakfast.. Feeling like a kid again, ready for that day job grind
Pops finger in mouth... Not pop corn stuff though is it
Oho it's art who's to say it's not best? it's beautiful I love the bright pops of color. Reminds me of candy corn! Many congrats!
oh at first glance it looked like Corn Pops. Still a great choice though
"Hmmm I'm hungry, I guess I'll have a bowl of corn pops and a bag of chips" - me
I just ate luke, a quarter of my food and I'm already full. Before dinner, all I've eaten today was a bowl of corn pops
"Cam Ward took the cup back to Canada, & ate Corn Pops out of it" - George W Bush
College: eating a small box of corn pops in a fit of rage
too late. 😢 I chose Corn Pops. Should have gone with CTC tho.
When actor John C. Reilly was 12 year old, he and his friends stole 500 boxes of Corn Pops from a freight train.
I just ate a bowl of dry oats maple syrup and corn pops??? I think I've given up entirely.
Every afternoon, someone at work pops popcorn. Why does popped corn smell so *** good? Every. Day.
Laying in bed with all my new stuff eating Corn Pops & cuddlin with dumbo today is a good day
IT HAS ARRIVED ps don't mind the box of Corn Pops on my bed I have a problem πŸ˜‡
"Hi, it's Ralph, and I'm probably eating Corn Pops "
I had uncheesed cheetos and (almond) milk for breakfast. Also known as Corn Pops.
I forgot how fast Corn Pops get soggy..
Finna muck these corn pops then go to bed... lol... text if you need kush...
Corn pops are disgusting they're not cereal.
Ending my sweet tooth night with a bowl of Corn Pops because was 86 toffee brownies😞😒
Suddenly having the STRONGEST craving for sugary breakfast cereal. Do I get Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, Corn Pops or Rice Krispies Treats?
(How can you clean this rainbow corn pops one?)
Not a fan of Corn Pops. I like Special K with Berries & love Shredded Wheat (not Frosted minis)
I dont like any of those. Corn Pops, Special K, and Shreaded Wheat.
Watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and eating Corn Pops before bed.
Been addicted to Corn Pops for about 3 weeks now.
When cooking with oil place a pop corn kernel in the oil. You'll know your oil is hot enough when the kernel pops
when you pass so now you can continue eating Corn Pops on the couch but realize you have a precalc test tmr πŸ˜—πŸ˜—
Corn Pops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks the GOAT and none of y'all hot milk drinkers spoke about those so I understand.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Did anyone else have wish their kid good night last night? "Eat some corn pops and have bad dreams" to be exact. Gold!
"What if you ate corn pops with Pepsi instead of milk?" -
*Hums to herself as she pops the corn. Tesla looks at Holmes in alarm. What IS THAT?*
living on my own has consisted of corn pops EVERY morning
And now a group of drunk girls outside the bar were harassing me about how cute I am and asking if they can have my Corn Pops.. Sorry no.
Got an ap psych test tmr but I'm sitting on the couch eating Corn Pops πŸ˜πŸ˜—
I'm going to tape Corn Pops to my chest and go as The Thing for Halloween. I'm calling dibs, don't steal it.
Corn Pops, known as Sugar Pops in the good old days, would be my choice!
how has nobody mentioned Corn Pops or Captain Crunch?!
Pinterest is destroying breakfast. Why would you eat overnight oats when Corn Pops are available nationwide?
Candy corn, Carmel Apple Pops, Affy Tapple and pumpkin pie are some of the best things of fallπŸ˜πŸ‚
I'd be tight if they were no corn pops
Absolutely, mandoline is a tool, not a toy. My bf pops corn in saucepan on stove; I don't even need that, don't like popcorn.
Like do you expect me to pour water in my corn pops like some sort of degenerate
β˜€ This could be a big, boring, disaster. (pops corn)
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Pinterest wants me to make candy corn pudding pops and I totally agree
Note to self: don't brush your teeth and then eat corn pops after, you will regret it
*pops corn and sits muttering next to Elizabeth*
Does this Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn Pops recipe from look amazing? LOVE fall and…
man i've been craving corn pops all DAY
your poor kids would only get Corn Pops for dinner
Popper Pete pops corn every weekend & this Friday night he'll be popping a pop up Laneway Gig for Hit105 drop by...
Such a southern thing but I love corn bread and milk . Get it from my pops and grandfather .
slayed it on today, Can't wait for 8pm, I have been counting the days ::pops some corn::
Wow... a bowl of Corn Pops and 20oz of Faygo Orange pop put me over my goal for sugar for the day... It's kinda mind blowing...
What's this thing with Lemmy Kilmister and Corn Pops?
Fruit Loops Coupon: Save $0.50 on one box of Kellogg's Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops or Honey Smacks…
Not sure if it's just me, but these Corn Pops are especially golden today.
I am currently sitting shirtless eating Corn Pops out of a mixing bowl with a ladle. I live like a king.
long as I continue to cobble shoes peacefully, and also fix stellar bowls of corn pops with the perfect amount of milk, im good!
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Bump those pops on your silage corn. More plants means more tons
I had been wanting Corn Pops cereal for a LONG time. Well, I finally got them and I HATE them. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lemme break this down. Ultimate breakfast, Coco bills, coco pops, weatabix, musli, Corn flakes, Krave, in a big F off saucepan.
PurΓ©ed fruit & chocolate chips make a great treat - better than fruit pops with high fructose corn syrup
Help I'm alone in the house with a writing deadline & a box of corn pops 😳
Is it gross if I eat Corn Pops with almond milk? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My love for corn pops is unconditional
put the corn into algo oven, it POPS!
I almost always eat corn pops for breacfest
you might be the only person buying corn pops in the US.
If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room with a box of Corn Pops and some almond milk, praying for death.
Are American Corn Pops different, or have they just made them way worse in general?
Pops n I are goin to see get hard tomorrow on my day off. Plus. He makes a BOMB *** grilled chicken n corn salad that I jus crushed.My ***
Butter toffee coated corn pops is a better way of describing them.
They are like butter toffee flavoured corn pops.
Now all I need from Malt o’Meal is a version of Corn Pops. Then the starving student inside me will be in heaven.
I really want a bowl of corn pops rn
Update: I poured myself some corn pops but then I realized the last gallon of milk was downstairs and poured it back and went back to my bed
Gonna have a bowl of Corn Pops I'm pretty sure 🍢
green is my 2nd favorite color after blue & corn pops ARE WEIRD they have a weird taste i love Frosted Flakes & captain crunch
I stole these corn pops with Mr. White.
I knew a kid in high school who snorted corn pops. Yeah, he died... Sometimes life does make sense.
wine :( (; Drink it up. Toasts pops off int the shyline sky evening my time Corn backward. muiy kiss!
I don't really dig corn pops like dat... i mean they're alright. only got em cuz dey were on sale
Gourmet apples, cake pops ... new sweet treats are coming for spring!
Cant even muster up the decency to fill my stomach with somethin a lil more substantial than these corn pops
I can never get the milk to cereal ratio right with corn pops
My pops took a flight from heatthrow airport.. Landed, showered, cooked beans n corn, now he's eating... Jega never announce who won.. Tf!😑
This Carmel corn tastes like pops cereal tho. So I got that going for me
my parents did the same thing! Sometimes I could talk them into a box of corn pops. Sometimes.
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and Corn Pops are never given enough credit.
I wonder how popcorn got invented like "hey let me just heat this piece of corn up in a little bit of oil until it pops" like ???
Corn pops are helping me deal with the stress of and Morena Baccarin's perfect ***
Beer is gross. It tastes like stale corn pops. Why do people have like 20 cans of it every day, aside from using it to replace meals?
College means eating a dinner that is a mix of fresh corn pops and stale corn pops and being totally content with it.
People say "oh you watch wrestling?" I like chocolate milk in my corn pops too what in the blue *** do you care move along :)
Coffee burns at a higher temperature than corn pops. Documentary on the McDonald's coffee lawsuit doesn't change s…
Oh my gosh I just remembered there are corn pops in my pantry, bless everything
eating corn pops right now. Also love cinnamon toast crunch
I was never a fan of Lucky Charms.. I was a corn pops or coco pebbles kinda person
Franchises and nacho cheese with corn pops and pretzels on the side. After dinner meal . Sad I have to eat like this to gain 😞πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€πŸ˜†
nope! You get to eat the rest of the milk from my corn pops!
My son has had the best time with a bag of dry Corn Pops tonight!! He has been trying to toss them up and catch them.
I just walked out to my car to get my phone charger doe and the box of corn pops that's been behind my seat for a week or two was in the...
Remember those old corn pops commercial that had music similar to the Jaws theme?
I feel like a corn kernel that never pops n gets left at the bottom n has to watch all its friends flourish into delicious bits of popcorn
I now know that Nando's is actually pretty good so I agree. If I see Corn pops anywhere I'll be sure to let you know
I concur. They're up there with Corn Pops. Both just disappeared without a trace :-/
If Nandos delivered life would be perfect. . But also if I had corn pops.
So Imma sit here and eat some corn pops until I figure out my life. lol.
friends - did you know that has a location in the Boynton Beach Mall?
I didn't even know they still made them! I was like I gotta have it. First time I had corn pops since I was like 12
I got corn pops. That's it I'm sorry
nah cause Imma Eat some corn pops and then be knocked againπŸ˜‚
I miss waking up in the morning and eating corn pops in Cali
Corn Pops. They were giving out free games at a local store. I managed to get one of the coupons.
Children of the Corn Pops cereal for kids
Bout to pour me a bowl of Corn Pops because college
Who needs friends when you've got corn pops
Apparently Canada and the U.S. have different Corn Pops cereals.
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Breakfast = 1 bowl of Coco Pops and 1 bowl of Corn Flakes. A dripping tap in the background and a newspaper to get my news down :-)
Your teeth so yellow look like you got a mouth full of corn pops
If you’re befuddled by popcorn, don’t you dare try to figure out Corn Pops.
Milk is great, but many things are great that adults nevertheless should leave alone. Like Corn Pops.
Just watched a grown woman steal a box of Corn Pops from this Target
Basically got through this day on a packet of ghost pops, a crunchie and a packet of big corn bites.
Studio psychedelics, corn pops, and Fever Ray. Today is a good day!
After a deep depression I bought a box of Corn Pops. I might eat the whole thing this morning.
Planting corn in the N Plains for ethanol has destroyed the Cons Reserve Program, quail, pheasant, sage hen pops plummeting
I could really go for a bowl of corn pops
Reese's puffs and corn pops the same thing.
Why popcorn pops, as explained by science
Corn pops in Canada are just round balls of Captain Crunch cereal...
You're wondering what makes Pop Corn pop? Well of course it's pressurized vapor being released! :) More info --->
Oh my god, I haven't had Corn Pops in an AGE.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
how bout when I send you corn pops commercials
Ugh you got me craving corn pops now
Extractive has been entertaining us by telling about the time he showed his Corn Pops Labor Day to LitecoinDark,
Still goin strong and got myself a bowl of corn pops
All I do nowadays is write papers and eat corn pops.
I love corn pops that are kinda soggy but still crunchy. Those are the best lol
How many bowls of corn pops can I eat in one night we are about to find out.
It pops every time I move. I can't even walk without sounding like pop corn. πŸ˜‚πŸ’₯🌽
Corn pops are the nastiest cereal ever
Shout out to my pops for making homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes, & corn on the cob 😁
Wish my pops was there for me but best thing that corn did was stay away cause I became a better man that way
Pops made white chicken chili last night with fresh corn and cilantro mannn let me tell yall this was…
Improved stress tolerance in new hybrids, VR planting allow for higher pops - Purdue's Nielsen.
S&O pops n corn tops . All 3 rods are getting bites. Struck a take but struck out. . But beep beep beep its all I'm...
Why does my pee smell like Corn Pops?
Eat some corn on the cob the drink some hot chocolate and see if it pops in your stomach
What happens to corn when it pops? Two French engineers did a study to find out:
agronomist Jeff Lakin explaining his research on changing N rates w/ varied corn pops today in Kokomo, IN
I want corn pops. Gotta have my pops
Ha! Thanks, I've done that with the Corn Pops!
Have you ever been so poor and lazy that you just ate corn pops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
threw corn pops in ysabel's on accident 😭😭😭 I meant to get jose πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I have been known to getva little corn flakey. But i perfer doing wheat. Corn pops for my heat beat. Apple snaps make me twerky. I am beef jerky
Corn pops, fruity pebbles, or cocoa pebbles?
"I love any bodywash that makes me smell like candy.". *candy corn or fizz pops?*
idk if I wanna eat sugar crisp, alph-abits or corn pops 😩😭 my life is so hard
Mad all I got to eat is some Corn Pops with no milk.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
corn pops don't realize that it does more good than harm. That's a reference. If I sent it, I loved it myself.
ICYMI - WSVN-TV and Deco Drive news story on Pops Corn.
To our family, friends and fans on the entire staff at Pops Corn would like to wish you and your...
Little Giant Ladders
My rabbits obsession with corn pops is the cutest thing ever.
Jenny Lewis Corn Pops Commercial makes me super happy.
After this bowl of corn pops I'm out 😴✌️
Practical New Years resolution: eat more corn pops and convince myself that I totally spent enough time studying when I in fact did not
how can I describe it.. you know how corn pops?
Wow!! Corn pops really hit the spot tonight!
My dad: do you want popcorn or corn pops?. Me: .corn pops
Trying to make hubby wash a bowl and spoon for me so i can eat my corn pops so far a
Pops made some corn bread and greens! Ya girl boutta be thickkk!!! πŸ’ƒ
Gonna disappear and watch Miranda for a while. *pops corn and props up tootsies*
By adding 1% milk to my bowl of corn pops, I've turned boring finger food into a great snack that you can enjoy w/ just a spoon
Pops got down on brunch today prime rib, corn, potatoes.. Can't breathe πŸ˜…
LOLOL ::pops corn:: ::pulls up chair::
Coco Pops are probably the most popular, as well as Frosties, Rice Crispies, Corn Flakes, Weatabix
A bowl of Honey Smacks cereal supplies more sugar than a scoop of ice cream! Switch to Corn Pops to cut sugar intake by half.
Its just like corn cereal.. but I think you're on to something there, corn flakes and coco pops sound…
Eatting breakfast of Corn Pops and watching Family Guy season ten.
Illmatic bumpin. NFL network on low. Corn Pops. Gotta have my pops and all dat. Thank you God for another day.
Eattin Corn Pops with Family Guy season ten disc one.
Hungry finaaa open them corn pops up !
Tbh Corn Pops remind me of gold teeth πŸ˜‚
WELP I'm going home to a bowl of corn pops and my bed. Night!
Watching the "Twilight Zone" marathon w/John is a bit frustrating since he knows how they all end and tells us. Love you, Corn Pops.
Corn pops were a good cereal choice
gotta mix the Cheerios with the Corn Pops.
To the person that bought out all of the Corn Pops at the store when they're on sale: EFF YOU!!!
My coworker left corn pops in our locker & I wanted to eat them, so I left her a note & she actually replied. πŸ˜‚
Today's snax is whole cheese coffee with Italian dressing. Mix some snowmen with some Corn Pops. Yum.
I'm craving some of Hayley's Caramel Corn pops 😍
Corn Pops for dinner may be the best decision I've made all week
Currently eating the corn that pops
I saw you eat corn pops the other day
My sister just asked me if rice pops like pop corn when you cook it πŸ˜‚
I'm craving corn pops which is weird bc I don't even like corn pops
lol I said I was eating Corn Pops. I think my milk was bad I could go for endless Olive Garden breadsticks.
Corn pops have nothing to them but I love them too.
I have an odd obsession with corn pops
If you'd seen Shrimp laughing and bouncing in her seat when Wendy, Michael and John started flying, you'd be crying in your Corn Pops too.
I liked a video from Corn Pops Zombie Commercial
Also strongly believe Cookie Crisp is the most underappreciated cereal immediately followed by Corn Pops
lmao same things running thru my head as I eat corn pops in my kitchen...
I'm getting Marlene a box of Corn Pops for Christmas πŸ˜‚
Hair-raising Halloween Candy Corn Pops were all the rage in in this limited-edition flavor from 2002
SON back in the day My pops use to Make me and my brothers Corn Bee sandwiches for lunch ... Like *** lol ... The queens days
This joke is terrible but I can't hate on Frosted Flakes and Corn Pops.
Homeboy figured out his girl was cheating when she brought him home Corn Pops instead of Frosted Flakes.
how dare you I'm obviously a box of corn pops have some respect
Blessed to be alive and enjoying these corn pops
Corn pops are actually gods blessing to earth
Yo, it's been like 7 years since I've had corn pops
β€œ"I called shawty she said I can come through πŸ’― Teeth lookin like corn pops
She is eating corn pops, with no milk.
GMO causes cancer but it's in Frosted Flakes, Corn pops and many more cereal! Thank the &
Bout to murk this whole box of corn pops. But first this blunt
I don't even know, one minute I was eating corn pops the next minute I have half a toothπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"CORN POPS this bunny is probably traumatized.
On my third bowl of Corn Pops. My gums are starting to feel like how Mickey Rourke's face looks.
Aromatic Needle green tea is up next for me. Corn pops and green peas. It should cut right through…
You have my attention. I've heard some pretty ridiculous things said in the past. *pops corn*
When I saw the ad back then I thought they were Corn Pops, and I was mad he broke them! ;-)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lol, I was mad he broke that cereal box, I love Corn Pops! :-)
I dunno how coco pops and corn flakes bang, they're such dead cereals,
ask O bout his corn pops commercial lol
On my other hand i enjoyed eating some good bowls of corn pops
Comfort snack. Earl Gray tea brewed strong and some Corn pops. No milk of course. The flavors are nice together.
Question: in what time frame is it socially acceptable to eat an entire box of corn pops by myself?
Happy birthday indee, hope we can smoke some mad kush dope weed and eat corn pops living the high life real soon πŸ‘…πŸ’‹
I love cereal, been hooked since I was a kid. Cocoa Puffs and Corn Pops are my favorites. What's yours? :)
I don't even like corn pops and I just ate the whole box
12. "POPular!" I could some POPs right now. How about BrainPOP? Or POPcorn? Corn POPs?
I can't speak for Papa Shango, but I was at home eating a bowl of Corn Pops at the untimely death of Jim Helwig.
Ew I hate cereal unless it's Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loops.
I couldn't find any bowls so I ate corn pops on a plate
Hmmm froot loops or corn pops this morning???
Don't even pretend you don't like cinnamon corn pops
Just had Cap'n Crunch for the first time in like 20 years... What a letdown. It tastes just like corn pops. Nothing special at all. Then I made a bigger mistake of you tubing the commercial. Why did I think it was cool as a child? The Cap'n is basically a feeble old man who can't do anything right. And his voice sounds exactly like senility itself.
Golden Morn is Good, Corn Flakes is better, Coco Pops is Great, But at the Mention of IJEBU GARRI, every Cereal must Bow!
Please explain why half my home made popping corn never pops, just turns into hard, burn kernels in the bottom of the bowl.
Poured my nephew a bowl of Corn Pops before I left for work. Would have much rather hung out with him today. It's the little things, people.
Took this Which Cereal Are You quiz and got Corn Pops, so yeah it's been a hard day.
We broke up because of the corn pops
you posted the wrong picture. That's not a box of Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles. That's not even Apple Jacks or Corn Pops.
& "Do whatever it takes to get that sweet taste of Sugared Corn Pops...Kill a guy."
I just by accidentally poured chocolate milk on my corn pops & it's the best mistake I've ever made
Laying in bed eating a bowl of corn pops and watching Eclipse :) the baby is asleep and Twinkies in bed too just need my love here he's working late miss u baby :(
Kind of loving the spectacle of powertrolling the First Look trolls *pops corn*
String cheese and dry Corn Pops in a bowl for dinner. Now I know where Andy gets it. LOL
Ah yes!! are opening up for us again! TMH was great fun! But dudes we're playing f'in stadiums! Aghhh…
ahh I just wanna mix corn pops and honeycombs together in one great big bowl of deliciousness
Sudden craving for corn pops. Does that cereal even exist anymore?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
A chocolate muffin and corn pops may not be the best dinner, but *** it's Friday night.
I like eating corn pops cereal without milk, I think they taste way better alone 😁
John C. Reilly told the story of how he and his Little Rascals-like gang of 12-year-old felons emptied an entire boxcar of Corn Pops.
nah. When it comes to sugared serial, I prefer Lucky Charms, corn pops and golden grahams
Rex got mushy corn pops all over my bathroom and I got the girls coming over tonight for a Wilford Brimley marathon. REX YOU PIG!
Whatever you want to believe, Dip. I thought she'd be Lucky Charms. I'm bloody Corn Pops.
Alright. Pouring everything back on. Had the biggest bowls of corn pops. I'm good. Gonna go socialize. I want to sleep. So hard!
Evening on the road snack before dinner. My mom made me masamorra! Its like corn pops cereal with…
Corn POPS been starring me down all day thinking , It's about time to bust that box open ...hmmm. I'm thinking cereal for dinner :0)
I needa make myself dinner tonight.. Corn pops sound good
I got Corn Pops! Which Cereal Are You? Meh I like pops but cinnamon toast crunch is better!
uh yes bc you have fruit loops reeces pieces, corn pops, nestquick, must I go on? Cinnamon toast crunch is a great choice tho
the Clown Prince of day old corn pops falling out of my shirt
My favorite clip of the week: Great Sugar Corn Pops Train Robbery
Whoever mixed Corn Pops with Cap'n Crunch, thank you
Jingle/slogan/commercial of the day: I gotta have my Pops!-Kellogg's Corn Pops
The great South Side Sugar Corn Pops Heist has been solved!
Bunny Breakfast. We'll serve pancakes, Corn Pops, and other breakfast items.
bingeing with corn pops as soon as I get home, figures πŸ˜’
β€œBreakfast cereals, ranked: Worst list of all time! Corn Pops No.29? Are you kidding me?
Worth braving the cold to try the sweet and funky white chocolate Corn pops cupcakes!!
No corn pops before bed Ever again. Woke up from the worst nightmare EVER! Couldn't breathe heart racing... Jesus don't Ever let it happen please
Work work work like the Corn Pops commercial got to have my job lol
Sugar corn pops so good you'll kill a guy
Im hungry...THIS is GOOD.corn pops & an English are in order.SUGAR pops...
Me: how are corn pops made out of real corn?? Dustyn: you know it's corn popped. not popcorn. but corn pop! Lmao
Some corn pops would be BOMBB right nowπŸ˜’πŸ˜ !
Aw look at my precious granddaughter Sami eat cereal corn pops,um ily
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