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Corn Pops

Corn Pops is a breakfast cereal made by Kellogg's, described by the company as crunchy sweetened popped-up corn cereal. Originally called Sugar Pops, it was introduced in 1951 as the sponsor for The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok radio show.

Frosted Flakes Lucky Charms Breaking Bad Froot Loops Jesse Pinkman Cinnamon Toast Crunch Aaron Paul Cocoa Puffs Golden Grahams Apple Jacks

Took this Which Cereal Are You quiz and got Corn Pops, so yeah it's been a hard day.
We broke up because of the corn pops
you posted the wrong picture. That's not a box of Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles. That's not even Apple Jacks or Corn Pops.
& "Do whatever it takes to get that sweet taste of Sugared Corn Pops...Kill a guy."
I just by accidentally poured chocolate milk on my corn pops & it's the best mistake I've ever made
Laying in bed eating a bowl of corn pops and watching Eclipse :) the baby is asleep and Twinkies in bed too just need my love here he's working late miss u baby :(
Kind of loving the spectacle of powertrolling the First Look trolls *pops corn*
String cheese and dry Corn Pops in a bowl for dinner. Now I know where Andy gets it. LOL
Ah yes!! are opening up for us again! TMH was great fun! But dudes we're playing f'in stadiums! Aghhh…
ahh I just wanna mix corn pops and honeycombs together in one great big bowl of deliciousness
Sudden craving for corn pops. Does that cereal even exist anymore?
A chocolate muffin and corn pops may not be the best dinner, but *** it's Friday night.
I like eating corn pops cereal without milk, I think they taste way better alone 😁
John C. Reilly told the story of how he and his Little Rascals-like gang of 12-year-old felons emptied an entire boxcar of Corn Pops.
nah. When it comes to sugared serial, I prefer Lucky Charms, corn pops and Golden Grahams
Rex got mushy corn pops all over my bathroom and I got the girls coming over tonight for a Wilford Brimley marathon. REX YOU PIG!
Whatever you want to believe, Dip. I thought she'd be Lucky Charms. I'm bloody Corn Pops.
Alright. Pouring everything back on. Had the biggest bowls of corn pops. I'm good. Gonna go socialize. I want to sleep. So hard!
Evening on the road snack before dinner. My mom made me masamorra! Its like corn pops cereal with…
Corn POPS been starring me down all day thinking , It's about time to bust that box open ...hmmm. I'm thinking cereal for dinner :0)
I needa make myself dinner tonight.. Corn pops sound good
I got Corn Pops! Which Cereal Are You? Meh I like pops but Cinnamon Toast Crunch is better!
uh yes bc you have fruit loops reeces pieces, corn pops, nestquick, must I go on? Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a great choice tho
the Clown Prince of day old corn pops falling out of my shirt
My favorite clip of the week: Great Sugar Corn Pops Train Robbery
Whoever mixed Corn Pops with Cap'n Crunch, thank you
Jingle/slogan/commercial of the day: I gotta have my Pops!-Kellogg's Corn Pops
The great South Side Sugar Corn Pops Heist has been solved!
Bunny Breakfast. We'll serve pancakes, Corn Pops, and other breakfast items.
bingeing with corn pops as soon as I get home, figures 😒
“Breakfast cereals, ranked: Worst list of all time! Corn Pops No.29? Are you kidding me?
Worth braving the cold to try the sweet and funky white chocolate Corn pops cupcakes!!
No corn pops before bed Ever again. Woke up from the worst nightmare EVER! Couldn't breathe heart racing... Jesus don't Ever let it happen please
Work work work like the Corn Pops commercial got to have my job lol
Sugar corn pops so good you'll kill a guy
Im hungry...THIS is GOOD.corn pops & an English are in order.SUGAR pops...
Me: how are corn pops made out of real corn?? Dustyn: you know it's corn popped. not popcorn. but corn pop! Lmao
Some corn pops would be BOMBB right now😒😐 !
Aw look at my precious granddaughter Sami eat cereal corn pops,um ily
So, my wife Bonnie finds it... well, I'm not sure exactly how she finds it... Perhaps... odd... Perhaps... a little kidish... Perhaps... simply unhealthy, that I enjoy the occasional bowl of Corn Pops as a late night bedtime snack... Her comment, "Weren't those originally called, "SUGAR Pops??" (Yes, she is correct, originally named Sugar Pops in 1951, changed to Sugar CORN Pops in 1978, then to Corn Pops in 1986.)
But why am I awake? Like WIDE awake. And I have hiccups that are hurting my chest! Corn pops and The Nanny it is...Good Morning!!
Why is it when your broke you start craving stuff you cant get? Froot Loops, raisin bran, Frosted Flakes and corn pops sounds so yummy
Done ate my corn pops now I'm contemplating on this cat *** and k.o!
I can't stop chuckling.. I am having a late night bowl of Kellogs Corn Pops. Remember way back when, it used to read Sugar Corn Pops? Well ,now, underneath where it says Pops, it reads in small letters.. with a 'touch' of sweetness. LOL these are so my downfall! This is a big box but doesn't survive here long..
So i am thinking that eating a half a box of Corn Pops cereal for dinner while watching TV was not a very smart choice.eyes are heavy, head seems fuzzy.I think I better go sleep it off. Sugar check could be interesting; I think I will pass on that.
With the weather so crummy and getting countless munchy attacks I start craving stuff they no longer make and this makes me think what would the last thing I would want to eat before dying. Other than the normal 'homemade' or 'mom' made stuff and pizza I would like to see kellogg's bring back their Kellogg Snack-ums. they were giant pieces of cereal and at the time they had giant Froot Loops, Giant corn pops and Rice Krispy treats. my personal favor was the Giant Froot Loops. I use to eat a canister or two a day of those things. But the canisters were small like a small canister of oatmeal and each froot loop were about an inch to an inch and a half big, so you didn't get very many of them. But I would put one on my tongue and let it melt and get soggy, swallow and promptly follow that with another piece. totally loved those things. The only survivor of that campaign sadly was the rice krispy cereal. I really wish they had kept the giant Froot Loops.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm super happy right now, caught up on orders, eating corn pops while doing laundry, & watching Don't Trust the B-- Useless information brOught to you by ME. K BYE
Day two of the Antediluvian Flu, I am possibly on the mend, this is not to say I feel any better, more so that my delusions are getting deeper and far more real. For the better part of this afternoon I dreamt that I was trapped in a twenty-fourth floor elementary school during a global catastrophe, with only Jane Lynch and a bottle of Absolut Vodka to keep me company. Jane was a bit too upbeat for my liking, but the vodka had what seemed like giant corn pops floating in it. So there was that.
Fried pasta with a big bowl of corn pops for lunch = I'm in college and there's three days before spring break so I refuse to go grocery shopping and my leftover hamburger helper needs to be saved for dinner tomorrow.
Stomach hurts along with my shoulders but had coffee (: might lay back down. corn pops or coco puffs? Decisions decisions.
Qusstion: what is your starting 5 line up in the Cereal Game? Mine is: Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Cheerios, Csptain Crunch, and Fruity Pebbles.
It has been FAR too long since the last time I had Corn Pops. 😄
Had some Corn Pops for the first time in like 3 years, instantly went back to watching X-men on a Saturday morning in 1993
I could eat my weight in Corn Pops.
Salad n corn pops was dinner tonight! Hehe can't be perfect every night ;)
I'm eating corn pops...does that count as my vegetable?
My supper? Snack? Consist of corn pops in vanilla almond milk. I don't care but it was oh so yummy
"Adelaide, I misseded you so much. I can't even tell you how much I misseded you, because it was so much." So sweet. "Elizabiff Mae, I love you so much and I want you to wake up and tell me dat you love me, too. You are so beautiful." That is too precious. "Mama." "Yes, Graham?" This is going to be good. "Don't eat all my Corn Pops cereal from Grandma Linda."
Oh no oh no. Oh god. She dropped the corn pops!
All, just thought you'd find it interesting. If it's all about the dogs why is Kels Keiser from Happy Endings looking me up on Linked In. That's not even current. Did he think of this on his own? So for you guys that work at HEDR, I've not posted anything on your personal pages and have said nothing derogatory about employees of HEDR. We have stopped asking people to call and ask questions, because as pointed out the employees at HEDR are not the problem. To make it easy for you today, I showered at 6am, had Corn Pops and 2% milk for breakfast, Got a haircut at noon and had an apple for lunch. I'll try to provide an update later if you want.
Been looking at this box of corn pops for a minute needless to say I still haven't grabbed a bowl
I give bent corn pops an oranges for breakfast an he chooses raisins and oranges :)
Something has to give I cooked all that Food earlier nd still went nd ate pizza then I wanted icecream before I went to sleep now I wake up wanting corn pops knowing *** well me nd milk don't get along
We need a Buckees here in Ma!! Dianna Marsh introduced us to this awesome gas station chain in Texas, best known for their 5 star bathrooms but, they have these very addictive tasty little treats affectionately called Buckee balls. They are like Corn Pops cereal toasted in caramel. Gregory has taken our only bag and claimed it for his own! Aah kids :D
Corn pops and bedtime my birthday on friday wondering what to do :/
Gavyn and me are eating a bowl of cereal for a quick snack before we watch the closing ceromony of the Olympic Games. Corn Pops for me and Cheerios for him.
Kellogg's Corn Pops and blueberries for dinner. Now, that is fine dinning.
... Eating an egg roll and corn pops smh too tired to cook anything..
Sum pancakes,and sausage,with a glass of orange juice sounds good!!! But doesn't look like im getting out this bed anytime soon,bowl of Corn Pops it is
My flight has landed, but I'm still not sleepy. Eating some cereal " corn pops"...
After he ran 8 miles today Ryan got to indulge in CORN POPS, 10 wings, a burger, french fries, summer sausage and cheese, potato chips (OH, but reduced fat), 2 string cheese, beer, and some more corn pops-meanwhile I'll just eat like a rabbit and WATCH him do all of this because of weigh in Sunday. all the while, the scale probably won't be kind to me tomorrow. :-)
Now they're called Corn Pops. This was one of my favorite cereals, but I don't think I remember a box with Andy Devine on it!
Just waking up...m corn pops with milk :)
I seem to remember Corn Pops tasting better...
4:45 a.m. ...the puppy crying stomach hurt ...and I'm cold .but none of that gone matter after this bowl of corn pops ...
Its kinda late. But does anyone have unwanted corn pops they need disposal of? I can come in like less than 30 seconds if its cool wit u.
Came into the kitchen to hear Jared and Sullivan arguing. A common occurrence I must say. Sullivan I can't believe you. You will sit and eat the whole box of Corn Pops in one day. You are such a pig! Mom can you believe him? Me with hairy eyeball - That's how I felt Tuesday when you guys ate 3 bags of party size chips in one day. Well. That's different! How? That's you - this is about me. Really . Do you feel my compassion? No... Good - cause I don't have any. Eat Way Sullivan!!
Sad, thought there was some relation to Kellogg's cereals. No Apple Jacks, Corn Pops or Golden Grahams waiting for me
You and me, Eric Harmel, we go together like corn pops and orange juice. ;-)
I dont want to cook tonight.I dont want take out..."kids we're having Corn pops for supper".
Don't you hate it when you fart and corn pops out...
Just made a bowl of marshmallow fruit loops, corn pops, and honeycomb... So goood!!!
Best part of Corn Pops after eating it all?
Nothing like a good bowl of corn pops and the basketball game with my baby..
Corn pops and kix basically the same awesomeness in different boxes
Came across this gem while browsing Reddit earlier today: Aaron Paul in a Corn Pops commercial cir
Kids playing doctor and discussing that Froot Loops and Corn Pops are good for you and now have fibre. This is the Canadian version of the commercial. The US...
Also Raisin Bran and Corn Pops. Ck it out. It's really cool. DL the "Kelloggs Gift of Music" App.
Its no way corn pops pop from corn... popcorn pops from corn
Twam, I still ain' do it. I ate corn pops.
I tell Kessa geh me the corn pops, she roll over & gone back sleep :|
Corn pops. Froot Loops. Corn flakes. That's my dilemma at 12:39am
am i the only person who thinks the gold in Spirited Away looks like corn pops?
Watchn big bang theory n ate corn pops
.. I wish Derriann corn pops would check her What's App right now.
My mom bought me cinnamon corn pops, bless her soul💖.
Instead of crying about your card not working, go get a job and pay cash for a change. I'm tired of paying for your Corn Pops.
Ashton, . Please go get me corn pops. :(
Corn Pops and Smacks are trash and should be banned from cereal aisles
Gonna watch Napoleon Dynamite, eat corn pops, then hit up amber and eloy
No one in my family appreciates corn pops in my house enough, either way the milk expired
That moment where you are eating corn pop & one decides to go down your throat & choke you & you almost die. I don't like corn pops anymore
Corn Pops is an official breakfast. Milk over cheddar cheese popcorn, while more healthful, is not. See your food pyramid.
I'm gunna eat cereals like corn pops and captain crunch till I die.
These corn pops are the only thing that matter to me right now
In everything truth surpasses the imitation and copy, Cicero ice cream! Switch to Corn Pops to cut sugar intake by half,
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Omarion was in a Corn Pops commercial back in the day? Ha. Dope.
Way more corn pops came outta the box than expected. Now my bowl is overflowing. 😒😒
Eating corn pops cereal and Watching some cartoons. :)
I eating Corn Pops out of a Styrofoam cup.
Popcornation:Any hard nut who comes here, pops&becomes soft&fluffy,some heat of satsang& corn pops blossoms& become glorious
Remember that old Corn Pops commercial? Yeah...that was Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul.
Please help! Looked in pantry and too many choices... Corn Pops, Honey Nut Cheerios, Crunch Berry, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes or Frosted Rice Krispies?
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I would slap my mother for 2 million then giver her a million lol, then she could use the other million for my services after she kills me!
One of my grandaughters, Princess kaylin, starting to say words already!!!
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Is a bowl of corn pops an acceptable supper?
*pops corn and watches door* Would it be weird to have a Fringe weekend for a 30-something birthday party in the summer? Hmmm
Just deposited my first real pay cheque. Blowin it on Corn Pops.
A found footage film, The film crew trying to make a college student life documentary when everything goes very wrong during filming. This is a video I did a...
Which would u choose I'd prob go with the pop corn chicken hehe
Fat Sick & Nearly Dead -- ( this is the juice recipe from the movie -- "fat sick & nearly dead") MEAN GREEN JUICE - 4 stalks of celery 1 cucumber 1 ginge...
I wish I had a bowl of corn pops right now
"You eating cereal?" Yeah. "Omg can I borrow some milk, I have corn pops in my car"
Featuring Michael Hansen, Ph.D., Consumers Union, USInternational expert on the risk assessment of genetically modified organisms
To go in one bei house an thief corn pops
Best combination: flavor blasting goldfish and corn pops.
My grand pops a corn he could suck my whole ***
Just call me pop corn, lol lol lol !!
Small seizures every time a kernel of corn pops? You've got popilepsy.
I interrupt all of this week's scandals to bring you...
Corn Pops right out if the box. It may not be pizza, but it's still pretty *** good.
dear America, also corn pops. I love what you've done with them. Sincerely, missing you in Canada.
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Oh movie night will be filled with pop corn
Corn pops: the only cereal that's good soggy
I came home and found corn pops in the pantry and could not contain my excitement. Then thought of
The only thing Ive been able to eat today is corn pops...
Igave My puppy some corn shes *** a teddy bear :-(
Columbia University has filed an affidavit to change the requirements of a "whites-only" scholarship, which can only be received by a Caucasian from Iowa.
If you've never watched this movie then stop whatever you're doing, go home, get this movie on rent on your way home, pick some pop-corn and some tissues (recommended if you're kind of emotional) and fix your a** on your couch and then watch 488, 290, 31, 154.. days go by..
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Whoawhoa, just keep saying that over and over again...'corn pops'...does it sound weird now?
The lovely Rhian from Quack Animal Art is helping me out this weekend on my stall at the Crafty Exchange. If you're in Manchester over the weekend pop by the Corn Exchange, say hello & pick up some new rockin' threads! :D
The statement "everything causes cancer" hasbecome a popular hyperbole, and one that some people use as rhetorical fodderto excuse their own dietary and lifestyle failures, particularly as theypertain to cancer risk. But the truth of the matter is that many common fooditems have, indeed, been scientifically shown to increase cancer risk, and someof them substantially. Here are 10 of the most unhealthy, cancer-causing foodsthat you should never eat again: 1) Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). It goes without sayingthat GMOs have no legitimate place in any cancer-free diet, especially now thatboth GMOs and the chemicals used to grow them have been shown to cause rapidtumor growth. But GMOs are everywhere, including in most food derivatives madefrom conventional corn, soybeans, and canola. However, you can avoid them bysticking with certified organic, certified non-GMO verified, and locally-grownfoods that are produced naturally without biotechnology (Processed meats. Most processed meat products, includ ...
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If you liked the first Gevo Juice video, then stay tuned. Part two is in the works! Comming June the 20th, right here first ! Gevo Juice 2. Bring pop corn, bring a Pepsi, bring your brother, ehhh even bring your sister (but only if she puts out!) LOL Here is a sneak peak at the opening sequence.
I twerk for corn pops in front of Aldi
“😸 lol your head big af, shaped like the Pops cereal corn head *** lmao
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O-WE! Better hunker down with plenty of Movie Theater Butter flavored Pop Secret Pop-Corn folks! This Movie is just starting to heat up and it's gonna be GOD!
Have you ever popped pop corn with this stuff? AWESOME, I must say
eating Corn Pops so fast that I don't have time to think about death
Sitting in the Fitzgerald house by myself eating corn pops.
Drop off your kids every Friday Night for an amazing evening of activities!
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Ya. If I ask u for going cinema, I juz wanna sell pop corn!!!
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Chex would be a lot better if they were more like Corn Pops or just actually were Corn Pops
What you know about them corn pops in the morning
Nuovo, divertente e coloratissimo video per la collezione mare 2013 Tezenis! A noi piace tantissimo :) Che ne pensate? New, funny and colorful video for Tezenis beachwear collection 2013! We love it :) Do you like it?
Hello FB Family & Friends... Come On, Celebrate with Me... I got my AARP Card in the Mail yesterday.. It is Official, I am an "Old Geezer". Soon I will be able to Ride the Subway/Bus for half fare, sit in the front seats, pay $2.00 at the Movies and all that other good stuff that comes with being just a little bit closer to 100 Years Old...!! Talk to You later, I have to go see if Duane Reade is having a sale on Depends, Geritol and Prunes.!!! He-He-He.
I only defend corn pops n mini wheats
Nothing better than cinnamon corn pops for breakfast
popcorn is called that because corn pops hence POPCORN
obviously Alex Collins eats Special K, but does Maddie Potter eat Frosted Flakes or Corn Pops? How do u choose w/o knowing?
Finish double cleaning! Now relaxing with the box of Corn Pops and a nice cold Sprite. Enjoying the kids dirty up just as fast as I cleaned up!! WTH!!! the same *** time!!
Guy's Corn Pops get locked in the car.
Jevon and I are eating Corn Pops and watching Team Umizoomi. We have "Mighty Math Powers" lol
Ever gone half and half on a bowl of cereal? Corn Pops vs Frosted Flakes
Is Lebron better than Kobe? Is Kobe better than Jordan? Is Jordan better than Lebron? I don't kno but they all better than you so please shut up about it! I'm still debating on my favorite cereal Fruit Loops, Corn Pops, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch...they all just soo good, give me either one and I'm happy! Bow!
Sexcereal? Right.I'm sticking to my Corn Pops. I know what's good for
She strikes again!!!: Bonnie takes my Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams, a ton of peanut butter, marshmallows, chocolate chips and caramel drizzle, Corn Pops pounded into DUST, milk, margarine, melted White chocolate... It's all laid out in a tray, looking EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, and finally she says with a giggle: "Ok, I admit... This might turn out to be some kind of stoner concauction..." !!! Umm... YEAH...
Happy Saturday, FaceKiddos ! Let's lounge around in PJ's and watch LoonieTunes and eat Corn Pops if the other kids haven't eaten them all and if so, I suppose there's some *** Cheerios left because mom always buys the 5 pound box, and boy, I wish it was Spring so we could wear cutoffs, and wait till after American Bandstand, then disappear till suppertime, but it's cold, so I'll get on the phone and see who's house we are going to hang out at today, or maybe someone's mom will give us a ride somewhere, and there's a Jerry Lewis All Day Matinee at the Skytrain, but if we go, we'll have to walk home, but I don't have the dollar and ten cents to get in, but maybe mom will give it to me in hopes that I'll disappear till suppertime and I SURE do love Saturdays; this must be what it's like to be rich and not have to work or go to school, speaking of which, the nuns gave me a buttload of homework, those ol' biddies, and I really should do it, but it's SATURDAY, and there'a PLENTY of time before Monday, and I fo ...
A handful of Corn Pops, to go with a scoop of vanilla ice cream; asking too much? No :(
Count Chocula used 2 be my flav I steer towards Corn Pops or that Oatmeal Raisin Crisp now
Making some homemade corn pops with
Interviewer: What is your favorite American food? Louis: Corn Pops! Cereals are amazing.
Layin in bed watching The Powerpuff Girls movie eating corn pops. True.
Corn Pops are almost as beautiful as me.
Corn pops are my go to comfort food
Just got done playing corn hole with , , and my pops.
It kind of bothers me that my dad calls corn pops "sugar pops"
Oh gotcha. Well in that case!! *Pops some pop corn and hops in his lazy boy* Right on time.
Corn pops have a new version called cinnamon pops
Cheville put sugar in my corn pops ! She was clearly trynah kill me . Like seriously .
Lmfao Maxine fighting me for these corn pops :(
Ok Apollo is feeling kind a trip to . Mount Olympus you will visit the throne room and your parents temple off you go ~Apollo
And why would I specifically remember eating Corn Pops for breakfast on a camping trip in 2002?
Just ate corn pops . They were good.
GO DOL'PINS!!! Munchmunchmunch.. Does you wants some pops corn dad? Munchmunchmunch.
Okay, gift shopping done. One to the holiday meal. Mom just called and asked if her meal was okay because everything was just the usual, just turkey, ham, corn, fresh rolls, potatoes and gravy, stuffing, assorted pies. It's Christmas Mom, traditions don't need excitement, they are classically delicious. What are you all making?
Mom pops corn, daughter and daughters boyfriend
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Corn pops is honestly the greatest cereal to ever exist.
lol no I did not eat all the corn pops ! Brandie just saying that cuz she didn't get any of them
lol what ? I never say I'm hungry unless I am . You're the one eating all the corn pops !
Between footloops- Apple Jacks and corn pops. Corn pops all the way.
Ooh I been feening for some corn pops
Interested? I'm about to do a roast turkey, are you guys interested in a video? Leave comments below or hit "like". Didn't plan on doing turkey this season, but we're spending Christmas day with mom and pops and she will have nuff "Trini" food. So we're doing our "Canadian" dinner a couple days early.
Sunday cereal of the day was chosen by you guys. Corn Pops! I gotta have my Pops!
Currently slammin this bowl of corn pops.
I should not have eaten a whole container of Corn Pops before I went to sleep :/
I eat stale corn pops every time I come to mackenzies house
Go make some Corn Pops and then sleep.
I'm getting you corn pops cause ya know you can never have enough.
Did you know that Monsanto genetically modified corn is in Kellogg's Corn Pops?
back in the day i would have said coors light. Now I don't know if I could stomach a beer on my corn pops.
Pop corn..I did not put the lid of the caserol, and it pops out... Most of it...ugh
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is that a corn pops box? My boyfriend is such a good wrapper! Was I supposed to get you something for xmas? Xoxox miss you
absolutley my fine friend! I got a box of corn pops and a bottle of crown royal on the pinstripes!
Just gonna get my pops popcorn. Get it? POP-corn? Seriously though, he loves popcorn.
Imagine: for Katie "Hay Katie, what are you up to sweetie?" Harry-your boyfriend asked. " Argh the vacuum isn't…argh" Katie replied. "What?" Harry asked confused. You sighed and threw the vacuum down." I don't know how to get the vacuum to go to the suction part in the tube thingy. " you said. "Oh ok here let me help you."Harry smiled. He pushed the groceries onto the island And helped you. "Oh wow you make it look so easy, what did you get at the store?" Katie asked. " we'll you see they find have the eggs or the peanut butter so all I got was cereal and milk. " Harry said. "HARRY! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT AGAIN! If that happens call me and I'll tell you what to get!" Katie yelled at him. Harry put his puppy eyes on and whined. " just call next time ok?" You said trying not to sound mean. You helped Harry unload the *Krave*, *corn pops*, and *Honey nut cheerios*. You sighed."Yummy!" Although you were mad at Harry for not thinking you were glad he even got something to eat. The phone rang and Harry a . ...
It just hit me. It's called popcorn because it's corn and it pops in the microwave :o
I just ousted Patrick G. as the mayor of Pops Corn on
I have so much shopping to finish but I am so unmotivated to do anything but have my way with these corn pops
First bowl of corn pops in over a year 😍
There's a secret society of Corn Pops that lives between the bag and the box
We’re having a quarrel of tastes regarding the holiday feast. Will you help us decide what to pair with our Dijon this year?
Corn pops, pepsi, halo, halo, and more halo,
Severson here-daughter home. We're doing our holiday baking which means she bakes, I clean up. We're doing marshmallow candy today. Sounds like a sticky mess to me. What is your favorite "kitchen destroying" recipe and memory?
Photographs of Bradford over the years and news of local events.
What a busy week it was! A very merry and tacky christmas cake, made over 200 cake pops, some mini mouse cake pops, a corn husker, 40 blushing baby pea pod cupcake toppers and a baby pea in a pod cake topper, a few deliveries of holiday cake pops and a blizzard! Well, I didn't have anything to do with the blizzard but the rest was all me! Plenty of cake pops left for your holiday celebrations! Stay warm everyone and EAT MORE CAKE POPS!
From the inbox: I have a friend who seriously has no food and I have given as much as I can. But I need help! Anyone who has any food they would like to give away let me know! I will be willing to come pick it up !
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Popcorn for breakfast at 4 a.m. Want some?
Mmmm,,,Kellogg's Corn Pops,,,Vanilla Ice Cream,,Miller HighLife,not as good as Honey Combs,,but it'll do
I just realized that Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad is the kid from the Corn Pops cereal commercial that aired in the 90s. Stop it, brain, you have exams today.
Reason I hate cereal: Trix: I feel like a hooker eating it Corn Pops: I'm afraid I might explode Cocoa Puffs: can't eat it, it takes my breathe away Frosted Flakes: I'm afraid I might freeze in the process of eating them Fruit Loops: I feel retarded eating them their Hoops not Loops Honey Nut Cherrios: I taste the honey but where's the nuts??? Honey Combs: can you still eat this cereal with no hair??
I was asked about my vote. Well, it was a hard decision between General Mill's Cocoa Puffs and Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, so I thought I made the right decision to go with a totally different choice, Corn Pops! Gotta have my pops! Oh you meant president? oh, ok. Sorry about that. :D
Why does our society have to wait until Halloween to bring the candy corn out?
Lmao I iust made sweet love to a bowl of corn pops”
My TL only pops off when people are preaching about relationships or when someone's catching 'corn'
If you dont meet the cut...oh well. Im not going to wait forever. Im tired of pissy cheerios. I want corn pops! YOLO for real.
Blow Pops are the best things to come out of high fructose corn syrup
Free ring pops at Walmart AND 50 cent corn dogs at sonic?
Debating eating corn pops on this bus ride.
Time for some pop tarts, corn pops and Cha
unless these kids want stale popcorn and Corn Pops.. I suggest they don't knock on this door.
Tues., ate two packages of Corn Pops(one regular, one cinnamon) with a cup of milk and four strawberries, talked to a friend who phoned, canceled Mom's doctor's appointment for her, put a load of laundry in the washing machine, drank tea, listened to the Alternative Rock station on the TV, put the load of laundry into the dryer, ate a handful of Sour Cream 'n Onion Lays with a summer sausage and margarine sandwich on a bun and a Black Forest fruit snack, watched the video of Melissa Etheridge and Sofie B. Hawkins sing "I Wish I Was Your Lover"(after finding the song on TopInWeb a year ago), took a shower, drank half a bottle of orange pop, sang "New York Groove" by: Ace Frehley again, ate an apple and drank Vitamin Water with my Tylenol Arthritis, practiced drums with rudiments, Peeled and boiled five potatoes, cut a pre-cooked slab of ribs in half, put the halves on a roaster and in the oven at 375 for 25 minutes, drank tea, mashed the potatoes with bargained and milk, ate a cup with half a slab of ribs ...
Cake pops and home made caramel corn? I can handle that :)
candy corn, tootsie roll pops, and milky way. Hah just kidding! The idea makes my teeth hurt ;-)
They still sell Corn Pops in Canada? And they're fragile? And cinnamon??
When you eat an apple or carrot or bowl of steel-cut oatmeal, you know what you are eating—an apple or carrot or steel-cut oats. That's...
one cereal I do not like is corn POPS, they're so gross
It was back when Kellogg's sometimes included straight-to-DVD movies with the cereal. I want to say Corn Pops, but not sure.
Holloween in London. I hand out my fave US sweets: candy corn, blow pops, peppermint patties. But the British kids look suspiciously at it.
lol can I be honest? Hate corn pops. But the cinnamon gains points
Corn pops gat more hood credits then u :/
Kettle corn, kit kats, and tootsie pops? I love this class.
Why do Corn Pops come in a different bag that other cereals???
"People really buy and eat candy corn ? Yuck" my pops does...I told him its really "spray painted candle wax".yuck x 2
What that cereal looking like tho.. Honey nut Cheerios? Corn Pops? Or Apple Jacks?
Craving oatmeal but having to settle for Corn Pops instead because you got to Cheney too late...
Idnno bt u but my bday is monday and I'm expectin my gift ready. Ill be infront f ur house saturday mrn to eat corn pops
Little Giant Ladders
Nothing better than smoke signals for the x54321678 time and corn pops 😁
The only thing worst than Candy Corn are those Frozen Broccoli Pops that Martin ate for his workout diet...
Eating corn pops in class.. So into the book almost knocked then over
Bet you wish you were my coworker today. I made candy corn cake pops😉 Happy Halloween🎃
I bowl of corn pops is never enough
yay! Corn pops would've also been a good choice :)
The worst Halloween candy is candy corn, tootsie rolls, and tootsie pops.
I can't even keep up with this corn, I'm going to eat coco pops man
It's not even corn doe, from time ur getting onto her pops that's passed away, ur genuinely tryna *** me off
Worst Candy for Kids--fundip, starbursts, sour patch kids, tootsie pops, candy corn, recees cups, snickers! Think LJ has had all of these...
Ate corn pops for the first time in like 82 million years this morning..
No offense to corn flakes, but I'd rather have a bowl of coco pops
Corn Pops are one of the few things that can always keep me going.
Eating corn pops wirh milk n bananas real good :)
Just mixed cap'n crunch Frosted Flakes corn pops and good MOREnings cereal together in one bowl. Not bad.
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Im about to eat a half of box of corn pops, any one want any.then im gonna smoke, see how annoying it is. lmao.
Jesse Pinkman filled those Corn Pops with Meth. No wonder they're addictive.
Im eating corn pops cereal! and i can actually here it popping!!..(:
Peyton ate all my corn pops... Now what?
Good morning every1 corn pops for breakfast 4 this guy, im that awkward person who is out of milk but wants cereal and has tons of orange i decide to eat corn pops, with this orange juice thinking its probably a terrible idea and will be gross.the awkward person part, is me.actually liking it x_X lmfao xD
A fist full of Advil and a bowl Kelloggs corn pops and 10 hours of sleep then I may feel like somebody!
This is a GREAT deal for Kellogg's Cereal. It's not often we find killer deals on this stuff, so when we do, I love to take advantage of it! Starting Fr
I just wanted to publicly thank you for finishing off the gallon of milk last night :/ corn pops without milk is like peanut butter without jelly...I mean you can do it but it just ain't right lol :P
Watching the wind pick up pretty good now, whilest having bacon and Corn Pops with my babies... ;~)
So far this hitch I have managed to eat a whole box of corn pops and have yet to put my work boots on. What the captain don't know won't hurt
Looking at corn pops in the grocery store "omg the family size is cheaper than the regular size...there is a god!!"
Never thought I'd say this sentence. But it's about to happen. My pillow smells like corn pops!
When all that's left in the Corn Pops box is enough for one bowl, and you pour in a new carton of milk only to find its spoiled.
2 slices of pizza, a bowl of corn pops and an orange later; AND IM STILL NOT SLEEPY!!! SLEP.WHERE ART THOU¿?
Made 30 rice krispie treats shaped and colored like candy corn. Stuck a stick in the end of each and made them into rice krispie candy corn pops. Made a whole sheet of marshmallow,candy corn and peanut bars. Will make fudge tomorrow in candy corn colors. On Monday, I'll make potato salad and baked beans and hard boil eggs to make creepy eyeballs and spiders...a black olive sliced in half and the other half sliced into legs and this is placed on the deviled part. All ready for our neighborhood trick or treat get together.
Corn pops, xbox, coffee and popcorn!
My two very beautiful children each just finished hearty bowls of Corn Pops for cute to see them eat together :) The only difference son is still hungry!!! He certainly has a good appetite!!
the moment you realize the Corn Pops taste funny because they taste like Febreeze... I guess I'll be more careful next time I'm freshening up the place.
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