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Corey Perry

Corey Perry (born May 16, 1985) is a Canadian professional ice hockey winger currently playing for the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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NEWS | Corey Perry replaces Jeff Carter on the Team Canada roster for MORE:
Yep. Corey Perry is Canada's 13th forward per lines today. Six-time 30-goal guy, including 50 goals in 2010-11.
why is Segs even 2 feet near Corey Perry please dont do this to me
My division includes Corey Perry. People will understand.
These uniforms for Team North America are uglier than Corey Perry, but I stand with them as a
Reports: Corey Perry attempted to slash McDavid's tires early today. McDavid rollerblades to the rink...
Corey Perry: When you get a call to play for Canada, you say yes; players excited for World Cup
Corey Perry joins ahead of the World Cup of Hockey.
Yea, Kessler or Backass, but they are both American! Or Corey HACK Perry, but alas NO injuries!!
Why is Corey Perry gunna be on 1040? Might aswell bring Marchand on too.
um two guys in that group have Stanley Cup wins... Corey Perry AND Ryan Getzlaf
Corey Perry replaces Jeff Carter for Canada at World Cup of Hockey - Anaheim Ducks
You know Canada has depth when Corey Perry is your 15th forward. Why is Sid centering two Bruins? I hate Boston. 58 not on team. F Canada.
New Puck Daddy: Jeff Carter injured, replaced by Corey Perry on Team Canada
My former Palomar/Dirtbag friend Nick Vincent just gave up a bomb to Jett Bandy. Everyone singing Bro Hymn like it was a Corey Perry wrister
Hurricanes coach Bill Peters says the addition of Corey Perry put Canada over the top at the World Championships.
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no, I believe that was Corey Perry in reply to Phil Kessel
In the past two weeks at Foodland I have seen Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher, and Corey Perry, it's the place to be 👌
Stanley Cup winner Corey Perry will be at the game Thursday to help with the ceremonial face-off!
Wow. Bold of Rick Perry to say this: "Trump’s candidacy is a cancer on conservatism. It must be clearly diagnosed, excised…
Corey Perry, 1953 Lakers alumni to be honoured at Thursday's Peterborough…
Corey Perry will be looking to produce in the postseason next year
Player Review: Corey Perry: As part of the annual Player Reviews, we will be featuring...
October 8th, 2010: Pavel Datsyuk drops the gloves with Corey Perry
Former home of Emile Francis and Fred Shero, Rick Dudley and Peter McNab, Corey Perry and Chris Kunitz
So others are still learning what we have known for years - Corey Perry is a garbage of a human being.
Just off the top of my head, Matt Cooke, Raffi Torres, Corey Perry, Steve Downie, Patrick Kaleta are all dirtier than Marchand.
If Tyler Johnson was Corey Perry... . Think of the rage.
TSN's Ray Ferraro calls out Corey Perry for dirty play on Patrik Laine as Finland leads Canada 3-0 after 2 periods https:…
Canada has spots for 4 more forwards: Corey Perry, Logan Couture, Matt Duchene and either Brad Marchand or Brendan Gallagher?
1. Devan Dubnyk with the sweet glove save! What makes it even sweeter? It came against Corey Perry https…
Obviously you ripped Ryan Smyth and Corey Perry too right?
true but I'll take an incredibly talented duo over a superstar aka Corey Perry & Ryan Getzlaf or Benn and Seguin!
Coming up next on NHL Network - Corey Perry of the chats with the guys on
Mike Smith, Corey Perry, Matt Brann, Norm Sousa, Jonathan Good. Since you have sucked all these *** who is better in bed?
How can a black cat show up on the ice if Corey Perry can't even show up on the ice?
no Corey Perry was the problem (not to mention bad players like Stewart & Perron). But Rinne stood on his head & Andersen didn't.
In honor of game 7, here's another video of Shea Weber punching Corey Perry in the face.
Corey Perry shot a puck down at the Preds' net at the end of warmup. Just him and Preds backup Carter Hutton on the ic…
Nah nah nah Tom Brady is the Corey Perry of football
Doughty said he's not as good of friends with Logan Couture as some say. He's better friends with Corey Perry. They liv…
I hate Riberio more than Ryan Suter, Patrick Kane, and Corey Perry combined.
Corey Perry, I don’t think Cody Bass is going to flinch on your head fake.
Corey Perry fills Jeff Carters glove with water😂😂 (Vine by Hockey Gods)
Best/dirtiest players in the game today: Wayne Simmonds, Corey Perry, Dustin Byfuglien...
Wayne Simmons might be a radioactive piece of trash, but at least he's not Corey Perry.
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Nice wraparound goal by Corey Perry, who abused Dmitry Orlov. 1-0, Ducks
"Hopefully we can get that scumbag Corey Perry to come on the show" -Ryan Kesler 😂
"Hopefully we can get that scumbag Corey Perry on this show" --
to Corey Perry on that rebound attempt.
Corey Perry and Jake Muzzin scuffle and then Schenn and Holzer wrestle a little. Perry and Schenn each get penalties. Multiple penalties.
Jake Muzzin going after Corey Perry so he can get back in the good graces of Kings fans.
Corey Perry had Tim Tebow as his fantasy football quarterback last season
Corey Perry looks like Cardinal Richelieu's least trustworthy man for the job.
Corey Perry makes Dustin Brown looks like an Eagle Scout and I also hate Dustin Brown
Michael Frolik is the 6th player this season with 2 hat tricks. Corey Perry was the only player with 3 hat tricks last…
Kevin Bieksa was going after Corey Perry again but Kyle Clifford got in the way. Again.
if I'm Toronto, I go with Laine. Power Forward body with Corey Perry skill. They have enough small forwards
Wondering how Jeff Carter beat out Corey Perry and Claude Giroux as part of the first 16 players on Team Canada
Rooting for Corey Perry is like rooting for Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid.
Corey Perry looks angry even when he scored.
Corey Perry mixing it up with just about everyone - including Robin Lehner - in front of the Buffalo goal. Love it.
I have a feeling Robin Lehner might introduce his stick to Corey Perry's body at some point.
Corey Perry was created by mixing DNA recovered from Barret Jackman's sock, with a rat, and incubating it in a dumpster.
I refuse to cheer for Daniel Sedin, John Gibson, or Corey Perry. I cant do it
Quotes from Corey Perry and Bruce Boudreau following Anaheim's 4-3 victory in Detroit.
Mike Milbury: "I want to hurt Corey Perry permanently"...8 minutes later "fighting no longer belongs in hockey,we should get rid of it"
Dustin Brown has a Corey Perry fathead on his bedroom wall
I'm standing in the hallway as Corey Perry comes off the ice clutching his wrist and screaming in pain.
Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry have struggled this year, but they've had little support. Silfverberg and Hagelin have fallen off a cliff
already has a gunslinger that's committed out of the 2017 class in N'Kosi Perry:
When your boyfriend sees Corey Perry at Bear Flag and has a spaz attack😂
It's okay Canada. Two of your beloved children, Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, are going to be playing with Auston Matthews next season.
Corey Perry looks like no one followed the watering instructions and now all his needles are dry and it's time to drag him out to the curb.
Corey Perry looks like this Christmas, he's giving the gift of
A Corey Perry Christmas card to bless your feed
Update your maps at Navteq
Corey Perry looks like he is the reason none of the returning Ducks players worked out at all this past summer
Scott Hartnell has more goals than Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf combined
Ricky Rakell fans on one scoring chance and is saved by Martin Jones on another. Corey Perry with a pair of dimes that went begging.
Corey a real stranger. Stranger than Katy Perry's taste in men.
As we go into tonight's Ducks game, let us not forget that Corey Perry shoots the puck at baby's heads.
I love it Rob Scuderi is ahead of Corey Perry, Henrik Sedin, and Joe Thorton lol.. this voting style is such a joke
Corey Perry looks like he leaves a bad taste in your timeline.
Corey Perry / Perry scored his eighth of the season in Monday's 4-0 win over
Kyle Palmieri is talented. Wonder how he would fit alongside Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry -- seems like it would be a fit.
Datsyuk for dem possession stats. But Datsyuk only fights Corey Perry.
John Scott is currently ahead of Corey Perry, Ryan Kesler, Phil Kessel, and Henrik Sedin in voting
I'm thankful for the Sharks sweater video and every time Martin Jones blocks a shot from Corey Perry
MILESTONE ALERT: With that goal, Corey Perry has passed Paul Kariya for second on the franchise's all-time goal list.
NOTE: Corey Perry has tied Paul Kariya for second among franchise leaders in goals (300).
Corey Perry's goal puts him out of tie w/Paul Kariya & into sole possession of 2nd on the all-time goals list https…
Perry, Khudobin lead Ducks over Sharks 1-0 - Corey Perry scored on a breakaway early in the first period, Anton...
Nilsson a little careless with the puck right there. Lost it and left it out for the taking. Mark Fayne had to box out Corey Perry.
Jones did awesome. Goal he gave up started when d-men fell asleep with Corey Perry waiting behind them for a Getzlaf pass
Martin Jones had his first solid start in a few games. Hard to stop Corey Perry on a breakaway. Made some huge saves, wasn't tested much.
Getzlaf with a long lead pass to Corey Perry who snuck behind the defense and buries past Jones
Dave Bolland skated right off the ice and into the locker room after that Ryan Kesler shot went off his hand and onto Corey Perry's stick.
Sounds like Bob Miller is reporting from Mars. Does that mean Corey Perry will be scoring soon?
Mitchell has more goals than Corey Perry, Phil Kessel, Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin 🔥🔥
Hear from Clayton Stoner, Shawn Horcoff, Corey Perry and Coach Bruce Boudreau on pre-game show from STL, 4:30 p.m. on AM-830 KLAA.
Torrey Mitchell has scored 4 times as many goals as Sidney Crosby and Corey Perry combined.
When Petr Mrazek is tied with Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf in assist >>>> and has a game winning assist.
Ryan Getzlaf / Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry were held off the scoresheet in
Stars Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry shoulder blame for Ducks' slow start after 5-1 ...
Max Domi currently has as many points this season as Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf. Combine…
Corey Perry and Mike Fisher sharing some friendly offseason stories right there I think
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'Worst part of losing a game is getting laid out twice in the final minutes'. - Corey Perry, probably:
For those wondering where we got the Freddy Kruger/Corey Perry joke from earlier, watch the trailer
What's the deal with corey perry? I mean if it's Seager, why do you want a mason? Who ARE these people?
Everything you know about corey perry is wrong.
Looks like Corey Perry was trying the linesman some on ice head to get a power play. Oh well it's only Corey Perry.
Avalanche blank Ducks; Anaheim has one goal through four games: The Ducks' Corey Perry is stopped by Avalanche...
LRT: Corey Perry sounds like he's talking about sex instead of hockey
Corey Perry on the offense: "It’s something that we haven’t gone through, pretty much since I’ve been here."
"All we need is one bounce. It’s going to break, and when it does, it’s going to feel good." - Corey Perry.
I would never wish harm on another human being! Completely unrelated, I don't think of Corey Perry as a human being.
Corey Perry talks about the struggle to score goals after their 3-0 loss to (
Traded Corey Perry for Martin Jones and Duncan Keity. Max bet on sharks opponent TT over next game, no lie
either way, always fun to see Corey Perry tossed around like a rag doll
Corey Perry got tossed around tonight, and I'm happy about it. I'm sure he helped dive a few out there, cuz he does that.
Corey Perry gets lit up by massive back-to-back hits: Bet he’ll be feeling those tomorrow. Anaheim Ducks
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GIF: Corey Perry got hit hard by Zadorov not long after Johnson hit him.
Watch: Corey Perry takes two huge hits late in Ducks' loss to Avalanche
Corey Perry invisible all game, except for when he falls.
only a minor penalty for Erik Johnson's boarding on Corey Perry?!?!
Corey Perry cannot get a concussion. Neither can the thousands of bugs that he's actually made of.
I jest because it's actually a comment I got. People wish many ill things on Corey Perry.
Corey Perry loses AND the '94 game 7 against the Flames comes on? I thought this was Thanksgiving, not Christmas ! http:/…
Getzy talks to the Ducks' website and Drew Doughty and Corey Perry are secretly bros.
Remember that time Jason Chimera slammed Corey Perry into the Caps bench? That was fun.
Corey Perry has to hold some sort of record for getting absolutely destroyed simultaneously or just after he scores a goal
Corey Perry pours milk in his bowl before the cereal.
Corey Perry// Let it loop ♻️. Happy Birthday Molly, I hope you had a great day!!. Keep R... (Vine by BarDown™)
I liked a video Corey Perry helps himself to a stick
Corey Perry helps himself to a sick...
Corey Perry helps himself to a stick...
I love the Ducks and Corey Perry is AWESOME
Corey Perry looks like he could pass for Ryan Reynolds' reflection, in a mirror that only shows inner beauty.
the ducks Andrew Shaw is Corey Perry obviously
Sign one, cut one, trade one:. Corey Perry, Tyler Seguin, Alex Ovechkin.
Which NHL players do you straight up loathe, with no redeeming qualities? - Raffi Torres, Corey Perry, Antoine Roussel
Ryan Kesler, Corey Perry, Barrett Jackman. and Raffi Torres (specifically for the Marian Hossa hit)
Corey Perry had 7 power play points .. an awfully low total among his peers. . Scored his last PP Pt end of Jan
Can you confirm that Corey Perry is an actual goblin? The people need to know, Matt. Think of the children.
People keep waiting for Zack Kassian to become a poor man's Corey Perry when the truth is he's the poorest poor man's Dustin Penner.
can't wait until Corey Perry and Chris Kreider are Preds
How about some love for Henrik Lundqvist, Ben Bishop, Corey Perry, Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn? Terrible decision.
Let me just remind you that Tim Murray drafted Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, so I think the guy knows what he's doing
Southern California is now home to Dustin Brown, Milan Lucic, Kyle Clifford, Corey Perry and Ryan Kesler. Quite the NHL C…
Hugh Jessimen over Dustin Brown, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Brent Seabrook, and Zach Parise?! Look how that made out..
Corey Perry is better than both of them
I can't stand Andrew Shaw. I dislike him so much that was rooting for Corey Perry and Ryan Kesler's team in the WCF.
NHL 15 released . 99 OVR Ryan Getzlaf. 97 OVR Corey Perry . 88 OVR Jakob Silfverberg. 87 OVR Sami Vatanen . Why do you do this when we're gone😭
Steve Moses will be our Corey Perry, mark my words. He is good. These kids in Milwaukee have proven they can handle the NHL
Corey Perry fake leg injury stunt he pulled in final game of series against Flames was a joke a la Claude Lemieux!!
This pic of Jonathan Toews and Corey Perry from the 2011 NHL All-Star Draft just about sums up so far...
Craig T. Nelson's vomit from Poltergeist 2 only after drinking Corey Perry's *** instead of mezcal.
chances that Steve Kerr and Corey Perry are long lost relatives?
Corey Perry considers Kathy Lee Gifford to be his spirit animal
Corey Perry spent summers with his uncle. Uncle Steve gave him a mullet too and used him as a ventriloquist dummy singing Oh Sherry at fairs
I'm pulling for the Hawks. Nothing will ever make me root for the garbage pail kid reject Corey Perry. NOTHING.
Corey Perry likes the Game of War commercials with Kate Upton.
Someone tell Kevin Hayes that Mike Milbury wanted Corey Perry injured not Tyler Johnson. -
Someone needs to knock Corey Perry in his *** where's Behn Wilson when you need him? Old time hockey.
Sean and I's latest podcast. We talk about Corey Perry, Charlize and David Blatt. Lots of fun, check it out!
Right now Corey Perry is standing in the corner of the locker room making squealing sounds with a snot bubble hanging out of his nose
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.I'm sorry that you didn't lose on a Corey Perry own goal.
There’s only one good way for this to end: a Corey Perry own goal immediately followed by Corey Perry being launched into a lake of fire.
It's such a shame that great players like Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf have to wear such bad uniforms.
Ryan Getzlaf though he was hauled down on the way to the front of the net moments after Corey Perry rang a shot off the post.
It's no secret that Corey Perry is superstitious. How superstitious, exactly? Just watch.
Corey Perry reminds me a lot of Adam Banks
Corey Perry and CJ Wilson walk into a bar...
Corey Perry looks like a Douchey 8th grader
Blackhawks, Ducks tied 2-2 after two in Game 2: Corey Perry tied the score 2-2 when he redirected Ryan Getzlaf...
Corey Perry looks like a 12 year old and Ryan Getzlaf looks like his balding middle aged father
In some alternate universe, rats and mice rule the Earth and are constantly eradicating vermin known as Ryan Kesler and Corey Perry.
VIDEO: Corey Perry with a nice deflection on the Ryan Getzlaf shot and the game is tied at 2-2.
Turk Wendell thinks Corey Perry is an OCD amateur
Corey Perry taking people's sticks and trolling again 😂😂😂
Hey Jamie does Corey Perry's deflection remind you of ex Canuck's Ryan Kesler's tying goal in game 5 against SanJose 2011?
Goal scored by Corey Perry assisted by Ryan Getzlaf and Sami Vatanen. Ducks are tied with the Blackhawks 2-2 with 2:24 remaining in the 2nd
Corey Perry's goal came on the first shot on net by either him or Ryan Getzlaf in Game 2, although Getz put a huge dent in the iron earlier.
Corey Perry with the deflection. Ryan Getzlaf and Sami Vatanen with the assists.
All tied up now! Ryan Getzlaf baby! Or if they're giving it to Corey Perry
Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf don't have a shot yet in Game 2. Hitting the crossbar doesn't count
If ending The postseason for Corey Perry means putting in Carcillo I'm for it. Perry is an ***
for Corey Perry pees sitting down. FAV for Ryan Getzlaf drinks his own pee
time for a heavy dose of Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry
Would you rather have Corey Perry or Ryan Getzlaf?
. Ever heard of Steven Stamkos, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Duncan Keith, etc...they're all in same class as those guys.
Tyler Johnson ties Corey Perry with 8 playoff goals. Rick Nash still tied with Lee Stempniak and Brandon Prust, just 7 behind.
Who will lead their team to victory in the Western Conference finals ? . RT- Corey Perry. Fav- Patrick Kane
Corey Perry lands on Ramo and then scores. That's justice on Gary Bettman and referees who've been paid off can muster. Plus it's playoffs.
Based on his reputation both on and off the ice, there's no way Matt Stajan was out to injure Corey Perry intentionally.
Per Elias, Corey Perry is the first player w/ multiple four-point games in a single playoff since Keith Primeau in 2004.
My 3 stars for the first night of Round 2 1. Corey Perry, Ducks. 2. Alex Ovechkin, Capitals. 3. Joel Ward, Capitals
I'm looking for a Ducks Cup win. How much fun would it be to watch everyone come to grips with Corey Perry as a lock for the Hall of Fame?
"What IF Corey Perry became a star? Would he be our captain now??? BUT JAMIE WOULD NEVER MEET TYLER. NO ART ROSS. CHAOS."
We talked about fans calling Corey Perry 'Katy Perry' on this week. It IS offensive & here's why:
ha I saw Bill Simmons lament Corey Perry. As if he knew who that was in like 2011. True story though.
fans not a big fan of Corey Perry right now, were chanting Katy Perry when he was on ice.
Corey Perry scores in OT, sings 'Roar.'
Maybe Winnipeg fans were saying they think Corey Perry is a Dark Horse candidate for Conn Smythe.
Top 5 NHL Players I'd love to punch in the face David Backes, Corey Perry, Kevin Bieksa, Scott Hartnell, Michael Roszival (obvious reasons)
but what if we drafted Corey Perry instead of Loui Eriksson?
Brian Hayward just said Corey Perry's ❤️beat never goes up. Kind of hard when you don't have a ❤️ & were cobbled together in a dirty lab.
First tonights game will be...Corey Perry!!!
Corey Perry will score a PP goal in the 1st period, first 10 minutes
it's only mean when it doesn't involve Corey Perry or Dustin Brown. You're good to go.
instead of Corey Perry, we picked Mark Stuart
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Complete failure. Traded Ryan Smyth for nothing over $50,000/yr. Kevin Lowe. Passed on Corey Perry for Mike Comrie over money.
Remember when Kevin Lowe could have traded Mike Comrie for Corey Perry, except Lowe's ego got in the way?
Justin Williams pulled a Corey Perry and took off down the ice halfway through the anthem
Hey so Corey Perry tops the NHL in hat tricks this year with 3 and OMG he looks like Neil Patrick Harris
poor drafting has caught up to this team in a salary cap era. Mark Stuart over Corey Perry.
I like Andrew Shaw as well as Steve Downie and occasionally Corey Perry. I'm going to *** everyone.
Corey Perry on the Ducks' 3rd line tonight:
Once hated rivals, Kesler talks about making nice with Corey Perry, Getzlaf
Once hated rivals, Ryan Kesler talks about making nice with Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf:
Corey Perry takes advantage of an open net and brings the Ducks to within 2. Also, Emerson Etem did something.
do you guys remember during the offseason when Corey Perry was caught using a fishing pole inside a Port-A-Potty
Throwback to when Corey Perry stole Alex Semin's stick 😂😂😂 (Vine by
Got On Andrew Cogliano? On Corey Perry? On anything? Steve Carroll and I will respond at 2nd intermission tonight on AM-830 KLAA.
Corey Perry, Dustin Brown... So Carrie will be a Flyera fan next because they have Remaldo
The Oilers once had a deal done for Corey Perry and a 1st round pick for Mike Comrie, until Kevin Lowe demanded Comrie …
Corey Perry is a great hockey player but this doesn't entitle his sister to extend the NFL halftime like this.
Derek Stepan has more PPG than: John Tavares, Steven Stamkos, Corey Perry, Dr. Pavel, Alex Ovechkin, Phil get the point
“issue with hit was no hips. Shoulder in the legs” / Dangerous, same type of hit injured Corey Perry earlier in year
ROYAL HALF REPORT: Our salute to Rob Blake includes the greatest moment of his career… spearing Corey Perry.
Corey Perry for most infectious. Logan Couture for most aggressive molars. John Tortorella for most forgotten.
There was that year we had Crosby, Getzlaf, Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, Corey Perry and Patrice Bergeron.
Corey Perry knocked from game following Keith Ballard hip ...
Corey Perry takes slapshot from inside own blueline just before second-period horn sounded and is rammed into boards by Tommy Wingels.
Corey Perry and Tommy Wingels had a difference of opinion. Lots of jawing as players don't leave ice in a timely fashion. Penalties upcoming
Tommy Wingels gives Corey Perry a nice welcome back
Corey Perry: Injury: Perry (knee) skated on Monday; questionable to play on Wednesday vs. San Jose. | Pe...
"Everyone wants to blame Corey Perry. But was he really Patient Zero? Next week, on can't use beauty and Corey Perry in the same sentence!!
On the 6th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me. This beauty BGS 10 Corey Perry rookie card.…
Just want to let it be known that I just beat Corey Perry in madden 49-21.
Sorry I don't have Corey Perry. Haven't gotten to the Ducks collection yet. Can't afford it right now.
I can't wait til the NHL hires an epidemiologist to trace the outbreak of mumps back to Corey Perry...
When Corey Perry became ill, it was 6 days after playing a game in STL, where the first 2 players w/mumps originated.
it's all corey perry's fault for hanging out with socal families is what i'm sticking with. GET VACCINES, ***
I blame Adam Pierzynski, the Corey Perry of the MLB.
Easily the worst thing about adopting a WC team. That and having to see Corey Perry's stupid, smug face more.
losing 2-8 so soup's lead should increase this week.. *** Corey perry and my goalies
Corey Perry: Corey Perry is playing vs. FLA on Sunday
A outbreak in the has shed light on how this disease can affect those who haven't been vaccinated. Story:
Boudreau said today that Corey Perry (sprained knee) has resumed skating in Anaheim. They don't want to rush him back but are pleased.
I don't know, I always enjoy picking on Corey Perry!
Lol. Surely we know it was all Corey Perry's fault. (Or the Blues for being too dumb to know they had it in the first place.)
Corey Perry is being skated by Scott Niedermayer? What does that mean? Scotty is playing the role of Corey?
Corey Perry has been skating back in Anaheim with Scott Niedermayer. Could return 12/22 against SJ. Would have been 2 and a half weeks.
BB said Corey Perry (knee) is being skated by Scott Niedermayer in Anaheim. Possible return for SJ game or wait until after holiday break.
Remember this? Corey Perry and a 1st rounder for Comrie? Nah, i'd rather be a myopic, arrogant buffoon.
I think the only solution here for the NHL is to spray Corey Perry with bleach. And then do something about this mumps outbr…
This article highlights the ineptitude of Kevin Lowe and Could have had Corey Perry but ego got in the way!
Kevin Lowe refused to trade Mike Comrie for Corey Perry?!. . CC:
classic arrogance by an NHL executive. Hey Kevin, still want the 2.5M instead of Corey Perry?
The mumps sound awful. It was funny when it was Corey Perry, but now I just feel bad for my team's scrotums.
How has not suspended Corey Perry for intent to infect? Gotta come down hard or he's just going to keep on doing it...
Oh man. Via Oilers could have had Corey Perry and a first for Mike Comrie in '03, but Lowe got cute. ht…
Corey Perry was patient zero I believe. My guess is Sid got it from someone on the NYR
I own them all RTPlayers with multiple hat tricks this season: Tyler Seguin, Corey Perry & now Vladimir Tarasenko
We'll find out 6 months from now Corey Perry had invested in a biological weapons company before the season.
Right now Blake Comeau has more points during 5-on-5 this year than: . Joe Thornton . Claude Giroux. James Neal. Corey Perry . …
Pretty sure Corey Perry just tried to kill someone
Corey Perry charges down the left wing, dangles and rips one from the slot after the fake only to be denied by Tuukka Rask with the pad!
So Anaheim has:. 1. Nickelback. 2. Ryan Kesler. 3. Corey Perry. 4. Bro Hymn. Why do they exist?
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Corey Perry scored the shootout winner, lifting the Anaheim Ducks to a 4-3 victory over the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday night.
Corey Perry shootout hero in Anaheim Ducks' 4-3 win over Vancouver Canucks
More than anyone, Tim Murray was responsible for drafting Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry in 2003, when Tim, Bryan Murray were here.
Bryan Murray brought Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry to Anaheim. In the same draft.
BUT. I have Tyler Seguin , Mark Giordano, Logan Couture, and Corey Perry. I'm content with them.
joseph kony, leader of ISIL, Corey Perry
13 years after playing at Corey Perry has gold, Olympic gold and a Stanley Cup.
Corey Perry chasing Clayton Stoner after Clayton playfully knocked Perry to the ice
Matt Dumba couldn't handle a pass in his own zone, Corey Perry picked up the puck, shot, Nate Thompson with the rebound and pass to Perry.
Matt Beleskey with near miss off set up from Corey Perry. Building and the are alive now.
Filip Forsberg wins the Calder. Sid wins art Ross and MVP. Kopitar wins the selke. Vezina to Lehtonen in Dallas. Richard to Corey Perry
BB said new Ducks alternate captains likely announced Thursday. Corey Perry and Francois Beauchemin wore the 'A' regularly in preseason.
Golf news:. Ryan Murrelle awarded first team NTL golf and Rookie of the Year. . Corey Perry got the Scott Taylor award and the Coaches Award.
Ryan Getzlaf will return as captain for the Anaheim Ducks, but my guess is Francois Beauchemin and Corey Perry will be the alternates.
When it comes to multicategory coverage, Corey Perry reigns supreme. Top 5:
Corey Perry he's before my time but Darryl Sittler
I liked a video Corey Perry, Patrick Roy and a Pane of Glass - Full
Marian Hossa and Corey Perry are both rated higher than Patrick Kane in NHL 15 lmfao, what a joke
Nothing against Mike Richards and all he did but Corey Perry and or Weber would have looked much better in Orange & Black.
Hey can you get ebola and then meet up with Corey Perry and transmit it to him? Thanks.
Dang I wish Corey was at perry with us
I have said a few times that I hope Corey Perry gets ebola. You could say recent news is my plan coming to fruition.
PK Subban now makes more than Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Ryan Getzlaf, Drew Doughty, Shea Weber, Corey Perry.. In case you need a laugh.
my love for Corey perry and his actions is unreal😂😂
safe to say it was a great night when you meet John Tavares, Claude Giroux, Cody Hodgson and Corey Perry
Corey Perry knows the Ducks' trip is important - CALGARY, Canada —...
Corey Perry helped off ice after awkward fall
Ducks beat Columbus, 3-2, for fifth win in a row - What the future holds for Corey Perry and Ryan...
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