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Corey Miller

Corey James Miller (born October 25, 1968 in Pageland, South Carolina) is a retired former American football linebacker in the National Football League for the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings.

Ami James Josh Bowman

featured our very own Ryan Stewart of and Corey Miller of in their latest article!
Of 29 qualified goalies (300min ~ 5 games). Corey Schneider is 6th in Adj Sv% in 2015. He trails Price, Miller, Lundqvist, Mason, and Rask.
SS is a fight between Brad Miller, former high level prospect who has disappointed or Corey Taylor who still has promise.
I was listening to some anthropologist. on NPR playing a Peruvian bone-flute, and I was crying in the car.
I liked a video Corey Miller Sits Down with Tajh Boyd
Corey brewer's gotta be worse! “Andre Miller may have had the ugliest 50+ point game in NBA history.”
The State - Miller having fun with new TV gig - Corey Miller was wrapping up pre-recording on Monday afternoon of ...
If you like comics, graphic novels, Marvel, DC, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, etc, come and check out my art. I...
since when did Corey Miller become a legend
Baylor had Pierre Jackson, Brady heslip, perry jones, Quincy miller, Corey Jefferson, and Quincey acy in 2012. That's a SQUAD. 2013 was too
Corey Miller Sits Down with Matthew Campbell and Talks New Job and Super Bowl via
"use heelies to escape ur feelies Corey Miller's life philosophy
But NO one can dispute how good a WR coach Jr is!?!?!?! Corey Miller did. I DO! we know he can recruit a lick
Big get for Ole Miss men's golf, securing a commitment from Jackson, MS 2017 golfer Charlie Miller. No. 22 in junior ranki…
Mac Miller's new album may be coming sooner than you thought.
For a while every time something appeared in threes. I tried to figure out which one represented Christ.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
2016 Kissimmee (Fla.) Gateway DB Henry Miller tells me just offered him:
Make sure y'all go check out the website and support Corey Miller & all the injustices he has had to face...
Big catch! Caught on Lake Erie off of Catawba, via Corey Miller
I love you aj miller and Corey Miller
4 times this year Corey Johnson has given Andy Miller a drive, 4 times they have won
Miller and Taylor aren't any better than Corey Seager. Saunders can play CF until Joc is ready
Corey King sacked by Cameron Miller. 3rd and 13 for PC and King leaves the game with an injury
This is a lion making a kill in the wild. It’s very graphic but it’s important to show just how brutal nature can be htt…
When mom say's dinner's ready but there's no food on the table.~
Face your challenges. It only makes you STRONGER!
Corey Graham in for Leodis McKelvin... who appeared to get hurt on long run by Lamar Miller
: well still you know I love his books 😜
I could write a book better remember 😌
Mazel tov to Corey Miller and his family on Corey becoming a bar mitzvah and Mazel tov to all the new consecrants on consecration!
One of my biggest dreams is to be tattooed by you corey miller , you're a great artist , all my admiration for you.
Are you following this incredible athlete and now sports anchor COREY MILLER? He’s AWESOME:
Aaron Jerome, Michael Sweet, Corey Calvert, Dominick Wagner, Miller Harveaux doesn't this just make you want to...
Corey Brewer and Kosta Koufos didn't hurt the cause. Then again, Professor Miller didn't exactly help it.
shades of Waseum and Corey Griggs. and All Ohio LB Kirk Miller
Nah she didn't drive from Mississippi to Alaska for Mac Miller
Corey Kluber: 1st AL pitcher with sub-2.50 ERA and at least 260 strikeouts since Pedro Martinez in 2000
Before I die I want Corey Miller to tattoo me
Corey Kluber wins AL Cy Young award in first full season.
Greatness in one photo. World needs more (Phil Kornblut) & (Corey Miller) action shots
Played Corey's story our loud in class 😁😁😁
Per the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Elder guard Brad Miller will sign with Division II Christian Brothers (TN). Tough SG with a stroke.
Entertaining segment with Corey Miller. I've got to wonder if Clowney's athleticism could overshadow poor work ethics.
AUDIO: joins us and explains exactly why Browns fans should be worried about Jadeveon Clowney.
Tomorrow night-11/12 @ 6:00 is Meet the Coaches Night for Girls/Boys basketball & wrestling parents in Denver Miller Gym-c…
: Because you're the best boyfriend 😘
This Thursday Kara Lia Miller joins me at the Princeton Farmers Market from 12:30-2:30pm! We got rained out in...
I have the best girlfriend ever like seriously
Corey Johnson to Harvard is official. Was expected with the news that leaked yesterday. Hopefully BU can resolve this Mille…
Jazz King, Kaleb Patterson, Corey Miller, Brandon Willis, Roland Johnson. 10 or so legit D1 guys on that team.
is a win, win, win for the community - Corey Miller, Health Region.
Grandma Sharon Mann. Thank you sooo much for scouting out the cliffs and bridges for Corey Miller's photo shoot. Had a blast with you.
Chris Lamb, Shawn Haviland, AJ Burke/Corey Miller, Matt Buschmann and Matty Stalcup scheduled for today's slate
Corey Miller, Zach Neal, Lou Trivino, Emerson Nelo/Doozie, Drew Granier and Josh Bowman today. The AZL with a DH and rare 5 PM start time
Thank you Corey Miller for sharing this. I want to do this Dawni Jo Miller Kathleen Smith Kelly Morris Hannah...
Josh Bowman, Nate Long, Zach Neal and Corey Miller going later this evening. Dylan Covey and Beloit already underway this morning
have you guys been doing headlines? I usually listen via podcast but no updates. Thanks. I’ll hang up and listen
“Corey Brewer never scoring 50 again” neither is andre miller
Last night (85 years ago) *** The Miller became the 1st dog in history to run 525 yards in under 30 seconds (a world r…
Many thanks to for his thoughtful, appreciative, and challenging review of my first novel!
alot of people refer to me as the "friendly giant." What they don't know is this giant can be quite unfriendly
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I rly want my first tattoo to be by corey miller
Corey Miller, aka "The Pastor of Pain," will be the color analyst for Southern Confernce TV football (cont)
Lol Corey I got that off your snap chat .
Now Cerrone will invite Miller to go on a hunting trip.
4th: 4 runs give a 7-0 lead, 3 ER's go to SP Corey Miller. Coming up in the 5th, joins on 960 The Zone
Trey Nielsen with a perfect 2nd for the and Corey Miller with the same in the 3rd for - 3-0, SC B3
I want all my tattoos by Corey Miller
Josh Bowman, Dylan Covey, Corey Miller and Nate Long on for the affiliates while Shane Peterson and Paul Smyth represent in the AAA ASG
How do I always manage to see that weird corey miller kid
My wish is to get tattooed by Ami James, Corey Miller, and Kat Von D :-(
Now I wanna go to the gym 😔 I'm feeling pumped up now like I wanna kill some leg workouts
: if you don't stop that! Oh my goodness we have been through this :D
: The conversations like we have are exactly why you are the best 😊 but I am sweet to you so hush!
The conversations between me and if anyone saw them everyone would think she beats me all the time 😂😂😂 its so funny
“Corey Miller is one of my favorite people 😂” wow oh corey yes same 😆
Corey Miller is one of my favorite people 😂
Corey Kluber, Mike Miller, Dion Waiters, Lonnie Chisenhall. This list just keeps going
burns played D the first Iroquois possession. Played Miller well GLE.
If anybody wants to buy me some killerwaxx that would be greatly appreciated 👌👌
Rabil d's up Miller and Hill just stops fast-break. Good stuff.
Staats in midfield with Miller and Jeremy Thompson. Hartzell on Staats.
Selling my tires and rims if interested. Tires are Nitro all-terrains 285/60R18 and the rims are procomp alloys
is SUNDAY! Buy tickets for here: Enter to win 6 tix:
Mike Miller's contract with the Cavs is 2 years, $5.5 million.
The Cavs have reached an agreement with Mike Miller.
Karlous Miller with film by indie producer Joe Lujan featuring indie actors Corey Taylor and Paul Tumpson
: Go ahead. Give it your best effort :P
Time for another workout, another day another chance.
My list continued... Get a tattoo from Corey miller . Go to a rodeo . ...
Miller is sad over losing his Coors?! Wrong.
corey Miller worked with Adam Rodriguez on CSI Miami = great duo. Recklessly so.
Corey Miller CLAP CLAP CLAP = wrote this episode - navigated over to RECKLESS from CSI MIAMI. Lucky us!
2015 Meridian (MS) PG B.J. Miller has picked up an offer from Jackson State University. Troy was his latest offer.
Coldwell Banker Midtown would like to welcome our new affiliations:. Fran Bevard, Corey Miller, Kara Stanton and Jonathan Pierce
One goal: get tattooed by Kat Von. D, Ami James and Corey Miller
oh no! I get you on that I wish I could drop like $3k and go get ink from like Kat Von D or Corey Miller or something.
Life goal- to get a tattoo done by Kat Von D or Corey Miller
Corey (C-Murder) Miller: Free an Innocent Man that has been imprisoned wrongfully via
Hey Corey Miller how about them spurs
FSU wins 7-1. Now 36-11 on the season. Silva gets the win. Miller was really good as well.
Final shot just hit at 2014 MAC Golf Championship. Kent State wins for 6th year in a row & Corey Conners is individual ch…
Cookout with Nick Miller, Nicole DeLauder Miller, Robert Flores, Bailey DeLauder, Olivia DeLauder, Corey Miller, Thomas, Kadyn, Carson, and Jase - I THINK SO.Can't wait to get my babies back here after a while for bedtime then wake up to all the fun things that are in store for us tomorrow!!
Man! I knew we should've gone to Atomic Invasion yesterday, Corey Miller was there!
When you feel like this in the morning, it means you must of had a decent night. Happy birthday Corey Miller
Reggie miller "a lot a bit of contact there by curry" 😂
Big thanks to Corey Miller's artists at Six Feet Under
When will white chicks realize I don't know Mac Miller!? 😐
were trying to break the recorded for longest story god *** Corey j
Miller strikes out both hitters he faces. FSU wins 3-2. Improves to 35-11 and 10-0 in doubleheader games.
Some bad luck for FSU (bad-hop 2B and a bloop single) has runners on corners for Minnesota. One out. Peter Miller in.
The people in Corey's shop gave these to me.. Then I hung out with Corey Miller again 😻
Feeling a drive to find Corey Miller and bless his heart for missing Derby.
Polly n Corey outsmart maxy n miller!! Welcome home, 8 more do we need!! :D 😃😁
Corey Anderson ,Caught out by D Miller!! Is that the game? will be
Glenn Maxwell > David Miller > Corey Anderson... Anderson likely to go Afridi way or worse! Just a swipe-over-midwicket batsman
Corey Anderson is doing what David Miller or any KXiP batsmen could not
Corey Miller talks football, faith with Connor Shaw via
Rapper C-Murder - born Corey Miller and brother of Percy "Master P" Miller, uncle of Lil' Romeo, and cousin of producer Mo B. *** - is currently serving a life sentence for murder. He was convicted of second degree murder following the 2002 beating and shooting of a 16 year-old fan, Steve Thomas, at a Louisiana nightclub. Name: C-Murder Born: 1971 Birthplace: Area code 504, United States of America, United States, with Territories, Louisiana, DVD Region 1 + 1 more Nationality: United States of America Profession: Rapper, Actor Height: 6'3"
I'll never forget when I met Corey lmao basically conversated over Mac Miller 😂
Special thanks to my friends and co - workers , for stepping up and help make things right and looking good @ KingGotti Williams, Nate Westbrook, Corey Miller, Matthew Scarberry, Kathy Walters, Shannon Thornton, Dylan Wildermuth, Crystal Spillman, Ms. Sandra, Kyle Green, Darian, Jackie, Ms. Carmen Teamwork!
Metallica tattoo kit complete sealed with case. L.a ink gamit ni corey miller for only me madali ako kausap
Corey Miller with 8.0 IP, gave up 7 hits and just one earned run in the loss.
I enjoyed chanting Corey just as much as I did Miller
Show started. with the hostess with the mostess!. Corey Zooman Miller and kianadancie and…
Check out Corey Miller and Powerflex5. Come on down tomorrow morning. Show...
Wishing my friend Darnell Miller the best as he directs and performs in his Stevie a Wonder tribute show. He is...
something cool on my tummy to cover a Corey Miller tat or weapons on my arm ;)
I want Corey Miller to do my half sleeve 😻
Corey Miller, Kevin Farmer and Brendan Walsh drove in runs for Evergreen Park, which took advantage of 4 errors by Oak Forest.
We had a great Easter dinner, with Chris Franks, Amy Lang, Danielle Sluiter, Corey Miller and Wayne Sluiter. Robert Franks we missed you, hope you can make it next time. I love you all.
BASE | Battle of Golden Spikes nominees! leads off the game against Corey Miller! Listen on
Ronnie Radke: "he was smiling, with pizza in his mouth" Corey Miller: "that's a good way to go, man" Ronnie: "he was stoked" holy *** i died when i watched that bc Corey was so gullible. ... if you guys don't know what i'm talking about. basically Ronnie was getting a tattoo, on an episode of LA Ink, and he wanted a frog riding a horse. he basically said it's bc he had a horse when he was 5 that died when we was 8 bc it was eating out of the trash. omg c': ~DT
Famous Quote Said On March 13 If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all. Thomas Jefferson, 1789 March 13 Birthdays Lonnie Common Lynn turns 42 Dana Delany turns 58 Neil Sedaka turns 75 David Draiman turns 41 Kaya Scodelario turns 22 Emile Hirsch turns 29 Danny Masterson turns 38 William H. Macy turns 64 Noel Fisher turns 30 Annabeth Gish turns 43 Adam Clayton turns 54 Harry Melling turns 25 Fransisco Lachnowski turns 23 L. Ron Hubbard (1911 - 1986) Lucy Fry turns 22 Cameron Carter turns 22 Percival Lowell (1855 - 1916) Peaches Geldof turns 25 Will Clark turns 50 Edgar Davids turns 41 Corey Miller turns 47 1940 - Finland surrenders in "Winter War" 1925 - Tennessee law: no teaching evolution. 1921 - Mongolian independence from China. 1852 - "Uncle Sam" debuts as cartoon character. 1781 - The planet Uranus is discovered by Sir William Herschel. This Day in Business 2008 - Because of concerns over a possible US recession, the price of an ounce of gold hits $1,000 for the first ...
Well I had to cancel my trip to Wyoming to get a job done for my dad, work and family first, we would be just taking off now, but we will be rescheduling for a later date or just use the tickets to go to New Mexico tournament and support Corey Miller and the rest of his team putting that event on. *** and I'm bummed but is what it is. Headed to demo pool drains today and replace them with updated versions tomorrow.
Miller to play in College All Star Bowl: University of Tennessee senior defensive lineman Corey Miller has...
To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you
: You're only blessed because you get to look at me 💁
: remember what I told you today now
Vols Sr DE Corey Miller: Bama is great, but we did a lot of that to ourselves, and that's what's frustrating.
Vols Sr DE Corey Miller: Justin Worley did everything he physically could do today. I'm proud of him.
Why is Corey Miller the only one around the ball on a WR screen?
The River View boys were fifth missing state by one spot and Corey Miller led the way in 20th missing state by four spots
NEWS: We are recording our debut EP "Streetlights and Party Nights!" with certified platinum producer Corey Miller.
I think Corey miller is DJ EZ's biggest fan
voxer. hit me up on voxer everyone! Corey Miller its me short hair smokin
men's soccer head coach Corey Miller talks about the 1-0 win over LeTourneau on Friday night.…
2094: Corey Miller of The Louisiana State Penitentiary dies of natural causes. He is 123 years old.
So cool seeing Corey Miller on Ink Master, and glad i got to meet him and that I will always have his autograph on my skin :)
You're given one wish...what would it be? — To met Andre Ethier , Corey Miller , Elvis from the Three Bad Jacks ♥
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I need to get tattoos from Tommy Montoya, Ami James, Tim Hendrix, Corey Miller and if I can and
Dear Mayor Emanuel & Police Chief McCarthy, No disrespect intended. I know that your statistics say that overall, violent crime is down in Chicago. It's just that for those people living in those communities where adjusting to the potential of violent crime, is a part of everyday life. Mothers & their children being gunned down at random. It just doesn't feel like violent crime is down at all. Regards, Corey Miller
I wanna get a tattoo by Kat Von D or Corey Miller.
Keep Calm LAW & ORDER is on.then I'm off to bed. Goodnight :)
Oh my God y'all. Patina Miller is engaged to the doppelganger of Goonies era Corey Feldman! -- although the long hair might be a little bit more License to Drive than Goonies.
You're in a mental hospital. Use the first 7 people on your chat list (no cheating). Your roommate: Lori Keller Licking the windows: Caiti *** Person helping you escape: Heather Hymes Your doctor: Corey Haynes {My dad?!} Person running around naked: Dean Keller Jr Person yelling nonsense about clowns: Travis Darrell Eden Person you went crazy with: Danielle Miller
I wonder how stoned mike miller and birdman get together
I just wanna thank David Hosanna Ashly Zenaida Christina Wright Luis Kurtis DeVonna Malik .for making my birthday the bomb thizzle there's more names. I love al y'all with my whole heart.. :)
Judith Light, Billy Porter, Patine Miller, Corey Cott, Carter Redwood - CMU is WINNING and at the Tony's! SO PROUD.
Miller happened “How they got battier playin with the bench squad”
I talked to Corey Miller and I didn't even realized who it was till he drove away lol YES! I heard next year is gonna be better
Kenyon Weaks should be in the league instead of Mike Miller
Listen to 314REAPA / I DO IT | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
I would just like to thank everyone who came to see me in PA, family, old friends and really meant a lot to me. (I hate tagging people, but just get over it)... Christel Kosis, Kier MF, Becky Morley, Lynn Sherry-Wynn, Ron Korber, DeVere Kohler, Ron Chronowski, Valeri Chronowski Korber, Rose Bush, Pedro Cao.
No doubt my absolute best friends are brandon and christian, they are like brothers to me and id choose them over anyone at any time
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I leav tomorrow at 8 AM, and I won't be seeing so many people for a month! So goodbye Nate S. Sumthin, Joey Schermer, Corey Winter, Emma Smith, Harlie Danielle, Bernie Bedminster, Codi Shumpert, Jennifer Miller, TJ Reed, and Dominic Lender! See you guys in a month :P. P.s. Joey, when I get back. Gold Camp :D
I don't really like anyone on the except for birdman cause hes crazy and mike miller cause he's been playin with a 85 year olds back
The Spurs have to make Miami pay for playing Mike Miller so much. Go right at him.
Mike Miller looks rejuvenated. He's consistently hitting 3's and even on defense he's a lot better
Road hunting with my bruver tonight (: Cory Allen Samantha Ligon And Charles Millhouse Miller
Adults who think that in order to be an adult you can't do anything fun: it's not my fault you're miserable, don't drag ME down because you don't like your situation. I'm responsible, I work hard. If I play video games or go out drinking in my limited downtime that doesn't make me unwilling to grow up. If being grown up just means never having fun and being unhappy all the time then no, I'll never do it. Sorry.
I decided to delete those messages. I'm very upset right now, but I don't know why I constantly post my business for everyone to see. I'm just tired of the shadiness in my relationship. We'll leave it at that and sorry for anyone that's been burdened by my drama. I could just sob in a ball right now, is all.
Wow... just realized we only had 3 seniors on this year's team, w/ McGee & Miller likely to leave as Juniors (& maybe Davis)
free. Corey Miller aka. cmiller. keep. your. head. up cmiller. never. lose hope. or faith cmiller love. u cmiller. tru
so steve byrne, tj miller and corey from boy meets world are on 6th street right now. looks like I’m gonna do a bit of stalkin
.I was lightweight scandalized when I found out Master P and C Murda were born Percy Robert & Corey Miller
Are there any good tattoo shops down here?
Corey miller died but he is still alive
went to INK AND IRON yesterday and dan Dangerbird Corey Miller Roman and Tim Hendricks b* tattoo artists all at the Queen Mary had fun with my babe carissCarissa Ridgeway
Well must say,had really good nite last nite in garden having BBQ,drink with my family Jodie Miller,Corey Hazard Jones,Danielle Miller,Marc John Vernon,Leighton Miller,Ceri-ann Higgs,was really happy to spend nite with all 3 of mine &their partners.Also had great laugh with my sister Tanya Ellis,Micheal Hayden,Jack Jack Whitehead.Had wicked Nite,but at end of the nite after all went home,well what can I say,there,s always one.Thanks everyone made my nite 󾌸x
Is it me or does he look a lot like Corey Miller? Kyle Pettit Kyle Whitehead Ricky Padilla Shawna Witty Catarina Mascarenas
Corey Miller Joe Miller and are still all crazy bros. they haven't changed at all
So, everyone... I'll be in Ogden today!!... doing walk through for the show coming up... I do have tickets for Nocturnal Groove... they are going for 15$... they will be 20$ the day of... hit me up..
Very proud of my sister Katy Morris for overcoming senioritus and graduating today! :-)
Gettin me some rest and listen to Corey miller all day
Corey George made it to finals in the 100 mtr. dash, Isaih Martin, and Caleb Miller made it to finals for shot put and discus.
good luck to and in the WPIAL all star game! 👏👏👌
Just got the biggest surprise today and im still in shock over it. Made me cry happy tears now im gonna be in a good mood all day thanks Julie Miller George Miller Elaura Williams Mary Miller love you all :)
A look into menswear fashion illustrator Matthew Sunflower Man Miller. Known for his menswear artwork, Matthew tells us how the Sunflower man came to be.
Had a great day with the family and a great dinner with some great friends as well thanks Henry Miller,Corey Corey Smith, and Anthony Sciullo for a great end of the day
Question to my military friends. Due to a 95 on the DLAB I'm going 18x Special Forces Candidate instead of 35P Linguist. What do you all think? Brad McFadden Brandon Mann Braulio Aramburo Marston Roberts StaffSergeant Hermosillo Michelle See Spc Jose Soriano Mark Pagaduan Max Pagan Lance Faletogo
Don't think this gentleman needs an introduction, quick snapshot with Mr Corey Miller @ Ink N Iron…
I want tattooed by Kat Von D or Corey Miller.
Vancouver has Kekuta Manneh and Corey Hertzog on the bench, but it sure looks like Kenny Miller is going to try to win this game by himself.
we started watching Prison Break the other day. i love it! now only if Corey would wait for me to watch them with him! hes so far ahead of me!
Day two. Corey Miller adding to Devon's portrait.
Melbourne's owners face a battle to retain Cameron Smith, the Storm skipper revealing he will weigh up all offers on the open market.
supa dope fresh bboy jam last nite! thanks for the invite Frantic and Edrick. good to see Parker Robert Wesley Omar. glad y'all came out A'lajauan Marcus Jean Corey Tyler! congrats on the win Will!!
Congrats to RHP Corey Miller, selected by the Milwaukee Brewers with the 482nd pick of the
I am going to miss these crazy people so doggone much! even though we're parting ways, I know that were always going to be in each others lives some way... we had a heck of a time putting this show together, and it turned out to be wonderful! please stay as awesome as you all are! I love you so much!!! Corey Toussaint Jazmine Jennifer McClure Abelard Cesar Ariana Carter Sergio Stone Austin Miller Jess Miller Josh Pinnock Zack Hannah Williams Jernie Fred!
So proud of my oldest nephew Corey Miller for graduating today!
So I told my roommate Corey Todd Miller that everything tastes better out of a mason jar.. he looks me dead in the eyes and says. what is a mason jar? *** Californians
So Dobson to Salford for 200k n Keal Carlisle to saints, the exodus has started
Injury Update: Brittney Griner (left knee sprain) and Alexis Hornbuckle (ankle sprain) will not play today. Both are listed day to day. Watch the Mercury take on the Fever today at 12:30 on ABC.
I need to know where the parties at when i get back !
I love beating my friend in a one on one game of basketball. Suck it
Congrats out to Corey Miller and Colton Plaia in the MLB draft! More alums!
Corey Miller and Michael Swanner picked in the 16th round by MIL and ATL
Peter Miller just got drafted by the Dodgers in the 16th round.
Proud of Corey Miller he will be taking Honors Math in 7th grade!! Hopefully he is ready for the work!!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Like my status if your coming mudding tonight! If not, I heard walmart has a huge discount on tampons right now;)!
This page displays a current list of who's playing and where, in and around Baton Rouge
billy Donovan and Roy have won national titles but u put Sean miller and beilein on that list instead. Who employs you?
Ladies and Gentlemen: I will be performing "Notice Me Horton" on the 2013 Tony Awards. Tune in.
Both goalies from Canada's 2006 gold medal team, Miller and Chris Sanderson, have now passed.
Thoughts go out to family, friends of Kyle Miller (who has passed away after long battle with cancer
I wanted to share these pics of our beautiful Aubrey Miller (adopted step daughter, for those who know us you know she's our daughter too ;) Hope and I are blessed with 6 amazing kids between us) anyway, It was Aubrey's Senior prom last night in NJ and she was absolutely stunning!!! We're so proud of you Aubrey! Corey, such a handsome boyfriend/date! We love and miss you both!! Hope you had a blast!!
Does anyone know of anyone in the area that teaches voice lessons?
Anyone know a good, affordable, trustworthy handyman that I can call?
Gonna be a long day today .My Son Thomas Miller taking his GED test today and I got to sit in Graniteville while he takes it .First test 2 hours then 1 1/2 hour break then another 2 hour test, then 30 min break and then a 1 hour test the last one .I don't mind but i sure am nervous. He gets this put his skinny butt in the Army and get him out of Saluda. Nothing there for a young man but trouble .Please wish him luck .
Had a great time tonight with Stephen Miller Jennifer Woodham and Corey Jason Sherri Steven and amber
Glad to see the Bruins moving forward. Sad that Dupuis isn't, but he won the cup already so it's o.k. Soo glad Sid got swept. looking at you Corey Miller. lol
So far, haven't seen any signs up yet at The Flamingo for Veronic DiCaire's new show, but did see a video spot is running on some of the in-casino tv screens. :)
Brewers won because we made our presence at Miller Park COREY!
That awkward moment you tell your crush you like her and she doesn't text you back for fifteen minutes... :(
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Anyone got any book ideas? Nonfiction or biographies please...
Wait with Brandy Craig Garylynn Andes And my two brothers Nathan and Gary! And also Corey Craig and the birthday boy Austin Miller!
I am beyond stuffed; now it's time to see how many times Ashton Miller closes his eyes!!! # purged!
My group texting with Corey Tasker, Eric Celestial and Ron Castellanos has obviously had the word "GURL" in it too much... I've now used it in conversation with employees, the lady on the phone at BrightHouse and my mother.. gurl this must stop! Ok, gurl, ok?
The U.S. Marshals Service has doubled the reward for information leading to the capture of a Corning, N.Y., native wanted in the beating death of a white supremacist group member in Tennessee.
Time has come and gone, friends, family, pets. Whatever it may be life is short, life is a gift. To the Miller, McNeil, Eshbach, & Hoff families time has shown just how short life can be. In the past few weeks there has been sorrow and now I look forward and get to watch my brother-in-law (to be) graduate tonight. It's time to celebrate life and the amazing people that I have in mine.
Alright... John Nicholson keeps his Kate. James Nicholson takes Katie Shapiro from her husband Nick (no name connnection) Kate Munkenbeck goes to Chris Clark. Look... this is sort of about who a person knows? And somehow it involves the Jesse Keck south whidbey guy? And a curse of Alma's directed at Nate Taylor? I'm not really sure. I'm claiming that in the spring of 2001... Jessie Kleist called me a theif. Why did she call me a theif? And when did she start dating Chris? Because it was a few months later that I spent time painting with Jesse Miller. And back then he stole his paints. He lifted them from art supply stores. And he gave me a set of 10 tubes. They weren't full tubes I don't think. But it was neat to have my own paints. (They're currently in the trash... because I had Jesse Keck energy yesterday.) So... it's the Keck to Munkenbeck thing... and his energy comes thru when I get visual manifestations of Nate Taylor. But his energy makes those manifestations not attractive. And... Rin ...
It's sad to see how so many adults choose to be ignorant & disrespectful towards each other, for the sake of a little attention, instead of being the bigger person by just being themselves..
Each year, the Highland Foundation for Educational Excellence awards several scholarships during the Annual Highland High School Awards Ceremony. This year, the program was held on May 22 and five outstanding seniors were presented with scholarships totaling $4,500. Congratulations to the following: Claire Watts was awarded the Letha E. House Scholarship for $500. She will attend Baldwin Wallace and major in environmental science. She is the daughter of Steven and Nance Watts of Montville Township. Miranda Lewicki was the recipient of The Highland Foundation Scholarship for $1,000. Miranda plans to attend Ohio University and major in nursing. She is the daughter of Anthony and Marcie Lewicki of Granger Township. Destiny Kaznoch was awarded the Steven J. Bilecky Memorial Scholarship for $1,000. The daughter of Holly Kaznoch of Granger Township, she will attend Kent State University and major in pre-medicine. Ryan Miller was the recipient of the Hugh and Grace Eyerdom Memorial Scholarships for $1,000. Ryan ...
Comment your name and who ever likes it thinks your cute .
Very excited to join the football staff at Terre Haute North Vigo High School this season. Looks to be a very special year for the Patriots. I have a torn acl & have to see the orthopedic surgeon :/ well I guess its a diagnosis @ least that's progress...have a great day everyone
am so proud of our cadet baseball team who just played a great great game. and to think that just 6 months ago half of them couldn't throw a ball. they made every play in the field, hit their cutoff men, didn't swing at bad pitches, had some nice solid hits and just played the 3rd place team down to the final out. what a year, what a team!!! with Lukas Nejedly Louie Miller Eli Krantman
my day started over slept till, 750am, then couldn't wake Corey up , guess every ones entitled to that every now& again lol, was excited to see my girl Anna More Miller & my neice Lilian and nephew Brody missed them sooo much hope all have a great day much love boo
For Memorial Day, I want to pay tribute to the soldiers and sailors past and present that dedicated part of their lives to serving this nation in war and peace time. Please add to the list with the sailors and soldiers that are gone from our lives, but never forgotten. My list includes Allan Fisher (Jamie Fisher's and Tracy Herb Tesh's dad), my dad Ellis Runyon, Allan's dad George Bud Fisher, my uncles Eugene Runyon (Karen Shilling) and Floyd Runyon (Rose Anne Runyon), Robert Miller (my husband Robert L Miller's father) and John Wilt USNA 2000. My list of thank yous to those still with us includes my awesome daughter Jamie Fisher, Corey Miller, Josh Smith, Kevin Frost, Mary Beth Foley, and all those that I met during Jamie's years in Annapolis and at Cleveland NJROTC. Please share with us your lists.
NOTEBOOK: Corey Miller's 'stock is going up,' Marlin Lane's absence, D's leadership and Curt Maggitt's rehab.
Corey Miller making mark in Vols defense:
Steve Stripling says Corey Miller's 'stock is going up' as the DE tries to take advantage of 'big opportunity.'
Corey Miller making mark in Vols defense | (via
Corey Miller making mark in defense - Chattanooga Times
my nephew with Corey Miller, skateboarding legend, nice one.
*** To enter Giveaways, email giveawayswith the giveaway in the subject heading ***   The Tea Party - Tickets   Touring for the 14th time to Oz is the Tea Party. The Canadian rock band, whose eclectic sound had them coined “Moroccan Roll” when they first hit the scene, will play at the Factory Theatre on Sunday 10 March and we have two double passes to give out to some very lucky Tea Party fans.   Sydney Tattoo & Body Arts Expo - Tickets   This weekend, Friday 8 through Sunday 10 March, the Sydney Tattoo & Body Arts Expo takes over the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park, with more than 200 of the best Australian and international tattoo artists, including VIP guest, L.A. Ink star, Corey Miller, along with all manner of free entertainment, from rockabilly bands to burlesque, pinup girl competitions to skateboarding demonstrations, as well as booths showcasing alternative fashion, books, tattoo supplies and so on. We have three double passes for the Sunday to give away.   Rickie Lee Jones - Tic ...
Sitting here thinking about my loving hubby Corey Miller he is so wonderful and loves me to my head down to my toes (ok maybe not my toes but you get the point lol) I wouldnt change him for nothing i love you baby! Also thing about a very special girl she has been there for me thru some tough stuff and i have been there for her through her tough times i love u girl i will be so heart broken if Kary Lynn Blake moves away it will be like loosing apart of myself.
Around Town - Corey Miller: Tattoo & Body Art Expo: A master of black and white West Coast style, LA Ink star Co...
I am coming home in April. I am bringing Rob LeRoy with me and we'll be crashing at your places. Thank you/You're welcome in advance. I want to see in no particular order: Charles Ravaglia, Josh Miller, Amy Christine Weinberg, Andi Coll, Sandy Brown, Wayne Bean, Joshua Bean, Teddy Anthony Blanchard III, Corey Miller
come out and check Powerflex 5 with Heavy Friends for my annual B Day gig Fri. Jan. 25(50 this year baby!) at Happys Bar and Grill(12570 Central Ave and Walnut just below 60 freeway) .who's in so far .?Brian Brannon from J.F.A.,Kurt Rash Ross,Jeff Moses,Spidey,Tara Tavi,Jerry O' Sullivan,Eddie Neville and Chuck"Barely" Hults and hopefully Jeff Waldon Sax extraordinaire plus the WONDERFUL RYTHYM Section of Corey Miller and Bobby Bass.G.P.C is opening show for us so show up early !Starts at 8!1st band on before 9 if place is rocking.cuz we wanna start 9:45-10:00 p.m. We have 2 sets!
loln its corey miller, you're davey right? If so, still waitin on that call for 1 vs 1 on the court..
Have to get tattooed by Corey Miller and Kat D Von .
Had a dream Corey miller was drawing up my tattoo. Way too much for me
Corey Rorie Juice'em Up.Shelly Smartypants Rorie.Deshaun B Miller and Keisha Lovinlyfe Rorie we should all get together and go see this movie
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
SUPER excited about today- tattoo appointment with Corey Miller!! Omg!! Getting a portrait of my honey and I racing the beast!! Can't wait! Wish me luck- it's going on my ribs!!
Nigguh the new Al Capone is straight fiyah! Please don't stop blessing the rap game with these bangers. Free Corey Miller
corey miller is the best on there when he was on it... His freehand pheonix sleeves are serious mate
Kat Von D and Corey Miller are such talented artists it's unreal
It looks like our president has set the a goal that we can see plainly. Now I hope congress and especially the NRA takes a serious look at it and work to implement the best parts of the plan.
Fans are EXCITED to get back into Miller Park!!! At the 2nd earliest date in franchise history, the Milwaukee Brewers have reached one million tickets ALREADY SOLD for the upcoming season! Did you get yours yet? -B
"Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back, but always has their phone in their hand when they're with you." - Diamond Mickey
I want my first tattoo by, Kat von D , or Corey Miller
Yeah so let me no if u single cause im single and what that mean that mean we can really mingle* yeah i aint got no kids baby we can just chill ima keep it real u just keep it real and we can smoke some kill ya heard me then when i give it to u tell me how it feel this for u boo i know u true it wont be long till i come c u .ya heard me Thats in that Corey Miller voice lo***
Corey Andrew Miller Tristan-Amanda Tarbox. I know this is how you feel about me ;p
Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi are announcing the successful conclusion of “Operation Mario Brothers.”   This was an 18-month investigation conducted jointly by the Collier and Lee County Sheriff’s Offices with the Attorney General’s Office of Statewide Prosecution. The investigation focused on the drug trafficking organization of Mario and Tony Vicente. The Vicente drug trafficking organization was distributing marijuana throughout Southwest Florida. The Sheriffs would also like to thank The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for their partnerships and assistance in this investigation.   “Criminals do not observe jurisdictional lines,” Sheriff Rambosk said. “When we work together with our law enforcement partners it enables us to make a regional impact to keep our community safe.”   Attorney General Bondi also praised the joint effort.   “This investigation was tru ...
Happy b day to my bro Corey Reapa Miller
I wanna be tattooed by Corey Miller :(
Watching boy meets world & realizing that & me are the real life female versions of Corey & Shawn
Thank the lord 4 waking my fam up.lord umma ask u 2 keep my miller fam strong 2day when they go & c my lil cuz corey body 2day.father i know u got the way,work flow. Everybody please b safe.
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Guys and gals, please support your Photographers and Videographers. Times are tough, they aim to please and they are pleased by sales of their quality productions. Dean Devlin produces amazing quality video from the best tracks on the east, Inaction Photos, Corey Gibson, Dean Miller, Donna's, Dave Langley, Picko, Paris Charles, Kat Kat, you name them, they are always there. Just 1 or 3 pics or a video or 2 will help those who help you. Drop by the VWS trailer and pick up a 2013 Vic Wingless Sprint Calendar, get the drivers to sign it. $25.00 a Quality production, limited run, Donna has stepped up to the plate, please support her efforts. :)
free Corey Miller aka cmurder keep your head. Up cmiller. Never. Lose. Hope. Or faith cmiller. U allways be in my prayer c.
Riding round the city thinking bout all the good&bad time we had gone miss ya cuz.see ya when I get there. COREY MILLER PLAYING THAT BOOSIE MISS YOU FOR YA
A dream of mine is fersure to get tatted by Corey Miller Would be so sick
I will get a tattoo portrait done by Corey miller >>
A soft pop, then a blur of color and it was all over. Audrey had only just poured herself a drink, the fourth one this hour in an attempt of easing the ever present voice of hate in the back of her mind. The liquor had sloppied her, movements unsteady as she climbed into the shower. The hot water soothed her tired muscles, and she mistakenly allowed her mind to wander. One drunken step was all it took, her feet slipping from beneath her on the slick shower floor. The base of her skull caught the sharp granite edge of the tub, and darkness snapped shut. With that, Audrey died alone and naked, exactly as she'd always joked she would.
MCHS HALL of FAME: The McNairy County Board of Education gave permission last Thursday to establish a McNairy Central Sports Hall of Fame for former players and coaches at MCHS that have made an impact on MCHS sports. Do you have some names of coaches or players that you would like to see inducted into this prestigious club? Maybe Neal Walker, Fredrick Wyke, John Finlayson, etc.
Today I lost my brother my life my best friend sadden I love u R.I.P c-miller can't believe this lost!!
is it just me or does my dad look like Corey Miller😳
I can't believe after all this crap they are still together! Who? My butt cheeks.
Watching Kat Von D and I can't believe how much Corey Miller reminds me of my father...
Guys..I havea confession.. Ima addicted to a drug...its called "cm" stands for "Corey miller" Ohhh SHABANG!!
I plugged my computer to a hdmi cable and now using my laptop as a keyboard and my big *** flat screen as a monitor, pretending that I have a control room. Nerdy, or awesome?
Buying madden 13 was a mistake . I can't stand anymore of corey screaming at the tv. He has bad mood swings while playing this.
Loving every minute of this Brewer Classic from Mother's Day 2006!! Funny how even tho I know the outcome.I am cheering like it's live!! My favorite part as some of you may remember is that Mark bid on the Pink Bat for Bill Hall's Mom against Bill to jack price up for charity!! Love my seeing all my old boys!!
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Talked to Quentin Young Sqeet Miller and just hearing my dog over the phone made me tear up..I never heard my dog cry like that..I know its hurting right now homie..I pray for him and the Miller family..All i can do was tell him to stay strong and talked to him and tell him how hard its going to be for his loss..I understand how he feels because i lost a brother as well..IT WILL BE HARD..Keep your head up..
I love when a girl plays hard to get.
If Christopher Walken made fun of someone, he'd be Christopher Mocken...
Boord waiting for Kayla Cote n Corey Edwards to come visit. Love you Brooke Miller
The Cowboys fired their stretching coach.Great job Jerry, that should solve just about all of our problems. Im sure the O-line was so bad because they werent fully stretched out. Lets see who is next to go so that Jason Garrett can avoid further blame...Watchout towel boys, there were a few times that the ball looked a little slick during the games.
Online Certifications are now available we have taken away the travel barrier, now its up to you! You can become a Certified Fight Like A Girl Instructor fro...
Today was a bad day. RIP to my lil brother C Miller u are truly missed bra (tears) i guess Saturday we was saying our goodbyes to u im glad i got to c u smile one last time ... *** man... we love u love u bra and the miler family. Kim,PakA5tand and family... muah.
"Looking down the open road ... a life stretched before me...when its time to choose a path .. which way will I go."
R.I.P to my blood *** Corey miller i love you man hate this my heart heavy right now every body don't maker it out the hood I'm gone make it just for you!
Has just had a long over due catch up with Justina Smith and has decided that Louise Miller and Sophie Elizabeth Harrington-Street and me should take the long over due road trip to remember the signature dish of fajitas!!
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