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Corey Lewandowski

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Asked three times this AM about emails from George Papadopoulos, Corey Lewandowski has a similar refrain: "I don't recall," h…
So since hosts Jack Kingston, Corey Lewandowski, et al-which media outlet is it? I’ll stick with thanks!
Corey Lewandowski says the FBI should’ve notified Donald Trump about Paul Manafort - -
If you promote your work on this basis, you deserve to be judged on this basis. You hired Corey Lewandowski and Jeffrey Lor…
I have two names for you Corey Lewandowski & Jeffrey Lord! Every *** day the attacks were c…
Harvard Alumni Slam Kennedy School for Offering Fellowships to Corey Lewandowski, Sean Spicer - shame on JFK School!
Corey Lewandowski: If Manafort & Roger Stone colluded to influence 2016 election, 'I hope they go to jail for the rest…
Corey Lewandowski: If Paul Manafort, Roger Stone colluded, "I hope they go to jail for the rest of their lives"
Can't believe the channel that hired Jeff Lord, Corey Lewandowski, Kayleigh MacEnany, and Scottie Nell Hughes would have Clay Travis on
In recent weeks has named Sean Spicer and Corey Lewandowski fellows, and now it’s giving Fox News veto power ove…
Is Hope Hicks going to communicate about her year long affair with the very married Corey Lewandowski? htt…
HS: me, jk. College: David Gregory, Jordan Belfort, Corey Lewandowski, Neil know, America's typical ro…
SCOOP: Corey Lewandowski set up shell cos. to prospect for clients in ex-Soviet Bloc, Middle East & Central America.
Corey Lewandowski has been fired from OANN
Corey Lewandowski is the man for the job.
Really looking forward to blaming this on the Deep State.
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Who’s Firing Corey Lewandowski Today? - The most You’re Fired’ed man in politics, Cory Lewandowski, has been Yo...
NEW: Corey Lewandowski has been fired from the One America News Network
Corey Lewandowski fired from another gig
Anyone taking bets that Corey Lewandowski gets the communications director position? :-)
Corey Lewandowski ousted from OANN: report - Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager, has been fire...
"He's the greatest communicator we've ever had" ~ Corey Lewandowski. Give me a break. can barely rub t…
Fox & Friends anchor to Corey Lewandowski: "I know the president is so very loyal to those who work for him and has be…
*** can't keep a job - Corey Lewandowski fired from conservative network OANN: report
Corey got fired. Again. Three times in a year, twice in "TV" alone
The thuggish behavior of goons like Corey Lewandowski and Marc Kasowitz is appropriate for mob movies, NOT our White House.…
Corey Lewandowski told that he and were in Florida when Trump Jr. met with the Russians. Trump was…
But hired Corey Lewandowski after her assaulted a female reporter.
Said the ultimate truth teller Corey Lewandowski. There's some irony for ya.
So was okay with hiring Corey Lewandowski after assaulting a female reporter, but chose to fire Reza Aslan over a…
George Stephanopoulus teaching Corey Lewandowski not to bring anecdotes to a fact fight. 👊
Corey Lewandowski and Savannah Guthrie spar over former FBI Director James Comey.
Oh, Michelle.. Michelle Fields, Corey.. Corey Lewandowski was in the White House Oval Office meeting with the President Sunday. Just sayin'.
The WH problems thus far being the lack of involvement of Corey Lewandowski & Eric Trump
Corey Lewandowski, one of Trump’s former campaign managers, could be joining the White House next week
Michael Grimm, Corey Lewandowski, and Greg Gianforte. Oh, and Donald Trump. It's not "politics."
Shortly after the election, Corey Lewandowski started a lobbying firm. But he didn't register as a lobbyist.
Lewandowski: Trump's staff has 'not prepared' him
At least they didn't hire Corey Lewandowski.
Puerto Rico's middleman to the WH may not be delivering results
Corey Lewandowski promises foreign clients meetings with Trump and Pence in a document obtained by
Lewandowskioil & an American political consultant working extensively in Russia appears to offer meetings with Trump
Lewandowski firm pitching Eastern European pols is promising mtgs w/ Trump, Pence, Thiel, etc.--for a fee, of course
'Unrealistic': Corey Lewandowski refuses to apologize to journalist Michelle Fields
Donald Trump fired Corey Lewandowski days after he approved Carter Page’s trip to Moscow
Corey Lewandowski: They bugged Sessions WHILE he was a U.S. Senator. Swamp cleaning coming like you've never seen, pe…
Hamilton Collection
So, Corey Lewandowski claims about President Obama WH requires ZERO evidence, but a peice w/ 10 sources is rega…
Scoop:. Lockheed Martin turned to Corey Lewandowski to navigate dispute over F-35 fighter plane costs.
Jon Voight, who opened the Festivities on Thursday with an excellent speech and Corey Lewandowski celebrate Inaugur…
Jon Voight and Corey Lewandowski on why they support Trump: via
Make sure Corey Lewandowski doesn't stay on payroll like w hired by
"I won't become a swamp creature because you cannot turn into something you already are."
Now that he's starting a lobbying firm, Corey Lewandowski says draining the swamp is a lower priority for Trump.
“That plays great before the election ― now we don’t care, right?”
It was Corey Lewandowski, your former campaign manager, who just opened up a lobbying firm right next to the White…
Lewandowski to open political consulting firm | Washington Examiner
.Corey Lewandowski is taking over the DTS responsibilities by opening his own Swamp Shop.
Notably not what he was saying just this past February:
Excellent fact-check of Corey Lewandowski's revisionist nonsense:
Corey Lewandowski opening a lobbying firm to profit off Trumpism is almost as surprising as Bill O'Reilly admitting he's…
OH! Corey Lewandowski says "drain the swamp" is no longer a priority for Donald
Man, if y'all don't see that you've been had by y'all you're in denial. (wink wink) .
Corey Lewandowski makes my skin crawl. Raw Sewage holds a higher place in society.
Is this why Corey Lewandowski is opening a lobbying shop a block from the White House?
Corey Lewandowski on changing D.C. from the outside
Ex-Trump campaign manager launches D.C. firm.And this is not a lobbying venture?How you like them now???
Corey Lewandowski told Politico that "Drain the Swamp" referred to bureaucratic culture of DC -- not to lobbyists, politicians, cronyism.
Corey Lewandowski says draining the swamp is 'probably somewhere down the bottom' of Trump's to-do list:
Really? How does Corey Lewandowski's new DC lobbying firm fit into that? I guess that's where the swamp will drain.
Corey Lewandowski is billing his new lobbying firm as a backdoor into the Trump administration for those willing to pa…
. Start with Corey Lewandowski whom he "loaned" from Koch's Americans For Prosperity. The "tension" was fake
Newt filmed this as Corey Lewandowski announced new firm w/pitch to corp clients of his personal & geographic closeness to T…
Corey Lewandowski said his consulting firm is not “the swamp,” even though it offers a pipeline to Donald Trump
Corey Lewandwski is the latest to say another of Donald Trump's campaign pledges was bogus
Corey Lewandowski to drain the swamp by opening a D.C. consulting firm
That was Newt Gingrich yesterday, and Corey Lewandowski just this morning:
Do we get a similar groveling apology from ?.
Corey Lewandowski: "Drain the swamp" is probably somewhere down at the bottom" of Trump's priorities
Odd how Corey Lewandowski heard the same thing about Trump ~not draining the swamp~ that Newt Gingrich did...
Corey Lewandowski opens new Bribe Factory in DC. . CNN: Trump is bring manufacturing jobs back to America!
Corey Lewandowski? Scraping the bottom of the barrel. Sean Hannity is an immoral liar.
Aren't you the one who wanted Corey Lewandowski fired over a hoax?
Powers was pushing Michelle Fields fake abuse case against Corey Lewandowski. Birds of a feather😝
Van Jones, Corey Lewandowski spar on CNN: "Corey, you're being a horrible person right now"
CNN's Van Jones to Corey Lewandowski on "You're being a horrible person"
Seeing that Corey Lewandowski & Jeff Lord were the ones who couldn't let stuff go as kids. Respect to Van Jones for keeping his cool.
Corey Lewandowski and Jeff Lord are giving each other HJs underneath the table right now.
I don't think people are giving CNN enough credit for tonight's outcome by legitimizing Corey Lewandowski and Jeff Lord.
Thanks CNN for Scottie Nell Hughes, Corey Lewandowski, Jeff Lord, and Kayleigh McEnany. You helped this happen.
. 100% cant wait to never hear from Corey Lewandowski ever again. 100% ditto that Bill Mitchell/David Puddy guy. 4% Deez Nuts
even Fox hosts are calling out the CNN/Corey Lewandowski's ethical nightmare
Donna Brazile wasn't on Hillary Clinton payroll. Corey Lewandowski was/is on Donald Trump payroll. That's the first sign of…
CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile ... (but still has Corey Lewandowski on the roster)
Black Women are looking at CNN right now with a major side eye over the firing of Donna Brazile while Corey Lewandowski job…
I feel that Jimmy Pardo would make a great Corey Lewandowski...
so is paying Corey Lewandowski while he's also getting paid by Trump. but who's keeping score?
.SHUTS DOWN Corey Lewandowski when he blames race for fail
CNN contributor Corey Lewandowski set to collect nearly $500,000 from Trump campaign.
Corey Lewandowski is the kind of company Trump keeps. An attack dog looking to enrich himself without moral compass.
Corey Lewandowski was paid $20,000 by Donald Trump's campaign two months after being hired by CNN
CNN's Corey Lewandowski is reportedly getting even more involved with the Trump campaign:
because Stephen Bannon, Corey Lewandowski and Paul Manafort. Bunch of winners there.
CNN contributor/former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in the house after Trump's rally in NH.
CNN has a nightmare on its hands. Tell CNN to cut ties with Trump ally Corey Lewandowski immediately via
Trump is calling the Clinton news network. Glad you hired Corey Lewandowski now? He played you for a fool & you fall for it every time.
Why is CNN’s Corey Lewandowski still drawing severance from the Trump campaign? Trump keeps him on short leash.
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. has committed journalistic fraud by employing Trump's man Corey Lewandowski.
Corey Lewandowski he just look like he lies all the time even when he's not speaking and he looks like he enjoy doing it for Trump
She's lucky Corey Lewandowski's no longer with the campaign...
I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that is paying a de facto Trump staffer to come on air. Its unreal.
While we're talking about birtherism: Trump adviser and CNN commentator Lewandowski went there just weeks ago
Why is Corey Lewandowski still collecting severance from the Trump campaign?
not news though. Corey Lewandowski et al. have been doing that for weeks
Oh look, CNN contributor Corey Lewandowski made it backstage tonight for the Trump rally in NH.
Let's view Trump's college transcripts from Wharton where his father donated $60,000 to get him in.
Advisers to Trump - I was on CNN with Corey Lewandowski last night - ARE deplorables. Like Trump, they reflexively lie, d…
He learned it the hard way when Trump tweaked him at a presser. Corey Lewandowski was the only one who had this down https:…
Is that the same Corey Lewandowski that consistently destroys?
Corey Lewandowski reportedly still talks to Donald Trump “almost every day”
WATCH: Colbert needles Anderson Cooper on CNN’s conflict of interest with Corey Lewandowski
Corey Lewandowski: "Trump avoids speaking to black voters because he’s not safe in their communities." https…
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MUST READ: Corey Lewandowski defends Trump on - and gets paid by both. HOW IS THIS JOURNALISM?
Corey Lewandowski is still on Donald Trump's payroll
So, if you're keeping score:. Corey Lewandowski = Ivana . Paul Manafort = Marla . Stephen Bannon = Melania
CNN host Don Lemon beats the crap out of lying Donald Trump surrogate Corey Lewandowski via
Paul Manafort makes Corey Lewandowski look like a paragon of ethics and honesty
Corey Lewandowski is noticeably absent on show tonight. Hope he stays absent! His birther rant was an embarrassment to CNN.
Corey Lewandowski, Former Trump Campaign Manager, Dives Back Into ‘Birther He is a discredit ,to the network. I do not watch if he is on
Corey Lewandowski is first man I've ever seen get "don't touch me" alarmed about someone on TV w/him (Christine Quinn) to…
I am amazed at how badly Corey Lewandowski does.
Christine Quinn and Corey Lewandowski were discussing Trump’s remarks about the Khan family when things took a turn
Corey Lewandowski is the best thing that happened to CNN. Hes one of the only pundits who actually tells the truth. Proud o…
Bah. He was fired. David Bossie is the reason Corey Lewandowski had that job previously, and no one was asking him for insights.
Wait, CNN employee Corey Lewandowski is speaking for the New Hampshire delegation?
REVEALED: CNN contributor Corey Lewandowski is still on Donald Trump’s payroll.
Guest is Trump; Parker Posey is Melania; Bob Balaban is Wolf Blitzer; Michael McKean is Newt; Paul Michael Higgins is Corey Lewandowski; featured in NBC s Science of Love
I totally agree with Margaret Sullivan: CNN’s hiring of Corey Lewandowski insults the press — and women
Corey Lewandowski is the new Tim McCarver, is how I read this.
We're now up to 3 talking heads that *immediately* cause me to change the channel...Andy Dean, Stephen Miller and Corey Lewandowski.
Alex Jones & Roger Stone discuss the firing of Corey Lewandowski
The Wall Street Journal isn’t buying into the spin about Trump turning over a new page with Corey Lewandowski firing
Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's fired campaign manager, says he has "no regrets"
A bit of behind the scenes media insight: I'm sure networks are now SCRAMBLING to sign up Corey Lewandowski as a paid, on…
Corey Lewandowski was reportedly known to call up female reporters late at night to make unwanted romantic advances
"This has not been a campaign, it's been a concert tour."
Women reporters can finally rest easy now that the Corey Lewandowski reign of terror has ended
We don't know whether the famous catchphrase "you're fired" was used, but Trump parted ways w/ his campaign manager:. https:/…
Donald Trump parts ways with campaign manager Corey Lewandowski
Trump fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump just decided to run the rest himself.…
REMINDER: Trump's fired campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, would be looking for a new job in 20 weeks anyways. https:/…
US shouting tycoon Donald Trump purges traitor Corey Lewandowski, who is called Mexican spy and thrice-accursed son of a ven…
Reporter needles ousted Trump campaign manager she accused of assault
Corey Lewandowski is out. Gary Busey sees his main chance.
Corey Lewandowski is out as Trump’s campaign manager - Top aide had clashed with other campaign officials and r...
Corey Lewandowski out as Trump campaign manager
A look back at Corey Lewandowski's myriad controversies
Donald Trump has already found a replacement for his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.
You know Clinton News Network is panicked when they focus on Corey Lewandowski not the terrorist arrests in yeste…
andrewklavan: Just 3 months after Corey Lewandowski bruised a female reporter and dragged her reputation…
Donald Trump parts ways with his controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski
BREAKING: Trump team announces departure of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski
Lewandowski "had made himself a delegate to the convention." Excellent. He can sign up with https…
Corey Lewandowski is like the pilot who got fired just before the Hindenburg lifts off for Jersey.
I'd like to congratulate Corey Lewandowski on being forced to sell his 1985 USFL franchise to
Corey Lewandowski is now another unemployed, Trump supporting ex-cop with an anger management problem. In other words,…
I fired Corey Lewandowski because I want to run a classy and positive campaign. Meet my new campaign manager.
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The roar of RW support for Trump firing campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is deafening. If you consider crickets deafening.
Why the firing of Corey Lewandowski isn’t the answer to Donald Trump’s problems.
Lewandowski out as Trump campaign manager
Corey Lewandowski out as Trump campaign manager...
Does Corey Lewandowski get to ride in the limo and air his thoughts, like other people do when they're fired on Trump's…
Now that Corey Lewandowski is gone maybe Trump can hire someone less controversial, like George Zimmerman for example.
Donald Trump is replacing his embattled campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, as he prepares for a general election
Corey Lewandowski sounds like an *** dodging Trump tax questions arguing with Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and
I've heard John Barron & John Miller get along as well as Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski, in death cage matc…
smh: "...meanwhile...Spokeswoman Hope Hicks and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had a yelling match on a Manhattan street..."
Hope Hicks was seen screaming “I am done with you!” at Corey Lewandowski on the street in Manhattan
Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks were seen having a public screaming match on 61st Street in Manhattan last night
Manlet Ben thinks Bobby Knight is a mean bully like Corey Lewandowski, not a hardass who molds men into winners.
Roger Stone, Corey Lewandowski & deserve to have their adresses and phone numbers posted! Not that we would condone that.
Trump chief Corey Lewandowski has reportedly been demoted to “body man and scheduler”
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Sanders on Corey Lewandowski: "My campaign manager does not assault female journalists"
Florida state attorney: Charges will not be filed against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.
Michelle Fields reacts to Florida State Attorney's decision to not prosecute Donald Trump staffer Corey Lewandowski ht…
Will Ted Cruz and John Kasich now issue an apology for attacking Corey Lewandowski?
Corey Lewandowski will not be charged for alleged battery on reporter Michelle Fields
how did that signature on the Corey Lewandowski petition work out for u… Notice u nor Meghan McCain have been on outnumbered!
Corey Lewandowski is no different than a Tun Tavern Marine, so this sexist stuff fits in your pocket now huh Zump?
I nominate Corey Lewandowski for the Baghdad Bob Award! "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!" Sheesh!
is an honorable guy. He won't politicize Corey Lewandowski issue. was a great Senator and is a great State atty
TRUMP - Lewandowski is a New Hampshire Police Academy graduate who worked as a marine patrol officer after...
The Secret Service said hoaxer trash touched twice & was warned by agents to stop
Michelle Fields is an attention seeker who once claimed Allen West groped her but later went silent," along with...
Instant classic in the annals of incredibly ill-advised April Fools "jokes":
Attorney who filed charges against Cory Lewandowski on the Clinton team!
Have you ever met a "sexist pig" who said, "Excuse me, thank you," before yanking you down to the ground?
Corey Lewandowski also just indicated that Cruz had nothing to do with the Melania ad. Busted twice.
If you give Corey money he might not hurt you.
Corey Lewandowski should counter sue. This tramp cannot continue to get away with this stuff.
Please read this - John wrote it, and my comment below article.
Corey Lewandowski always reminds me of Douglas C Niedermeyer in Animal House
Trump defends campaign manager charged for bruising a reporter:.
Corey Lewandowski is an example of bad cop who could kill-is that the reason he no longer work for law enforcement
You're a gross creepy man Cruz's Super PAC also bought $400,000 of your books. No credibility.
it's OK that you think it's laughable. Bet Corey Lewandowski doesn't.
Ted Cruz on Corey Lewandowski: Campaign staff shouldn’t be assaulting the press
Ted Cruz had nothing to do with that Melania photo/ad says...Corey Lewandowski?.
if you think its a conflict of interest that Corey Lewandowski has been appointed ad a frst rd delegate in NH.
Trump's the poster boy of a brash new politics.
Well there you have it the people have spoken. You are becoming irrelevant!
Note to : Not "bias" to say CL shouldn't have grabbed a reporter like that. You don't say same for Hillary
Isn't Corey Lewandowski allowed to protect Mr. Trump from a grabby, aggressive female who may have evil intent?
. Same reaction applies when Corey Lewandowski hits on women
16 conservative female pundits want Donald Trump to fire his campaign manager
Professional ConArtist Michelle Fields exposed in detail.Corey Lewandowski must sue for damages.
Trump manager Corey Lewandowski: the poster boy of a brash new politics
Stopped watching this show. Matt bullied Trump about Corey Lewandowski for 5 freaking mins. Not a Trump fan, but BACK THE H*** OFF, LAUER!
orders campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to grab Chris Matthews arm today to help change news focus on abortion comments.
Newsflash Chris Matthews. This is America. Corey Lewandowski is. INNOCENT until proven guilty.
Here's how Trump reacted when defending campaign manager Corey Lewandowski:
Chris Brown was young & ill equipped. Corey Lewandowski has a history of violence but he's innocent?
Your Wednesday Briefing: EgyptAir, Corey Lewandowski, Janet Yellen: Here’s what you need to k...
Anatomy of a hoax: Michelle Fields v. Corey Lewandowski.
Michelle Fields touches Donald Trump first. Corey Lewandowski moves Michelle out of way. Corey charged with Battery.
Thank you for supporting the TRUTH! Do not allow Liars like Michelle Fields to harm Corey Lewandowski life & reput…
This is the apparently the man who brought charges against Corey Lewandowski as Palm Beach County prosecutor
Prosecutor who falsely charged Corey Lewandowski with assault is a Hillary Clinton stooge. Abuse of process! .
The text of the arrest report for Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, charged with battery of https…
Funny how reporters don't like being asked questions 😎. Corey Lewandowski did his job. Vote Trump
Corey Lewandowski charged with battery over Michelle Fields at Donald Trump rally: Republican front-runner Don...
Savage just said Corey Lewandowski should be given a medal for protecting a presidential candidate. This is why Savage is the best!
Wow, Corey Lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter. Look a…
JUST IN: Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski charged in alleged battery of Breitbart reporter.
BREAKING: Corey Lewandowski reportedly arrested over Michelle Fields incident: Breaking news: BREAKING: Corey ...
Holy Crap! New video! Corey Lewandowski protecting young white girl from assault by Mexican man at Trump rally
Ben Shapiro and Michelle Fields have quit Breitbart instead of admitting that they lied about Corey Lewandowski. https:/…
‘Hey dude’: Matt Boyle posts his text messages with Corey Lewandowski; Updated: Boyle vs. the Daily Beast. The...
No, David, one side is Corey Lewandowski. He did it. And so he lied.
If Michelle Fields was grabbed, it was by a secret service agent. Corey Lewandowski was falsely accused.
A lengthy profile of Corey Lewandowski and his behavior toward women would be a good idea for some enterprising reporter.
AFP (Mark Block-Corey Lewandowski) connection? Rumor at CPAC that Herman Cain being vetted for Trump VP.
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I liked a video Donald Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski speaks out - LoneWolf
Breitbart News Daily -- Dr. Ben Carson, Marsha Blackburn, Corey Lewandowski and more LIVE on 125:
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